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Shondaken Dealt Heavy Blows By High Water Phoenicia, Dec. 27—The town of Shandaken reeled under the torrential downpour Friday, and high w a ter gave trouble in m any p a r ts of the town. The Phoenicia elem en­ tary school was closed early in the afternoon as w a ters continued to rise before snow, sleet and freezing replaced the rain. Large am ounts of dam age Firemen Fight To Save Barn As Hay Ignites Fire which broke out about 9:30 a.m . W ednesday was posing a serious threat to the large bam on the Edith Schuster property in Rox- bury. Although flam es had not broken through when The News was being locked up, firemen from three com­ munities were hard at work striving to save the 105-year- old structure. The fire appeared to have started spontaneously in hay stored in the loft. Mrs. Schuster saw the smoke alm ost as soon as it cam e through the bam roof and imm ediately called Roxbury firemen. Grand Gorge fire­ men were called through m utual aid, and shortly before noon another m u tual aid call w’as sent for Stamford firemen. The cows in the b a m were brought out safely, and m ost of the m achinery had been removed. Smoking, steam ing hay was also being taken out in the struggle to save the bam . The bam apparently dates back to 1868, but was in excellent condition. It stood behind homes on the e a s t side of Main street at the upper end of the village near the Roxbury cem etery. Photo on P a g e 9 The First S ix Months were caused by w a ter runnmg off the mountain side over norm ally dry courses and gullies and cascading down on highways. The Phoenicia fire departm ent was kept busy helping top pump out flooded cellars, and septic tanks were overflowing along Phoenicia’s m ain street, cre­ ating a h ealth hazard. No personal injuries were reported, however, and places that norm ally receive severe dam age in heavy rains es­ caped relatively u n scathed in contrast to other parts of the town. Councilman-Elect Kai A braham sen joined Chief Constable Jack Schlegel in m aking a survey of d am aged and danger areas during the crisis. Residents in the a r e a of the W o odland V a lley county bridge reported to the super­ visor’s office Friday morning that w a ter was up to the floor of the bridge, and the span seemed to be swaying in the current of the Esopus. The bridge was closed by county highway departm e n t em ­ ployes, and traffic was re­ routed by Deputy Sheriff Floyd Boland. Reports were received from the Silver Hollow section of Chichester that the road had been washed out near the Okos bridge. Road crews under the direction of Shan­ daken Highway Superinten­ dent Archie Aley rushed to the scene and found the bridge intact. However, above it a large tree and other rubble had form ed a dam, sending the swollen stream down a new course through a field. About half the road was washed out. B a rriers were erected to prevent traffic from crossing. Two 8-foot by 50-foot cul­ vert pipes, each weighing several tons, were washed away from the property of Ray Smith, where contractors are replacing a highway bridge on route 212, the Willow road. One of the pipes wedged u n d e r the old route 28 bridge at Mount Trem p e r Four Corners. P a r t was sticking out, diverting the w a ter to the Brookside road, which becam e flooded. Engi­ neers from the state D e p a rt­ m ent of Transportation were summoned, along with the contractors. However, they were unable to ease the situation b ecause the force of the current from the swollen stream kept the pipe lodged under the bridge. Between this point and Phoenicia, the Plank road, the form er route 28 was washed out and closed to traffic, with the worst condi­ tions of flooding at the O’Donnell Five-Star camp near Mount Trem p e r. The form er Hoffman diner and a property in the vicinity of the Hoffman b ridge were flooded. Three trailers were dam aged by w ater, and two cars were towed out. A new housing development off the Plank road was hard hit. A new road was being completed, with bridges and cu lv e r t in s tallatio n s , and these were destroyed. The installations were the work of contractor Keith Johnson. Chief Schlegel enlisted the aid of a w recker