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\ TNeseHewspapers Offer The LOWEST'Advertising and Sub- ■eriptien Ratea, as well as Providing T h e C o b l e s k i l l SEND YOUR ( S l i f i CHILD TO COL- LE6EUTERBY a Newspaper Wanted by the Com­ munity and County, T h e S c h o h a r i e REPUBLic'^^e^T\ VICTORY RONDS COBLESKILL, NEW YORK, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1 9 4 5 S in g le C o p ies 7c E s tab lish e d 1 8 6 5 n Fum DEsmouD in « oiim fiie December Milk Will Bring Record Price ARMY CUTS POINTSGCRETO 50. Proposed Milk MAKING 600.000 MORE ELIGIBLE Order Changes I milk market- December milk production for the New York market will be the lowest since 1938 but the uniform return to dairymen will rise to a new high, it was forecast this week by Dr. C. J. Blanford, mar­ ket administrator for the New York metropolitan ing area. Dr. Blanford the December uniform $3.61 per hundredweight, the highest for any December since the federal-state marketing order became effective. If the adminis­ trator's estimate prevails, the De­ cember price would be the same as that for November. Total milk said he expects ‘cember u price to be hundredweight. Washington - The Army last week liberalized its discharge pro­ visions to make an additional 600,- OOO men and women olgible on Doe. 31 to return to civilian life. It lowered the point di-scharge score from 55 to 50 points for en­ listed men and from 73 to 70 for male officers other than those in the medical services. At the same time, i t reduced the length of service required for .sep­ aration on Dec. 31 from 51 to 48 lonths for male officers not ■ — 1 j ------ tments, and I for male months medical departments, and from 48 north s fo r male enlisted The Array also, for the first time, made length of service a cri­ terion for discharge of V\’AC per­ sonnel. Enli.stod WACS will bo discharged after 30 months and WAC officers after 39 months of honorable service. WAC officers and enlisted per­ sonnel married to a di.scharged World War I veteran may be sep­ arated on application without other qualification. Other married for WACS remains unchanged - WACS who enlisted before May 12 are eligible for discharge on application. The discharge .scores 32 points for enli.sted WACS and 3V points for officers. The age at which discharge be­ comes permissible was reduced by three years to 45 tor all rnedi\\' md dental c Are Explained Reconversion problems faiing dairy farmers who supply milk to the New York metropolitan mar­ ket were subjected to a detailed airing at a series of six state­ wide conferences sponsored joint­ ly by the New York State De­ partment of Agriculture and Mar­ kets and the United States De- lartment of Agriculture. The conferences at Malone, Al- and dental corps officers except bany, Syracuse, Elmire, Port Jer- plastlc surgeons. The discharge L-is and New York City were con- Influenza Epidemic ! Form Groups Vote To Reported In N. Y State I Use Library Building Influenza has approached epi­ demic proportions in New York State, as it has the country over, but indications are that the out­ break is i f mild form. The areas of the State west o f 'tica and south of Kingston a ear to be hardest hit, ■” Dairy production payments from the United States Department of Agriculture, added a t the lesser of the 70 and 80 cent rates col­ lectible In the New York milk- shed, would bring the total rate of return for December milk to $4.31. In addition, the butterfat differential is forecast at -1.4 cents for every tenth of a pound of fat In excess of the 3.5 per cent re­ quirement. Location payments under the order are estimated at $ 102 , 000 . Based on these figures, total in­ come from pooled milk for the month should approximate slight­ ly more than $15,000,000. This would represent a decrease of a ' in little more than $2,400,000 from ' > ;opened ng ordei I York metropolitan area. It is ex­ pected the formal hearings will be At a special meeting of the ex­ ecutive committee of the Scho­ harie County farm organizations held last Friday in the Home Bu­ reau office in Cobleskill, It was decided to accept the offer of the ------- ------ ------- w.v “ fP*: Cobeskill Public Library and use pear to b e harde^ hit, according the upper floor of the library to Dr. Janies E. Perkins, director I building for offic*- of the Division of Communicable | following i Diseases, State Department o f t, » > owing planning commit­ tee was appointed to make the nee- arrangements and work out irmal hearings v in the latter half of Janu- Milk producers a t all of the onferences declared themselves ^erwhelmingly In favor of pro- >sals by the Metropolitan Coop­ erative Milk Producers’ Bargain­ ing Agency, Eastern Milk Pro­ ducers' Cooperative Association and Crowley's