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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, May 20, 1846, Image 1

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f - ■ l i P r o f e s s i o n a l Cards, ied iatVtjcfeJgan f anitiotake Testsiu««v iio‘ t>a u s td ia a o f tJQttti; u f t a t aoFP'irppse iiijiliaiS^ati', ~ *ioe a doota west of Culvar’d, pep staves.) 53 W 1 I . M , A H T . B ^ - S T Y F V . , A T T O m M Y i l T ’i i i l i K ' : SO L IC IT O R m C H A m C E R Y . , ^ - d r * M . A ; C K L E ^ - - r \ “- ' ^ A S epeneJi a # OPPIOE 3 .loorsf North of the I t t IW ce.'tiogi-strept, where He will be happy to — mptlty all sjiQh Law' Jlusines^ias iway be eutrus- * e d « S 4 a S Mort^S^^ Agreement, fee. 7 i_ _ . ^ .t I A R T m ^ W j o H ^ s e s , ^ A S r O i J i V S F ^ - OaUNSIULLOE a tLA Y ' [■SolieitQr and Gamsellor In Chancery. -------- ^ .,3 j,,„ U ' ^ r i l U , 184 6 ;] I T M $ r p % 4 ' Y r i e c e s W e d , T t i a c a i s atiritffi r M s ^ p a a e t S } ^ ' |1B W S T f l t l S ! ' ^IJPERFINE, Pine, *MeBlutavtod Coarso Toscans atf| ^ Ladies' HATS qfwed'iQ' a Bipmj form awl doiie,up in the best pjaimer. • ^ Ip A t & ABKRTISife s r s 5 « s s a s « y j ® « B i ^ ‘*M I door north of lared on her part to i^eoute tht satisfectioii of het||:tronaj Bv Mein i|vancq, I S5 Q^ytgo at. ■ £RiViS OF SUBSCRipTlQN. i i ,.- -gl.50 if paid in Advance ; §3,00 i f not.paidJn j lURIKR—$2.00 Ifjpafd in Advance; C pificE,- $1,50 in Advance; $2,00 if n o t paid jrEflMS o r i^ E R T ISlN G . iagdonehs Cheuit) aaal uti v eilier pi W a tch e s M e p a irefl an d w a r r a n ted . Accordions iifpa^fed i n F i r s t R a te Ol der. Hub B mde hep'oi) (nund fi om $1,50 i S. iVl'y NGIOR. oi'poaile Aiiilriis,V il hacB„J uti.Q lO.lSlC. Bo'ksiuie. j IT H A C A ^IjTio^^a.Streat,. < J I i t C y L . A R . , . t i . A Chancery Baeitiess that may be intrusted i^psissste:\' .All.} plaassj Iasi iWanip!e,c£penenceapa ooseTTau^~ •‘- ----- - •\ fca^^tbit^he^^^ brai w ;B,4^uted-ina;yefi s j e r ” \ ' •a- gicalofmechantcai] iathe tateat and lioost approved style. , 'i’eeahdeaned, so a^ todestroya fetid Meath, apd r^tored that hialtir to the gUms^Uie taaxdlary organs—and to the system! vEhich the physician and. his medicine have long lad- XhownptihieTerti.’inserted in alt the variety o f forms, 'Jrbln abingle T ooth llO'Sn entire Set, ansiwtiing ali puri oses • -decay ff done in seasbk, ■ I '. ' Alf dperaiiOdsCate'^y performed and warranted to stand IS. maiinfaCtnred A l T h e ir Oien F a c to r y , into the same have a general-assortment o f aasshnefes. inanufaoiiired ai llie Ith a c a Flails F a c t o r y , ......... *' ' ita and uthtTs, by the Piece'; ly ill ,Vew Y o rk,\v the case, i ' I f ? ^ I ES S u b s c r ib e rs h a v e fortnecl a P i ir tn e r s h ii in the > ‘JL irac tifreo l Jbaw. ’ ©Msiness eatbostecl t-. them as j-Attoi n e ^ s a r % i i c i i o c s te ittb e pfoperjy.atttendL i - tv. - , f i S i S r S ? \ ' It'||>'. I Hslsr* t'T E R P R E S S r iU N T I K O , ie*af uT’* 'c o u sla m ly o ej 'y’y J^ealiicss and Uespatcji, anti a ( i 'h e j B l i n d l l a i p e r . t'S. BBCWN- ionsriiaivitJ\ acceiupts, w ith'the above Ffri|i, will ^ahd.se£tlethem immediately, i • C , S. M. 4 u a l RtBr. m e s * Tlie li.arpt r And seclii WHcre all t He ploddi And bis py CAROI.t.VE SI. S le takell iftli tlie busy slrct.1, N e w T u .se a i i B e n n e t s a n d ' R i b b o n s , ----- . . . ' . . I Kut le; For, alas _ May 25,'1845. _________ Fl^CH ^ISTOWELL. j qvj,] N E W L B A T i l G R 8 T O R E \ a S r p R E ?