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The people's journal. (Greenwich, N.Y.) 1868-1896, January 30, 1868, Image 1

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t f ï ï O L E m . \ G R E E N W I C H , K. Y . , . J l K U A l t Y á d i l M B . V O L . 27 — Ñ o : - 5 . THE PEOPLE'S JOURNAL H, 0, ÌAGEi Eurroii jn » PüiwasHEBi V T im Euoplx;« JounK-vu is itamed ove% Hmrwl&y, hi Barrett’'a building, Corny? of MCijjii Street olift ■NVoHliingtQa 3Place, Orpsnwich* (formerly triiron Vil­ lage,) Wtfshlngtou County»'^, V. ,'The' 27tb. yqItmug t8.iBstte<l witU. Siaw typwRud^varioiie otlio^imprQve^ m^tterv and tfcio vniioi'm deportments we bt3ievo wil tw eiveihe ix>;pitf a r cyirmieudattOB’ and support Tlie »Brat d u ty of th e JbunffAX is to advocate the interests •iid jlrowote fcho aiicceaa of tUo People of Northern Now York ip gimcral, and o f tho Tovna of Greenwich, and CftXuity o i . Washington iit- particular« WldJe it ta. IbzTduVtcd i n an. indopendent maimer, i t amiaina the principles of the mon and this party wlioliave car­ ried th e country-micceiwftiUy tixrougn a great war, and are Htrmrellng for a reconstruction of the Gov* om m enton thebftBifl of liberty 'and jctatlco. It earn- cgtiy^advocate« striufc rtstrencbmoht J.n the admlnijtra- tlbh 6 f tiio,<3eiicral Government, and in State, County ftfid. Local affaire. • Upon tho-flnancialond other ques­ tions that may- como before the cauntryufar coiisidora- tion, it apcaks for and in behalf o f tho Peopley \ I t will ■be-ie-facit,-a»-itiajja_iia3 * • ’ --< — ..... ---•*« kai <—auilin oUrcspecta ■—HÍe-ie- <« »>■ nfyritfl. truly Tfaii P koplk J our * ■ se.hati.apar&-^u i¿ü.'ort>rtfíal energy, indiÙHÉfy a n d peraevcrenee fnnÿ command to make i t à VALUABLE FAMILY. NEWBPAftSît» a wtl* eotho gncfit to «very firesictò. In ita-LXTERAEY DE- . PA B T teN T ,-in it» LOCAI, DKPÀîmnSNT. and iñ tho AQBIUUIUTUIIAI m and otkor Departments, great Í ialne will bo taken to m a io ita colunia especially in- eresting- We aleo piye^ iróiri timo to timé, BIO- X5It3FHICSir^Id&rcnE5e”br*,IcaSm¿ ■ citizens, *tuii, eketchcss ufoiw Bitainrns,. ConimeiriaL-FinancJa} Man- ufdütúcmg and Farinlng interest«, u u r objectJb to inaku tho JocntNAi. uuvfttTfr every rctipw't—to the I*»nner,,ihe Mecbaniu, tho Merchant, the Profession. >1 man, and to all claanna. So far as pcaslble» its con* tent« will bo original,'a number oflotíaVjUthors and' writers having been engaged for tliafc purpose,-=• Relieving tbo true mission of the local press to ho the pitblfe«tt<m of local new*, particular effort will be nj*deJ;p collates all iutcJIigeucc of intercut Srimspiring in tbis and the* adjoining (owns and counUes» and to tlila e n d wo JjrrHó correspondence and contributions Jtom aH quartet*, o h all topics. The Jciuiwax. willal- 8 0 contain a vreckJy epilonioof the Intent FOREIGN Avrirw^i^OTiiyEg?ti^, — — ----- *«- • T a m s ,—'The tenna o f J ockkai , are as follovra : ' v t * ‘Inadváuee. Otherwise. Olio o r moro eoplu*, 3 mjftn. each, $ .75 $1,00 - ------- J*~i' ' -• r» •• Jîÿfr. Village and local rtnbscrxberai I year 2*00 - 2.S0 By matt—Une copg, oik * ,v£;ir, 2:00 2.25 •*.» —Xwctity ■cojjfcfi, <mi* year, each T.'Î3 , •• *♦ —ï'orty « •• « 3.C0 - — ^ « *• —Sixty . ............................. « » a s . v •• •« --8oveutjr-*flvo •* ■'* «« « 1 . 0 0 ' Loca! iiub«CTiben» pire regarded as «iosa who got their papers i t tho «Jfllro of publication or &V- qr<*fi*iv Vficb . Cliib« at thoaboYo latea m u s t be aentitQ W and to onis addrcsa, payment to be mado invsriftbly- i n a^uiiw . Any person send* ing ü s À o lu b a i aboVe nhaU rcccivoth»’p«por free o! cliaTgn, one vessar. Subscribers for thrtx* or nix months will be- entitled to am p íete thes ttnüühílér of the year a t our etaSed rate« for «iugle subacril^crs. Per* *mis dt-nirìna toacttw cgenta must niaSe application - - J^-thoJBabliiu»«5g.^.and-no. por^oh. t» a a ttaotitod.to.pro>: o r p o l M jn a Q tet.d u a th is -opfcé •Kitboiít -wdüctí authority èiiîiKd.lQ- Uift publishfir. r ADYHRTISQiEJiTS inserted, and nlcdy displayed, .„aLregnlitr raltaK. As there is reading nialfer on trvx X z rxtœ of the Joimjfxx, and.wt H ha«, a n extensiva circulation in Kortliern New *York, iti -d«4»îi1iifcy aa ah advertiainp JDBE2traàï3i \ ~ T o t h e , bere to mio m e Sevuno afcnxnm worth SCO ; Sor Ih® ¿«íeond larguât club, a. Weed Sewtxo M ackqs£ worth $35 ¡ Miscellaneous» jpACZSXü MAU* SXTASIflHIP COMPANY’S »—r -g?E[ROt?QH LfoE TQ étá & & & ¡é¿L - Touçhing at Moxican^ortH, and carrying tlio Ignited - States mail. ïhrongb 'in Twenty-twodaya., . • CoùiaLictìng on ¿ho Pacific with the ......»¿COLORADO« ifB w ? o b k ........ .,« 0 1 0 ^ 0 1 ^ OGEAK QCEKN.... .......... . ............ ..SAOKAMENTa ^NOBTBBSH LIGHT. . . . ..................... GOLDEN AGE. COSTA R I O A . ,‘MONTANA, ptfi. Opo.of'tlio above lor^o mid^plondideteainshipS-wiU leave P ier No. 42, 'North' River, foot of Canal street, at 12 o'tiloek noon on tiiS Jlst, of every month> .(exceptwhen- thnse dates £nlLon,Buudayv a n d then, on the preceding Sat^rdayjf fq? AfcTjiWAix, eon- nectin^, Panftnia, Railwwi witli orie'.of tho Com- p^ny'tf ■feteoiuHTjJpB* -WnamaTor Sttb t'ranclaco* toucliiun at Acapulco. Departure o f lstand^lsj'jiflnnect at Panama with flteathships for South radftp an® Central Aiuerftan port«. Thone o f tli.o 1st touch a t MSnzanillo. Dpjiartuxo o f lltt^ each month connects with the new „etoam lino froni Panama to Australia aud New . ■ . Steam er ot ¿ '^bmary. lith <iOlihi«cta afQon- PranciEco^itli.8teanier<5rca,t'R.9Publio,teaving March S^lSfiSrfqrVokahamaaiid Hoiig Kong. , ? For Japan and Chintz’steamer or Novciiibcr u t h connects closed with steamer G reat Republic fromr San Prand&co, Poccmbef i; a t Yokohama with, steamer vew York for Hont? gone, and ^.