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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, March 02, 1847, Image 3

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nn:.n.t::' ■fi! ■'■■■n7-i--nn'!-ff ll\' \ I n i' I'\- j '=\1 L yT H A C A -jPU R y A l.. P”\ ' w i t ia e s i S a y , 3,1S^ diBcontinj*6(J tivs Herald |j . a .SEtEKEG jEBIXOK € 0 m m S M I Itta nseeiiok o f ihe CiSigensof ti?e viUi ]({!iaca, held at the Village JJaH’itt feafd vi .^Sainmitlee chosen to devise tneasut jifgyentiag |b^ dismeaiheFmentof 'tfap Codaty df j(jinphw>s, W embracing a, very eonsiderabte ^ itioa thereof within the limits Of |he oonteipf. ronjafti: iUe, and to.pfcetreritj, at j'rumansbdrg in this Mr; H, talttjs leave of Mr. S . M. Da:y hat whi.ch was pubiishi coiinty, for the past y |a‘P. his patrons in a neatland appropriate jvalsd^ f f . ^ ^ .......... ^ IS o f Albany isllhe rept t ^ author o f Gov. Y fung’s aupplemebtal Aiet More probably Wrtl. H . Seward, as he is the dn% person said tojluse the word Mrescripl,” which occurs iii that baper. ; pa fail, in the village o f Ithaca, on Moadhy tiGSth day M'®I®r°hrinst., al two\ o ’clock ih leafternoon o f that day, to confer on the sev. al subjects before mentioned, and to adopt easutes la advkttce the interests o f th e dltizekis [The above chi! is signed by between 309 and '% o f our fifstj citizens o f the viliagp and cpun* _, The late |oh r at which we'recdiyedthe l i s t ; , ||fflnday afternoon) rendered i t itnpossiblel for i|it 9 insert i t f e is week. T h e call Will be cirdu. d In haodbfai form with the names o f t iers attsched, throughoat the copniy, prol ^ • life to-day. ' , ; ^OKord^fe ■R*dn^le--^On Shturdayjlasit,.; - '-tig received by mail, postage paid, ja letter “ iwliteb v ;is enblosed a rfemitfanee to pay for* ad i ■ tpadvertisenieBt o f Mr. Benhamj, wMclj wi * ^ j l ^ a G d itl aaolber colwmo. Mr. B. is w tliirg t l ,|^actree the precepts o f the Golden |Ru[e l-jgy&on M ier i?SiT.5oad.-The sumbec^ifsp. ^to eQarethjsjebayier o f this roa(|, (^3, do,) wna fills d Pp o a the Iasi .day l?y th|& ' ikigsi mdrs ta cipg the baJanee o f stock |b( te ,' ( 6 0 . Tf ose who reside on the line o f the jBadatenow iiangnine o f its completionj. Whph e hill first p tssed & e legisiature Itn I64.f Ts on a visi i to sete^al o f the river iouritics, rd a'large namber of estimates ,made i|i ije-. ^40 time 0 f ronnpg:, and the expense o |p a s . paw wtr ^ongress win adjoiira to-tnofroW, t h e llh inst.. Suph is the posiiion |c its business that no ne­ cessity will probably Ixist for ah extrapessidn,-^ The W'lhnoi proviso Lilt fail in the Senate, hav- ing in its favor probapiy the two Delaware 5’en,' ators from Slave Slagles, and all the representa­ tives of Free .Stales,jwith tite exception o f per- haps one vole from Indiana, and possibly two from llliiiois, The lientirc Sbutli will vote a, gainst the Provi\p, o | course, and o f rteqessity a small inajurity againit it will fas the result. Fpm tire Albaoy Argos Peb,24. T/ie Election p f p e Jddeciary.—The ques. lioii vyhicn lias been so long under ctiscussion in thei House-^ipvojlving the expediency o f a special election of _ udiCial officers, a® well’ at the. subsequent, as at the first e!ection'~came t o a vote yeslerday, under Ihe previous ^ue^lon-^ wbich resulted ui thp adaption subsl^ntially of the prpvisjlins o f tin Senate bill in that Respect, T h a t hill provides It jai tjbe first eleetipn shall take place on the fdurth Tuesday in May, and thereafter at the g e n p a l ; election in November- The vpie.stood 44 to |3 5 .; ■ Tba question ; hap been ably argued on .hoUi sides ;j not so mucll with reference to the firil eleoii4n (Which; :iha conistitutiun requires shall ba special) bui oh gtpcrai ground.s o f expediency td propri.eiy- aui|; because the expreapioh o f j , a o Ui^Q houses pifMic subject, aaaeinhlipg, as under lire new con, js,n to carry With it the ry( lequent legjslatdres, in- •’ \ su4for; oaily apakenj o f waq d hoars| and they £ o, for t h e firs stitution, was sup greali r wcigfil will vvhosf haiiils the; qi. decisi 3n, and who a fcrta o f the mode tion, Q guide their ji ot th ! qoi stiqn ;nia ant n iw to mscuss quest o il of future irnpromise. propos e i Sing o f a day; -leaving ail else ti Ti is question ,set if aiffiirenoB 1 cept in regard to t etal rtstricls—-and is,expense tq each passenger hplj seveisl|-five bills diverge wifiti; r,,,.