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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, June 18, 1845, Image 1

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r I - : - P 0 B i . I S f i E D B Y ] VOL. X X IX . No 49 . ) 0 MNAL & ADVER| 1 SER TEftMS Of S P S C R IPTION, 51 -.3 l,3i) in advance, §2,00 if not pai B v ihfiC a m e r - § 2 00 in advance, ?2 5 0 i f n ( j t S ttin .d « » c e i 00 i f f paid in advance. I ____ TERWlsloF a d v e r t i s i n g . fstinsertio i ---------- ^ - ipiicit coafic without any lettets of introductipn, orcpn iflcates n 4r it andprofessiona)lsWll, fld 25 cents: By the ~^ea\ ifulon^ngto the tegular busmes , w illbfcfaafged b y th e sqa a r ^ y ^ ^ W E L L S & S E L T ^ E ? ^ , F L A W S F A N C Y J O B ^ I N T E R S at the office iOF THE T h I c A JOCRNAL ANDt ADViEft-TISER, o p p ^ tfi« 0#a«iy Clerk^s c#=< J „ • r\ HANBBILLS, ■ \ ii-r. 1-=“=■■* T o g e ther w ith every description ot l e t t e r ^R B S S p r i n t i n g , ^ B L A N K S o f ail k nds constantly o | - haitd a n d lo i sale. I T M S C m S . n O T B £ ^ ^ kept bi T H N • J A M E S G E A R K , m e r c h a n t t a i l o r , One Door west of I thaca Bank-, Owego slreet; Rgaiir Made Clothmg always on Mand. _ j ^ ' R . & W . H A L S E Y , . Flour, Piaster, Feed, &c., EAST END OE OWEGO-ST.^ITHACA. _ ^ t| T O B A c d b F A G T O R Y r e m o v e d F « the Wooden Buildings opposite the Band o f Ithaca, SIGN C Oct. n , IS42. o f Ithaca, ^ r a s DWARF WAR P INDIAN. ,i H .j.G R A N T , Agent. © Y E ^ V ^ ^ G S St S T U F F S . io l. -’asr™;*?- NicWood, Coc hires T enter E o o k s j. Bfc D \ e Cloibiers’Jacfcs, Creme. 1 5 S \ j O ifvur’iol. These ar'tictes have a llbeen put chased tor Cash • aiid Fill hee.sld low for Csisii o r approved cre.in. Sep' /- •T a rt . HEAt PUBLlCAriOV. ST.wr„r;:sr.;i « 3 5 S S | 3 | i g * e also addad to each, the otaect of which is not only. s • fix in the memory of the readgiMts several topics, but i f- sh'to teach him to think, to draw his own inferences fto the lesson and pursue the train of reflactions whickit nt utaily opens to him. Is all these respects the comml appears t* have executed his task with skill and judg • ment. W e cheerfully uommend the work to the atie tive eonsideration of all who have ia charge theedac non of youth. [New York Evening Post. Auburn Advertisement. B R A S S A N B S l i v E R B L A T I N G & k - V AM I^ 3EAK.ING ESTAP-LlSill- / MKAIT.—I’he i Sabseriber (late :6>f . Ithaca, 'tikSsthis method of informing t: ie ------- j jjjg abpJ- Ithaca,:tik8sthis method i public that he has comoK ( S S f i S S t Bv ab etpmience of 16 year? in th „ova business, during the greatest pa S s S S S H E ““^N .B .-The. Fftbscribor wishes to employ 10 or ,!5 young men to learn tneabovebusiness. Persons from tl ie le^rnl‘lrsfrrTtS^^^^ sent a good opportunity. To ihoBeUtobave ^ R la a H ' ' Stores I Stores: W h o l e s a l e o r R e t a i l a t i t h e o l d H a f [ i • _____ rlr\nie<! ■Wlosf flT fh r Castings, intends to mam .•-•--ye Rotr™ Box Stoves for with hot aifOven. oye Rotary T So ’ do atkaway’8 ^our boiler Premium^^ g S x s U s f o r churci.es, stores,shops. &c. ITH A C A .jroVHNAIi ANH C®MEH '' ! - ! . • m i; ■ . . . . . . . ‘ P le d g e d b u t to t r u t h , to l i b e r t y i a n d l a w , jT(N foij s w a y s jus, a i d . n b fei I T H A C A f W E D N E S D E m J S T B Y ^ P R O F E S S l jO N A L NO. TIC E , rV^HE Subspriher has the pleasure o f informing his X Friends audi the lahabiian'siof Itb ,aca, and its vi cinity, generally, that he has formed a | tartnership wjtb Dr.SonYMAH B rown ,, late of the firm o f t I .* A.W.Brown of the,city of New Yofk, who has removed. with bis family lo Ithaca, and is now ready to give adyic e and aseisiasce in all cases requiring the application ofs^ aence and art to the preservation, tegdlation, and restorati on of the Te«xh tercourse With distinguished m etiers of the profess from alt parts of the United States, while s cUng ar of the-“A merican J oiirna ,!. 4: IjisRARV t ly D eni ENCE,”and fieeretacy of the NationalSocie ty, entitle, it is believed, to the implicit confideiihe of the E^tM p b&’ T o m y f ir s t G r a y H a ir* ig now, my tim e : G ray hair a v a u n t! I ’m in my prli And will n ot have thee coming Torm enting me before m y ti So leave my brow. Am I, w hen only twenty.two, ^ A n d feeling younger every da] If , J U N E I 8 , | l 8 i i 5 iffices of and depart whhout any intention of returr.i S a ^ r d e t m r a h d c'em m eK -c^^ ■ be stopped w ithS.|oli oil Tin foa without a resort to the.destructive qurah e ry Of employ- '“K e r a r S oChofincs“^^^^ tlje best quali- ties, will be inserted on the most appi|>ve.d principles of “’pnces'wdrbeac“ ommodated not only;io i he locality, but to the particular circumstanceji_ to the particular circumstances terms of payment will be made Business appointment? will bf lay or evening at D r. Brown’s residen jer of Tioga and Mil I Streets, near th —or at the residence o f the Subscribei ner of Academy Square. Ithaca. May 12.b. 1845. K E W H A T & C A P S T O R E . r n D. HENNING^ (late of 1 V_y« ol Hibbard & Henning.) ler it unnecessacy for the c itiifens o I’ll p luck thee from thy stolen l a i r ; A ^ d then no horrid hkir shall p i s W it4 my beloved, cherished hair, ' ’Till fifty-six! ^ ' Oije every day to say the le a s t: Gray! h a i r ! thou a rt a fearful foe— I A.hideous beast 1 I ’m njot a s y et among the rocks And tiuicksands of this mortal l if e : A n d p t ^ray*am ong my locks i I : '’[St. Louis ReveitlBi i From the-New Haven Fountain* Too good id ijigu th e P ledge. the pledge. Blit W illiam, said Franl ing about all tjiia tim e? upon the subject I I choose to rem ain e ilen ^ upon the case, rtfter hearing in favor and appositibn. F I’m ready to asisert n o w : £ Alice injjistice, for I J would BY MBS. MARY R. HAl^t.'