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I L O O A .L N E W S . The annual sessi Association will hi from July Stli to Ith. The contractor began, last week, tl work of enlarging tlie culverts of tl Seventh avenue drain. John J, Fay was the fortunate winnex' of a Iiandsoine music box, value $33, wliich was raffled lastSJonday night. The Village Improvement Society, meet on Saturd.ay evening, at tire residence of Mr. B. Vf. Tilton Second avenue, instead of Dr. Halsey’s. The open air concerts by the Mt. Vernon Cornet Band will be resumed this ( at the stand opposite tiro Bost-offl( following is the programme : BASEBALL NOTES. To-morrow the New Rochelles and Mt. Vernons will play at New Epolielle, and the Portchesters and Flyaway’s at Portoliester. The Portohosterand Yon a game on Saturday last, i the Yonkers BARTOW. Haven Railroad Co., making some improvements at this place. there were more people in William’s B Iroad Co., have been than have visited the jilace in years before, sr 800 persons leaving on the lost train t for Now York. The Portohosterand Yonkei-s clubs played ay last, which resulted in the defeat of the Yonkers club by a 'Katloltyan Sohotlsoho-ProttyKa ararch—Fort Wlugato .......................... The work of laying the new gas i Fourth avenue and First street, by t Chester Gas Company, is progressir Next Monday evening, the Mt. V< Moennerohor will hold a picnic in E mann’s Park, and a pr) in the bowling alley. ■••Si Vernons played a game of ba day, and but for the unpleasant tei-mina- tion, would have been scored as one of the best games playe’d on the grounds this sea­ son. The Mt. Vernons went first to the bat and scored a run and then whitewashed their opponents. Tiro second inning added two more runs to the score of the home J, club, while the Flyaways made another 0. Thus the giune stood until the close of the j. fifth inning, when, by wild throwing by the Mt. Vernons, the visitor-s scored four runs. At the close of the seventh inning, the Mt. Vernons had failed to score in five and the Flyaways in six, and it looked very much as though the Mt. Vernons were to ' follow up their record of defeat. The ■ aways are a sot of muscular young : Mr. James Waterbury's steam yacht Lurline, while making the trip from New On Saturday, the 0th inst., Mr. George York to Baychoster, on Tuesday of last week, Leviness, an old gentlemen who deals in daily broke her shaft, while coming through Hell and weekly papers, w>ent into a saloon at Gate, and after drifting for some time was Wm’s, Bridge, to deliver a paper, and in lowed to the Bellevue Hospital dock, by tiro giving change, laid his pocket book, coutain- • ■ \ ing $18, on the counter and has not seen it steamer Blackbird of —At Berry’s Store, largo additions stock during the past week, unprecedented­ ly low buying and marking in accordance with the buying. Russian, Irish, Swiss, W. H. Bard sold the Bowes farm, at Union Corners, to Wm. Stairder, Esg., for $0,700; Mr. Mack’s house, at AVashingtou- ville, to Mrs. B. Nappes, for $1,700. Next Monday, the ladies of the church of of tile Sacred Heart will open a fair in the old church Sthavouue n< fair will continue at leas coeds to be apirlied to th debt on the new church. The semi-annual election of ofilcers of Protection who understand each other perfectly with one or two exceptions are good bat I Our boys saw that they must put in si nice work to win the game and went at it in real earnest. In the eighth inning, by some of the most powerful batting we have seen on the