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4 . THE CHRONICLE. * F m » A Y , OO'TOBBKt 16, 187 i . ■A. Litwrenci*, Jiio. M. Siiilivan, W. Buek- I Greenburgh- ' Ell. Dougherty. Jacob Dusenber:v, ; bout, E. F. liopkic. Jr. ' II ..... : __ w n u .f fj H arrison—Eih.varJ W illetts. Lev.i.'iboro—N. M. Wuii.U'U ,? 5 M ! a S ! 5 S 5 5 n ^ I — tE S S K . Esq, ot Greenburgh, to-day. Hunt. The Republican County Convention re- X*nv Ciistlo— W. G. Ackerly. - ^ - - - r . Davids, nominated I). Clark Brigg.s, Esq., lor Dis­ trict Attorney, and John Kuester lor Super­ intendent of the Poor. They also nomin­ ated Henry B. Archer for Register. FfStST ASSEMBIiY DI.STKICT, The dplegates from the city of Yorkers, the town of Westehe&ter, ami the three old towus of W*st Farms, Kingshridge, and Morrisania, (now constituting the 5;trd and 04th wards of the city,^ to the eouvention calk'd to nominate a candidate for member of assembly met at Pelham Bridge Hotel, Tuesday, and had rather a stirring time, m consequence of the presence of several outsiders who were under the influence of bad liquor, and of the unfortunate circumstance that t far away from the protecticiii of any poi Atr. Wni. Havens, of Westchester, called the meeting to order, and the names of Mr. Hugh Lunny\ and Mr. Abraham S. Radclilfe v/ere pro­ posed* for Chairman of the convention. Then the disturbance was commenced by the outsider's, and was resisted by the delegates, so that a regular melee ensued. 'Furniture and other articles were smashed, revolvers were drav/n, and a hasty retreat through the windows wius resorted to by many. The'\ outsiders ■were finally overpowered and ktbdued, so that the brisiness of the conven­ tion was proceeded with, and Mr. Lunny was elected Chairman. From the 23d and 24th wards of the city of New' A'ork. and two w’ards of the city of Yonkers, there w ere two sets of delegates, the respective claims o f wliich to seats in the con­ vention were adjusted by a committee appointed for that purpose, and the following weiv admitti-d. Twenty-third Ward—Charles Monk, Michm-l Lennon, John P. Rice, Jcunes Reilley, John Robertson, John Mooney, P. Kane, D. Malone, T. Conners, Lawrence Green, Lawrence Dacy, Pat O'Hare, Wm. Balmer, Wm. Lonnehan, Twenty-fourth Ward—John Bussing, P. Me Carthv, Sl. E. Reilly, Fred Meyer, ChaiTc!s New Roclu lie—W. F. Davids, J . M*. Lawton. .North CiLntle—J. H. Hobby, North Salt-Ill— »Gco. M. Goldsmith. Ossining—B. G, Tompkins, Z. shend Yuuu! ;orge J. Sency, Lambert, <d Chaiipaqua, an eniil the R( .eck ; William <|. happaaua, and Mosrs W. Fkli, of Cowdih is a w ell know'u nn rchiujfc George J. Sency, of MamupuKc: _____ _ , LidMtW ard ’ Mr. Cowdih is a SCMOOIi The folltivviiig statistic.-! are obtained frttiii the ntmual report^. of the several districts o f tills town, and are compared with those of the prc-’cdin\ ^eui*. InsTiuor 14o. I - E.isTCiiusi nu. ls7-’-:i, 1873-4. li 1 ning—B. Richard Terhunc, Towns! Pelham—G. rfembler. Ponndridge—Jus. P. Finch. Xtye—Wm. Ryan, Chris. Weukeiibucli, .Jas. Dusimberry, .Tas. Shay. Bearsdale—iiirum EL Beiiediet. W estchester—G. \W. Cooper, Mich. Roach. Soiuer.s—J. S;n kett W right. W hite Plains—G. S. Lvon, J . M. Smith. Yonker-s—-J. O’Keefe. Thos. Genion, Chas. S, Mcrcei-, F. ML Ran, J. H. Kelley, Thomas Dalton, Ed. 1“ Yorktowii- On motion the cluiii appointed the following committee on pi-rmumut organization; B. Ged- ney Tompkin.-,, Chas. T. Mercer, N. G. Fosliay, w in. Ryan and TJieo. Stephens. The com e n ­ tion then adjourned for one hour. A t half- past twu they i’c.isseiubled, and adopted the report of tlie Committee on Organization, who recommended E. F. Ilopkie, of Greenburgl!, Geo. n . Sutton and Thus, II. rcdd.m ts; and Jas. Ryan and . . . ___ tr, t were j K ranston, P; M’'!ialen. -Sidney Smith, Ezekiel PaluRr. the cluiii uDiiointed th e folluwii -Sidni B. Coffi] [e Clark, Gormly, J. rthy, M. E. Reilly, Fred Meyer, Cl B.'Valentine, Chris. Kt enan, Pat ffin, Wm. Martin. Westchester—Hugh Lnnny, Pat. J. Kellett, Thomas Bible, Thomas O’Brit-n, W. H. IFaters. Yonkers—.Tohn Lacy, Thomas Elgan, John Kennedy, G. W. Eau, Jacob Reid, John McCall, Michael'Welsh, J . J. Widman, E. Wbaloh, Robert ~leville, Pat Curran, John3leGmvan, 3leGmvan, M. Mo( The nai Shiei -n 1 Iv. ited by some of the friends of ^^Ir. tie did not desire the nomination, and first ballot Mr. Shield received 30 of irran, John M. Mourn y. of Hon J . C. Courter and Dennis as candid.iteh for membei Neville, P a t Curran, John MeGo The names R. Shi of Assembly. It w'as htati Courter that he di; on taking the first ballot Mr. Shield rtceivet the 43 votes cast, whereupon his nomination declared unanimous, and the nominated appropi ately acknowledged the compliment. The following persons were chosen delegates to the Congressional Convention: Charles Monies and John Rogge of Morrisania •. M. E. Reiley and B. B. Valentine of West Farms; Patrick Gormley, of Kingsbrklge; Hugh Lunny, of Westchester; Thomas Eag m, and Peter XL Fowler, of Yonkers. SiSCONB ASSEMEIiY BISITMICT. The Democratic Assembly Convention of this district, met at the Central ilotel. W hite Plains, La.st Tuesday, and was called to order by 3Ir. Y'erplanck, chairman of last convention. The call having been read and approved, Mr. L. D Huntington, of New Rochelle, was chosen chairm a n ; and Messrs, S. A. Marshall, of Kvi and J o h n Berry, of Eastclu-ster, secretaries. The credentials of the dei'g.ites were ihei The credentia handed in, as follows: Amble for president; Geo. y l. Kellov,Kelley, foror \ icece prcdil.iirc<idents f \ i p ; N. (4. Fo.shay, for .secretava .secretaries. Mr. Hopkie on as.suming the chair, thanked the convf n iionfor the honor done him; anil added tliat as the hour was late, and he a man of business, not words, be would md venture on any exteinkd remarks, but wait the pleasure of the conven­ tion. A motion was then lutide to proeeeii to the nouiinutiou of a district attorney. Messrs. Sullivaii of Grecnlmrgh, and !