¿ta Rirafor 'S&mttzAl Ml tjhangliaiu - ' ,TirL Ono hnndrfed pdnnda ijagKago allowed each adult ^sggagd masters fc^oaiftwny bapgage througli,.£aidot- tond-to 'lAdlea and ehilaren without maio prvtecfora. ^ggag© received onr the dock the day before tidlintf, from flteamboat»,.ndlroads and passcngerfl wko prdfor to uenildO’B’n early. ^ » An cxpcricncyd .surgeon on board, -Medleiue and attendance free. - •_ t F u r po&wgo tteketa, o r further information, apply to the.comi)ta?iy> « (^^iiiU c e o n ihe wharf, foot of Canal street, NoHli R iver, Now York. jM rtjrl f F. B. BABY, Agent T l i c K L ing o f t h,g. fcm d tlo. ■He . • ___ __ Bravr back the cradle curtains, Kate, ’Whilst watch and 'Vard ybu’ro ktoping,\ -Xet'fi seé tlie ippnnroh litrin state. ' 4.mi viQw»im wimat n o 's eieeping. H e smiiCH and elaapa his tiny hand, ^ AHSunbeaniH in come atceaming, A world of-bàby fairy land Ho visits w h ijg he's dreànifng. M inardi of p early powder puff 'Asleep in n e s t so cosy, ' Shielded from brqàth of breezes rough, ‘ By curtains warm and #esy ; *• lie slumbera soundly In h ia cell, As.^feak « sono decrepid, Though King-of Coral, Lora of Iteli, Ana Knigfcfr-ef Bath that's tepid t .Ah. Ineky tyrant 1 Happy lot! Fair watchers without number, To sweetly sing beside hia cot,” A n d h m h him off to slumber; •'WMfnH-iiTiflff <n *n ^ npa^ Hia. pillow when its rumpled;- - - On courhdf roso leaveft fresh andawoet,*' Not ono 9 f which is crumpled I ' _ Written for tl e Peoplo’s Journal. American Education. - I Written ft r^tho People’s Joirrai.1, \Pk Fable and its Moral. . BY pitnp. & H. 6IBHON. \ ^LDANY AND SC8QUEHAKÎ3A tUZLBOAI»^ *^ÌrtimiGB^rra!B-=earRBtrfiSerSoti)^y, Ber, «3d« lyS?« tratoft wQl rua ontilfurther uutico {Simdaj% - LEA VE> ALBANY. • * at* QDñ», and arriving-at Harpenrrillo at l:45 p . S. i $ i QQ v. M.—PaPHeiiger—Stopping -at ail stations, and arritkjg atHajyerevitlo at lOioO p. it. :00 r- a*.—-frclght and Passenger—Stopping ai atl uta. Üoua, and arriving «tOnconta at l i *t. ^ LËAVB. ONEüNTÀ. 3:00 a. M.—rasy£nger and îfail — Stopping at all stn- .-«ons^an«! arriving atAlbaijy atO :iS a . 3J. Counpct. tug witt* Now York Centrul, Boaton, JîïjrtUem, Har- lem and Hudson ìliycr Bailroads. . lÆXYïl H A itpm v n x E . 8:00 a . M.—I\u-ftcnger and Mail—Stopping at all sta- ,at r. *r it i _j»t. r» }Yi itttu ft>r tho_ Peopl«*^ Journal. The lndian Girl; A Legend of the Dionon'dehowa. DY NELLIE M. SOVLB. (COKTETUF.n.1 G h a p tf .u IV. • j T h e s tm u g e r a h a d to l d jR o w a ti of t h e set- I tleraen t o f ^ h i t e men« by >vhieh th e y h n d j p:\flsed in 'thei* jo u r n e y tliither, a n d h e w ith | s e v e r a l o th e r M uhitw ks roKolved t o visit the' plitce an d b u y of flie ptvle-faces s o m e o f th e ir sh in in g m e rchandise. AlUjna laxayed to jo in I t^ero^ b u t d a r e d n o t m e n tion his d e s ire, ¡mice ' R o w a h w as on e of th e com p a n y , for h e knew th e In d ia n ’s s e c r e t h a t r e d ivniU’d onjtytt c ir a i’ 'en ieu t oppprtunity to matiiiest iti«$£ . 1 ^ [aij*«»/ r “ Otteté ujKm a tiniP ,” tlitìro corcao to « e c r- ■ ta in village, a carpenter, w h o w as sober, in - | te liiy e n t, ind u s tr io u s and pious. T h e good ' í * } iju a litics Iw d w o n for hîm* also,*“ a naodeat - udw Fowling PiP<*« (nhot gun), 'valued at S12. All clubs tQ bo accorairanled byTtHTcaith» imd.tu bejscnt in on or hf tom July Jut, 18&S. „ JOB FltlSTiXQ, 6 f all kinds fixenitcd p(c«ly and promiitiy b y {he aid o f job type of tlroltttcpt do- signs, and upon eflidi'nt and\fapid Po^or Presses. Business Directory, a^VM B S X*' b O V R I B r Attorney and Counselor, will attend to alllegal buAinr« which m a y b e ehtnitttrd to lüm« caraOiüy a n d with promptJieaa. -0111«?in Bradley's block, oppoájto-the mak4yhow.6recuwi«Aty.Y. ’ty T IT T* ÇTI \ Ore^nwich, X. Ÿ. OjTîee in Bair ctt's Block ; - rcsidcineo a t the Blakely £fâü«v * • janltf.* ^l.Q?gZO T . MASOWJ • Attorney and Coomwlor a t Law, will prowecuie aild.de _ fend anfts in all tlâe Court* of tho Slate. Bonds, Mortgage*, Deeds. 'Willa* ortlHcs of agWemeiiland (^-párhierahEp, a n d afCdavits of all kinds drawn ‘at an o rinoli ce. Soldiers’ Eoùtfrr tmd P i ^ îhiük Claims . raîlectod at leçal ratea. t i inn proceçdîup^ i tho Surfrurrogate's. Badléy'8 Btotk, 6i Espcdal attesnüon paid to o S Cota^; Oíííccr iñ recnwitúi, Wdshinjjton Countj, BLAJBLBZ.V nOt'SB, Greimwidi, îî» Y.. com er of Síní# f^treçi and tCajdi» jf^mirAvV-^aa- á- ZiS*KSíUl£i EliSr long cstabHsíied House Is opôh f ÿ tlm occupation of and f o r thû accommodation of the tra v ^ n ^ j *. m ,~ i'j«wngci5—StopMng a t all »tittoixe, and -arrjviuj; -aj-Aibanj* at~8-m». -ar.- f*atramtjf3- wftfi Hudson Iiivt*r, floatoD and Sew York Central* Rail., road«. JttST All trains connect a t Schoharie cfirect Trith train» i? J i ML * ? ,n Scliohario Court Houao. v ia Schoharie YaXIfy Ilailm d . STAGE CONNECTIOiiS. Tho.morulfig tn i n ( W m ............... IIoiiso for SIWdlebHrgh. Otlbo«, MotmvQ1(% Roxbnry, LIvtna*tonv01<*v-Pre'»ton Hollow,’ ^C-KJiiborgli, Xmrham and frikhiU. At Itichmondvaie for Hununlf, JeiTereoa. HUnaortJ- j»nd B obart, ■ At East \yorcofti!r, iof CbarlOticvilTti. • At Schcnevu», for Fer- Runon^in«, Davenportauauiocrtnvillc. AtColIicrR, for Coopcmtuwii. At Eiumons, for Delhi. AiOnconta, forMorri« and New Berlin. At Oiego. for Franklin, Walton a n d (iilbcrtsville, AtSIdnpy, for NorWioJi. At Bainbridgi. for S e rw tri, Gvpxu Oxford. Coventry and Guilford. Al Afttm* for iMposit. AtHarpeonrillp, for Centre ¥ 1 ^ 8 ^ WlUdsCJ, Qaboxn.