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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, August 26, 1846, Image 4

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H i 'll - ■ ■ ; -1 i V . c ' l ■ ! ‘ F r o m the Jo u f Extra,; o f A u g. 2^1. T^egrapii to Aujiutn—R.epottcil for tte ilbtqmal.] §:^G o v , Henderson, W Texas, ’wha has h e ^ 111 for soa liras, died a, few days since, . j ^ p e d itifir . n i T li E SuliScriberVetocffulJy invito lliej atlention of die i LidifS and Utjatlenifu o f Itliaca ai|d .vicinity, to nis ' S f o j c ^ o / M e w Goi Yoti ilmt owe Philjipibe and other pri good opportumiy to eiiire. a great varie*; which he 3-V*»t *;,ww . W,, -O' tltlj _ , o b e e t i, jteoeiTed M S t. A n express Jijad a rsived 1 * 0 ® Qdfi. I C o w e f s Caoi|>. W h m % e ig r i^ s iW t b e lyaB w i i h b m \ BenU? E o r t, A B ,^ts fateep w ere pijoj sapidty ftrtd e&^fortjaiile i n b e death? had oc- sBurred anaoHg | h e ydlttDleeys, darin g their preg- ' ‘-rcssacrob. t lie |p r a |lio s , ^ | ; Rnmoce wlrA clrjculate^ among the traders •and &5exicans to Gen. Brea was •marebthg at t^ahejad o f a targe Mexican force, (for the protection o f Santa Pee. <Gen. K e r n e y w a s rus! trig o n w ith all possi. bfe despatch* t^n®, f f hie p oyision w a g o n s kept up, be w p a ld n o t d a t , F o r t , h u t g o di. T h e F r e e ident Ofj t h e 'F . S . le f t W a shington, this, W e d n e sday eiorning; for old P o in t Com- f.irt, the favorite s nmmer resort o f (yen. J ack- Bjii during his Prei idenstia} d erni. j j The Shdtherfl i igii -ha; tome throjugh f*®® N . O r leans, w ith Papers 4 oin that e r b , to the 32 ih m s M n o lu s iv |, b n t t h « no n e W o f iin- ;,portance,i , G ert. PhUeree ? arrived. ^ W e | -m e n t io n d a few days sireq; the attempt hy y u i in g nian nained A lexai efer resm in .at the C ity H o tel, it the: C itjr H o tel* sb.eotpis »iei.m , ^ 'Was y fM eritay e isjcoverc 1 a t Hobefedn w h e r e ; h e w a s ly lo g in a i e ry feeh e state froin the ef. t e d s o f wounds W likii h e r reeived frord h i s -sis, t e t o f Iifitricaapia i l p o t i n 4 H e wad arr'’»*''d and rensajddedl until |he aliiotirit of the bail a:eqH{ted j |a l i j>c'd^|> ; JH .-Cjjurier. '1 ^ ■' I'Wed, i e y » y , A u k S9. . A ta&wfeift ifld-re-did it^a of a , ; f e 90 I be e o p t # f o f Ohon< aga, Jefferaon aod £ievRiS|» ioj lela p t m to th e « n # a i s h e d teaUalSj w a s p a s s e f . A ra p tfo n to p ? in t t h e i r ie n io r u ■g| \ V a ^ f a ^ « | Q t t t b f ta b l g , |5 l t o T l i ’e | p o r t i n g a fFow feioS frir i i s e t o a g i o M th e q u e s t i o n ioirlj' 'T u thiU r enorted^an ameBdipeirt t o therepi l%e Judiciary repoHs wehTortber deba ted ■on b f d ’O b ^ o f and pjther& j ^^b questton la ; ' , -,if , Thl Returns o f the n a iahet m . ' TulhiU renorte‘d>an amendfnerft on. the siibjedt o f edueation* gfedgti nrprt Schciojj ! k s hpfea4i#|ppipptiatp the «ub o f f I$vMa of the iL S. BbMsite Fun d is to bc^nually^propHated to.tlk « f the •<Jbm®nftJ»ahbol FBnd. ThGj:||ihgis]hturb is to provide the seyr% of tfeejlFHod, and ih pn atbited sppwHriatfng pri apptyilig it for tb4 Go^ mtor Mping It eitceft dp as g ’ l 0 O>a«|l Itbei «yment,or ihdning it e;ice|>t ph 3^ good | btbfit moneys gre; lboh 0 a>a«H Itben not;! and tSF be IpE ned to ahjy Iiitdi|ii^ As?oc|ition, lod Sterms s : I I S B - a report* except [terature Fund ■ ■'! . !