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‘ =: z:«, T‘? ‘V ‘ T'7\'7.ff;*\f;;?‘%‘35=‘ ' ‘ « V ' 9 W . ‘ L ‘V 1\ - “W \“\_\~“‘” \.\\\‘\”\\\“ ”“ ”_'”\““““ V A \ E\ ,»a.,l,5. » ‘. u- '. ';;;:9p7~‘” ' ,‘J''” . ' f . . ‘ J.‘ ‘.5333. p . , 4., guy. , _ . , . A A. ? 4 ’ _ \ .,¢ ‘ t ' / . ; _ - _; ,_‘ ‘ ~ e. : .2 9» ' :1 D . ‘ I 1;‘, .\ ‘ 5; 5 ‘ . . , : § , . 1‘ 1 . we. ‘ ~ r ‘-~ . ' .y..__ :3 ‘ xv’, . \_ ,4»_‘ ,‘ _{ . - ‘ ‘x . A V ‘:\ ‘ \ ‘ ' -‘. ,4. . ' & - « to DENISON&ROBERTS , P ro p r i e t ors . D evo t e d t o Li t era t ure , P o li t i cs , L oca l an dG enera lN ews . T E R M S , $ 1 . 0 0 a Y e a r In A d v a n c e , O t h e r w i s e $ 1 . 5 0 V O L U M E 4 9. G R E E N E , CH EN A N G O CO U N TY , N . Y . , T H U R S D A Y , D E C E M B E R 2 4, 1903. N U M B E R 23. M I SCELLAN Y. to be cost aside fo r a new oue as soon as the Interest has died out.” Hesur- prized himself as a n epigram m atist, and philosophized again.“ Life—a h I —is a nu t. and wom an is th e kernel —generally b itte r 1” Then iu heedless extravagance he flung down two co p ­ pers a t th e p ier turnstile, nnd pushed moodily on to the p|er. The band w as playing a selection offtheclty.audsatda.vaft-from“ My L ad y Molly,” and the mel- odles made him th in k of Mabel, and the old, dear tim es they had spent t o ­ gether In London. He remembered the evening on which they went to the th ea tre to see tHe piny. He could fit the words t o th e tune which the band was p lay in g : Seek—flncl! Love is blind, oneelse’s mistake. A girl generally becomes convinced of a m an's love If he ls willing to co m m it suicide t o p ro v e It. I heard th ey were m arried la s t year. And, of course, Prof. Dol­- phin Is far too wily a fish to explain m atters, because t h e m istake added a n o th e r rescue to his long list a n d quite a number of pupils t o his sw im ­ m ing class.—V an ity Fair. SUNSET RID GE VIGILAN CE. Fellows stooped over th e bed, and as he did so his c o a t sleeve brushed Wnrlng's face. Something fell to the floor, an d Waring s ta rte d up wild- eyed and minus his sandy beard and mustache. A Po licy i n t he i t u l L if e o i New Yo r k A COM PLETE HERO. BY BARKY PR E S T O N . There hud once been a p ro s p e c t- rem ote, It. is tru e—t h a t th e railroad w ould run th ro u g h .Sunset Ridge. From the tim e t h a t alluring pros­- pect had loomed on th e horizon un­- til the railro ad w as Anally built th ro u g h tbe (Jap. 2 0 miles t o the so u th . Sunset Ridge had flourished; a n d n t the high tide of hopeful pros­- perity, Dr. Fellows had drifted Into to w n and hung o ut his shingle. Dr. Fellows soon had Sunset Ridge w ith him to the lust mail. He bad a w ay of saying, whenever he strolled in to Silent Andy's place—which was often — \Give th e boys w b a t they w a n t, Andy.” 18 secure as a Government Bond; forty-five cents a week saved u p will secure s poiioy for £1,0 0 0 for a Man aged 30 in this great Company. If it is bard for you to support your family without paying the premium on a life insurance policy, how much more difficult will it be for tJiefu to support themselves without your aid t If you a re too poor to insure your life, you are too poor to die •nd leave your family pt*nni!c*a. lf you hare no family appendant upon you. who will protect you in your •Id agt T A ten, fifteen or twenty year endowment poli. y for from $1,0 0 0to $5,000 will do tin's. Don’t pul it off, a month frtijn now you may nut be able to pass the medical examination required. We issue alt forms of life policies, and they are absolutely non forfeit able after two yeura from tlie date of issue, when they have a cash value, loan value, paid-up policy value, and an extended insurnnci* Value. BY ALPIIONBE COl’RLANDEIt. Mr, Dlbchick n t the senslde was a vastly different person from the Mr. Dlbchick who, frock-coated and top-j h atted , toiled