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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, July 29, 1846, Image 3

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ents of the men wiH Be of the most )us aftcl effective fiescription. [Aub, Daily Adv., July 27. ^ ’ell as prints boond ’to thoBe jiritercsts, lia’ve la. W hy the convention;: h as been orga bored with an appfipation \v|irtby b f a better should not. a l'o ^ t^ liberal and v caBse to produce ipanic ia th 4 dpoaimiuity, that have dcci tVhen'the county^ sirikSi tfedir jdniesi the whigs, inay rise. W e dc| nolt w o a d e r|al tliese m anifes. KOt. a l'o^ing a libe Jupied nipre' than lembers have agfeeld opc ew constitution, in refen uccn uyue .'H 'n * ins n lized, which La^je, four v’ide latitude,, I por.^ani njcvv 7 OP 8 d lys, and the i >a A n n a >6n the ar icle for the J' brig of vi ulivojj tatiOBSr-We have Ion» oeaSed . %> do sp^—we as tfittob cspeet theic'appearance^Ave expect the jisiug of the sun m the mornigg ; and we con. \ ■' (gun to vi new constitution,, in reference to iJ e EXeculivo; uppartthent; and! which, allowing igaiu a fairi:j, and liberal lime should not have eigaged tbeir I \\ 5 o r '-6 days. T h e sections in'A |h the St lays frorri H a v anna, brings the lin. S lliat on the 7rh lijsl. Generals San. i Almonte ieft Havanna in a Jjriliah for Vera Cruz.” n e n t art -- . , , , . — j . ..........— literal ftiss we have begun to view t^ese w h ig efforts, and of sucli a character, that ; Indsed, no one shoufld wondferj th a t any theas. ures, however jttst ar^d right, itijeec w ilb - . itreimpes opposition oh the tart eff’ a class of f wah ta&ed to the severest, to raise Tt.e’ , , j j .1 ■ . . po't'ts.tflatertal arid itnmalerial. on w^faich to show ; talu n oil men whohad reaped 1 a mense profits from injus-. off a supposed ta[h nt for pubtlc speaking, and • T h c k i tide # d V r o n g be%e, Every one expepted that render them popujlar with *' . - • ' the irSn ■'fi&aaufaotar trs o f ponno«Snof.:v, ; Jhsd ftr ys®? t ritled 40 C O N G R E S S . Friday, July 24. nate, the River and Ilarbyr Bill w came from the House, by a vote o f coarge'bf reason fennsvivan ia whoi^ !’*^'^ o f thesessioh whs conshnled { and when . ; f ’ . J IS ednsiciered ihat|it was thus consumed upon : u per cent.jOn tlieir , artiole ia the conslitulioh vvliichi was, perhaj , ^ ------- .« ...3 conslitulioh w h ich was, p e r h a p s ,^ Petition! capits'l/wduld decry s govern h'ental r e f l a t i o n ; good enough as it existed for all govurnnunial. rS-l^ w which should reduce Sadi eno ^riious prffits to a: P“ *-poses and in r^gai^ to which the people ask- c l |i e r ( to v d ^ ith o tecrclalss# and b t A ^ ^ o f ' S g e i j d f t Hfoi It would indeed be ah eversal o f the greia't prin-l trated, fepon any Oolitical Gomniun ity. ; o’clock ^cipfe'Ofsfi^ w e refhe &otQthel-Wise, ' r There are m^iAbcA of the Convention, who; - t w - v r f w m m . b « „ b « % . d r s : , 'Wteks. By com m ittees laving in chatge the causei thes^^ em inent gquilemen partake in all t,hfcse '> ' ®od, of of those wdift are spei sially protected by specific; irrelevant discussiions. If they have any thing rcsigiiati , . wBttAtho t W J t o soo« bOti I UTOIliag. o f Ills nia-oj a l l , j i „ i , | ,er „ fcelings l i n j s jh , „ d,.r„joo , „ d oo„ co n tem p t, conduot o r th e ir fellow.members , Mr. W reports o f 1 7 'cdcnmitleea remain to be red, aud some of them in reference tor j ' !,j subjects o f a oompjicated ' ^ fo which the conVjciitjdn ing, to hiaye imbibed a be- oxampte, a ' min..AM...A.K, GnM ,'i.n n .1 ystctii IS loiper* R good « n d sd v a n lag e o f tilp m a % a t t riddth fe fhan densioii anc on.ce,’fiUt to the p f o t i c t ^ a of thenaselv’es, th a t' fi>r the conduot o f th eir fellow, members ! i^r. \ \ ihfivfnavhditow With a ' liberaf hand upon theif reports o f i T cbmmitiee« ra-matn t.,ai . f 'I considered, aud som e o f t they Biiiy BeBtow with ■ ’ ff^ese .specially prttec)t'ed interests seem, fey ii^ f '^ a t f h e efforts o f Gtovernment for the ad. 