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Ithaca journal. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 1823-1825, July 23, 1823, Image 4

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T U B X t» ifd d p a y n o j j g £ <>/* % contracting, .'■'1fj^\6ardofrf#% siW i?- 7 ••• **• ■ 7 .7\ . wing tove bis qoristanr lamp- will liglita Ari^wavqjus purple wings-” But raindriipsftom theclouds of care, , vltlay bi(ltha^la«?ip be dim. afld 8WB8r' mi®I3$fe6e^9^l i •. give them a Spariker, that mjjy.sajrpti^^ihe surprisers, aqcl put t h e l a u ^ 6n'~’the -.other, side o f their, p jp tlj^ jiiM l to -you nty brave little , fellow, s a id , lie, turning to one ]|T # W h i t e ,, ^ t t ^ :9^tta9l; 7 *hah al3(?ut fiv£ feet high; whto had cetoe into caBfjp the night •before to help them fight withput even sling or stone ip his handy you *najf as well go bome-again For ybucandOus no good, as you have no guUt,” - 7 Meyer noind tint,” said tlj| little Baptist “ let us onlycopie to fight ihg, aiid t’lhbe bound a gun* will soon be put my hattdss” . ;• “ Very well,” said Tuy -r, and immediately- turned up heancl his men, to put their gons in prime fix, and. .col­ lect .heaps p f fat light ivood, to be aii.in reach- S o mos’d the lovely Mrs Dash, - (We bluShto mention names) ^ \When for her surly bushand’s cash, She urg’d m vain, her claims <* M n t a little money dear', » Vfclerv«ort and. Fla mien, „ . bill (xlnch now has run a year} Ifo-mo^sbw muan to {jand in.” - *f Zounds cried the husband, half asleep « Yqu’lhdnve me to despair.”'5-, | \he lady was tpo proud to we^>. And too polite to swear ; lie hit her lip for very spite; sma^/m? [e felt h storm was brewing ; ' J p - lid dreamed of. nothing else all night, brokers, banksandJ am lOughlherprGt Insures wondrous po\vqr i eye the lady seems >~ since that!:ho% ' •.*' ‘ ‘'who, on their-1 bin djal eve, i f i . v French lecm, jp* **' ^AKER & C o . FIX30N.\ aiiutyqp|t # v ‘f \ j ; ■_ »*what fpe to God ens ex* inhdrror snptchfd. I' .-'t f geilt; and sham®.’ Sealnfutyboira^ hid voice o f storms— at Kts crime recoll’d, , . . rbyssyapil Korn thecenfie rpn.* ^he, Eirtk;—?tlie • Earth replied Bgnisr* y.j • Ft *Twa* Man —and such strapge pnngs my-bosom rent, \ ' That stilt Igroin ambshutlder af the past.5 ,To man/gay* iiniHog,yl)pnghlless .man, I 7 , 7 / ^® 0 .h « X -' ;’f - ■; Add ask’d him 'next i-f-HBforn’d a scornful 7- &**. v _ ' Shook Ini yroud' head and deigtrA me do re-.| n^ce - Well, sure enough, exactly as Taylor had predicted, just a t the dark and solemn hour of two in the' morning, the enemy, in great force, Afaj. Weyipiss at their head, came dasjnng up. . Spang,! Spang.! Spang ! went the gu-ns_of the sentinels, instantly answered by Col.. Middleton, officer o f the day, with a voice as loud ..as. a trumpet, roaring out, Parade, parade.) pomade, the. enemy aye up t“ j 1 w? . ;; *- .jpt s.;. . » manly fape;and looks plj mafted and ghastly with blood, ah, I hahpv mother, whose eyes ureuot permitted to see this sight. COOENESS At the battle ofSfinrl^n, a carps of French grenadiers connmandpd hyM M Perer' were exposed to a battery that -parried off whole files at once M