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1 ?AI'E k S 5 i « S ;o f s in eliisscs ves, EEEW. , 3 « AVEXrE EKOI.IMI ON \VAI!E ,es. L O O A - I j I S T E W S . f“ ‘ moi'o than that of Mr. Yoni Tlie firo department of this village will \’“i’*'® \inoliii bo inspected on Friday ovenina next ,n,t, R ’'’am“l)Io. ■ Tlio iv o'clock. Note tiro paragmpli oiloring for sale the grist-mill of Messrs. Beattie & Son, East- Nc.xt Sunday evening, Eev. Dr. Hiscox will deliver a discourse to Alliance Tomplo of Honor mid Resolute Section. ing, although ! will nn-'-'-'*''lias more niaoliinory andis;nc t a t S ■ The resolution having he adoiitml, Messrs. Fee and Qitackinhush wc linted on tlio committee, gontleuum named John Hayes, w hve.s in Central Mt. Vernon, lias lost ti children recently, and has two more lu seriously sick. One of his neiglihors, Alder- Moore, has a child On Monday niglitlast, tlie office of Mess Jenkins & Cameron was brok Nothing of value Chester M. B. Oiiuroh Araminta, yesterday ing will bo lield at Kapp’s hotel, ay evening, for the purpose of per- ,e organization of tlio Mt. \Vernon Amongiiong thomosten noticeahl lid ho olas th in tlie village, should of Gould’s building, linn ns, ling,, corner Stevens and Fourth avenues. As will be seen elsewhere in ourcohnn the grist-mill, etc., with engine, boiler appurtenances, of Messrs. Boat Eastehester, arc for sale. Jtr. ^V. A. Anderson has just linished re­ pairing and papering the meeting-room of Clinton Hook and Ladder Co. The work has added much to the attractiveness of the room. It seems tliat Adams street is at last to bo graded. TJio persistency with wiiich the measure has been in-essed, and one difficul- Tlie viliage assessment-roll fools •?;1.875,7S0. As there are about 4,000 fiOxlOO, in tlio village, tlic valuation of tlieiu is abou igo assessed Mount Vernon Firo Department, will bo held at the truck-house, on Friday eve: September 32nd, from 8 to 9 o'clock. iwe, after his two months’ ing upon iiim, Tlio New Haven Railroad is not only put •itcli for Messrs. J. H. .and D. AV journ in the mountains, greatly impro- in health and fully able to resume the h iness duties devolving upon iiim. iplnint would defendant rejected the proposition. Jiirt be­ fore llie case was called, Justice Shepard dis- tlmt the complaint lind been mislaid. ing in a switcli for Messrs. J. H. .and D. AV. Miller, next to Mr. Pemberton’s office, but it has put in anotlier on the south side of tlio platform, east of the station, for Messrs. Burton & AVatson. o’clock, in tlio afternoon. Last Monday niglit, tlie feed store of Mr. A. J. Gardner was broken into, and an at­ tempt made to open the safe. Tlie tliieves did not succeed, hut marred tlio safe con­ siderably, by knocking off tlie ornaments. The picnic and summer niglit’s feslival of St. Jacob’s Churcii, at Dieckmaim’s Park, on Tuesday afternoon and evening last, was far ahead of any they have over given. It was largely attended, and was a success socially, and on account of tlio many pre­ sent, must Iinve been fiimm Tlic complainant demanded llie bill of costs and said lie would pay it and go with his case •0 the grand jury. The justice renewed searcli, and found the complaint, to iiloaded g The justice lined Jlooro §10; hut at Iho rt quest of McClellim, the fme was reduced t' t.to cover costs .. - . ------- ----------------liave heou remit­ ted, as the defendant left ilic court without paying it. Last .Saturday afternoon the Vernon ih of Mt.t. A’ernon’ernon andnd tin ii'ball club of M A a tlio Alci fuckahoo played a game on tho Chester grounds. From the play of hotli clubs -{jji ing tlie first throe or four innings, it nil- it peared tliat they wore evenly matched but by the heavier batting of tho Alerts in . E. S. Spurge, hospitable host of the; lias built a new ear feet into llie water; accessible for boats aiicinlly. 