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The Ohronicie, PUBLISHED EVERYTHESDAYAND FRIDAY, T'BBMS . sr Annum in A SINSLIS COPIES TUBEE CENTS. TIio Best A dvortisfnff Medium In Mt. Vorn( Advertlslnir rates on oppUcatlpn. Legal advertisements at Statute Prioee. NEW YORK & NEW HAVEN li, K tfrsiffi f f l l i tlllAJM iS i : i® For Jlount Vernon, Pelliamville,^Now^RMlielle, Larolimoiit, Harrison, Rye Do you Want to Sell or Rent your Property ? IF SO-FILL lU THE F0LL0WIN& BLANK AND MAIL TO DS : Lot N o ............................. Street N o ..................................... Sise o f L o t ...................... No o f Momns .......................... . .. ImiD'ovements .......................................................................................... ( W ill Sell f o r ..................... OE \ ( W ill Bent f o r .................... T’e m s ...................... R i c l i & D o w n s , REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE, AUCTIONEERS 3 Depot Place, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. (OPPOSITE HEW HAVEN DEPOT.) t Daily, exceiil Jlon time ' table op ^ harlkm railroad -r 80, 8 44, 1100, r. M.-I8?, I, i. X.-V 2?, 6 48-1103 r. X.-133, 3 33, ^h.AieVi'i’o-Tibrs^tb,’;^^.?.!?: THE CHRONICLE. YoL XXII. Mount Vernon, X. Y., Friday, February 20, 1891. Xo. 1,3T8. FMe Heating ani Pluniliiiig Co. 53 Fourth Avenue, SANITARY PLUMBING, GAS-FITTING AndTinWorkofAllKindfe. BOYNTON’S FURNACES & RANGES. Steam and Hot Water Heating. A . g f e n t s fo r The Florida Steam Heater And Boyntou’s Hot W ater Heater. ESTABLISHED 1852. GEO. D. FEBGUSOl 4 CO, Mount Vernon and Williamshridge, N. Y. Hardware, House Furnisliing Goods, STOVES,-RANGES, FDRNACES, Plumbing, Gasfitting, Metal Roofing, Ete. TE L E P H O N E CA L L i 8 , L EC T R IC W O R K —BEL L S , B D R G L A R A L A R M S , E tc . SPE C IA L —Duringl’ebnmry wc ivill close out Stock of'Winter Goods at and below cost! also Lamps at specially low prices.__________ “ j o H i s r \VlI<Mi£i$AlAB ANI> 1 T U D R T O M , n ICISVAXX* DBAL12X POEEI&N and DOMESTIC FRUITS of all KINDS in their SEASON, 28, 30, 32 FIr»t St„ l#ct. 5tli and OiU Avc«., Mount Vernon, N. Y., ROBT. J. & FRED. VICKERY, •Succcfsots to A. B. JIAESIT, B O - A - K D I N Q a n d L I V E R Y S T . A . B L E Ladies' and Gent's Saddle I Tcicplione.Gall, No. 83. ^^AT-TT ,T ,T A 7Vr ^.-N/rA/r^ .T .TTnp-FT', BUTCHER. a H O I O B I-ir33.fi..TS, ^ ’IIS T E S I ' I= O T 7 I j 'X’IR.-S-, rUESK VEGETABLES IN GBE.VT VAKIETV. U.1RIE IN SEASON Everything Clean, Neat and Attractive. We deal cxciusivciy in City Dressed Beofv Mutton and LRm.b. wo. 3 2 FOURTH AVE-. MOUNT VERMON, N, Y. «Z*0 X j ^EST* REASONABLE PRICKS. g ie s and P h a e to n s a Avenue. D D . B . M A . B S H 3 e»XTX R .O r33 M o tm t V e r n o n , IT. V, o m C E - I s t STKKKT, Cor. 3d Avenue. Ofiico Hours—^ to 10 a. lu,; 1 to 3 p. Telephone Call No. 33. HARTMANN' BEOS., lumTTAcmmxua or SASH, BLIDS, J f l i S l i MOIDINSS, J f you want to BUY, I f you, want to RENT, I f you will let me hww your needs I tldnlc le a n show you something to suit. I f you want to sell 1 would he pleased to list your giroperty at onee, as Spring is at hand and, there are many loolcing f o r homes. Edwin Lucas, Temporary Office, 2d floor, Gardner adjotnliig Dfllce of Gas >., oor. 1st street and 3d ave. N. B.—I shall continue as before in the manage­ ment and. sale of the Ches­ ter H ill property belonging to Mr. Nrederielc P. Fens- ter, and can offer some very fine lots a t f i r m S7C0 up. M I L K . I n f a n t s F o o d , D R . B R U S H 'S R A R M , A b s o lntelj' h e a lthy cows, p r o p e r ly fed, .and cared for. O rders a d d ressed toT )r. L rush M o u n t Vernon, will receive Xirompt atteiiMoii. HAVE YOU? ANY PROPERTY YOU YVANT TO SELL OR RENT THiS SPRING? IF SO, YOU SHOOLB GET'IT ON OUR LIST RIGHT AWAY, AS EN­ QUIRIES ARE EARL­ IER THAN USUAL WinleM. 