from the Alamo garage and pulled several trailers from the banks of swollen stream s. \The Phoenicia trailer cam p was closest to the danger zone, and R a y ’s trailer cam p near the Woodland Valley bridge was also threatened. The Sleepy Hollow cam psite below Phoenicia had two or three feet of w a ter by the parked trailers,, and three trailers were flooded at their foundations. The site of the proposed Odell shopping area on new route 28 had slight flooding. The Mount T rem p e r fire trail constructed by the D e p a rt­ m ent of Environm ental Con­ servation was completely washed out. Many businesses and homes continued on P a g e 9 News Must Increase Mail Subscriber Rate The subscription price of the News will increase Jan. 1 to $6 locally and $9 for tliose postoffices outside the News’s prim a ry circulation area. The newsstand price will rem a in a t 15 i. Tills is the first increase in three years and am o u nts to less than seven per cent per year. The price of newsprint has increased and the second class postal rate has more than doubled in this period. Early Copy Is Needed To Publish Next Week The News, faced again with a Tuesday holiday for New Y e a r’s, m u st ask again for the cooperation of correspon­ dents and advertisers in providing early copy for the Jan. 3 edition. The bulk of the edition m u st be prepared Monday in order to be ready for the norm al distribution tim e Thursday. This week several cor­ respondents’ and a d v e rtisers’ copy had to be left out because it was not received in time. Copy m ailed Monday m o m ing cannot be delivered in tim e with a holiday in between. Deadline for display adver­ tising and church notes will be Monday noon. Classified ads will be taken until the norm al deadline tim e at 9 a.m . Wednesday. Debbie To Be On TV Debra Frisbee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Frisbee, and a student at Penn State university will m a rch in the Orange Bowl p a rade in M iami on New Y e a r’s Eve at 7:30 p.m. She and a n o ther g irl will be carrying the Penn State Blue Band banner. She will also m a rch on New Y e a r’s night on the half-time show a t the Orange Bowl football game. The parade and the gam e will be carried on NBC television. CATSKILL MOUNTAIN DR. E , C, KELLY 269 SOUTH MAIN AVE. ALBANY, 12208 NOV. 197' Vftl. I l l —.25 12 Pages MARGARETVILLE, N. Y., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27, 197S Published Weekly Second-aasi Poatase Paid at M argaretrille, N. If. 13455 I S c C o p r $7.50 Y m t High Water Causes Damage Throughout Area The highest w a ter since October 1955 triggered a flood em ergency in the Catskills Thursday night and Friday. Many residents were without heat because overflowing stream s and heavily running springs spilled w a ter into basements, knocking out fur­ naces. Christm as program s at area schools had to be suddenly canceled Friday moming. The w a ter level in M arga- retville did not reach the 1955 level and was far below the level reached in the “R a in­ m akers Flood” of 1950. The crest was reached about 2 p.m. Friday, and by nightfall it had dropped about 18 inches. The y e a r ’s coldest w e a ther cam e W ednesday following the first m a jor snowstorm Monday of last week. How­ ever, the cold, which reached nearly 20 below, was short­ lived a s the rainstorm moved up the coast and b egan wiping out the prospects of skiing. The rain grew in intensity Thursday and by nightfall, the worry of high w a ter was apparent. Friday m o m ing as MCS school buses pulled into the school drivew ay to unload, they were waved on, and retum e d pupils to their homes without letting them off at school. Across the street the E a s t Branch of the Delaw are river was lapping at the TRICKY NAVIGATION was necessary for traffic on Bridge street during height of Friday’s high water. Trucks had little difficulty negotiating the roadway, but motorists in cars found it more floorboards of the F a ir street bridge. The w a ter continued to rise during th6 day. Fam ilies living alongside the river began moving out. A large gas tank between the river and the A and P building had to be taken out with a loader and carried to the fire hall parking lot. By then w a ter was