* HuHowvPusi'Cranc and Biochaifttoii. • -* Tho 2UK) r . ii. ttaiu connect« with stage» a t Collier«. Through tiukcta foruale aVUio ' ....................... all polritn ondirwttitago *' --------- M OVNT H>A JTpBSKRY.—A largo stock of tm i 6nd ahado trees, pvergrften»*. Uowcring «hruba and roses, for salo at Mount Ida Karaery, Trc*y. % Y. - ^O^EPU CALDWELL, Nurseryman. Apple irccs, 5 to C feet, edected ......... . ........... $18 fi 100- ‘ ** ** ** -.r ........ -.S0@iBce»«h fitoTft^t *' * -------- Peart»ve-8. Oypart,4 toflfoo’t *\ ; ^ ~ g r a s a ^vpg.g ta c Ktt., K ojur , ^yeâr», 4io 5 ferL.... * •* 3to4ycayj ........ . ............. . *• bearing tíetK» ......... ................. ^liorrlopy-ît-ÿparSt j to 0 fosti ......... .. . S to iy e a r s .. ............. . Appiè quince, 3 to 8 feet... . ................ Befciÿtere gwne vines, 2 to 3-yea».... Hartfordprolific,. 3 ycaia .. . ............ Aflirondac, Qyears ............. « .......... „., Iona, 2 y«ars, ........ ...................... . .. ... . “ íy c á r .,, $22 fi TOO . ..ìk#c-t3TS® «ad» . 37 »,(335c each ... ,'3^T 0 3 c 17 ........ :$ i m « .^$L5û5S3L0Q - ♦.- . . '■£Q$i>,?üc . .75(ftlOiic . .3?V*tfO? r « »-SOsrt I OOo ...... COc ............ $1 ............ $1 . . . f f l k Attorney and Coiinsehor .at law, tyuVHlcicfe, Main çîHSr, «FKBSffóh, N. X- í t í ^ sA a n n s i* s k i f f , * Auctioneer and Heaî ¿stato Agent, «an tm found a t tho’ jfonrrial O'tïftce. BanH*n Bloctu. eoraer o f Afai?) Street and Washington Piati*, ^3re«swfcb,-2î. T .— Business entrusted to-his caro will b è promptly at- tcndéd^íi. 14# ¿ixoccrii», pror-iPÍona, oyatersi dg^ars, &x., k£-, Main street. ____ : ____j rviL. . . - . _ _____ ¿rags, ïnedlela¿s, mint«, chemicals, tofí¿fc articles, . cigare» i c ., &îé„ H n l'a Bltíclc. Main-Btreet s o i t a r a s v a s ?: B a n K í Staple a n d fajicy d ry poodp, grocerirs, cróckery. ktu, fiiU’a SLcck, S lain street. \ , ANDREW S & SM1TH, “ p e a leraia dry gbodj?, groccrie«, crockery^ glassware, bóót» and shoe«, &c.t Hffl'e Biodk, M ain street. ¿ i M p S ^ fy K E Y X O L H S & CO ., ÏSJanuiachirm o f agricultural implementi, maohÍnery¿ caatícgao f a n Inndp, cttí., Eddy\'ill^ (Ûfeenwdehî _íí. Ys ■O. T . U . IÍN A P P , Bo&W, «toltonEry, drag*,- ftmccriw, flaDyana wcoUV papenf. *«, Tcíinuil A mding. AtEiSCABiDSK IJiQ U A M , „ , • Clocks, walchcB, Jewelry, ftilvcí and p latal ware, ¿c., J o ü rnal H uildíng. * , Ecletitio'ÎPhygîc£iiu. Office ,at bla rcaidence í?n Main etree^.^iiô door wçsï of JudgR Ingalîs’ residence. SchooEhovia« & O p p c n l i e i m r r , nl a i flt£i ^ ; ftarpe^ ri®’ *c** ^c‘‘ HiH’s - . ÍV«L. C 0 Z Z ^ 8 , Bcaíer ín rtovca, hardw are wooden ware, ctitlcry, tools. &C,, at tuia newjetor«, Mftlii street. flAjRWEL NÌ0I1OI4SJP9I, ^ ^ , .made clothing,, 'ftírnifiblng gdofe, eüC Îîràd- ’« Block».^TMiington Placò: j A p s e d V N E i r s sopsR, -ñrT ñrÍTiHT>f» mfterfftt. M ÌS. fldand et; New Yorkdty.' Crj«.ry <fc Y fcçjïcr, Àttoïneyar find Counwllesr«, Ño. 104 Broadway, N. Y., •\will attciid pxomptly to all bufdnc^3 entrusted to their C*n?è. , * 1 ■ ; W k llA N p E L L , Inèuraaco Atfnñt, r e p resent «orno o f .thè best com* ¿áuiésínthe country. Agent tô t lï«s„ t i t o ínA ¿Uvb Stosk tnsfinóico, jiomfcof the com p ania. 1 in o k , t o í ’s tíásj!. i -«iteeraáú tò68»'a® :*® » 8 h t iv À m o S m * :■ Sio h içltcstMarketPrl«>«, In telài*ae» IfctCkxxl». • *) .auc Allen'a hybrid grape vinca, strong layers.. . . . .í»0o 5<içera*ïiÿHfld«rape.tities...fc ........... too Hybrid,pcrpífcnaland o t o r har^jrioaca».. .3ï»*e Moa« ros«* ......... . ................................JWc> pqqbIoMÌc3ìlgan ròso.,..* . ..T... : ....... 67Ja^0c S p a ragnaphkta^J y a r , etrongr:. .’T.rrssyi ii»o• '. **. \ ‘ * ' ’^U'jeaTB» írañsplzníad. » .-3Î.CÇÎ? IÓO Htraxvbíéry rlantR.-.f , ^ 4.,..,73^I0O o ^ 100 •\••fcifty eçnta pea* bpndío for packing. Cataìoguce on application. Not more than ten o f áhy «ne variety of fruit tree# to tho loo. ----- r—- ^^BAPS-^iKES-BY ^ftìTr. j f a , ï wHIitencl the îbllawînrf grape vin?*by m a il for Sfe a, Half tli&®tunbcr foi*$3.60: - 2 DcUwairOr two years. 2 AdirondttC.iwo yf'ars. a *• % Concord, two years. 2 DiaUa, two year**. - - -, - ^ Kari&rdffròifSc, two year«. !>ec. 10, lëd7. , to, S AXiEXI, CJc€, 2^ etTnmiwIoners o? the XhiiUSl ‘State« Deposit Fund for tho county of Washington,j£vo tlxo following notice: Whf'iv**, TOO following-named pereens har^jgneg- lectedto p a y the Intercut o tr thelr^nortgages cscccutcd in this office, notice i s hereby given that said mortgages ar^rforec3o«g(i, t e d tbfflapd-^ bfer^liiatter dePCriTwi will T a glpry and-to.alaughisr ? And, may laak, will the& blue eyofl— In haby paioli •• peanór»'*— E 'e rio thc IIouso of Commons rise, And utrlYetjo catch thè Speaker*» ? Wm that fair brow o’er Hansard frown, Confaseli b y lore statUUu ? Or will thosa lijm e'er s tir tho town From puipit ritualiatic? Impotwible, and yet, maybjep— ^ Though fitriinge, quite tj-ue itnuky b s— Pt-rhaprt Norn one« was fed^on pap. »And Beales was once a baby. # - * 'Though *o«y# tyajpiéd, plttt3pftftd totani ^ Tltongb fragilft, bo ft and ^n.tlcr, • ■ „* Sumetifire?. ntc? t itTn&y’UfftOund ’—~ • ThaVitcsd of life Is Slender I \ ^ X imiÒRfióe^ W g n c Iove-i- * AiTection never waning— Tho ahattereA idol o f ou f love * Isallth-'tiii remaiuingl Then d»e« one chance, in fancy, h ear Small fectin ehildi«h patter. Tread »oft a« they a grave d raw n eaj. And voicta h ush their chatter: 'TiA muisll and nnwjaicy panRoin f.