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-~- Anecdote of Gen. Taylor. ---- ' '--- , -- -~ -==--- -- s- ~-- ~ U n U l tl f 1~ U 1 f fi • would not be back ttl! dmner, which would be at I hand \ There \ he continued \ when you e In:fiuence of Women. It' there was any one thmg that the late Presi- 1u F two Wtlham ca~t a glance at his threadbare I able, read that. ' Do not thank ~e-it is no m:e dent Taylor \alued Ic.s tbanoany other, It was and rusty garments He did not wish to enter I than JUStice The pollket-hook was of great llll· Senator Houston was once asked, at a large dress Tbto mdlfference to the fine arts by Tay :If IN DING MONEy. that house, where splendor a,nd luxrury would lportanee to me, and It co\St you dear\ pa~ty gnen by Mr Speaker Wmthrop, why he lor; as m1ght have been expected, led to a gte,tt form a stnkmg cont11lst to hts own comfortless When the gentleman waH gone, William ope!l- dtd not attend the usual places of amuseruent as many amusmg Llanders on the part of his subor- Wilham Carter arose from a fitful and uneasy home, but he was cold and weary, aud would he ed the pape1, and found it a deed to htmself of be had been accustomed to do His reply was FLoWERS -The cultivation of iffowers is an emplayment adapted to e-vet y grade, but esp,e· ctally those who ha\1~ rctll ed ftom the busy scenes of act1ve life Man was never made to Iu~t ont m Idleness A degree of exerCJ•e IS as necessary for the pt' servat10u of health, Loth of body and mind, as food. And \haL exercise IS more fit; for btm, who ism the dec•hne of life, tbauthatof supermteudmg a well mdered g•nden 2 What more enhven\ the sm!ung mll d ~ 'Vhat Is more conductive to a loug life 1 'I he rultna!Ian of flowers JS nn approprw.te arnu~eruer t for young lndws It teache~ Il'UTDess, cultnates a cuncet taste, antl fru m.hes the ruwd \rth Ill an.) pleaSILg tdeas The dehcate fmm nnJfean!leS, the mtld. ness and sympath) c f d!'P'''ll!Ou, render them fit bUbJeets to ru1se those !I at>\Cenilant beautms of nature vd'uch declare the ' }'crfectwns of the Creator s power \ dinates One day after the battle of Monterey slumber The mght had been cold and wmdy- 1 glad ofa sAat anywhere near the fire, so he said his old house and farm There w:r.rdancing and this-let Jt be read and remembered by the the Gencr,Il sat m company with two office 16 1 ~ such a mght as December usually brmgs among to the servant-.. shoutmg amongst the children, and m the hearts ~others and daughters of Amerrea undress talkmg over ruatters m the d 1 nrng room the hills of New IIa111pshire Wilham's bed was I \I have Important bustnegs With Mr Carlton, of the father and mother a deep and holy ;oy \I make It a pomt never to visit a }'ilace of a cafe The Geneaal was dtesscd m a white hard, and the cold wmd bad fount.! its way through and, If you, please, I Will come m and Walt till mmgled w1th thankfulness and trust m God ' whe-re my lady, lf she were wtth me, would be jacket, straw hat, and nankeen contmuatwns _ many a c;ack and crevrce m hts rumous cottage, hts,;eturn • I need not tell of the happy Iilmstating in unwilling to go I know It would give-her pam, The party La<l heen 1n clo~e comer•atwn but a but he mrgbt have slept bad hr• mmd been at _hll man eyed h1m from head to foot, and tbe%r former hOIDe, nor bow m better da)s Wil- as a Chl'lstmn, tc attend such places, and I wlll few nllll!lte~. when a joung LJeutenaut, frosh ease. HIS Wife 1\<lS a delicate wmnan' tOll and ;.'~h\ aiisl:it weer on his face, whtch Wllllllm hllm Oarter often gathered hiS graUd·ulnldren not !:1° myself where I could net take my Wife\ ~m I~wa made hrs fitst day m the camp, hav expgsure batl bruught on a lmgenng rllness, aud 1 not md to mark, conducted htm mto the around hts knee, and told them ofh1s brttet tr>als A member of Congress pre\Pnt alluded to his tng arrtVlfd that mornit g Ly way of an np train she Iav all mgLt mo·•nwg wtth pain, and shr~er- kttchen Preparations for dtnner had commeneed and temptatiOns and taught tLew that they who own Wife, and added that there was a mutual un- fr9Bt Rw Grande He was of course unacquamt- mg wtth cold. WIlham arOSP, and havmg km· Jhere was bakmg, brollmg, roastmg-such a put the1r ttust m God are never fmsaken. derstandmg bet\ een him and her, that they ed with any body After luokmg 'about for a died a fire, went forth mto the open a•r The mnt:r as would have tempted the appetite of --- _ _ ~-- sMuld each follow the bent of then own mclma. few minutes, h« took his seat at a ma 1 ble-topped clouds were black and heavy, and the tvmds I the epiCure However the two hours passed away :Breadstuffs, twns m such mattets table, aLd eommenced' ordermg up' swept m gusts through the naked trsea Away Ml. Carlton at length came m, and Wilham gave \That may do for you,'' responded Jl<Ir Houa 'I say, shorty, pass the bill of fare' m the diStance the tops of the hills were already a bewildered and ttmid look ar<mnd the magmfi· People cannot understand why breadstuffs do ton, ' but With me lt 1s dift'erent fr,pm what 1t I> This was addre•sed to the General wh1te w1th snow He had engaged a <J,ay's work ceut apartmeylt • and he sh1 unk ~s h1;1 caught a not l:e!!