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Ff ‘-‘.57 .“A.V m ■ a rtp ^ ,t - , t m m m m m ■ •<• . t-.-tt*>~ A * ** ■/n ^ v a g j • , - _- ' . n-•* ' * •O' fa‘ Devoted to Literature, Politics, Local tnd General News. D EN I S ON & R O B ER T S , Pr o p r i e t o r s . TERM S, $1.0 0 a Year in Advance, Otherwise $1.50 G R E E N E , CH EN AN G O CO U N TY , N . Y . , T H U R S D A Y , D E C E M B E R 31, 1903. V O L I ' M E 4 9 . N U M B E R 2 4. M I SCELLAN Y. to live w ith an a u t^ a n d expected to secure a position * ^ |te n o g ra p er. He had m eant t o Inqulrt 'whether she had a position ln view bttt Just then they entered a tunnel, and he was so busy explaining a b o u t ibfe shucking acci­- dent which had occurred there a year before t h a t h e forgo! t o make th e in- qulry. “J u s t w a it until I send those other girls aw ay , then you can meet Mr. W hitney.” When he came bnck she rose, pencil iu bond, ready fo r the tria l of her ■klU. Dave barred her passage with his hand on the doorknob. W A N TED TO B E A LAWYER. NEW CURE F O E IN SA N IT Y . A Policy m the lataal Life of Hev York ON TBE BOHEVARD RIDE. A U a n A b ou t T ow n F ou nd i t Was N o t so E a sy as Reported. A m an a b ou t tow n, w ho Is tired of doing nothing, read a sto ry In the papers a b o u t how easy It is to be-; have to present yourself ns a caudl-a date for admission. If you should be so fortunate ns tu pass the examina­- tion, you will be entitled to register ns a lawyer’s clerk. Then you will have to read law for three years, nf- tcr which you may present yourself fur vxnmlaiUiun before tbe I’htlndri- pblu Bar Association. You tuny get plucked even then.\ \Then this yarn 1 read In the pa­- pers about how easy It Is to bcrome a lawyer Is n ot true'.’\ \No. It used to be so. but there were so many Hc‘l»lng admission to the liar th at it was resolved to make the restrictions severe enough to keep out everybody except those who i ,in-dead In earnest.\ j think tliey’ll keep me ont—Good j dnv. —Plillmlelplibt Record, come a law yer. He had all the time there is and enough money to Bee hhn through, b u t lie Is forty. However, for w a n t of som ething t o fill up his leisure moments he th o u g h t It would be a good thing to study lnw, and he consulted the fumlly lawyer. \G reat Idea,\ Bald the disciple of Coke and Blackstone. \T o lie a la w ­ yer Ih a g rea t thing, and to be a Phil­- adelphia law yer is to Write your name high up on th e scroll of fame.” \I think I ’ll go In for It,\ said tho man a b o u t to w n .“ W hat should 1 do a b o u t It first?” ’’You’re a g rad u a te of H arvard, I believe?” suld the family lawyer. \Yes class ol ’84.\ \You haven’t forgotten the class­- ics?” \Good Lord, yea. Why do you ask\ \You remember Virgil?” \N ot a line.” \H ow are you on mathematics?\ \1 can tell bow much tw o and tw o make, and t h a t ’ s aii.\ \You w ant to be a lawyer?\ \1 w ant to be som ething—I’m Just tired of living und doing nothing.” “Well, my boy, If yon w ant to be­- come a member uf tho B ur of Plilla defphlu I ’ll tell you w hat you’ve g ot to do. You’ve g ot to sit right down und study same us you did to enter Harvard. With the exceptions of Greek and modern languages, there Is no difference In the exams.” \Do you rneuii to say th n t I’ve g ot to study fur six m onths o r a year lu order to gut adm itted to the bar?” “Well, not exactly th a t. You will B a th s R e p la o e O p ia te s a n d S t r a i t - J a o k e t W ith G o o d R e s u lts . \Within n year o r tw o we will have the locks off every door aiul the bars from every window In this hospital,” says Dr. George B. Campbell, ln charge of the reception departm ent anil the wards for acute cases a t tbe M anhattan S tate Hospital, Wards Island, New York, in which there are about 2,500 patients. I t sounds like a vain