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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, June 18, 1845, Image 2

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9 1 i A rfch **fefcbant p f lT e w :Tork. m a d e a fortime in a’rn a il't’i’sinp?*? in m e First Ward, w« s t H/.Looaon a sfu rt u e since; and beii g desituus to ast««i^n ‘ns ‘'‘‘J -ffro; tfeierraiBed '\ * ’ ' . I custom ers on b an English Cht off to ‘ Eor great variety i ! vehicle, tvipg^'his Cb w o u ff^^ee to bn^ the iDeretMl,.'J’ll tell ym ildryr and selected w h at he considered the 'handsomest ardis, and directed the carnage- mafeer to have a copy put on fa is carnage:— ^ ifaie master o f Ji^e Repository appeared very ■ mbfth sarnrised—opened w ide bis eyes— ment, the ps 'Hit send K) >pics for ffibch surprised—opened w id e b is eyes — ' siared» b owed very low and com p lied w ith merchant, in the hope o f a v o iding the duty on the carriage on his return to the-U . States, d( Loodon,aod ac «, and sooi [ T H A C A ; J 5 t J R N A L - \^LK^»E©lTOaT W c d u esdaji, June 1 8 , 1 8 4 5 . Reduced fric e of the J o u rm l. lose who pay in advance, in ojae pay. !t,o be sent to t \' U ; 20 C( To those the papers office, we jopies for S^26; fox $100, for one Valuable M e ^ o Sheep .— Our agricultural ileadersare n o ' ^ h t many of them aw a r e of h e fact iha t^ th^re are many flocks of sheep this county, w h ic h haidly yield wool Enough to pay the expense o f keeping them . T h a t such is poor economy shouhi be evi- Jent to those whp are so unfortunate as to |)Wii them . 'Our(attention is jiusi n ow direct­ ed to this subjectL by seeing the report o f the ^ieJd o f Mr, J, ’]^|-$peed’s present clip. He las UndoubtedJvf one o f the best flocks of aerinp sheep in the country; and taking th$ imouni sheared, from bis flock in- the aggrei ;ate, w e doubt w h ether it can be beaten in lur o w n Qdunty .at least. '* H is stoqjc fauckfs fleece w eighed Ifl.lbs. & in?\ Si iquiries ha ureby w public cis whether s tension of and used, village ob cisterns courtesy, having no right to force the furnishing o f it, should the nets o f l h 2 m ill property on O w ego gtijeet, see fit a t apy tin e to deny it, W e have pot a doubt that as Icing as that property remains in its .present tan always-be auuouvi, „ — „ , ^ ^ Hyde Park. As .may be supposed, he w a s .stated at w ith 'wonder by the crhwd — ey glasses Were turned upon him , and the pan els of his carriage door were the subject o f much whispering remark and speculation,for 0 0 one ctmld lejl who the gtrange.nobleman. comprehend the ealuse.and miah t n ever have fleah by brook wpter. T h is w e know is rath\ b e e n ^ H g h tened hdi fojr the follow ing inci- On his retuVn from bis second ride;'two plainly dressed gehliefh^n folloW^ed the car­ riage jn ,.a cabi stopped opposite the Tner-' chani’s lodgings, and politely introduced seated the amount o f te iwesentet carr^^ge, and the other left an in- vitatton lor U ^ a iierchant to attend at herald! office, the astonishm eni o f the son o f Gotham, helearned, for t h e first time, that he had assumed ibgarm s o f one of the R o y a lH u k e ^ and m u st pay the penalty; and ' futtbfef, that be made him s e lf liable to a hea­ vy tear for having armorial- bearings on |his •carriage. I r is alm o s t unnecessary «o add that the B u c a l A r m s w e r e soonj removed from th e pannejs o f the carriage, and that the vehicle w a s sent to the Calheribe Docks, w h e n ce ■* . w a s safely transferred to N e w York, Bi t h e story o f the ride in Hyde Park got wint fra tough story, but can be fully substantia- ed hy the affidavits o f respectable gentles inen w h o w e r e Ipresent, and witnessed the fheariagand weij^h.ing, large number of [iis full blood merino ew e s sheared over 5 lbs i>f yvell washed \yocl ; sam p les of w h ich are Ijtolv lying before US; and as an evidence ofit^ Ijujiliiy, Mr. S. w ^ s offered for bis w h o le Cli|), from full bfood and grades, 40 cts. cash pefib. H is floc|k number about 60, about Dnd half o f w h ich are full bloods and the re­ mainder 1 2, 3 4„and 7-,8 blood merino, ly valuable siockiof Mr. S . w ill have a Wonderful Land S lide in the tamn o f Warsaw, Ulster County. —A* ehrfespondent of the R^e~ ning Postt writing fion “Never, within the citizens, has nature given su( tions 9f fici\ freaks in this vicinity, as happened here a f e ^ weeks since. .On the night o f the 3d of May last, a large tract of land, comprising a portion of the farms o f J. H B. Dimond and lister, s a y s ; lOllection o f our oldest iuch awfbl demonstra. !. Briiyo,' bro rce o f its ov 3se, and i the force o f its own gravity, about 160 yar cirryingwith it ftnit Uees, and various others o f largp size, some still standing in their upright position? others torn from their beds and scat­ tered most beaufiful confusion. W hat has nsed this r N<?agh' ss of matl caused this rUptute, no one has, as yei «d. N<?aght was bdard. o f the “ moi reas-one. o f ffiei icertaiii- ove” o f this eighbors says light}' wind.” W e ^ o p e tha^^ ou ■ farmers w ill endeavor io aVail them selves c f crosses from this tru-'^ mass o f matter, save as- he heard the sound o f a “rushing mighty wind.” The first intimation we had o f any thing nncom- moH hiving taken pjjace, was, that the JRondoot I creek below j the slide, was, on the followinjg beep, as weunddrstaod , few 'pure ice the fire o f last w e e k , mi ve been m’ade relative to the teO' , • tlch the supply o f w a ^ r for the|pm V n ‘d l S S S ^ terns, is held by the village, land f inst., andltbeiy hospitality so i er Dme more efficient plan than aniexs M. b I eebs , those cisterns c acnot be introduced ‘ ’ * — ------ W e presume all know that the ains the water supplying th e f o tge 12ih inst., flames weso seen issuing oi stable of Mrs.^ Vernor<> corncr .of Exchange at Brewery alloys’,between Liberty and Peni street and St. Clair and. Irwin to surrounding bui] From Mrs. From Mrs. Vern^x** stable tko firexoffinfot cated to the stable of Mr. M ’Culcheonl wiliii was also destroyed. M-om here in a direct dii along E.\change_alley,% burned a stable for their '^ ' L u c ^ S ”%utton vs. Munson Weed 'and^ %!/ecfors.~Hemion|amp,C]jauncy; wife. This wafs a suit o f slander, brought by the Robert Hilsey, Ebenr|er Mack, E in plaintiff, against the defenda^. A trial has Pcjton, Charles Davis, Joseph ” once before been Had with $50 W d ict for plain- Nicholl Halsey, W-\=\\ tiff. The defendant obtained a new trial. Ver- 2.