—i _ _____________________| doub ; fafe had, ’ \ ' - . L go, a Thes^ suppdsitidEis are rather the|reti- , Ll, and we 41*6 misiakek i f the resjult doe| not ' 'rare that it Will M i. into tho slo w a n d | easy j |it o f the Albany and Buffalo Road. ■ j The stock jias been taken as foHows : j ^(Zh Z' city of f e w York, ; $2:421.400 , Ho;,,,,-, a .' hu ; --------- -*• \^-Itcheste?; 4 i 12G.OOO 1 13,0011 S@.{ 10 O [ ),600 ^ 1,00( |kie county ojf West do I Putnam, do , Dutchess, ffindsoR, ;• iie ciiy of Hi do- iAlbany, fbs residue to make np amount o f $3.0&0,GbU, ken joiallyipy the Commissioners I In their pr|vate eapaditiesi ‘ ) the required h has been J.3' ommisi ’ ‘ uoo: • i - $3;,OtD,0Q0j '\'The adroe^tes o f tills road, we dpafai Jib , w i l l ; ,#aJI in theij- power to defearthe |omplet[on of j fiej. N . Y . anjd E-tie rail road, by atlempt ng to l ing; Cdses ■ qlatUEh its presen t looatioa.| iS'eir-lplerest if no ' ■ - | ■ Ctljer fROtive'witl prompt them: to'this cot rse. -'F h e N . Y 'Express heretofore bnepf dlls most violent fain pripff, says :> ‘The.mottdy market is. a- sound and b aJ thy -din;! ■ to. W e Have- n W W fm|st flmifish.mg .< ondn | , „ ...L - -------- =-‘- -j| Wa#| T w o s a r M ’sbug e follin:/w3ll!*‘ ' ^ _ _e .G|rf World is itibutaryj to Ih e p e w , and Wstead if largo importaiions .and a s toady 1 *(,g jahles are fiorepletoly tar led - - _ Wfihf tEat tlicj A k V come to an end, or that itjifeiti as^npe \■-defensive and less espetisi*e.. altitude. T*\ . , «;ad o f Treasury notes, it ti|fee|ievi|d, will -/;;fec»tnfesV>--tFadiv diM add:fc|>,-,JJip igoneral pros- f ^imty..-. Fhe.cenatrvmorc^yatito: tjxW; buy more (p igoneral _4, ‘ J.Tiie ftte foreif It e z ch ha an nfewi''' f 6 w ttl. rnle' htoe|i ip oat [ favor that specie wilt be ntiy iii« :r,,r„lri«H f Fhe.cenatr^., and p a y more'pTOtBy t ry* |T h e n of ■ tdreifitezc ' ' ‘ ■ ■. -. that, specie w ilt be e sustan impqrled.' , ] loney SS.H0W. worth hat six per edat, and larga^ nego- • tialliona. o f paper ata^ madjej a;i dhkt, W : have ' . Wi.lr3ti,a w q f l r began , AfomQvel Tbp sales at.heMi coo- , iha city'.anfi vicinity, is seutng lor i ,. » 4 v,sj« 5 e,' • Thedisposttim* a-fow mapiUs .ago mtiy, ■ . t t o f e l , to -tiheehpitti .-•'J ifele-i? ' - m e B t i o i O s^eltesavs: TbesHa, n i t i t w e , (ffi^er onVWedbesliay' m |raiiig' ihdi«4ted , deg. 1 j I ow zero. - • ' I He - .n Ap­ peal Ma fieffiade le^Sdadayl 5 orning next, in r the therjmomptel- m irhm 1 issu- St> J tM 4 G^dteh . b'ehal ' < f the v retched sttfei {in Icelanfi ajtl d 4cotian 4.j j Th? following Pafatmitl Letter has bs ed bykhe[Right Rev. Bishop]to'Lancey, request’ .in g th a t'C o llection i p y MLevepy chuti jh m bib BtoGei^. [ . ■ j:.. ■ P A S T D y r M | t p ■ he Clergy and ■‘Bcim (f, fiirBTshe ;p m d h g w a « ,ai , <if ttiilCQ-untry.,--,, -r* Jknd, la thejiaerpMul prov 1 da in-pies ty. <^tr ifai S;4,|3£Epff;v s l i - fA : - I 0 asncban' 8 c 6 asioh' it wcutd 'ott wl that JifeeraihyiWliich j'o-i ,qs^fc4'‘s r ‘\^' Gormer's_ Inqaes tfi'to day held befon ah/Docklin. The too deeeased accid Bridiie over the G? Car-Iiousc in Adbc quonoe o f wliich ' 'ff *d JE degi ?es, he- ffW , N._ ___ .1 tepgefioe-: i-oui' Gt,. idihlW’ stotottieif of tfae OSt hq- ' Of' s torw'arded 0:b. froH Tdmpic aiig, at New 0 - r o . - r - - ^ , aasj froiu Tampico, mention rumor that thii Yenow Fever had bn ahjong :pur Irooi s. axi ivedjat Tamf ico re| iment, who i “ 1 ion,^siippo£ Fhe schoon ing( furUiering I'ffi transportation of ihe tro(>p' ?on.|Ta.ytor vfas at Monterey and Gen, W<> die i|ioutb of The jutmost s seresy prevailed as tp the future army which Were ivuown only op ?ratipns of. th j to tlie |oinqiantters in chief. S ^ t & ^ S e a t o f W a r . ^Tassehgers by the bark Mb- oiu Tampico, mention Fever had broken out Three Indiaoq officers bad the 2d Pen ijsy'l va n i a i once proceeded to their desU. losed to be Vera CiUiz. ler SihaS left Brazos on the Sth, Scott there still actively Cng-aged of ihe tro(>p'. ’.as at Monterey and Gen, Worth the. Rio Grande with the entire Congress,—We learn by 1 'eldgraph, an unauc. issful attempt was made ip the Clause toipass theRevenue Bili.this rnorntn f, Thh votb there- f'-\ was like that o f Satnraayif aqding one to di side, . - • The steamer Thoril,,iWbtcalf, bound from cinhati to^the Wabadh, struck the bank Mirah, and commended settltng, when gerfe dnrf one deck hand were’ iost. cargo loiail loss. . ' 'ij’he relief CornrntUec. ginlefttgi clis. It is Irumored that ah officer o fa re tched to Gen Taylor and an eacott of i re ppt p ff ari(| the, whole pul lodealbi No fiing is 8 f itod o f the movemenls of Santa Uia .qr the M xican forces. ' rhiiporrespo idcnce o f the Picayune says a no.