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Chatham courier. (Chatham Four Corners, N.Y.) 1862-1903, March 29, 1923, Image 9

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Mack, Chatham Center. Dear Sir:- Yours in the Courier in reference to the anonymous commun ­ ication relative to that speculative hole to the center of the earth was noted with interest; I\o that com ­ munication was duly signed by me hut the signature was omitted by the compositor, hence the assump ­ tion that it was anonymous. Now in assuming that possibly matter at the earth ’ s center is a solid, I merely stated it as a theory, not that I believe it to be so. 1 do not wish to appear as one who is continually looking for faults in another, but in' the interest of science -there is no- better way of ad­ vancing it than by the interchange of ideas; lienee I am writing you per ­ sonally instead of through the me ­ dium of the Courier. The first ar ­ ticle in reference to China being be ­ neath our feet, I wrote to the paper us I wished to correct in the minds of people, this erronious idea so far as possible. In reference to the molten sea of lava which many believe to exist within the earth, you state that the gasses formed would counterbalance the force of gravity by their action on the concave surface of the earth's crust; now that this pressure would go far toward sustaining the earth ’ s crust is evident, but at the. same time this pressure must be taken up and conveyed through the mass of matter to the opposite sine of the earth, hence the ; .assure at the earth's center must, be equal to that at the contract with tire crust plus the added weight of matter between that point and the earth ’ s center. Am I not right in this statement? Your illustration of the action in the teakettle thereby the water is forced out is to the poinr, as it shows that tlie pressure on fluids ia con ­ tinued throughout the mass. I trust you will accpct thisi, not as a criticism on your able article, but as advancing my idea of the matter in question. I trust you will long continue to write tnose most interesting articles as there is much that should be better understood by the public generally, the motions of the moon, earth and planets, their influence on our seasons, and many other things that are of almost every day occurrences, hut of which the public generally ava grossly ingnor- unt. Respectfully yours, H. D. HARVEY, 702 Howard Avenue, Winter Haven, Florida C- REARDON, INC. Offers The Home Complete T HE great desire of young couples fo Imvc attractive and comfortable homes without a very large expendi ­ ture has prompted us to make a study of their problem, which has resulted in “ The Home Complete ” idea, where wc show what we think the most artistic and appro ­ priate pieces for a sipall. apartment. Below is just; one Suggestion of many that we plt'or for a four-room apart ­ ment for. $ 133.00 First Payment, Balance in. O khy STOO.00 Isfear to Oe Paid THE LIVING ROOM — Consists of an Over-stuffed Daven port and Arm Chair to match; a mahogany Library Table, Fireside Chair; Bridge Lamp; Drapes and tine Domestic Kug. Looks comfortable and inviting, doesn ’ t it? ................................................. . ^ THE DINING BOOM — Is mahogany; a Buffet; oblong Table; Arm Chair and complete this Suite. The vug k : a 9x12 .............. • .......... • ....................... China Cabinet : 5 Side Chairs 111 8G Meath & Dunham Sts. (Up one flight) ? i V 1 /. E. Hall & Co., Funeral Director Motor or Horse Drawn Equipment Tel. iOF14, Stephentown, N. Y. ’ 'XnOjanuKVW , .' tc ; x-r ;r . •/.-« . .rrxmm mma a m mnmnmtvvm SAVINGS BANII 13 North Pearl St,, Albany, N. Y. % assets mer $20,000,©09 We Pssy 4 1-2% Interest on deposits You will find it convenient to have a Savings Ac­ count in our bank. Send for booklet. 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Service First Satisfaction Guaranteed Quality Always Lumber and Paint to Protect It. * I a n p.hul to have received the above veiy respectful missive as its spirit manifests the true ring of the 'deal freethinker. As a great logician remarked, “ In matters about which nobody knows anything, anybody has the .right to guess. ” So long as no one knows Ij j anything positive about the earths A 1 interior condition, each and all may assume that which the evidence seems to imply. Theoretically, and as Mr. Harvey assumes, the pressure from the col ­ lective gases in the interior of the “ aith would he uniform at all points ■ I the interior surface of the earths rust, and this imifor:-.-. pressure v.oald, as 1 have assumed, counter ­ balance any weight imposed by circumambient strata. i Now it 1 am correct in the state- j aent that the interior pressure would I counter the weight- of the exterior crust, then the pressure which Mr. Harvey speaks of as “ plus ’ ’ would be nil, or at least its bearing could not edeet the density of the matter con ­ tained beneath its structure. 