~e mom rapidly \Ve will point to on.a.l With many men l\1 v w1fe has been the ma 'Humor the Joke, General,' whrspered one of on\ netllhbormg fa•m but rt was useless to go flU VIew of htmse]f m a mrrror, WhiCh extended reason All the g1am exportmg pmts on th# kmg of me She took we when I was a VICtim the officers, he eVIdently takes JOU for one of -the farmer wou d uot '.'lork tbat day, so he a most from the cmhng to the floor. Black, Sea have been blockaded by the Alhes of slavtsh appetites, she has redeemed and re the Walters' turned away with a heavy Btep, and ente~ed hto Ca•; 1 ~ave you husmess wrth me str 1 \ said J}fr The consequence 1s that wheat sells for forty generated m~ ani! I w1ll not do that m her ab 'We'll see,' says the General • What do dwelhug The chudreu were •oon stmrng and , you, m ~n Impatient tone cents a bushel at Odes,a, whrle at Ltverpoolits sence wh1eh I kuaw would grve her pam if she you want? he enquned. the pale, suffeung mother 1ose from her coul'h to es 81 r, satd Wilham, producmg the pocket- market value IS over two dollars a bushel- were preseot\ ' .A mutton chop and cup of coffee-and sud- pn pare the mor mng m~ol A few potatoes were I bo';)', and handrng It to hrm, \I found tbrs yes Vi' ere rt not for these blockades flour would sell .Mrs Houston is a member of a Baptist ehurch denly, too,' replied the Iowa officer b(II]ed for the fatbe1 and ch 1 !th en aiHl a cup of ter ay, and as lt bears your name, I have brou ht not only m the English tnarkets but m ours for and IS a natn e of Alabama- Western Ckns· J ' It to JOU \ 0 J t • ames, get the gentleman what he desires • gruel for he• self five dollars a barrel To m;ure \ the enemy \ tzan ou rrta &id the Generd t<> one of the real warters ' W'rlham Carter and lns wrfe I ud seen better \ (h 1 then you found my pocket book I John Bullts strarvmg b1s own people To make -- ~-.~~~- • No, sn \energetiCally and qu1tc md1gnantly days, but swkne•s and ml>fottuno the fiand of! am gad to sec lt agam, whwh I never expected the fatmers of Russra swear and take on ughncs\ \:Bett-er Laugh than Cry.\ d d h _, I•_ , to Jo \ ' reopon e t e subaltew, • that won t do lf T some anct tuc cruelty or others had d'\ en tuem be causes the w01king people of London to pay wanted James to get my diunet, I .vould have forth from theu plea,aut homes !or whiCh he hnd he carefully exammed It tweLve cents a loaf f01 b1ead that mwht be pur- The best WlY IS to stand up to the rack, and g1ven ruy orders to James I want you ola \pent the trength of Ins ca•'y ~nauhood to 1 u 1 I \All right,\ he s&rd, \and I am obliged to chased fer fhe cents Thes~ facts sh;;'w that oth take the good tbmgs and the evrl as tlrey come fellow,' be contumed facetwusly, • to attend ta I chase, and forced them to take shelter rn the 1 r 1 you for returmng It, for It contams valuable pa- er people pay for the war m the East besides along, Without re1Jmmg, always oheeung you1self the matter It would do me guod to ~ee a man present rutserable abode / pe•~' then carlessly placed It ur hrs pocket those engaaed m 1t By keepmg out of market j wrth that phrlsophJCa!' better luck next t1me \ ofyonr burld fly aroand -Ha' ha\ \'Why cant we lunc some bread and butter~· Wtlham had no more to •ay He arose, and the wheat ~I own m the vwu:: 1 ty of the Danube, Is Dame Fortune shy as a weasel1 Tell !rer to 'But I am engaged at present, s 1 r, and cannot sard little Jarues, a ch1ld ol srx years old, push wnh no fm thet evidence of gratitude or obhga- flout' Is kept at such a figure that even a New j go to Jerwbo, and laugh m her face The hap po;ss1bly attend you James must watt upon ing away the potato whrch was ollered h 1 m __ tw~ he was suffered to depart. Yorker cannot buy a barrel of Genesee flour piest fellow we e,ver saw, worJ.>ed hard, slept on a you or you must wait upon yomself,' replred the \ We used to have bread and pies, and I don't I am sorry you drd not g1ve the poor man wrtbout contrtbutmg some five dollars towards plank, and badn t a shtllmg m h1s poc)(et, not General want potatoes all the ttme somethwg, father,' smd a farr gul as she seated carrJmg furwa1d the warm the East even a coat upon hrs back . . ''Well let James go' the subaltern replied An expressron of agony pas.edover tfie father's hetsclr on an ottoman at his feet \D1d you no Do blockades produce any great benefits?