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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, July 29, 1846, Image 7

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4 ■ : ! L* ; ■fell as prints bound |to thole pteresfs, lia-ve l a ., Why the conven bored with an applihatipn wbrtby bf a better |bou}a not, aiton cses® to produce a panic in th|cbm m unity. that #hen,'th,e count^ sinjks, thdir allies, the whigs, • ’\ i d d n o wonder attheee raanifes- jSay ris®. W e do no •tationd—>we have Ion: j :UiTiQii espect theirlapi i the sun & I , fess w e la v e hegop j i invatriable •effect is certain to-fol! ■ ' indeed, no one shoo ,^jesihbweyer just and right, gttedttaes opposition Ijaen « h o had reaped t d&dVrong before, ^ dM afianufaciur ceased to do so\— we as earance isSve expect the the mornijtg; and we con. Jh#4 for foe last year ' ;e|pita],Vfolli decry view thiese w h ig dferts, law df'na'ture, or foat ow clause. Id wbnd 5r that any tneas-: would iiieet wilb oh the I larj O'f a class of ainaense; profits from injus^i Every one expected that 3rs o f Fennsylvania, wl etteddO per cent.ion their wfieh should reduce, jfciel'Wilh otffer clalssp! govern nentdl re^lktion good enough iueh eno ^mous profits to ai and In r 3ga reform, it is: d. lit would indeed be alieversal sCiple'ofsel/, were the foot ota I\' :;ph^;l>ut ' foey fiiay'bestow with I' ’ ^ i s e s]iecialty pri , .'gome' cbursefof reason fialedfoAt and prospe 4 the object, and that d|ent ^disesses and is ’ J ’^ebh^ 'f^aO d ;oeen -I 'foeoUgh which good is *■»»» f-vAvfc Wrrt»*Hci-, 4’K* ',;4c'»’'dfoer members have agri new ■dostif c otionr i: department; ai and Eheral tim< refercj in^ a liberaj and ore than 7 or 8 d ‘ 'tipbn 'll \fide latitude, ind the for lys, and icle for the Executive and bra feniity,. lit hence ingen i our inembers, wa s tax< potnts.'tflaterla T a Supposed la ti ] indcr them <popula o f the sessic that it: e ia the c o isli ipbn 'the ar [reference to t] [i’ch, allowing'^ igain a fair, lid not have o igaged their t ... ir literary con. :tet‘, that any if idiltif ‘ them couj is niindin less foiin 24 bo ivote. But the pop-gun, hi ifanvention thougjht ^othery vj- *'';>**. aivii* ant njewe that on the 7ih ini i iand Aimonte left; Eavi War for Vera Cruz,’^ in the 7ih inst.. Gener; ta Anna iand Almonte left; Eavanna in a Briliafa briffl o f V Generals J It time should not hi over '5 or to days, iioieuce 'tp the |Es4ouliVe .depattiVie I n u m y r , simple and easy in .hefr literary iructidn, dnd of|Such a character, that an; CONGRESS. telligedt iheroberi by merely readilny them could _ ______ _ havemade;'bp bis mind in less foiin 2 4 bours upon ;tbni ptopci'ety how he ought to ivpte. But the pt!ip,gun, hair- ! to Wexiac, and mov \-Mtters o f tb< ' • ‘ ^ ' M'f j , , Friday,'July 24. ti the Senate, the River and Harbor Bill was sed as it came from the House, by a vote of House, by a nches o f business. o f the great prihi. greater outrage could trfiied, hpon any loli J foot otaerwise. 