Htatement, and yet the m ar­- velous result bring achieved by the new methods of treatm en t may w ar­- r a n t Its utterance. The substitution of the b a th tub fo r th e padded cell and the Scotch (louche for the s tra lt- Jacket Is an epoch-making departure ln the histo ry of tre a tm e n t given the insane. In the light of the 20t.li century science, Insanity is regarded os a sym ptom of physical illness, an d a patient Is treuted accordingly. Every suggestion of re stra in t Is removed. The burdened minds m ust be freed from the Idea th a t opposition o r re­- strain t Is being used Tor their super- senstlve nerves are easily Jarred and trouble Is sure to follow. T o further so o th the nerves of pa­- tients h o t water b ath s,h o t air baths, w ater pocks, sprays.and douches nre- effectively used. A struggling, fight­- ing patient wllj m ake the w a te r fly like n wounded whale when first 1m- mereed to th e neck In a b a th of wa­- ter a t 1)9 degrees, but soon the so u th ­ ing effect uf th c warm w a te r on thu ends of the ngltnted nerves produces the desired results; the patients grow s less ami Ichh violent, lies quiet a t last and soon afterw ard sleeps peacefully. The length of time a patient iHkept in a bath ot this kind varies with thc nature of the mental disturbance and 1the physical comil tion. In some coses caudl-a few hours are Hufficlent,'1 lu othere bourx, and la examina­- pa­ it Is days Instead of some of the most refactory cases be tween three anil four weeks a re re­- quired; but lu th e end th e sufferer comes forth transform ed Into a tra c ­ table being, lu n fulr wuy t o fecover. For cqicclul canes b a th s nre used t h a t aro best adapted to th e Indlvid- U-.1. One of the m ost forceful tonics Ih the Scotch douche. Imagine your- Hclf 12 ft-et d is ta n t from the nozzle of a good-shed hose from which h o t and cold w ater In quickly a lte rn a tin g HpurtH was being fired ngnlnst y o u r ' barb Imek with a force nny where be- [ tivecn nothing a n d 50 pounds pres- It,ure-Tlm t Isa Scotch douche, anil {.1,lnra|}Wnrv „f t jle department of[i* a t once presr-rfbed. P ro h ib itin g .\||<H)„iri .th in k s tb a t he lias solved j measures would increase the p atien t’s ( problem of feeding soldiers In his ' b u t the soothing tub soon lulls ,|(.|iartiuent plentifully upon 15 cents | h1^ ’ forgetfulness nil desire to behave n To hu bn tun tin tc IiIh opinion badly. And still an o th e r m odern ihem ojor Ih feeding 10 of the most Ideals tb a t of the open air treatm ent. 'able-bodied laborers be enn find, stl - 1 which Ih similar to t h a t given con- 1Htlpulotlng tlm t not more thnn ‘ suniptlves. Free from restrain t, cat- cents will be spent on any 'n g and sleeping In ten ts erected ou bother­ William II. Bemi. of Oninhn, chief of I you are perfectly welcome to It. The I doctors Insist, however, t h a t It Ih ft j marvelous stlimilent. causing nerves nnd hrnln to respond In a highly nat- iHfnctory manner. Another radical departure from old paths In the treatm ent of those men­- tally a t fault Is the dropping of rc- i Htrnint. If a patient w an ts to howl no objection Ih made. When the I probable cause of tills truly insane ! desire Is determined tb e proper b ath one meal and giving nwmrances th a t the In wns. and indulging In games when five rlnvs nre up not one will an d athletic exercises in th e o u t d o o r find fault n Ith the fare. The first dny the 10 dined nt the ninjor’H table. Hundreds of working - 18 secure as a Government Bond; forty-five cents a week saved up will secure a policy for $1,0 0 0 for a man aged 80 in tliis great Company. Ifit is bard for yuu to support your family without paying tlie premium on a life insurance policy, how much more difficult will it be for them to support themselves without your aid ? If you are too poor to insure your life, you