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Chatham courier. (Chatham Four Corners, N.Y.) 1862-1903, May 23, 1903, Image 1

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EKLY. HAY 23. 1903. • •^m^delicfousjte'wsroge; It coats Entered April'jfi.4e08,«t Ghiithain. k. V., »»«eooi d-olws m*t>er^napr,,vtgt,pf fiifipyw of M»rnh 8,4871). B5c ^)6r Jpound. •Home cprnTort'' another jgood . • brand 25 cent? per pound. Our -\Qrbcery^ B&te son Heels\ travels i Brongli JEastr Chatham, Hew Concord, Chatham Centre, •Bayvllleand other near-by vil lages, once a week.. May we in clujdeyou on our increasing list -Jofcpatrqns?* Everythilig in the -grocery line at-wy Btore. iGteoy W. Wharton, Ola Chatham, N. t' '\ Ghath&m, N, Y; No. 14- WORKERS, A Fine list ot Entries for the' Trot­ ting and PadngrEyents sear U This Week at CORRESPONDENCE EAST CHATHAM. Zellwood Presoott is borne fx»»» Pittsfleld, on the sick list. Mri^hgan Dobb is here from Blag- ! ham ton, called by the i lines* of a*r Races are to be held at ib& JWr Grounds on May 80th, under the! . •' \*''W'-i^8^^'' 'auspices of the Hudson OiryDrivlagj sister. Mrs. Frank Bareback, wka Aft lKTEi^TING*(£CASlM^^ STATISTICAL ° lnb - Tbete *° *• tta * e eTent8 , 18 improved at this writiag -MMflrT '«r^t^nw5 «^^fa. THF RIRIP SnnHTY 2.W-class trotting, 2.40 claw, pacing An nnooenpied barn on the Fraak lUU^m^-lUJlUl ^jl^ land 2 2X claas trotting and pacing. Norton plaoe was consumed by Mr. / '\ V,-.\t ^^^^yfS j The following are the entries, j Sunday morning. •day and wdu^^*U^$t*B was never alven before the 3. K> Class, Trotting. | Prof. .William, of the Ohatha- convention of tbiW^mb &j^g^^olety on \The Bible.\ | Veto* Williams, blk. m. T. a 801)001 waB • guest of Principal fl. Sunday— BOhool-^aasoolaHon^Pd 'Ht ^lw^be following ofUoers were elected Baokley, Chatham. i of /^nainahw '^^n^£o^h^:«4^ig^^<^oS, Valatte, Rev. O.H.Traver. vpfiNftfemM'V^ \l ^^M ^jD^iircbtown. Rev W J. Leggett, '\\^f ^^ii*toiia ^(|^is |^%5|^^ P; D, Chatham; Bev F V Van liKrSl^Wr.Y.ir'M 'iis'/iit'it-&t !ii ^\^«iii*|^j u ,k erJi pbilmobt. ^f^fter a social dinner hnnr, whioh iaud »8n^^e, ia^'.qpetai ^^i^p ^^I ^9 Phllmont ladles showed how well online \following poini^t,vJ»^f|^Te ^f ^Byrostain tuetr reputation as enter ofganU&lon jw^rpfi^^^^^ VsA \^ **\ *\ \ \f^m!iBWipowerofpe\rs6n^ilfe8;r*OTa^ Thi$-isfe>r^i|iiyi^»;j W the Bible sooiety: President,) Murphy Boy. a. g. Frank LangloiB, | p Pitcher Hudson; vice presi- Hudson. Qolnmbia Connty '^ibVJwVfe ^W*?; held in tho;jWe#B^t^^SB^^r ntcner Hudson; vice presi ^ S ^^^^l at ' ReT J W Aoaerly.Philmont;] Lindenwald. b. m. Arthnr Bnnp. \l !!&38 lnUa y- ReT B .A. Ottman,Ghent; Stuyvesant SWla. ^ ^r ^i^S^fr'' T ': Genimel ' Hn to.;6z.| Bonnie Kens, blk. m. Patrick ^•••S*,, ^^^^-C^ll^ 6 oomnli \ ee . B<* O- Z. Canavan. Phllmont libers, the oonvention reassembled ^%j >3d, •TW^Siipl ^f ^PHislie Wa address S^OtSSte 'fbrm'' He said that too much of pQif churoh benevolences today was ^jKa, \copper basis.\ We hear of ^Hp ^pWity on every hand trat there : no startling gifts made for Ho muoh morley for 'JMng_etse.8g little'-Jfor the cans? Jij ||;jaiftt. His addreBaHvas one that TlS 'bo Heard by every ohnroh X<ftr*!'-S**». ^ ; - - —•'^•'•b^ct, O*darnolm,. of,Brooklyn, ma\ a^iiiidoonaaorated primary teaoher, ii ^g^p9 ^^»oeo ^^4t^fiaV house to j v IBoiue^cjaiTaas.'andiitt'jbene whioh John F. .aimons;^ former secretary 5f our T, w iS,,C.X..Waa; : married ^MU^ Heroa Wilkes, b. g. J. W. Law­ rence, Valatle. Nellie R. s. m. John Van TasaeL, Hudson. Unole Rastiis, spt. g. J. Johnson, Oohoes. Louie Nutwood, blk. m. Dr. J A. Beane, Oatteill Qraydon, bg. g. by Day Bell, Or- vllle Dm mm, Hudson, 2.40 Glass Pacing. Young Ruler, Jr., b. g. Homer Deoker, Ohatham. Oatskill Boy, blk, g. Fred 'Coons, Hudson. _ a Rag Time, b. g. H. O. Miller. Hudson. on Saints and Sinners of the Bible. r.».».juw rrr ^ rrr-.i, i Many roaspn8 of*the,'ChathamJo«ks _ . Taesday, of the bnrial of Willlast Van Vleok, - of Lebanon; ' Stottville. Jerry, b. g. Ambrose Lasher, Germantown. Daisy J., H. m. Robert ROM man, Phllmont. .• Kuced Ale,^ b. K. Fradj.Holaapple, :^BV^dpofe»d-' '^.