field this season and by one or two error’s on the part of the Flyaways, they scored seven ruirs and rvere still at the, bat when the captain of tire Flyaways in a with an captain of tire Flyaways passion approached the umpire and w id his eluh ‘d ' Thee urapiire 3 gameame in-favor ’ oath, said his club woul not finish game. Th ump accordingly decided the g in-favor of the Mt. Vernons by a itiou Engiii r, wrthith the followingowing result:ar Fore- l.an; Treasurer, Chas. Hendricks. riday, w the foll re ran, Emil Vollnier j Assist.ant Foreman, ‘ * “ \V.AV.M’Clel- Fred. Bellesheinr; 1 ’on by tlio Eagle ago and which 3 day last A gilded base ball, i Troop several yeirr-s has liung in the. i TOiais..............; of the ball and the detection of .the thief. 1200000 r —1 Matinees will bo given during the summer icsdays only at the Madison Sciuaro “ Tile Rajah ” which has resulted sr big success at that : 9 to 0, and ordered a fine of $1, against the captain of the Flyaways. The following is the score so far as the game Minnul ............... ?a ” g p i i l i p i i i l . II bo given during tl on A’jredncsdays only at the Madison Sc bo seen at every performance during the summer. A comp.'iny of young ladies, friends of Resolute Section Temple of Honor,gave that lation a surpi’ise,nt their meeting or two; also, about a thousand dollars worth of all sorts of summer hosiery and under­ wear adapted to all ages and to suit every purse ; tlieso goods contain exceptional bar­ gains. Also about a thousand dollars worth of Hamburgh edgings embracing every qual­ ity and every width from 3 cents to $1 50 a yard, all of wliioh will be runoff from 10 to ider wholesale prioi 3 . kid gloves, sash _____ made expressly for this store, can also bo bought at quite a saving on the city prices. “ Free excursion” tickets would bo is­ sued by this store to adjacent villages, from Harlem to Portoliester and to White Plains, were it not that all “ dead head” enter­ prises are repugnant to the proprietors no­ tion of honorable conduct. Who pays for dead heads '? —Be sure you attend the entertainment at the Reformed Chapel, on Friday evening next, and hear “ Mr. and Mrs. Snibbs.” AVESTCHESTBR. The Club-house has been renovated and repapered. All the roads at Fort Schuyler, are to bo graveled with blue limestone screenings. A week from next Monday, money orders may bo drawn on the Westchester Post-office. July 4th. CITY ISLAND. The Methodist society are going to erect a parsonage, on the lot at the rear of the Oapt. Josh, has raised a liberty polo \on which to float the stars and stripes on the The Surf, a cutter recently built by Mr. George W, Byles, was launched on Monday The annual exhibition of the public school will commence on Thursday' evening of next week. The steamer Joshua Leviness, making three ti’ips a week, between New York and Westport, stops at City Island. A strawberry and ice cream festival, for the benefit of Grace church', was held in the court house on Thursday evening. On Sunday last, while Willie Smith v walking on the new schooner, lying at Carll’s wharf, he fell doWn one of the hatch- rvays and sustained serious injury. On Tuesday evening a very pleasant enter­ tainment of music etc., was given at the residence of Mr. Moses Bell, by Miss Lizzie Bell, and Messrs, Geo^ E. Reynolds and John 0. Ferdlram. growing out of a coni the sciroorter Hutclres Capt. John Munson and a picked crew from City Island, will sail tiro sloop yacht Graoie, in Iter race witli the Nettie Thorpe over the outside of tire