- ■- ' T ' . ' ! . ^ E y M Q E l H , ‘ : p j K 4 p l k l E ' T ® - i ^ ^ ! VTXHE? BUbscrSbelfestaWtliostsIrfsa well *noV ;iv thro*v ‘-Jt ■eat tufs 8ej-.ti|n b f doiinjry for yefltg, as' h|-bous 0 ans a|rapte, aiilchargefl •> - ; 1 in 4«tatb0 ~Ya 44 ® Bless\ o S S t ................. At the S ign o f thk Mortar^ N o ’m Owego s% T ^ D S M i i r M c S t e i i a i i M Tovvliielitlje iiteiitionof thejiublicis respectfuliv ini- vited, : O .E f.C e R R A N . i 1 1 iiacn, Ma v., J 3 ,1 S-IS. S . ; r 5 . s 3 Es:-.;-;Sri ni^u—•• 've »d out Uotliljr C\' ....;.= ...v...,a^ in notmukme ® '■•'\=>''» I eftiie rivers iO the siiudtem and southwestern ' States, wliioli roiid«s i t (if iiieaumfH value to those .vviii) ■? p\' i j . _____________ MEW LE.WHEirff ORB riY K B SH B S C R IB P R AT T H E S i p N a P t H ^ , X 0olde7tBootyNo. 9 $ Ofwego Streetf ; t)ue dnoi- East of tiiel Bank of llliaea .J has opein f'; B O O T a L E A T H E R S T O R E . , Hfjiere lie will wait on h fiivlid inay w isli any tiling' iij to bfoo« ....... .. ...... joB'of iiJSt ijorliou i» j:hecifcMi4tioH im e , m iu an. ncri-- nl. 1 cami ikoning iu ' ■ill nnsvv.iir a go-iil ....^rpose, and ielieve tne icircuiauou sumier tljiijn lili Cding, WitiiuuuliB arier vveakeiijiDg etlect, A shpCK lids ibe »a effiict. Ill a measure, (ipuni'the the body, tl at h;,'iitnies .liroilui upon it. ft U|stroyS the life pnnriplejol,'the bi|M,il 1 hf Sail before tiiat t(|4 fifij principle cqji,istcil of little In giolmlar bodiok; it i8•tlle.^e.tllat iiiakebur soluPlilfuli. lu ili povyer of coadiilatiQO. lji“'Vi when k piti.\ii j» killrii t>y a faII or by lighjning, |.if ypu open a vSni, the blbud will, tun out; even if u J b body is quite cold. And otisdcvp, it never aftercoasuliilis—never,; The tact ii. Us lifeni “qiie—vi allaestcoyed tiw the by the erbater atliijity that I lightiiinjliad, |r the parlji or the timid tliebuiiy wa.s npm ltai| ,for the llfd-of lli4 hi(|o l, tliat the lilood itsclf liml (or rc r a , ..a tpieing it, wljich idaj be a speciee df (electricity for au\lit et ^ 'ye^W'viothkeoDtjraryV | lened a MJifl'een S Brandrethg Pills produce e f :re he w in Wait onMlliviid may %ole Lcaiher, tJppe}] Leather, Kipp\ &alf ^ Moi, He wiZI regeive alt ifii.ds of heather frort raijnefsi at a DistanueloSELL, ON COM M iSSpN. raeforiberasglvea. i i j - R E V . B . H i B B A R B ^ ' ^^egetable • • FASllLY PILLS, ; atii anting Dke s. jt 5 »rr/.s> j N o . 6 0 iOwEGo* S t r e e t ,. J i jf T H A C A , ,J W A V B Lately,recetvcU| a iaraeadditionlo tiieirufisoft- W i n t e I ' S o g d s . Deaiei^ wi ping to repleiiish tliei'r Stocks) . call ant!! examine fprtheniFelvej?. uunissuruiieot of Dry Goods is extensive, cntiiprisinS a Styiesfor Lailros, Gontleraeo and chililtea’s wear, which with a superior !?tnck ot. Grdccri.es, Boots &. Shoos, ^tc. ac., are C « e r a : ^ a ^ v e . a f f t o J u w e s t K e w W ^ ^ ................ J A M E J ^ . C - L A R K . , • M E , l t O I ^ A 9 j T T A i X O R , ‘ South side o f OwejgO'sit. 3 doors West: o f Gayuja st. Ithaca. S^R eedy raadeclpthrogiiivvaya on hand. A T V -fliA P &i P 'ly i R k ' T B R i h a t :, -cjA F .& I.FE R 1^'THRRs ! ., TrM'ifSs.'\! ir CB-sh, anci w ilf not be nnAr-'*e!d in the village. He can with coolidence recommend .ids vvofk.as ilia p V E - W O O D « K S T B P S ' . S . ^ B . C tlRR A N is ftow recei v ing at his, £)R,Up V . / • STORE, in i U rrcaf 'B i icjc Blocks 4 doRrs iFohi ^ irofa Stre^, on 0\vego>strcet, a supply dl DYE* , » ' ■ s a ' f ' S i . , ’ ir . n S ’T « u ,,. . a s A 1 i s t w i , TiiesBarUctep b ave alTO pmcljascdfor Cash ; . rBrbeaoldlow for Gaslj|Qr. approved crcdiu Jiily k o O K S . * . = - a S T * '■ k|tQ0Y;NE CORDIAL ! m ;V o f 3 ap> No. And snail in ,. mai safce.-r-Npw il.dnctDr caiinot hlbcd fdr'everytimig. The pea- pl^aro leartiiip that the blood is o f sonte use. Let iia liopt that the disguUmg Use o f leeches wilt,also heahaiidoiied. id p ool dvJjy that vyheii a mau ilbh'd. a. jioruon oftho aeioaity'or had \humor cohiea away vvitli Iho blood; thetenld pofary relief is tine to the evacualf * luatlet, the Mciciit jcausB o f disorder dents, from leJiiug b|qodi Neither iii|ernai nor cxienial dis­ eases call bo beneiitadbyi such afulse|praetice, For, to,till a tpan to savelids hie, casiiiot he suotijiiied. 1 cannot admit I ssaiBKaras&'u ' ' \ — fal|i tkat he YVas bled, akd he game| hactshorn to lifs upso, aojl to rub iiisl sdipeeflect. llot brandy arid .vvaier.| .purpose, and ielieve, the 'circulation | YViCnoutthfi after vve^ikenShg ^fleets, J Hi a measure, ypom body, til upon It, Jt dibtroy^ thebfe pnnriplel , eaid before titot thi^ jifd pnUciple cqjl^lIit^■d of hiile . \iobularbodiek; it i8'tlie4e.tIiaL make.biir siilid-dt-wh, tn tlitir \yer of coadulatioili. when ' ‘ tor coagul,il|a--neVer, I Ttw tact is 0 ^ : Ilf matter fr'obt the Kars. ', t Hundreds qr eiirps in Cases jdeemed utterfy liopeless have firmly estaUiaht d lls supwiuilty ovtt evtay fermet Sleiiica This vaiuajjle' AenuBti'c Rjeflirine ih a compnunil! of 4 dif: ferent Gils, ope o f weicll, tlie |nrt,ve pod principal ingredient i.s obtained from tile har.lt <.,f a; certaiji ^.species of Walnut, a Butju is certaifc tliut jafter tliat^vacu.^ioii oC Oloo.l, toe nu- charksR“|lf fiCm itfdiffe.rent 'caviiieLand theii goes and fills ftp lhai very vacuura-i---often producing incurable torpor. kr being bled. 'I'hey I: |%j tijjft pretended r--- j 3 = tf‘ ■old by -O-B Currfln,^^^^^yVer s;^.Sp-ibBef. j iy\!)}. ,, at bleyding is a; .preveiitive against future UU1J3 and eettlip^ti of' /lu.niora; Coinmon IcteUt to prove that in o rcle, to prevu at tliCse J.,-,...,.