up to an office In a lane somewhere offtheclty.audsatda.vaft-from“ er day frow ning a t ledgers aud cash books, w ith his sh o rt legs colled des­- perately round the long legs of the stool. Mr. D ibchlckatthe8easide was a man of leisure, a man of culture (so every oue said In the boarding house —“ two minutes from tlie front,term s from 25s.” ), and undoubtedly u man of w ealth, a s the blue linze from Ids eignr testified. And his flannel suit w as Immaculate In Its unshrinkable glory. And his yellow boots made m irrors for tlu* sun. And Ills p a n a - inn—really his panam a m ight have been a . ‘iO-sliilllng one from Bond-st.. Instead of a tlirce-and-six-penny (’heapside Imitation. If Im itation Is |the slneerest form of flattery, has a headgear been subjected to more fulsome flattery th an the pana- ma hat. ne ver He w ent red to the ro o ts of his hair anil then leaued weakly ag ain st the bed. Tw o groat tears trickled down th e cheeks. A t the te a rs a sud­- den comprehension came t o Fellows. \P u t 'em on,” he said gently, Indi­- cating the false beard on the floor, \I t ’ s perfectly safe With me,” and turning on his heel he left the house. \Pluck!” lie muttered a s he strode up the muddy road. \And w b at a face!\ LAWLESS PANAMA. Re m ar k a b l e Cosm opol i t ani sm o f t h e Ne w I s t h m i a n Be p u b l i c . The new republic of P unum a Is re­- m arkable for tw o things—the wide- open nature of the tow ns and th e mixed ch aracter of the population, which ranges th ro u g h all shades of color from pallid w hite to je tb ln c k . P a n a m a a n d Colon are The m ost cos­- m o p o litan cities under the sun, nuif also the m ost lawless. Negroes tnullattoea, Indians, Chinese, Syrians a n d every race of Europeuas and Americans meet there and blend into a ll kinds of crosses and half breeds Puim m u's “Chinatow n” ls consider-; ab ly la rg e r than New York's. “Talk a b ou t wide-open tow ns,” said a man who knows the Isthm us well, ••there were never tow ns wider open th an Colon and Pnuaniu, espec­- ially d u rin g the cnnul boom nud the oarly days of th e revolution. \Men gambled lit th e public streets. Tables used to he b rought out of the gam bling halls on hot nights anil placed on the piazzas fronting on the Jclzlef thoroughfares. You would see men gambling there by the light of a. dim hurrlenae lamp, with plies of gold and notes before them, und rag­- ged little 1 ndlan boys looking oil In open mouthed wonder. \Then suddenly, some loser would Jump up w ith an o ath , knock over tlie lamp, and begin shooting Ills gun rig h t nnd left. The tuhlu would up­- s e t, and while t h e Indlnn boys scrambled for the scattered gold, those of us w ho valued our skins w ould dive for cover. I t was noticed a fte r t h a t evening t h a t Fellows seldom came Into An­- dy's place. I t was also noticed th a t his ra th e r seedy clothes were now carefully mended a n d brushed. Ru­- mor lmd It t h a t Ills evenings were spent mainly in W nrlng’s office, a t the Palace Hotel. Tell-tale blush confesses Ladlessom etlm escliange their minds, j“ Noses” are m odest“ yesses.\ He grew sadly sentimental and stared down a t th e green swirling w ater below. D ear little Mabel 1 a f t ­ er all, lie could afford to be m ag n an ­ imous, seeing t h a t ho lured her. H ow p retty she looked In th a t white mus- lin dress, with the rtid rose nestling a t her w aist! She loved bravo men! Well, why n o t? After all bravery Is largely o p p o rtu n ity . You may be as bold and dashing a fellow as ever mnde o u t an Invoice, and yet live through life w ith never« chance of showing y o u r valor. Clmnco makes m any a hero. \I will be a hero!\ muttered Mr. Dlbchick to the leaping waves be neatli him. \Now w hat shall I do ?