spilling a c ross the village ball field, a n d L a d enheim and Sons began moving m achin­ ery out of their g a rage. Pow er and heat went off in the M argaretvllle post office building, where w a ter even­ tually reached a depth of 21 inches. In the sam e building PM Delaware began a race to move expensive electrical appliances out of the base­ ment. The w a ter was soaking the bottom of the box of the last TV set to be moved. A Look Back At Good, Bad And Other Things That iWade News In 1973 January Jan. 4—A coronary care unit will be established at M argaretvllle M emorial hos­ pital, and the obstetrics unit will be closed M arch 1. Six MCS faculty m em b ers have been named to a comm ittee to study a career education i>xOg\a.m. A bright and sunny New Y e a r’s day sent tem ­ peratures into the 70s, but kept a rea ski centers closed. Jan. 11—Area m u nicipal govem m ents received their seco n d re v e n u e - s h a r i n g checks from Uncle Sam. M argaretvllle firem en had their annual m eeting and election Interrupted twice with m inutes Monday night by sm all fires in the Lloyd Lawrence home and the Parchm e n t F a rm building. The 1972 Community Christ­ m as project brightened the holiday for 258 persons. M argaretvllle central school’s Upper Delaware League win over Hunter-Tannersville was clinched when the visitors walked off the court in p rotest over ‘ ‘poor officiating’ ’. Jan. 18—The statistics of the D epartm ent of Environ­ m ental Conservation showed that Delaware county h ad the largest num b er of bucks killed in the state during the 1972 season. Several groups are trying to s tir up opposition to the decision to close the obstetrics unit at M a rgaret­ vllle M emorial hospital. Lack of snow, natural and man- m ade, is causing severe financial hardship to the area. Jan. 25—The abandoned Arkville railroad station was heavily dam aged when a large tank truck rolled driver- less downhill off route 28 and through the station. The State Pow er Authority says it seeks a go-ahead to build a second pum ped storage unit in the Schoharie valley. Two public m ass m eetings and several private confrontations have not changed the decision of the board of directors of the M a rgaretvllle M emorial hos­ pital to close the obstetrics unit a s of M arch 1. February Feb. 1—'The first real snow in m any weeks was not without its highway hazards as three p ersons were Injured In accidents during the last week. A Penn Central ca­ boose c aught fire opposite the K ass Inn Monday night a fter it w as flipped off the rail and turned o v e r down a n em bank­ m ent; two other feed-laden cars also tum e d over off the rails. A group from the M a rgaretvllle M emorial hos­ pital board Is handling ad­ m inistrative duties following the resignation of Koit Llllep, hospital adm inistrator since 1969. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kelly h ave notified custom ers th a t their Kelly Pow er Equip­ m ent firm is going out of business Feb. 10. Mr. and M rs. Charles Schoonmaker have announced the sale of the Kelly hotel to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lignelll of Old Bridge, N. J . Feb. 8—The Chandler h ero­ ics a w a rd has been presented to Mrs. Yvonne Fickus of Shokan for her efforts In helping two women and an infant escape from their wrecked c a r a fter it h a d gone into a n icy creek off route last Dec. 5. Twelve m em b e rs and two leaders of the Phoenicia Scout troop a re m aking plans to attend the National Jam ­ boree in Pennsylvania next sum m er. Belleayre M ountain ski center is using snowmak­ ing equipm ent extensively for the first time. The Penn Central had its second local derailm e n t in a week when five cars went off the tracks at Arkville. Feb. 15—A balky tractor burst into flam es and its fuel bulb exploded, showering bum lng gasoline on to the Frank Kelly bam , which was sw iftly destro y e d , giving Fleischm anns firem en a fruit­ less five-hour b a ttle. Roxbury firem en will display their new van-type am b u lance at an open house Sunday. The first weekend of skiing on man- m ade snow at Belleayre mountain ski center gave a boost to businesses In the area. Arkville post office em p loyes receiv e d th e