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res, :s, eta. or. !R, iiO O A .x < i s n s w s . tees Tuesday ^ Tl>e Boni-d of Excise will meet next Mon­ day evening in the town office. The Board of Education of dietrict No. 4, will meet to-morrow, Saturday, evening. W. H. Bard has sold Mr. Meeks’s liouse, Third street and Second avenue, to Walter was appointed Horologist to the Board. Mr. John Russell who has the conti for the mason work on Mr. Deckers new buiiding has commenced laying thefounda- The series of sermons addv Woman’s Christian dll provide refresh- voters, on election day, at Tein- in Tuesday last at i May IMna Roberts. The Republican Congressional Convention nominated Alexander Taylor, Jr., at White Plains, last Monday. ' To-day, Mr. Tayl is out in a letter, declining-the nomination. Mr. Cappleman has made a very decided improvement in front of his premises on Bleeker street, by having a flag walk laic The work was done without an order froj the Board of Trustees, The Hibemioon drew a crowd last Tues­ day night, which filled Fourth Avenue Hall, as it is rarely fllled. The performance w.rs as jolly as ever, and Mr. John MacBvoy made the auditory shout with laugh whenever he apjmared. meeting wiU be held in ly afternoon. Sunday promises to be equally ^am o f age, son of Mr. Thomas Jevons, of a^ohester, was Idangerously wounded in the head, by the nccidental discharge of a gun, which another lad, named Heanv. was pnllmg through the grass. Hean gun by the muzzle, when [it -we charge passing up his sleeve and elbow, and then lodged in the sid out at the Jevons’s face and neo tho hotel (?f Mr. S. B. Odell, at which place ho still remains, being'in too critical ditioii to be moved to his home. To-morrow [(Saturday) the season. It lias become so Steinway HallJJs too small thousands>ho 'attend its ooi , -. night, the Sym­ phony Society willjgive the first concert of the season. It lias become so popular that loliold the 3 ooncerls. Tliis Jason, the Academy of Music has been en­ gaged, and there the concert of to-morrow night will ho given. The program is m up of Beethoven’s Heroic Symphony i overture, “ The Consecration of tho House,’’ and the finale of the first not of Wagner’s “ Pai-sital.” It is in this that the fam four-storied chorus accompanied with church-bell iriis accompanied in part 11s is to be heard. The pro- auty, grandeur and magnifi( ing,N e £ p 1, i andspecial lutes of previous regal special meetings having been readai- approved, the following bills were present­ ed and read. perance hall next Sun meeting last Sunday was one of the most interesting ever lield in the liall and the interesting. Fourth avenue near Fourth street, funeral services were held at the residence to­ day. Interment to-morrow (Saturday) at Greenwood Comelcry. Oil Tuesday night last the bams of Mr. A. S. Bates, a t Scarsdate,-weve burned, to­ gether with tlieir entire contents, consisting of crops, wagons, harness, etc., also tliree horses. The fire is supposed to have been tlie work of on incendiary. An athletic entertainment is to bo given to-night (Friday) at Sclieuermann’s Hall, which will consist of boxing, wrestling and club swinging. A dozen boxers are to ap­ pear, among whom is Alderman Jere J. Moore, of the EourtliWard. Tho petitions for lamp districts, ora lamp district, in the western part of the village are meeting with general approval. Enough