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\ '■rjsSBjf hot •9TfP|| { } ^ ^and, a ., « <,e «%« ner semi - weekly . m xlii CHATHAM, N. Y., SA Dr. W. E. Waiters DENTAL PARLORS TO REMilIK IN CHATHAM Owlt>g to the urgent solicitation of many of my patrons, and in order to avoid inconvenience for them,I have reconsidered my previous determi natron I now beg to announce that I have arranged to place my Hudson Parlors in charge of a thoroughly competent assistant and that my MamOlfict will Rimaln and that patrons from Ghathamand vicinity wlll|there receive my person ­ al attention and at the same prices as heretofore. ;u : DR. W. E. WALKER, CHATHAM. N, Y. THERE IS NO USE GOING HUNGRY WHEN YOU CAN BUY rS; mm warn 1 lb. can Pink Salmon at 1 ib. can Condensed Milk 2 lb. can Butterfly Corn 3 lb. can Tomatoes 1 lb. can Oysters 5 lb. pkg Banner Gate A CUP OF GOOD COFFEE No breakfast or dinner complete without it. Our “ Eureka ” brand is something new and makes a most delicious beverage. It costs only 35c per pound. \Home comfort*' another good brand 25 cents per pound. Our “ Grocery Store on heels ” travels through East Chatham New Concord, Chatham Centre] Bayvllle and other near-by vil lages, once a week. May we In elude you ou our increasing list of patrons? Everything in the grocery line at my store. Y. MAY 23. 1903. Entered April ’ IS. IMM. at Chatham N. Y., aa iecoi d-olaes matter.under Act of Cpntfreo of March No. 14. SUNDAY SCHM&WORKERS, MEMORIAL DAY RACES.' Sv'tnit W ?r at th> --------- -- The May Anniversaries Held This Week at A Fine List of Entries for the Trot- j ting and Pacing Events near Httdson. CORRESPONDENCE UST CHATHAM. — i- Raoes are to be held at the Pair Grounds on May 80th, under the auspioes of the Hudson City Driviag I AN INTERESTING OCCASION. — ABLE ADDRESSES.--THE STATISTICAL Club. There are to be three events REPORT. — ELECTION OF OHraRS-THE BIBLE SOOETT. tfiZ&Sg.Sr'jXS — — -------- - j The following are the entries. 2.60 Class, Trotting. Tuesday and Wednesday the annual drew waa never given before the I convention of the Columbia County Sunday school association and the Colombia County Bible sooiety Wan society on “ The Bible. ’ ’ The following officers were elected # the Bible sooiety: President, held in the Methodist chnroh in A. P. Pitcher, Hudson; vice presi- Philmont, President W. G. Harder- dent, Rev. J. W. Aokerly.Philmont; Geo. W. Wharton, Old Chatham, N. Y. 1 Chatham, N. Y. I have recently bought the Walsh Photograph Studio and have had It thoroughly renovated, repaired and refurnished, and it is now open for business. It will be Operated as a branch ot my Pittstield Studio. All work will ba first-class'and up- to-date at reasonable prlbea. We make Crayons; Water Colors, ant enlargements; We do this wori ourselves, therefore guarantee sa ' faction.;# .i,.* .< .-v? ^ □Ml presiding. Bev. J. W. Aokerly, pas* tor of the church, extended in the most hearty and oordial manner a welcome to all, Rev. P. H. Denting, ' of Chatham, responding in appro.\ priate remarks. “ The Personal Element in Sunday School Work\ was the subject taken by Bey. G. Hudson. He on the following points: 1st, Every organisation receives its strength from the power of personalities repre ­ sented ; 2d, This is especially true of the Sunday school. Office does not give personality — personality makes the office. 8d, Personality is the expression of a loving, sympathetid heart; so each teacher may bring this gift to her class. Dr- McKinney followed with- an interesting address on “ God's Boys, and Girls. “ Tuesday evening Dr. McKinney took the striking title of “ Fool Hill ” for the subject of hU remarks and it secretary, Rev.E .A. Ottman,Ghent; iMursr, T. 