Milk Producers’ Cooperative Association to amend Id by reason of a federal gov- i causes, is noted ii m e it drouth payment, in ad-1 ior cities of the S e seven ma- ' annual r Will noid separate meetings ^ . election o f their officers. these various woi :ed several' gre for; could absoi iooperative Association to amei he orders by stepping up the rice paid to producers for fluid illk when federal subsidies are removed. Organized consumer groups in New York City, however, opposed the proposed amendment. They contended that an increase of two to three cents a quart in the re­ tail price of milk would result and that lowei follow. The c held that milk 0 n s u m e r used in the a c t u r i n g classificati sorb the increase to corn- withdrawal of subsi- WE EXPRESS APPRECIATION As a result of the most disastrous fire which completely irippled the plant and office of The Cobleskill Index last Sunday afternoon and evening, this newspaper now is being iduced and printed at the plant of The Cobleskill Times, we desire to express our acknow’Icdgement of the altru­ istic spirit of The Times publisher, Mr. C. L. Ryder, who of- his aid as soon as he learned about the lire. ire.ssing its acknowl- listance received i'rom The Index also is desirous of edgement of the other kind offers of the publishers of The Middleburgh News, The Richmondville Phoenix and The Altamont Enterprise. The Index, which is now combined with its former sister Republican, through the kind as- [ance of its fellow publishers in the county, will try to in the past. 1 present condition, it will be necessary f( irinted later in the week and it probabl number of pages, and this will necessitate omitting a large amount of rea readers will understand our plight and bear with us during our adversity. The publishers did not want to suspend publication for a month or more while its plant was being restored, and thanks to the management of The Times we are able to keep sistance of its fellow publishers in the county, will try t give its subscribers a paper each week until it can again ui its own plant and resume publication a Due to its present condition, it will be necessary for The Index to be printed later in the week and it probably will have to keep the size of its issue limited in regard to the amount of reading matter for a while. We trust our many thanks to the management of The T under production and publication. o greatlyreatly appreppreciates oblcskillleskill andnd Rl The Index also g a the efforts of the members of the Cob a Richmondville Fire Depart­ ments in their gallant efforts to gain control of the confla­ gration and to reduce the loss as much as possible. The fire­ men battled the blaze under near zero temperature which made their task doubly difficult. Theirs was a brave per­ formance and a fine demonstration of sincere devotion to duty. They merit the plaudits of the community as well as our own. Publishers of The Cobleskill Index and Schoharie Republican Ion to the regular feed pay- Indicative of the upsurge o f O n e o n f a Y o u th H o ld For iinposaihle int. [ \flu’' with the onset of cold wen .-1 . « .■ **et I ther is the estimate of approx FIREMEN BATTLE BLAZE SEVEN HOURS. TWO STORES AND APARTMENT ALSO BURN RICHMONDVILLE FIREMEN AID IN OPERATION OF NINE HOSE UNES IN ZERO TEMPERATURE HRE STARTED IN FURNACE ROOM ADJOINING PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT SUN. AFTERNOON The printing and publishing plant of The Cobleskill Index, along with the electrical appliance store of Earl Benedict and the Cobleskill Shoe Rebuilders Shop, all located in the Mann building at the southeast comer of Main and South Grand Streets in Co- bleskill, were completely demolished in a devastating fire Sunday afternoon. The holocaust, origin of which could not be definitely determined, also partly destroyed an apartment on the third floor while a dental office. Capital District Far*^ I.,oan Association office, also on the third floor, and the two apartments on the ! fourth floor were damaged badly by smoke and water. Estimates I of the entire loss caused by the conflagration is upward of SlOO,- Insurance adjusters were in Cobleskill yesterday making an With Decennber production lag-1 ther la the estimate of approxi- glng so far behind, conditions ' jnatety <0.000 cases in the United! which prevailed in the m arketing, ^ whole a in Novembeimbe ‘ Home Bureau I Bank Elections Nove experienced, Dr. ed. This n probably will be marketed milk and cream, a deer only one per cent fi „ ^ C •hie^Ro^rt J Simmons Mid. ] Preliminary hearings. Sitting with Scho-| Simmons said Wood shot thei“ “\ imlttee te d d e r s about 5 a. m. today and!