. There, Alic^ ,nd J u lia have II rings, for I long : hope W ill to see wha lliam whei ...s morning, o rn ir- me assure you I shall remiain Sect be w h at it m a y ; and if y ou _______ introduce the subject, as I hope you will, I j V XJ. time o. u.r ,1. .» ; shall repeat all I haveRsserted to you, and mote, V_y, ol Hibbard & Henning.) worn’d if I deem it necessary. inform bis friends ancfrlie public gem - | / hope you will be cautious w h a t you say.and rally,fbai helms openea a New an<i ' n p t make work for repentence. ' You know Fashionable H a t ^ C a p S t o r e , W illiam Beman is too fine a fellow .to loose. His the Building lately occupied by A.C'L equal is not to be found every day. ' Kingsbury w a Tailor Shop, and oppofiie the Biwkstw e T h a t remains for me to decide, I think. of A-ndrus.VVoodruff&Gaunllett, w^erehe w.llat a .1 this moment tlie dooi ™ we™ «she he willsell very low for Cash, and willfnoibe undersol d s.eated ; and to tell you et jSome strange ii-*ions ----- other Shop In the village. * ^ ^ ^ ^ that have crept info the head of my fail •ve come, for 1 long to see w hat an dfiom will be produced upon W illiam when 1 fe- la t e \ ) him our conversation th is m Frank, let m e assure you I shall rem firm, let the effect be w h a t it m a y ; and i f yo see fit opened, and the d into the parlor- said Frank in ne w m s c u vci jf iww »wi ----- ...... -------- - \’ A X t \ rron, , t . b . „ ■ maiprialsbv firs'raie workmen. . C.D. H. ■raaiprials' E A N V I L . ol Cayuga. Lbrger.Ass< . S T O ^ * B S - A T TH E SIG N O F T H No. 107 Dwego street, corner of n n H E unOersignPrt are receiving a Lt A of S T O V E S of various kinds, test and Most Approved Patterns, tent may be found, Preminm Cook stoves dt“ with Elevated oven. Yankee Pattern 'not if sister m ere. '■ ^‘g * Nothing r e ry sfron^e, I hope, said W illiam,as ■— he glanced at Alice ; but be that as it may, I ' all beg the privilege of being informed upon the subject, . iVelf, the .truth is, Alice h as been reading of ■ger AssorimC n t iate some o f thesp foolish temperance papers ed- i^'^thcfr Assart- ^ of b lackguards who do all m their ® ' power to bring an enlightened public down to • their own low standard, and make all as narrow minded as themselves. “ ■* „ h m » d tOTlndU. Shops. &c. lice, Alice! you aje surely not becoming a □taller I hope, said the beautiful Julia Be- man ; only think, how degrading to be classed the lower grades of sociel No.tiO O VC 20 8t. A f e “s r r . [ the vilest of drunksards; ety, and eyen d to lur name enrolled with iheirs and feel ;^oi.-.:aFd Su.i Siadp.?, « m a t you belong to a society in common with FlNiip A-STOW ttu.. ' them ! W hy, Alice, this is indeed cqmempti- ., ^ ° i**®’ Besides I see no occasion for i t ; toe surely Ironoundryndachinehop, F a M S A 1' the OLD SIAN-U to the Alley near ilie Pusl So I tol OlTicp, and directly oponsifr the Cnnnty C lerk’s perance s Office. A lull assiirtment of CASTINGS art kept lower classes o f society,— hose who have not'in- intly for sale ^^fidloit^,^viz.‘ i telleot and self respect enough to keej directly oponsifr the Cm int. artuient of C A S T I N G S as follows, viz.' zes; C. v’s Improved; Livingsuinceuntj ; Onondaga “ “ o'RN PLOUGHS of differentll|irds. EDGES of Parlor, Road twrapers, PotlasIklCettfeSi 6 and PailRp'il-e, B irk Mtlls.Sash WeigptljVS agon ik[nij So I told her this morning, said Frank. Tern, erance societies will de^ well enough for the and se lf respect e nough to keep them from becoming drunkards ; but for the rich and ho walk in the highest i circles of hearts—and stop o u t eat lamentations shouldvibratt I cord? Oh, God forbid ».,e !ver imagined th a t t h i ; they become aecilBS .nd affiictiongj and J [become hardened^ so t h a t ^ trials, as we should feel f o i[i Julia, tltis is n o t s o ! briem m papers have crazed tl^e girl lieve she had tod thu^h rea to disobey his injttnctipn, silence,” &c., I shi ” sister in the public on t Doubtlps said Julia, laugl sar sliall a w o l ’’ A I. A B V E I t f l i # | ^ 7 T 4 = their agdnizing Ep|n,a syiapathiz^, had much s 1 to disappe L. d great measure r cjannotvfeeli^uoh iss she Vouldmal^ ;hiiig, 4nd oh !] died Alice, esc temperance if I did nbt| be. f jr old S t. F a n l, lyour women keep ) see my zeal|ea* K an address to |the of tempjraiice. pfirst rate speaker, n mapy signer^ 1 say, F rank; yon I are a i vile drunkard; 3 3 K r g S ”“' 4 .11 th W h y o w M i y . ] , 'I . o f . . , i n did. i d . > eere, , o [ wo . r e , fervants r v . a « ^ l S B I i E B i l G i - No;, 145 a less than h a lf an regarded. . , jMackeuni small UnbotinA printed bcdlc* tJxmdl lamphlet Published periodically 'hing artiplfeS on sdieiliie, lite. ys, &c., ) ■ ' . free for, in;^. ^ s t i n c e not e i . tem p t^ier to step ov« tlo defend t' ^ injustice, ifb er to si priety, T h a n k you, sai^ AKce; ; ly right. I have noi desii strictionof S t Paul, or sh female m o d e sty; bu tib e li promotion of this good cat priety in the; act, Doubtless Alice intent pbndent for some of ■ the. much admires, said Julia. J I shall not consider i t a though others may, I aq mind is n o t easilysbaken; ’ ■ hiirl ■ 1 sit in judgment I that can be said s thing, howorer, jaik you have both .lot think anything fhe bounds bf pro; jlfhiciples she a w o . m