'Gemmel, Hudson ; ex- htive committee, Bev. G. Z. lller, Mellenville ; [Rev. A. C. fyckoff, Valatie; Rev. O.H.Traver, Oharctitown ; Rev. W. J. Leggett, D- D., Chatham; Rev. F. V. Van .. t — r-T '$*•»*«>, Philmont. C. Teisley, D. D., oE - ^fter a social dinner hour, which laid special emphasis the Philmont ladies showed how well ' — th^ey sustain their reputation as enter- tniuers, the convention reassembled ahd Kev. Chas. Park, of Hudson, ghy® his address on “ Currency Re- to be regretted that every teaoher and parent in the oonnty oonld not have heard it He showed that there was a well known period in the his ­ tory of an average boy'e/life whio •^. McKinney called He said that too much of church benevolences today was a \copper basis. ” We bear of psrity on every hand but there 'e been no startling gifts made for Kingdom. Bo much money for thing else.so little for the cause ifariit. His address was one that Id be heard by every obnroh regation in the oonnty. Cedarnolm, of Brooklyn, an md consecrated primary teaoher, a helpful address on “ Home ptration ” in which she strongly the teacher of the primary -..T h T-,, Veins ' Williams, blk. m. T. 8. Buckley, Chatham. Morphy Boy, e. g. Frank Langlois, Hudson. Lindenwald, b. m. Arthur Ranp, Stnyvesant Falla. Bonnie Kent, blk. m. Patrick Canavan, Philmont Heron Wilkes, b. g. J. W. Law ­ rence, Valatie. Nellie R. s. m. John Van Tassel, Hudson. Uncle Rastus, apt. g. J. Johnson, Cohoes. Louie Nutwood, blk. m. Dr. J. A. Deane, Oatksill. Graydon, bg. g. by Day Bell, Or ­ ville Drnmm, Hanson. 2.40 Class Pacing. Vonng Rnler, Jr., b. g. Homer Decker, Chatham. Oatakill Boy, blk, g. Fred Coons, Hudson. Rag Time, b. g. H. O. Miller. Hudson. Laugford, blk. g. W. G. Williams. Stottville. Ambrose Lasher, he mother in for Jerry, b. Germantown. Daisy J., s. m. Robert Roes man, Philmont. Mixed Ale, b. g. Fred Holsapple, Oopake. Dan R., b. CatskllL Dr. J. A. Deane, in packages. and ... I I Prices right. Satisfaction guaranteed. 8. F. MATHISON, PARK ROW, CHATHAM. It isn ’ t necessary now to throw aside your wash tub or pork barrel when a h<M>p breaks. . Iron hoops with automatic fasteners, anybody ean put them on, only roc; tyill fit any size tub. JOHNSON'S SARSAPARILLA. one of the best spring medi ­ cines in existence, quart bot ­ tles, $i size, reduced to 90c. A new stock of “ Neverburu\ roasters, one of the most valuable cooking utensils §S# 5 ever invented. A new and complete line of En ­ amel ware. Mickle ’ s Dept. Store, W. A. MICKLE. YALATIE p N.Y. 2.21 Class, Trotting and Pacing^ • Vfl conversion primary department of the Sunday school He sbonld be bfought lhto the ohnroh before id yean of age thus the dangers of Fool Hill period are inaoh lessened. Rev. O. W. Helsler, D. D. gave an interesting account of thh house to bonse canvass and its benefits which was conducted in Albany, with ex­ cellent results. Wednesday Homing. who .. . ■ dw. Van Alstyne.Kin- - if - • President — C. Decker, dsli Seeded :«&d Tajale Raisins, Currants, Citron, Lemon and Orange Peel.,.. Evaporated Peaches, Api icoU and Prsnes, Dates and Figs. Lemons, Oranges, Grapes, Bananas, Cranberries and Celery. Mixed Pecans, Filberts, Eng ­ lish Walnuts and Almonds, Con ­ fectionery, Cakes and Crack era Mince Meat, Boiled Cider. Complete line of Canned and Bottled Goods, Edam, Pineapple, American and Royal Luncheon Cheese. Wednesday morniikg the report of oflloem was made. ‘ The statistwal J. Dardess & Son, 18 Fain a. Chatham. secretary reported as follows for year ending Dec. 81, ISOS: Eighty-nine schools bate reported; 14 have not reported ; some possi bly have been . discontinued. The 89 schools report 1,120 officers and teachers and 6,682 scholars. This shows an increase in sohools reporting of 9, an increase of 70 in officers and teachers and an increase of 764 in scholars over the report for 1901. There are now IS sohools reporting Home Departments, with a member ­ ship of 726. This is an increase of 8 schools, with an increase of 278 members over last year. ^ The number of conversion* or oou- ttrmations.reported this year is 227, an increase of 69. Four schools re ­ port Normal IClassea, an increase of Cradle rolls 10, an increase of 8. wei ZZM derlf Vfflj Germantown., . Secretary — E. J. Beardsley, Phil- modi j ; Trelaurer — R. W. Seymour. Chatham Town Secretaries. Anoram, Ward Smith. Ansterlitz, Mrs. H. S. Ambler. Canaan, A. B. Beebe.