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T ile O lir o iiicle. S2.00 Per Year in Advance. FRIDAY, KEBRXTAEY 20, 1891. spring, is easily arrived at at the time. The expres in at tlio Post Offleo nt r<. T.. iw second class of most of tlios to know, and to iCmuger'. ..... Bates of Taxation. The following tabul.ar slatenicnt shows our readers at a glance how the ratea of taxation in this town and village compare with those in other towns: Outside of Mount Yernou and SouUi Mount Temon...................2.202 N ew EOOIU3IA.B. Outside of New Roohelle village... 1.802 Inside............................................. 1.723 W estckesteb .................................. 2.067 P elham ............................................2.1CS MAM.U5ONE0K ......................... H aemsok .............................. Outside of Port Ciicster _____ Inside...............................................1.103 WniTE P lains . Outside of White Plains viliage _ 8.150 Inside .............................................. 1.520 SCAK-DALE ..................................... 0.751 On the Hudson River side who are in a position to weigh, is a most sangirine one. Tlie sta­ tus of to-day is one of expectancy. The time between now and the middle of March is one in which preparations are ^e are speaking now of mean and unpleasant the month this year terrore, lias produced—muggy, close, and significant, lined the “s\ less dependent, real estate and building trades—the sur­ est criteria and the safest for estimating the condition of the comtm A littlo roimd among the real estate finds them in a state of li licious alread; men, finds them pootancy. This is auspicious already. Inquiry reveals the favoring fact that de­ mands for investment for purposes of im­ provement, by private gentlemen, i more numeixms than ever. Not less tho demands of capitalisl )wn large sums of money to bu tracts of land. Prices seem to bo se< msidenations. The main objec dd appear to he, the obtainment c rose tracts. Holders are firm. As for the former class of investon they seem to be flocking in our direotion. however, ar to lay down Hie attendance was in- long the outsider who iweating-boards,” was Mr. Wni. L. Touminc, who erstwhile filled the chair of Trustee B. McGrane, who for a long period, owing to different con­ structions of a recently enacted law, had been doomed to exp.atriation from the sittings of tbe august body. Your scribe was pleased lo note tliat among others who made up a prompt quorum, was Mr. B. McGrane, who received the gratula- ! his colleagues upon his retur ?spiit. President Sandford, Appell, Archer, Earl, Gesobeidt, How­ land, Johnson, MncQowan, McGrano. Absent, Tiaistees McClellan and Mose- illeagues upon his ■When the President called for order, the Clerk called tbe roll, and found— it S.andfor Trus I former class of investors, be flocking in our directi This is a compliment to the foot, which is rapidly being recognized, that there is no better suburb of tho Metropolis, take ltd Lewis ......................... . 2 H. S. Gardi: Wm.J. Fee COim,.ANDT. Outeide of Peekskill. OSSLNINQ. Outeido of Sing Sing MT. PLE.1SANT. Outside of North Larrytown .......... 1.395 Inside...............................................0.978 G reenbceoh . Outside of Tan-y town ....................... 1.281 Inside ............................................. 0.947 hings all around, than Mount Vernt At the end of last year, when v I tho improvements in tho med up tho improvements we came to the conclnsion that w< had an unexampled year in the increase of the number of our aliodes. YYo venture to prophesy, oven tlius e that 1891 will far exceed 1890 in thei her of edifices erected witliin corporate limits. Our arclutecta are already all busy, and our builders are also. ^ ^ h e upper part of the county, iu the L kwisboro N orth C astle . . utecta are already Idera are also. The: the former are working on orders, i also a flattering indication of the charac ter of tho population we are drawing. The probability is, that when the seas will allow work on extensive scales, the land for labor Y' ohktown ,. N ew C asti Outside of Mount Kisco ................ 