•'. W. Kowx* of Yonkers, were fippointed tellern. Messr.s. Robt. Cochran and Wm. Romer of W hite Plains, J. H. Cornell of Rye, N. II. Baker of Sing Sing, and W. A. Hunt were m>min:iti «l. The first ballot was infurmat, and le.'Ultcd as follows: Whole, number oi votes c.ist, bT. Robt. Coch­ ran, 30; Wm. Romer, 8; N. H. Baker, 3; J. H. Cornell, 0; and ^Y. A. Hunt, 6. formal ballot. Judge Cochran hiul Romer, 9; J. H. Cornell, C: N. W. A. Hunt. 0. to her charge. L^pnn nioiu)] tiou was er, 3; J. (-)ii the 32; Wm. H Bilker, 4; Judge Ci'cluan'snoi tliere'upon made luiaiiiu'ons. register. Mr. J. W. La-adon nouiimited Mr. Thco.hco. Pine, deputy regii T P and Mr. Gstmn imnated the ir. Fine : 21; and on motior 3Ir. Ostrander, the nmninutirm of Mr. Pine was er, Mi% B. S, Dick, Jlr. Fine had SOV )tes and Mr. Dick 21 leriutcndent of the poor, there wus quite a coiitest. ballot, Wm. Mubie ot Cortiandt. rectived 14 made nnanimum^. On sups juor, there wus quite a cont Ou the first v'otes; J. H. Ni-wman, of Mt. Pleasant, 17; C. JL Swain, of Corthindt, 12; Silas Guyoii, iM Somer.s, 9: Peter T n inor, of Cortiandt, 4; and Wm. Lockwood, of Bedford, 1. Cm the lecond Chas. R. Swain 13; Silas Guyon, 8; and P» Ir. Sw.dii then withdrew' i: liable, and the third ballot reMilted In • Newm: Traiiior, of Mv. A Mabie. 2.1; Newman, 20; Guyon, 10; uudreat- t-.'ring, 2. Thi-re still being no t hoicc, a fourth ballot was taken, in which Mabie had 30; Newman, 13; am! Guyim. 3. Mr. Mjibie’s norninutiou was then nuide unanimou-r For Justice of the Sessions, Mr. Wm. C. Ho ve, of 0.-.dmng, liad 3I‘>; and Mr. Stephen Billings, of Cortiandt, 1^-. Mr. Howe’s nomination B edford —B. J . Ambler, Chas, E. Jackson, J . B. McLean, S. B. Park, D. McLean. E astchester —P. L. McCk'lun, E. Jlartin, J. Berry, A. Palm, Jr., J. Duify, S. B, Odell, j M. Horan. G eeex p u iioh —W. H, Vaiiderlnlt, Smith, Col. Aloller, M. Diviny, D. Geo. B. Taylor, D. Verplanck, B, F. Hopkie, Th(.?. Mayer. P. .M. Rand-ill, H aseison —J. E. Hare, J. G. Lane. M amaeokeck —F. E. Wul.-li, A. S. Benedict. N ew ' R ochedue —Geo, W. Davids. \\L G. &ecur, W. R . Humphry, L. I). Huntington, Thco, Pine. N orth C a -TL s e —D. R. Hobliy, A. F. Reid, Casper Odell. P elham —J as. Hyatt, David Lyon. R ye —R. F. Bi-undage, S. A. MarrJmll, P, V«rdon, W. Young, Thomas K. Downing, Jon­ athan Purdy, Thomas Poshay Se vESDALE—Chauncey Seeor. W h ite P laiks —H. B. Ford, Juo. Bud way, R, C. Downing, E, G, Sutlicrland. It was then moved that the convention pro- . ceed to nominate a caa<lidate for Member of As.scmbly. The following gentlemen weremamed; Clias. M. Scheffeliu, of E.-istche.ster; Geo. E, Y'andcr- burgh, Maruaroneck; and Col. Sam’l W. John­ son, llye. Moved that the first b allot be a formal ballot. Soae* discussion ensued, b a t the iiotion •was carried. The ’oallofc was then taken, and resulted in the following vote: whole number of votes cast, 48; Chas. M. Scheffeliu, 32; Geo, E. Van­ derburgh, 3; S. W, Johnson, 13. Moved that the nomination of 3Ir. Schefielin be made unanimous; can-ied. Mr. Scheffelin was notified of the honor con­ ferred ou him, a nd in a short address which was received with loud applausee, he thanked the convention, and assured them of his dett r- rnination to do .all in Ms power for the fucccsh of the whole ticket. ReUL loiuk' unanimous. Forr Coroner,uroner, Eugtugene of Pelt.urn. had ( L Brjfai Flood, of 11; _ Y'onkert., M: W. P. Purdy, o f lk e, 12; Alfred Lawrence, of T irrytown, 9; and Thus. Young. , of Ryi'. S. Tin* iiiniKs of Met -rs, Lawrence I and Young wi-x'c; then dropped, ainl the seconil It, J. H. 11,idiot rcsvilU'd in Flood, 20; Purdy. 20; and Gillespie, j jpqip 0 . Mr. Reid then withdrew in favor of •i VVUUlt Remark?, were made by Pemberton, of Eastchestcr, Cornell, of R j t. H o p k ’e, of Greenburgh, Thus*. K. Downiug^ of Rye and S. J. Purdy, of Rye. Mr. Downing prefaced Ms remarks by offer­ ing the followingresolation which was a d o p te d ; Mtsolte'2 —^I’hat this convention, on bcJralf of its member and the people they represent, ap­ prove and endorse the platform of the Dem­ ocratic Liberal State Convention, held on the 14th of September at Syracuse, as embodyin.g the true principles on wliich the State and N a ­ tional Govemments ought to be administered; and th a t Samuel J. I'ilden, the candidate for Governor, and his associates on the ticket nom­ inated at th a t convention, are eminently fitted for the stations for which they arc se verally named, and are appropriate representatives of those priaciplc-i; a nd w'e pledge didntes our hearty and w'e pledge 1 undivided support. —That thc thanks of thi ' convention and the people h e represent.:, !ive justly due to Hon. ClarksuE N. Potter, our ri pbr-ientative in C’ongreCM, for the able, faithful and nonristent m anner in which he has represented his d istrict In thu Congress of tlhi United SbiUs. And that his record is one of which itis constituentr. are justly proud. The coEventiow then elected the following .del agates to the Congressional Convention: B, I;'. Brandage, G. W ,'D avids, Camper Odtdi, Hy. iPorti, T. Randall, K. W. Edmonds, ^Aaron Ben- ledict, E. F. Hopkie. Moved the delegates have power to fill ’Tncancieii; carrk'I. Tlie convention then adjourned. but to no cffi-Ct, as the neYfc ballot F lonl’s Mr. Purdy; i siond Flood, 31; and Purdy. 2o. ination w .isthe i made un:inimon.s. It wu-'. t lu n moved tliut t i e chair County C’ommirtee, and aanuumi app>oint e t! the he same ty through the prcbs; after which tlm convention, the niort orderly and gcntlenmnly county con­ vention tlie party has held for several yeui'N, adjourned. The following ib the County'Coni- mitr* (•: Fir.'t District—George B. Pent/, John Hun­ ter, Duuc JL Kuo.v, James (.kuirtcr, Gc.