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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, January 27, 1847, Image 1

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< 1 i- 'I T H A C A p g B L isH E P BY ] I ' ________________t ■ . . :; , ■ydE.:,XD|txtHo.- 3 fL I P A i ; . ^ P T J E M T f l E m . i:- far, |nd this again to the pri<*e of your Estdbiisijmeitt r ' ^ ‘ - \“F* wd tobacco, anfl you wjil ^ itbe IJQ ^ of thia village. We are sorry to say tik the sixty-one M a r s a yoar that might be saved, teefe Foi^c^ anl^t Eur- [and Tenapepaoce men folly awoke to the Ifoportf -sace Siiip w m j would, no doubt, deteet the eurn i j iourieen dollars that migift be as well I ance of Stistaioing among tbefm,-as f e a t e an sayed aSubt; which, added to the sLxty-ond doJlaj's, k'ii seventy,five dollars a y^ar able 1 ^ce m snac^nym ^ g m^,-as m ^ e s ^ 1 make seventy.five dc far proved itself, it will be skp that theifollojy t j ing was written by T, S. Arthpr, esq. e^pifossly for the paper from which we cjjpy. . ' = ' From the iiera|d aad Beiford. THE SUM ' o f THIPHES :f Penny gavedl :>« n P e ^ n y Gained/* ; BY T. s. A rthur . *<^aving 1 Do n’ ; talk tb me about sav- ijssrsssi; rakoffkedtdDUTCha- spending [earmngs,: jjor'another !|his-fidend| jps, ar had a gro another. ‘*What dan a man with a wife| |^^f M :tM mgn ^ e FaMpck ^J^o. 46 Qimgo- t of a tavern, and in the act of acco In his mouth. T*he latter a w m id three children save out of eight dollars laweek t” , , , , ,^‘Not rnuch, certainly,’’ was replied,— “But still, if he i? Oareful, he may save a nttie.” “Precious litflet’' briefly returned the Other, with something like conteimpt in his tone. ' “Even a Iktle is vj^orth saving,’’ was am. . , , swered to this. “Ybu know the old prov- i. did try, but i t ’s no use. As to giv- erb, ‘M*»y httles mjake a mickle.’ Fifty j l®g|Op tobcjcco, that is out of the question. ‘fXou sejJI in hopes y c ough syste bet^rehand isfte tiaf-iiDUar or the dollar . Mortice, ^ocfe^ ^afirnjM ttirijnBg Indatli^to^SsqSCSe^^^ Sable ahd | ‘ - “f BafiSrSCKlB and hwJi}- iron ; cast stcpl ; Englisb Blister. •Cttman and; American steel, spring steel; steefcSptingfrea-! . ;. Pjloagbg;«ad Plongh casting,, 8paiiea,a(«xvcla, hoes,grain and mamire torks, ccsdles^saaps, seftbe..,rake«. • lllteri;tracechains, logaad lock chmns,,iSova Septiagrind AtiijjaeandgnndatoiieidljerB. i erb, ‘ Many littles mjake a mickle.’ Fifty f ingji cents Iwd by every week will amount to twenty-six dollarsin a year.” I ' ’ “jQf course, that ’a clear enodgh- And a dpilar saved everj wpek will give the l|rs a, year. to j'evei- formt flsrnbking;*’ [be sav^, I should like to know ? I can ;hot do it,T am sure.’' can, then, and my fhmily js Just as large as yours, and my wages no higher.” I “ff you say so, I am bound to believe you, but I must own myself unable to see Ido almost any thing, if we try | [[hard enough, Johnson. We fail, because jUve ^ive iif| trying. My tobacci * used t(j> cost me just twice how jotii do it. Pray, how n[iuch do you “I have savecl about seventy-fiye dklars year for the last two years.” * “You have!” in surpriiie,, j j “Yes, and I have it all snug|y,in the Saviflgsi’ Bante” , i ‘ { “Ble^s me ! How have you | possibly 1 - i J- .4^ 13*^4. 2— T 1 ' 1 !- 'U iiii “TTfT I tb A.€A,[W:nni^BSBAX;>A . )ie to put imb the Savings’ Bank.’ &ohnsoij: was both surprized and mortifi­ ed^ at being thus convicted of actually — 'nearly one-fifth of his entire;] In self gratification, of one kind ' He pmmised both himself and that he would at oiice reform d try to get a little avhead, as he _ Q,„ ving family that wpuld sQou be] mhch mor i expensive than it wis at pres- ibme n bniis afterwards, the fidend who ] I so freely to Ji^hnson, met him lOrhing oi ■ “ putiing tob lqo|ed a I , muhh inditerence as he could assume-^ p y tricks again d I am truly sorry.for it. I was u w\ere goiiig to practice athor- n of economy , in order to get j t ‘’With yptif five htindred dollars, aftef you hlad saved it, you could buy yourself a '5nug little cojtage, with an ‘4cj*e of ground around it. ‘ How rnuch rent do you pay now f” ; ‘ - ' ' . ‘‘SifeMty.five dollms a yhar.’^ ^ d: i “Of course Ibis' would be:saved after that, vvhich, added to‘What you were alk Ae pigs, and chick: [for yonr pig-stye; r, your cow in win« l| have a hundred bar, to go into the lat, vvhich, added to what you were al- yeady saving, would make a hundred and fifty dojlars a yeaft Take fi% Of that to buy yoorself a ebw, Sbrrj'' ens, and to get lumber [ I hen-house, and sb(ed for, ter; and yOu Would sl!|l dollars left, ihe-first ye Sayings’ Bank. Your garden, which yot could work yourself by irising an hour or two earlier in the morning, youreow^ you.i ehickeas.,and your pigs, Would make a suf­ ficient saving in your e.'^pensep to pay for all additional charges i|n jeptering ybui children at better schools. In three years more, laying by a hundred and fifty dollari a year, which you could easEy do, woulc give you_ enougli to buy another ebttagb and an acre of ground, whidh you could ifttlc confused, but said with as] easily rent to a good tenant for eighty dol- ----- - „„ i.« -------- ' l]jy.g a year. In three years iihbre, going on vvhh the same ecf)ri6m}v you wmiild have sevep hundred dollar^more to ihvestJ; wliich coUld be done in propefty that would yield you seventy or eighty dollars a yeai j additioriarinGome'. By tl|is time the Vil-|.! iage would have grown out tovrards youfl j _ __ ^ _______ I grounds, and: perhaps dGubied, may hej it. Nor could you if you had quadrupied! tlieir, value for I'oilding lotSj Id the had habit of chewing or | some of which you could sell, and adding I I the amount to the savings of-a couple of years, be able to build obe of two moreij comfortable little houses oh your own lots.j t **lw *he dlttCR of the gha ‘ y.l)re»h ht dops, ,V; 5 eheeka of the moti Bd with the »«n*| When: to tinks idi liiaf lory h-tove frotti the vlBWv. Add calls up the plajf!^ < _ TP blii^e in Uie blue-.:-’ , • : - • U There is beauty. BtjlHvhdre is the toiujCy. to see j More proud iton t he sighl of a nation wbt^n free} | When tbo^ beautiful Wd' j ntildneis i i*Your*re [kindRnd Indulgent,’replied T - ajitsQftwhe;hh|>frj.' TljofC is beauty,-But f hem it thsl heaww'ln see Like the broad beaming biow of »j watioR'when foies i iiere iVould ■ have ft l[Vj^E3AS 4 h OL® m 1637 . lets avowal, I confess Uuit J hn- Ing of tto husroglyphics itot I ng of tW •eieftce that I >«»« ‘ fof tto Ia*t Ih% I«*» f riU^dtiafogevAtocaoi.-: iviBilcm to that ft a|ton df d b« r*to^ « c e|adtee>by'Wbich ¥ man »ky fivoi J ♦, ttot H«riJi¥n*i, *a-» 1; *Ai. depood* on - root’Saif the Le.it disqmetude, '‘Thesclfnfito 6to|is|i motrow,; 'There wluW '^e-S^rof jay:;:- E'SS 5 iJ|S-S!.