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1 * 4 1 8 ¡ •I- - • f i t | ÉteÉÉM Ä< r r i v*t 1 * « _ T?X' ¿-.V |y.1 IT B A C A - D U L V JO U R N A L . >%i ’d'sSr \ —published every- afternoon vSundays and Hqudays excepted,), at; file »formal 'Ste Ä P á W B y Bm i, Jow a û u iffltoâuSoa. 8» IA _ « 800 _ „sJï®et* delivered by carrier 65 oentA bymoae» «njtB,per month. Single copies 6 cents each. ITH A C A W E E K L Y JO U R N A L . Issued every Thursday morning, contains , latest telegraphic Associated Press news, freshest county and local matter, foil market reports, stories, poems, fashions, miscellany, hints for the farm andhousehold—a necessity 5 o every- intelligent home in Tompkins Coun­ ty. $2.00 perannum. J • v o l . x v n . I T H A C A , N . T , T U E S D A Y , A U G U S T 1 7 . 1 8 8 0 N O . 4 0 . M ü snollaneous. N O T I C E . The subscriber has purchased the boo '. right to use in Tompkins county, Gooflell’s Axletree Gutter, and. is now prepared to cut any kind of I R O N O R S T E E L was asleep in bed .w ith his two children. W ithout a n y know n pror vocation, other than his discharge, Flanigan entered the bed-room. turned down the bed clothes and plunged a knife blade into the heart of tne unconscious victim , K e rin’s family and friends can give no rea­ sons for the attack, and say that the parties wtij-o on what appeared to b u fr te lly terms, and the murder­ er was still boarding a t K e rin’s BUßOY OR CARRIAGE AXLETREE. I Ä “t a k Ä - new. C ome and see the cutter and its WORK. E S \ T o w n r ig h ts f o r s a le in T o m p k in s CO-.JEI J . A. JARVIS, ITHACA, IV. V., M a n u f a c tu n r of all kinds o f C a rriages, P la tf o r m S p rin g Wagons, Sleighs, etc. P a in ti n g and Jo b b in g o f all kinds n e a tly and p r o m p tly done. 1 0 5 jul.v2tíd3m W . S t a t e Shops at the Inlet. S t . itm’ayTavuaomoroplay endwlsuthanwh<m | ^ custody this mojrning, b e h a v in g — 1 come down stairs a h d reft the house just before Martin]] who followed and committed the m u rder. Tb!e authorities think he knows more qf th e ’ease than he cares to tell. He said th a t M artin came o u t of K erin js house to a flagman’s shanty, w here he (Michael) was, and said he had stabbed John, then gave him a key, telling him to take charge of his ef­ fects, saying he was going away. W hen arrested Flanigan trem b led like a leaf,‘gave a fictitious nam e and residence, but when told he was suspected of m u rder1 he adm itted the tru th but subsequently denied th a t he knew anything about it. He had frequently been arrested for disorderly conduct. The victim bore a good reputation and leaves a wife and two children. SIR KNIGHTS IN CHICAGO. P E A C H E S ! P E A C H E S ! ANOTHKg_CAR LOAD OF h M re peaches S u i t a b l e f b r C a n n i n g WILL ARRIVE T h u r s d a y M o r n i n g , A T 0 . B . S T E W A R T ’ S . T A X H O T I C E . T h e Assessors of the Town of Ithsca have completed the Assessment Roll for ihe year 1880 . and a copy th e r e o f is le f t with S. B Beers, one ot the assess- ors, at* t h e O F F ICE O F A B E L B U R B ITT , No. 16, North Tioga St., Ithaca, where the same may be seen and examined by any p e r s o n in t e r e s t e d , u n t i l th e T h i r d T u e d a y of A u p s t , 1 8 8 0 , and on that day tlie Assessors will meet at ithe T o w n C l e r k s office, in th e V i l l a g e o f Ith - atca, a t 10 o ’ c l o c k , A . M ., o f th a t d a y , to re­ v i e w th e i r assessm e n t s a n d h e a r a n d e x a m i n e a l l c o m p l a in t s in r e l a t i o n to s u c h asse s s m e n t . Dated, bhaca, July 3*th, 18N). K< >YAL THOMPSON, MYRON A. SEXTON, S. B. BEERS, ang5w2t dfgngfltd. _______________ Assessors. g lift r e F i n e - A p p l e J e l l y i n 10 l b . c m s f o r #1.00; R e t a i l , I3 c p e r l b . S u g a r - C u r e d l l a m a , S l i c e d , a t 14c p e r l b . D r i e d B e e f . S l i c e d o n I h e n e t c E n t e r p r i s e S l i c t r , 18c p e r Ib . F i n e T e a s , J a v a C o f f e e . D r u g s a n d , T o i l e t *A r t i c l e s . H o o d s a l l F r e s h a n d .V e t c , . f o r C a s h , a t fl’orncr o f T io g a and F a rm Sts. CARPETS. D u g o f t h e J l l v n u r a c l u r e r s m n i l S a v e i n t e r m e d i a t e P r n f i f s . WE IIAVE NOW OPEN AN IMMENSE STOCK OF TFIE MOST APPROVED VARIETIES O? CARPETL AND FLOOR COVERINGS M a n u fa c tu re d b y O u rselves expressly far this season’s retail trade, con­ sisting of Axm laitors, W iltons, Velvets, Brussels, Ingrains, Ac., Ac. IN M Styles and M m . These irooag win be round to combine, in .a n unusu :tl d e g r e e , cTcsthui''t* o f a p p e a r a n c e .and positive wearing qualities, and are well * wortny oi tU© inspection of* inteoding pur .ohaaere. WE ALSO OFFER A FULL LINE OF Sulosli and East India Rugs and Mats, China Mattings, til Cloth:, k , k A t th e L o w e s t P o ssible P r ic e s . Special inducements offered to churches steamers and hotels. f J.