'ThefCily o f Washin gfian has, been beseiged fof 3 laVing in cha'ige the cause any be, than hap been perpe- . hpon any bolilical community. There are riienibeVs of the Convention, who fo'tp) aa honorabl} e|cceptioo-^inen of genuine rih and sterling s|biJities. W e do not find geatltpnen partake in all these' wood, of worth and 1 Llt|men part.al nS, > I f they 7 thing 'I whefes, By com m i tfees df ftose y?ha are spe< the tariff m xoeis. wnose n ™ have ho ^oubt hul that they enter- nottd.tho -good and sdvantage o f the ibaiay at,^ tain ndether feelhigs ihan derision and contempt ^pneeVhut to foe proloctifoajtifoa o f themseldCS,hemseldes, thathat fdrr thefie cenduyt of their fello'tv.merabers i(iially protected, by specific; irrelevant discussions. \ I f they have any thihg rcsignati lift had not been read to l[he Senate ‘all o f t t fo t cenduxst 3 liberal hand upon t h e ;, considered, and subjects o f a coiri| m |. Johnson, of Maryland, made a mcj. ifolf'that foe efforts ol Gtovernineht for the ad- rit;^ o f thd whole are en. tlfoiyfhtild'add ase]e3e,iwben aj^iied directly mpte,^ wbatever, benefit 'Govierii- ja^abfo o f hekfowirtig, dan ■ vbjsn they are the agenfo dispensed to the people; teqted in'tefeSts seeds, by ;• fo w ngj to feave imhibed a he. | ®xamrpt lo„ol«.v, jg ,(J^pg, f. the pe )plc •eating ppw .tber^matters. T i e EseebtiVe ’©epart iie portant of, the IS ^iff sn referred to as mat y f - if the thje powers 'of govern. to,|iexctesiveo, agents,gents, are lent, when delegated t ||excinsive a diiundant io'blessings,[but when applied djiVectly |4(ffoe propbsed,d^^^^ deadly and fataij toall, i % h idf the effects o f a'pjietective systefo 'sjpe. niatprivilefes areguamn|tBpd to ^the favordfo arid ' ' ■' ' '\' people ask,but a-reve iatprmleges areguai others defaied. Tb^ j|ile afo,but-a-fovdnue. . ffariff, With incidental .pfiteotion incdrpQrated iL It a^ far as Hfay be espediexpedient and just to all, lyer see a state of com- in i'fo d cbhntry will patatiVe peace uponi,ltb^s long-agitated and veXed .. ignestiOn, until a- measUr.^ o f duties has bepn Set- jtlpfftip^ Which Shall enjeourage aR, not :p few'; • shall‘p|Aefot%fo not a| fow ; and shall allow- to {.daeh and ’every' branch -jof business a fostering, h&t gh‘ d&tlreiy sup porting hand ;; niaking !,,je.Ve.iy|g|^dh ,6r pot iheir shou ider lo: ’4foe wheeii father than flepend upon the CBuli s ■!! sSf g iv^nm e n t ^ C ifd l 1 1 drag thenl alon r, . V . F t S . 'Since •thie app’ to was penned, w(s learn ' d f tfee’ibsignaticra b f M rrEllywood,which [placesi ■fate n f foe hill sOfnewhat in doubt, ajnd ; . [should hot Be snfprise|i wefo i t to entirely vdefeatj ;^.^e hieas'dre. , | ; . Webster had the fiojir oli Monday, and it may| fee; a day or two betOfej the|'fihu! vote is taken. id to as ipect to 'ea'a ps devoted iswer. Exeluding each* It then fo lomd questions the stqle, receive this tillage, on th« ^ l%e'deminittee k'ho reqUesCed foe jpuBK- ! ition of the pralion, dpfivCTc'ir at th e ' H ali in | lelitl |t., 6y ftogicE if last intrdl :%o| t efer 'insertioii ■^hll fot |i, fiaVe t |ie p leai until; ife Of Esci.,'placed it in ocir ijatfos the early part ■■ 7 . ' wehk^ htf£Wewemhompeiled By hirCiifosfonces , iaying it before biir rps The following viewjS of a correspondeSt V e jir.^d'Mtfeetat hhefty-i'd [;!; !_^|fo,cahh,ot he d'eh|edjtl ii ^ isioniif the CoiiVen’lioi* =• j ,aBdasyet the result c ; -j'liilfotl:' While we eiidlome : ffieA d s q f a r .w e w a u l4'for' du de from our col It the lime for th s Sea. rmiidiy wastipjig • labors ha's been .the favor that he; alone 'away smail o:; ohr etails; ‘ 'Constiiutimal O oti S diiin,—tn -,— In foferer V m m t m relerercb fo ■ the proceedings of lh i|b o d H foe Alhkny krgu^ J-’.;,hfthe 21st inst. drjjjy ' ipa^tnieht. .W ithfhi be''“ paiiVe” qualifioatio ' k f £ I' ' I . ’ ; ifontipL /: ! Convention ' ,' disddfol I- f--[.tOitdthi I it canildt he dlsgijiis|d|, ner ohght It to ^ 4 - ^ f o e delegatekto, foe | (^nvcnlidh have, fo H ‘ signally failBiif to meet foe eipectaliolis y ’ r ^ «llvi3?p.p.i^incf tn t.fea fib j : ,that df the :.