| -~V>y._Fior«i:ce; \ ishybu, and yet I made a resolution laipantha use of the vile weed altogether. i g jjandHvhat is letter, have kept my resolution. IjSo, ryou se the thing can be done. All itfkoti js wan edj is sufficient firmness and 1 lised to like a glass of ale. wife is as hard working, saving post iyou, h tril le,’ as is to be found any where. But a| dh. ■ I e.tpect my nose will be a ti stone all my-life.” ’ “How much does your tobacco Johnson I” asked the corapanionJ ‘ “I^Gthing, to speak of. Amer repliM the roan named Johnspih,. |“;4 shilling a week ?” “Aboutthat.; . \ J, “And you -take something to drinkj'Mw ■andtjeuf’: : • s a O B M , | ‘ B fi “ j.tA=«ion=,lIy a * a friend to ^■ ' Tlif& SBEET IR^N, i take- i glass with, you 1” MAl^FAfcTOAYi . . 1 ^ ‘‘Of course, that is a tBing we all must [|oo,|and a J)late of oysters, but 1 saw that [the expensf was rather a serious matter, pndjthat the indulgence did not do me a particle of ^ ood. Bo, 1 gave them up, also, [ “Itjcertainly is,!’ was the Seri^is^MB and|ir.you Iry hard enough, you can do it, | “You;have presented a veyif attractive p i^ I know—perhaps I might ; but too,]’ . “I dp n't managed to do this ? For my part*, it is as somehow o | other, it strikes me that sev- much as i can do to keep out of c ebt, [ My ®igijty dollars a year laid by in the ...:r_ i- ... I wopian, Savings’; B&nk, is rather a pear saving, if ll w |’ n’t tOfot^e at the expense of every comfoit a he g|jnd- p ? f njan hp. \V hat good is the money L„.. ll “k^tran|e question,, that, to ask, Johm f will tell you what good it is going ^^&^eraiMs6rime7if :0f 4[?n Wire', •r ‘ whote^lttaodTtetail. f : '^‘Six glasses a week at sixpence ei ph, I will make just thp sum of ffiree shillh igs, [■whicA added to the cost oi tobacco, vill raakie fifty cents a week for beer ahd, to- baced OP what would amount to a hunt red doliaijs and over in four years.” ‘‘ifear knows, a poor jnechanjc has Jew enough comforts without depriving him lelf of trifles like these,” said J ohnson. ‘■‘Bk giying up such trifles as these, for tfMeftthey really are, permarient and sub- stantikl corafoils raRy be gained. But, be­ sides tobacco and drinking beer, youjin- dulgej yourself in a plate of oysters, i|oW and tien, do you not I” ! “Cprtahdy I d A hard worki; dught-to 'be allowed to enjoy himse tie soinelimps.’’ . , “Atod this‘costs you two shillings week­ ly 1”; [said the persevering friend, ‘ ■■ ■'I Ipast, that,” was replied, p#: often do you take a day’s holMay “Mot often. I do it very rarely-” PlMot oftener than once amonl month 1” ilellv PHn.i.ms I r k F o im d r y ^ o d MacIime Shop qldot oftener than once a ■ > Y ■ f> often ?” |s, I suppose I take a day for red tioa J bput once in a month, and that i| tie jei QUgh, deaf knows.” [ legGny.lbittjpraveil; * Qnondagaj ’ Premium Cooking, Fultol^^- Hot Air‘Cool{?ng,&i. Machinery;m 1 Casttof« v Ut beipfftW'pfty ■ M A ^ B L E F A C T O R Y . I ; al- for.' jUe-fl U ” pant |du spend a little trifle at such ti j Aver more than half a dollar, limit myself to that, for I can notj hat I am a poor journeyman ^ Joes your wife take a holiday, to asle( Ithe friend, with some&ing ■|f n pi 3 look and t03^. 'o , ’j was replied. “1 often try toper- suMfe her to dosoj y but She never th nks she (jan.spare time. She has all the v ork to lioLantt three Ghildfen to see after y iand one p f tMem, you know, is a-baby,” you k^ hoi day oncy a month, costs you exactly twe nty- tWosji^l|irs a yearj it costs no :pch { upon which to commence busine.ss,. will be ^rodfib4d. Is it not so ‘ I “Yep I iuppose it is. But it is one tping to commence business, and another thing tAsUcieed in it There are plenty of chances :n ^ 'or of your losing every oent|y|u havS;^nd then being obijged to go baGlfto journey-work, which will not |e the |oost igreeable thing in the'world. 