£UBSLmBER AT TRF. SIGN OP THE | b> a quit X G o ld e n S io o t,lIo . 9 Y O u 'e\0 S tre e t, Thq small le i f lit: X GoUe7inoot,lIo.9Yp^^^^^ r^ '^ V 7 \ Ope (loot’ East of t4 e BitiiU o( jfihuca,, Itae oj^fned a , ^ 4(1.^** u j L M A T S I K K B T O R E , . X the p i where lie w i.i wail oniall,who may wish any thing in ; ' his I/me. I t • ■ / jTitAbarper Solo Teather, Upper Leather^ Kippi Calf Mo- , , A n d playt rocco Skuis.Litting,Binding, Tht^ad, Fegs, i ‘|Ov'er the hi N.VU,s„wc , C H E A P PU|i< C A S H . . Or, ‘ T h e |VlfI leceivp ;)!i lilt ds oi Ijo.lllf r fi nt? raiiu c is . A n 4 the old ; xYiid its itjties wiilj tlie har| f\»r the pc SI'e.gather.s E IR \M 'P . n . \ N D O J .P n .’'' . . . . ___ - I ............................ .. As the locks B R A S S C L .O lC , : \ In this an . ^-;^HOt,E3AL.” and Retail.-^ duzeii first quality O Then on the O Brass cloefcs, warranted guoi tinif ktepers, for And a d y e Sale at Prices Cower than ever befotie kn wn in this market. Q|, i ^ happi S T H - 4 C V A C A p E M V . »11' KrN>T<r«. - • *1 1 tingiBhidtng, Thtjead, i [•• will tcceU'eVlUirils^orVi^'.A^^^ ramu Distaheeto.^ELL ON COi^IMl5SION. .11. S T IU , eiO^ riN U E h iliP M ir iifaotm-s i.f BOOTS & SHhiF.S, its i ^ S iia l, V.'iy Lo>;i tor Cash In rt-Cti'i. ’'■^'aiipiovcitO cdii|. ii l.acii,Mnv (f 1645. rrVrs.s.r, n.\N D O I.R U .’ ' This anc I)cii| ami kjrjcl, a tnile for djal k-d &1S- bn’s and A! S ; S 5 r u ? S s r g ™ p 5 . w i S s t f ? r A ' a i L . s i fit ly re wmmend them’ to the cotiftdt „ ; 4 , or?an ved ami tiueijarrungoments of thtm mjule as to accoat- mokUiB pre.-out—witli wbkh arraugemeut the wLhes i Bje gentjlQ : S 3 2 S s S s H i S III a.si:ja'.i(in to giveiiistru'etioii with anqlo illustmtibus In r j . | .p ---------------- importance o f this branch o f Natural Sciance to aill fi lio w SpjO J of Societ),and especially to tJieagiicuiturist; is begin- |,ffo i i| a L o iul . .................. ; ; r i s : : E £ | V S , £ ' i f f i L ' ; , ; - -r 'j* irfieular attentiim'' tvill be given totlidt ' IP a r y a e z , |wa make thefiiselved luniffiar with ' ‘ -.i-i-.i f. ------ Pee. “0. lf45. 'fT,^;V ■'pc.'v at' Roar class, s of societ) .an TEA T n ;fK ;;;rd T tus.Ces.^ S I G N O F T H E A I W 7 L . ■ego street, corner of t ayuga. ■(.otiviuga Lcrgcr .tssorlmenl 111 j \ le\ had for 5 nosf approvi |1ruei tii’upgh ' H. v | J F X O O I E i r ■ I t, Tom unf Cftok ' ■ -ir B.i.lcr do s-toves db ^ with elevated o t lyoTjl^n^fist ( || N ^ r v e a z f< precious, invc ,rs,.o,i \vas hii tldlnT^Lw^iifelbySe^^fttlc. of Post Ofllco. I M abel; o t The .sun had sir Jly lopped Uie high grounds which enclosed Ih** Ifallcy of Glen 8 leath,,wfi.en its whole coiniBObT: r like beer oisturbed, were se e n .in a stra n g f 'q o r n m o t ip o fro m th e balrtizan o f the iQvver wWf\ vihe kinsman had rejiaited toltold homo priyitl ‘ noaverse, while the ijuorn- irig meal was s e r # ' ih the hall bdow. R was well that this isolif d place had been chosen for the interview; arad feelings he would not'liave bcfl-a.;^ed in presept-^fdf any hat a favorite.kins, ; fi'cflfy yenletl,_|vhile Hugh Ma.K- to.his cousin’s knight’s ;yOnc cpeain^ abant Ii5«^ _ 'i- ..C .n. iro l„ti on/1 fRo ft,m l en m « Sn thw np.Rrl«RR sett,— a ll ttial. m n e v COUia ta teiV FRtr»olr.d twfik *t-r V- i ; /V* \ ~,Z f® b lp 4 * ' with been forayed, and a quani driven off. ‘ The meeting of Mable Maxwnll I kiiisinah was alfccling ; for bhe last ■ I looked upon her lord wUentiving, wps .m j the ■’s hand, neitiiig ey£, wliicli, but a mid have kuidled.at I call ered in the bridegroom’s 1 I, -^Offlect .the lru.