are too poor to die and leave your family penniless. If you have no family dependant upon you. who will protect you in your old age? A ten, fifteen or twenty y e a r endowment poli y for from iJI.OOOt* $5,000 will do this. Don’t pul it off. a month from now you may imt ire able to pass the medical i aaniiimtion required. We issue all forms of life policies, and they are absolutely non forfeit able after two years from the date of issue, wheti they have a ciiali value, loan value, paid-up policy value, and an extended insurance value. Cat! on or address Dave How ard was n t pence with himself aud the world. CICELY ALLEN. “I am glad you happened to see the •ad.” ThlH was rath er remarkable, be­- cause he w as going back t o the hot, busy city after tw o weeks of merry vacation life. By closing his eyes he could alm o st hear the clacket-y-clack of the elevated trains, the rumble of heavy trucks, an d hoarse shouts of pushing, quarreling truckm en which would serenade him six days In the week for th e next 11 m onths a t his office window. No one m et her alt th e depot, and she looked a trifle bewildered. Once more she delved i n tq th e cheap hand­- bag, un unearthed iljti address. She had quite fo rg o tten th e presence of Duve, a n d s ta r te d witen he spoke. \You lmd b e tte r fcjfc me call a han­- som which will ta k e You directly t o the house.\ \So am I,” she answered shyly. \I t Is so h a rd looking for w ork.’’ \Is t h a t th e only reason ?’’ Slowly she raised her eyes to meet his compelling glance. He smiled re- nssuardly, an d clasped her hand for Just one happy moment. ■\Don’t be afraid. Whitney’s a very decent chap—nnd I shall seeyou eVery d ay , and hy and by—\ “By an d by,\ sho murmured with happy smile. Then he knew t h a t she understood, nnd let her pass. “Oh, n o ,” she murmured, draw ing buck tim idly. B u t Dave had a happy faculty for summoning more pleasant memories. F o r Instance, there were the sails of th e p o st fortnight, the daily dip in th e ocean, tho clam bakes, the moon­- lig h t strolls w ith p retty girls, the blessed privilege of lying In bed as late ns he liked nnd wearing light flannels every day. In the quiet little New England re­- s o rt he had heen quite a lion, nnd he had dlstrublted his favors and socie- ty w ltli rare discretion for one of his meager social experience, all of which made him feel quite satisfied with David H ow ard, a ssista n t credit man w ith Burrell, Johnson & Co. “Is th a t sent engaged?” Dave sprang to Ills feet. ••Would you rath er s it here? It Is ra th e r sunny by the w indow ?\ An exquisite flush rose to the girl’s forehead, where a few deliciously re­- bellious curls had slipped o u t from the combs which held her pom pa­- dour. “I—I d o n 't mind sun. I ’ m used to It,” she murmured In confusion, and then sho slipped hurriedly Into the vneant pluce. Then tell me where It Is.aud I will see you safe on th e car.\ She glanced nervously around her. Strnnge facds were on every side. She looked back nt Dave* well-grooraed, well-dressed, und to her simple mind a most stylish personage. Her g ran d m o th er lmd warned ber against Just this typtfofclty man,and here she had been talking t o him all the w ay to to w n . H er face flushed, thi-n paled. \T hank you, n o , I guess I will see F R O N T IE R L IFE. F reed om o f the P la in s H a s an A t­- tra ctio n N o t F o u n d in C ity Life. I t was nearing midnight when we entered Phoenix (Ariz). Price direct­- ed the way to tho cnrrol where he was known, nnd where we left the anim als feasting on fresh alfalfa, while we fared forth to see his friends. It wns precisely os though Price hnd thvlted me around to his club, lie led the way to a saloon, and as we entered It, I saw a t once Its typical character. At the left ol th e entrance wns a bar. gorgeotiB with mlrrows nml cut glnss, while down the deep recesses of tbe room were furo nnd roulette tables and tables for poker. The groups nbuut them were formed of“ cow-punchers.” nml prospectors and \Greasers\ and Uhlimmen, and even Indians, nil mingling aud Inter­- mingling with a freedom th n t sug­- gested t h a t lu gambling there Is a touch of nuturu th u t makes the whole world kin. Insure the m atron in th e ladles’parlor. T hat Ih the best way, I have heard. Thank you ever so much for making my ride so pleasant—and—goodby.