^ w a s purientat Vera Gruz, of the assas. sir alien of Santa Anna for opposing the decree of Ihq Mexioan €ougres3 f bp.t this letter was dated'at Anton L'^ardo, 20lb Jan,, and prabably re Irs to Other r ;poria to the .-amo eiffeci, wbicli: it is believad, c iih o f tie true. U tey advice!Ifrqia Yucatan state that jVferi. , a cjty of 20 009 itifiabita'iils had capitulated tJie ffoyisioi ary or ReVoIutiouary General to the pfoyi Ci.inpe’achy rantpico dal -s of the 4th ha.ve been fccei N . 0 , with n'lelligence of the Ohdiaka, 3 ‘mifes sautn o f Tampico,: havitig at 3 3 ‘mUes squin o f Tampico,; boird toe 2d regiment of Penn, volunteer.., uu. de • Col. Deru isy. The. troops and crew got ely on shp‘‘V and ati arrived at 'Taimpico, n. live Captain o f the si tiu l ha left toe injved, that par >f the M Ohdiak i, tliQ steamer, Uiidiue wilii CO»»| ■rtillery - ha nds 8. iulisequent legi pBtioa after alf remKi will have the advantage of presenbed by the ' c o n stila-; ju d gments. , in this aspect it deemed import- iniy it targe a n ^ a s s upon the eleClions-T-aS against th® tion, ft) contine the bill to for bolding the first election future Icgislatwres, •led, toere \vi|!l bo no mat-. 1 etween the two houses ex-' -angemeni o f toe judi. the Senate and House . c.toifi.Tehpe iiiu.sf no- op t lat part of the bijl, and :tlie stagci the sooner it will \ul p. I t is . at all. It is said bi of the Volunteers fell into die exicaiis. On hearing of the loss i, tliQ steamer y-ndiue with liie ipany < f A on, hoard, .was des. iche i ifoiii 1 aaip GOjlo rcucler assistance. 0he,;;Undine had not returned, but it was ru. ired ;ihat to Ip company were cutoffby a body 3 of Abe enea y's cavalry,. and,aiioiher rumor that t he Me deans attacked the volun teer.-, af- | {andiag, an i that this led to a disposal o f our rcea and a to red march to Tampico. These rum< rs are doubted, but they came rough three nfferCnt .^channels. Two ships ICO with 60 troop.s on board. A received at T 3 op with vvhiggery in the [ a ; The dempci a is have oh- j iiseqi tejading ii. lo fnotiev Tj—I — ■ . . ; j h ive Com vialne o f the crops loaf potatoes- di a hjid ■elaiil, vvas estmiaiud a t 43i3,UliO,-: d: majordy of l.H usual, Ijl'lie whig,*'glory” has bi ofTlid tiladi’ A Cninmitti,. , 11,000 I ''\'’■\I f the He la ware Legislature has ^ abulishiiig slaves m that 1 ” fa t b j Rodfoel— The Police Gazette under. 11 ; ds that-this! w-jiinan: w-sll soon .be di^cihaiged ed^ hi all the' remain- ,R|:ti ill, ill AVatyr- and was eritirqly .enl.s, sousisitii ugar, crocki^ illon .sa ved/ii) iohn 130. [’here has been ms, Newfew Brunsruk B Among X ;c .of tbd 140^00, [M ing til buiidltigs desti ,f tbd ( ofloctor o f cost :sieaij, were tticUed. T h e atoqk in th ; alt beeii More than 1J0( York on Tburkd; brougfit batwe^n o f them destitat dye chitdreni ' ^lieiSuri the- tower bay. Cuitingi Telegi flempt wak fitalt the'a . . aiTfv per .lelegfaphiq ( and wit! p,fopa|lt onse o f Wm. S. .fire on Tiiusday,' oragoj.w(arehoi !trcqtj| took ti destroyed, logclher w ith ’ g o f ^ large quantity o f c ” * * small portion rhe^mil. looses were^crushed fay irge quantity o f cot. y, ifccj. A small portion of, a damaged state. The bu James MeCoitoogh G,Sh0 insured. •ding hoot Coroner’s inquest was ion the body o f Jererfi i- juryury rdte: of the j was, that 1 tally felt froiq. the Railroad rego creek, neartlic Railroad a, into said creek in conse- then and: there died. [Auburn Adv, Feb. 23. ither destructive fire at S:i k, with G loss o f qyer $6Q, y{;ry l|usy and ti e entire fore prepafihgfor From ike Ai ?i eW ©r l ea n s, :8 ill ii|st ., Bra? os to ctli, Cdiiiargo ■*’exiCo to tne ,i A ^elachmi ul composed o f 80 Kentucky and Arkalisaa cav .try was cut off when 3d in iic-.s l-u. by Gen. .Alinon, Tliev thrnn d troyed' was; the dom.sl in y hich Hudson River Rai road Co. immigrants arrivet at Ne* y last. The Rqsqio is ‘alon three a id four nai]id|ed, mast araon^ them a itiotoer and ___ . miles , foodless, aid home- lessi The; Suri s itysscVi n died on the passage, aiidUwo dead clul Iren wt telbtowni ove board in the-lovver bay. j ' aph’W k t on rfatUrday a in New York ipatcb.es, whiph. lead Id till iiF pfOpahy lead Id the detectk n of par-.' ties 'whd'have 'beln guilty of the sacne crime b ef fore* Theteldgtfeph wires were ;cut n Bri|h- too, and ; iwo ^eslspiis, one o f whe man, went to Wpreester in the foi to forward the-news;-.