ir second citation for p rom oting the sale of U. S. savings bonds. Feb. 22—D istrict Attorney P a lm e r J. Kennedy has announced that he will not seek another term ; Attomey Malcolm Hughes of M arga- retville, assistant DA, has announced his Intention to seek the office. Albert G. Hall has been nam ed executive secretary of the Tem p o rary Study Commission on the Catskills. Inadequate snow caused injuries to three local men in separate snowmobile accidents Sunday. A dozen volunteer m em b e rs of the freshm an class at Andes central school have begun interviewing local citizens to begin a history of Andes. Twenty-four voters tum e d out for the M a rgaretvllle village caucus at which Mayor Orvil Rosa and Trus­ tees George Bloodgood and Kenneth M iller were renom ­ inated. M arch M arch 1—Traffic on route 28 near the Canada hollow road was p a rtly blocked for 10 hours Tuesday when a trac- tor-trailer loaded with scrap iron o v erturned on a series of road curves. Fire destroyed an unfinished A-frame in the Chelsea P a rk e states develop­ m ent at Pine Hill Monday moming. The board of direc­ tors at M a rgaretvllle Me­ m orial hospital Is encouraged over the improving financial picture because of economy m easures. Several area high school seniors are taking evening college-level courses through Delhi Tech at Andes central school. M arch 8—Officers seized a 70-pound cache of m a rijuana when they arrested four persons in a drug raid in Phoenicia. An Arkville juve­ nile faces Fam ily Court action after a 1%-story bam was set on fire and destroyed. Assistant D istrict Attom ey Malcolm Hughes received the Delaware county GOP en­ dorsem ent, and the Demo­ crats have nom inated Attor­ ney R o b ert E stes of Walton to oppose him. Senator Jam e s Buckley has been nam e d as the speaker for the GOP Lincoln Day dinner April 12. One of the poorest skiing seasons In the Catskills since the a d v ent of the snow trains of the 1930s cam e to an end Friday, and skiing was so poor that skiers rejected free lift tickets at Belleayre. Dr. William Kunsela h a s resigned as Delhi Tech president to take over a new state college at Utica-Rome. ’The M arga- retville M emorial hospital obstetrics u n it h a s been ^ v e n a reprieve until April 30. A new am b ulance bought with federal revenue sharing has been delivered to the Town of Shandaken. M a rch 1 5 - T h e C a ts k ill Center for Conservation and Development has taken an option to buy the historic E a s t M eredith mill and p a r t of the old U and D roadbed at Davenport. Dr. Spector, gyn­ ecologist and obstetrician, will rem a in h ere to conduct a family p ractice. Four town of Andes juveniles and an adult have been taken into custody for burglary of 18 sum m er cam ps. More than 600 junk cars have been collected and crushed In the town of Shandaken in the last two weeks. M arch 22—The state board of equalization and assess­ m ent has sharply cut the equalization r a tes in all towns in this area. The only village election contest in this area was at Fleischm anns, where Alan Harke won election to the board of trustees by one vote. Susan Valk of Arkville and Regina Flachs of Rox­ bury left Sunday to study art in Italy for two weeks. Thirty MCS seniors have won a ccep­ tances for study beyond high school. Conservation men and other rescuers used a crane to lift a stranded sheep and a goat from a ledge at the quarry in Canada Falls. M arch 29—A rock and roll band enroute from New York city to a p erform ance a t Delhi Tech was delayed Saturday m o m ing when fire broke out and d estroyed one of the cars in the convoy at Dunraven. Mrs. Harold Bouton and daughter, Kim, of Arkville were seriously injured In an collision at Kelly Com ers. The Red Cross bloodmobile collected 85 pints on its visit here, the m ost in several years. The law firm of Weiss and Kleinfeld in Fleisch­ m anns has been dissolved, and Attomey Arthur Tieg h as taken over the practice. No D em o crat has announced for office In the Town of Middle­ town. April April 5—Belleayre Moun­ tain ski center was alloted $375,000 in the new state budget for snowmaking. An alternative to abandonm ent of Catskill M ountain branch of the Penn Central will be proposed