_ Do you find d!Sappomtm~nt lurkmg m many a • Queer people, these,' be muttered half aadi- face Brtter feehngs were ru.Jnng thron<>h hrs nee how pale he looked, and how he almost stag- We for one doubt Tbe blockades on the ports place 1 Tbeu thi ow 1t away and laugh at your bly, 'two b1g lubbers to get one mutton chop •- beart--murmurings agamst Pro\ 1 dence--':'rcpm- gered as he arose to go away 1 ' of the Black Sea ruake the En~rlrsh pay ten dol. owu folly for pursuing It Does Fame ellicteyour :No wonder they cant restst mvasiOn '' mgs at his lo~unbehet m God \ D,d he? No, I d,tl not notice it I wonld lara a barrel for ever barrel offlvur they use-- l!l'asp ~ Then laugh at the fuols that are so often James attended to the mder The Lreuten-1 I would bear evmythrng bu~ tln\ ' murmur ha'Ce grvcn hlm something had I thought of It-- The ~arne blockades enables Nrcholas to buy that her favontes She IS of no con<equence, and &nt partook of bw mutton chop and coffee-pard ed he , \I can bear tor!, bumthatrdn and w mt Lu;, be has gone now\ ve1y same flour for four dollars a ba1rel Is never buttered a piece of bread nor furmshed a h1s br!I, picked hrs teeth, adJusted hrs cap, and myself, but I cannot bear to see my chr!J 1 en I k But, father, you ~1ght send tt to h1m You 1 such a com se a wtse one ~ It may he, but we man a smt of clot~es Is your heart broken by sauntered forth to take a look at tbrogs The pme for b1ead 1 If tue1e rs a God, why ~oes he n?,w him, do you not I fear he rs very poor\ must say that we cannot see where it comes m some marden fatr Then thank God that you first persons he met ou reacbmg the Prazza was I suffer the rrch to oppress the poor, and tlrt! strong Y<'9, I hud some deahngs With hrru years No move can be beneficral to the A.lhes that costs escaped With your neck, and make the welkm 'shorty,' the wattet arm m arm w 1 th Gen Qmt-~ tom ush the weak~ I somettmes feel hke takmg ago Now I ,qo le!llember, that I heard he had them a doubloon every t1me they InJUre Ru,sia rmg With one hearty laugh. It lessens the man and Col llu•tran JUstice mto my own hands, and With mf'Own los;, hrs farm , . a dollar Blockades do th1e, and so long as weight of one's heart amazw,.Jy . ' \\ell If thr' am t fU8hmg thml(s, you may arm a.,.cngrng my cause' How fav ard ne cume thrs cold mornrng to I Great Butam CDJOJs that cemmerce wbrch she Take the aJvwe under all mrcumstances- shoot me 1' exdarmed the smprrsPd subaltern i But the storm was soon ovet Softened by bn~j 1 50lllhnt pocket book?' now enJO)S they wrll continue to do this Block Laugh dull care away Don't be IDa hurry to 'A getter up of fued potutues, supported by a i the tender, hopeful wo1ds of b1s aflhcted wtfe, liftee e hves m B • he must have come ades are an expensiVe, non productive humbug, get out of the world • 1t ls a very good wodd, HOPE -W erG It not f( 1 I :.rc 1 .-. a_.rm ... vculd fan rowerless on tl!C \=tl ugguog battle field ~of hfe, and the 1 ure hg!Jt 11ould ride out hom the weary eye iYe •rt m the shncle vf the elm and watch the hvmg ocean ebbu.g I y-ut every thr•)h of the heart a life wave 10lb on the otbe1 suot< '!'be footman \nb h>o pack md ,be rrcb man wrtb h1s steed J• mged on \!Hb the hope of bet- ter thmgs ahead 'l'he raggPd child With hr8 basket of berries hope• for maulw >d and days of bughter sunhght fur lnm 1 h~ o 1 d man creepmu. up the hill o a st 1:ff and erute 1 t lvo.~,;.s cut with hope for commg death and re-t bu)( nd the grMe The sun has long •r»ce Jaded frern the sky Tell hrm he ne er sball kn<m the res, he seeks, and tears will wet the wrmkles Oll b1a \\I then d cheeks -for his old frame rs wom out at d .he longs to lay It aside, acnd leave h1o stati und ctntch at the door of hrs grave SEAL OF THE Ir.u:Ai'-i'T' RTATE o; Ki\Nz.as- Tins seal conSists of a slndd IH•h t\\o •n1 porters and surmounted hy a scroll mutto and rs em- blematiC of the hfe of the ptonecr and the ag 11 • cultuJv~t TLe lowe1 cutnfurtmcut o~ th~ shield contams the buffalo and the hm,te - Le upper eontams the m f lc ments of ag!lculture The left bmad supporter IS a p101 cc1 \nth a smock froek leg;ous nfle and tum th:td<, whilst tho nght IS the Godde-s Oeras with her shnaf anJ at then feet and betweeu them hus a fallen tJee and axe The motto Ja a beautiful aud stnkrng alhrsron to the p mc1ple on whrch the ter 11 tory was o,ganrzed and ct~n•:ots of the \ Populzaoce 1!