«t thou hast 'ma’jt dishonor sit upon iiiy crest FromFieihont’s ‘ExpetjUon lo the' 1«:i}«hlstn4’’ A 3Piitp.fcTate youiiiful IinigUt no Jonger lexlnbRed^'f'fo h« deceased kinsrnab, the,bloom hadf^dedflom hi.s cheek, and die bright blue eye was Ihstelr^s, while she the once famed border tow e r , blotted spring near.the SphhisirttaiJ.'we'^er^ikbk^^ •in sablo weeds, threw h ersejf in speechless-agbny hyth® sbddbh kpp^f^ l'hia^^ upon her kinsman’.^ breast,' add sobbed a s i f |>er ; in.ans,^a man and LbpyjSfhn naroe’^ofitbk ,maJ heart was bursting. Gent jy the youth wb.lsper- Ewas Andreas FhentaB, aM that nf 4© ibo^ls ;e—mfnuic^ e|aps--ant} sud4mc' handsome j^^ ejefen jeaf^^^^^^ i orse%; til his ancient harp '111 the busy slreel, lay long, from morning t i l l , 111 with weary frt t ; W ife is by lus side, neh-.eS-. beliimi,eliimi, . IJIO ait\ ICIM, v> UV oy litij ; And lingtredt n b j But leadeih liiih on like a latle child, , the harper is blind 1 e pau.selh from time to time, ■^s the streets along, i and girls all gather around iistoning ilirong, ■ cir jiennii s bright, I and kind, .<t grow soft as ih'-y look in his faoc, • old harper is blind ! lunclh his twanging strings Ih some a n cient tu n e ,' • J and far away,’ banks of, Birnny Doon.’ wife raises her old cracked voice, larp arc joined, uglis at the pilitul song, ir old harper fcs blind I [the colts ia her uilliercd hand brightly gleams L over their shoulders fall Hty o f vliicli a kit] that gallaq lied them to |iiovvesl thou how p lo v e r feels w lkn sci?ercd from a bride—aiid sblcii a bride, tod, a s Mabel wardoi llaqthj30.se when their royel i called them to l!i|s aid ? Cold m a u l little ivv p lover feels vvhj.n sci?ercd ginc, and t the poigdaiiee labiliiy, when laughing lip, is das tea m a : ; ^ ! ^ ^ ■ t £ bor. I t l 4 f sad e 4 n t occufrqt}, I iva. born t< a i.e ^ K h ing failed, ^ eSt*” \ ................................. .................. ............. \ ' ' from a bride—aiid siSbh a bride, tod,-as Mabel Foster. The knight o f Carlaverock guesked well the scene that j was passing in the to\iter\| —’twas charity to epd it. “Sound the hugh uberl!” be qaid tb kp attendant ; and, gle note was ansvvMed by th|. mounlaii ig'f. the iin echo, rider bugle note w Dark Hugh was in [the saddle. The. riders a lently remarked ihal their chief’s -vizor vfas down,, the word W came through the closc-barred helmet; fur were the truth knovjth, a' moistened clnek was hidden beneath the steel head piece of the hor&rcr.' slowly thegallaht h( ;eat, and. ir which “A slui emblazoned Young Mabclj ill bow shot of tl her cheek ; .at laisl slow ly the gallajrt horseman passed throi^gh and \sinkhig '■ the loved riK-rs^f(ir tlie last Imie. ' *‘’*‘*^ c.vclannpd. trndgf vvitli patient step |frfuI,.j:outfiiIid mind— I'le they are couple they a I ween is Llin poor old harper is » a |e ye tiiat havQ-nr- End! andering pair , lug harp, and i|ic trembling voice, (ill and silvery Ihair ? Ull in Iheir |crossyour path in t daily walks, paper, a graphi ly ip which tlie ,miJ ' ' ' ieked^out ol the wn turned . ............ ............ .. . female forms were sefen upon the bartizan ...... . overlooked the valMy; one was the desci tcd bride, the other Hugh Slasw cll’s mother, In'sl.E lent agony poor MabtFs fcar-dlmmcd eye follo|w. ed the rct-Lding figurp of her handsome lord.ajid a wild PursL of lamehtation marked her sorrow when a huge rock shut the riders from‘her viejw. Well might the fair bride grieve 1 j “L'ing may that lady look in v liii ! , She ne’er shall sen his gallant tram' i Come sweeping hack.” ’' , Oft from that bartizan the aged dame wilio stood by ;Mab.