here Satur­ day. B u rglars have m ade heavy hauls of guns and household item s at Perch Lake and in the town of Shandaken. The saving of the last covered bridge In the Millbrook valley is becoming a race with v andals. April 12—MCS teachers and the board of education have agreed on a new two-year contract. A Kingston snow­ mobile competition driver was killed when he was catapulted from his Volks­ wagen to the roof of a Fox hollow home a fter the vehicle went out of control and h it the house. Lloyd Kelly has been elected the new president of the board of directors of the New York State E lectric and Gas Corp. Thomas Schim- m erllng has become the sole Dem o cratic candidate in the town of Middletown and seeks election a s councilman on the town board. A limb which fell from a tree being taken down at O rchard and W alnut streets cut off power in M a rgaretvllle and A rkville W ednesday aftemoon. The M argaretvllle M emorial hospital has re­ ceived a new two-year ac­ creditation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals. April 19—An uncompleted sum m er house owned by W alter M iller of Long Island was d estroyed by a fire in the upper Halcott valley: the owner scarcely had tim e to phone firem en before craw ­ ling through a window to safety. Andes and M a rgaret­ vllle firem en saved a bam and other stm c tures threat­ ened by an extensive grass and brush fire at Mud Lake. Delaware County Republi­ cans gave a w a rm reception to Sen. Jam e s Buckley at their annual Lincoln Day dinner. The M a rgaretvllle M emorial hospital has called in h ospital construction bonds due in 1975. Mel Fuller and Cindy McLean of MCS, Pam Higgins and Ronald Van Voorhles of Roxbury left Sunday for a study tour of England: Anne Elliott, Diane DeSllva, Nancy Barkm an, M a rtha Hoeko and Lynn Van Steenburg of MCS a n d Pattie Dailey and M ary Kay H a r­ vard of Andes, accom panied by Mrs. Teresa Schirm e r of MCS, are on a study trip to Spain. April 26—Seniors at MCS and Onteora broke the tradi­ tion of their a n n u al W ashing­ ton trip for a trip to M ontreal this year. A new industry, Stuckl Em b roidery Works, Inc., is opening a plant at Boiceville and will employ 20 persons. May May 3 - D r . William F. Kennaugh, acting president of Delhi Tech, has been nam ed president to succeed Dr. William Kunsela. Con­ tracts totaling $1,225,217 have been let for the expansion of the Delaw are county home. Social Sei-vice Commissioner Francis Comlns told Alarga- retville R o tarians that there are few cases of w elfare fraud in Delaw are county. May 10—Charles Bertollno was n am ed v a le d ictorian and Amy H y a tt salutatorian at M a rgaretvllle central school. Residents of Halcottvllle have been told by the state Health D e p a rtm ent to boll their w ater. Four MCS students appeared on the Student Spectrum TV program at Schenectady. May 17-W Uliam J. Em- m ans, 73, of DownsvUle was charged with the m u rder of his wife Monday m oming. Nine upperclassm en were inducted into the National Honor society at MCS. The Slavin family of Halcott has been penalized $6,150 for alleged violation of the state subdivision statues in the sale of 27 parcels of land dating back 12 y e ars. The Delaw are county board of supervisors and the county planning board are considering a county-wide w aste disposal plan. Roxbury school district voters tum e d down a pro­ posal to establish a public library supported by the school d istrict. Trailw ays has extended its New York city runs through M a rgaretvllle to Utica. May 24—The eight m em ­ bers of the M anfred Tuch family were m ade homeless when fire roared through a Dingle Hill house. A May snowstorm dumped up to eight inches between Andes and Oneonta and about an inch at M a rgaretvllle. The MCS board has approved a budget of $1,474,230 for the next school y e ar. Gov. Rocke­ feller envisions sim ilar e n v ir­ onm ental controls for the Catskills as have been incor­ porated in legislation signed by him for the Adirondacks. Rev. Kenneth B. Truran, pastor of the United Metho­ dist church here since 1960, told his congregation Sunday that he will be leaving at the end of June. Keene Roadm an of M a rgaretvllle received the annual alum ni aw