Ferer, wishing them not to fall hack, rode slowly m front of the line with his snuff box m his hand and said— * Well, my boys, whatfs the matter9 Ah; cannon 1—Well, if it kills you, why then, it kills you, that’sall-, my hoys ; march onTand never mind it.” ' the British close at their heels. ' Raging like a roused hpn, Sumpter rushed opt to form his troops and to meet the enemy ; huf as Washington said of the British regular at the slaughter of B raddock, he might as well have attempted to. sifop the floods of the Ni­ agara vyith his feet- Theknilitiantieo started fropi thep sleep, ip the dayb;,-mid under cir- behave, i e. theyjlopk to- tlieir ‘ scrapers; ^nd inadefKeqmelves-scaree, as Faddywould say,%go tphe an^.iessi Still Middleton was capp ground ‘ Pa* yradej.pgraltfjFarade, P •. B nraged rtha4 ¥■ ahould thus e^lghd th e alarm, a a tout British sergeant n f draggoods,.riame^ dohpspp moun­ ted on a rapid ^ p lrgpr, dashed pheadpf his troops^ m pui-auitof Middl^tqn^and.icom 4 pp with hirpjihnPd »Vfi* hand,. c losn “* lor’s fire, w o u ld quickly h c tvecu t1-1. S-H v h e fr'T u y lorsH u ft -i be 'p -™*;mQ fo b u .prime m ran’t you stop thaf holdso''' sir,' said the riileinan, lock, but«*Mhe^iine -> o r r o w te^ % ijlso b m u W m K S B t TK m along the shini giiUantJohnsbn oi m mercyj threw ‘ that followed; pierced through the i ed brain, the mighty*^^warrorm’opt^ht owie,-a poor lumprOf difeless elay hpd tossed? from his horse with all Els cseless arms, waf rolled over.almost into one ofiTnylor’s fires. Swift as thought, out of his lurking place ran little Rat White, and snatched up the -dead man’s, carbine add ’cartoucb hox, flew back to his comrade s,with a * hurra ! my brave fel- Riches.—^h wise .mangoes riot love riches, but he does riot refuse to enjoy them, and he keeps them as means td. enable him to show his /virtue.., A wise man'lias mope oc­ casion to .show his generosity, if- he be nch, than i f he be poor. Itisa-great matter to abound in riches, without 'bfeing corrupted by them ; there is least' danger in being without them. ' i ’• . .. . A military captain: in one of ,fhe iiorthern states during the late war, being told that q regiment was to be organized foy some spe­ cial service, exclaimed-!—‘‘The darn’d fools they’d better stick to the drum arid fife than to go to the expense of buying organs.” The Bible .— There are four grand argu ments for the truth df the Bible -the first is the piracies it records— d, the prophe­ cies—;$d, the goodness o f the doctrine—4 th, the_mpf al character of the. penmen... The miracles flow frpm divine- power, the pro- plieoi||j&orii divine understanding, and the $he doctrine from divine good nessi^ ^ ^ ' , t a k e ■ S o t i c e ' i I R i K Y T y fl i a B A R b have ju 5t received fron \ o r k , AftQ.O \ PiRHVth r R K SIvlM S , u ith an -^#xtcA)ir^ aii!iorii(ieni o f K w i m v G S , unusualiy low , for A N D Vi C T O f l l A L P 0 W D B R \ The most valuable Meditvne m usefoi C O D G M h & 110JN S THIS new and healing Baleant bills fan td rii’a'i . every .Meillcine ■ieretofoie l difieovered. for. Couglie. and complaints for the lungs, leudii)a tp Consumption. & even m