1.300 Inside ............................................. 0.793 Eastchesler, as usual, stands at the head, an unenviable place, surely, tins is due to the fact that v be as great a has ever existed here. In the meamvliile, our tro not stiff erin incrc.Tsing i crease in the number of tradesmen ai don is steadi result of allowing a fan- field for all, T fact of our piesi-nt good condition, seei to be a rellex from the outer world. N< York is tho heart of the < Tile population ity-flve yeans ago. the country, nay, of tho continent, and when all goes well, all get the benefit of it. The only counties in the .State which exceed ours in population are; New Y’ork .................................. 1,515,801 Kings......................................... 838,547 Erie............................................ 322,981 Monroe....................................... 189,586 there we all get the various financial frighi past, have made tbe result of arresting manufactuies largtdy.argtdy. This1 has served a l T very good end, indeed, in duced stocks all over the land. coiisequence, when could no longer be satisfied from Tho Board of Trustees. Last Tuesday evening was about i it a one month tb on Sunday, at 4 o’clool 16 meeting wiU be conducted by M H, Robinson. The orchestra will bo on hand and assist iu the rausio. About twenty minutes will he given to Binging Gospel hymns, and several poreons will make short addresses. The meetii but one hour. Everybody is invit State Convention The class iu stem cellent progress. llowiug bills being referred; u H. 'Y.au Arsdale ......... . ........... $ 6 00 3E CHROXtCLE .......................... excellent start in the profession. Tho evenings for the next contests in 16 Gymnasium, have been set as fol- iwsi Bowling, BMday evenings, March th and 27th; the regular athlel test, Fi-iday evening, March 200 tries should be made at once, andpractii begin, so that a higher state of proficieni loling & Kenlon ....................... 271 87 K. McDonald ..... 8 we had ^ jgg John Bow'deu ............................... 125 Ot) Pay roll, 2 weeks ending Feb. 11,. 180 25 In the absence ot Trustee Appell, Trus- Committce or Trustee Archer, who is of the cc is also going away, and therefore the ap­ pointment went to Trustee Howiand -by courtesy. Tnisteo Archer: “Y’es, Pm goir iouth to keep an eye on my colleague Trustee Appell: “But wo go for di terent reasons; I, because it is getting t< warm for me here, and he, from tho op­ posite cause,” ~ ideut.'Sandford: “I trust, geutle- 'OU will so acquit yourselves, ■n, that you will so acquit yonise It you will not be put under bonds ; your absence.” The residents of Summit avenue. Clies- • Hill, petition for the substitution of arc light in place of tlie incandescent. Y. M. C, A. Botes speeial attention to the Sunday, at 4 o’clock. An election of foreman for Hose Company will probably take place ilip Fortier, Mr, Wm, Hillman, Frank Boyd are attending the remptory resigni Louis Gierke of Yonkers, forme^ ol fornon,will leave to-day fly the ip Colon for San Francisco. Farnsworth Post went to New York in a body and attended tho General Sherman. About fit- ibers of Nordquist Camp, Sons IS, also attended. yesterday funeral ot They will oiVeUrans, alsoati iteiiography is making ex- ). Tho teacher, Mr-s. Cos- TION.