1 have assumed that the s structure o; tlie earth would go a long way n supporting the earth ’ s crust, as we note in t!A principle of the arch, and il Urns is true, the pres ­ sure would be entirely relieved just as we see in tlie shell of an egg. If we make a small hole in each end of an egg, we may blow its en ­ tire contents out leaving nothing but the shell, and this will be so well sup ­ ported that if taken in tiie hand, it will require considerable pressure to crush it. The eai th ’ s crust has often been ccmpam! to the shell of an egg. and ..hen wc consider the formation of the solid roc): extending many miles below the surface, wo must see that the analogy is consistent. The size of the earth would have but little bearing so long as we have sufficient rock structure to support our arch. The analogy would be like that between the egg of a robin and an ostrich. Tlie shell would be in pro ­ portion to the size of the egg. While i(t is doubtless true that there is a mean average pressure against all parts of the earth ’ s crust, this does not argue that trie re may not lie local conditions there creat ­ ing great storms with upheavals just as we have local storms in the ex ­ ternal atmosphere that cause won ­ derful destruction ? Even in recent times with the great thickness of the earth ’ s crust, we know that there are internal forces at work that lift and elevate the rock formation to an extent that is truly surprising. So recent as September 1899, a great earthquake at Yakutat Bay/Al ­ aska, lifted the sea coast for a dis ­ tance of more than a hundred miles. A few years later Prof, R. S. Tarr of Cornell University, and Mr. Law ­ rence Martin of the National Geogra­ phical Society, found barnacles still THE BEDROOM — Tliis double Bed; Simmons Spring and Mattress ; Dresser ; Chifferobe; Dressing Table and Chair, not shown, complete this very attractive Suite in combi ­ nation mahogany. The rug (£\! is rose color ............................................... THE KITCHEN — A golden oak Kitchen Cabinet; 10 pieces of.Aluminum Ware; a white porcelain top table; two oak chairs; an oak stool; 16 yards blue and white cheek floor covering make this very Qfl neat looking kitchen ............... .......... • • • • G. C Tims. It. Allclmrch ALBANY ’ S NEW FURNITURE STORE mj GEO. C. REARDON C. A. Waterbary IffiiC. Win. O'Pray BROADWAY asd MAIDEN any. .Y. adhering to the rocks fifty feet above 'a constable, who lives at 21 Oak street taste jus^ a little better to me now , the highest tide level. ' Port Chester, N. Y. than it ever did. When it comes to I How wonderful then must have “ For six months past f have felt all '-oning up a system tuid making a per - the j been the power of the explosion that run-down and out of sorts. My sleep lifted the unknown miles of rock to was restless and I got up mornings such an elevation. ! feeling as tired and worn-out as when • ______________ I went to bed. I was not sick exactly, oir*-i » r r i T\ , o f 7¥0 P\T l r r\7' but was just in that condition that ,jl Alfcijb Hlo UU 1 Y keeps a person feeling unlit for any ­ thing. son feel right Tanlac certainly is the right thing. ” Tanlac is for sale by all good drug ­ gists. Over 35-million bottles sold. Ghent IS TO TELL FACTS “ What I needed was an ad ’ round , r j i i le friends of Mrs. George L. Pow- building up and Tanlac lias done that i formerly of Ghent will he glad to pherical ' ^ cnB * a * ) * e Declares Troubles Have very thing. I have used two bottles) learn that she has passed through a successful operation for Cateract, of long standing. The operation was per ­ formed at the Manhattan hospital, New York. Yale Yelled, “ Going, Gone.\ Ellhu Yale, the founder of Yale college, Is said to have been the first man In Kngland to conduct n sale by auction. Been I have used two Entirely Overcome — Tanlac now and as a tonic 1 don ’ t believe it Proves Merits has an equal. I now sleep like a top j at night and wake up mornings feel- “ I feel that I would be dodging my inp: Ike a ‘ two year old ’ . That trod duty if I did not let the people know no account feeling has left me and I what this Tanlac has case, ” recently said John done in my am brimful of new life and energy. J, n A. Coward, ! Everything in the eating line seems to n, Did You Get Our Seed it and Implement Catalog:? Not a Postal Gets It. Frank Howard Howard Block, Fenn, First and Federal Streets PITTSFIELD, MASS. nMi- — Spring Flowers Easter Messenger CUT FLOWERS Carnations ..................................................................... $2.50 per dozen Snapdragon ................................................. $2.00 per dozen Daffodils ........................................................ $1.00 per dojsen Tulips ................................................................. $1.00 per dozen Narcissus ................................................................ 75c per dozen PLANTS Daffodils ................................... 50c, 75c and $1.00 per pan Hyacinths ................................... 25c, 75c and $1.25 per pan Tulips ................... .................... 50c, 75c and $1.00 per pan Genestias ........................................................ $1.00 per plant Cinerarias ........................................................... $1.00 per plant Easter Lillies ................................... $1.00 and up per plant You will make no mistake in buying any of these flow ­ ers or plants. They are sure to please. Convey your Easter Greetings with them. Just as you greet a neigh ­ bor across the way on Easter morning. So may you send a flower greeting to your friends else ­ where no matter what the distance may be. Our Telegraph Delivery Service is as near to you as your telephone. Use it in making the home of a friend in a distant city happier because of a flower greeting. Three thousand bonded members of the Florists Tele ­ graph Delivery Association, bonded, to convey your East ­ er Greeting if you will let them. “ Say It With Flowers ” The Chatham Floral Co. CHATHAM NEW YORK

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