Kmcknrbooker yachi club course on the 27th inst. Charles J. Folger and ( I were opposing candidates for Governor last fall. Clevclnntl heeamo Governor arid Folgci remained Secretary of the Treasury. Since ho became siiclt, about eleven montlis, ire has reduced the National Debt, $115,725,000. Cleveland has been Governor loss than six inee lie hocarae siielr, lie basin- ate Tax $2,220,045 78, an ihesier county $55,330 93, other Democratic River Chronicle. Wtn. Stothers, old reliable, is reac Fresh confectionery, the finest and pun always on hand. Prices moderate a treatment courteous, 103 First street. EELIGIOTJS NOTICES. The young people’s union prayer meet- ig will bo held in the parlors of tho Re- irmed Chapel, next Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. All are welcome. Services will bo held in the Methodist Episcopal church on Sunday, as usual. Tho Rev. Charles E. Glover, of Rye, will preach at 10 30 A. M,, and 7 45 p. M. Sunday school a t 9 A. SI. There will be the regular services in the Reformed church on Sunday. Preaching by tho Paster, Rev. C. K. Clearwater, at 11 A.SI, 1 “ He ascended into Heaven ”- a t 7 45 P.M., “ Light.” Grove, Wednesday, —For sale on very low terms, tho vnlua- isiness lots on First street, pot. Apply to John M. Loci —Go to Beattie & Sons, for your straw- orgiuiization a surpi’ise,at A’V'ednesday night. The gotten in the n lodge had just berries, if you want to do up any. —Buy land—plan—build—insure ;but first consult John 0. Rankin, Ar’oliitect, R. E. and Ins. Ag’t. The Bronxdalo and Westchester Mel ist Sunday-soliools are to have a picni Pennyfleld Beaoli, on Thursday, July C The Valentine Monument,' in St. Peter’s Cemetery, is set too low, and has got to ho taken down and reset. The foundation will ho raised several inches. e midst of tlie vening wlien tlie ante-room was invad­ ed and of course an adjournment was nec­ essary J a very agreeable evening was spent. Augustus Blatz was arrested on Thun day afternoon last, by Offleer Sternhagen, ‘ ‘ Itt of Conductoronductor Slack,, of tho living stones 1 on complain of C Slack of Harlem Railroad, for throwing stones and breaking a car window of the 5 train, as it passed the Mt. Vernon d $10, b: lultof p: sent to AVhite Plains jail, for List of letters remaining unclaimed at the Mt. Vernon, Westcliester Co., N. Y., Post- Ladies’ list—Ml John Mertons, Fritz Mossmer, R. H. AVal- dron, Edward AVoIfe. Strawberry and ico cream festivals have been in order tho jiast two weeks, and tins season of tlie year, wo are having a great many evening entertainments. Last Monday night, one was hold in tlie M. E. Cliurcli, and last night, Hiawatlia Lodge celebrated ite 25tli anniversary. ~ ~ ' re an entertainment of Polhainville, will give ar inn tlie Reformedrmed Chapel,hapel, Filifth ! 29tli inst., our neiglibon i tlie Refo C F avenue, 1 the benefit of tho Union Sunday-school f ciety Chapel, of Pelliamville. Last Monday evening, a musical and lib ary entertainment was given in tlie M. Church tills village, for tlie of tlie M. B. Mission Sunday A very pleasant program,consistin{ tations by Miss May AVebster, and Miss AV. B. Sinitli i singing by Mi-s. Bott, Instrumen­ tal solos and duetts by Miss AvW, Miss See and Dr. C. H. Dressel and acantata“ Quar- rel among tho Flowers” by nine members of the school was rendered. Tlie atten­ dance was sufficiently large to net a small balance in favor of tlie soliool. ioSTOTHoi! On and after October 1st, 1883, letter postage will be uniform at two centsfor let­ ters to any