® Bishop, Horace Mac le plaintiff o f $ 5 5 . Cushing and H u m -! -lus . . ------------- „ on judgment. The court granted a no'iBui and S t. Clair and. I streets, and soorj spreajl (j^sbing and Humphrey for plaintiff; B. Johi I goh. and S. Mack for defeudi tko firexommuni-^ ^ ^ ■ vhere it stoppedin th^direotiori. Several dheds ind outhouses, o f one-dort or other, were! brtrne 1 >n this rowv ^ ^ ; i . From tile d istH lej^he fire worked ^own tb S S ? ; a c„., thie^ three story bricl owners, an abundant Ijead' btained; but tim e may. yest the right to alfow it in oihersj and shpuld the present sysiem of c isterasbe carried out in full, the good people o f our village may some future.day be called upon lo a round sum for that w h ich they now reejeive freely by sufl'erauce. W e understand jihat •the right to demand a supply, from that source banuot be purchased, the present oyvnersj, px-, pressing a perfect w illingness to' allow the quantity asked for the u§e o f the village w o h - but charge, but decling to sell the same.* W e ask then, with a largj additional number o f cisterns constructed, w b a t wtould be the ben- pfit to th e village from them, should ihesup- ply of water be denied ? ’ ■ W e understand that some years since, sur- W y s aod « u n » . e s by proper persou. „ e r e : made as to the practicability ol construdling | The gentleman sentouf from London, (Hon i reservoir arid distributing water thrdmgh i J- Leancier Starr,) witJf^tbe powers,of thei Com ,he village by , b e agency orcppduc,in* p i p e s : and hydrants. T h e com m ittee apoinied to loa of a feai- o f such roeulls by a reference lo ih 3 Examine the plan, we, are informed, reported j ^ foal for 5^7,000 or S8,000 a rgservoir miigbt above one hundred Dlfe lnsurance ^ompa .»»»»«»ii^t.-hrl mWK o winin lino /if nitinA ov- I viipgi in full nnprnfuin __ -flta 2 upon a contract, verdict for plalnLiff o f $ 1 0 0 ., the faces Love and Freer for plairjtiff; Waibridge and entrain Ferris for defendar\- .awe o f At Jk Jtouso of Mr. lean was considerahy damaged. | Next, on Penn stress the Livery effiWes elf. Mr, James M’Aft'ee, tBe frame dwelling pf Mrf ■Verncr, and the dwelfiBg of Mx< Whitej exter ding to the corner o?33rew,ery alley, we|-e.cor- Life Insurance. — V^en the National jL°^ Fund Life Assurance iociety (of Lpndod) cm menced an Agency i r ^ s City a few mopths go, it was feared by r a ^ y that while the Sc'ien of Life Insurance wa*i*o nei idant was A ti’y for the 'people; ihing for defendant,' L_.. _ . -.ews, June ihovy that N ew York is not the only place where such tricks are done, we copy the ft flow- ing notice (perfect in pugytuation and ^ e l ing,) .. ...... ...... _ 5 , - - - ___ _ ____ from the editorial o f the Trpmansburgh Gi y^- William Campbell. This d e - ' o f the l lt h i ij s t : lual n fendint was tried, on an indicunent, for sefliug Sonic Disorderley pe ■ p spiriious liquors without a ffbunce Tli6 jury venlngs since, dobbed isurance wa#»( tew of our citizen* 'eryiew o f our citi vor or felt disposed to||yj Ihfeieslablishment of tffi London institution gigantic a capitajj w.^ld sadly interfeith r newly formM Cqm^nics, and retard g benit aic, diet for the plaintiff o f $ 5 5 . Cushing and H u m -' Inspectors—John Jas. phrey for plaintiff; Johnion and Schuyie|r for ! McCormick, William Halse; defendants. ' - ^ rTiumwrniintT; Ira B. Barnes vs. Clark L. Jack in . Suit up. | 1 judgment. Tile court granted a no'iBuit. hrey for plaintiff; B. John- j charged. . ana o . iviacii lor defendant, ' lenardus Svvartwoilt vs. Hatley' Lord/- Suit in a contract. 'Verdict for pla:nLiff of $100. -The Pcoj dant was property, ( resentatioi _ D-Grani; ack, E iinoti 1 G. Rpyno!s,Chauncy hlUam G, Grant, '! hom. Nathan T . Will ams. Speed, Jr., Geo. T- ICf’All tho persons arrested in this villa je on the 10th*inst.,^ave, after examination, bee i dis. S ome S cocndi aiice of the . This is j way- . This is a gross outrage, , be exposed and puni,sbed, t, on Tuesday night, p: inled lie images on each side < if the Unitarian Church in Broad- which ouj fat to __ urk, by fraudulent rep- j The- defendant was found n o t . v A. Dana : [N . Y . New I ' ’ e Trqmansburgh’Gazette,' i e constructed, with a main line o f pipe ex- nieaiin full^ operation —the business of ^ fondingfrom it to the centre o f the village, elapsed, an ion C< lambs to dispose of, ew es are not forisale tends increasiog 1-he number o f his floek be­ fore selling a u y ^ qnd for a minor exp-nse branches laid guffi-1 S)m e sis months hayo since then eh client to reach every part o f our village, To ^ 'h i e, as we are informed, th'js London h k prt*seat sysiera is but a palliatjy^e, this City has each su.cce^,^ing month puhliahd 1 merjoo buck i ^ remedy. Every one knows the extent 1 ‘ mrease of policies issued from their offics .be coouDg '“' T *“f ' h e C r o .o n ™ a , ,r ; . o r k 5 i b N e w Y » .l , .b d i “; ; y , 2 V . ' ’‘y r “? d ^ at any price, as he in- ■ ^ , • .-u n o m n . bo mueh lor the spread o f know). the efficacy of hydrants in the exuogU isp' edgt induced by foreign competiUon. meat c f fires there. In Poughkeepsie, the 1 . iast Annual Report o f the S ociety is now - „ 1 . • (cnc ilattd here. The meltmg was held m Lon. place of our lormer residence, a village in 'jo n I4ih May last. The affairs o f the Institu. It is very appropriate ihat the Iihaca = 1S34 ot about 6,000 inhabitants, so-im p ort : tmn are stand to be in a most prosperous and foutDal sWuM s w (0 the defence o f Cel. , t?ol WM .be adequate securily of a supply J \ , ' j V “ V n L £ T » T n T d T b ‘l W ebb, of the N.i Y . i Courier and Enquirer, - ^jf deetiled, that works were consfruc- be n viewed hy'the friends of the Society in thj appo^ilioifloTbei'o^^ j eminence, near co u ltry -w ith the utmost |<atisfaction. reniioD.j fllback Chronicle, June 11. one m ile from the centre of the village,, and I If the readers (^t the Chronicle do not one' pipes couneciing therewith laid through the j f these days discover that w h ite is b la c k I Pfmcipal streets. T h e supply o f water for ^nd vice versa, iPwill* not be for the want of * i&e reservoir is there ol t lined by machinery tsseriion iu itaculum o s that truths are unv pjjmping the water fcpm a creek u p a n e l e vfition of about 150 feet into the reservoir at an annual expense of $500 fot tbe^ use of such nrdchinery. “ W e do not now recollect the entire cost, and only know that a Considera- creek below i the slide, was, on the followin | morning cbmpletely dry. 0.n our arrival at tlie j place, W- ffitind that the earth had brolicn loose > about 30 feet from the stage road, leading from Kingston to WartsliorA running pan He'with the r*>ad, for about 120 ^ r d s , fonoing a cirasin •aU lm j o m t Where ,t sfarted of ^baut 100 j I^jaipablP, bui 4 e Were noi aware perpendicular. Ihe u hole hotly containing a - 1 ' i Iwut 60 acres of land-^ ! b u s telling them w e w/»re defending th a t o f pipe necessary lut bO acres of fand. In its passage it cros.sf d the Rondont stream, erally clearing th i bed o f all oistrueiimra, ami wilts. 