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Ithaca journal. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 1823-1825, July 23, 1823, Image 1

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EURJulSfrLD ON WEDNESDAYS,] pledg ’ d BUT 10 TRUTH, TO IIBERaY LA-W,—NQ F a VOR SAV'AYS US, T*$D HD FiAR b AWE [JlY MA lj Y <$• M O B G M . VOL M .w iTHAC.i, a o u x r r ' o f t o m p h l v s jv. r , . . , : j v c r 2 s 1 8 i 3 . [WH ol E l V . S'io. \ T E R M ’S jY?£o vjIEage^ubscn-bers, and-those who. »feceiv& their- paper-by fiosL.rid^rs^2_OD per.anaumrpajiiWe qw«tHrly, or 50, if not paicj tilf tbe^nd of l h e jea r _ 2 = II. T o these: who. receive their papers at the office,, $ 1 5 t f ,. payable 3o advance , or $ 2 00. if not paid till the end bf the year ■, fit. Mail subscribers , ^2 QO payable gi advance; or- $2 5 0 , atthe tnd of theyehr .IVY-^.11 arrearages must b e paid* before a paper js discontinued. . PRODUCE, of ail kindsytaJken on reg­ ular, payments, at the prices the- merchants .allow,in*goods'.’ ■ . . . ^ \ ADVERTISEMENTS inserted It- the rate of ojjp dollar perscpiarp for three ;,ioser4 Zions, and’ 25 cents for each continnapcej gal advertisements from- adistMce,*'musl he[ accompanied by the cash, or Tefexehc'b;giveri» to aIcnowrt and responsible agent'heifer; it.. No advertisement discontinued withcfm or­ ders or a settlement \ F--' ttttt Communications to* the publishers, alnast jbe post-paid CAYtJGA \AND TOMPKINS COUN­ TIES^— 2 nd Regiment o f Rijlemen. 4\iOL JQHML RrCHARD- - ^ ^ -SON, vconiniaiidiag the jk f : 'Regiment of N. York Riflemen, ■» ordeps^aiid directs,- That Lieut. Colonel PHINEHAS HURD, Captain, DANIEL ELY, end Capttain HEZEKlAfi ELD- RLDGE,'of;said \'Reginient.rou- stitute a Uburt;Martial 'tortile present year,Tor foe trial of,all' \delinquents aiid. deUnquenpies -andelre«ne^-€o^izabUir byrsaid- Ooutt,,- with in\ said Regiment: That' Lieut. PbinehasHurdi be President, ofrtaid Court Martial, and that said Court convene ut the house of Luther Gere,. in Ithaca,, on fHe^Oth <«f October next j at the - house o f SOybnour Partelow, at , Sherwood’s Corner, on .the d of -October next and at the bouse of Edmopd B. Fellows, in Brutus, on fhft . th day ofj,October-next. .. By-order uftGoL-IoAaL Richardson^, \ . . .JOSHUA JENKINS, Acfj’t. 1823k •-;- rrtjeived ItfclLw at fjU U H - Printing piw'liol^s general m eountry,or city _ _ p E S , . ■or# iM e x iam j ... emnpioniy: fxken.Uy: merchants, as cftertjrf r ~~»scan bit had a t other stores in this yjl * l a ^ a b f those th'a^ pojfejfto* • sell a t rtW For* prtees. v - . ■?. c v w ^ ' : j&t^ « E & o i r r . , Ithaca, Jnpy.i1?', • ' rf -I? -r-F ...._ E^, J« to the __ MOORE have removed ' N e i v I k -. • - next door to J. Grant’sTavern, and are open ing an extensive assortment of GOODS,~— viz: AN\ EXTENSIVE SUPPLY, OP C R O C K E R Y GROCFRILS cf the first quality,■ncluding-, i • F irE'SEN-'l ■then— - respects' to their brother hatters in mis, auci the -adjoining. countips, and,, respectfully inform them, that they have just received from New-.York, and i\ow offer for sale at their well known hat store, in the brick building, one door east uf Wm. Lesley’s store, ■500 lb s . H A T T E R S ’ W O O L x „ : ’^ _. J S M ) u ~ g u m E . m i J i B n together .With a general and well selected as ^oriineqtof , l Y . . ^ t o c k -N Y T i m u i m ^ s , consisting of thfe following articles, (viz.) Russian Rabbit, Coney, Muskrat, , Raccoun,, Cauuqftels. hait, and couimun JRabbit y Cot- ton and Silk hat linings, of different cnlouis ; Loopings, Bands, Stlk Curd-, j/asseis. mtti ornanyents ; hat, Bqckles,. Galloonj drawing different chlouis; Jacks, anii stopping Brushei, - - — - Also* .