part of the United States. $5 and under may cents. Tlie order will be payable to bearer, and will bo good for three montlis from date of; issue ; after tliat y by api nient a t AVasliington. On tho same date lie rate on Domestic money orders will be le c.argo of old company Lehigli, cargo of Wilkeshavre. Tlie coal lid to those wishing to lay in their next winter’s supply now, at a very slight advance on cost. Orders received at J. L, AVarren’s, No. 40 Fourth avenue, Hallock’s bakery. Fourth avenue and Third street, and at the yard, Eastchester Landing. —Firel Insure in tho Home. Lowest lies, Higlicst security.—JolmC. Rankin, THE PEESBYTERIAN OHDEOH TEOBBLE. ho difllcully between Rev. R. A. D.avison, I- of the Presbytcri.in church, at Westchester, - and n portion of bis parish, growing out of , tho failiiro of Mr. AVm, Abbott, a tenclior in tho Sunday-seliool, to bo elected assistant superintcudenl of the school, was adjusted on Tucsilay*last, in a session of tho Presbytery. Tho regular intermediate session of the Presbytery was held in tho main hall of the Yoiiug Men’s Cliristiau Association in Now York. It was originally inteuded to hold the meeting in the Proshyterinn Church at AVest- cheslor, but tlio place was changed to avoid any liouble wliioh might have ensued if the trial of Mr. Davison had taken place his own churcli. Tho meeting was hirg attended, over 00 of the members be present. Two papers of grievances were pre­ sented to the Presbytery. One charged Hint under Sir. Davison’s ministrations the parish had declined ia popularity, influence, wealth, and power to do good; that tiie attendance Efforts are being mndo to have tlio road from Arnow’s corner to tlio deyiot, ninoad- amized. AA'e undoi’stand that Mr. Josliu Mallett offera to furnisli tlie necessary mai ndam, and wait for his pay until the money roller Tice lield an inquest, yesterday, tlie body of Patrick J. Burns, of ggs Neck. AVestchester, who died sud- tenant, lib­ eral concessions in price will be made. Ap­ ply to Miss L. Reseller, 04 Fqurtli avenue. —Beattie & Sons are stlling about 2,000 quarts, per day, of Johnston’s strawberries. Send in your orders early, so tliat you < be supplied. Address R. Beattie & So lastchestcr P. 0., N. Y. Mrs. Margaret Larkin, widow of the late homas Larkin, a resident of Drake avenue, I Now Rocliello village, Iiasbceu left $3,000 Throggs Neck. AVestchester, who died sud­ denly at 12 o’clock on AVednesday Inst, of turo of an aneurism of t‘ main artery of the heart. by her brotlior Richard Hayden, who died cently near Dublin, Ireland, Tho New Rochelle Athletic Club, liave de­ fied to hold a sot of games on tho Fourl July, and llio following games are to b< tested: one mile walk, one hundred yards inning high jump, standing high jump, imes on tho Fourth of igular piece of property, from MrT J. ““'P. f «‘l>ns Ugh ]ump, arner, of New York, for $4,150. The “ >le ra«. tug Heed of Mr. AVarnor g.ave the buyer tlie of war, oiie-fourth milo nia,. one hundred and riglit to use the water in tho well on tlie ad­ joining premises, by introducing a pipe into the same. Mullin rented tho newly pun\ ed premises, and four weeks ago, his ter requested liim to make tlie water ( tionfortliein. Tlio adjoining premi occupied and owned by Peter Clinti 1883, money be obtained dll be payable ■ three montlu time, tlio Iiolder can get ipplylng to tlio depart- On tho same dat issue ; after ir value only lent a t AVasli the rate on DomesH changed os follows: For orders not exceeding $10 .................... 