'EaP'oedicrit a n d prosperity o f thd whole are en. - tipely fhlile arid adele ss,, w hen a l l i e d directly to the object, and th a t whatever.'benefit Govern-1 jien t ^hssesses a n d is japabie b f best'bwing, Can | . he bhiy felt drid^eeifl vbjsn they are lh% a g e n ts; lihrough wbfeb g o od is dispensed to the people; 4e‘in''other words,! tb i.t the potyers o f govern. ; jpent, when delegafed to |excbKive agents, are ! djraridant in-Messings, but iw h e n jappli^ dfrecliy A'® fe lhe pro*posed.obje0t, a re deadly a n d fatal to alt, I \ - V a'pjioteetive Systedi spe. ■ I ijndier the efiecls o f fTariffi With incidental -pritectibn incorporated, Ih i t a |'far as Siay be < ixpedient jand just lo a‘11, kad^nd'lhe thn cdUntryUntry willill r everper seeee a statet o f ppm- cd w rip s a S ! parativ'epsaee upoti,,.lth !a long-agitati ; rjnestiOn, until a m eist ! o f gbvnrrimen't j to drag jhem along, t I S, 'S i n c e th a a lp y e p a s penned, wp learn OfOf tbebe 'fPsignatidnfPsignatidn o ff JMV Iri'Hayr.|'Hay Wood,whichood,which pilaces| t ' o i ! W pla ^ fete nf the bill so newhat iri doubt, and 'JL. _ .i.Ji i S l K ^ , IrdB o f dalles has been set-i y^er, and , kfed Upiaa WliiSh shall ihpoaragd all, n o t a few f tlieir ii.tr < M l-.-fa™ , and shall allow to! ‘ht ! ahaifpfe'tebtli^A riot a friw | an d shall allowr to i< each arid ‘gVery. b ranc i-o f business a fostering, ■ .‘'|b n t nbt da datiire|y sy p o r t in g ' han d ; m aking kie^arTIp^sbri fer a y o e ijjttb^ put |/iefr sbou|der t o : ■ 'I ifee wheek fafiker than • jepend upon the Hcjrcuii s {od,which p . , sboald nOt Be stippr'^ei I vvefe it to e ntirely defeat ' ..the m easure. ! W ebster bad the floor ofi Monday, and it may be a day or tw o beflireltheifitiai yote is taken. ftj* Tt»e ejemmittee p h o refUpsfed tfie Iffebik ; c a fionof the pratt(3n. deltvCTcif a t the lilall inj ; tliia VsUage, on the 4 t l ; inst., 6y SoakcE ErNw,' • Ssd.r jd.aried i t m Orir t a^ds the e a rly part Of last Ufe’ofc feril vve wern Wri ! bh^orid d ar con trol A® sefer its ate-riejet. \t|e ■ehtlHh'^n fiaVd t h e pleaspra of bh^orid bar con trol %® ^efer it! ate-rieJet. \t|e '6111111 h'^n fiaVd 1 ; iayfeg it before brir pa ri^rs. : T'fie following 'view ja eoirespon de St We' . i|d6. ri0t,feplat libertv|d,eskadefrdm our col '\ fdi it pan riot be derived t | a | the l|ime for th I jdori rif the CouveqliOf\ il i';aadaayet the r e s k i .d f ^ J mm U '-i-' sri'ifp fjil lab^r^ has been- :Triifedf‘: AFtiiJe we eiidptjse .the favor o ’ .' .feerid.tek'i'. ;we- w oulc p lc ; 'sayj th a tt lie alone & I t«ferB,-pthe artfeie'’reIatWe td’the , .- f - - - f i t s f a a l l l b e r y t o spall anythrihsand doi ^ idedv Arid snph disc dozea'iarfri ibr tnote? w^rd; '■ t’ srimddozea 4 ;tet»0f exceed'*^” .4t; ,f-rra. p j a p an d aens ; [! ritaaltproppsitiptt, hm , i’ cririvention a fiiaod of! I J . i r i hwn looked plai% A |i ritand byvsimpliy r-eadpj thius ding eSes. smail o'ur e ,thi i. f t l e r i d . t e f i r , ;we wo ! 'da« t h a , j/^fijoasjB fefbfdetailsr I ^ i-.l ‘ OonstUntionhl CQiii^er.thin-,.