^w selfftJ : : B l ’ P E A L O The above articles were, at ' very. saihirMvancep .raising c. K ieon o n w • • - - INDIAN- CORN. • * * Y . • \'*.** * ‘ *■ .* The following a-rticleTffoia the Baltimore Amerieanjjarn^ri ihay present time when- wheat is aj^taple and ready article tor m'arket, and' corh bears' a ppoportion ibly low price;, coqveysoirre tiMful hints , 111 (3xr way ofdQfngstjc, economy. : £ . ' ' ' *• On tliejpojious_ i&mjs o f pfejjdring and ern . «./' J 'ploijzng hi$£ail earn. * . •*.* ’■ ':J Th.ere are’ ni&ythhigS:the- r-ich have no neet|to think of, which woald’he ot infinite advantage to the poor, iTthey haci tht: Lnowl edga n'ecekhvy to fiiru- that! pTodiict of thei labor they have mo^'t in thew pow-G”, f o the own comfort’and ^vantage 1 on may p e haps sniiie when you peicerve this pre Lie is to usherinto'notice the virtuesyif I _ diatf com .\I will M\ow you to do ^ofif—you, caiTiin.l rfithy enTuherhtipn one use to vthi h I put this valtulble grain, unworthyuYbemg more geh§uall-f knownk-\t:In bfdfri to swigff the list,'! inentBfl «ome of the purposes tom which'it'is nsedjNhtt 11(6 known to ei ery boatman,Avho prefer itTto any thing else in ~a soup,-hy-ptrttmg the corn ovef-witha piece of beef or pork leaving the water m Tt which makes the sodpl—-in the other ease the grain is taken _ioutofr*TM“wateu:' \ “ — vee ac- declare leyed honunony ai\d milk to he pref­ erable to die best sw eetmeats and tr^om that can be h ld^anu ff doubt not some, tb j who y> ojdd.- think:' {he same— make the experiment. I ha 1 ’l L to wute the preeedipg. ** ilUHCEffi (Xfoxk nun mi . X I t* M & y - of a quality decidedly superior : neat assortment o f H ‘VRDW ARE.'v' ' : P a i i a t s J H e - S i i f e article Inept* in coiint rv and almost every ■stores.-.' .* ■'■ '■* COUNTRY DEAtER^, SfeNttfitOtl replenish their assortment . ‘o b a c c o , a t W h o l e s a l e wrHbr soTd atr-the New-York prices, by to ing transportation. ' ; CASH orgoods, will bepaidfor Pol and Pearl, jlsfies. . 'AMERICAN GOODS-CHEAP. Ithaca, jTiily S, 1823. * ‘-’8w5. ; ■( ifih' jSst ; re«t‘ive.d A supply of suinr r>ii? iheil ' # ' 'wltUpa f^w p^yttl^rwprpoul.SiSSTEN'D' ’ fot -‘ HAUER* ^ a r ,^ o i f f i a L ; s ? j i'ny^ /[ 7 iT t 4 jL T •- * ---- ^ . ' CASH! C A S H !! . W h e a t ! W h e a t ! ! PQQLtTTLE will pay CASH, for a WHEA(F, delivered at his store. . I Kgiyf COOBS' f.L . - §hih<ja!A^'a vjfjrlai’ge assdrfr i d ' Sffflg^R^pp.ghdAihffican IRON- hslift Blis^?rffd. Gfrnmn,. and; , Aoaerican Witt *Sef’itiId fAwefthan bfferddNn this pthce heforefi'r^Scythesf SIfikles,1 \Brass Kettles. Leather, &c.„ Kwpb opJhnud a* general assorttnnet of . m u d s a . w b i c w e s , .»■ .. . M... .in ’■ — > Also^t ah asso^tihentj>f - ‘ $ r/ W E \ from the‘Troy Factory, jv Itl\nca, May 27t)i. }82S. ?2tf The want of pupctunlity da? of ourcustomers,nud %h»«pidrmic cently prevailed ih must be utur only a instance^) disappi we assure the pul stores bot& m'this shall be weHNin’ed Other; description best materials and*, manufactured in the stat ly hope our customers pockets welldharethvith able us to meet the iftany- drmnnds rtiatare ma le upon us. Yet. aotvvitlistandins.OOf pressing demands for ,, cash, \yey will receive in exchange for hphlj-., M'hpat,' »Ry^'.Gifts,* Cornv