-ar, Beniath tho «ray chttcch tourer. To CQUseerate it by a l i a r ^Anddoekii with aUower. Then take your babe, Kater k isi him ao. Faftt to your bosom pres» him t V Of moUier'a love what doc» h o know f - -Ttitmgti ploaaly you him. Ah iJffhsct a m a n wilVbé-thàt boy « \WTiErnttml and eilucaCon i 0 If he fulfil* tho hftpQ and joy Oi iuothcr's-aiiplration. e t a : 1 hîai, -fer A h ig b r t : û t - n t hole m y o ii f íifit- A d r o p to o m a c h —th e haaginatt*«. ^ ** Y-)U ares’' q u ito w o leo m o /’a» tlio em p ty pôchefc s a id t o th e greonbaûk. waesKrr**©»i to leave her, even for a few days, pleading voice, - %** t\\ M H airy dues not know thp fierce R ^ i k ^ r , Ijf the wnrrior did not love Owaissa, his sharp arrow would long ago have pierced him, He fears to lose hia ¿ride, if he harms her Ke- tvaydin.” Sp, though intense longing had risepin the jroung mno’s heart to see k indred faces'onco more, the Hires song of iovc held hifointrai- H e w h o tiVkes too* m a n y co m e ü im y e lf a tn in b ler. gTttssea will be- A busy barber is^aid to be like a telegraph­ ic despatch, bccause he-mns fi*om poll to poll. Capital weat-ber, Sir. Jones, capital weuth- j?r. My wile s got such a bad coh^ahe can'f speak, i like such weather. **. Noah iijiile his ark with gopbor •wood, but how far'he had to go for wood to b u ild it with the Scriptures do not inform us* . • HbTv ib coolt a goose —Suspend yoiireeirtn front of a brisk fire • n ad rovblvo caru- fully and rejjularly until you aro done brown. Irff^tnggthgr In the mind, by numor-. him. ^?ho-<arn^H6ne»p.ih§$$n^fttoa-dwc?li in their hearts after his parting'benediction ; •«May the great Spirit favo^ you with a pros­ perous voyage, give you an unfeloudod sky and smooth waters by day, os’yotdr birch ca­ noes glido* down the Cohohatatea ; may you tie down a t iiight on beaver blaukets and en­ joy good dreams ; aud may you find con­ stant safety under the great pipo of peace.” And they strode away on their long snow- shoes over the frozen stream fbwnrds the ,mount^ins for to the southward. ' Alleyn thought Owaissahad never been so lair and Ujp days flew by to~ tile 'loycrs on golden win^R, for' Uowab*8‘,,wTitehful eye3 were far away and to all others he seemed hpr hrulher* KcwayiUn. He wasi teaching her to wxite ono day and the old chief drow near them to watch,her nimble fiaagors copy the ma&# tho white loan. made. •* Briujf to Samiataa the bark* tho white Indian gtvie him, Owaissa.\ Sho obeyed and left tliora alone. A feel­ ing o f perfect respect and lorg hjid^spronsy up between these two men, and now the Indian chief iiras- his adopted son to a sent beside him, saying as he did s*>. “ A white man lived among us many moons. Ho died amf*we b u rned him with I our snvrriors. Wo col! bim t i e white Indian for he lived aii^wo lived,' o n l ^ h e had no Bqua%^and wigwam, b u t dwedt in the lodge of Odayween. Ho would never tell to the i'ortanntoly-I soon oi tamed a,.«^rv-nt’s | pliice i n a printing cKUiblishment, an i. by;« indefatigable toil, came after iHway years t o ; be a partner m thfi firm. Ten years ago I : married a lovely girl, the daughter of my senior parfcper. When I asked h er haud in i . murriogo, her futfier said tp me, - i TSe* bw * - of ¿ ¡ m w n e y ^ ' . ^Oòl atfi ntt I wi»h my Jiary’B^huH-; ■Vi*'r,<vm H ie ideo of a etable rull'ot Cml^ &J(n‘h photugraphy, wliusc <jreen.- Ijaad to ic, only I hr.vu noticed an jjivuterate pre»uppo«e8 tt»e eìiiòalic»« o f iYue-j'Xia:A;a h.itd (inch goutl offuct m fr%Utriing [/Tey- feeling o f revenge towurijs thoso who Injure mrn- ThiB ia a „necekaity growing out buck*, in tim£< gone by. Sow wlion the prop- ycra, aad it truiiìiles sne. I do not know why ! ^ natllre ofcrar inslitatioiia. The | er tin,le came, this man, whose taxes‘liolpedj I fipenfe so fr®e)y of it, b a t it setsnm to me t.hai | sovoreiguty of law in tie kandrf pf th o , to p a / tho toVn oflicers,_ proposed-to'-jflà)) h ie , half-stifledtitled paasioaassion mayay bi>e likeke Vosnviu»' P;inPle ie0 ineonsi»U»{,‘» with» luiya*j juut | feUoiv-citixoQSow-<;iuzotja in yotingforoung snohuc offlcera' flames, at laat i My lips were flrmly comprcsned- Iro - j ‘C\el$- '%r.mt.s tremlilo-wheu wlim fre-uien voto. [Lit.him' atick to hia tracce. A curpcutcr’s- membered tlio origin of that terrible thirst • 1 \Xl for vengnnce und dared not speak. “I luvve R-onu’tlod yoiir feelings unnq< lly,\ he added after a moment's rervou.H whim. Al£ni$ . te r and son,” p m b li V osuvjuh i 4 * mwub k «{, « vji u ^ xyu m y tor b s, pent up for. a time, but Unrsting forth j '^'-'as gf>v«mment if tlie pnoplo linv® not ^traightwrvy, there was a great .hue ancf cry. t in a stream of rain and death.\ I ,ho .capacity, to ^exercise that; siroreignty i T he Tailor said : ■' What ihapartinanco ! (5i- Tyrants tremble Ere-oien vote. [Let.him atick to hia trado. A fxjp’Ji esl s'tpreinti rr,t ia » well known pla?e is ill liis shop, to m y ’ mini}, t 4on't maxim of oar Anioricun luW. The existence ^'want to see feim going to the polls» ife will o£«giw ellk-nl power in tho hands o f 'u get intoxicated, neglect his vnfrjc, .and. hia' Ijd with ilio cxistenoo j ohUdron will baPuaedJby Ws h a l .......................... . The Bla'tksimfe-flaia : « J a Wend Jaakj gW »A I*^i%(Mtt 4 s 4 ir 6 d of hia vocatfon. I've no d o p b t Its wpxk ho'a h i ; : »jftitt; y«|Jinuttered •‘Thank you,\ and bowiêiHajii í}t?