are Wght, perfe ^ ' s e t aside tlfe liver the bounds of B F can assist ih the without any iippro. ^race if I do, ai; fhankful ‘th a t ; ' ough the shi , without dead- ,armless a t my 1 1 have adop. L e t us know what these resolution they all in one breath. I am resolved not tq drink,*or offer others any thing that can intoxicate;} to m ake use of my influence in promoting the cause ofternperai to oppose wine drinking arttfng thd^ ricA as] as the poor, and-to dd the Work e^ectea% shall set my name to the [ l ^ g e ; and last! ?ed never to Unite w y d e stiny with not do the Baijne. led ----------- ^ — reaplntion L e t us know what these resolutions are, said ith. am resolvi who will “ Oh, AIice,^Alilce! this » horrid, said J ii K l . isl sign the pled ^ m m e d iately , \V ^11- k, l a u g h in g /T '■ ■e my^avof < He must ht You mui iam, said Frani N o t to secure him to do it. foundation of the act. that it is for his for the goi the pledgi ercise of prin deception, woj .esteem. To all this Will to Juli! e^ne', would I la ^ ptinciple for the IJetn u s t bd^convinced benefit, as well as I, him. For signing ttte,- w ithout the ex. d look upon as base ier| than lerely to pleas inciple, I ishoulid look upon ; irthy of my contem p t rathe would be very pleasant, and* thtts W illiam and Alice could talk over their'own ajffairs unmolest­ ed. Julia assented, and a# fihe arose to ifepart said playfully, I shall never place such if^triotions upon any ■ ‘ man has not s q ^ c tK jingh to bd tem-. iioUt my interfsi^kbe, J shall cons irthy of* m y regard: li are right, Julia, aatl Pramlt, and moment they disappeared, leaving the be\w cd W illiam and Alice alomC< A fter a moment’s silehdB; W illiam said, ^ h a t this m o rnia||#i8 entirely nCw o n e : it a perate will him unwoi You you have sa me. I knew that tempe«ai»i but never have taken sqcieties existed, myself as fined they petifei g( and vulgar. And thesi laid, down by o|hers,.far oui ap- by laws necessary fqr the low le temperance meetings, that tl ir three times a week, said Ju ?ilibtts..i<h'ii ilu'moJi li'jpralteiiiis us usual. A Uor-, why what are they, and who attend them ? ersf.r Aljc/iineri/arid Castings will l>e prornpily any of the first class, I ’ll warrant you, for ;ecut»d. . . , • I ’■f^formed drunkards are permitted to S5-0!d Iron-and idost kinds of Prodni-p ta in ,i,.(.ss (he people ! Oh dear ! what can a reform. '! . N v “ M r h U . , 8 ; 4 , ______ : ' ‘‘ ■ I '- b a r d i . ™ , ? He who their own sustenance, I have frbi blessed the tem p erance cause. iStill ey confess that I was not awfire that dut; ia; upon me to perform. But your convi rfot this morniriKormrig hasas leded moo to.o inquirenquire it f ass a luty devolved conversation N E W S T F H E & N E W g o o d s . C A S H A N D P R O D U C E . S I G N O F T H E ^ L I T T L E ^ IN D IA N . n p H E Siibscjiber Hjiving Taken ’ B occupied by Messr?. Giaiie?,^' Hjiving Taken ihe-Siore occupied by Messr?. Giane?,^s a cioih iatelv opposite lUe Bank of I t^ c a , is no 1^. u mi-tceStork of »- D R Y -G O O D S , G R O C E R IE S , C R G C R E R Y , li’ sioro, receiving lerly ■H A R D W A R E , &c., AH of which Imve been piiiclia<e'l lor CASH in New- York.anri will be sold for KE a OY PAY la all c .s.-s, CHEAPER limn anv nlher psidblii-liment in ibe village, » e w -Y ork C ash S to r e s not excepicd, BAGCO, C IG A R S & S N U F F , iiifjciure ol' 1 T O B A C C O , C le Sn'tisci iber contin ng in filth and ■vvrctchcdi;( ed i\L can he ever be? .Itis n o t p r o these men were anything before they dranl surely they cannot be much now. O h ! if every one felt as much disgusted as / do at the sight o f these poor creatures, tl m h l m t i i a a man ney of wealth and influence, I ought n ot to exert it ad. in a maimer that will promote the best iniinterests of those around me ? them, even after they I did so despise a drunkai Alice Si has been wallow, i I think you had. A duty rdsts upon you, and s for years-“ what qpon the highest class, as ^t regards this great irobable that any of reform—and that islo.'banish wine and into,xica. ng drink from our tables, and our dwellings ' discountenance the use o f it, in every form eveiy place, and thus take 4 decided stand side of temperance. O u r influence is ink, am b e y would not wish to see on the side o f temperaince had reformed. I always tensive and m ast be feltt; irm—am nd icating drink ^ , tensive and m ast be f e l if we continue to use drunkard! [ intoxicating drinks, the traffc m u st contini says she feels deep sympathy for the ' and if the traffic continues, of course there poor creatures, said Frank. She has become ve- be d runkards in our land, land the foul stres ry tender of late. I regret that she is dcterniin- of death will still deluige t le country. The in- ed to descend from her lofty and dignified station, fluence of the ri^h is great} and must be felt,and-' ;cck for companions in sentiment and feel, the greater the influence the greater the respon- laid W illiam. But and seek for companions in sentiment a ing, among those who are her inferiors. W ere there any need o f a r & r m in the circle in which 3 move, we could effeefit among ourselves,and it disgrace ourselves by sp doing ; and in this ilie uiaiiufjciure ol Tnbac- p ot disgrace ourselt^t^ by sp doing ; and in this CO and Ci'.;ars i-f alt kind?. 'Cbewing apA Smoking case, I sliotild feel ifijself responsible for the in. Tobacco or ibe best qyai.iy, for sa^cbv fluence I exerted over my as.sociatcs and endeav. ^''itbaca, May 18.184-1 _ . 