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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, February 11, 1846, Image 6

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1 .-fi if/M? J U B N B p F J N B 1 T T O J ' ■ . S £ z !A * L \ 2 z . i e,‘t t * , A a .bro.iw » ., . t . , j^S^.aM tnM b e fore tI>e>SwenUetli day alter the day <jf I ft* final paisage, aa certified fa j-the Jseci'etary of [Stati.-- cCorrioi, Jusuurin6 tins Slat*, ami m all faro- ceediugs bafotje any officer, body or board, in whuff# it■'ihaU b« ItoaeW #B«i«***ry tfa refer thereto, until three monthsat* ter tha <ri*»e tlie seshon in vrhtch it beito-no a. la W.—Sec. 8, title 7* Chaw 3. part 1, Rev. Stat.j jhorTse the pireuit Judge bf theSIriii Circuit, le time of Mding hw cuaitrHteatejlJitfluiu - ' -■■■[■ Fa^«<Ujaoary3a.fm8; leStjateibf New: York,- 0 eesolfly, ifoeuaere-sroiiow!* ; ^ 1 / Thecqciut pidge ot the fib ti enfantiretebv ajitbe* «ia«fcinduir*x wetta^lK,rtii» pauwgcot thurr 11 ujytw tixeiluufl; apaomtei-ior hotiiuffi then wan utx.w hxeiaafl- at e o m tei ior 'toUws Ihi conrfi »nfeo>jn-t3*l oj«o and tertp «rtf in *«<! for a ther ofthe jeoftntws in '-aid circuit,To * ncf otjitr tin i*)iid.«*jM-prapet Thi said urraft juffee w aLol hwcUj wrued, twih|ro tbe ante tpito to-altar tl e time*] i ml places nw lappwiitejd and fixed for holding the Jaw jamt <jqmty' rnU by s*ul|,eirc«it judge in and tor said etr-euit, to suclt tfa*« U»ed atid pl»cas a* fan shail d^nni proiier, I i j-- Iu ease tho rfu4 circuit judge »mff 'o alter tho time of said Courts in said circuit, Irek!' 1 ; I' !i' n in jeeMo«u»OT«n,'eiiht and j awe, -ol title four; chaplo ,tone and part Ihtee of rhe Revised Statutesj. j §3v Tiie *iwd circuit judge shall hot, in ease (le shalS,un­ der the provisions at ihii, act, in ike flue chaugvio the tone *»f hfaldmg'any ot said courts t»sm chaegetbe wmc-** h(jl riforany of said Courts, tiubl om. monthpnorto , of January, m thi. year o.iefootisaudovgfaUiH.idred «w hirty ♦HCh“ * i t 5,i Tlm shall take clFtrt miomhaftlj'' . 1 * I c m K n \ j * J ; An Act In relation tothe trial ol cum rt « ennnty ami state pri on..] ! Pa o»d Jajiiarv JlJbU The peuplf oftbeStote of Ne.v, Yor.>.flt>rts,‘-“ttfi ra beir jrofei red Thclllou&o llii . . .pip pftl * late dad A-semli!), do enact a $ri Whenever it hail appn tndiCfnaent is pending and toljo ti any qtbyr iftJjittdttnf confined tn jMlV statopri _ any otlier fiftkilfilf qffiwiajiWi — . «. _ Otlier pufmu eoeffnsd !« any aoumf pn o v o th« it&to-prj|3onfa( i4 *u iifipojtauic. wijtie^^v jteraon so indicted, aupfi court >' zed to grant a tint ul Iuhtu> The Scrrati parti o f the iaoiiuijg offoi[t d by M!( ’ tn vuteigatuinj MelralfUif the ^.ann cr» hBrebfitUtfmrir rpui for thi? pHrJHree of bringing Ruuh prisoner rtcfore sin !i rourt to te-ufv upfail tho trial! ofsuch lindnitmCSitl ju Iieiiall, o I f T - ^vcry peron u hen brou- it up tm caelr v\ fit, hiaybc witness on.sucli trie I ami, siiaifa be competent to testify thereon rnielialt ot the ie ii i;l»nls ortl e ptO[ lt notwithstanding bis i. onv iction and mqihriammeiit. - j ' §di The iourt iii which hn> tmlictnieqt w pending a^rm t aay person iiUpnsuued Urn convicfclmi faf a eriuie in any coun­ ty jador j<tatepri,on tor mi tier e com iutti I dur ac I ImpnMnment, is iiciebv anthon/ d ti>! r i m i rit ol hnhe uir corpus, fur the pufpfave ot I rir^ id the moividuud 1 o in dieted before such court tor.nrramunJfat or trial on such iu- dictn*eat,_ ■-- •ft <■, • .- i r •• h| $i! This actsltail take effect immediately, • - State of New-YViric, ) t have cohjarod tho preceding •Sdeiptarjrtf Office, j. with tha original law oir hip in. thb office,«lid do certify that the ame id a correct trap crii t therefrom and of the whole of tlie s.aia orinlnai- ' : ^ - > N. S. liEiJt f .O:Ji| Searctury of btate t H L E G I S L A T U R E O F p E W I ’O t i S , | . {From thq Albany ijrgus J j! M o n d a y , F e b r u a r y 2,, ■■ I n thd Senate, Mr. Sap ford presented a peti­ tion of [Walter Bo wne and qthep for an adiem l- m e n tof tbe qbartcr of T a n d y ehoub : kij. CLrki. |>fofflceru>qnd, aoldyrs.lif the [15’-» -t try. fof ^ftqPtftioris o f 1 thb rlnliHal'la . C lark’s resolutions in lolattott lo llie rmlUia, furtheWdisonssed - • ^ t- - i ■ - J c«r, Jones, injr to a question, tiie cornmutfce rose, i Tiie ate proceeded to itom inate a jTi on 4? rei vv t ini. M r la.ttelre rosscd in pornnjtltoehy iJJrcma.Spc'n Llark and ioting-, hut witbont com- wbrch, f T bofoas Earirinjrton ; te Jijiveisitjri Me.wrb. Ilo^ert Cdirtpijtll, jtin. raeulted In the ebo>ee o f Thomas also for liwb Regents lo,the Ui L. CrSulhvau and Ro! Were ctrosbn.\ U« aroT.on^M r. Chl.'r ibcYam, flteW d r n o r w .i^rjinK ticI tq commun|ralc the .rdpiKUflthc^erifragGnb im U g i h l So’ncca Jn- uiana^ jf ■ j‘ ••r-Ttr, . v 11 the House;1 there were Several momomls' fdf,a«Y'3gaiuyt jfte frntisan | utet- trtli tuad • to rni^rporate a imni-rsity at R.„ i^yrJr- fo r an1 NgU Y ilb r;? ” 'Y ^ ^ k ff'-wtntal firm noai T , rk > H a bafetjT ir K l b^nL iat S j r d t o ^ a ; ta ireih.i.f. tije.auction’' \ 1' ~ ■ >- ,r . . • Mr T 1? PWM ' r“ rit ifEisk bil l »o,Uio«Hrtfi sjot cotJegre-ami ara itmict to {laid real a bill to trufaldt _ ............ ... atuTpersonal e.state‘m t i u s p ' M r \ redjucsj tlie dAncn es o,f con L rna rlia'l. Mr. Lud. Vihr ^ lale b,f5 ^ tlie Charter tlfthejjjew YotTt HjsrottcSfl sncicly. The n o rn- l’!i’t!rt'r aiifl h v o Regents ofthe Uriivaisitiy, resu ted ashcrore slated in the sen- , 1 ' t t f nottjineesoftbetvvo houses were de- cUreifqlriy eleilcd, .in j i W convention. The bilk tq revive tlio charter .it the N . Y li.stoncal ktetetv passed. Mr. BicVcrisen oikrida resoln- tioh.lot enquiry which wab adc^led.’as to t«o crates of tba ref,isait o f Urn' Albany and West btoojibridge lad rond ootnpany , to carry the fhaitj Mr, B!e>s ohliefl * geaoiution calhng up­ on the Comptroller foi i.rth.mation as to punt, fing fer the EWe-u,ve 'dep.vkments. Lai/hver, ■JHr, Rloss g a te notice r'? - - • •agan t d petitions forj |m inff arnl trv ir f g . the Gomptro!Ier in to t i e public printij iMtolcoiflmittee resof p© novw c< pew cq | jA report hsWer to Uw ig, Tbo Sei Mr, JohlesT Orl •Mr. mcdjand concluded his remarks, r to bp Mr, Clark, wjlo spoke untn joiii|imt.nt, wrlhoutliconc-luding. I * the ttaose* petitions vrer c Pl - i t I •iS j » h ,„ s d » w » f c ® a 7 & X c “ X , ° a T i S S i t Q o - - f % s - W ” \ \ \ \ the better reM M 10!1?. °t A 4»»inumcau«ni r ^late-treasurer Jcainmittee.Ufckamj'^fi'8 . I n c e takqn befdre the cor ond f o f .P'um », tlte flectased con| ie.epiyefk fh e valid ifisumed the eonsw Goi ifirfas Ulnpar the 'h| ti-jenjt icssagi mudh o f tbe4itxcssa«jb as relates ?jesent(cd fori s ,• received Ince reported a layings Bqnks. Bepjainin asking for tlie appointment lepotuils. ] .The jr’s - jury jn the [net at Auburn. 1 helHbu&o then jvent jntii cpm eration of lip Ma nor Question pui; ofadjuurnmer rs was1 then ilfri H a |ns respnicd Ins and spoke un ..! I h e Id abate loscd, anfl, so to ftkfc suhjket tee o f ejghi.