*rg. Cooper. ticcond District—S. fl. Marshall, Robtrt W. Edmoinfs, lYm. Ryan, N. llolnwa Odell, L. D. Himtingtiui. Third D istrict—George H, Sutton, C'urt'> r 0. Childs, M'm. H. W right, David Adams, ton, C'uqit r t Ryder, Mlfi a'latE TEl«:iPE33.ANC!K COMI'.L’S'iTION, The tenijicrance people held a comention at 'hitc Plains on Wedne.silay. J Lack of sjjra prevents u.s from giving any more than their ticket. <TOvernor, Myom H. Clark; .Re;jri.ster, Ed. Curtice, of Yonkers; Di-lrict Attorney, .D. Clark Briggs; Coroner, D. G, Gorham, Mum Kiseo; Justiee of SezsionP, Dwiglit S. Heaie] . Peeksivill; Congress, Wm. H. Van Cort; A‘'S*.‘m- bly. First District, Geo. R. Tremper; Beeond District, Dan’1 M. Van Cott; Third District, R. M, UnderJiill, Yorktown. The Democrats of this euunty, comprising the Twelfth Congressional Distrii t, will hold a convention at Mt. Kisco, on the 21.st in.'^i, to nomin de a candidate for reprc-;..-ntative In Co] gross. The Republieun AF.n‘mbly Cunvenfiun of the Thm i Assembly District, ni'et .it Sing Sing on Werln..sday, and re-nominated Hon. James TV. Husted. ©tJia SEPJSESEH'ariL'fflYU IBI COKGKESS. Since 3Ir. Potter ha.s posilively deejined to be candidate for Congress at the cowing eletlion. le , J promint nt. and at the A.>^s.’raHy’ Conven­ tion of this district held lost Tuttdiiy, the Con- cp-essinnal delegate.^ appointed are understood to be in his favor. For a ivhile Judge Ctichmnseem- but he wua Indncc J irutions for theles'- promint nt but impt>rtant office of district aP orm The “ Herald\ s a y s: “ As Mr. Cku'ktvu N. Pott deeliiics to Le a candidate for i e-duet ion to Co e d:;mocracy appear somewhat atalor's table successor to that gentleman. Aiuoi tho'ir prominently mentioned in connection wi the nomination aie 3Iarcu.s L. Cobb, ek-Assembl man Henry C, Ncl-on, N. Holmes Odell, the present County Treasurer, and Wm- H, P<*mb'-r- ton. Fm’ th(‘''''!irae office on the Republican hide C e r For the ''iirae office on the Repub aied G. Hilton Beribri'T, e.\--Secj COa7rt!3S’'ar C01SrVENTS©2f. T h e Democratic County Convention was h eld yesterday ot Moran's Hall, ami was called to .op'ter by*N, Holmes Odell, I/jq, Mr. Chap. H. Cteteader, of Ml. Vernon, was. elected tempo- a'an chairman, and Mr. N c k o n Foshay Co'rthiad- he e /Mli l fomid that there wtLV, not a rtagle ^contf sting It, teinporat:.' siicrdary. A fter tii lai h a d been reai.l and approved, and it was Yh& credcnti’fl-i v.irc bunded in, md th a t there wtLV, n o t a rt'agb Thu miM“i of the dl.dcgalea are Jiic following: Bedford— W. Loskw o o d , -T. G. B m rii, Dun'l Cortlawb;—Geo. H . Buftena, Geo, E , Kraft, T. !J. Carrv, Isaac Crtmk, ikterTraiat-'r, K G. F,/-Jijiy, R. Sw.im. Eartchester—Joii. Bclit'?hoinq G. H, ‘O'^iran- L. A . R ich , Dyrlus Lyon. :ret.ary' of C, Cowdm un these, h'»w- tc Senator Wm un w ill iiUimately accept the noiuim tion, in accordance vviUi a ‘pretiy gia i rul dcAire ■which sueitii-. to protail smong hadingniembomof til*’ perty. In ca-c of Judge Kcb..'rtHbnK electio] V hich mig’nt almoot he tern sioii, it Wf»uM not iukifc] duties ut Albany m'.vt winter, m the second term of hfeCongl'cs Jbiml exir-b nee •wrmjd not Commence until D ermhtr, lS7o, The ruiinty, ai. its territorial (..visted before a'Droxatinn, now’ fonns the T w elfth Congrcssionol District, hence thechnncei in favor o f aTtepubherin victory arc materially augmented, Masmijeh as Rnehlaml and Putnam l omitf* a, which formerly heluiigcd to thu district gemTolly gave Ditnocratic nmjnrith s.» O f th'i Bij'fiblfean oandWa’cs, Hr, Am inrst W ight is cur fimt clmiwv Hu has proved him adf an incorruptible merabrr o f the Ac^'cmbiy, and a rcllat'lc and m-eful IcgDIatoy, The ' ‘ T micF ptfla he appropr lag year by th: cii-ui d. The rcvuliitkn was ably snppurl Dr. Voumuns, of Ch* stir tir Hill, who clainn ot the biwer part of the distri some point conveifin Voumuns, of Ch* s lb ■ inhabitants ot the li. < ul sMcncis, as a mattar 4S childri re entitled to a : i'h< d at some point conveifn i tlu ir Dsidcncis, as a m a ot r ii h t; that childri ii betivccu the of tivt isidiug ij there ' and twenty-o «if the distrii Hill did not '• droad ti' fi lUld liavi istrict; ' that thu inhcbitauti lot wish to nd theiir r.ulroad tiv th.' si lino] in Mouni 1 rusidiug in the lower part at thu inhcbitauti o) Chistcr to nd thei cldldivn across the nt Yi rnon,, wheretbeyheretbey uciij S s the on w vould have to puy tuition fees; and that tliuy ilimight the uistanCv was too great to send ilu ir ehiliirun to eith-r *4 thu srhools at present liPwiUcd by the district at BroiLwillc and L'nion Corners. Dr. Y’oumaus also pave other n .t-sens in support of tbr r.-^nlution, wMeii we h ivc not space to give at length, Mr- Jehu IV. Sagunaii then nriAe, and in a few brief reiPurkN gave it as hb opinion th.at the resolution was a wrong and an ei Jrage, as it imolvid the impesition of a heavy t n\ en a large, number of people who had livud ia lbs di->triit fur twenty year, or iipwtinD, Juid would be merely fo\ th'e eoni enience of a few (Mi'pb. who liadtii *i ru' i nfly moved into i t : that there were bridgis a e w , the railroad, over which thi dreii; and that for lus part, he halalitt!-. hoy whom it wuy. ncce.-arv to edui.Ue. but that he u the lYlir.iry DivnauT\o. 2-lUioNxviLi.E. XumnerorU'iicl'ui-?...................................^ -T '• in tilt- ilislrii-t ........... 847 :54a a 111) .attend Silim)! Ri», 1.... *I4 7.1 Iclffard’ Mr. Cinvdih is a well known nni ig business in New York, and has long I ifjficd %viUl the T welftli District. He reer Rejiubliean ncminatuin lor Senator lU 1-—, lUt dedinca it, owing to the pressure ot busunvs 'Kt 5 a«^cnic.*ntH ” All iin-1 uioi*c% w*t*] 1 bv Mr. Cowdin; and if lu. ihnuld be nominaitd i ............................. anddeeted, thcreisno doubt he wuukll'eauhuimr j “ ehUdm^ to the district. | Vvciage attwulam'e , ■ .. . .. ........ -------------------- I XuinUer Ml’Yi iunieii ill S c l k o o l i C l e c ‘t i o n s . BSS^'KYCX X»'irifln3EHt OTWO. Oil the evening of Wednesday, the ISlh insl., the aumial meeting of the inhabitants ot bchool District. No. 2, of the* ttovn of Eastche.