í¿'Íí5T'^<' ons hoots, lUul tho more ideas a naaa has the more he caa hitch on. A'western editor Siiyan he heard a yonng lady at tablt* a^ked tot *‘hex» tfait,\meamdg egg's. Xub:ii'cn is 1\. weed which? every ono may make hims If ft beast with’ if ho choose, (chons.) Ih a yona^ lady who was rccom-mejideiL to take osereiso to improve her hcaltij «ays that sho will juntp a t itn offer a n d rttn her own risk.\ ■ & l»'t lie, \' says tlie arithmetic eian. •* Yea can't say tliai o r vfonien’i figures in these days,\ responds tho slander­ ous dressmaker. ■ The fell stylo <ïf ladies' boiraots ts very tró- UvBIeTsh. î t is'rounil i\t the Vack Ske a teo- ta p , and turn» oyer at the front, like a saueer. bo espwtxi lor Mie »i pallile »action on tlie Brst Tues- m a t reVniiiiD# M i t * t t e « S o ' c l f j c i d a y . «t tho court honna In-tlio vlAgo orjS»fem, Mid coimty, BrcordinR lo tliojOT-risionsof the «fatate.. ^iSwran B. Pcrkirfi--MorIgii?c‘ No. 1SÎ. AU Uiat ccitüOÿiwÆ or jxircclof la n i in thn Tillatrri of p o rt Sillier, a n a town' o í Fort Edward, knawn and aistingiilsheats imulxlivision of l o t No. 5, ta thé first »llotmSiife in» partition nniong thû jrbpfletgy« c l a tn-.rt oï ï.n tl grantéa to John Srlmylér, Junior, J!Ì 1 :Ì otl'.eni, siili fu] I j- QesciiïMaîn tboboolc oTmorigagésof the TJ. 8. D. P.uiEÏ, for WíHliingíon comity, benring Oetober S. IS®. ‘ WSI. ÈOBrNSOX ' A. P. HOBIKSOS, / Z ókü CommJsBioBdn An aiwithccMy i.tn o t likely .to become a toper, fro in tlio (hot that he has inanv scruples to every dram, and always beeps his balance perfecc. * My opinion’ iA 11 said a j red man the «ama offe» t-riber-and -stH&eu- . Q j ¿ p k a ¿ 3 p t ^ p r m g m orm tU!. i r a i .years. -g^aníSigr TIlûalTIy ot íSstitEsSittes nr times he 'would go ont of the village and groan and woop all the day. Her.iL, is the whitft rnan's liark anil strange, marks ore on THORBUlt«’S- .ttB f f l ï SEED STORE, No. 48 UudE«m street* between Broadway .Miti Orcen ' street. Keeps oottslnntfy o n h a n à ali tlie leading vaiiofies of Tcgetabks Banlcn, flower and ñeld «e&K. Alstt blrd JCcdf;. l-lrd.ciivc:!. enttìe 6 ah hohói aad mocking bir^ ified. 0anHi5f'birda a n d b ird rages. O-nrtU'u tools and gamcn books, \and everything nppcrtainilin to it weft kopt seca store. Itidley’o Mid M atlhrd’ñ X ctv Vorl; confectionary, Borden'« coadenped m itkand cstrr.ctof cofrco, Scamoa's ceîebrnted ¿hocoIato érèràa bars, ehw'oîaie. o f tlio b est m*'juf.-i(:t'.lrer!!. Shaker prepared s w e teo T O ^ ^ ip e a s a n a tnrUotsoopbéans. etc, , S°., ,OIcS srs' Boutjuete, wroañií, c and oiit üowTDifl ñmwafied a t two honra* notice. SAÎÎUEI k T. THOEBtTÎÎK, -Sœittmnn, ' . . . . H 'H r m ion e t, AJbftiiy, N . Y. Catalogni» on application; o r f ont by n a fl; W ASHINGTON COUlìTY CLERK'S 0FF1OE. I < Jarraày+iitSj 1868.v t , No fi ce is hertó&y .given,. Chat on &fònday, ttiò 27tìi ■day o f Jannary iiratant, nt ten o’clock in' the forrnìoon. p a n ( i! « O jtó a i8»>T8,and Bieo'a-p»tì®!.S t Petit Jn- oraàwiU^Bo iltairò at tiiiaoiTire, tr> r-erro ¡»■»Court o ^ypr.'tiiìtl Xowit4tici?. andCtn-alt fiorisi, to -fag thè Court Ho'.ise. in Saloni» til and fòr said county, eii ilio Ì5tiì day a f February, A. D:k18G8. - ill .. P. a HETCHCOCK, County d o * . ‘ AT ^ 'a c B .-nto tnectlii^.bf .Uin atoctdiold» ■J.* e.rs of tt.a lîiiitcnkill Knitting Company Sor the inhere Of OBooaiagBljsstors of «aid Comptay. wlliho ìeia at their Factory, 01 ! tîu? ürii-Widneiday of Feb- nlory, 1888. à fï o’oloct In thé átféfcn orni • V . ’ » . • A.A.'iSOOK^PííM't. .. J m ^ eitì -I i O uexe , Bcc'y. ~ jftnasyy F OBSikKB^A . . t LOT, -s _ thocedeí^siy sccdiritfibilRtfoh?, aiwf nitrirà-, ble loe^tìon, fi:tu3te:l oa John .Sírccí, for sito low, itÿ ’ „• ,„*4....-v . , ■,.' , • .«i- ftMHP®' O C T a a \ p i ; H , ìctìV, - ‘ '.-i - 0 & u c a i:s, » ta citKjp pagar w s i n i l .... A w m v s i.'t losophieal old Tafty o f much oipeneneo \and ooserration, “ tha t any man as dies o n washing‘day does ito n o f p u r e spite.” An anecdote of the vDuho of- Cambridge is \going the ToUnds.\ ,Tbe prine«ly cojpet wuirior i s Cojntnrmiler-m-Chiefoftio Briash army, a n d ia his military capacity is some­ what prone to blasphemy* A Waggish colo­ nel, who had been the objeet of several em ­ phatic espiesgjVes, was asked if the Duke natLarriyed to i&ko command, nf a force to ba-Teviofl'ed. “ Yes,” sairl the wag, \h e Bworo himself-an hour ago. '\ ■ A niorelmrrt iv'lio was absent from home received- a telegram informing fain of his wife’s s&fe delivery of iv little girl, and ai#he same time a letter from his partner advising him that a draft had been .presonfed for £5.- 006 , and the signature seemed \ratiaar doubt-' fuLlH a jnexeh& flt replied to both letter^, but misdirected them. Tho astonishment of the wife may be imagined -when al A good story is told of a distinguished msthomatioian in tho nrmy, remarkable, for a * ¡ment, spmetiales seem Snj.' The ofiBoei *as orderderert t o construct'a bridge1 over -p crcek ficitiiovv here in Southern oottmtiy. ifffi ___ found t o be tinder- ^ i t é r ' ’ Ho, ^wheit called upòiit*> eiplain, eaìà, “ Ohi t h é W r ï ia-aàiìgtiti óictlyiì ìtseà liai » in u * . afeado? p lw -ì - - •. - ----- A tt'“oiilàcou!V Tom ' DonoTan, ... J, théy pairl, * «®iKsnndcojtàwi»ted co«- fmcdfractìireofthe tibia, » stel{«t<‘cl.