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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, May 21, 1845, Image 1

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;j - I i- '■i A ^ A3^i piblTEWAiL. A B V (JI|l|lS ^ P 1 . / ^ . ______ tlEM S &F SUBSCRIPTION i j a ia a‘i'''ia=!> P*^‘ jHif 0 Cstti^r—$2 O') in ad v a n c e ; ' S 2 ,50 i f not ‘ lEfM S OF AWERTIJSING ^;'<'IJV.AntOifc?.fifti I _ I E tt A f t f '' ’ , -J . TT-Ti.•!-<>< family aad icdiviidudl require) to those itiaerating \TOELI j S & SEX 4 J x S,E vjc , . 1 practitioaers who aregpaer.lly wUht^nt.responsibility, f e A l S a P A S O V J O B P R l N t T E R S , I £ “ '.'J ■ .J.JJE jFriCE OF TWB I ioexperiesced persons *who congregate at the < f liees^ .i:H ia4 o n B N .U .A N D A D \-# lT lS E K ,. S S . J S S S . \ “ ■• ™ “ “ = \ f*«“« ««\' - ' • f ' '* \ ^ y^i-Lr .- 1 Ciriousteith will be stopped with Gold or Tin foil without a resort to the destructivo quachery of empjloy- ‘ P le t ig e d bi^t to to l i b e r t y , a n d la t jr , K b & .Vor44^ay8 n s , a n d lio teki* sftail a # e S ” =#= ITHACA, WENES O Mf A 2 i, 1 8 4 9 . l i ^ E U T s & ' f e E t K R I 5 i & . ; l>jBiV 7 I S T R ¥ — P R b F E S S I O i N A Z N O T I C E . ctlU'iU PIN E TIMBEB,and is Jivell wiiurcd w \ wJ “SraY u ? ? ; ,THied^3|0tJRKAL AND ADA'S ir I TISETI,. S,eftttr4«%4^ec% opposite the County Clekk:-s ojBcs-. RAMDSf£,DS, ) Aonnsss;, BcrstvE«s a n d RSFEHE.’VCE CARDS, (WBihliS, j . I label - s , &.C, Tflget&k w ith e v e ry deserij^fion <jf i 2 iJiEr^EK PRESS PRTi^TiSf^, -, H all timesexeciited wuFi n e a tn e s s ' a n d des- 'patehiaiul at reasonable-prices. r^ S E A S K S of a ll kit)d4 .constanTly on m ^ M S H E r a r a g ^ , I ’ k k e p t ! by . - S_, § - i T l t d 3 1 1? i ^ . Q N » ' y A 2 U E i i C 'i A R | £ , M B f H a A N T T A I L O R , SfaeDdOf 4 4 ^ Ith a e i B a a k j O w e g o street, gg«dyW fjg Clot^iinA aiw d fs.^ n HanA.. 43 ' r ^ ”.| w , , FiaiiiiiPiaster, Feed^&;c., < EAST Eii^p Og OWRGQ-ST., ITHACA, 43 T O R A C C Q P A O T O , ^ ! '- '. R E M O V E D 1^- To ths. TFoodeit B u ildiat^s opposite the Bun^c o f IlhiC-X, SIGN (>P r u r , uvv vk Oct, n , t s rd., , H .\ & A ShteFioC Il I 1 y O . ___ _ _ ’T ;.rff:'.-s B ^ E - W o o i > .-■» .-V -'!■ ? 5 I ' i-■ V-. A B.,CURR\N' :.. .t •' » , l- . J . A / . STORK *. 1 '. .,v B , i fs, . hove McO ,{ , I W i i-- ;? m-, U . ; rufftyo) D i’tv'WOOUS, ^• iogjvood,' Alum Carnvvood,, Copper is, F a .ttc, Blue \* itriol, KieWood,, C'yelilreal, Tenter i ' o p k s, Lac 0 . e , Cloi biers’Ja c k s , Crera* P a r t a r , Teazle.s, ■ i-ndigo,'- ■ O'lveOil,, ' C iiV liriqL Tlicg, article>| have pfiicliif td.t r C i s ’i ; iici wUI l)e?Tf>i.i *o\v fill* {* t’r ai pn-vcit c n du. S^’pi 7, NK V PU E L U .afiy ■'. ”'S ApcT 3d, , rru-^u F A S ? A I S F O r ' s A L E * rrVHK, Subitcripr OllVrs To SELL the X FARM tuivtf occupi d by bim til U>c ri'V\a t f b aiby,‘^Au iUd on 'he Uhaea & *■ O ac ^ o TurMjj.Uf G iiiilrS flou) tlic vilhf'/e <n iili.ica irtiU i 1 iralf fniiiv Dauijy viU ige Containing 200 Acres o f Land. *' ----- V when required. , --------- > ” -.bui| „ncl Building TlMBKll. Ne.ir J . f the hand is iin- prnve.1. The Farm is Weil adjpiei| lor Dairy or f< r Ouiuvalion. ALS/O, L ^ O , Real Estateor f Sal© &o t Let H o u s e & L o t F o r S a l e o r T o L e t , a n d Farm For Sale. ^ T’K^dv'SsS.tSfSJg- SO,L opposite ilip Parle and 3'* onocag of Jud e !h^ D tna’s residence. The House is of Btidt, s liiph, largo on i ,commodious.— .sillho Sl id on roasonaWeTeun9.,or ren* , In- piemises ' led fur ihe coming year at i siop given in tnediolely. The FARM is sitOait d in froih aii parts of thd United Stales, while acting as Editor 4 Yhe FARM is sitOalc d in the Tinvn of Djnhy,eleven U is Uie intention, of 4 e partners in this firm, to exe- | v»»/^wlr lr» o rsasalAnttt <tr\ ctft t IH^llF.tOFV tO luSir Di” 1 WA:N.TED, Ilhaea, Nov. 23, 1343| ' ■' ivjtion. A On-other FARM 7 inile.S seuth )f Ilhoca, and o mile ire in Uatibv vU'age, .jn ihc r.’ai to Spencer Containing 250 jicres < f Land, Well funiishtd wnii ruiialile BUH DINGS of every Umd, and vii itty of FRLTl'. h is well watered and woujed. and h.as an abundant rnppi tof valuable Pen- eitig and hit f ling Tiriihcr, and is vt •\ dcsirahk- for a i Largo DAIRY <.r fur die ruisiug n' GRAIN. T%vo j Ihiius of the Lind is iiuproVid.j A..th id the tibuvt ! Puims are offered for Sale emiie or /i.h sucli Uivisiei I as will not be iijunous. jurious. E S m N O F T l r^H E ^ o d e ill^eoarB H e c e tvrag a^hwser ^ r, j„ cp I I P ) Subscriber has the .Ulie!svlt«d,.vej. | T l i U J S , ,,,odu«,l™ c, LOfl dc Co’s ifflprovep Railway, do IQO miles of the city of Albany, and les.s than 23 mrics isd a large .is.sortment of Parlor stovss,of t le latest pat- fr ,ui canal navigaiiun’. Farmei s dc sin us of txolnng- teras. Visa'fi p.'ato Ptsves for C'hureiies, '^hovl hoiisos! ing a small Farm for a larger, or seiilcrs wiiow islito shopi, S o. They have at »U times oo band ??'