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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, October 03, 1827, Image 3

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WtolosaiW\) ^ a’bloniee ofwliomrflto^r «>e 0«.eral,, aW WauWyttals BjptiailOAN GENSaAL COl4MITTEe. ' , - ; ., .Mia^rar]c,Mth.Sept. liseci aatis-., 'featioWfthe marked preferenbe which o u r Repub- E»re!il«ent o€ these United States, a n d tR a t re- jp^slutU citahdeo.ee -in h is worth, integ. ity and pa- thah it'b e recommeuded t o our Re- p^blicsan Mlow-eitizeiis, iii a ddition to thernoUcei '• “ lestdig:-in their respeetive ’ * ' kaptiriGleery douii, Bimeb7 hek u ^ th e roap and j ia t g o t ! :.ashqar by the skin ow his feath. Arter avrUtWaan’t; tiothin opey jist a D aroU oald Skogner w ith to> S ^ U :^ol Si«ph°csitizen3 aifferesht committees, (s-htSsSUea the measure of his countiy’s glory,” iieMW* That thrforegoi^ preamble salulisna be sigUedby the Chaiumn and «eore- taryi and pdblished ,i» the New-York Inquirer, Wc-XiMSH C ob , Secretary. TlieOwi^o ffuschei in a fiimiahd teroperhte ar^ ^«1», haa d eclared in favour of Japkeon for the eex lE ’reaidfint. That’s right. JVew/ra/aig^fould fceslntpai » s criiniual now, as i t . was in the late - 18Aili-ROAD MEEtlNO. J i t a ~meetiiig o f citizens of, T i o ^ county, veaed at GoMpmn^s Hotel, in the villaj Tekanisaw , thare’Wi herdou ii, Bimeby M s k ^ . id foreteen fa r s ' Owego, CO th e 26tb Sept. .1827, p u r i u i n t t o piifcliolc nohems tor the purpose of adopting; - m s chosen C h a tt^a^end^S^ i,E0HA.iiD • api/oiiigd S a l a r y . T h e foUowragresplutioiu .-iralwbtWep.E-, - ------ - • thsS%uedwn!m.Bivor,.ha»^.to^^^ :hcaa»iP!i 0 BUoh of the publipk attention in, this SlalevfSwiEl'ereas we are tleeply impressed with, ^rjutiwe of €hsiDhJortant benefits that its apeom , pli(li*n6nt-would confer, upon a widely extec ‘ aoiSrlilp couatry,^ni .Whereas we ate ’ iaw l kulUtaj sum ov tir \meggers az BlaU az toiit gioht with no trodzits £ - . s S # S i S . . . „ a? skunk Black biirds, w ith red gounds u n Ma,k hopper klftoied : Darn passelifovln- irs that haua’t ' uri oald lade bards, w ith re d gou' yaller shews i «n the Pauls is a dnrii kewrasaty haze way abuv the K atty-rak the w a rter kums tdmblin albog az iph the diwiUdkt it.in eand. Bime .hy oyer itgoesun makes a mi darnashnn. thiinderitl noiz a- plagy deal louder th ® ekon Bingum’s ” s s i t ; derd gals w ith a pease ov a rShe bo o n for a ong shall. Jist az /as, Luugh,-t(m un i had takun a kqkiale Bvvvy boddy hoo.a’d az iph'HSven a u >z a- plagy deal louder than lam-, the Spra flys upun: meboze. I’ll be,bang’d a ® — \---tiuteh. az ahurT- ' y ilEvundersignecl has removed to liis ■* hriclc Stoite^ two dpoi's west of bis ■ fiwrmesf stand, next east -of the Bfattxli, B anltj. where he is now openijag his ■ f^all Stock of MercMndise^ dyiiict» is tniich larger than usual; pafti- , cul.arly G R O C E R I E S . s r a A s r i . W x s t i f s , P B I i i a ! r & » H Y G O O D S , 411 »r whyih have been bought, cheap lifcan ikeretQfbre, and sliuH be spldas die »» like quantities may be had in ihe c.iiy; o f Ne