\ She a lm o st ran to th e parlor, leav­- ing Dave speechless ad d n o t a little annoyed. Why, I w onder w hat—\ Then he laughed as he sp ra n g up the stalra leading to the elevated statio n . •Why, the little goose thought I was G R A Y &R U S S E L L , I nsurance A g enc y , B an k B l o c k , G r e eu e . N .Y . Your BuildingH, Mercban dise, Furniture, Plate Gloss and Bents, against Fire, Lightning, or Tornado, and your Life, against Deatb and Accidents, Business Cards. I - I.. C him e, VTTORNEY and Counselor at Law, Oreene. Chenango N. Y. trying t o flirt w ith her.\ B ut strangely enough as tlio days passed he fo rg o t her country w ays, which had rankled In the memory of his manifest snub. He recalled only the dainty freshness of her face, the quiet repose ot h e r maimers, despite her unfashionable attln*. M. F P o r t e r , . ATTORNEY anil Counselor nt Law. Ofiice hi the new Bank Building. Greene. N Y . mR. A. RACE Before she wns fnlrly settled the conductor stopped for her ticket. From tlie com er of his eye, Dave wutched her efforts to locate her tick­- et, aud smiled a t herevldentnervous- nesB. E u g e n e C lin to n , i TTORNEY and Counselor at Law. f \ Office iu Enipiro Block, Ureene, N Y B ut more Immediately Interesting to UH w as a group which stood be­- side the bar. It wns made tip, ns I found, of politicians, high In te rrito r­- ial office, nil of whom knew Price aud hailed him cordlully while asking lif­- ter his lurk. For some time we stood talking with them, then one of tlieir number, himself not n politician bill a business mnn. proposed our Joining him n t sup|K*r. We accepted. I the more delightedly licc.-iuse he. of nil the group, bad m ost n ttrn c te d me. Tull anil very handsome, lie hud the bearing of a gentleinun, and wlmt he told me of himself confirmed tny own Impression of a richly varied past. F a r Into tbe night ive tallied, mid 1 could well believe him ivlien he snid th a t the fascination of th e life which lu* had led on the frontier had so far grow n upon him tlm t. while he was glad to go back n t times to his form­- er bome In New York, he could no longer remain con tented there hearing as he alw ays did, after a few m onths a t most, tbe call bnck t o the wild The tones of her qalet, well-modu­- lated voice mnde him forget the noisy, •horsey” lau g h te r nnd conversation of Miss Madeline Given, ivho had told him to be sure t o cptl as soon as lie came bnck t o tow n. TU* quiet su r­- prise, tho Hhy interest in her soft brown eyes, haunted him a s th c veil­- ed challenge lu th e eyes of Miss Beau­- mont, who had iln need w ith him m ost a t thc Point, could never haunt him. \ Oltttu L C ow les, TTORNEY a t Law. Office in the Hunk building. Representing tbe Largest and strongest FIK E L IF E and ACCIDENT “Not UBed to traveling,\ he mur­- mured to himself. Her lap w as filled w ith littie things taken from herbng—severul handker­- chiefs, evidently home mode and trim­- med with narrow , old-fashioned luce; a Imnch of keys, a tiny house­- wife knife, some very sharp pencllB, a piece of pale blue ribbon, a faded rose, nud a t last n small black purse. Dave wanted to lnugh. The con- tenents of the ling were so different from the things th n t he hnd seen o th ­ er girls curry. There wns no pocket m irror, no powder puff, no scent b o t­- tle ; yet