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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, July 08, 1846, Image 6

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n q H & n A c t fQf th e b e tte r o t h e r s e r e c ti iig bail). ■ n a b th e r e f o r in c o u a t ^ o l M filEgs-and f a r o . rept.4 . -A ta*fallow * , W h a s h a ll h e r e a t t e r by v i r t u e ate and JI ttnblj do §1 A n y person * “ff “ r thex(l0f o r iUbl C°ntrSermn ffho'jn p iu s iw n c e jo f a ^ a g e j ejrfotm a | |nk, alteriif shxng m a t] IhJnond. 11,1846 sented tn Se! - M i J V m y P « ™ W P ° S \ r ™ I e. ? al„ri r to a n y ho u s e o r o th e r [building* fh e c o i S r f B m h monflf, s h a l l h a v e D i e n fo r U v a lu e labcn m 4 m a t e r i a l J u p a a su< K S or b u ilding and W p a r ien a n c is, and up An ♦he lol o fland on which the s am e stanfl to the e r Sent of ihe right, title a p t inter st a t thal: tim e d -«jn » of such owner, in the m annth and 10 11 , ,not be obliged lopay tor on a c count ol •other bu ild in g m a p p u r te n a n c e s m c o n s id e r a tij o f a ll the h e n s a t u h o n z ; d by th is a t f t o b e crfl stip u lated a n d a g r e e d B b e p a i d th e ^ ^ 2 ° A n y ^ m s o n furbishing such {materials an puT suancel o f a w m t j ' r b r h is agejfo shaH jpi perform ing such labor -cosiFgctf with such ow h L ........... .-«-r , •dupe such c ontract, o r the b - t evidence thereof bis pos e sion, the x-alidity of w h cb shall be I \ tabltohefl in evidence tietore the c d u t t m w H > be may bring h is sm t to.recover the'value o f ? lien.: a n d sbalh: recover n o more than th e pn stipulated to h e p aid tolhim tp such •contract* § 3, A n y person perform ing such labor oif fjtr- nishingsuoh t 8 aferiftS|W?ithdu|. a txyrit«.eB;;CQnjt1^ ’«i w ith such o w n er or'his agent, shall produce e dence as mentioned ia the pipceding section, e tablish the value Of such la ho r o r m a te rials,? that the-sam e were, .used h y theisa u t o w n e r or agenl o r ' the original eontracjor. in:. the erect] ah e r a tio n p r r e p a in o g o f such Diulding. , ; § 4 ,-Any contractor or laborer, or any p e r i /furnishing m aterials iri p u m iarlce ot a n y cnjitt m a d e bvsnch centpactor with s u c h ow n e r, hr! •said agent therefor,; m ay, aftdr iSBeihj labdr ‘been p erform ed. orvim a te n a ls iftrm rflherl, -enfd 'o r b n n g to tf close s u c h hen, by s^yym g o r cai ang a nptice ro bffservpd: persoii a tly ‘onj such o f • ser-ov hi&ngent* .eom ram r.: o rjfah o i^ r , o r peif furnishing m a terials, ( e q u ihng Inna, to appeal the caujptlof common pleas o f the eounty o r if ju s tice's c o n n c f the tpwrinn w hich suchjbjulitj ■is s ituated, e ither m person o r b y an attojjnev ■a lim e c e rtain, on sOmb d a y to’.be specified i n 's notice, n o tiess'th a n tw e n ty d a y sfroui th e feery| s thereof, a n d -ffhm it to an accounting ant „ m e n t in suchcourt;, o f the am o u n t d u e , o r - d a iihed to be d a s for the labor thus perform ed, oi the? te rials thus fw ttishedl- -.•< >' • ; 7 4 5 . A t the ttme, o r w ithin fifteen d ays t fteijjthe seryice of such notice), a b r f l o f p a rticular j-ofjjthe am b u n t elaimed; to0e due s h a ll be s e r v e d f)pH , all)? on sueh owney, a p d a lso a b d r o f par ’ A-of £jmy offset w hieh m ay b e claim ed to tlj * s h a 3 l be served in like m a n n er upon th e j contractor o r person fjirnishing m a terials ■case may be. f 1 , j § 6. I n casp B u e h 'C d jn tr a e to r i.fab o F e V o ^ - jjel furnishing m a tenals, s h a l l n o t .a p p e a r « o t a l l th e s a l t Hnspecte d i n g ih o n th th e 'a m o a m co llected th e - p a r t i c u l a r s a n d a m o u n t o f a ll th e th d I m r s e m e h i ^ . i i a K ^ l ^ |i i i & r w i t h th e v o u c h e r s th e r e f o r , a n d s h a l l p a y e n t on c e i n e y e r y th r e e ] money received for did th e s a i d su p e r i n t e n d e n t tn be m a d e to th e C o m p l ih e s a l t b n m e s s a t M d iii e i s f o r th e p a y m e n ts m t s a l a r y o f s a i d d e p u ty s h i l l be on e h u n d r e d fifty d o l l a r s a n d s h a l l le n e e n t a& t h e s a l a i y o f . d a g a a r e p a i d , B u t i n fl e x c e e d th e a m o u n t rec pla e e . i . § $ A l l l a w s inconsld herelg? r e p e a le d . . pis. . / • 9 IT h is a c t s h a l l ta k e effect im m e d i a t e l y , . By h im fqr ttie prece- o f duties a q c rued and o th e s a i d s a p e r in te n d - m o n t h s , ih e b a la n c e o f j f s i n b i s h a n d ? . A n d sh a l l a d d to liis r e t u r n 'r o ller, a l u l l a c c o u n t o f [ e z u m a ,w ith th e vo u c h - ide a,t t h a t plac]). T n e th^deputies af Snob- b event shall his salary jived for duties at tnyt tp n t w i t h th i s a c t a | e jt have conrpared the-precedjbg Secretary s Oflxcei J wifo foe^odginal la w r a f i l e ♦“*” State o, N w York, - Secretary's Office, office, apd dP certify that the eame is .. correct, transcript .. L. Wigiiiaffi- ' N . j ’ON, Secretary of State. I addtli atfoifocff resfdiogfo Broadway, has been afflicted with Piles For 14 years. He consulted die about 3 montliB since : his tongue was foul, appetite Dad,diver torpid, with occasional palpitation,coun­ tenance pale and-tooguid,con,plains of pain over foe kidneys, great irritation, tension and weight hi tho lower section of ■ihe bo wefe; attended with Rile tumors, so roach -Inflamed at times aa to produce intense sutlBring-—ut other tiines reliev­ ing themselves by a profusO .dischkige; of b ood, ipdiftng great debility—the muscles of the back frow foe long coptin u,ed irritation, haft in some degree lokt their ppwer.produicing lumbago,and it was with much difflculty that he could Walk •Uis stBp was feeble and infirm—ho had expended more §500 14 yPars for this complaint, and had obtained only tempo- j iy relj.ef, is now entirely cured, havjlng taWep ojily 3 bpxes | of my Pile Elecluary—lias travelled more.than 3000 miles since and feels ng return of tlie complaint—if as well now as he was-30 years ago and attribufea it all to (hat inestimable remedy, lir. Upham’sPilo Electoaey.” “ I j iKF’fo ra full description of this excellatft. Remqdy.and anac.cobnt of Cures effected by it %ee.pajr|phlet,tobahad gratis, Of Q. B. CURRAN, Agent,fthaea. M l I*? > r; M i l l Ui h * - 1 't*' i i •riuce his claim, - as specifiedm seciioris five,he shall forevei lose the benefir and b i eluded ot his said lie^i; and in case sjuch,. | -shall not appearm punsuance of the'require! j -of said sections* auhe!time and place specified iji j such notice, then his default shall be entered1 inf-’ i book of compion rul,efe of the said court of cl-- + mon pleas, or upoD th4 docket ofthe said justipejs; I -court, and.thereupon 4 writ of mqutry and InMr' ■siticn may i?sue to the sheriff o f said county tt •executed, or theamoujitof such claim shall be a< cessed by the said justjee’s court* as the case i ia. be; and judgement chall be entered upon thj ! same, and'executionshail‘issue forlhe ehtb ce ment o f the can! claiin so adjudicated nud es al fished, in the same nrthn eras incases upon jut ments in- such courts iijn actions of assumpsit. , § 7 On t h e appearance of both parttei, in 'rfni . .-seance ofThe above? requirem e n ts,' issue shair *• joined upon the elatmjsj made-aud notices p f set i'served; a n d the'sam e may;be- noticed for trial put upon the^alendaflot s aid cffwtt by either-, ■ ty, and shall-be;goverfled,:iried:a»d the jadgeuj therein en&reed, in all respects In the sam e id ■ ner as upon, issu e s joinisd alnd ju d g e m e n t s t ' t d iu a e tio n s o f ^ s u r f l p s i t i n th e f-aid- c o u i i t . i§ B. Costs s h a ll b e ajllow e d tjp o u t h a s a m e p c ip ie s a n d by t h e s a m e ru le* , i n ffich p r o c A e d f l ..as th e y a r e now a l l i e d b y s t a t u t e m a n actio j a s s u m p s it , a n d sh a l l t e r m a p a r t o f I k e j ud g e n • recovered in the same] »ff ' § 9 / Such ovcner oijjhis a g e n t m a y at any . give puhhe notice m the sam e m a n n e r a snotttj ■ ' re'quired-to h e g ivem fpr thb sale of- realrestaff virtue o f a w rit o f fi.ejihfacias,- ro ail p e rsons L teg claims under a n y /of the provisions of t h d against any such buJldingi or appurfenance: tn e tim e of t h e d a t e o f sa itl n o t i c e , to! p resent! sa m e w ith v o u c h e i s i h su p p o r t t h e r e o f to a n y ] Uce o f‘the peadc in tjie town wheremlsuch bd ing is situate, on or he fore a certain, hour and * to be' specified ia said notjee,- and to be at h six weeks from the first publication theteof 1 in nase of the failure of such persons to pre: their claims as required by said notich, each every such person soifailing shall forever loss benefit and fl« precluded of his said lien. ■ I '<. § IO;'iWheneversubh.oxv.nerorhis'agpntshai 'proceeded against by a contiactor, pursuan -the provisions ot the second section ot this acj ^shall be lawful for him to give the notice pres bed in the xnntn seclhon hereof, aud present tet off all claims and lieds tbefeupon prese and established: and the magistrate, or cout fore whom such proceedings shall be commenced shall, upon ihe request Of,such <uvner or his a rejht grant a stay p f proijeedipgs Tsqfficient to-en ai?le him to give such notice, atid~cqil in such claj -J which claims shall .thereupon Ije audited by magip-tratporcouit., 1 1 I § II In case-thesaid owner or h|s agent f i.