seated co nsnmpliohs it ims latelj >een up^d by many witli the tnosb-surprizi ig buGcens. If certificates- from pertons of the highest respectability,_ar the grent antd mteresting-de-. ma2_l jor lt^naayjie called proof jot Ha good ep. lects. *U is proved;—-Scatceiy tt cose ofColds^ Coughs- pain m the,side, difiiculty of . bi’eatliing; want of sleep arising from debility or even Cqn- um| tions but may be relieved by the timely use oi tl|js iWedicme.,. Many nrrtificatea o fits pffioa- cv aceomnany each bottle. - NEW GtjR riFICATES -H«ving’,maile use of Anderson’s Cough Bropai m uiy’family. and having beep requested tp ex- oresa my opinion .of their e/licacy. in the cure o f eougjis. I hereby certify, that a daughter of mine was severely afflicted with a cough for about a ycer ;nd previous to the summer of- 1 S 20 . during which* tunesbe was more orless atteniled bv several phy- -.icians ; but appearing to obtain no relief, her fife- was despaired of. Being iriformeet of the great cut*; es effected bv Anderson’s Cougk_Brops, I wap in -luced-to make use'of a bottlej aQdin the course of ,'vne- week only she was greatly relieved OP her complaint., After^using two bottles she .eptirely recovered- - a-nd ,pc^r eftjoys^ps'.gpqcj heapb as ever. From my own experienpe therefore^ I have no hesitation in 1 recomraehdinV dtese Drops to the public. • MOSES KIMBALL. '• ‘Hhverhilk Ms; •Aiig.'tf, 182t. • -This- may certify to those- whom it may., coh- oei'D,, that* I haye bBen extremely afflicted- with the Asthma, winch has iRstecf .tne neaffy'forty venrs. and a grept pain o f that time to iucb a de­ gree that I nould riot l&y iti bei! dr sit in meeting without coughing, tootivltfistaQding I had tried Snany-gOod -FhyiiiciaijB andi 5 varaoiis kinds- o f ' Me­ dicines, .Hill I procured; a phial of Jnder^i^s Props, and frpjn %\$ u*e of ihtjap j bot^es .•rtfihem'T can sleeb couifortably.arid sii in - i**!'— a I r. BETT, ^ \p. Pb&UQjjice at Dryclen^ t *L. O R I G l N A i » i * a g . e ( s ) Eleeger Baker, Jiili'n Biiley. ' . ie.reBorthqlimew, - D^ulfli-Bluei * r- • Eurih.oliinevv,,^ Cp< .TuinesBisho^. Abrier Cook', Joiteph Coon, 2 * li^cy-Cook. - ■ . f. - IL Icary G. Buse.obtiry. forace F'-jeston, imepU Emfoon,; * 7r» Alexanler Lewie. ; ■ : M. John-Moore, -HolmfcS.Mdti?,, f usS'ej'S. .Mqndly, enry Miller. ttlKiiiL%ej-\v ‘DrldrVin, ^ James'McMasler. . f • •. > i F . > \'Sylvepus Fuliuerton, pty. 31 BLEH B E D ■imTRUCTlON *-7^'7ffeardly raq'cijfevfor rinuiirig.ofT sp ^oon,. with- ' ' out stopping to give tbem a little bit of fun.— .the i i&Z. A# OF OR VV-sVl^tSj F ord .. ... OLD. 1 ?HDjVS 1 !e&-wptebryi*bdr 7 .ii» \WwasjniBe . „ ... . ,: jep^uprajitawasM oe- r.&ijiioti ' that - Bam Fo^^wgafiiigtfiar.fediiSSsi' ri:Eatly'6i£ the ' fourth dajr of tboiri eiiciingMPnt, GaTitnm Taylor renairod \to Gfetieni Siiffitpter; aiitLfoH bun o f u strong presentiment 'onJ bis „ Iriiri4^thiit~ tEey iverfe id be $tt cke'd’by the 51 BHtisb on the following night Gen; B-u’mp-: fer treeted tne admqrtifioii ivith a smilo.