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r r i a i i i W t o t A O A . d a i l y j o t m y r A X , , T u e s d a y , j a n p a b y 5 , i 8 9 7 . V ' tf £ LVS- 1897 JATOA&T. 1897 Su, Mo. Tu. We. Th. Fr. Sa. •k it .- > 1 2 4 § 6 J l 8 0 P 1 1 M 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 : 1 8 1 0 2 0 2 1 2 2 2 3 2 4 2 5 2 0 2 7 2 3 2 9 3 0 m •- i-j? J 1 $ = — - —* TRAYELER ’5 0U1DB. UUgh V«H«r. : Morthjr*fd—’9.40 a. in., 8.87 b . an., *8.25 p. m„ •.76,28 p .m . r • ■ \ Soatltfrard—8.15 a. m. 105 p. » , 8.50 p m , • ~ ifo r Jltm lral, S.tftprm,, * 1 0 .8 0 p.m. Soutitwim—10:55. gundajr only. / * Auburn Branch, L. V. - 0 ». 8 . 4 ftn.'itt., 1 . 0 0 p. m ,, 8 .8 0 b. m. Arrive— 8 .1 0 ».m.,ia.88j»,m., 4 .0 6 p.m ., 8 p . m. . DsfowW** Tsidrigmaaa * W**t*rn. L. V. Traln«iW lT« ab'Bart Ithaon Station aa follow*; GoingNortti- 8 . 5 6 a.m. GtotagS^uth— 7 .£M*,m '\'> K S 5 P'V ' 1 .0 6 p!m. 7 .8 8 « a i 7 * • * Sttnday— 8 .4 5 a.m. ,Sunday— 8 ,1 7 \ Tquwmieoti'wlth theaaimlnB, Street Oars leave It. V. Oor, State Ii^F- Oor. State * Aurora. 'Depot.-, 8 .0 0 a.m . 6 . 2 9 a.m , 2 .1 0 p.m . 9 .0 9 “ 5 .1 0 \ 1 2 ,2 9 p.m . v.tor <• Depot. 8.T9 arm. l.B9p,m. 4 50 8,68 •• 7.10 6 ' 1 A Aurora. 6.40 a.m. 9.20 “ 12,40 p.m, 7.50' \ 7,89 BUWDA.T. *\ *' ? 8.09 a.m.. ,7.89 a.m. . 8,20 p.m, 7.50 p.m. Stag* Tima Table. - 1 MAY*. - ABUTS For Mecklenburg-, Forv«A Itenbyi.7HHUI nw I:gg p%?1* iK\' r 1 For Cayp.fcTllle via Enfleld, „ tolla.—-- ----------- — 2.00 p. m. ForNewfleld. ..... 4 .0 0 \ For Soiitb -Danaing, N orth ■ - Imnring to.'.Ctenoa...j— 1 7 .9 0 a. ia>.. WHISTl.# WEATHER SIGNALS. About five aapcrnd* after tfca* uaual 1 * M. whistle ia Bounded, the aignala are, giren aa fat tow*; - -*M » n a:Lw-, * .» ' , One long..>~.— — . . _ F » lr weather. Two long.— . — ™ . — Ealu o r mow. Fhrae long— . .-a%eal*rAlnA • - One a b o rt:.... 1 ™ — ...Low e r temperature. fw o abort ----- Higher temperature. throe a b o r t,„;.p ,— ..r-C « a vr*te. - - Onojong, alone—Fair weather, stationary tem. Two long.adone—Baltt or snow, s tattsaw y tem.- One long, ode Bhortr^Dalr •weather, lower tem. iyro long, two short—Satn o r snow, Wgber tem. _ Long bloat lia from 4 to 6 aeoonda duration and abort blast from 2 tp 8 aoognda. evening. There wrill Be acl- ^Sr<Me 8 f c ^ R ^ f ^ # ^ i u a n a i i and Pro­ fessor I, P. Roberts. All are invited, and it is eepeciaUjr desired that there he a gcedAttendanqe- o f the winter coarse BtUdjOntSi . •' r • ' •Through tfte courtesy of fiegiutrar Hoy Tew Jotjbnae. has a box jn his office tor the reception o f allitems of iq- terest totFniveraity people, Notes of a personal natare coacemiiig the'move, mente, -work and publications of mein, bers of the TJuiveraity faoulty arepar- ticalarly desired. Allsniihitems should be placed in fho bor before 11 o’dogk of Wie dfiy 6 & - i ^ p S l ^ 8 icietfd&^ 8 'de^rea, and ghoffid^l^ aqoomSaiSied ‘by- a sigua- tore, hot\for 'ptibllcsailon’bat to ensure the aoonraoy of*tbaraew»r —The re^.nt^e^u^--ineeting ot the American -Econoniio Association at Johns Hopkins Uiiiversity, Baltimore; was One of?th’e ihcHJt sdocesHdl in the history • efJ that '^rgtttjizatioh. * 1)6 is probable that thd hext meeting 'win be held in Cleveland; €>hio. AH of ’the old officers-ofthe associationwere re-elected witti ot JJPj»fes*or^. W. Jenks, who deoluiedi a re-election to the sec»tw^imjp' ^wW^i*he has held»for several years. PAifeSBor Waiter P. Will- Proimot jenks,- antd Profwsor Charles H, S a i l oontrane? for. Another yes* as itirer of Ithe association 1 KEY TO THE FIRE TAPS. -BS-emta-Bnd CnyugaBta. * 4 -OUnton and Albany Bts, . , • . . S 6 - 8 t»ta And FlainSt*. B6—No. 6 Engine Houaa. ---------- iTalloy Houe i r ~ .t Nfs- 8 7 —Olook \Work*. • 48— Mill and linn Sic. ^ - 46-A.hrorh atidYatea Stfc j! 6 --AnronS-St. and Haliroad Ava, 'W -8«secaand Tioga Sta. S^Btata «nd'Kddy, 8 tfc f , , ■ • B8-Bui»lo ibdKadyBhl. ■ 1 B 4 —Heuttlgfit. andDrydaa BoAd. BtHJdrnall Unlreralty Oampoa. One stroke denotes ______ itrokea^ftre out o r n n M OCmtrol. ,k_ln Una; thi«a U. • DK 5 ASmBW^^^OlG©inlTin^.,‘:? ^ muxmen iromuir. / < • . ,nM± Forooesfc' till 8 PrK. Wtsasxfpday:.