*;pople. lefstdad d f j p|aeeeding to the MBi u|s itn- . posed upon'fodai,- in | jid|ieioiia and .bu| like manfaeVi ah it sfeksl hoped a n d '1 [ . would-,• their timei and the [people’ ! I (:■ ----- -■*. app|o.fitsjhle d is’ r ot Spec ,foeje,l»; .wastefoa [jfokttf# wHioh.foey! wkfo todonsideri and in 'refareh t:y d ,a |t ; S e d .|b | ■ ■ x.:^;'|avd,n^t{! «iofot.foat. foie,j|Ubl|c ie ttS d^hifch the rni.. Ii'istim i , isSi'hfoe guardians ildspeak plain ft,: I ■ >^pop:gun«{poIiiimm only lie made which a ver] .Baen ts regard ,t|iei |vhjic|t foeir prdc£ in tljeir cafeei :eM with foe b j..t.M < l.th ^ ijo'aM i - f « U A x L t 4 «alUji I” . 1 .Tb, lango.gi em p lfijU is Bdt, bel.p| «we5^ it is,merited, and! much more, :. feriefly review ikeit- pr Je'eedijegS. ffelerelatjLvet: f « . S 4 - r * Itefehiyefigi ■exeeedifo t)f ih& {KiWitlC I. «f LillipjatjJn | whi!|h; a [division d f sentiii jr.TO^fiailysfoaR I fV^ertOfiefo” faavu beea exhausted mrdy Speed |mportanc itt, ho^eVerlwviai ion a flhod p f hrghm'e|nt fo eat . .him lookert pfoifol^d ««hafehex latkhffhyiBimply reading ■ W o have far ^ iadihg these: debafos|; fj :*-%ja;;;^lafo and aepsiWe gel r, kfoalkpfopQBitiptt, howeyer li| jfo 1 diffei mitlee of the whi will it require to dispi Answer, i f all req jirc tceekx or nearly tiVo importance is con side swered some foui or certain, sevi-nteen qp sc be'pak^d upon, and if by the 1st o f Octobot eat o f respect to .ifie that SOI Welfare h as it y with som( to the severest, to raise imalerial. onlwfoioh to show for pufakc speaking, and ibe.’^ Thus with “ |Bi e o f Webster spoke on the Tariff B ill. In thej House, Ingersoll offereeJ a resolution bpriety of sending a p'-~— ivddvdd a susjuspension sending a peace biislion exiejq, and mo a s of the n lles,; that itcpiightbe considered, Motion lost, yeas 54.jia:ys The V^rehousing bill,'ffom foe. Senate, wajs taken uf i' and postponed to Monday next, The t;i|iuse next proceeded to act upon fop bills on tb as thus consumed upon .ution whieh| vvas, perhaps,',; isted for all governmenlal ■d to which the people ask-. ficult to imagine how any t proceedei e private calender. Satnriilay, 'July ^5. Petitldhs against the repeal of the Tariff ojf '^42 V presented the Senate by Sturgeonj, rn r-1 Ttiv nn,t nttioro Cjlmeroi and others. The Blouse resolution for adjournment at 111 I’clock c|n 10th August, was concurred in. Websi ;r made a speech against, the repeal o f the T a n f. It was announced tljat Mr. Hay siraq pt them In feierenqe to m||icated nature, and in regard invent oh Was specifically to act. of our entire judii and has been loudly cel . I So, also, in refetion inof foe legislature and o. irlicle in reference to the as perhaps the feast iift- it subjects which were. SBcific committees. Now east difficult of eighteen ires a discussion in com- five weeksi” bow long if the other seventeen, an equal time, eigkiy-^ue years, and if their relative i^d, it may safely be an- five years. Qne thing is icific reports still remain to Jpuvenfion adjourns nexh which \ve suppose,, Jeople; it: will, how many ,o thd discussion of each ? Sundays, about 3 1-2 di svs, about 6 1-2 days s asjan 'inevitable .result, o f vrlal ifoporlance S v ( their intrinsic im.pprt hoped the convention position and: 6eco|ne 'i'noreXime to w a ster Mariy of foe meciher ged in con vention, 1 their volley of wordi ; time foah