-k- flelect epujmij adiouriied in di$qussil Clai cvptiiidiluies on tlifl plain, canal and Yoiftisr, Clark, Poil elljjllaid, Wi4gIiL Behponlioven, took olufion was fmallyl eas(| o f piivilegu brjqu^ht fanv lie sul jet t of some re.narki Y N'ew-i ekhted by J. L. thathe (Folsom) was a jqj litions o f wfnggery ,|anti, illiaracierized as onei o f ped] ,, P»opqpng. into the nun northern secjii Bens Falls her, SeoviJJ, Putnam, pait in the d]hate. adopted, av I'ohnSon, M itchy Sartd, and Vad TheresJ 2C, noes 0. A, b'^ Mr. Folsoni] It seems that G’SpIfiyah* liatj, ntsitocfc partner litisni,&p.,\vh ich jtical profligacy. l|rphc House, the pctRion*. wiere very nume't'- jFridajj, February 6.< cngagld dunng the. greater jig a rosqlulion; UeIect.CQinnf».t.j agomen t o f and] ion oftjieCham- leeddr. Messrs*! before, T h is i* notea apiv practice, m e . a p p e a r. |d oxhaustediCQiisiderabjy A f t e r t h e ^hipping.^- After lid Iliad becra struck a blow or two L ------- Behind' |tflp flddalt and clinflhcf holdf o f and whs taken out from there. H e was wmpp. ?di on tbe bare bac V. I sta]y td on the. first nee*. liOn (ill he mar chef] out todmner.' I sari him ini Lhc afterpoon of' Monday in the shop, I f ie wasj .■ittuig oh tli® beach, end whether at-Wpffi j can’t iay, I think ha might hkle work but can’t say! w h e tfpfhe would have been m pain ifh'ehad.—j 1 think 9„pr It) o’ciock wfien I saw hintrift TuesJ flay. I ! think_about lO ofelock whenjhe' WasJ whipped on I ue day I saw jns back oft T u e s J pay, Ma-rk»' on shoulder? and hips both. ll [think the flesh not ri-w, orjthc skin ' cut; ekcCptj ]in a few pkce%. I did iiotj sbetfleraw iriiMsftb ibis hip# till yesterday. Ho appeared tp be well! Monday itlqmiftg, • i'thQugh| mm -in pfbper con J idftion fo be ivhipped on, T uesday or I should not Ihave-hijni whipped. 1 1 hafl tfpt khowft flf liisibeil mg sick, anjd have’ been in the habit flf seeling! him evtry day once or tWLpc I thmk pie blood! did notf run -down his backym T u e sday,' thiiftij in-tfle,desk,: His back was not' all thej while towards tne, but- when he was washed I! stopped i for Ward and saw* it* Ileh a s notbecn] wa htijl with brJno sin e tji« death to tny know! f ctl^e—il have given no directions thathe ehcufdj be washed since his deatljj - ItrtVaB requefited hy the judgev after flc ri asjtu ned over jrcsterdayj Peter T. Spiyderi Dryden, JlOO Joiin AWpch, dot 1. Garret M'cy; ■ M - 3 00 J .v anBulikflk.Eiificljl, 1 2j B. Himgflrford, do Ja-S Spenfeo, 1 McLekm H .I an Ye fa d, 3,00 D U » M k M f I [Iih fak dgo 138 j j . w y g o o W W Ca 00 'L-St V e 0 ' * I S * « A P K % X $ T * : T f e lo tfo i* persons will find t to tl e t ft tere ipchS Ifi. d c the cp J sofil r ssei M Grotoft, $9,00 .Ba n y 1 M e N wfleld, , 8,00 w Tnoma* JJarib-- do. j q ■ - *6,00 • *,vbarl©« r ijjavis, L°ffan£! A 4,00 , A s Y nfeteej] burgh, YanEttenvil]^; 3,00 * [T p b e C o n tinu e d .] , ' . : ■ J J p f a i i p , V i s i t ; i ft 'w II fakfieW at the house Off Francis Ool- \ nieg,! Feb. Hth, ior (lie purpose cf em,. Tflce of tickets, 35 cents. : ' pectorution, in point ol yiolenckqf tlie pne and m^juantit^ j to tlie latter, aurimssmg iny thirig X had ever witnssieji befire. Notwithstanding that I pad tliiaattendanqe of two aged and exiienenced pliysicians and every ineaii* uaed that ould be devised for my repot pry, yet 1 was confined to my b d in a misrwtnle condition fqr 3 months save skew day*,It « en when 1 was enabled to sft «P. # was with a shattered, exuauvted and debilitated constitution, accompanied with lams in tlie-side and breast., a fevmwli dryness of tfie nioaflt; md skin, burning in the soles of tlie feet and palms of th« iands,s.evere mrns of I’OUgliiiigrWanderifig.paiils about tb\1 wady!, greatloBS ot appptiteand indigestion. - In slmrt my si nation wasso ileplprable lhatil despaired of ever bemgab.. of again attending to business, TJids situated I repaired to tbo rea-shore ami spent 4 weeks, at North Port and Ishp ofl Long Island, in tbeniqnUi* of June.andt Julv. l**om. this, however,! dertved no permanent benefit.■ Subsequently-1 toolc a new and more violent cold, winch produced a great d tftroati which added to my old di- ------ .... .ry cough to an alarming dej Thus situated, Jlr.C. Brmkerboff’sHealtli ReHtorati’ , recommended to me, and first and Jast t have taken faoiy-}6 bottle*. Tito effect I am most tmppy to’ sav, has baen so sslutarv. (halt under Pro virtepte loan look forward to a hope of usefuJriess toryears to come, of which I had utterly des­ paired before I.|began to use: the Health UestoraUye, Mv strengtkvvas rehewed, myJcamplaint of the lungs reinov j I C o n fertn c e a t Ith a c a , i •••!' ■ . S5\AjCqnferenco (flthe. Cayuga association of Univer- sali ts will bo rioliU-n.at ttto Village IftiR in ItJiitca.j on tlio that he should be left been-' washed m brine bei Physician ! I llnnk I dn he be wasbqd nl brine ] d%y, : He rius whipped \I is usftal Ilddied aS I he vva'e Convicts had Are by directiop ot thej ;ctcd in lb » case that Isaw the hody'on M ot ) ith more sevcntj thffr informed five mtn. , Cancei, Scrofula and Goitre. , Amnia exnorieHpe bag proved tlmtfto cbinbiiiiitidn of med- ino|iakevaj heqpso pfHrtciougin rem'ovmg'tee'abflvo dig eti cs, awDr.Jayno’sAltfiraiiv-q or Life, l’reserwtirCi has tflec tedi Cures 'truly ustonisiiins.not only of Cancer and otlier diseasfegflf tfaoiSkin, dyspfepsia, This' medicine] enters tlie Sirculation aii(l era4icate» uise»Fe y * 1 - nusf |u t ol tho u&ftal L noi a^aanct the removal of i th iMnga Mi F(fft iqfnrtcd ui buihi|ng'i, a hill|foi the-Ncw Mohav^ Tnri motion faiim icase o f the contest] Pieltje, was qet down .foil to .lip; taken »on, Tuesdayl -port jwas reepivefl . from t of”public priutil] SfljHate'printin\ . Allse-rnbly S choltaric ider instruct oafl. An urn the bill a pre ’otc of 42 to seat, occupied by r ' J ly-v'tbe qucs ofclock, .A (xtptrollcr. ot L last year, : . .13,92!) 77 28.161 G2 Vlond ftt one I'itlhe'-fJo Iigislativb kljblic oflices and advertising: Total M l. Worden.gave no|(jp of whiHlDing m the stale llie jjeibl.e a resolution c Aufljim Prison, fop llioS ict Flumbrwas: whipped. 8 , , . W “\du\ theSenato, petitio the act in iciatipii Ynglil and Mr.Cluuibcri.ul ~ ~ ' ' ’ Al t^r ... dler o f lllii 1.of o f thd ' i , w I “* 3 bill to incorporate the! ' Weatern New Yot’k Agi .cl Itural ‘school The i lnlt to inco rporate Uie A td o r icair land F o r e ig n BiMjfe society, wjis hilvfri pp m commiuoe, .md . tM.WOBIlifefl>JBl.-.Adjou-rfttflo'trt I-'. : r- T 1 tI, re’ o !* 1 /T u e s d a y , F e h r u a iy 3. In tha Scud te, peOtions m ero prcrenitd for ! the protectiOu of tiic ipioperty of Man * d wo 'm e n t—for the nexwcou.nty of P„ w . df,D rP. moftgtranccs agaiftst it-U , r par redemptions m -N ^ , ? ® rk, a--d Mu Ypung, reported a fai l in relaliou ta that Natural History of this ■ offered a jesoiatton direct* ink an inquiry by the riail., dafl corn nuttee nnd to te,. f * l r / thG companies i 5 cdulraojt with Uu P.- O. D e p a r t raontfortheirarmportkW nbfihe mails, which l-wjzr-adopted. ■ The Sptiat?