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Chatham courier. (Chatham Four Corners, N.Y.) 1862-1903, March 29, 1923, Image 8

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- _ ' ^ ^ ^V* v FOR MEN TO BE HELD APRIL 17 IN NEW YORK. — cleanso the bowels comfortably and thoroughly — it gets at the cause of most Stomach troubles; stirs the Liver and Kidneys into healthful action. All good druggists supply this well-kuownretnedy. tsmu FOG HILL •How many thousands will he unable to get ARCOLA this year? I I* 1921, .5,000 families who wanted A kcola had to go without Dr. Alina Webster Powell has opened a branch studio In Hudson and is organizing a large chorus. Alfred Ruesch and son Donald and Win. Ruesch of Pittsfield were Sun ­ day visitors with friends here. John Pinney spent Sunday in Chat ­ ham Janies Coxon spent last Thursday in Pittsfield. Mrs. Minnie Ruesch is visiting at Paul Rucsch ’ s in Stockbridge. Daughters of Columbia Historical Socitey Are Making Preparations For Record Breaking Gathering in Point of Numbers. This year three times as many homes are being built as in 1921. Yet because our factories are already over-taxed with orders for larger Ideal Boilers, we can make no more A rcolas in 1923 than we made in 1921. Bullock Carts Rubber Tired. Native bullock carts In Colombo, Ceylon, are being fitted with rubber tires to allow of easier movement and to check the damage done to road surfaces. — Popular Mechanics Maga ­ zine. This means just one thing — if you wait until next fall you will be cold next winter. the children from colds and grippe; plenty of hot water for washing A rcola is our hot-water (or steam) heating plant for small homes — different t from any other. It is con ­ nected with a genuine American Radiator in each room. That means warm bedrooms; breakfast in a warm dining room; protection for and bathing. Please telephone your Heating Contractor for an estimate today. The installation can be made with ­ out disturbing the family; and in three average winters A rcola will pay back a large share ot of its cost in the fuel*it saves. i : ; ARCOLA Heating Outfit '■ Installed ready to use with radiator in each room * Under normal conditions *180 to *550 FOR SMALL HOMES AND STORES Plus Freight AMER fn^iL hoilersand A mehjca ^R& d-taiors for every heating need. 104 West 42nd Street New York City & Mi! Big Garages Do Barn A garage fire usually re ­ sults in a frightful prop-- erty loss. Fine cars are left mere skeletons of a twisted chassis and every bit of wooden coach work becomes a pile of blacken ­ ed cinders. ! The pres ­ ence of gasoline tends to make a garage fire very complete in its destruc ­ tion. Make a memo now to telephone. Chas. E. Harder Fire and Accident Insur ­ ance CHATHAM, N. Y. . Tel. 17M. Preparations are well under way for the annual dinner dance of the Daughters of Columbia County Soc ­ iety, to be hold on Saturday evening, April 7 th, at the Hotel Me A! pin in New York. Mrs. Seaman Miller is chairman of the dinner committee. Working with her are, Mrs. Stephen Ransom, Mrs. Charles Peabody, Mrs. Stewart Lam­ ent, Mrs. Henry Hoy, Mrs. Arthur Dexheimer, Mrs. Adrian Quick, Mrs. Lester Dunning, Mrs. Pirie Mac Don ­ ald, Mrs. Frank Rickard, Mrs. Leon ­ ard Come, Mrs. Henry King, Mrs. Anton Muller, Mrs. Rolland Drowne, Miss Frances Best and the directors of the society who live in or near New York. Wilson E. Tipple, newly elected chairman of the associate member ­ ship is also working with the commit ­ tee to make this the largest gathering of Columbia county men and women ever held outside the county. It is not necessary to be a member of the society to attend, nor does at ­ tendance carry any obligation to join. A welcome of special cordiality will be extended to young men and women |of the county who are in the city and Iwould like to meet people from their ihome town. Many of these have al- I ready signified their intention of nt- 1 tending. | The committee are sparing no pains ito make this event a repitition of last I year ’ s delightfully informal good Mime. The tickets are $4.00. Come down and see what a royal Time Tells It has proven the worth of these Shoes to many men. But you needn ’ t wait for time. You can take our word for it that you can ’ t buy better Shoes for $ 7.50 $ 5 . 