.ova I- qrci-. pu, ci,.asp will find i> advisablt to call upon the subset i as will not be n For Perni.s op.dy t.j ihe stib.'-erit er in llio village nf Iih.ici—and to view the Farms apply lo Mr. HENRY COOPER,on the llrtl dcsci ibed pmuises, J.B.POSMA^N. Iihnoa, 23d Apr!/. 18d5. T . . « f i f « ! . l S ~ i ? ™ V f r l t V ' ' ^ ' 1 I ' d f a r m e r s ^ S E T T L E R S . i - r ^■| - — — .......... . - , - 4 h'mene.arlv oppo?tie the tcstJvnce ul I L Grir| ' . - 1 - ^ J h o A Serb® 1343 _________ AAS'El.i T O H E N ’r . Af I ■ A ,r l,•'>|ll•^ .a~t'v ~ T b o Y ’k - \ ; ; \ ii Fountlry a «4 Mfehiae Suopj 8.t JnAe meniory of tha reader ils several topics b«t a'- sO to teach him r | think, todras? bis own faifarencts born t&e le;*oa aadhpu'-sae tbfe tr..ia cf cc floauo.oa i4hiea it rat- ■ utailyopens .tohiai. Is allthess respects the comt ilrr sapears t* kave executed his ta-k wit'i skill and judgi- ■ alsoc. Wa cheerfully contniead the work tir the attep- *\ teSiiisi ?.r- ithasa, ^ ^ .4CK. ArJBR.rs & Co._ Aubarii AflTprtisemjeiit. B R A S S a n d S f L i V W P Y . A T iN G ^ this method of t^jformirg tin S publijcthathe has coanttneed the abovi B.ixes, V l l Castings, &c <S;c. j The ill jive ur'iclfs ami akulhor? fuihers th&l jM ty Carriage and Harness Makers, w h b Eeainessand dsfpatcb. All orders item a oisfance wi’l bejprompUy at- ptored Barn a.-d stre et Lamp. t i S t o y e s I S t o v e s I W ltolgsale o r R e t a i l a t th e o l d H e r d tv a r e S t o r e 2 d o o r s w e s t o f i h s - B i i n k o f I t h a c a . npH E ^ttbicriber has far »he hetUr :t:oc A his cftstamers and the p(i»rlie^opeoed a S tore i >r th S d l i o f S to v e s a n d 'o tk e r C a s tin g s , iacoDSsxioR with h'* Foundry, and intends to man ifac- lareand keep consrantly oo haad,’* large and ge teral A iiortment of Cooking and other SXaV.ES, c f tb e l J c s t * a nortapptpTcl pattern?, Viz— , |a«l6reen’aipateat Cook Stove, with hot’t it Oven. HckeyeKotasyXep, do . ' do •thatfiy's- • d> do our holler Ttealum - d o r«rlos do with elevated ot^ea, P«lorStoT(!8. reiTy Box Steves far churches, sfoier, shops. &C, of Various sizes, . ' ^‘” ® Kpe.,Oojjper»nd Tin Furniture, 4c.&c, flA Jd»reea store is a new prttern, and now fo : th- rt offered in this market and in form, is siari a r t taer ultop Stove, bat surpasses it iia many resp- ct? par iifr o L j Grek, which it much, larger. ThiS Sto|v3 is owievea-to be btiier a.i: pted to genera! purpose , f °4ter eversojd in this place, being rimple tti Bimctioff ccnv;0i;ieijt,e cur micil and duratde. particularly invHed to call andi lassboysssiortEtents before buy i^g. fhe ill G K E .V T B A R G A lJ^iS - — F O R S.AlLE , \ U ill iht-A ihvi.-ai .he KGhiJgr4V’ Ae’i'.l : ' : f , , r r : ; , ( s A N S 7 . ' \ y ] ■ r / . ' - . - T ; . ' .................. I r o i i • \ I Ihe OLD 3 i . \ i i , Pim.-i ■•lid. DiU.-'f. A iitll ........ ' oorfishily .Rraafc u.s foil nv-, viz.- P L O J G I i y . D Ll! 1 ”L c-I li Pfougl's which tor-WthePrenti- um Bt tl ■• S i .,'., h'iif bald it Sj racuse; idt-n’s, all si­ zes ; Oii.’a laiiuovfd; F'Gngslonoounty; Onondaga [■'“' c o r ? ' p l o u g h s df d iffercD t k in,i’s'. 2DGES of ‘ i3V4<.oi I • r . . _ i ? T - a r F S . - .Pm u ium C abklhg, Fulvm'a S e t A?r CAoking.&e. Phrlqr., 4 c . J«'epo{s, P,uasU^ .e and 3 p , . , , ^g. A l i a s ® .tFjWBgbn ih’Vg) 4 2 Aeii^ good Y'ouej Oi • i| ■ B ull F j C uh '.vili h- ..I i' l V-'iiv- Ci.eip, end a Iiung I Credit aivdu if r -.i *i. - I , ' F.M.CA V! P . ■| Mm'-a, q.-t .b i -djd, f^44, _____________ ~ F 0 1 2 ? ^ A L B C H E A P ! , H O U $ E & L O T f. im e rly X enpie^ by CJxat les Rubbiqe, B;^q. F O R S A L E . r P H E ' h o u s e & L O T ? iin a 'c in ih. A villapeof libar-i, .> i G niva&. Al'u- ny-Bip. nnWDCcupifd by M'. As i M.L AKE r S x L . l A^' n ew-W-)A.rk i-p 27, 1 = 13. iiVQ u r icU’s atui a tra f fnaj ho sired i»l nn rhp’most HbeTral ret ms as usujal. All -ir- , ^dthhi^rtf and c\zsting3 will prompiiy {)c5“OHfIran and most iJinds of Prodncp taken in u.ei.i Ar IL'tsuoi^s, E .G . COY. sea. N Y. March OG. m i - 89 N E 1 T S T O R E 4 N E W G O O D S . C A S H A N D ; P R O D U C E . . S I G N o V 'T l i r L R T T L E IN D I A N . ^ IA H E I hib-ri iber Hsvin.j T dt-.*n ilieStoie F.'i'.i.^rly JL ic'i jdrd by Gi-i-it--, ha a clodi sin**, im- mfediatrlv I'PP' liie Bank of Ithaca, is now uceiving a laiifeSoi k of D ^ Y - G O O D S , (^R O C E IR IES, C R O C R E R Y , -• i H A R D W A R E , & c., IAI'I of w' ieh have t» .-n j>n,aU><f l I'u- C VSM in N w- YnrU.an. Will f..,- R E \D Y PAY i t all ' L’HK \PKR t'l ill any .ahei- psiubh-hmeut in the vilhig- , N ew -Y u ik C.G- h S tores ti' t esc. pied, T O B A C C O . C IG A R S & S N U F F , Tho Su jr-ci ibor cmt-nucs ibo manufjcfure of Tt-bac- __ CO and Oigrirs “f alS Uin<l-?. CtiuwinjJ arid SinokinfJ I E X E C U T O R S ’ SA L E . A setioJ, on the 12.h dr.y of Jpue nrxt, a t Ld oVIc.ik ui unon.on tbe preo-i-cs. The fo'losiug dcsrribfd premoifi to w t—.Alt that T ract or parcel of LaSd, niliid.o ia thf T owb of Lansing, county cf Tetn, kir,s, aud being a p ,rl of Lnt No. fifty in said T o v u a. d boui.ded as luilows, to wil—Beginning at the s ufh west corn, r t f Land now in I o?S' ssicn of Juseph Snyder, and on the east 'iuc of land owiiel by Ilnswed Beardsley, thence so ith sixcha ns and ■.