they let rnpiith hjrs been l eryi &Ci, and WBe be to who continoe Ibeir f adversary-klfiey will to their, hearts, eontfot,, Buhcoflibe gets them If foe jofff-n al Ehronicle to-day, from our cojumfis, The Gfer’^ icfe dd* by^ H - i. jadd,'a yoahg p f Albany, lost his lijq I , charge of his gnn,,‘c h F i -e , [D:By Eli: '^h is'h ld e N e w ^ ! there is no young latvye; residing foerq., Ferh; ;ps v Webster is fopposed tc Will be enfieavtored to Sid^ of thejpresent oi of our entire judieiary day- md has been loudly d le btarri.edjy passed considerauon vyhich ieinaiKls. It is to be lee l i e present critical ncefi that it hqs no discussSun unpHofitabli a s f ' ' ley were ppen lyjchar- I l|itherto been leyleHIng ” 'Muncomb.'' I;t is jSWneOThd for thq pa.st ng ^I'lnurder,” “ eifough,’- the 'Unfortunate imeliingj on a proptri fohnfo/nBed theujfol , th e , first ehancq that :ay thlera off. hibit their p're-eniinencc to which they put their bands as the good work o£ destroying Ifideiiee and paralyzing ihe i ei 1 thlera 0 as late news as the Daily hink in k itt ■ ■ave th i vviil h to, riopy |[Daily phron,, July^S. r ndt -even latrntrinrch foe' signatiofi ®f'Senator Haywood, and ihatiWch- T. had the fioor to, c mtinjUe his speech on |MuU\ day, bdfo| Which faetii we'give iriour mgeltly in adyande fif-d / promising loWyef fob adcidentia; dis- Island, Suffolk <3o. rt n-, of the 2£ th, d.Ihaqy papers say of foe hatpe ofi Judd e n ighfl furnish 2p « heioyfoan.ouE neighbor if iye qhose to mata^ac~ fure ii. Gompronitse Turiff.-^Tlie 0\o'7iiiig is a brief iry the C oh profoise Tariff bill, v rhicli strojngly favor, and t diieh thriist forward the focclm House. mp before, foe I , f .ke sections of pon. ally col I; rened higlij ,, Slrilite oul foe first f ke sectid|ns of the bill r and insert-r i I j , That, frbin and aftejr thei first day o f December •edi]jclion o f 25 jper cent. • specific, or ad mli rern, 4a'on articles of imp >ried d'ufoes exceeding 3( per inerefo lereop d'ufoes exceeding 30 per charged, excepting QW charged, e distilled from pints, distilled from gra a or other malerifos, and v 'ines i RYomded, mev'erpie- Uss, T h a i dtlti'cs no\v cha-ged with ,mofc; .han 3p[ per cent., Ihjall not be rgda^eed he.low 30 ^ Strike out the t t h , dth, i .nd fith septi bescriptidd^f. Article ! to what \xtent hj het- , . kdbnti,U ajtiihdnient. i lAby t i i i amihdnienl. Jsiitfiaie-^pr Keuende itndi Ptkis UU as 'ainqnfedl tFfaol& amodntof rev€ due inder the , | •• 1845, $30,818,8541. lorts, 1,947|(100! ;m: 0 (SEtt; 0 I fe-i j present bil|,.ending Junq, 18‘ 'Dess 'amdunt.j,drawbac k on| expi i -'ll Besq dost of cdlleetloisaj fixed fact” witl; ifoing short of idenfo, could sav total niin. Noth overhpkrd, aud[ w togetiii3r.| Tifod tolled by countiry, so far'frou fact, more pitospe clined-i-witb a prophfoies—h 11 after the d • ratification of Id , hsHnitf ■*■■ ' ■ ted States ai .foebm e frcii 2.500,000 ' #30,431,5B4 j T h e ‘*Da%-Chconi ;le” of foe 28th, giv£ following iy,i'th ,a fiour| , The. pubfohers of dsfahtisbe4 K ’’^-s,;enter||rise |heanness,)tesu ipg the lahdab gfoafo||mi leh'das’fotd iaily piper, Abut w nh |a 5s daily slips g cp' Chronicle haw Phe Journal,* wilt L-—--’'•indki AM. f ;N. G., had resigned bis seat, but hi 3 Is o f the Vic 1 1 2; o’c ioek, aliuough in the han PresideU Mr. V foster had not coneluded at 4 o’ciocli tiem to ai jouirn which was carried, ayes 27, noes 28. Wopsler, therefore, has foe ffoor for Mon. The I: touse was engaged on private bills th entire da _ _____ ort^rfield .