*' S ot Eastern N e w northers portion this afternoon. ifa(flon®3if followed by generally- fair Wodnoadav; West- ib jly ^ d s ; oeJJer. • * For Western JTew Yorlf.llrfit Jcxal snows follotf^ by* clearing weather Wednesday, colder: fresh to, brisk, westerly windi • • *' ~lv. - ' : Tbo weathor -In Now York dty today fi rainy. IT H A G A O U R N A L . Tue.iday, January 3, 1857. e i w See Sixth Page jar other hocal 'Mailer* . —TH 8 JOWbNAL Ig t t l B ONLY PAPER IN tOMPKlNS„Ot 5 UTfrY TH A T R B C B lV B ltT& B . ORAPHIC PRESS- DtSPATCHBS, - ”, JOURNAL- TiELEPHONE, No* 4 4 * k - i OOMELIilANA. SAGE CHAPEL PKEACHERS FOR THE WINTER TERM. P ^ ^ t ' ^ v n M m % AddsAw, IhesAfH-' 10 & 4 HUtory E UgltW tin * ~ Juurtm t ,-l#W— Profeaatw W h eeler o n th e O lym pic Oam tA —SecreteryHickB of jdmChrtstianAs­ sociation will return to the University tomorrow afternoon. The ,regular class prayer meetings of the Ohrilttoif AMtoiaticm vHll be held toipoHQW svenlng. w d vTill be followed byashortmeetimtofiiembers; * -v llhutfated ie|tuire'~’ hpon the Ql3toipic^O»»^4'p i896,‘ Ike Piraji Baptist ohurch on Thursday evening, The Agricultural Association will meet. in. the' Didry “Lecture Boom at 7 mediately gusMedtkhtifc Was the famed sea Berpent. ' J v qhidtly alighted from the towage *fcd>%!«h my companion walked to the shore. <We were a t Ho- Kinney’s e f the tto&p. The head of 'the animai yas.liiSigStAnd ite body loneand it diBpofted ih sSemrng glee amou J t h e whiteoaps. It' was oertamly the sea setphfii. 1 never saw ananimjil oi ito^eegription before and it talMed w i|h tho accounts X have read of thf serpent.^ The geatlcsnan’s-friend oorrobOTated the story in every detail, and twjiifftwhpMt w ltne^ of the inoident, also ^ ^ h d j t ^ 9 » story to be true; The trim p '(iiH ^ to#t h e ttof^w stones a t it 1 the water with tailinits fttryat the tramp’smisslea. The ^porter wioonntered the tramp just hefbre The Jodrnai. went to'press, and in ,(5thi8id^|U^ of the price of a mug o f^^lt ' eshact, disclosed the fact that in- his .opinion- the - animal was a muskrat. Readeramay choose between the wotd of.dne 'ciiF Ithaca's reepeoted citizen^ftr the |uiinp, Witli a price,. ? ^ OBITUARY. Benjatain' P.^IBks,, a wagonmaker, of 178 North ^C^ynga street, died last night, after ^prdtrtMitod. illness. ; ;^R|LY-ApR.iCTED. An ipsane -pAtienti who escaped from the Biugham|bn state hospital during the reoaut seVere weather and who wan­ dered til this city* had both of his feet badly frozen/ He whs taken to the county almshouse to b§ |Ju;ed for until his iden- tity nnd ahede-oould be ascertained. As ka restdfeof thp freezing of his feet gan­ grene has set;in and the nnfortnnate man w® prohtt^J hky? tosuffer the am- pntatio^ Of ope.if ncit both members. A physiciau connected with the Bingh ton hospital cameover for the ma: morning,, fe^nrnirig w it 11 hup^'on the Delaware, Lackawanna apci Western, this afternoon, r « ofthe ‘1 ^cint some months, -aud the printihg^f a hew edttidn} pfpj«tred:'|y im^lrathOf ^hmp^iateiy npoa the completion of the been long* delayed. The oonMqdehoe was that it was d | |he book last term? The publishers, the MefiSttj A ^ e ^ ‘o|>iTew lj[ork, ‘haTe January jstfand il^ ^ P ^ p r e d o f b o p k s e llerB *aJiSo considerably efi^gedlyjffiie hddjtloifpf in whiph tlio most reoent forma of steam vmgme are deecftijkhsqg ^jfinrtheradvahoe-are outlined F^ADVAKOBD O f MAOIG. Sleight-of-hand in the oldeh time, was entertaui£ng(axid interesting no doubt, itb ’hoWjiSjab^ijo^i’^ afo the wonder- fol masfcoirieces of .oonjuring presented i^y MiagiCianK^llar This season. Kellar seemiiJtohaYO''advanced far beyond \his competitors, ip the matter of originat­ ing and.producing illuaiona and docep- tiprui whioh are so incomptehensible as to seem’pmbaf’ unreal. He appeam to ‘po^Ass atf affinity with nnspen powpw and to control nnknown forces; so be wilderiug &rO aome of his masterpieces, taattiHalisfOEi men and Women ont pf the aii','befor 8 ^ e v'Wy %pg, of his pat­ rons, jojLJS-'fsdly'lighted stage, upon whtohtbere ardpV tripa 1 Screens orcov' idrihnsof President Schurman has today an nomffied-vtbe foliowing list of*Cornell o n ^ w i l ^ the- Winter teatm^.;. , • ■ _ / Jim. lO/ihe B.eti Ljuiian Xhbott.D.D.,' UL.p.., New..5*ork, .Ckmgregationah^t; '^nffalo, jEpigcopalian; Jan. 24, The Bbt. 3.*n;;XtdPhsito\h D.HM^Ohipago, 111.; Moore, r D*0./ • PtoVmenoe, ' E. T;» - CJongregatiomdist; Feb. - - 7j The* Rev. F‘i~ M. ‘ Ohadwiok, Brooklyn, Unitarian; Feb.