^n referebce tri- Atfiri proeeedingk d f l t o f l o d k the* Albriny A rgus rrfthe i l s t inist.. d rj |y |e n | i i s ? | | !, a O a . 4 a , j , CjorihtitUtiorial C o n . 1 pE'the .article rela ;5ve tO the Exeontive liepartn erit. . AEith t he exc ?, itlon ofstrikittg o u t tb e l “ iaLtiye” qdrilificalioh, the Cofivfentirih eamri hric cVaAor sdm e five \ reeks idve Ebe exfceptiqa all uded I hlriekiriting c o u stitut oh.” itc a n f td t Bre d l% |isi jd, m r d-hght It fd 1«, that i4he delegates, to the | C bnvqii lidn! have, fe i irfar, . '■ !a n a l l y failM m iiiee iffi eXpefetalioris c f the; \ ', ? people. Instririd d f j pi Leeeding (jo tW labi -. - ^poaed’iapon tliriBi,r in ; ( | ' Aike- nSanricH a% it WaBihoi ^sypuldv thei|'r tirrtev p i t iliie beeli w a s tf d - i a anpnfita^ble disjsussion, upon laattc'rl which IheyjWsrfi 4®t Bpecjally coh mned teridnsidert arid ia'teierenfee to Iwlhifcfe the peb. .glfe:6afe'ttt4,asfeed% ijr|fk^ [ijis .tim ,<high time^ t h a t this prihllc j r|srii.the |riardiaD s h f the , intetriiSih o f i h e ^ e e ^ e , s,hrihld sp|a& plain A, and y p o i n ; d n l'tfce's 4 4 ^ 1 ^ fom e ^,of these po p .|u ff ’ p h l^feraniicpufe loirily lipas arid Bus n e ss. aridi believe 1 they >plk$ m bnrij, have def8fand-th44|*® ^ H H ^ ^ ^ ver;^ large ;.'W a|o4tyof f M r e o n s i.|te4^s r e |a r d thei* e^er.- c p u 4 |O 4 riiride to a n . lions, a nd t 'l j i k h t whpeh tlje^r llroct rid |;xiteheldvth;44riaM 1 « «Iipir. careei o.f , fy, and e n d e a r-- ^1tvhiei;theyi# : i . T h e langukgf empldyfed| ^ nop, w ent i nrifrim, i t isinffettodiiwndl n iuch ra'ore* .fcrieSf review i ^ i n F 4 o 4 |i g s . . | ,a I k f y # r i r l o ppl|iyfedi i'& brip, knhlrii'wrihn c|ee|i|igri-r halelB e e ri exhaasted U i US-: ; inj the; W e I wading i leading these; debal f fecrcibly reminded . , ‘AP%«eei 3 « faat^ cussion o f a , totipn, a n d i Which have cstfe'o 'are o f loss practit I ■C' hm<f Been e x h a k sted, a single I aiitfefe ^ firie propos ’ ■ o f the points !iri regan i * Whole days o f ^ i »r lance j than thi iraietedlahd embi lalure, and iri rega.... , iveatjpn was: specifically to act. * 2 5 .| Wci>sU refbip of our entire infUfidi-,,; .i-.i n;d has been judieiary ■ daji. peppl^.\So,.lso, r n ! : ^ X \ ig ppvA’dof h'gislature and o. .1 ®‘d|'ro da tber matters. The nrlicle in reference lotlie, ! Executive Department was perhaps the least i m .| , ffe*- f tant of, the IBjdifipreut subjects which were,: ii’ihys E irred to as mady specific cotrnriiUees, Nowii lictpitii dy specific cjuniriitleies, We would asK i f ijhe least di different subjects rpfiriii m ittee of the whojlie, of “ five weeksi” bow lonjg will i t require to djisp^se o f the other sev< Answer, i f aU reqliirO an eq u d timf weeks or nearlyI two lyears, and if cotniriiUe Now';i iicqnuou iifficult of eighteen ] ®f fe® d discussipn in com. | 'I As I e weeksi” bow lon i Mr, Judson. en teen.} rt ■hty-five , rieing intrgd spoke on the T a riff Bdl, ie, Ingersoll offered a resolution iriety of sending i board, on their way to Ho for the number o n hoard. ■housing bill, from the Senate, was d postponed to Monday next, e n ext proceedec invatc calender. iri|T., n : Saturday, July 25. agai nst the repeal of the T a riff pf: iiresented the Seiiale by Sturgeop, ix, and others. e resolution for adjournm ent at lOili August, was concurred in, lade a speech against, the repeal of It was announced that Mr. Ila^- C., had resighed bis |Scat, but Idp lad not been read lo tjlie Senate ajt , alinough in the hands of the Vicp had not concluded at 4 o’clock, lirison, of Maryland, made a mu- whicli was carried, ayes 27, note r, therefore, has the floor for Mop. srfield .