10 t ihc streSi literal J o f the stream for about 160 yards, 'forming a dam at one dash across Uie v.hole stream impervious asJnasoary could-make it.— ers above proyed what has always been , namely, their powers of ’ , This it continued to do ahool two miles, tu a place lied Hixon’s 'daur, where aTter finding its level, u pecoiled^—with' the help pf human hands, and Its ovvn powers, it forced ith passage through the .adjoining lands, to find itk old channel below. • C. T . D. ■Vvhile writing this I am inforrhed by one,of our oldest inhabitants that U similar oecurn li took' place about 65 years ago,” bus telling them \onorable gentlem a q . t o * I rDr',ssis,a»°ce ; ilut | f h , did, wu are »ol ' In 1836 ihe w a le, worka at !ip . “ b ' . T , k s i r b X .S V e e a, the bed o f iW stream for abom 160 yards, j ilbe least disposed lo g iv e it; although aS an Kdepsie were the means o f saving perbAps je.hd opponent he is twice! as open, and perhaps nmnonw in ,.no cmrrli !n , ® utfiitiertoun istur e b The waters above proyec considered impossible, namely, their ] running “up ^ream,” foe the dieiance o f ahe Catching an heiress in,Ken,tucky .—About two TOODths since, a novel circumstance took place a acw miles back of Covington, in the Slate of iKentucky, the parties having numerous wealthy ! acquaintances in that city.to whom the story has been told by-our friend Laev, of the Newport ‘Chandeitex, (Which paper wlk soon be forthcom ing,) he having learned it while on a tour in the practice of law, at the late-sittii g of the courts in that slate. It appears that a very rich old widow lady by e name of M ------ had an only daughter w! o as a most beautiful creature, and could com- land the hand of the proudest of Ken tuck’.- >ns, but she strange to say, love‘d a Uttle gen. tieman tailor, by the name of P ------ , who hac been so fortunate as to win her without th. ‘ mother’s knowledge. At length the f-ipl cam' to the parent’s ears, arid she forbade youn^^ - P ------ her house. A few weeks after the old la . dy had occasion to be absent one evening till a late hour: of course, the lovers did not let sue! an o p p o r tu n ity pass, o f s p e n d ing this evening to , gether, and when they beard Mrs. M ------ return ' ing, she lover, not’being able to escape was put safely into a large closet; On the entrance rti Mrs. M ------ , she, Itaving had a hint from a faith. ful servant, made bold to question he r daughter about her lover, and declared that he had just gone out o f the house This, the damsel sio u i lj denied, but her mamma wottVa nm believe her, andl as a terrible punl«hmerit, ordered lier to be Jcioked up in the dark eldset, there toremain till / broad day light. On her opening the closet door ^Ihe next morning, Mrs. M ------ was thundi r- struck at beholding her daughter aslereP in the ' young tailor,s arms 1 It Js needless lo%dd that the mother no-longi Juihs, and umri ths'true. Throughoui the ivhole progress o ’ the Constitutional Reform ind Convention que|siijons, our course has iteen, when spoken of, perveted by our n eigh- entire cost, |o r . T h e po-it.cn'.t.'iat w e are opposed to |bleportion of it arose from a defective ConveniioD has( been assumed by h«p, and j stjuction of the reservoir at first, and the pe- courftry— with the utmost ___ [N , Y. Tribune, June 12. From tm Nantucket Enquirer. C ourting an O ld /M aid in D isguise .— A young geiiilf'tnan of dur city, who had exhaush his wrts in playing mck8,and had almost becom a terror to lus family and relations, who are o the highest order/of society in point of we.'ilth some weeks ago itruck upon a new mode o f hi ing sport. He had noticed an old maid who wa > iriJimate with His mother, and who we learn, ha 1- never been made so happy as to have a bcau.-- Her age was'fifty ; hex-native land, England.- ■ Our youngster determined that he would cour, this old maid, and for this purpose procured i ConveniioD has( been assumed by h« p , and stluction ol th e reservoir at first, and the pe- this old ffiaid, and for this purpose procured yhen so assumed, the editor has fought w ith j ciiliar formatio.i o f the ground cn whiich it ^uit of ^ iglish brceclies, a w i |, and other thing I Quixotic valor thp shadow he has created. | w a s necessary to place U- Here nonb IVe w ere w e ll aware that the hom e truths thiese difficulties can exist; for an am ple lie approached the old inajd, and by Ins suavit told him o f Col, W ebb would not be ' stipplv can te obtained to fluw >w into a rese- 1 ‘•}=?nged but winning voiee,com'. i _____ _ _________ ____ , • plqtely succeeded in making love to her, Withou tf nut De buippjv uc uuiaiutfu lu u uuu a rfse-j / 7 ....... .......... — — ----------------------------------- I ^ * . H U o u l a k ,is,a o « or oosr.aad ,bo leng.h ' \ i rpre defendinn' that 1 o f pipe necessary to reach the compact part !/d Ids caress-js and kisses in.a most perfect frt-n H e needs none o o f .he village wonW be less 'ban one ihrice as honorabl|e in bis tactics,-and polit­ ical morality, as| som e of bis children (by tam e) in this s|ectiEn. But our neighbor iharges us with! sym p a thyzing w ith the Courier and En^uirerTu jis opposition to a Convention ; a c|harg.e eqdrely gratuitous. W e expressed thje 9 pin'o|i im m ediately on he failure of ibh L e g islative ara^Mmenis,^ hat a Convention wa[s the next step, and afo though w e had qoubtsof the binding pou'er )f legislative ena(:tmhnt on a convention, yet is far as binding! w e would have made it mperative, to deleaii log-rolling in the an' Snendments whitfh m ight be presented. W e desire ourlnei^hbor, and the Evening fournal w h o hasj caught his echo, to under- 3iand that tee arle/dlr’a C o n v ention; if w e :aonot have the ^ill as w e would have fram­ ed it, w e take i i a s i [ is ; and although w e have not thus fir pleased our opponents by our course, w e si all not at this late day stoop to the defence of thei Courier and Eqtjuirer, or desert the tiue Hem\cratic stXndard to gain ap'probalion from any setoT men,, wfoo, half a milfion o f property in one singl4 in | fair the first time, beating stance,as w ithout them all human aicjAvould throbbing in a heart offlfty. hajve been utterly powerless. / ^ Th.s was a most e.xeilmg scene for the yoim a'loverp* limc q f have been utterly powerless. / ^ Th.s was a most e.xeilmg scene for the yo \ V e , « a<l.oca.e,ror a„ econclnical - - peqditurs of .’ money by corporations, but as quick as t'.iought, determined to punish her, think that w ith lels bridges and'public !)hild> \\n f\''*''® ■•npo-'ition he had practiced upon hd:' . : , rr- ■ ) r. 