-iTi Theiti utb is if this Officer had a wenlmessV ' ifwai? but isuf\ exceai^afphysicalIfreijgib . whicb iiever felt -fear The Ebn all oVervhe- cotflfl-notWr any thing which smoltbf -'the- . . fok'V end atways-fond Offiur phy hiniself, he % was*slow to ^ilsjpect Ethers o f ti eadlieT^:—^ HeilBe even the British^ though ndt' rnucb given to complement rebels, used to r ill hitti the “ Game Odck,” ’and poor MafianrTlip ‘T S whrrip Ff>x”—mermnft- that while Mnrion would never show himself but when W had ' the advantage, Sumpter wtb always ready to givedhem a fiur fight ■ • ! Hnpody, howdver, the' impression on. httacfe that Taylor’s mind, of nn impei .__p > - n^ft, bad ip it too-tnucb of if cMf from-the irtyMiEle vVorld tb*be annoyed jri tint way. He returned to number, whom' WaTEaye been here Tnow,. four days ; the British are no'doubf iEfdrmed o f i t by their go^pd friend^ i h e i toifies jrid. this night,, a gotfiethmg on my rfimd ^ ^ u r e l fne, IbaF'tbey wilt give fig ajmtrro , ' T fe^ r g g s y ^ ] ? .! ^ !E' mcrice on. d u m p ily, as tK | fifstIftTl&eir ‘way; “they wIm overwhelm Winfie p al& F - utyyijs they w ill sqdiit l^Bdpleton ;, aSct‘,\ Itot of a]k, they wifi pome down like five hun­ dred upon us., i^ow thls Ee piiy p l|ii 5 goOg centinclg give, the alarm, l e t our fires be w ell replenished jvtthiigEi wdod ; th(?n forming our iirie here On the ' edge p f this sivanip^th Well loaded guns in ottf. hands we vyllf. Wait their approach > and w l c a they shall be gathered in crpddf'round EW firhs, and laUgMhg S^IEie *q 6 w a i |l y rebels, vre will In that awiul paused their regimental? ?hin- jngirr the Kglitwooffhlaze- Eke E;seEdfbloed ‘With metal buttons and cress belts bright as day, Taylor .gave thA wford^ and his /^hole platoon pSnroJid'j murderouVfird mourn^ fully rinsivebedsby -dries arid groans of the wounded, amldying--: Only thirty seven ggns wer^firetbyetiwo.and-fdrfy oft the dneftiy came do-wn-rriUy.o.of.whoirf ia tbe l-tnguage o f -thtoi3a^.^c^edipS??silbi. t* The British pe- tumedvthe fire^-but lulled ohiy one m ui.-— f ery little- mtfre-was done on either side, for the Americans, as-lf qpntent ivith their own generous -tatt)ehnaltdi, With- fltewdeidly wounds tirey baiviriallicteii - fon’-their: enemy,- retired with sullen joy . unto the/ir own^ Ybrk- some4vOo^L Bf it|k h, leavirig’so many of;itheir- fdwadltGomFanfons Xh with, a badly wounded G enial behind- them, were , glad to trot bhdk tOGolujiibia,'; . Thg .next uioming’, Sjosd as .C aptain ..Tay- Tpiy.and Jii^.iffquirqlurned, iff the ground, the - Brjtish,do^tP^came.iM,to djesa the.wounded. . He happened to be an Iriahniau, and ns.usu.- Jqh.A .jol^friiitof- a-Mojv;iprap»Tayjpr -quiz’d him concerning the heavy, drubbing which his coimtrymen. (meaning the British) hafigiVen' lifib liMt'might, he repiied 'witha .mixed laugh, and .hlirsji, ‘ Arraffi,:,’pon my shoul now, fiotiey, but the boot was on the wrong leg.