«» ^ neglecvtogtve the notice requtredbyseclions four anil five, or the notieh proyKt^dj far Ijy sec” nine, ho claim' or lieq -against i such buildit -- appurtenances shall be barred] uptjl the ejxpirauon' of cne-year fi om th? it me oT pe r lt)r m tngr sue jff I a-. bo,r or* furnishing siich mateiialff, / 4 1 § 12. 'This act shall take effect thirty days] its. p a s s a g e . 1 , ‘f f J / , \ • ........ -• C h a r * 1.86. . An Act to abolish\hq office of trustees of thef pel ..and school lots, anfl to transfer the pd’ and dnti »s ot the same to the town supe’-mj J : ent o f common schools, f Passed May ,11. The peqpleof tite Stqte'ofWety YoTk,reprisei\ledU ateand Assembly j do enact as follows. J ( § 1. The 'office^of trustees qi .the igosnet.ancl schooMois in the several towns in- this! sflate,is' 1 ' hy abolished , and the powers and duties nc law eonlerred and imposed upon said, tru shall hereafter be exeicised byjthe town.suj tendent of common'schools. ,, i! ,§ 2. This act shall take effect immediately 1 * 1 - - An Act to abolish the office; of Inspector oif the Onondaga S a if Springs, ana for other1 purposes. ' - I Basse'd May 11,1& Tne People of the State of N’eto-\York, representedil Die a.n&Jlisaem.blyi do «nacfas follows ;:— i , '1 §! 1*. -All the duties novE-required td fee-pert , ed by the inspector of, the salfspringS in the i . ty o ftOGondaga,sh{all.he.i'ea!ter be. perfo.i’ml the supet in ten dent j>f the Onondaga pait s p n j N e w York State Agricultural Sacihty, , - rftjEMiuais <on farm s f o r 1846. ; For the best cultivated. Farm , qf not less than Fifty A cies exelusive o f woodland and; waste, land, regard being bad to the q u a n tity and qual- ity ofproduie, -tlb inannpr a n d expense'of culti­ vation and the a c tual prqfits ; , , First Prem ium , , ]!$50 -Second Prem ium , . 30 I' f h trd Prem ium , ,. ff 20 : Tj’be persona m akhig dpplication for these pre. miUms mu itsubm it wrikten answers, to the foi- lowing questions. j: T.n.a '11 who furnish fuji answers to theseque, tiops P r rniurnAwiil befeiven, consisting ofsn gle! volum e s, o f the Trytisaetions of the S tate Society, or s e ts o f those volumes, according to the value o f tu c h report?. i I S qi I&I cJ-C. I ^ \ . (Of how mUcbj land; does y o u r farm consis . and ol how jmuoh woofl, waste, ’and im p rovld h n d leBpectivefy. j. , 2-? W h a t i 3 the naturejof* y o u r soil aqd siibsoi;? Is tl^jrc bmostonq in i t l j W h at rocks are foui d m ltf? j 3.; W h a t do you coniidijr the b est mode o f irh- proving the different kflidp of so]l on y our farnff Oi qlav soil if you h a v a it—of sandy soil, and o f gravelly soil ? AusivfiiJjseparately, \ ; 4. W lrat depth do you plow 1 W h a t effect has deep plawipg had op various soils ? ' 5 Have youj m ade any experiments to test the. difference i n a/succeeding crop, bet wean shallow, common o/ deep plowing ? 6 < H ave youj used thtj subsoil plow ; and what have been its effects andifierentsoiis and crops ? , , • M anures. . 9. H o w m any loads of manure (30 bushels per load),do yqu usually apply per acre ? How •do you m anage your m: nur.e.? Is it kept under c'over I or a rd there ce Iars under y o u r barbs or siabies, for receiving it (? 1 8 . W h a t aie,your means, and w liatyour man- her o f m aking land colh ctm g m anure ? 9i. How m any,loads i f m a n u re do you manu, facture annually ? H o v many-dq y ou apply ? 10 * Ho)v is your man. ire applied ; whether iq its long or green s t a t t , or un cim p q st ? F o r w h a t cfops, or under w h a t cJrcqmftances, do you prefer using U, e itner in a fresh or rotten state'? , j 11 , Could>you not chiaply essentially increase you;r pupply7ot .ipanure.ly a little;dxtra labor ? 12-1 Have you used line, piaster, guano, jsaltf or1 a-n|y substance, not j. i comm ml use,: as. ina. nhre f In 'wluj, manu ir vytro they 'used, and With what rqsults? . >' | iT i l l a f ^ --------- 1 13. How 1 1 with ,what much lor ea JL4i'Wlmt sown for eac mode o f cult product per 15. W hatikm d and ql prefer for each, and a t the,earth, ior different 17., Have y o ur potatcjles peculiar disease, and ha cover any. clear ly-provi any remedy ? , , . 1 / Grass I! 18. W h a t kind o f gr£jssesjio much, seed qf clo.ver^ I grass, do yop stiw to thj of the year do y< ner of seeding ? 19. How many acretj what, ife the average p r o ] £ yci% cot grass, i n d wha t is y our q in odd of :kit%-hay? 1 .. 1 \ 1 Is any o f your mowing, land unsuitabjlo gos- |WS S, |l846. Sen- hecef w r5y >teqs ierin- tn the i form- eoiifo ■dhy lunty. salt, b du- , I, . [§ S .f T h e ofnee o fipsplector o t.salt ot pnorjdaga, is. hereby abolished. . 5[3. T h e suuerinjendent ol the O iondogt springs shall a p p o int deputies to perform th _ ties now perform e d by the deput) inspectors a t the villages o l Syracuse, Sahna, Liverpool a n d G e d d e s ; b u tito grflater num b e r shall be a p f oint- ^efftiiAn have heretoforejbeen employed. § 4 T fle supenntendpnt shall-oe entitled sa la iy o f e ight hundred dollars a y e a r for h i • v ices1, to-be deducted lfaonlhly iro m ,th e j • m o n eys received by h i m ; his principal depi tty a t each oTihe villages o f S y racuse, Salm a , I iver-, pool and Geddes, shall p e entitled to the s four hundred and fifty dollars a n n u a lly lot services, to be paidf in- like manner.] . § 5 .f : Thh! prmcipaffdfeputy inspebtors to i pointed under this a r t at b> racuse, .Salma* I pool hnd G e d d e s ,s h a ll e a c h be a llow ed the s lour h u n d red and fifty dpljars aqpualiy for services, to b e p a id'tO jtnem m o n thly by th e e , im e n d e iit; and sections forty-onej and-Stxt) o f u U e ten o f c h a p ter nine- of p a r t first o f th vised Statutes, a re hereby repealed. | § 6 ; ‘ T h e superm teijdent shall execute si Lond-for thp fauhfal perform a n c e o f his d it: and for the p aym ent cjfajl moneys collected b; and his d e p u ties a s Shall be required by the C[ompj troller. , f I § 7 T h o office o f superintend? n t ol s a lt sp at M o n tazum a , 13 hereby abolished, jThe s m tendem ol tbe Q,nondaga salt ,prings sba point a deputy to reside a t M ontezum a, who. discharge a ll the duties fyhich hhveheret been perform ed by the s u p e n n ter d ent o f the springs a t M ontezuifla, and w h ieh deputy, m a k e returns monthly to the supe .'lBtehdent c Onondaga salt springs, in pursuance of direc to be g iven hy s a id Superintend en{t, jof jthe arflount '-f ~ f - \ ' II: I H z pm o l (hem thei^ juper -nihfl Re- sucti liesj? iS s h a ll bfqre salt h a ll the. r [Pijom M e James W . Eatillj! ; , Snlem, C.qlvtmhiana oo., Okio JA ?t. D. Jayne—Dear S ir; I feel'bound to vo .ffaravMmyself o f this opportunity # g i f i i ; tie Extmordinary effects of your Espe/ofoffiri Having beyAafflicted for several years with] a hectic fe.vey,anS-hi cdncomitajit diseases,! eke med to iiuger out mahort but miserable oxiitt fall o f 1839, when befngmorb severely a.ttackc resorted to all my foraier-'jmnedies, [and theip twp o f the most resjiectableffhyricips iuiHe without deriving any benefit, offh§poiisolaijic but a few dayti or Weeks a t the fak.' gleam o f hope was about to van-sll,. me your Expectorant-—and blessed by that I [ all things ini the, use of the .moans—and con I pectations df niy physicians and friends. ! u is raised from my bed, hnd was enabled, by foi ft to attend fo myl business, enjoyiug since bet! si had for !U yeap pra nous, . Ji rr Bronchitis! R.eaver, Pa,, Ja Ur, Ds Jayne—Dear Sir : Having been 1 fiictedvvitli iironeliiilis, a disease wiiiofi a Way thousands o f the human race to a prei der the tftistaken na me o f 'Consumption ; a of| the wojiiderJui efficacy of your Expecfu Aijthma, difficulty of Breathing, and evord the Lungs; 1 p;Urcbssed'2 bottles o f it, a ndj form you and alt the sons and daughter^ d r ! 