-l’s sido'had vitwtd the bold mo|s-s. 'troopers |who rode at. the command of her (Jc. parted lold,prance morriily down tliestralli when b.iund fo ■ (he l>.;rder^” 'and when her son’s flol- iowers reached the spot tyherc the crag projecled its nick.ma.i.s fitTin thicbiil side, she counted tlhe horsemeC deliberately, as file after file they dis- ppeared behind it. .j “ By Saint Andre w|;^ noble troop'?” shorn dr- lured ; “ .hiec-^uid-ivjtyn.ty stalwart riders. Il.a! ould i h ’-y were moriEi pr less by one—n e g r o id lat number bring to the liaine'oF Mif.x- “Alas; ’ returned fhq sdbbing bridi leks rny bosom is nq't the ni at that vlireb may f e t e n . ” That bpeech was/rinlght?with evil augury, the sturdy band that the strath, and w band to ijanid, wouldJHiEr'hiddkn buffet w illi tir^tro ike Tweed, b it is iny father 1 ibing hride^ “ wll iinber who ride ot 3|ahov0 laxfreiesao | !e®f Avitora-st.-lpeat door to Sctoylcjr.s stom -X f ! r p S 4|AtE> T O U P J t H S . ' tl.e 'above axfr qps, &.r.. b i.er i.av t at ail tiuias oil riaod Stove Fnriiitu] , .. I ■ s . m . s M i t M S : s - c 0 . , I • Otea^TISalNB'HiiaiB-(|t7TTINS-;|- ’ r f ' 3^0. 60 -OiVEGO-SxKEFT ljtion$ bciwcci o f Urn ' ijlhat he bart 1 grapJiic Stall so that advic answer recci' IjTo be sure, IjWas 3s apt Tcfiango kgisi& , a t Stane^Sfai'j,,, A lirprai-si a superSor.iStock ot Groceries Boots t Slioes. Ac. &c., afe .............. s j g j s s A f i r . , T c y - p M i s T ^ i s f . | jVb,,a'4 O w e g o street, and 33 A u r o r a -street- rjIH R SnlKct-ibPis would jnfui to tirnt they snil vOi.timie lliqii M At!- above s!atid.<i,i.nd wijli always b.> roiiiul ,in liatid.io fiiFuish those vvP«' ru..> call vyiili evti y Kind at MExtTiuij'is \B e e ffreshand corned, Pot'k, Mutton, ! I ,, V eal, 4'P- S a u s t g e , H a m s, &c. „j : TheirMeats wihalwiiysb.-livs|inn.l iuibBb.i.--t con- .dition,.indlbeTinpl? bypinictn iliry toand rrgulariiy in busiiiess, to merit a share of j-nhlk Ill’ll! J.m. 7, 1844. ' . 3oy dW Steam Engines o f the | doSatanl^ l i Attendance to repair OAM'P X W-mT-DNS- -4 1 • Tbesepriictes haveallb - iiF iU hewldiM V For,Cash o _ ____ . G r e a t pAKGAiSFS 0 A S ^ ! , s . 4sfim ^ < y«m em o r _____ josl! % * .York Qity Cask oppertuti SAMGELHARSl [lihaee^i ' • TOi,andO.AEtora.n, Agektsi ' I ■ ~ V ' . F O R S A B e [ : B.o. 5, 1845 . _______________________ _ L t IJ a C A m e a t . M x l R K E T ® . c holer |iag.ai,nsl lliQ’ Iwasjbusy all ior strijnged, jcil ent him ia b i F f >- w o .' q b b 1& H T U F F H . y x B . o b u R A N is now receiving at bis D u G g S T O S E . tril Ue new Bitqk Bl8cltjs4 U'ooi Log-vvoofh * ' Camwood, IRS r D v p . . -I n Ipiuchasedror Cash : &1 approved credil. JnJy i.ij ( : i L I T E ^ Y & E i S C R A Y G E S T ’A ’I S L E .I ■ jtlijbqcribprs would'in-^ A fonn rberi* li-lemi.s and ili- h e y i T c o . - , at Hieir ojio swridon Tiogo.streei | wfSere’tliiey will keep le.adv fris ... __ ivB. '.Wdgnns, Barwiehei Sad-| Hatses, & c.,arany houd tond VYagildSsaficItt.'irnesSjthey wjHeXthangeiheinfori |i|-l:t®'rprQpjr^y,oi sail ibani low for ^ a s h . I 1 persons ln| IS haye her rr 3 proved andj Narvaef pjaepd the Q dfcclric or oM OSie evei III, the vle'lim of one o f liis obn |hlions. VVlicn he was in power.so an.viety to render the c»minunica. the royal palace of Madrid and trisileries constant and immediate, jflilly- ordered the