*-ih' a despat cypher^ffom ;tHal place* By the vlgtian'oe of the Tdegiaph iagoms and rhd c6;Qpera tod of the conductors o f i|he Worcester Rail ioatTJjip scheme Was d!etpt|ed add the wires repaired, 'before the! roguto arrived at W oredstp, arid the fraudiitei'i-t despatch was .refused, because iBos- ii 'in ednitriitidication with New Y w k ,’ .tonsniisyoh o f the foreign news. ?s halve been traced and virilljiioba- velfejpenalty for their attempt. -An itjgi nious atj ajfiernoo i to Ibre- of liu .g.uiity pai :.bly pay a . r the ttonsniiskioh o f the foreign newi .guilty paities halve been traced and viiilljr sjpenalty for their at|.en [Boston D a ily Advertiser. latoto The y ' cedUy ..prpporti Pi* -ee- [gBdlesi| ti) ome ?n lieaftTand coo- , „ , . . , , . thfeword-of God so sifoujity enioinsl Let o s fdqotjv forvenii petitions [■ in-bjiliaft of the efflered, tm t thids dpr ahas Sad !' ^.rnesEiVcomm-’SiiingLouB I remain youV;fln,ittdto4 bh ion, HEoporti ids, &e-, of each article ir cdmpddpd translated into Chinese, and in ;k t g « a |e piciioaL and H i l r * ' . ^ . ___ -t o f eripport* t ■ Th^ ; tliaHfeey w ill relivk it i t t|j.e proprietors stkti .opemdg c>C davi. t i ' I : c'i iise-tf tljefobe Phrtof: ■^alcfiti and $ eai^--^W e men tioned the other 8elf-de|tFdMfoQ ©f a ycog lady in He.w ndneef % ■ tk® receipt' o f an nffeosive. e Ar other incident o f a very difierent tor oect rred ft® same day, in ahotoor f the cit' I. T h e # lfe o f an officer named re, prUeiited her- husband With ti \ Valentines; Id irec»dmg fh« ■ i =i ! ;( oqutrin ry pi tent ill joictne onereu ror saie, siiaii oe nted on a lib e l and, pasted on 'the hhltis'i' ikagt, &.c,i lontalnidg it. A dariog individ* .aatj Wbb-has t patent raedfoine much id de. Jd indby tk® wn east people, had the compo* St iW , HEoporti Ids, o f each article in the 4Sh instanedof the fact is ,given in a 'Maine paper, desree^ufi The Lej^tslatkite of that S tate paped a law re- ly Ioqutrin J that the oompositiOfl ~- ►orti to o f 'e icli article o f the cafffpos y pi fen t tnidicine offered for sale, i leci: on a 1 ibel and, pasted on 'the package, &o.! ■us i, wtib-has be tram id that instance: o f the o f M cMgan .— ^Tbe Miohigan Leg bad 1 1 C quedi ion W< s brought to a vote in t the 1 hh ids.. .Propositions to'fix 'troit, M arshall lackson, Ann Arbor, Baljlle Creekij Albion, Otica, Corrunna, Eaton Rapids, Dexter a nd Cpp|)er Harbor, all of which wi*re 'oted liiiwa. hHinsing w-as then proposed:, aid sa'rrtedhy hj' a vb e-.q|' 3 5 to 27. Laosiiig is id lived I known, lut not be-' . CFtow the iOhranicle.] B y ’B e l e f t o , ' s t i j a e a - Gm- in tibia city, up to Sai leived ftfadiut $ 4 6 ,000 The relief Cornrniuec urdlay afternoon had r®ci The House of Represeniatlves o f Maryland, on Saturday passed bill providing for a resuippT lion of the payment of ®d the public debt o f that state, by 5 majority. N o doubt o f the cpdcurfence of the Senato. From CM m l— Thp Rainl!^y, fro m Canton, brings advices to the 4th D3ci M© news of im* m.*— q lowfili- Robberies fire at the i to 30,000 *e a trifle,lov/er rite freqaenfi. poriaoce. l eas wcib i The steamer National vvto cti tirely de.stroyed by tire on the night o f iheSfito dit., ,dn her pas-; sage from Loureville W :TiUsharg, noaf the' m l t h oj the Keniucky. ^ o a t aha cargo an- buiire 10.SS. Passengers ha^ barely time to d s -, cape, with Ihecpum fof * ©f baggage.^ Clerks supp.oae.d to havebepd lost irj attempt to save too books and papersHC-the boat.^ vilh 60 troop.s ot lived at 4'amptcQ by a L Chiiiuahua Mexicans ! G en, Kearney’s cammand under Cot. ;ic«;.