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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, June 18, 1845, Image 4

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V ■ - r . g p H E ] f AK IVEBR* G e t t i n g p o o r on r i j If»d» a n d R i c h on p o o r en rails. This mao wiiuld never drive any bm lar«e, powerful Conastoga borseSj soOre ;nteen hands high. H e a lw a y s put tAree les to a large plough, and plunged it in horses 1 . {! J ^r / ! ‘ s \ t : . ooghiy afterwards. H e raisiedseventy hush^ els of corn to the acre. This man bad a brother about six miles off settled on a ricb White river bottom-land farm—a n d w h ilea black-jack clay soil yield­ ed seventy bushels to the acre, this fine \bot­ tom land would not average fifty. One Bro­ ther was.steadily grow ing rich on poor land, and the other steadily growing poor on rich ^^One d a / the bottom landj brother eatne dojvn to see the black jack qak farmer, and they began to talk about tljieir cro) farms, a s farmers are very apt to do. ‘Hdw is it,’ said the first, ‘that you m anage otf this poorsoil' to beat me in crops?’ The reply was, ‘I tvvri m y land.’ , That was it, exactly. Soime men have jtucb rich land that they won’t worA it; and. they never get a step beyond where they be­ gan. They' rely on the soil, not 6n labor, iskilkorcare.^^ lio m e m e a expect their land ‘to work, and somemien expect to work their landj and that is the difference' between a »od and bad fai RealEstate for Sale & to Let S A L E . lthaca.and4a mile from Danby village Ooniatning sob' Acrigqf Zitftcl. M . . The Houses,Barns anti Older buildings are ample and brothers settled together in - ------ ^ convenient. Theieis a lafeeOtlOHARDof Grafted \'ed. The Farm is adapted lor D airy or hr.. -S: One other FARM 7 miles south of Ithaca lile Irom Danbv villasre, on Hie road to Ppenr W I S T A R ’ S J B A L S A M O F W I L D C H E t ? R ^ , A co m p tm u d B a l s a m i c p r e p a r a t i o n fiiom VVIli C h e r r y B a r k a n d T a r , i The b e d R e w te d y k n o w n to th e W o r ^ f o r lh e c h r e o f coughs, c o ld s , a s'thm a ,c * 'o u p ,d e e d in g o f t \e lu n g s , w h u o p in g cQ U g h ,b ro n cb iiis,ihJluenza,ahe\rlnes8 o f b re a ih y p a in a n d w e a k n e ss in th e b re a s t ^ or s id e, liver c im p la iM S T A G E S O P C O N S V M P T I < ) J f . ' ^ Wo;wiU not assert that this BAJUSAAI wilt cure Cein • 'atimptiouin its worst form , hutdt has cured |many a fter all Other meatis o f relief has bcea tried invaii|.i And w>hj^ not? ItseetH sthat the W ILD nH E R R Y was destined by Nature lo be our PANACEA,for the ravagiing^ diseases ol'this coiaiatitude. L e taouho despamug^iuyalid waste nis money anU lose T IM E ,to him ao all imporlaut, in e x - PERIMEWTING withthe ifashy nostrums of ia«4ay,but use [ledacme that will cure,if a cure be possible-^a 'Bar$ofex- kind, and variety'of FR U IT . It is well watered and wood^.Atid has an abundant supply of valuablc Fen- thirds o f the Land is improved. B'>ih of the above Fat ins fire offered for sale entire or Wiih SUCb division as will not be injurious. For Tei ms apply toihe subscriber in the v illaseof Iihaca—and to view the Farm s apply to &Ir. H E N R Y COOPER,on the first described Itliaea', 23d A p ri/. 1845. ' J-B.GOSM_A ,. WbeMve had wriiteo thus far, and shown ohly good farm 1 saw w a s this Very one o f Which yon have written. AU ll the others desolate^fcnces down— -anduned:— I the settlers discouraged thought I used to di ten. A th e others -c a b in s qb d and m o v ing off. ' I saw the sam e old stable door, that m e ten years before and I saw no change except for the w orse in the whole country, w ith the single exception t f this one {atm.-:^Indt<fna Farmer and Gar' ------------------------------------ \bucumhers and Melons—Protection “ a- ' euinst Pl'brms.— Cucumbers and m elons for ki. ..tor,«»A .ho let of best for vines, i f it can be had ; next to this, a piece which w a s the last year in sod and planted with corn or potatoes, is to be pre- t-i'erred. It should be o f a m ediam state o f richness and clryuess, a better crop, so fa-r as » our experience goes, being more g enerally ob- ■ taiued from fuch land than’ that w h ich is ex- “■ iremelv rich. Make the hills seven or eight feet apart. & very common’ errhr is to m a le them too close, so that the.vines liavt ^ .»• V thatwhreh ism a gregn stat , w ith muck and leached ashes, w ill do w ell. T h e manure o f pigeods and hens' is also ex­ cellent, but is tery strong, and should be mixed with double its bulk of loam or muck. D ig ihg, h oles, for. the hills so deep. |that a peck a f Teasi'of manure may be put in w ith­ out com ihs above- the surface o j the earth, level it off and plant the seed-. T o provide against the bugs and worms, it it best to plant d large quantity of seed. .If there is twelve to fifteen plants to.a h i l l # h i ! e they are sm all, no injury w ill be don^jj. but they should be thinned to no more ih irrlbr5e,|ukt • before i bey .should begin to run, and baye got w ell out of the way of insects. '.J To keep off the bugs, m illinet box^s are the best preven atives While the plants are sm a ll, and that is the tim e they are most likely to be injured. T h e boxes are cheap- made o f pine boards six inches wide, merely nailed together square— the m illinei drawn ovet and fastened by longues.driven into the grooves. They shbuld be large enough to ./fairly cover lite .hills without crowding — les, or leached wood ashes, scattered T O F A R M E R S & S E T T E E R S . l i l H i . . I S : will compare w ith almost any in the State. It is s itu­ ated principally witliin th e e o n n lv o f Dssex, is within lpO m ile.sof tliec ity o f AHhany, a n dipss than 23 miles front canal navigation. Farm ers desirous o f exchang- in g a s m a tl Farm fora la r g e r ,o i settlers w h o vvisliio purchase, will find it advisabitau call iipunilie siibscrj. her (leforelocalingel.