0 well-knowi I Pelham Bridge Hotel, causeway, extending 100 making ins float Is a t tho lowest tide. It also enables fislicrmen to enjoy tliemselves without rowiug out into tlie bay. The conduct of Alderman Moore a t the ig of the Board of Trustees was !, and it is high time tho Presi- lembcrs compelled him last meeting i scandulc 1 tlie otiier members compel to conduct himself in a respectful and or- dent and i Slurs, sm remarks made at and to associates sliould not be tolerated. It is probable that tlio boring of the ar­ tesian well for the Mt. Vernon AA'^atcr Com­ pany will ho begun to-morrow. A delay of several days has been due to making pro­ vision for a water supply for tlio engine. \ icmed best to dig an ordin nary well ose, and in doing so, a bed of licksaiid was struck a few feet below tlie for thatjpuriiose, and in doin; this town, for tlie scleelion of delegates to tho, second assembly dislnct convention will be Iicld Jiondny evening at Roe’s hotel. No one can s.iy llmt a fair and ample notice 1ms not boon given. If llie delegates chosen should not prove accept- abio to the absentees, the latter will have ! to the absentees, the 1 tliemselves to blame for tlieir negligence. The Bemocratio pi-iinaries of this town will be held on Monday evening next, fi 30 to 9 o’clock, a t tlie following plac First District—Delehanty’s Hotel, Fittli aventie, Mt. Vernon ; Second District :e Hall, Tuckaho • perance Hall, Tuckahoe; Tliird Distrii OdeU’s Hotel, Eastcliesler ; Fourtli Diet Mansion House, Central Mt. Vernon, llowing number of delegates for tlie eriil conventions will he chosen: District.AVsSyfCounty “ “ E l i ! AVIiile tlio Shepard, in tlie charge against MeCo: and Jourdan, for an attempt at rape young woman who employed MeCorniick to take lier from llie depot to the Infant Asylum, has been dragging its slow length along, affording the lewd and lascivious to ratify tlicir depravity at tho expense of a oor girl, the District Attorney and tlie by indicting the two rascals, une oi uieni, Jourdan, was arrested yesterday and lodged ill tho AVIiito Plahis Jail. Justice Fee, at the meeting of tlie Board of Town Officers, last Tuesday, offered a ssment- 1 if tlie assessments are fairly made, Ho said tliat in Tuckalioe, some poor men are assessed by the lot several times as inucli as other men are assessed 1 the acre, altliough, in liis judgment, tl land is about equal in value. He also sa X. Mnsterlon is assessed man Moore, lias a oliild who is also very sick. Near tlieir places of residence there is a lot, oil whioli an excavation for tlie foundation ofa house was made some time It is partially filled M’ith stagiiai ago. It is partially f water, and the Health Offleoris of tlie opin­ ion that the sieltness and death of tiiese children are due to the condition of tliis lot. Carelessness, ignorance and indifference ha%'e Ihus caused tlio death of two cliildren and bronglit tlireo more to do.ath’s door. Mr. Hayes made a oomplaint to tlie Board of Trustees, and the latter referred tlio matter to the Committee on Streets and Sidewalks. Mr. Hy. Rabe liaving removed liis lagei beer saloon to Fifth avenue, Mr. E. P. Ful ler