[ It is Sint lli..i a long and sanguinary lUe-was fourlitin which the siaugliler uii th| sides is i aid irpassing in mil Uitiii add look { ivqd at N e off Tamp irt jiad beet •cigl house of an action at Chihuahu cie- ttoeofi.; the au leriar forcte o f Mexicans and a pi rliot) , f ;IC«;. * I'Ue ;iwas foutrht to have, been very great,- nUrabors ariy that has yet been t'ougmi; Uitiii ateiy the Americans wefo vietor- is a(|d look possessions ot\ the town, L‘[iters leivqd a t N : U . also itfoiiiion a battle'near C vihokhua, an ll parliady contiimed tin; riceivfld, whiyli i.s eqliticd to inore ert M I .xi'4ii new hilhi''r!o pot in eircul on. ffatiers >; 1 is ot opinion ih'at the onJy tight , must have been lii the pus-. ;ity, and that the loss sna ained w as very light. reached Tarap'co undi-rstoid to i vile squadron, that conuhission. •enl froiii Mexico, to arrange flu: ecu toe two govoriuneiils. It spyposed, that Gen. fercolt Would not bo idy t .i leave Tampico, i.il 2 or 3 Weeks. [nrprinjt.on has iiCeii r> ceivevi that a malig- t fever is |ire.va:iiing lii llie lio.spUal, Iron eff, our -so dkrs are ’sufieriiig. it is pro., nbuii(|ed !iv plipsiciaas, a mild: typp o f yellinv ti yer,( and ii Ged BaUcrepn, issii Corbi-tanl dei lands id djit'H win n all came d;avvn tiiiel T h e f'cn . has info laaeh negli; V jot' the Uiidiaka ai lied orders In rcgarii ti of tUo ilie.vicans lor inie d:e to a reasonable latidn that tboie if the fifficera and .lid will keep ijisl. slipposed/from Gen. BeoU., ti wagoas in reai iness. The Qu.s :ry Busy ai ent to trai i.siody, unt'l the matter is investig*Jted, received inasier was at hand were suffi. ort the baggage and: provision; at Ta!Jipico,_wiio -are evidently mg ti ^ m’J and M exico.— E y arrivals al we, have rampico date.s to the the 6th, Afaiaidurai L> loe ou i, and Yera Cry; dhto ult, yoad .feainllpi outpost, ar Tsfwilhout ffaj. Borlai re_|caplurci Tltocaplu;i 'i:Ui idespalcli ir^ isjcondrm lit off betvve are y i kiUet The uispatc ' ............of The Quarter in ,uras to iln- 3 d, city of surpri-ed and resisiaiiuc. l.G. Ilay, d, C. M C arid Maj. Gaines, of Lt.,’“Ritchie and lO dra; 1 fro-o Gen. Scott to Ot n i. Viiir.iiir acconnicconni savsavs ihev a s ;h* Moiitcrey and Vicl agoom who lb piaib of 4 AlfotheAac (ed Victo '■“ ' ' S i ; tie Ltl M ilW:, I ha, anp avvfi ; G ei.jScpU eslidalioiji ti :om fVeraj Or Tlfo atttok uouid iaki? pi G o L H i id ; tiu ' I ; am Gei •dered l'ii|n N kws - IB regi (>ndi|i;ki, p !q s <!etodlimq| , lavejbeeuj if Cfipt, MaMr vreck amf. Ihji Ires ane said to have contained the our operations. ;avs that ten d:r3goons had fJly ■ ■ HI safely ; but there is no doubt L l. Rtlchiie. Ritchi Young Riti id dragged a.cross a cornfield, f .too Uffio Eegiinent, supposed to had been murdered near Chihua- Viy muiiilated by the Me.xicans. v |s to embark immediately on his if 75 m iles Lobos, a d.istance oj o|a Yera ©tuz, it lyas supposed icje on toe 1st of March . ' ' wap'^sentenced to be reprimand.' renulled' his seiueocc, and the volunteers on board the [favorable Iliad was expected. A i to their assistance, if , 18 said to ivolunleers fur’s forces, had slarted for - the whole brigade to said to have fol. iiiaid body of the Voiudteer.s, who irlariily not reached Ti de prisoners,and aJi they rudur’s forces, had startei liad c 'he ,and t r i d c p iiito ........... - ir in jnunibers and ht ! 0.1 accounts fronn them were enga illi a body of Mexicans far su d iSlIig and 'afao it twen son and the Ceiii nd Cripjier iwa. ^J^^ns Ingham county, directly' nor :b, iy.five miles distant from Jack- itral Railroad. Uj. CatBcrio«j, wfcri yui inst. Ifilkd anleors were terrfoly hv si daily. The erin|s were' i Ajbout 7Q0 uiars aiidvol tiHe|y, dii-4 The ruiric turifs am It is said that nd law dan a Yankee cannot q void, and an i not d« *He act— be- , iguage.of [True Sun. entori upon a dependent exidtohce, jwhilst the Ml o f woe goes ap ia anothei^ qaatter for the ■ \ ’ ‘ desperate. ptogpafft with are the words o f lone, who t all o f life, io. ifve, jio>* itll o f f I, r act ike opera! tiuidgli lie d: Lasi accoud head of the Gqn'i La Y( ;t Yena at Yer CriK,, d eqmpi ships Statesn 3 o f the bar wiiii trooips.. 5inan, Prentice and ■ at Tampfeo on the villi troo The bliss, voiyn- board the Statesman, suffering i.kness,. and dying in great numbers “yevv Yorkers on hoard o f the Cath. ;ood liealih. ips were inleers. Ml the 6ilvuf fevei red assassi __ be unfounijgd, So also does Ins :ire the church properly, dead belter.