- Chatham, W. P. Darrow. Oopake, J, W. Scott. Olaveraok, W. )G; Harder. Clermont,,Mrs. H. Wilson. Gallatin, W. B. Cols. Ghent, G. W. Link. Germantown, G. E. Lasher. Greenport, Rev. G E. Corwin. Hillsdale, Frank Johnson. Hudson, O.B. Benedict. Kinderbook, Miss L. A. Hosford. Livingston, Ohas. Milter. New Lebanon, O. B. Gillntt. Stnyvesant, E. W. Williams. Stockport, J. P. Van Buren. Tagh- kanio, Peter'R. Ham. Oonnty Snpt. Home Dept., Hoohatrasser. Committee to fill vacancies, Harder, W. P. Darrow, Pitcher. Delegate to State Oonveution, W. G. Harder, Ibk, bC fg. |L D. M Don John b. g. R. E. Lasher, Valatie. Frank Wilkes, blk. g. R.E. Lasher. Valatie. Billy Maek, b. g. Fred Holsapple, Copake. Gloria, o. m. Dr. J. A. Deane, Oatskili. BETTER ROADS. The Grange Favors Inprovemart Highways. ii: of Frank W. G. A. P. NEW LEBANON. NEW ■ ^ J ■ IN -WAtL PAPER — ■ AND Window Shades. We are offering some special bargains and it will pay you to investigate, Everything in Paint. Picture Framing a Specialty. H, S. W0LLIS0N, 148 NORTH ST, PlfTSFlUO. Ten schools report Teacher ’ s meet­ ings, an increase of 8. ‘ There has been an increase in every department of Sunday school work the past year in Oolnmbia oonnty. The treaaurer ’ a report showed a balance on baud of 821.14. Presideut Harder appointed the following committees. On nomina­ tions, J. H. Snyder, W. P. Darrow. R. W. Seymour, A. S. Beebe, F. P. Vosburgh, C. H. Decker, W. D. Harris. On resolutions. Rev. C. H. Travor, Rev. Mr. Campbell and Rev. K. A. Ottman. Ou place of meeting, A.P- Pitcher, J. W. Darrow, J. 8. Hosford and G. E. Lasher. After a report of the State Conven ­ tion, Dr. McKinney conducted a superintendent ’ s conference. The Bible Society. The Bible sooiety hour was opened at 11 o ’ clock by President Pitcher and he appointed the following com ­ mittee on nomioatione: W. P. Bar ­ row. Rev, O., E. Green. Mr. Van Do Bogart. The address of tb« hour ym given by Rev. O. W v Helsler, D. D,, of Albany and a more able, comprehensive and instructive In taking a drive over the country inthe vicinity of this village we note a great improvement in our roads over the old method of working them. They are wider and smoother, the stones are raked off and drawn away not raked into the ditch or grass to be scraped in again in the fol ­ lowing spring. Take it altogether the writer ia satisfied that the new way is the best It is also just and fair to note aome of the improve ­ ments as we pass along. It ia one of the precepts the Grange order toim- prove and beautify ourhousea; neat ­ ness and order abont our faonsee are a drawing card. This costs but little. It increases the value and attractive ­ ness. What is noticed quicker in passing along than a nice even lawn Zeliwood Prescott is home tress Pittsfield, on the sick list. Mrs. tjusan Cobb is here from Bing ­ hamton, called by the illness of her sister, Mrs. Frank Roraback, who is somewhat improved at this writing. An unoccupied barn on the Frank Norton place was consumed by fixe J Sunday morning. Prof. .Williams of the Chatham school was a guest of Principal S. B. Smith Tuesday. Married, at the M. E. parsonage, Wednesday evening, Oharles O. Clark and Mrs. Frances McKinney, both of this village. Henry Ftdler experienced eoase bad luck on his Wednesday ’ s 'grocery route at the Murphy plaoe. The horse while grazing, tipped the de ­ livery wagon over, cansing some damage to wagon and harness and breaking several dozen eggs. The Ladies ’ Aid will serve a straw ­ berry tea at the church parlor Tues ­ day evening, May 26. Sabbath morning ’ s sermon in the M. E. church will consist of a con­ densed review of some of the more important addresses of the Sunday school convention held at Philmont Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. In the evening the pastor will speak on Abraham,in the coarse of lectures on Saints and Sinuers of the Bible. Many masons of the Chatham lodge had charge at-the village cemetery Tnesday, of the bnrial of Williaaa Van Vleok, of Lebanon. philmont . . John F. Simons a former secretary bt our T. M. C. A. was married nn Wednesday, May 13th, to Miss Nettie Johneon at Hadley, Mass. The local base baU olnb orffimined ln\this vil ________ ■W are Bussell Lyff-WW^ , has ..... . - Last week a daughter was barn to Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Starks. On Tuesday, Miss Kffie Palmer, who has been a resident of this vill ­ age for a number of years, left for Chicago, where ahe will makehar future home. On May 18 th, a daughter was hern to Mr. and^Mrs. Charles White. 