-14; The-Bew lielghton WilUsms, New York, Baptist; Feb. 21, The Rev. Henry Van Dyke, D .D .,:: * New York; Presbyterian; Feb. 28, Tho Rev. Bishop John- P. Newman, San Franoisco, — _*}» I Calif., Methodlit jlHar. 7, the Rev.Pro- feegoyvNl P. HllmiS, Theological Sem- anary, MeadvQlp, Ka.( Unitarian j Mar. H the fieW -a^X M U b u rnr^S. Sen ate, Washington, D. 0 ., Methodist. CAYUGA'S s M a - SERPENT- REDtVIVUS. It. has comeat last.. It seems impos- slble for a sea 9 o n.to pass bnt ,th.at the :gfeea eyed monitM- makesdts appear* ance, The . ftea 7 ierpent,,ds, referred tio. People‘have for’y^fcrsBhiveresd with ter h - ^fflicy-giniljao-glittflring .statempnts^ouir Whffi a t e k goea to smashhrOhina, To show ’fcis solvent beyond a doubt, When a bank go.ea to smashin China, ' - Nopijfeytog tesyons^theui'saiea, ——Bflt-thoy^take-a.' hlfreSeeSO'lraite inatoect. « And nmputato tho pwsitkWs'traiia, And banks never break in China. —Dandelions are in bloom. —It rs likely that the week of jirayer will be followed by revival meetings on one or more of the local ohurohes, -—The regular^rehearsal of the Ghoral Club will be held tonight a t 7 :80 o'clock 'hharp. A -full , attendance is_desired, as the bnpinesB o f the opera will be gone through with.-' —An extremely attenuated home at tached to abaggage express wagon en -deavored to break the attachment, and ^ncceededyby running away at nooh-to day on North Oaynga BttoBti People who“ saw the Condition of the animal And the \speed attained, remaricedj tblT he was probably 1 running for somethmg to eat. ^ —Therd Js^eyery indioatdoh, judging from the large number of inquiries at to when the sale of spats for the coming opera “lelanthe ’, to be glyen by the Choral Club the latter part of this month, will be placed on SRle^that the atten­ dance will ft^iy eqnalthd first' pktdua- tion of the opem. *ffiien handreds of people were unabfe to obtain seats. Yes­ terday all the boxes for the frst night's cntortaiBBuent Were sold to one party. The parly will number in all about fifty. Twenty-eight will oocupy seats in the homes while the others will sit in the orchestra chairs. — ------- ror'as thotales of the horrible sea ser-, pent-Save beeir^eSsitetfe - The-old^felloW^ is charitable in his-appearancea fqr as. a rule he appeafs brit' anhuaily in one Iqdali^rt^ ^M O^h^h|^^oa4jE@ ^tent, \ theSi»rrati 6 n here to be re- isf the sixty-ninth annual ap^ pearauce of “old greedy” and A careful inepectioh of Thii JqurnaXiIs files sub­ stantiates this statement. The members of The J o u rnal Stai! have been living m daily anticipation of the monster’s -appearance, and haye actually shunned assignments which would $ak$ them near .the wator’s edge fox' fear pf b e i ^ rcom- polled tpr^shudder' aha tremble; at the sight of him The Old boy-iH renl onte, too^ about coming on deck. The Warm summemun has ih> charms for himy as' it would ^ allow the human race too great opportunity to inspect him _JEUuwaits Until the cold north Winds blow t heir cElily selves across the placid lake and. rufHe its eoinpoeurO, un- til one WOtUd think^hat the lake itself is agitated by reasoh of its fearful gueit. By selecting these .times for his visit; the old boy knows khat hnman courage cannot welrtrave the fniy of a gate and the afcht of him tlbo, so h*,ii Safe. Fol lowing If thq latmfcah^most authentic version by on Ithaoah whose veracity is Unqfuestioned, and whose statement is substantiated by it ^companion and tramp. - \I was taking a pleasure drive this todtning along ihreast shore of The lake With afriend, whtia I, onhnbed to look outbn the lake, and there abont two hundred feet ltom the shore,I saw'What at first glaCet filled, me with fear, but At ihecaks iiifin rirafisfi xnygaae. X im- *04 ito the ph*racter of T he J odbnai . re- thwe was no:reason to bediefe”that the sighb of the serpent was tihe result of the “wlhiri” last night. ! - jA ‘ .18 L-V^AvUi-' of real roses, from a little seecLplanted-in sand, has yet to ‘ be cdinpaMed byjpiy rirol perforinbr. MkW-, 'Helliir ’diatrihutes;ihese %sm 0 totholadiet* in ^he audisirce. and they j^e Qlten pressed atto kept for years as-memontoee bf the great magician.Kel- lar appears f t ,th^ Lypqum, this evening, * - . “ roR.ama vaBQONiA.” Amongjtbb most deservedly suocessfnl of' American plays must