'V, 'old and respectable matden friend. She, there. inc 5 rc ann n m nrp orn/*mn t rrvoo ric. fur i n d gX— ' ^ ‘ ^ ' • . . « f . . 1 . 4 . singsioa, having noth l^eady for a new shuf and a n e w deal. nonoraWe lover, and they arc enjoying all the bleisings and Hsses o f their romantic fioney- of il PrnsbuTg, what --------- , .jer voyaggt The Cin- ‘cionati Chronicle thus answers this qusiion; Stone, and then remn w ill be the len« h olfhe PiUsbnrg tn iJincSnnoti Cincin>'a i K Lnuisvile, Ii>>uiRvtlle 10 Mduitli of Ohio, Mouth ol Ohio tiyMew Orleans New Oi leans lo S . Louis, St. Louis lo tVeston, iioniothi: Yello'w Stone, ow Stone to Sj Lohijr, hitsbur of a strange re. e in that city cV vio­ lence and bloodshed, “We have (says th®- pa­ per) had several trials for mvirder in tlie Circuit Court now iq ,,session, and s® perfectly indiiffe ent are a large majority o f us to the issue t is really difficult to learn the verdict o f the ,Jury by enquiring of any one outside of the f^ourt room I Several-days often elapse before -we {j'ear in the street whether .a human being has ^een eondemned to death, or acquitted, on his trial,for the crime of murder ! Bodies are found dqad round about and among us, some probably mvir-' dered, some sulc'ides, and the coroner and kds jury may hold their inquest in peace, wftHaat half a dozen others hearing o f the awful facUt! They are'are subjects so cQmmon as rarely to exffitd the least cariosity. A dead bot liver attracts hardly as ;toi tared caffish .struggling , . ... cross the river in multitudes to witness a duet before with about tlie same feelings and curiosity iha. port t i, . .iffi Mr. Vanzile /the nravp^l yei d TiVers and iron >dy in t |i ing tn 1 ^ e , are alw a y s Be o f the political pack, W p learn from the Troy Budget, that the litor of the Trty \^|hig was fined on Friday. inis, and a qmre efficient meatis for'ilie liqguisbmentxff fires, we should be ?nore pr^spejous, and feel additional securily. P|-iORIDA-rTAfi Dem o cratic S la t e . T h e first Election in Floridi, has resijilied (says the Albany Aila«) in the succesi o|f the democratic ticket. W m . D. Moselfey,, the democratic candida’e for Governor, h a ^ e e n elected ,K^ about 500 majority, and Dkvid Levy,^ Democrat, is elect d to Congress by ovef YOO majority, The Legislature is fiem* ocfatic, by a maj|)rwy of 26 on joint hqllot. Yl’| e returns show* in W est Florida, 3 denio- cr-jis to 2 w h ig s ; M iddle Florida, 4 derq. to 2 ^ h ig s , and East and S outh Florida 5 dem. to T .whig for the Senate ; the W e st returns qer w § (jem. to 7 tvhigs, the Middle 12 dem. to 2 the weildin®dress prcpaiedT vvliigs, and East and South 13 dem . to 1 w ljig to the H ouse; m aking 26 democraiic majority on joint ballot. T h e two new U. S. Senators w ill of course be democral.s: and k qemocrat to the House of Represeniaiiivts. fore, ft-igned not to believe him, stating that i(t iinpos.sihie that he-.could so change his '\ t I ic ^ and dress, ass to iiiipos ;d llial he ngc his mar upon the ol he would deraor liu laui, i.y Alls ,uoiui;i Happening in w I k - and his dame were together. In tlie i le the mother visited her old friend, ant became satisfied o f the perfidy o f the young and both resolved on vengeance. W hen the day come for the n;ext visit, tl p mother happened ,in sure enough, but a very ft- V minutes satisfied the imposing party that he The doors were proposet strate the fact, h y iiis mother happening in win were together. In tlie mea: dsiled her old friend, and Ihi got into a very bad fix. The (Jiately locked, when the me maid each pulled out a whij aprons, and the way the youn_ look and courting propensities got thrashed, w a caution to all kinds ofimposters. The fury cf Ihehnsultod maid, was as violent as had been hnr' passion, and the back, legs, face and arms of In quondam /orer attested to it. In the syncoj e btate, following, it was disclosed by the “old ui ” ig day had been appointed, ai :d 3s prepar Titarnkal^ to talce the census .—The comm uiicil in each of ih: cities, and the supervisi editor of the Trty U'lhig w as fined on Friday- by ibe General i tssifins of that ciiy,&150 for a contempt of court. There is not !i lawyer in the state who does rot comm: t contempt in nearly ever cause he tries’bt forej court, and 'yet when aV editor steps in the shoes o f preroffaiive,he pays bis fo )iing to the tune of S150. W e ll, have oue consofolion, fof w e suppo-.e®an offi- 'cer collecting $150 o f us would be a grand m o ral as w e ll as financial spectacle. Inland T r a d e o f the WesL— Suppose a takes in produce at Pittsfa ins, it en joadsw ith goods (p\ The advert'uiement of the Comptroller for thei redemption of broken Safety Fund Bank noficB, w ill be f o u n d in a n o th e r ro lu iim . .4 ‘ A Child- o f Tw o -Mathers.— A lar la%v case hjas been pending bel the Courts in N e w Orleans, in claimed by two sets of parems— m e one — seriins: tliat the child ,was bom in Nevy Or-1 very slngu- ing before one of in which a (;bi!i1 the one ta-wn clerk and town superintendent o f comm seliools in each of the towns are required to £ pOhit a marshal in each election district of tli iir respective eltjcsand towns on or before the fipst Monday of Joly, to perform the duties pres lativfc to taking tin state the present year. [Alb. Argu Awjut thuiride ,—.A young man oyine George Burnham, about twenty four yeai and ( iiijiloyi d in lire large cotton factory, a liltle ;t o f Auburn, leaped from the sixth story wpn. building on Satui inUie ling man by the name ’ of ■ '’ -.rs o f a rp, !i! tie steamboat takes in produce at Pittsburg for New Orleans, it en oads with godds for the'; . . , . , ----- ------- . ------ Fur Company -a the meuth o f th e Yellow thim under her maternal pro- and then returns lo prt-r<tni-ro- Tw-trar teenon asserting that the child ,was bom in Nevy Or­ leans in 1835,arid ihe other that he was horn in Nevy York, in 1S37. T h e testim ony ad» duced in the trial, says a New per, is very conflicting. The up by a Writ (,f habeas corpu; were John and Martha Paul side, aiid-’lMrs Hughes on ilu ....... .............. .. lurt decided that Mrs. Paul w a s the ntioih- of the child, and in virtue of which Heci> the sixth story w turday last, fall ng upon the rocks below, dashing iis -y direction, and causing inst, n: The only cause attributed for comn rasfi act, was a low depression of I t on by a few days sickness,’! dow of that head foremost :S in ever death'. The only cause ting this rasfi act, was a mind, brought on by a few days sicknes I long continuation of inflammation of the ey ^ [ It IS said that he was to have been married vvi ; in a short time. [Buffalo Com. Adv. Yrllow Stone St. L o U'8 to 1 1 The Ohio to J hitsbui-g, Total- ’(yage, Eight thousanc milesa steamboat runs on the Waters o f th$ W p st in a regular yeyage, she reiUEiped I again tb her original hours; too many o f the Imn^^never thin king ffigger, we guppoge) has performed his last sad* ___________ ^ I ' lU S ^ t t i e r incontinently resigned the of the.Fem ale In&iilute al rings. Miss., a few weeks since, m con- of a difficnlty, which arose from his hav- made raatrimontal.proposals to Several o f the T ibis office^ 0 Holly £ sequel ing made n yenng ladn Report gave o f his abdic! Turned pact turnec a. prospectus for a wiflg cd to be a Democrat uni ■al o f lo ihe cause •do W h ig.