-iewheFe.as hei can andw illoffer them great induceiiienis to piircfiase. Also, P o rS g le, a L O T in Ca v usja-st in fhevillage o Ithaca, nenriv opposite the residenote ofC L.G ran',esq. M taca, Sepl.gd. t8-f3______________A . W E L L S ^ ^ ' F O R S A L E . f\ F a r m sim a ie in the Town of Car- Z j L oline,l mile d istant from Mr Tobe 3 »*s Tavern,and being thelsaioe premises occu­ pied heretofore bv Mr W m Doty. For T e rm s & e . enquire of the sHb-i-criher. ftl-iV-20 l8-t5. [611.491 A L F R E D W F L L S . T O R E N T . K. W ebster’s D r u k Store. Anv person 'Wishing to Rent, can call on J ST chen- t.jr,or H K VVebster for necessary Infor- Ithaca, D e c .4, 1844. G K j B A T B A R G A I N S ----- F O R S A L . E i C H E A P . A FARM of 75 A C R E S j LA. i t tlie Tow n of N ew - field, 60 Acres improved, a good House andBarn,a good _____ _____ lOrcbartl, & welt w atered. A tsp , \(tFARM of 50 Acres ill the same Town, (a part yfi the old F.irm of Solomon Kellogg) 42 Acres inprov'pd. a Rood Hnuseund Barn, a good Young Or- - had, and well watered. Boiw Farm s w ilt be sold very Cheap, and a Long C redit g iven if required, P.M .CA V IP. llltorja, Octnbei- 2\3d 1844, 20 F O R S A L E . nPH E HOUSE & LOT siluaie in the JL ^'ina^eof Ithaca, on Geneva & Alba- .fiowocciipied by Mi. Asa M.Lucas, erms Bnsy. ‘ Plea'searidress \V.A,K:ErrELLAS, New-York. January last I w as ___ _ _____ ___ by workiBg ta the water, which settled on thy lunj s. It .was accompanied by a very severe pain in niy broa it and sides, and also a tliscressini? cough. I had In ^tteu dance the best medics! aid in our village; but after Qxha istiug aUtkeir skit] to no avail, they pronounced my disease a coNprrMLD CO sumption, and they one and ail ^ave ne up to die i Alter much persuasion 1 go t' the coanent if ray s X K K r f ™Ag” a r ; s f . cue bottle, before using -i of which I began fo g on in strength, and it was very evident my cough w a s ...... Administrators’ Sale of Real Estate. URSUA VT to an order o f Geo.G.^reer. kin-s. 4ated the ifith day of April, 1845, now jl§31,)il.0D file in his office, the subscribers, Admims ■Town o f Hector in the'county of Tom^kin*, deceased, wilfs^lt at pubbe -.uc.ion, ar the Tcmpkms House in the- of the said deceased, to w it;—Ad that certain piece or parcel o f rand situate m the town of Hector in the coun'y of T ompkins and state of New York; bounded and descri beS as follows to wit—Beginning ot the northeast corner o f t o t Numbgr Forty Three in said Town ef H e « o r, & running {hence south fifty 'our c hains and fifty links to -the nortlfeast corner of Er. CIeveland‘s^Land,^on^ #i(T giving yon the information, partly to pay you theffiebt df gratitude I owe you,and partly thatothers similarly ” ted may know where to apply for relief. __ J L ' S iV n .'iL J J f“ “ m J M, are amons .oa.e of lha Prominent over the plants w h ile the clew is on, have a tendency to keep the bugs frotneatinj bat are not altogether Several years chairs aod fi'ty links to the north line of said Lot, aad thence east seventeen chains and three links to the plac< Of beginning, containiuig one bunidred acres of Land, be the same more o r less. The said above describad Lot of Land ts n w eucurabered by a mortgage given to Nathan­ iel Vt( vast, t f the amount o f about seven hundred dollars. • Batedltbaca, June 9 «h^W 4^ ^ 6w52 IRA H. COLE, Administrators. D I S S O L U T I O N . rs from earin g t h e m , | T ^ n r f . V c U L V E ^ ^ H A L ^ ^ e f f e c tu a l p r e v e a t a - disso!v«l l-y Mutual Oonsem . T h e hii.silipss of the Severa l y a g o w e made trial o f water had b e e n soaked amil il the- off bu^is ^carried ii I o f clean to into it, It soon very offer loured on 41 A off the IniQSt e n t i r e l y , a n d m a d e t h e vTnes g r o ’ . in w h ich hen dung had been soaked api :ed, for i hog-ir three si ;all'ons 1 dor froi ih isliq hill each alternate day. It kenA off the bugs ■ ' ‘ ’ he vfni ■ k eeping off bu^iS from' -jfines. An old hog-trough wascarried 10 the\ place, two or three sh ovels full o f clean jna nure from the hen roosi throvvn into it, witl three or four gallon s of water. It soon fei m e a le d , and odor from it w a s very offensive. s liquid w a s poured on each 'S tonishingly. T h ey were melons, anc duced ihe beaviesi crop w e evt&saw.- ' ’ [Alb.iCuIiiva Relief o f Chmking in Catt^. — Mr. -Dun- •'ham, o f F isbkill Landing, NL Y ., recom­ mends thq use o f a p ece o f cable, four ieet long and five m ches in circum prance, with one end made info a soft ball ,1 to be pushed down the anjtpal’s g u llet. Wfe have gener­ ally known tarred rope used for this purpose. T h e size of the rope about three inches in circumferance. A ball of lotV, bound with soft leaiher, attached to one eijd, so that the end m ish f he as large' as an Ordinary hen’s ‘ e g g . VVe hafve«fien cattle relieved from choakioff, by-> the piece of potatoe or turnep which occasioned the difficulty, being with this rope pushed into the stomach. From its flexibiliiy. and the yielding of the ball of tow at the end, there is no danger of rupturing the \ullet as ts often done in the barbarous practice ot running down siieks^such as hoe handles, [Albany Cultivator. so!v«l t.y Mutual O'onsenl. T h e hu.siness firm will be d -sed by the parlies. I..H CUL^ ER, D ated.Ithaca,A p ril 11.1844. C bs V STVART. N O T I C E . A L L persons indebted m the lam firm of CU I.V E R , j \ . H A L S E Y & CO, e ither by N-'ie, Book Account or otherwise, will call'and make iininedi'aie payment.or Costs w'lf he made vithout discrimination as to P e r ­ sons. T h is i-i the only Notice to be given in anticipa­ tion of mote efficient means of cotleci ton. ^ 3ui46 C hs .V.S IU \H T . Ith a c s ,\n r il U . 