-ter, was held in the schoal hoirtp at Bronxville. Promptly .at the liour amiounced in the notices, the meeting proci edcd to oiguniz\ by the election of Ml. J. M. Musterton us Chairman, and Mr. Wm Edgar Mastertou a?. Si'cretmy. Tlic first busines.-' of ordi i being tlie election of a trustee in the place of Mr. Fiaheis Bacon, whose tmui i-f ice e.Yi.»ired, Several nominations were made to the vaeaney, Jjui iis all the other candidate.? dined in lu'vur of Mr. Bucun, the diction nlted in a vote of 43 ballots, all in his favor, J the tellers ha\ iug reported accordingly, Mr. eon wa.s declared dected. The report of the Treasurer fur the past year w as the.i read and submitted to the meeting, and, on motion, was accepted and placed on file. 4 he pqiort of the Board of Education was then read, including a thoroupdi reiiort to the Board from the priueipai o f the Bronxville school, Mrs. Grace R. Sanford, on the condition ot the school conimiilecl charge. m motion, the n pc>vt of the Boar.l iff Tras- es w as aecept“d and pluceii on file. The appropriations rceomminidcd for the ensu- g year by the B(>aril of Trustta s, amounting in tl.e 'aggregate to the sum of .S3,900, were then sepurufiely consideruil and passed by tin meeting. </u motion, the sum of $100 was appropriated for the purpn.-:e of fendng the school lot nt Uni* Corners, and the further sum of for the p i pose 111 ' painting the said sdioul. A re.''Oluti«,n was tiien offered, uppropri.itmg the sum of $2,000 IV.r the purpose >if i.-tabH.<hlng ;i S' hool at the lowci cud ol the dirtrict, in or near Ciiestu' Hill. Mr, W. H. Arclur prupused an umciidmcnt which, it carried, wmild virtuuliy defeat the resolution, and prolonged disins.-iun en-ui d. The resolution was ably suopurti'd bv •• '■ \ ' ■ ■' • ■ d tba't listrict Kuniher («l teachor.s....................... . elnMiX '11 ill ti)e ilistrjft ... Xum herof teacher^ .............................. “ clnliUeu ill riie ilistvk-t .. “ who iitleiulcfl the schools Averase attenfiancf ........... Xumljcr of vuiuins in the hbr iJisrnitx No. :J-TuoKAnoE. l£7'|-3. 187.’M. “ who atu iulc ‘1 the schools ............. :;78 387 Aveingo atlciuhtucc . ................................. gfis 211 Number of YMUum. ^ ia the library . . . . . . . . 100 100 l)isn t icr -No. 4—5l'i. V kukon , etc . Is72-‘h 187.FL : : : * l ' i irary ......... L! U 7 o 13 I 4 Dis'inrur No. 5 -Wnsr Mi. Vnuvon.* „ 1872-3. 1S75-4. Nuiuh. rof teaihovo ................................ 0 e '• chliaicii in the district ............ TOl 7i''» who attended the schools .... .mi Avevapre atuudanoe................................ laa m Number of \ ohuu' s in the library ........... 117 t ^^‘2-3 we were unable There arc several facts given in the aliove conqauisnn which are not gratifying. The most noliceabic one is the deereaf', not only in the average attendance of the pupils in .some liistricts, but also of the number of eliildren in the tibtiicts. In N<*. 1 the tot.al attendance is eleven le.ss, and the number in the district has fallen oiriil. In No. 2 the total uttendtmee is 23 le.'^ and the moalier in the district 0. In Ko. Irthe number in the district is 29 less tli-an it was last year, huttUo lUlcudaiue is slightly greater. The library .statistics are w'orth notiniA Districts One, Two, and Four have 471, 543, and 1,324 volumes ie-.pectivclv, while districts Tim ............... i Dist) district clerk read the results of the school election and meeting. Mr. E.-‘terbrook moved to go into an election for president. Mi‘. How’c,' in a neat little speech renomimited Mr. Z.abriskie, referring to the ability* he lead show'n in the position, his i x- perience in school matters, and his abundant fit­ ness for the post. IMi'. Esterhrook said: I sup- po.«;e it ii?n’t—well, I nominate Dv. Gregory.” The two speeches fitly* presented the candidates to the board, iindi nothing more could he done, but allow the cabal which had met in Mr. Esterbrook’s house la.rt, Saturday* night, to eai'ry out their secretly ai'- ranged programme. Mr. Tilton appointed Messrs. Howe »nd Morrisi as teller!^, and the lir<r. ballot was aaiiouneed. Gri ory 4, Zabriskic 3. Blank 2. A second ballot \i then taken, and resulted the same as the first. A third ballot -^vas necessary*, the result was, Gregory.’), Zabriskieaud 3, Blank 1. Dr. Gregory on assuming the chair, tlij.aked the board and hoped he would dis­ charge the duties ofthc office to merit their approba­ tion. Mr. Esterbrook again took the floor, and nom­ inated -Mr. Howe for secretary. Mr White nominated Mr. tueehFel. but the latter declined. The vote stood Howe b. Blank 1. The ejection of clerk was next in order, and here the cabal was defeated. Mr. Fuech- sol ncminated Mr. Sleight, and Mr. Esterbrooic nt ■ lated Mr. Clurkson Jem 10 and Five have only 1 O 6 and 117. rictet No.O. Onene thehe libraryibrary hasas decrcecreased Dism A u t i h d during the year G1 voluiue.s, w*hiie those of Nos. Tw*o and Four have increased 130 and 374 .vobmiiM respectively', c.vct'licnt coiulitioii <f are mainly due to Mr. B. W. Tilton, whom pt opie uf the dbtrict, in their blind fear fury, refui-jvl to i-e-elcr t at their aunual meetiug la- t week. increased 130 and 374 . ^ ^ The rapi..l growth and excellent Coiulitioii o the last named lihrarv the fear and eij to x-e-clc-f t at their annual Taking into consideraiion simply the ordinary expcmlitmes of the .-.evei'al districts, the cost per tchohir, based on the average attendance. It. as follow s : District Number One, $40; Dis­ trict Number Two, $55; District Number Three, $27 50; District Numlwr Four, $29 40; fiCIJOOJ^ L’lNANGIAL UE2?Oa'rS. ’1 he f. Jlowing inten-stingiigure.sare obtained luui ibat for l:o. -par., hr li.rU littijS''; ‘™ .ul.c himi.fI reports of the sever;,! school it wut! neci' -ary to educate, but that he dirtiicts of tins town, and arc couiprared with tlu'sc of iho preciidiiig year: would consluer it ounugcou? that for tin nppropriatii'ii of thri kind imTely to h » h . hisis sonon Irnmrom wulkiui;ulkiui; a shorthort tlFtancelFtance thrunghhrungh tht h s f w a s t t the mud in bai yvcathcr. A f lu a few* mure n ucirl;' from Dr. Yuurn nis m support of th*'* measu 'e, ji whh h he stated that ihe rnuVH- .