\'ata,\ tmnsbred--Born ~·,he po 1 ulm w.II. lrve General and a Colonel of Artrllery I won Ius bttte nes< of spmt all pa•Rcd av.ay Hrs n ° 1 twenty mrles. I ought to ha:ve pard and no mrm,ter wbo posse,es the usual allowance eonstdermg the creatures tbat mbabrt 1t, a1 d IS der who the d6vtl he I' ami whe 1 e he got hrs I poverty and hiS wvongs \\ere all fmg >ttcn, m tae lnm well for rt' and I wrll not fml to do so yet' of brams should ever g1ve countenance to them, about as full of fun asttcau be You never saw HoRRIBLE- '1 he ~frwa bnngs accou, ts of !mpudonce .i\1.7 f 11 cnd he contmued aoco\trng I meiDGIJ of his srnfnl anger and murmunn '\ _ Here the dmner bellmterrupted the conversa· -.Albany Knzck a man cut h1s thwat With a broad g m on h1s the bombardment of the Hosprt'tl , 1 t Sct>n•topol :.mother officer, • can yc.u tell rue who ~hat little The <p•nt of other days tetnrned-the d~vme 'lion, and the father and daughter proceeded to ~- ~w~~ face • ,It 18 a grand preventative of SUICide-- 1 by the Al'w:; Tlns bmldmg sac1 ed as a flag of old fellow w1th the '1\htte Jacket Is, and what he tnumphed over the human, aud they bowed I che\~rbnmg roorn 1\[a'lHrtl\ for a Young Man. 'T 1 here 8 philosophy ;rud good sense, too, rn laugh- t.uce, \\as burnt by the shell, tln<>wn mto rt, dues for a hnng •• down before God, w 1 th the lovmg conlHence of rle, the r1ch man was enjoymg h1s pleasant -- I ng-It shows a clear conselence and a smcere and tlot less th m two thousand swk and wound- ' What ' tba, one suppo 1 ted by Gen Quitman ?• httle clnhhen castm<>' all thetr cares on hts tepa,t, \'1 rlham Carter, wttb a nnkmg heart and Be not tdle If J om hands cannot be uscfullv gratrtude for the tbrngs of hfe, and elevates n:; ed pemhed m the fl m1es 1 ue act was even • Yes' nughty arm, and com~nttmg the futm e to hio a weary ftame, tu• ned hrs steps towards home employed, attend to the cultiVatiOn of your mmd I above tbe brute crcatron So here .,oes fur g<>Jd more b>utal than St A 1 nand's dJ n mg five hun- • 'Why that's: old ?;nchaoy, and he makes h'\ dttectwn He had !lOt tasted food smce early dawn and Always speak the truth humor, and we put m for our shale while the 1 dred Arab eb1ld en, women and Ill< ,1 mto a lhing by •,vollor ing fTJ!ks' A storm was evidently comi• g on outsrde _ now fnll ~fteeu nnles lay before h1m He felt Keep good company or none ball IS rollmg bmldmg, and then burnmg 1t, \l• b all wltlun. 'What Zucharrah do }Oti mean? nsked the \!read} the sno\ began to full, but there was dJsappom.ed, mdignant, grteved at .the cold and l\lake few prom1ses ~ The .bnglioh papers wme mtl!gnu, 1 t at the French Iowa subaltern not ,~ood enough at the door to last two days,jmdtfleient manner m whtch hts setVI3es had been Ltve up to your engagement~ On one ConditiOn I bat banty, but t'IC.l have not!Jmg to •as ol thmr •Wby, old Zach 'Iaylor, the commander of and \\1llm•n mu•t go to his ne1gbbor to get per recerved. llesolutely puttmg do'l\n, however, HMe no very mt1rnate fuends O\\U The excu<e fut de t O,)lllg the bo•plt.al the RIO G 1 aude armv • I m1sswn to cut a few trees, or ::.t JeasG to piCk up the evil thoughts whtoh all th1s occaswned, he Keep :~om owu secrets, 1fyou have any • Some }ears ago, wben the I,egtslature of one was fou 1ded on a deserter~ rcp 01 t that the ho~- ' You don't s:l,r Rn-' Xot General TaylOJ •- the hmbs that were lync; ~boo• .He huttoned Iarsed a srlent pra}er for help and resrgnatron, ~ 3,0n \J;lC!tk to a person, look h1m 1n the of the .!Hrddle States were frannng a con•trtutwn pita! was n<ed a• a mngazme Lhr- <eport wa(il Jern sa ]em'' exclaimed the dumfounded Lieu up In• coat and went out Already at 111 \hrte aud pressed on In, way ll\'WM late 'ilhen he face the discussion of 1ts varmus provJs1ons was warm shown to be ful•e by tbe tact that the cu ,fla,.,.ra- tenant, ami he left diapery lay over the bosom of the earth, twr\ced arrned, and he !Jad scarcely strength to cross Good company aud good eonversation are the and obstmate Many d 1ys bad been spent rn bon d1d not occaSJun any explos•on \ mtu glaceful knot 5 and wreaths He stepped on the tbresbuhl, and throw hrmself upon b1s bed verJ smews of virtue I fiery debate, and tbe \Otc was at length about The Way fa Get Husbands somethrng winch moved beneath Ins foot--and HIS overtaxed sy~tem had gtven way, and before Good character IS above a11 thmgs else. to be taken Just at th1s moment, a country Wuv n' T>ErH DECAY- -\11 the theories lookn g down he saw a large pocket book half mornmg be ':'as ravmg m the delmnm of a vw- Never listen to loose or l.dle conversatiOn I member, who had been absent for sorue days that agam antl agan:. hmo bten adve•Jcea man- We commend the fvllol\mg to all ladies who I cove Jed wtth snow A sudden flush of JOY daFhed lent fever Then dtd hr~ poor wrfe feel tbat the You bad better be potsoned m your blool than I prevwu.ly, entered and took brs seat Another swe1 to tins en(jnny, have long smco vom~hcd ~re m basic to g0t marrred It 1s the best rempe thwugb Ins