'mediately suppressed tlie cough, remove ;uity o f breathing, and produced a free •ationj and very soon effected a comi>let( I -i i. ■ J. Davis, Bapitist Minist Prepared only by Dr’. D. Jayne, No. 8 §c) PIiladeip)ia; al.o. by 3chuy]er&. fectibnej Qrops: m a n y a c r f t l of Jand dh y o u till ? and crops a r e jtiuey oc c u p ie d , a n d Jiow ph. c rop. 2 i ,. is th e am q u .ut o f s e e d . p l a n t e d ol [h prop:— tlje tim e o f so w in g —-thf Id o f h a r v e s tin g — a u d th e i , * .- A PRQPHECY. “Ten; ypafs from this sime no man wifi t errdmepnjs, vyhon sickliess assails hia (ran e cleanse'aild purify.” I •\ ■ V i iT H E B R A N D R E T H iJ. Cleanse and purify* and cannot injure. 3 strong wf(de they are used. We may us s uics^wlfat is tfteit eft’ec(. They bind fos humors?1 ik the budyywhich ultitnnteiy bi , quantity,that aiioplsxy or paralyeisis thei r. tnenjfinds too Jate. Jais mistake. How difle geqnenpes when the simple method -of F 1—itaff miidreth Pill* is: adopted, ' Experience, tliat tduch-stone of al} proved beyond doubt that, this celebratejd human body are-natuvaily adapted^ one ife their aid tho whole mass of the fldids, iipd| | (for ard not the solids made* ana .renewed fcail bo entirely evacuated, altered and ct ted; aiid in a manner so simple as-to give] pleasure. ' [ The fact is that hundreds, o f thousand! if thefoost inveterate.diseases jfy.ifio - lone. Itis jrot well to pnumerate the disi I .et tba afflicted with, an) pain, whether ml nal Origin, give this med/cine i pr 2 wer*I be no necessity fir any fjirthnr persuasio, sure to cont inue it uncil f perfect cure is .l havo oiten found persons desirous ) tftia medicine will cilre them. It is impt logetber depends upon tlje state'of foo hi One thing may bo relied Upon—that .if tti tqd direp-' ,o ^ effected ,.,u, -Xj-ected. The maiiy uismsBs we daily see, a re owing either fo mg,[orto not havingjbeen properly purged matrons, Colds, measles or small pox. P > bl? for ‘p Io attffo qr kBep ’health \yith; “L . H. Culver,[agent for Ithaca. u a n tity ofj m anure do yqu ivhat tiniek a n d i&. w hat manner do you apply it] ‘ 16. How Deep do you have mam ore covered i your mode 1 j-fSr the plow;; and .what ging such land j? 1 ' 21 . Have: you practii meadows or other land W h a t is'your pjartieula how is it performed ? (j , • 23.. Ilave yaju; reclaimed any low,-bog, or-pq :rops am^ idiffor-en/t'Boils ? been affebtcd witfi any you heen-able to dis. cause :for it, or found; ijtnds, See. ypu use ? _ H ow pr ttio various kinds bf acre ? A t w h a t season —aud whlat is the rnaq- flo you njow for hay,ahd duet ? A t what stage db edj iririgating or watcriijg , and with. wh;.t effect ? inojde o f irrigs tion-, -and rnootT pursued] AnimaU. lan d s 7 r W h a t was thq raised, a,nd ivhat the _ •' '• jDoroesijfo ______ 23. Hojvv malny oxenl; cofts, young horses do you keep, anfl of what breed: ' 2 4. Have yoju m a d e : the relative valu other a n im a ls ft /any expenmen of different breeds d partijcular purposes, w-nat results ?!' | I 25. W h‘a .1 do you consider, the bestl[and est manuol of jwintern tyatenng and slit Iter ]7 26. H o w much buttei d cheese do y o u m-t um b e r o f cows, and wl yield per fleece, , and bring 7 How ,m any o dube iambs, and what n-h-aliy reared ■ How . jam b s se(i for. p e r heat L_i28. W h a t c|o you ccInsider est m anner oif wm ten loitering andj shelter tion to your nock ( i f ; ’W inter? - j '. H o w many swij breed are they, how do you feed’ Uiem, age do you lull them, dressed?.- jj 30. W h a t fcxperiraeipt the relative value ot j dr. root crops; com pa other gram , lor teedm tjening or .tori m ilk ? ia.ttle, a are thejr 7 s to shqi ‘ cattle and wj ith cheiip. g your cattle ;r as to icj annually, from w k at r] lsj'your mode qf manuf 127. How m any-sheip d]> youi-kee^? o f wtiat breed- or breeds a re thejy 2 How mudh do thay •\~ J ...... 43 ------ -|Vha(l prick does the woof e yojilf shqep ubually p'Fo'ff im^ber. q t;- la.nlbs are . an-, irnuqlt-wali .youj- sheep or I to the but'cherj? ; the best a n d cheap- g your sheep ; .as. to food, Hbyv inany in 1 propori. my) do,.y 6 uiqseduring(he h e do- you keep, of what and wlfot do they weigh have you made to show jotatoes, turneps, and oth- rbd with Indian, corn, oi g animals, either for fat. Tfruit. , , . ] 31. W h at ft the nujnbeij o f your apple trees ? A re they of, n a tural o : grajfted.truit ? and chiefly of w h a tyaneties ? yf 32. W h a t number ; nd kind o’f fruit trees, ex. elusive of apples, ha m y o u 7 and w hat are a- mong'ithe besj: of eacl: kind ? - * , | 33. W h a t insects have attacked your trees, and w h at method do y o u use lo prevent thoir at- j-'tkeks ? . j ' j ! -- 11 34.: W h a t i ' s your general m anagem ent o f fruit trees? 1 | pthei] experiments gr farm opera, bduced interesting. ,or valuable 35. W h lions, have pr| suit | 36. What- mode of coni ... and their uses ? I ■ 3 7 .-W h a t kinds or W h a t is the am o u n t ^ n d their cost and eoj i 38.-T o w h a t extentl operations gtiided M measuring ? [And to v are they registered by I 39, -■ Do you keep rei you state the {annual t U arm , and the income Jfences, Ifaildings, Ac. i the number,, size, and general o f your farm ‘ buildings; fences do you construct ? and length ot each kind ? pdilion ~ are your various farming accurate weighing and h a t degree of minuteness dailynacoounts ? 1 jular farip a ccounts ? Can; xpense in im p rqvm g y o u r from it, With such precis^ lhat y o u can, a t the end o f the year, strike an accurate balance oi not this, practice condl servation, carbfuj farnj improve our system, tunes ? I t fs expected that these questions Will be s swered with precision] plicant subm itting the his best knowledge o f all which sin affi T h e statem ents mul tb J. B. K ott J, S ecret: the F irst o f December debt and credit ? ' Would ice very much to close ob- upg, arid in the end, much well fas better our ior- a nd .minuteness,, the ap. inform ation according to d belief* o f the correctness ?it shSlf be^ mafle. i?t.-|hq sent, free p f ipostage, Ary, Albany, on o r ! ' \ Cassius M , Clay t^nd Thom as F . M have each raifled a v olunteer Company anil star.t- 'AJ J?- J' t h e 'M c x ic a ii W p ri- 1 T IHE Subscriber desirous aftfifff _ business offers for Sale »t Oj OoifdsYCuns-sUDgof a large and ipH '•Goods, G roceries, .H a r d w a r e <Sf C rock Alt] .ary 22, !84t. a long time af- iually stveepsa- lature grave,ft W- nd having beard jfant for Coughs, f other disease-of aw happy to in- fafiliction, that it foe paiu mid di- ad easy Exp.ec- r, Reaver, P a, ifo Third street i Ithaca, 42~ ■rikble . ’ | .j, !■ . D ress Goods, P r in ted Laipns, Balzorines, Oiilhre, Striped and Pigured DeLaines. Ombre Striped Mus­ lins, Satin Merino,—Main and Ciiamelion etriped Afghans— Fancy SilkB, &c., ' I ' ■ . 1 * A choice selection of Bonnet* Ribbons, and qf Tuscan, French Gimp and Birdseye Boiinets, Earaze, Cahton Grape, Caahnierff Broeha, and every de-* ■nptioiyof Shawls.: 11 ' ; I i «... ...... ri, * j y ^ i o - TVSS\*- 1 \ — (K P W W , Black and Fancy ’ /gqssimers, Tweeds, Yestiiiigs, Gentsi Summer - ear, Crqtou Costings nnd-Summer Cloths, &c. &c. Also c k o iceiT E A ^ k lG A R , Moiasfoa and Coffee, very REMEMBER No. 30, where you will find a first rate as*- , sprtoent and the beat quality ofi ■ u ’ A ’ ® H m i,& C o . 1 iseach box, the ci libit could have LLS he weak become jault—tho .patient ent are the con- rifying the Body n knowietge,has .jedicine and the tt the other; by even the soliiri; ,mr the fluids 7) yletaly regenera jery day ease and have been ftred of foese Bilis ases by name* [internal or exterr ■> trial—thrre will tftirivardu; foe. is fected. know how1 booh iWe to say—-it at- id and humdrs.— ■itlsare perieveii* which ftccefmpaj- S P R I N G S i m P L Y ^ r i m . . A t JSIo. I l l u ) w e g b - s t r e e t , . WflLCUS b a k i4 Store:imd is now receivn JSLH- direct from Ne.w-York, 4 Fresh S'ock of , F o r e i g n Sf D o m e s tic D R Y - G O O D S , Adapted to foe season aiid tjlie M arket; -consistingof ricff aftd FufoionableDfossGooila.'. ; ! L - Brocha, Cashmere, De Lain, Rarago and Gauze Shaw and Scarfs; Parasols, Parasolett and Sun Shades; Rie Ginghams and De Laines; PJftid. Figured and Graduati v [ ■Stripe L a w n s; Zephyr Worsted ; Gifcps. Fringes; Halt ’ Ribbons, Silk Cravats, L info Camb. Hdkfs; a very extent-. siv-e assortment. o f new anfi etegant styles o f Rrihts; also a ’ large stoclji o f a taple Dry Gpndf; brown aiHl bleached Sheet- Jayfte’s Tonic. Viermffaf e-^?Pm?’