00 , $ 6 . 50 , Emery's Shoe Step 85-87 N. Pearl St., Albany, N. Y. J reception awaits you from the girl and boys who lived in the county many years ago, but who love it better than any place in the world. Legion Plans to Reforest Wastes With a view to carrying on a work as important to the future of indus ­ trial America as was the last year to the Democracy of the world, and at the same time to give employment to veterans and, perhaps, make a dueloss association of the organization, Com ­ mander Albert S. Callan, of the De ­ partment of New York, American Le­ gion, has been in comunication with in.- WEST SAND LAKE Raymond Cipperley is improving. Henry Luch is so much recovered from pneumonia that he sits up most of the day. The Douglass family will move to Averill Park. J. Hitchcock is home from the hos ­ pital. Harry Kinnicutt is driving the Sandlake and Albany bus, making regular trips now, that the road is open. Elizabeth Hogh who has been con ­ fined to the house for the past week her school duties soon. West Sandlake Grange entertained is able to be out again and will resume Rensselaer Co., Pomona on Wednes ­ day. Owing to the bad roads, there were only about ninety in attendance. Miss Bessie Mae Dumand, the new Hofne Demonstration Agent for Rens. County gave a talk on Canada the great northwest, particularly Alberta where she was director of extension service for five year. Everyone en ­ joyed her talk. The lecturer ’ s hour was in charge of Worthy Lecturer, Mr. Pierson of East Greenbush Grange. The report from the State Grange was given by Mr. Culvan from Johnsonville Grange who was delegate at large. Rosena Eekes is with her sister i Mrs. Elwin Van Horn who is quite ill l at her home in Engle Mills. West Sandlake Home Bureau will meet Thursday at 2 P. M. Miss Mac- Dermand will be in charge and very much wants to meet each Home Bur ­ eau member. Without Honor. He that will sell bis fame will also soil the public Interest. — Solon. NOW IS THE TIME TO HAVE A WATER SYSTEM INSTALLED ^tablished 18 « 4 **•* — ^\ . -- ~ 1 — . QUITE USELESS HAT Insurance Policy that you are “ Going to Take Out ” is quite useless as a protection to either yourself or your family now. Why not step in and let us explain whai Massachusetts Savings Bank Life Insurance is? T he C ity MAIN OFFICE 116 NORTH ST., CORNER OF FENN ST. A MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK PITTSFIEJUD.MASS. BRANCHES UNION BLOCK. DALTON IOI WOODLAWN. MORNINGSIDE Dividend Paid October 1st at the Rate of (It the Si$nof the Chime Clock Per Annum Money is the “ Open, Sesame. ” It finds few doors closed. To have money at your command and make your dreams come true, deposit part of your weekly earnings with this bank. Assets Over $12,000,000.00 § Send for booklet . 8ci ;|< : by (lull | fl!ba^tord)/59¥irfsP8i\l wjyMrlXorecr Stete ’ ^er!5^| i. Byron (libSnV.tLV- / William L. President Charles E Treasurer gr-u..'. We have both Electric Mo ­ tor and Gasoline Engine Out ­ fits, in capacities from one family house to farm and irri ­ gating supplies that have giv ­ en satisfactory service for sev ­ eral years. We have installed the best of the several makes at reason ­ able prices and guaranteed satisfaction. Dean Moon of the New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse Uni ­ versity in an effort to make young forests grow where nothing but shrub ­ bery and weeds now exist in this state. “ This plan is but one logical scheme which the American legion will put in ­ to execution, ” said Major Callan in admitting that he is considering, with other officers of the legion, the idea of having the legion-assist in the refor ­ estation \of the waste lands of the state. Major Callan is most enthusiastic over the result of the first two weeks of the campaign for increased mem­ bership in this state. The drive start ­ ed on March 1st and will terminate cm April 1st, when it is expected that there will be a paid in membership of more than 100,000 in the New York state department. New York state recently