heart Seemg Jt he turned bra face baud of the Lmd was heavy u 1 on her, hut her your rrwcrples meruber, who was m favo1 of the amended con j before the true doctrme of the act 1 vu of~ he ex- orAmglc Llesoetlnc'\ •Lat we ha\e seen . fwm the wrnd to exannne tb; contents ~'here fatth failed not, As she 'il!ltcbed day after day Your ohamcter cannot be essentially inJUred stttubon, went to htm and endcavoted to make a terual corrosne agpuf• '!'he _rcot rJ 1 p puw- ccunt gentleman of the bar, m a neighbormg was a 10 11 of bank notes, which he unrolled aud by the mlfe1er s couch, bath10g his bmnmg brow except by your O\\n ac's come.;t of btm 'I erfnl destroyer of 1bo hun' tn teeth 1 , dll 1, veg- h J, m ea•y cucum~tnu\es antl p•ctty good counted Hrs fir,t rmrul•e was to secure the aod soothmg hrs wild frenzy w1th her lovmg If any one opeaks eHI of you let your lrfe be \You must vote for the constttutron, by all etable 01 DhmtPl, a11d •t rwH< ., 1 t nhether !'ract~ce, had rendered lmnsp)fsomewbat remark- money and thww tbe pocket book away Was votce she wa. able to say,\ Though He slay me so vittuons that uo~e wtll behove him mea;ns,\ sa1d he I that aCid lS f01med 111 the nwU'b ),\ the decom· .J;tle_{ hrs attempts m toe way o!Omatrnnontal It not hts own1 He bad found It had not yet wtll I trust Htm \ h, blessed sustarmng Drmk no mtox10atrng hquors \I'll thmk <>f tt,\ sa1d the country membe1 posrtron of particles of food leit Letm en and ~P;~u atu}n A uratJcn r a;henuhauccd Ill year. hca en sent rt m ruewy as a relref to' hrs wants power of faith and hopc-farth not m man, bm Ever hve, rmsfor tunes excepted, w1 thm your \ But } ou must make up your mmd at once, I awund tho teeth or wltelher It JS a• pl cd dn ect- e\! mgsome rmle\ d,~l-.u. IU the nctghborhooJ, 1-an an<wer to his playe 151 How much good God--hope, not of earth, but hea,en' Chng to mcome man, for tLe voters about to be taken\ ly to the organs them,ehes, onJ the lesult IS hh''Y:g of tlus law< er ~ 'peeulatmg propeu\tty-j tbrs mol ev would do • Bread and shelter for thy fattb poor woman--make thy heart st>ong 'When you retrre to bed, thmk over what you The country ruember scratched hts head and the same, I he enamelr• dL~<oh<d cui nJcd and t at Ls chatacter '~as u~c xceptwuable and hts b!s wrfe a~d ~>t hts little ones whose cheeks were I m confidence, for God w1ll not forsake thee '- have done dm mg the day seemed puzzled the tooth dcstro ved l\Iuch, ve 1 y m Ich of the srtuat10n r t ltfe w., olcr:.wly gooJ, rcoolved up 1 gru\mg pale wrtb want--wbooe meuy snnle was Even now he ts preparrtg the reward He wlll Never speak lightly cf religiOn \Come why do you hc&itate? W 1 ll yon prom I decay ln teeth may be att 1Lutc l to the coriosne ~ll mt~.lnng hrm ],u hu,Land She htt upon the , han<>ed to anxwus looks of care Tbus he rea /not break the brmsed •eed, nor crush the hum Make no baste to be rJCb, rf ) ou would pros 1se me to vote to the conRtttuhon ? I am sure 1 effects of acetic acid wluch JS not 1 t only iu o owmg guud rxpedrent , she r t etended sudden 'one a' but conscience whispered beware , Suf. ble heart pet It Will gtve general satlEfactron \ common use as a condnncnt 1n trw fo m of vine- ~ ~y to be taken WrJ ill, m.J sent for tL; man of fer not the love of gold to make a plague pot I Drd the uch man rest sweetly, as he lay on Str.all and stcacly gam> give competency With \Ill vote for It on one condtt•on,\ smd the gur, but It Is genera etl l>} the d~caj wd deeolll- aw to pr<'p ue her \>il He attentlcco to\ tbat on th> heart ' Tlte money IS not tbme and a downy p1llow ? Were there no Iemor<eful tranqmlrty of rnmd country member posrtwn of auy md e\e•y '\\!d) 0 f \ \\'\t b), purpo~ HJ her \'ll she de\lsed £10 000 m th, .;' 1 ay ha>e been pmrurtted as a trml ~fthy thoughts \hen be remcrubeteJ the careless act A.vord temptatiOn through fear that you may \What Is that?>' When we consttle! hal\ \Qry £-;~a er~ bank .otock, to be dmdcd an10ng th1ee cotNDs rmth 1 of lllJUStJCe of whwh he had been gmltJ ~ not w thstand lt \And on no other, by g1acions \' •<>n< compantnely t'lkc e.pecud p 1 ms to rerrfo\e rome thou\an<'• Ill bond, aud uotes to a nrcce But perhaps, he thought, I cannot find the It wao the fifth day of \Vdlram Carter's •rck- Emn JQUr money before you spend it \But what condrtron 1s 1t?' partrcle of food from betw eu md awund ~~d the 'aRt lant!en estate to a fM onle n~pbcw owner--then Jt wrll be mme !lOnestly and With ness, and the phy:llctan smd that mght would be Nev9,~ mn m debt unless you see a way to '' Why, that they let It 1 un by my farm.