( vcBiy fit 0 link', tt e. ce cast thirtci'u i linns and fhiriy s v -n 'ink , th nc\ north fi.e degiees cast seven chains a\d twenty Bine liiiks.thcure wist sixi‘ en cl.a ns t thirty mia and one f .ur h links, to the place t f bnjimu«,g, c m - t«inin» ten acies uf 1 a u l be the sums moro or lets : all wl ich is finely timbered B ij -I wr II a d aptrd for improve^ P o f A S t l K E T T L E B , A SU P E R I O R Ai iieJe m ide fn.rn b. St pig Ii-on.Ti d XX. kept ioastantly for ?a!e aillh-j Itli-ica F r s i klu. 1, ,.n »Y'or'>s,by . V. C O M M U . Mate'll 10^1843, 3.-1 TH & .RtCR. C A Y UG-A L k K E — 1 8 4 5 . p H E t-rKAM -BO.\T will ii i.rc hfi Icniji I Iri^'.s li n u J 1 L .k ....u TUC<- 1 Y, .l/.lA’C’/ / ! . . ' e i v i . , ' I . '■■.iiC VI., U AM, C L O Y E R SE E D . ' { :‘\y j'NYllY ___ j^ A R G t |a n J bu.a ^ WIN TONS. ! fj^v^.yoRK CONTRlBUTloV.SKlP INSURANCE CO. T h e re was tim e— 4 h _. And >tis not marly y ears Wltpn grief I knci^ not', sin, n^terimo, Had never felt life toUch o lS l|i | 4 was as other clitiiareh therlj. I ne’er shall bo lilio] thcffi ,ag|i^» I am a child as yeti in years^' *’ R u t not like othcir c l n l d w , $trango T iiat wom an’s h opes anti w & i»||i’a tears j ShouI4 come on «jve a n d W cisfiftch change j So soon, B u tgond is childhip^g;chain, i j M y heart shall n e’ef be y o U » g l^ain . ' ' I still enjojr some sporlive b^ii% •. Blit not with such an arj 4 «o#we{ist; I sHll can weaYc.me fairy HOis|^^, l‘ t n o t with chilffhoo4’a . p l f A l iseat. j 5 is a s g r n e th ih g ln e n y '^ m , | will not let i t pei^t ngt*||l|^ | If Y o uth th to weep a t ' Age to IioardI it i ff l ^ r t ; \ )t a tear of in&e wrll lugh I have b u L e f igfisi m y ^art, knowagitin.' B u t n o t wi T h e re T h a t I t is for Y o u Thoug h I M ine is a hidden sej T e a rs I shall never i I cannotcannot lookook willilhoiit l w r e g r s t, Upon the A p riPnlOra.hf ilft i M y sun, too early risen, set E.-p noon, am idstldarltiBr W ho Y outh’s sweet flreanl W h o would not be a jjhiU ; . From the,I 1 “ ijfew ” — BY ftiw, : and s tr if e ; h^t retain 2 D eii^<H |^e Review. Still s iih s the world f < 'f # o S S ^ ^ , n e w , i F o r some tiling g me, tinplori ig|i-Spiritedi; a n d she counted on hfis ; tion to her to m ake h im her tool. T h a t evening, i he escorted her home, she tpld th a t Hor- 3c h ad called, h e r aS fal§e a s she whS beautiful, and m ade uso o f h er n a m e Otherwise in kg insul. j ting m anner. She said, however, nothing a bout j that p a r t o f the conversation w h ich alluded to her vfetim, poor H a rry W ylie. “ T h is I will n o t endure,” she said, m a k ing no attem p t to conceal her passio.n. “ T h a t a rejec­ ted suiter should revenge him self in insuHing me le, Oh J i f I was a 4 a n , of had a “ But, my .vouldyoii ] Implbri S o m i j 'S o L w s p t Ah, hailess world, w liatAv^m ’do-! Irapli ring me, im p l irihg' For somethin g n e j ^ . . Each pi ?apure, tasted, fade« avVay,' I t fades aw a y ; - ' N o r you, nor I can bid i t s i j t y ; A dfv' drop tremblif g M a ^ p r a y ! A rainbow at the close N o r ybu, nor I can 1 id i t sfay j ' I t fades away ! > . Fill up lift’s chalice to ilib % u n } LTp to the brim i ’T is only a capricious'V li|iaj A d r a in in g phanto n, ffiMing dim, Inconstant still for H c \ |i r H im J ’T ts olilV a capriciot a ilvilSin, Up to the brii i i I ■ 1 i| : T h e , young and fair cj p a c h jdelight; E.vprcts d tlig h tt i Forsooth, because the t lorn is!bright, She ddems it never u ilh be hight, T h a t yovili hath not a w ing for flight; ■>F o Booth, b< cause th 3 morn is bright, E.tpccls delight 1 ! T h e rose, once gathered, eapnot please, It cannot pletjECj : ^.Ali, simple maid, a rose to 4cwe, 'I’hai only blooms to [tempt and tease j W ith thorns to rob ihepeaN o f ea Ail, simple maid, a ifofecm It cannot pica|sc j| a Sf‘ Alas 1 :n.-!pid as bi fore J ,, 1) iiion'.lis, and stiasons o’er a Ri mote s t lands tlitir troasurcs pout Ala.-i, in-^ipiii as before, :hest st •T.Rl|T» AHIi fOATtiaE N ! TrHLVK YuU PAUI ? \Be tbank.ul. It u a vigorous B j i . eftbr . of nature to thronf off ui.,rl,.fi. xua.t. r l-roia Wiat aiay. he .-*o.b.fi« mlt'.er jsri e t F,, hi a brune, or uowhoisont jair wiiieiihaa become iLl.t-d wuh lUe Lloui notiticffrpc|i'atod ia U.^but tvl|ich ^is ba< Ij to tan t tiie ourbackorboweb,Lt«^besa^ H V s , i-ii; incd il,( Sn'sc A 11 '! ii .ig. til f.ii l..S'i. i;iy RiiiM.ri,« aii'i ' ill' r Pro,.,, 'y in 1 t'ii . ■ i.il ii« viriiiilo .li iin-'J.-'s-h'.' F ik e . .'^IKPHEN MACK. llh.iC'i, J in. ‘2.M, iBl I. ' ■ =■' !)? ir.', I A m D Y E V V O O D .S A N D H T L 'F F S . 1.1 ihe S:t.ne Storn , beiwvcn the Hotel and ' kitis House, A m o ia st., hhac A S A B . C L A R K , TVTG. 12O'-V'^.'