&J.DOBSON, C a r p e t M a n u f a c t u r e r s and R e t a i l e r s , 40 A 42 West 14th Street, New York, Near Sixth Avenue Elevated R. R. Station. JOHN^fAN GAASBEEK, Manager. myl5deod3m sat tu th C hicago , Aug. 16.—The comman- deries of fcsir Knight Templars con­ tinue to a rrive in such rapid succes­ sion that it is impossible io keep track of them. So large has been the tide of visitors that the trains had to be divided. Thus much de­ lay was occasioned. The local oom- manderies are busy escorting the vaulting commanderiea to their hbmes. The streets are almost im­ passible with spectators, and Chica­ go Is at the feet of an invading le­ gion of Templars. Over a hundred newspaper men have arrived. The influx 'of thieves, pickpockets and burglars is very large. They began operations .last night by captur­ ing some regalia pram the tents of the Californian delegations. The police are instructed to arrest all known bad characters or even sus- picious ones. They being num eri­ cally unequal to the task in addi­ tion to other duties. General Ter­ rence,of the Illinois national guards issued an order detailing 425 men to be stationed at the camp. Three hundred and sixty-eight cominand- eries will be in the city by to mor­ row morning, Of thee© 150 hay© already arrived and 50 more are on train's near by. rapidly approaching the city. VERY ILL. -E. A. Sothern, • dundreary I T H E B E S T H O T E L IN tH E THE W 0 *LD « F ifth R venuex F iftieih S treet ( pi’-0‘:iTE CATHEDRAL Y O R K , NEAR GRAND CENTRAL DEPOT L ondon , Aug. 16 the actor, is very ill at Brighton. declines the honor . N ew H aven , Aug. 16.—Richard D. Hubbard, at H artford, positively refuses to accept the democratic nomination for governor. AT CHAUTAUQUA. ^ C hautauqua , Aug. 16.—Yester­ day was temperance day and the anniversary meeting of the W o­ man’s National Christian Temper­ ance Union of tne United States. The Christian Commission is reviv­ ed, with Geo. H. Stuart as president. A meeting is to be held a year hence to which all members of the old Christian and Sanitary Commissions and all Chaplains in the Federal and Confederate armies are invited for a Christian and p atriotic reunion. miss neilson ’B death . N ew Y ork , Aug. 16.—The Even­ ing Telegram’s Paris Special says that Miss- Neilson was taken ill on Saturday night while driving in the Bois de Boulogne w ith a lady who had been living w ith her ^.8 com­ panion, and expired at three yester­ day m o rning at the R e staurant du Challet, where her body is still ly­ ing. She had been staying at the Continental Hotel for a few days! previous to her death, w ith her companion, a servant and a gentle­ m an described as her secretary. Miss Neilson’s death is currently at­ tributed to heart disease, but this is doubted by m any. The circum- Btances surrounding her death are so suspicious police inquiry m ay be- cora© necessary, Th© funeral wilt jrobably take place in England. The rooms which Miss N eilson oc­ cupied at the Continental Hotel! iave in the meantime been sealed up and telegram s have been dis­ patched to her relatives. JACk FR08T. R ondout , A ug. 16.—There was frost in various seations of Ulster county last night. The tem p era­ ture on Pine Hill a t six this m orning was 45. Many m o u n tain boarding houses had fires y e sterday m o rning for the comfort of their guests. The tem p e rature a t M argaretvilie, Dela­ ware county, a t 5 a . m ., was 44 de- ;rees. There was a heat y frost, 'ender vegetation was killed. Growing crops of corn and buck­ wheat were somewhat injured. Light snow fell in Stoney Clove, U lster county, last night, HEAVY STORMN I VIRGINIA. D anville , V a Aug. 16 —A furi- ous hail storm swept the neighbor­ hood of Yernon Hill, Halifax coun­ ty, yesterday, embracing a section a mile and a half wide, and extend­ ing a great distance southw ardly, the wind blew a terrific gale, and there was a heavy fall of rain. One ilanter had a hundred thousand ills of tobacco destroyed. Others had large q u antities ruined. THE GRIMES ASSASSINATION. York, will begin its a n n u a l session here. A large n u m b e r of delegates have already a rrived. Among the im p o rtant questions to be discussed are proposed am endm ents. The session promises to be of usual in­ terest and will continue to th© end of the week. SUSAN B. HEARD FROM. R ochester , Ang. 16.