Beef, Fork, ^Butterj-.Ckeesej.jlLjnrtj, LumberjiTeamihgjto Owego, &d*_ &c. ,r-, ' JV&G. J. return their grdteful afckhowh; edgnients for the patronage alr'^ilyTece'rVetl, gnd solicipp contiriuance^. F or sale as-Ubove, h firstrate;N . - . . ; „ (Jne^Sorse mid a TiyadMovsti w ,\m o .K a ; M m J L E J i A m M B N T S , HE subscribers have removed to! the YELLOW BRIUK STORE^ recently occupied by A._P. Searing & Co. iri Owego * ‘x’ ':oy B w m lim it: X K b l O l s n t , pure,* anil carefully selected from‘the first Drug. in the United States. Also, ASSORTMENT OF r o c e n e s , *‘Vbu- ___ tif LNdfos’V •’ ^ K id . v Handkerchiefs, &ci K Cafidles J,,at%ir, store, by the |BOX of at the n^nufaciurer’s prices.- '(ine'MjtaSp* ’ tf305 Paints. Logwiibd, RedwftddjvCoppetas, tndfgei, AqUa FoftiSv .GldtfilWr’ Jhcfes,-do. Brii| -Nicmaguaj Fustic j All tim, Btue Yitrlol, Spts^ Salt# Press-Paper, &c. &c.\ r ^ p A r l ^ T S v - 1; Best Lon. White Lead,.Red Lead, \ ~r 'VeHbtikn Rpd, French Yellow, Spruce do. Ghrome.do. Khijg’s do, T Spanish, and; Paiis.White, “Spanish Brown, Sfflot^s Ye/miHipn, Prussian Blue, &c. Sue. EnglishJgVbund Sash Tools, from-No. i to 12 do., - do. Paint Brushps, of all sizes j Grainihg\ Brushes ; Wash do. with and with­ out handles, &c, &c. ' ■■ — a u q — ' y SandLmiciblesj in iiests ; Black Ledd Pots ; Spatulas ; ead and Camel llaii Peneilsr - The above articles, together with ail such & arehsed by Phyfibiaifis, Dyers, and Paint* ,eii.s, wifi besoId on reasonable terms, at whole­ sale brretail . All;orders- and prescriptions will.he carefully Stfertded to. ^ They have just received a supply of * JAMES’S ANTI-DYSPEPTIC Y .! ' jixso . ; Hull’s Patent Hinge TrusseiTj Glass .. \ and Tooth Instruments. r G ' - f l M - T , , r ~ C . - I . ^ ^ * * T H E roSmri!lateIy occupied as. fije. American Journal^Trijifir --'^todlhtfekrslore.' Ap]ply? (o f t< #ng Office je W * Tlaving taken the agen^ fof A . P» Sea- nng’z BODK ESTABLISH M E N T , they so- IjtUt Hie p^floitiageof the Puhliciji the \ y f ^ W ' S T A T I O N A m i , I N E . • LEE & BAXTER. tf300. iwhich will be exchanged for Imrrberor teaming , • Itfiica^ Lee. 24, f l 822. tqck, produce, kotL. H ,rrti I t . L . e O W i i R K . . » « 2.- ^ w* f Wiil (ionvinUH thfe , ' . . I ; , - . V ^ r \ ; . • M a c k s m i t h i n g . B u s in e s s , - C a r- n a g ^ Them aking s P L O U G H S , ^ In all flielr branehes, nt (lie shbp IiFrt foFore Ooen pie<1 liy C o w d r y p Seifimur. IfUaisa , Feh’ M* 1 823. n*SPS ITHACA BAKERY, n : fU R T lS . respect ftil ly snforins the puhlie, that b e is carrying On thter-abbive business, in all its FafibUK branehes, in the building foPtperTy oi*- cupied bj D, Gur-tis. Whepo lie, will supply his cusfomers at. a reasonable rate-with anfiefos in his lifted >. furnished tor boatmen, travellers and ;ers Crackers, Gingerbread* Busk, and other artfcles in h isline,kep( eoti stantly on Irand, and sold on--reas®!r- Jihle terms. ___ C li VCKERS, B t TH E B ARRETL. j All orders from Tavern-keepers and Grocers,in theadjaeeni oountryf punh mally attended? to,(.and every favotir aeknowlcdged, ( From (he experience o f the sabseyi bee in (he ahove business, he flatters bifoseif that he will be able to give sat isfaction to all. who may; favour him with tbeb- custom. Ithaca, May 20,1823- ' ^ tf’31 T lh *• BOLL’S A R lTH M Etfd, kept con ® stantly on hand and fur sale,- at: the Bookstore of - M a c k & M o r g a n . Cash for Bags, ahd rnosl pahite^blc food we hive I will; hegfn witli itbeforc the seed perfectly