assuredly be ^ffijced .Mr. Russ \Whytal’s romantic drafna, “For Fair Virginia” whi<?h will •be sped at the Lyceum Theathe tomorrow highi, with the author and his attraotivo formerly Marie Snowies; ln -the stm ’p a r ^ . .This play was firet brought out morb thanoyear agoat the fith Ave, Theatfe, New York and was played with brilliant results an last season.' The New .York World said^ “For Fan 1 Virginia,” Russ Whytal’s drama of the oivil war made an emphatio hit. Those Who went to'the 5th Avenne Tlfeatre last Slight ,to view “For Fair Virginia” in a critpdC hght remained to ’join the legion of _the author’s friends, whose enthusiastic, toaudits proclaimed the frfmiinn and hdartr incocmi of thcnlaT ” Mr. and- Mrs. YfEytaJ appear in light- conxe^bharactersofnovel and amusing typefe, while the emotional work is in the hands of snob tHdronghiy capable players aa Mabel. Burt;,’ Alexander Kearney, George F. Farren^and Jolm Woodard. It is presented under the direction of Mr. 'Julian' Magnus who. has Always bebnj.^0. identified with first class attractions. M iss C5XH ^\AN D ' m R 'W d L m am s a t m usic - - TT AT.T.- . The fact' tHatT the “ standing room only” 'sign WAS oUt yesterdhy'afternoon was strong eyidence of interest in the opening of^ the School, of Eloention, Oratory ,*ihd Fhy^cal Culture, at the Conservatory o f’ Mualo. - A n d that Miss Gillnm and Mr, *William8 won popular favor at oiioe .wds shown last evening foy |;h e -hearty applanee and frequent -laufihtor fon the part ,of the The program for this evening is said to be even more .totetosthig^ tiian that qf last evening, befngofa the part of ‘WilliamB,- aShukespearo evening, inter spersed with lighter pieces by Miss Gillnm. ’: • —Take the Lehigh Valley for New York I SOAPSTONES. W e have a Block of foot warmers or soapstones at Ibwer prices than ever. U. J , R dmbey & Oo. AS THE RISING SUN obliges the Flowew to bloom, prices will rule lower, ‘ I T h e Booi Oq. —Take the p York, fihortoitf i L. Sc W., for New an^ quickest route. A GOOD CARPET 8 WT:EPER, St.26, full Bito oadvweu made. Every one is guaranteed to please the purchaser. -■? TaaOAJr, Kixa S t. do. PEESOKALMESTIOS. PARAGRAPHIC POINTS ABOUT VARt- OUS PEOPLE. M « | ii» l ( !« n lB S i| OoMlpy OhtMJha* to F l i n t OwMwainac th« Mov«m«nta o t Cltl- \•m of Tow* u i County and Yftolr Ctaoota.- , - —Mrs. Mary Ghogory is among the ilL —M l Frank Bardwell has returned fromNewfield. —Mr. John Coxran returned from New York yesterday. Judge A. P. Smith, of Cortland, is in the oity today. —Mr. Nathan Hanford jw 88 hi Tru- mansbarg today. ■Mr, and Mrs. Frederiok Thomas, of Ovid, are in the city. Mr. Sherman Oollins returned lost night from a trip to Ghicago, HI. -Mrs. Dr, Chapman,'bf LudlOWvIlle, whs to the city o n business yesterday. •Mr, Wm, Taggart, of Newfleld, is visiting his ton, Mr. John Taggart. Mr, Schuyler Grant left this morn­ ing fora week's business stay iu Syra­ cuse. • i ■Miss Game Bi'eese,.of Elmira, wlio has been visiting Mrs. O. A. Bush, has returned. •Mr. H. A. Groves, who bus been in­ disposed for tho past few days, is again at his office. ■Mr. H. W. Ransom, who has been in Boston, Mass., for the post two weeks has returned, Mr. R. E. Brandise, who has-been spending the holidays.in Louisville, has returned- ■Messrs. Morris Patten^cthd John Marsh were in Elmira yesterday, on a business errand. ■Messrs, Ifm /A lbring and Fred Blythe, of IW 'Haven, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J /H . Reas. J. Olayton Dnrfey, 182 N. Oay- ugar'stroet Is iO, His pbysioian says he threatoued with fever. —Mrs. ‘J! B. Kirkendall and daughter Lucy left this morning for a week’s'visit with relatives in New York. -Mr. Ed. Neidiok, who has been vis­ iting relatives i a Binghamton and To- wauda, retnrned hpme yesterday. -Dr. Gallagher of Slatecyille, was to oity yesterday. He left for a buBi- nes&trip to Rochester last (jvening. 5 hs.,A. Gall, of Bradford, Pa., who has Griggp* left thip morning for Buifald. Mrs. 'Anna Daoker and Miss Frances Joloe left this morning for Rochester, where they willjnake their future home. rMr. B, J. Camui, Jr., and O. H, ,'W.agpher, who have been spending the holidays to Wheeling, W. Va., returned -yesterday, •Messrs. B. W . Davia, Oornell ’05, of Wilkes-Barre, and W. H. Ohapin are in thpjftty.for a few days, visiting at tlto LTniversity. •Mr: 'and Mrs.,1, W Faulk and olilld, Whd have beela.g^ud^ta-flllphlr. ^..