0 , krtainly not, for fh n |. ” : ‘W ell, let us see. Yo|r wages peiday I pome to one dollar and t lan4|pne-thirA This su: tWelfe, the number of dajfs lost in the it gives sixteen dollars. Half a dollar a for. six dc auE MX idkars added to sixteen amoulit to j twentyrtwoi.: .Mow, have I calGaiated V 1 1 .“‘ll believe you fedve,”' replied Joh|iS( In-hh altered toftto “ButT never dould .ave'believedii”’ ,-| “Add to ffiis, thirteen dollars a yea|that ile, and then sunk down into his cld way's and went on as Usual. Ten years afterwards, the friend who Bad stHvbn so hard to inake him see his 4nd f hope: jo be able to^^do it for three or j true interest, arifl to act accordingly, Was four years longer. Then the desired ef- doing as fine'a business as any mai ifect,|,ih a Gaph»l nf fi vf. htinriiwl rlnllnra ! wnrkmi.n in ttif» viUori-n TAIo For par:, 1 Would much rather enjoy]a day, now indulged himself m two, or I4^hat| i |t i e l have as I go along, than to three, and ih'iarious ways spenfufok^m-^ ^tint pnll der y myself every ihing cc*^^\’*’ noo,.u. A.%,,kTri. k., a . ‘ a ,„kA*u:„ Able foil six H* seVen years, in' ordei onA +Kc%n 1 up j^usiness for myself, aiid then lo^e every dollak I It is not every man, 1 can tell you, who (is Ist ,to go into business, nor every going io do pie. 11 intend saving every cent 1 can Ipcisihly lay by, until 1 get five hun­ dred'dollars]; and then I mean to set up my j ad^ fpr myself, and become a master- ivorkm^. After that, I hope to get along ^itje|astet, and be able to send my chil- ^dfeMAvbb'wiU he pretty woH advanced by *^ V (b ^ ^ f t e r r s i^ o a |e ajhld, i nope, to get help for my wife, ' ■h 9 |w|ll neM assistance in the house.” ill! very well to talk about, but not so 3ily 4one,r replied Johnson. - ' ‘‘E d® n’t knc)W. For every effect is an adeqTOto cause. The cause of all this w ill I he the saving of seventy-five dollars a year. ,ut I f his] I hav^ been doirig for three years, heliej fys€ who (is fit ,t(| go into business, nor every ! man|w lo can succeed, if he does. The / met is, ihere must be journeymen as well ds rnas er-wprkmen. As for me:, 1 have I no teste for idto business, and do n’t I J succeed if 1 did set Up for ibyself.l 1 jxpect to Work journey-work \ ’ t nd might just hs well take my )t so fast, if you please, I apeddftb such sum as you mame, iu oy^efis.” I ^ “Bet jus try our ffiuftipHcaktt <foo%4m®rkedifche friend- b^Fwe&tJ-five cents a week,- multipliecl °fiftl*t’wo |^^®^Si^-gives exactly tnirteeil “I^umphi I believe you are Tiglt/ Bu| J| ise'^r wepM haye;ffioi;^ht^” i ‘ ' 1:' [ ^ At- -i - • ' ; ... i f r - / ,«iii cyllsAip - ------- - Tftjftjtoiii ttobrnke; ■ ’ t' ,:®S 5 I® : ■ An'AttofoAriupgiof jflftftdi*--: . There is htfauty, Bul vlbA^ jsTh'etoauV th¥ee Like ilie ljji,riqAhallOwbd tj|gh^ bi[A UitK w' th When the striving pf qu?g«B If lato' on the maiitu , ■ . • - . f - Lik|s the charge pf ja cojuifoi , , i ■, j. Of troops on foe plain,; ; : ^ Whprt;«imihunderi».up ,,, ,7 ,\,i i? -,:,- Ijroui ihejciQR|;,,Rca,cil 9 d ileep, ; There is heauly. is thh bsiut^'td See Like foesup-Ui ifoant The Pftllateri'or, ilto’Sidrehof e=,S?»