—■ at Tampico, o f reg. Lt. Gibson o f the 2d Ar. '\’of £ lassinatiu ifounijud, ion to secure l ily appears to be a d« s statu lie had left for Tola, at the nain body df forces, ga had; been appointed to comi The Congress o f the Su ad Called on its peoj i 11 J iovasiou o f the Aimericans,; immand t . - — '-'vi^rcss V er| Cruz, 1 ad called on its people to resist al^ o f the a of Sa ------ - , .h^rizid,; the Governor to negot acc| X I 100 of the jmm< which oiir ti is the Alexic 60 ofS Thi The Aten Goi|. La Y<!j aheb yet the to bp in a frorp Santa ; has.entirely opppse, with terb the ;a 1 Ml D eR u ssey (fogagement at riight—n tioded adi?a mt reinfor f e n . Pitt terayrt t* < the Slate of 1 , by force or voluntarily.' som e . tarUiur accounts of the uahua. The Mexicans admit tl dber were killed. . amf an Luis passed a igotiat or voluntari _ their number were killed. Another lions that the action look place le v iciaity of El Passo del Norl oops were entirely success report, and it slates ill in possession of BI lavalry, and 400 Infantry \\ lach side was not ^ruzjndicati isful. This hat tho A- itb 1 Passo 1 the 27th uh. staled. : on Tampicp,. •ll repres’euteiii h z TndiCator of the 3 lst ult. savs meditates an attack on Tampiep, rixican troops ar Jorable situation, paper contains a communicatiun Anna, declaring that aUh’ough he loaneed the Presidency, be will Si J his strerigth, any att .ble state o f things ij . /tempi to dis. tfaings in any stale tlie uffo war'fm The was tin diffieul tlu deis of tiie. war give halflli The Mexic! aliens o f the hiiii'dful o f ivl -ktV In Chihu Advices .fro tion is oomph med: as the G afieir to be iht !M e z ico.—The Sitorhtto; or ctMms te- ;ivatu advices from the city o f Mexieo-, to :t that llid .Mexican. i;6^ernment are man. ’--osition to change llteir policy of erallielief and Tifipe j o * that country;; sucedy and hongrable adjustment o f would be effected, with but very lil- .aothorittos who, at the beginning ;re our worst enemies, would now property for a speedy peace, d papers eontein; violent denunej* r courttryineti for permilt htg a' .8 to,0ptiire E l PassOj the Yucatan 'klate that the Tevojii- , Don B^riijugO Barret is na-' jvernor; auj[ Gampeaehy is here* Capital, We-sv-Yolk MarlieSSi, ZaTarcIa 1 ,7 p . in . Tliere is a' gon auUUOsw I T ' v i - f e .HGv Tor niiiliug *)f foe soui^erf chaH erof the v'Uage rend thd charter of The o a |al Ri^pajirs bill w |l' furthlf dtoenksd^* ' petitions fori nd 0 tbfr§tof ' ie n t o f o o f jrifictory e qt toe pe6ifciom Hi ) i|e hdijir o f adlpdmjneni |?p qdeiitipti 'telsi_ ...... . L .1 **. ■ ' h t e ' ; 1 J nearly the entire aitting was'c toted to the rianal rept ir foil, fo ssommittec* :r.hto«lytoss|dti4^^ was - inliitmg the first contracts for repairs to th* m d e for two years, 1 fie qomdiittee rdse '.peft*’ iiijig an airiundraelnt iaiiiing the mg the contriaote Son fortny odering goods at gaeh low price i. toeto-deiQ. - Aliy etoetp.ayha$snt.tbt.tog|i,. ’ • ' - I Marehg, ’47. - H Oosclsrit In g e n m X ik d F r a o iica U -A . Mrl Jesfee E}lz. ! , jraid.of New YlwiMias cInstTUctedtoemi^ei :' atoapnon on amris| curforis pridkplfo i®!'M»A 3 atI£ & MO mposed of a great, ni iribet Of seetfooa'hpjaieo, 1 J e T tSs «totfa e.^ (which can be :tpadje pf sheet or boiler Aw' ' bolted togetltoi* W bars o f |[6n or steel rari'f,,, ierigthwise through tht m , the wbole-heing ifopl logetlier -by nutsiscreiised ppon the eti.ds ,o£.t-he bars, which ptoEmdri I round ihb' iiece. -A canned o f t ie .sike o f l )f abottt five boddri miergency, could bi is, ‘ transpi again in a vej-y s|j being dumbefed ;s 'toiiion lo an assb to !s|iciafi I jtec^s, which, in case of II ken.aprift id fiieed-m id- . .. . ..’b^tod to ijiy igiven point .by. a dto- [ C^-AifopSratioite Wafr^^^ tributiodoi the piateSTo the troops, who could nocbaige. ' ,■ ..pARfoaMC -;rry them w itbhase,i nd'feould be put together ;a id in a v e r y s|j.ort|;eri6d gf.time, eriqh.pjMe: , , . being dumbered ,isp as.io :take;--tos Tropor pfo®e-; ! the. iPurieemaker’j cost au4 ite peculiar foriiia- '“’’.pIIli-~--,i j g i j ™ ] . • '( / = tibn would alloW'the expansion o f the metai op-. ***,*,j„^*, I muiraiiue, wuein^r or Wroiught or casS , The patentee hifs dis losed o f shares In htoin-' o f gentledien. arid it' ^ si ihjmediately fo be £ ikrtritect a t Washingt In New Ytok city,'’ ip to[ noon on the,23d, the! from foreign cou lions o f specie. . aWi®'tot^r^eived !at lljie colnmittfe room for the! ion on the I littoe roorr rejjief of the Irish, reachesiabout p40,OO( , Since, the tariff wept into operation:, (3 month.s;)'there toto besn itoporied into the U .E .ff' ' uign cou k rios, nearly, or qqitri toB ,!!