\ And os iPto an sw er his query he s a w n crowd sw iftly gathering a t the end j of the pier, as u m an, fully dressed threw himself off. Tlu* crowd tn n r mured, nnd Mr. Dlbchick. before a n y ­ body could sto p him, leaped over the parapet, anil tlio w aters closed above his head. He roso t o the surface w ith shouts ringing In Ills enrs. \Save him! save h im !” they shouted, nnd being a fairly good swimmer, he struck o u t for the dark object, which sim ultaneously struck out for him. In a n o th e r minute they were side by side.and Mr. Dlbchick grabbed nt tlie m an‘s hair, a n d sec tired a handful of It. This Invitation w as accompanied which took them all I , down the thrlst-rldden quence won their h earts from tbe out­- set. a xvave °* ll*H ttnn Idie,n *n * (' °\ n to Die veriest .*--*-*-** * —-loafer, nnd iu conse When the railroad men tliought- consider-; p n t the road through the Gap ' , I sol-j Istli-' anil thereby nipped the Incipient boom In the hud, there yet remained a very respectable settlem ent a t Sunset Ridge, anil ainoug those who tarried w as Dr. Fellows. Indeed, it Is doubtful lf any other place would have tolerated him; but. In the rath e r hazy logic of Sunset Itldgc, a m an's professional standing was judged by Ills capacity for raw whisky, and on th a t footing Dr. F.-l- Io w h certainly headed his profession. Whatever may have heen his own that opinion of himself. It is certain Sunset Rlilge admired him. I t iv as, therefore, w ith much grum- tiling and mnny bluck looks th at Sunset Ridge aw oke ouo morning to find the banner uf an Interloper un­- furled in the m idst; (or dow n the street, ticlow the Black KiiukeHnloon, a sign sw ung to and fro before Mrs. Sin 1 til's 1'ulace Hotel. The sign read; A. NOYES WARING, M. D. I>oe Fellows read It from the steps \I Andy's place and grunted, \Give the boys wlmt they w ant. Andy, ’ Uhls plnee Is-glns tolook unhealthy.\ |nf, eayuse come across Dr. Wurlug xvell outside ! the to w n limit, riding one of Mc­ G rath's cay uses. W ith an unholy Joy I they seized him and bore him bock to town. W aring claimed he hail received emergency call from a prospector’* 1camp acrosH the creek, and th a t, In Ills haste, he hnd borrowed the first horse lie could lay Ills hands on. Th* fact t h a t he w as riding tow ards Run- .set Ridge seemed t o bear o u t thl* statem ent. B ut this wns the excuso they had long nwaited. Beside, the logical se­- quence In Sunset Ridge Is first hang lyour mail, then ascertain the tru th , land express regrets If need lie. Ho i while Mnlone guarded the prisoner, I lienetith n tree Just outside the to w n , ! Davis gnllojicd through th e red twl- i light to g ath er the boys, i Presently tlujy came—a whooping, Imwllng. Jubllnmt crowd. W ith them they brought n length of new rope} hut before the ceremonies could be­- gin, Fellows galloped up on a reek- And biter, when the fourth glass hnd , stirred Ills spleen som ew hat, he growled, \H e'd (letter keep off my, to -s ,” and Sunset Hldge agreed with him. When Fellows left Andy's place to go to Iris office over William's TI11-j wan* Emporium, thnt portion of tlu*' to w n — the typical p o rtio n — left n t; 1Andy's—were talking lluently of tar! ami leathers and the advisability of 1 a roll. \None of this, hoys,\ he yelled, rushing iifi to them. Sunset Rldge was adverse to Inter­- ruptions. “<). go on, doe,” they shouted. \This Is our row. K.w*p buck,there.\ Fellows saw they m eant business, and played his tram p card. \F o r Go iFh sake, boysl” he cried, you w ouldn't h n u g n woman, would you?