1st Street, Opposite N. II. R. li. Statiou- POSTS, ea r d w o o d - lumbe 'C k in d l in g w o o d , m H’ir s t S t r e e t o p p . T h i r t e e n t h . A .v S MT. VERNON. N Y: 0 3 TolophonoCallSfeJ fe.V.V.V.'HM lo « 266 3'45 6 00 7 35 l i XJ R D ’ S MI. VERNON k NEW YORK DAILY EXPRESS. PRINCIPAL NSW YORK OFHCS, 60 BEKKMAN ST. MT. VERNON HOME OFMCK. SIXTH Goods Trttt ho Tccolvcd nt etthor of above offic^. ^ ^ _ CITY OFFICES FOR ORDEIiS—60 Beekraan Street ; 37 PARK Row, care of Patterson Bros., and 269 Canal Street, care of Frank W, White. ORDERS FOR MT. VERNON may be left a t my Bosidonco, Sixth avtnuo near Second Street ; Goo. Howard’s Hardware Store and Burr Davis & Son Livery office. , „ „ J. M. nUUD Prop. and Wood. JLJLIu R A I L C O A L . 1. S. fiAEDKER, DEALBR IN HAY, GEAIN, FLOE, FEED. C o a l a n d W o o d . GEllMAtf PEAT MOSS, FOE BEDDINO. Third Avenue and First Street. The Sewer Bond Act, following is the Sewer Bond A aa it has been amended, Section 8 ie s tivcly new: AN ACT To amend cliapter six imndred and eig of the laws of eighteen hundred a eighty-oix, entitled “An act to provi mid establish a permanent system sewerage and dr.aniage in tlie villngo of Mount Voinon, and in rel.ation totlie oonstniotion of said system.” 77ie People of the State of New Yot% fepvcsenied in Senate and Assemhl!/, do enact as follows ; S ection 1. Section flva of cliapter .six undred end eight of the law’s of eiglit- 311 hundret' feed in addition, to ti 0 taxes now authorized I Id and colleotcRed in any one iaxahlfl property in said collect tlie tablish a peiniivncnt sewerage and drainage in the of Moimt Vernon, and in relation construction of said system,” as mded by* cliapter one hundred and sixty-tlirce of the laws of eight Ircd and oighty-eiglit, is hereby so aa to read as follows: gS. At any time after the adoption and approval of said system, and the fil­ ing of said map as aforesaid, the said board of trustees may coiistmot any !• or seu-ers helmiging to the said system and any jiumping station with its appurtenances, whenever said hoard by a majority -vote of all its members, de- rmino to construct the same. No con- setion with tlio m.iiii trunk or outlet sewer for said village, orwith any of said u:en. shall bo made by any pci-son ex­ cept upon written permission by said board and upon such conditions as said board, may, in such written permission, prescribe and impose. g 2. Section seven of said chapter sLx hundred aud eiglit of the laws of eigiiteen hundred and eighty-six, as amended by lapter seventy-nine of the laws of gbteen hundred and ninety, is Iiereby mended so as to read as follow.s: § 7. Hie coats aud e.xpenses of every atnro incurred by Said Ixiard in. the con- ruction of tlia said sewers for said vil- ,go ojtd of any of them, and of said pumping station with including all costs and experses iu the making of the surveys tions and map, and in establisliing syslem, provided for in sections one f twoofthisaet, and in obtaining tlio ap­ proval of the State board of health, pro­ vided for by section three of tliis act, and in securing the necessary lands aud riglit of way for said main irunk or outlet sewers and said district trunk or outlet sowers aud pumping station with its ap­ purtenances, .and in constructing the and in constructing any of sa sewers, and the compensation of i-a special counsel and clerk of the said com- niittco on sewers, and incliuling any a idyincun-cdhy said i lage or its trustees in any procct liitg roecedings taken by said triuitees iider their auilwriiy to ass'<3 npi-n property or the owner or owners (hereof, the cost-:, and e,epenses of eonstructiug