* then jvcntluto com mitten or, Mr* Lmes* (]>icgqn' and Texas icbolu ()j|JivMorto o f G re e n e ■. Hard, apd Mr, Erlnnons; huj'i;,r,and a new < by Mr Befktflaii -t from tlie Corriptr extra sepsidni th fi. f h e re in r t l& d c r h f t h e regon and Terns sclutic Ivvti n Messrs ' Clai k arid', tiic House, t he. pel i ;ions,-i)(icludcd ,0oc, io r the divjiiofl o f couf |st tho American ant F o r c i roilsli capital punishment, fj lc and other i all-ways, j&cj e, fro m the bank coinmfltet Tp|]riii ing the banks, to (flake pflilts, aud quarterly reports pi h'Ay con - ti tu ti n g tli c' 18 th ward l k, w as passed. ( Tbq Eacis J a third Uuie and passed, 8 inoefl so as to require a ll lie 3 I VVffdncsday of May m |]n of thflfManor. .Quesjlion,' .Governtft-’p- Message, wai; Ifldt n addi qssed the cotnftiitto] Nourument, • tijo’ns. .Mfv Jolmson: iitjsnrtihd the debate, against tha Texas resoltitlon ( jaud was followed by Mr] i. JJfioung-, w-ho'spoicc uhtil tbo ho ifl of adjourn nient, rn reply djo MtfljSCb. iYrtght auff Glaik.— - W ithout feonehraiug, % gave wayl, anfl the Sen, I '’iiteWcttt’into Executjvc session* I I • Jh theTIonao, seveijai nictfloriaiswere prgsen 1 ted fo r anfl agajhst ’^friHudsoir ri ver and:• the new Mohawk rarf-roacls, Mj* Steyenson repor­ ted fayotdbiy on. thobids to amend the, usury IkvVs ; alsa. hiils tartbhew' the act to encourage f thfeaiik- criltftrOi viudlto reduce -the tax. or? sea* } ftieft. ' a i r . TcflV reported bills- to incorporate Uie , Hudson river, and tflc New Y o ilt anfl Hartford ‘ f ail.rOad: com pan ies,' j .Also a gau«b4h« * }fa w k .r a iU ro u d > ,\feo n ^ B e h e x iv^ id p , to Utica.— • ■HaynerLnoved'tflrecoinnvit tlle report,: with ' t: inltirftctmiasf-rto: ibrtnjgt in, a W l. • ■ On j iijotiofl of, ‘ Mr. Harris, and'afier a ’long dpbateflthc jreport(! \was re*oinflfll.ted witii iftstrtrcvidus to repot t a -for idyepihiiiMiiarton: o f rthe;Hoqac-r-ayes:S^,( 1 n o y s 22* uA vnetiani tbireconsideti tty s v o te;niady: rt byi Mre'-MofttgiMfturyi l«?s. .'b.qqtbo1: tablet Mn.j Ghase’s resolutton to ’I'ermifete debaie-jon Uie| * reference o'f the Anfi-rent qucsli<int on Thuisdayl '■'-fi’Dodnt w4wafio.pi;^tlL]:•; ' =.*‘1 - v . v.'V -W eibnesday; F e b m A - y A In tlio [Senate,, several • pcutions and! ji:cm:on]! . “’•trances wore prescnljed for and against tbo no^v county o f Bratth A petitfou w^s jssefttwd l-l-moi a citizens o£ Auburn relative to the death:of the, convinf.Cdvavi.esoS. Plumb, amllraskiiiglflr a . k c t eomfttfifea fo' investigate t^e,.ckcutfttstaniaes o f his death, which vvas refused. Mi.jlSaftford- presented amemou.vL asking for a,». anileiidifteiit of,tbe.:;%ot,opi vVKttfrt law:vof ISflfiiY- Ml'. Redrsofj. i-terefla tesoh)ti<>»; -\vhvch:was a'd opted, d fleetm s thecoinmittec oniitheq.Hrdicmry toienquinfl yeiietnl ■ cr this Btaia.slfoultl flat provide fur.bhe ^avineiift ofthe expense of a,renting ofllndcis undet (|i|i Ashburton .treaty, -Mr. Clai tc- U id on 'the t e b f a teSofoMon-of en^uiry iti relation' to 'the |\Vc last week published a s flrcl. to the death o f thb eonv lihurn pnson, ank alqo-the i? ’& Juiy. Since thori wo. bj ce taken bbforej the Jury, a] ,it bclovv. ”?.Ir. liira.ni Itlathj n cxamtnled, is tbe agent oq lifica as follow^ : I am Keepci of ^he e 2d day o f.Jnfle,- nv let m the* Priso'n1 c was m the shoe sticjp, ppears tiom IhcjRcg ‘842 anfl must be abd |l7 at the tune; he ca \'|— |\ from Seneca on tHe tplor board He -owing n%McfiperL- Chasc repprtiftl 42 090 70 31 3fo 84 73 43G 53 bill to aboli h Mr-Coe laid on the agent of the nsith which the F e h u a r y 7. by i\Bi. Saniord to a. \ Trteity Church, bv ’ i against pi opo* ig a n v co u n t ie s } ior the new cp,. nn Cattaraugus, |tidenjpUons. As itmiatad-ex-- Senate wasre- { ay ivn» vptnV-ofl s’ ana, in passfl- foangf.'. the usu- ktics. for and;\ft jrn Bible society; fr the Tie w- Mo- Mr S Law- •; reported a bill am i-monthly fe- a-verages. The i Ihtrcity of New : bill was finally |7 Ifl 6 after beiflg to expire on I ne diseusi nder that part ofj snnved, and Mp% until the ho.ui o f utes^beforc sur, Saturdayf: • I mean- by his being] whipped with more seventy than usual, that thd number was greaterrtlfljii usual; I th m k thej blrnv^ were not with moijpforce than u sual, p a l [ry is a very-stoioti niah. ’ijift lifts not pdftishefl -aft great deal Jjefore, * A rftln who is accustomed lo the cat can use i t riitfi flmrei eaYcrityitbam-uflft wlid is: not. f J- I;. '• ■ ’• ' -f- ••• 1' ■ 'George W , Cray buiftg-yufy sworn saya— : ] 1 have seen the djiedased i(ri the shop on the iailor’s board. I h a f d hden Foreman in the shori) ihdp. vT ftoverkuerir oflHis being sick,' Tueyefl tfscovefed any appearaftco o f insanity Y I saw |tiln whipped a week a g fllast Mdntlajl ind Tuesj. flay* I should thitife 5 flflf;69blqvysoftiJlondiiyl •jt did not eotti.t thejft|- I countcd fpflcsdayj: there were 35 or 26, Hfl started to tab, through .the shop, dftd ho was struck a s he startefli '©i started ash e s true Ifl. a n d J a m ftdtcertain wiietlil 'ey I bouftted that.'| He wffts yvMppod on his'barb bacjt, 'The first flunishjnetit 20 or 2 5 minufofl. .... 1 ‘difl not see \any-ajipeaijanco o f bloocj running iz : j from his back at ali. They were 15 dr 20 mini Utes I sboftld judge, iftflr|ti»g tjie'pbhi^hnae: Tueisday.' >Qa- Siondsy'* J k f t e l'l jrbtujrftdd. dinner, Gary askcrt me how many blovval though he inflicted. Ij said 60 or 70, Hec said h thought there could not he as many He sai he lost the count when he run. and: thaf Rathbft told hitn tb come as nefti; as he could, .and repoi the sajnc 1 luti is the<*irc.umstaftoe that led m to co u n t . j ' \ i - [ ; Joseph T Pitfley svvomjsajV I have csafl| ■ilietl ibe -deceased I sari the stofnach The was a brown- appearapceihn it.- qr a portion bjfi It-has been in water, ad {[ supposed andqvastd- ken out o f a'dish o f vyafor as f suppdsed'kwhe into tlle |ircti.laj,ioii aiift eladSeates filgekse vvheiraver jfoontcd. It purities the blood and flher fluid# off tbo body, flipovpa ofai.truoUonK in tlie qorSs flfthe skin,sad reduceseolargementa ot the glands or bones. It increaies foe appetite, rptnmes lieadacliflanddifl'v,sine*i|*nd ihvlgdratSs foe whule'systtlm and impsrta animation tflftfijr diseased and debilitated Consti- tut.u{n.‘ jl’lierii# notlnn| 'sflperior to It fa foe Whole foateria ; Jt-isfltj.f—*i-*—e,*„.i ..i.i_ . 