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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, May 28, 1845, Image 4

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4 '- ’c ^ 1 \ T H E H t m O B I S y . From the American RepuhUcan. Precantiouary Kdlil^Ci W h e r e a s rpy hosj^and, Ca|f>tajin C ., W ithout, j u s t c a u s e or prorbcatioD, H a s left h i s bed— h is board a n d cie . A g a inst lajr w ill and a pprobation ; id thus m y happiness involved By sufch undue, im p roper afcting, n resolved I w f s M o r s ‘yfam t e s o ^ ^ V T o p a y AG G ih is c o tijraeting. X'jdh. not ihinir that he can e ’< r '\Forget 6 is VOWS o f l o v e an 1 dutyj T h o u g h h e m a t w a n d er far : nd neaf, * And gaze on dharm f o f rar jr beauty 3 Nor do I think be’il hard^ji ds r e T o follow after o ther worn * 0 , l^ o u g h w icked j a d e s witlji: v t ie and snare M a y u s e th e ir a r ts to BpJU KEirhtni. ^ T e t w o u ld I caution a lt w p o n a y T h e sad and graceless tijua it hatbofi T o pack him tstf w ithout dela; v ^ A n d send h im hom e in pia ching order j F o r i f h e does not soon reiUrii, , -'M y heart w ill break w ith g n e f and sorrowf' Sxcept, perhaps, [h e ’ll grter-; Ip learn,J i I might another husband borrow. ■ I ks . dAPt. C. that a judicious system o f ajiterna lion o f crops I should he adopted by ereijy one w h o w o u ld c u lt ira t e t h e earth' w jih success, Y e i it is no less true than strange, that there are thou sands w h e s till c lin g to th e old w a y o f ping tbetf fields donlioOahy w ith the P; S. But aS'this notice nia^'perchan© ittention, cumstaUce fgt I w o u ld not fiirgetfiolniem ion:—’ 'll return ihe-triflmg ‘ ' Arrest the f a ithless m a n ’s pttention. T h e r e is one I iu le circui I f li#U return ihetirifliag bh* H e took frtun m e , the cruel hearted, I ’ll g iv e him liberty to ranges I A n d thank the s tars that fa|e d eparted. From the Binghamton Courier. P e e l anifcPolk. — B t’J.. r . obto ^ j . S a y s PxEt to P olk , I do pot libi? Y o u r Y a n k e e Way o f Peking filo. Y o u ’ve Poked I feaTf I can|Qoit :§ Way ot Pffktng lUO, 00 ’v e PoJced from u s oUr fairest realms^ Yau’d Poke us pill of Oregon.. . O u r L ion roars—ju s t s e e him g n n ! > bold him in^ Says P o l s ( q Pi^E b . I much ftfe r p t To siir'yotfr.hile, or chafb John Bull} B u t i f y o u ’ll com e across the'Seas T o P e e l u s o f on t lands or w o o l*— Y o u r L ion heretofore has sghealed. A n d m a y } neiltuirae} g e t Po^ed and Peeled’: product. N e ither is it contended that ma- 3 can he dispensed w ith in the rotation . . „ . i ■ . j . „ t s y s e r a . 'But one m a n ifest advantage w h ich ?I\ thi^W stem has o ver th e o ih *C o iion _ ____ _ _ _________ ^ _ _______________ England to g e t up a rival cotton in t e iesi in T e x a s . • _________ , ' A Careful Spouse — A t a polytechnic 1 liih it ien ip L iverpool, g o t Up by ibieM eebi ics*Institute,a new ly-m a r ried manjeXpresi a determ iaaiiou to ‘‘g o dow n in tjhe divii *Oh, don’t m y dearl\ •fit m u st be dangerous.” I T h e bridegroom w a s oh s tinat|}. and at len g th finding h e f treaiies uiiavailitig} liis lo­ v in g Beatrice sank her dem and m to a con;“ prom ise. • - j “ I f y o n w ill go dow n , m y dearr. said sh e , a n d peril your w ife’s happiness, let m e beg p | yoQ to go dow n m your old Coat F o r -getting S e r . — “ J o h n , I fear yoct are forgetctng m e ,” said a bright-eyed girl’ id her dear !’^ exclaim ed the bride sweetheart, the other day. “Y|es, Sue, t have be'en for. se t t i n g you these! t w o years.” A iferrihle feVer i s raging in Philadelphia, caTled t h e bonnet f e v e r It first “ breaks out” amonte t h e y ounger order o f ftbe fem a fe s hdeutiy w a lking out and c o m ing in co w i t h sh o w ca s e s a u d loguacious'clerks. The Lover’s Last Appeal .— e copy the Iblldw ing advefrisem ent gratis, from th e Norih Adams Transcript 0111 to m eet’ her farideg' ou t to m e e t’ h er faridegrooii serves to liv e and die an old iow, sh e df- id., cab h?(ve an in- iVoLce,— S a l lv 4 a r r a b e e te t r i e w w ith th? subscriber by w r iting to Mra w h e r e sh e m a y be found, him w h e r e s h e m a y be foun d , or c o m ing to h i s r e sideoce’at T itn o ^ y W a ters, in W h ii- tingham , V t., 1 1 2 m ites from lack s d n v ille. I have beeh at a good deal ol f iroublp to find hprj and htfyegola h a v e bad a good d a s 40 ^ii a s spring opens, I hope s h e wit :e i f I should bp obliged to giyt i \Y a - ters , a g o o d de a l o troublp t o f jo t l r a o s i tiredjOf it, and as I h a v e ba d a goo d many chancW '.toget m a r­ ried a s 4 oo a s sprin g open s, 1 h o p e 's b e w ill tak e no ofipnce i f I shou ld bp obliged to g iv e Up t h e ch a s e , a m f b a v e som e o n e else. I shoold be v ery happy to have hen coip e as quick a i s b e could, as 1 cannot bear the tho’i offorgettiog her forever,’ and can never love anybody elite a s w e ll a s I do her. i DAlitlEt W h illin g h a m , M a tch 15,1845. , N e d Korway;^ * VVho believes that with< >ut money there is no ■ ‘jLibcrtjr.’''- N e d N o r w a y w a s found by the police one Thursday night in that state w h ich in a ll ii - eral language i s s ‘y l e d ‘beautiful- blue.’ ‘W h a i afe y o u l ’ saitl th e - w a ich m a n , po­ k in g him with' his stave bem a th th e fourth and fifth ribs. . ‘I ’m A slav^,’ said N e d , ‘the slave o f neces- j •Theai.yoU baiui n o w o l e , ’ aaid the watch-1 JO H N C. M O R R ISO N 'S C A ^ D , m a n . j . ‘ *Yes have t h o u g h ,’ said N ed ; ‘but whi ■vhilftg don’t do T H E F A l ^ From the Albany Cultivator, d n th e Im p o rtance of Rotation in Crops. W I S T A K ’ S H A L .S A M O F TY i L D C H E H 0 Y , A com p m iid B alsam lC u reparatiou from W iluJ C h e r r y JSark and T a r . F a n D u r e y o u r H o i ^ s ! IG L IN Q O l L j sanfey a return o f t h e s e e d they Ir lYe tetJeived. To such meo} fatmiag will prt Ve to be a sinking business. T h e s e too are tb|e Very m e c w h o m best Remedy known tithe World for the cureoLj <ughs, cdlds, asthma,atmp,bleeding of the lunge, wJnoping cough,brondhitis,ipJlum:ta.skort,neis j ■ tf breath.pain and \ipJlum^a.8hor(neis weakntsa in