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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, May 20, 1846, Image 7

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i - i ; - ■ iM l a , : J .M>SfK -ti7Ar&_ cmiMion w m unlrts *o«Bei' 4isqih«t|« Vki f proposi. A volunteer ftrce i*. S!Ot< a tl»at we, Ae'wnt ,ib*n a n y other di ly re»8Qn»bl«; «nd it » not t ’ tic; in govern- fpr fcetyond ta U i u a d s \Ifd thi S e m ie w i S o u sk o f Rupmsentutives i , ind i$ acquainted with p rep *wj»rk, Satiafacto- jj,^p,ey t h j n j ishould briiig the subject to ihe It will be e ' reqairedl that he has not c.<?n^‘detati»h jof IJong -ess. In n?y m essage Satiafacto- 'r^fti-enee# b reqaireai th a t h e has not L h i a forincrerhgloyert. m thdut fermtUUri or f ttif eavsetr-M*J 1^46. A « / W « r .-B y the S:j^j,daj »3 inail we learn that Capt. ta l k e r . lUi R*4g««» attempted to open the comma- licsllon between Eoint Isabel and e e n . Tdjlors ^^p ,an d thathew a a attacftedby a body of I5Q0 Meiicans, and ail b at hiihself and si* oth* - ^liitted of t) .fcen prisotKW. ■ /«Jn» . At yet no ^ ^jDip or Foist . ^ge Conve ition t4 revise the Coa3t|tntio|i of: 4isSt»*o, wi I meet at Albapy, on tire first day pfjone., Tjiu proceedings l^ili withont doutt j ,5 jnterptTnfitothe commuyt|-,^and it shall be lor endeavo| lo keep, ^ e readers of thq Journal 'ifoimed o f t l e i n ^ l n ^ ,, Che Senate Bistrict; according to the ■secBDt apporlioitmentv is t o ; eraain; as before. o f your j ^ .'Fram late jachoants no li ars are entertained fijE tbc safety>f:Of Gejni. Tay or. He is a ibrave, discreet «od meritbrloas offioerj who first entered 4Barffly ®« S voWm^eri i niler Gen-1 Wayne, ^nd has been in raaliy Hnp Mrthnt batU^Si ‘ .'Ehe Fresident reposes iheUtinost ;Dohfide»|re id him from the fact that he eropowwreS him |o ca Jion ithe Governors of'koiiisiana, Alabama^ Arkan-j ■ aas, Acj for aid, whenever he Ihought gdvisahte.. mye been a icumulati tiinre than siaiioas ti t o f ouf'^ , ■ i ! lit t o f y a n d and Petit (• lefve fijy t l J E J>RESIDgNT OF; T H E ^ N M D ^ ' S T A T E S O F A M E R IC A . j 'A i.Waereaarl Tiie.Cortg^rew o f the O n d N . . urle in forwdrdi ig supplies by virtue of the constitutioiial anthofUy vpsiled in to SHclt posts as may be estaplisUed n the inte. tpem have Jeelared b y ‘iM fdci; hearingdai^ rior Mdilupon theindian frorJtier.^' djay.tbatby the act of the Repubne ofAtex^Co, a , Tthe ntoVemont o f the troops to tfa< He? Norte sla'te of w»r exist ' ---- ^ ' wa/made by tup commandipg gen jral. Under nlients. NiWi ther pt^itive instructioris to abstain fiooi; all aggres. i^ent o fthe tJniled acts towards Mexico, or‘ Meiici n citizens, hy proclaipi ; positions, and a moc /forage, and the adviahtageg which are by Ilia H d iNiirle in |orw d rdi ig supplies to bear in their u atural the proper puint. ; M( iRifb ‘^thought* th a t “ iirnf'; h u t from fiis fea^rtc^jputne is.qi me same wmp, master or the Sttlj{lb£,which |hi professes. jTp j a wayward geuittr--|an ampJejfiind o f anecdote-rtand a sioek ofinexha|s§tible siialistieal iBformaiijjn,, he unites asuEsiehey