4 P O T A S H K E T T L i K S A SU P E R IO R Articlcni .de from besH £3u kept constantly for sale atlheltliai-aFi Pi?Iion,and loca Frniiklib iron V. CONRAD. Matc'h 10,1843. ' C L O V E R S i 'I E D . J^A R G F ,..aS,».l vv.NTON,^ ' fRUTH'AKlN TO NATURE ! n r A V E YOU PAIN? Be thankful. It is a vigorous ii effort o f nature to throw off iRorbiflj matter t rom what may the morbific matter ante ? From a bruise, or unwboisomeair vfhrch has become mixed with the blood, not incorporated ;in it, but which is liaole ,to tainl, the whole mass If not speedily removed, 'dr the pain may a- ............... ... - *-ecome bad. rancid, putrid,in t’ power in the proper organs to hick so trig htens people is on- if'nature,(or the vital prin- exerted over my as.sociat guided by right principles; not the case. ' You speak foolishly, sjaid' Alice, with warmth. Take for instance, Jt used to call h im ; he was once influential as you are—his ind eiideav. but this is sa ______ IS placd, being simple 11 •.a. V.WWJ.W... coxiYeBieiitre*^noiilickt Pufchaser* are particulariyADjvited to to order In short notice. [C?PHces to suit the Tn A« s .9; i 844. ( | ^ L S Y E R Y & t J t f ^ & A N G E S T A B L S . Publl . S b a b c o c k 7 c o w nt their old staodaaTip4astr where they .'will keep ready, ire, Wagons, Baronebes, S '• '\-uses & c .,atany '■ d-el. . tnontlh icaj^Apfi g.rr tbaca,Apfil 9.1S44'. risafromh] ' ^TOe stores .doors west of the Bank of Ithaca. , 1 to yonder grave yard, and in a secluded spot, m a rk the rude stone that shows where he sleeps! -Gaze upon that mound, upon which no flower has ever reared its graceful head—no tear that wav and ask Will be easy and generally sure. r reared its grai ever riKisistened the tail g r a s s Ic’sted qver Ifis last rem a ins; tend ask yourself why he sleeps thus unlaraenli fi and forgotten.—. Alas ! the mournful wiuds,as t ley c h aunt his on. “ tt is is a drunkard’s danger, as lie si wc have is required to insure ultimate health to the be S r S S i r s ' S S i S ifS is S IS S : S s S S S S fiS S S s llg s ^ p p lice, with much I Foster, as they as wealthy and intellect was superior al in self respect—his .1 character to yours— he was education was thorough-l-his unblemished, and his futui tering in the highest degree. He married, as you well know, the wealthy, the a.ccomplishcd, the beautiful Ellen—the pride of Her- indulgent parents, and bright star of the circle in which she moved. But where, I • ask is be now ? Gi s your equal i thorough- m oral ire prospects were . H i in his path, entrust his ; in a nianHe, not indifferi II golden goble t the destroyer step did he go down—his largi estate was wasted —his noble intclli iger, as lie sip- cest w’lnes-—he’lnes-— w from step ilarg i e deslro] ed—the deep and solemn hi>ur of midnighl vva yvitnesslo his de- bauch—his perfect form bccai I'e bloated and pal­ sied, and where manly beauty once sat enthron­ ed, the demon of intemperance made dark and fearful ravages. And thus he died. T h e love­ ly Ellen, too—and where is she ? W ith a lacer-‘ atfcd and bleeding heart, she went down to the caambers of death, after having suffereu priva­ tion and w ant, and receiving cruel blows from ^.hijn she adored, and harsh words from* these lips q wpich should have dropped, nothing bpA [tender- 'ndss and love instead. Can you for a n^oment lopk at this sorrowful picture and thei thjat there is no danger ? A fter a m om ent’s silence, W illiam said own is a sad tale, and always barn very soul to think of i t ; but I ask, di such occurrences are n o t very rare ? N o t so m u c h so as you may suppose. There are more drunkards in high life, than many are willin'g to ag,^0wledge. ledge. 1 know of a number in :nce o f the .he greater the influei sibihty. True, very Itnie, we will not repeat the c ed, for tliat concerned tl one else. ,,As Wiliiatili rose ed a few temperance jpubjii and requested him to give 1 sal, and, coutiuucd slie, do this evening at tlfc ball. I •tainly not, I will call irsation Ijhat follow- icm a thorough peru- ’t forget the meeting Certainl] before 6 pn Jnlia Brei bride of Frank Elden ; and William selected Alice from the lovely beings that flitted i the only of.e tO whom he could ivdd his visits nk Elden ; not mdifferenjt to his attent ped when he paid ins last x lips the deciaralion that h for you at jg been thei affiam I William Bn ' beings i to wbon Ce receivdc 1 believe that onsi—and he had lijp- ipit, to hear from hjer 5 fondly bel eved bier come o f us, 5f I d H w e are, s gone; everything left to my d are-^you o ^ b ale house, and I at home id Work. Yes* F rai ' h hear it, your s^ife opliged to wotk k. If ai^d you from starving. . Blame Toprself.Julia, n o t me. I never shOuld have been a drunkard jif you had wished nieoib? There ! a ll the blame umti me again. 1 tell you it is n o t iso ; you know 1 always despised a drunkard. A n d i f you had ever the least regard for me, you pevcr would have become one. And how InQc h do ypu lack o f being w h a t you much despise 7 ■ JSdt hf,lf the time, when I much despise ? ■ Ndl urn home,! do I find 5 a decent imei 1, evet Nor you caps Something sa Saved or not, tain; i f I had l?no do now,m y.uame wot It Would have been edge had come a littll How provoking yoU Perhap.s I lam. Now Frank, I am Nor quarreling, I ho] sober nqW, a n d a good r^asop Ipst quarter testerda;y is, we have had hard yifiu capable I i f we have it n )le of eating it, after it is cook- yond thirty listed, one o p S h ” itofsi or publishers tl d nineteen hundred super-' t. For any distance be* thin the-state where pub, ;e. For any distance eX- S 9 - m t postage. For any distance eX- \to be e hupi^ed (niles n u t the S tate where pprest id, one and a Ijalf cents postage. , ings* W hen a newapaper|exceeds nineteen hundred superficial iiiphes, i t to be rated With pamphlett is a circular, be so envel- , ^ e.dikcovertdi^ sunaPirUf Ipdiapna, tjJoupty, I ai the; turieiSf^; S tep h e ^ w a f'ihere prei :Ais lasf b odk; he brpughf from thence * ' le siippo§ed sidnes pomposlng Governoi’4 paring, tw o specir the fto n t o f tbe'Biulding. d®lledi t,l house..’ The|whole ]^as vedeered,with those ap< parently datYed atoneg, six dr dgHt inchei gqt^are heir front, and fifteen inches deep. The . J I. ^ ^ i wore five o r stoPeS o f ibo isountrj^ irlpg stonqf a p p e a rld dififerent figuresauch Cathetwpbd’ in Stephen’s & Catherwobd’s dr*i brought by|the judge contained a “ sen hundred ure in the fofrp of a erdss, th e ajigles very sharp^t ;h pam p hle the other a flower p f five petals apd p s m a llro- jsette ip ’ the e iceatre. Thdsewqre.'sifqj o be qachii jand also tljat it contain no 'riting, marks*^ or s i ^ s to serv^ the purpose of written communications. I f ndt done up so aS open at th e end, i t i | | to be changed as, a letter; by weight. L i Frei^ Pdslag^e, ■, T h e Governors ofj States m d y send, free postage, all laws and}reports, whether bound unbound; and all records and dqeuip.ents tif i seted by „„ ^l„..TRarff nirr. as T I ui me several siaies lo oq traPsmil hive teen l l d e n . | ‘° £ A ’.'™ *™ Btatee, ttn-Q o .eraor enclosed ; the package to be addressed' to the Governor o f the state! to which it is to be sent. T h e three A ssistant Postmasters General are ° authorized to sepd. free of of postage, any let- “ r s ; s * t r I h u t w h a t I wish to say ■ p ^fs/office Wo|rds enough xvhen d r u - business. Deputy postraastbrs throughout the United States are also authorized to send all letters and ity, or they iw h o , suspee stone, annal th i centre. Th^se wqre.'shQjVn tQ «. itfor in the w estern p a rt o f Fen^ylvaniaj\ speeting they were ccipipogitiop And not} Eone, annalyzed the suhstar[fee,and j^mndiha^ they consisted o f a composjtioll hitherfounknowii to us and of .the most remarkable, teppcjity anct durabiL'ty, having mthstood humid elimate nown ceptnries*. The iudi- la^d the artifimal stone sup. lat valpe tq the arlsj } excited, and I little while now. Peace ! dop’t talk ofllpeace in this old shell Place me in my own s |here ) give me back m* ^ woalth,let me-move m ih e gay circle from which ' you took me, aSd. be tfhat you once was, and . hf their respec then, thftik about peaceJ . ■ , I don’t think you would grace that circle now,' as you once d|id. I don’t copsider you a competent judge, by a- ny means. I May be I 'am n o t ; b u t Julia, why didn’t you try to make a teetotaller\ at the. same time Alice brought W illiam over ? I should have been ea- ily won then, i f you had said the word* There it is^all me again, you did a s you pleas­ ed then, and j f you hfd been a man ofsense, I f matters relating iles,ov the business o f tl tj to be duly firankod by Daty pe their :o '^raifsmit to i daje evcittsivetly _ tlve-offices or to the bi pepartlmEnl. B u t in say, you nevfer now are. No, id been i woulp have 1 become w h a t you jould not have lost a ll yi property in qne week at the gaming table, been brought, home iptoxicated, if you had been a fool tO begin over his own signati business.’ ihess.’ Exchadj newspapi to any perst 4e eutclttsive to the busi- ^ J offices or to the business of the Post' C such case the _ the words ‘ post office between publishers of may be sent free. Money for Publish ’ The authority heretofore give to send money free of postage t newspapers in paym ent of. subscriptions withdrawn, the following regulation is st to pOSti 1! publishfei I do believe you aJe right, J u lia ; i f I h ad beem j^t delive wiser, 1 should dodbtless have made a wiser ng paid to distant shall so desire, foran choice of— You need n ot finij to beiinsulted. I al nongih for you. Yyu would; n.ot hjive II so desire, f 'ered from r y nev m his, office I may retain one per cent, and give I the balance. H e is inimediatel, said pul 'spa per or,{ The post giv his rec< that sentence;.! am n o t ! ffiVnamTs ^ and always tt as goo e - . postmaster through whom said amount i — J - — : , . . . . R ' paid to the publisher, and to charge himsel would; n.ot hk to be anything extra for |,jg i.geugral account with the United S cording to yjur own s tatem e n t; but hark! received, deducting the a rap. W ho upon earth can be coming cent, under the head of moneys received However, PH just dpen the door, I ra not atraid geriptions,” stating the name of the pay. of an officer now, fpr i owe no one. ^ ' where payable, amount, and time when r You have nothirig to pay with it you do. ^nd shall make a full and faithful return The door now opened, and W illiam and Al- , General Post Office o f a ll such cases a t t ice stood beffire the astonished couple. Oh, j quarter. W hen presented, the po Frank ! Julia 1 w as all the -weeping Alice ceuld where payable is to pay utter, as she threw herself iilto a chaif. Wil-1 } q gg5(j receipt, deduetiBg one per liam dared hot sppak, Ir ' ' ....... ibould betray the to the ‘ 'd e ^ t ’ I . J , .J , tile General Post Uffihe a full and After arriving in the city w liije they resided, i they repaired to the beautiful- dwelling which jg Mailed. as once their hjome, but they m et n o t the ones | packet which shall weigh more thaiji three knew vriniindsi. R«nnd books of any size are not iph. 1 E ngland. T h ^ e master al Comm'oners,'^as ip tf o r among.whi idrt the Duke q f A j □tions of his soul. It had jjgjiej.