>f th\ rcsuiut'i. that ihe rnuVH- uf th\ rcsuiutiou did neJ an); tfic di triet to build thf m a new 'Cjiuol, iiur to piurchase thi' laud for that purpose, l»i, only to make tUL appr-liihition in <)rd(r to allow the' ])eople of tlm 1 mw > i par* <0 the di-triet tu make a beginning, uiui that thi y would deb 1 a king for tmfhcr appropriations ijli future luctt- iugs. Mr. 11. O. Gluvtrthen took the thur hr Oi)io itien tu the irholufu n, and in an ;ibk ad­ dress stated that .a.s the approprirtiun asked bo- was cniU -s *u!\ ujily an e n taing wedge, hou’aidd, if it weiv In order, inuve ur an inneuduient that the rttm of $25,o:.ii) bv ippropriutul for the desired object, Us such a >clu « d sliunkl be built (if any ) as nouUl bi' u credit to C hester Hill, and that, u’s his property was situated in Unit neighburhoul, it might be indirectly bem fitted. -After further dis- eu.ssicn, in which Mr. R. AIcK. Ormsliy udvoi ated the adoption of the re-Jution, and .Mr. tbuyer advocated the umcndnn nt, the debate wus e’.osed bv* Mr. J. M- Must<rt(iii, who, after < ailing Mr. M. L. Sykes to the el.iiii', took the Hour, and proved cuBi Insively' Ihui die sc-hnols at pn -iiit mahitaini d in the d^fi'k t arc hicalC'd as near Ihc centres of populatiun of the district ns it is poisj- ble to place them : that, they are abimdunfiy luU - i|iu\te t-o the educational nece JLiC'of theui^trlct: that it would be jibf a'* nece-.-ary for flic di.-irict to build tyvo ncyv'K houls us it would be to t vt.ib- lish the one propo.- d by the resulutiun; and that the piopoS”d measure would, If curried, involve an exjicnditure of money that would be iinmea.s- urahly gre; J ' r thnu the benefit to be derived from it. Further disen-siun bciug obviously'maiect j- sary to enable the n.ecthig tu Vuta in'teJlie. ifily upon the resolution, ihe qia- tk n was pul tu the meeting, upon Mr. Mfirterton rtsum'Ing lla chair, and Mr. W. H. ArchcrY nmendmeut vvar: wn-ried by an overwhelming Vute, thus dcuating the .cppvoprkUions ashed lur, Tlie meeting then ud- journc 1, alter p tiding and adopting the minub.s. Owing to an expectation gcnendiy enti rtuiued by the inhabitants of the di'^triet, that laea-nrtv w'ould be introduced involvin g the imposition of heavy taxes, tie meeting yvas attend' d by an unusual number uf th .- uw-nerM of property vvlthin the dirtriet. The nu a, nres j;tropo.«:cd vve D isxiiict . N o . 1—K.ysTcrinsTiit. lU'CEll IS. B.iUiuco on hcuii Oi'toi ev F t ........ . . ^ 4 ui 3 s AuiuiUit rvi vnvtlur^Uite apiHirlvai- AritiiUit FDiHUvcd iTDiii taxatiou uw-nci'M dirtriet. The nu a, nres j;tropo.«:cd vvea-e di.- enss' d in a very* abl cud exhaustive manner, tiud interest exhibited in the debate, as well a'- the )fctablts charactu* if the uttendance, and thu effective action of th<* presiding officer, gi'i ally facilitated the tran.-actioa of the business Icfure the meeting. SCHOOXi B IST K IC T NTOIIEBER T B K E E , The annual meeting of Bchool Dirtric-t Nu. 3 was held in Tempenuu <* Hall, Waverly, on Tues­ day last at 7:30 i*. w. The first biisides t in order w as thu election of tyvo trasitu s. ilessrs. Thomas D’Reilly ami E. Carroll were the first candidates ballotted for. On the first b-dlot Mr. O Reilly ■■ ■ O’Reilly: 01*; consequent ’v.hat sub.Jd- and unaui- moi,sly elected as the otUir trustee. J .t fo m as Mr, Tee’s ekclion wre annuuncnl, the yvilih st et(tlm.sia.sm ensued, and th'- squiiv w a sgrettid by loud and prolonged applause. After voting .$ 1,835 for the orflintwy expetircs of the year, and $ I,ttdu for placing an a ldhiunal story on the old marble hui! was ehxted by the foll owing voti. CaiToll, 23. After the erithusi. Upon hlr. O’Rfdlly ’j election had some' ed, Bamuel Fee, 'E'q., wa*-' prupo.-ied moi,sly idected as th t otU« r trnttee. for placin g an a ldhiunal story on 1 building, the nitcting ,adjoin'ncd. »aS5TKl€T F I V E . The annual relinol me*, ting of District No. 5 was held In the Fchool house, West ML Vemon, ast fi'netday evening. Prumptly ut e ight o’clock i irsHrasico ... Mi- Xiliig, the Prcahlcnt of the Bo/ird of Bditca- Lxi'nNDirna.A . S2,747 11 .S2,(wa T8 Irtiakb airti ajMJiiiatu: K-r.-' -alai*ie 1} Iliiblkb .< aiDl -i ;m*l imprc t-tvUiitui’F Ki'uvy.... t ........... . Di.sxKrcr No. 2, IH; onxvii , . i . e . h ;: 2C1) 73 1872- ls7';-4. 21 si.iiD as uieiu .............................................. £67 433 S3 •iiut r o c e ivon l'j;om taxuU o u ........... 2.»'..2 2J 4.23') 03 “ “ “ siun-re.sideaE nal.'iitre on hau'l October Fi, ............. Ann uai o.Ci iu il ol stale .ai'puniou- pmiils . Total.... ....24,45a riS S3 I'lvFENnn uni:s. Ti v I ji .i'.-)’ '-alain.' ...... . ....... Lilu-iU'V bii.'Ivht ..................... Book and .tpiiuratic ........ R e p a ir- an<l lU ipr'oeiaent.' , l)nara)icc ........................... tiuuunci ............ - ................ Jaintfo AdUilii .. Brroiii'Oi’- 118 1 1 to lioilso u a *- > -I'-i'xeiJt.... ralriwe va ha) fl Oi lober let . ;;;;;;;;;;;; IllM'BIOr No. k-TcCKAHOE. Hr.i niris. Bui’))' •; on hand Oi-mbir 1st..............SI,713 1.7 Aiueioii rcci ivc'l el riutc appertuin- Amoaiu'^rcccivc'i irom iaxa't;o)i ........ 6,774 74 l|o2'J 24 \ *• “ noji-iv 4<lent pa) ils at) 4 Ani' init received Irom donations ..................... j E x p s y n n i res . Teariiens* .salaries... Library buok........ Buuk i iitul appariitn Repair-i and iniprovi hiiruiture . .............. JanUorS; s.'iary ...... Swndries .................. ...?s,175 r.3 §7,2.2i .50 .,.S4,:-J3 .24,247 50 ^■ |i r ‘ T m » !! :rJ&S&U D i s T u ic x N o . 4—M t . 