is now in full possession of Steinwa; Hall. He lias cut a door through tho i wliich separates his store from the nerly occupied by Rabe and iiiten ;k the latter witli a splendid ajsottinent parlor and otiier furniture. Tlie im. provemenls lie is making are considerable and will make liis store, when compileted, the largest in the village. Stoinway Hall itself is undergoing a complete metamor- pliosis. Tho walls and ceiling are to be fres­ coed, a permanent stage is be erected, a new piano is to be furnislied and cliairs like tliose in tlie Reformed Chapel are to bo Tlie cabinets or gun-racks intli Separate Company are to 3 gallery and as tlio latter is now open from end to end, tho windows at tlio ends Uioreof will aid very raiieli indeed in venti­ lating the liall. Mount Vernon will now iiavealiall witlu a gin-mill at tlio Oi Tuesday morning, the case of AV. AV. liiu vs. Jero J. Jloore, for assault mid hallery, conimittcd on tlielsl inst., was tried before Justice Shepard. Before llie case was ition was made lo the defen- npliiiuant, that if the j^rnner would resign from the Board of Trustees and coiistiihle-ship and would pay costs, idrawn. The AVESTCHESTEK. ■Justice James Jarvis is being put fo ward, by ids friends, as a candidate for tl Tlio assos-smont roll of tlie town of AVestolioster liaving been eomjileted, it will he open for inspection until Sept. ISili, inst., at tlio ollico of tlie Town Clerk. Sirs. II. St. John has leased Jlier place at On Saturday las't, four lads were arrested, for stealing a horse, from Charles Zimmer, wore looked up until Sfonday, wlicn tho youngest were sentciioed to the Protcc. tory, mid the other was sentenced lo die Albany Penitentiary, for six mouths. Ex- Jiistico Jarvis appeared for tho boys, liad die appeared for tho 1 eopeued, mid after an m ill diseiiarged. A week ago, yestordiiy, Jacob Rodier re­ siding at tho Bleach, iuipoiiiidod a cow be­ longing to jnliii AVrigley. Tho latter brought an action nguiiist Eodlor, for the recovery of ids property, and damiiges, mid the case was tried before Justice Bible on AVednesday last. The justice issued a writ of replevin, and gave judgment, for mnoimt of damage claimed, viz : $12 50. together with §10 costs. favor. Tlie Vernons sliowed mt were weak a t tin rntiiiiimings, llicy forged mo stood two to one in lo tlio better fleet footed. Sevci antage of being tlio ; ;ral two base hits made by the latter club and one man, Bono, made a clean lioiiie run. Some very xirctty calclips were made by tlio Vernons, espe­ cially by Sngemaii. The game was un­ necessarily delayed on botli sides and be­ fore it was iinislicd darkness came on, with tlie Vernons at tlio bat a t tlio ending of tlie last iindiig. After tlicy had scored two runs, the Alerts refused to finish tlio game. The umpire declined to give a decision, Tlie score stood ; Alerts, 14; A’^ernoiis, 9. Tlie attendance at tlie opening of the public soliools of District No. 4 compares very favorably with that of last year. In District No. 5 there is a falling off, wliicli attributed to sickness. Tlie figures are I follows: Eil MO .»on.lay-aovcn^£«wj^ffi... V days ago, Mr. A by virtue of a bill AVilliiuii AV. JIc- of sale or chat- lixtures and furniluro of Mrs. k possession of tlie stoclc, liluro of Mrs. Rotliscliild, iseliushand was engaged in tlie hoot slioe business, on Fourtli i nil in New York, for several hundreds or ollars, for a part of his stock, and he liad een trusted by them, so they claim, upon ilse statements made hy