^.Foroe for severirt. webte; tot^rtTto* NeVirk,' N. —The hardware stores are doing a rushing business in dbg collars. —The common counoil will hold a regular session tomorrow night at the city hall. ; —Some curious watch trades are made; marvelous tales told; and wagers laid a t the nightly sessions of Tobacco Parliament. , —There is an unexpired lease of two years of the Warren drug store the stock of which Mr. G. F. Simpson has possessed, himself. —The Woman ’8 Alliance of the U ui- tarian church will hold their regular business meeting on Wednesday after­ noon at 3 :80 o’clock at the church par­ lors. -The valnation of A. A.Hungorford’s bnildiug a t the corner of Tompkins and Utica streets has been increased from flQQto $*BQ£>,. Mr- Hungerford asserts that the property was purchased with pension money and is therefore , exempt from taxation. He says: “1 paid the tax on the original valnation, waiving my right to exmption; but now that the assessor has doubled up on me, I think I shall olaixn my right under thejaiv and deoliiie to payany tnx whatever.” AN ENJOYABLE TIME. . LOoiiu tawuica tel. ] A very enjeyahde tiuxe was had when the relative and friends o f Mr aud Mrs. W. D. Ireland, in this oity and from Danby “surprised” them a t their home on Saturday evening last. Among them were Mr. and' Mrs. Ho­ ratio Wright, Mrs. John Weloh and sou, Mrs. O. J . Hill and Miss Hattie Hill of Dauby; and Mr. aud Mrs. Q. B. Brown and daughter Mamie, Miss Nannie In*; land, Miss Eoolestein, Mr. W. J. Ire­ land and two daughters, and Mrs. Olark Slooum, all of Ithaea; and Mr. George Howes and Mrs.' Frank Ma&ay*of Dan bury, Uonn.; the latter of whom are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs, Floyd B Howes. This is the first visit Mr. HoweB has made in this vicinity in thirty-two years; and as in this time not only the campns and East Hill have been tranaforxned into their present and heautlful condi­ tion,.bnt in the oity aud suburbs also he findp mnoh to interest him. Reminiscences of other days, aneo dotes, recitations by the younger mem bers of the party, and a.foast of good n visiting her daughter, Mrs. D l . ,|_thiugs, made the hours pass all too swiftly. Iu particular, the recitations by the' Misses Blanche and Leona. Ire jand, the young daughters of Mr. W, J. Ireland, were charmingly rendered; that of the little Leona—au “appeal for Daily Bread to Santa OlauF,” boingigiven with exquisite feeling and action. It was unanimously voted 1ft separat ,ipg: that tho anniversary of tho gathering should be. observed next year at the same time aud place; whioh, while it may have the'added enjoyment of antlcipa non, mast stttoly lack one pleasant fea ture-wiss, jithe complete “surprisa”— •vfhicJi g a w to the above otoasioftlTspe- ctol zesW.. . . . . „ ....... J., tomoxTOw. - , £■ » .-r . ■Mr. B- RiQh.' r 0 turnod from Now York and Rochester yesterday, accom­ panied by his wife, who has been spend­ ing the holidays in the latter place. —Mrs. Lydia O. Iryiug and daughter Ida arrived in the oity last evening for a short visit with her son, M[r. W. F. Irytog, before leaving tor New York, Where she will visit her sons, Mr. J. B. and V. J. Irving. i —Mr. M. R. Bennett, otTrnmansburg, was t o this oity last evening. Mr. Ben- net has expectations that. Spepkqr O’Grady will appoint him postmaster or assistant' postmaster of the Assembly. Mr. Bennett's Mends and all those who are glad to see Tompkins county men successful assure him of their good wishes. AROUND THE OITY- —The attendance a t the obsequies of Mrs. William Murray, this morning.was notably large. s - - * —Dr. G. M. Bliven’s valuable coach dog is to go to Minnesota, the doctor having given him to a student friend. —Commencing Sunday, Jan. 11), tra No. 12 east on the Lehigh Talley, will run via Ithaca, arriving at 8:18 a . h , and leaving at 8 :23 A. jr., and tfiain'No 147 west will arrive a t 8 :3S a. m., and leave at' 8:42 a. Sk - ^ ^ —Profi, Yergame^haa nn display in one of Druggists fiaskin’s Itore windows imeWeBjbred fox tgrfer Jnqspies about -two months old. Their mother is a daughter of the late locally famous '“Ben” which belonged to Mr. A. H. Platts. _ ' -. *» —The annual meeting of t^ie