'V b ijn o n , e t o . EECr.II’18, Balance r.n hand Ortober 1st . ............. Sstfi i>2 S7(i Amount rcuJvetl of Jtrutu aiiporuea- ArannntVccrivVl .Lk’.iU 'il 13 riyoi’ f l u o non-rendeut pltjiil.'' ■ 425 33 Aiuiiunt I'ecclYcd from s.vic 01 oM nrum ^ . ................. ........ 814,751 1 ; S2.J,74S37 E x PENDIXURESI. Teacher V salaries.. . ................. J.anlt'ii’A “ Librurkuj’s and chirk’,s salaries. fetutionery ...... . ......................... Repairs and supplies ........... . .. luuaiitmv and appavui«s,.,,,,. Fuel.......................................... . s‘»,m 40 siik&rt c ,■ ;m 4t* ils c feye wbh his Senatorial call tvas read by the kecri turv. Mr. H. C. Api l, titer, a .3 the rt'coiid term wi'X *di moL.m by Mr. Bcllerin an. Dr. V, m. is giYA iu auotlKT cnliimii, and In its C'lUprinli vnik, another column wDi 1 «• found arequl-i- fionAddrie.'Cdto Mr. Elliot G. Cuwdln by Himic si.x hnntlrt'd eitixens of Westchr .?trr County, re- qaertinghim to be iieandidato for CiWgrG'iMtltc appmaeiiing clcctlan. Among Nic loga vv ere .s(Ab: w d i knoyvtt drizerrt of Rivertiak-: Jolm T, Waring, o f Y ( ; i rm r l t 31, Carpenter, of N 'jw w tle; Jului Ti WUU -m o ui Iivingtofij Jaral D. Powi ll., 4«f Ivafoiiah; and, on motiou by- Murphy yviiv fleeted i nuirnuu thi ll r -ad the miifiitcv of tin* midah o the amnud ivputt, a ci-iiy run. The nici-tii tiiim 1 candidate, b. r of tbp Board ol Ediioatioti, Me-rti and Si.’hirmer yvnv nujiihiutcd, njid rSSSv..., snndrli:-,, . 1 : is given in another 1 >Iui; c* cdctl to the nonunatiiDii 1 canoidate.sfor amcm- b. r of tbp B.oard of Ediioatioti, iMe '-ra. Bcrtim* 'ere noil- land awl Lawrence v.vie ’nppoinlt Saveiity-fom' vot) s wen- cart, tiue ivctrived 73, Mr. !\chirrw 1 .. afid Blank 1, The m< etlna- the] fi'ltov.Ji The Srt-rt.bS* |5if;lu.e;mhan'.r6rtofeFi‘v : pr< UIUU3 nici 'ing, distticxno , 5 —W e : ci-iiy' of vGiich is c mCl-ting then pr< miiidate.s for a mem 4‘8. Mufe. n]ipoinlt d tellers, of wltleh Mr. Ber. r 0, :Mr. Siffircck 1, adopted ■' .1 supplii . 4 , i$2h9; janitor*'; nahij 030.1, OliJU; rent f)f prfiniir_ Th\ merthjg then udjuiivm d. Dw m ex NO, 5—W est MX. V i ; iinon . On the Right October Ld Cfptidn Hoyt, of the whooiicr “ Peter R itter,’* of Deep ill,,hr, Horiford, tVmn., waa knut'kolovi rbwird ahHa Rcrti’ niditin.ntnib L. I,, unij wu3 i.lr«,(Vfjn'd, Baliinc-on hand Octub>-r l.sfc . ................. - .T... C'1,3^ I'i Am-AUit iveelvi.-d of 8tat)t apportion- recat,. ......... l.i<..fi 33 1,11^7 17 Amount received tow tiixatliw ...... Oi'2'J7 57 “ *• “ i)on-rc: Ident 0 ?ninuvkhcd from’otbri'eyuivt‘8^ ia id Qi 72 Tot 4 I. ...... . ...................... - ................ , T<*aeh\''rt ralatlc'-'.CAVar S & i i is':;;:::;::;;:;;;;:;::::;::;;;;: ^ To tlir BdW^r '/ 7 the Ohrvnide. B O A E B o f Tto first merttag ut tlic Board of Ffiucatioa this ^ho candidata for tlia legndalar. of ti.o school year, wac held last Monday night; all the | s tate of New York? Those yvlu. cun maKe the members being present, Mr. Tilton, the.<eeret;uy of the bi.iard, called it tfi order; after yvhicli the most money at the ex|st*n«o and to the detri­ ment of the district they yvould mis-repicsenl. Can you find ten other.s in th*' State? \Vc doubt. The question of more importaiicc than all others to Westehester County to-day is rapid trau'^it from the lower p a rt o f'the cin* of New Y*ork to Forfcy-.second street. It is life or death to this locality. Can ySu, at the present day, .. 41 . .„ represent . -OOic nom­ inated .Mr. Clurkson Jennings. The vote stood, Sleight .5, .Teimings 2 and Blank 2. Miss Coles was re-eleeteu librarian by acelaimnion. Mr. Esterbrook then moved that a rece.ss of ten minutes be taken. On again coming to order, Air. Gregory announced the I. uminitteeb as follows ; lie pail and Ler. .ttees as follows; and fcfupplies-Mel lebe'rs and Discipline—Messrs. Howe Zabriskie, Fueehsei, and White. Taxes and Assessments -Messrs. Fu< ee Messrs Howland,, .*y Bookss andnd Apparaltus—Messrs. “ Fka, Library Book a A\ Howland and Howe. Thus 3Ir. Howland is .ship of the most important that on Teachers and Disci] nut at all convarsaut with the set cct'diiJgs of the board, is put into a few biils liad been presented, Mi that the Fourth and the ■ssrs. Morrison, 5Yhitc Esterbrook, echsel, Leroy White and Morrison, a Zabriskie lOved from the chainnau- of all the eoraniittees, ipiine, and a new nicir the schooK or the j his place. After presented, Mr, Morrison stated line sehuol needed re-shingling, main room re-fiuoring. The former he thought, should he laid immediately, but the latter could be laid during the Christmas holidays. Jlr. Esterbrook w.a '. sure the floor could be put down on Friday ufterm'on iiiid Saturday, but W';is willing to let the work fie oyer. Ou motion of Iilr, Zabrisatie, the reeomiuundation of the committee about re- shingling was adopted, the oame to be done by eon- traet, .and a?' advertisement published inviting seal­ ed proposab*. There was runic talk about having the work done immediately, and Mr. Zabrifkie therefore mo”ed that vvlicn the board adjourn, they do .so to the 2.;d iyist. Mr. Morrison aunuunced that the funner tJc.-mmitte on Repairs and Supplies had a.varded the contract for coal to Andrew George E-q.. he bf ing the lowest bidder. He added that Mr. Horun’w* bid was within a very fevr cents of Mr. George’s. Mr. Esterbrook said that this Board have notiiiiig to do witli what the former Board did, and that they must receive new bids; but Mr. Murrison informed him that he was greatly mistaken, as the contract was'awarded, and could not be annulled, except for on,e good reason, Mr. 31 orrisou also .sjioke of The oee'd of settees for the mt'ant cla.^s. .Mr. Esterbrook moved that the Comraittce on Ucpair.s and Bupplies report as to their cost at the next meeting. Mr. Howe moved as an amendment that the Committee purchase them immediately. He did not believe in compelling the hi tie folks to .sulL r for w.ait ut comfortable' seats, ilr.' Ester- bs'uok thcreuiii'U accepted the amendment. Mr. M< rrison sat-i that the Committee on Repairs and Supplks had Temporarily placed a stove in the infant class room, iiut would need a, better one, whemipoTt kfr Esterbrook moved iluit they pur fha.