the breast m p taint ^ the f ir s t r side, liver complaint ^ S T A G E S O F C O X B U M P T I O N . W e will not a ssert Hhat this BALSAM will c ure Con suwptiou in its worst form , but i t has cured many a fter ail o ther nijeaas o f relief has b e e n tr iedihvajn. And why DO.? I: seems that the W ILD C H B R U y was, destined by N ature to be our PANACEA,for the ravaging’d-sease. ofthis e o lJlatitude. Let n o ttbe despairing invalid waste •is money and loseT1 ME,U> h int so a il im p o rtant, in kx pBRi.viENTtNG with the trashy nostrums o f'taeday,buLusr ; XT OKCB a medicine that w in c u refifa c u rebe possible—a I medicine. lnataeience\ipprtees a n d 'm a ay yeara o f ~“ li perience nave demonstrated that i t always relhvea. I “ T h ere |s no -such ihihg^ae fail” in the iiietery of befog^Vm faiijiable'w L th l&em n e of tijieif raiore w ise and pru-' and a! all things, „ -- ------ than w ith so m e o f t h e if miore w is e an d prm dent neighbors. They do not at once think that they haV’e yipiafed tbp la w s ov ni pertornung l they have tired o u t t h e laujd. It h a s b e c o n< exhausted o f the specific food w h ich lh< plant requires,, and nuerly refutes to produce. Such farm ers m ay s o w , but they'cannot redp, and i f th e y persist in *his ruinous course,they must sooner or later feel the evils o f a n emp^ ty purse. N o m a n ought to expect a return for h is labor, un less he giv e s back to the soil in s o m e form , a pert,, a t least, o f w h a t he take^from it. It is to obviate in a great m e a g r e , the e v ils coaisequent upon the prac­ tice o f tafcingaU.and returning nothing to the land,-that is propt^ed to be effected rotation sy s t e m . . W e do not s a y that none o f those w h o follow tb e b ld ahd hackneyed path, have rais .sed large crops, been in a degree successful in th e ju ^ in e s s b f farm ing 3 on the contrary w e know , th^i: by heavy m a n u r iog and high cultivation, lad d m a y be made to produce one kind ofgrain^ perhaps a b u n tlamly foran u m - ber|of years in succession. But w e do say, ihajt the soil cannot w iihouflgreat expense ol labor and manure,produce tw o or three crops o f k kind w ithout a perceptible fallin g off in thejproduQt. N e ithe r is it contended that her m odes o f cul- m a y receive a tWo fold ben- from it. For instance his manure m ay be appjlied iu an uiffermented state to loots and other hoed crops, and they receive their sup^ p l y io f nouirishraent from it, and at the sam e fimfeit rem ains unimpaired for the use o f th 6 [sm d ll graijis that Succeed.' ' i \ | f e w H | n o w proceed to std ts a f e w gene­ ral principles on vyhicb this system is found- ' to every c jpursuit. riile, or highly 2 their productiveness, il d w ith the) s a m e kind o Soils,ihoWever feriile , or high ly cultiva- 'ill ftise their productiveness, i f corf tin- pendjs m u ch on m e am ount o f food it returns to it, in the decom p osition o f its stalks and roots that retpain. 3. O p e plant draw s its nourishm ent from a'depih i a ' i ’aeground--^anather from thesurj 4. Some plants recejive nearly all their lood from itbe eartli, w h ile others are fed alm o st w h p j y from the atm o sphere. I5i T h e cultivation o f the sm a ll grains,ren^ d e r | the land foul— the hoed crops tend to free it from w e e d s. 6 , T h o setplanls that are perm itted to ripen th e ir‘seeds, lore u reater e x h a u sters ol ihe soil, w h ite thosd those that do nOt m ature their seeqs, exhaust it cam p a r a lively little. I f th e s e principles are founded in truth, they w ill serve as a guide iu arranging' our difijpreht crops o f grain, g r a sses and roots,into a regular system of rotation. ‘ In raaki ig ch o ice o f cropO toajiernate vviib, care shpuld be fiad to select those that are best adapted to vidence tlAt nb one £T b )« dpKbt, lolly eitablUhei tbi« I Pact. Fonthoaako ol brevity, wo Bolect tho followloji 1 rrom thouvttnds. I iOd a larm ing; . t i c ^ i S s return o f w |oter s h e was a ttacked more violently thau a t firsusbe be^^mescarcely able *0 iralkyatid was troubled wilfa coughjichiiU add fever every aad appeared to goingrapidiy with consuinjitien ; ^ tliu lime when there wan no smn ^ improremenU Aiatt procured a bottle W ista a * ’s ^ a l s a m o r W i t d d i c i r r y which she took, and iiBeemiRgly restored her. Sho got. a aecond, aud before iiw s s ha'ftaken she was restored toperfect health,which has enjoyed to thepre^e%t time without the slightest sVmptom of her former disease, M r.Plattsajjs Hhs cure came under my o bservation shd 1 cannot be mistaken as to the facts.’ E x tract of! a Letter to a Post-M aster, dated P emcs 'KE.Washingtjon co.,Mame,April 29 1814. M r . I saac B otts —U e a r^Jr » At the r rqaest ol many of_ray friends iu this place.iwho. a-e afflicted w*th Con- aamptioa and liver complaiiits, I take the liberty of ask- inir vou to a ppoint .om e o n e ln the c o unty a sagect to sell W i s t u f ’B J B a l s a i U e f W e d C h e r r y , and to seed aim a few tlozee, a s there is n one o f it for sale within SOB miles OF this. 1 have mo doubt that it would m e et with a ready sale if it was where it Could be procured without too much ^ p e a s e an I delay. My wife was a ttacked a b out 5 months since with wk it tho physiqians called tbe li s t stage of cousump'ibn—a complaint|very prevalent ia this section of couletry.— Having se^n the Balsam advertised in Aijigusta i:Sf20O M / L E S F R O - l f J I E R E ^ r took tlie pains to send there For a bottle of it,which sh( took/and which helped her so much that I sent foil 2 bot ties more, and which she has aln to send some, and if so, to whom, in order that it may be known where it can be had. A T K U L . Y W O N D E R F U L C U R E . ■VVATERViLLE,Oaei4a co.,N Y.,Sept 1.5 1843. Dear Sir—!I owe it to the afflicted to infixm you that in taauary last I was attacked by a very violent cold,caused by w orkieg'ia tbe water, which settled on ray lungs. 