-frit<f *tm a cM ' o i tìne ■mjfimis. Thu ‘}íB«sá¿a, • « w .stdakiSffi-é-: ■Phii 0oaoteo ea«io quietly -'fe, taasw » Tota was. . Jiaçt enouga J1\«aniTita \'uafi- i t like those Eewaydin made for our Blue­ bird, Alleyn bgd wondered why this man of whom he had heard so much, should choose to live and die among these rode ¿nat&es o f the new'world,* and with joy he took tho roll o f thiabark from tho chiefs hand It was closely covered with writing. Promising to tell Samktnna the story tho next day, bo ms* rolled the bark and with eager, eye* lie rind CHAPTKR? Sly naffiS is ‘VViffiS. Ts-iJsy is m y fortietii birthday. On the banks of the Thames wets my childhood’s home ; rpses and scarlet jessamine climbed over tho door. Every liv* ing thing in that' beautiful Eden of earth seemed full of joy. 33irds and bees and low-voiced cattle filled the fields with pleas­ ant sounds. FuU of innocent m irth and childish sport my boyhood passed, till my .fourteenth birthday came. How clear and sweet were the tones of the cljpreh bell St the en leaves by the low porch quivered with de­ light and the blue-bell hung her.head to lis­ ten. The roar of- noisy Lotsdon which on week days seemed a part of the very air we breathed that Sabbath morning did not reach us. w Alfred,\ said my father, “ you will goto church this morning. Learn, my son, to be prompt in duty. ” - . When at noon T rptmmrd, my home was in ashes. The fire, they surmised, hdd been kindled in the night* but Was ¿ o t discovered till too late to save the dwelling. That dight I overheard my parents talking of some man who was their enemy,' why, I could^notjin-^ derstand, who they fully believed had taken this means to destroy both life ancl property. power o f hatred, which,'HH then, bad been, a stranger to my heart, aud I remember l imit- tered frith scowled brow and^ sefei^cih. be revenge*?'oh thtft ¿aa&r I'll k ill h,urt'in We wont t o : XK>udoiir the yafit city, 'whiro wealth and waut/; goodness and Tjce are ipinglecli whoso pro^erty bad fill b46a iflatioyVd 1 K$ t&e JUrt fcw m ‘ 3 MtmbIa - 1 •• -if '/-I-L -1 \t ilcif from the library utterly overcome, more iy the sudden recollecttous of the past than ►y tho success o f the present. My wedding n ight came, In the large sa- looiisof Me. Muynard'B house wore gathered youth and beauty, the devotees ef pleasure and the ospiraats for fame, the'pxoud mil­ lionaire Had tho humble student. I stood by my ¿turlj-luved briiie, and the Surpiiced iriest tfronounred the words that made us one.' Then the music nnd' givy lniigh_ find hearty congrntulationa followed, till my brain seemed reeling w ith pleasure. All at once a gentleman and lady apgroauhed for an intro­ duction. Bumething in tho man's lace deem­ ed familiar yet repulsive to m o ; b u t when tho names Were prononnccd \ S i r Walter Warbock ijud Lady.\ the whole boricd* past rose before m e uiul 1- recognized i n him the murderer of my parent» •Patienco ; be still !\ I said to tho-demon within me. ‘ Itevonge is sure now, but not to i i g i it -hot h e r e ,\' Tho 'villaTii was bow- ing and smiling,'uttering, tho usual common­ place remarks at such a tuBe, and E wns call­ ed to m-yself by the words , *• The father o f yonr good husband here nnd myttt.fr Madame, ftece oltl eroiiies ip boyhood. I t ia a pleasure to see’ tho son o f a playmate so signally bksse.d.in life, Mary rettrrncd some plnyfnl answer and ao*»a -cuovetl o n to give place to other un-1 moro wolcumn greetings. Bat all my en^oymmt ivd3 gone. Timt craving flout} in my Roast «earned s Erieking for the blood of that murderpua hypocrite. In vain 1 strove to banish such thoughts, and remember my blessi.11 loit my excited eye and flushed check would bear witness to the rage within, Time passed on, and I saw- h o moro of Warbcrk. I had struggled hard to forgot ’him, and. W living outside of myself and en­ tirely tn the present, 1 was in n'aieaaurc huc eos-.Hil. aft®r o u r ljitsiriagii Mary stopped me * s I passed through the hail, on m y way ta the Alfred,\ she said, ’‘Either wishes as to go with him to dine with a fneiuL It will be a pleasant drive o u t o f tho noisy city and will do u s g«iOd. John is to comq with the coach in an hour. You'll go ?’\ •• EiitUy, toy dear, I don't tliink I erm; will you not enjoy i t without mo a s Well?\ Then, seeing U ct look o f disappointment, i'¥es^ t MaJy. - -ft- w in 4».g » gsod- - and tho bills can wait a day for yemr pleas­ ure. \ How bitterly I have ever since regretted that change pt decision ! tHspatefeing the amPfWlqjttafc-^i ___ __ _ _________ over, are greaUy%CrtA!iHi**(M*l^ *hlKib*-[ the result. The grand theory’\ tioiiil compact is. that tiie rights of nil cou-1 rights ! __ stitute the basis and tjio happiness o f all, tho Ser spoko his doubtfuT nitud r! object of govommont. This principal is the ‘ It ¡s without precedent; this c#rp«nter joinf fruit of the progress mod« both in nmvr votetl,' wliy sfcouty t e h i g i ^ spm acioucu and Chriotajuty, moru t'apc-clully of ; to di.itr.iet attention frota my case the l.itter. Civil and religion» liberty and tho Painter had jnst reaahed his majority (ind cqnrtlitj’ before thff tax»\ am tho’ loadmjj ; felt (hut the' interests oT the nation WcJo o a principle» in our Christian t o l l Legisla- ! hia'shoulders. Tho Minister also gav^ cau- . tors t?tU legislate in vaipjuul. will come far j tiohs counsel : ;• It. in nnseeaily for ft ssber^’ short of being tho true repruaimtativea of a aud rfespoctahlo mtm to appear i n coiopnli'y' ttee people unless they c<n»furia Ihefi lcfpi-' — --------- —— ■~i i - lation W these principles. The Bible must become the great law booh of th o nations. - Its great’truths ondeilie the^rAnd fabric.