Ithaca Oycld Olnb for the election of .directors tor the ensuing year will be held,in the clttbt rooms this . evening beginning promptly at 8 o’clock; The annual re­ ports of the retiring officers will also be presented. ( ' • •* —Mr. Dudley Macadam, manager for Kellar, * the magioian*v informs T he that the oqpapany aririved in the o itj this morning especially early, in order that tbefe might be produced the gt’eatost ti^ystery to ma^o, 'called “The Bine Roomv~tonight. This is gen* orally only produced to large -oities aftd takod a day of speoiftTprepamtion. —About nine o'clooklast nighttho in Candescent eleotrio light system came to grief * every light in the city going Out. The company immediately seftt ont force of experts. to. discover whore the trouble originated, a crossed line being suspected as causing the trouble, A tour of thd oircuit faDed to disclose the source of the trouble. Early Jthis morning another inspection of the circuit was made, with the same result. Another ihspectioft was made shortly before MOft but with no suopees.' 'Manager Thomp soft said that trie source of the trouble would undoubtedly |j 0 looatod before flight, If not the other circut would be used. How Are Your Kidneys? Ever Have Year Book A ebef Dr. Hobbs Spangus K idney. Pills uuk* Baalthy Kidney* and to* Back Stroas, Hulthr Kidney* pnrUy th* blood by /llforino bom it «rfo aeid and all other polios* or impuritlm. . ‘ Pars blooa mean* porrect jULiuj nou&'u. d. ur* Hobca Opaxttsifit Kidney in euro Rheumotiem. NeoraifiCkrat, BrishtUiBie* «, Ctftbeceei Drowiy, Eczema. Anmmia. Pftine in Ab« ’ * ‘ * ,v \* * nna all Jnflam. iomexi. Baekaohe. “ftiio ■' lCianoye.idnoys!i >£IS' \\^ivSikn motion o K 0 i )hs,SSflnBonddraH^et 8 re* oomtnend them. 6 Q. 0 a box. TwtimoninlB from then* eamls. 1IUDB8 REMEDY CO., miCAfiO AND SAN PRAXCiSCO. H O W t s Y O U R w j u b ^ d i l H o b b s L s t x l b * * Li VSR Pills acj promptiy, bat dcm*t g r i f l e i - __ AND IT WENT. w**c t ONE CENT A For Each XmerHo* kn+ vertuemetOp . 4i*i-\sgg»p.8aa»«B COB BENT —Fnrnlshad Suite ot vOfflwM r first floor Hudy ^rith rooms, closet private bathroom Utfhted wftb ^ v electricity Corner of State tfatl < FOR SALE I A US {UXJUVfSl is ahnoy- sm^nt to iQlling is B ad Bpolllnx aa a Iteaclt of BlseaM. People\who spell very badly are not uncommon, and this dofeot is plmost always the occasion of serious anoe to them and embarrass their friends. That bod spelling caused by a disease is a statement that will bo new to many, but that snob a state of things exists is proved by excel­ lent medical authorities. In certain con­ ditions of brain and nerves the patient almost invariably writes. “ ot” instead ctf “ to.” In another.slightly varying form, instead of ‘the” the first letter is omitted, and so in many other of the shorter words. This malady usually affects the brain only to connection with words of one syllable, but cases have occurred Where longer words have been so distorted that it was difficult told Che Judge’s Story and How th e Shrewd Farm e r Used I t . All throngh tho campaign certain wits made the silver, men the bntt ot their ridicule. Bnt R. S. Wiles of Chi­ cago relates one on the gold men. Mr._ Wiles himself Was one of the orators who helped the gold cause with speeches outside the city as well as in Ohicago, and on one of his trips he had for au associate speaker a judge of the oironit court in—say Benton county, since there is no Benton county in Illinois. This judgo is a strong speaker and is fre­ quently found at the Ghicago bar. And hois a sound money man. “ Why, gentlemen,\ said tho judge, “this government can’t take boll a dol­ lar’s worth of silver and make a dollar of it just by saying it is a dollar. I tell you,.it oan’t do it It wonldn’t-tool anybody. Why, if congress were to take oii ordinary donkey andfigclnro solemnly he was a cow, you farmers couldn’t be tooled into going there for yonr winter’s milk, could yon?” And all the people would laUgh at i t Bnt ono day there was a shrewdTarmer iu tho audience wjio was for freo silvor and resentod the story of tlje judge. So he treasured it up, and a tow nights later he was making.a speeoh on his own aeoount. He said ho was a \plain blunt man, like the fBBt of them, and that he must'speak right on, and that he had heard the judge the other night and would not try to make a great speeoh like the judge, but he would tell a story he heard the judgev tell. Aiid then he added: “ 1 don’t know abont taking a donkey and making n milk cow out of him by the voico of tbo people, but I do know that the pfSplo-of- Benton county have taken a donkey and said he was a judge. And it goes.” It was the piece de reBistonae in that campaign.