us he stoic an o th er glance nt thc girlish face closo to Ills shoulder It looked wonderfully fresh and well groomed. Ahshe replaced thc various nrtlcles In the bng Dave noticed th n t the fad­- ed rose—a white ont—wns tucked carefully into th e sbubby little black puree. Ch ar l es Cll u t ou . VTTORNEY and Counselor a t Law Office in Poetoffice block, Greene. N Y *l. S. P a r k e r , Companies. JUSTICE of the Peace, lias opened nn Office in tlie Post Ofiice Block, up ataira. where ll-will attend to all bud nras entrusted to him. *31 In fact it was the little girl on hia left o n t b a t luniu-wurd tide -who stood o u t m ost strongly in th e sum­- mer d ay memories. And he recnlled with some self reproach, t h a t ho had done a ll the talking, nnd knew abso­ D r. G e o . t). W illia m s , I J H Y a l i ' H N and S urgeon. Office in i Mnrae Block R esidence on S outli .Chenango S tre e t, G reene. N Y. C . N. G u y # M. L>., • ‘IA N and S u rg enn Office in n n in g h am Block. G reene. N Y. IJHYSl 1 Cun lutely nothing about her plana, nor had he one clue which might lead to finding her. On 16 C ents a D ay. • • • Will 15 cents' w orth of food supply plentifully a laborer who works hard for eight hours, or n soldier who IlghtH or iniirclirs all day? T hnt Is a question which Is n t present bother­- ing United S tales Army officers. MnJ. . B o w e n , 01. I> . His chief was In a m ost unnralnble mood. PHYSIi 'IA N and S urgeon. O flh e a n d residence. H arris >n block. U reene. N Y K.tml c a lls n ig h t o r day u t cus- toniarv fees. •‘More th an 50 girls hnve answered my \ u d” fo r n stenographer. Look ’ em over an d send In a couple of the most promising. He slnmmerl the door leading t o his p riv ate office, nnd Dave went o u t to the corridor, where a line of a p ­ plicants nwnlted his appearance. freedom of the plains. I t was under F r a u k P r e s t o n , IH. 1). PHYSIi TAN u n d S u r g e o n . Office In Bunk bpiMing. rooms formerly oc rupiedii, l)r I., M.Joli son. Oreene. N Y theH|H*ll of what he sahl, enforced by little experience ns n \burro-1 puncher,” th a t I went to sleep th at nigbt on a bed of nlfnliti in tlie corml; anil when I wakened In the tnornlng and found letters urging iny return to the East, I was conscious of an Indifference* to the Idea which wa* wholly new to tny experience. From n Burro-Puncher,’’ by Walter A. Wyckoff, In Scribner's. \Some chap gave It to her, and no do u b t lie’s forgotten all a b o u t it, but she isn’t the s o rt to forget.\ J us t i ce o f t h c P eace . I'H E undrisignt-d h is ojjene<| an effio over tlie bicycle simp A.I Jostic. mutters careiully attended. *32 F H. VVirxtAMS Dave looked down aud felt a su d ­ den satisfaction in hia neatly shod feet, the im m aculate crease ln his trousers, his well-manicured hnnds. Then as the track made a sudden curve and the sun no longer poured Into the window heusked If she would n o t like curtain and wiudow raised. He w as listening in pfelttlictory fashion to the plea of a girl who lisp­- ed, when h is glance, roam ing down tlie line, m et a pair of soft brown eyes a n d he fairly Jumped. H astily lie dismissed the young w om an with a lisp, nnd slgnnled to th e owner of the b ro w n eyes to follow him Into his room. • CO E N J O Y C H R I S T M A S m iike presents to d*»nr friends. HierA's nn liett r pluce to purchase som e s e f u l than a t loUK D R U G S T O R E . Week we a re show ing u n assort Toilpt A rticles tl’at-is sim ply be ildering in its y arietv an d e x te n t: an d L a re equally pleasing. Besides irable asso rtm en t of T oilet Ar wje a r e show ing a fine lin e of P e r ­ apd Candy. JOH NSON, D r u g g is t, G REEN E, N .Y . D r. J a c k iv illc ti. is t<\ HierA's ihin g Offices in S anitH rium . m-*t d o o r !