\ thetr teeth tmmerhately afte eutwa c~n we V'On· , e wul Lewgfim,Jwd, 'be gave the law)er a very the hope tb lt It lmght con tam no e~ldence of/ the errors, If he hvcd through It he m1ght reccv- get out agarn w- - ~~-~ der that il!seased teeth are so em 1 ~m 0 n antl tlaat liberal fee, el!Ju!md •ecrecy upon h1m for some I be ownersbtp he commenc<Od exammmg the 1 er He had theu fallen mto a lethargre sleep Neve 1 bmrow 1 f you can rosstbly avord Jt FEMALE INFLUENCEs -Tbe .prevailing man their early loss IS so frec 1 uen!ly dcplorccl? pretended pu•po-e thu~ precludmg h1ru fwm an pocket.hook aoam Mmtal condemn hlm not H1s pale Wife sat holdmg hto hand, aud gazmg Be JUst before you are g(!Jlerous ne1s of ~n age depends mere .han we are aware ~- 'tl:!qmry 'Ito h<>l real mrnmrstances Need I too se\erely-\slt not 10 hasty Ju~umcnt on the anxiOusly on hrs sunken features and half shut Keep yourself mnocent If you would be happy of, or are \\vJI!mg to allow, on the concluet h r A terson wl:o wao VPIY fond o: relatinn P tnre!PnlPt''wtu t ~ r< suit 9 fu a fmtmght she thought heart of th) ernng bJotber Thus\tcmpted pa.r- eyes. 'I' be cbld1en wttb sad facea and noiseless!' Save when JOU are young to bpend wheu you women, thrs ts one of the pnucrple thmgs on 18 ream•, ol.mei vd m the PlC$C!JCC of the !at~ to e agaru r<.,.to•cd to health The law haps thtne own woulu ba\C bcGn DO better But steps crept round them Tuere was a rap at the are old whreb the great maebrne of human socwty turns Job;:; Randolph, that he dreamed last mght of' called to congrttulatP her on bet re,tOiatwn tho cxaunnatwn lefr no roum for doubt '!'here door, 1t was opened, a gentleman entered- Never thmk that whwh you do for rehgwn is Those who allow the Influence 'llhich female ltce 'That was vrry narural,\ replred i{an- peiUIT~\run to' ls!t he I, wbwh was po- wao ffio owner's name, full;. mscnbcd--the name II!s dress and bearmg, so different from those tirne or money misspent graces have, iu contnbutm~ t-o polish the man- dolph, \for a P 01 son always m .. ir,a,bly d1eams by htely gdnen TAftcr courtwrr the de\1red offer of a nch merchant '\th whom rn days past of her bumble neighbor\ at another time mrght Read some pJrtron of the Brhle eve 1 y day neiS of men, would do well to reflect how great mgbt of what ts runmng l!l blS head all day ''' .uas rua e he la ~,llu1\as concluded, and rat Wtlham had been 'acquamtcd 'What ~ death: j have awed her, but that was no place to feel the ____ _ __ an mfluence female morals must al•o have on Il\ed by the prrest Inc lawyers whole estate blow was thrs to hts wrld ho e>, The VISIOn of paltry d1stmctwn of human socrety In the pres A Rrch Case therr conduct How mueb Is tt~hen to be re ll::?\\ How bcautJfnlare the on1lesofmnocence ~y ills Wife const,ts of an annmty of SL'.:lJ Iii e cnufor ts whiCh had blessel bnu fot a mome t J ence of that Power before whtch the nch and gretted, that woman should ever'\iltt down con· how cndeallng the svmpntlues of loYe bow sweet ollars -Engbslt J.'\pe• as If m IDI'tckery, was snatched away, and h~ poor, the mlghty and weak, ahke bow, men feel Some years ago an Irrshman was knocked tented to pohsh when they are able to reform- the solace of trrendsh p how lo\'eh toe tears of' MEcEB\-\Ics -The fu1luwmg beautrful extract 1 snw agarn the u tserable but the pale wrfe antl 8 t~at they are equalB-\that they are brothers- down and robbed He accused a ruan of havrno to entertam when they m1ght !Dstruct, Nothing affection These combmed ale all charactenstJC l:s from Bulwct's ce1ehrated play entttled the hungry children Dashmg the pocket book to Je aro\e aud offered h1m a chmr. He d1d not committed the robbery , m due time tbe ca~~ del1ghts men more tha'll tbe1r strength of under rn women 'I hey are the true p >Ptry of human- \ Carpenter ofRouen\ It 18 a hi~h com hment the g 10 und, he stood fur a 11 oment gazmg on tt seelll to notiCe her, but advancing to the bed, he came up for trral Ths Irrshma:n being upon standmg, when true gentleness of m8nners 1 s its tty, rmh pearls (}hislQt!Jig U!ound tl.c altai of do- to mechanics ~ P 'Tempter' decener •' he exclarrued \why gazed long aud anxiunsly on the ashy features the stand, was croos examined, after havmg swo 1n assocmte, umted, the:~ become lrreststtble ora· happmess \What have they not done 1 Hava they not am I thus mocked and tantaliZed 1 • ' of the sufferer, while the tears. chased one anoth pos1trvely to the gurlt of the pr 1 soner, by one of tor\ blessed with the power of persuasron fraught Th 1 opened. the secret chambers of the mt ht dee , .And then as rf a sudden thought had struck er down hrs cheeks, then turmng away be threw our keen lawye1s and somethmg hke the follow with the sweetness of mRtructJOu, makmg woman ri o::T\ e Be lcfontame Repuohcmz says tl1e and extl'licted tts treasures and tnadegtheyr\grnpg hun, he pwked it up and stepped mto a thtcket, himself