—Chicago Post. - . One A g ainst th e Oondnotor. In a Glasgow opr the other night wns ail aged Irishman who held a pipe in his month. The conductor told him he could not smoko, but ho paid no heed. Presently tbo guard came into the oar and snid with a show of irritation, “ Didn’t 1 tell you you couldn’t smoko inthfeoar?” “ Wall, Oi’m not smoking.” “ You’ve got a pipe in your mouth.” - “ So Oi have me feet In mo boots,'” replied Pat, \ but Oi*m not walking.” —-Scottish Nights. , Merely * SuxgaaUon, • Young Lawyer (on his first case)—I’d give anything to wto-Ahi* oaso, but “ don’t see how it is possible to clear you- Prisoner (modostly'snggeating) — I don’t sp’oseyo’d like torewerir yor com­ mitted the crhhe yerself, would yer?- Tit-Bita. and entii e stock a t Drugs, etc.,, of W comforted by beitf; naecHiyi mental one would be that bad spelling Was cnu disease o r whether he would prefer .to have this lack of agenraoy set down ts ignorance or oqrrfessness.—New York Ledger. ^ _________ 'ivro Storle*. Abont John. —AlfrionA told me that a certain Allan bad been with his family as but­ ler tor 25 years,. In his old age John, took to bis onps, and one day while lay­ ing the doth for'Tnhoheon held forth abont the family portraits. “Ab, mum,” said he, standing in rapt admiration be­ fore Uie pioturo of the son and heir of the honse, “ he’s a fine looking young man. ^Ifon&pf his ancestors will ever be like him. ” His fellow servants liked John so well that they used, j o borrow bis wages to keep him from spending them in drink. On one occasion the mistress of the houee, aged .45, severely, reprimanded John, aged 68, because bis' livery was covered with calcimine, John was moved to tears, whereupon tho gentle lady remarked, “ You know, John, I ’m only speaking to von an a friend. ” This was too?i»tiffii'f0l!f; Jphfi'afeeltogs, and be Bobbedhni;,' <JNofc. as a friend, mum, not as a friend, bat es a mother. Chicago Post. P u b llo E lectrlo U g h tta*. It. is claimed h^y gas engineers, and they produce fignres' to substantiate their claims, that ift, the future, instead oi building ona large eieotfiG lighting sta­ tion at some point and having the cur­ rent transmitted’lohg distances through underground’ feeders ■o t the poihfa ~of distribution; necessitating a great ex* panne in copper and conduits, eaoh pop­ ulous section will havp a small station, run by a gas engine,. driving a dynamo and,equipped with a storage battery, A station of this kind.has recently been • ereot'ed ill Frankfort, Germany, and the/ practical\ results are entirely aue- aessfui, s larger net income being de­ rived 'from a given number of lamps than is usual in a large central station. It appears, therefore, to be established to good ptactioe that m oities where there is no central atation already, es­ pecially im those in which the gas works are operated by the municipality, block stations shoujdbe constructed in prefer: enoe tq large steam central stations, n o t i c e : o p S A L E O P A C C O U N T ^ in pursuance of an orctor o? Hon. Bradford Almy, Tompkins County Judgo. no>K-o is boro- by jnvfn tnnt the nndoralgnod' wsigneo of Frank A. Warner, George WT W arner and John J. BonUsvillo, for tbo benefit of oredltors. will Mil n il uooolleotod book account* duo and owing tctb d asslgneAestato of tbo said Frank A. W arner, Georg^W 1. W arner and John J. B o a n B T ille, making tbo sum of *991.88, a t public auction a t tber front door of tbo Tompkins County Clerk’s offlro, in tho city of Ithncn. N. Y., qtKllio i 5 lhU«y of Jantiary. 