• tlioae previously occupied bv th e lute Dr S. F . M cFarland u n d h im self. 74 Fron S treet, K ingliam tnn-Office h o u rs, 10 !• 3, 7 tn 8 A p p o in tm en ts cun be mud. furo th e r h o n rs Both telep h o n es 2 S ome F ac t s Ab ou t W id ows air. those patients who were tho m ost violent nre wonderfully bcne- 1flted. With mirh remarkable results obtained already. It may be th n t Dr. Campbell’s prophecy will como to pn*H, a result hum anity will gludly welcome^ This Week im-nt nl After t h a t It was easy. Dave chut ted on, telling her of the gayetles a t the Point, w ith ju st a trifling anil perhaps unconscious pride In his fo rt­- night of conquests. She said th u t she had often heard t h a t they had very gay times a t the Point, b ut though she lived only 10 miles this side of the resort, she had never been there. Dnve smiled In a m n n n ern o t exact­- ly patronizing and rem arked t h a t af­- te r she had seen the beaches arofind New York she w ouldn't care much for the P o in t anyhow . I t w as Just a good place for a chap to go who w as ra th e r done up and needed rest. J u s t beforo they reached the city he learned t h a t she was coming to tow n The S tate of New York has 320,000 widows nnd the city 105,000. There were by the Inst F'ederal cennuH 2,720.- 000 widows In the whole United States, of whom, It Ihw orthy to re­- mark, 83,000 were* In Indiana and only 8,000 in Utah. There were 128,000 In Massachus­- etts, lean than the to ta l number In the tw o Stntes of Alabama and Mis­- sissippi, though the view pretty gen­- erally prevails th a t th e number of widows is ’ dlsportlonately large throughout New England There are nearly 2,000 In Hawaii nnd 1,700 in Alaskl, a p ro p o rtio n ate­- ly larger numlier than in the city of Chicago. FI l tE IN S UR A N C E , | > E 4 L E s ta te A gent a n d N o ta ry P u t' *» lie Office a t residence W illard Si 11 F .L R E R T F SMI TH w ildering o ur p ric “I th o u g h t I was never going t o sec you again,” lie commenced Incon­- sequentially.“ What have yon been doing 7” men crowded nbout the commissary u r adm department to sue w h a t the fn re rides, wje fum es apd would be nnd w h at w as tho verdict of tlie men on whom the experiment _____was conducted. R oast beef, brown doing \L ooking for work,\ she answered bravely,“ h ut I hnd no letters and no one knew me.” D r . I ra W . D a y , E.l _____was s to r m s o f Old E n g lan d , hurricane the London VETERINARY Surgeon Office and v residence Washington S t , east side of the Railroad Oreene. N Y Day ami niglit calls p r o m p t l y attended to. A t t n tion given to Dentistry. 21 f Ij#'Castrating done in spason | gravy, baked potatoes, bncon.benns, tomatoes, pickles, prunes, tw o k nds E n g l a n d -8 rPcem hurricane the London Cbr0nicl(> flndg to havw ^ a mere tea. i cup affair compared witli storms of his­- toric record. In tho year 944 in London alone 1,500 houses were blown down; in October, 1091. a great number of churches and 500 houses were destroyed; in 1285 - it thundered for 15 days consecutively. The dreadful niglit during which Crom­- well’s spirit passed has formed a theme for poet and partisan. And the great storm that\ o ’ er palo Britannia passed\ in November. 1703, the most terrible ia British annals, also had its enduring rec­- ord in povtry. I t did damage in London to the amount of £2,0 00,0 0 0- over 8 ,0 00 people were drowned iu floods in varijjus parts of the country; twelve men of war with over 1,800 men oa board, went down in sight o f land, and tho Eddy- stons lighthouse, along with WHnstanley* its inventor waa swept away. “1 am glad of it,” be responded prom ptly. He offered her a chair and bis glance rested on the sh ab b y black handbag.\W h at hns become of the white rose?” H e had quite forgotten t h a t he w a s examining applicants for a $ 12a week position. “T he rose?” her face flushed. \Yes th e faded rose you hud iu th a t bag.”