8 South Third st. Pbilariflplua Itbaca, o3 ilqaty ofiq Ferhal relief, v l tsblo.El , ., invatUaBlerRemfed. (severe cates of i ’itols. ( inent utility,- - | » ■§$*Fjira full dfopflp) anaecoUiit qfCfares oftii,..,... oRXTia'fpf Q. B-'Currai), only .nd tlieL, t fiat Unostpd] ittvitiatq rim arijoinpJi nd dll be ' *- L. HiCulvfcir, JIar 1 jlL e i i ( fo, field Cqntrc jont article in re- tl Plumb, m the hot of the Coio jive seen the cVi id give a portion pun, the -first per-i the Prison. Ha I saw it— a portion o f it a dark color \ I prtsl the brown color would pot. have appeared, hflfl. there not been ^omc, previous inflatnrftalion would appear less ufliained now than j when fit. exanrnicct. after death, i I thmk prostration-, ll| cause of his death vvbtcih may iiaviu b:een prodi ceflby two caus.es Fiqm the testimony I lu 1 heard', I (thlnk thatw(lipuing was thofir t c a i of lus prostiaUon I Ihinl i oin the testimony lie must ha\c liad over 409 lashcl, I suppo from Cray s tcslimony hfl liad 60 'blows the hi d iy Ila r e sva a good deal of dxtnavai atic of bjood. upon the baeJcr and-ll|ie ijnns, but:mo i pofl tbe loins than liae^ Tlle severe m july fln his backland loin w^sltransferred hv sympathy irrita-itom-. lo the., btoinach. Iknowrfropu muijh experience, thatj severe injuries are inojroq hi ely to effect the stomach than any other oigsjft From the statement tof Doct. Bigelow, thfl t havecviistcd in the Puson'a ftoviousor r laiic gas», hy which he was. predijsbosfla to operated upon more severely by the fliakgellauj I d[n’t believe, either the discake or fl^gellatj alo.he and without, a c o m b in a t io n / \ v o u ld hflve cailised ddathv A t believe the involuntaiy discharges sed by whipping.. I understood- he had no dj __ rhea, after the whipping it bf apt lo follow typnui feve'r,- Billions fever frequently terminated in typflus*. Diarrhea ia a/very com m o n attendant' pnjty-phus fever in thenast stages. I h e , ’’'-'1--4 «m aiul subsalios arbia.s likely tp aUcndll. last sLagcs of oitp fever a* another I jslxflild' Ibinrc from Ihe1 ftppoanancb. there might be[40p or 5C|0 lashes, trtvouldjfurllier italc.-liiat.it Djoct. low h a ^ n o t fctatcd the cm t mcc. o f fever, vvflich (lo tiiie lnldieates tlm Cxistencelof this flox* or mnsafeniaJtie gass.I should think the strjipeo jono ftausccl th), deatlY But f'ioin his teslflno* Y t f r t l im k both must have combined to'proauce Urn fleath.^ . . q ' j ' ' lit for ll iloes not wcafon. „ ftiost(ft)ierL,vpec£o ltsfaat&tlltKappetite of tbe-piil '\\ine#! wlnphjiare: been.r nearly pr (Hike tlie ihin: ot the tacuhytyr agfo Ijremain, vours &c ' I Prepared only by Dr.] ‘rioiji by lachqylerri-'Sih ,jve come hej ot age—bem; n October, ; He has bqeft llvious lo a week and breaking] properly: a jug |a» brought down When I came ,i The. offieei o the shop. lie ' by m y direction b<jmg present, and committee oh Mi-.Jonel o f monuv naid to the amoun Toxab aiid Ore* wumefl h is rcuu _ , Wright but without the committee rose. Tiie f in J flT ','1 'VcLy’ anl[a , the report o f tho ageut^a p p £ teT\% transmH ^ , to the coudflmn of the § e n L a I n d ians?*^ ! , In me Iiouso:-*-tho nremloriftls to p-„* J' [ nierou# on tlto subject of the Hndsr, *VCr^ ’ n| a K « r M o I a w k » r f i « « d I X w & „ n £fr '“H Rt-fugc—par jedemptions-X&o. &c. Ch reported agatnst the petlt l n 0f t h e C o im S ' General for 2o0 his report, a'nf 'tho tn!lSreedl ? re repo^ - T b o bill td -divide , the 10th ward in the city bf New York Was nn ’ ° % ^ O ta t I S a d tg. tep 1 n e T S ’ t . , he coh m¥ < \ i Raulroids T ill r i t e I'S t lfrtarti' OI‘ th o Isevflral r u l t n f WCen Aiba4-and 'Baffalo-jmsdpa- UUcalitjd •affl. standingj nhvj “ ‘ vy-fepu part o f lhev 30 and I shop.jand wasspntff cd that ho left b is b apcetators. X went more. 'Tjui ty vyast that day. Gaiy pu is the assistant bpcj: he went to Ins c lll a other books, and I tl I thmk it vvas Y i n t iseiijcf in the cell blows, as reported: did not count them bench, antfi'emameji to the dumqr table to Doct. Bigtloijv ajioutli Seor not to let him] propei place, . I being punisher] hesj cd the Doctor vvjhetjher hfl hnn? or wbetlioy X ]had hospitki. H e said sent h im up. 3 th close of Ihq punish table fothehosmla oi before, dtscoyerc d1 an^ I hdve nfjver seel pected he; might bo dersUnd. tbat iPlt mb nan! iriedj lated; eined 1 1 I had! 1 mk the mcntJ think hei to the kitchen, j him msa,He. I^dt prison^ mentioning to mj insane. I suppos^ he d; await my return. tom, but in a few, sUppose-1 saw ftli mjliicted. Cary hit and the convict mj wjent .to the ctitlerj suppose that inqi Monday, exceflt, was, that he did r vtct there vverk in stance, in <vhichT a number to tho Irt o f the blow > jgo to lie cutlery. - I\?as mform. among some vvas punished, uved a , both times both - times. Iio hbp That night jh-ts bible and some .old bu bed cloths, .iflforme 1 me of the .asjtlien lunished 12 in. my presence, then sent to his Ho then .went c'ompary. I apoke- .ajse... I told Iho of- keep him in lus Dcict. that upon }ayefliela\—X ask- go and seep fldj him..' to ’the md him up; tvas about the him from the l that occasion, ms of insatoitV* im which l (sufl- gav,e m edpV to make hun How , flits W o ilcf ts g iv e n \io L y i n g -j-\\ e, flublishrd a fewvvceks agu. thei murfler and sui- quic ot Mrs McKceh and Majoi Iloluies ‘ but tbe Chambers (Ala ) Herald saya I Tbat very affec. ting tale ot •■murder and suicide,\ we k-arn,frorr; a puvatc touicc, fo a boav 1 I f it is a hojvx, it is certainly-the deepest and most -ringular trick pf lovers to accomplish tlieir end ever yet rjecdr. ptd Our irijformation | pijnborts tbat Major Holmes was a] suitor of Mijs.' McKqen’s .1 efbre per marriage ; tflatlafter [her husband (Thomas FD. McKeeft) was arrestcil for bank robber), her. Ifftther took bfer to liis Ijflifle, aiid promisei Ttfla it should i be an asyluinj- for her as, long’; s 'she lived, piovidefl’ J-hfet she jyvflflld1 ifover - .hav s any •thing to do wUli^-h^r'hoSbat»(T. iXiolmes igaifl renewed lus nssodikliflpsvvitl] her, anfl obtained' from her a prut nisei thal' she woi\ld inarry 1 im if t she could obtain ift'flivorce; ftiid ineasnres ;y?hie taken to aceompjlljjb this, and a flill for tha last .winter’k session' ; rejected i by that b o d y ,. Fthe lovers was ’ihe stiange, lose vvas before j.1) legislature, bu-t \vai The next step' fl fnysterious, .tTagicq-cdinipi) pflrforinan ce.' a grand picqe df nr any otiic'r ■magR reported that tvvfl iti ated toi contain couple, yore burifl ing on, Mrs, McICi vvctuling tjheii genial land, vvhei'i voided, not reach thei wferc inciurnmg,. al m Abraham’s, bostj eymoon in Some dane sphere.”' 'V^ to us. ception, riorlhy Al. Chaubert, ftll this suicide, murdering, fltid burying (fj pposed'by the u Ihe bodiei of the inters* !d w ifh du i'ceremony]]; vyai 1 eft and Major Hbltnej tp gome'i’aireti and mbr 5 and, vvhei-ejthe “ law^ doray” couk j and where the tongflc of reptoa'flb h ,.