\ Sunset Ridge gnashed its teeth, This would never do. It decided to !a mail t h a t W aring m ust go. All they wanted was an excuse to make trouble, and presently th n t excuse A y e r T T n i y g ^ j S i ^ l d T ^ c R err P ecto ral In b reak in g u p a c o la Insure enme. Bill Davis nml Spud Malone bnd Call on or address Mr. Dlbchick walked gracefully along th e promenade, using the shop windows as looking glasses, until the long repetition of reflections became m onotonous, and he turned Into one of the squares th a t led off the Wittle- jsen promenade. At No. 20,“ Sea View\ (th e sixth bouse of th a t name la tlu* square), lived Mabel, and It wns for Mabel t h a t he lmd arrayed himself In all his flannelled glory. She w as stan d in g on th e steps of the house \ta k in g the morning.” aud by lior side wns n man—(a most ob­- jectionable num. thought Mr. Dib- chick)—talking and laughing with her In n m ost confidential nmnner. J He strolled u p to them carelessly .and Mabel said“ I t's you. Is it?” as If slu* lmd not been expecting him ; os If she lmd forgotton all about the appoint­- ment made on the pier last night. Mr. Dlliclilek glared savagely a t the man, lan d Mabel Introduced, them ; \Mr. Dlbchick—Major YVaytu.'' Major Wayto curled Ills moustache tremendously, and Mr. Dlhchlck's thumb nnd forefinger rushed to Ids upper U|i—Just to make sure th a t Ids few treasured wisps were still then*. G R A Y & R U SS ELL , I n s u r a n c e A g en cy , B a u k B l o c h , G re e n o , N.Y. Your Buildings, Merchan diee, Furniture, Plate Glass and Rents, against Fire, LigLtning, or Tornado, and your Life, against Death and Accidents, Business Cards. I.. 10. C h a s e , ATTORNEY and Counselor at Caw, Urrelu*. Chenango NT. Y. M. F . Po r t er , ATTORNEY and Counselor at Caw. Office hi d ie new flunk Building, flrrenr. N Y mR. A. RACE E u g e n e C lin to n , ATTORNEV and G-ounwlur at Caw , , Office In Empire Block, Onrenr, h ir.____________________ A lc tn L C o w les, \TTORNEY a t Law. Office ia tlw H«uk building. Representing the Largest and strongest FIRE L IF E and ACCIDENT Under th e old dispensation the sol-j •fitter w as rtbSirTtrtr Ictng on the Istli-' m us In the time of w ar, and even In tim e of pence lu* couhl do p retty well a s III* p l eased . Smile years ag o au Incident occurred In Piummn which caused a g re a t deal ofexeltemciit nm! comment. C h a r le s C lin to n . ^TTORNEY and G.unselur at Caw Office in Postoffic.* block, Givene. “Leggo me h a ir!” yelled th e mnn, “You s h a n 't drow n!\ screamed Mr. Dlliclilek. \Save h im !\ the.v shouted from the .»!. S . P a r k e r , Companies. |” Ilow-de-do; Mr. Dabchlck?\ con- 1descended the major. !“ Dlbchick, sir,\ scowled I grieved owner of tbe inline. the ng-! The m ajor huiII.iI, apologized, smtl-j <■<1 ag ain — tbis time a t Mahe), and withdrew. \Look here, Mabel.” 'h u rst o ut Mr. Dlliclilek, \w h o 's th a t I blackguard, and why didn't you seem ^ pleased to sec 1110 before* him ?\ \H ow dare you call my friend a I blackguard?” slie replied, angvll.v. [\H e's a gentleman; nml lie's a hero—- nV. ('!” pier. “Catch liold of niy am i,\ cried the \au d keep your bend above the A soldier, while on duty gimrillng th eco iiv lets I11 tlie chain gang, w as annoyed by a w om an who persisted In asking him questions. He lifted tils rifle and shot h e r dead. It Imp eep1pened on n biw.v street, nnd tin* bill - advice,:k*t passed through an o th er woman in the line of lire and broke tin* leg of I1*-third. The second woman also fHed, and the leg of tbe third had to De nm patatcd. l>'it this Is not the rem arkable p a rt '«* the story. What aroused comment w as the fact th a t th e sol.Uer was act- JUSTICE of tlie Pe.ice, Imw opened nn Office in tlie l’.wt Office Block, no •tain, wlierv lie will attend Co all t*iM n m entrusted tn him. *31 w ater.\ man. ‘ ('lose y o n r mouth.\ shrieked Mr. Dlbchick. \and lie -Gill on y o n r buck I I'll get you to the filer steps. K eep1pened cool!” (R ath er superfluous advice,:k*t seeing t h a t the water wait som ew hat chillv.) \Cool be dninined I\ cried the innn. \I ’ve snred 30 men during my life, and I'll save y o n !