^ jjg ^ jjj forward as his voucher o f pai 3 she hati mceived any m- jjg Frank. I H e had written ^ general accounts, with-(the United States,” , -ers remained unanswered. of “moneys piid for subscriptions, aring all was not nght, he with his Wife, de, the particulars above stated, and reipdi mined to seek tfieir lost brdther and sister.-- General Post Offihe a full and faithfiil ter aTrivinff ml tuG city wliorc they rcsid^dj j co-ma o* tLo xa-n/? j-»*f**aoy»u -mj-.-n u they loved. ^ they m et n o t the ones i mgers were the^e, who knew Bound books o f i nothing of the dnes they were seeking. After . {jed in the term “m a ilable _____ , much inquiry, f e y succeeded m finding them p g ^ j, Governors of States as ah before described!. But oh ! how changed Pen t- Advertised Letters. cannot describejthe affecting scene that followed, | fincalled for .are to be ad and I leave it fjbr the reader’s , After the firA emotions of £ William and Alice entreated the unhappy pair abstain from a|l intoxicating drinks-'-painted glowing,true i life of total abs liter,” except IS aforesaid. Letters uncalled for are to be advertised latin g drii Colors the blessings that follow a bptinance from ;s-;-pain p d m iings th a t follow a the polluting cup, and pledged tlbemselves to render them all the assistance they needed. Frank and Julia length y ielded a pledj niunes affixed! ■ , As Frank Had lost the conl_ er friends, where he then residec ,0 A f - ^ . vvhere William assist! Fran k am -as drawn up, arid their of his for. I choose to listed him remove to A f - ^ , vvhere William in estabhshin(g h imself in profitable busi Pro.qierity sobn attended his efforts, rind he bids fair to a tta in ts high a position in society as that which he lo^t.- And now, said J u lia, what an ignorant, ish creature jl was, to think that the rich srancc. I ble when T thiiik where we were but a eht \\ ■ o f OUT ipt frojn the power of intempen have learnt i valuable lesson, though in ase-i school, and I hope I shall profit by it. I trem- ’ ’ 3 bu t a ehhrt :ious time has id when I fe- and now are, I quarter! thank God that temperance societies are ibkssings [tothe rich ks well as to the poor. W e had'iintended to publish' the new Post-Of- ago. tlow much of our precio spentj in useless quarrels ; and upon what we have been and eart admitted. But the ii id him to defer a propose .hb right £ro Iffi fondly fiddnts befo sr' till he Va^ mid for a w sHre he h i s ^ i upon the right g After his return home, he repaired to and proceeded to de-VoUr the co at, the papers Alice had placed ini his hands, lie soon became intcrcs.ted, and every articlb he read increased his conviction that levefy individual who was not decidedly in favor tof the cause,was exerting an influence against, it. A t the ap­ pointed time he called and found Alice ready to accompany him to the meeting. As they reach, ed the ball they found it was already qrowded, and it was with difficulty that they could obtain seats. T h e services coon comnienced, and the stillness of death seemed to reigp in thiat ded ■ ■ his dhis I s up my •Alice, i f common sense ao iplessp B R A N i ^ E T n P I L L S , ;t advice mortal man can give Voi }£er box, with full'dfrections iR the Log- Agents—L.H,p olve . B Marsh McLeab i O « o n . Trnmansbiirg; J [kine. Groton: J.Bodf CO^ 1 field Centre. • John Lose|u En- illirig to a c ^ o w e circle o f m y acquaint? time^ that they IS with more wine you cen- own sex, an they can bear with good grace. Now, Alice, you are realljr too bad} ,re without justice or mercy, and ouif -too, said Julia*, indignantly. I t is so, and I still affirm that intoxication is not confined to the middle and lower classes; the rich-fail as well as the pqor. ButI admitting w hat you say'to be true—is that a sufficient rea- son why we should refuse to assist in the great work of reform ? Have riot the w iv^ and chi dfen of the poor, hearts that bleed fo)r the loved ones th a t fall by the destroyer’s poweC? Do we not all belong to the same human farpily ? And shall its humbler members groan unde wife was buried'to .tte^ed to the for i(f.ame:apitable objfc 'years-thus p a s ^ d aWay, whjen )f total’ abstffience bearned ’itt* % reigh in th crov embly. The speaker, in konl stii-ring Ian- described the evils e f intemperanee. He in a few words the history of his fall, a pd embracing the fetal -abstinenjee as onpe wealthy—had filled a lonor—married p beautiful apd aimomplished k d y —iTnd was surrounded by pH the luxuries o f life. But the destroyer came—ihe was hurled from the eifiineHce oq which he stood —his lovely but heart broke- the tomb, his fortune tt'as S' winds o f heaven, and he be< indeed. T h ree'years-thu s the bright sun of lotaj .abstfeence bearned urion our land. Heffiailed its- rising d'awn with glad­ ness ', Signed the pledge wi keep i f ; it had proved his i •stood a redeemed man« L . - - —o - lime and eloquent, aiid as be warned those in, high stationfi of life to beware lest they like hi should fall, th e eflfect was almost elemn when a call was'made for signatures tothe the general rush o f th© multitude showed eagerness to sign. William^s nam e stood la mong the rest, and th a t of Alice graced the list. W ith happy hearts congregation d T h a t W illiam the noble Alice which evening,before they separate! to deny. , Alas* w h at * ad cimngps w|H occur in [the short space of tWo years 1 Gt|uld reader, at the expiration of thi ed a distant city, and entered fice Law as passed by dongreb entire, but find