|( i how. jscl, vyhil'e]itlic‘ dccffifo: ’ ' yposing the lovers”iji iii,thfey wflre enjflying the :qucslerefl spot of this Tu n foil this talc as it vvas I l o m d Stafesm _ Thql instan hebl romrilj lot con R f l a h k e 4 a £ t o - 7 ; ^ ° >75’ A u b 4 n M T o k “ S 5 a * ‘f f l B S S W t l k than riore'infiiet(Jd,uflS produced, or I flaye reason! were Inflicted bu reportcfl. Geor^^. w twelve wqre inflnltcd. talked With. H i was whipped; flesh cut a faion is there: were n o i kid he had sent him, ol saw he thought t any officer of the jhkt they] thought him ihfm tfl the kitchen to] •the usual cust |t hali flpen done, . j: fled, that _ the first time, think, before;! # mo-reason tq „ srq.' mjfii.cted oft a njian said, which jt ri as.tolcj by a eon- jl dpi ’t kqow p f any .in,- Jii nbor yvera reported iay. ItWfls tbe’pat : more than twelve Only tjwelve were .. )ld_.m,e more than He 1 fos struck and then \‘■'-’led after he had been 1 littlo. My impreri. aiks on the, neek. t third VVednesdky,B,nd TJiursday of February (ilfo and lutnJ’Hispi “ uf-‘f I’ ’ *' I ‘ , Rpr LM Austin, Hx.ftayward D. H- Stfioklarid’, A- G k« P{A,)yarr^,ri !G!ps*i!NiBriwli,. D*S,-BW>wft, J.T\ ss anjif ot.liBraflreisxp|eted to l|e present, 'Feb, g. anfl al) mv other svi myielf most grateful ted to the trial of tins] 3 may be behefittedjby y'fellow suftcrera.' f o O.Brmkerhoff,jProprietor i [itoiins so entirely overcome that I fop) that, in a kind Fnwia?rii:fe -jf-WiiCmt#- linvalusblexsmedr, jn order tliat otfa- j its uss l write this for tbebenefit bf of Health Restorative., ]8l j J i T a r r i f l i r . j'\; Ip tins village, on: Tuesday aiormns, Feb. Ifltli, bv foe Rev. Wm S. Walker. Mr JAMES B KING, of Albant, to 'MEAL’DA L UAZR-N, daughter of Al en 1). Hazen, of (ijca,; It isjpe-fectjy safe and t-xftemely iiJeisaiiUjid has th(1n# i <‘ foeflft^iist^g|njuse* accompflnjriig foe'jflea of 5cbuyl ttodrii J Blds tfe gentler sei irom Seeking- (iocubar complaint*. TJie-V'e>+e- jy.Dr. UplrAni, Will bo found an :ie speedyjcuresit elfoets fo the most Jiipusands have testified a* to its cm excellent Remedy, anti tected by it, see|^painphlet,to lip l^ad Health.—It hast Beep remarked, apd most fe6 ordinary seWets of bealtii are oarl/ n- persorialeleanltiiess. RersoualdeanlmeBs lower to obsorflt hut to uikny,carly!usiug n-(Xgxercf#ii impossible, in consequence of r WorlfllyavoebtKin:. To those the Use of lahte L'iiivoMal |Piils, vyould oravo of groit foulitnig fluid On # psrson ih a fair etato jonly flostivo hi- sliglitlyv billious, foey will Inn rhrtli»rtnimntri.|f thfa complEint JiGicjironic, i cnged. the effect generally syHtem Be freed from some- ited:and turgid-humors — tt toicause 2 -or 3 copious H i \ sldhoreflto a n[ VleJ Ih e billow q, let ____ it speaks the umtorm Ungual #ns fl ho have tried glid tlierf > e’sE p toj-s a -PIcaSH.ffWid it. ] ] . jlinrri/pf Lowell, Mass., ot Hundrftlsof otlierPfliysi- IreAudwhOwto appreciate ■ell/Mass., Jan. 27,.11844. , DjsarSir-J-i have usqtl yfluf .metiicnte, Jy lfoo.wn fly- ttefla'flis of Jayire’s Bxpeetorant) ct d TY d ikvncs Family Vf] commemied and c ----- r flns n !t]J S, ...... (polle^e I Ijysirtmn* o? the Al ndAlinsllousIc Slid of a ious tl p IU atiqa Rt yare expr jji^u quircd ap unpirdccdetftetl thev ateso adinirabjl __rO fli-senisec >nu tafmlri 1 he propnetor of foesk —\ edudation at one of ihe! nd 1 a' I ad Sjf tlie disease, aodfoie .. tjf hetilth and -rendwed X.ITannpr.Dryden: D.B.' Idiowville.; I-imothy.IJurr,. Pbrrj , Nelson J rumble Gxo Lieubutgli : John Losee.! En- 78a^7 years, and can mosi truly >e t\“ in.the use of that as a mi Imp :of airy which I ’ Im- . .... followiijg obvious icasons Hoses, occafeion ;# disagreeable, f lie lungs and prostrate;foo ys- Mnts in . commpii use, pot doc •tent; like other l)ati#’*,iA\ ■ by the facujty.' Iu, ';h lias heeil-sought lor by. ■ / , LuTincftBitionAM, >1 ii. layoe. No. is Southt-Third Bt. | - ^ 1 P U D ’, Jenson G. Cm.KoaovK. died of Small Fox. at foe residen'ee - of Hits father, Abram C. Colegrove, 111 tho town of lUiyases, ‘ fln 1 Wednesday, Feb.4th< 1846, aged 33vears. • li In. his death* his parents, brothers, and sisters, hare .been : bereft ot a kind and affectionate son and brother—tbe cutis in which he moved, of an umtahle and wdfthv compahion, and foe feeling/Of loss spstamed will be do-extensive wjth Ins acqnauitance: and .the peculiar circumstances of |iis sickness and death, must-rendcr tlie event doubly painfulito all.. *. . • | fj- Fot something-more than a j-ear past he had been engaged the study oi medicine, and was led -of curiosity on the 9 th;'. of January to visit some patients sick jvrth the above named” dues-c, about which there had existed lpucb difference of ] oilimon. Qn the ovnmg of the 22 d of the same month,, lie ‘ fir#l' exhibited tlia preipomtorv tymvptoms of the disease ! ■winch w as to follow 'I’hone continued v cry set ere until the morning of the 25fo, when the eruption appeared,-with an abatement of tho-previous febrile gy mptow|si which proved to he of the confluent variety, and termmatedag above. < Although from prudential consjdertjionfl arising from ihe: nature of his disease, he Was deprived of-the.im- al Presence ahd pri.mues ot the flavijour were tp him consoling and prebious. I. i! JDunng the: firflt few days of Ins illnessrtus care for the salvation of the soul becaifle exceeding groat,, arid-w.hile.jhis -parents and Other friends prayed with and for ilpin, I 113 .agony of bouI iticrcat?dd, unttl tlieburden of his sms was suddenly removed, and in hia own; expressive! language, himself, afmidsttlia society faf heaven ;’t and tiiere heremained wjnle p hvedjrequenlly expressing a desire ‘ to depart and bo wifo ’hrist,-” which he thought to bo far Better.- “Thou art gone to the grave—hot we wdl not deplore thee, Since God v as thy ransom, fov ffuhrdian.foy guide; - • He gave the s, he took thee, #nd lie wdhnot restore thee, , And death 1: at.h no sting, siiico the Saviour hath died/' j ’rmfaansbmg, Feb.-8,il84&. -i , ■ -.- {Gom., Tuesday the lflfo met.. Mis# Majfl.G. liter ofDr. Henry, & : Mis. Mary Ihgiijsoll, jivt be attended on I’hur«dav, at G fl’clock, nds add acquaintances are iuvitedjto'Attend. ’ _____ ,»ffll,Hand, Funnel,Uomflfos, BaUrjHeyJiole.FclJopapd yyebUSawe- . ; Bevels,-gages,spokeshnvea, try squores, fii nterxdnd ) ui muggougtes; firinei, dockei,ftuck»bUt.a>dtur«;^. - l .- sels; Siugle.Uut, and double piautlrona; c am paa* e *, g in t le ts, * i ufee s a n d li qts, broad a hammers,oil stones, Augurs, fecretv PH) 8 ,tep, Screw drivers sefiiichBwU,HqlloSv AuflntBirsM iir e akm.. Adz** nnd a complete Assortuipntof Bfepch and jMouldipgPlaops.i - ’ > *wt* sf ' 'hs, hoe;-, shovfelsj spades, m anure forks, Sceopa, d jgtionesj’cwfoarsi WM arqn i\imps ,boaea, balloW- ’ jTruiii -jln tin [And tar;mingl ut.enail5; Y lot!> lflradlesj:slsyth? 3 ? sjjatlw,: rakeg, I frying pans, sauce paqs. riioye lorSi rons, steel traps, boolU :pot 6 ,spit'tcms ind Lamns.j i Buckles o f nlVlnnds.'HnXesfloT^ Or-nnmpuivy&c. Trunk R Vets, Tt uftk Locks, |.ad S o ef T Q O l S . Coopets’Adzs, board Axes, Hollovyiris. Heading, Iipvelers, Hnvvpl'.ikc. The* jvvil .u nil Timpslkehp a Choking 'Parlor, and other S TQTfJEfS hnd S i; ve Furniture, oflihe laievt a n tiim They afeo titanujrfUui eund ftjppp on hnnda g m e ia l as _ r t m > iijo t J i ' r i n , S h e e t I 1013 , a n d .C .op p c r W a r e , ' otipp?ulldi tides luot-lisualfv kepion hand. They invite\ the r,irrtvn1«.< lute, audsoncttueaX!.befor.ep:urcJiaisirigeJee«rhpie. V . * 1 J — i r L . * L . L , T U H H They also tnunulactureand And mnketoIrdet on short ofthooe wislnngarliclgs iutH jVrtekL Andrus & Co’s. ^ \ \ '58' S I L K S . S E P r ,{ I S 4 5 . JfaTEW styles ot rich Fancy and blk. and blueilflk. stripe Xw dre-J-i Silk Al o, supr wide blkjulg’d Silk forlloig Shaw I-, ami -ilk fringe t. fcilk lace tor trim in nig long shawls, ipived by . - „ rswiFfl & LICE, A t th e I T H A C A C H E A SEPT. 22d S M I T H & N'o <-0 Ow 4 br ltaiitbating “ ' In,a word, it ught f by m i- . 