£|l|B±!gl; iJJaTo JlJprenqh, ISis ; journeyman mechanJC, ifbmhe industrious foe came 4 o£lfierina»!n,v|,!Eimfosiaa 6 ft|[pVe of « and have a prudbnt, ®C^#?eal wife,_qs comparable-AertionsL. apPOpJSaRhlmelrly da obacco and ci-|Going on in this way, year after year,-by ice what yours the time your ability to work as a journey- a resolution to man began , to fail; you, the necessity for work would not exist, fo? you would have a comfortabie property, the regular income ftrom which would more than support you, Mow all this may be done by ypur simply giving up your tobacco, beer aud^--'— ' •and, ypur daj-’s holiday ,ohce a m ' lot, the result worth thp tAftplg]] ,ey%^ .... iplettdiS’cai-r I -‘yioa.are nofi -tbs Prinee, i i h g t e i f b ' •nfentof ^ foa ¥»toii«r bfUm he passes the prime of }% || Very plain to you#’’!-;^^ A II “It certainly is,-“ai{d;I-5 ^ wro that I will tiy 'to gefa-iiead jUs^ that you describe. If you cfn save seven­ ty-five dollars a year, there ikno good rea­ son w-hv I should not do thq same.” I I'-y-fM,* certain of accomplishing alf I have set |rp8pond|d tot ctorlishty | fo big wehe wish. He tried to be economlGa], and to break Ifimself of his ball habits of chewing, drinking, and other sel‘‘ - little five hundred dollars, . , master-] orkmhn in the village. His children were going to good schools, and his wife, now the mistress of a neat,', eomfortable; well- furnished house, was relieved from the hardest of the domestic duties by a strong, acti ve, faithful domestic. Poor Mrs. John­ son, Oh the contrary, had to work much; harder than before, for her family had in-; creased from three to six children while her husband, instead of drinking one glass e i s i i s a i i vorks sofficient iperjt tojalldw liim ev« ioffie a coirtpetifor, I ' ‘ ’ 'A decreft Louvre all ll for competitipn there.\ iRe must' ^iiittor h_, hiistakeft Im Vocation,! or beeft \incokrigiMk; low talked ift ’ t;he auceesfi he couh|: m comfort- self, neiarly. nd ih'iarious ways spent,upoi||li:m. i double. What he did whe^his flris day an estraordinary bustle friend strove so:hard to, make him give up i said A. iriend strove soAlard tOi maRe him give up p is tobacco, ale, Qysters|.aiid holida}!s,, His vices arid self-indulgence had grown upon Hopeies^ly iiis pool! wife, now in ill health, is t,oihnk on, and will have to toil on until‘she sink, from pxhaifetiGn, into the grave, pnd Her chiidrep become, scattered among strangers, to bear the ilard lot of the kyaUgerk :fV. .\Wftilst. yoW Wefo’ ___ , in all parts liad niade a reudeWous.idthiRifc 'Pr^^ hef fafoer a!ppea'rS?d‘|]bpi At' eaAi Isfpp ' ■wdi''',ehoqun‘tered, ■f^s''ah.d' hgures belonging to all tjto Inatidnis of EtiVop we rman n give* li|Lt!e. tflough t!.- to.. this, tocrealfe'of hupulation,. Tto only|,.objeut that Rttra<]ted ,bi«., ,n s!:.nss;!^b® 4 s?| 348 : s s . by a gentierhaftfaipparptly'tor fattorv [As our t' las, aBUoH|^ntid as his iAagifta- ' . )y p f „ . . - |omfor| as I go along.” j sMall n n attempt to dispute what you fay dbok so nemen keing j^orn to be jour- ^yrnel, ard others to bb master^work- ien|” fcepli jd the friend of Johnson, “for a]n avvare that the gifts of all fre| |lifferen; ; and that Aope men are so [ritri-ly emstituted, that] they would not ee< Lf i tl ey were to set Up business for 1 pemse [ves. But the w,ant pf a business ca- pacim, Or hGlination, is h,o’ mason at all whyf a jour leyman mechanic should not ^avetetery ;enthe