any i) said sewers, and also any ec.'li- ficate o f indebtedness, psiied by s,iidv lage or .said tntslns to provide funds jxvj said costs ami (:\pi'>;scs or any of them, shall be a eliarge ufKin said village: 1 fertile purpose of defraying r. liaying Oio same, the said board of ti tees shall borrow, .lad they are hereby antliorized to borrow from time to time as needed upon the credit of vilhage, such may be uecesoar; such intes of pier cent, por annum ns the said board simll, by a two thirds vote of aU ' thereof determine; and to se- layment of suoli loans the said > litreby autliorized, by a li vote, t a make, execute and deliver bem of eaid village, which shall be signed, by the president and clerk thereof, and shall ! made p.ayabIo nt such limes as said Board of Trustees, by a like vote shall determine; but (he same shall not bo sold for less than value thereof, with accrued iulerest, roby autlii lount of t^ yearuiKin the” to village, to levy each year, in the san general village taxes bo levied and collected, an amount suf­ ficient to pay the interest upon said bonds and the principal thereof, so far aa such interest and principiil will accrue and be­ come due during that year, until said bonds shall be fully paid. S 3. None of the powers liereiut given shall be e.xercised until a special electors of said aflirniative votes. The voting at such ction shall be by ballot, and the afflnn- ve voles or ballots shall have written printed upon them the words “ For ) bonding act,” and the neg.ative votes ballots shall have written or printed upon them the words “ Against the bond­ ing act.\ Notice of sucli election shall bo given by tlie e.aid Board of Trt by publishing in each of the newspapers published in said village, for two weeks next preceding the said election, a notice thereof, subscribed by the President aud Clerk of said village, and stating the and place of .said election and the object thereof, wliich time and place shall be designated by the said Board of Trustees. The inspectors at the said election shall be three resident texj to bo dcsigi Ti-ttslecs, Tlie polls at the said elec shall bo open from twelve o’clock, noon, until eight o’clock in the afternoon, m sliall be permitted tc 1, and his name ah-ill Imveappeared on last nsEO-ssment roll of said village, or shall have subsequently acquired title ;eal estate witinnsaid village, ivpyancp thereto s unless he shall bo 3 appiurlenanecs, xpen incurred :he surveys, detennina- m d in establisliiug the ,'oman who is the owner of teal estati witliiu said viUago. But nothing herein contained shall ho construed to allow any elector to vole, if nc shall have conveymd .all ids real estate in said viUago after thi par value thereof, v if any, and shall be sold to the highest bidder at a public sale, notice of which sale shall bo published iu all the news­ papers in said village, and in a daily newsp-aiJer published iu the City of New York, to l)C designated by s.ml Boai Trustees, for tlireo successive weeks preceding the day of sale. Said n Trustees, iosals for tlie purcliasc South Mount Vernon. On .Sunday the Rev. Dr. Churchill i Southington, Conn,, presided at Grace Cliurch, morning and evening. Rev. E. E. Foley was at his birthplace, Southing- ;d village, and 11 be recorded. lio husband mer of teal t : in said viUago i last assessment roll was made, before the said election, nor shall ;tor ho entitled to more tli nt the said election. After election tho said inspectors shallmake i iribo a statement of th and uit of said votes, th'd*number of aairmativo votes, the number oi negauvo t'CfteS, and tliS majority of votes cast thereat, and file the said statement in the office of the clerk of the said viUage, and a duplicate Uiereuf in the office of the county