^c one. Acoat this time John Dooliug entered thu room, and for fifteen or twenty rniimte.s inter- rupted the proceedings with his maudlin di'^cour u;. At times the Board would sit still while he went 0 : 1 , and tlien the President would kindly inform him that he should keep quiet uv le.ave the last they could endure it no h Dooliug out. Mr. Zabriskie uio'ved that the heaters be repaired immediately; carried. Dr. Gregory r.-ported the r.burned tax list con-eet, and a dis'eus- sicn eiie)ied .is to whom, under the .new tux law, !0h Sl,,300 tt should be sent. Mr. Zabriskie moved that it be 7 53 8 G8 referred to the Committee on Taxc.s and r.s 70 - 0.01 17 ments ; eerried. The unpaid taxces of previmis *'*-* -^'3 5? years were ulsu considered, and, on mutiut. of Mr 2*' Zabriski*', referred to thu Finance Committee. A communication from the Bchool Cimimif >i' uicr about the compulsory education law and academic depart­ ments vY.is referred to the. Committee on Tcaclx.rs and Diseiplin*-. Another from the same uentlecifin, enclosing a copy uf the new ta.v law wa> refej-reo to the Ci.mmiltef on Taxes and Asset unciits, Mr. Esterbronl, moved that the Committee on Repairs and Supjflii'- br empowered to have the bidew.dk in front of the P'ifth avenue school lot graded: carried. Mr. Zabriskie report<jd about the census aud the way in which it had liceii taken, and Air. Howland sng- aesteil that ni' abure.s be taken t>. copies of the annual report. .Mr. E; the Cum iihtcu on I’eachers •t to the Pudid t; ten, and be taken tu preserve .uome 'Aterbrook moved and Discipline repuirt In the Puaid the name, age and residence of each nou-vcbid'. ut puiJil; carried. The pay r d l vi as then taken up, and some discussion ou the pay of a floating ttucuer uas heid. Mr. Esterbrook h'dd .S'I. 77 .’ Ul ‘ig <iju 70 t-.-achcr sbonld be paid only for the ■V ’ll.’* 3.5 ''*'100 r.u timethat other teachers are absent, and .'aidthatit ia so done in New York. Mr. Morrison m-lud him if be capecteo a teacher would be. v iiling to stand in reaihucss a wJtule month for the chance of teaching three or four ckiy u Mr. Esterbrook r«.-pcated tliat it is .so in New York, aud asked Mr. Zubi'iskic, who i\ a principal of a New 1 ork cchool, if it is not so. Mr. Zabriskie r<-plied that it is not—that n.Tt only i» the priueipai of every school in the city a floating teacher hiintel' or herself, since they have no classes to teach, as the piincipal of our school has, but that in schools having an average attendance of .YOU pupils ati additional floating teacher Is allowed. On motion of .Mr. Hove, the Treasurer’s bond was fi.se d at 820,OUh. Oil motion of Mr. Esterbrook, the Coai- mittec on Repairs .nid Buppiies were iubli-ucted tu ascertain the <-o:? of <louble sashes for the v indov, on the Wd-t side, and; on tlfo suggestion ot M Zabriskie, storm looi ed. The Board then U.UU, .JIJL sjuu suggest ior.s on the cast side v icn adjourned. e includ- XD5V1BING TM® '$’OWW. The town uf Eastehester is long and narrow. The lower part is made up almost entii-eiy of village property, aud the upper of farm lands', J’lie two parte have very few* interests in com­ mon, and know little or nothing of inch, other, Lnder theso circumstances m anyuf the leading men of both sections are agreed that a divirtun of the town h' advisable, and if it cuu be done, tlie Board of bupervisor.s will be asked at their xiest meeting to make the division. The line will probably ran .along the northerly side of Fieetwoo t itni.i Chester Hill to .Sa.genaan’s Comers, and cinmee by a line fanning east and we-;t, to Huti-ldnson Creek We are informed on good authority that it is too late to do any­ thing tln.5 year, since notice must be given six weeks prior to the meeting of the Board of Supervisors, and they meet the second week in owing is the latest act we know of 1.4 ...t ---- J S i --- - pj-gyi, Howevei there may he A subsequent act, or there may be some other net reguluting applications to the Board's of Supervisore: AN AOT to mnenu au ‘‘An .aci to amend chapter one luiralred and m«oty-four uf the lawsut ei ffitceii hundred aud furty-nine, entitled ‘ Anr.i.\i; i~ vest: in the beard of .sapm’ii''jrs curtain legiflaui Nor'cmlJC'ri Thu following is th e bearing on the subject, and in it no previous notice uf application ■tr. ---- a is required. to-day is rapid be lower p a rt t»f'tl ■-.second street, I y. Can ySu, a t tl find ten men in th e State ivho tc<W/ to represet ^ theii- di.strh?t.s honestly,—who would vote for any measure to improve their own locality if they could get from one to live tlumeaud dol­ lars to vote against it?: we doubt. AV'e send I't-prcaeuintii'es to the Legislature of om* State to drink champagne, eat oysters—live high ou the money they receive 'to voti; against the interests of the district they are pied represent. Oar-'’-alists ’-'- district they are pledged tu Japit of We.rtchester, how long do you think the interc,sts of your county will bemasi,- tained if your citizens are still compelled to ride lor three quarters of an hour- ,ree quarters of an hour—freezing in a old liorse-car in winter—to reach. Forty-seroiul sti'eet. The little state of New* Jersey (that was not considered in the Union twenty year.