—On Monday evening next, Feb. 25th, Yemen Council, No. 89,0. U. A. M„ wiUgive give a ■Washington Birthday celebra- I, expresses hei-self as very well satis- witli their work, and will no doubt those who ore faithful, ; in the profe hletie con- 3giu, so that a higher state of profici lay be reached thau heretofore. hast Sunday a Washington Birthday celebra­ tion, consisting of patriotic musio and ad­ dresses. Rev. Mr. Mclnerny will deliver the oration. The meeting will be called to order at 8p, m., at tho G. A, R. Hall, Fourtli avenue. Admission by invita­ tion card only, which can be had from members of tho Council. We are pleased the endeavor of this society to and those who The Y’oimg Men’s Met keep .alive patriotism; wore fortunate enough to gain admission to last year’s celebration, pi'ediot a royal good time. of C h ^ n M, Allen, c any that have been held lately. Tlio committee in charge have taken liold of tbe work with new interest, and lis friend, “Parsons, i h the Gravel, and < one in town. A meeting tor Sunday .afternoor !w interest, and piivp.ise edy, of Eondout, N ting the mast interesting wont by and the fri said, “Dr. David Kennedy’s Favoi Remedy has saved my life. It is a s : boys only is hel ra, at 4 o'clock. It is con- by Mr. John F. Faircliild, tbe Chairman of the Junior Department, and cure for Gravel.” m under 16 are invited. We-w Advertisements. EM? rrU K E NOTICE, THAT IN THE MAT- Real Estate. WANTED! 1 All property owners who have prh-ate or business property For Sale or To Rent, send full partioulara ot caR at Office, 7 / No Specialties. H. B. COLLINS & CO., Real Estate aiiiliisgiice, 4E.FIESTSTEEET, MOUIIT VERNON, N. Y, F. GESCHEIDT, E 1 D W A E .D Ju. P H I P P S . BEAL ESTATE. General Insurance and Loans, AGENT AND BROKER. K ‘~Orderaby mail will receive prompt attention. Post Oflice address. E stertaisui - COUNTV W alk ovciwiiel TUB W estchester .KING C lub J uniors ,—An g success was the hilarity produced by the extemporaneous -’j intan- eity of tho members ot the Wctchester mnty Walking Club, Juniors, at their itertaimnent given last Wednesday evening at their hall on Tenth avenue. Tim attendance was ve.-y numerous, so much so that shanding room, in the ! at a premium. Burr Davis & Son, When the liorae is in the harness and your girl is by your side. And you’re just about to start long and pleasant ride. It is then you .are contented i isfied to live. Millinery. JJOWARD S. SOHENOK, Reallslaie aadtaraaca Apt, 1 aud feel sat- rl forever if consent the front staoj to get neai was foitiu tertainment were liighly mg. Everyoi unate to get a glimpse of the en- ised and a dandy if her little girl she’ll only give; Now the rig sliould bo heart is not yet wo Such ns fumislied in the season by your friends B. D. & S Then is the time to ask her if she’s willing jy j i s s BELLE A. GLOVER. (Formerly \wltb Miss J, T. Jones)4 PARLOR MILLINERY, 205 South Tenth avenue and Sd street. Fancy Needlework and Embroidery I ^ L e s b l I B s t a i t e , First St-,opp. N. H. R. Station. MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. When the home is iu the ht is by your side. larness end the One of the features ot the oven- k ... » uv yuui smo S ob , “le original drill were in Uie mr ’ ’ Kiii^ contains Brooklyn. Erie cont lullalo and Monroe conhali Rochester. re sixty counties in all. Tlie in iiopnlatioa is Hamilton witli 4,703 people in it. stocks, manufacturing was stand to-day. For pur- iption, there must be a steady supply, and when the pulse is all right, these matters run along smoothly, a condition in which we bt lievt The clerk then read the decision ot the eneral Term of the iSupreme Court, istating Trustee McGrane. . Mr. Toumine offered a communication n existing relinquishment of his seat as _ _ Trustee, to servo as a resignation. It was so accepted, Tillage Tax Colleck for the collection ol i and wore convulsed by t well as the rest of the audience. An amusing dialogue entitled “ Dhma's Pro­ posals ” was well rendered and Mr. Fra: ' Kingsl.and as “Diana” was exceeding imitation ot N County Fail Uiitaaters find ourselves. The Bronx River, awoller y the fresh- r tliesupervisoisliip of lias, furthermore, gone on a- trip to Flor­ ida and will not returi ets ot the first two days of the week, Brett’s warrant ol assessments, was