a rd from Morningside college In Iowa. David A. Hewitt has been nam ed Boys State repre­ sentative by Roxbury central school. May 31—The big n ew spaper press used to p rint this p aper, broke down in the second-to- last week it was to be used before conversion to offset: the conversion was m ade a week early, ending 110 y e a rs of letterpress reproduction. Francis J. Kehoe, a retiring Air F o rce officer, will become the new adm inistrator of M a rgaretvllle M emorial hos­ pital. Two m en were drowned In Schoharie creek near Gilboa in separate accidents over the weekend. Four petitions have been filed for the one position on the MCS board of education. The adm inistrative board of the M a rgaretvllle United Metho­ dist church has invited Rev. Russell Sargent, now a m is­ sionary in Mexico, to become its new p astor. June June 7—Plans for a 38-acre shopping center and condo­ minium housing project near Mount Trem p e r were pre­ sented to the Town of Shandaken planning board. E lm e r G erm an defeated in­ cumbent Floyd Slauson to win the GOP prim a ry for super­ intendent of highways in Roxbury. The first u n it of the Blenheim-Gilboa power pro­ ject has been operated suc­ cessfully and pum ped w a ter to the upper reservoir. Resi­ dents of Fleischm a n n s de­ feated a proposal to purchase a new fire truck. June 14—Miss G ertrude Klapper, a retired teacher, was elected to the M a rgaret­ vllle central school board. E v e rett W. H errick of M a rga­ retvllle, who h ad been charged with 262 state health law violations in the sale of property won a state Supreme Court victory when Judge W alter L. T e rry ruled the provision on which the charges were based was unconstitu­ tional. Severe e le c tr i c a l storm s and intense heat wave put users of electricity on edge with blackouts of power. Debra Ann F risbee is v aledic­ torian, and Christine Fleury salutatorian at Andes c entral school. A judge for the Interstate Commerce Com­ mission has ruled that the Penn Central m ay abandon the 84-mile Catskill M ountain branch. June 21—Attomey General Louis Lefkowitz addressed the annual m eeting of the Delaw are County Cham b er of Commerce at the Kass Inn Tuesday night. A farewell party was given for Rev. and Mrs. Howard D eats as Mr. Deats is retiring from the pastorate of the Arkville Free M e thodist church. Ja m e s Smith Jr. of Pine Hill shot a 46-inch rattlesnake as he worked with a state crew on Trem p er mountain n e a r P hoe­ nicia. Mrs. Harold Garrison, Mrs. Gwen Crumling and Mrs. Harold Persons received 50-year m e m b e r s h ip pins from the Belle Ayre chapter of the E a s tem Star. June 28—An after-gradu­ ation party at Perch lake ended in the accidental drown­ ing of Bruce Butler, who had received his diploma at Andes central school three hours earlier. Wawaka Grange celebrated its 50th anniver­ sary. The class of 1973 achieved m any honors in graduation cerem o nies at area schools. By mld-moming F a ir s treet was closed. W ater was up to the Agway parking lot, a few feet from route 28. In late morning, a back-up pond which had built up behind a storm drain on Bridge street was being replenished by flowing w a te rs from the ballfield. The w a ter cam e up the driveway of the park alongside the L a d e n h e lm building to within a few feet of the sidewalk. Trucks and the m ore trepld c a r d i v e r s crossed thi Bridge street w ater. More still went to h igher level in the Gulf station parking lot to m ake the passage. M a rga­ retvllle firem en were sta­ tioned at both ends of the street to advise m o torists of the condition. Firem e n were also kept busy through Saturday pum p ­ ing out cellars and aiding residents who had high w a ter difficulties. Several homes on the Southside road, and New Kingston mountain, norm ally high above the flood p lain h ad w a ter running through base­ m ents from gushing springs. Residents of the upper Millbrook valley were m a ­ rooned until late F riday when the stream washed out the approach to a two-tube b ridge near the covered bridge and the road to Dry Brook h ad not been cleared of snow. The town of Middletown highway d e p artm ent reported advisable to swing into the Gulf station, where the water