\ He tro d ivateri and came a t Mr. Dibehlck's collar; clutched i t energetically, and with a few powerful strokes pulled th a t be­- wildered gentleman safely to the lauding steps of tlie pier. l l r . G uo. O. W illia m s . PHYdldAN and ***iirif»-»in. Olllc*** In M»rw-Block Residence on South Chenango Street. Gieene, N Y. C, N . G u y , M . !>., HIYSI' I tN ami S u w o n Oftlc*** In Cunningham lllock. Greene, M Y. y • •« • • • • I*. .. B o w en , HI. 1 >. Fellows w as compounding some (piloting pow tiers for ik'd Murphy—- who, from a long over Indulgence In con-Andy's spirits, now dwelt am idst lu-( conceivable te rro rs — when therecame a ta p on lib door. In ..... to I.M gruff \loin* In. Ih-re entered a slight young fellow w ith sandy hulr und lie.ird nml fail ties* clothes. \I)r. Fellows, I believe,\ be sold I1 a queer th ro a ty voice. \I'm l)r. Waring. I've heard there's practice' enough hen* for tw o.\ A m onth later Sunset Ridge gave its official sanction In w hoops and yells nnd calls for a s|K*ecli, Inter­- .^erned with the cracking of pistols ,— and the rattle of belabored tin pans. T|u>v g a t hered before the Pal- (U.e xvhen* a new Blgn glisten- ed In the sun. It read: PHYSh'I \ \ - • i -urgeon. Offi. c nnd n* id • Harr «•» Block, Greeue. N Y Rural calls ni ut or dsxy nt cun- touiar.t fees. j“ Hnr! bar I\ laughed Mr. Dlbchick. 1mirthlessly; \I know those heroes— V. C\—H n r!” He was tragical In his contem pt. nally brought tn Justice anil con-Andy's detailed to 30 days' Imprisonment In th e common Jail. According to Columbia law there* D* 110cap ital punlHhinent though men nru often Mhut h.v court-m artial. The 'rifludnium legal punishment Is 10 years imprisonment, even if a man kflla half a township, PHYShTAN and Surge,m. Ofllrt* in Bank ftuil.ling. rooms formerly oc cupirdbvllr L. M.JoIvsnn. (Ireene,N Y F r a n k P r e s t o n , M. L>. \Oli.yes mny well sneer—y o u ’d like to he as brave its lie in. I love b r a v e m e n I” \I t 's lucky for you I wns there,” lie puffed;“ there's a strong round the posts.” current J us t i ce a fi c P eace . rHE unrleu<igTi*-d Ii .s opr ind an i.fliri- over the bicycle sh'.p A I Justice matters care; ully attended. *32 F II. W lI.L U ltS \B u t—hut—^” wiillc! Mr. Dlbchick, wetlv, w ringing tlu* water from his pockets. “I —d—don’t u n d e rsta n d jumped in to save you !” \W hat r yelled t ho man. And then the hum or of the situation struck him, sledge-hammer »ke. \T o save me? W h y . mail olive. I'm Prof. Dol-popular phtn, the swimming e x p e rt! I w as diving giving sotuo exhibitions of w ith full clothes on. A lump entered Mr. Dlbclilck's 1throat, and he drew-himself—the whole four feet nine Inches of him— I up manfully. \Oh very well, then ; 1 suppose it'a no good my waiting here to he insulted any longer. 1 1could see you wanted toqunrrel with , , ,„ me. Good by. JOHN FELLOWS. M. D. An it a Wa iu n o Fe l i .o w s , M. D. T O K N JO Y C H R I S T 51 AS Box ° ® ce Superstition, \Hum ph! Better try und see,\ Fellows h uId ungraciously. \I d o n ’t Intend to Intrude 011 your l>r. J a c k Ixillcn. is to tunic presents to desr friends Pu-re's no belt rpiece to purchase sonic tiling useful thin nt O U R D R U G ST O R K . A newspaper man was the Recoiul in Hue at the box office of one of the Dol-popular theaters 0 11 the night. opening Tin* first mnn asked for four 'neats, nnd when he started to pay fo r them th e m an In the office said : I ‘'(>h * n\ , rl«ht-There's no c a m e«“ nt a' t , »>*\ 1'\ ’ke' thanked recol*!t,le ma,,\ ,l\n t ,,r fl,,d [ Then the newspaper man had Ills t u™ a ll( 1 i can< ' Offices in Sanitarium. next door In those previously*. occupied bv the hit*-Dr U-F. McFarland undhim.-adf. 74 From Street, Binghamton-Office hour*, 10 tu 3, 7 to 8. Appointments can be made f«r other luitm Both telephones 2 H is M aster 8tro k e . ' practice—\ practice—\ he begnu again. “George Ferguson,” said his wife, -!looklnK wlth crushed scorn a t the gaudy ru g he had b ou g h t a t a spec­- ial sale, \I wonder If ever In y o u r life you knexv n good bargain when yon wixv it?” ' S re th .it v o .id o u 'i.