\»ri also ‘'^riously wounded\ the boys’ |Stat( eau has completed plana for the annual organization meeting to be held at 10:00 A. M. Jan. 3. at the Reorganize iTo Take Place Oneonta, waa charged |■»*^>luI milk. The leading propos- ay with first degree murder in ‘n thia connection provides for _ inection with the fatal shooting ' an auction system enabling .id . . . . . Iccrcase of possibility of an increase In pne-^ Christmas party. | surplus at auction through the only one per cent from November, umonia accompanying the influ-' C®urt Judge Sterling P. market administrator's office. It likewise indicates that for the 1 enza epidemic. I Harrington adjourned the case un -1 Kenneth F. Fee. director of the second consecutive month the - — —-------- - ! t i l Thursday after Wood, who Division of Milk Control of the irx.u'r:!; ffr? iTd.','s=*“7 will be negligible. For 1946 Are Designated It is estimated that this month's i total milk yield will come from; Samuel J. Lape of Summit w m j''^lmmons*Mld * ' ' biarlngs. Sitting 48.000 producers in the alx-state; re-elected chairman of the Scho-| Simmons said Wood shot the'^*'\ Miller and George lilkshed. On thia basis, the a v - ! baric County AAA committee about 5 a. m. today and \ 'a r e , economisla from the United tion ^ e r it, assists ■ader of Home demonstra- ents, will be present. Offl- II be elected and executive ho serve m ir the com- cers will be elected committee members who sponsors of Home Bure and county projects ing year. At the 1945 annual meetini 'hohariehoharie Countyounty Ft Sc C F Home Bureau Executive ^omm: •praisal of the damage but were unable to complete the job. Due the fact that the central heating equipment for the four story brick building was destroyed entirely by the blaze, occupanta of the apartments and tenants in the office places and stores are unable to use the building, while two families were made homeless. The fire is believed to have started shortly before 3:30 o'clock in the furnace room located in the basement of the building for Jack Lawson, residing next door on South Grand St., saw flames :oming through the door leading from the boiler room at the rear the building. An alarm was sounded and by the time the fire­ men arrived on the scene a very short time later the flames had , penetrated into the Index office adjacent to the furnace room. Louis R. Mann, owner of the building and The Index Publishing , Company, had left the office only about twenty minutes prior to the alarm and at that time he had been in the boiler room and •of t County Banking In- stitutionn Slate Stock- operating correctly. , . Due to the interse volume of i ----------------------------------------------- holders I'leetings smoke, the members of the Coble- stroying or partly damaging a skill fire department had a diffi- great amount of exfKnsive printing I cult time in subduing the blaze niachinerv and equipment, the ,?.in which aa-ept upward through the office wi'th its fixtures, recoi iiy wiu Benedict store and into the apart- and files suffertxl almost total lo Stockholders of banks in Schoharie count, meet next month for annual ses­ sions and re-organizatitm. All meetings will take place . .......... . suffered almost total 1 above on the third floor. It Most of the btisines,- records, how- Tiiesday \t^''*fi ***''*''' ^'er. wore fmmd intact in the fire- tiifguished ^d'^'the^only aftc^ s ' the Decennber uniform price has of Middlcburg first alternate: continued to rise each year since LeRoy E. Gaigc of Schoharie; se- 1038 and is nov only nine cents cond alternate, Maurice J. Brad- s tinued to 1938 and is now only nine cents cond'alternate. Maurice below the $3.70 price established ley of Summit, for fluid milk under the federal-' 1 'bls committee will represent state formula. The December uni- farmers and administer the form price by years has been- coiuaervation program in the -aarr following community dele- H.W.Blanchar(l Sr. ir, __ Seward and Sharon. Charles W. Dies Suddenly J j ley. town* of Summit and Jeffer- ----------- ' son, George Fred Leamon, towns Harold Willis Blanchard 2 nd 2.1 9? Carlisle and Eaperance, Let veteran of five Pacific who waa discharged is^aga died tornie/ sU ff sergeant ... radar section of an anti-aircraft unit, Blanchard enlisted in July. 1940, and served In the Panama Canal Zone for 28 months before D | 4 |V G being sent to the Pacific where he mT y participated in the lnvaslon.s of the Philippines and Okinawa. ^ He was a former resident o f ( bleskill and a graduate of Cobh Supervisors To Meet A special ro-organizatian meet­ ing o f the Schoharie County Board o f 3upervlaor.i will be held at Schoharie on January 4th. At this time it is expected that Chairman Jacob H. Enders and Clerk Everett Vfattice will be renamed to office and committee appointments for tile year made. Town Board To Meet The annual meeting of the Town Board of Cobleskill for the pur­ pose of auditing the accounts for ttie current year will be held at leoffice of “ ----- • ------- - the office of the town clerk Friday . 