1897 at 10 o’clogkin tbo forenoon o f that day, fed Itfcnca, N. Y-, JaHOSi > 4 JS T DAVID B-. BTBW. ABT Assignee. T o m p k t k s S s C o b b , J&ice and P. O. address, Savings-Bank Building, Ithaca N. Y. ja4dl0 DRLfQ STORE AND LEASE (Two y**r* frem M xi April)’ S. Warren, Tioga S t , to offered lor> sale. Enquire of « O F SIMPSON, —v* First D»ortBaj|it»f ANNUAL MHETINQ ^ VmAOA/Srk D ec 90 j806 ■ Tbo a n n u a l m e o ting- o f i h e stoekboldera^ ■ot1 h e F i r s t N a tio n a l B ink o f I t h a c a y n t t b o h e a t t h e atUco o f s u d b f u i k . i b the-oity-O f^Itb\ :.. on T u e s d a y U ) o b .t b diQr o t J a n a s ry^qiU E t atf] o ’o lock a . m f o r u e c f t o n o f U itaS C ita i W f t su o b o t h e r lu s i n e s jw -may c o m e p e t a r d 4 m e e tin g . P o ll s o p e n fro m 11 0 'M aek:’to >llK, o’alo e k A. M.' SOdlO —J-0)»We.k ' \ ’ \\ * 4) ». AUCTION R e a l On account of the death ol TboaiavP*< th* ioitowing Real E»t»te will be loid a t 1 ■uction, ’ -,- 7 - JANUA^Y II, * 18971 ' ’ at ic o’clock In the fO-enooa of th i t d ay,'at-, front door of the Tompkln* JC e « a ty :tto i’.. “ lice: * .Flret. The Houieand Lot on theaaitth* rieadow Street, 88 f»«t south of Bufhilf.Vti known a i the Richard Webb Hobm. Thhtj 44 Yeet in width and 66 feet In depth ; the Is in good repair, and the premlMi er* I clear of all sncnmbi ances Parties net har thefuH amount to pay dawn can atari* ■onable payment add ftava: Uha jtoaae* let mortgage to be given upon th* property* Second. The Bara and Lot In th* rear olJY Hooter's lumber yard, on Cayuga itreetr' barn has been In use fqr some years-by.Cr & Feeley, and is free 'and dear ol n lf: brancea. ’ ' ■ Both premises ware owned by theArni; Crozler A Feeley. and' must be sold in t'n|sr settis Thomas Peeley’s estate, ^ ■,, Fer pirtlculari, inquire ol TempUns A< AUemee^s, Savings Bank Building, )lbaCs, N. . , E. M c GILLIVRA w ,p i i r n o a R A i> H E R / * 38 and 30 East State St.* It TOWN TALK. SOMETHINa OF 4NTEI : '^ lNSTA Tf'mENT* iN.ttiifi Offkrot P. D. WQODFORDfatoetotoAi el nanhtttan LUa InsunHmeCo.'eS N Sfmpson Block, lOwca, N, T. Q«>od mocK&t, rir7Wc have calledagaltt ttPhave'yoa.i the rianhaaan Life’s ptto.qf 1 ment luaurance th a t tfceupt* talking so much about. • , - ... Mr. Thomas, | a m i, ■ nave become so Interested 1 surance. Since you fouft<l<tfi[ Credit Policy so Well suited- idea o t insurance th a t you a $ 10,000 policy-at once* I cmr- you that the flanhattan vestment Credit Pol'CjnwIlt: hearty approval of Jnstallm: ance. To lllustm te,.we policy on the basit~of~$io, to a o annual . premiums, made to y o u r wife, Mary Aim* (a your death during the nex tso Should death occur during thhi /U ry Ann would a t once rsxrivs 4 A n n o u n c e m e n t! The undersigned takes this occasion to announce hi* re­ turn to his store, No; 60 West- State S t., and desires to thank the people of the city and surrounding country for the liberal patronage given him during the month past, at 41 East State S t. ^ v Wishing s it a “ Happy New Year,” and^trusting the many new acquaintances may con- tinue to -trade witfi_us a t tlie old stand, I remain y o u r future fianta Claus, JOHN FRANCIS poiicy v including Interest* $15*7 T. Is this guarantcedTn tto. W . - 6 W i t o ‘ put it so positively T, In your i8-aa is a guarantee th a t after f t policy shall not. lapse ’ ment of premiums* Is provUtoaia-the~6-per ceu ti rPolicy ? — - — W,--YeS)»ie -samwpro the last.named policy, t o f one for the insured, tor comes t'« a famiIy, or for? reason the Insured (after yearsj eannot meet hU i , policy continues for the fa lessthe Interestoni THE ALHAiTBRA. .H O T E L A N D C A F E , _ _ . . . r_. . ■ , Nearly Oppoute the Poet Office LmUm' Dinfag Rmm mi Smw 4 Flwr .. D A N IE L C 0 ( S ® L L Y . CHICAGO MARKETS. , ~ CUOAOO, Jiui-lt ^Whsat-Jm Sta, toy 8 M 6 « 9 *Ytoif W Oore-sTim. aoo, toqr ^ 1 / ^ OAhh-Jto 16^0, May 1 po**-j»n. u. 60 , tor«r.ta LAW>-J*a. *M0.M*y tt-Ktf. Bire-Tejf, 98.87)6, toy 94 M. One year fjnOiftJJUat^dntelffe receive $500 plus $ per cent on the unpaid $0,500* or $570, ing a total ot $1,070/ At the the second year she would $500 plus 6 per cent oir $p, $1,040* and so on ror, 3 oy this Way, Hary Ann: would snug little Income tor.* period years, receiving from your T. You arn jcexilng 'iSi\ Interested inlnsurancd, wi eral plaits,insuCli au pany as the Gan‘ benefit would 4 Insured paid hi through the who W. Th# policy payments of years shall ba death Of the th e firstic insured i« llvingat, thenhis policy $ 3 ,oo>o more premiums,!!*, nice fortuitoie the insured.in man of 40 w do* $ro,ooo ■ instal for 1 Ito !,n

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