\ Fellows c a u tinned. \I ’m busy Good morning, sir.\ . This week we nre show ing nn a«R<>rt nnnt nf Toilet Articles that is simply be wildering in its variety and extent; nnd oar prices are equally pleasing. Besides . ur admirable assortment of Toilet Ar tirles. we nre showing a fine line of Per-j1(, fumes und Cundv. He turned on his heel an d strode ,_, ,, , . <'°wa tlie square to the fro n t again, His mind wns a seething cauldron of |m te ag ain st brave men and majors, Per-j1(, reac|le<] the corner he looked to see if Mabel w as still there. Perhaps 8jie was crying I He saw her musllu- clad figure on the steps, an d hy her wags a man—a big m an — an d a braVe man. \Noxv boys,” \aid Felloxvs th at evening, when the talk at Andy's ran high, \d o n 't do an y th in g rash. I>et the young fool hang himself xvith his own rope,\ which Hpeecli merely had the effect of Inducing Sunset Hldge to a w a it Its ch u u c e-n n d alm ost any chance xvould do. F I R E I N8U n A N O K , >E_AL Estate Agent and Notary Pill) * lie Office a t residence Willnrd St ELBERT F SMITH 11 There xvns a buzzing and singing in Mr. Dibchick’s head, nnd he b e alm ost oblivious t o what followed.' He has. even now. only a hazy recol*!t,le lection of a crowd of excited people pressing aro u n d him and con g ratn - latin g him on 1, 1s narrow escape; and Prof. Dolphin standing near bysm ll-tt>U Ing and hav in g Ills hand shaken un­- til i t looked a s If l>e would break off a t th e shoulder. A i.. -------------- dressed girl rushing, he xvoulil n nd he rcm eniberH!^ a white muslin up to him and flinging h e r arm s around h is neck an d crying: The case w ascrltlcal. Mr. Ferguson sn xv t h a t something bold and decl*- ixx* m ust be done.and his m ind work- I0 '1 f| ’I[lk li\' , ... . , \\ hy. yes. Laura he satd: \V\ hea I w anted a xvlfe I picked o u t tho nicest, sxveetest little w om an in th e whole world, and 1 g o t th e best bar- gain nny m an ever g o t. There,there, pet!”—Chicago Tribune, E . H JO H NSON , D r u gg i s t G R E E N ^ N.Y. . ay , 'X/’ETERIN ARY Burgeon Office and * residence Washington S t , east side of th* Railroad Oreene, N V Day and night calls promptly attended to. At ten tion given to Dentistry. 21f I # Castrating done in season. D r. I r a \V . D ay , t u™ - a ll( 1 i can< ... . , ll-tt>U rau \h v vou 'v,,ull,n 1 t y and tell me why you tak e th n t ninn’H money.” W ithout \In tru d in g\ the nexv doc­- tor managed to pick up quite a res­- pw table practice. Despite his first ; and succeeding rebuffs I11his attem p ts to establish amiable relations with 1 Felloxvs, he nerscx-ered untiringly un- 1 til Fellows began to have a sneaking liking for the man. - j There xvas some indefinite charm — a gentleness of speech, a polish of manners t h a t struck through Fel- I loxvs’ arm o u r of course exterior and touched his pride and shame. j t ^ Ue one Mfirch evening In the midst o ta poker game in Andy's back room, Fellows suddenly remember- , ( cd a n ap p o in tm en t to look In 0 11 the g uckley baby,w ho w a s aillug. When j j in c h e d the shock o n the o u tsk irts Dys-, pu-j of the tow n he found W aring already thero. They were alone In the room. \C onviilslons,” said W aring, s h o r t­- ly. \I w as n o n e too. s o o n .” Im a M Time Tah,.° 'vl,ich t\.1! *4 - ,!j° 3 ■QttjWUili trams arrive Hint depart Then Mr. Dlbchick snlil som ething out |outj t h a t shocked an elderly con- ,uu % , • , , . 1sumptive who w as being wheeled by him In h th chair Into testin ‘Well,” said the treasurer, I ex- * didn’t notice th a t th a t man eniberH!^ ^ - ^ ^ p() Jr j ,m(| HI){|, hlm vv,lf< cross-eye< . th e tickets we xvould 111 have had n b i t of luck through tliexvholeengage- n ie n t.” —N. Y. Times. W ille y B r o s . &C o., F c rh itu rc D ealers a n d — from Greene as T o lie perfectly Just Is a n a ttr ib u te of the divine nature. T o b e s o t o t h e u tm ost of our abilities Is th e glory ot man.