for if pW>perl^|loirej 'iippickle. We all lfn(iw*'how -rlelfeiaus- ! aM ;\When fitiur tius us* wiff riu * sw M i; if scalded and dried veroasiinif cars in foe middle ofi Hie grain hardens, you have d mi'.sUc animal* in the -The leaves of the shock or excellent H)fJ ; i h ewer jreaa- orite way'bf us, is to malce a bat- meat, mitk, eggs',: Htffe ^hbrt- ning, ahput theconsi^ten^. o f J a ilor pcuad- ;afcecL,ictt|M.;comi^q^y;,use|l fcjr^at.ptir- r^m> Ate Intn^ied ye^is, me umvef the InpJl fox winch tffe ^ , - TheH-ecse qbcve-ena the earth-that {Ley vvoht if tlfey knew iijfeir o| and coutd upjjreuats But, alas Uectre^l of our comforts chastening -hart moyecl'j' and ‘ scenes ofin'uc nets, o f domes hearts with a.j be des'cribcdrl pleasant mon ed whilatti thqir loss js rustic *life vvhept iider it adds* ..td* and WhoMj®i'en^s ortho \brpad l|k^vvlse iriall mix’'ffienl ' with wSeaf BonVhstertdit!!f to tfiaker4l|;htej, yyitfr feyver mmmh «dd y »k4k »ipk» Ani> \ll'OllG ICCB- ^i&nZ'Neither jvfih'or vvithdut Ywfi^t* fifih noFhecausewe haye not ffo)dT%u^5cjerit, but! hecauVo wp prefer meMF ( ( ^ ,* s*bfe**hy, fair cottntiy-iyoittEii fii;oyifeed':'|dpt%pply to quacks x>r pefjbmersi eaH thetn) I mean thole ifbrojghet^iylfo^ea't poisons, under pretence of rendering those that u s e ; them more heautiful^affd recom- mentl them because-a 'few^wofh *-out old ivomen havfc made put by aropdhigito nbth* ing else haf the appjii ( ( hide-their defbtmilsFfor a - shdy ^tinie ''w'h(i ^airbeap^ to eadatigd^ydhnot feat? the consequences. ‘ I 'say, th.ose 'who do be* lieve in the virtues ofcOsmdtiesi'will find my favorite co¥n ineal hupperiortOallthe Wash - es, de ^Maintemonj^c.'&c.j It w ill render the skin smodth, and-y?Mte:j- and Withal i t i s p^focily' Shfe. •* Obiy-jet ■ them iryjtUnst'eafoof^oihgfOMittejoMioseVe'nfaer aforesaid, and spehdto^^fttro’ df‘thrde dollars for a ittostrum, whiclr|d\%est;*vyill only b e transitory o f benefit, leWing'i iasting' ill ef fects ; let them puf oveFfSe^fiW mN^df of water, when it boils ^tir in as muchfitie Corn meal as wiii make it'the consisteiice' ofpasfe ■when*toolihg th’ey^mayadd a?:«poorifufl'of honey fold a little rose Water, though the lat­ ter articfegsre not fmceisaiy--4etr thenrinsfe this'jogs^e or-asL vulgarly calT\ity rfttish, ipS stead of soapj every fime-thevberfdrm\” morning and evening abiutionsi or in other words wash thenselve?.. I venture to-affirm their compdSxrons wiH-deriv# more, “advant­ age fifomtheapplication of this p.aite, than a- ny ofthose washes Yvhichthey.payap hi|h for I come noiv to the preparation o f gram, which I believO is not <te generally Mown! as’jt ought to b'e,epftsidering its excellence. It is what w e call leyed hommony we like vpse-have the best hommbhy aiifiemall hom_ rnony, both of Which are common,: are fine, dishes ahd superior to rice, wken proporly mahagedrphilt fhe Jeyed hommony js! p¥y- ferfedby every - one who is accustorhed toIt, as being more wholesome aqd more palatea- hle. If, im prepared *hy boilihg the vThite field corn in ashes and fMter; until the bdsk or skin of the- grain is loosened, which -will be the case in a few minutes, ana it is neces­ sary to pay attention that it does' not remain too long in the« ashes, as it will by thatfoeans taste of the lye , so soon as the husk is loos­ ened, if must b e washed and rubbed thro?