-of our political system' and muat tuul will be perjietual, nq matter how niucb. the machi­ nery o f our government 1«) MioiWluil to g rati­ fy tlie whims and caprices of l:c4itu iuli;l. Oura ts a representative j>ov> 7 iizneuts whcr- Slnte >epresenfailv“s' aad di|KMlai©-ils act os checks upon the wiid igiptalats of tho popular throng. In tho ancient rop\iblics, which-wero pure demoenwiies, luod n o t repre­ sentative like our own, tho greater portion of^tho people were slaves wisose interest were wholly ¿isregardeJ. ViA^t tlic fierce democracy tif Athena tho law^ of EflcuSyus, and Solon which have bc«a «0 ranih. studied by ilatesmcn, conferred the ri,;lxts of cittzon- ship only on a fow , so of The iitlitr republie'a of oiititjuily Art moi science * ’ bn sure thd much to imprave tlioir mnm?*3 in.? r-’fi'ne their tasti*s,but for the lo.'k of a power in tho Bcnates a tit! of ftuLt pablic virtue an9 intelligence which ahoald havo existed among the psopl^, tlieir govern­ ments crumbled to pieces or tvem overthrown by intemnl dissent ions, anil those same works of art which . then oifeted aro now mouldering in the dn; t aod are pointed out to tlio' bca.veller only aa relics o f former spect to property and eo mi! jiolilical pnvi legca ore desirable, but Ubat eijaality whicli wonM make virtue a friend to vici', industry to idlcsncss is not desirable. Social di»tinc, tujtu, in American society, wi!3 nCrtrsariiy. <ydst, because sumo will -worlt ■white others sleep,'bnt it is tho glory of omr repuhtican institutions ¿that no artificial ftturieo ar& created by law to hinder the px-op-ess o f on individanl in reaching lii» proyor level in soeiety. No religion e f w slojraids tlio son! o f an American Citizen to pay hoaiin^e to any earthly potentate; no feudal Bystem of mili­ tary gradation compels him to fam ish r*ve- portor u-Jtli h note to the ioilioo, I prepared for the. ride. E’apidly wo whirled o u t of the city into the clear, cool a ir and when we saw wild flowers blooming by the road Bide in the open country, Mary's enthusiasm could not be restrained. We laughed and shouted ami sang the good «Id songs o f oottatry life, tST ¿j,¿ imu'ataune.d desire’ to do « h a t one would it seemed to me” I rrtis a bey ajjain and iny wife sòme dear playmate of my ycrath. It was tho roaajM tJed to my old homo alid J began, a t length, to nhte fiuniliar objects. Stnre-mj- marring;---. ì this road for the associations it (twakoned called my evil passions i»to dangerous -orer- tion. This morning good spirits deemed aiding me as wo neared tho spot where my childhood had passed. I said to my com­ panions as I saw tho elegant stnno edifice that had replaced the cottage, I want this plnre for a summer-home. - -Whose property ----- ’ ’ Why, tty boy,” interrupted Jlar^B fath­ er, “this is whero we aro to ter \Furbock built this mansion.' Notice, Xt&ry, the regular rows of graceful trees,” for we were n il ing elo-wty up tho avoirae.' “ See the roses and jessamine in tho eitaservntriry already in' bloom, ” and they chatted gaily, while every word s e n t a fegger to nay Eeart of any Jord or master, no laws of prtsm'rgeni- ture, feetail and either feodul coiiLrivances p a t restrictions upon' property^ _Bat_ wMo there is so much freedom, i t is well to under­ stand what frooiibni is. ”A large portion I fear are ignorant upon tjils poiofi. Et ll not always please to do ', no ¡mob thing. This would lead to inarchy in i t s wo'rat fovms.' ■_ Fri’edom is the result of ¡ouj ckxck, and re­ straints, not of license an® impulso. A 'm an with the ignorant and vicious person's', wfib jutsite the laws for a. Christian Eopuhlio. Ha .will lose hia influenco for goad, iu tho «pm- mnnity, if ho is seen at tho Hotel on Election, day.” th e wealthy bounty-btoior, said s ■• Vie ilon't. vrant him here. 'Wo can'fc buy his vote for imtemperanco, injustice, bribery and corruption, a id ¡t wj)l couhteraot oaio itt -our interest. _ Keep him ijrtay if yon \snlu» ins head-\ Xho Doctor added';\ •*Uie i s too frivolouo and lightmimled- His lincnis spot­ less, his half ^vell brushed, he wears n'Saii’ Hlecve-aiuda. Yotera should not fritter jiWay, tlieir tunc and thoughts on suph trifles. Bo­ nnies ho will got soiled and mtajdtd, tnScf possibly catch tlio s<na& p®*i i f j s i n n t r a .” The Mcrehnut finally suggested - 1-Ho '-MOH’t _ vote. Ho don't wantfo. Don’t irct a b o u t ‘fpvinp him a chcrnco\ until ho KhOvij ei di;*- ' position (9 demand i t , furtheniiaro jnjista that ho W a t U r tf t i m t \ 'flstirth a fellCSt Hiiui ¿1st I'anpire^ ' - J - r.s-tiYe .wrb. To do. The C a ipenta ia tho fiWiive .«orb. To be or To suJTer. Hd 3 » ttst cultivate patienco 'and rahmissiOJl. Ef irft'' starves or ¡¡inte info degradation, «am iio jp ' brothel's keeper t \ Ho has aa«much ri^lifc to the privilege oa I, but if I help llim to i-i, 10 x may crowd mo away. \ Pesscssion te nlnEf- points o f tho law\ ami as tnj < li&va failed, I will try tlto licductio ad aisariam .'' TEoii Itittawod n pictnr? o f t t s SSipCiStSr rat­ ing, drawn with some sk ill, very funny ia sume o f its details ; shocking, in others.