w-York. A. BEEBE, .N tiie press,.!and publication^ hi !3 lri*>r»l flanr i, they had kokkk hats on. ger waz Bares uri BuORlio; o . . \ k . , . . whure the plage teljech’t t ile weizles asleep); flow sez Joe Ldvghrm sez he.by the jumpin jingo hear she kutaa.dpiin— now* she kuts kapers iri th<> ^ fust rappids—now she pitchez hed 'f a s t doun .tho = fust jog-^now she.lays d urn on her side—now ahe gils'u p agin—now th e w%ves and, feme d ansejSB. round hur— now oney jist sOa that tornsl wrak koon run up the miist—sa how he. stares like a. stnk pigg—-nowbo comes down a tale formust— now tke the pirat strikes on a darn big stun, a n fiqks a hole r ite in t h e sidV\ov lifir guts—lord how the w ater pores in— now she atife fast, Jtlelloi roald up t u w adein, . phull, of w a rter uh giv a. tarnal pitch—the,Buf­ falo b elierd, tin the oald i t a t squall’d, un th e Bare , giy a moast ungodly jum iJ,hlean from the mane mast tu th e oahdov Oie Pplt . s p l i t , ^ be waz so damashhh feacd otr gettin w e t that h e jum p t over ■|pard,un like Paddy’s i oeid, h e \ g o l into tkewa- er idieeep. ont o f iko wet” T h e stufit,Jahet Salers iwl .fel.flaj on ther baits, when the Pirut stultori IWbicb lie offers very low for cash o r siicb l■coll^lce as will fetch cash iaimedintsly, la t cannot give credit; for, any. Those iDW indebted rvill see the necessity of irtaking payment punctually, according to contracts Most debts a re now DyE, aiid IS r i c k ! ? ^29tf. iiEimediate payBaent o f saca mu ■ N I T H A N IlE l Ithaca, Sept. 25. 1827. awlfelflMo. bored in a ' beep, wit ne?r the Catty-yfrak, un gver she ihe.i V . H i . * . . -... [eegun h N on’t, aw l went o\ w itk rapataw l the stuft salew t r she h a d got pritty dar S £ s S S S ’ I; iS^Fr^dWbert intemation weean obtain,a Ssil-ffoidt can hooooatructed at about one-third l i 1 had got pritty darn she whealed jound, un gver she went, starii fust; un I bleye.she wetJt, haff yyay to Kaptain Sim’r tether wurlil, afor slip Iciun up agfti awl srnashl iiitu tatterashun-^bythte lord harry ther was’Dl a peas lepbt big eiiuf tu ake a pudin atik oy, hone ow the wild kri'ters iin.,up li ye oneyjKst: the oald k at;/kaze when sbe ent over she went down tnlo forotaust, un struk hard on a rok that itdrivher tqle infu hurbpdy so fur that t’waiit ony JisE two inches long 'when , she got ashore—a man in Kannydy bort her fisr forleen shiiiu to send te-owldi lookin kind py a luan stood h withhiitflo 1 825, icCR whiles ihe iaUer would be locked up ''iilUiChlca ths with, fppst f and toatpirted' th ;„sj|lii!sli it wro.uld thua be rendered useless, bfm^tiirxportJuit ftw thP .trans^don colintryf—awd where: of Imer- |k o r k ^ut ot ' s ' portiir b o ® roach, rtllrniprowonladsfor which ouy Btato is, so highly G b oia! »ea’Joe L aagb-toa, there kums old ,HiktefV w e fedtottoxious desire to accom- az brile az a lark, the D ivvle himself k a n t kill I Hupiawfuc tm ldH ikkry! by the lord P i e '| atikje tu hiaun t a all’s liltt. Qninzy Addims O g in^!m ,isko?