— T h e Nashville Union. pub|- nl of the trial of Mrs. Porierfie-ld tWo Veat ;onBiddi:.pd, safely be a n - j■ irim hold ' • ' ’ fami N g . , irts Still remain ti importance is conbiddi:.pd,-it may safely o . . - ^ swered soine four or! five years. O n e thing is ,! itiri;g nnain loii mg> n by the \ist of October; next, which we sop()Oi d o t o f respect to the beople, it; will, how days cah ht? devoted to the discussion of iveniion adjournsife* ’ ise, | Bly 1 iiiyil coiild o f each ?' s®*-’ ’ ‘ ■' wi.ni tile I have only to say that I regret, exj- ;ret, that I ever saw the man 7)01 reed to me, as he was, as a gentle- literary allainm ents, and observing ling converse with gentlemen, and vis-' ilie 5 of high moral c h a racter and eiefy, and all my life having had .nswer, Excludingi S undays, about 3 1-2 days follows as an inevitable result da'ch. It then follovis as an inevitable result, i juri lortfe questions *pf vital importance to the!} im‘l e state, 'will pe hurriedly pas.-ed o. | ^■rie' receive I that’ eonsideralion vvliiclt j deinaii'is. Il is. to be; isiderr rinsic iinportknce demaiois. hoped the cpiiventioii rvill lee ils present cniical; io.sMion; and become, convinced that il has '■■\\ifitable discns-sii.n inore'tjme to w asteiri unpnofiti Many of tiie tnemberjs, as Uiey were open lyiclrar-,' ged in convention, hdve hitherto been levriiling! thriir Volley of words kt “ Bmeomb:’ I-i is high ! time 'fliab they let uh Buncomb far (hd pa.-it! moiilh has been I eryijng “ murder,” ‘‘ eiiqugh,” } A ,..i,A ... m T a ......... —ie|nberN' n I c ryin g “ r: be to A be ui &c., arid woe be to Afie unfortunate nie|nberN' to which vvho coiilinoe their fjqmcnclling. on a prostrate ], as fee go^ adversary-^hey wifi gpl ButiCOinbed tliempelvea) fidence ai ) their heartsI- 'uheombe gets I f the Jot Jhroriidte li conuerit, the t hcin |ol^pay tliiieiii first chance lliat: off. lii'rnal giv:ive|s as late news as the Daily , Chroriidte lO-day, ws ihiiik. it will have to dopy from our columris. {Daily Ghron., J u ly 2d. T h e Obfdnicle docs M t even aim o m ics the: :signatip'ri o f Senator H a y wood, and that, W eb. sler. had the floor to cpntinue his speech on M on­ day, botbi which facts we give its o u r weekly in' adyande o f a‘ IteiZjr 3 . j . Judd, a yoBjjig and prom ising law y er o f Albany, lost his life by. the accidentia! dis. large of his gun. ojn Fife Island, Suffolk Qo. ^ [Daily Dhron., of the 2E ^kJL/iis is iss lateate News\ews Jii Tn he e Albanyloany paperaper G o .' z l i : x A p there is no young law y e t of the name of residing therq.. Perhaps w|e nfight furnish news than oat neighbojr if wo qhosc to mai ture it. brief Compromise Tariff.l—Ubo following is mHilary of the Gon:|promise T a riff bill, vrhicb W ebster is supposed to strongly favor, and Which Will be endeavored toj thrust forward the sidrir o f the present onje befbrg the House, Strike out the first five sections o f the bil! ■ . T h a t from and aftejr the first day o f Dece 'lail be a[redbclion of 25 per of the duties,, w betbqr specific or ad val now imposed by-h next, there sha41 be a[redbclion t o f the duties ,, w betbpr specific now imposed by-lari] op ariictes of imp charged, died fron merchandize, Wbereo i duties exceeding 1 cent., ad i}alore?n, ars now charged, exci distilled from grafn or i Provided, neverthe- rovided, neverthe- with .more than brandy and other spirits other maieriails, and v'ii less. T h a t duties now charged with .more 30 per c e n t., k hall not} be reduced below 30 cent. i i Strike out the 7 th, ^th, and &lh sections, besdriptibri o^ 4 r t i c ^ , and to what isxtent a^ect- bstimai }Whole i j pyesebt bill, endi:ng 'Less amdiunt!dravvbaqk revoriue under the di J u n e , 1845, m o on exports. as amended.