—'The Nashville K siob pi fishes: a r iport of the trial of Mrs. Poflerfield licentiou n conduct. In a letter to tlje breforei of the eh inch, she said: “ As t ) the charge of improper iritimacy wit Mr- J u d sm , i have only to say that I regret,.ex \“'-'^HglV regret, that i'ever saw the man 'bu introducedntroduced 'too the-,e-, ass he being i t th a he was, as a gentle­ man of high literary attainijjfots, and obserVin j him holding converse \vilh gentlemen, and via-' families o f high liibrai character and stand-: iling famil ing in soci liali bfy led (not _ a liibre anffali my ilifo having erai-ty charac consci my fife having had a par. -aetersyl Was Impercepti- conscious at tbfi time that harip ibuld grpw ouU o f'‘it) to tdle'ratei, aqd' redeive sueh auention from him, as is h o tin abedrda wirh the strict rules o f propriety.. But whi aitofree to confess, and do Irfily repent of these ■ietfet thathat I ekCrvfer saww fo'ess, a improprieties, and sorely reg t I e sa the mati, (JudsoD,) I deny fa<)stKist posilivelyosilii any tt p sreourse with him, Or ! man, either in th'ioght, word, or deed. iriminal any other 1 .’’ From the Morning News', July Sj3.- . T h e fery tof “ W o lf?” : For getting up a ‘‘ Panic,” commend us to the 'liigs.;, in th is branch of political la Whigs.;, In practice has branch o f political lactiea as given them perfection; and, af of the fact, they seem ever ready o sir p're.emiuencc.. The se and paralyzing th energie.s of the eput They are never so Jiappy as when tbey ,aj-e laboring most to pprsuade tlioinscLves and fello-A- citizens that they ,;are thii iiiosl unfortunate of andnd oughtught too be thehe most. nen, a o t be t indst. unhappy \ Fauic” making is tmereford their favorite \V hep J aftqr fi .eotor, President over Mr* Clay, it was ■h , the universal V4iig quielly and iphfoies stiff as the me merqe and agrieu boys,' vra.Xed fot t. •e bei hipp^'^Ther£ the eitit ire aeicurac Ptfie numCroi tiff cqutrtry,, whose sereiififkitU in Wlfigglery neTOrfindwh ;i wrikikle; ilouIdnoW andfoeii murm.i r in the inep^essibleto|-dpr of their impa- tience, “ 'iVhy do .li not t he ra in mg begin ?” reducli ed too :;ogd beiDg--j- s ^taie of an opj obj<: ing fo i monope y*. whiohit always J : , S le country wafe oiearei irh all goir ipsly than e ubborn disi folk tlje party i isition of P i itmnedjaiely i-m )m [speedy and ■the nation, ws g to the boitoi steadily and the ed went on, in ever. Stocks de- ardrd off Whihig srega o W '.t or wink J real estate stood ey market, was easy; com- ire, like fi’arnarh’s mionsUr ;elher, ftohrisbed, anc| were in to be some reason to doubt rclyl of the Whig croakers, and m 3 old ladies of both sexes^ tbrok Whii .Kings, o f c|urse,, the pfopgsed; nequal Tariff o f 1842 present-' lortUuity for reviving t big seers,I to b'e i ' ctee.—. this' iBomen't i jeess o f ic 3CS, every fi(i opinion id plied. The pos of the W hig journalists an tt o f , proved ’ of sue< !D pubfi si fnfiy be. as vario'hs i :fi their names, bqt: l< st'is foe same. TbC Tribune’s paskionate jifs daily Capitals, italics, and other dlokens of emphasis, which provfe noth- fo i disordered condition of the cause of yt--^the .Dourier’s frequent riproapheea- ie inWjse policy Which dietfited the Tfi. 42, and.the -^T told-you-sl” aif with loves to remind its,follow Whigs;that it iiiedicts this result, to theirextrerae prov4 fod its dvvn:e^eoiailTfot’y--the|stupid — fo which llfo Exprejs, wrapping itsilf