forged to the front in mem ­ bership standing and is maintaining the lead, despite the fact that Illinois, second on the list, is also conducting a campaign for new members. Since the drive started in this state, over 17,000 membership cards have been' eceived at state headquarters and every indication points to New York continuing a big lead over all other state departments in paid-up mem­ bership. Cantilever Shoe Shop Cantilever Shoe Shop. 15-17 North Pearl St., 33 Third St., Troy Albany Telephone or call on W. T. Vosburgh Church St., Chatham, N, Y. CLOGGED THROATS When your wind is shut olT and breathing difficult you try to raise the phlegm by suddenly contracting the lungs rciu,? air through the throat. Tuts and for __ __ _ _ .. _ 5a bard ou your luugo and your throat and dilates the blood vessels. Clogged throats r.vo easily and quickly opened, phlegm raised ami the throat is soothed and honied by Lconardi ’ s Cough Syrup fCreosoleii). It jneveutn straining, hack- ']*!£ and has a valuable antiseptic action. Beat remedy lor coughs, colds, bronchitis, croup, and whooping cough. Safe, sure and pleasant. At your druggiat. MUITZESKILL Sold by Alvords Pharmacy, Chatham. Valatie, Pharmcy Valatie. A the C. E. topic in February was “ How would you spend 50,000 on your own Community ” It set the members of the Reformed church society to thinking of its possible needs on a small scale. The minds of omo turn ­ ed to the cheerful “shut ” in member of the hamlet who has lived in a wheeled chair nearly twenty five years, Miss Blanche Castle. As an out ­ come of the interest felt in her, the C. E. society is giving her a crystal ra ­ dio set as an Easter surprise. It has been a long day since Miss Castle has heard a sermon or church music, but we trust it will be a truly beau ­ tiful and life giving Easter to hear her church services once more. Easter services at her elbow. The rehearsals of the farce, “ An Obstinate Family ” are received. The roads are now open and the C. E s.oeiety will give it to the public on Wednesday April 4th in the chapel. Miss Mann is entertaining her friend Hoyt for a few days. Mrs. Ella Whest of Lake George spent from Friday to Monday with her mother and brother, Frank Kel- lerhouse. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Downing of Hudson spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Miller. By invitation of one of the stock ­ holders of the Hudson Navigation Co. Spring Days Are Pleasant Days in Easy __ Cantilevers 1 CANTILEVER Shoes help you to enjoy the glorious clays of Spring ami Summer because they are so easy on your feet that you can (five yeur umiiviued attention play, study and social to work life. Cantilever Shoes are made with an all-leather arch which ilexes freely in walking, giving the foot muscles the exercise needed to keep tbefn strong and supple and able to hold the bones of the arch in place. They have a trim, yet ample toe, and a medium or low heel. Cantilevers come in a variety of good-looking models in black, brown, and white for all occas ­ ions. Whatever your taste or need you will find a Cantilever model that will please you. A flexible shoe for your flexible foot. fantilevi ^ Shoe SLA j Mr. Billing, Capt. C H. Buder, of the Renselacr and the other captains of the boats attended a dinner and thea ­ tre party in New York last Friday night. This has been an annual treat for several years. Henry Hover has moved in the house originally owned by Jim White. The road from Post Road through to Schodack Landing is now open to auto traffic. BACON HIL1 Some Men Like Rivers. Some men are like rivers. A river may have u very small neud, but it has a great flow at the mouth.— Sun Fran ­ cisco Chronicle, Miss Lee from New York is spend ­ ing two weeks at Miss M. Donnelys. Miss Mildred , Sails was* home foy the week end. Mrs. H. C. Bristol suffered a shock last week. A Cockrell had the misfortune to cut his foot, recently. Albert Bink from Albany also call ­ ed here last week. Frank Ostrander of Pittsfield ’ nas started work with •Win. Haight at Brook Farm. Wsi Mu A ■ . o , -, 1 J- -AG ,.*.A .> h

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