lit, and wo have no doubt the result on tho other avenues will be equally good. Messrs. Fred. Drews & Go., coal dealers a t West Mt. Vernon, have sold out their business and their good will, together with tho property on which the coal yard is sit­ uated, to Mr. Charles A. Marks. Mr. Markt is a young man of good business qualitfe! and will doubtless soon rank amonj successful merchants of the town. !1 60; C. B. Hufnagel, p 80; Ginn, Heath & Co., ?10 00 ; Tower Man. Co., §10- Cowi>erthwaite&Co.,§6 GO; Q. A I > Iveson, Blukeman 6 §18 14; G. W. Smith & Co., §3 23; Chron­ icle, §0 75; Expressage, §2 40 ; Argus, §12- 50; Drews & Co„ §0 35; Preuser & Co., $0 80 ; Scribner & Co.. §14 00; D. Steiger, 65; A. S. Barnes & Co.. §25 63 : all of -cli were reported correct, and on Mr. Rudolph reported that he had obtain­ ed some figures on the cost of cemoi cellar and painting outside -woodwork the former, §250 and $400, and for the lat- !5. For cornices and brick work. adjoining Hitchcock’s Mr. Wm. Helms -will open, to- getablo market, in tli litchcock’s grocery, on street, between Third amlFourtliav As will be seen by his circular, Mr. ] preposes to bring about a complete r tlon in the prices of beet, etc. ^Ve fully commend liinx to our readers for a share of their patronage. The Rt. Rev. Bishop Corrigan, coadjutor to ins Eminence Cardinal M’Closkoy, will administer the rite of Confirmation, at tlic Catholic Cliurch, Tuckahoe, a t 10 o’clock, Sunday morning, and will consecrate the new burial-ground, recently bought by the Rev. Mr. Keogh, from Mr. Lynch. This plotof ground consists of ten acres, near to tho Stewart farm, and will undoubtedly be a popular place of into a popular place of interment. List of letters remaining unoEimed at tho Mount Vernon, Westchester Co., 1 _____ 1882. Ladies’lis 3, Mrs.rs. Keifer,er, Misiss Y.,Post Office, October 28,1882. Ladies’ list, Mrs. G. Hyde, M Keif M May Star- tin, Miss Johanna Moore, Miss Nettie Otis, Miss Martha Templeton, Mrs, John AVood. Gents List—Carl BosSenroth, Jolm Calkins, Harry Duncan, Mr. Dorrance, Bob. Gardner, Nathaniel Johnson, EddieKegan, J. Dayton were selected as tho officers of the iple for the ensuing term; C. T., Geo. K. Carroll; W. V. T., W. following V Temple for the ens W. C. T., Geo. B M. Hudson ; W. E., W. H. Hathaway ; W. A. R., Geo. T. Thalimer; W. F. R., Daniel Lewis ; W. T., Theo. \W. Burtia; AV. U., R. B. Disbrow; W.D.H., AV. F. John­ ston ; AV. Chap., M. N. Olmstead; W. G., at the residence of Mr. Geo. AV. Colby, last AVed- nesday evening, was e.xoeptionallyirtteiest- ing. AVliat made it so was the piano play­ ing by Mr. Colby, and tho singing of tlie AVeber Quartette, of Boston. Everyone of the quartette lias a pure sweet voice, and tlioy sing together witli wonderful liar- mony and unity, They are now tnaking a tour of the country, and the wish was fre­ quently expressed that they would public entertainment here st The Democrats have had two ratification meetings during the past week, one a t tli corner of Third avenue and Sixtli streei and t land, Fred Whittaker and At the meeting in Fourth Avem Mr. Robert O. Glover presided, i dresses were delivered by Messrs. Hutchins, ‘.Gen. Crook, of Brooklyn, and Messrs. R. T. Creamerand Edwin L.Ahbett, ler was an open Saunders presided, and address •red by Messrs. Jns. D. M'CIi Whittaker and Robert Bach. Robert Bac lessrs. Waldo Crook, of Brookly