- the hands in cold water until the_grainjs cleansed from the ashes, -and skin j it niay then be dried to malce Use o f at any time, or; boiled immediately i f wanted —When ready to be cdoli ed -for the table, it must he* scald ed and put over to boil m plenty o f watey; observing always to kqpp sufficient hdf^ Wtf ter ready to add to it, as the firstbods awny. The grain buxsts openjnto a white hall, and becomes. Soft whptt siffficfently d ne * This' is the manner we Veil it to eifwith milk lor; creamy either warm or cold Jtis also used in this country by the Igdiaos afldUGreqle true maRffl ^fylrtuous-husSi Yhe globe,. YTrgjl was lqm&elf a faxmerr j iron I'-rirulhire is frnugb^ wbichjevemmwv'dtc Ibrl Wgr d*:pgilct thesatnechar ; l^eivaybpv, N the life ,of ' a Irrmc I jfqlipwedthp tedio tim e did ! think of thqrjs ,hpusq« tbatT inip or,a |folpr -jmct. jnde m K f m /tonjientjp. ^ w s s j r e p m q lf q ^ c o ll^ i tqpk my ,first and,;secpnikdegree Abe eastern. -seEa,in;irieC ,%ougl Cpllege pveiy faMityJbjr^Aqqx ‘ ' !d^e^Fl^,Pdt^^ixl r.ii stiff ! felt life aprisone^pay .healffi spiri|s,foFpBed^ jind I lqi^pA|Qrlhe,pm*t pnd^^sy.Yy^kw:qf;‘%qc%t-G|pWq,:w ^ V foj^.onlyfoeenrsipae f^aye tnfte^pjlitera- • ly.. anfi rural Ipyfegt,T!!hayq',ta§tqd; the * sweetness of ffge.domM jBte’pfeffphce-* ; ’ f - -i .'Whojp^mfree-af t f e v fa^pxer. hypr',Jfos;own|gi:ound#.he( lQpksYVi^p3aGj|i dedight;atfoe ^tpffiPls pfhis, <yamflauBahs,\liJi hp sjts a; free naah.ih his .q^j hpuse,ln t)ip:.. :j v \ '..-if. T \Who js so mdfepehdenS^tliiififMff! yats thepradhge'ofhm evVglpcpd^ the. fruitSt* f his oYvhlffibor; hedepcqfe-on no jiiu ^ - ty lord for\ a-mdsefable pittance and on no . unfaithful serkant for the offices f life. Tfe .« is truly independent—Hfe has Pine of that silly4pfide that would keep him from pro­ viding for his own sustepaniei The eilcnpc and stillness e f a counlry life is often irksome to the aspiring ahcl, giddy • youth They wi*h to signalize themselves and have a n ime m the*world. D o they re- Y jnemiberjtMt these are often had ahnost^ _ said always] bought at thfe expense of peacp ^ and conjfort, ;and a good conscience] Are they nware-pf the thorn§ and brnrsthat en­ tangle the path, from -§weet#ecluSion to pub­ lic notice ’ Atxd are they absolutely cprfoin, , Siidif they should leave*the jonely spot (Where their fathers hav^. lived and died, and -siek some lioLy-city^r-th'it they wall— find— !. peace of mmd amidst* the .hustle anjl pomp* and chjefanery o f the world, where iL has been denied to so many millions 9 The Variety and novelty ojf public scenes ! may for p while intoxicate the brain, and give an unnatural pleasure to tile mmd, and kfeep out the th Oughts o f foe hamtble station, he has left, but when old age comes on when the mmd begms-ie- sicken it the emptiness ■ of courtly magnificence* then will he wish > for the old country-house fin3 the undisturb- ed'fireside*. .■;.•*■. •. ■- N f-! 1 “ H ippy the man whose wish bndl care Y A few pate’rnal -'acres bcnund^ . Content to breathe his batfive air In his own, ground*— STAINED jwefwfc*... M Blest who can* uriconcem’dly find “ • ■ ^ Hocns days, add-years slide s'oft awky, In health o f body, peaCe o f mind; ■ ‘%uetby day- Sound sleep by night, study, and ease. Together mix’d—swefet recre dion ’ And innocence, which most does please With meditation * ; ’ Thus let me live unseen, unknown, Thus uhlaiiiented let me die , Steal from the world, apd not a 'stone TelLvfhere f lie.’ Mated. We should be veicy CuVefiil whicli end of the.g)lsFwe make nse<%Y wfjen we View our ue^hhor or brother’s fault; ■

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