—Addison. J\E§§iS® J him In a h a th chair Into a p ro testin g fit of coughing. j“ Tiipy are all alike, women,” plill- ogopllisBO,i n r Dfl)chlck. \Life is a *39 Greene. N. Y — Un d e r t a k e r s n o r t h b o u n d. “Ohl Percy—hoxv dreadful If you had been drowned—and all through me I I will never lie cruel a g a in ; nnd you dear old darling, Major YVnyte’s married I I w as only having a b it of fun.” ’ 809—5-25 a M daily, stopping at princi P ^ o u s to Utica and Richfield I t . H . Y a n V I k e n b u r g li, De n t is t . o u s to 015-^8 40 a M daily except Sunday, nil F itted Him. A contented, willing lab o rer Is w orth 50 per cent, m ore t h a n th e dl*» satisfied com pulsory w orker.—Chka<- go Dally News.I ■ * . Office over McKenzie’s Jewelry Store, Hunting Block. ______ *2 book t o them,andmen are the pages, B E C T O K O F S T . L U K E ’S. '^j ff\ Amateur Actor—Oh, I don’t xvnnt t o take t h a t character. I’ll make an Manager—Well, yousnldyou w an t-; e d an easy p art. stations to Utica. 3 4 5—4 .4 5 p m Milk nnd Mail, daily, all stations to Utica 003-4-01) P M daily except Sunday prin­- stations Utica and Richfield A s lib u r iih a m , O n ta rio , T e s tif ie s to t h e G o o d Q u a litie s o t C h a m b e r l a i n ’s C ou g h R em e d y . I . J u li a n d , D. V . M . , O.RADUATE o f the N \Y. State Vet * J efinnry 'College. Veterinarian to th* State Board of Health. All calls promptly attended to. Office at residence *i*xt to cemetery. Telephone on tlie North Oolesville and Greene line. *35 Mr. Dlbchick never thonght it w orth xvhlle to correct Mabel's a n d every- .. If s o o t falls o n the c a rp e t cover t t thickly w ith salt. I t m ay tb en be brushed up w ith o u t fear of doing dam age. • Springs. SOUTH BOUND. 304—10 -10 a M daily except Sunday. Binghamton. Scranton, New York. Philodplphia. Baltimore. Washing­- ton And South, ©wego, Waverly El niira. Bath and West. stations to Utica and AsnBUBNHAM, Ont. April 18,1903.— I think i t is only right that I should tell\ you what a wonderful efiect 1 hamber Iain’s Cough Remedy has produced The day before Easter I was so distressed with a cold and cough that I did not think to be able to take any duties the next day, as my voice wife almost choked by the cough The same day I received an order from vou for a bottle of your Cough Remedy I at once procured a sample bottle and took about tiiree doses of the medicine To my great relief the cough and cold had completely disap peared and I was able to preach three times on Easter Day. I know that this rapid and effective cure was due to your Cough Remedy. I fimke-thig testimonial without solicitation, being thankful to .have fonnd sufch a God-sent remedy. Respectfully yours, E , A. L akgfeldt. M. A.i \ 1 Rector 8t. Luke’s Ch. To Cliairih^rlain Medicine Co This remedy is for sale by E. H. John­- son, druggist. KODOL DYSPEPSIA CURE GOOD FOR CHILDREN. Digests all classes of food, tones and strengthens the stomach and digestive organs. Cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion sstomach Troubles, and makes rich re - ■ • ’ 1 -‘-tli. Kodol Dys-, omout tissues, pu-j _____Grippe foloid. health and strength, 1p^psia Cure rebuilds worno Hfkg, strengthens and sxveetens the stnm ach. Gov. G W Atkinson, of w . Va. says: \I have used a number ot bottles - rr 0 Kodol Dyspepsia Cure and hare found i t to be a very effretive and, indeed, a powerful remedy for stomach ailments 1 recommend it to my friends. Sold by E H Johnson. The pleasant to take and harmless One Minnte Cough Cure gives immediate re ITef h r all cases of Cough. Croup and La- _____Grippe because it does not pass imme diat -ly into the stomach, but takes effect right at the seat of the