- Them ; demned fellows there, ' out o f the black swamp, played-hell with nss” Gem Sumpter, too, came in ; and as Taylor expressed a reget that he faad done no better, lie replied with a magrianijriityihait does him more hoaGr'than the most brilliant victory could have done, T h my brave' fellow, do pot talk so—you did wonders. I could not, for my soul, think where sueh heavy firing came from.” . Oa.searching the pocket of the brave ser­ geant Johnson, they found a letter which he had just feceived'from his mother In London. It serves to show, in what midnight darkness' the ministry had kept tftc people of England, wi^h respect to the War in America. In her letter the fon'd mother heartily congratulates her. “ dear .son on the blessed news which they had just received viz. that thie rebel­ lion in the colonies was happily extinguished —arid that her.darling dhild, how that peace ^vag ye^ored, waslhd longer exposed to the gangers o f war—andho'w gldd should she be, if she could come: o u t to se& lfitrii and be with hiip once m ore beford she dieid.” Ah 1 hap- ^ j m o t h e r /•^tlibught,'G 9 ptEiin“T a y lor, with © d eepsigh, as tnrning from th e letter, he Eeheld poor Jdhnson, t h e belovdd subject 4m it, a pale corpse on tfee sapds, and his Sally Pratf. • R. Cornelius Itbosa. S.- Vm.' Egtisonr/, c 7' - Jpnatbart StoutT - - ' % ' ‘ ■“ jKeroiafi Sdutf, saac Furgeteoti, Jesse.Stout, Esq. ■. -.*• .-c-Alds^SUyiliBr, VMklKTyiiWvfc.! ?- / James C. Scott. , a . .‘5-•. t:; - > m Sffljater, ■ SHtnuelHale, . ; ,4>>Jo?a%SGUtjt; Jncoh jBbimtlftttiter',....,Jaeob Vger, Siiinuel He.niirigway, 2 John Snyder. I’ll >ma8 Hans,, Jun. Esq. ; T. Wilson -Hunt, Ops Hull,, ;■ yiev. II. Htird. I. James Irons. • ’8w3. t SallyTiviofiOQil, ±1 . J'clor TftlnmgC, ------- ? ’ ; ~ y*.* ■ ►. - Ira Virgil. ./# » - - Farley Whitmore. J M. P H iL I iiF S ,P . M. RtTnalnin's dh Jltar PdH ' Office al-Tfumansbn'ri;-,' BRAM) AME|G^JttqraGpJaEgtnp Jp.n Aft. r • g /- ’’- ’- t \*s : y — ‘ifiyii ■Rd6T(lri)ao,-doJ7M6i!^s Legei-il- do- 5bityiBoHrdmari, doi Mtaisriris v)Mj| .luma* Rowty,, do, ers,.of Pffshyteriau >lyB; ( iivverly-BiU'cb,1” do- Churolr; j ses* i>.\ A. Balcomb, 2 do.' \ V1'\ -..FI. ‘ 1 - *-><i (•■' - ' “Francis' Mktnliville, Trti, i). C, Comstock, do. • b - mansburg, i.ewi!- Cote, . do. ... P. ;i„)10 Cliauibere, Ulysses,JonHthnidParker, 2 dn. .lobn C. Cannon, do; AbrttHi'Piliii^ei’, do. E. Knowlton Punish, Benjamin Ensly, Trotnane,George H; PratV, • ' hurgv \ ■ Gharles Emly. do. Robert nicby, -. G. ' • ’ ‘ ’ S. * Jamee H. Garret, d o. Samiiel Shingle; riisrles Garret^ do. Hiram SidgWick, Stephen Green, Uiysseg.-Tehn Spina, . i H. bObaibsh Shepard, Jftred Hon ting ton, TrurFachael SUM mansburg, do. dol do. l: i- d6. dr. d . do. Robert Harriot, do- f-h.tt hiji .Tft i!,he * • do.' Uaniel HafhrnokV d».- - Ann Hallady. do. .7. Wiilimn .telierson, do. twerge S.. JofCelyn, do. Ueuben Jewel, do. V. Mr. Van«kiver. do. \v. I*eyi Wlieelar, EsiJ.\ (Tg. Ci-Ofhv Whitney,* dor Win. Wiiril. .Tuii. do. Y. Rev. Miner' Yorb^- do. Mrs. A, Youle. ' do. ? 8 w 3 , H E R M O N CAM F , P.. M. To the Commissioned officers of the 18 3d Regiment o f Infantry. You are hereby severallymolified and requi­ red to attend at Jesse Grant’s Coffee- House, in the village o f Ithaca, on Saturday the IStli day of July instant, at 1 o’clock F. M, for the purpose o f electing a colonel^ Lieiitenhnt colonel, and major, which offices have h¥- conie vacant in said Regiment— conformably to the 12 th-secti.on tifthe “ act to organise the militia o f the state ofNew-York,” passed