Rotliscliild to ccordingly, tliey began an action m, and obtained an order false statements tlicm. Acc( against Iiim, rest. Tins order of Alderuran Moore, lie roiiiesentiiig him- seif to ho a deiiuty sheriff, and by him Rotliscliild was arrested and taken to AATiito Plains. Tiio Slicriff refused to receive tlie prisoner, because Moore had no riglit make tiio arrest, and tlie result is th RoUisoliild is likely now to bring actions for false imiirisoiiment against Moore and tlie plaintiff who caused liis arrest. Moore was deputized by tiie Slieriff, to act as a special deputy and as soon as lie Iieard of this transaclion, lie revoked liis autliority. Moore was the constable wlio hold llie goods under SrcClcllans iiroceedings. He 1 $-J0 for Ills services, and over ibis inled $-J0 for Ills service and McGIcllnn liad a v assaulted McClellan, and sail im all apart. For tliis lie angle. Finally , and said lie ipiirt. For tills lie was ;siilt of tlie proceedings lotlior coluniii. How a majority of people of tlio Fourth AVard could prefer sucli a man to Mr. George E. jciiscl, iiassfts coniprohonsion. mid tear lii tested, and Tim now bell, of 418 pounds, f AVilliiiin’s Bridge scliool, wliieli was ex cd for tiio one of only 200 pounds, hr placed ill position. A game of bnsebiiU was played tlie residence of Mr. T. P. Hyde, town of AVeslchestcr, on Sunday last, between Ihe Oak Viilloys and Lehighs. The .game was won by llio ialler club ; score, ,10 to 7. Oil Tuesday evening last, tlie Oak Valley Biisoliall Association lield a picnic ia JfcTiirk’s X L G E Park, and tho society have tlie proud satisfaction, of knowing that it was tlio greatest success of tho seaspn. Tlio grounds were not only filled, hut tiio miilti- tiuio was quiet ami orderly and seemed bent on enjoyment without riot. Two member tlie metropolitan police force were in iitti mice, hut they were more iOrmimcntal t —A large lot of Hamburg edgings, fi lOo. up to 35c. a yard, reduced to 8c. up to a yard, to clear out stock; good for weeks only, at L. Rosolier’s, No. 04 Fourtli ave., opposite ArciierBros.’ grocery GEEEMBAOKEaS IE aONVEETIOE. In response to a ’ call issued by Mr. S van, of Yonkers, for a convention greenbackers, for the purpose of placing in nomination a candidate for congrea lunty ticket, and- also to reorganize tlie unity committee, eleven Greenbackers, ven of whom were from Eastehester, as­ sembled in tlie parlor of Swift’s liotel, on lursday afternoon and organized by tiie lotion of Mr. Sullivan as cliairjnau, and Mr. Robert Marks, of Bastcliester, as socre- war began. Capt. Lloyd refiqiliated the call. He said tho party is disorganized, that tliere is no iiity committee, and tiio call was not iperly issued. It had not been widely iblicitylicity iuidn been enougli circulated j no pub i given througii tiie party press, and burst of eloquence and forcible g ?d upon thestate ctmiiiiilteeinaii iiri insider ins grave responsibility as ■ eloquence and forcible gestures, called upon thestate ctmiinilteeinaii present lis grave respoi mitteeiiiaii of this great dist The question on llie adoption of tlio call was called for by 5Ir. AViiUinsoii. C’lipt. Lloyd claimed tliat no iiorainalion luid be made. The party was not repre­ sented. He was there not as a delegate. Capt. Lloyd of trying to break up the meet­ ing and of being a bolter. Mr. Swift said tiio 'itiiout nonuuating Smith. On Tuesday last, George Newbold made niipliiint before Justice Bible, tlint James Vance had slolen a horse belonging lo Iiim, while