\ 1,85^ Less fiost o f cdlleci ^28,87li854’ 2 .eoo'ouu Less reddc’n, asperstpie. inenK j | .. Less proportionate ajm’l o f d rawback, i2 6 , 871,854 .289,752 3,169,230 ,Add dtitvOri coffee, IfiO,. 000,0011 Ibq. a t cts„ f 2,5fl0,00p Add d u ty on tieas,i7,2p0,. ,j 000 lbs, a t I d cer ^ These duties on tea cease in one y ear fron conclusion,IU1J| and|4U| ratification4l of IS peace.bet Mexico. ai i(t itw een thp Dn: i,720,00'0 4,220,000 arid coffee to and after the Incom e from lands, Ithalca ( ir. The T h e “ Dafly Cljiroai ^tlovvingw ith alfiourish ; T h e publishers of t le Established! a daily p Ipss enterprise, but w irieanness, issues d ailj ig'th the laudable enbrprise fe g reatly misjudge he goo ' sueli dastardly eond ict doei set the reverse o f thqt intei sle” of fbe 28lh, gives the S \ meanness, issues daily slips gf a...., ...-w.MM ----- , i , .jp g e laudable enbrpris e of its neighbor.— [states and of Ithaca W e would- fjespec|ft 1 people not produce an ef- iten led. .[Oivego Advertiser. Hy inqiife whether the a. hove a rticle W as not made ijo order, and if so, w h a t i t cost, I >nt will lis weeki arid will be ir drill], p reparatory f w departt|re; by sea, from^the 1st tc |the 15th,At Bp similar to i ' irig of a neat ^ ded With a| s^stanti: scabbard, plkin B«t istanti: f c u t !7,|931,5G . 2.500.000 #30,431,504 C hronicle have Journal,* wiih socief fo r li ty led (not. roprietie iiirial iiii 1, eulver For gel til dice has cxliibit to \VIhich till try I T licy ; ia'joring i uitlkelie ll m e p ,a n d on •jra in o ” means of al President oi “ fixed fact” nothing shoi ideued coulc tol^l ill in. ove|bj3ard, together., T iijiefo lh d country, so 1 fact, tnore j. clin'ed— will prophecies^ a.s slffi} as t merce and a boys, Wa.xed happy.} Thi the fenliiri evefetlfe out,U)e| cqun hasj'neyerki m urm dr in t tience,! “ W 1 1 tikis ata reduclipn of ed tEo good i ning cfedllo It hks beein­ being-^-impr ratirig\'pifoD tions .... a^d ai„ iralorsi may he object is applaid,, i^s signp apidi|Ol ing b u t the onopdjy- cam si trie m 'h f f {of ’42, which it lurie always predi jdigrdty in up, dfcimeo the M tnfeg e do the slanle. themselves f this {diversifif but (me and got o p ; the idow h ; and more into vi citeipent. This, in 1 merely fiec!ausefee jutacturei 1 guarded that the! . . , . The{duflesl p sands of doll w id o u t’lhem d'eafe to ttie N |o~it is sought th ro i| are ^iruggSm > Wok-tneaqin] ’ susriect h6vv with whiqh its [{.oliticdl 1 But— tljc I The} wliigl h inerjmonijing irabundance c thus forestal imdiislry of i burdens o f t; piial of tb whi^b, if tl inteiesl I se, I i h a snd T/it 0 ol. Stevenson anfl ti e otherolpcers ot wieGa,. w iforriia R egim e n t were on Wedfledday last coiri. pri feissioned by Gov. W i ight, ^ , i rej Theregiuiet .................... ...... b e s q k e p t ht be tijastdred into service ordered tp Fort Hamilton IT departrijefipom N. York ' 15th [August, that the unifon inch H ussars, consist- loa , grey pantaloons with a ■ ^ is, and a d o r\ iu ri seami ijffic. T h e 'be officer will bripro- itin a le k th - it andjthrust in a leatth- setviceable ; andtheaEms - A , , ' W e the c taira ation h as ipt lation re quilt effec T ^ e Evi iDceiced ad 1 OomnaG|< lu icai feri jrsebaek, \ e e b d fto a lafllike - y - » - ; f . r '; . ' ' ' 1 1 *S5 . 