A- ,pcll. 23, 1823- JO 'Y SMITfl, Brig. GenT.' Corn’d't 30 ill Brigade N. Y. Infantry. Ulyssgs, July ,8th, 1823. irig'without coughing, and atfdbt) to tny htfsl- wS»*k- •'* ' * -r • • •’ , % And I do furthar certify, that my nbigbbohr .Benjairiin Holbrook, bad become unable to la­ bour, cm account of an affection of the lungs at leridf-d Witb a cough, wBo hiis received; mirtsh ben^- dt from the same°kiAd nF Medicine, eoas to bb a bte to labour again, and I enn cheerfully recom mend the earae kind of Medicine those who la bour, under such copjplainie. ; ; I, tbe enbscriher. do hereby solemnly affirm to theffrut[i, and whole froth oPtjie” above state- mrintv hpfobe a inagistrate, at JPfqvidence, R.' I . ■kSihday-Of- July, ^ * 'CHRISTOPHER COOT?.' the year 1816. T wb«, seized With an in tiun of ‘ the liver,, whicji q&Uspd aq. ajfie- hrori that piaceii ‘me’i^i a very critical situafioo. Aliiiogt -ido arfd brpast; : In tbi> situetlort I continued u’v* lil April, 1819, when my eougb antl thj^ain lij mV breast increased through :„tho “fDturiredT^^gsh wasted, I grew weak; and'bswjsi! down ahd lost jll hope of ever being* anytiJtter; A bout-the' firs' ff last October, my son purflbafVd 8t; Ralatoten Springs a bottle of Aniarsony (Jt>wh Drops, (com which I found almost immediate relief^and from be use of two battles only,,.my* iutigs are restored io perffct 80 iindne 8 s'; J once more can wnlk erect- 7: - 7-?tePHEj5f sFA M A lf, ' Oreerifieft,juIflArt820,. , Caution?—~Br pfirficulaiwfhnl every . genuini* bottle bas |*‘ pdenon’s Ciygh Drops\' stamped on the hhtfle f afid the directionii are all signed by James . *. Spid by - v vMILLER & HALSEY, Druggetf, Ithaca And als&.by, StbeIc, Cookie & Co- Auburn. ' . • 8 ‘ Si M'Attax*,, iH?flf/eWoo.‘ JulvlO, 1822, , 4 -- 1 . '* '« fT* * ‘ J ; , V a j u s ^ R ^ M e d k iiri^ .~ :v — f t p . , - An improved dndldlinbsi tef^ain reme'di^for dyspqp&fc casti&eness;r <*.v> • : -..i.-' . -t T is well known' that dgspepsia is biife of Dost; frequent aud lOrmidaBje“HTs- pases^rnui^dritfy. \Hits cohimeri’deinOift fis Indlicaied toms, of wliicb tHe^ rtiost terrnidable a r e ~ f * Irr gularity rrf tli^boitels, ' ’ ! Obstinale cmtitiehess, * ‘ ' : Fiolent'hea^r^lcom^oid^cdn^p^vojiis o-rsif k heu-ddcktj r . .* . r ; . Yellowness Of the eyes, . . . Acidity o f st^titack'-nftet^ tating'f - - FdatuletfCe^Or ^ i^dj^ih^StoniUtk, ' Bifter'tdste in tty piqulK'in t h e » writing, Foetidbrerxtji, >i *. Droiv&inessctfter dimerP Defiiliti/. lassitude, emaciation.' ■ Deprcssioji o f S jnrztsf Piks,* 8f t. JjfC T h e pills mtw. pfierqd as an antidote to-a disease so formidable-as tli.^ above; are nut proposed on a principle ol specifics. Their use was suggested by.thedry: burthens'effi cacy has been tested b y lot^ and faithful ex­ perience ; and the result bedn^ubpai^l- leled success. . .. • * >-*t »: • < Persons afflicted with -any o f the above symptoms are assured, thjit 'the Anti-Dys peptic Pills are a rem tention, ap /1 eaufled to, , N . B. The Anti-Dyi pared'by H E NRY JA' bany.