8 cent :: ”330..... “ ** “ ** 40 “ \ 50 .......... 25 *' “ “ “ fiO “ “ GO .......... 30 :: r.: :: “ “ “ 80 “ “ 100 .......... IS •' This is quite a reduction in tlio fees for money orders it being absolutely secure from loss. Tiro system should be popular. BAND OF HOPE. Tlie regular montlily meeting of the Band of Hope was lield in the M. E. Cliurcli last Sunday afternoon, The president Mr. lewis presiding. After the usual opening e.xercises. Miss Hattie Bayles read .an ex­ tract on tlio subject of The Prcsli Air Fund wliicli subject was made tlie special eider for tlie day. Mr. J. P. Hick read some tem- lioranco selections and Miss AVebster gave a recitation. Tlie special subject for the day was then presented by Mr. Denman, after ■svliioh tlie collection for tlie Fresh A: was taken. It amounted to $22 00. -D r . J. G. Piersor •son formerly of Tremaine ■ at the Reformed Cliapol, Bros., will appear at the Reformed Cliapol, on Friday evening, the 20th instant. Don’t fail to liear liim. tiie attendance iminishcd and church largely decreased, iicr alleged cerlaiu irregularities in a election of cliurcli Trustees. Mr. C. Henderson addressed the body On of tlio complaiaauts detailing at con­ ic length, the trouble in the parisli, since tiro ooming of Mr. Davison 16 years ago, charging him with driving certain people out of tho parish, with being so unpopular that during hia time deficits amountiug to over $2,500 had nccuiTcd imho subscriptions, and $800 was owing now. Ho thought that Jlr. Davison had no influence socially or rcligii ly, and that ho had greatly injured the chu by his connection with it. Discussion on tho second paper was not allowed. Elder Baxter, on behalf of tho pastor, denied the statement of Mr. Henderson, and urged that the parish had been ns vigorous during the present administration as any of the proceeding ones. The pastor, in his own behalf, cited some of tho difficulties with which ho had to contend, and charged Abbott with being tho cause of the pro- ___ disturbance. At the conclusion of his remarks he read a letter from Mr. M. A. Taber, Assistant Superintendent of the Sunday-school, praising the efforts of the Pas­ tor in that department of his work. Mr. Hemlcrson said that Mr. Davison was trying to shift the trial from his own sbouldei those of Mr. Abbott. After a protractedseoret session, the Pres­ byters announced tliat tliey would allow the complainants to withdraw tlieir petition. There are, they reported, many grievances sucli as tiie Presbytery cannot take cog- iiizanco of, and others are of such a nature as are curable only by kuidly co-operation between Pastor and people. They advised that a meeting of the session bo called to consider tlie questions of difference between tlio two parties. They appointed a inittee to visit the parish and advisi members regarding tlio matter of the Trus­ teeship election. Tho verdict was received in silence. Tho Pastor was visibly relieved. Mr. Henderson intimated tliat an appeal to the Synod might follow. Moderator Vail said that no appeal could be taken, and that tho question, ns far as outside judg­ ment was concerned, was settled, upied and owned by Peter Clinton, and intiiig tlie running of a pipe into his well, lie filled tlio hole up. Slullin now loses to sue AVarner, wlio warranted tho or privilege. Mrs. Joliu A. Morris, son and dmigln sailed for Europe last week, in the stcauier Servia, of the Cuuard line. Their -sojourn abroad will last about a year. Tho contest over tlie will of Mrs, Mary Flanagan, of Unionport, by