-^hlr.J. E. Tuel, the young ledc^tQf the D. S .T r i sury . ir issued Jtus for a. wfiig paper. Mr. f . pretend- itil turned out i f jffice. able riven Republicl [Buff, Com. f Ihe above formidable table f 'srances, the eply of-a western hunter, ^ ar. interro^ior who asked ihb w b erea. i\® —riepnae, does not seem much ‘ Mv home is in tlie eter- le great buffajlo, and -A- Ib u isofjh is resit burlesqj i\il ptairte, i T h e above case is a singular one, .parallel can oi-ly be found in the one w h ig party, which through its tempting to deny its father, Ja su iia organs, is at- er, James Wqtson William J, Shaw, Esq., of this Village, has been appointed by Gov. Barry, a Commissioner for the State of New York to lake proof and ac­ knowledgement of deeds, mortgages, or any in. struments of writing un<per seal, to be used! and recorded-in the State o f Michigan; and to admin- isler oaths, or affirmations to any testimony to be used m any court, or for any purpose in that Mr. S. is a young Lawyer and has lately com. menced practice amopg ug, although his studies were prosecuted in this village. His Business Card may be found in another column. 'nge.~-Svgar is now used in England as >t manure for turnips, f We should thifak it e rather expensive. [True Sfan. A game of chess, commenced last October, is now in progress through the columns of a pjaper in Nqw York and one in Philadelphia,by citj|zens of ea(|h place. The 33d move had been reatjihed on th^ 13lh instr The Law's Delmj - -H enry Schultz who Hamburgh, S. C., has ha1 ■ • ’ •'Georgia a brid< ige opposite 'll the subject twenty three year ted in the Circnii _ on or persons, a 1 sw spiritous liquors without a ffhunce Tli6 jury vettings since, dobbed all three o f t h e T iv e r n did not agree. A. Wells, Dist. Att’y, fhir the .gignsof this village, with, black paint, at 4 most pie; S. B. Cushing for defendant. ' ' | di.-graceful rate. ’he People vs. John Marshall. The dtfei^- • - ------------------ -- -------------- dant was tried on an iitdiclmor horse of Jonathan Join tions. Not guilt’ Those wEb wish U o Cream, Siffia, jUmmnta# &,c. &c., will find every thing right aiidl in prdsy ' at Atwater’s Garden; and Ice-Cream Salc^^gnii ' ‘ door sooth of the Post Office, The iGarden, i* lighted every pleasant evening ahd k k pjeaitofr ‘ retreat to while away a half hour; wpile at his i 'variety store one door west o f thCHokl,-may b.e found every t h in | in the liqe, he feviiig Hrbt^ht to the village tffis Bpriflg the Iaf|ei; .gfock o f goods o f the kfod ever in Ithaca/ Singular Bavi.—A Missbttri p'aperLtates'thafc a farmer has disebvered near Giasgow|and C top - er’s Bottom, a vdry cxtraordiHary Cave in i hili • near bis place. In removing the dirt,ffie dis^y^ ered a wall buiit o f stone; evidently by humatt hands, and on removing part, found an entranbo to the cave which he penetrated to the distaneb- ' o f 300 yards. The writer says' *‘il bdS net pro, :ded far before I entered the principal chaTn-v - • that by a single fight presented the most- gnificent sight that F ever hefaeld,' 1 The cfeili . ......................... kgh\Men sentations. N ot guHt;f. Dist. A u ’y and B. G. iiulu bt fore 11 o’clock on Tuesday night,th| 10th Ferris for the people; B. Cushing and H. L. ,„st., a fire broke out in the Academy o;' Fine Mitchell for defendant . ; A rts, in Chesthut Street, Philadelphia. The fire The People vs. N.Cc ok, Jr.-r-AssiuU and;Bat- was the work o f an incendiary, who had ef ected tery on Wffi, P. Asblet. IDistVict Ally., for peo- - an entrance in the reaf of the bpilding, ant pom- pie ; B. G.'Ferris for d;£t. Verdict guilty—not j municated the fire underneath the statue g£ liery. It sentenced, I which was entirely destroyed with all its cor tents, Lorenzo D . Van P< U 'vk Southard & Me- ‘ T he fire spread to the library rpom, and a Jarge raw,— Action for damages in cutting and car. numbef o f pictures were destroyed before they rying off timber. Ferns &, Waforidge for P lff; ' could be removed, in consequence of the dense B. Johnson «& S. B. Ctisliing for deft. Th^case ^ y,nokc, With great efforts the vahmble library, was in progress when jnr paper went to press. 1 chiefly a present from Napoleon B^aparte, was saved, though considerably injured. ' The fire communicated to the pictures in the rotunda,and C . P . v . n N c „ , „ . i 4 e ^ I pictures were removed from the Ro- Nortlh Accident on the rffier.- !rip up Thursday night, ran i: >he cut nearly in two.- ■The Empire on her into a sloop, which, o.- The sloop sank almost idiaicly; and a colored man who was ih the i-ecastle was lost. , The night was very ithe sloop had no light igr bands were taken i brought to Poughkeepsie, I accident ' at $3,UUU, and Dugald Stuart, by 't o f the pictures were removed from the tunda and JNorth Gallery, the Dead Man Restored, was saveo, auu on a Pale llorsc, in, a mutilated^onditioi bout one o’ci ■t Gallery. Allston’s picture of id, and Death dark, and we understand in her rigging. The oth- on board the Empire and lughkeepsie, near which place- the. int happened. [Alb. Evening Journal, May 14. Interesting discovery^—Among the letters and papers of Gen. Philip Schuyler, is one in which he speaks of the existence j>f| a box, or camp- chest, left in this city, which contained mucii valuable correspondence and information relative fo events connected with the American \Revolu- lion, and the history o f that period. On the occa. the late vi'.it of Mrs. Alexander Hamil­ ton, the only surviving daugliler o f Gen. Sdiuy-, ler, lo this citj}', search was instituted for this long missing box, and it v/as luckily found a. ig the lumber and rubbish o f some quiet (lonk, ■re it had “undistorbed ri-pdse for fifty jifars. It undoubtedly Contains inauu.'jcripl I f asures of great valm-, cminected with sline of tliosd stir, ring events of th-.