-th.9n; he: we-ot, ; doun BO f u r thathe gptsldkin theCLA Y . If keat mo a ty fore Dolcra in tales Rjmikles—so now ime goon tu a i n k ^ t u p at Ao-nolcTs in tho Lbtry d iat; Brora n ext \VYeDdf 'Ariaold uBkunnmin o u t again ject befori ippsaar meet IflUly .to epsure bucoms to the appfiT llm taeam n of b e apjwint- edfrwim tlai*. county, t o ’cemfer .with a ernmnaittee f raxit tbe-p^oceedings of this meeting* ^ L eonard , Sec’y: ----- : ------------ > «yerlaitin-le»p,4M:c* a llth a 'r e a l. - •-!- -= -------- ■ ■ ’ • - ’ fustliki inets dp ho popt hed fu! ter bo®l az sound as '* Broran ex t Wendy, Ariaold uB kummin o u t again — ^— ------- :— w ith hij^three B® o irT a les,forty TOoUsMd^mdld ; long. G ive my love to un awf the little Biggeli Youre lovin ^ * U nkl * B x s , Eloet to the meattn bos. qukik. Y ou re lojrin NeflRw t a i d JO E STRaCKBANB. Bed] d(M iVM 9 fidnn ■ t,; he it »S telfj toedi i^ii mm ImiA lleet^ kvel le d i |nd,,l SMCSTIOIf or JDSWC« or VliK MAOfc. k a f j«rtio« WaAinlcoiied lo be conducted in - assembly, to ,»ttg^A:^51*ep.^pleS TH E REPUBLICAIC ELECTORS Of the fowti o f Ithaca, frieii^- Ij to the election o f GENERiVL JAtJKSON to the Presidency,,! are requested to meet at Graiil's CQffec:House,rHIS EVEKIffG at 7 o’clock, to choose Delegates; te meet in county conventron, on; Thursday the 4th inst October 182?,. ' JfK iQ fausam e n d m entoftbeconstitu- , mo«: c l ^ y m , to, g ive the cboice of justices !peace(o;^epe.pple,«tr \ ' - J asper MunoBn, to 53is G ule :: »f Uli^aeSf mi aaclearandfiXElkit as.saoh laws onghi !a^;llsmade pouiil rfflil •itricir i % torffM . - --------- ie lS t b April Iiaealrat, to contain not less tbun double, nor latwo than four timesas many names, as are requir- in tilfe case o f petit I H S i 2 S S S \ - “ M AiU llEBi, .prtn Abbot, Mr E-rry PuBny, all CR-AW NNOiVlBERS leW-^ork Conaedidated Lottery Class No, 7, for 1827; arawn SUpl. 26. 4. 13. 52. 54, 31. 18. 50. 46. miVir-YO&sc . CO N S d L l0ATEI> L O T T E R Y ,I j Cb/tS&No.lttr-for 1827. Tobe Brawn on Wed*eilay'October 17, 1827. J.'B. Y at %-«^A, M’I ktviib , Managers. ^ IC f B E M O Y A L . 4 9 1, 1;|27.. will be soon o f Honektus Biidy for uiitaiiuii^ Letters o f Ho to icnil Candldus, on EEVIVALi? OF LK j ION as Means of Grace. G e t. 1827. _ QUININE FEBRIFUJIE. ^ certain and tf/kac 'm s eurijor ihe F e v e \n d y?g«es, Hide Hfadacti:^ loss o f S v p e H k ,m u k a . he. Preparedbp L ues S k VVoghWAjih, Chi/fn ■ dndjlpol/iemriesy Jthneat TunXpkim count\ wYbrk. . vn, hut- anil cloi;losing:sp. t h e subseriber lias, froin iment, been compelled to or ‘ lase o f the usual fall stock ' *.i8 illstill • \ H e h a sma stock of s R i T m o m g m o c b b i e s ^ :k of tp-r'Phpe» receiveti- «lie unqcmUfiM ap|>roimiio«» «' VTal qf-the m«ht i'nUiieiii |irai'UMihers ln our 6iuniry. t-i, rbrmi thd rccifiAha.s'liet'iicxlsjlMted; liitwiciiiUehty or Fcvei rhl AcWf, lrUie,ra‘iai:coninto«>fi»nu of Fever Iq o»ir couitHry,. arircmaiiy lu ilje webtem niml newlv skilled Uisiricia. U, h A^lie^M-so vyell|Amh^O \IS s s 5 t r s i a ' i 3 t f f s ? . ' s 2 f S ^ ^ ^ Ttt-mg ruBLICK ■ora, to the city oi New-xprfc, Inst a l o f Uioney, was indue-d, at the tircio, to.belies?e it was lost while he wras aStlie Hotel in the village of