whicli she left her estate to her husband during life aud tin absolutely to her daughter, Mrs. Bole: sous, Henry and amicably settled family. Tho mat been taken out of the Surrogate s Court. —They cannot be beat—Johnstoii’e straw­ berries. For sale by R. Beattie & Sons. —Don’t fail to liear Prof. AV. AV, Packer, ayiio Reformed Chapel, next Friday oven- —The easy lawn mower, a child can 1 it. A trial allowed before purclmsii Take a look at the Reddy oil stove, w ranted absolutely 1 oil stoves at New' war, one-fourth mile tua,. one hundn ■cnly yards hurdle race, thr6iving the ham- cr, polo vaulting, running loiigjump.stand- g long jump, consolation race. Tiie tug of ir learns are limited to 000 lbs weight, tho am to consist of four men. The consolation ee Is to ho a distance of 220 yards, and only en who have not won any event oftho day 0 allowed to rim ; in this race there is no allowed to rim; in this riici try fee, ia all the otliers, it is fifty cents: ,n tor each event. Medals are to bo gii tho successful compolitors. Mr. C. H. ( will receive entries at any time, and oul town men can reach liim by mail. It is sirahle to make tho sports a success, and to do this, every young man with any muscle ought to take part in tho contests. Miss Emma Lathers, daughter of Col. Richard Lathers, was niarricd last Tuesday in Trinity Church, New Rochdle, to Mathew Verner Simpson, son of BiSh^ Simpson, of Philadelphia. The ceremonej was preformed by tho Rev. Charles F . CanaJj, Rector oft church. There were six bripes-maids—1 Misses Agnes, Ida and JufiaLatUers, sist of the bride. Miss Ida Simpson, a sister of tho groom. Miss Lotlio Hoadlcy, of Boston, aud Miss Elsie Crane, of New York, Tho ushers were Arthur AV. Horton, Samuel Peltz, AVilliam H. Scott, Theodore P. Mathews, Arthur Kennedy and John B. Harris. Mr. Scott Verner, of Pittsburg, was best man. Tiie bride entered the eburcli leaning on the arm of her father, who gave Iter away. She was dressed in white ottoman silk, the corsage cut square and filled in -willi labo. She wore a bouquet of roses, aud the skirt of her dress was caught at the side with rosebuds. The bridcs-maids also wore dresses of wliile silk. m. The chaucel was decorated with flowers measuring almost eleven inches in the altar-rail was festooned wilU daisies, ofereiice. For sale by R. Beattie & Uio conclusion of the cerernony a rccep circumfere Sons, wliol AVILLIAM’S BRIDGE. The Oak Valleys defeated tlie Spuyten Juyvil nine, in tlieir The ladies of the Baptist Cliapel hold a itrawberry and ice cream festival, at the chapel, on Thursday evening of this week. A strawberry and ice cream festival was held at tlie Olinville M. E. Chureli, on Fri­ day evening last, which was a success, fin­ ancially and sooially. Ex-Supervisor Peter Briggs has been dan­ gerously ill for tho last two weeks, but is now convalescing, and witli good care, will soon be able to get out of liis room. M. and J. Baird, contractors, will com­ mence laying pipes for the new aqueduct between AVilliam’s Bridge and AVoodlawn, Monday next. Tliey have built a side about half way between AVoodlawn ’illiam’s Bridge, for pipe cars. It is understood tliat a building nssooia- 311 Monday next, track, about half w uul AVilliam’s Bridt It is understood t tion Ims been organized in New York City, with a largo capital, wlio Intend to buy up all unoccupied ground in this vicinity, and erect houses tlieveon, Rumor has it that Mr. H. B. Clafliii, Jr., is at the head of this Tlie French hotels on the Bromf were largely