clerk of Westchester county. The said state­ ment shall liave annexed to it thoalfi- d.avit of the said inspectors, to tho effect that the same is correct and hue in aU ipeets, Imm,-,Lately upon and after } filing of the said statement as afore­ said, it it sh.aU state timt a majority of the votes cast at said election were af­ firmative votes, tins act shall in all re­ spects take effect, and the powers herein­ before by it given may be mceroised; and if said statement sb,all not so state, then 1 act shall bo null and void and shall be held or construed or operate to re- - 5 T O X J H I T I -rhe EulFs-Sye E v e ry Time sr ADVERTisnta : n T h e C h r o n i c l e ! Heport of The COmmiHioner of Fnb- lio 'Works. To the Honorable the Board v*.? TVura- teees of the ViUage of Mount I'ernon G entlemen ,—I liave e the honor to su dred and Thirty 25-100 DoU.ars as follows: wing report for tlie two weeks iruary ISth, 1891. epended the sum of One Hun- repairs to streets and culverts cleaning drains and crosswalks as Eepan-ed part of South street. Repaired part of Valentine street. Repaired part of Stevens avenue. Repaired culvert on Lincoln avenue. Cleaned part of Tenth avenue drain. Laid temporary walk in front of ohnrch iornor of Eighth avenue and Second street, ind kept crosswalks clean in all parts of ihe viUage. early oomph All of whi( respectfully submitted, J ohn B owden , Commissioner of Public ’Works. le afternoon tlie mission- : in the Spring. Mr.E. A. Price: ad lot on Gather Catherine street from M ds ore out for tlie wedding of Miss Wincklerand Mr. Chas. Buckbart. place in Grace The New Haven Railroad have applii for the appointment of Commissioners condemn property along Railroad avenue* Tlie ceremony wiU take Qmroh, on Marcli 2nd. Tlie King’s Daughters* oystei St night was the usual succes fairs of this organization. City Islaad. The Episcopal Church services are well attended. The Rev. Dr. Forbes has made profound impression on hisparishioners. The new CaUioUo Church is already nder roof, and the work is being prose- uted in spite of inclement weather. The machinery for the new electric Ught plant has arrived. A building will in all probabiUty be soon erected on Ford- avenue for the woiks. 1 Top Cottage will have a tower to set off its splendor this summer. It is already erected. luring the winter building has not been impeded. Six now edifices are the showing since cold weatlier began. The political storm has not broken as et, but tliero is a volcano imder tlie sur- is to be the favorite r part of jital or mollify any an act. S 4. All acts and parts of acts incon­ sistent with tills act are hereby repealed. .15. Tills act shall take effect immed- A Veritable inoident. Some few lunntbs iscussion and tthovUlage, 1 ago, tliere was con and E o IM§Bm Girls can bo acooiiimodatod till suited ded proposai of said bonds, or of so many thereof i may at such sale be offered. AU such proposals so received shall be then and there opened by said Board, and theliigh- est of said proposals shall bo accepted by said Board, xmless tho Board deem it for the interest of said village to reject the same, in whicli case the said Board may reject aU of said proposals aud readver- tiso said bonds for sale in the same man­ ner ns aforesaid, such sale to bo conducted in like manner,as nforc.sald. (?nid bunds sliali I r * denomiaated “ Sowerope loan bowls of the village of Momit Vernon,” and sliall be immborcd consecutively as issued, and a record of said bonds show­ ing the miinber, amount, rate of interest, and tlie times wlieii payable, shall bo kepit by said clerk. The credit of said village is hereby pledged for Ibeiiaynientof such bonds as may bo itsued by authority of this act. But the total amount of the said “ seieerage loan