“I t—itcamefrom thebush b y m oth­- er's g rav e. I t was ull I could bring with me—” Dave rose resolutely. of bread ami custom ary sensoulngs were on the bill. The m ajor’s guests were enthusiastic over the feast. T im e T ahl“ w hich tak es effect J U N E 14,. 1903 Ih e tra in s arriv e n n d depart fr6ni U reene as follow s: \The Idea wns suggested to me hy the thousands of families who find W il le y B r o s . &C o ., Fu r n i t u r e De a l e r s A ND — NORTH BOUND. support on laborers’ wages difficult and by criticisms of those who see in bills for thp arm y ’ ssupporttheA m er- Ican soldiers cannot liveowell,\ said MaJ. Bean. Un d e r t a k e r s 809-5-25 A M daily, stopping nt princi pal stations to Utica and Richfield Springs. 81 5 - 8 40 a M daily except Sunday, all stations to Utica. 845 — 4 -45p m Milk an d Mail, daily, all *59 Greene N Y It. H. VanV Ikenburgli, De n t i s t . R E C T O R O F S T . L U K E ’ S. Twelve million pounds’ w orth of leather is required every year to pro­- vide boots nnd shoes for the Inhabi­- ta n ts of Great Britain. t s t . Office over McKenzie’s Jewelry Store. Gnnting Block *2 — statio n s to U tica 8 0 3 —4 01 P M daily except Sunday prin­- cipal stations to Utica and Richfield Springs. A s lib u r n lia m T e s tif ie s t o t h e G o o d Q u a litie s oft C h a m b e r lain ’s C o u g h R e m e d y . A SH B U R N H A M , O nt . April 18. 1903.— I think it is only right that I should tell you what a wonderful effect i.hamher Iain’s Cough Remedy has produced Th? day before Easter I was so distressod with a cold and Cuugh that I did not think to be able to take any duties the next day, as my voice was almost choked by the cough The same day I received an order from you for a bottle of your Cough Remedy I a t once procored a sample bottle and took about three doses of the medicine To my great relief the cough and cold had completely disap peared and I was able to preach three times on Easter Day. I know that this rapid and effective cure was due to your Cough Remedy.' I make this testimonial without solicitation, being thankful to have found such a God-sent remedy. O n ta r io , , In area the new republic of P a n a ­ ma Is a little less than Indiana and Its population Is a b o u t 300,000, of which 3,000 are In Colou and 25,000 In Puniuna. L. J u lia n d , D . V. M. , ( RADUATE of the N Y. ^tate Vet r prinary (’allege Veterinarian t<> > State Board of Health. All calls imptly attended to Office a t residence c t to cemetery. Telephone on the rth Colesville and Greene line. *25 S O U TH BO UN D . KODOL DYSPEPSIA CURE Digest* all classes of food, tones and strengthen* the stomach and digestive organs. Cures Dyspepsia. Indigestion, Stomach Troubles, and makes rich red blood, health nnd strength. Kodol Dys­- pepsia Cure rebuild* wornout tissue*, pu­- rifies. strengthens and sweetens the stom ach. Oov. G V Atkinson, of W. Va . *aya: \I have used a number of bottles o Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and’have found it to be a very effective and. indeed, ft rjwerful remedy for stomach ailments recommend it to my friend*. Sold by E H Johnson. ____ 8 0 4 — 10 -10 A M daily except Sunday. Binghamton. Scranton, New York. Pliilodelphia. Baltimore. Washing­- ton and South, Owego,' Waverly. El GOOD F O R C H IL D R E N The pleasant to take and harmless One Minute Cough Cure give* immediate re lief in all cases of Cough, Croup and La Grippe because it does not pass inome- d iatdy into tlie stomach, but takes effect right a t the seat of tbe trouble. It dra w» out the inflammation, heals and soothe* and e n rn permanently by enabling the lungs to contribute pure life giving and iife-sustat ing oxygen to the blood and tissues. Dr. Armstrong o i Delia. Tex., prescribes it daily and *ay« there is no better cough remedy made. Sold