was not quite as deep. Firemen were stationed at each end as precautionary measure, but there were no prolonged delays. extensive dam age to town roads. Worst was the “Cape Horn” road across Hubbell hill and into Bragg hollow, which was still im p assable Wednesday. Most o ther roads had deep washouts along the ditches, spilling d ebris a cross the roads. All were passable this week, but the town highway departm ent advised ex tr e m e caution, since several ditches are gouged deep enough that a car would roll over if it went off the roadway into them. Tem p e ratures began drop­ ping late Friday m oming. They had dropped a s low a s 20 in M argaretvllle before the rain began tum lng to sleet, freezing rain and snow. When the freeze began to take hold, w a ter tum e d to ice across the flats, across the roads and wherever it had accum u lated from the rain. Driving be­ cam e extrem ely treacherous as three Inches of snow b egan covering the ice. The storm hit hard on the east side of Highmount. Dry Brook was the principal feeder of high w a ters to M a rgaretvllle. W ater from the m ain s tream at Roxbury began coming up in the later stages of the storm . However, areas of Fleisch­ m anns that were deluged in the June flood did not come under w a ter this tim e. Below Fleischm a n n s w a ter was high on the Redmond flat and home owners across the tracks were stranded for a time. The Schoharie valley was hard hit. Route 30 was cut off Friday aftem o o n in the towns of Fulton and Blenheim. Traffic was moving again Saturday m o m ing without difficulty. South of the Mld- dleburgh bridge, the road is heavily ice-coated, where w a ter spilled across the large flat. Battered Out Door Two fscope With Minor Injury As Car Upsets In High Stream Two young M a rgaretvllle men escaped serious injury last week Thursday night when the car in which they were riding went out of control and plunged , into the w a ters of the rain swollen Platteklll stream near New Kingston. State police of the M a rga­ retvllle station report that a car operated by Jam e s T. Fenton, 17, of M argaretvllle was northbound on Johnny Cake lane, two-tenths of a mile south of the New Kingston Valley road. It failed to negotiate a downhill right hand curve. The vehicle crossed the road and went down an em b a n k m ent landing in the stream with the front end facing north. Injured In the accident were Fenton, who required five stitches in his right hand and who also suffered b ruises smd abrasions of his h e ad and right leg, and a passenger, William Gladstone, 20, of M a rgaretvllle, who required three stitches in his right hand and who suffered b ruises of both legs. Both were treated at the M a rgaretvllle M emorial hospital and re­ leased. State police report that both suffered the cuts of the hands when they broke a window of the car in order to escape from the vehicle. Dam age to the car was extensive. A Del Wood tractor-trailer operated by John Dropp, 67, of Delhi went out of control on an Icy road in the early m om ing hours of Christm a s day causing Injuries to the driver and dam a g e to the truck. State police report that the em p ty milk truck was northbound on route 28, nine-tenths of a m ile north of the Canada Hollow road. The truck rounded a right hand curve and the trailer skidded to the left. Dropp attem p ted to c o rrect the skid, b u t struck a rock ledge on the west side of the road. The truck jackknifed in the road and had to be towed from the scene. The driver suffered contusions and abrasions of the right leg. Slippery driving conditions were blam e d for a m inor accident last Saturday in Arkville. A car operated by Dr. Fernando B. E scano of M a rgaretvllle went out of control and struck a parked car owned by W arren Moore of Arkville causing the Moore vehicle to strike a third car owned by Holllce Straut, also of Arkville. There w ere no injuries a n d no a r r e s ts in the accident. A van-type truck operated by Roy W. Franks, 26, of M a rgaretvllle and owned by PM Delaw are, Inc., struck and killed a deer Monday m o m ing on route 28 in the Town of Andes. A p e rm it was issued, and the deer was claimed by Franks.

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