erection of tele. s on every' hill as far as Bayonne\ le might be asked at 1‘aris and an j-cd in a very brief number o f hours, e ready chaiitiel of c ommuiiicalion’l Bourse transactions as for the in. o | royal po’.iiick.s. But the lalter ucji more successful than the lormcr ; had reason to regrtt the liavi the pan from P j personal resentment, those ministers wlio dared generalissimo. But the lelegrajih iie-Vt day. ] t bore serious adnioni. , the rash soldier, and-on the iuxl„ , • , j- , , vaez found the Queens; changed, the right-had isbandt 4 lJ , deaf and reeusanh They had of plthiclcr. the fury of the English ■■mi.suy; he carnei la'‘ndhcd against the centre, wh other-teiegrapii milig Narvaez was uncontrolled mas- jieens not only did his bidding, hut, evct(iiig^ r back with th|e names o f zealou abelht woujli' iohiin; I Forpgn^''|li ni|sb |jiisJouEQ al|, Iprf he .^fopose|d sbodk IJielJ- I e'd tp the Tti d’as. so 8 ur{c,| i Oabjnel vvitiji to form a M inistry; he ca ICS o f zealous friends. But pt look at, Cnrislina would not lis- is known, proposed Burgos for ster, and Sartorius, the editor of Home Minister. Mazaredo, too,] Ifqr the Marine, Buit the Queens loads ; and Isabella tiecunda point, iph. It'coujd not bo. Effarvai I'and' they sBlJ Iwhiph nakcj sliafned to ' a l p r e s e n c e U8 alUckJ him, and p| nge, insuj Ifarvatz pow e r, w ill oposed all land everyitncasure ; re- rrection, anta-ltack upon the pah would hear} of nothing. Iln was 10 heiglit of his Th. tespaitcro was, in tho heigi i] more paralysis.* Then his ishing howl in a positju ■ 9 : ^ 4 r t i G i JE i AR N a T i' lebied teilhe subscribets.whos bontbsstalnding,' iolCleiheskme. [ t-heea-,'ir>ril 9'tS44. t s , whose 0 ccoii0 is baye ber rr j fi3rtoedtd,M .M y to.^ .and - i m Tenth 6/ - dent in Baijci I City, M a y ! [■ 1‘ Ourbel clock this s the City, a the parfici twice yi;stc ■ \ ^ ^ S a d d l e a n d H a r n e s s 4 a k e r s | ; | ’ rp H E S 'uM c rib e r h a s |u k recefvr‘ relay, 1 U W T - «« 4°'-e bhat h.s enemies H j can do. i. appy de -m-HdCitiod ta Ills foiPiM Stock ai ) S s s y . i d « t A a | j s S t S ■ ;A n o tbc . hfripnd Tori Ijbepimdrrh! ( o f I yood. idd Spokepoke an s | j te f to his jvai 7n|,*’ said He. N , ! ; - ■We copy, below, ;ic anfJjCurtous ac- imiJitaky dictator, la-sl kiekedV--\ - ■ tne time d fa.^tiiou. 'i'ij ii.mc.it upon Government— in fh , I ilhi.-tratiuii of B-e cool presumption I I i; T A p - pp A =rJ«r. ^ \ , F e ' impBiid of the Itmpiy- g-h cd vvffei in rexjui (lualiiy reviving. < lould lake the 1^ to ride tvas grad Maxwells could I Fosters were read Saddle, and ps many at thd fair pne’s coin- vest given strong b In the ill cultivated fields,with few exeeplioii'r olAage and youth were toiling; not a f ull-groi form V a s seen among the .feeble group, and w mep essayed the labor p'hich lusty rnanhol ifliQuId have claimed. Where the bo*d riders ihe.stjralh? A few were resting in their falhd grayO'—the bones o f iiioro were resting on I cold side liill ofFloddi Floddt-n. ;Many a pifoud famj in Scpiland bad sad reasoil to curse the folly and W.iy ward king ; hut none h I laiiiciit the tnonarch’s infatq lortant boose of Nithsda! were expi melanchoHyceremo- f e.'crofis in s p r i p g p y , iv liich w a s to giv ivi e a d e a d fa th e r ’s 'n a m e to ' a slight returra of his prphan bc>r. Wheq evening panic,] the hall Isge . hut still (he was crowde|i with,high jkorn guests, whale court ,riking pictore df_ flic fearful consequences yard and offices below tgere thronged with their hich will follow war might have been found squares and aitcndants.j ‘ defective had not the appearance of those who The sacred rite was oker—a noble banquet fol- enqi loyrd in gath'enng the wrelclied hir- ihwed—all went marry as a marriage bell, and ’ ive I strong but tacitcvidcn.ee. i iff deep droLigliis the| Maxwells and Fosters grayo.