1845. ^'N A S tPtllN E OIL, constantly on hand and for sale by H. WILGIIS, i l l Owego-st. 1 0 0 0 Pcs o f New Spring styles of Foreign & “ “ ’ “ WitlTH RICE. M ACK, A N D R U S CO. ARE no.» receiveing an Kxt»psive a.ssortmnn B o t^s, Stationary, Fancy Articles (! Recipe for Preservii S h e r b u rne* h a s s e n t us He says; ‘To one peek of lira u m , and m a k e a so lu ti P u t th e tip end o f th e e g g d o w n to prev the yolk kdhereing to the side, then fill- p p the v e s s e l that co n t a ii s th e e g g s w ith- tjhe solu tion to cover t h e m ([omjp days the lime will beetline cask w ith sea water. g E ^gs.—A friend in th e to lo w in g recip e . I put,one pound of ql- in for white*.washtdg. down to -strength,‘to be keptitooist,’ is t h e e g g s w i o m le t e ly . In a t o w 'c dry, then fill i!he water, or brine of the sapie ke p j [Mass, Ploughman! T h e folloiviDg is said to h e the best mdde of coo k in g Ipeas; They should be put iwid b o i lin g w a te r w ith sa lt and sa le r a i o s , in prov portion of a quarter of a tea-spoonful of sal- ■atas'to half a peek of peas. Boil thqm thh i r t y m i n uu tt ee ss n| to t i r t y m i n , a c c o r d in g to ;4nd kind. ’Wheu boiled tender, their age , . take them out of the water w ith a skiedmjer, salt and buUer them to the taste. Peas,'to be good, should be fresh gathered, and hot shelled till jpst before they are eooked. j . Draminofl— T h is is a branch o f rural . bor quite tod much neglected in'this countir^ The cost need no; be any thing like thrpto- ^ fit attending the operation. A t this lim o w e intend barely to call public attention to- the subject. S^o that your ditches are all opie.T, for notwithstanding the' dry and unfavorable Weather w h ieb w e have bad for the last three weeks, w e may soon experience thp opposite exjirenae.^ Too much -water, or ariy standing water just below the surface,is fetal to healthy ivegeiation. T he pro$pect o f the w h eat crop in- M ich­ igan was njever better than at present. 'Hie w h e a t erpp- also- throughout N e w York ■ gitre a cheering prosper of an sfeandaut hat- rest. wonderful BALSAM* Evidences tlie most canvinclng?— videnoe that no one Oan doubt, lully ostahllshes tliii Fact. For thssake of brevity, we select tha following ‘^lML°pTat“ Esq. Editor ol the Pokeepsio Esgle, one of tbeiUost influential journals in tho state ofN York,states under the anthoiity of his own uame.that a young lady** relative of his, of very delicate consutution,wBs attached in Feb 184-4. with severe cold, which immeiiafely produ­ ced Spitting o f blood, cough, fever and other dangbrous and alarmius symptoms. Through medical tfeatmint & care she partially recovered during summer. But dn the return Of winter she was attacked mpre violently thah dt first, she became scarcely able to walk, and was troubled with cough,chills and fever every day, and appeafid to goingrapidly with consumplien ; -at this time whenIthsre health,which she has enjoyed to the proseat uwe witb the slighiesisyraplom of her former disease, _ Mr.Plattsays 'the'cure came under fliy observatiqn and I cannot be mistaken as to the facts.' | Extract e f a Letter to a Post-Master^ ^ p e d P embroke , Washington co.,Mainc,April 59 ll 144. M r . I saac B utts —Dear Sir : Ai the request p* niany of my friends in this place, who a-e afflicted with Con­ sumption and liver complaints, I take the libeirty 0 ‘,ask- ine von to appoint .ome one in the county asageat oseil W l u t a v ’s B i a l s a m o f W i l d C IiO iT y , Wtli tt send him a few dozen, as there is none of u for sale with ija 209 miles ov this. 1 have bo doubt that it would meet nth a ready sale if it was,where it could be procured w thout too much expense airi delay. My Wife -was attacked about 5 months since with tho physiciaus called the firs: stage of consumpiit complaint very prevalent in this section of coun :ry.— Having seen the Balsam advertised in Augusta C^200 M I L E S FROM M E R E ^ I took the pains to send there per a bottle op it.wni( b sht took, and which 'helped her so much that I sent for bot­ tles more, and which she has almost taken, and s b ) now saysshe hasnot feltas well For 6years asshedoes I :t this , time. All those who have inquired of mo and Uscer ained what effect the Balsam had,are anxious to hattesol le for , Salem this vicinity,which is theecauseof ray wa-itin Please inform me by return mail whether you cot to send some, and if so, to whom, in order liut it u known where jt can be had. I am, respectiully yours, &c. P G FARNSWORTH, The whole country is fast learning that no ifisd o pbv*ician—no preparation of any kisd whatevi equal Dr. \ fistars |falsam of W ild Cherry. A T R U L Y W O N D E R F U L cjURjE. d it was very evident my c id my sympioms in every way ImproviiliEr^ /xffy iruiy yours, “Truth IsTeeds No Boasting.” | \ This isan ofd and True ^Tytng. W hat would be ife se o f calling ipubiic a iteniiou lo ally thing,doles Jllms ' suiod the T est o t Truth f - I T h e c o m p o u n d e x t r a c t O F R O A R H O t J N D C A N D Y , I INVENTED BV - ; John Pe&set^ Sons, No.4b Division sirt,et,N. T., bears the experience of FIV E YEARS use and praise Irom all section of the hiiion, because U has effe«tl>d ju s t such cures as tis Inventors said M w ould, tlierefo^e. GEO, W . M E R C H A N T ’S d jE L E lR A T E D GARGLING Or' . , j r character and standini: praise H,U'is tier that the Thousands noW lingering unUor Disease, may bn r;-sipreri 10 Health, ^ Tulfiioinry .ConiptniiHS EalpBalion o f /be Heart, Colighs Colds—Hoard- LivenCorap.lainis ness Difficulty of Esr'’r<oratioii WbooplngCougU N ightSweals-and alldis- Croup—Asthma, ease* Leading 10 Con- Irritaiiun of the Throat umption. At once yield to its unrivalled virtue , ana ine sick are Tbislnvaluable Candy is oompoUndod Doni TWENTY PfVlC of the’most safe and salutary i..g-edient e.nnd by its tomhination if o,ie 01 ibesr nmieies ahouia Do used aiely awl afTorti no relief,in the OoMpqiind Extract anlalgamnted tuat the oenefit G ARG LING OllJ • ‘ a\** \O relief,in the Oonipqnnd Extract Poll Evil. ?pavin:'., Siveenv, Strains, Lameness, Sand Cracks, ¥onnderea F eel, Scralelies or ( grease, M a n g e ,. £fo| n D istem - TESTHJO.NY FOR THE FARI i e RS. ‘? in ,—Y'ou wilt pi rase send me more o f your truly r.,ralliL.le Gargling C'il _ Qui- farmers herdibonla hold u in iiiiii et^iiamiion, helmying it to possess ] lithe Med­ ical pn-pei lire, tndr.ertain in producing at the effects set forth in ymn reci jmniendations. The m dicine will own merit s. There is no need ofi^new.spaper id the first sell oil its own merii s. \l Here is no nc puff, <u\ any other ejiecial notice. Please se| opporiuqiiy. Yours, &c. Beware o f the ndtltUerreit article, and lie sure .the name of the solepi-dprieior, G.W.Merchantf Lockport, is blown in llie be Itle. ' | For tesiiraonials, synopsis o f diseases, a d mode of treatment,see pa n|>lilet whipb accompanies pacli bottle. Schuyler &. Scribner, Agents. Ithaca. Pu-rify 7m r Blood ! G E O R G K W . 