— Each box contai i S per box; v For sale gists, Ithaca April 1 the tow $ a f '-plytotfrebnb-fdnber, HUMPHRIES'« HH&S Mateh*i4ih, afesdi v ‘ ?9^ r ■rT<J-r ■ • ^ T H E subsc^ih^t %qfnpD| lie* that,lip? alihvfc ^risiHdsji^at1 rie’d ori at His sttftid,11 in tlly s t ^ 1 e is nov^ rea c l^ t o W ai n!»'y pT“A s / tCtIfi»l' , k \ |S f F AULT havirtg Seen made In the payment X J ofn certain ?um«t fnoney,.Secured to be paid py a xnrrtgnge, bearing date the 5th day of lYbrn. aiy 1818 executed by Moeea Sutton, of the then town of CayutatTioga^cqimtyjoewMtowxi^F-^New? Md Tpmpkms cpunty to Jacob F Teeter. pF Lanemg jm tbe said dhuuty ofTompkmb-~-Ntjt«»i is, therefore hereby given, that by vntue of a poW*: er in tbe said mortgage contained, and pqreuant to the etafutp m supb page wade and.prOvided; fh#! following descubed premises will be eoldal publlp ; vepdue, at-fbe Cpprt-i) ruse hi the village bf Ittog* ca Tompkins county on the 0 nth day dj Decem­ ber next, at-ten o’clock mthe foietioon of that day,;! b n it All that ci,i tdio pwco or najrpel of Jahd, situatied m Wewiteld) to the' County of TompkihW known as a part o f lot number ten ip the south­ west quarter of toWnship‘number seven, in* the twelve towBshipg, in the county o f T oga,and xtato ginning at..-a.post,“Stftndihg-mvtlie'iiortb-eaBt' cor» ner o i said lot, on the north line of aaidi section, runn.ng south two degrees ' west,' 'twenty two chains'andi two links, to a post, otf the east line 6f aid t o t , theqee norfby eighty eight degrees west, twenty five cbams and thirty lmks, to a poet i tbenoe north two degree? east, twetity-fwo cbaihi and two Jinks, to a post in the hne ofsaidlot, thence along the llneof sgid lot. south, eightyi ©ighi. tl&giees, cast twenty*five cBairts and' thirty to the- place of .beginnmgv contaiuiug fifty acres of land. Dated June 8 1823 ■ • . JACOB F TEETER, liiwif £?*Mack, jittoTftBys- > . > O ^ H E R L A S John Webber, late of the town' I * of Genon, voubty of-Cayuga, in.'hrder td >qcure the payment of a certain sum df money Ibeiein mentioned, according to the condition of b certam bond male by the said John Wehberi did,by his certaiq ipdeqture, bearing^^date thfeleMr- day o l Movember, ip the jeer one thousand eigfi^l hundred and/fourteen, mortgage . tb-Henry Bfif; nev,.then of_thp eame place, that part or JOt, bjecl or p a r c e l^ ' Dml lying « d beirig situate in tbf jvewr Xmk, and koQwu auil tfislinguished by ti n?r*-:. of lot number siXt-v-seven m the tmr, tenoa\ formerTy AHltori (now LansingSirid h7 ed as foilpvvs .beginning at' tbo sdtfth»er of a fifty acre Jot, known by the pame vey fiftv acres, lying in the souttew\ waid Jot, m-a sqnsrd,form,-and rtinni hfty-four rods to a piist , thence -no and twenty s,x ro^s ppc} an half ty-four rods to a po^t, Ihericej andMtwen,ty six rods- of beginning, conF an bftlf bnd ihtrtvs of the^atoe Ipr, bed tht nor th line o f ty*two rods' w e t ^ p ., thereof; tbenfce north i beucfewesit .teV«n rod*! six cods pnd an half j the*** to tbe place of begini)ir cres* > ,bh '-ih havg^g^es inuae.yse -;Mdti< mortghj^l at tbe? IT ofToinpl next,~a). by virtue and in pawui ^ and 4prpyfd^»t : ■ J o a N B 6 N & |tc| T b e s a leof .tin JotoisoN & H cmeheex , Att’yr^ -' 7 . »r»: . •*. '„J. -^-..7 \-T- - m r\EKAXjLT^-hqyir(g been made in thb