-stio' ijwi'.l [lurchascUN CURR F.NT i \ MONEY ol all D.--c.ii'.io(H at I'l.t l.i.V'»i laics ' D.c. 10,1311. _____ Ladies Dresses—New Styles. A I,\R G E .V.-.-.OI tiiiciii of ihe La j L j L ail 1 N','vv>'t't Siv 2 3 1)1 C-jsliinpres Cjaliii.eroD Ec‘'>'se, Cra|.e DuLqiiics me'! i.'j-Sii ij'ftl Coho/glis, Paramcia.s 31 N ' C3 Ovvsg) 81. Itlln pst liiiport.-iiion, :C.a-!hiiipre R' pis j, P.ii«ipii CS,Ro- [ &C ju 1 I I C V’d & RICE. FA M IL Y G R O C E R I E S , At the Slone Store, Aurora-st., Ithaca. 'RT'. zs:. KSh & Mousses Rat ins Pure Lamp Oil Lead & SI N E W 3 I A K B L E F A C T O R Y . r p H E Par.neisllii'of GOOURICH & JOHNSON X liDVingb.'iMi J1 k .. i >I v .-<1 on ihe !22d NoV. Ijsi, tlie MASBLE b u s i n e s s , Will b>-Coni tnu( (J by I liP sub Bcriber cUhe-Sfhojain A u r\iasi iloors stmih of th,' Hearth andJamh STONES, ,S:c., atvl wilKumish at Short Notice and ai Pr.tvs coi rtapondiiig iviih ‘T'le Tiaies.’ Hjha-= lij 1 F..v;ii-r:cnc.-»iii lU,; Basiiiess.amJ Ids'Work will bee.vculi<l in a style of Neatness which wi give saiisfaittion lo h's C-.isi.iiiicrs. Tbe Public w'i fiuclit t> their aiivaiiiajei,) e.ill and examine the qualitiesof bis Stock, Stylo of Workm-inship, &c. he Dec. 11^1843, ’T is winter, but she pir r s J’dr s p ring ; Site pines flir >iu4ig ; No bl-3^ its frost and fo IhJ SrSng ; A biid of passage on tJlcjwiug, Unhappy, discontented tlf.'ngj blii^s its frost and fltVU% b ring j Sho pioL-s for ! I Delic’iouh May, a n d i a z t n |- l i k s j A n d azure ski if* W ith flowens o f paradi* ^ A y e s ; No v., inalilcn, ih.'ifapy t ^ i ia d wise : Ah, .Tunc c an only chat m tier eyes W ith flowtTs o f paradiSffil dyes, ; A n d azure s k iesi. T h e gio'wing tranquil summ ertim e ; T h e sum tnorti u c ; Too listless in a maiden s prime, Dull, melancholy par tomime r Oh, fur a.gay autuinna] clime ; Too listless in a majden’a primp,' T he sunim crtiine !; October ! w ith earth’s richest store ; E a r th ’s richest store f Alas 1 in.Mpid a.s bi fo r e } E trill’s richest store! Love n rsth s in that gentle b reasj; T liat gentle brca.st; All. love will never let U r e s t ; T h e cruel, sly, ungrateful guest, A viper in a linnet’s nes«t; Ah, love will never let it rest, T h a t gentle b r e a s t! Could she embark on Fasbion’s^tidc; On Fashion’s tid e ; H ow gaily niight a maiden glide ;— Contentm ent, innocenre, and pride, All .stranded upon e ither side ;—. How gaily m ight a maiden glide. On Fashion’s t}de ! Ah, m a b h n , time will make tiic<^smart; ’ W’lll make thee s m a r t ; Fmne ntw , an.l ket n, and poisoned daft, Will jjit rre at last that restless h e a r t ; Yotitli, t'rit'iids, and beauty will d e p a r t; tSoriiu new, and keen, and poisoned dart, Wil} make tlicc sm a r t! So pants for change Ihe fickle fair ; T h e fickle f a i r ; Aj f o a liicr f lo a t in g in tjte air, j S t ill w a f ted here, a n d w a f ted th e r e . No charm , no hazard^worth her care ; A feather floating fn the air, T h e fickle fair ! T h e F l i n t ’s FeriaK y . BY E3IILV H. WAY. “ W h at a beautiful creature, Caroline D erwent is ?” said a young m an to his friend, Horace Jone.s, at a party in one o f dor n o rthern cities. “ YeS 1 h u t she is a heartless flirt | She broke the heart of poor H a rry W ylie.” j “ Ilonf was that ? ^ . , “ Ilarijy was my schoolmate, and a noble-heart­ ed m an ; he was frank, enthusiasllj; and |uU of confidence. Y’cari ago, when Miss D erw e p t was b u t fiflccn, ho fell in love wiljlt her. She did not reject liis attentions, neithcr;did shedeci-i dedly cnoourageXheni, but she designedly acted so as to keep hope alive in his boso^, resolving, I have no doubt, to marry him if no better m atch occ'-irrud, for she is haughty as Juiio and anibi- tious as Sem iram is. About a year ago, how ev-: er, sho'hecaiue acquainted with L ieu ttn a n t Me Intyro, a southerner o f large estates, and H a rry was untncrcifullv dismissed, ju s t at a time, too, when, by her decided encouragem ent on several occasions, he began to be c ertain o f h er hand*- — H e never recovered from it. You know how h e threw him self away ! I pity the Lieutenant,for he m ay bo trifled with in turn—that ia he b y the door. H e has just returned from a cruize in. the W est Indies, and knows nothing o f this. In a w |rd. Miss D erw ent is as false a s she is beauti- ‘.’’ilh s h !” said the speaker’s friend. H ere comes Miss D erwent. She has heard y ou \ Horace looked up and m et Miss Derweni roV^cngeful. ib disposition. Indeed tbiere was scarcely a redeem ing quality about her. B u t in society her beauty a n d her w it concealed he^ de. fecta. I t was tbe \ **^***Frem' W a tertow n Jtffei:s'onian.'|f N e w s p a p e rs of f lie *‘OIdeii .Tim e ,” Some q f our coteropOraries havh been §bow. er wonders o f 'tb e d ld e n tim e , by 1 ^ 49 . \ i . dear M iss D e rw e n t,” ^aid her lover, ‘•would you have me fix a q u a rrel otji a m a n w I scarcely k y o w ?” “ And why not ?” she said pas.'