- Revioiuiion fo which General Philip ScLuyltr was a promineut actor. Albany Citizen. id Man Je llorsc, in, a mutilated^ot o’clock thc,)yliole of the North Gallery VVO.O iji ruins. Thus the torch of an incendiary has nearly destroyed the largest and best collec­ tion of works of art fin the United States, and wffich has been the labor of near forty years in collecting. The loss is.irreparabie, and will be felt by a large .11 umber o f artists and amateurs in Ltfo sculpture, [N. Y . New [<>ly Cit} iand, saj prospect of wa 'athcr fiatieiing, it should admonish tvery^ refractory spirit in Hancock county and else-• whereto settle all local difficulties 'i|n tlie best isible manner, and ■ irepare to susIlaiD our na­ sal rights and the h )nor, o f our,flag. The li. is coming out of 1 is thicket; let the cSglv’s [feathers be well oiled, and his talwis sharp and .j pointed.” ' ' 1 , J He gots the whole igurc, too, for Nauvioo.—i leaking of its prosperity, he says : “The glory, honor, ind blessings of N?|uvoo, if we are left alone, will be felt-round the globe. Already good men see it. Why?—a mean man, Rigdonite, feels his own nothingness jn th presence o f the saints, and melts “in the glai of the Lord,” like the first frost of fall.” the “Sahils’ H.>b war with A Librarian Buried beneath Boohs .—A very singula^'.paragraph from k Paris paper is rpphb- lished by the Courier des Etats Unis. I seems that not long since the corpner of the Rue' Rich­ elieu was sent for to the R d ^ Library iS4' hold an inquest. In the garrets of tlii.s great estab- lisliment are some three hundred thousahl vol- nmes, o fold o r mutilated books, in utter confu- sion.atid given up to the rats. Some curiou.s per sqh haviiig occasion lom a k e an examination in this literary qataeomb, found, under huge p'ih s of books, the skeleton of a man, which on hrth- cr cxanunalion, was found clothed with the ofii. cial dress worn in 1793. by the persons co iiiec- ted with the library. The clothing was perfect, ly preserved, liufj al! the rtst except the mere skeleton, of wl;iih the bones were polishcl like ivory, had bt-i-n devoured by the rats. It was found impossible to identify the remains,— irhich wire duly buried al Mo-.triiertii-i—or to nscer- s. c., ■>ith the\Bank of C This suit lias been re-insfa' in the Circuit court o f the United States, |in‘ conformity with a decree o f the Supreme coi rt made in the case some years since. The amot nt claimed in the bill at the rate of 6 per ct is $595,000, and vve understand that the Marsl, al on Monday week, served the parties with a St b- poena wriUandJcfl the same evening for Aug is.] ta, to servd foe parlies at that .place also. T he preliminary points of the case may be argued in July next. It may be far advanced in the generation before the suit is decided. According to the new constitution o f the Stlte of Louisiana, (as just formed by a conventicli,) any citizen who may hereafter engage in a dtoel as principal or second,or as bearer of a challerige, is disfranchised, and rendered ineligible to |my office under the state government. A similar provision in the conititulion of Virginia,'the Washington Union says, has done more 'to pre. vent the practice, than all the licmflics |ver preached against it within the limits o f tMStjaTe. 1 st, of Isaac Tompkins Morgan^ of Major Augustus Morgan, pf and grandson of Judge Tracey Robinson. The deceased was a very interesijnj lad of 12 years o f age. The poor boy fell frojm a skiff in the phenango river, in which heianc Some cotopanions vverc rowing. [Alb. Aflap. the elei :tive chief q f the 25,000 j^ivi- ?ond the Mississippi, jwill pirob. Melancholy Death .—The Binghamtjon er o f 4th inst., record■< the death by drownj n Saturday last, o f Isaac Tompkins Morg angest son o f Major Augustus Mor{ youngest Binghamton, ably visit W ashiifeton winter, for tb^ mission o f the Chi ictaw country as a territorjj ited S tates! w|th a delegate to Congjesi )c is very r|eg%qs les^ y s to be thusrepeiyeeli foe U n it ,, „ . . The tribe is yery r to b< The “Nanvoo N'rislbor,” a paper published in 3'nls’ Ht>ly C it},” in coufcj Engiand, sa js : ispept o f wa ■ with a foreign po-tyer is fcmplation of a by a _ painting an* F ire . —Last night*, at half past eight o’clock (says the True Sun, of the 13lh June) a stable in the roai of 43 Oi-aiige (-treet, was discovered to bp on fire The carpviiler’s shop btloiigiug lo Messrs. Baldwin &, Mills, Mr. Lyncli’s coopery, ' Nos. 43, 45, 47, 4$', 51 and 53 on Oraiigt ill moreore or lessess burnt.urnt. Inn at Were all m or l b I the rear of these, nut itss than twenty small shanties occupied by Irish , Geriijian, and Negro familks tvere entirely consumed, All the property de.'-lrpyed lay between Orange and Mulberry streets, in ^ ic iuiiin’diate neighbor­ hood of the Five Points—well known as great sink of iniquity into which all of iiii morality i loallisoine and \iie. Ttie scenes witiics.sed'during the fire, ean neveT T ile pen ol E n g ne t iu e ; o r t h a t o f i e-ns. could b u t fi ebl; groups. -In were going foi m a le and fem a le - of them horribly i tain how the death was occasiont-d. Oregon. Capiam I gon. Actual possession and occupancy by ihe right kind ol'^tnen w 11 be ihe best i;uar- antee for our rights in that region. [St. Louis N e w Era, June 4. The H a l f Ounce L e tter.— a wri.iet iiji the Doyles'.own Olive Branch has been at ( :is to tell how much can be tran?nijiHed five cents. 218 3 4 grains, ax, usual quant foolsc.-ip w e ighs 172 grams. Letter pkpei Sm all envelopes, 42gra‘ rty \h a i came in with e that the vvliole track -Tke pa Finch state from 15 niiles-beyond the Big Blue ^ Etate line, was lined w iih eniigraius 10 Ore­ gon. In that distance they met at lea.sjt 500 wagons, and the usual'proportion of emi- T h is is the w a y lo fortify possession at sewers whatever ivhich were I be described, r Ciiarlc irp-ei-eiit njiaiiy cellars, the most homble orgie? irward, nniie.lcnths of the actors—*- I— b e ing d r u n k , an d five drunk. i and allfoys, clothed •e-tenthif ■ihly ■ In the streets arms, swearing awlally, men to save their furniture. The celebrated dancing den of Pete W illiams, which Dickens visiu-d v/.ien in this c least so we were info llc women half I and ftp with children in their awfully, and imphnifog the fire- rurniture. Thi mrnt to ashes ; at Prorltimdtion by.the Gorernor. —Gov. Wright w'ardof$ltHK) nviction uf the four offered i a n d CO! 231 of May ol\ Deputy Sheri er, in the town dof$lllU t) for the i o f th e four inPn w , made an ath rn!>t uj ui tin i:f- iff Sedgwick and rooft.