21 These medicines the most niteilig.... Trrica on> fcPresidtnto of I myi-am] N rij and of HoBpitfls than fiye hundred. Clergymen P O T A S H K E T T L E S . SUPERIOR Ai nclemade lioni Im-i P u l- oT)i,ao; kepteouaiaiitlyJmaaleamieltlj.icaF/.irikliiiJioJ tVork-.hy ’ y.'U 0 N R A D .f Mn rob I 0,1S45. • _J _________ S5 J _ A k W Names anflpri—_ r 1 Ja y ne - s L .tpectori 1 ,H To , •• lAlterafti , \ . j X-otilcI Yermi mlculated to flrtservO health should ever bo without them.— luahle preparaflons rcqqived ins l M edicai Colleges In the U. S, loncein an extensive and diversi- thas had ample iopportumtifk -of IW t 11 I and ofthe rm'n- . lyne s i anu’y Medicines, \iz . iberbottie.; : Sl 00 ■ 1 00 os Life Preservative, . J l 00* I . \ j Americsn jjll tho ahflvo mimed r D. Jiayiio. Iijv 6 nt 0 r-:and St t h lrf I ll t Pa mending them to -the coi their tntirt lonfoh |hdct, - ■ FrepsTf’dpiijv hyi Pli’jlatk-lphi ' 1 irhumty us preparationa worthy of i ns fully jicrsqaded froin past ox- ',‘bund emiiipnlly .Kiicnfosful inre- for-jvlnctjthej are\severally recom Javnc. No, 8 South Third fltreet my ler[<fc fo-riboef, Itbaca. . f2 |Dr,H by Sell diseases as a sftre rumLdv vv h e n u p h ltcd sjnqtlyl is file b n k ird c ’lc tho era d tea t on o f thi o t h t r rpjmedv htfoii Bill re 4(1 Scdlflttj te?3- , . palsarn,. ’Prop 2h and 50 cts. 25 and 50 cts. - * [' • • 25 ‘ 50 • prepared onjy hy-Dr., if, N’o, 8 , South Third' F E o u X t & f o r k ; the Barrel, or Found, at the Stflue Store* , .... . reSOipYLBB CU G r i ! a t B a r g a i n s Jr o i t C a s h ! *S. H A R R I S > C O . , H ERrBA inlmru thd puhl’c urn vc-U from till ti O i ty u tensive assovtnien.'! <>f P R Y G O O D S , G R O C E R I E S A y e 1( houghtai the towe-t Uii«li P|iiLe-.ond tiave opened SluieiR No. 00 Owr»o-bireet,lfthat-a Opr plun of business isthc N. York Guy Oath system.: PiirCjlia- scrs will juow have aw opportunity ot buy ing Guodr \trii-ly Low Prices ’ I ' I 1 n addutonto our-present stock wa shall berecetvt'i 11 -timrereuhprias o f NEW GOODS, ns oneirifithe em is in the uhv of Now Ytnk cun'imialU pui'cli- ind GIUjAP GOOD^rtr Un- Mfoket. HN,C.I1ARRIS bAMUEL HARRIS iiliam\l)iv.. Ifl, Ibfo. | ■..• L i s t o p k j \ITERS reiimmng m tiie Po-t Office, a, iTireclt, N \Y , February Lt, J8-K1 {Cj^l’ereons calling tor the following Letters will pleases ?ay “.advertised.” \ \ -1 ■' ' [From Regulations of Post-MASlcrGeiicral.] “On Lo.tj.Qts ailverusedas remaining.on hand, there; shall bc.chargedJwIieni dclivererlNnit, beside the regular.postage, ' ‘ ‘ ........... tuchAviO bVomeaelrlfattc ~ 1 “ V McGilfrey* Geo ’ -Morey Asa J b a l t JSjbeu/m ____ ^ qfie t thopt njfloletflqtiih cither of these obstinate •.aid 'Head. — W e would i e lehiateil I x dian O intwln jit ne v e r h a s failed to euri accoi d in g to directions. It j>wn i u iJie U n ited S t a te s for | above, and surpasses every the public fori th e cure ,o f | S o h iflf G. B, Ctirtan. [Lagrange Chattahoo|h ffebfojqf MilUrisin.~~Thc S p r i t . says :j Jlir. Ebenezer W alker,]a mer of t espocfabijUty, aboqt 37 ycars of agjo, m g a wife and flftlld, tvas induced by'm o th mmosity to. attend a M ifier’ineoting in-Bfei tvn on Sunitey-ithfl I S t h i '. W h ile there jjh came deluded'Wiph the threats and anath which were preaehed, andieft Ibe housq af close ofthe. meeting in a state ofiiiind tio upon insanity* '[This malady coritinuld 'aarfma .1 heart v .... ... :e<X(ouL •dingly he- rushed towards a large' cooM. und thm -j his lcjfthand into the- burning and cle ached .the red hotirdn o f tho sfio tho fieah was.literally burneflTrom. the'h „ 4 his hand before jhe could be seeured. ' T h e poor t aJvertistrig, wlut \j Andru# Chari TI > ' 'Allen Oliver E Andrus John Ainslee Naiicv Berry Mathew Brown Wm Browm Enos E Boom Mathias Bigelow Miss Lydia Oargill'l’bos S 2 Uopematt G W Clark Win B ! Cushman. David Clark Geo B ’ i Criss Wm Clnlon Samuel Carpenter J W 2 Carley John Cathn Thomas Cammei Miss Mavis; Larson Sarah A ' Cooper Mi b Mary TDevenport Geo Da wnpqrt Ilozekiah. Day BarbopsE Dean W W \ Davis W'm- ' Demarest Rosanna lEld ridge Jas I htoliJo-qil W -Green ,Wm- . sGray John ]. (Grav Sarah | ']■ G.enung Aaron H untRobt 1 Hatliawav Orville Hendrix Late |‘ Hammel Lewis Tlairidton Wm . Harrison Mijry ' i l-larrison M.'uy J llumisjonSijtah |._ Jbiies ileiirfl: , J-ixcox alary Kemble 1 Revf. Mr Keeler.M133 Harnet Linderlmry Charles Labar Henri Lmdortnan Cornelm^ Leonard Miss Lovnia Lyon Alfred) i JJ errian Barney Miller FH 1 ■ MonkCh Morse L i MmthrnMinturnj Evaiure- J ' Mack III man continued m this awful state untj oame to his relief on Tuesday, .even ing; uljt. at 8 o’clock]. Great •xciteinei tipre Be]cbertowtf, afld means w ill bflflafeen tsj any fqrthol? spread ofthisacciirsgd dolusj ive bonjlagrationot Wo ctive fire broke out on tl o u t o n tl , Destructive — A destructive , , 2 2 d in s t . in c o tto n -m aftu,factory B a llo u , E s q ., w lyflh co b s u tned anddjoiii th e pro p e r ty o f dye house o f flTr. J o h n flf. R u g g a J m th e a g g r e g a te w ill probably am o u n t Mi;. B a llo u , th e g r e a test sufferer, -fl $17^000, w h e tlw r the btherb w ere! know n .. - 1 _ jNo. 84, djkego s i Xtbaoiu? The mb*criber imendin'g lo c one np his business atlihaes, andsflUbs «1 cast in New York, and as.his goods have been botight wiih Cafo, #t Aoetiiw^ ..... w f p . t o f f liis extensiveasfortcrtenl o f 1 , 1 , , i . t’ Dry-Goods? Groceries^ Crockery, Boots H A R D W A R E , Ac. A c., nearly tlie w Wet e e fW h jek WQrc potelfori'B- thee tty for Co# A ; iraking it tt first i ate cbanee foi persons ytjislnnz per ihan jbey have ever bougbroc a n y otlier store m |It haca, t e e w l An h e is determined toreshzebafo for liis whoie stock b f l h c Bi\* E ^ f if o tU h e y w ffi flnd it d r t itU lv for jlieir^^jflrircst to«ifli|nt«»is andanppty Ifaemsalves from his! stock rtthey wtfo to save Uatfoif ’ ( U r i N.-Hfl All outstsodifojldua bills, orders, '&c, against me » fadflh f rtW in r iw f teqflriied; td call Srid Ent iiire b f ' ')Wx ^ OUS,B »0r i ^ O 't kw S a l e ^ i tuatril fln S e n m nu t t y & / J 4 M * t f | ■ I . h - :■--- C £ S U S T O M t E . ■TV HE Subscribers (taye pqwf»peo,and haeefo r S a le' a Large and weH Selected AS*ortt»eajofENULI 8 l i : ■ I W a X iandfldin i A « » d r t m e n t o f T D # 0 j i V - jlA r D JSTI m A W J t X a ?^ / o f MWL 11 SIZE*. eo4 O f j / N W w srp m r t x f u m : * ' , - W b ^ f i h u / / J n Tif'Si UintrfotLtBsWUey wiilhe ,|wt#i>»iiwtd«swBSiiwiiliwtiMilt: ........ A ttlie- o l d s t a i i d . f e l g n o f t h e A » v f o n e a r A l f o a i B t o a H > il- •• / ^ H ® afldBraigfltrifiH «ingxccejvedlar*eAd«w riri»*e..llriir f o r ( iw v ^ # t * tt N S U s dc G 'la s s f A m e r i c a n a n d E n g l i s h flfo r jl s t* <jr; Amer^qd fing. Door H.o. and skririBulik HinStki ® t^ ^ Y x D 'm n c r a n d desertk n iv e s a a d f o rk s ; Hound: an^qflaiehfode SboekptilM.' ru c « , f i v e s Also a general ftssor ment of C A f l iM t a n r B . J i m ' d f l i l k e i r Gaslors iplEscdteUecwSr. Br#!