1 was accompanied by a very severe pain in my b reast and sides,and al D a distressing cough, lh a d iu a-tendance the best mo isa la id in o u r village; b ut after eshaustiog all their ski to no avail, they pronounced niy disease a co.vFii’MED O' Bomption, and they oue and ail gave me up to die ! Aft :r mueb persuasion 1 got the consent o f my physician to us_e ipe BALSAM r-F W ild Cherry prepared G E O. W . M E B C H A n T ’S G E C E B R A T E D G A R d L l N G O I L , -A N Invalnabfe R e n e d y for H o rses, C a ltie, a n d o th- x 3 l er domestio a n iotata. In the cure of ilie following D ISEA S E S : T Fresh Woutds, Gall? of every kind, Sprains, ruises. Cracked Heels, Ring Bone, W indgalls, Peel, Scratches or Grease, M ange, Horn DtslSni- ^*^’ m ORE TESTlMO.Ny FOR T^IE F A R ilsis. ‘Sin,—You will pl»-aBe send mo rnoro of your truly Infaliibie Gaigling Oil Our fanners hereabouiis hold it in high esiiuialioa,,believing iito possess alt the Metf ical propel lies, end ^^rlain in producing a’l liie leffecfs SCI forth in yout rccoiinlnendations.' The medit^ir^e will “ Ti:ut)!i N e e d s N fv P o a s t l i i f T H E C O M P O U N D , e x t r a c t O F H O A R H O D N D C A N D Y , j INVENTED BY John Pcase.<^’ Sons, No.45 D ivtsignsluel,k.Y , be.irs the PX|lei-iei»ce of FIV E YEAilS use and praise I from a ilfp c & n of the Union, bennuse it tins iHeuin.i Ju.st stich cures ns i|ta Inventors said it w o uld, ihpcefore, ‘ihe truth te r d a no boasting.’’ V /hen, «x President Jarhson, I’rCsideiit ■rijt-r,Gov.Bjoc!i, Olayor Clcrrls and other nientjff Uieir character and sianjin;.' p raise it,ii is I almost useless o f the pi o prietors t'\ sjieaU ot ns nierjis. j Slill|fhey ftel in duly hound I - tbeafflcied nu_J to thei-r ! friends, toijiromu/gaie iis v irtuesasTar as'possible.in or. I ,ier Hint tl/e Tboitfands n >w lingering uivii-r Diseas-, may be r •jtored to« Haallb. rutM o q a rv Oomp'aiius Pdlpitalion of ihe H eart, Coaglis/ CvUis-4Ho r e L v>-r Co.ni>Jaiiiis w b « X g o o . s . . CroupAAsthma, eases Leading to Con- . . . « .,e its coihbinnUon if o.ic 01 ihesi ariieirs *liou1o oe used SMnralely and airont no relief,in the Conipoond Exiraci o n ioirlio iim l they a re so a m ajgamated tnaf fbe neneiil I ”/ 'M - Pbf Hisioryof medipioewiM t e sesrefled in vain lo maflncpii-li is lo.tbe poor vicUm, ifficied •viih lingering Torinenis caused liy s e v e r e o lilc- -producing pain in the cbeil and side, night sweats and gcnetal debi!itv,a inie paniicea. I f needs b e ,thousands o f n c j 5i5ca“>ir couid be added to the abeve proclaiming to tne w orlo th e T iu ih and nothing hut the T ruih ^ iihout T?DastJag,in relaiinn selipn itsow n raei its. T h e re is r pair, o r a ny other special notice. Beware o f the counterfeit article, and be su|-e the name of t^le sole^proprictor, G . W .M erchant, lioc|tporl, Poi- tealiraonials, s y n o p s is ' |.treattftent,Ecej ti:-iii^1ifet' i^iiich accomp icliuyier & Sm-ibncr,-Agent.s, h b a i of diseases, and m ide of li accompanies each eottle. Purify Your Blood ! G E O R G E M E R C H A N T ’S iMPtti-VED C o m p o u n d F lu id E X T R A C T O F S A R S A P A R I l [ l A* 7>yi,wv./,i-»«,‘vt/V 7lf *fW/* 4h e r f U ' sTrength, a n f iVwas” Very‘ evident my co^gh wal p\uch ALSAM of W ild Cherry ; and I ta-Uo this method of ivihg you the iufbrmatioo,partly to pay you the debt of Very tru y yours, JVMES SAOE. m r ^ P a 'rner, D ruggist,under date of W alervillc.Sept. \\■ e statem-Bt given you by Mr. Jim es Sage is Well ■n to be true by Ihe whole community. Ilcortbim certainly was a mest rent \rkable cure. T h e sals of i very go-id, tmtl itssuccess ni cures trujy Yours rgspecifulty, F o r Remoping Diseases d f iheBlooi. j Arming fromi an Abuje of F ^ r r Sores, ^ obstina,to oljd I ‘’S S ’. s s ™ ’ '\ ’ ’i s f S f S S s s / . - Scrofula, or K ingsfivil | eases aruiug from (in ita j Seconda-y Syphilis or vo-, pure state of the P)looa j Pimples or p u stules on the Pains <u the bones & Jofnte, face frca^y pa^ch£B,&- other N^jglit sweats, &c. ; w S S i i j r \ ’ I x z “ T h is remedy is prepared from the choxest selected matortaU, the active prepsrties o f which arq extracted f tm and a ctive Ulan any otlternow before the public. A full a c e suat m tb e remarkable efficacy ofthisjrem e- dy, in a varn-ty .of pasts o f the most aggravated f aiure, may b i seen by editing on the proprietor or his agoBts. As most good mbd-c.nes a re c o u nterfei'cd, be ^re and call for \iHcrchai|t’s Sarsapqrdla,” and see that these ff? Almost e veiy pedllar in tho country is up and imposing o i the public a n a rticle the S i l l s Ihe most ..... truly valuable work, ^ - r which it prescribes for the irealtncD tof on diseases, c otnmciidf k lo.lhe p u b lic.-^ B S e f B “ u V e ^ X r i S ‘d r/t M ortar,rtar, M iyy 15.5_^ . O. B. CURRANd M o M i 1 F p -H E tT H ACA w ill torn nue iq session 14 ’iveeks. i n f e n d i t o entej, w ill Ido wet! lo comi’ the openipgr o f the sch lol.aSjf^therwlle' m a y fiqdian inconvenience ia 'SYeflakite ses ia ihlei siDdies whlrfi t | e ^ | JpT^QUS hy ike ban^Iihi and nothin g I to h s numerous cures. ihi[s,aad not deapdir- : t . Iiiiara—Heri. I. Burr Truinensburg— Wm O. ^ A N D S ’ S S A R a S A P A R I I i L t A , Beware o f the coutUerfeit ’45Div ciif FOB THE KEMOYAL AND PEBMANENT CUBE OP ALL DISEASES ABISljNG FEOM iMPUEE Bi.0— — ----------- : STATE OF Ti^E b I o OD, OB, HjABl I THE SYSTEM, NAMELY : fScrofuia or K ing’s Elvil, Rbeumatisiri^ O b siinale C u ­ taneous E rupiious, Pim |plef or P us I u I ps on the Face BlotchcF, Bilc.‘=,Chronic Sore Eyes, R u ig W o rm or T e ller, Scald Heac(,en!a|-gemenl & pain of the bones and J .iints, slnbboi'ii U lccrs, Syphililie syniptoihs, Scidtica or Lu'm’oac’o, and D iacases arisitig from an ihjndiciiius use of Merejury, A fciijes^r D ropsy,E x - flosure or Im prudence inj L ite. >A!!so, Chrotijic Con- stitufionaldtsorders w ill be remoyed by this Prepa- ratiop. If there be a plea-ure on earth which superior beings ■uj ’Vi and one which ihey.niiglil also envy men „ r : . .i,„ ------- - relieving paHn. How s of having been the PITCHFi I DR. PHELPFj C O I ^ P O U N D T O M A T d P l l a h S i PBICE 25 CT,.—ENTfRELT l[£GETy}BLE. a n Invaluable afid E siabiislud Remedy for C h ronic D iseases a risin g from I m p u rities o f *he B L O O D — | M o rbid Secretions of tbe Liver, ^ijomacii ai»d.Bow-.j eis, also, a SucsTii'uTE for CAhbMEi. As a 0.a- tiiartiein F e v e rs and all Bilious Ail- c iions,Jaundice, Cosiiveness,.Bilious Colic, Flatulence, H eart-BurU j ^ s s of A p p etite, H e id-A c lic, Rltcum alistiij& c.