lishingi Mr. Hufeland offered to painting tho entire building. Communication was received from Miss fells relative to increase of s.alary as Ubra- an. As the matter of payment of librari­ an was one entirely in handset clerk, the conmmmcntion was referred hack. Cummunioation from Miss Piraley, rela­ tive to increase of salary, was received. On tills subject, the cliairman, without -i-acat- ing the chair, did tlie talking for tho whole loard. His com-se brought about a lively It between him and Mr. Hufeland. On lotion of Mr. Lawrence, the salary of Miss Pimley avns increased to $.300 per annum, —Give relief to sick or unhealthy horses, cows and poultry, by using Ward's medie- iiial food, for sale only at A. J. Gardner’s, No. 5 Fourth avenue. Silk Hats—Fii-st Quality—by one of the lost stylish and noted manufaoturom in Now York-from §5 to §0, at AV. AV. Howe’s, Clironielo Building. Tlie New York Catholic Protc building. leiicing'Oc ■man he nppoini for tlie ensuinj : n „ a t uing year, - carried. By Mr. Hufeland. That Mr. H. C. Apel be appointed clerk and librarian, (ku-ried. On motion of Mr. Rudolpli, Mr. Henry Hulm was appointed janitor. Mr. Rudolph moved that Mr. Toibeck bo re-employod during the pleasure of tlie Board, af a salai-y of §50 per month, Car- Mr. Rudolpli moved that Mr. Cliris. Mil­ ler bo employed to make up tax-roll of the district, at a compensation of $25. Curried. roil for October, §581 00 was prese ted and draft ordered for tliat amount. Tliere being no furtiier business, tl Board proceeded to make up budget i amount of exti-a appropriations to bo aski for a t siiccial meetiiigot district, as follow: Concreting cellar, §300. Painting Fences and woodwork outside of building, §325. Books and stationery, §300. Gervaso Evans was employed to keep the clocks in tlie school in repair, for one year, for tlie sum of §10. Tho Board then ud journed. irsdayday evening’ of this week. A special meeting of the citizens of iliool district No. 5, lurs e it annual 1 ir cutting •ent expenses, i hat they were lei mso on Thui At the last f ;rict No. 5, was held in the school- annual meeting of tho district down the cstims insutlicieiit funds to properly can-y o soliool, and tho meeting of Thursday ing was called to make additional app \ ^ b c o . man of tho meeting, after which, tl Board stated that they asked for §300 25 to paint the wood- GoorgeE. Fueolisel was chosen tlsair- of tho meeting, 1 stated that concrete the cellar, work on outside of school and fences, and §300 for books and stationery; After a very friendly discussion, relative ) the several appropriations asked for, in wliich Messrs. Babcock, Scliirmer, Rocket, Sternliagen, Lowenstein and others took a lively pai-t, the following sums were voted. §100 to concrete tho cellar. The amount asked for was thus increased, that a good job might be done. §160 to paint the wood­ work on outside of seliool-liouse, and nlmgen, y pai-t, the following sums were voted. ELECTION AND SELECTION. say in tlint connection, se that are really profcction, jl! made and elegant looking If you wish those Substantial, well have them, and invite your close iuspcc- '■ High Art ” and “ Low Feed,” Joy and Hub Something new indeed, tho result of artistic Oscar said you know, Unit our stoves made unesllictic and those terms were loo \’.S'\ lie could u( Tiic Duchess, AVhero t’is true utility and beauty are c( tl not have seen this years designs, chess, Tiiumph aud Garhmd’s so fliii Vill soon dispel ices, and for sale at low JIvs, D. Ferguson, First street, WOODLAAVN. Mr. AV. Nilsson lias commenced tlio building of anadditiontohis green-liouso. On Tuesday night last, [(sneak thieves paid a visit to tlie clothes line of Jh-s. Sidle), on AVoodlawn Heights, and stripped It of every article ou it. The H.ayes perforated metalic blinds on the office of Messrs.