patronizep on Sunday .last. In fact, held by Col. and Mrs. Lathers, tho par­ ents of the bride, at tlieir residence in AViu- ynh Park, : AMUSEMENT AT TEE S2A SHORE Thousands will be attracted to New q York during tiie 8ummei*_M reason of de- e sire to walk over the greatTMdge that joins two great cities. They will imturally visit the celebrated Coney Island where millions of capital have been expended in catering for their amusement. Bunnell’s museum and the marine railway, wliioh wore almost destroyed by the temiiestous waves during the past winter, liave been rebuilt. Bun­ nell’s new opera liouse, at this point, will bo opened to tho public on Juno 26tli, witli ids usual enterprise aud faith in a generous public, he will present the largest quantity of show ever given <at tho Island, with liourly stage performances. For whioli purpose lie lias already enlisted tlie best talent to ho found eltlier in America Europe. SWEET—FOnnESTEIi.-JItss Ncltto A. Sweet, of S j-raouso, N. Y., to Mr. John II. F oitcboi I -, of Clicstcv SUCCESSOnS TO WAM-EB &McSOnLEY, 245 Graiifl St, m Bowery, K Y. SILKDErAllTMENT. ^ra^lOMS heavy BLACK GKOS GBAIN SILK, OSo; '^°»Pi|era^oxtia heavy GROS GRAIN SILK, 8!o; WOrtlfK™\ brocaded SATIN, Mo; AVe love what we labor for, though but a tree tvo plant or a wall we build. How dear the invalid fpr whom we care, tho ailing partner or tlie crippled child 1 AVhat wo give binds us, not what we receive. Dry&oocls, etc. i ^TING; extra fine, 29o; sold by BUNTING, ^7^0.; a FRENCH CASH- w S ’ ® ” dark colors. lO^o; RIDLEYS’ M i Allenaflyi'clianlSts.,!! Excellent Bargains arc promised in every one of our 52 DEPARTMEIS^TS. THE PRICE IN EACH CASE WE HAVE STUD­ IED TO MAKE PKOOP AGAINST ANY POSSI- BUdTY OP BEING BiUALED OR AN APPROACH ATTElMFrED. Straw Hats FOR LADIES, MISSES, and CHILDREN. ROUGH AND HFJ IL\TS, 7o, 11c, 15c, 21c, I'ino ENGLISH 5IILVNS In black and wliito, 21c. Finest FRENCH CHIPS, 2Io, ,17c, 40o. TAYAL HATS, 13o. and 25o. JEWELRY, LACE MITTS, DRESS SILKS, LACES, GENTS’ FURNISHING. PARASOLS. 400 LACE-COVEUED AND TWILL COACIIIKG PAUASOLS, $1. 200 SATIN COACHING PAR.VSOLS, Nvlth gUt pamgon, frames, at $160. 250 fine SATIN PARASOLS, 10 rib.s, $1 OT k 250 fine fancy PARASOLS, at $5 j liavo been $10 to ^ cillLDRENS' COLORED PAILVSOLS, 25c. and GOo. HAT^DKEllCHIEFS. One lot GENTLEMEN’S FULT-SIZE, j ALL LIN­ EN, HEMMED, 12e; cheap at 20c. GENTLEMEN’S, FULL-SIZE, HEM STITCHED colored border, unequalled at 20c.—\vorth 45e. LADIES’ ALL LINEN IIEM-STiTCIIEU colored and embroidered bonlors llHie. each—cheap at 23c. 3,600 dozen LADIES’ 53 LINEN IIESI-STITCHED, printed borders, at l5o. Dress Goods. ?olor cloths, ii HECK. OAMEl [> BASKET HUl ALBATROSS SITTINGS, ALL WOOL, double y^VICT^UA'L?LWl«’^ rctalllne elsewhere at ^^SCOTCH and FRENCH GINGHA^IS from 14o. to NUN’S VEILINGS, 44-!nch iRcnulne). SOc. a yard. LACE BUNTINGS, 44 Inch, all wool, o.xcellcnt ***SIL1^* GUENADlNES^’in black pin-cbeok and bio- cadedat SOc. Ostricli Pinnies. NOVELTIES IN FINE NATURAI, BRONZE AND OTHER PLUM.AGE, FANCIES FOR SEASIDE WEAR FROM 75c. 8Sc, $1 to $.3 EACH. GENITNE DUPLEX OSTRICH TIPS IN GOOD BLACK AT 45c. TIIE BUNCH. OUE SPECIALTY. Three quarter colored OSTRICH PLUJIES from $1 75.S2.S2 23.S2 50em;*b. DAISY WREATHS ami SPRAYS 10c. each. HANDSOME SPRAYS and WREATHS 25c. each Elegant DAISY WREATHS, SPRAY'S and JtON- TURES, 85c. SAMPLES OP PIECE GOODS SENT ON APPLI o m m M MAIL FAITHFULLY ATTENDED TO. OUB SUMMER MAGAZINE NOW OUT, 16c. per copy. E. Eidley & Sons, 309 , 311 , 311 1’2 lo 321 GraiiilStrcct, 58 TO 70 ALLEN ST, 69 TO 03 ORCHARD ST., NEW YORK. DOMESTICS. 