& c, f f l U I S Popular Medicine having enjijued the a p p ro. I order*’of the Liver,St. uiach and Bowels,and the long List of ClirooK D'seases, induced by impuritii-. cf ti>e Blood and secret ions,or derived from tonslitulionalio- heritance—superseding almost entirely the useof C.-ito met and (Miie Pill awr^thor mercurial pr=peraiions for (hose Diiseasc-i—being the only vecnabZe'nmr''y ever invented which has withstood the test •• , .in extensive application in those coinidalnls. From ins ie.«iimmi.v of physicitina and the pub’.5c,embracing some 'roni altulas ses and profess 5 ou.s,and all locatitiesaifc etiniales within the U .S s ,ih e Cana'das and Texas, the p,<-pi-in 0 r vonfi- d-nily presei-is tliese Pills as a remedy more niversal in its application, safer at the same tint-more eiTeClual in its opefniion thananv medicine ever jffereii to the publir. The result in thousands of TrliaU .'he um»en>al approbation lies>owed,an,/Ibeincter-sing u^e if ami dt mardrdi it warrants hisassa.npllon. Heiiig cOra-.inun (fed Will) I Strict regard to the chemical and <l-erapeuliC' properties of listngiedients it has oL>ainccl llie coufi ’ ■ dence of the medical ficuliy and ilrupgists. ' Almost every one at the present day are p racitrally a e . quainted with lbe prophylactic properties <» tne TOM A . ■j^ACRL, A 5 ?i)>R trs , 4 t c o . fjtOM P KINS CORNIY m . Pjtl)lifc Freer; Sariiogatclof ?&jd epUnfy.af hi* o®ce in 1 of Ithacs. »D saidioennty, on tbeanO day of JO o’clock in tho forenoon, jto shojw cnase should Dbtlte giyeujto Henry li.R arto & T w S ^ l adminisiraRTs,&c.oflsaid riccea>ed, to or sell so much of the. real estate of said deceiMisj^ ‘•\s r ’ “'”’ ci 8 Qsg'EB‘i«'ga!g coant^y d ^ leasedjjajrj^^ir^ed to ^ppear n e x ^ ^ t ten o’clock in the forenoon, to show, authority shoald no-tibe given to 'F e terB . Co minisSrator,,dic., o f sfiid d e ceased, t o morteagi sell so m a c s of the r e s l e state o f th e said deemL.™ has n o t besjn h e retofore sold, aecOrdihg to be n e cesssrv to 0-V47' I _______ tai:.uivtjrr!i yr. JrfvJe.li.B,gs,aap.| .y : ijpOMPRlk’S ^ ^ ' it. W h a ta n a i 2 s g!ands,contracieii binr vs and b »Des h a lf carious lias hcen covered w illiliiccrs h aibferae to** fiimsell and to**fais a t­ tendant-li.-is been ipadjp whole. Hundreds o f p ersons e community. Il y . T h e sals of t i n Balsam is 1 trulv fl 'tterine ' D D. PALMER. l a cqtiaiqied w n b the nature oi the land that I h e c u ftivaies. It w ill a lso be an easy matte> I for bim to determ ine w h ich kind o f plants hhould^and w h ich should not succeed each o- 'In conclusion w e w ould say that a system hose operations con form s o com p letely w ith nature’s law s , and the effects o f w h ich are so w e ll calculated l o im p rove the s o i l , « the condition o f the farmer, com m end|i itself to the consideratiun o f all. And i i i s i t o be ho ped that this subject w ill receive the atten­ tion w h ich its im p ortaW e demand.-4 Ra-yctd B u tter ..— T o m a k e ranoid hutti eel; beat tw o pounds o f it in n ------- 15 I nC sw e e tj beat tw o pounds o f it i a sufficient quantiiy o f w ater, iivo w h ich drop 30 drops ch+oride.of lim e , and afier w a shing il w e ll, let it Stand about 2 hours m the .water,strain I it o f f and w a sh it a g a in in fresh w a ter, and ti I w ill .be fresh and sw e e t. T h is is a French •recipe— safe and sim p le. __ _ ___ _ . Ned ; ‘but w h a t o f that i |j - v 6 itBg don ’t do no good to nobody rl'in ’ don’t pay the wAsher woni bill. I tells you >v' it don’t € 3te— V(!)'in’ don ’t pay nor foot up tbe tailor’s it it, oldj feller, votin’ is a bore— i _ rlilil. K_. __ » ___ . I. L .,a, h, g e l a fel|er fiquorj’cept il be a t ’lection tim e s. ‘But aliot you at liberty to g o w h e r e you please, and to do as you Ipleasp V said the ‘N o iai bit o f it,’ said ‘N e p ,' 'b e c a u s e , 1 l e l f you again, I ’m a slave, am i so is eVery one ihav baint m o n e /. It’s very w e ll to tell f fo ks about freedom, libert|r, and a ll ihat sort f thing— it looks remarkably w e ll in fourth s>(\ July speeches— but I tell you,like N e t l EngT land Rom , it don’t bear a n a lyzing. Y o u ju%t , g o into a restauraV down tow n , tell t h e land­ lord you're a freeman and Voted for President Polk, that you Want a dinner, but haint goi no m oney to give him for it • just se e if he don’t fd r l e i m ' and 'sacre Mon Dieu\ y o u ! I tell you again, that this here Ubeity w i i h - out m o n ey is like the trimmin’iw 'U h o m the le g o f mut ton— like a nut shell w ithout t^e kernel— lik e — * ‘T h a t’ll do,’ said the watchm an— for by th is tim e they had g o f p s f i r a s thecalaboOse — ‘th a t ’ll do for the present! you can get. in­ to t h e calabo se w ittiout raoney— though 1 reckon you can’t g e t out wit b om jail fee.’ N e d w a s put in for t h e n ight, and w h ether b e should pay jail fees or n o t— not h a v ing ihe ' m o n e y — w a s left an open question to b e dfe-= etded t h e next m orning byj the Rectydir. quality o f crops, toiV e soil lOO.pouHds o f [ual to 5 and 6 T O T H E F . U t J i E R S of t h e U . S T A T E S / • g u a n o ' m a n u r e . j ,T« Farmers, Market Gardeners ^ Nurserymen. rwHHEInt»‘oduction O'\the iiewlydisc *vered MANUBF, JL GUANO lu'o the U.Staios from South Am''rica,anj the African Coast, promises to Le of vast beiieSt to the Farm er, of this country. From numerous e-tp^riuiCBts made in Bneland and the j t).States,it is f itindto po-ssiuss the fo'low.ag groutolTau- 1 tages, compared w.th oih>-rmsnure. G k ispnisa, increase in ijuantily an 1 and ripening ibem earVrer ■ Shving of labo rinhp p lji ig it to il-e s Guano hiaing proved in smne.inataiices equa tons o f barn yard m .nure. This la.st fact mi the at'oiUiaD of Farmers to Its value. At thosolicitaiiou of many who have w iitten to tho thscriher for the article,nnd to Farmers in general, ho inounces that h e hay ju s t received, and offm for sale,is 'targe or small q lantilie*, 100 Tons Peruvian and African GUANO, imported d irect,'ol the fiuest and pulr'jst^.