1 i . ]. . \ . ! ! ¥ ■ ; , F n ' K !! i ' t . ' ' From the JourA|tl p s t c a , o f Ju ly 3 T. W e h a ^ on ha^d fee OAigon T reaty a | d ' irnpanying D0CUOjenis,%t they are entirely voluminousol.unainous foror ofe'i|r ektrai. S T ' too v f o iceedea to act upon the ty.five yeark ago. A fire occurre i in B! . . on the 18ih Insfent, wMcb d estroyed s tr o y logs in ail. belonging to; A, §> W. Crowley, arid a portion of ifie coutrinfe, inoluding a law lihra- ry belonging to a Mr«Weedan, and 0200 of leather and tools belpngihg to Messtis. tier ik Spalfling. shqewapers. .Messrs. Cro' Ibss is ^SOOO - n o insufenee, the expired but a short liinri p revious. 1 ■ [True Sari, I was engaged on private bills the o f the trial o f Mrs. Porterfield fQ^- iiduct. In a letter to the brethren 'i, she said : ! of in len, and :r and stand, n y life haviDg had a parr rary cliaraclers, I was impercepli- lonscious a t thri tioie that harrp out, o f 'i t) to tolerate, aqd receive »n, from him , as is riot in accordance ct rules o f propriety. B u t while I onfess, and do truly repent o f these s, and sorely regret that I ev'er saw udson,) I deny most positively any efcourse with him, or any other ih'iught, word, or deed.’’ From the Morning News, July 23. T h e 'c r y 'o f “ W o l f !” g up a, “ Panic,” commend us to tile tins branch of political tactics long given them perfection ; and, as if itie faci, Uiey seem ever ready to pre-eminence. Tlicre is no work y pul th' ir hands with such zekl AOfk of de.-lroying llie general COJ paralyzing th . euurgie.s of the euui happy as when they ai ;ei Iheiiiselves and felli never so >t to peTsuad j b t to he tlie trtost uRliappy. m aking is li|ereforri iheir or defence. When, afu .elves a n d fellow the inubl unfurlunalc of L or detciicc. Vv hcri, alter a com. i iratiqn oijokaippJridi&f itp koverh itic eiem eni made M r. Polk tfie Mr. Clay, it was iimnediately fh the universal W h ig party th f a special interposition ol Pro ve the country from ispeedy aud hi;ig was clearer—the nation was id w£ were ail gon]g to the bottom by quietly and steadily and the frojiu being ruiiied went on, in thanhan ever,ver, blockslocks ronperousiy t e b de- a Stubborn disregard of W hig to Waiver or w ink; real estate stood le money m arket was easy ; com- grieu ture, like Barnum ’s m o n slir fat together, floririslied, and were be|;an to be some reason to doubt ■aejy of the W hig croakers, and ouq old ladies o f both sexes, thro*. try, vyliose sereuri faith in Whiggjery n a wrinkle; vlould novv and liieu sibleible al-dorrdor off theirheir itnpa-npi le irrepress a o t it ly doth riot the rpim n g begin ?” te o f things, of c|)urse, the proposed the ujnequal 'I’arilf o f 1842 present. ijneq! portunity for reviving the wa- ig seers, to be neglected.— -and IS a t this moment in process o f ^ith I hig seers, a t this moi )Ved ijo the utmost. W ith an encr- ' success, every instrument of ope. public opinion iq plied. The posi. iq plied. Th e posi. iments of the Wjliig journalists and theiriieir be as various its t names, but he same. T h e Tjribunc’s passionate daily Capitals, italics, and other IS o f emphasis, which prove nolh- ordered condition of the cause of Courier’s frequpnt reproaches a- wise policy which dielaied the T a . ind-the •’’I told-you-so” air with d its fellow W higs t iult, to theirextrerae )pecial| glory—the slupic ~ ilsi If Capt. Fish was ohe of fha oldest shipmasters, having lived to the years, ^ G “ T h e Governor has* cripirijrited the sentence o f deaih-pronouneed qpori-.AB in .W ilcox, for a m u rder m Saraloaa e o - # » imprisonm ent for life. less hurt. The cars M d a pic mm par lard, on their w a j to H oboken,whi doubts are bxpressed o f getting vote on the T a riff BHli WeBster Was to have' spoken the day previeoi'. NriV'’' ‘feribt is now felt i as lo Dallas’ course, is for the Bilh Th is no reason to doubt W atTarttagin '& Hayw' will go for the bill. _ | . * ' Ex-Governor Renneft, o f Sorith Carolina.had at the shouldei alely, the result o f a|tt. accident in the erity.five year 1 ago. ■ | urrefl in Randotph, C a ttaraugus co., ■ ■ ' ' i ten build- YobcM r B ^t J u ly M , day I .JflOa bbja. of a superio in detttaaflfhrit aaarce. ~ S B S S - S S i ‘- FROM I^IETAM O R M B T H E ARM Y . Advice.«i from New Orleans to the eve o f the 15th have been received a t Washing lofas, off Juu |y^ 3dd a t W ashington, with o J 3 and 4rh Gen, Taylor aquoUnced to two of the'regim enu 4lh, that IP a few days he would have have been rec Iters from M atai e n .T a j oh the 4lh, th a t m a few days he would have boats to transport them to C-araargo, where he'' iU| direcUiJ in motioii for Monterey, ' \ -e the summer cioSeO, T h e papers pf Texas and M atam o ras are full tailsails’ off thehe celebratio!elebratiou of det o t c of the 4ih. The. 'ere holding ,up. Souq iwel complaints. Meas down with the Cl rains were holding up. Som e siofcyess prevailed, mostly bowel complaints. Measles had ap ed in M arks’ Regnri«nt, a n d seyfei-ai D- E. Gray had arrived in Roynosa., from the upper country, fay way of M o 'iterey| a nd repor. led the Mexicans fell o f aflaithy in regard to the war. 500 Mexican, Voligiteers at ' ' ' refu.sedsed too serveerve onn fae:^rfeg,gf::^rmg,„of Tay!ay! t s o fae T erne diffieul ,ies . f i s t e d anjqng iiteeK, Bn|l it v^ririld ;he s a iled referred to Geo Suiith. T iff wounded and sicki were doing w el at F o rt Folk, We learn hy ihe N..G. Defla o f fee X6fe, tha t . ,1.1. . ..I -T.u ft,.. t«ft- Mai the 4th and 7ih rcgilftenfe on fee 6th, left Mata, moras for daniargok ip trarispoi-ts, and that the Jackson and Waslfldgtori! Vjijiluntep- re|irnents were out on the fifeifw the sfeie d|stiaaiion,— The British sloop <|f war Rose, arrived ,at Bra­ zos on the 9ih, andjtife U, b Jschr, Flirt,i on ihe- lOth iribt., both IVotiliTa ^ icoJ' The U.jS.Jh'ev. eoue cutters E w in^ a u p y a n Suren. th J former from New*York a iiA * K fetfer;tdm ; Charles] weife a t aneborfefflfae bar. K ., . i:r. ! ___ __ ___ 'in*! J: ' _ J report Joi , . and the Cotn,roiiteq |of the whole was farther in, structed to amend the report that. S enators shall all be elected a i the Isaffiie tim e . T h e instructions • ' •’‘-pledi to the Doiniriiitec w fee then adopted in subsu that there being 32 Seaatorp to hold for ivyo years, fe represent single districts and to be elec­ ted at the same timle. _ i The.Convention feen w ent into committee of wifele on the report' and amended it accord. sliOns, ftlotions were made to| reduce tl Merjibers of Assembly, but the Ci JV|r. Jordon moved to amend the report oy i ferring the dislricling of the Slate for Senate .be next Legislatpre— fee districts to be fon of contiguous territory, a nd in aS n ear a coi ed o f contiguous territory, a nd in aS n ear a t form as is possible, without dividing coi pact form as is possible, without dividin lines. Pending debate on this motion Adj. ts own especial| glory—the s hich the E x p re s, wrapping ‘ o use any further endeavor to and advises all good W