-;pnately^ [die n o t insulted we .7 A n d is your bear such things tamely, and “ h a s [future ■wife to p^rt with a little too m uch arflouh, and instead o the scene of attack it proved a real one. Thi two Regim ents of Hildbourghauseii and H a ller ----- 3 posted v e ry advantageously upon a rising id, o f which the regim ents of the A rchduke B, Oais- .pdssess This they executed with a very High propor­ tion of H eat, and not w ithout an interm ixture of M alice ; for, in m q rching to the attack, home of the soldiers picked up little stones, others clap­ ped in a handful-of gravel, and m a n y pulled off their buttons and put them into their pieces, by which, upon th© first discharge, there were a: great m any killed. T h is induced tiie ofhhr two i regim ents, or rat her forced them, to act in the sam e m anner ; so thait the dispute behaine seri­ ous and obstinate, in spite of alt that the j als could do to ^ r t them, which could-^jorhe ' accomplished till a heavy shower o f raisq -and the eoininj [ a captain ed, several othi have no disLimet bear sucli thin g s taineiy , an d you an olBcer in the navy. Otliers heard the words, and know | heard them ; and you have to choose beUveen bet ing called a coward or revenging me.” H e r com p a n n ion, though infatuated |iy love, was shocked at her vehemence. 'H e had not ground, o f which th e regiiucui-a ui i,))c.r.rci thought h er capable o f such a th ir s t for revenge, Charles, of Neipperg, WolfenbuUle,.^Botta, and, for the first time, he ^ e g a n to ask him s e lf i f ragg, and .Sincere, were oruered tq^disp the being he was about to fiiarry wasqualifiqdlto q aalifi^d|.o them . ; i the being he w as about to (harry w as make him happy. H e was still plunged |n thought when tlie carriage arrived at the doqr. H is pride elec^ h ad rem ained in passionate 4'- loncq waiting; liis decision. H e did not give it, however, but mqrely saying ho would see her in the m orning, bowed and took his leave. No words eaii describe the passion of pie p ropd bea&ty as she ^ u n g h e rself oh her sofa, ^h e f a s ld never loved her expected husband: indeed a t his rigid notions on home subjects she would often curl her lip ; b u t his vast fortune was a prize tiiat she eagerly grasped at. B u t novr her r a s e broke all bounds on finding hia hesitation to be­ come th e tool of h er revenge. “ T h e m ean p iti­ ful wretch,” she said “he shall not have me'iff he wil) not avenge me. I will be =mastcr-^hh shall know that 5” and sitting down she wrotp ^ ,.. 0 ,.-...- .-.-.-..gj.- him /a note, deferring her interview,on the m o i| 1 nj-iyate men. rotv w ith him on the plea of a bead-ache, until j By a letter from Woodbridge in Suffolk^, u t)fc succeeeing day, when, as the words ran ,“she ' learn th a t the Country people about Aspal S|« 3 i h o n e d to •roolomne him -Trow th e -field on n-htnU . . , . .^gjlyQOd, atS SllU SO ' b i^oad E n g lish, a ttieaylr b y t r s 5 3 , % lu s ^ ’ iq 4 m an, and saps hq ha» bet u in t b n countryj U. y ears, b b t .will notjgive any where It* lived, or from whencfe b e c a m e . The«n ! a re lo dt sire the owners to come a ti4 pay th« I chargesj otherwise they will ue solduu|t % lh « f - keeping,! I I Al}, G oal -j sari a l d y JiislM c . {The iisllowlng iWex is nJatly e q i J l to l H | ucriow nif the “ Wanderingiddew.” T h e »taie- partm ent, nor d line of T h e firsf article isi a “ S raising one thousand a n d ings, to SSS^te^^irg 25 S‘SS».: A n a m i r has recently been |bVQugh. ______ ^ Royal dm (% o f S tockholm , wliicb prestnls v a ry curious e ircum stances. i[ j ^ Sw^deiy. Turnisbqd [some conjtUderable iontrU«i«’ J « , t a . « A e S w e c a i a | . „ m y . y d , ^ ^ ^ . An agent o f M r, B a u m a n n ’j rere tln-ni living,' arrived in 5 tr 1832i, and he leam e aelby iwhich the admi arnty in I6S2 acki 000 ihalers, was hi- the ckholm. T h e agen: ;xaniine on lake copy citors of ibe chamber descend^nfitliiii^ ickboini in tho Stockholm . p rivate vrja; eed., ^ d e b U f tiber of finkncei I 115 [ifed to be alloa’etl jiis p a p e r, andtbet lance, aftei having iss, deejari it p e reseat c It th e regist srs haid- pild be found, q f debt t h ^ t i t | e p l a c count wounded, i yet arnong p tlie be oxtin: \P ' p roSstatioi mohg the ELFchleyei'\ th a t allj been exansincd, but no trace cl the f a p e r in toestiop, nor of t] tablished. ■ bout tiwo m.pnths a flef ibli ning two hussars followed appeared ip all the public squtlr where haring executed, seveija maiuicfd \wUb W load voice,otUai whoeve haye in hts possession a papeti like the dne dea« igtiated by; the agent b f lh e Bajuinann heirs* w a ^ suimnoned w ithm a year a n d a day to p r o d u c e it before t h e 'C ivil pibunal o f Siockholm , and e i i pose and declare there the right it m ight efitab.{ lish ;; inn faultalult o f saidaid paperaper beingeing producedroduced be* >i|al n otes, tpej V i i f ot\ s p b p t ^ the'expiration o f said time, the debt shpm d xtingiilshed aud regarded as. having neyet, 1 1)10 succeeeing day, w hen , as th e words r a n ,“she I hoped to welcome him from tjie field on which ham, and the Ncigi j he h ad avenged her.” T h is note s'le ordered h e r [ jg^joi.