^iality. This manure is h gbiy fertilizing for all des rijjUoUs o f crops. For Grain of all kinds, Wheai,RYe,Oats,B ifley; a'l grass crepi, improviug both q u an.ity and quality,and rip-nmg the seed early—f i r Corn, Potatoes, Gftrdon Ve;e-ahles, Peas Beans,PumpIiins,Cabbage.s,Turnip., Radishes,Ou- caiUb'ers, I oiiiatoes. MeUos, Grape Vises, Plants and Plowers,Ht is supi-rior to all other manures, and* b ingi produce f'jrward from 2 to 4 weeks oailfer. T h i»U e great c tnsideratun. Every Fanner and Miarket G ardin 'hould try it D r i lTs l s & M e d i c i n e s , B. bURR a n , h IS just received, VA» altliesign oftlie M >rtai-, Owego siicct,a Irc.'ili supply of Faints, Oils, Dnigsand Medmincs, Dye''Suifrs,ctc , ............. . ...................‘\ K reeduoi D I S S O L H T i b N . , T H jASiS,' dissolviid by M u tual Cor.seiil. T h e busiurtlPR *>f the viU- be ct ‘sed by th e parlies. h M CU JA ’^ER, - Dtied.lUiaca^Ai.rtl II.IS-R . C iistS T U A R T . , N D r i c F . . A LLpersonsimlcbtedmilittlalfl ftrmot G;OTj.yER, i l . H ALSEY & CO > t; her by N ile, Book Acconm o n e s , Dye ■Siuffs.ei . lo wbicli tlieatteution o f ollw isliiiigai-. ticlesin th a t line is r e q u e s t'd H e has 1 removed into Iiis new siore, \ ast ofliis oiO stand M ay 15, iS 44. Ithaca,A p r il i t . 1845. P a r t . ^ k M P a W m L . . o n s U n t b ^ d ^ rjpt^Magistra*e^(^mfBaI Law,'by O. L. Barbour. Sciiuyltr & Scribner, D ruggists, a t the Stone Store, Aurorh-st. 1 IT H A C A , T T A Y E receificda! full and Cunvolctc O . DRUGS and M E D ICIN E S ,Lint V arnishes. D v e-W o nrt=.-'I - - \ “ ' ‘ I K THE MOST aEMARKULE CASE EVER I!ECOROED. with a vibienfiliatn iu the aide near the liver, wliieJi cot linaed for aboul5 days, and was followed by the breaking j f an ulcer or abscess inpraidly.which re’ievcd the pain a at this I applied to a physician, but he said h thought P°l^lfs,'^wr“- ° could do ition istiil whsnallVaVaf ray rccor'ry all thuught I w|oitH die of a GallopingCcnsumption. ‘ this a o m a n t, when my l.fo was apparantiy :ly*i and by the use of only thr«e of'bloid\^nd*’c^^^^^ ^ _ ____ ___ les o.f this taedi ovfld—tny C9ugh tiad spitting iiir :Iy stopped, and ia ft few *'**‘ t HOMAS COZENa GIouo>'ster County, N J., es. | Personally came before me. 'the subs riber, one of the Jjstices of the P tsce in and for said county, Thomas Uozona, and being duly affirmed adedrding to law, saitb the above statement s iu a ll things true. Affirmed before n the 29.ll) d ay o f April, 1S43. J.CLEMkMT, J p ih is the unprecedented sUcerss o f this BALSAM, ’’■Ndlure's Favourite Prescriptioh,\ a p r e s c riptW congenial to onr wftnts, as it is prepared from chemical e xtracts from substances whieV. the auibo: of nature bas placed in e u r land for wise purposes, that many who know nothiug of the mode orU s preparation are eadeavoriUg to tcap pecuniary ben< n s by selling an article simUftr'in name,or io appearance, o r by represen- tieg their oWp T rishas superior to this BALSAM., or bj putting u > a m xture and solemnly assevereiting that it is imported from a fereigu c.’uatry, which ia not the case AU ih-se dec*'ptive a rts go tosUow,taat W istAt’eBaUani -- known !o the world to bo t h e g r e a t r e m e d y jd that to STLL any mixture it muvt bo liko this ianam e - p irport to heiike i t la sub-tance; CSTBcliCve n o ttho cunnihglly wrought fabrications— and take only the Original and Genuine W ISTA R ’S B.ALSAM O P W ILD CHERRY. Cm30 N O O T H U R C A N B E L i k e I T . I Address all orders to ISAAC BUTTS, 32 Ann-st., N.Y. , A gents -G .W .SC B U Y L E R , iT iutci; J. & D K McLal’- fi fTrumansbiirg ? L. Hinman, Farm e tvdle; P. Frenbb i udlowvil Ic iSo!dai;90 b y agents in all p arts o f the state. II P. L Y O N ’S /^ N E I D A T I N C T U R E has repeaie<ilv cu- K J red Rheuin.iii.sm ! wlhere every other ap­ plication had failetll It bas been used wiib U p o d i laiient could proearc, and is Iasi .superseding all O llier p'eparaiion«, wherever il has been iried for Sprainrs, 'Wound.s, Burns, Bruise', Head ache} Nervous Tooth-ache. Piles, Chil blains, and all pains in the lim te, whethei pro­ ceeding from ovei'cxertion or any oinei cause, 'fh’is is a fact aiiesied by numerous ceiiificaies of respectable ciiiz?nt> of lihaca and vicinity, which may be seen wherever the arii , cle is kept for .sale. Pod sale by J. Boyingioa, M cLean, A Tan ner, Dryden; P. S Dumont & Co., Trumans- burgj L . H inm a n , Farm er dllf; jam * s Ma- pes, Lodi 5 Hefifjr Bishop, Ovid; A. T.Garey, Spencer. , . ■' I. P .E L D R E D , N >. 50 O vego st , G-’ner.! A g ent for Ithaca and vioinily; to whom D e a ’ crsarequesied apply lor bills,’and supplies 'he' Oqeida T incture. _______________ 25 ____________________ „ Express: A. - • A H arper'sIllum inated Bible Nos. 13.14 fe 15.^ I>r«S & M e d i c i n e s , I ir... - ............... x s r . v a ? ^ i “ s „ . . „ 0/ I t .,. A.ra.0,« tle'Im .D D. HothDring'oo’d History o f the h o r rh of .‘ici tlaBd. Clieveers’ Lectures on tho Pilgrim’s P r o |r e s s , with ^‘’^acW o c h ’s T r c liso o f Sbcc^. Ybuatt on the H->rse. Kendall’s Santa Fe E Sited;,r do Botan'', for B 'ginuers Ithics, Jon. to, 18 a 5. MACK. a NDRU: r ^ i a i D A t FU x C o rt.. For sale a t Fair S r C K N ^ S ^ I N C K I U D R 'E ? f , A n.i the suffariugi w h ich they u n r ler'o from j o f e n lend to a Iqial terrainaiion, wh te |thn c a i s is never £uspecte |. OlT-nsive b r e a th, p icking a t ih nc'se, g r ind in g thp teelli dur* sleep w iih f riilii a p d s c ream in and feveiishness, nrc am o n g vome o f the Ffobnine S j m p lom s o f the p c s e n - e o f u or.ns. A i m ;ly u SFIERMANjS WORM LOYiENGERS*. ill iimiiedi I'.e’y jicmove all of thesunpleasant -yn.toms, and rB^lp e perfect health- Sister Jgn: lius, Superior o f the Caih-.'lic Hall Orphan -1 syiu I h-is added her icsiilmony in th ir favor,to the ihotis ands which have gjjne before. She states ilrgt vheri •are over 100 chilclien iu the.Asylum, ahd tb it they have been inthehlubii ofustngSliermah’s Lrtenges been inthehubii of using Sbermah’s Lr he haj ahvEjysf'und them to be an the most beneficial eff: c's. 'J'hey hav ) i C O N S U M P T I O N , r '* s . t ’’ s ? ' \ d ”^ us Anihony was v^ry low from wonsumpiio i,Jon- irarc e Zcciu- R^ v Mr. De Forest, Evangeli>£ in ibe IV jster . f o r . ' ; . c w ; f ; r f ^ r 4 D S i ; i ' . ” S r K ' I, have been relieved a]id . tl.e Wife and 1 undieds LiC C O U G H L O Z E N G E S , .ever been offered 11 t'l d by a prop ruse I f S U E R M A N ’S ' ivvness o f Spiritii, Sea intiiess, C h o 'ic,5>,jasm s And no n-aJ cine h ever been offered 11 t'li) pn!