-JCaterson & Clark, are, by no means, netv. Tiiey were put on when tlie office built, four years ago. Mr. Olarfc has tho same kind of blinds on his residence in Mt. Vernon. Messrs. Calerson & Clark have justerect- ed in AVoodlawn Cemetery, on the L. AV. Parker plot, a h.andsome Quincy granite monument, at a cost of about §6,000, Tlie monuniont is on a5baso 6 by 7 ft., andstands 23 feet high. AVILLIAM’S BRIDGE. Tlie Oak Valley Baseball Club contem­ plate giving a ball, on Tlianksgiviiig eve, in Havens’s Hal!. A complimentary baU to Mrs. Elizabeth Heilman, is in contemplation. It will ; bably be given some time this ably be given some time this moiitli. At last theauihorities of New Yprk C..^ are building a guard fence along tho em­ bankment at the appro,roll to tliej;bridge over the Bronx. The Oak Valley.s and the Squibs played game of ballon Sunday last, -which resulte in a victory for the former, by a scoi-e < 24 to 2. The Oak,Valleys were to hav played the lohighs, loving gates and signs, aud putting tin in out of the way places, they broke pieces, a sign belonging to Martin^Sal The best way to put a stop to such depreda­ tions is to make an example of some of the miscreants. AVESTCHESTER. a grocery store ia the toctory hi A liberal reward will be paid for the dis- !i-y of tho pei-son who cut the lend pipe le well on the property of Mr. Clinton. In the Town-Hall, by Prof. P. AV. Bedford, 1 Tuesday evening, 14th inst. List of letters remaining unclaimed in AVestchester P. 0., Nov. 1st, 1882. Ladies’ list—Miss Gussio Brown, Miss Magret Kin- nell. Miss Maggie Lenahaii, Miss Irene Rcy- nolds.-Gent,s’ list—Peter Marten,Mr. Joseplt Mason, Mr. Thomas Randle. On Tuesday last, Officer Bradley arrested, in Now York, George Livermore, oliarged by Mr. AVilliam AVatson with petit larceny. Livermore was lodged in the cells in the town hall, on AA’ednesday. r, Nack has had liis bat ecently purchased by liitn, and is hav- rn nddition built thereto, tlie he old building. A irow fence would much to tlie appe.arairce of the prem­ ie difference between Messt and Clinton, relative to the division and Clinton, relative to the div line, has finally been settled'by a survey made by Mr. S. S. Haight, civil engineer. Now \lat tills matter is sel to sec a new fence erected. A short time since, the New York Catlio- lie Protectory was ordered by tlie State Board of Healtli to extend tlieoutletof their :r, by laying a pipe to low water mark, officers of the institution objected to the order, and appealed to the Health Board of the town, to determine vvhetlier the sewer i a nuisance. On Tuesday last, the lid of Health, accompanied by health cor McDermott, inspected the outlet of the sower, and at once pronounced it a nuis- irdered the extension to be made Rev. Fallicr M'Evoy received a very ela­ borate reception; on Friday evening, from tlie St. Raymond’s Literary Association, listance rendered by the young ladies, • fe.ature), was keenly