it had been left tied in froat of tho tifeniises of Air. JamesAVaterbury on Monday, It appears tiiiit botli complainant and de daut were a carousal togetber. and latter took«Hie horse, and after driving it greater part of tlie day, returned it at night, in an nimost exhausted condition and jiiticdi bruised. Vance was arrested on Tuesday, and Jolm Conway and .Tames Gnliaglier bonds for bis appearance incourt, on AVc n llie case was called, he could Willie the occupimts oi Mr. Hart s house, on Throggs Neck, were out taking a walk, tho neighbors discovered tho lioiisc ffi he on lire, and on entering tlio premises, it was found the tiro iiad started in several pliicos. Tlio alarm was spread and the engine soon responded, and put tlic firo out. The house was occupied by two families. Tlic building is insured in the Liverpool and londou Insurance Company for $3,000. II. Hart, of the tenants, we understaud has $t,S00iii; ou furniture, and tho other tenant lias . iusuranco on furniture. The principal damage done, washy water. CITY ISLAND. City Island added six lo its population, ist week. fr. Josepli Powell’s new it by Mr. Saiiniel Boolli. A pcaeli and ice-cream festival, by t' Golden Sheaves .Society, was held in t lecture-room of tlie M. E. Cl day evening of this week. A party from Harlem, together witli tho ilkers from Carll’s and Hawkins’s ship­ yards, liad a Rhode Island clambake, at tho iowemul, oil AVednesday last. Tlie bake was under tlic sujicrvision of City Island’s cliief caterer, Mr. Micliael Knapp, from Carll’s yard, and was ail that tlie term Rhode Island clambakeimplics. To Messrs, Richard Costello and Jos. Baty, the credit of getting up tlie affair belongs. gardener, Mr. Ingalls, and ordei move out of tlie liouso wliicli lie ^IIlgalIs) lile the latter coupled, immediately. ’ ad gone to secure a lioi rove, Belden hiredd Gonstaonstable C Anderson to ■lire in tiio street, wliicli lie did, and it remained tlierc ail niglit tiio rain. Ingalls lias commenced an a tion against botli Belden and Anderson. On AA^ednes tlio men on be yard were at work scraping tho masts, ’file maiii-niast liad been scraiied, aiidJames Smitli liad been lioisted aloft in tlie swain's cliair, to sorape tlie fore-mast, tlio same time tiie rest of tiie crew were on deck, hoisting a boom aboard. The fore­ stay liad been cast loose, and the strain on the mast broke it short off. It fell agaiii.st tlie iiiain-niast, breaking it off also, and botli masts and man went overboard. In tlie fall, .Smitli was killed instantly. He was a young men, recently married and re­ sided in Brooklyn. Coroner Hylor lield an cliester. —Fred Draws & Co., are now delivering coal to parties laying up for tlio winter, at low prices. Como and see them before rise In prices and while lliey Iiave a stock ou linnd bouglit at low prices, and iniiko your conlrnct at presout rates, AMOODLAAVN. There will be spcoial exorcises, of tiro na- ure of an entertainment, in tlio Jhurcli, a week from Sunday next. Mr, E. H. Isbell, the button maiiufactiir- or of AVoodlawn, has about completed all the arrangements necessary for tlio nniiiu- at Union Collegi years ago. ing at AVoodlawn, it seems to us ■ apparent to need any urging, and is almost miraoulous that frightful acci­ dents are not weekly or daily ocoiirreiices, red tiiat u^i- wards of 130 trains pass that station, every jllego and Madison University, ordained to tlie ministry in Sclieneo- tndy in 1831, and became pastor of tlie Bap­ tist Cliuroh in that city in May