-the<j es, warranted to destroy worms,m cnildfti, are apt for di — - Thia is not the case Jwith Jayne’s Tonic ' naticontam- a.e,ingtejng]red!ent-tbat can cate infant, andyet'ttt exnelsj worms fioiri iacflityrand certainty perfectly astonishjn only sanative pW-iperty^-it is .a: fine'atoifo mitfeut arid.retoitlenffevers has bjeert ac most gratifyiiigresiilm- Obstinate pa?ei ded: to .its iiuiiience, qnff its.tonio' ptoyerE „.-,r.and which ha'tr on tlie |iald head. and. prevent Jts fi .gray. This fs an c-xcftent article, and motaficea produced! a rihft growth of Ii tJiOTe who have beeabald, . ,, Read the following ifom foe Boston qjayne’s.Hair l,onicf—After givfhg i eunheBttatiifgiyjpronOunceit toho v Beat article withoflt aijy exception in us offoekumauham!. 'W dfepaw of numej the hair lias been restored to heads wliicj years j and we think We ,caiinot do a recommend to fo gurmadexs. who are make trialof-this fonid liimiediatelv,’’ • , ;, t'rpin, the Rev. Ira M. Afi T o ruy persuha! friends; I would -'-1 quainted ivith Dxvib JAYNE, M D., s respectable phySictan apd druggist Of - vhom. - -' ’ ’ . ovvjft.' sain, and „ . ....... . „ ernes o f the kind. - Hia Expectorant is equally celehrRed & efficacious Ra Ml. Allen, A gt, Am. te-For. Bible! ~ I’ropared only by D r.D . Jayne, No. 8 jSouth Tl Philadelphia. f ; , ., ’ . [• '■ BoldbySchuyleffc Scribner.'Ithaca. •' foit, March 3 ,1844. heifrticle a iarr trial,. M int prpfeifoh—foe je lor the restoration ropjs instances (where m -ave been blilcl for , , itpr favor.than.to Iqjiqg their hair, to it I am well ac^ tnow, hirp.tjo he a hard st„ , &5“ Most astonfehing cure I f Consumption .' ! n gciitleman from the Eastward called oil us to-' lost foil Was given up to die, and fits friends rioter him tp recover. He commenced [under our direct __ P r-Taylpr s Oena3neBalsarh-ofLfycJrw-ort,375 B a m ha i smce used ft oir S bottles' and,]began to gm'betts increases in flesh, 10 1 0 is a certain symptom o f cur this invaluable medicine. He is noWi 35 pounds heavi perfectly weft, a nd’wishes-not to havo his name.pu: until he can Jiavn an opportunity to send us a foil sta of his case over hfs owii signature. - H i had taken be smg our remedy ever]70 bottles of! did erent kinds oi ernes beaides quantitjps °f.lozenges, &c. and further. -that he has expeptordted over CO oaw ,oRs of purflei t ter during the-tune. W'e pledge oursi Ives to the t j statement and will give hia\name md'rSsidelce > nvf n *5 a tor any friend- 1 > make the Snq at.375 flow ery and hy Dr. Lqeds M ^ ^ B r o ^ f eSale DMgS“ t-a n d Mrs. H a /s ,1.39 ICFBecarcfel to see the new steel plale. Wrapper .1 eaciifoottie, with {he n W o f Dr. Lee< s attacl'dd to i r counterfeits, which 'arje tnjuriops. . J . , Sxi?e3? aPPoil)tmeu , wholesale an J retail fifehed. k S t [states Itmat- the'Bookstore o f MACK, ANDRUfe & CO., Xttf , I § T CF! LETTER S remaining A South LaftBing,;N. Y., Jude' in the PostO s h, 1846. rviu laid Loomis Jan es M. Brown # W m. Gole Ann Starks , Shourgour I'rey W alocu, ahetli Loomis ih VV Tichem ph H u n t.. * n J ■ D. MINIER p.m. 8 * OF LETTER S retrainingsn foe R r s f o t f c [ tsaca . N. Y„ July let, 184S. H - i*jt Fersonscailiug for tho icrjlowin say \advertised.’\ [ f “ ..... jbee Nath! T w, Proprietor : o f prescriff- . . ’R A , ; 'fcl^O R Preventing; an|rdjiring Diseases., T f t , J ,r*- . | d f foese.TJiD .havmgi t(eeh in the practjee'; o f ing and aqfthisterihg.tp^^i?e>si(!k for^ovdr3 0 years,has-been afforded the most drarile (ffi'potiunity;, from tlio thousands fie ’ has pperaltloii o f many simple' y et powerfully curative vegetable temodies&pon tho hdman frame, Jundef,aInipat| evefy peculi' arity b f disease, elim!ate, situdtibn 'and cbuit5tutibh. * T h b unrivalled effioacy!of;the filisin overcomingall obstructions and derangements o f foe stomacb, liver and digestive organs ~puriM ng foe bl'bod,' upfooting generaf, inflammatory and local diseases of ehe’glands and internai’orgatis,' and giving toue.and energy to the Whole syfltem, render tljem. the most nsefui'Mmiiy and gp -jeral Medidine. p Dose.fpran Wult.lrbm S-a pill to2p(jls. Now sold'by aft agent duly aftdrediteg jn Rifhoat every town in ^taie. ^J&Lce 50 cts> ifor-tfae I^rg© aud 121 cts-for the sniail bbx-es. -FuH directionsgo, with each box. Wholesale hy T , R. Hibbard, Druggist,(No. 96.,John ,N Y .. e Sphuyler St Scribner and O-B- CUrrafljAients, T O T H E ’ PARKER « S ] f f5! latest fashions and moat approved Btyles- Newest sty Hat, Gap, Dresa -and M a iitill^ p ^ f f t ^ [the very best manner. C e l l i n g o f , ajt C o s t! 'iry-C 5 6 o w e g o f t h a e a . [of whichfoe wiilposifively^sejl, jeaBe call and examine beforepu B,1^,U Persons indebted on aq Jted to cdU and settle, ' - , May 19; 1846 ' I p i e v r S p r i n g G o o d s , 1 8 4 6 ! the, ITHACA CHEARC ASH STORE, . No. 90, Cwego Ithaca . .g i 1. A.[BMITH, &iCO. h a v e just]rr--'--J • sortment u f Spring and feuibi ; Stock is th e LARGEST, mi CHEAPEST they have ever offered-for. sale. imong. foem a re a.beautiful a?Bd|ioment i i a s s i Itermined to close Up bis, O bt his entire stock oi ndid assortment o f Sta- received a complete afi- 1 er DRY GOODS.— BEA U T IFU L , and f of Latfles Fash- j [ L E T T E R F R O M S A B I N H A T C H . * j ,j, Montroa^ Va.t , Aug, 0,184^. ,v J J t. C Brincjke.rliofF: D«aT Sir—X w as eeverply »ith anaffeeti'oiioi-the lungs,painm tha leftsidekbreast, attended wifo an alarming cough. I w asin New-York,( ’ my friends there advised me to try your Health RestoratLD. I procured-two bottles and before 1 liad used one ojf theii* I found my health materially improved, and after using thd 2d bORia j; enjoyed gs good health as I had done a t anjy tim|) iu ffqr fi yqafs. A t I he ttm« I speak of, being iq N ew- Yorkjmy fovnds despaired p f my, ever reaching heme... I usefl no <|th- ~ mediqjne, and can a ttribute my improvement m health t ' under God, but the medicine here spoken o f j & 1 WdfiijirouH that every one similaily afflicted would gi\je i t ' afoa)..!;: -■ i r ^ s A bx N HATdjfo, I , L ETTER FROM W. FOLLET. Mr. C.Brinckerhoff: Dear Sir—I was/jm Sabin foatcli, a t the tupe he.speaks o f ihl I thought him ’ ’ - - covfoy, and :\ ... ... . .. beyond ____ . foctf did not think ho wou|ld, roafo lit i (if know of iris using any other a Ur” 'orfoive, ’• \ '■ ■'■■■ company ig m New-Y] possibility; did HeaJUr Rest ami in a few weeirs! good health as he had donefora long witKMr. ilatch, that under God, lia is yom[.njedieine for the degree of health consider i t a valuable ----- flicted jivith an a(foctio|i of tlie lungs or l] al. \ j ’ W .FO L L E T , Sherjtt of ^ O .fo Curran, Agent for Ithaca. edicme1 tljap 4 he appeared i . e Ana < bei jlebted to foe now enjoyBj. ‘ 7 - and recommend apy onq a f \ \ ’Ivor, tq — - - - - iusqm M a r r i e d . ' i- . On the 4th July, byl the Rdv. B. Hawley, Mr. JAMifsi. M, II ubbard ] of Danby,1 to Miss N ancy C t auk ,-of thesame place. I - t- • *•• ■ r I • i In Varna on the 22d Juno, by Rev. Mr. Mason, Mr- Geo H, JBtifcRS o f Wisconsin, to pins E lm i r a L.CifoTofl, of Ifoaoa. j , - | ... •; Gn the 23d Juno, bv Rev. S. R . Scofield, Mr-TicHARU HoaqIjIn of Ovid, to Miss S a r a h M icelb, of Hfotor-i By the same on 21th Jupo, Mr. Wm. I’. Dbtt,on, recent graduate at. W est Point, fo Aliss Lucy, youngest’daughter o f Dea. J, W ' MafoeWs, o f AJecfoenburff. 1 E e a l E s t ^ t f t f o r S a l e H OUSE.& LOT FOR SALl foed on Fayette streetrncarly pppos present ocoujned b.y » L ... easoiiable Enquifeiof W E L L S & WRIGHT, lAgenjs. , , , H A K 1> W A B 13 A t t i i e o l d s t a i n d ' S i g n o f t l i e A t i v i l , n e a r t b rpHEundersigned'having rccejved large Addij X Hard ware, are enabled to- fujrnisii B’armerf Geherul Assoi'uneul of TOOLS] and BD1LD1 tli Assoitmeni wiRbefound, , N a i l s Sf G l a s s , A m e r i c a n a n d E n g l i s h :Bras.sftn:d M ttieral.Knft'bLatebee,, Aiuer and Erl and skew But(e. Loose and tig-ju-joint Parliament Hinges, Brads, Swevvs. ...I,,*-., • I . r r 1 C U T L E R Y ^ D ipnerand desertk-n-yesaj p r IciHves;' Round u u d isqu a r e b lpde Sbqe-knives. ., ,,y ..... iniiiJU M u lPoekei& n ivfis.. Also affeoeialnisojr.-BteiH«!,<?