certain sum of money seoured to h e ^ iby a mortgage bearing.datc the thirteenth day! >Apii I eighteen hundred and nineteen,«eXeCutil iby William 'Linn bfTthaba/4n th e ^ ^ n ty 3 Tompkins, tp james Fumpelly, ofOneso, in tfl < iunty of Broomi—Notice 16 therefore ybereb] ■i iven, that by virtiie of a apowefi m •said'm'ort ,-i.nge contained/ and pursuant to the/^pfbte $ ^iicb-case-ramle-and-proi^dfdT-xhe^loyfmg-da jicribet, premises will be sold at-public riictiuno! jth& fast Tdhsddy id- MugtiSt-m-Sfi,' nrm ^ b itm ;in> the focrioqptt..'oFthitday^ ai 'theV.^(5Uft>.Hott jin.ttih saidviHage;p£-Itb\&ca* to witj^aillthxf- raiovpiece or pawej oj laqd belog/part qiyfotmi ■Jidf njpbYy^iSaiv 1 inv tfeF village otijLtlmca,-an ;diqtin(ty oFTo'jfippffsrb^inMw^bri^U^briiSTK ing_ fromJlhbca:t>lDryilert at'th^-5 ioStliledst Ct) npeck>Tmj^MNpnd-:deedett-Tby--Sii|m 6 UiI|pehNiB shis wife tp. J;(>hn nnd( Arthur S. J^bnsoqf on -1 ,23d day o f August 1814, tl]ence runinn|.easterj jon the worth -ide o f said road four .perbhdsvjthen ;norlb to a line- parallel 'wuth thern0irth;fiusV-:4F | I formerly belonging to Ohveii HWnt|irgt I hence westerlyfourr pprchps t o j h e - n q p ’ |cncnep of the said-Jphn a»]<l Arthur S. Johnson -lot. thence fOutb. to-the place o fvbeitipnihg.'Qti Aeinidg one lhird’Of'hn'acrefbfland.' JHated Owe Village February tTtjIi, 1823 r i . ___ J a m e s f u m p e l l y : j W m . Pr,AtT,Jils ^ftt’y. • now; : ^ j. $ - t- r .-j-JTY-EF-AULT having been made-in the payme Of .a cdrtaiu sum- of money; seqhredtO ha pa by if librtgagb beanng-.date the tburth day ’ Marcii, eignteen hundredjmd thir(gep,.execute W James Murray; o f the then town of Caytlt [now Newfiel-dj Tompkins county,to Samuel A-)bnson,-of fiie county of- -FahfielJ/aifAstnfe <L.i>nnedtncut-rSiofice is therefore hereby give frbat by virtue of a pbwer in the said mortge contained, ^-pursuant to the statute ih such, cl made and prowidodi the following .described \pre pes hill ibe sold at public vendde.at thecourf boi in tbe village‘oflthabii Tompkips hdifrity on { second Tuesday .ill December neitt ,&t one o’clol |n the afterndon of that day, to wip— Afi [h pertpn piece or* paicel o/ japd, situated ir t toWn of Newfielu and county(jg£Tbtmpkms, k a part oflctniiriber ijvfelVb, id rtortheat v ion of township number rr%, ibthe lups in the coQiftvvof'J’iogh ' ahj state oFNcw oik, and boiinded as folfoiyx, via -/Beginning post standing in the southeast Corner, bf said-' hdmber twelve, and m the hast feotMk of said ^ibn[ marked number thcqhx aridf tWelye Up no rtiteighty eight degreferwest foLty^anef an bed twelve hnjes to a post tbhrkdil ffilinbeiVl^ Sft-hence north tivo degcady dh«t IhitfJ qhaj# iffythiee 1 rnfes^toyg^iosf,\thence sputli ight degrees ^ast>itwenty;ihreecir J jnrefe ltd Its, ithdnce north two d ^ ij^nlrie chwns'aiwt tbre ifatidmg hpfth.'fi tfiA^Ce eighty fei^Nltddg „ chains dud fllffy-Wirte Jtttijiiite: he noftfaehst cor«>r $br snld mj* 1 *di hexifse south t wo \degrees ^ west alon|<r ounds o f said section HftVS/dbo cfiaia oustom . ; t f t y s s e s ^ w [{ * ).3B« Lrf, ____ <ShM \ ■ z - V i r ji.h. __

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