up, deelines to pse enjy further endeavor W avert 'the ebrafog evil, and advises all good Wfi.igs to do the foitte, thhtis, fo do: ndthuig,, but j resign IhemselVes with it to mevHable _ cajamity—^ l Ibis diversified speoies.of ehfoitainmept means but ofoland tilie sanje.thing. |A paiije must be up J the Demoeratic party mpst, be broken down^;'fod ‘\our” party must .be Abated more info victory on the swqll of[ a pdpular J i n fact,, is the leal, objclct. It i) not guardi The dui ekt p dblh epuntry is stunnedi b‘k suph an outcry- - —Jekt p.artizan mnsit keeftbat a few thou­ sands gf djollars more or lessj bn gains suffeient iu.t tfom,; can hardly- be a! matter o f life arid; tleal'n tb tue nation. No— k is simply a-hart' thtouighoUt. Thfo t them,; can li ■b the nation. y eOnd; i:et dow r !o f th f o in t^ ;k tfosjpecTfil'Iy .|wla:s;fot.‘foa< iih irabundbnee of s, thus forekaU- ^ its neighbor.— j sfo.f eople of Ithaca t th®' It produce an ef- iaq JO Advertiser. i:i|e whether the a- sought a're s t r o g g |i n |^ their fat dividends^ and tfiop Wqll-meebingTjBmocrats whom a false pubiic opinion’lias filled with imaginary terrors, Hltle shspeet bbwremhrsely thek a b mad'e 'the fop la With whfoh a; cole -blooded party labors to res politidil ascenpancy, ■ ,\4 , But-*-tl|e game is understood by tbeebuntry. The wlugt have cried « wolf” once too ofteji to e|xctte ank:great alarm no^, “ Caifo as.'a sijira* pie are prepared tp g i’ 1 they dohfat nbt will 1 'ifouslr'y fo the land-^wJ^toh*^S'°eq^i, burdens o f taxalion-A_and Which, as it ■ ,tes and sections of the repjiblic in s common ntercst, willfosure to thela„„, capital of the Cman, pta^iUty of le^sla tio n - whicb, if they but kitev ,H,:,is their highest interest. • morn|ng,” the people iir trial foja bill which th (pade Ip foder, and, i f so, I i : reminded b le weeks ” faevc 10664 exl o f a singlejajltijile o f the proposed \ - lints in togari CHSSlon tutiou,, and many ,o f the point y Whieh have cfiife4 fokh 'Whole di ■%e o f foes practiefiliii jfiod whreh: so , ^yofoer that we st lild p ortance than thi .Jell foistrfieted 'add eml e raMbitohfo iff Dmipu )0 ft ?foeht|%’^hear Ibe qt onedbyGov.\l?iight. ' ; le r e g a e n ’t; Will he mustbred mlp service \wilij ffr dr|k,forefof;afory for 4®pfi.i'h , ' S •tjiis drilfiforpi sea, frofo|tbe Yprk papev tbapfoi th kalca'fowit SdedTOri id -intb serv Fort Hamilton from N. York aifbrm wiH shch.HIftssari, ebrisfot-; ' talopnsfoloons withit 'a i w seams, find a close con- !* The ofocer will bfe firo- eut laridlhjast id a lefith- e'j ;and the;a|ms I thaca HqxEL.— W e learn foati Sep‘ , , . , -fid’Tom p k ins’ ,e, I thacg, h a s supbreeded o,ar worthy friend: T/io»i^so«, o f the Ithaca H o tel— the : th e | )lopulai 0 pular b fol o f tfii cceded best kiepc hoiise o u t o f the city of N e w York, know fiow M|r; Sey mour can im W e do not khow how M p Sey mour cap im proke Ebe eharac’er' o f j h e house, Ijnee its iepm a tioh has been so w e ll sustaiaed, ye iepuiation has lit© .sure :h:< w e are ffuit .that .effect. It, . |M *'% E b p o r lum , ,JaIy 25. The Evening Post ODtjeiiqd a d h erence Commodore Tr.pi tieal form'q. wl toback;, with tl 6otfa:pares Oen tp m ilitary foe inui on’s' abfon iaprossingik in:d ahead,ftat Wind aaeao,|tt side in the; r iteereifi from side.to side in the ■ nq nfolille Enahner,! jlLn ^ p t cprapfois well sustaiied, yet 1 make an iffart to ledents,, anee of field on ked .and

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