trouble. It draxvs out the inflammation, heals and soothes nnd cures permanently by enabling the lungs to contribute pure life giving and life-sustai ing oxygen to the blood and tissues. Dr. Armstrong of Deiia. Tex., prescribes it daily and says there is no better cough remedy made. 0-1J * v Soldby E. H. Johnson. More th a n $10,000,000 w orth, o t s p o rtin g good* w ere oold i a theUiMt- ed S ta te s la s t year. _ fi r , H omer E . S m i t h , Oc u l is t and Au r is t . TDiseaaea of the Eye, E»r, Nose and Throat asly. Byes properly fitted xvith glasses Catarrhal diseases treated. X ray Photography and Static Treat­- ments. Office—Hotchkiss. Block. Norwich, N Y. Doctor Homer B. Smith Officq open from 9 to 12 -and 1 to 4 3 4 0—12-50 p M Milk daily, connects with fast trains East and West at Bing­- hamton 000—1 -25 P M daily except Sunday, New Som e tools and th eir m oney a re parted, ouly b y d e a th .—F o ek . York and Philadelphia Vestibuled, connecting at Binghamton for th* West 816—7 26 p M daily except Sunday, con necting at Binghamton for the Wpst. 312 -12-18 a M daily, fast night line for New York and the West. ONE HUNDRBD DOLLARS A BOX Is the value H. A Tisdale,8nntmertoo, 8. C , plsces on DeWitt’s Witch Haze Salve. Ha says: \I had the piles for 20 yean. I tried many docto. s and medi­- cines. batall failed except DeWitt’sWitch Hazel Salve It cured me.\ I t is a com bination of the healing propetfuy, Witch Hazel xvith antiseptics and a r raents; relieves and permanently 1 blind, bleeding, itching and protruding pilss, sores, cuts, bruises, eczema,,ksalt rheum and all skin diseases. SotdlVyE. 1 Johnson. f* Down in Texas at Youkboq.is a big dry goods Arm of which Mr. J. M. Haller vt- the bead Mr. H alleroaonaof hi*trips East to buy goods aaid to a friend w bo-, was with him ip tlie-pabce car. \Here Wkeone of these Little Burly Risers up- ~ ng and you. will be upearly zn ~wrning feeling good” For th* dfaek. brown” taste; headache and that logy-feeling DeWitt'*Little forty £*»*** are the bast pills, to use. Sabthy E »* Johnson, THE LONE STAlt‘STATE. I t K . A t wa t er , Fu e h it u r* De a l e r ——AND ---- Not a minute should be lost xvhen» child shows symptons of croup. Cham­- berlain's Cough Remedy given as soon as the child becomes hoarse, or even after the croupy cough appear». wi*' Prf\ vent the attack. It never fails, and is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by E. H. Johnson. B e Quick* Take a doable dose of Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and. Diarrhoea Remedy as soon as the first indication of the dise se appears and a threatened attack may be xvafded off-Hundreds of people use the remedy in tips'Way With perfect success, fo r sale by E. H. Johnson, druggist. B ilio u s ' o lic P r e v e n t e d . U n d ertak er Parlor cars on trains 803 srtd 806. LEW I S W O LF M E R C H A N T T A IL O B , S YRA CUS E , N . Y . *41 G rn n e . N. Y. J e s s e B . A s h le y , p A IffriN G h ^ n d J*«jjerfng dqne A abort notice. ■ • on , . . At the Chenango House, Greene, every tw owee&8. Orders left' there promptly att*ndcd to. A y e r . You can hardly find a home without its Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral. Parents know what it does for children: breaks C h e r r y P e c t o r a l up a cold in a single night, wards off bronchitis, prevents pneumonia. Physicians ad­- vise parents to keep it on hand. u T h e b e s t c o u e h m e d ic in e m o n e y en n b u y il A y e r ’ i C h e r r y P e c to r a l. F o r the c o u g h s of c h ild r e n n o th in g c o u ld po«slhly be b e tte r.* 9 J a c o b Sh u l l , S a ra to g a , In d . 25C., 55c.. fl .00. Ail dniKgUU. for J. O. AYTCU CO., 1 jiwell. Man. T h r o a t , L u n g s A y e r T T n i y g ^ j S i ^ l d T h ^ c R err Greene, N. Y. Office First Floor. Crandall Block.

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