>.. . G lass and M abogati) Kpobs-; Plaie andeucket C a s to r s ; E ? c u ljcbecns? B i a s s . i f t i n f k W jo a g b tta b leand ebesi b u tts, Cafooei r a s p s . L o c k s & c ., a lso a l a i g e a s s o i t m d u n i „ l l , . IROIST, S T E E X , A N V I L S , Y I C E S ^ E l L E S j B A S ! Ci|cular fo] cu t, M 111 ? l^jnd, PauneOcompuss, Back ,Key hole* FtlTok,d nd Wlepbpaws.. ifoli Be|iels,gages,spokes! fives, ti y sqnm|s,firimer and tui nroggouges; Grhiei, soch st, rfucksbj!J,ii selp; Siug|e,(/iu, and dpuble pldne£t|[x(is; compasses,gimlets tjidcesantl bats, t road nnd nffifi bainmer|S,oil stones Angnis Srre\t Plates, Set ew drivers, scraicbawls,^Hojiou Auguys,Cj 8 ij Adjas, and a complete Assoi iirient of Bench aiid Moulding Flaqes. \ , j J K s t e p Afld farminfi; iii.ensrls> | JJougbi[yhoe«ish,aveis, sp.a(ie?i,Wanore-|Qrlrs;veG© radles scythes, s mthe, (ak^,g!iin[d ktonei,eiqbdf|S cas non pumt ft, waggon btfjres, boljow k fi y(ngpan, 8 ,sauce pans] eboveienntltongs,sbes|-and bai lead.powdei, brass kpttl ra\steelyald*. •I orj^utb^ s^teelteapRHun^kftiftnfote n j0sni'»sBfti!S-««H»imsB..-eiand:le8rilefcft4.atatft!r»>ife5BEit!i be”— ' *—*•■*«!- Pols,spitlons m|l Lduiifo,gridirons,qimne) BpII'p L H d L J,Hips tSseSre. Theybavea } I ] SADDLER 1 HARDWARE. - 1 B n e k les of a liJu n d s , H ptriesdo jrrdte Biro -feiiu u j Saddle T r e e s p itentJL e a lk ir T iq n k R y e is.T /u n k I io c k s .p a d Sei ews Hpi*I Clre . Oi nnmem-!,& e . J ! ' . C O O P E R S ' T O O L S . , j, G o o peis'A dzn. boarnAxes, H o llow ing, Htddirig s ve,sbBveup,cbanr)pei:ingan|3Hbqp Sliaytis Lewelers. Ho-we[s;*-e’.. 1 1 iiev.wU at- iflLUSmiSftJreepm-; v , | V C o o k i n g , P a H v r , a n d o t h e r S T O V E S a n d S t ve F u r n i t u r e , o f th e l a t e s t a n d l e s t ] Th'eyal&o munuiactui-aand/ieep on ii,mda geneiftl as rtwriuot , jj |l • T m , S h e e t I r p n , a n d C o p p e r W a r e , Arjd maketoo) deron riiortnotree, flfoiticles nril u^nalfo Ite^ion band.i Tbeytn rfre tfeeparticu^^ offliose w isbing ir tides in then, line! aridsolicm.icdllbeforfput chasirigeisewbrM: * -J ................... .............. ........ . ............. L ] A ; L , ' L . TR-EMJA’ N A T I O N A L L o J n F U N D 'L I F E A S S I J , ' ’ ...................' [j R A N C E S O C I E T Y O F L O N D O N , - 26lCornhilJ.— E mpoweied by, Aqt pt PaihamenL- (frzpital— £ 5 0 0 , ( ) i 0 0 0 , or & 2 ,S OO O O O . G e n e r a l Agmu im tin, UnireJ faUUb.dnd Bril- creek, tit present odqupied by Beni: Cbitteijiilen. S-Tertas low,. W ELLS: & WlHGjE®1, Agts, • May 13,1840^] ^ 'ALSO, a\Village Lot on Cayuga street, a few rods north of Dr. Stevens’ residence, and adjbmiugfoat oecupied by Mr. FiJes. Enquire o f W E L L S & W R IGHTjAgetts. Ithaca, May 12, 1846. . j l f f , T O F A R M E R S &, S E T T L F R S . T H E Su b s c r ib e r lia s th e «! ■■ mi A g ency foraboul 7000 . Acres.of LAN D $!( ./his S tate, a greit . if vylncli lie has ptij'SunaTly * TIieLand iri*|ett(ij|ty an dp __ rompare « ith almosl an^ ifn lire Stale, 1 , J Lediidti S tari 62, W all , N»w Yoi ll, Pli s-ci in Ioi Tompkirre co. J.A .H o v e y , office, Clinton Hmreet I tl aca. D . W . P - ’ andW J. Shaiv ]>q Agents, Ith acq, , j! flireotors—A ew-York, Branch, I j Jacob Haryey, E q rich’n, John J |Pa!mer, Esq ll Jonathan Goodhue, .-Esq- Jam k Boorman, bsq. -li! R-O RJreln, Ten ! SamUellSJHowland.EE , Sami. HI. Fox, E sq.' jts Jfov Jibe Amer- 4^,,., ™ ,v..|Cr: than,foe/scale adopted by many London Oftfces’ Loans granted to [lie extent of gds* the a-- mountof premium paid, g'Jert! e lapse of k year [Persons insured in the United States oil tlie scale o f “par tibjipation,” enjoy tlie important advantages oi sharing in tlie wjbole business ot the .Sojeiety, which in '|Lngland is very ex- ■l=T-he public are respecttully. requested io examine tbe dis ■ -tmguisbingprinofpl.e -oftkisAustttati .n * - J th e ir i taM e s ,te s , -pjtheirchbtnbuuon ol profitn—and the fpcihtie afiorded by G'iotji#; Frencfr md.jIii^kbf’F^ftpy ^^^Cass'imem;? Croton ! Ing.asi.uall Fanu fora larger,qrseitlers who wish.., . Cloth; Oregon ‘Coating- with a full assortment of Goods puilcliftse3witlfiind u advisnblctb cailuponthe snbscni'Parir£resent,m suitable for Gent«and^folI!lre!]lS, summer clothing: ALSO I Ko*lv,Brni-t4nPBriiitri>lcpi«i-le.-n a<J tie m u nncl w il Inffei-1 , summer clofoingl ALSO ;sortmcnt o f flue, Suporfinb and Ingrain •. . ; CAUPE'hNG; 1 Hearth Rugs, Canton MattingJ &c., nil o f which arb' offered allow prices, for cash or prSifuce. Ready pay will ensure I iioW prices—Remember that. • G R O C E R I E S : A large supply of Choice Groceries ju s t received a t 111 Qwogo-atreet, viz-: j . Ulids. o f St.proix, Porto Ricfo and New-Orleans Sugar, • ” n Nejvvitias Syrup apd New-Orleans Molasses. Bbls and bojxes of Woolsey and: Woolsey’s criislieed, ground anti loaf Sugars, j ’ , Rags o f GldJGoy. Javajand jLaguira Coffee. Chests o f Fijie young Hysoji, Oolong, Pouchong ft Skins D r y -- & e . , HENRY jW lLGUS, 111 Owegmst. o f G c j i o d s , G r o c e r i e s , S E L L I N G O F F V e r y R e d u c e d P r ices I i j a A i W S 4 c 0 . 4 '•: No.eO'Qvjego-strfent, 1 j iffermg’ their 'Extensive A.isortme.ht o f Dry- ’-ceribB,:,'3cC.,: jfrom l]5tn]25 eent^ less on.'a and many foticlesfossjtljan they actually nek hag been bought yerv[recently a ,. irk Cash Fricffo and w IJ1 be sol'd k . ».p.. _.iq order todisj)o;seql|itrbeforo:'foe:openiilg o f havfe 'Thosji who wish to nurehase cllibice s: cheap Goods il] please calfbbfore buyi elsewhere.'. I S. HARRIS tc CO.,, 50 Owego street, Ithaca, N* Y. J u s t re n e w e d J r o m B O S j T O N A N Elegant Assortment of-'GARPLTtJNG, new Ra - x S l terns, torsajfocheap a t the New Gash Store ’ I FINCH &a STOWELL. ! l !§ 4 5 . T HE Undersjgjjed, l)ay:in!g',purcliared the S t o c k in T r a d e of U ilL L IA M p & C O , is now leo e ivin g from iN e w -Y o rk,1 a RVesli S o jipiy n f i N E W . S P R W G G O d D S , W h ich w ill liffp.ff Teil a t tlfo'-JLotsresi K’l ices for C/ASK qr P r o d u c e - y H e rniendij tq'kjqf'ponhan'l a .genert A sa-.rtm em o f a li nsefaT A rilcles oil M e rcban’dixe, ir e lud in g ' j ]. r , Iron, N a ils, OUs, W h ite Lead, <J-c. H is old Friends and tb e p w l i c ge.nfoally-a.re iri v i­ ed to call a n d exam ine fo.r iThpmspl v e s. c ^ w V J i S P - F o r W heat J O a ts. Fla'x-rieM,! Tim d tbv-Seed,.& M o st , lt inrls-ni l Produce.‘ 1 N.B-.—^Tike a c c o u n ts of W j [ llia i ]I s ]& C o ., w i l l be settledby J.E .S h a w find 'E .T .3' o - e ’ n E: r . T J S .W I L L I A M S . WOKD FishtiMackjcr Si-..,!, a Af I C odfish ' 'P S.and W.*s F I R K I N S -$ F I R K I N S I £ ) F \ C \ WILVIO'Iff ORANGE COUNTY-BUT A J O K J TEIL.FIRKINSflr-r Si, Ie by ; 195 June 6 . I-' j ;T CAMP A WINTON ' ‘ ’ Fancy Vvfei 3 m iles VVest o f S o u t h a m V 2 a 't h i l e \ p e ts ; onq WlfJeft singl twisted. I4|knots singil Yarn forstriwed a n d - Jl the lb,i then&oubled Coverlets shbujd be sphj. ._rr ____________ . qr 30 a n d lM single. G o tto'y a r n Np. 7- two -threaded- Single! Coverlet yarn sliojuld be.spun 30 knots to foe lb., theh ~ - for Rob; .-.y a rn s b o ifodanii jtwisted, d 1 Roy §hawlg'sbonld ’be He has engaged the . Down throughout: tiie . 'i'hesubscriher haspqa weaving Coverlets iwHoi meet, a sitflftves the co ftrlets wove for $2, singlj Flowered cajrpetrcolorcl -ork .andcqlors warrani Grfoon, ffeb. 16,1846 LARGE lot- oi T ju s t foceivedland ^ 6 ] ' [ r ' t n e h - s h I F . ; ‘ ■ as taken B. P. Kelly into Copartner- Iwalre-bUBinesB—the firm to .Be Pel- Juno r46, te O' )D .Groceries- c. ~~ Stewart’s n band for sale very cheap.— Svrlin. ’ 4 & STOWELL. Black i.itld .Col’d Kifi .GJoves—first f SffOW|LL, Ls Wqbli M d [NH-E follq.winL ^0,596Je97,.w 805 uc.tqi; lots no. 514, itaming 330 acres,; -andl containing 330 arro« 1 di T he object of: foe terms as to:j . June 23d; l84j ) 184j>|.. j ......... CJT R A Y E D froni: th i Sublcriber, on Thursdayj the lltli Jay of dfine, a tmfle Bre|fflSgffw VT* wbjte With a long tail, but 00 further riiftr^edi W hen last seen, she was neat foe “Burnt Bridge,’Si Am- \i. sbaii iW O Gasesofmew . _ PRlNTSOTQOMfl •M.,90 Owego-et., liliaxj R I P M N n g u n d D y e i n g . on V illa g e , a n d 1 m ile E a s t o f W e s t G r o t o n ■ ..... W S E R -, W OUI D announce'to foe public generally, tliat h e ia Pfof ared to d o'In [er tensfve business in the line o f : poloriflg-aijk ’Wteaviflff-fllldii&'of '. ': L C a rpels ; i C o v e r lm s la n d Roh-fRoy Shaw ls. ; Yarn shqt ldbe spun30 knots to the Ibt for fiowered Gar-' ’ ‘ I the olperjj half doubled and 14 doubled [wilhfiake I yard. . _..j-pet#sifould lie apim two run to l.ttyisted. Yarn [ for double carpet OO Jkiiots to tlie lb., then doubled, e.spun , ittoln yarn Np. 7. ipun CO knots to the lb. ^ fervices, of Mr. -Charles W itt, loutiijas'an excellent worforie t up the latest iitiprovedmoWweefoT ie, whidb is an\.important ipprovo- yeflet without.a seam.