—< Its only t’ouIt was tho want of ¿hat frnU-. j^ Nature, winch conatitntea tho highest r-rt. - And nil *this time tho Carpenter was n o t al­ lowed t£ speak at all. Does my stoiyseton improliablo? Friend : apply i t to Impartial SufBmge. Dress Mr. Catpeaier in j bonnetand crinoline, and see if the riddUe is not plain. I wos'nt there, but bad it booD, JL would have eaid ; *’ Gentletacn, lei ns , glance ot yotlr nrgnrnQhlS. Granted Qrata earpenter’s “sphoro\ lies14 Jlfa shop getteral- ly, ichj will it bo moro hurtful e& rc^o &> g tf' nnes o f powetto ¿jmtify tbc satiate jimhitiqn. the Eolhy «¡ie-^ay, Hian te the Slora,- 61 “ Mill. orJP. O. for necdfid articlc-'j fvcrjj <bvj ? jSranted that the c'oirrpany there ia nglil*, ways spigot, .aro thoy not the ^featno sain, whond he meets Qften at other .places, with­ out hurtful contact vdtli “Tho un/Sean IfiEngT^ Granted : that Noting wiilawaicn a tlursifor informatioa, ft pride in his own integrity, confidence in Ills own ablBHes, and 5a£Ktfo£( to soe good, wise and just men inoffiie^ srs these things bad ? Will his eiitA/ren respect • him less therefore ? Will his superiors-in BitìthW %htìS«.Whtd# fi» thè; pure aìr niul. healthlÿ Sports o f tho country, ¿»eoi bqpm. tístóre«, f& st • toséíi? gt»vef.;..j!niiieir foMowiHthSipiid mthe. ' Watbëèk, ^ t i M i ç é ® y ’lti»»f 1 . - ' ' to toiittì'w,í»yi ^ t ì i t o ^ ^ : Ì ' i o Ì é d te harevenéed. , -ffiô' UipntfJetwas alvs^^tefora teÿ eyç^ihe fcîipi.; py Iiower-crowned: eotlagu ■ jtfy dwelt, and tho aarrow a; áe3¿®p.< Vd, » « d 'h a 'tiin’t-ltM foïve faœito,\ , - r ■ Snef- Don't yon like the place, Alfred ? Y on are very suddenly- stHL\ I liko it,\ 1 muttered with set teeth. VêSgeSBeg wsS rampant in my bosom and priraly I ropGated the old proverb \1110 feet of retribution aro shod iyith wool.\ Softly, sat carsfaUy, friend J- I'll yield to yon,\ arid with tho - determination éamo ealm, murder- ous design. ' My p t o i was- aU laid? os-thé co'aoJiman opened: the>*srï«Bt> d«ui jiiud « o walked into'the presmtce'tif ho«t andïO B tœ ^ •’ *• Ah, thw isM n d in J'Cifi,' ttcftd jfaynara 1 ista ym^TOiti*eidjia(iôg|.t« 8 ï®,«i?VelcOBie tôW a rhecktodgé,\ — •- . . , ,. ' (TOrffieoOT 8 PEt.lL . . _ n**teév eoy ï i t i nrovBing old-beca-ase lily K m ? 1 # silŸotèâ; a n d tttà® W Joro««1~feet' n tny fbrcheml, and. toy sWp not so _ __ l and .clostae as o f Voté; _Jîut. tîaéy ai<i; mistakou. T b â tis n o t -mo. Tho-toeea aSa, tVitt Vneea iïriî n o t Juci Xha lirovya nidciii hut the hrots® are-_ n e t w o .-3 Is is the house -in whidi t-ïivô. lint 'I TO.famagSwwnife*i» tiitbu ever 1 vnis heforo. 'rStht'fcrlc. “thé power to-atouSo, regulate nad quiet dt his bidding tho.various faculties of fois soul. This is tho sublime idea o f goiermmcpt t*nd conntieatcs its mainspring whether applied to an individual or thè statu. Could we rightly understand this, greatly felt among the masses on era would bewponed i n éducation âuch as the world has never neon before. Butin order that our government may ho tea alary » i»tu* proSpexous, popularüè f e n i a ^ cntiform tó d in a Sir W-a 1- ¡fa t|1(30r}. spirit,, parties mnst not apostritizo their principles for the sake of votes. Better be beaten in a iiur contest ¿ a n yield up principle ¡Uld nin. The life of our repubhcan syatiiul re.-,t;- ill its einca-' tiòrnl ideas of Bolf-govpnuneitt. self culturo teaching mauhind fo thinfc and riot to repeat, to ienm principles rather Üiuu ntlUK Uudei1 o r a n d in teg r ity em p loyed as le a v e n jia t h i t . th r e e m e a s u res of political m e a l ? _ W iiu h i s • p q o r e r n e igK l»rs love him ..less for* s tead f a s t vindication o f th e ir r i g h t 3 j _ is this n 8 d le p lain also ? M ay n o t W o m a n claim its solution as h e r w e ll-earned g u s r - - . . . k; . • ^ • H e, who \made one star to'diffef froi5\an- other in glory,\ gave to qna b i r i courage, fierceness, and strength i to another, gentle- ness, affection and heanty. Bnt I noVerheard - of the Eagle saying to tho Dove : dare, to leave your nest and shctw yonrseif in the fiiipniy doniiBions. Stay, take.pare of, ‘ your hirdSnga and: starve if need be. fCwill • ntahe jqu'strong and fiei'ee toseeh theit £ood aarid tea'oS them to -ase 4 boir wings. * A\ . V In. the honghty priesthood that px-eccclod the Reformation inaugurated by^ilaaEijtt Luther, short, it will make yon an Bogle ; th«ji«lM % k_. shall we do for\dnved to eat ?” Eagles tot do this : they attend to tlieir eaglets and the h r ^ a n mind was chained t o was ^ their' eyricB tìI1 thB eompslled to repeat and foll'OT/ Brahma, oljey caste, but thè dawning lig|at o f Chris­ tianity has spread oyer a dark inS felldh •worltl tmd h as entered - the ¡secret chumbera df the EOTilj.ahd E«t t l i i captive'nríiíiíl free: — ilírigitiüi, vigorwuií ; ::L- 1 -1 ^ 1 Heights. Doves, areliapjiy in their h t»W 6 | harnea ; but boûi iihve.tlic '.'f enrth, nirmid sky. T h é jitiïicipKi -réaSpíl is, {Key oboy the ia’.vs ef- a-Jnst- Gad, ì f I fcaya, Weitried your patienee, toy excuso .-atagt-Ae Uut ot tlie fullness nt tuo neart, tu» m u n ta : epeaketb.” ' ’’ • * Vask is, alters, tho fires o í libefty i*ud reïono. The diiriatiau idea 0 Ï government is fast taking hold ^ ^ ^ f ^ ^ P ^ P 1- ; ® “ ft j8 saia a w a w O M religious/mave- . be: boldly taught from the pulpit. the ^ jgjQitg iB taking place amoug ¿the 'nahve& m thôfiii;Bi,.#nd,thaprass>* S-ffttesmen.ljenure févarál paAM 'mdii^ioolrin^tti'ihpahalitíon Fntînc v e your laws upon the bma;!, et«mn! I ot ida! wtífahip i* d the- ruíbstiíntioti 6 f aptirb- ■- *■, i * . ¿ i'bvìirfìiiTiitv or Theism. Severnl native Eoeielues havo been 1 enhghtoned t h f e i w u t y , or ( W f f f Íte '£ I m s a í « “tóis-- (sa»utr«gèti-enligKtéi>ea pBnjJIo w illby th‘-ir ?ii0I1 favor tlio nnve neut, and the' votcB give you a back seat»- \ Tho people'aré the (ravtìrigiWU'Qder a frgp BOvemnaciitP^ Tiw yqUx oft tho péople is the supremo law. Eev. Mr. lürk Boite -time oço held a eon- . . _____ _ _______________________ go fèraneeiu tho <3athedrnl of bombay with s c i ­ enti otth'enaíi'eé refbrHaerfl, elád u iged upon them the ucceBSity ofabanaoning tho worship of idels, and aòfincwledging one Supxeino_ ■ . f - ,?* __ j. - ,-'t. _ ________________________ 0 ” ¿tenso gs^ao rtçOîfc v — z-^_ -i..

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