—the bones o f i cold side liill of i r , i ” greater cause to laincii tion.lpan the once iinpo Wheil the left w ing oi ft w ing of the Scottish arniy w| the right-had disbanded for the sa| h chivalry W ^ igainst the centre, where the Md well’s were arrayed beneath the royal banner. Gallant, but nuavailing, was the lesrstancef] that dcvqted.fapi|ly ‘ ' iling, was vthilfe they ' withstood i|iid combined efforts oi Surrey’s left w Engfisb {reserve. O f five brothers of the house of Carleveroij of ho wing and tjlie t'he Iradj jflrpady s [ its ne,\y iionMnetts moned his four died sword in hand—the fifth,, being carried from theilield by a dei I when Surj-cy drew off his fonCCS, hill .side. 1 young Rain voted followi) from the 1 all its ne,\v iionMne to C o o p c il; ajivaiting.l^in in the Foreign Office, t of ihq palace. But he was a- ein ; a|id rushing from the roy- ■y Spaniard can part ot ihcj p! ;c them ; a|id |and swearing ^s only Spaniard lez rkshedThotne, and had a ncr. Ilis frienps .soon cn|)wdcd around- ised all land every|tncasure ; French ic to vis|it him as \yell as his friends. penetrate his resolvesj _ _____itnend moderation. Count Brdsson, ihd French Eijivoy, the very man who had upset him, came \4th his condolence; so ■dichhis rivalk, Mon and Pidal. Narvaez had not the.*- ..... . ri- ------------------------------------: --------- incapa- place in h | set off for jpayonne, jlke any oili •fit , is but, one step from the stiblii I'ouB,” saidlN-apolcaij.’ It is ast< many modern great men have be I to make the same reflection, 'm nut. Ile^ But oidcririg his placi jfke any other It inky be readily nnagined t^iat the tcrril lefea.t sustained by l |o Scottish army on the 1 tal 6ih ofiSept. plunged the kingdom into uhi- versal g r ief; for thei|p was hardly a noble house throughout the laiijd | which had not relatives to lo o m . I f the caallOB were fearfully visited tlie Htago did not esfeape—peasant and .poor ha^d .been involved in th<^ same desperate calamity ; and when the name-of Flodden was,hcard,the old man shuddered for the son he lost, and the sn died on the infant’s olwik whom th day had rendi red fatherless. In affl oral, that o f t le Maxwells iSvas preei from the --proi d earl to the common sp e a r s m a n , mtj.ny a bereaved fatpily was “ Ipft lamenting.” Aljas 1 two hundred o f Ihc clan la d fallen. O f the many who did not r@arn from “ the battle,” llid gaJlant-bridegatoom o f Mabel ter was nhhappily included. For many a jeeding the fatal fight, ■itvounded strag. to their native glens ; the gentle id in vain ; ■aitjed to the bottom, and for a time , j the glen echoed back tke festive oulburs-t.. When , ’ j silence retim ed, lie of.CoJditigham rcs|j|Ccffully j addressed the beiautcous widow, urged hjs unsha- ,en love, rqclaitned.a hand,.his formerly, and by fathers sarictiqn. ' Deep silence followed the kniglu’s declaration, and every eye rested on Mabel M axwell. Ralph’s cheeks turned pale, and as the palmer stretched his tall figure ffotn the recess, ho. tod seemed hanging ort the lady’s answer with deeper inter, cst tlian one rcjmoved from worldly anxicilie might be supposed to feci. The wardien wiiis lered in liis dau(ghtcr’s car—it might tie to rq- 1 n E'- at disastrous In affliction so geii- iSvas preeminent; fpr. Rev. C. T . Torrey.