|1 specie., , \ . ; , Schujfsr;'. Au Ata-sh Bet, j is ’ A F T O R A N E Y S . L A W , ’ V \ ' - : 'To »3:r*id'Iias...&iaoi V e lt-i go fai skii«n£?riSat arrive after open s 1.40. t’orn—sales 50,000 bu.'helB »t US a )Sa9.M for aefsey'yellovv. % e offered at UU. Harley ai 70 to a frne. Oai* 4Sa50 for noriMern ; ‘J-SOO pmi- iberiiattO ; 150f Conn, at 47. Glieese 7.ta8j. Butter 14a 1.7. no tAhJe butt&r below -’Oc. Mew cfovef inactive at 9.— l-’laxsccd,SlJaS|H- _ r ;.y, ,’Bcbc 6 , Bbi)ag.ao4 Movtgfigvs,.A a was nor presented to- S j e g i n l m f i t r e ^ lime was iiLjessionoo Monday, - I Tuesday, Feb, 23. , In the Senrito, jAlr. Backu.s jupoiled a bill in­ creasing the |>owprs of boards o f Bjipi-rvi.-for.s. Tile jollovviug is a sVuopsis o f ihu provisions of toe toil: I . ; Tlie bill provides that the Boards of .Supervi . : sors sbaM provide for Uto submission to Uie pio- e question ofs| 5 »iiatioq of public build., dtturminc when liiey .Khali be n .paiiucl, &o., and be empovvured to levy a tax for Sudh {lurposes— but mi lax to exceed *-*-*— dpliars, u^i. :d o f ■ l i i s i s p s can. Or. it you do mot o loose to do that, ^ate your ;mvri terms, only write and let i ae know what to drii «i HFiaiS pie o f the logs and ’ fiurposes— bul trl submitted to the people, and approved lajority, of the sam®- To fix the salary b£ fjiy ufiicers and to,prescribe and rugulaie tfe il iqprescrti rks land sur - ----------- ^'•togat fees to be paid into ihie county treasury to b be presenied by tliaisaidfooards. Tcdcoila! county treasui_ r county purposto* U‘id©r rcgulatiols enied by ti illegal byi the on -T o aajbortoe majority of the i uioic money thai kvnb, on the application of[a ds(if a town meeting, to rais« s aatlior.zed for public pur}.i - To erect n ew toyvifo, and to divide idalu toe same. „ ^ T o authorize the etection of bridj laww declaredecl by la d .slToam does notjiun lict-, and is nol navq T'o aathorize toe reeling the manner i. To regulate the tii jeel to itihe interferen To I * . T o r game •ulate cerlai lorporaliori authorize sclio- bf money tlri jgulate the ti rpjguiate the d’r ii hji c t to file .rnterfl rei T’oh'Cgulale tin J or more cov rhvyays---pi hrb.ugh twe iblu.' uitig o f swamps and .ssessirig the same. assessing c of coltecling taxes, 81 b- legislature, matters i|i rcliition t _ . rcgulale Uieco:ijpem of Hciiool districts, in casu ll dUlricts to raise a great- ;I n authorized by ipw. ne and i,iiaurier c f ^ k ng w ing of grand ju ies, &:c., nci: of toe legisJatt isaliongof tlie libi lero it iniglU t deemed proper. To provide for tlje adjustment o f claims b tween schoo:t districts. To authorize^foe formation- o f hook, lad Ji ind fire ooinpaiiies. ^ To authorize aineidmentis and corrections i assessnsenls for road s T o define jad Itniii ^ To define jury diilficts.j sitting was oj3cu;pie4' The Bitting w as o| 3 cu;pied[in discussing the making apprqpriato in-s for me canals, in wh Measrs.'Kard, Hanl ,...Toufig, Harris, Spei Lester and Barfow; particijli-died,— N o ques In llfo’ Hooso, tlie |m!idial district bill issed during the.entire sito^iig by J lessrs. ^as- cussed during W atson, Mc!l com. W atson, M cG megal, iB the SpdaUer. The •esult wlai ' !l vvith'uibtructioito ch It camei I of tbo bill the sha; arid blridges. cents, .fgtoS. ' ! let shall take efi’<-ct[iinnir|iatply. 'New-york, * 1 haveieomnired this- iry’s office, foheorigiijai klv on fil er, T. Smith, iRthe reeommitu lo report it bacl; in .pe in which jit came! from the select c >i mittee-^lhe first eleetioii of judges to be. on t Ath'Tuesday in M: y- -subiieqnently at the gen- oral election'. Adj. j Wednesday, Feb. 24. In the Senate, Mr. \Bufiihain with an wm ten repiort, presinled a bili fotothe orgi tion o f ptodk roi d companies, T06O copies of the repor: irid bill were oEdered p ed. Mr, Ruggles i itrodueed a bill to rondel alienablje the hoin< stead. The ernigt.ant • 'bill was iliea lakeri op, and dispuf 111 the boum f adjojirniuesil Jones, Sanford, Young, iauis and others. • In the H ou^, an extra number o f the report of the comintuepAppriintod atthe-last session irtain ciadal fr-auds, was ordered Co-pantnecsilii^'l M. theuiideraignedi under the OO is this day diBSolycil by mut to invef-tigate ce pfinled—-! one member of the cana l litiorized to pursue certain Mt'ssrfo Ctoioker, to purs inquiry. irsue edi iry. Thebiir intraet to tfie comuiittee, and Progress,. Adj,! Thursday, Fe 5 . 