1 Mr. and Mrs. •. Awnn Philip nm- vlsiting their daughter, IllaS Rebecca Philip at Upper Troy. STUTVESANT. Miss Bently, aged 72, a guest of < Mw.-S. J. Tilden, died on Wednes- aQd pathg neatly ont ^ kept in day morning of pneumonia. | order. A neat flower bed Philander Stevens, of Brooklyn, who baa spent several weeks in this place , for the' past five years, has come again. Mr. Stevens is always weolome in Stnyvesant. Allen Peters, who has been in New York ter the past two years, is at home for the present. Not mnoh suocess in shad fishing thin year. Mr. Albertson made ene hall of 167 this year and has captors* very few since. The Sunday evening service waa largely attended to hear the reports of the oonventiona by the delegates. Mrs. E. P. Williams gave a report of the C. E. County-convention heM at Kinderbook ; Mrs. R. M. Hoteling of the Womans ’ Foreign Missionary Sooiety held at Albany and Mrs. DeWitt G. Rockefeller of the G. X. . Missionary League he ’ d in New Vork. ... r- ----- ------ — ----- 4 — - , Several people of Greater New m ( not too Urge, bat just Urge enough, Y ork are;in Stnyvesant, P. Stevens, a few shrubs, etc. : all of these tend J McAlister, John Albertaoa, Peters, Mrs Jennie Dayton Mrs. Henry Bostwiok has been with the grip. During her illness her boarders took their meals at P. t t0 iuoreage the value more than its flash man ’ s hotel. The patients who' Wo 110 tice ths many improve- had measles last week, are improv- luen ^ 8 going on at the Indian Brook ' “ *• I Farm, the old homestead of Brother The grange ’ .dance at Church HaU 8 N Loouiig . Brother Loomis has Allen Peters, Mrs and Howard Nelson. ss usual was a very pleasant affair. About 823 were cleared. I Several will atteud the wedding of Miss Edith Nugent, in Brooklyn the 27th. CANAAN CENTER. Mrs. George Sharp, who had been ill about ten days, died vary sudden been for two years getting the buildings in shape and otherwise improving this property which he intends to occupy next spring. Granger. Hff ARTTirn ATVR. LEBANON 8PBINGI. Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Lewis and, Children ’ s Day will be observed here. The committee to arrange the program is Miss Carrie E. Spaid, Mrs. M. Nash, Miss Jessie PUtser, F. E. Michael. Fire was discovered in the woods above the G. Shiller plaoe last week and before it oonld be extinguished it had burned over eight or ten acres of wood land. ly Friday moroing of Bright's disease Miss Nichols, of Berlin, were guests . as announced in the Saturday J at 8. G. Shumway ’ e over Sunday . Courier. She was 60 years of age Henry Thomas, wife and little eon, ’ ^ay to attend th ® bar al of Gwre * e d had been a life resident of this Mra. F. Thomas and Miss Gomley F08ter - wn. Much sympathy is expressed j were home over Sunday, for her husband who is left alone. | Mrs. Oharles Barden returned from She leaves beside her husband, one the Troy hospital Saturday night NORTH HILLSDALE. »d- Born, May 19, a little daughter sister, Mrs. William Lennon and one'where she went to have a cancer ’ Mr. and Mrs. Franjf Gilbert, brother, Hugh Lemon, West Stock-'removed, | George Hoffman and son, Irving,of bridge, to mourn her logo Herj Memorial services will be held at ( Moont Vernon, were recent guests at funeral was held at her home Sunday the Baptist church next Sunday ' Mrs. P. O, Morehouse ’ *, afternoon, Rev, Jf. V, Beaver nffloi- morning with music suitable for the Chas. GUdersteev* vteited re ’ attve* hMog;., Interment in New Conobid. uceatw. ‘ in Ihta vtoii-ity iagt aeik. m ■

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