443 , an increase of approxi afternoon. In addition to the su- 7,0()0 more than last year, pervisor’sI accounts, the books of Postage receipts a t the iperative of Independent Produc­ ers, the Guernsey Breeders' Asso- 1 elation, the cheese industry and the ice cream makers. _ Chri.taioi Business For Veterans At Local Post Office Shows A Gain The Christma.s business at the Cobleskill post office nearly equall­ ed the record volume which wa.'i e and Lawrence weeks tral in scho< ounselors of the Veterans sholtes. Mr. Hitchcock and Mr squaa. bleskill fire department, who di- - - - 1 . directors. Al. of the occupanta la the build- rected the strcnoiu. b.iUlc ' ‘ accounts, two justices of the peace i town clerk, will be audited. ARE COMPLETED FOR BIG POULTRY SHOW h«i I Plans are nearly completed for the big Cobleskill poultry with the OrLd u X n storfin Co-1 meeting to be held in the( gym building at the State blMkili and worked here last week. I Institute of Agriculture and Homeome Economicsconomics in Cobleskillobleskill onn gym building H E in C o w Id w TT V t ' \ ~ T ----- — January 9,10 and 11. Committees in charge of the program for -u-L three-day event expect a large turn-out of poultry keepers ind worked here last week, i A member of the Schenectady 1 orld War I I Veterans. Inc., Elan- i chard had been a-warded the ETO ribbon, the American defense rib- from this area. ribbon, the American dc bon, the Asiatic-Pacific _____ ribbon with five battle star.s, the good conduct medal and the Phil­ ippine Liberation ribbon. old / ion ribbon lurvlving are his parents, Willis and Susie Spikei nchard; a sister, Mrs. George W. SImeox of New York city; one niece, Judith Ann Simcox, and sev­ eral aunts, uncles and cousins of Schenectady. Friends may call at the Bond funeral home Friday after 7 p. m. The funeral will be Saturday at 2 p.m. in the funeral home. Burial will be In a vault in Vale cemetery. OONOHEOAnONAL MEETINGS The Methodist churches of Cen­ tral Bridge, Bamervlllc and Oros- venors Comers will hold congrega­ tional meetings on Sunday, Dec. 30, following the worship service. At that time the annual election of trustees will be held. {>onlzing. Friday the feature speaker will l>€ Dr. L. B. Darrah from the de­ partment of agricultural econom­ ics a t Cornell, who will apeak on ‘••What is Ahead for Poultry in Wednesday noon, Jan. 9. Ma*\’ fine special prizes in addition regular premium money for the various cla.saes will be awaiting the prize winning exhibitions. For the program on Jan. 10 and , thehe committeei has left nothing 11 , t co undone to give poi full days o f real p formation. itry keepers tw o lultry raising in- To mention a few of the out­ standing cventr. there will be a culling demonstration, discussion marlkets and lectures by Prof. H. E. Bota-Irtemi “ What is Ahead for Poultry 1 948.\ Prof. Botaford will lead discussion on \More Income fro iscussion on \More Income froir Better Quality Eggs.\ The state department of agriculture and nar will c • --------- and lectures by Prof. H. E. Bota­ ford of the poultry department a t Cornell on \Poultry Disease,\ \Buying Better Quality Chicks\ and \How to Get the Highest Re- from the Laying Flock.\ itiuct egg candling throughout the lonatratioi _ -day event. Poultry keepers throughout the county cannot afford to miss at­ tending this big event. There wl he something of Interest goli skill post office for December up until today were only a few dollars less than the record business of 1914 even though the sale of cent and a half stamps this year total­ led nearly 70,000. nearly 5,000 more than last year. The volume of out­ going parcel post this year was not as large as in recent years, especially in those parcels sent overseas to those in military ser- Kowever it is expected that the postal receipts a t the Cobleskill office for 1945. will exceed the rec­ ord volume of 530,437.28 which was established last year, this being the first time in the history of the Cobleskill office when its receipts reached the $30,000 mark. Cobleskill merchants and shop­ keepers also report that their hol­ iday sales this year, despite the lack of anywhere near complete stocks, have been exceptionally T»wn of Broome Road Superintendent Injured while working on a Russell Hollenbeck. 49, snowplov Middeburg, superIn t en.d e n t highway* In the Town of Broome, was treated Tuesday night at Al­ bany Hospital. Attendants said Mr. Hollen- \ ■ ■ left hand suffered severe •Ions when It w u caught In Kniskem expects that things burg meeting will be held in be *'to rights\ by the end of afternoon from 2 to 3 o'cli week. \Vithln the past few Present _offlcers are Justice vice me^ sii i.i 2 e was started in on around the oil ^th\^Mac^^wn burning equipment and that ^11 ^ undouMedly functioning I Judg^ Bliw, Mr. Dunn.