extended thirty days. The report ot th* Commissioner of Public Works, published elsewhere, ion of Clark Moore as 0 tlire.atens to ovi fasliiom month it will li 50 popular in tl ing this and ne During th II lie at tlie height ot its glory. Among its visitors at present are Mr. and ierflow its bonks, wide they are. It is well that there arc no fiat lands, save the hundred feet or so each side, around this tre-acherous stream, The homely bar Uiat borders its eitlier is heavy clay, and ought [to form a basis for filling iu and for building izing streets mriioses. If used vould improve the ncighlalarliooiianilj rhooii: such a way, [h pieturesqueness of theen- riiis will undoubtetUj be r later. The hills which in- The City Island and Bartow Horse Railroad Company have applied legislature for pieriuission to extend tlicir viromuent. done sooner or later. Cline from the Bronx are naturally very be,autiful, and when in the course of a )vtr the route next week > the legislature wliether they approve or disapprove of tho appli­ cation. Wo hope the permission will be given. Tlien, when Milton avenue will be widened and extended to Pros; Hill, the lino can he run into Mount I generation, they shall be populated, witli the settlement at the base, lliere shall be no prettier spot iu the county. Tho neighborhood ot Now Y'ork is daily be­ coming- 60 inudi more valuable, that every suggestion as to redeem.able lerri tory is apposib The resignation of Clark i‘ lico Constable was accepted. Tlie matter of macadaraizii came up again, and First streei first thoroug’nfare considered. ordered that First street be specifications to bo subn by the Committee on Streets at the next After a long discussion, it v that the owners of property poet avenue, bo order within thirty days. Joseph Gagg was pilaced in nomination by Trustee Johnson for Police Constable in i list part ot tlie minstrel circle by the entire company, jokes were new and crispy auds lorus were well received. Parti consisted of recitations, &c. The e tainment was such a success that Liveryinen, 16 and 17 4th Avenue. Telepbono 33, Mount Vernon. Connected, with Long Distance Telephone. J^E O N .iR B REYNOLDS, REAL ESTATE! Slieanvood Park and Shearwood Hill property a specialty. PEIDSEETOH’S LAW OFFICE, Opp. Post Office, Mt. Vemon, N. Y. FINE MILLINERY. :t attempt will lie in Ino: quarters,and maybe the me.ans of pro­ curing for onr village a long felt waul, a desirable hall. Now, boys,“do not stop; give us another pleasant time. T^OTICE IB HEREBY GIVEN, PUR- I 8U,r^tothcsUtam,n,achc..em.d, EMBROIDERY MATERIAL. WM. H . B A R D , - . ^ T J O T I O N B E R , Real Rslate and Insurance Agent NOTARY PUBLIC. Office, No. 3 Fourtli Ave. ^ MT, VERNON. N. T. Telephone C<ill, 49 A, IStmuhtd IS6D. ASSOCIAnOM BUILDING, 59 Fourtli .A.veuue, MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. TURNER & MARTENS, rty along Pros- I to lay curbs IS iilaced in noi iji for Police C S tar T heathk . N ew Y' ork .—One of tlie most distinct and popui.rr sue in the Metropolis this se.ason, is Mr. ters’s dramatization of “Mr. I’otter Texas.” It is a bright, sparkling comedy drama, closelyclosely fcdlowingcillowm; tho lines ot the f novel, and w destined toexceed in popu­ larity any of the favorite modern suc- J^OB SALE- A BILLIARD TABLE, {W. II. Cou.*.ai>KB, Makfr). THESE ARE miiiEs —AND DEAIKRS a in - blue STONE, The only thing to lie regrett limited engagement at the Star to the caps JOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, PUR- engagementat the Star Theatre, where it fa now jfiaying to the capacity FINESTATIBNEEY. CURBING, Etc. relEamvillc Office, - Pdliam llciglils. Mt. Vernon Offee, - 4 Depot Place. S narls op W ibk .—Tim action ot Trus- to redeem.able ite and timely. N ew F ire A i .. ubi S ystem .