mto a chair, and wept with uncontrolled mg was the resu.t, the highest orcament ol human nature. oooers on the \'lrnbash turn ti,cu • ag,}shake~' • \ • n \ y h . h b to some account, 1'hey climb mto the top nfa billows thetr h1gbways, on winch they ride a\ on wluch afforded a partral sir<> !tor from the storm, emTo,bro b d h d ~I on say t e prrsoner at t e ar was the man G A - • 1 Jlb k' h 1 ll • '' IS t e re\ er may ave g who a ault d d bb d \'' oon lW,cE -Be mdustnous and economi· 5 ' 8 , \' ;ust as t e e n con1es on, and by a tame steed 7 A-- not the elemeuts<>f fire and and seated hunself on a fallen tree The ele. - \ uesse was \ r 8 \ e an ro e you' t h J '\ Carlton He cam to tb hb h d d \y \ cal Waste nellhe• t1me nor money m small 1me t e 'pe1soua earthrtnalte 'leaves them, water e!miued to the clank, and at the mechan- mcnts were m commotion, but thole was a fiercer d f Will' e \c e neilh dr }; 0 a'j Wes I and useless pleasures and mdulgellees. If the not a h \k\\Y nut lcfL on the tree ic's biddmg \\mpelletl to turn It > H:.ve not conflrct rn his bosom He sat there for more ~~1!ure kor ~um ar~e~i an a ,;en to d pl~:e ? ~$it moo~ ight when the occurrence tool. young can be induced to save, the moment they ~ - mechamcs opened the bowel. of the earth and than au hour, the I u\hing wmd and the falling o IS SIC :ess :n Its pr~ ~ de cause. h he goodd D '1 b entet upon the path of ltfe, the way wrll eveJ be !l:r\ Some of our e~ohang:S-;;;;tiOu the fa:ct madE\ ItS prod nets con rtlmte to our wan to? The snowfl all unheeded , but when he rose up, the ~cl:bl~ :o~:e ea~JPK~tle asu:p:o~;::g :'h~ hn :: w:sl Jat st~t-lol~hitt ~.. come easret before them ' they will not faal to of a 'Know Notlnng ' havmg !wen turned out <>f forked hghtnmg 1s the 1 r pla<thmg and they ride con 1ct was passed, aud the expressiOn on bt> face, dit 0 b' h d f 11 h 1 er ' o bt • somety of whiCh he was a member, fio·~ dn'nk- tr h b J • th h d ., 1 d d au or was, s c a given u scope to er e 0 \ Not a whit, It was so dark you could not o :nn a competency, and wtthout den) lllg them I ~ rump unt on t c wmgs cf the IDJNhty wmd _ oug sa ' was peace•• an rcs1gnc d b \ l b b selves any of the real necessanes and comforts mg an nsh wbr.key puuch with a German s1l• '!l'o the-m.,<e tl,ey arc floodgates of knowlcdue That mght, after the children were m bed, qu;,ncedl~ enouncmg~he ~ngra~ektUfi\ man wl o ave seen your hand befme you\ of life ver spoon JO Jt. Se!ved him r,ght' he lla!I no and Kin.,!!& and \ueens are decorated by t!Ioetr Wtlham produced the pocket book, unrolled the snderet er pohor nerg or do wa •teen mi es \Was there any lrght shmmg from any bouse Of· d d busmess to countenaune an\thu 1 g fi,oJCZ:!\\ i h d k II \\ b k b D h t h d ·.:... d ld an re urn wrt out even a mner near by • • m ustry an economy, and self-reliance do ' .s•• an 1wor . e who made the umve 1 se was a an notPs e ore Js as oms e Whv; an to M u t t d sil ,_._ D 1 not take too much advice The business man A -- great mechame \ bet bow he found 1 t half hrdden beneath the rs ar er s oo gazmg rn ent astonlliUment \ lVI a bit IV a house wo:~s there an)' w- k lJ:?\\ southerner gave a 1 a 1 ty to a few snow on bet Vlslto~, when he arose and, placmg a about \ must eep at the helm, and steer his own sh1p fnends, who, happening to converse abopt :-am- MERCl: -The first sentence -ofde~h the younu !!Overelgn, Qu('en \' 1ctorta, was reqmred to sign~ was that of a sol<IICr condemned to death fur de- sertion The queen read rt and a'lked the unn ister who b1ought rt to her ...:_ .. lime you nothmu to say m bchaltef t!Hs man?' \Nothmg w~ the reply , \ he has deser t('d three times but ' said the brave veteran, who relates the an'ecdot~, seemgiler maJesty's amaety, \ I added • thouah h • ' 0 e llt a very bad solclzflr, some w1tnesses spoke for his chamcter, and, for aught I know to the contrary, he may be a good man '' \ \ Oh, thank you for that a thousand times'\ exclatmed thE) queen , and hasttly writing \pardoru:d\ on the paper, she put 1t across the table wttb her fair hand trembling with emotion ' Jrr\ A western jud~ bas d~cu!ed that station· ary., umbrellas, overcoats and rubbers, are not proper~, but art!eles of rui\Cel!aneous utrhty _ The r&Slllt is, tbat these goods have a very rap 1 d circulation in tho•e parts The st10ugest man IS oil:' Gentlemen who are a httle short ic..lb!Ulli;~ •Pi flus _ca!:urc should start for the West. \ Wbat shall you do wrth 1 t 1\ she sn 1 d heavy purse m h~r hand, he sa1d- \ W eli, then, if there was no moon, no star- Iu early hfe, every man sbould be taught to thmk bo 's po'il e'l'S of head endurance, the gentleman \ What shalt I de mth It 1\ was the reply \ Take thi~, and let no expense be spared for light, no