'M B R C H A N f ’S I m p r oved C ompc W n d F luid E X T R A C T O F S A R S A P A I B L l l L L A , For Removing Diseases o f th e f lo o i. idary Syphilis or ve-j pure Ciiceks, E ars and other' Liver,Lungs <Si Chest, parts of the body Pain in the stonj icb & sidrs Pimples or pustules on the'Pains m the boa^s & jom u , face fcaly pa'cties,* other! Night sweats,& o. eruptions of the skin |It is likewise mjtch recom- This remedy u prepared from the choictfet selected materials, tlic active pr-rperttes o f which arji extracted by an improved process,\ without heat; oa account Which it is preferred by Physfeians as beiag^more ui farm and active ihon any other now before tha public. A full a cctuiit e f the remarkahl.e efficacy ofAhis rem e ­ dy, in a variKy of cases of the most aggravated nature, may bo seen by calling on the proprietor or his agents. As most goad medicines are counterfeited, be suroand . , calf for.“ Merchant's Sarsaparilla’’ and see thaitttcse in in „orris are blowoia the glass, -From the Laboratory,of G much VV. Merchant, Chemist Lockport, N. Y. have jj 3 - Aimost every pedlar in the country is now puling up and imposing on the public an article they call Sarsa- rillu, Tnerefore,beware;:: Schuyler & Scribner, Agents, Ithaca. Gmtfi! Mr. Palmer, Druggist, under date 1 I84‘t, writes : The statem rai given you by Mr. \^JASlEa S a |:; e . And the si. of WatervtllejSopt.' of-eu tend e ii g l C K N E S S I N C I I I U D R E N , in medicine what me Life Boafis to the ship wiei-keu mariner—it is lo Hie puay yicfimi afficted 'viih lingering Torments caused by severe eoldc--producing'pain in the chest and side, niglnswenis and general debiiitv,u irue panacea. If needs be, thousands e f f’ei <ifiea'“s couid be added to the above procili'piling to the worlu the Truth and nothing but the Truth wUhiout Boasting,in relation lo its numerous cures. (CTLel ibe affiicted r,-member ihis,and not deapqir. . .J. PEAstE A SUNN A G E N T S --Sdioylflr& S cfibie»,Ilhacn—Hen. Luulaw ville—*J fit D K McLallen, Trumansbuf e — Wm O. \VGO(]ivnrd,jRck^PovilJe—J Boc]|e& S od ,and iM.Treman , __ _______ 6inft5 S A U f i - S A F A R I L t l t A , FOR, THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE OP ALL DISEASESARISING FROM AM r>IPURE ] STATE OF THE BLOOD, OR HABIT OF I THE SYSTEM, n a m e l y : : icrofula or King’s Evil, Rheumutisiu, Obstinate Cu­ taneous Enupiious, Fiinples or Pusiidee on the Face Bloiclies, Biles,Chronic SoreEyc-s, Ring Worm or Tetter, Scald Head,enJai gemer)t & pain of the bones and J lints, stiibb )i-u Ulcers, Svphiliue, syniptoms, Sci.itica or Lumbigo, ai.d D is|ases arising frurii an injii iicuius use e Mercury, Ascites or D ropsy,Bx- pos'iieor'lmprudmcein Lile. Also, CliroiiicCon- stiiniionllijisoran-s Will be removed by ihisPrepa- iii.Mfanient ut resnii ig thousands I T H A C A A C A d O T Y r p H E Sprinp: Term of tMs In.stit X open on T hursday , I 6th I eonitinueomtinue in seSsion/14eSsion/T4 weeks.eeks will e in s w intending to enter, wilkdo well to the opening of ibe s^ool,_as otht may find an iiicotn ses in ihe§iudtes y C. G ^EATH,i Sec’y, •ril 14, Ithaca, April 14,J.84^__ i v ^ iep c e i.. -------- -?itoich'ih.ey may w i ^ to pu: D. L. BISHOIf^, Pres’t i,i St jtion will .pn'l, and Students jm« in at vise they king class DR. P H E L P ? ’ C O M I P G U N D T O M A T O L S , PRICE 25 CT^.^ENTIRELY VEGETABLE. AN Invaluable and Establislud Remedy for Gliror Diseases arising from Impurities o f 'he BJ j O( Morbid Secretions of tVie Liver, ^ loiiiacn aud^ tliarticin Feviers and all Bilious AflsctinnSjJaandice, Co3iiveness,BtliousColic, Flatulence, Heart- Born, 1 baiion ol the public and physicians for sjx years, has become an eKtablisbed temedy fi.t a ll luncitonal dis orderP of Itie Liver, St .tnacli and Bowels,and the long BloLdand'----\-'— ’“1 1 ’ T ' l S K f . T p S f t . S \‘y™ f *>“ ■*?■ >«“ tS S V f l. & 6oU 80 much o f the r e ^ estate emuly,coimbint»'i wuh otbp** ____________ ______ a of uiilieti __ ______ _ vellers as the best medicine I'u-y esn use m eounler. ^ J N ^ C iiA IitoE R Y —6 t H Teeter' v^ 0 persons beingaeclniiaie'd to a new loeaihy tsinuis- j purfu'iBce of^a decree o f the Court of phtneeryof the undersign^, one o f the maMm^ t Of tetnum b e r aii.c iftai run ne I lefilthv bicairies- pensable 10 safetyT I’^rchasers sboiil.. Tomato Wlls, ig thousands Irunt misery tirthos who possess it. VVhalan a moumof suffering has beet relieved, and what a still greater nmoniit of suffeiiiij restored to beallb and vigor. The scrofulous paiieni, covered with aicers\ loalliscmeto binisellaodtohisal- tpndanl-has been made whole. Hundreds of persons wild had groaned hopele'sfy lor years under cutaneous and gianduiar disorders,chronic rbeunaaii.