6 rases Id wliloFCULARD SATEEN, 0}4o; worth ^ri£ploC03 4-1 IMPORTED FOULARD, 12)4c ; lisiial- iWN, 111 aUthoiIlf- h tho now shades. KEEP’S CUSTOM SIIIKTS 6 for ^9 00. PARTLY MADE DRESS SHIRTS, 6 for {fB6 00. Made to mcnsiiro or from samglo shirt. Snlisfaetlon 6 complete shirts, style B, $6 00. 6 “ “ “ 0, $4 50, Styles B and C will not be made to mea-sure. Orders or letters of inquiry will receive prompt O. D. JO N E S , Agent. I>, O. box 23, Mt. Yonioii, IJ. V. Dry Goods. JOHN A. KNAPP, G r r o o e r , Cor. FOURTH AVE. and FOURTH ST., JlOUm’ VERRON, N. T. Tolephoiio call 9 D. ORo; ohcap d S aS- GINGHAMS. 8hio; I'E-'-VY TABLE LIKEN, Ho. Ol’lgilial- ----------------------- Li«4failalzcSl5EDSraE S S S S r 1I2.-.X10 flao DAMASK TOW- irilE-VDS, Ellghtiy soiled, T8o; and Samples of Goods J'HE LEHIGH COAL YARD, OI-IAS. A. M A RK S . Clias. ScTiinidt’s (Formerly ODELL'S.) COAL YARD, TOWN DOCK, E ^ S T O H E S T E R . BEST QUALITY OP WILICESBARRE, LEHIGH & PITTSTON O O A . E . Princiiial Office—DECKER’S FURNITURE .sirctt, ami soiiiiiuas urocciy, cor. si.xtu nvenae and ESTABLISHED 18M. TAMES BARKER & SON, W Dciilci-s la O O A - L ^ N E W O O D . JJARTMAN BROS., ■VIRGINIA PINE, OlVK AND HICKORY LOCUST & CIIESTNU'M’S^AKD ILVRDWOOD LUMBER OP ALL KINDS. FIRST STREET opposite Thlrtcoiith Avciiuo. Office, W. J. Collins’s stationary store Fourth a Groceries, Meats, etc. ' THE SElZUllE OF TEAS BY THE OOVEPNMENT HAVE NOT INTERFERED WITH Owen’s Prices WE SHALL CONTINUE TO SEI, 51b. Good Oolong for - $1 00 51b. “ Hyson for ■ - $1 00 C/mr^ (iVAJJJt'S AT EQUALLY LOW OWEN’S Tea Store, 24 FOURTH AVE. Groeries, Meat, Etc, A. L. R E r a O L B S & CO., G E O C E B S , 113 and 115 Fourtli A.ve., Between Second and Third Streeve. MOUNT VERNON! J M. DEARBORN, G h n O O B R , FOTJETH AWE., bet. First and Second Sts., MOUNT VERNON. JOHN E. MARSHALL, COE, FIFTH AVENUE AND THIRD ST. MT. VERNON. Dealer in FINE GROCERIES, FLOUR, FEED, ETC. ■DOTTLED LAGER BEER,' ALE. PORTER AND MINERAL WATERS, PUT UP EXPRESSLY FOR FAMILY USE BY P a tricls: Oarx’o l l , OFFICE, STEVENS AVENUE, between Fourth and Sixth Avenues, Mt. Vernon. JOHN J. PAY, ^ Suocossor to Union Wiiio and Tea Company, WiVREHOUSE, FIRST ST., near Sixth Av« MOUNT VERNON. Choicest Teas, Wines and Liquors In Great Variety. J-JELMS’ NEW MEAT MAR- THIRD STREET ono door west of THIRD AVENUE. ]NJBW STORE,—THIRD AVE AND KINGSimiDUE ROAD, EASTCHESTER. CHOICE GROOEEIES, R. BEATTIE & SON. Builders, PlumlDers, Painters, etc. J. ROBINSON, O a x p e n t e r a n d ISbiilder. SHOP-THIRD AVE., adjoining tlio Epis­ copal Cliurcli, jobbi ^ i ??I!?“S ^ dto . 0 E. RAYMOND, HOTiSE G K & m m m & bbildee NINTH AYE., bet. 1st and 2d Sts. MOUNT VERNON. nans. Spcetfi^omlons^aa^^^^^ Job ST.UR BUILDING A SPECIALTY. pEEBERICK MAGEE, C a ti'pentei' aixd B n i l d e r FIGlITn AVR., AND FOURTH Street, 3I0UNT VERNON ■ a i S S e i i r r . : ; “ 0 ^ H. TYLER, GENERAL HOUSE PAINTING, PAPER HiVNGING, E tc . J^ LE PAGE. HOUSE [W in t e r , PAPER HANGER AND GENERAL DECORATOR. (JrJs.iS I Gr^XS I GlJAS PITTING in all Ha branches, at less than New York EASTCHESTER GAS COiUPANY. PI.V:TURE8 FURNISIIEU INTRODUCED J^IC H A R D B U R N E T T , PRAOTIO AL FLXJM B E R STEAM AND GAS FITTER, AUIN STREET, NEW ROCHELLE, Ordera by mail will reoolyelprc mpt nttcntloa. Q .E O . H . BROWN. 120 to 120 WALKER' st ' ., near Centre, N.Y DEALER IM GAS FIXTURES And overything pertalahig thereto. J S S M S K

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