^lbajiy, with ex- oeUenJiresnlw;- * lay. ,«BoraI44|the: report of ,,. ___ ../an:lnori»l^ln;aohoo!s reporting wv,- S ^^f&^u^imiiimtr^t^i in offloera and ^JiSpB^. \increase of 764 in ^^Si^r^^I&wihoola reporting Mn^i^p^^mJBirtSi With a member- B^i^Sf^ZB^Th'ls Is an~ increase of ^^^;.|^eapp^,.;ii^^CMi: *j0 ^$l \!6vjiri Increase of m T^pw^~E.\\ W. eeymoux. Oha^K«f\'t'' Town 8eoretariea Ancianr.tWard Smith. Aosterlitz, MrsSB^sS^ Ambler,Canaan, A. 8. Beebe^ibb^bam, „ W. P. Daerow. Oopi&B^^-^r; .Scott. Olayeraok, W-^G^paarder. OlermonU^alra H. Wtfil ^QSa ^ttn ^r.. «. Cole. Ghent, G |,m ^infc>JGermantowp, G. B. I^he*i^-^i«»port, Bev. C. B. Oor*Sp:'HitUdale, Frank Johnson. Bc^'soB^p^sl Benedict ,KlnderhooK. Mi &£&0iaC. Hbsford.- Livingston, Ohs ^^kju^. New Lebanon, .0. B. Q,i^tt |sUySreeaut; JS. W. WiUtams. 8^p^^^Pr. Van Boren. Tagh- ka£f <^£et &B, Ham. ^gt^fnpi Home Dept.. Frank Ho$fe$jfsMJi £r; v Oo^^tre«'-to fOl Tacanoies, W. G. Ha'^er|ty^r7;-' : B. Darrow, A. P. B. Smith Tuesday. Married, at the M. B. parsonage, Wednesday evening, Charles C Clark and Mrs. Frances MoEinnay, both of this village. Henry Fidler experienced son* bad luck on hie Wednesday's 'grocery route at the Murphy plaoa The horse while grazing, tipped the de­ livery wagon over, causing soma damage to wagon and harness aad breaking several dozen eggs^ The Ladies' Aid will serve a straw- ' berry tea at the church parlor Tues­ day evening, May 26. /> Sabbath morning's sermon in the M. E. churoh.will consist of acoa- densed review of some of the mors important addresses of the Sunday school convention held at Philmoat Tnesday ana Wednesday o f this weak. In the evening the pastor will speak on Abraham, in the course of lectures Valatle. * Billy Hack,- b. -s ;r Fred^Holsapplej CopakC. --• ? Gloria, a ni. D)f. JTA- Deane, Catskili. ••% . BETTER ROADS. The Grange Favors Inyroyemcal of Highways. H In taking a drive over the country inthe vicinity of this village \we note a great Improvement in our roads over the old method of working them. They are wider and smoother, the stones are raked off and drawn, away not raked into the ditch or; grass to he snraped in again in the fol­ lowing spring. Take it altogether the writer is satisfied that the ,new {way is the best. It is also jast ana; fair to note some of the improve\- ^l ^iS5#50k , ?<* •» ^crease of • m^g$&f t^s-arnlt ;^ilara |l8 rolls' ; lO f an increase of 8. ,f «BfW«< ^l^p^report Teacher's meet-. .^^^1^ m goest o{ |^ ^ • • , j ^mW^ died on WeW ^\f .J^, ^tPhoffi-hnChhan an Inorease in every iliS3«;*-&i -v' . ana paths neai ments as we pass along. It is one of the precepts the Grange order toun- prove and beautify our horJseB; neat- ness and order a boot our houses are a drawing card. This ooets but little. It increases the Value and attntctive- ness. What is noticed quicker in than a nice' even, lawn paths neatly cut'and kept' Jn 'perfect, order. A' neat 'flower bed a oeen tu ot to0 bnt iast large\ enotfghv her a f ew anxubfl. eta : all of. these'tenof; meals\ at P. to inoro » S K the valae more than -Hal latients who 1 . t^M. > ,w-. - > „l - age for&STinlber of ...years, lef> ior Chicago, where. 5 ihe'^will roakekir future home. ''ijTi On Hay 18th, a (laughter was'bark to Mr. and^Mcs. Charles White. visiting ^eir^^dan ^.^^W Rebecca Philip at Upper Troy. STUTYESA1IT. Philander Stevens, of Brookly*, who has spent several Weeks in ikk place, for the'past five years, has dome\again. Mr. Stevens Is. always weclome in Stuyvesant,, . Allen Peters, who has been In Vew York fsir the' past two years, la at home for the present. Not much snocees-in ahad fiihlag thin praar. Mr. Alberts on madaa *a ball of 167 this year and bas-captarsd very few since. The 'Sunday evening service was largely attenaed to hear the reports of the conventions by the delegates. Mrs. E. P. .Williams gave a report or the C. JB. Goanty. convention haM at Kinder hook; Mrs. R. 2£. Hotaliag Of the Womans' Foreign Missionary Socjety held at Alban^ and Mrs. iioWiitt G. Rockefeller or^the-ChK. ^sai'onary League held in NewTttrk. ^vetal' ) people of. Or eater New ^YoVkW ^^tnyvesant, P. Stevens, \Win. 'vMcAlister, John ATberUon,,

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