-iii and many utliP4 complaints springing fiom a drrHngemetii ot tbe secrrtive.jrgdusanti lUfc*cnculation,have be<:ii raised as ilwerefroLU ibe rack of diseasf.anU m<\v with l egener- ated consiiiui^ons gladly te^i'Uy to ibeeffiffiry of this in- esiimable preparation t b e ib/iowing ceriii5cdips recent, ly re«ei^ed will be read wiili inieresr, and for funber pruof the rearteri/sreib'-red to a iiatnphlel which is fur* iiistt^id without charge by a il iiie agenu, .Messrs.Sands— New York, Dee.1,1=43. Geiiilemen—Parental feeling, inouce me to nmke the following siatemcin'ol I'ncts in relation to the Inipuitant cme of oiir little diiUghler, wlndly rffecied by the u-.e of Sand^ Sarsaparilla. For nearly years lb- rliilU was jilflichd wttha mogf ii.vrtprale/ ruptrm en the I hh U — H'liichal limes was-SO bad, connected with iiiiern...'dis­ ease ihalwc despnirqitol her Ine. Tlie t-ompl.Tiiit eom- mennd inilie roots df the hair and giailually spread on- li Ike Ah.lie head w.if. envelojietl and then ili.tucki li ibe ears and ran down lilje neck,and continuing to increase until il covered the jnosi ol the lux'y. It conipiencei! wiih a s.itall piniple dr phstiHe ti-om wjiicb water at first r good, and its success in cures truly linteH ne i Yours respectfully, D. D. PALM|ER- THE MOST REMARKABLE CASE EVER RfiCOfiDED. Haddonhelii, N.J. April 29, Ijil43. On or about thp I3th day of October, 1841,1' vtastaket with a violent pam in the side near the Jiver, Which con neS8, are among some of the P iptoins-of ihd presence of worms, A timely us- S H E R M A N 'S \yO R M 'L O Z E N G E R S . ill nnniediateiy remove all of these ^ unpleasnot tyii.toms, and re-tote (’erfeci health. l?ister'Igi|in- liiis, briperior of the Uatholtc Halt Orphan AsyJiui^ has added her testimony m ihrir tavor,to the tjintii sive raattcr.attd also much blo'od. Being grtaijly a'.arined at this 1 applied to a physician, but he said heithougbt be g 0 od; many other remedias were then procured by my wife and friends, but none djd ms'any good—and the di»cl>arge of blood and corrqption still intinucd every few days, and at last became So offensive I at I could scarcely breathe. I was als., seizied with a iolent cough, which dt times caused me to raise much lore blood than I had done before—and ray dlisease con- nued in this way, still growing worse until February. ately, and by the use of only three botpes of this medi­ cine,all my pains were reraoveil—my cough ajid spitting of blooA and corrupttbn enttrely stopped, and in a few weeks my health was so far restored as to eoable me to work a t my trade, (which is a c arpentel,) and up to this time 1 have enjoyed good health. THOMAS COZE.NS. Gloucester County, N. J „ ss. Personally camh before me. the subscriber, one \ f the Justices of ihe Peace in and for said county, TOomas Cozens, and being duly affirmed according to law, saitb tbe above statement is in all tbingstrue. Aflirtnel before le, on the 29Ji day of April, 1843. J.C le M ent .' j p . Suen is the unprecedented success o f tbis'BALSAril, ^’•Nature's Favourite Prescription,\ are endeavonirg to reap pecuniary bentfi s by selling an putting up a m xturo and solemnly ajsevcrating that it is imporieu from a fjreign country, which is not the case,, All these deceptive arts go to show,that W istkr’s Balsam is known to the world to be T H E G R E A T REM E D Y and that to spll any mixture it must be like this iRaarne. H ^ IJPFA L O ROWE-^, Ladies aiyi Gentlemen’s fuJia JBJ> Rifbhor overshoes Forsaioby H. WF e GU-S, 111 Owcen-st. D r u g s & . M e d i c i n e s , \Nv B. E l'R R A N , h IS jiifii received, • u tiu e - .jii ..fill.-M -.iiar, Owego ’‘Ifc. I, • li“;;l> supply of P.iin.p, Oils, >\ D \^au'i Medicines, Dye Ml.ffs.Rfc,, in ivbli-li the illei.iiun uf a llw isliiiigai to ncl. s 1 \ t 'u t line Is l eq.test, d He tias - “\S'\ ..\TI removed itilo b is new s'nre, llireedoors asf .'fin s old siiiiid May 15, 1644. JEW DAVID’S OK. H«?BaEW PLAS^RR, the bea pain 6xtr.act-r in the wor'd. for sale by Schuyler & Scrib tier, and 0 B Ourrvn Act’s. Ithaca. l A i v B O O K S . s f» N H E M agistrate’s Criminal Law, by O. L. Barbour. JL Cowea'sTreaiisd.Svols. S c h u y l e r & S c r i b n e r ^ ; D r u g g i u s , a t th e S t o n e S t o r e , A u r o r a - s i . ' I T I T A C A , ' ■ ■ t t A'VE received a lull and Comple'e FU P P L Y xil I X D R U G S and M E D IU IN E S , Paints, O ils,Glass, Varnishes, Dye-Woods end Stuffs, Brashes, Peifume- rv, & c .,w h ieh a re now ready to sell lo Phisicians, D y e rs, Painters, and all other's iliatw e n l.as Low ns J U S T R E C j ,TVf EW ORLEANi Knights of ,fh The History of thisOansulate poleon,b; M A.' The Letters andIJiDurnai Letters from Ne Texas and tbe'Gui) • W o rd, by Mrfrf The Eoglishwuipa Keeping House tic Life, edited t Harpers Hlummat'\d KendttlTa Life o f J store of « April 7,1845. e i v e d , b y e x p r e s s . S, a s J found it—by H.Didimu.si le R aund Table. * - and Empire, under Na- o f Fanny Bssler,iDclHdiHg her w York, Loifdon.Paris, HavaDttS,&c. f o f Mexico, or..yatchiag in the\ Now loiistonn. ttiiiR g y p t. d UoDse Keeping, a story o f domes- >y Mn.Sarah J.Hale. Bibl8„ Nes.16,17,18,19 SOiSl -.So 32. FaeksoB, No.7. For sale a t Xho 'Book BJACK, AMDRUS & CO. l i A n i E S ’ 1 C A S E F 4- received e 'Ithaca, Sep LORE md foi I R E N c i e B R A I B H A T S . iN C E BR A ID B O N N E T ^ , J u s t 1843 SM IT H & R 1 6 E . 1 F I 2 5 0 ? ^ Junefi. R K I N S l f i r k i n s i C a m p & w i n t o n . q c y t h e S ^ O ’ C R A D L ■he attention c R1PI.E S , PIT C H F O R K S , G R A IN K Sbls* FX a OD k . for Sale at I.P.ELD R E b ’S. N O O T H G R t C A N B E D I K E I T . Address all orders toJSAAC BUTTS, 34 Anin-st., N Y. . ASENT8-6.W.SCH UYLER, I thaca i J. & 0 K McLal- rr.TruiaansbBrg ; L.Hiaraan, Farmerville ; P. French Ludiowvil le Sold also by agents in all parts of the -state. S I L K S . A FIR S T Rate Assortmentof Rich plain And figured J i ' Z f S U s Adamy Mrs Anna Sogardus CaJvin I . A N D S C A P E V V I S ^ W S H A P E S , 1ST O P LETPF.KS rem a ining inilie Fosi Office J . j at Ithaca, N . Y ., June 1st,1845. jC P P e r sn n s calling for tlie following Letters will p'nasesay they are advertised. Andrus^Cbarles H King Sami . S G o l i f r i y Lasew Maliica a v ' / S i , McQuigg Jol n Manniii^ JaT^(>s S S P s s s . Rice Charles Ross Charick Raub John . . i s t . CoddingtomRofe Cole Edwin CriciendenAJas Christie Abigal Cla'rkElikabeth * Chapel miss F Covert Mary O Davenport Peter DarroW Alex Duncon J & H •Dickens miss Anna If French W m Furman Phebe Freeiuan Delia Gulliver George Hatch Curtis Holly Jesst 6 Hester Jacob Howes Floy^ B Hastings Mik) Hollister justia Hopkins George Huuiiston Hiram Hanmei; David Barker Mrs Ann R Harrison Mary Huestis Elizabeth Hogan Sarah Hunt Laura Hago Mr Horton Alfa Houtzlander Elieta' Johnson Eb’r Jarvis .Xacob S Jacobs Amos Kecmtdy Henry Shepard Jacql Schuyler D Sargeant Rofta Town Salem Tears Harvey Thatcher Win Terwilliger Cernelius Tichanor Caleb Thoihpson Sally Van Orman John Van Orman Archbald \Van Order Henry Van Ess JacCb Van Ninsbea David n E-obertU e been n he has filways ftuiifi them to be atiei the inost beififficial effects. T h ey have '\cSNSU.MPTro“.