-iitle '[ ver, in the town of Taghkanic. Tip-ofu n — which this reward is offered, wa.s oree appre 10 . , o: sight ^ ’ this splendid cave venty feet high, and 0 rhole ceiling presenting a set with dian IS gome Mght& or hectageflictageff form,! lining surface a# imonds. In another on one side are very . — numerous letters, fig; ures, and hierogljyphtcs appear, roost which, however, are so defaced as te ' ' telligible. Nevertheless the 7, are quite plain, Just above ti letters DON & QAKLO are legible. '’Furibe? on, the letters J. H . S. appear <m the walk” ' An: arm of the main cavern has a^b'een dii. covered, and has been explored some 2(l0 yards,; Very pear the mouth, another writer says, \there is a stone shaped like a horse, but not so large^ being' only about three feet h igh;— “The head, neck, anfl the ‘ of thrte litir' p5eces,and stuck or fastened together somefoing' like cabinet-makers put the corners o f drawers' igether, (dovetailed) the rest is all solid,” ; . It is doubtless one o f the mounds WWcil.»ro lund in various parts o f the Western States, and' lated by the aborigines, but whether-our red ithren, Phoenicians, or Egyptians, ff is difficult- some : Mbe teventeeii devouring insect^ a s arrived^ lisiana) Whig to decide. Locusts .—^They years visit o f these The Clinton', (Louisiana) Whig, s a y s : ‘The locusts arc here, and in myriads. From all parts of the parish, we are told|they arc ,- swarming in countless millions. Aiound the tov5-n the earth is completely perforated'with' holes bored by these unwelcome vis^fis in their’ surface presents numberle.s^ shells,_the- deserted state, ar day,the host The’ presents nui tenements of foe in.sect in its clhryiafijr hear, during all hom in their stretigl of vegetation. ;th fo eilsj^the- i ours oflb# o f thebil.f s yet, got into the fields, hut •y will destroy every vestige' and one may hear, during all ceacL-less and monotonous buz A Virginia V erdict — In Jefferson Counjy, Virginia, Nelson Hooper, from twenlv-seven tot o f age, has been tried for tqe murdef Brooks, in Morgan County, on4be 17 th February last. The defence made was ‘fin. .t was proved that the prisoner was- iking.frequently toex aJuIeted lo drinl ‘c-iinxl to have •1 betv.-een the ig.frequently to excess. There cen but little ground; for aquai lartifs. The case ofccupied tw v.-een the parties. 1 he case ofccupi days,, ,On Wednesday night the whole was referred to the jury, who retired, and in a- bout half an iionr returned with the following verdict; public jail, or penitentiary bouse, in the city o f R ichiflond, to be eighteen years.” Tl^ Triumph 0 / A r t .- D r Wbitm hain,‘r»Iass, has made from the skin oi and forehead, i.e\v* eyelids for a young man who had bis burnt ” be supplied -with almost any Bliysfoal mem- o ? S lier tint he may 1 and ertn eyelids. Lney,j o f Ded. o f the check' young man v ’ , A ntaa 'Pill- ofu ll most daring and outrag|;oas acts that I m v L-. ( n rnitted since the first outbreak of the Auti. ir— was a deliberate attempt toitniurder tfsrgelof their Rent war- two puhlb Whaling Business .—Few eslm a te the al profits o f a successful whalina vnyagf>. O lio, at Nantucket, brings 2.bl0 sp rm oil, and sqld 80 oh!s. of wh iii-,v,.l a-.l gt 08ll.HO''; the Potomac 2,444 bbls, $69.UUO. Tii\ Na;i- tucketisalso al tlie bar, wuli about. 133 Hi tm-l» sperm (including o 1 .sent, li'inie) and 130J bar. rds vviiale oil, and 13,600 p-niuds b-ui•-, vaicied at a'loiit $36,000. T.iri m'ukes an aggregate of $206,000 lor the three ships.' Treatment of Bites J o't nieasures to be taken art stroiig'y, to force out the [ c or at iea.st wash it wtll will afterwards without loss ■ of a ni'-dical iiiari. This [s i the- P a n s poliee, Put certainh diseretioii and fon tiiouglit. The ratts of freight b. tween Ost B o g s .—The first press tlie wound oison, to cauterize ih alcaline water, and time to call in the aid V regulation of ;ouis of a wise nns, and the usual'prujiuriion o f is and eaitle. jccupai An avoirdupois h a lf oui|ce is 'Wafers (-ne grain. fSeaiir, eight b. tvVern OswBgt wal r are represi m> d lo be ruinously low. F.our i' earrit d to tlie Hudsoii fi.r 3 ) c-tB. pur hOL;— W.ieat 8.1-2 p.r bushel, 8 t 4 Vi.s,$l 50 per ton, anil oilier produce at proporUonahlvlow prices, toll on a barrel o f flour fi om Oswego lo Al­ ls 20c. 3 mills, thus leaving a margin of q 1.0 is \ l l , tnargiii 10 cts. per bbl. to'pay tor to-.ving t!ic bo it, wage s o f men, &c. See. Capital Idea.— A newspaper piiSlrihed in Sa- ,i|tia!i, called the.A « « , recently dit-d or set, it if txi: intitVi live grains. A slujei is 172 gram s. Letter priper, 135. Sm all envelopes, 42gra in s— !arg|, 52. You -can send a leiu r 300 miles for 3 cjenis-, containing; v iz; the sheer of letter pape|r en- cIosiM seven bank notes sealed w iih [vax, or tb^’ 'leiter and three b-mk notes in ah en­ velope Hall a sheet o f letter paper vvlilh a halferigle enclosed under wax. A s h e e t |with dime and a half enclosed and’secured jwiih ■afers. One jSheet of letter paper, with, a quarter eagle coclused,'Secured by wax A sheet of foolscap in an envelope sealed [with ;afer. One and a half sheets of letter pa per sealed with w a x or wafer. These! cal-, culations are upon the ‘ordinary letter paper in use. By using very thin French paper,’ a greater number of sheets go the half ounce', of course. j fclufattd I ed foe “ suppo.-'t-d lo rise no more, a'ler a briei ;e o f three months,' A few W i l l there be War?— To this questiot) w e have giiveu but one answer for the lastffive 1 but o n e , ■ars whenever it has been proposed. jW e uniformly and alw a y s answered—fiVo. W ar betw'een een thishis countryountry andnd anyny Europuro|)ean t c a a E the most-rimprobable evept of power, IS the most-Ymprobable eveojt of which the human imagination can conceive. Whenever about the what way how man; army and tained at 1.. Here is ilie ’ you hear sensible people talking probabilities n f war; ask them is they are injerested 'in stocksy-ot idle relatons they have in; the navy, wlffijn they wisn to keejji te- igh sa.fffrfe5 fox— d o in g nothitig .1 Here is the secrct'uf all ihevvar panics]w e have heard for fiu' last len years. | As the EngMsh papers have com e toj the sage conclusion that- Oregon is not wprth fighting for, w e hope w e shall hear less a- ^ q t . l h e wonderful preparations o f Gfeat ^ U t A h e won Britain— her li name :'01 5 m iljiat loonsl prepara la rge navy here, her ni ops there— a n d 'her prod-giot res in another place. It is all it is done to b lin | the eyes o f the Am can pe ,pie to the of idlers in the arm^ ;an d navy, wlhose se es are not required. [Uj S. J.ou To tlio33 »ho ara labori under diseases of the L mgs Would recommend the u le of Ur C.BrinkerhoE It coat Liyer Oomplaint, &c., the Health Restorative e f BO Mere Bo Mercurij or anodyne, b Sing entirely vegetable, ai becntestcdlby an eminent ihemist o f New York. L*e months,' A few days ago, a pale tinjr thing from the sam e place, eall-- I's Ghost,”modo its appearance,which ,0 haunt lliost editor says will continue tc rp in arrears lo tho Sun, until 5 laitya of the Methodist Episcopal' ted by a glcrgyrhi venjion of the l i.