> lie w hi h has been tbore efTectuaM i I’le reljef o f those di^ieasjrs.or vh^.'.) c m be recommen led wiili more confidence. Tthry allay a'l iich ng orii.-^ri’a- lion, rend r the couglioasy, pro ndte expectdratmi'i remove the cau’e,and prO luce the mest liappjy and lasting effects ' . ' h e a d a c h e . Palpitation o f the llea|.-t, Lm Sickness, Desinudeecw, Fiii Crairpsofihe Stomadh, Shmm r or tsa-.vei Com p'atn-s. also all the d-strefsing symptoms arising from free living,or a night of disfipatioo ajro quick 1} and entirely lelJevesd'hy using S H E R M A N ’S CAlM P HOR L O Z E N G E S . They act sprcdily and relieve in a very short space of t tna, giving tone ail'd vigdr to the sj-siem, and enable a prr on using ih “‘‘dergo great ra -ntal or bodily laiigue. R H E U M A T I S M . Weak Bick, pa n and weakocts in ti e Dre'st, lly ' a n r . f f i J i b i t i r < ^ POOR >/AN’S'PLAStt^R,«'hich costs onli^ 12 1 2 cents, and is within the reach ofalL So great haS icomethe reput ilion Of this ariieie, t’*at on >n W 1 no is acknow’e the. wor'i, B B V T A R E O P I M P O S I T I O N . Sherman’s Poor Man’s Plaster has his name I d rections,printed on the back of the Plaster, a far. s’inile r f the Dortor’s written name under iirec'iurs. Kdneoihars are genuine or to he re/ie.l on. Dr Sherman’s Warehouse is .\o.|106 Yatsati s-t. New York. AGENTS—O. B. Curan and Schuyler, and Scribner, Ithaca—Mcnry L Buir, Lu llo'i v ide—D. D. Miner, L.bertyville—Wood and Robinson, New- h e ld - Ca ' p and Stone, and J. and D. Mi-Lallriii, Trumans'urgh—Lyram Bradley,Danby—Burnnel •|n_d Dwijht, Dryden—D. B. Marsh, McLean—N. ifiimb'e, GrotOn— W. C. Wcodworih, Jackson vi le—L-’vi II Owen, Watefburgh—J . Booile dnef Mecklenhurgh—0 Bak^r and Co., Burd't. G r e a t J B n g l i s T i H e m e d ^ lipumatisni and many secretive .Vgai,s a n d l l > P c i r c n l a t i o n , w T r ’7a^^^^^ „ it were from the rack of disease.nnil now with r e g e n e r­ ated constilutiou.s g ladw testify to ihe efficacy of this in- estimable p reparation The foflowing cersificat”' agents .M'PSsrs.Sands— 1 Mew Yoik, D ec.l, 1843. Geiiilemen—Parental feeling-induce me lo niiike the following slatem ent’orlracis in r elation lo the tniportani cm-e o f our little daugljler. wholly « fiec^rd bv the use of Bands Sarsaparilla. Bor nearly 3 years ih - c h i ld 'v a s aiflicled with a most i|.vrfenate e ruptiin on the hpdv — which at limes was so bad,connected whb intertfii!dis­ ease thatw-e despaired )>f her life. The complaint com- menc d in the roots of the bait- and gradually spread on- ii.'llie Whole bead was enveloped ami then itattacked the ears and lao d-jwn the Ineck.aDd continuing to increase nm il it covered the m ist of the body. Ii commeneert will) a small p im p leor jiusinle Irom w lib h w ;ur r ai first discharged—this -prodited great itching and burning . then niatlpr or p us Ibrived, the skin cracked and bled.k the pus dischargeo. T|ie?.aflr.-riags ol tbe c hild were so gi-e.„l as alm ost wholly lo prevent natural rest, and the odor from the discharges so off- nsiVe as to make it diffi- ctiU lopay that parlicnlar attention the na uie of the casereqnired. T o e diSPiise was called Scald Ile.-id and general Salt Rheum. W e tried various remedies with little benefit, a rd considered her c ase ahnosibeyond the rea«hof niecicine—but from the known virtue of your Saj-svparilla we were induced lo.glve it a trial. pfore 1 bottle was used up we perceived an improve - It in the appear :nce o f > h is eruption—hut the rhange so rapid for the better Hint we could scarcely g ite lence tothel'evi lenceofourow n eyes. VVec.-tn innra its use for a few weeks.and the result is a peifect cure- To a ll rarentsvve would say—I f you have children suf­ fering will) and disease o f th e skin, use Sands Sarsopar- t e , ™ • \ ' 95 Rlatii&on i-l. ' The full jw ing w asiaddressedfo our Ag^nt at Sav.vnnah: Ogechee Gross Roads, G a . A u g .24,1843. L e t th e a f f ic ied w ith o u t h e s ita tio n av a il tlitjfn- selves o f th is in v a 'u a b le L e g ? c y , an d th-\v w i 1 hav e reason to bless th e nam e ol D r. R tu h ^ a s onh g ju s t recoveaed froifi a most severe o f th e g r e a test benr fact->r^ o f m a n k nd IV c e T f f :'v e . i n - ! I I l i f Corns a B o x ; eaoli and am now happy to say 1 find myseff.for the first lime in 12 y e ars well a n d able to attend to my necessai y doe lies. I send you iltis through a fi cling of giaiituUe,du. thispxceile.tt m edicine,am i .-I sense of obligation lo my fellow biings, th.-.i lltose-^imilarlv situ; ted mav be iiitlu. S&D j K- .MoLailen, anti Camp& Slone, Truroansburg— Trnroble.GfCton—W .(i.W mod<vortb,J ickson rifle—L( L O O K A T t h i s : Dr. Jonathan T. Kittrage's valuable E a r Ointment, . ■ JS'^T n iC lI L a n infallible and ininiadiale cure for the r .‘Iche, and for sores gaibet-ing |n ilieliead. o e apptic.ili.'U o ill c.tiic ilie Kar Ache, anti a lew ap. [ilicrtiions in the cour>^ c f a ft w weeks will i flVci a per. I maneiit cu-e of sores gailiei-'ng''in the lieaJ. It wtl. prevent Deafness, if used in season, & is an immediate .-ure for l-ubtoi-s in c.itsand burns,and hog Jites.queliing thefevi r and humors, ar d causing It to run and heal— shin sores winch some,are troubled with of London, England, introduced into the U 5 .under the ctm e d iaiesqperiniendence of the inventor. The extraordinary success of this mediciae.in th e c u r e SES iltarcnii he found ht Ihecom m uni'y—caSesthat seek relief in vain fromi a n d o f th e common remedies o f the standard English medimne o f known k established effi- Every f imily 5 tt the U -S tales should he supplied with Buchaii’a Hungarian B ifsam o f Life,not oiily lo counter­ act Ihe consumptive tendencies o f t h e cliittaie, hut to he used as a preveiiiivi tnedicine in all cases o f Golds, C-iughs,'pitting of BIobd,?.ain in rite side and Chest, Irritnim nam l Sfireness jif the Lunos, B-oiichitisfiDiffli- cully of B-eaihiog. rieb ic Fever, Niglti ciati'.n and Genera! D epilitjiAsthm a , Ini ing£qugh and Croon, t djrecMoos for the Res [tiesat jicf hpCtle will) lull [orailon ot H ealth. m m B-o«chUisfiD . £ „ \ 5 t e 119 court St. BosTon^’®\'- • -.g-B r a d - SC H U Y LER ’S\ ! R e s torative or jFamily Pills.' A r e uted for the Itfllpwing diseases, fo r ; which they arc a safe ahej speedy cure, viz: — N srvdns and Sick Headaich^, consiiiuiional j constipalidn of the Bow e ls, Plalulcncy, Cos- tivencss, all spasmodic amd bi’jious affeciioRs, W orms, Scurvy, Erysipnlus,apd all affeciions ot the skin;; A sthm a, D y sjepsy or Indigestion, Jaundice, Pain in the sidje, DicrrhcEa, D y sen­ tery, Piles, &c ; D r o p 'ies (of a ll kinds, e.