°'\“’ . Influenza, Coughs, Whoopt'ng Cough, Tightness of Ihe Luiigi Ol ( best, may be cured, R ev. D jri- us Antliony was very low from ConPampuon,J|on- ailian H ow a rih, the celebrated teraperatice fecjiu- rer, w a s reduced to thewerge o f the grave by ijai- blood. K pv - Mr, Di»n')?tr» o f Ne'V York, Ithe R tv. Mr. De Forest,'Evangeli't m the VVestfern part of this elute, Hev. Sthasiiun Streeter, of Blqs- ., 1011 , the vvil’A i f (’rasinus Dibble, Esq. in Jlorayia, and l.uuClieds t foll)ers,;have Oteu ulieved ami c u ­ red bv a riruppiHj.sd o f . ' ■ S H E R M A N ’«5 C O U G H L O Z E N G E S ,! And no mod clue has ever be -it offered to the riub- lie which lias been more effectual in the relief; o f those di'P.is'-s.or which can be reqommended vfith more confi leuce. ■ T h ey allay all itching or im ta- lion. render the oOugh e a sy, i>ro note expectomrion reli e v e t'le cdci:e;and produce the m cst happy ijnid lasliug effecta ' ' ■ H E A D A C H E . P.iI|)itaiion o f ilie Heart, l.nwness o f Spirits, Sea Sicktiers, Despou'leitcy, Faintuess, U h o h c.Spairas C ran'p.s of the Stom ach, Summrr or BoWei Cijim- p'atius, also all the d'Strei-sing symptoms arii^ing from free living,or a night of disripation are.qulck- 1} and enifireiy leiieved by using ; SH E R M A N ’S CAM P H O R LOZENGEjS. They act speedily aftd relieve in a very short space ol f me, ujvtug lone and vigor to ih e sy.stem, find enable a person using them lo undergo great mental or bodily latigup. r h e u m a t i s m . W e ik Back, pain and weakness m the Bre rsl iBack, Limb-! and other pirts of the bot^y are sf ee ,ilily and tfr-ctually relieved by SHLR.MAN’l .POOR .IlA.N’S PLA S T E R .w h ich costs only 1211 2 cents, and is wittnn the reach ofalL So great jias i become the reputrUon of this article, t’hat one riil- ,llon Will not heg-n to supply the annual demand 'is ..t-Iuiow'edgedloBie best sttengthening Plaste ■ B E U ’ A R E O P IM P O S I T I O N . , Dr Shfrnian’s Poor Man’s Piaster has his ni Jwith d reciions pnnied on the'back of the Plas er, jaii.’ia fan simile of \the Doctor’s written nam eugder (the directionsr. None othars are genuine or be ■ re/ieilon. Dr Sherman’s Warehouse is N o .Si06 ow a t ftinv 1S44 SMITH XT Fit ■I- I ''’^91800 ‘'t. NP\V Yoik. o ^ a t ftiay. 1844. 8 M U i i » K i L L . A G E N T .e - 0 . B. C u r r a n , and 5?chuyZer. a nd g ^ i O H D A G E — AnA^.sortmeutof ManillB.IIerap,& Scri'iner, Uliaca—-Henry L. Burr, Lu''lowviI!e- D. I rriiinanahiirgh—Lyman Kradlevj, DanBV'— B u rniel land Dwight, Uryden— D. B. iVIprsb, M cLean--N, Trnmbi 0 , Groton— W . C. W oodworth, Jackson- di le—Levi H Owen, Waterburah—J . Boodle iind fjnn. Meek let) hurgh-tt-O Baker dnrl C o .. Biirdei . Great English J^emedy S - O R C O U G H S , C O L D S ,} A S T H x V f C O N S U M P - T ] b AM OF LIFB,discL>vered by the celebrated Dr.Buc tan ot London, England, introduced into the U.S.under ihe mmeriiate superintendence of the inventor, hf n '»tedici.\re tbecure i p f s M t i l the pus dtsehai L'eo. Thes-rff-riTcs ot the child were so great as almasi wlioljly lo preveiit iialural rest, anti tlie odor from tl’p ilisclia rp’es so ofl’-rsive a» to make it diffi- enU to pay that partipnlar^ueniion the na ore ot ibe case required. ToPdlseas\e \va.s called Scald Ilead and general Salt Rheura. ’ W e liieii v,uious reniedies with little benpfii, a d considered her case almosiheymid i \ •-p.-rehof m-oicine—but from tbe known virtue ol yi Sar-iparilla we were i|itliieed ■ \ “ ---- ' 1 boine w asuied up we peieeiveil an improve- lie nppenr ini mof I bi's e ruption—bin I he i-ha nge ipid for tile beljlpr tlni we could s.-arCrl v g,v,- Cred'-m-e tothe’evilenceiof our own p > p «. W-- con inued Ills Use for a ffw vveeks.and the result is .1 jieifict cure. To alj I’areiiis we woulit >.iv—If jo u have rhiidren sot- ,n;tl «li*»eas>e of Ine s>l‘.ni, U'sP Santis Sars’par* eelinijs ofgrrtMmip ap<l rpspfct. we are KLIUU li. SAltAil SOl’Tmi.fYD, 95 Madi.son - t. Ig was addressed to ouivAeerit at tsavsnnab: Ogpchee Cross Roads, Ua. Aug .24,1843. yours, 4;c. The foil jwiDj Mr. n . 0 . HenfiTickson ,Sa va nna h Dear Sir—H ivmg just reroveaerl from many yearf, and hiving used various remeiiies wnhoiit any sureess,Inni induced lo write you in respect to Sands Sarsaparilla, to .w^i ;h valuable mpdicine I nuiv owe my present eiijovBient ( fbealih. Despairing ol evenecov- ering from tbip dNt essing disease, and wliile laboring Under the rooslaeul • agony and p ain,! was persuaded to try the Sarsaparilla so highiy recommentieii for tlipem-f ol Ilheuniatisih. I ried 1 but tie, and the little benefit'1 received from that <i le, iniliired me to givt i t a fair trial, which I did by sent ing down to ymi for J dozen bottles, .Slid am now fiiiippy Jo say I find 'mysp(i,for ilic first time in 12 years well and able to attend lir inynfces'm y due ^ties. I send you ibis Ihrougb a feeling ol grainuiie.du. 