Ithaca, k«pt i[^j Mr. Spencer. Under this impre;saon hire njiAy.have made expressions calculatei to woonci the feel'lingr.rfM . S pencer. intended to im- iirc-er «wto his ageecj ; of tb niakii any itatioo against hie charatcter ?rfOi _ _ o th e r imputation against hie chara as niHJ liomest man. Auy such declaratio®, as G m a lie ;know8 or believes. Would Iteve .been without foundation, and i f be ha^, at lany *ime,^been supposed to~have i»ndfts ; cenas”cieinp ;t-hfliBfc, lie must hnve been misanderstn^Ou. SieaxetCmt CHRISTOPHER MORGAM. Oct. 1, m r . . ’29w3* t o T , ■ b a r r e l s S a l t , in eKMlIenl - order, for sakle by G£RE GUNN. Ithaca, Oct, 2, 1827. ‘ 429tl ■ STORAGE, F O e W A R V I N G , V O M M S S IO ^ B -V S im s S , ■ BY T. S. -WILLIAMS. Ilhma-Lmdi'ng,Qd~% 1827. ’2S)tf S N md^ition to, liis Tornieir atockV hfwjast, H received at! elegnot add extensive a n - rsprtmeat o f ■ . ~ - - Fancy and^StOpk Dry Goods, GBOCEBIHB, H A R i> ¥ 4 E i:,^ f ‘ All of wbiqlt will be sold at the Iftf esi ’gpices. ica, Hept. 2 ^ , . \ m x . A - - . ^ a t f F O R , s a l e .. > A T jlAZARD’s, opposite The Eagle Tavern, a 1 few first r.ite ■Also CODFISH, by the tpiirttal oi otherwise. ' Ithacii, Sept. 26tb, M 27. 5 2 8 tf- -^ku VsoAgueor OiiW’Flt, Wliich coplinuej longer-gi Sd^hoHotTll.tlie Vlolencool « I, governed by tile. NEVy GOODS. UST received n genefiil assortment Dry Goods, Mar^mare, Crockery, Bf^c, IR O N , S T E E ^ , I ^ I L S , M e . (klr CASH paid forAVlieat, B y e , Corn,; Alf«br\* and Flax-Seed. ' - * JV drsense. AU ibnEcantie ofikiiy ine Inilificurei oc|.nece« Tiip cuhsetivieijcet* ;of a lon^ comiimwt or iinproperlycu iubscriher ha,s eotaaienced dress, mg -GLPTH, which.wiU be-donh very Uberalv teiros tndeetFf .All wOilt?Ws>rrant-, pff (0 be done 3ccqfding*o,_c0dtw>ti.,and: with despatch. It may tee prolitahia fob ho wish Iherr worfe dpoe C l lEAP, t-witf - ' ■at- th o s e Bvl E - lS i ............... Ih deSilatcb, to call aiid s ify themselves. AH kirtrls o f mercbaDt- ga able Produce and Lumber, taken i n pay t o .oia U ll« fe e r, > e n « r , s E S S S ' S i S f f i S t ^ ’S . 11 fa the publick as^to Mr. S A LIST Oil’ LETTERS Remaining m tho fost-OfSte at O rvoe .-), Oct. 1. 1827, John JlilCs ^ ~ Jedediab LanphTre thatino Lani| A^idgB David J. Baket Michael Bliio., -Asia Cudingma 'ft'ElOBlIiO I 300 * o IBOpoUi J^YAESTEDby H D b y “ ^ ' GEHE&GUNN. 3 tkacaiOct. 2,1827 ^ . '29tf. FOR SALE, to the Presidency 4 COMPLETE tvris4ior8e SYAGfON » meet at Grant's; HABNESS, suitable for travel­ ling.. Likewise, two substantial ■HtORSES- For pllrHculars, inquire at the Bookstore -of IWlack & Andrus. - Mos^S-Genung: Georgd B. Guuinip i'lnoeli Germaa D^icl Qrsm Joshua R . Goldsmitb* James H. Hurd Win. Houts Nicholas HHes ' Edi^ard Hunting DoUyHacRet Harvy-Harriet '.lomelia Hacket TO B E £ j E % A T JEW T W O STORY HOUSE. Itt- - . qiiii^ of A. BEEllE, Oct. ; 1827. ■^KrHEREAS my wife O li V e has-. be- . * * haved in an imprudent naaraner. Ibis is to forbid alt persons harboiuiag trusting h er on my account, as I shall pay Do dlebts of h e r contracting after this d ate. ^All persons a re also forbid trading with:, or purchasing ft oin h e r property ivhich belongs to me, as I shall reciajat any pro­ perty so purchasetL ABRAHAM LEOPiAR©. iHEector.Sept. 27, 1827. 