light from any bouse and so dark that tor him~lf • A man's talents are never brought he owned a negro whom no one In the nnr• \Retmn It to the owner We can bear toll your husband's recovery I will call agam\ you coltldu't see e~en your hand before you how out until he lS thrown too sorue extent upon his could kuoek down or inJure by stnkmg o:the and poverty, but not the reproaches of a gmlty Before abe had tJrue to express her gratitude lll!e you able to swear that the prisoner is the ~wn re:u~ces If ml anydd!hffirulty he bas only A sfrong, burly fellow, laughed .at the con\crence\ or surprrse he was gone man~ How dtd you see him 1 o run Is pnnmpa' an t en lmplimtlJ obe.Y J.mea,and a! Sam, the colored rcrson, was ~hoiit The next mormng William -s better-the \W 11 h h b l the dueetion he may recene, be will never ac- h th dl h \ '' ~ •• I knew rt would be thus When the dark \u e , ver onor, w en t e spa peen struck · ha wtt e can e~. t 1l gentlemp;n stood t t t d h l b cri.Is had paa.oed-the fever was gone' but he me (may the dtvilfly away WI\d htru) the fire fiew qurre t t aptitude of preception necessary to d~r and ~0 h t d S • \\~~·-• cmp a ron was on me, an t e en 10 my eart I k d h 1 1 tb wh h !d · t • A • ~~ • ~ e en ere > ~11m'\ .reau •ecmcd to t1mmph, I knew that you wouJd ::oc ay wea an e P e,g as a babe • and but for out JV my eyes so lmgbt, you might have see11. to O!l.e 0 0 Impor ant st.atwns: certam a powerful sookdologer Tl\e candle~ f: I I l d b . b T the many comforts which that purse had pr~ pi'ck up a pl·n , , 00 oould, be Jaber• , degree of independent feeling is essentml to the a lttt' b t g 'd ut to see c ear y, an appro\'e t e rtg t he u- ., • d 1 t f th · n I d 1 h ,,e, n atn pallSe qmetly on storm 1s now ovet, and to mor1ow I must carry cured he mtght have died H\ grew stronger The court, JUry. counsel and spectators, explo- eve opmell 0 8 mte eetun an mora 0 ar- merely exclaiming~\ Gentlemen, be Cllrefo,l of thrs money to l\'Ir Carlton It 15 about fitl:een day_ by day ' and, at the ~n~ of a week he was dad with shouts at this quaint idea, and the pns- ae~r • • , de elbows, or ile hgbts Will be dfsttnguished!' • miles, I wtll start early, and perhaps he will b'lttmg sup]pOrted by pillows ID a large arm chair. oner wa.s dirc!ltiy after declared not guilty. h'Attend to, 1 the nnnutu~ 8 o£-the husmess-small • \'• · b b I\Irs Carter approached the window . .and ex- t mgs as we. as great. ejl that your place [!#\\'Now, my dear. we ne\ei e<Ln ~'*\'a to gtve me enoug to pay wy passage ack in the clai'med- .,. , buSiness is open ~•y, and e\ervtbmg goina on b 4 u t •h t ful h h ~< 1, t ~ d lWl v-• • , -.. uy ,uO r a • a aw 1g pr 10 e, FO: $Oil'~ net- s aTgeh · \ There comes the stranger who unve vou..the b I):]P':. ,2L ~ Y entirely ont of ~earin,g of betimes. grocer to send up only balf't:h\\\\\\\\'i e next mornmg, long before aunme, WU- u ,. ,.- .r t e prea .... .,. Voloe, at a camp meeting, bemg , d ak ~ uo\\' liam was on bts way. It was hard walking P rae • fuUild d\bing was asked 10 hy she weptsinee she o::r- The \h1g drlllll'' of' the band ol every an m e up the rest with li~'tef.l,r through the uewly fallen snow' and the wiud A mmute more and he entered the room - could nofhea.r the words of the minister • 0,' Austrian regiment is drawn by a dog in a little and such Iike-Jt wxll do just as we}\~- was cold and p1ercing, but he pressed resolutely Approachmg William he grasped his hand and 1111id sb11. •1 can see the noly'IWG qhu kead, cart. !l'be dnln!s are placell endways in the cart, • who had overheard frum the top qflke on, and befure noon r{'ached tbe house of lUr said earnestly- -- the dl'ulllmer walks behind, and &!Ips awa3 stairs.-'llirs Jones, I'd like to h-<1ve tiil hill C 1 H d d h bl d \Thank Heaven, you m'C vet alive-th&tyon D • A J \- '\\-ndoi • • ont tliii!,mornlng' ar ton. e aseen e t e mar e steps an rang will lue , If h d d' d 'f ld b '(FFEI!BNCE -In ancumt days the celebrated ID\\' 8 ouu .,.., ph was 'lrallu~~g one da]' the bell A servant appeared, ami. in answer f< r . ven · J;~ a te ' never 0011 aYe precept. was, • Know Thyself • in modem times be me\ a man, wlio walked straight 011 remark' What kind of a dootor wou1il to hts mquu y 1f r.Ir Carlton wasat home, iuform- ~! ato myse t for ~h ba~~ ~e otto biti yeu- 1b bas been supplanted by lh; tar more faahiona- lDg ' that he did not tura QU~ lilt • ~.' • i .A quack ~. ed hun that the gentleman was oat, and Ullli h11 .... nty ., n:.:;be laced lllJ~ w c • h~ ble m~ -· Know thy neighbor and eve'7· do,' quick!,; rejoined .RaodDlph ; irntilediatel.1 e- • P a paper m \' tbil!l&bov.t bun. • ' stepping &81de, he leti die rWiiaii pa~~~.

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