o f tapt* idtaleut to brip^ the vvhole order, and dlirect each lo net' only foutills Hie soul “bpeaihe and '%ords ifiai JeoKliar aiud exeeediugfy tinh lesi!. djtys, ^h*t!the!uid- if we may iudg^ from his euLids irt this-plau- I HS.aad^e4cC3y^reiWe^e de^ghtcd ahdtnstruc- S^-|M to tl4% sti , ! ^ : - j n s i riceived^yie foW w in! eucanjjm e n t, ijh e selection ofhis |I)sUion was eeess6|rdy confided to the Judgeu e n t o f the eneral in eouunand. ■ .J^„.;been lecei qaiitalp-Tijro: hat repub, unless she s ciirisU on the h o f diat month f i S m . F i M & B t m m , cvenueuu lA'iVfES^E'^’F p E K . lo n g ,si -Existed for nu ba ppStppped, ?nr o f lb The An in #ubstan t WTO ilu - q u e s tio n y.t nouiKUiry. i h e ; eornply witli these <fematnds, ahndunced that i jn. ” r u i * * I i t o f (he one q i ^ s i jon in any co rrect 'arm s, and arm s a lone, m t i t deede t^ie question. ■ By the Fresident i J a u e s RocHAsa^, Sec. view j f i b e su b ject invulvep thajt p i ' thy o ili But noopen actmFhDslifi4f w aSeoaim ittcd uiUir^* ~ ^ ^ ' , r-rl J could not, f o r a /m o f i|e n t, ^ n teriatn th e O n tb u iday, G e n -, j, T h e irtlaf A>Ih. tdpa t h a t ih e cl .jingibf o u r ntuch juiuTed and A 7 «ta, .w|io hadsuce|edc-d to thte conaruand ' ( W erejpn the sam e (day despacheq- from ,thp, foent a-m AmeijicaH caunp up the Rio del Norte-, ou its i § 1st-- lei't p a n k , to ascqrtain whether tlie AfekiCafi ;|s h a d gCFOs-edf T h f e A ^ d B i i i . ^ ly Bvl|, as itjhai .passed the House, U ‘ |ibar|^»rs .row |iLtieiviog their .Spring reasfbllow sr ^ ^ t e s s i4nir ------- ^ ihe i|ive,rt “ becaiul cngjigM p f thftS' troops, aiii| a fter a $ ' l\sG®P\^SMiBtfWSIP*W essed ; and silcitin treaties,. foticles of war, a t d a M j l p g iW clothiiig ution o f such pin eqa5va:lehliniroonoy.t , ' T h u grevious wro.'^; ipon pur citizo 3, rem ain u ^ e a r s , re m ain unrcdressed; and slim tin. tr e a ties,. pledging her public faith for tbi j r.edress have', been disregarded. / . A governineni either unable^ or unw illing io ehforee the e.'cet ution o f sU ch treaties, failjs to pej'forin one o f ijis, plainest da-' „-.,i nations: bud our ------- deterred fromi’prcrecating it by the system of outrage .and rxt4rlion tvkieh tin IMesicgn |iu, tliorities have nursoed . .gainst them, whilst theirappealsippeals thhrmigh ro|n g b thheir e% ownwn ^ ververnment n m en t for; t t o kfi i inity, have, {been male in vain. Our fi acehas^gQiie’to'sach ^ extreme, as liolto he ' ■ “ we acted with 1 A? IJUW I JU V __ ' ir, w e liajve beeii - roprlate h # ^ ( t reenn. _ been feft- arniation from [of a crisis like ,idrts were given bnafy measure,” invasibn, author-i 77 ]i' D e a rS h on Thjursui (iu ue luouriied, an^ tWu I Wie Governor o f L ouisia i i (ynfantry, to be s e n t ’h im as ' 7 ■ ' 1:1 Itcjck of try-floods, GroccikM,| -ffffaieqirc Oi^pci- 'All|ir|»Mch^ l' J. e N> i Air i|.Hpn!r.itt|^ted bn ,|h “ w isif v4.ed», Kentucky leans,: - I l l - si: ■ . . 7 - f ' : t f I ? ¥ - ^ .Clark Wm, , • . i = s r “ ■ 1 ^ J I N A L STAINED . ' ' ^ r ! f'r

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