** w ^ S v i t s , rmsfcsv f i l ' e s , y t k s n f :h dtougs,sheet and boHeod, powder, bfo>s k enlea.aievlwte *.«areL.rt..i. unH h .a RR ramtlPRMr.h*: a,..i*. - r t l - a tl d eyes.tea j S A D R L E R t H A R D W I R E . 0 t Saddle f t c e s , p a ten t jLe, h a v e added t a liw ir f o n tdr iforiri a foer ivory an d jsp ’nd lt(ags, M e w , G o e d s 4 0 * 4 ' ri^hatenp.Ummpenngai )A Hoop Sbsves, erieral Arcor-Mneni rtf ’ ' A i C A S I I S T O R E , A ■ iitimonlv latge.vtock of DItY «t complete and bevutiful o enumerate the\^riou» I in name onljjr a-fewas - 1 mencan Prints, jbea ITI GOODS, making the ...... .. sortment ot ‘Tall and Winter Gbodjs” that! will be found tins market: .- v . Our assortment is teo extensi; kinds and s'tjlts of good», samplaot tjie ro‘t. 1(000 pices new styles E rm* and-cHK-aiv 1 - - I I , - , ,n, lffO pieces silk u t ottouwarp Alpacca, from 2a. fid pery.d. A S T J J r . of Cashmere, Cafon eretts Paris IRepe, rigid ' m d plain DeLaines, Satin (Brocade, Adrienne , Chairie Broche,.Cashmere, damask Str idilla,Silk damask wool, 7cbra, Kabjle, a ool Pkidfani DeLaine 8 lmw 1 ; New styles ot Die-* Silks, neb and beautiful; Ribbon s j i lirien-cambric Hdkfs ; Giflghajms, Aci ■■} Sheetings. Shirtings, Flam els, Ttokmgs, Batts, cotton , Yarn,(Diaper, A t. . ’ i *-#.■••• 1 - !,-• 1 French, Engli-h and American Broad Cloth' plain anfl ' tiney Ca simereb, and Gain ett-f •‘uiiubiiallj low y -* Sbeep)#iGray Cloth, Ttvfleds Westings, &c., - • Aiso. first rate T E A S , Coftpe,'Sugar and MolasjjeMt q “verv Email'advance from fir-t i os t ’- j SKrWofaldvon fiada ' N ?. 90. Oivcgo-gL,'1!! lift ca. - t i t h m l c m h o t e m , i ' 7 ' ' ' * q p T BT • * ''r* J P . T H O M P S O N * i R . & W . H A L S E Y , 7 F l o u r , P l d s t e r , F e e d , < & c J ? l a s t e n d o f ] o w e g o - s t ., it h a c U . 4 ^ Gouils a t ‘‘Iflow Frices’1. «-f r * - i ■ ] C H E A B G O O D S ! - A t the New Cash 'Store of H O X H U N S & C O . , A N E L E G A N T . A S S O R T M E N T O F New btylo of GOODS for Ladies’ Cloaks and C L O T H S j C A $ / n i E R E S , < ! y V E S T I N G S ' f A'complete Alesoflnjent df I j .FLOVYING BLUE CROCKENY i I I A.ooXmc GH'cs, &c &c N O . 58 O W E G O - S T R E E T . DedembBr 2 (l.;i 8 jn,i ______ ' , } •)-...- iN i W . G O O i ^ ,! ' fTHfri SUBSCRIBERS aie mlw Rt-cnvt X F a l l S to c k o f G O O D S , Among which may helound s in Cpuntry stores. Ottr slock ,t every article usually kept pmpriseathebest assort ' _ . :VW' ‘ MillerMiss.Iaud . IMiller Lucina G ; New-kirk'JohnJ . 2 Norton E-.enezor. Nelsun David \ : Ostrander*! B Qbrian ,Robt , OdellSiresia Piatt ltev. Dennis , 1 Rotter Win -I . fa- ■ , B/iillips Jacob H , , , Rhoades Tliosj , IUeo Charles -'I •Rolfe Bouhen f.'fl” Strang Hiram ' * SbinejDoctor , S n i i t l M F ' Smith piiiffp . I Smith W in E ' 1 Smith Enos : 2 Simtir'pSiizJ Serrill John SnyderWm !’ ; Suramerton John;2 Selover John | Strong Lewis St nut Orange s Sltont 51 aria ) -■ Shields E fiza,. . . . I Siunmerton Mary Ann St,rorig Miss Maria Spaulfiiog Jpsenh , . Spauldiug IflrE Jfl^cjih- * ’ T anpauJohn ‘ j\ Tabor Edmond \ ■ Thompson Mrs Nancj' Terrv Eliza \VV T - ]. Vatuierhool'Jlichaelj VanderpoolBefaj ij fa N Va.nderhoof & j;V'anOrder VanOrmau Joseph ‘ Virgil Da I T - Van Hontcr-Aafon ’ ' V an BuskirkRabhael. VanOrder Jerusha - ’ - Welch liiifua - . , I -.Wjiito TJjoifaag ' ■] ; j Worcester Howard C re Wilson Si'.rmiel]1. IVillianisjllenry i White flljss Catharine , . Wilson Miss Lydia Withers Hanm Weaver Polly], Wooil Abrahal j ; M.McCOfiMiei F F SALE. , . .. . *ipn issued-out o f the! Couri o f 1 common pleas of Tpmjikms c o , to me1 lireclcd anfl de­ livered against tjie goodh and chattels,! land* -aod' tenemente of Matluas D. Hawes, land ptilers inlmy taliwick, I vhave, seized and taken all fop right, title find interest ot the s'aiflj Hawes and others,ofim-and to the iollowmg t escribed propjer-ll ty and .premises* viz: j « ■ , ■ / . j [j All that eettajii piece pr paitel o f land situate in: the town, of Hector, Tomjpkms cojunty, and bcng a part of lot No. 20,; in said town, anjl boundhd as follows, viz—Boginping at ph/ 1101 theasl corner^ol a jo t of land owned by the said party -ot. the 24 part on ifaict loFNo. 20, running thence eatt &0 links, —focnce north 75 .hnks-j-thence west fa7- chain sand 90 links to a.stake—tbence;soutji 6' ciiams und 77 links I to Moses Tompkins North line-fafoenco east along said Tompkips’ norfo 14 chains and 15- links to thpsouth west corper of j&aid Hawe's Ioqtlience north along said Hawes’ west line ff chains ! ancl^25 luiks.to- ihe place.of: beginning, containing 10 acres of] Also, all foztl certain jpiecp orparcel o f land, lyinganfl be - : ing situateimthle town o f Heqtor, county afor.Qgaid and ptate of New-York, and being a part o f Lot Na. 33 In said town, and hounded ab follows, to wit—commencjmff ati a atone in the south east comer ofi fot No. 33 m said town, tonmngfrom .ithenco w est along tbe ghutb line of aanl[\ot2& chamatothe •southeast corpflt of land ojvned fay Ebenezer Jewell—thence north along said Jewell’sjeast line 10 chains to a stake— : thence 'east 55 I chains Ito jthe ea!st lino of said lot-—thence ith to foe place of beginning, coi wpeptmg the undivided % of a £ tfie jhte liri j 1 ALVAH.. SffilTH, n. js j i flic »1dirta»d ol Simflii & Van Bbi*<rtv« U i i U i'jlN G pei formed sRUwinl risht&ftamfrri# f j i r Q a s h a l f o a l l f c t n f l s i l p r o . m o t a a e n m p n , , ^ f jrto ir e q c to h q e IBrtS ju . V A K BUS* 1 1 t f e o r ’S ItonFoiindry and laekine gkgp, A P I be O L D D I |i”^ D in ihe'AIIcv near (be Pent XA. Office,and Airecily opoostK) thetfontrry CJelk^^ , Si reel ly oppi Office. A <uB «s®nriiiient ol fijjtelaiitly foi sale |ak follow1-, 4 7 * i B L O U G H S , ) PeL mn’qoeltlii air riFfougfa StjIeFeir h< Mat Svr, jhicli took tfaf Pwipw - , r ..... icuso, Ijleiivs* slDia zes j C •v’bI«iprove|l/ I rertigst<o|iuuwnijpDkoiid»|i ~ p c ^ r a r F L « u q H ' S ' '6 f i i i K r ' — - fliffeietitltinds; i j. • ‘ : ; s t o v e s L roiniurqCioking^ Fullonrt Hpt Air (Dookinc,*f Par-ior dip'. 'Rond ’■•rraperSjPoilakh Ketifeit, A»Ask3 Pari Keuk =;, B u k M'ljk Busk Wriglftsriaguu *pi M ill C u K tu if, ic A c , ' D r y - G o o t i s , G r o c e r i e s , C r o c k e r y ? & a , We have eier kept and to these alrawi h to huv* deairablt ahd h a hioimbjc Gootl.s, and t j buy them chk vr, vv c can say they can be supplied at our siore tq ijieq entire satfifaction. -BroaiL- Irab, blk. ;; fancy Oasfijhcrrs, aibeauti- . pfoid- artd'striped Sa ' ' * bjacfce yfttfo-gga. Yto , ji [The above o f icl(-Lautl iitLHhefstliat-rnjs jfaetk'Sirtd :- ■ Wiijibesoldon tlienipsilibprnii.eilfi)# ps iNtffal. All hr* drisfor bttLchlnery aacL C a s l i t , / will ....... ‘ \y ' on anjl jinost kinds ynvmertfoi OdSiftige. Hliuc ‘1 N Y„M ucli 2 ff IS44- I P U H L I C A N IIA L L HI pVtmipfj lof Piodjuee l#l>r«i • • ii&cor.' D F E A S iH « N » . Bcfau; li r’s itooe itof* jotlis ; bji „ . ., liFraicn and English Uaisnmi jful asBorurJont ri pIain; cord6t ; all pnees and qualities; plam O u r Slook o j Jj For'Ladies is not equalled ji| long which fc black satin figd Vesting R E S S G O O D S >. u this cbuntv—conbisfnlg of al- r-«taud most fashionable style# id Cashmeres j d’Eco'sc, Reps ae, plain and figd. ,of heautifu ja nd silk warps, plain, stflpeif jzurka stripes, ai beavitituladiK ’ uatiiarme ff ! ICK, P. M S H E j piece o f land,jnclutlmg thef b$r^ tk- o?st. cornet o f hhid lot Y. . shed on the above described 25 the appurtenarioeBi -I > - .