'thispxcelle.ii medicine,and a sense of oidieaiion to my fellow b eingM Iiai those sinylarlv situated may be iiidu. ced totry tbik valuable remedy,Samis SarsHparilla. Yi.ursfwlth rp.siiect,«c. DANIEL FOX. Prepared ajiidlsold wbolesaleand ret.ril by A. B. 5: D. SANDS, W lliDsa/e Druggists, 79 Fulton s t., K .Y . Sold also by Drnggisis generailv throughout the U .S. Price $ t per b o ltle-G boiiresfdr $5. ly-:8 Alt E N TS.Fof Sarsn pari lia,.Schuyler it Sraibner.lihaea —H L.Rurr, Ludlowville—D. i).5Iiniei’, Liberiyville—J . k D. K. VcLaWen, and Ciimp&. Stone, Trumansburg— Wood Si Robinson, Newfield—Lyijiao Bradley. D.iiiby— BiishnellE DSvight.Dryd D.B. Maisb, McLe-in—N. Trnmble,Grol|on—W .C . Wontfit orth.J.ickson rltle—Lev H.Owen, W .iterhurg-J.Bodle k Son,.Mecislenburg —K. _ | S C H U T L E R ’S Restorative or Family Pills. Are us^d for t|le following di?seases, for which they are a $afe and speedy cure, viz :— Nervous and Sick Headache, consiituiiqnal constipation of the Bowels, Tlalulency, Cos­ tiveness, all spasmodic andj billions affectiops, Worm.s, Scurvy, Erysipulilis, and all affections of the skin; Asthma, Dysjrepsy or Indigestion, Jaundice, Pain in the side, Dierrhesa, D y sen­ tery, Piles, Ac.; Dropsies of all kinds, especial­ ly of the Chest and Limbs, Catarrh or common colds, affections of the Thitokt and Lungs, lea­ ding to Consumption, Influenza, Inflammation, Liver Complaint, Fever and A g u e, Sprains, Cn.mpi^, Sore Throat, Plurisy, Cholera JMcrbus, T h e y are also useful in the cute of Griivel, disease.s of the Eyes, Paralytic affec- tioiis. Lumbago, Gout, I^heumalism, Ulcers, Running Sores, Eruptions, W h ite Swellings all befvouS. diseases; derangements and dism ses peculiar to Fem ales, and-all Billious anii other fevers peculiar to new countries. by m a n y .'em inent p h y sician s through­ out! the S t a t e . A lso by hundreds w h o have u- sed them in their fa m i lies, and for the com - plaLnis nam e d above, w ith the m u st entire sat- i& ftction. r^hese p i l l s em p h a lica lly enable m e n to the th e ir ow n doctors, and v lih o u t fear c h a llen g e un versal confidence and upe. N o n e Tie b w th o s i prepared by G . W . Sciiu y ler, and sold at his D r u g Store,' A u r o r a w L i o „ N . B —(Persons affected w ith C o lds that pre­ v a il in the vpriag of the yea r , cannot report to em e d y than the”R e s tosative P ills. Palmer, Lansingville— iM inter. Liberty ville. Fl'V H A T c e lebraleil P h y s ician, D rlB e n jam in Rush -i- could not. have left a m o re valuable legacy to mankind than ht's I N F A L L I B L E H E A L T H P I L L . Iti\! indeed a blessing to the afflicted, g iving in all the usual c a s s s o f t iu i d e n ll in e s 'o r ling' _ . . ............ .. . .................... dise.ise with wiiit'h huma lity is nistressed or the ^a.d Fulker.-m,, o/, m a«d\o' fuiicuont o f iife destroyed. 'Jt is notv conf edei! by < ptoppriy and f.^iuiM -s,viz- tb'e most eminent o f the medical faculty, that tlie All that eertafj pieci or parcel of land situate stomar h is the seat or foundation o f ajl disease ’ county ofTompfeins J d distinguiheJ as being thstpsR that El IS, a^ il were, theceiitie from wtiicli proceed ' of sabdivu-ion No. of lot number 33, in tbe lownshiji , The prope. metho 1 of cure, tlier-forr, is to atta< k , it.e south aud west by land owned or cconpiedW the c itadel in w h ic h the disease iiurenches t'se l; ; i John S'lyder and on taenorth, by land owned orocqxpl. apd n ocorabina'ion ofm e d icinal agenis.'has \ ' t been . ed by J-m^i ban Fox. cent,:nmg about 63 acres oflaa^ /' djisoovered so efficacieus for tins purpose as tlie ire- together withthe appu.-tenuuces therfuato beloEgiEf— glieat virtu e is, that they a r s f s t disease in its fiist i abyroach. T h e y are preventives as w e '/ a - r e m e ­ dies ; and w e w ill vei.tpre to - a y ih a t il ItV e i by first dffe'U i w ith -vu'.ptom i H B L ’T ii SWARTVVOUT of thj Townof Uiyssa-ico. of Tom, k.ns elo state r f w York, hith duly p.vI,-unB will n they a re first dffe'l< i u Ith -\U'.ptom i r . . S ’ d Freer <\ r >,ui t u i r <; d; Town. Coani of i.lness, m a n y and mauv a ' a s e ; Uiai i- eitin-r s r- ^ *1 '\sTd^o^v * ef \tein.p ere or f;arecltr 'L e i ' l w affi;c-e t vv-ih'iut h ’si'.i fT um , k.ns ELrt state r f K w York, hith duly e 1 1 , Freer <\ r> r . ; Town. C obd - t aci s tj*- f le-a-I, A .tam p ere or yarecl tf Lacds ! --ituatein said tow n “\f Ul> s-es on tireatU otN o Thirty ! one, sn.l b..usee I an I Oes.-rib d as fniows—onthe-fcutl by lands ow nod by Alvali HiH;pHri,--n thewest bylinds !' c griftiesi 8 5 ” -'-o'fl, R'bolesaie :ii ll ie ta;l, . y G K R P , '3'^ .Aiiri r tr e t ■'■'e V Y-i-.k ; : n O. B. C i-raii’.- I 'n g M 'jre, ;!ii> D. D . Bo-i k - 't o t e , itua\?.. P r 'c e T w F t e an Fa Il-t enclosed in ac elegiv.t.y fill d irtrtiu n s tor use le O O K A T T I S J.S : Dr. Jonathan T. Kittrage’s Y’aluabJe Ear Ointment,? ■’KJKTHICH IR an iaf.iilEjie diui immr-that** c urf fi>r ibf- V w f*r .A( bt*. atni lor '{^ailit-ring in ibe Itentt. One applif*-ili'’D will c g ^ b e E^r Ache, ami a frw ap. plic.iUttns in the c o iir'€ ,^ a (ew \vfeks. will tlTiCia’per, . , r - - luauent c tj'e ot soies L'a{uf*r'n 2 hea.i. Il v.»j i . ' ' •'* g • ••hen a i Ui»* Ri j li*. Ti'!c ? u*l hitFn»si of the prevesi lleatiie>.s, if u-eil in se.i-un, S_ is an i[unu-iii!!ie I £si I G: iTC, of ill a- 1 1)11,.: foilowi^ig dL.-Ciitedpro- riire fiir 1 uranrs in r.itsand Imi us..ii;.i li.,p lutps q i-llii.g j [lerl v au-i pictBi.-c.'. \ is— Ihe fev r and luimor-. ar d causing H i„ run .uul beal— i All i h n cettaiu ; i,ce or parcel of L?nd, situBte sd and .skin .-on- u),., b -ome^afe t ' uoled witi, i-.r luany taiiBCatid be i g part e f Lot No. Ni:.<i>, ot the ttfwa of yeai-s.nml arpbeyoml Ihe reacbof l).,u ,r - ... L a m p s , coun y - f 3\ou pKu.-, an 1 bo jSde.i asfoljovts.ta <-ure, may b-rurf (i bv m e or iw,. applic .Hun— it rule.- j „ u ; B.-M.'mrs at tl.e ce. iro fbe tr.-fs rotu's nordi aEd lheeara'\ue.im | son-sin ihe b e - u lw u ly m i'a n .n g any , pear TitDenmaa.i K utiii. - s'l's-mtil, ti.eil sou* to laiifis ’’.'’