-' Double cqv- k coverlets for,§1 50, Shawls for§l. and wove for i r i cts. a yard. All d. SAMUEL HOW S ER. n-Rutland arid Straw Bonnots, lie very sheap. . ,. FINCH ,& STOW E L L . t, WOOD wanted at [the in Factory . ~ANTS', S A L E . . Insylsania laflds will! the Clinton House in foi VEDNESDAYthe8tf . , A.Ml. to-wit’:' .lota nd.' . , aituatlad in Sheffield co., dontaiiimg 1 ” -nd 630 in( Limestone *•«\- '* 707 qnd 568 in I ’lt I'clocl bts;N< dose up' an old assignment, Sc. Ibe favorable. , 1 , , NJ.G* FERRIS,Atesdgnee.. [j \ A l [iornsog towards fthaea- L'teff Iv t da 11 f I ftlT RtvTfS beautiful ..styles Ainericaii CHEAP-rjust received at No* e . A . s m i t h & c o . ber!.beforMocatingeisewhere.aa[ be can and willoffer tbep gi'eai'nducemeiitsio purc/nase.- ! .IsOj Fof Salp, a LOT in C A u sa-sl jn thevillage r rtl)[ada,asliort distance nortli oif the residence of D i , Ii'lmca, Sepl.26.1843- : j A. WELLS. ! G r e a t I n d a c e m e r T t s ito P u r c h a s e r FfSteHE Subscribers oiffer (or.sale on tlu - M . reasonably t< rm», -an Improved T ARM of 182 Acres, situate pi Adams co lili! ois, 4 a s - ® miles from the flourishing town ol |Qsm(' ----- on foe MississippvRiver,. There is ndf i - 1 thp Western States for ode wSel ;t. \ ’! ‘ :an be obtained by calling upon tbe under- ■ ' W EL L S & WRtG-HT,.! over Culver’s store, Itbaca, N.Y. H O l j j S E S F O B ] 8 A L E . ; : ; ; tj j( m H jE biiibscriber jiaving remoyed.ffoiji X tin-, VmUge.offer^ TO SELL, tire „ Pi-opfriy ivereinafter flesbr)becl,at reasbn '-1 pabie pricro,arid on ndcoiiimbd iun'g Terins. ; | i u [The’HOUSE and LOTou Geneva _ jtw e en Seneca ijnd Duffala 1 ,lSts. now oftopSed bv' E L.Porioi-, Esq, The H Jn sc is Mew,, Ln fgeaviff wdllj 'fiflislied.aiid in frveftv respect mhsl eiimbly pjtffoied. 1 llie G arden isw e ll studied w ith l he Desi'nf F r u i t . '.d. Tiie Brick H O U S E and LO T on Buffiln 6v.,be. fi C tyiiga and Iteog i.s*s,no\V occnpied by R ]v/W . aiker. Iiis^qery convenient- to- ihe busin'eSs pari be Village, iapdiWeLI tilted fin- lire i evidence o-iti- g e n ­ ie ;1 Fam .iJv.. , , , . - ! 3J. The HO USE end LOT nn Buff 'o S ,bmveen| C vynga a n d Gt(iru>vn Sts, now occupied b.v/Mr G-eorgejj , , V hiimore. Tins Housensrin w and-well fln-iR-hqd andt) the life offierhusband fu -nislied iv fill every eouveniencefor a desirabte res s, &r.. applv tO|tlreSubscril'er et lifonffi- r] foe Fter, in Albnnv, pi iiftSAMPEi. B.f-TKAE[G,es( AN 13 (uOSMAh of 11)1= viljfige. JAMES O. TOWNiSR. i, June 4,1845. ii 5ia)i' - p-pculiar jrjnciple oi ti atSavmgs B. ol for; hie alwayi any sueh c t as are oftcfod by no other Life Insurance Co., the U,-S.,vjTz: ii -,r« / ’ - j - advantages secured (to the assured by the nlij, with Life Insurance. ie | permanently ..-'invested ira tbeU . 'S ,, ........ .. e ot the Local Directors', ten Trustees—avaiia-: tlje assured in cases of disputed daimBifoheuld- ______ ^e„l or oth Or wiser ,, ................ . .... I, Thepavmpnti ot preir.fomsvha)fycarly,quarteily, or month­ ly ; a t a trifling'advance ujiou the annual rate Nocharge iorstamp duty 1 Tlurtv days allowed after .eaclv..<)ayment. of,premium«be- :omes due, w ithoutforfeiture o t policy. , 1 rav eflmg leave exten u e aud liberal, and extra premia iilis on the mpbt moderate scale , ‘ . Conditions in thp policy less onerous to tlie assured than jsu a l in cases p f Lafe Assurance. • — s ■ .ji The actual and declared profits, (published m-successive (Reports) attotdiug sure data jor calculations o f the value of ■p‘>houu ” m this institution The rates ‘ ior hie with profits” are low e r than those of !auy other foreign Company' effecting Life Insurance in New jYoik Kajes, payable annually, on $100 on a single Life ‘Age.. 1 \ ear,1 ■ 5 ytears! Life do w 15 ’• . ............... ...................... ................ 20 -25 121 80_8t 0-00 ICb ’ Sl-47 ■ 1.47- 1,68 2 22. 2.54, 2 93 U47 . i profits 2 £6 2 34 2 46 2 82 3 73 . 'An Actin respect to lpsuranc married wpmen.” —l-Passt.d b y t, Aqnl, 1840. . . . , 1. ilsh a ll be lawful for any;married tytjmaq bv 38 4 7.42 for tne bgiieht me of N Y 1st, CjmirajjOf jo^ATJ V a l u a b l e F a r m s f o r S a l e . | . A FARM containing; 175| * i l Acres—140 of which are: 3 improved ; situate about four miles northwpst ot Ovid Court House, | [Also, a FARM adjoining the above on the u ’’5 acres,55 ot winch aj-e improved, •' . Iso, a FARM Hu to ih t! - - - .... ffXt niles uort h o f the village | which are improved.; | ^ .Jont5J, Ithaca,containing 200 acres* i. a FARM simatbip the NortJi-part of NewfiJlllL. ■ Enfield, about 10 mules southwest of the village qfij , and contains 1QI acres. 55 oi iwhich are improved. ;! (Also, a FA [IM at Dnfielld Centre,| about 8 miles west of] Ithaca, and cqntain/j 3([i acres. y _ i : (Also, a FARM sitqdte in the tovvn of Enfield, about JO ■m les snuth-we3t o f (toe viilage o f ithaea, and contafos 100. at res,’80 of which are iifoproyed. |( '■ - L ' Also, aboutofo ACRES near the village of Etna in the town of Drydep. on which there is a large Dwelling Bouse, Piper Mill, and various other buildings, and is knowri as the Beach property I I •. 'j • , ,1 , i , ■ Also, 75 ACRES (iituqte H miles from the last defonbed .premises, part of wlnchl arei improved and the remainder fobered with Pino, OakfandChesnut. ! , Also, a HOUSE and LOT on the east side of Cayuga-st. |af*jqiDmg the lajnds qf C h Humphrey, Esq. on tjie noifn. Farther description is deemfed unneces^ary.asit is stfpflosert on wishing jjurcliase wdl cull and view for tnein- Any person wishing lo purchase will find itfijr tn.eir to call, a« all tliOJahove described premises be sold low audofl very a c c o m m o d a q u g , B E A g h L cb , l)fo August, 184o[ ____________ : i fa]tf ' yfo. | r » 0 R SALE —A 1 cenvcnient Dwelling IljlU S E fBTl S f and LO T on Afoany-street., a few rods soufo.of ‘'ILGraeh-stiteet, kt present occupiftbv 3 V I . Scjragl . „ .is reasonable. Enquireflf , ■ A -W E L L S , a - - Itjtaca, April 28, !846.- ' _j _______ ■[ field, 60 Acres innrfovcd, aff f good House a nd Burn,, a good ■] _a*Orchard, & vtfdl watqift ' u FA R M of eq.A c r,esin the same io]vrij,(i; p a r l o i tbe o ld,F urn yrf Solqm o u K eliosa) 42 A cle uipfoveff a good F]efose.ind B a in.ia good Yaurigffii c b ^ d , and- wet\ I xytfteied. h » *' ■ ■ Both FarmstWiM be sold very C h e a p , nnd c Ci-fldit ( iverrif leqim e d P.M ,C A i]|P|. a).i0otdbeF23d, ;18j44, , - jajff. Al FRONT OFFIj pj the .second: floor above is a goodlocat Maker. Bnqui,to of May 26, 1846, T i p L e t . 1 ‘ '• „ . foich is. ai|tached a- Bed! re , f fcto/e No 82 Owego stj The an office orla Tailor ess riDre s j ; K E NDALL, 82 O.wego ' ' __,,„aared,,'ib} Mel ---- -- . t. definite period, or for the term ofhisnatUi|Ulliie , and in ease of sifrvivjng hrriiusband, tho sum or nett amount of the nisurence becomiugdup and /ny- able ftv the terms o f the insurance* jhall: be payfob/e- to fteril to and for hpr own use, free from the claims of the repretonj tativesqflier nushand, or of any of lus creditors; but.sucis exflrrtbtion shall not ap Iy where tlie ainount of premium ait-j nnally paid ihailfo-vceed three hundred - dollars. k <>2. in case ofthefieatb of the wtle, before the decease ’ of f er h j*-band tlie amount oi the insurance may be mader payable alter her death to her cbtldien ior tbeir use, and lo their guardian if under age I Tbe recent cnee|of Amory Chapin, Esq« of ProvidenceltL I., (being in p rfeqt health at the time ) 44-y ear of age, -win] insured ins life for flO.OdO on the 21 st .of August Jast. while ’ . visit tolfew York, and soon after Ins return home.waS III dl am!|died,on Uie 4'h of October foHovvmff. should be xijmjile for others to make timilarprovision. Hisexecutofo; brougjit m th1 >r cipint in due form, and tbe same being ap-, proved of by the.Jpcal boffrtl* tne general :agent'patd t eq- mohnlofmsurance SJOiOOO Thus within three months from, the dqte of Mr. Ois. application, his family;received §10,000 fojr wbahcost qf hjs meaps bt|:t'§372. *J’-' ». '■■■'- ‘PafopMpfoconlflJiangfoe Ia.sGtiratiaJ?le.p.oTf, and the'Socij ety’s ijates, .together with blank forrofe and: tlie fullest inform- ation.lmay be obtijmed on appjicatio-nto any A gent of Sub References, of fjhetog'njst charactoriiifoe United States — ''• applicant}.if required.as ttfthesitandin'gjWealthahd' bf° I* SBAW,°and| I f 1 -) D.VY riA L E , Agents for T|ompkinscounty.' ;e choiceNutp, a t \ ElLpRED’S. G o o d , s . AU^* G^mhre. Stripo liawns and Delaincn, ahd 1845|i : I L ^ & ' i e s D r e s s i Orgarity Mbslms, Plam asnd' PL 8 rragesj Plain and Ombre Afgl;- cst reeewed kf No. 90, Oiyego!