higs to thatit is,s, too doo nothuig,othuig, bu;tut resignesign : r i l d n b r it to inevitable cajatnity—^1 pecies o f enteitainm e n t means d species o f enteitain m e n t means he same thing. A panic must be smocratic party must be brokei nir’’ parly must be floated once ory on the swell of a popular ex- is the real object. It is n ot l enormous profits oi of N^ew Englarid are no loi fostered by legislative protection, try is stunned hy such an ontcry. artizan m a st see that a few thoU- I sufficient of life and rs more or less; on g ain s sufficient lation. simply a-party advantage which is can hardly he a m; party advantage which is The manufacturers who 1 those public I, lijltle •ty labors to reg e is understood by the coun ;ry. cried “ wolf” once too often to alarm now. “ Calm colcj-bl leir fat dividends, and 1 crals whoi with im aginary terrors, irsely they are 'e ' ' { Ddmocrals filled with ie :nds, and those |iuocrals whom a false public inary terrors, lijltie sely they are mad the feole ilooded part .fe® are prepared to giye a bill which they doubt not will Ijim- ii to its proper relations with tlio 8 land—which will equalize Itlie U ion~and which, as it unitesi all ions of the republic in a sense of terest, will enanre to the labor and Union stahilUy of legislation- i hut knew u, is their higliest We learn feat ilfr S e y popular boat of fee Tompkins’ 53 , hap '—'i-''* p s o n , o t m Ith a c a H o t e l - f e e u se o u t p f f e e city o{ N e w Y o rk. DOW how M!r. Seymour icau im' a c 'e r o f t h e house, sjuce its ts been so . w e ll susiaifed , yet sure hri w ill m a k e an :>ffQrt to [N . Y . E m p p rium , July 25. mittee rose- .— j. Saturday, July 25, T h e proce4dings o f the Convention to.day to thd sectiUh of the report on fee for members were confined to thd sectipri of the report apportionmen providing for districtiiig th for members c f Assbrnbly, A motion tq*strikb out-tliat part o f the section providing for the sirigle Assembly districts, was lost— 50 to 21; I ' , : J.u)uary next, apd district feeir countlps le bqsis of the ap^rtioftm eht! by the Legis ire qf 1846. 'A ftef theriensus of 1:855, and very s °'\ t 1 j apetiou was not finally agroed to, 3 section tegairfling |itei compens ers, was then takqtt'fep flat no aken,. - ) | ^ ' ’’’ peliti' theY In liebi the riei • .T^fesday, July 23d. In jSenate, petitions Wefe presanted against fee pi,Bsage of fee Tariff,•ffifei -A motion to lay them on the tabfe Was iobt, ayes 2 6, noes 24— Mr. £ ay wood vflitin ? in feri fiffirmaU ve. The petitions were thrin iefekridto the printing qora- Narrqws of the Harbo'r i t New-Yoi iv, >va up anjd discussed a t eofisidriitribl© length, decision was arrived aM : ^ while on his wayllQ,j?ewOrlofeS. Ia |a mfeufaciory ^re n^ ing Postj fionapares G e n . S c o n ’ herenceito m ilitary presed e n is, i 'Frlinnion’s absen| A l l o t e [ore Trunnion’s s. wboj in crossing.'a th the wind ahead, lacked and ;ide to side in the mpst sea , Nei feour-Gennessg gt.lSa vness s f l f k rlt^E ttae SS, and mes8Sp«9f.- ..'JV N e w - Y o i li Ga^Iib R f e rk e t. i mer! An apt coroparis Friday, J n iy 24, e afternoon, M r. J o r d a n withdrew hi ion and the seefiori was passed Jovrir.- hen debatrid until the| rec irip flew single Senate! laide toi reduce fee number of' ‘ Convention spoke on tfle' l arm he House an riffnrt j»v«® made to bring up 1 for the e s tabflshm felfef ri line o f Ocean 3fs, but i t was nnsuricrisslurl. ie fortifications a t the New-York, was taken

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