529 vt 3 Fifly-Ztor ffumltr tallerjf, i Drawn Baliolt. ■SGHEME. $20,009. is S I i .1 : r S 2 • ' 1 A LIST O F l e t t e r s ig inthe PdRt-Offioe a t THUMAMBi'ttoik'jV.Y Octotoerl, 1827. * M’lntyte, Robett Metftjn, john Match, Hannah Norton, Clatk H ■ ^ s W ' Biundago, Htoty BafEo,3 p . • ; .Blown,-;:John . Beers. Herniaii, : CoolbaugH, Garret GoiSstqeks Oliver, Jt. Ctawhiei?, Anpa Giiu^.Ktoet Canopholl, Thomas Duntnamy Noliamiah Djriingi Ezra , Diintiiaih, James' I;- ^ ^ ll'tS i 24i804 Tickets, S §124,020 Trice of3’ieKia'S,^60S,Shmc3ir!pro>rtioii'\ tb r e a l e - a t t h e B o o k s t r ^ h g L l ^ c ^ ^ W140 ■ 2,TW 4i)!B80 mu, Alonzo. . tee Slepliea Porter, Lewis Palmer, Henry PicMe,Henry Ptpbascp, Jdha Parish, Thomas Pheriix, Ralph Rockafeller, Abi _ ________ lelP, Ensley,.Brenjamjn daouiig, Samuel ' Go(>dwu>, Richard Hihbard, Jeremiah HutobollJohnG ; Htttt, Janies Hewit, Ainy Hohtnfis, Haqnab Hltmiltori, John Joj^ell, Reuben G leiMtata, Abraha w StpuvLeri ■ Jrs-* v Turheth. Samuel, Gill, Daniel Yanvaitenbiirg,Jolin VorSe, Stepbeii Wheeler, Daniel B Woodworth, Dlivor Wyi^off, Jacoh Vvhiimore, Parley :W:Miting* Alansbn ’White, Atin Winters, Hiram. I-I. CA31P, P. a i . , Sloaxcr Cout' George Cair Samuel Gass’ itino Lampmaa Lyman R. Lowoll t liomas Lewis Hebecca Laiie Timailiy Loo^lihead Will B. Nelson fieorge B. Nelson ^ Elley-Nivet Michael Pool Albert Pool James Pollard Amos^deu- Isaac L.'Rohinson 2 Harris Rowe John Rodenbough Peter Smith George Shaffer Benevolem Stephens Henry Stewart Joseph Stilson Michael Simson :tt Suttin Southworth Jacob Slnoke Berj. Tucket John Taylor Ester Tuttle^ John W'est Parley Whitmore Theonbikts WiHrams Pvaiidle WhippleS M. PHttLlPS, P. Bf. L IST O F LETTEI r S Remaining on hand ai Jiz^iiviu,i^NBW:. .Atidns, Samael JL Aikens, Calyia BeckWilhjMr. Barclay, Milion Brown, Jnnatban (^rey, Thornton F. Crane, George B. Cole, Betoamin begray, YOiUlgs jKVitM^New-Yorfe, €ct. S S K c , silrl?'” JACOB K i u k . P . M. I. JBEEHS y i * \S jn^t recedveil and offers for sale f l m a few. doors west of D. Ayers’, a general assortmeat of DRV GOODS, CROCIIERY, &GLASSWARE, Together with the most necessary articles in the ■ g r o c e r y I M E , ' which he xvii exchangl'fbr most kinds of country p ro­ duce or idtiiher. Elis friends and the itiblick are invito*! to give him a call. ' Ithaca, sep t. 26tfa, 1827^ '528tf Such as tea, s u ^ , coffee, spices, &c. iltlOw for cash ; or -will FvUon Fire Bstsurmce dampany, ■ ■ CITY of N ew - vork *. K '^HE Ftillojt Pire Ensiiranee Cotnpa- H Try, to v e appointed the subscr\fter their Agent and JSurveyor for this jtown and its vicinityj fuTtlie purpose of effecting Easurance trp i|twellrag-lrousesi, Store­ houses, and other buildings ; Furniture, Goods, Wares aiiO Merchandise, in gen­ eral,agaiukt loss o» daniage“bv firfe. . AEGSUSTES FERKINS. 'iS - ... .-K ank Crit.niHa Ro. ;] f f c \ ” '” '- ■ £ IS?: '■ N'oi walk do do, H : - d g S S a . 