by E. H'. Johnson. Most reptiles are notoriously deaf, except caymans and crocodiles; the boa seems absolutely so. Owego,' Waverly. mira. Bath and West 840-12-50 p M Milk daily, connects with fast trains East and West at Bing­ D r . H o m e r E . S m ith , Oc u l is t and ACRifr. fiiip u e i of the Eye, Ear. Nose and iroatonly. Eyes properly fitted with asset Catarrhal diseases treated X ray Photography and Static Treat enta. Office—Hotchkiss Block, Norwich, N Doctor Homer E Smith Office open from 9 to 12and I to 4 In 1880 th e average New Yorker took 182 rliles In s tre e t cars. L ast year he to o k 415. hamton 8 0 0 — 1 -25 P M dailv except Sunday, Now York and Philadelphia'Vektibuled, connecting at Binghamton for th» I w ou l d r a t h e r m a k o m y n a m e th a t* i n h e r i t It.—T h a c k e r a y . West. 6 1 0 - 7 26 P M daily except' Sunday, con necting at Binghamto'n fo1r the West- 218 -12-18 A M daily, fast night line for 'New York and the West Sleeping pare pn tr-iips 809 and 810.-5 Parlor pare op traipp 803 snd 806. ONE HUNDRED LOLLABS A BOX Is the value H. A. Tisdale,Summerton, S. C , places on DeWitfs Witch Hazel Salve. He says:“ I had the piles for 20 year*. I tried many doctor* and medi­- cine*. but all failed except DeWitt’sWitch Hazel Salve. It cured me.” It is a com­- bination of the healing properties of Witch Hazel with antiseptics and emoli manta; relieves, and permanently cures blind, bleeding, itching and protruding piles, sores, cuts, bruises, eczema, salt rheum and all skin diseases. Soil} ^y E. H. Johnson. Down in Texas at Yoakum, is a big dry goods firm of which Mr. J , M-Haller Is the head Mr. Haller on one of his trip* East to buy goods said to a friend who waa with him in the pahce car. _\ Here, take one ot these Little Early Risers up on retiriag And you will bo up early tn the morning feeling good For tny ••dark brown” taste, headache and that, logy feeling DeWitt’s Littto Early Risen are th e beat pills to use. hold by E. IA. Johnson. THE LONE STAR STATE. Not a minute should be lost when a child shows symptons of croup. Cham­- berlain’s Cough Remedy given as soon as the child becomes hoarse, Or even after the croupy cough appears, will pre­- vent the attack. It never falls, and to pleasant and safe to take. For sale by E. H. Johnson. B e Q u ic k C It K . A t w a t e r . Fu r n i t u r e D e a le r Take a double dose of Chamberlain’s Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy a* soon as tha fltit indication of the dise »e appears arid a threatened attack may be warded off. Hundreds of people use the remedy in this way with perfect success For sale try E. n . Johnson, druggist. B i l i ou s ■ o llc P r e v e n te d . -AND----- LEW I S W O LF Respectfully yours, E. A. L angfeldt. H. A., Rector 8t. Luke’s Ch. ' To Cliamberlain Medicine Co This remedy is for salt by E H. John* s p n , j ru gg f s ) ; . ‘ Un d e r t a k e r »K ttC H A M T g T | I M ^ E N y At tbe Chenango House. Greene, every two weeks. Orders left tfcgre promptly ^tt«ntjed to. 1 Greene. N Y. J e s s e JR. A s h le y , IAJNTING and Papering done fiP notice. A y e rs Losing your hair? Coming out b y the com bful? And doing nothing? N o se n se in that! W hy don’t you use A y e r ’s H a ir V ig o r and promptly s t o p th e falling? Your hair will begin to grow, too, and all dandruff w ill dis­- appear. Could you reason­- ably expect anything better? ”A v a r 's H a i r V ig o r Is s f r r e s t ( a c c e s s w ith m e . My h e i r w m fo l Hog o u t v e r y .b a d ly , bnt t h e H e ir 'V igor .to p p e d i t an d n o w m y h a ir la s l l rig h t .” —W . C. L o o s dom . L l n d .a y , Csl. 91 .00 s b o ttle . AU - drngglal.., f o r J. 0, ATVn CO., L o w e ll. Ws m. Th i n H air Greene, S . Y. Office First Floor, Crandall Block.

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