•W jjiehl shall expose fo* sale a t nublicjsuetic atlhefllolelmthe village o f jltliaca, Tompkma) alorttaid.on the 2Gth dky of March, 13161 at 2 j ■•.usnntlx[ E . L — '\ ' pntterhs , Alpaccas, cotton and pjawfod Ruurnelms ; Ma for 2d mourning vv inter dresses, •Gcrrto Cloths, anew article .for Drosses, shaded Lama ploths'fori Cloaks and Dressed, the mostsplendul Goods tn the market, |(blk aud light figd (Tenrie seans , wor»ted and klk. Goods for dre.ses ) <L\. Al -plendid article of Tancj Silks; blk and blue black fcilfas .Ginghams, Calicoes, &e hiimmerable. I \ A / p l e n d id s d e k o j S H A W L S , ' X Cashmere, Stradilla figd and embroidered jlhibet wool, M. |deLnine, plain, modecolorejd and blk, plaidl woollen,honey comb, Polka, and almost evjery style o't Shawls w anted. . Gimps, gipipcord', am} flclvet liibhons for trimming dreg- 6 , Lc , 9 loves, Mitts, Ilb'iery, &c ( Alfo, for Gent-, j. Tlie mogt plenduUiock elf cash more Ve-iiiu'sandGravatg,: thwmarket., Colfaus,.Bosoms,Hosier}, j&fe. j , , , A splendid a' oitmcut ofiPlaidand Striped CloSkmgsior Ladie . \!so a beahtilul flock ot winter Hat Rfbbons I riciinel , Cambriek-, lire & bleadlied Mu linb, plaifl Flan noK, canton' Rlajinels, tmen Diaper for towels ana table cioths, a dew patforn o f piijnia k linen, Tabjc cloths, abeau- iful article Cotton Yarn,[carpet warp, Batting, W pking* 5anvassiPaddtng,;&c. --I f - 1 -I- !i . : i \-'-j' r >].'; | Groceries, C rockery, Ildrdyiare, L e a th e r , I ' L o o k v a g I Glasses, <fc. j i Tt 4vould be imposKiblo almjist to enumerateLill the varie - ies aud pt\leb ot .Goode, j\ve WiiLYe, aud we therefore *lk our nrndialiKl Lustoiners to cjrfl and ste for themseJveM We., •hall ahvavs be b^ppv t^slJo.w our Goodsyuind w ithout any- jharge, anfl’ii yoa do uot bAy it‘ShaH:not .be ourfaui^. -Wp beg lea\e to tender our tlnrikn to ourfrieiulgfor tbeilibtrai ]>at ronuge v-c* hav e roqeu ed,knd «oliut a continuance pt ypur j favors. 7 ‘ . . Ilr/r bf. - • i f? y . •!;- -,i. T • I S 7 'rid A S T - I ■ I\’” ■■•[■«■; I Paul for Flax-seed, Timothy seed, Beasl Beans, &c, , L-FLOUR forsale bytlunfiaflel (|i. ;; - I j * o: ! I C A M P & W IN T O N - . 1 Ithaca, Oct 20 1845 j _______ ^ _______ |71 ____ N O T I C E , j I j TH-'IHE. Subscriber respectfullymv|ite the a ttention of'the j A . Ladios and Gentimnen pi Ithaca and -vicinity,itp lns flxtensive > . - I j- ■ ,‘l . .-t;« - ■ - S to c k o j 'N e w G o o d s, \ . L You lhat owe Pbilapme and other presents, have w good opportunity to pay np,as you will find at the dubpcnbers . store, a great variety .of Eahcy; Articles,suitable-forthatpurv fpose, which ho offers for.sale wonderful cheap,,a- good as-, sortment of Fresh CANDIES, Sugar Plump, &c I OY3- TElt$ served up to every style, and more too, constantly no [hand, | Orders lol Pkrti.es thanktully received and punctual­ ly received and punflurtilylajttended '. N o. 72 Owego- Ithaea, Nov, 5, East side ot, Anrork-.t. next doortJ ___ W T G & v m D T f f a P B H s : . rryH E Sulii-criberi is!manufacturing tbe fl»ve‘«ta 4] order,in a good and sub5tamrtlmaifter,j l*r . Ladle sCurljl, Madonna. Bands, ice. , body the various forrps uf human miffenitg, all parts ot theUmt aMi thi tngthe.doom.of the afflicted Being prepared IR at ----- \ ' J ” tahhslied chemicalJavys, ft* repuUU*# iward, and is now extensively BMilni Could a multitude: -tot rccommendatws#^ .-.ta of V o u id he oasj to obtiin orededtials and tevuaioaUlf fro* .thousands, ot 'thelfirst'standingaii’eoniinumt-yiwbolwve’r#\. - ctived benefit Irom, this Balsam ,lor all whe liarertwAA linyeheen so well satisfied that they havd advised iheff irieiftls to~try it, and,thus, simply hy hqmgreOommeiiw from, neighbor to neighbor, its efficacy had bean so tease and proved that if iiaif ai quired rhe unparalielied reputeUW ot being the most valuable family medicine ever ducuvcn#- From many testimcjmal* in its Isror, we copy the folio*- . 1DB Certificate from Mr Cronk.1E T j Granville, july 27,184?, I hereby certify that Iwas afflicted with tjHliinflajiiroaff' jy Rheumatism for five or six ‘weeks I empfoved antiya- cian bat received no rjlief, foj(Icg becamesvyolJen SnS b h £ . to my body, to wlnclijl applied OlieeBernan’s Araiinn Bah u m n , and m twelve hours it was mote comfortable, and iaJ# day entirely restored like the other. I UFcd only throe tut ties. , | WM. CRONK. , From the Guide to Ifcaltli.i ( Chec seman's Arabian Balsam, the medical iqlfolrtiw « whioh in roducing inflaniation, m rehevmg p»in, iil chtag>a{' diseased actton aud- repteritig ritafity, are far superior to a»V preparation' with w bieh Ij have been conversant, and hff* my ow n experience cijil tesfffy that as ait Mitipbtogwhe w«~ edy m loc il'infiuu)atiei),|it is tar superior to any IhtBgJn w* kind Vised orrecoinmendedbr fhee medicalical faculty*aculty- v r r Wa \ r l o r j p V p erwil).. fujpisli-tflh W a r ! ish tcUisfriendp »pd old Custo- ithe Importer’s pnees, carefully J i a rfitaint1-'—- <—\-' —- 1 .-- IHE Subscriber ., - , . I 'meri; W ATCHES' ai xne *r r:--?, wv.-trvs , (selected byRimself, With the design to retain tlieir good w uh -1 ♦t tf, r.v ,t >1 i^YitFi gold; cap for Tady«* ” » Cylinder, for lady*’ and gents’, Fine Silver bDghsh Lever, . Cylinder, | Nqv 1845. rr fh med f ’ \* ' wman: , . -« MaTcellusyans L.,-., ,, ., Dear S n —I have used vow Balsam m my family quwf ...x Or Syears.faJt is'Woll adipted to the[T!ureofclil|f>I«l“ * cuts, bruiEes, prams, burn , colds, sore throat and wlumi**1 'Jufigs; ,:0sodacboMiflgbto.tho-tlireetionS, itjil'QOrtMf1l'W . pheap aad officacjousj o far as opjrortumtvi b*» •saHedJn* to test its efficacy, and lean confidently sarithat I hfaltl itl\ J- hath estimation, anfl Would advice every ond to bav* ** k*1* / • bottle ot Cliecsemai's Arabian! BaLain. - - Sold hjy Schuyler &j Scribner/Ithaca. f lj85' g f rlfF F A L O ROllES, Ladies and Gentlemen* J J ) India Rubber Over Shoes For Sale by ' j ___________ ^ H- W ILGUS,1I1 Gwegofftmet. I f lJ GRANT, {Agt ’g Celebrated Fine e u t CktWHt J O I # and Smoking ' ( j f i T 0 B A ( i ' C O , ” * e Sign o f thd)Little Indian. 10 Qwefo-rt-.Rh***!. -.!■ - ■! -1 c j'R O G iK E lX Y ■\ i\\' I ^ T HE Third n m v a fof the splendid Victoria Flu*my4jri Wlare. The Subscriber has on hand a of thu splendid W ire - i For ~ale ’ ’ \ ..... and Blue Ware.-' Trice of Glass W ate.j ' ; i g h l l For S cheap A l», D^**r *’ i. A Ste* iP.ELB*®Wr

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