7 ? \ t f £ ‘ m - SAMUEL s, SEELY. iJeeWr-T'odi, A’cpf£«ier ‘24f&; 1627.- ■ \ ipriattoBk, T-1- .itR^y . Bank of New-Brup^ ^ n B k . ; < : m B.^at Trenton • brcik® T iiv e r n kcc?| ith liquors'_qn fen at dny other place. 528tf pers jcjin be, snpplit erms ns ^vburablc S 3 :l or Nevyiiitrgh, every laO-oiiig a t 1 Auburn,- For seam House of w S : . s MEW GOODS. fM’lIIE subscribers h ave ja s t received, P .and now ofier,for sale their.fall and winter stock of Gp,ods; among which are black, blnej drab, olive, aiid steel-mixed BRO AD C L O T M ; steel mixed CASSI- MERES and SATINETTS ; red, green,' and yellow FLANNELS ; green BAIZE; Scotch and Caroline FLM D S ; Caroline.' S'FRIPE ; BombazelteSj B6toba?ins ; Caahmere^HAVyLS; conamohcdssimeres iloi of various , qualities and ct^loars; CALICOES, a variets selecte'd firom latest importations; fiictory SlIIRTlMGS^ and s h e e t i n g s , TICKING, &c. &c.^ together with a general as^orttoent of G R O C E -i Rms. They also offer for sale a general .as-, X.,’ sortment of Hatter^s Stock anct Trimmings. Also, many articl^forSHOEM AKE US; ch as leather, lasts, a.good aSsottnoen* ^ ' firnatneots, clasps^ The above toe offer pay only; :atldtohethar a t a reduced price or not, (■e ' “ ’ ■ ’ ” and see''f . a.good aSsoftmen of shoe binding, Peom ark satin, EngJisI pnm ello, bt * '•all, tack! f ; and ton ether a t a re th publrck nfe reqa and then judge. White firjt quality ghingids',, n r first auH;iei;o rate Boards will be receivefffor iGooeU nr debls due, and allfsttck due fflusi’^be set­ tled without ^ JE N E iN S . Ithaca, Sept. 26ih, lR2t. 520lf: H AT^fojr siHe as above, cE'eap for c a s te ^ on:a long Oredit as Usual.' a S T O L E N M O N B r R S O O V S il»IX > , VING been infornneii that Afc Epc Ithaca, Bee IS, 18'23., »31tf 60Q DEER SEIMfS A. BEEBE.' ■ ’2 f tf. R SALE Bp. Agnst 1st, 1827- IkARt^i. ■ '■ t«, - ■r, -i « iBk. - - .1 epraaiW^B,,.. ^ .do . MiiurpeeittecLai Pap, U tMeity d f 3VlW-Yflrfc.’ 5aa.~.sSg-^ uBasgSE ■■pRjjteiEs^^feiST.; ■ ■ - CORBfOTXD. -wyBXtT ,- ■ . Pots (ton) V FG^S;-»-BeRver,Psu»hW6nt4br . . ■ m ' ' t i l 4» Mi gjdlhato- ;d«H L t J m E ic A S S S r t. S t * II iq. -ft.' Pork, - ^iine; neW ■inejsiuow- -J- B a tter .. . •! f ' G lge,m cosiiand in.box [teuji AEHNS?, -DW, in hair, wintor lb.' ■ lb a 12 ^ e R l g ^ R ^ ; l n h h d s . ' ^ f f ; g V . Aiaerican, ’ - 5 a S l4 ■ rALLQM^— Amerrcan ■ / ff mipponedTbdje^ifr’pttrsuit pfTcne B harlk - \ den , who broke open and took moncs ii the trunk of M r. I . P. Fogg, i e state for his information, that part of said money. Las beeit recbveri' from said Boyden, And is nffw in th'e hand 'if ,the subscriber,' at hiii-^residence, .W aibo, Delaware ;C0ahty, New-Yorft’ where further, particul.u's touching (1, ame, will b e mat S e p t 17, 182,7. ' vy I T b . OGDEN; *27tf.- ■ORiGINAL STAINED MlS-WOOp^ & DIE-STUFFS. a'^HOMSPN; &- RIDGWAY offer for A sale’a general .assoTtraent of PIR;- VOOPS and DIi;.S'TtJFrSj on. the most qerbl terms fet m s # or credit. -.-Wheat, R ^ ^ |^ ^ a b . , \ l 4 a s e . , Beans, Fl|k-Seed, ^for-tohicte will be * Rhaca, S e p t-26|b^8€.7. ’ V$istf

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