appreciated, especially the vocal duet by the Misses Snyder, mid tho hi-illi.ant piano solo by sower, and ! and ordei Miss C. B. AVaters. Mr. Leonard's reading was natural and iiieasing, and Messrs. Dougherty and M'Grory’s rendition of tlie “Larboard AVatch,” admirable. Tlie real fun of the evening, however, was contributed by Mr. J. K. Murphy. His drollery-, wit and “ varied expressions” were magical, in their effects, oven the gi-avest roaring with “ inextinguishable laughter- ’ Fatlier M'Evoy seemed to feel actually refreshed instead of wearied by the entertainraeiit, and his response to the association was unusually liappyand genial. CITY ISLAND AND PELHAM. At two o’clock last Saturday morning^ the old Pelham Bridge Hotel, comprising buililings, one on eacli side of the road at the southern end of Pelham Bridge, was burned to the ground. Thirty years ago, Larry Fowler became landlord. After Ouse for has kept the place. Col. Delaney Kane's Tally-ho coach always stopped at tho inn, running toNow Rocliellc. The cause > fli-o is iinknoii. The loss is §15,000. Mr. Spurge’s principal loss is on funiituro' oil wliich there was but a small amount of insurance. iVt Cai'U’s ship yard, two sclioouers are on ) ways undergoing repairs. Tho schooucr iudeer is having a goiierul ovorliauliiig, aud sclioonei- Jolm T. Long is being fitted up for .service. .Mr. Cilrll expects to luive the m schooners will soon I keels for (he two i ;o assortment of now iiiillinery got iprisiiig all that is new ami de 1 in tliat line. Pavticul.ar attentio) called to the new sealskin he.aver hats. NEW EOCHELLE. Tlie work of raising Mr. B. Lamhdon’s luilding is being rapidly puslied to comple- AVlien finished, ItAvill he a great im- The Cowdrey imoperty, on Main street, opposite Rose Street, has been purcliased by Mr. Leonard Lang, foJ(.§3,07o, The pro­ perty consists of a two story building, and lot 42x200 feet. On Monday evening'.gast, a cowardl assault was committed on Mr. Leonai Lang, by one Fred., Fowler, who had be< in the employ of Mr. Lang for the pa four years, aud a man in the emj' ” “kas. “ “ iter. Fowler lei V days ago, and al vitli his friend, on Mon­ day, entered L-ang’S maWet, in the evening, and seizing Mr. Laii-f by the arms, lield him while the other fellpW beat liiiii in tile face with Lis fists. Mr. O Hoffmester. Fowler left Jl Lang’s employ a few days ago, and after an all clay’s carousal with his frienc —B erry ’ s S tore ,—F. ill T rade .-AVill our old friends—and their name is legion dilional favor of telling^tlieir newly arrived 'ib.ors, of tlie entire confidence have aiw.-iysIw.-iys reposedsed in tvivading-iii repo in t this lo died and popular family omporiui ariable rulele of this storeto 1ms been make no announcement that can’t he sus- An invariable ru of this s tained; from this rule there will be no di- lu stating then that we propose to offer to the public, during this fall se.isoii, fioi a stock close in value to §30,000, embracing rarietyin drygoods, faiioygoods,notions, etc., impossible to detail, such induce­ ments to buy as will make it ayiparent both time and money are lost in run­ ning down to New York City, we state what will prove to be positively correct. Of course this applies only to useful and substantial goods, and not to articles of ixui-y, generally more ornanieiital than Three-fourths of the goods sold in this store come direct from maimfaclurers and first Immls, e.xpen.ses are lower than in city stores, and goods siioiild bo sold accordingly. This is precisely what done at B erry ’ s S tore - idgo Bai-rolt, in Smircmo Court, Clinin. hors, l.