^pecial- ly ol the Chest and Lim bs, Catarrh or common colds, affeciions o f the T h r o a t and Lungs, lea­ ding to Consumption, Infl leiaza. Inflammation, Liver Complaint,' Pevgr and A ^ i e , Sprains,' Cramp.s, Siore Throat, Ilnri-'Y, and Oholcra Morbus. T h e Y a r e also usetel ia th e c u r e of Gravel, disease.s o f the L y e s, Paralytic affec­ tion?, Lumbago, Gant, Rheumatism, Ulcers, R u n n ing Sores, Eruptions, W h ite Sw e llings acJ all nervous di.seaseS; derangements and diseases peculiar to F e m a les, and all Billrojis aad other fevers peculiar lb new countries. Gory H a il and oihers ol Tbm . y , , and by many eminent physicians through­ out the’ S tate. A lso by 'hundreds who have u- sed them in iheir familie.s, and for the com- plainrs named above, with the must entire sal- isfaciion. ' , These pills emphaiically enable their own doctors,, and v iihoai feai ttniver.sal confidence and use. N o n e genuine but (host meri lo the r challenge romeUies having a wide application in I'lf-ir cff -cui upoi Kious ni)U e piuemic liiseasf s,fo pti vent lh-> formation of ,Fi vprsjUilio'is a nd Liver alK-ctiers,Di&eascs o f the I n w . ets,Fever ano Ague, &c. in tli ■.$> w ho reside in tow and naarsby countries, anfi the best e.-iihait c ihiit can he u-ed to count.ratt the miasma ol unueilthy Incaniies—lo Ti-ave/lers as the hesj meiiiciiu-1'» y esn use to f o u nter. act the f x p jiu r c o f a journey or an unhealthy '-l>ni»i»— or to persons heingacclimileU lo a new locifHts tsinuU- Tui-chasers sboul, be particular lo enquire for Phelp« Tomato r illst and oh jtrve She slgnaturc,G t?.Pl,elps,M. D .,ilarlfort ,Coiip. is on the side of the Box. All o tb .' ers a re wpji lhless,or worse 3r n'orlliiess. 6ai3t> “vra'I V i S S l Jacksolivilb—J Bodle & s5f-— c k in b _ rg- Ivon k Palmer^L^nsingville—E Bttker & Co B u r d e iu—1». D . j 0 u’clocH in the-foi-cnooa cause w h y A u thority sliortl 1 n o t be g iveh to L siierill, e sdeutor &c. of said deceased le ’ mwteM ) lease o r sell so much o f ihi real estate o f Ssid S t e ed as sliall Le n< c cssary to pay his debts. D .led A p ril23d, I S iJ. [ G E O . G . p R E a i , ' Hurrase.’- H A T celebrated P i n s ician, D r n 'i i j a m ’n n i l 'l l j I- couldould not.ot. ha at v e leli a m o re valuable h legacy c n h to noankiod th a n k ts IN F A L L I B L E H E A L T H P I L L . - It is it deed a bl. s ;jn.;'o the aflli. t d. g i'i:'g r, lie i'l all Jhe usual cas -s o f .-ud leu iJlnes- or lingeii g , d ir e 's e wi!ii wliirh iiuinaidty-is distressed or ihe j fu'nei ions of life destroyed.* It know cort'eded 1 d eed a bl. s;jn.; 'o the aflli- t p u s u a l c a s -s o f .-ud leu iJlfie wi!ii w liirh iiuinaidty. i s 'f i . fu'nei ions o f life destroyed.* It k n o w c o r t'e d e d hy thecH iost e iu ino it < f ilie incrlical fic u b y , th a t th e stom a ' h is the s a ’ c r f und.iiion o f dll disease ; — chat it is, as i. w e re, i h e c e u tie from w-liich proceed a ll the.evil- produced by L r e ig n o r irritatm g r a 'i'^e':, and w liicb il<e\c-e spread to e y ry p a it o f t h e body. and w h ich il<eiic-e spread to e y T h s prope ra- ibo i o f cure, t'-erfo r c , is to ait.T the c itadel in w liithllie disyas.' intrencl es t3<ll. andnocojnhina ion ofu e licinal ageuis.bas yitbsen iovered so eff c-ac eiis for tbis purpose as the pre ifion o ‘'ihe late Dr. Rnsn, a-’d vvi.i;!) fnm ih- rersal succ d, a't- rrdi -g ib ii ad iiin =>1* it:on du- great v irtue is, ibal ibey ai'st.st disease in iisifirst approach. They are preventive- as vvel/a-rdue- dies; and we will veulutc to say that if n ’te )\ Dy fifst affef ted wiih syu-ptim- iliat i , eiihi rise- ss,,inany and manv a ease; r fajah ndght be avoAIed. nffltrJAfI W fflioiit hpc itn xvego S '. , Iiha .*3; a u d ’a l .Driiggis p/aces i! No Trouble— H ale and H earty for 2s. ^ u e n u t h e c : * ^ 5 Resurrectioi reduced to 52 cents per hi che2ijest pills in uj e. The fe. CHASE & Co,. Proprietors. No. 94 Bkffxlo street, Rochester. fc cHuyL.Eit & S cribker & O. B. CuRR-tN, Agents, Ithaca, F L ( • y ^ Y IheihDl, o r pount . 6 u r i& oun a.atthefefO B o S tor.. Oflficial w P E T E R L P S H , late of Coo n ly deceased, a ite dii E siaic of m i n e r T . C O L E , late o f tiie;i^«w Hebtor, in Ithe c o u n t / o f rpmpkins,deceased, JUtRut tsd to a p p ear b efore G eorge G .Frecr,Surrt»aie#ffc said cooniyi, at h ii office in iihe village of Illiaaij»«ii eountv, on |lhe s iaih day of J u n e next, a t l&oMetik.n B c ■shar.v 40 n av bis debts. D ated this IfithdwrfAi pril,I845. Il6w4.gj G E p . G . F R E E R Surrogitt. . 1 p o M M .as— P u b lic n o t f e h i ^ ' X faV HiVen. T h at all pdrsons interested in uue of JO A E P B K E L L O G G , L ie r f U)eTji^B,f. New field, in sai-d c o u n ty, deceasetl, aredireelcd^'ui. pcai b loie G e o tge G ^ F r^eriSurrogaic o f BaWoMiiSf -afiik effim iu ilic village Ithaca, in said'co8B!r,/ii llic 7lli day of J jn<, IS 13, a t tliC lO o’clockitvt^Jwf 1 11 . i d to iri|)i t^nge leijse o r seji si-nsncb of tlie m l earn 6w42, , ______________ I _________ ■ ■»N CHASCfetY-CrH flB c n iT — William Testeyt J . George M.he. & r - i e r Shafer. M A' tee ' s S i ll. lu pursu -BCB ■d n decree pf the Cou-t o f OksBecrjif the S tate of New York, id the above c nse,wilM)sMHi» f .he ma-ters cftUUCct«t,.tyrtP> caui=i- whytii ill K ej ity should tifitberi^ tr &c. of said tne b o f tlie real f al. Chattprl ied b^ing a p ________ S H E R I F F SA L E . . ■T)-? ViGtieof sevef-j! > xebntioi.s kj.iiciion;ofdwd.i1a K JL> c-ffice trf Toii.i.liit.s <J.