-' ago,) has g o t so far the advantage of us'now that if the\moneyed men of the county follow. Rip V a n w inkle’s example live years more, I here w ill be no use in waking. S. TM E 'E'WJSS'JT'aVvSYENTII; The 27tU Regiment. National Guard, under command of Colonel Underhill, as.scmbled Iaf| Monday, ou the Union Base Ball Ground, Jlor- risania, fur review .and inspection by Brigadiei*- Generai Ryder and 8taff. The following com- panifcs mustered in the- aggregate about 350 musket.s: Compimy A,- of Morrisania, Captain Sauvan; Company E, of Mount Vernon, Capt, Coburn; Company C, of Mount Vernon, Capi. Brougiiron; Comp.any D, of Tnckahot, Capit. Hay ; Comj>any B, of Mount Yeriion, Capt. Waloutt: Company P, of New Rochelle, Capt. Carville; Company G, of Morrisania, Capt. Lambert; f’ompany I, of Portchester, Capn. C'hatfield; Compiany Iv, of Mtirrisania, ('apit. MoOwen. About five o’ldock, p.m., the re­ giment marched to the grounds of the Harlem River and Portdiester Railrottel Compiany at Mott Haven, where another inspection took pliicti by In.spiector W. .IL Morri:- au-i staff, at the clo.srd of which the regiment embarked on bu.i,rd the steamer Gruaiti* b’tate, -Tor Pough­ keepsie, accouipkinieii by tlie band of the 4th Connecticut. Regiment. I>Tri'ing the night the boys enjoyed very little sitejj. AH sorts of fun was indulged i n ; but the trip was marred by a .-.ad acciceut tu a member of F Oompiany, who, in .skylarking with a eumrade, fell throngh u hatchway and broke o.ue tif ni.-i. ribi. On Tuesday afternoon the grand piarade of the division and review* by the Govenw)r took place. The aspect of Poughkeepsie at tltis time w*as such as it might have, l.een expected to to wear on sum * commemoration of a grand national eve at. The hmises were drapied and festuoned all along Main .street, with parti-tM)l- ored .stripes of bunting from sidcT.vulk to roof. All the inhabit.uit.s utcufiied jio.Ttious of vant- •igc, either a t window.s, on housctup.s or uii the street. C’lieer rfter clitcr j'ent tiie air the Governor appjcarcd, und the piroi-e.ssion, with its martial music .aid finely nnifuriut.d officers, .-low'ly womic! it.s way up the hill. Business was suspicndi'd, and rdi tlie city learned of the trovernor’s arrival tlirough the Iximning of the -aluting guns. On ri.ac’fiug the hotel the Gov­ ernor and stuff hm d ied. After two o’ciuelt the 'visitors procei-ded in carriages to the club­ house of the. Hud-.on River Driving Park Asso­ ciation to fiw'ait the formation of tin* Fifth div­ ision on the grounds, 8 otui > tiniu cl.qiscd bo- fore the aid-de-cump) wu-; dbp'itcht'd by the major-general conm.uiuding—.Tame.s W. Husted —to notify the Governor that ]Mr.;de wa> tily formed. Xiie gTuund.s and-slands v.ere litc'd effm p crov.'iled, )f iiu'antiy und the united efforts of a biittuliun 1 were almo.st uriubi.- to keep wiDiin the pre­ scribed limits thi' thuusimd.-i of .-pee tutors. At 4 45 AIujor-Gnnriil Ilusted siduted the Com- oanduv-ii'i-fffdei', who, with the general.-, and members of lu.-; staff, Dr. A'ursar, ’^bijor Easi­ n' m, and Sfune officers from Ye,.i; Point, steori on a newly-crec-trd ])If<tfomt on the edge of the trai k. The regiments formed by eornpanics, H'ud m archcl past the Guvemor in tiu-so'-der: ATs jor-Gencral Hiusted and st-, iL Twenty-seventh Regiment. ■ o ixternth Battalion. Brig. Geu. Bro-wn and Stuff. Nineteenth Regiment, Orange County.. Brie;. Gen. Beach and Staff, Band. Twenty-first Regiment, Brooklyn, CoL Aut.ton. Brig. Gtn, Rlioibw umi Stuff. B.'iiiil. One Hundred and Tliixd Reglmeut. The Forty-seventh of Brooklyn, -were merely vi.dting the ifivirion; hui their marching and isoldierly ai nteunor excited the admiration of verybody. Nor were the Twenty-seventh cue ■hit behind them, Unr hoy.s were, on their mettle, and the drill they had this summer Miowed its good results very plainly. After the review*, the regiments %vt in solid column on thi;. track around furtyluiiiu, r>as'^etl au'l sevciity-une. “as- assed Ai-ril 2-3,1S7'2; three-flftlis being grr-ent. : ofthv tiPMe of Aeu' Vorfe, rcprt sriVte>$ in ■nbl^u do en iat m/vlloiCs: F 2Tte T eom ofi Snx’xte and Astc- ;ents -were masseti a the .stand, and. General Husted said: ‘‘Alembera of the Fifth Divirion of the iHutional Guard, I have the honor to int reduce your Commander-in- chief.'’ The Governor bowed to the assembled officers and men, and .said: .SoLDiEH.?: I have hf‘,?n umeh gratified by your ap- pDarance ami your exercke', i'h»?y manife-t thut you have de'vktcd yourselves av.douBly to y<.-ur duties. The great n erct of improvement ri for every man to eun-lOer iiinuelf destiued to a, higher position, ani.l to pr.?pim' himself foi’it. Every pri.'/'b.* f houM aim to quaUfv hiniself for the eomnimd o£ a compmij', and anv company ofik*'. r for the tomiuiud of a regiment. With such a pnrp o'e, aiffi true, the .spirit of i.muiiilioc w ill carry you (■< the J'lghest grade of i-.'se-rUenee. The oW. f'liti'iia organ­ isation which vuu h;ue aupurs'.-Jed cml rae.ul nUiriy two handreti ihousand nivu. The i.uttonal guard, “ ■ leh YOU are a ji.art. uumhcrs about twetirydoar ifidl This reduetioii tu uumberv must he voto- pemateii by iiier.-a.u.'tl eiiioh nc-y. If we ate unfor- timivtciy to*tie Huddeukv invuiyedin war, ive should be euinpdu i to call lido i-m iee large boilies of eit- tzf iia -whony mitnuivd, and tiie stati your ratiki i'or oflicc-rs to ciiinroaud them, suggestions III miud. a mud th u them I ymi will do si irauec I take my leave :um to your famiUe» S I E i e s S S f i l i i .................;; .............. ^ : Z t ! !i. Bear these ......... ........ ............ . ............ ..... (hi, a.„uri .:.f you, and wish you as-afe rcti aud frieuds. Cheer after chcer”greetcd the dose of iIiB. spiaif'Ch, and at! the Governor left the ftanfl the martial strains of the different t'ancls, playing, “ Hail to the dd e f,” ueenaipAnk'd him to hia carriage. A fter the review thaTwejity-''ieveuthmavdH'iI to their stceinboat, and in ■the evening their band gave the Gwvemor a serenade. AVedneS' day j'uorffing they am v e d In the dty , ami AVednc! marched up) Broadway und Fifth uvenac to the Grand Cctutmi Defiot. Their nwrtrhing, and general 'airpearancc e^icdtctUcommendiitioas ou uvery Hide. In addithm to th« aeddvnt on the boat, we regret to .ffido that imothermuniberc-f the regiment wan Iclekcd in the panule a t Ftmghkeep^Ie, by an ofaeeris lioi'se, ami had one o'f his armsbrolcen.

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