of the same year. Four years later lie became pastor of tlio Sansom street Baptist Church, Phila- deliihia, remaining there he accepted a call to tiie : call liaving been read, M I its adojition, and imin lit as a Greeubacker, a Mr. Anderson said th urred last year. Mr. AVilkinsonilkinson thoiqught tho tlie question decided once for all, wlio had the call tlie convention and accused MaoArtlmr is pastor. Dr. Gillette ret ed witli that oluiroii for IS years, and ii during his pastorate tliat the society pur- olmsed the tiiree lots on AVest Twenty- tliird street on wliicli their present edifice lated. He had mucli difficulty i property i ligned to ill-liealtli, and wen time, and on ids return, in ISO’4, iie beoain 'irst Baptist Churcii England he established tiie most fi relations witli tlie Baptists of tliat coimi to America lie hecE a correspondent of tho London Freeman^ tlie principal organ of tiie Baptist donora- iiiation in tliat counliy. Wliile in England Dr. Gillette delivered a course of lectures ire tiie students of the Eev. Mr. Spur­ geon’s collogo on \ Fastoral AVork and Pul­ pit .Power.’’ For a sliort time after ids re­ turn to this country. Dr. Gillette was Cor­ responding Secretary of the Ameri- aiid Foreign BiWo .Society, For some six montlis, ho was pastoral supply of tlie Baptist Churcii in village, when ill health eompelied Rev. Mr. AVilliains to retire. During his residence liore, he won the es- steem of all wlio knew Idm.those out of ids trouble had been gone dien Nieliolas Smitli ran for 'entioii tlioiiglit it best veiition was recalled, Mr. Swift moved to accept tlio call, strik- ig out that part referring to the noiiiina- ion of county officers. Cajit. Lloyd offered officers. Tliis threw Capt. Lloyd off his guard. He got mixed and voted for tlie motion. He did not discover timt lie had been caught iiaiiping, until lie moved to re­ ject that part of the call relative to the nomination of a capdidate for congress. He was informed by,tile cliairuian, that the call had been adt^ted and his motion was out of order. Tlie captain, in high dudgeon, arose, and starting toward the door, said he would withdraw, as lie tould not participate in any siicli proceodfags. Mr. Wilkinson f^id he hoiied tho captain would not, after tkUmg up so much of tlio time, withdraw, and go^to New Rochelle witli any niiscoiiceived notions of the ob­ jects of tlio meeting. Tliis quieted the cap­ tain for tlic time being, and lie sat down. A motion to proceed to nominate a can­ didate for congress, was made and adopted. Mr. AVilkinson named H. J. Bartholomew, of Ti-emont, and ho was nominated by ac­ clamation. filkinson moved tliat a of five be appointed tojnotify Mr. Bartliolo- mowof the action of the couv'Cntioii, and in case of Ids non-acceptance, tliat tlie coui- miyeo liave power to fill ids place. Mr. Cutler, of New Castle, was mentioned as one of such committee, and Capt. Lloyd as asked if lie would notify Mr. Cutler. The venerable captain was riled, and ad- incing two or tliree stejis and shaking ids ■ayay locks,cks, liee tliusus addresseddressed tiiei chair: gr lo li tli ad t “ YoHareeitlierafraiidof the firat w.ator, or else you don't know how to respect the principles of a conscientious Greeubacker,” “ You can ou wish,” q Tlie business of the coiiveiitioi clowii ns ed, a motion to adjourn was adopted. Immediately upon adjoiiiumeut, Air. Swift moved tUat a cimirmau be elected, and that leliug consider the rcorgniiizatiou of ic motion was carried, and Mr. Anderson, aslchester, was