—At a meeting between the officials of flit Fire Department and Trustees Earl and laud, of the Commitleo on Fire and Fire Appanatus of the Board of Trustees, lield in the rooms ot the Bo.ard last night, Chief Pease was appointed a Committee of One, to confer with the Mount Vemou Trustee Howland vhether tlie gentleme On a ballot. Mr. Gagg was r by a vote of seven to one. Tliis was made 10s oh.ango plares line is rel.ained Mr. J. P. Donnghiie was granted privilege of the floor, and offered apology. He is the gentleman who asks relief from a judgment of about J139, for cutting up a culvert on his property on Railroad .avenue. The apolt tt.e streets since the notable storm i w weeks ago, is wise and timely. Thes ires, alas I are not perishable, and, lik ao’s gliost, will not down. conceive how they can damage. The more promptly the -r, and the debris taken ired a committee of the e not perishable, Banquo’s gliost, will not dow 'We can easily conceive how they can do irrepsi able damage. The i village is gone over, a away, tho better for all concerned. The New York Times elated a few dat agents for the Omaha syst of fire alarm signals. Mr. Pease is to re­ nt tho next meeting ot the Board, the matter will probably be referred meeting of the t lienee iiitt-rest iu every until the fall ot tiie curta The acting is f.ar above tho average, which is not surprising, as Mr. Frank W. Sanger, manager of tliehandsomeBroad- way Theatre, personally selected i member of the cast witli tho gict care, and directed tho production; he succeeded in securing one of the mimnles now playing in the from the followin; Writing Papers and Envelopes, Fens, Inks, Blotting Paper, ENGRAVED WEDDING - VISITING CARDS. M. DEARBORN, o K o a r o i i , FOURTH AVE., bet. First and Second ____ Er« asatts. MOUNT VERNON, Blffl BOOKS. iritcs: Franl by them to a public ii payers. This is the ci the gentlemen of the: Tho maltcr was permitted to lie on the The Committee on Finance ire Department. indicted for violating the excise laws and had pleaded g^iilty. wiiereupon Judge Mills had fined each ot them fifty dollars. Tliis, the Times characterized as a great victory. IVe don’t, 'ihe C hronicle characterizes it a great defeat. The law will have no terrors for the rumsellers who violate it, until they know Uiat in ordinary cases they will, on conviction. They laugh ordinary cases they v be sent to the iienitcntiary. as the boy in t! id specific (V turf at him. Acoideat in the Tonne!. The seven o’clock train out of New York this morning, on tlie New Haven railroad, ran into the “ shop train,” one ot the owl trains rimuing up to the yards nt Mott Haven, about 7:10 this morning, near 80th street, ■ gine telescoped tl fire, imprisoning who were going to work. Up to half-past nine o’clock, eight paa- the tunnel. Tiio e: I the rear car, and set it on !, imprisoning the employees therein. jured. The main tracks the side tunnels. Tho question ns to wlieu tho New Ha­ ven I^pilroad is going to undertake the improvements in the neighborhood of the depot, of whicli there lias ■aid, finds numerous in these improvemente liave been projected ’or more tlian two years, and the road las been credited all that time, with leing forever on the imint ot actively leginning them. Consequently, when the Spring is in sight, expectatior always apt in a matter of this kind liveliest. But for a distinct and promise from the authorities, w irobably have to wait long, and perhaps n vain. In tho nature of things this is most reasonable. Largo bodies mo slowly, and tiie changes here are more dependent on improvements belc above us. When wo shall see, n the. disposition, but also the aclu undertaking ot work at Woodlawii this direction, or at Now Eoclielle tow.ards us, we slinll have .something substantial to build on. Iu German thero is a prov­ erb, wliicli, freely translated, reads, “A dish long in cooking, must needs be tempting.” Lot us console ourselves with the Iiopie, that tlie imiger we wait, tbe more beautiful will be the transtorraation. SioiUGE: Oust notice Van Arsdale’s mammoth fire-proof, brick