—A corre riles to a gentleman -respon- timoro writes to a gent in this 'ih,P. M , : - ** Our bel oved Tdrrcy departed this lifel at 2 c clock this ! fiernooh. Mr. S.'w.'as absent fro; id 1 have therefqre learned none of. )ars of his deatli. , He visited him relay, and found him peaceful and. not coi —nor \ riling to the same ^ust come from fthe bedside o f oar'l day suect glers dragged themselves to their na and there, wore tho hurt medicable, agency o f women was not employed in vain ; (•and; if the injury was mortal the eyes o f the dy- I ing borderer were closed by those he loved in ' ‘ ’:Iugh bf Glensleath did bride and lonely tower leauty the pleasure o f | toothing the pillo|v of him for whom kindred tdbomnbad been abautloned. , N or to the fal­ len k n iglt were the |-ights of Christian sepulchre jpermitiei. Like hjs royal master’s, Hugh Max-' {well’s co(-pse could not be distinguished among the maimed bodies which heaped the battle field, land with; many a depaited gallant he filled a on'grave. j ' I . , ------- rcco-fc. bp }•« E l i t had H e h up h alf , night, anti tlirew ui He is very week nowbut kne' [tfvh'iS tjeath in view with fait ^poke also of the kim I. 'H e aking, sick and in prisoi specifiifiations when xUh s imroon grave. Slowly and doiijLtfuHy young Ralph’s Ijry proceeded. Months interveped. before pgained strength to keep the saddle—but aient h e was able to accomplish the jour hastened to the bousebfmourning toblFerl dolenee to the sufferer, and acquaint the ed ope* that her deceased lord-had cojni fair widow to his cousin’s care. Ipde prison” the cii- he noticed the ihjbis disciples might adminis. , ' “ He may have thoe h w a s to g II bmr. 'Whe dcji s y a r d an d officii sq u a r e s a n d al ;ed each pledged each otimr rigju honestly, that for th jf fials o f n future their iiennons s'hpuld flutter side by , s i ^ pan presi and their jdekers ride shoulder to shouldpr. /B u t in that merry ihall.niorp than one achipg/heart *”**3 th was beating. Tlie baptismal rite had ndinfuJly Tlt-aek iher recalled the rneimory o f her deceased hapd to the defeat beautiful widow, while sanctioned bv a .nafrem’s -y o f her deceased ___ _ lovv, while sanctioned l ^ a ,parent’s o punish former admirer was about to renew urge, for the second^mc,hip claims LJ in the fair Ma.bcl’s band. In-Thp deep recess T~* at.Ralph p f Carlaverpck was | r ° ’ C o n sent, his suit, ■and ui formed by a casement,Ralph p f Carlaverpck was standing aloof from the cqhijiany, engaged in g deep converse «iiih aipaimer, and so deeply were company engaged Aa joyous revelry-that ic.secmed tq poticc/or regard them. I Ltlast the poisy- merriment subsided for incut, when the bold kniglit o f Coldinghai 1 liealih to tho_,hoii moment, announced the lady of the tower. answ e red by a w ild cheer w ithou t, as e v c i aiped to the bottom , and for a tin goblet ■e her conragp or back her lover’s suit. Pallid and trembling-; the fair one rose.. For a moment her lipsi appeared to'm o v b , bjut nohe could catch whai fell ffotn them. Somte sudtlcn | impulsepulse seemedcet tp nervo her— her eyes turned dchi the blood-stained s the wall against vvh .ind dinted head-piec hung, and with a returnlnj prised the company, •'a t'hank have conferrci you have overlobi For the canstaht •t like mil the blood if her dep she thu addressed you, noble sir, ,for the honor you d, and for the courtesy with which rlobked a formiir disappointment. ' could find i: ble return. WUh the dead tky imu, ttuu the hand given to Flpdden side shlall never be pi be pledged to li turns becJriii nrofe&.o, i (ne to make a suita-1 l affections are bu-1 [him whoTcsts mg man red and pale,— ' I sooth, to say, the -her unexpected, fied, and ried, and riodden i 'The knight!by H is pride was wounded, refusal on the lady’s part wa; The warden appeared still i springing upliie caught his “Nay, sir kriighl 1” he ej n o t !