-. - s, yoiij must begin by e acuatiiig those mat- Ktersvyhich migh) pfoduce them. Now we know very will! fthat that wpitch : gives us file is riot the ocension of our l;d>'at!v Fo at ! b rot tl^e blood wliich d ies tliis, hut tlie cor- ij^pteAhuraiprs^; farnpiie fhem by purgalion vviilt Brandreth.s cleauie tbeir'syst sin of(irriimrities. W hile ^t Jell the blood to l^ild up and stre igrtieil the b-dy. Trul.i, Bra^drelh's 1 'ilU ^ake out the ev ll principle from , BIeed(ng, OH the eonttHry, takes'^out ti e gooA- Think o f l thesn ttHiigs. Is the biloud life] then when jhu ate sick, you want all you have^ more than at ai y other, time. li“ Co^siderdihns fn'ther upon Blood Letting, ' I'ii4very doub ful whep a per.soit has; lost tnucli hluiid, be calf ever enjiov A atdte of cobuai heii th aga $ve entirely depei d upon the quantity ot|j'*w.H Vemseives. R as nm’er yet beea, Uift any body of men Woald>f their 0 io accord .give up old ;tracttces. The re­ form r^usthe in dnsequenee of the pressure from without. ‘ ^ ' -'H lPilU , it wlun you want jthe genuiiip article, lire of live seller whether j •“•'ssn s s MeAlMer’s A|lli neat reasoi s for tilts assefio I ; spiration, abt thus removes l|ie|Urahd Caij’se pt nitre-tenths of the diseaises in this worfd-|-aiid it is therefore as applicable to one disease as another----to tli£Livt r CoiiipIaiiit,Cotisuriip tionond llyspepsia, as the Kick Headache. Ague iu; l,lis..Face, or the Astlltlla^ Congh.s, Fevers and Bowel complairrts,as tlie tiuinzy sore throat, Btgnchi^is and Croup, for they ate all rausecfhy checkirig the inaenfihl^ Ptr»piralijori,in other words i^otetican Fttiit. CauMleT -Curtain Lfcturesr-by I'mid);. lluncati’s.Faered PbilAsoidiy of the Season.s ; tSpiing _ 1 , ■;. VV- 1 . '%S ' v f i i ' , . ' r . - V l I f i V “ M;r2^'l84e|. I ■■ ! fRASGIS u i l l i E i .^^'hebusiDcSfiwilthoeonttfiicdirralJ ifejbranches |jy Lew | Si[ORI I p h y s T this mejlicine hadjthe presumption to?ay existed, [apd thrlt al|i various disease* were but secondaryl has now ir illions <jf hjlievei^B.. Tlieviihust believe,.for they have witn “s.sed tllje effect oif this restjirative. It has conquered all ;ases, hV sihiply Conqpefiiig the O ne , The ‘'Old tichool\ i ow open titcit eyes. Their old dogmas, like llie inoriiing liii; t, fly b4- o-ire th(| light o f trjitb, and common seij.^e now .-ee i.s a ruaH 1 healih its own Way, iiJstearl of blind&igits.eyes i ud bein d. The truth <i| the principle npop; whicli thit arlict all drive from thejbody every disease that has a ni me—evi *y disorganizatioilof the system which can ,e.vist. If bonl idmulola rpmainl this niedicineyvdl irestoroto al perfec) leorv, |s a prop oi t o f the old sttuCture,, which wiU eonj| jmhle|o the groiji d, asliapeless mass of ignorance and de Lrtvaijas, resort a ; pnee to this mediciiio. It is a sirictlj gota^Ie Remedy the product of out ;p>vn sod—a com-| ind gt tvventy-t vo difFeront ingredien^- Dee*' font ha^ i ^ S g : i i g S i g g ment inJvQi^er^ __________ _ ______ juue a j A L.iRftlS’ lot ol Tiiscap, Rutland and Straw Bonnb4> “ • ”” ‘^ S S S S t STGVVPSU./ Cravats, Suspenders, Gloves.I Chester, iatmeq,; m [ F i ^ e ^ f d * l g u d bole catalogue rateht ................. ,“ 3 p , a i S3-* i3 bz. ii|atties. .