^nce and superstition, that they imagine servant to deliver early on the followihg m o r n .' are several! W itches a n d W izards in the mg. , ‘ I N eighborhood ; ahd th a t they have lied up two pro^cstatiobs o f the a g ent, the; tribunal Ten ' H e r lover well understood th a t the note im - <j,r m jee old Peoplb in SheeLs, w ith Cords round judgm e n t i y which the debt w a s annulled,' plied more tljaniitj expressed, and was^rin fact, a their Middles, ami flung thtm into the Rivers, , g y t theiagentdid notaliow him self to be dka dismissal unless he would challenge H o race.— to see if they could . ...... ’’--------- 1 — ■ i- ......... ni;— Tk—1. * . 1 --------- .1 -ov--. ■ , ------ — regarded as. havin g neye t, ■ ted. As may be supposed,; .ho'.one cam e forJ J with!the paper, and notw ithstanding th ^ fstatio b s o f the ag en t, the; tribun a l Tendeiredt tu.i.-atk.n o / g r J i L d v a n i t y ’ and sa t i a te i re. | w h ether they ace W ilehee ot dlo ) for ift j ; ; i g p f j ^ ^ ! ^ h e ’’ mmcdiately addressed i L j i n c d V’t nge. She 111 vet contem p lated the possibility j ^Vilches the Bible tvill iurn round;-and not O^car a petition in w h ich he exposed M th a t of l;cr lovet’e fall, for he was reputed too good a I vveigh them down, and such idle S tu f f ; but the u. jdaco, and after h a v ing sh c ^ n thu sliot ; b ut wc shudder to n cord th a t she looked Clergy in that Neigliborh&od areftoo ^ s e to li«- cu^paJale conduct of the to M e y m em b eff o f th<< on the possible death o f ILiracc w ithout c o m - [ to them, or softer such nonseinsicai Tri-als. chambers of finance, .he pfayid his M ajesty punction. The'm o rrow dawned ; and when the | L a s t N ight a n A ccident happened at a Gen- gra„t that in consideration of fbe circum stancesi time for the duel had come a h d goiie,she s tation, tk m a u ’s Uouve, in B-W-street, TH. J a n u ’s. sup. have orriera that | the govemmenit ed herself a t the window to be the first to see and p,)ge 4 {. q ijuifione by sotpe frulicksoittc .Sparss, jjo) take advantage |o f the judgm e n t D... . ..— cam e w i t h o u t; w o o had ty’J a C a t by the T a d ,10 the Kuocker ' annulled th e , debt in\question. ^. . . o f Door, and knocking at tJie Door, the M aid T iie king consulted' the m inister p f fmailCf,. Servant opened it, when the C a t flew a t her a n d vvHh i t s advice, after ha ving strongly ilaibk seized Ii'T, which so fi-ighten’d the Maid that she ^d the bad'jfaith which had beea show n w ith re- fcli into Convulsion Fits, and was obliged to be ^g^d to.,the Baum ann heiT.^ he a u tao r ized th ^ ’ carried to the H o spital, and no Sense appearing latter to tiring an action against the cham b er o f there are little Hopes ofTler Recovery. finance before tlie Royal C o u rk of S tockholm .for On Tuesday K v e n inga woman confin’d in the paym e n t o f the debt in question. ConSf» Tow e r on the Bridge, wtho fiad been com m itted quently llip agent of the Bauihjann heirs cited th* to Prison for M isdemeanors some Tim e before, cham b e r pf finance to appear and show caus^ br.;...r ,i;--=ot;=R..a .TT-.tV. T .rt.i.v;nn-= having ^^ky they ^hould not pay to |;h( lickom c iitf iovtfr. B u t noon liiin, though long before, rum rrs and of it.s result had reached town, tailed to Caroline’s ears. H o race had'becn dan. geroiisly wounded .but her lover bad escaped.-;^- W h at, then, could detain him ? A t leuglh|j ■note was b rought her in his handw riting. Silc opened and read as follows : “ L ieutenant M c Intyre’s com p lim nJts to Miss Derwent. lie h |s performed her wish, and by meeting Mr. J o n L , hopes he has convinced hci that he is no covmrd, qs she was pleased to say.j she feared. Ho legs loavej nov/, to take fare, well of her forqver. The* woman who could tenant M c Intyre elling, and acknowledges that, U'mTer circumjstance.\. lip would have refused to be ai| participant tu one ; b ut, as he had m ade.up liis | mind, on the exhibition o f M iss D erwent’s, re­ vengeful spiiit, to break off their contemplated matrim o nial connexion, no other course rem a in­ ed for him, as an officer, but lo challenge Mr. Jones as she desired- iL d he not before deter­ mined to.surrendqr'his claim to her hand, her note, malving their' iknion the condition o f g rati. lying her revenge, would have opened his ej to his infatuation and made him fesolve to ahi don the projected m arriage.” T h e onO o f the Ifiah W indows, tho’ a Place not. above ^^Cap\toTjrf'^the'debt, the blah seven Inches in Diameter, and leaped into the Inf’erestlto Ji River, to the surface of which was qbout twt n ty Interestf Yards. W h a t is very extraqroinaiy. ’>sbe was taken op by a Boat about forty Yards below, . [T o tal, w ithout having r o c e m d lh e least Damage, so,?e ^ ^ gmg ejqual to a cold Bathing- rea“ jd ” ^ , s r . a t i i r i ' i v i a r i G s - i ; i i s - h is d a y , I G U f e a h , 162 ,90 0 t pay to {he p ersons nai 3 20,0.00. ihaler^ii f m m o g i B f e r i i 140,000 dollars- B O S T O N , December I I.' ! A petriioed H u m a n B o d y .