\ o e f c i v l d b } 0.1!.< Unit AN,l)iii;.vi.i I i,y Ji;:epn Finn , tbei ifs west nk.ip the centreof ^ ■ Mee:io? House, tbe.aceeas'Llwng the Slid highway to the ?V0 1 rouble --- Hale and Ileartv for :2s. fvaceo f bigmni.\;?: coma n : - g i acre of land be the same . V , . - 10 “^^ or let's, together ^ itb appurttDauces helonging-— IS the exelamatioD of every p/^fPOQ who u.‘es the I \V«ich I e.S}»G*e tos^iieat public auctiou altliff T l i . h F c ' i H s a Ruv : eaeii eiigHiye i w r-tpyrr. DAC- g s g c isd a 'e i tbefithday of April, l''-13,afd isrearded . .. ! w n h the^ow e r ’o s»-ll thpreiu . s-Hsu.ed.in TompkinsCo. ' ' .1 I- ri4- Olhoe, .tisy-21 liiC). ni 4S ! ' H.. m SonkZofoion- p .u c e i s pagg, 3 jy .jp,, ^,,g (.yg tliereonil .-.’ .-cn-y dollars and ri;:pyn> o cetf s. and dtfnult hath l.ron made lu the p.yineit t'-tre. f The.-aleof£aidpre- , r,u-r4 w - lit. > at pi e .n ■:;r.-|. en.^will tak^ pISOT at thB il ha'-a flottl in 1*^10 V II r-.- iif IihI .en. oa theiS'h day of en. oa the iS'h day of D s'el June 4t!) IsJo. .................. - FLE lUNti, MortEji»ee. B.—rs & R-tr^. A lys. Ijw51 ___ SHERIFF S:\Lr,. I o Y VTinenf nn • s.-cn'u.n i.-=siud'uul ofmeC}sr^B fl Offip.- .if-r.br- O . ,JI -t-. awl.etS!4. ,iiid ■li-HVer/-'! tbe Goods and Cl.allels. Lands, , aii'l CM '2 Isn: G 'urceG reJf.in mv l\i!\.Ti4,Ihsw .hfo a i ill.- Kij ll'. T I'-!.' pu'l hitei-fs; of the dc.-ciited'i No otherw-onn medicine is required forchiUre^ .-.k e - - | ’ S I I E R l l - ' p S A L E the storaach clean, and children as writ as adu.is w i: , |VY v irl.ie of 2 F,.\. cnimus i-s...-d oiF of the C ’nrlc E. CHASE & Co,. Proprietors, N-i 94 Buffiio street, , ' t e L u s '. I f i end unerest of the F-ochester. fccHUYLER & S cp . ibnek & sjid H Jids, . f. Ill un 1 . 1 iiie Dliowiiig descritedprop- 32 o . B. CuKKAN, Aeentp,tihv-n. | e itv ;in|d |u. i. v iz — . ^ ~ ~ ------------------- ------ • All ifli'. cert-jiu p.-c-er p'.rcfl of licd. sit'inte in tie I toiv u.^rf Ur> I »B, IS t'v; i uu .t, of Tu.uf kins, being sub' I dms.o.i Lu: . 1. ; .) w the .f.vis-i. n -u Mili.aryLot - I Nu 8.\ . IV fivr)(v ui.,.iue .i r-^id-ub.i.vieion Noone, \I C. BRINCKERHOFF'S properly #imimstere<l, to every cr-ndition of disease—ft wil! not be contended but that U req-nre.s inventioa and well directed skill to prepare these mitive medieatneats so ibat their remedial powersshall^e weildrawn out a n l the better applied ; that is too apparent aneoessity to ro quire support. TheProprietorof the Health Restorative, in the number of y ears since he first commenced its prep, aratian from the original family recipe has devoted a great portion of his time to the study of tbe »edical7ffect and strength of each herb used ia' the compound. T'his study has had the effect of more perfectly convincing him o f the superior curative power ofihe Health Resisra- . ll-/'. IV five) o- u...ti lie u _ _ _____ liidruil • rr- V . f i.,,,,!. I e-tl.r ,-ame mere or less. Al- p<) ill, tii4’ . e.-ia.'ti t : i.r p .reel oi i ueJ, f.tuaie. fyigf^ t e ;.L» Pi ll'' '.uiv h t f D n di:,; j d, ks.iwu nrddisiui- i t I- hej In 1..- i-y p-.n ui Lui .V- .. ichiy tuur. hutiedaud In. .a d us^foUus V'Z: bi cuinuig a: a si-dke stai-ding tur.y inn c links s.'u.ii of u e noriH wes' corner of tb.e Mate hundred on sr-id lot eiehty lour, and runhing twenty six chain.- 75 links to t!.e ceairs of a road, theuce bloDg said r.aj seventeen chain-, fifty links to a stake 8 amb.-ig in tile centre of said road, thence east thirty- ftliur chains twenty five Imbs to a stake, thmee south fix' IC'D ch-'ini^and sixty two t.nks to tbe piacr ofbegjjEOfi rams iii tne bide an d tBest—for |,he«e diseases it is par- ‘jcaiaidy rccomo.ended.^with a cprti.iaty of success and who have been healed by its means. No coLideration of pecuniary reccm.jense sway the proprietor ; ne trust.' he is influenced solely by tbe great pleasure of minister­ ing to the relief of suffering humanity, and has devoted such ^«***'* rvvws-.*,.,.. i_ .1 .- ------- /•_---- f . S S ’v K S . * ! '■ being li.\ t e toWn of Drvt en aforr said, and is inoitnai follows, lo witi Beginning ntthe noj-ih east cornerofths survey fifty aeries so called, Being id the south westeop ner o f said Lot JVo ! 4 , tbsm-e rutnirg west tn-enty t»» clia.ts ai d Ihitw .>.i.x iu.ks to the north wcsi ruraer ofsaii eurv. y Cf;y adres, Ibcm-e south eleven chains eighieeo limksfo the celi'tre of saM JuTvl^fito ccres!T^^^^^ along satd centre litc tv^ec y two . hains and ihir y siS Jinks to -the eh.-t'. iino of said su-vey fifty acres, tbeset norih e.oven chains and eighiP'-n links to tbe plaseofbe- iuing,;cnntainmg Twerty-five aenw of land, mthsll imrteilanccs belonging uut.. ih m - W h ich 1 shall ex- IS., t r» DepjJJieri\ By J B Hcg. I'UfouDded^fol and at the nortlli H S S i S - S twenty two chains'an,i ninety sevm links, thence soirtii five chains and sixty seven links, thence wtsl iwcnQ: two chains and ninety seven links to toe place cfbeginniiifi eentainiae thii-teer ■ ' dcfeult has b raises will be soil at pubiie'-.uV»mn\aVthe house of Pet« „ HIRAM 310E, Mortgagee. W jl R.F itck , Attorney. — 12t44 W JW L e I and Hezekiah M. T V binders of Conlandville, Corthud Toacty and State of New York, have duly raorfeaged ]lo Robert C. Reynolds of Groton, Tompkins County anfe State afore­ said. “ All that Gertain-piece or parcel of Jand, sitaste, lying and being in s-iid Town of Uroton, end being part of lot number seventy-five (75) in said town and bounded as follows to wit .--—BcgiimiLg at the North west corner of the premises formc-ly ,.wa. d by Azariah Dodge. a»d by him^ occupied as a Tavern s.sp J, thence running cast H I payment thereof. Said pr ■•I' J.Kia at the house ofPe« twenty d. thence wf (h 'ip aud i d T s . Tompkins C o u n V e S effie^ p e r e is now'due on sfid^norfgJge $L423M 2 d dlftsK public hoKse on ihe sa:d pr-mises m Groton village on tbe ORIGINAL STAINED

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