^Mr^ WelD | college, and Master Richard D the d’a ^A secretary for the (rffice has |'^*Bk*nk''ofstock-| SnncV‘’g^i^it’'‘r f \h e ^Man^ throughout the aftemo. ment on the fourth floor. ning, a number of whom Tho occupants of the other pars nipped bv the cold. .ipartment on the fourth floor. Mr. Thi., fire wa.s the second one 1’’ and Mrs. Joseph DeRosi. were the hiator\- of Schoharie County's away at the time, being visitors in | oldest newspaper. The Index plant Florida, Their apartment, as well;having been wiped out In the gre'- as the Mann apartment, was dam- ci.p of 1873 which destroyed ' yet. although reci have been made to ministration in AIbi Mutual Head Co-op Speaker lendations state ad- ; presii •any. ' othei Winters, vice Beagle. pendent Producers. Inc., addres­ sed the mid-winter meeting of the Schoharie Countv Cooperative Dairies last Thursday night a t the New York State Institute of A ^ c u lture and Home Economics. Dr. Young discussed present time milk problems, mainly the proposed amendments to milk or­ der No. 27. Following nents were enjoyed. Approximately ■ons and guests attended eeting. Dr. K. A. Shaul of eskill, presidentisident of thee Cooioper- of th Co chairmanhairman of the pro- ative, was c ^ 'o r . David W. Beard is secre­ tary-treasurer of the cooperative. Annual meeting will take place eometime in February. ’. West, dimctor^. of Richmond vill meet at ;mcon. John D. Holmes it of this organization, ther officers are Chauncey H. Inters, vice president: Fred C. leaglc, vice president and trust officer: Maurice E, Butler, cash­ ier: Edward A. Dox. Harold Jump. Mr. Winters, Mr. Beagle. James K. Norris. Abraham B. Crowe and Mr. Holmes, directors. To Aid In Tax Returns ------------- ------- I James W. West, dire although recommendations the aftcmcon. John D. Holmes is George Yates of Amsterdam, a deputy in the office of the Albany District of the Internal Revenue Department will be at the Coble­ skill post office on Friday. Janu­ ary 11 th, to assist taxpayers in preparing their income tax re­ turns. Deputy Collector Yates plans to be at the post office at 9 o'clock A. M. ELECTED ELDERS, DEACONS Alfred Scranton and L. Irving Kilts were elected to serve as el­ ders for two years, and Elijah Kennedy and Robert Arnold as deacons for two years at the an­ nual congregational meeting of the Schoharie Reformed church. lacc room was quite re­ nt fir.'t estimated that ------------ w.r might exceed $ 100 , 000 . 1 Mr. Mann's sister. Mrs , De.spite the zero temperature the osburgh. who had been a (iiaxe attracted largo crowds est at the Mann apart- throughout the afternoon and cve- he fourth floor. „r ..-hnn, their IS the Mann anartment. was dam- J 873 which destroyed ' aged conaiderably by smoke. , j^reat part of the busines.s secti-'- The third floor of the building. i of Cobleski\ The Index moved occupied bv the dental offices of into its pre.-i’m quarters In the Dr. Herman H. Rauch of Scbo- lMann building more than flftee'\ harie. the FVderal Loan Bank years ago, previously having been Company and Mrs. MacLaren was located for many years in the damaged much more, the fire hav-. Bellinger block at Main and Di- ing penetrated tha rear of this vision Streets. Its present home floor so that it was nece.ssary to was built by the late Dr. Howard H. Fox about half a century er from hi ain floor, .... store anc . . Rebuilders. the damage it total, destruction being r fire and water in the pour in water on the main floor, occupied by. the Benedict store and the Coble­ skill Shoe Rebuilders. the damage _enedlct s tore ___ smoke in the shoe shop. Both these business places contained a considerable amount of expensive machinery as well as a consider­ able supply of merchandise. Many electrical appliances, which were at th* Benedict store for repair, were totally damaged. The greatest loss, however, oc­ curred on the basement floor oc­ cupied by the Cobleskill Index plant. In addition to totally de- p electric o stroyed. was e \ 1 llage. hav itury ago. vhich was burner, wi the oldesi ^ . Ing been li . jr More than two decadei placed the first oil b u r n e r In the town w hich w as installed in his block by Dr. Fox a few years prev- h’lef Shafer reported that all of two thousand feet of hose line owned by the department was in use at the fire and that the Har­ der Refrigerator Corp. had provl- \id means so that the hose lines wld be dried and the equipment repaired and made shipshape with­ in two hours after the Index fire had been extinguished.

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