—IA correspondent of\ E x tra c t of a letter fr o m H a lifax, dated Non. G.Y the QueLeci Mercury writes to'the ediforOf o f th a l with the M icmack Indians, and are in daily E.v- ®|’;,— “ 'f singular tiiat the discovery o f t h d peclation o f more coming in. This affair was P^'i-rified corpse in the churchw ard o f this village, begun just before Governor (Jornwallis went a. althongh'm|ade, I believe, in way, and was finished 29d Instant.” | Until la|tely a ttract publ tvay, and was finished 29d Iiastant.” , . . . . , -------------- . - not appear p a t even now it has roused the th e projected m arriage.” j W c have an Account from the Norlli Branch j tbe;scientific—allhoujgh it is p e rhaps tho in th e c h u rch y a rd 1 I believe, i Bepte ’d ic iatten t io n , . I t d e e s it h a s ro u s e d th e c u r j J ■ptember swept by like aitiother Gfeopatra, ted on Horace a look o f revengeful m e a n ^ g — T h e two friends exchanged glances. •'She is an unforgiving fury,” said H o race,and heard w h at I said. W ell—if she was a m an 1 )should look out for a challenge,” he added josl- fog'y- Caroline D erw ent was indeed all th a t Horace had declared her to be. Beautiful from her ear­ liest childhood and accustomed to continual flat­ tery, her bad qualities had become worse, and she had grown up vain, haughty, self-willed and ocation was fellow’s Tobacco; and thai on a Visit lo Dr. .Van W aj the two Negroes Waylai bffhis H'trse ; they then ii him a •genen’.s, his N e ig h b o r, [W a y laid Ifim , a n d k n o c k ’d h im j « th e n w ith an A x si.l.t h is put of the Ro o a d ; after -without his nc.U Day iW-iity year :)Utld. lli a j But the fatal trutji forced itself upon her ; a shame and mortification she set off the next m o rning for the country. She is sUli utmjar- Lieutcnanl Melrityi*c and Horace became inti- I mate friendp ; and the/orm c r, on learning Miss j Derwent’s Into charaeitpr, was grati-fiSl for his opportune escape. T h e two young men not long after married sisters, and still continue seperable. T itle to O regov . .—T he English m inistry attem p t lo m a k e out their title lo Oregon by right of discovery, when Spain, from whom we d e n y e title, not only discovered but poss.e.ssed the country a.s far as Nootka Sound, (nortli latitude 49,) and .our treaty with Rus.sia fixes the norUi- ein boundary at 54 40 north latitude. O u r .souliiern boundary with Spain, and next w ith Me.xico, is 42 deg. north lat. T h e m outh of the Columbia is about 46 deg. north lat. By dis. covery, by actual po.'ses.sion in 1811, in advance of atiy Englisli settlem ent, and by purchase from Spain aiitl France-, we became the proprie­ tors of tho Territory-. A t the close of the Revo­ lutionary war, England did not pretend to have any claim to Oregon, and as late as the year .18-26 she offered to extend tbe eastern Rocky M o u ntain Boundary fixed at the close o f the w ar .(49 deg. north lat.) to the Pacific, asking at the [ R U N away, on Monday last, from the suhseri. Isaino time a transfer of our rights north c f th a t ber. An apj rentico lad, named W illiam Proffl r, line to lat. 54, as defined in our treaty w ith Ru.=- by trade a shoe m aker, aged about 18 years, a- sia. T h is wo’uld have given England five d e g , | bout 5 foci 8 inches high, but middling slender, and the United Stales seven degrees <ff T e r rito r y .' o f a dark complexion, down-look, and wears bis But our governm ent very properly rejected tlic own hair, of a dark color : Had on when he proposition, which has been again renewed, wo ■went away, A dark colout’d cloth coat, with have reason to helicvc, b/~the M inister new at ^ broad metal buttons, a cloth jacket, wiih small W ashington. T h e London Tim es says that ■ pewter buttons, leather breeches, half worn, blue “ tho tone of Mr. Polk’s address docs n o t lead us grey yarn stockings, and good shoc.s, with old to suppose that lie would even,,adhere to the ul- buckles, and a castor hat, alm o st new, W lioever tim aluin [e.xtcnding the bound[ary along 49'deg. riakes up said apprentice, and secures him, so north lat.] of 18^(1,” and the Tim.es is right. ( that his m aster may have him again, shall have ■ A lthough that llinc would give us the free nav- ; F o rty Shillings reward, and reasonable charges, igailibn of the M mlnomah-and Lewis Riyers,(ihe paid by T homis . . W itherill , junior, great southern t r i p t a r i e s o f the Columbia,) and [ ocation w as Mr. Vaneste’s taking a Ihfle of the petrifaction, for such I m ust term it, is s takin g a litt'le o f the P‘'trif ^ tt Everting liRving been i large chest made for the purpose in a lower room I ‘ ^is Neighbor, huusej u nder lock and key. On remov o v ing^ skull, and dragg? the Horse comirig horn M aster, gave so n e A larm , and the proper Search bqing made, he was fo Negro