^ __ _______________ ____ Church, lo consider the propriety of tho action! of the ministers at the Louisville Convention in' relation to the separation of the body into North- cm and Southern divisions. This rnovemern is| an extraordinary one for that body of people, butj ,f it is one of the characteristics of the times. \Father take me in.”— A gentleman living in Cleveland, got up iFie other morning and found a nice little baby, in a Ibasket; at the door, with this inscription pinnedj lo its c a p — \Fat&r take me'in.” J . 811 A W , A T T O R N E Y Sy C O U N S E L L O R IN THE C ourts of L aw and C hancery , \,iid CdMiiiii.-.'imiiT (nr lb.* Slate ol Nevv-YoiTt,app ni»- led liyibeG o v . of Michigan lo t -.ke acknowledge (Heiil ol Dt-i'ds, Mill (gages, die. to be used or rrenr •ifd 10 Michigan ; and in t ike Tesiiinony to be used in aov Com t i r (.n any pnrpnse in ibal Siatc. Offi'.e 2 donrs we- ol CiilvPi ’s (up sl-iiis ) QjTDr. McAllister, of Albany, Itc..!-’ih igi p:o..'uL-(d by dravvin] il (ffvc'u.i'.y stopped by cav.ty a pit c c o f cork burr ^ates that sv ng a tooth, may. intn ducing into the -neci to a crisp. An argument in-favor o f a dpnv'entb ca'eiidar «.( t ,f anjirfine tncDiariBteit.xijliis icoimv 1 ready for arguttiC lUiijg of over four w^*ks, were heard; Alb. Eve. Jour. y coos'iijiptioiitare been sJeedi y ana effectually cared ly ihe U66 of Baibau.s iljjngariaa Balsam—the Great vtg ish Ruiae !y I . , Fro:a S-es-s.SisssIl &Xe|mard Rome.N.Y. We hive bic.a vCtirg a- agents iu 4hi4 place bir tho HtiDgariaa. i’.al-nui.s v.ral ninn'b., and t ave dii-posed of ijianyd.i- z boine.. Il 6,e ms to giJe general satisf-ictinn toall' eco's-d r Itpu exceilcnt Remedy for the iiLpUints for «aich it is rofommeiided, ' y. u s,&t. ^ KL-Slil. & LEONARD. Pampl.lets ri.>. < rtirgth-s'Great Engliith Remedy m if n Only Agent in Itliaea. _ C. MM0MC4TI; N.—ti Ins titi.ep 3 centuries todevelope' t’le pjn(, IS (.on uiciri in i>’<> h rbs which compose the Brandr^ih Pills. The e cel -brated Vege • bleji-illi for liiO years have been ntacp S» th . aie row mad^. Tne American public have fo.ia-. ii.e a de». rving of patrorage, and i ha- been-aitd IS liber jlh bestowed Uoon tl is tae. loine. Now,bowever',, r 0 8 oner 18 a new adver.ise sent wriuen by the Doctor, but lU.- cui ont cf the pape , and ‘-Er cdrej.b,’ taken out an ’ or-cin other riame substituted,indicative of Its parent. Nearly all itje Pjlls at pre.sent beforeihe pub­ lic, arejpade by m-n who for tears lived by counterieit- in ; ti.e Brai dieth Pills, apd have only taken to ihe pres­ ent sp.-cu'ai ion. since Dr Brcndteia coui,,ebed ihera to «h nJob shat m ethodof jao>i.diztn? the lives .of their ftllo.v ciiizpi-s. j ■ j T h e; nalvsis of all th^se prete de-i vegrtabie medicines slow a very largo prcppi-iiliroSffCradfi Antimony, in iheiit, romposi.un, i*d it a p h e ^ ^ th^y rely entirely upon this -Miner.! fo.ison, for ^ t W ^ u r g tivc rff-.ct. It is a very ’ tlime to d. ttci minerSf i ^ l l s of any kmd. n.PtJic n*,riid .'loiimiLe ki me literary thief for How TO D2Trcr a K t s ^ t , k P icps-T a k e a pill fup- if the proporticn be ia%,it will not lose its shape. It bc“ T h e a d v ln m r e o S e P m s '!n ca^s^of s The advania-pe o f wese PiUs''in~ca's6~of aun^t those whoj ® . j \o^dL wentf thTyarc'’ as^ - . they arc as h.'wmle'ss to tho»e who usB; tb *ra. The fact is that repeated eoses / f ftntimoiiy are’ -Vg patient exceedingly subject to these pdls ar.- sold, so the injury is not so great. I have also tried ihr Brandreth Pills by the same, and oteer meihods,and find them purely vegetabk tbp Ere. ibey^bange to a carbonaceous r of Dea h. This ci ihose persons who i ‘ies, to make the i sell them after agents for these new uiMisdr experiments upon them,, 8»i 0 forga to Ishel them ?oigos. [Conner and Eponirer. Dca; A. Tanner. ftryi'en ; D. - Ludlowviiles TimmhysBurr, Ortiii n ; J Bodit field Cemre. * 3 8 f r ' in’y be secir- if'disesseai; Real Estate For Sale^ Cheap, ■ rpY iE PROPP.IITY on Owego Siren, X liiicly inv.ie'i by E'itv’fi Hilto»,'’(l.-.(.’d- —lyliio .ippnsile ibo 'I’oii.pkios Co Bank, 'leiiig 65 fl.ei o 1 Oweg.isi and px'ending it'iiougb to S n Ci--t, T-I ii't i.l poymr-i.t iiioile t-u.'i and to fciiil |iuicbas i-. P.'i’ forth'r jiai- ticul.rs enqiiiiP of IV.R.HLMPHKRY. Itliacd.JiinR 16, 1S45. 53 i . ^ “; i E X E C U T O R S ’ B A L E . „ J -pTRSUANP To an Order made by X George G.Freer, E<q., Surrogate of ilifl CoiiniV .of r.iiiipkiiis, dal d the fob lay of June 1815, ill.; Subs.it ibei-,Bxccu- of the Last Will and Testamenl of PEI'Ellj'LBSH. d e c easew ill sell at Public Auction, at ibe Cl iilon House in ilie villave of Ithaca, ot, the 2'1 dav 01 Angtisi nest, al I o'clock in ihe arternoon,ilie following described B eal E st a t e , ilie Propeity of iliesaid Peier Lush— ‘A ll timt certain Tract ofLand known as ibe'East i- of Lot No. 43 south of Grren- Sireet, iu the vill ge of Ithaca,situate on the south s>de of Gieen stieet, being in Ueumli in fionkaud re.-ir 3S[ feel and in dep' h from north lo s .jiih 198 r-et—sulj cl to the ri,;bt of dower of Dolly Lush, VVi'l.'W of the said Peter Lush in the said • -emi.se-' Dated June 36, 1845, ' AUGU^ 'H ''..Executor. y. and retdered the sn®'r«r' d-.„ l.evcthei.r, 11 .- 0 , .onid s.Ser’tiooio.e. Il^.Sll 0 ^' O'- Sherman’s Warebonse is at ICS Nassau-street, N.V*. O.R.Curra.T and ’^(hiiyl8r& Co-A gents, Ithaca. 6S S ands SARSAPAkti.t.A.—Ligfetk ihe!»08t,inJJlotu|t —the most sen ible a dstnking.phenomenon of the 8n4- verse. It sffbrds ihe means of axglted aB,A ezguwitA Pleasure, ®n • is the source from wh«mae map derives.the. 1-rrgest proportion of valaaWe knowledge, Wbsa ae- composed u is found to consist o f ihe seven primary col- ors,tliu8 proving tbeSah.ihesource from whence it come* to be the grand painter of creation. As Hpht is to the puysical world, so is health tc the physical fraaie-^rem- ove the one. and srfl is blank; take away the other. »nd man withers ere he blooms. As the genial rays of the sun infuse warmth and renewed vigor into the veMtahri. c'eaiion.EO Sands Saisaparilla infuses strength fototho -A-eak and languid frame. Dally experience shoves result* ke most plehsing and tinlooked fo^, thus gladdening tka impuritie^of the blood,'fcc.a’re 6afely*Md perfectly c«r: F w further particulars and conclusive evidence of ij5 nperior*VaIu^ahd efficacy,see pamphlets, wh ch mavoe snperior*VaIu«sahd efficacy,; ■ l ' 'rice $1 perfibt ,ER & 00., Itkj O riginal page ( s ) mutilat 6 d '

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