can.” \‘ ■‘]R'’^^hat I ood will it do him I He is ])oupd :o be a poor wprkeij ail h is! ife, and jwhMshould he deny himself the few com- forto h( has as he goes along, in ?rder to lay by a hu idred or two pollafs I’’ , “I am si pprized to hear you ask such a ' question, J( hnson. But | will a iswer it by sayi|ng,' aat he shoulfi do it fpr he very ■ m that 1 save my mpne|-; that is, to] J ^ le him to educate hils childreri Well,] to li|'hten h!s own and hisj wife’s toil when pey grow )lder, and to be able to obtain J for |is farai iy more of the comforts of life | toaq they njw enjoy.” , ; “I do h’t exactly see how all that is to orphan. How bany hundreds|jare there like Johp- •n! who spend as they go, in self-indul­ gence, what, if propejfly hoarded, would make their last days b|ight with life’s de- j clining sunshine. He Was too Weak, and loved to indulge himself too well, to take the good advice given him; but, we hope, there is not a single Joufpeyiaian Mechanic, who, reads this, that wijl mot prove himself to be a wiser one.! Anii*$iavery Movmienti in Delaware.-^Xhere^ quite an extensive and powerful sentim e n t awiikened against the eontinuance of bavery |;:| m Delaware. A Wilfninglon paper sayl that ] peiitioBs| are in eirculalion reconSmendi4g the ]J Legistafore fo abolish slavery on fair andlcqaii liable terhiSi Thatto^per Very quietly addi; fpnng artist’s was, i lion, the inn ed hi thought of hcr-|Whe,n violent appetite, decide himself at a hotld of .nji.t he was told that put oftb irioccupipd, j . ; , f 'erjmann tool :• , e l I . ‘A'Prince,’ cHe< more than'five ftiiliibns of dollars more a? seon -Fire qli Aor/oZi.-r-Norfolk, Ya., was visited by a Jerribie Fire, on Saturday la$t. Some dozen slpj-esW^fe destroyed, or gfostly datnaged | and ” ‘jej entire loss is ealimatecl inostly ‘ sd Herrhiinim 3’ »KJes^,,iiU j! •Mtt, MrJ; I . you that I hiile cofos hither fo seelfe.’ ‘In that Gafeei’lSatd,Hermann,, ‘sour- . f r i ' r p Idreh to'somjn expensive schopls, hii-e help ‘for his wife; and take some fo^itort as he ^ along bow long do yotf.: suppose bis! bun&jd dollars will la$U But two [yetos, and hen he must corah down again and] he tei times as un^ppy, for it is a 'mttob eash r matter to get up than to go ‘|Pmdon me, Jobnscm,’’'repljiedhis friend, VffiUt I mW - ------------ - -T---. 1. jedmoi\tal. ter pxdde of using your Ifive hundreddql- larsj after 5 o« have saved it, I do h’t blame iyoii for not earil^ abotjit making the aLl tempt to dc so. But I dan tell you a bet* 'Legisltaurei —The Leglskture of I]’ embled on the llth inst. Mr. Far- j, ras chosen Speaker of I;^ ison’s message is moat can war, and the part tak( ; £ouietai foe House. Gov. J( devoledfto the Mexican war, ana In it by the Louisiapa volunteers* A battle is said tp ha ve taken place near Coun­ cil BfoFs, on the 16lh Dec., between a party of JSioux' and Ofoahas, in wlpch 60 of foe latter were kiilbd. Hon, P ater f t Llyingsttm died a t bis farm a t | |fthineteck,,i t o Mtoday afternoon, aged a toat | tHeaVen forbid tha^ rahbnld mock^'roanjof! ing!ba!ek ior talents, ftp, I am pile )f yonf BiOst pkj-! 1 >1 a|n reraJ... • -k ' j paeity tu avert the catastrophe, a p d f b e ^ idjrith gravity ^ , J t p i ICfoiese; '%nrek. are not I upoW foe foapa o ft t o y E > ‘‘ “ £ ' lift sureofftf^said-Hermann. •* p P 'J ! and I am ’ abont printing the|-?j ! ? F ' i : i : : I; .1 it

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