^l each. \ dughn’r on the dUectidps, arid G. C, Yauglin, Buffalo, wlmm all communidalioiis must come postpaid.- C A Y U G A C A K E , 1 8 1 6 . her regular tripp hetweeu Ithaca *s«fS~sgt5=fi*easaBe^ and Caynga Bridge, {landing at all the intermediate 1; Hidings) leaving Ithaca every morning andOwego Railroad , and also with a Packet to Montez \ t ' o ! V a & x ; a . | 4 to restore it to heakhy activity, a «1 btnpe theijr iieces-sity of htill adlhiiimstering iruvard renfedii s. It is from this very fact th-At welelaim Ipr the All HeWiijj; Oinlroent, a^periority o- ver all cither remedies yet discovered. I’liysfciaPs know of no othel article, the world al;largi know of no other—indeed- there is lio other article that i ass reli pnWerover the hiriiian skm.\ And it isthibpower to Opel the pores by restoring the uervoiisj-eiiergy.iiuicke.ling the v tal fluid witiiin--.tliat is an instrument o f curing rnore disease s than any 5 or It) renaedies we are .icqiminted with. And in regard to Gdnsumptibn-and Liver cdiiiplaint we will makeoiii remark,and we wish itto sink deeb into every man’s liteart-it is this; That upon a properaiid fair trial of the AiHIepUng Oirirment no good r6; suits ti'Ojn its cUro, that porson im y as well cease ttll efifbrts at one -, for not all tiie balms,! bah ams, pills, syrups,&c. Un­ der Heal-eo will ever restore .-jucli person-to liealtli. Bzontfliitis.Guinzy sure tlirdat, a rid influenzaareuevcrcau ■ sod by cjiecking the liifiens-ttle Rerspir-ation. Ague in the Face, nfeadache,Earache, and free uently Toothache are pro duced ill the same way, viz : takiigoufl. jy checked perspiration. The oi)Jy advantage the AII t ) ll+HCaaing (Dintment has over o- ■ I 1 C, t!iii|g-—the-restoralion of the j impurities never i-emain to tip iioiub-. This will be seen by ’|u s tlm stomach passes off ^ thro’ the pores of the skirt in inso isihld PerspiraM^ . . j 2d‘. That tlie skin evacuates mote matter than the Lungs, i Kidneys and Bowels put together?. . . . viflage madeby R. \ADevv.itt, Ancetg|jphii& W. A*. Woo 3d. Tlkttlie skin discharge)) mote ruatter in 24kour.sthan ward.-comniisBioricrs, as lot Number d.eVeuteenun Hock di the bovdla r|ii in 14 days,! .apti tbit by a severe exercise a ,,(,„dred aifd Eleven, being si.xty-stK feet wide oel the ltha(. man will lose three, four aod five hounds in one hour. g^,, Owego raU-road, and extendingpast jrtfh paiallel b> deW?l.“ n -or!ess. ’ Exeq ' E ' W malAiig fhis the g r a u d ^ e t o|' tl lura, would cause in- -eakhpr and exj 7th. That sudden changes of wea thpr and exposure to cold cJo.se the.fe pores ru part, afidhi nice the Jong catalogue ofdrs- eases ovij-the land. Bth. r |u t as the skin is tlie. i netfi 'W evacuating all the humo-R of the body, we see the pto ound follv arid absurdity of rd(o«iWto pills, drugs a « otli4r mistures. to cure the I tepower’io rAtore the Insensible Fer- : vitality 4 d a$Vqus energy;to the skin. BoaqefeBd^H, a* -Ye- 90 JusLreceii ,oTa iS I—,-k gootl.£|:ssorth i:| 5 ‘ f O R I G I N A L i t|s T jA I N E D

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