-ist l iicsday conliriiicd the report of tho roteree granting a decree of.divorce to . Lauteu in his suit for from Ills wife. Mary LiiiiK was an alleged coudomitio.* ... .... offense by the hustj;i*4 and tlie follow! document was produced ns proving his sai tlon of her Unlawful intimacy upon wliich the divorce suit w-as based : “ Mount Y’ernon, June 5, 1881. I, Jl.ary Liuiten, of this place, loforc wife of Edward A. La lo be sold to F. Junson for the tlon of §1 legal money;” ITpou the same paper was the following: “ Received of F. .Innseu §1 considerailon money for which I ti-ausft'i- all my rights to said Mary E. Lautcii.” Edward A. Lniiten. Judge liarrctl says: “ This pretonded sale ivas plainly a viry poor ■tupid joke to wliich the defendant and Jam son have .sought logivo life. It may quieted what was left of their conscience, hut it eamiot <k-cc-lve any oiio of ordinary con ustice is not to bo frustrate such trifling.” The transfer of the Air Line BOUILLON, 245 UraDfl Slreet,, near Bwerj.: SPEC IA L T IES. PLUSHES AND SILKS. 319 lu. SILK PLITSH, §150; positively S22 in. SILK PLUSH, $325; sold IS BLACK GItOS-GRAiN SILK. fiifpiisbES BllESS SILK, 10; positively worth ® BLACK CASriMERKS in nil the celebrated makes DRPSS GOODS. Special Bargains This Week. po«Uveifw?:!-tl'i l l f \\ ■’ PURCHASED AT TRE^ GREAT AUCTIOJf SALE SEESpS,;ffsss Tlie transl jnsolidatei road to tl ednesday I iwing vote : “ That the presiden iiorized to deliver possession immediate­ ly of the raili-oad property under the lease tliis day approved by the stoekholders a dated August 31, 1882, without waiting: tlie execiitioii or approval of the lease by the lessee corporaiion. All the riglitsot this company under the pooling contract shall revive as of and from October 1,1883; but that if said lease ia so executed aud ap­ proved by the lessee corporation, said lease shall be deemed in force as of aud from October 1 ,1882.”-Palladium. BROADWAY, midSOth Street, l-iidci-the JtanaKeraeiit of Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY On-Iicstcr stalls, SI 50. Balcony, 81. Circle, 50c. EVERY EVENINO at 8 15: over at 10 45. THE ’SQUIRE. lY/rADISOSr SQUARE THKATRE. i-V-Lai st., ndjointiiB Kltth Avomio Hotel. !l st., ndjointiiB Kltth Avomio Hotel. Every Evening at 8 30. Satun YOUNG MRS. WINTHROP. p j E. DOEPEL,’ I-^iaiTo Warerooms. SCOTT’S BRIDGE. TUNI.N'G anil REPAIRING, a siicclality. PIAI q H. COWAN, Dealer 111 PMOS-AliD ORGANS, No, 31 EIGHTH AVENUE, JIT. YKIINON, N.Y. Dry Goods. !» AMIllEMiT, OUR OPENING LAST WEEK REACHED THE PINNACLE OP .SUCGESS, CON­ SEQUENTLY AVE PURPOSE TO CON- ^THTOE IT DURING THE PRESENT Grand Bisplay HANNIGAN Olias. Sciimidt’s (Formerly OBELTAS.) COAL YARD, TOWN DOCK, ■JEA l S T O H E S T E R . BUST qUALllT 01- AVILKE.SBAERE. LEHIGH & PITTSTON O O . Principal Office—DECKER’S FURNITURE STORE, FIRST STREET, Jit. Vernon. aa. JAM E S BAKKER & SON, O O A l R A l N D w o o d . VIRGINIA PINE, OAK AND HICKORY : w o o D . Cor. South street aud White Plains Uoad. Oflico, W. Collins’s stationary store Fourth a' S¥ll Blankets. Blanlcets. Suits aud Cloaks. s s a s i s i ™ * ™ TO OTJK PATRONS. HAlM4BOimON; J. ROBINSON, Carpenter and Bnilder. SHOP—^THIRD AVE., adjoining the Epis­ copal Cliurch, E. RAYMOND, HOUSE CARPENTER & BUILDEE Groceries, Feed, etc. Cor. FIFTH AVE. AND THIRD STREET, itOVSV VKtiXOX, N.V.. Dealer hi FINE GROCERIES, FLOUR of all Grades, Sclecled Tens,Pure Coffees & Spices, B - U T T E R a n d O I - I E E S E Fi-om tho best Dairies. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRCIT, CANNED FitriT AND VEGRTABLES, Ami a full variety of otiicr goods usually kept Jn a FIRST-CLASS STORK. A. L. REVSOLDS & CO., GEOCEES, IIT and 119 Fourth Axe.. Between Second and Third Sireclst. 3IOTTNT VEKNON! J M. DEARBORN, G K O C E U , FOURTH AVE., bet. First and Second Sts., JIOrKT VEUNOX. Goal and Wood. ESTABLISHED 3SC5. AN BEOS., JDealers in Builders, Plumbers, Painters, et al. •J)AVID S. COOPER, Carpenter and Builder, aiT. VERNON. N. V. Flans and apcclflcntlons furnished at reasonable rates. Jobbing promptly attended to. ]:pREDERICK _MAGER, Carpenter and Builder, Wm-rE PLAIXS UOAD, near Stevens ave., JIOL’SVVERMOX. T^y H. BROUGHTON, Oax'penter and Builder, Cor. FIFTH AVE. and FOURTH St. MOUNT VERNON. Jobbing promptly attended to. ■^yiLLIAMBANTZ, MANUFACTURER OP Cari’i’dges and Business Wagons Of Any Description. WHEELWRIGHT AND BLACKSMITH, JFOlUril AVENUE, NEAR BRIDGE STREET, JIT. VERXON. .Tobbinz Of nil klmls nttcndcil to promptly. Q IL TYLER, lENEEAL HOUSE P. HANGING s i i i 3 3 i s « “ LE PAGE.__ HOUSE PAINTER, PAPER IIANGEP. AND GENERAL DECOILITOK. y £ VARIAN, Jf., ‘ o u e ' i S I o o e b ,” PIUST ST., cm- SLxlIl .U-c.. JIOUNT VEHNON. GROCERIES, PEOVISIONS, etc., FEED, HAY AND STRAW. lyrEW STORE,—THIRD AVE -L J . AND KINOSliRIDaE ROAD, E A S T CHESTER, CHOICE GROCERIES!, ,out!, PEED, HAY amlSTRAT/, irAHinV'AIIU, etc. Loose lln)', by tlio load, at lowest rates, rms Cash. R. BEATTIE efc SON. Q B. HAZEN, C H E A P G A ^ . n STORE! Cor. THIRD AVE. and FOURIH ST., JIT. VERNON. CHOICE enOCEllIES, FLOUR, FEED, cfe., oft-. ’ Q . E O . H . B R O W N , 113& 115 WALKERST.. near Centre, N.Y. DEALER m GAS FIXTURES ' S :'IS?K \ n M e ( J r A . a ! G - A B ! G - ^ S I UJTnSGJtnanitsbranelies, at less tknn Now York EASTCHESTER GAS COMPANY. FIXTURES FURNISHED 1.1.1 GAS INTRODUCED, S M S i S f e j i t . I^IO H A R D BU R N E T T , PR A CTIC AL PL tJM B E R STEAJI AND GAS FITTED, MAIN STREET, NEW EOCHELLE, Olliers by mall will rceelvo prompt attention. FALL ! F A ^ L L ! FALL ! W I I s T T E B Winter! Winter! Clili,Cli!|, GITS’MffiHWG GOODS. H . A . T S , O A . P S , I T r u n k s a n d V a l i s e s . IN LARGE VARIETY AND AT LOWEST PRICES. The Leading styles alw-ays on hand, lh»t 2, can be found in tho line for Men’s, Youths’,Boys’ and ChUdrea’s Parties in the habit of Buying their Clotb- ing in the City, will do well to cull at the first opportunity they may get, and convince themselves Tluit IT IS THEIR INTEREST TO TRADI M. BEENSTEIN’S T H E TAILOE & CLOTHIEK, 4 4 FOURTH AYE. JWhero they will always find a Urge assortment of PANTS, PANTS, SHIRTS, SHIRTS, SHIRTS, SCARPS, SCARFS, SCARFS. THE LATEST STYLES. H a t s , OF ALL KINDS. TRUNKS, . TRUNKS,S TRUNKS, STRAPS, STRAPS, STRAPS, GLOVES, GLOVES, GLOVES, ALL GOODS WARRANTED AS REPRE­ SENTED, OR MONEY REFUNDED. CLOTHING JIADE TO Order Order! Order! IN THE LATEST STYLES AND GOOD FIT GAURANTEED. DON’T FORGET M. B e m s teiu , TheTailor&Clothier, 4 4 F O U R T H A V E ., 2 ^ T . V E R . l S r o l ’^ , Mow' Yoi-k

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