was thereupon taken up, and brought t fore the Coroner’s Inquest; and being made touch his M aster’s ' Body, the Blood suddenly gush’d out of Jthe dead M an’s Nose and Eai.s, as it likewise did from the N c g iot’s, who then U'-i.n being s tung with Guilt, confo.cscd the Crime,and was, together with his Accomplice, directly sent tjo .Tail, in order to receive their ju s t Di me j its. ' W ednesday last one W alter Gordon was tVhipp’d round the City, being convicted the I>ay before of stealing a Barrel of Flour oil o f our Wharffo. I t now becomes dangerous to be out late a Nights without being a>-ined, as some attim p ts have already been nriaelc lo rob a'nd abuse several Ax sjilit o f the R _ , T-without his ' com niUejd to earth in I. for such ] made for ll ' under lock a loth, on S itself, By k r preseilits itself that probably ever cam f, is k e p t in a a low er rc Qn rem ixtraordin 'ably ever cama s of n a ture,a bo- Columbia foil two or thre® hundred m iles To be S O L D . ' n its mouth, if would exclude us from the A Likely Negro girl, about fourteen year from ag e , has had the small-pox a nd measles, and from its mouth, ik would exclude us fi northern-half o f tlie Columbia, river, an- Clatrli’s river, itfe great northern tributi well as from Nkolka Sound and several | ble harbors along tho coast. -Justice to d ty xequircs grea) sacrifices to retain t h a t j ry, and howevet’ much Me settli ----- -------------- _ ; wc m ay wi settlem ent by negotiation, We cannot sic how government would be justified in giving up part of it. • [N. Y .'S u a . ' The Copper Mines on Superior .—I t is bclievfd by m any that these rnjunes, i f carefully preserved and protected by tho Government, at some future clay will produce an annual income exceeding the present jeceipits for the public lands. llkorse’? telegraph is allout to. be introduced in by £ special’agent of the inventor. I a g e , has had the small-pox a n d m e a s les, and is f it , . for towo-of-country business. Enquire of S am - va lu a - ; u c l Jaco b s , n e a r th e N c w - F r in ti u g - O f lic e , in Leri- ' M a r k e t- s tr e e t, •ilo-1 Chester, December 18, ITo'I. r u n aways in Chester county goal, viz ; A n ­ drew Dtin, born in England, as'hcsaj-s; he was brought by one Joshua Roberts, in W esf-New. I Yorsey, and sold by tho said Roberts to one Will- jriaifi W alker, in Northam p ton township. Burling­ ton province aforesaid. Tliom a s Wood, an ~ ;fish.man, l9 yeafo of .0 be a saifor : Had a collar about his m process o the Ordinary way sqm© since, iiisl< ad of crumbling into Of has bt-come life petrified image of' i Imman form, which once had being, life and nioii'ii). The body. w hicb in life was composeql of botl) solid a n d empty parts, is now entirely solj- idf hard, and seems to be as completely stone u if quarried by m ortal hand.. It has the appeari anpe uf oPe cf these ancient slatues, abraded bjj tune and e.\posure, vvhicTf are seen in niches on the niit.side of cathedrals in Europe, In color ia is dark grry or 'n e a r ly black. T h e nose ann rrm-.t-'i a;'e df ptroy'cd.and one o f the feet, I tiling was gone. The Uunk was perfoct. Wherfe the! foot IS brokej it has every appea.-ance o f mutila.[ I ing f-arthiy fsnpjjosed le s').l,“p;-escrite J, as I was informed, a bubling^ spring; the e.v it of which was not larger titan th© pai-m of the b md. On eaher'Bide two bodies bad! been interred about the time of the burial of tha one in question. „ | A I these ihave entirely disappeared ; a factj riiicji show.s hat the influence of the petrilyingi pring or'iapi liric fluid did n o t extend beyond *1 narrow vein, >f tho breadth o r apace occupied by- the body whi ;h has suffered so e.\traordinary at, change. I perceive that a A’iPW York Editor is rather inertdilou.s of this being a petrification, and suggests liat it may bo auipoccre. Tu its bring the latfor, the dfscription given above, if corn et, will cfetablfoh a negative. The body wa.-s exhumed in SjKpteniber la.“t, and is still a.s solid as when discovered ; a t-allcventslhe cefBrt couhj. hot be adipoedre, and was in fact described te be also stone: The opening of tba navigation wilB soon make Befoliier easy of access; and it is to bi3 hoped fur the sake of seienqe that, some ono . skilled to decide on foe com p o sition o f this sup­ posed petrificaition will proceed to a close exam ­ ination and test, giving hia repc^rt to the world. Pcrhap.s the' stream will bo foupd im pregnated with salt or iron. i . . One' object, however, m m y -^nting you this letter, isl& inquire i f yon havd ever heard, or have any means of ascertaining from that vener­ able' gentleman “ the oldest inhabitant,” tha8 when the’ foundations of the ofo 'fortifications o f Quebec were dug up, a petrified savage found among the last beds 'yhicli the worki 1 among ?eded to ii?\ |oihn Sm ith, and lives in M aryland, within j I ■ H PHI i r . 1845, . ,. s to^ O R I G I N A L S T A IN E D J.

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