the following synopsis equally comprehensive : From the National Intelligencer. Post Office. A circular from the Postmaster General has lately beon is.sucd containing directions for the execution of the new Post Office law, t i go into effect on the 1st of July next, from ttihiqhwe tract the following;— * 1. Postage. On and a fter July 1, 1845, on a h tt ceding half an ounce in weight, s( n .nee not exceeding three hundred * W hen sent any ffistance over thi 3< miles, ten cents. For every Additional weight of haffi al or a n y ‘fractional excess of ] ounce, llhere shall be c ^ge of five or ten cents. On letter dropped ;ry, in the same place, two On letters advertised as remaining oi when delivered c less th in hal charged an addi tiorii according to' pi 'ied in the p • deliv- office .ft its each. , theVe dhall be charged, aides thh^egular postage, the which w u ibe on each letter two cents, lor cents i f 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ W p at is subject to letter postaj be letters in manuscr|ipt, i . dents on each letter. Letters are not advertised in more than one —'per -------- ' ;d in more than one pa unless ly directed by the Postmaster General Primte Expresses. i The establishment of private expresses iblishmenl o f private expresses f g the conveyance of any letters, packets, or pac cages o.f letters, or other matter Iransmitable in the U- nited States mail, (m wyiapers, pamphlets, azines, and periodicals excepted,) from town or place in the United Slates, betweeiqac ftom and to which the United States mail'fsireg-- ularly transported under authority of thi Post lasters' ^ of durabihty,, having With; of Yucatan for itnknoi vidualjMr. Hdll, jmitati '•ess'fully, ascertained its great valpe tq the arlsj ed a manufactory, arid is now,engaged now,pngagp4 IS also, from ____ walls, &ci, and for this affine Thus ii tte S S . S M 4 ’M ed with a lost a rt, hutds to bte immensely bene­ fited by ari iliveiition of j ' id by ari ii of which We can y e t form My, Hull asserts that he lumns p f this-mateils isions,. Galvanism is lanufactun pi sely bene- tOBociety s a n d c le dimi im p ottanceti! miy a conjectL— ^ . le cap m anufacture piL, 'lal o f a n y reason- iploycd in tHO; The Fveriing Journal of the 11th #une, z i article of the wealth of Eirglish Noblemen,ss o f the Marqu border o f the •natedupontfac^ hester; tye ati ancient town 'bf.Gi tepipfod to give, in a letter;’ffime ffiea^rVveiy im perfect one.*—o f the extent,and wagriificenqfe o f that noble domain. W e remarked, wefielffiyOi that the porters Lodge, a t theiiprincipal e n lr a n i^ Spensive, as the The Park Contain! quis, a Horse Jbr thousand G u ineas! The Marquis of since. We, fihf W ill, 11 : ffiindrefi’-jigej:^ Wii^ ; splendM which he tminster died [lowing iu reffitio: 'di / inai mere was notfiing of x< las been said of the wealth o f other Noblemen and aever* h as this deceased JiJarqffis/ Duke ,o f Devonshire, the Newcastle uxid &,ir R o h ^ P e e l t — . iviH of the Marquis of proved. The ] W e ^ toinisler^kh nal estate in.Fng- ,d, ■ under ;fi350,000. He, bequeaths fe hffi “ £6ffitl0 in addition to her. flis estates a t Y ’ sworn u propeAy. under settlemen t. . H minster and, the manor of Ebury are bequeathed to his dldest son, fhe present Marquis; his ed/ ' Flint and Denbigh, as well as' ‘ It West/ tates inU h p ster, Flint and Denbigh, a s ’ w e ll a s ‘ the presentation to the rectory of Prestwicb,'' Lancaster, .to his son Thomas, E a r l,o f W ilto n ;' his iRIoor-pirk estate, and a legacy of i!l70,000/ to bis sou, Jjord Kobert Grosvenor. H e ffiayes* •es, &.C. in the Gallery a nd elseWbCre,\ with thp Nastu at GrosvenOr-hquse, together with thp Nastuck diamond, weighing, 357 grains, the magnificent' briUjanJ-ear rings, weighing 223 grains, and the round brilliant, weighing 125 grains, ffs^eir- looms. Also the pictures at Eaton-hail, as'heir- looms with- tbatproperty. He bequeatlis to the\ present Marquis [he furniture and other, movea­ bles at Eafonffiall) arid, also the family jewels/ and appoints him tssiduarv legatee. Sjx codicils won.* app.-uded to the will. [Observer- The following paragraph, ip relation to the, Will of a deceased English Banker, constitutes but'an item.m the account:— Will of d-MilUor.aire .—The ivill and codiciljjf Philip John Milt's, Esq-, late of Bristol, banker* .ve just been proved m Doctors’ Commops, fay .. Will of a lilip John have ju s t been proved m iroctdrs’ Gommops, b hfs executors, who have sworp the personal .prop, irty alone lo be above the value of a million^ iti rling, the highfst amount to which duty is' payable. He bi quealhs to his song ([light in number) ^!100,000 each, and fo WiJlii illiam Miles^ [diiioiiaJ sum of £50,000. The readue, af.’ many legacies, is given to bis sons and The,will is dated in 1842,- and os o f foo havi ing, the high, ble. He bi quealhs to his song '” 10,000 each, and fo W sum of £50,000. The y legacies, is given to \ executors. The,will is dated in 1842,. and os o f : great length, (79 sheets of paper, or 360 folios.), city. The codicil is dated in 1844. The.stamp affixeef .to the probate is of the value of £15,750. veyance or transportation, by regular trips or a Staled periods'or intervals, as aforesaffi, any iti ters or other matter transmitable by mail as a foresaid, newspapers, pamphlets, magazines,and periodicals only excepted. , Eve.y person offending against this provision,. or aiding or assisting therein, or acting as such private express, shall forfeit and ^ 'f l 5 0 ; or pacJ properly transmitable (except newspapers, &c.) shall or by