structra-e on Second avenue. It is roomy, sate and KMUitirafo^raovtog’‘\ f f i f t o littee on Finance reported. On a resolution of Trustee Appell, it as ordered, that if tho Hors* Car liail- rc-ad Comiany do n for macadamb stongest con of metropolif nt, Minnie fleligman, Sydney Drew, 113 Maasen aud Henry Holland, And as evidence of the high cstimalicn placed play by the city press, we quote the comnientot several of the papers the er the production. “Mr. Sanger •rpOB SALE, 53,500 (HALF CASH), \ ■ ^ ^ 1 lizing Mount Vernon av­ enue, by tho time of the next meeting of Oie Board, suit shall bo brought against that corxwration. Trustee Howland was appointed place of Trustee Arclit committee for making with the Water Company. Tho tax-roll -was confirmed, and the w.arrant tlicrefor ordered. The Bo.ard adjourned on Us tliird at­ tempt to arrive at that consummation. s regret making the acquaint­ ance of Mr. Potter of Texas.’’ g a new contract ■es are being cut extensively on the right of tho track near Woodlawn. As the trunks are not being removed, it may be possible that this fact has some signi­ ficance. If they remain where they fall, they can be put to no bettor use, than to fill up along the propi'ilkd widening to four tracks. As a basis for an' additional embankment, no better material could bo desired. Even if one dies, the kind care and prompt attention given to matters of this kind have- gained us an enviable reputa­ tion in tlie county, and given ns a name of the most careful and conscientious in our line of bus­ iness; with an experience of fif­ teen years we are second Memorandum Books, Day Boolcs, Sales Books, Cash Books, Journals, Check Books, Receipts, Drafts, Pads, &c., &c. 1. n . SCRIYEN, G-ROCER.’ 5dgers, FIRST CLASS GOOD.S AT NEW YORK PRICES. Fine TEAS, COFFEES, liliTIER. 61 and 63 4th Ave., MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. LAlf BLANKS. FULL ASSORTMENT. B0I7ND BOOHS. Your choice of 300 .Standard Work* at wlio has practiced medicine what he rays: —A long felt ncoeeaity in our town f know 8.alt from Caterii fiieney n in tho sugar. Read Mosssrs. F. J. tlemcn:—I have been: tice of medicine for most 40 years, an would eay that in all my practice and e: perience have never seen a preparatio that I could prescribe with as much con­ fidence of success as I can HaU’e Catarrh Cure, manufactured by you. Have pre­ scribed it a great m.anv times and Us ef- !t is wonderful, and would say in Etc. Every requisite necessaiy first-class and satisfactory services. Esti­ mates will be clieerfully furnished. Cali and see us. We will aid you with origi- ties. At Home Rcceii- requisite necessary for W.ILVanArsdale&Son,\” Funeral D irectors S i t X S * Yale Hanley’s Great Books ot Travels, 52-25; lal price, $4.00. aid you with origi- Refcrenccs given gu-aranteeing sibility, E.A.IB -------- --- would take it accot Yours Trul Office, 21 Catarrh that' “ GORSUCH, cure, if they lirections. onr responsibility, E-. 1 tionor and Caterer, No. 50 South For avenue, Mount Vernon. —Korn's Good Record is Cigar. None Ite B M B A - X i M E K S 31 to 37 THIRDIAVBNUE, S8 to 3d SECOND AVENUE. A GREAT VARIETY OP Miscellaneous Cfoods, o which we invito your attention when ever you call. I tlicse interesting features to r WEST MOUNT VERNC Ih Fourthou avenue. South F —Try Weiidier’s Vornon 5c, Cigar, No. 2 Depot Place, opposite depot. ■We keep open 365 daya in tho year. Telephone call 6 B. Besides, you know, wo have all the Newspapers, Periodioals and Magazines, op in whenever you ora going by. —TryWondls very finely fiat Pascal T. Barpet, ------ 'lONEBR, ; ------------- Office in Ilcd Building, with green trim, (^poeite the New York aud 63g“ .Sold by Druggists, 75c, ' Using and to is another! S tatio n e r a n d BookseU er, Argus Building, No. 12 First Street, B ranch S tore , No. 30 Mt. Vernon Ave GROCERS, ItyeniaMllai 1 X

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