elected chairmau, and Mr. Marks, secretaiy. Mr. Swift moved lo proceed tho county committee. Cimieil again harmony. Ou motion, Mr. Anderaon was elected cliair- inau of tlio county committee, Mr. Cyrus Cutler, vice cliairman, and Theo. Jlullins, of New Rochelle, secretary. It was resolved that tho oflieers just elected issue the call for n county oonveiilion. the After indorsing tlio princijiles embodied in tho Chicago adjourns and state pliitfoiins, tlio niccling til engine, boiler and all tlic necessary iftiiig, pulleys and belts; also cider mill, til large pircss, 20 barrels capacity; saw mill, 12 circular saws, all hi good ruiiiiing order, with an establislied ca.sli l)iisincs.s, will bo sold clicap, on easy terms. Reasons for selling—otiier business occupies all our lime. For further iiarliculars, apjily or ad­ dress R. Beattie & Son, Eiistehester, N. Y. —Flour and food I—Fred Drews & Co., 100 , arc solo agents Leaf Family Flour. I'cct near post office, a coleliriitcd Gold Leaf Try it mid you will always use it. relig T ou ^ otioes , ■ ai 5 « ‘l e » J , S l ^ J = The Eev. A. D. Gillotl lotte, D. D., dice days- ago at Bluff Head, Lake George, wliere ho has been spending the summer at liis country iiomo. Dr. Gillette was a lial AVashington county, tliis state, and born September 8, 1807. He was graduated- he accepted a call to tiie Broadway Baptis Churcii, in Now York, Tlio chiirel edifice was then known as Hope liapel, afterwards tho cliuroh removed id built what is now k 10 Calvary Baiitist Cliuroli, Twenty-third street, of which tin Q B. HAZEN, CHEAP OASI-I STORE! Cor. THIRD AVE. and FOURTH ST., this village, wlien tlie Rev. Mr. I ng his residence in n of all wlio knew liim,tl church as well as tliose in it,by his freedom from cant and liis manly but gentle cha­ racter. Ill 1873 lie became pastor of tiio Baptist Cliurcli in Sing Sing, and succeed­ ed in ridding tlie eiinrcli of a great portion of its heavy debt. On leaving tliat charge he went back to New York and resumed his connections wifli tiie ciiurcli of which lie had formerly been pastor, expressing a wish to bo a member of it until ids death, and then to bo buried from it. He also acted 11 - some time as iiastor of le cliurcli in North New Y’oi-k. AVliile at u-atoga, in 1880, attending tlie annual an­ niversaries of file Baptist denomination, ho liad an attack of iiariilysis and was an in­ valid from tliat time. Tho death of his daugliter, Mrs. Nonnan Dodge, and of his son. Col. James Gillette, muloubtedly hastened liis own death, ns heniourned their loss very deeply. Dr. GillcHo leaves a widow and tlirce sons—Dr. AValter E., Daniel, and AVilliam E., all living in New York. Before going to Lake George, Dr. Gillette made arrangements for his funeral, requesting tliat it be attended from Calvary cliurcli by tiio Eev. Dr. blacArtiuir, assist­ ed by the Rev. Dr. G. AV. Sampson, of New York, and tlie Rev. AValter Scott, of No New York. Dr. Gillette was an iiely popular man wlierever known, ing to his kindliness of manner, taift in the sick-room, and genial ways. He was a deep-thinker and an able preacli- er, and his largo Iieart and cliristian spirit made him a great favorite witli his profes­ sional brothei-n, as well as with tlie people wliom he iiad charge. CHIS. SCHMIDT’S (Formerly ODELL’S.) COAL YAKD, TOWN BOCK, E a ^ S T C P I E S T E R . ISEST QVALITY OP AVILKESBAERB, LEHIGH & PITTSTON O O A . L . Principal Office—DECKER’S FURNITURE STORE, FIRST STREET, Mt. Vernon. # | = P S 1 S