bonds\ outstanding nt any one time shall not exceed the prin­ cipal sum of four hundred thou. tars. The said Board of Tru tlixoughout ti John Hocking, tho contractf.r for tlio moval of aslic-3 .and garbage, was derelict in ids duty. Un c.xamination it was found tl Hocking was to blame in very few these cases, cud that it householders would comply wteh the regulations in tlie matter, there would be little cause of coiiipiaint. This is the more creditable to nocking, since lie is an absolute loser by the terms of liis contract. An exam­ ple in point is tli.at of a woman I'bsiding in the iieart of the viUage. Mr. Hocking’s drivers stopped in front of the house reg­ ularly in their rounds. For four weeks they did so witliont a result of anytliing to remove. Then they m grew lax, and for auotlier few passed the in mso by. About this time the woman sought Mr. Hooking, and made complaint of tlie'ir neglect. Mr. Hocking mimediatcly sent Ins driveis tliither. Tliey found a number of barrels, and re­ moved all except one, on tlietop of which lav throe dead puppies. It being outside of the terms of tho contract to removi carcasses, they felt justified in leaving tliem, unless they should be paid for till' extra .icrvice. This amount, the SI Andrew I. Horton has been a very sick man, and is not yet out of danger. The Pelham Park RaUroad Company has recently purchased a number of new Messrs. Gcorgo Booth a set off on a trip to the Soutl for healtli aud recreation. Belden's Point is to be made a summer sort, according to common rumor. At any rate, extensive improvements are being made, which point to this conclu­ sion. The work is being superintended by Mr. IVTn. Belden, assisted by Mr. Stephen Horton. To anyone knowing tho spot, no more ideal place may bo imagined. Mr. Martin J. Early is enlarging and The Ladies’ Social Aid .are to hold a rainbow sociable on Monday n s i at 1,6- Judge George W, Byles sold his place to a New York party for §8,000. The spot is to be used for manufacturing pur- spot is to be used 3 City Island Enj hold their annual bal 11 left. Subsequently tho w( :Jcred, souglit Mr. Hooking eking and ire there y” Sir. Hooking, and that sm So the men returuecl, a: found at the bottom. In hot indignation, Hocki woman, and detailed tlie twenty cents more, woman, “ a bargain ifteen cents,” rejoins im was paid, and removed tlie they dumped 1 four more dead puppies w t the bottom. iking sought tlio tact, demanding Oil no,” says tho a bargain,” and Ingine Company wi til on March 23rd. —Being subject to liver troubles, I liave tried many medicines, but have never foimd an equal to Dr. David Kennedy’s Favorite Remedy, made at Rondout, N. Y. It stimulates the stomach and live regulates the bowels, aud 1 such value that I woul( 3 proved of id not be without ife.—Ml'S. Fred, Slieldon, cor. Bridge and Division Sts., V : , Catskill, N. Y, sber, Jr., is a man of va- .. a baker and a restaura­ teur. In both ho is facile pi bakery is an old established begun by Joseph Weber, £ And it has held the distinction A 1, since. Tho restaurant is a compain- tively new one, but lie never does things ‘arrived’ aud nl- leile prineeps. B stablisbed one—it was lively new one, but lie nevi by halves; and has also ‘an ready made this A 1 too. —Seom'o one of those 5 and 0 rooms, attic and cellar; water in kitclion; from 1 to 4 minutes walk to depot at South 1 §2,500, §250 casli, minutes v Mount Vernon; price §2,500, §250 casli, balance can bo paid in monthly instal- menls to suit purohasera. or rentatSiO per monfli. W, H. B ard , N o . 3 Fourtii Avenue, Mount Vernon, N, Y. ■If you like good butter fresh from the croamory, you can get it a t THDE- fresh eggs. amory, you os Also strictl;

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