- Iky2foa846. 1 O L Y M P I A N WM gured Del, aints, immrn- :l’-ans, Graduated Robes* street.. - A SMITH & Co B T j l V A L I money secured by a iriorteage t day of Juae, in the year 18391 executed by1 David g ,. SamftelRounsevili, and recorded hi the office o f fo*®] thp cj'unty o t Tompkms on tbe 28th day of June ifffo 1839 m hook U of mortgages page 67. ice7, which ah .gedipremisesareidescnjiediinpaidi mortgage asfolf —A11 that certain piece o r parcel ef land situate mg mg mythe towu ol Caroline in. tbe county of and bounded as follows, fo wit—commencing xt Ibe oftbelafeSuequehannah andpBafo turnpikeio*d,tVfo' east of foe sou h east corner p f David Muik’sUnd’sb'i ;enlre of the road—thence sbuth eiglity eight degree, Wo chpins and seventeen links—thence, north three- and twenty-fi ve links—Wenc^ south eighty eight degree* i two chains tb lands owfted b y Bartholomew G reci-foi nortb twelve chains and ninety five 'link*—tbenee ft chains and seventeen bnks—nhence south twelve ehai seventy one links-—thence eighty eight degree* eqL chains—thence south three chains ,twenty-Jhye link*] place offoegj ’ ’ \ a ...... land more o ti|s8 . ^Which“6md mortg}geh>i been duly assigned tothe sub cnber, and foe amouefoltjjjfo I ed fo be due thereon a tfoe time of the first pubhctftosfYf this notice, Is three hundred and seventy siX dolRw-ind «gb. ty four cents ' Noficejik therefore hereby given, tjsst iff tue o f n power of sale'containcd m said mortgsvc' \ — suant to th e statute m Isucb cdse made and proyjdt mortgage wilbbefojeclosed.-by a s a le f if said “ ises.'at’publtciauctipjn’afcifoeHpfol.mfoewilUgeftt/^ _ safd county ofi.Tnmnkins, on the 2Qth, day uf Jyeeftexj ** at ten o’clock m][the forenopn_ Dated Match 23d, 1346. , , assign**,-+e. 12w9Ju25 •A. S . JoHSSOlfi , . . y , , ...... _ Po tponementfo-The sale o f said prpmtsesiB hereby nod to- , ed to Friday tho 3d, day of July, 1848, then to t e held*! ' he time and place above mentioned. Dated June SO, 1846, | ROBERT H ALSEY, Assignee, Ae, A. S. JoHtisotjd Attorney] , « 3wfi Postponement I rT h e sale of said premise* is hereby port- pdned to Thur.»d% the lfirb|flay of Jffiv 3S4(, then tobe held a t the same, plaotfand time q f da\ above mentioned.- Dried. JuLy 3 1846 1 ‘ R O B E R T HALSEY, Assignee, Ac, A . S J ohnson ,] A tt’j : | ___________ , _______ 2wfl J‘ H E R I F F S A L E - T>Yi-virtue o f an execution issued out tif the Supreme comjf JJ of the state of New York, totme directed and delivered, agamstthe ^oods and chattel lands and ’enemente of Eliz- abetii Bloodgood, Alvah Beebe and Louisa G Beebe hi* wife, and Abraham M. Bloodgood, heirs of and the te? ten­ ants oi the lands i f Francis A, Bloodgood, deceased) m my balivuck, I bave-beizedandkakcnallthe Right,'litleXndin­ terest ofi foe said, deleftdams, of, m and to the foUptwng described property and piemioes -viz— I The Haiioidn Houseanfl|]ot bemg Iot-number one, (l)cf i block-nmnber eighteen 0 8 ), lymz m the North West cdrntf , of =aid bloek and bounded (hi tbe bouth by Uhnlon street, op tiiewos^ by Geneva-street and on the sohth and east'by other lots in 'aid block and situated lying1 and being inllfctf town ot Ithaca and countvlof Tompkms and. State ot New- ’’ York together with .all the hereditaments and appurtenance* thereunto belonging or m dny wifee appertaining,•said hbdie } and lot being part oifoe estate ofFrancis A Bloodgood dy- eea ed Al-o all tho=e certain p sees, parcels, and blocks of land situate lying aud being]in tlie said town oi Ithacainown a part o f the said JBloodgdod estate]as divided hy William. A Woonwardand An el St Joi 4i commissionernappomted io divide the sameand designated on .he map o f tbe Diu'iotf of foe saia Bloodgood estate -a copy o f which is filed in thd .(Jerk’-'-oinc; ot said county of Tompkins as follows, viz: On Block number 2 lots nambete(l :l‘53i ‘154; !57, !58,.ll60*' : • 163,164 I6d, 366. 161 bei 3, lots numbered 5, 6, 7\ 27,28; on block number 4j number 5,lots-i)umberek 5*s ’ on block numherfi,- iots nur., 17,18,19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 28} • i;2,3,4. 5 , 6 ,7, J8.19 on b!oek number-8, ’ 127,' 13l,lH2,n35, 136,14:4,, lots numbered 10,11,12,13, 23,24,25; on block numb 14-15; 16; 17] 18,19 20, 25j 169, 170,175 On block four 8,17,18,21,22,23,2), 25,2fa, mbereiJ 9 10; on block ,, ,10, 31,-32, 17,18,19,20) (bered *5, 6 7, 8, 13 14, 15, 16, on block numin r 7, lots num- 20, 21,24,25, 3f), J, 15.16,17 , ts numbered J19,120,12?.3Str | 145 (146 \an block numbertft 14,15,16,17,18, d 9 , 20.2122t 10, lots numbered 1,2,3,4,13, \\ 27_ 28, 29; 30, 31, 32; « block number U lots numbered f f 6, 13 14 15 16, 21, 2 2i 23. 24, 27, 28* 31, 32. on biti.ok- 3 4 5 6 , 7 , 0 , 11,'12,13,1 30, 33, 34, on block number 15 16; on block number 14j 113* 116 117, on block numl 12, 17, 18,19, 20* 25, 26, 2 t nlrmber 17 lots numbered 5, p ick iiumbef 18 Jois numbcjri block number 19 lot nur number 20ilotsfnuiqberefo3; block number 21 lots nuinbeil 23 24,28, 29 30, h i, 32 4f nam berS'Jlotsnum herddl.1 17,18, 23,24,, on foock uun 8,11,-12,15 Iff 2-1, 24,) 25, lot numbered 2 , on block n 11, 32, on-block number 27 8,9, 20, 29,30,31.32,ft6,37) ibts numbered 1 2 3,4 U ,; 41, 42, .on bioclc nufiiber 30: Io , on block qunjbef 31 lots! 15,16, 17,18 19 20, 25, 26, S block number 32 fin block nt 4 9 10, I I, 12 15. nUmber I 2 lots numbered % li lSi'lfi. 17, 22,2,3,27t2 8 , ^ i rUS Aots numbered 3,- 2,13,14, lotsfnumbered 105,106, 107,113 ’•er 36 lots numbered 9 , 10.-11* 28,: 29, 30,-31,32; on, block , 7 8 ,9, 10 I1.-J2,13,1); off 1 edl2, 3, 12 13,14,15, 16. M r u- -d 1. 5,\6 bn block-'\ 6,,8; 9r1 0 ,,Il, 12,. 13; on., edff, 2,3 4,5,6,19,20,21,22, li-iftli. 42, 4ti,'47, 48; on block 1,3 4,5 6,9 10,,13,14.15, Iff* ber,231ots-numbered 1, 2,-6, 7', GJ31,32 ;fon block number,25 mber 26 lot's numbered'!?, 7,8* 1 1 umbeiedl;2,3,4 5 6,7, !9; on ] block tramboi 39 4} 15, 26,27, 2d, 29, 30, 39,40, l.ots-humbered 3*A, 5,6,7,8, 9* pumberedlj 2:5,6* 7,8 13,>14*. 17, 28, f f, 32, 33, 34, 35, 30i [imb'er 331otBftiinibefe3 1, );3} 33,'34* 35.^36’} Block- number*' : b ock number 3olots numbered 5 6 7.8 IS 14 15, * 10 '21 12 23 24 33 34 35,36, bn block number, 37 lots numbered 5 6,7,8*9,10 ll>}l3{ 13 14,15*16, 25 26 27, ’ 28 29 30 31 32, block n umber(-38, on block number 39^ iolb numbered 5 6 9 10 11,12 ^3 14,15 16, block num^ bar 40, on block number41 fots numbered 1 2 3 4 5 6,7, 8,fl 10 11 12,13 14 15 16 jblotik nupiber 46, block niim- bei 48. block ncmber 49 , blofck ‘number 53 S Wesjtbalf ■\■r block 58 parcel D- block • ' rnber 62: block num- H ig h l y Im p o r tant' to th^e\Ladies . H O U G H S iB k H E lS f T k K l K T - .S , Are-.njowfor ^ale alt . J, K. T. H. SELBY & CO’S. NO. 34P BROADWAY, N. Y. fffteH E Y would take tliis opportunity'to inform t] JL totBsIhatrfoese Sx^RTsiare [ironbuinc.edibyithos . . have used them} to be tbej very best aijticle ofithe'Jfmd that has ever been fomented for utility, comfort and health. . \This Skirt is decidedly a superiojr aiittcie, , embracing good qualftfesthat cannot be jouinl in pny other. On property it [ias that would recommend it at this seasoi: year, it cannot jbreak down, i and if pressed, aa -soon pressure, is.refopyed, it wfil return to itis jlroper lorm, ing a light,’nitey and graceful appearance i Many-efforks lia\e been made toproduqe an nrticile cing the abovle qbalities. but not successful, until the a aftfcp o f Mft Hoijgb’'s invention; which imav ju, tly-be < ered one o f the'tjest improvements in the ^rticle o f dress a offered to foefpublie.-t : I ![T .- (|r Merchants will fipd itto their interest Ito’order tbo I skirts, which wiiil be-chargedat thedowestipHceS'to tbel :!. rJ.N.&TiiH.iSELBY & .Head and prihcipal depot- for the sale o f Hough’s iirts. 1 ' 1 ■ ‘ I •-?• ' 5wl R AKES.—A few hundred, -for salechelp. . . FINCH ft, STOW E LL: ,lO O . O G O i i 0 S . W O O L •j W i L I T E B \ - - B y Ihe I t lia c a Yfjalls W oolleli Pompaij For which I Cash or Cloths w ill he'paii A t theif Cloth and Wool store, No. 1001 Owego-st. June 8, 1846.; j | I-'- GRANTS’ Ago i r - ! l e w 1 sririiig G < pods. I S t o w e l l , ’ and well Finch j& \AS just received their _ Spring aud Summer st* every variety ofStaple ai Fancy Dry-Goods, \Cafpd,ting, < ery, G r o c e n e L H a r d 1 and all other articres usually kept, hy t[ been feCently bought for cash, and ces than a t any other store initown call a t the New Cash Sto}e,®nd examro) they wish to buv cheap, ' May 13,'’ \ \ ' S T A Ij N E D sleeted ids, compriefog al- [ble styles ofj . . Criock* hoare. i,all of-whicji have a s ild a t lower-pit- [tomers v/iii (please\ I tgoods^ndpjices if | & STOWELL. 