him, her, or them, or through his, her, mcans’or iuslruniuUality, iu whole lach time any letter or letters, packet or packa, other m atter properly ti islruniuUality, iu i conveyed. This is not to prohibit the teis,packets,or packages, or other m atter by pri- vale h ands,no compensation being tendered or re­ ceived therefoxin any way, or by special messen­ ger employed only for the single p articular occa. Choctaw CourlMps-^PritUeges of the Squaws —Courtship is invariably begun by Ihe female. I f she fancies a young man, slie makes what is technically called the first banter. This This is done by slyly squeezing tlie hand, or gently touching his foot a t the camp fire. If a man should venture'upon any of these little pre- * tbout being s^re of a reciprocal |i indignantt; maid would immediate- ’ in with a stick, and this would be tire al for a general assault by all the squaws a- uod upon the presuming lover, who, unless he fled’ Would be beaten without mercy. Thus.ev- en in this rude shape, does woman play ihe co- qriettc! The young squavv who\ screams loudts and shows the ini'st reserit'ment a t these unwa ntable liberties of an ardent lover, is set dow I the Diana of her tribe. Giving the first banter seems to be reserv . by the women as their special prerogative, p they seldom allow it to be infringed upon w impunity—never iri the presence of a third ay be thfeir conveyance of let. trier m atter ' ito trie probate is o Death of Disiinguished,Men .—Eojinent citi*. zens connected ■with the Gqvernment, who ria-ve died within the Jast four yturs : President I ^ i s o n , . Secretary Upsher, “ Gilmer, ' Attorriey General Lcgare, ,, -j . , Judge Thompson o f the U. S . '^ p r e m e C oi I t L’ “ Baldwin, Senator Soutlrard New-Jersey, • “ McRoberts, lUinois, Liiij?, Missouri, “ Purler, Louisian^, “ -Fulton, Arkansas, “ tVhite, Triijnesspe, “ B.-tts, Connecticut, General Macomb, “ Eustis, Commodore Iluli» “ Cfaxton lartiality, the indigna n ,il him itucky, darylauj, ill Carolina, . . ^ , lottdrig distingnished citfa 1 no unimportant part in inlry :--Bisliop Griswold, ken ridge, Louisiana; johii f of W ar ; Nicholas.Bidi •nator.Ohio ; John Hob Judge Cow ubbipr, Rhode I sland lan d ; ■vernor .Mason, Miebij ; Gen, Is i ? m S id ; Vir- iss., has in s fired at khe in the war o f the. ^wal from trie lipsi of so mueh desired, ijhat led, I will n o t atteijnpt upon which infornia. ___ , _____ _________ , _ _ orumunicatc!! in writ- ig, o r’riy marks or sigps. . i On all circulars, handbills, or advertisements, h i ^ are printed or lithographed o a quarto post : single cap paper, or paper not largffi than ngle eap, and which are folded! and direated,but unsealed, two cents on each sheet for s tanoe. W hen sealed, these are to he r letters. t. ‘ 'Quarto post’ is the size'usuially ealjfe paper, say about ten to eight inehcls page ; ‘ single cap’ is the size eommo^ writing paper, say thirteen by eight the page, graced tlie tting J^JWriere trie circular is on the sheet latgpr than miling faces the single cap, it is to be rated as a pampffipL. As theI postage on these articles is ehargeime This extends even to their dances, for uaw always selects her partner, and send master of cerernouies after him, and he i permitted to refuse, ifeis at, these dance; elopements of married women^wilh-young riors generally take^place. Ih e womar out of the dance at a moment when the They usually remain in the woods three days, and when they return live as man without being molested. Hence elopem which, march© 1775, for the at Lexington to oppose, ' of Boston purpose of.des- and Goncofd. -A n ingenious invention is no,^ , V York papers, ft embodies inj ver-point jM?ncil pase. an accu-^,, the 5,1 0 .and 20 pent rates o f’\ the new law, the 1-2. 1 1-2 weights, a pen-holder, ever-point^; vck, half Sovereign guage< a seat for leads, arid several other appen- 0 squaws have another privilege wl exercise. When one chooses a pi the dance to whom another la attach- val closely watchfes them, and at the 1 portunity quts in, or yhvt would dojarit. ,, o - — infier the rod! less have ^ e n shocked as y®S. of oppression, and we close our eyes—[harden ouS'' conversation o f its iniriatee. postage on these articles is ehargejM e on from the circle. !h copy, postmasters will carefully e x i^m e a u . ^.idows, we have asc ■ n d r a te trie postage accordingly. ^ hanters'befare des postage accordingl n phamph'lets, magazines, period: every other k ind and description of pi' other matter, (except newspaperii, and jirculars, handbills and advertisemi !said,) which shall be unconnected WP Quscript communication whatever, J w thanofae iditiW l ounce, one exceeding half an iny distance, xoneieryai cent; any fractional exce ounce, to be chaffed ^ <'—The . New York Evening Miif ; __ “There w as a contrivance b etter, eal fronr the people the ^ x trava. “o f ■ he rnortifiei age aware of the id upon them.” ascerfoined. described, ib . . llojvs u ,! . . one. A squa^ofta. certain age, if thrifty, is g e n ^ l l y provided will some other apffiiances, and it is cc a speculation for k youngm ah to 1 one of them fdr L y e a r or two. tion o f that perio4 for a younger wire. 1^, 0 . Jeffersonia I? /racuse Star announces the d eath o f t’ a the Onondaga Indians; a t 'the Castle ieservation on Saturday last, at the age ver calls his mistress a jewsharp of de* ^ and a healing plaster for a pain in th e ' Mrs. Chaffi died a t Boston, ort-lfith 'k- 106 years. ; ’ ; „ ORIGINAL PAGE(S) MUTILATED t T A P E P A S T E D O V E R P R I N T

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