25. i.te, fhe inarnigrant passejtiger bill iodmaols offer- untioished purtsl of the viriing for^canal repairs by contraet to est bidder, was tplteni rip in details got,e?through with. Was further disousi ad, some amendmaqts of a the coin mi toerefoortei lecial order 6 'r Moriaay, ,, ;he Atoem b lj, jpeiitfons werapres|pted by, 'o Wteden, and BtestovvILiagaiust ' fjng the location of the N . Y* |h d Erie lad ; bj Mr, Sage, to abolish ca{|italipun. ishment, two agaiiist dividing Tompkfns coun­ ty ; by 51r. Lawre icc, :agaiiist dividing S.:teu;ben county;.by Mr. Hitehopek, against any divi­ sion o f Steujben cquiitiy. Mr. Chandler made a mfoority reporffand bill ereritthebew county of Lalayeite.' The Printing Coinmittee reported in favor of printing ten times the us_oal numbSE of the port o(fi carial frauds. The eodimittee com* pfain that the' canal conxmiUce declined exhibit. i.ng the report. _ ! . I ^ ____ MffSage explained that tba ct^na! Gomiriit- jargequtoitj e had sufficient reasons for the dourse which ,ed la tais matter. There wefo : aspan Tlnignaj summoned . they fiad pursued in tato matter. There weie ider, which was |refused. an frcquqnt applications to dee ihiB report, by par' ace, lasting tUljten o’clock lies fotereated; and the commillee were of to surrender, which was, ___ . . look place, lasting tUljten o’clock lies fotereated; and the commillee suit ttnknown-*-and Cps had sta* opiniqri that it would be improper I© a need Cavairy and iDfarilry, to pre* report to be iiidiscrirninately exhibited, ■— en-t. ! The whole suhiectt .wass recoidmitoted Brigade' had ‘beeii sent by Gen. ‘ Printib thpir relief, | Mr wifole subjec .wa recodipiifc 4 # the iijoinittee. '• idgelt reported a bill, to amend the luUing the cfoad.'iiiig o f the to bo e.ypended as provided in die 3d sec the laws of 1846.' , $:j. Far corniwiimion due themembet oourtfor the cqrtectiipn of error.s, $SOO. $4. To the cornmissitmers for coiistructinp .-i. road front Cafthage ip Jeffersoniefl , to Lake Uiiaffipfom in Sire comity ts and officers oTlbp , ! ;thiuieyerbfi 5 ; r s “ f . u ™ \ 4 -'”^5'“ \ : .; JAiriEB N: Ithaea, March let, 1847. ? 4u8t R e c e ived aft. A-N.DRjGI l^ k E B A p E S and proceedioge of M F Oonv|ention for|the Revision of the Con a i| ;ioi , ,gebruiiry|.I3,4847.| { , , f f ' \ z E ^ B i 5 t i s )oks iiiion tins' feulijeet i|ow in use seen ^leen befare tihe public}. T6 8i|pp^iy this want, Pw w iiiw iiw g e ti)« g lio- \ f n i p , m S S S f o : j GiOLB iWATCHlbjsrl ^ i|orGMh..: - J I T S i S t E ;|l . JohtlSott A @ 5 j Qj f a ................... Si! Wbi^cttorinly-oiio teal dteelBe-^itjip,Wy to fire ThepMpiar)ftbeptalaofKriw-Yoik,iep ths!deiictoe, A?. The foilowing' suias atefherehy appropriated ibjects hereinafter e-xpressed,^ tri be paid out o f any rt lot otherwise appiopria! ed t ' f sembly ; anaforthepan pensatipa qf the officers and me senders o f th©rap hopsiia.$90,000, forthe ynar IS4?. I Ibtsfotionery forBbeiegirialpre aodtiiepuhjie, offices,; be procured foaho^^ian ito p|ovKg qbapfor fofo pfftj ^^Pot^be contingent! ex lensefe cjf the Assembly for the y e ar T S S i v - s r s ' sKSasais&ste* “r\'\”! ffMitt;. R e p e a l o f * 0 C o r n , L y v s t o P r o s p e c f p l i R w i a W i . |-Xquanterestes«it|urcha£3rs,vsry^aw^^^ : i'r\^ . .... \\ ....... . C A o ^ ; orchaptferllyl’to 0 r M d - M x d ilem & ivt. ■ ' f i i ;, fff ; : E g s ia - § ; ! y . ’ s j-Jl; .Solar and dt|rifrip!i W.i#J rieh; cu; -shadM^paej). ?. j-;_, 'Zres Sid Wool CLOCKS of all vLiet ei, all the verj Jthaca, Der. 2 P . . . . : l An 6xtterivP .assort'iDeut o f vary beaiilu.u ery style aiifl colei Rich apjUIe^an '■ .nr _ ““ l-v A ^ O T iC J ; ] - « n r f L E G A ^ n / ^ Plain and, variegated broad. Bpliott arid iilk -Trii gee, fe| •s= .E 7 x.r.C T ”; ' M w M O R O C C O f . ‘ 1 i r i ' nss-reaifots. M a r i f r i f h i f i f e ~ k r . “ - E 2 .................... yv-;; frifokld •HP?& I ! \ I* 'if' ' f|''' \i:i ■ - 'I’i ■ ■' ’ r 1 - !i' , f ' - H * '

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