>um v, lo m - dircctcdxml J dcliv-ere.l. ahnu fci the g-.ocl?aod cb.-iuies, bndsandTcii* em. n ’s <>f Cli.-ijniian F u 1( cck - u > ,*n ti.y ba!uviclt,ilii« S izedaiid taken 11 liie R .alu, T ide, .andimcrea tfllw said Fulkereon, of, in a n tf t o .lie followingdtStriM' property arid preini-e.a,viz— All that e w a in piece t?f p a rcel t f lan.f iiW a leafk of D ryden, 'which lie-, on the east side c-f the W|liitg ru r n rg thnoagh said sabdivision and basndedtatft^ oast by fat d owned or occupied by Mich-le ’VaadetW', rd by Jona pan Fo^. c o h tauiag aNou^ C-l acre* to ’GtheT'with appu<tenaoccs ajito be * 1 :' j a i a '.li 4 Li P R I C E S R E D U C E D ! g - ARG*r: ltn ld e - $ l 50, small Hollies ? l . Dr.TAY- M j LOil’B BALSA.Vl OF hiVKRsVVOftT, n>r the rure of Oon;lis, Colds, AsUimn, L'A^r t ’pnijilaini, Bi oncl.iiis and Ooii'Urap ior.. UeAd the Wd'owi-ng— jyg-r.-stim o in ju s u t c e lv e d ir.iin Dr Howl.and.in lavor of I'r.T .iy lo i’s Bilsani of Liverw o ri, 375 B.i.veiy, as a cure for Uonsii tiptlon, Liver Com plaint, Palpiiaiion ot the H eart,B ronchi is and Asihm.a. W est Po'tnl.M t^ 9 . h ,1644 D e a rS ir —Il is with the greate.si pes'ible degree ol 111 a rt feltg radiu d e and pleasing en o tions e r ih e s o u l, that I attepmt 10 cast in uiy might in favor . t Dr. Tay- tor's Balsam of L w e rn o r t. Appreciating as I do, the Virtues o f Ihat excellent medicii.e, ami synipalhiz ng With, and f-eling a l ihev e iy soul for tfib.-e who may he afflicted as I was, t c a n n o '—and do jusiice to my own feelings—willilioW my infl-rence from u r lin g snSViing humanity to mpke al a u-ityl of Dr.. Taylor'’» l.ilsani of L*ivfrwort. It is impossible for me I d descrihe lo youi b e g , wiiicli confined me to my.lied for a No of raoniiis, bui by -be u n tiring perseverance olUny p liysijiansl was partially restored lo bealib. ' My Liver and dig. stive apparatus,and nerv.nissystem ----- — ,|,gii.iol, a loost severelv,& I have IO the most violent altccks ol lull nn- ■r, suffering in the most e x crucialing manner o n laaing cold, was never li e t from pain in my right Side, accompanied by alt (hat host of nervou- aff . actions which r ender file a burden to a ll who a re obji’gis | Of its p r e y . In this way I suffered until the aHlumn o | | 184*2,when I was seized with the billious rem itting fe *’ Ver. Mv 7Lfc ,va« ,iAcr.ratr„a ..r - -------weeks,but by -. ^A. (If «jju vio* soreness in the-‘i lercosiaf muscles, I'stipatioB.someiimes, however diarrbo.-a. The exj.ectoraled assumed ihe a-pec' of genuine pus, was occasionally stre'feked will) blood—with nothing hut impending dea’b ,l of course experted very soon to st.ant at the b.ir 01 Uml. in ibis cwn-jilino i was,when advi- sed by- a fiiend 10 iry Dr-Tatj-lor’s BiLam of Livervvor I lost m v rqcorectionso far that I could not lemember my transactions from day fo day and scnrc-ly the names o f my c hiid'ien, Al. the symptoms of t-otisampikn re lurneil will) almost re'loub'ed f u ry. 1 ihen 'Went to Sar- Btog.a Splings whose 1 spenl the summer without the least adv.ntugp—whec I returned I was so troubled with palpitation thai il many lim es ilircafteneU immedi ale sufficaiioii. 1 again Iwd recourse to H r. T t ; lor’s Balsam of Liverw ori4n‘om 375 Bowery> ,-u.d by itst on- tinued use,! am now almost entirely resturerl 10 h f a ’/h . I have occasionally mar e m e of it .in my p raciic-, •'nd that w ith marked advaiiM ge, I declare myself It be an enemy to all q-iacks and curcall medicines, hu so fnlly convinced am I of the virtues of your medicint li is my c andid beliel that if the Faeully -would niaketise it in connexion ivitii , ........ ......................... . e uny would itinlieu 'e o f it in connexion with .the remedies already in their hands,less by far would be the victims of that dreudlul disease denomi.uucd Goii-vumption. If sir. what I have w ritten will be o f any advantage to you,or to suffering linro-aniiy,you a r e a l perfect h'beriv in use i t . Yours,with esteem A . B. H OWL A N I» irvBevvare 1.1 c..or,fo..r.--...- ■E ^ R E O E R IC K H M liiLDR oil Lansing, . J P county, state c f New Y rrk, gas duly m o rtftm k H iram Moe^of the same place.‘AR that certaia t.aet, or parcel of land tying & situated in Gi®to?,l#rW No seveuty one in said town of Groton,and boandtrfuM lo-ws—Begtrjning in tbe line f f Laasieg and at thanoflk wes{ Gorneriof Land owned by (r.tj. LanterByn, xoriufl thence n o rth five e hains and sixty seven linksjtbenwert . twe«ty two ichainsand ninety sevqn links, tBeilceWW five c hains sjnd sixty seven links, tljcncc westjtweBtyiSS. chains and hiaety seven links to place ofl besite»fc •maining thirteen acres of land.’ Said mortkage MO»- d, Junif-2-20, 1849, a n d was recorded with ttfepoirw'l® U therein feonuined, in T om pkins Crnnty u e rks t®**) August 21, lB41,at,12 o'clock M., ip Book W of ««tgt* ges o n .page-29. T h e aracunt nqw due thereon is T m H utidred and Twelve Dollars an-i forty three Centt, tta default h as Hcen mstJe in the payrfltjlrt thereof. SMd ptf' fiiises will b j sold a t public a u ction a t the house of.^t« B. Conrad, North Lansing, on the tenth day of Jnlygat at 10 o’clock A.M; D a te! Apfil IGtli, 1845. IlIR A Ii MOE, Moitg8g»6. I I V\ ai.R.FtxICH, Attornry. , .j3.44: ^ j •STST'ASHiNGTON G. RO.WLBY and HezekUk«. T Sandfers o f CortJandviUe, feonlind feonaty *M State of New York, have dxiy mortgaged to BobertU. Reynolds o f O roton, T o mpkins County and State shin- saidi “ All that eewain — a ------ iRrpel of !^4,tU ir'‘\ \°s.r t e l twenty degrees West one chain and ninety six thence west ttwo degrees and forty five ciinutes norUio»| S I H public hoMS0J3.i) the said p rr mis cs in Groton villagoon fi.. June l l . 1839—hath duly m ortgaged to Areluhal'* ^ m o n fof -he sam-= place— All ihal ceriain piece or jwT- c e to f LandsituatP in D vden aforp-aid. kn.iwa tiWguisl ed a |b e i n g subdivision No (a) five in thedirt?* icin ol Lqr'it'o(24) Twenty four of said Town (iS vej-p.l b yfjam es Geddes hsq) psiim.-fted to coiilai*lu»i ode hu-ufred a nd two acres of Land more or less; »* - prying al/ gold and silver mines. i s S S M a belter remedy lliRn the Rc&tosat|ve P ills, D e c -3, te4i. .1320 2w-oAi I'sierk Howo-. Ama.

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