Pianos. J J P. BOEPEL, iP i a n o 'W a i’er o o i n s . SCOTT’S BRIDGE. TCXING atia REPAIIilXG, a speciality, PIANO II. COWA^|,^ PIAi\0S AND OIKIANS, No. 31 EIGHTH AVENUE, 3IT. VERNON, N. Y. G-roceries, Feed, etc. J M. BEARBORN, O K O C B R , FOURTH AA^E., bet. First and Second Sts., 3IOVNT VERNON. JOHN J. PAY, v i S S u S ' S S l S S S S V 3[OltNT VJ3RNON. Clioiccst Teas, Wines and Liquors, III Great Variety, V A R IA N , Ji’., CSnci-cssoi- lo llaiison & Varlaii) \OUR. C-ROOER” 3 FIRST ST., 001 - Sixth Ave., 3IOVNT A'ERNON. GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, etc., FEED, HAY AND STRAAV. E AS TO HESTER, CHOICE GEOCEEIES, FLOUR, FJIFI), HAY mid STH A'tl', HARDWARE, etc. loose llay, by tbo load, at lowest rates. Toi-ms Cash. R. BEATTIE & SON. Groceries, Feed, etc. J O H Y E T i n H S H A L L ' Cor, FIFTH AVE. AND THIRD STREET, MOUNT VEHNON, N.Y., Dealer,In PINE GROCEEIES, FLOUR of all Grades, Selected Teas,Pure Coffees & Spices, ■BUTTER and OITEESE From tho Best Dairies. FOKKIGN AND DOJfESTIC FNUIT, CANNED FIIUIT AND VEGETABLES, And a full variety of other goods usually kept h FIKST-CLASS STORE. A. L. REYNOLDS & CO., GKOCERS, 117 and 119 Fourtli Ave., Between Second and Third Streets. JfOUNT VERNON* AIT. VERNON. CHOICE GROCERIES, FLOUR, PEED, etc., etc. Coal and Wood. m ’ABUSlIED tS03. TAMES BARKER & SON, tf Dealers In C O A .L A . N D W O O U . T.TARTMAN BROS., X X rDcnlera in \VIRGINIA PINE, OAK AND HICKORY W O O D . LOCUST ^ n i l ^ N ^ P O ^ S ^ HARDWOOD Cor. South street and White Plains Road. Onioo, )V'. J. Collins’s statloii.'iry store Fourtl Builders, Plumbers, Painters, et al. jy r J. ROBINSON, O a r p e iitei” a n d B m ild e r . SHOP-THIRD AYE., adjoining tlie Epis- copal Clmrch, JiOl’NT VERNON. N. Y. JOBBING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. .’^yiLLIAM BAIS^TZ, Carriages and Business Wagons Of Any Descriptiou. AYHEELAVRIGHT AND BLACKSMITH, FOURTH A^*ENUE, NE.Ul BRIDGE STREET, m \ VERNON. Jobbing of ull kinds attended to promptly. II. BROUGHTON, C a r p e n t e r a n d B a i l c l e r , Cor. FIFTH AVE. and FOURTH St. 310UOT VERNON. Jobbing promptly attended to. J^ LE PAGE.__ HOUSE PAINTER, P.VrEU HANGER AND OENERAL DECORATOR. Q .E O . II. BROWN, 113 & Ito WALKE r ' s T., near Centre, N.Y. DEALER IN GAS FIXTURES Ami everything pertaining thereto. i i a i i f i s ? ! G- a Y S ! a . A S ! FITTINli In nil Its branebes, at less tlmn New York E.ISTCHESTER GAS COJIPANY. FI.YTURES FURNISHED aid GAS INTRODUCED, 8 !S r -& K ? S S ^ N t.V e n .o„. I’UILIF LUC4S, Jr, Sunt. amlTrcas^ Clothing. 4 4 FOURTH AVE. GEAND OPENING M. BERNSTEIFS T H E TAILOR & CLOTHIEK, N E W 8TOEE, 44 FOURTH AVENUE. call is solicited from tho public to examine our NEW STOCK OF SPRING & SUMMER CLOTHING Men’s, Yoiidis’,Boys’and CJiiidren’s New Novelties in KCA.TS and O^FS. New Novelties in STRAWHATS for MER& BOYS. New Novelties In Scarfs, Ties, .Bows, New Line of L iin e n C o l l a r « & C u f f s . New Line in Silk Handkercliiefe. New Line in L i n e n H a n d k e r c l i i e f s . New Line in SUSPENDERS, New Line of TRUNKS. New Line of VALISES. New Line of SATCHELS. New Line of UMBRELLAS. Special Line of CLOTHS AND GASSIMERES, FOR CUSTOM TR.VDE, SlitsMafleo t Orfleri Latest Style. FAIR DEALING AND LOW PRICES IIAVE PROVED SUCCESSFUL, AND WILL BE MAINTAINED. Give him a call at liis Neiv Store. M. Bernstein, TlieTailor&ClotMer, 44 FOHETH AVE., L I T . V E B i i s r o i s r , Ne-w York. 44 FOURTH AVE.

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