—’tis hot a| waywardness ded once tp pleasure thyself, in’gham , thus d M a b e l M a.xwell “I deny thy right band amp I forbid the cere- (r ore mortifii jiughler’s hand. Maimed, h,ced “her iL Mabeffthba v^ed. e tp pleasure thySelf, and thou shall mate ,v to please thy fathef Knight o f Cold- ' ns do I pliglpt righ^ band of ‘ thy right band and I forbid the cere- ^ mpny !” exclaiiped a deep \ioice from-the reOess, ■ and the palhier stepped.fokwt rd to the pentre erf ^ the hall. ; ' ! “*'j“ Whoi art[thQa 1” exdlaimec the angry warden, ' vho da|e gainsay a father’s power ?” “One wipe bpdng.i tidings fiom the Holy Land, here under vow of miraculoiis.recovery, he'liaE lought of Finances.—-The surplus in the Uni- l o f April, amoun- ff^iipna ie|l Stajtes Treasury pn thp'first tell to 1,000,000. “How know y e tha^tjtbe fa i| dame is widowed?’’ mded the stranger. ;t were no more-i-freebooters do longen ■ d , a nahie whose; anger once the bo4lL_ ____ jn-tbe borders wduild not have v e n t u r i lo and flingipi ■ rt ■ Ji, fi haw thy wo.ds, palmbr, a The- knight rests in hip gr false 1 the knight stand ging his russet cloak jaw ORIGINAL STA'INED last time, I heard my brother’s war-erv, aqd tlie right hand I saw tjiy noble liusj death around. I know no piore. ] As the young knight spal^e he sprang'froi^|his looked from the qapenieiit of }:he't0w{] opened down the glen. ^ irdy band 1” he cred : “Saint Gporge 'thqtr penon, too? Englis|j,.by ga^ed,!,at the horseroap,>vhp wt e lpw?r. Paler and .paler grei St suspicion changed to certain. ,o (.he seat she had rise'a from, ‘M,ay the Virgin protect me !— Ilps.frown Will kill me f ’ miiiulps passed. .Young Ralph enJj deayorqd to res|lore the lady’s couragk. This * ringing of spurs gnd rapiers was heard as several armed men pscejDdcd the stone stairs, l|id door open, and the warden offthe middle marqhcs en lered the hall. i ; Whatever might have been the old knight’ inteul|S, aodiwliejlher he had come to reproach j.' daughter who Ijad erret} in filial duty,.and dej j serled her fatheijs hall,, bis angry mood instantly- gave place ,:to pity. The stern counteijarjce o:*';ttn the warden softe(icd, hp paused vvithiu a spacep ’''4 l two o f his agitatjed child. ' j ha “ Mabel 1” hO] said in a voice whose Compaq, feet, the blopd stream sionate tonejs beffayed kt onjee tlic feelinis-of the- add uttered; a hidfebusI Six miinths elapsed, the feud between 111 terq and the AlaKwells, had been slant under Ihe joint protection o f two pole the rolicl of Hugh Gleiisleath reuiaii turbed in her luj|ely tower. Her cast spected, foragers'no longer Ventured to dpproaeh the strath. Tliiyspirk o f hpr late iiusbai|kd’s-kjn- .1 Ih* dred, which Red Fladden had qlmost pnashed, tvas gradualiiv reviving. O n ce moi-o twqjbnndred ises.' in. oevei idis- shinned, and out, t v ----- tow e r . H e r castie; w a s - f c . j ofjpn»tafqs, a-pd-bply e d m ing ■ in to t] ’ ■ j,to rob And m iirder, m a k e lio other lbrd,*’pere -j which sur- .1 ! - \ j / ' T . ■ ■ i 4 - j : ' ‘ 1 ' ^ ’ . -'I- i -1 -

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