's. L ent Sp Co'.s Am erican Circus-.' First Aeason sinGp tlieir'tfmr m Europe. . Nklllbom IlJtaqa fo a iew dayte.i and dbeft'otice wxllhe mjofi tlie day they [ erfojm m.this v Village J ING; n Orteei. Ehteriaimjnent. -flf itthe yaned'fexemtes and t-alent -of iaa, the'Gvmnaiiim?} and-the Menage > embfaeingfoe- Ijiutiful Sipd of ifor/es, apd.foe most costly.atid hrtl- iqaipago td b e found j n Euroiie or America—‘being se- ,.jj_ . foost eelehlat'efl stables o fthe old \ydrld,du-, [orff o'( tfie prqpriefors. ‘ Amp ng the m< . [fores Of dljis trquperareiflie ' ■ M u g & .ib e d E n g l i s h H o rse, M A Y - E L Y , ipces in pta mconceiTably graceful style .and m perfect tih tiie mjusic, alt thp fashionabj.ePas Seuls, after the srwf the fopst populir Parisian'Ar.fistes. lYVie Tw in Pom e ' 3 , Dam o n P y t h ia s , . , . innumerable Featsl.W altzes; Tricks and!’Exefoises. The scientific and vbnderfully trained . . •; htvng P o n t e s :i D e a f B u r k e & Tom S p r i n g d ’ diminutiyte gracefully formedand gracefully-’.taught’ ■ F a n y sfeed Cmdei tlio, Ffonconiii ll’aris, find at Astley’s Royal.Afii- theatre; Loiidon, 'at!i|ninen|e. dost. The frigli-bred and beautiinl thorough ’ } Arabiai\ polka Horse , P a s Temps, _ . most bealftitiully marked, highly trained,-d<scilftan,d |SE-^3,CI0U^ A 4 J. |i .*- - .• : , l—° ‘r . 77 ._AJ|.Ln T r o u p e o f 1,2 P o m e s , the first time presented to the American [pronounced by all wiho Witness thejr .a- b of the riches) novelties Apd foehigiiHst e$r jd excellence ul equestrianism, that wealth suqceeded.m mtroducmg in: tliis country, n ho d reliei fo.anv eirnifojr exliibitiun ev- . public,, stand tbe great performances of \ifj his'beautifiil and Aaiented children^ ■ i ; ! infe.fi lfisiii Flights di jErta) Of the edholai - Fir tlin.attr ..... [the world astom. L i l h p h m all o f I’rlftdh dr'e' public, land will I K E f c - id enterpri eevl Ijromment, and Ibm^SANDy Maurice ;and Jesse, . ■/ t, ;-i yoolof gvmna tics, combined with a spues , Svoiutions, Groupings, Tableaux, ftnd Grace that will command the admiration 1 the poet, .the painter and tbeacjujptorl aq.d-.importfl.nce ip i equestrian (lisplajy igjuw mle r der Ala-ter HERMANDE . i on uor*<.b;eK (altiiough b u t a m re 11 . , Jy excel in graeet agility and brilliancv of ye ever preceded ilniii in tins country, and Jep- foe DtjcRpyv (Jf A m k rica , lot e^celh-nce -is X-he juvenile hero. Master |M 4U, whose daring d ,'lung and graceful becond only to Hernandez. ho is (justly sty] ) Nextyn nrdrn > WfVLTER AY jequestmamsm is I ■ m- ” gijw p ....................... ..................... ....... Jif [a and ‘£i'aljblc cfonjaetere of the P ickwick A brjlliant 4 Hor-o and 2 Horae ict, by MR E PERRY . Ih thte last naiped- lie Will introduce ms mfantile son, m a irjety of elegant positions. ^ ■* ? . Mr. ,H. W . RUGUlKS, in his great and truly graceful srtormanpe on foe slack rope.as the Y o ltiz e d r , V o lax te.. 1 . ffxeipises by foe India.Rubber Man, Mr. H. Uonover.' | fl oWn to fhe Rmv . ’ .......................Mr j Pehtldnd g l C|own andjBufffl Sifiger, ................. Mr S Laforop, — Mr.MoseM j|qubstnan Manager,, pastor of tlu [Ring].. SE^B’be enterfaim - ff’be entertainments which will be 'canSufiedfwith a ^election pf ‘-Bthiopran Songs and Chorusses,” by the ( band of vbqal __ nils iand pamphlets] tdndission—bbi Imthe country, will be fully described ' on the days o f performance. ! p it 25 cts—iesen ed seats 50 cfs. of block 54 block number 56} 1 number 00, block number 61,[block number 62, block/nui her 63, on block number 64 parcels B D Aon block number 65 lots numbered 2 ,3 6 7 , blbck number 66, blocknumbef ; 09, on block* number 70 parctUi B C D E, G H ; bjqck number 7l parcel A O 1>|E, F G ; block number 72* 1 j bjocl, number 79i;-ton b!oqknbmber SlsparoelsAj Hi, oil Mo'ck 82 parcels A, D ,E , I I ; unlblock 83 parcblB A ffi ff E, H , block 8 4 , \on block 85 parcels A,D, E ; pfibhcsquare bounded b\ D(W itt Tompkms, First and Eagle ^Strcetr on block, number 86 .parcels A, fl, G, H ; on:block' number: B8 pa cels B, C,JD, F. G, I I ; on [blflek unniber 89 pi/cels B, D on block number 90 p ’ ' ^ ’ ' ber 91 lots numbered 37,.: on block number 9“ ------ parcels T , C, D, F . ’ ” ■* jots numbered'17, 78, 2iJ\op d 4? 5, 6, ‘7) on block number L 15,16,17,; 18,19, °0,2I,22j : number 97 lots numbered ,43; 21, 22,23.' 24,25,20,' ;30, tits numbered 9, 10,13, Ifojff its numbered fifi, 67, 68v7J,j72^ 101 lots'numbered 5, number 94 parcels A, F, anfl Clock number 951ots mmiberej 0b lots nnmberedY, 8, 9,10, If 2 j , 26, 27, 28,29,30, on bloc 2, 3, 4,5, 6 ,7 ,8, 9,10,11,12, 31, 33, on Mock nramber 98 1 27, 28; on block. number9910 73, 78, 79 82 , on block numtj 9,14,15,16,17,18,19,24,25] 102 lots numbeJedY, 3,4, 5, numbered 85, 88, ?9 . on b 92 95 96,97, 99,103, 103 b1 ber 108, block number 110 I ber 118 , also the park at thp abeth streets, triangular park c ri on and Steubpfi streets, also street, Ontario street (Cent str street, VYnrd street, Chemung street, Van Schaiek street} „ ___ __ street, Ba m treet. Dock street; Vine street^ Wall street/ South streefe Chcsnut^ treet, street, 1 ayette street} Grapr btreef, Canal strpet, DeWitt son street, Ann street, Clyde , _ _ , Etreet, Mechanic treet Fountain sircct. V\ almnrtrrcl Orcli- ’ Eqgme street,-Hill -sheet, also njill property £6,27,28; on block nnmbff i4^g;-Uoek'.'«ufDbar.t'103ijH^'.' pkmumber:. 105 Jots nimibere.d’ lock number 106* block nam jloclc rumber 114; block nont' junction of Harrison anfl Elifi* tithe junction o f Clinton, B it' the toflowing''streets, Locoit ; eet, Second Avenue, Bfepfo*^ [sfreet,.First Avende, Etgl* IliloodgootLAvenue, street,1 Harrison, street, [Ef? [treet, Tompkufs street, JefT«' Ijeet, S alt street, Colambi* called* Mansion House and lot foe Jand laid ouN b f a - , Dock, one half Tioga street b jung'a stnp o f land tW6 rods Jb’ width oil tbe E ast bound of the Bfoodgdod estate Also the undiyieed half of] the followingfolocks] lotf parcel j*~*on blocL numbered. 105 lot numbered9 ,ion block number 91 lots numbered 421 43 , onbiock number 78 Jots . numbered 29,30 , on block number 8 lot numbered 328, oh ? .block-nuniber 2 lots numbered 171, 172 , on Mock nunfoof 103 lot numbered 83, on block number 21 lots numbered ff, 17.18, onbiock number lots numbered 26, 27; 28, -29,! on block number 94 parcel E ; on block < number fi4 part*1 ' A ; on block number 89 pafoelsG, F ; on bjoxk mimbcr77 parcel B ; oh block number 89 (parcel E , on block number ; 90 p ireel D ; on block number M parcel G on block num­ ber lb lots numberefo21,22* 23, 24 ; on block number 6 low ; numbered I, 2 ,3, 4 ; on blobk number 32dots nuriibered24, 25, on blpfck number 17 lofts numbered 19,20,21, 2 ? , o®~>: block nuu ber 14 Jots tmmbdred 114. 135 Ion block number 22lots numbered-7, 8 ; oi a ! ' ' ............ ' ' block number 37 lots n nuiUiber 35. lots number-2 iotsndm 12^13,•i*t*-rumuiocic---uuuiuB^i'-iw«...-‘r v .-. bered 15,16,17, 18, J 9 , on|block number 97 lots numbered 3 4 ,15,16; on block number [7 lots numbered 22 2J;’oJ> bjock number 20 lot njirrlbered 7 ; on block num ber 25 Iotnumbered 1 , on hkicic number 97 lots munbpreS 17.18, 19[ 20 , block numffi] 7 3, blofck number 42; bloc* number 109 together wifo all [foe heraditiments and appur­ tenance thereunto belonging qiift) any wise appertaining-, Also that certain piefie of pafccl of land situate lying bemg in foe town of Ithaca county of Tompkms and etti” .of New. York, being four hundred acje laid off in aparft' Jelogram in tho south end o f foejlocation so called, extend/*, from the eastto-tlie west b'fiupdj? thereof*.:being tliat.paffPL said location which thes south: o f ihp /vdlage of Ithaca, wa extending from the south bounds thereof thirty-three (» r ichains and eighty (80) hnkdfftogethei with ajl the heradiW- jments and appurtcnapce» theqpuhlo belonging or iniiiny w appertaining—being the sainC premises described from Simeon DeWitt to F raftisA Bloodgoodffiated July Iff 1824, and recorded in Tompkms co Clerk s office &q. ■ I shill expose the above, fotf sale as foelaw dffiectv at jun* iic auction,at the Tompkms Housejfown ofIthacau!npaty a- foresaid on the 2d day o f Juj ■ May 6,3846. Postponement —The sale,! poned to the. 16th day of Jui time and place above mention] s, 1840, at 2 o’clock. P. M & I J. P ANDREWS, Shenff' said prerbisfis is fierebypwb' , 1846, then to b * held at me- d. Dated jftly. 2d, J84t ' J . P . ANDREWS* s ’ -

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