—Miss Susan B. A n thony was interview ed here to-day. She disclaims the wide spread s tatem e n t th a t she iis to work in the cam paign for Hancock, G a r­ field or anybody else. She had no p a r t w h atever in the recently re­ ported interview between Hancock and herself, and says thait neither sh e n o r th e national woman suffrage association have agreed to work for any candidate or party nmt pledged to the enfranchisem ent of ymman. Miss A n thony say»: 4‘I hale the states right dogma and the <?nly thing th a t could m ake me willing to see tne dem o cratic party in pdwer, even for one term , would be its pledge to subm it the sixteenth am endm ent for woman suffrage. I surely would n o t work for the devil, the person championed b y the states right party, unless he pledged him ­ self to free women from their polit­ ical slavery.” FOREIGN SPECIALS. L ondon , Aug. 16. - H e r b e r t Spen­ cer, the well known scientific and philosophic w riter, intends next year to m ake a tour around the world by way of the United States and Japan. He will devote two years to it, taking socialogical ob­ servations a t the more im p o rtant points on the route. One or two scientific friends and one of his sec­ retaries will accompany him. The tour wul be an immediate prelimi­ nary to the completion of his philo­ sophical system, as originally plan­ ned. A dispatch from Cork, says that a case of 20 rifles, which was ship­ ped from Ailford for Cork, was seiz­ ed by the police to-day. In Com; mons this afternoon Hartington.^ secretary of state for India, stated th a t a letter had reached Chaman Choki from Gilseasi, dated Aug. 12, saying th a t the c o u n try is q u iet and th a t the fort is abundantly supplied and will be able to assist m supply­ ing General Roberts. The following has just been re­ ceived : C andahar , Aug. 11. 4Colonel “ St. J o h n has w ritten a letter to Ayoob Khan asking w h eth­ er the report is true th a t he holds some British officers, captured at Kush Ki.'i’ A Berlin correspondent s a y s : It is expected at the next session of Reichstag that the entire question of the currency will be reopened, for, despite semi-official contradic­ tion, the agitation against an exclu­ sive gold currency is daily gaining ground. In governm ent circles it is said that Bismarck favors Ithe re- adoption of silver as a legal tender. Thepresident of the Im p e rial Bank has, in a rem arkable treaties, expos­ ed the m istakes made in abolishing the silver standard. P a r i s , Aug. 16.—There is a report of the death of Marshall Bazaine. A MINISTER KILLED BY A RATTLE, fr o m E l e v a t e d R . R . S t a t i o n . EUR0pFAN p u N : rAsONABLE J O s l Í n î f u l l E R ■ junldeod3m t u t h sat H O U S E T O L E T , « o , 1 3 5 £ . S e n e c a S t , (Corner o t Factory.) Apply 4o . C. A. SCHAEFFER, R aleigh , N. G., Aug. 16.—Relia­ ble information has been received of the assassination of Gen. Bryan Grimes, on the 14th inSt., n e a r his hom© in P itt county. Rum or says he was riding in a buggy alone on- the highway when he was shot dead by some one concealed in the bushes supposed to have been a Degro or w h ite m an against both of tyhom he was an im p o rtant witness in a s u it for arson. The scene of the m u rder is rem o te from telegraphic commu­ nication. H e was a very ¡prominent citizen and a M ajor General in the confederate arm y . ODD FELLO W S GRAND LODGE. * W atertown , Aug. 16.—To-mor­ row m o rning - th e G rand Lodge of Q44 Fellows, of tho state of New SNAKE. S a n ta P a u la, Cal., Aug.. 16.— Rev. J. W. Gengerson, who held many offices of trust in the state, and a pioneer of this county, was bitten by a rattlesnake yesterday and died. BOY SHOT FOR STEALING A P P L E S . New York, Aug. 10. —Jam e s Mur­ phy, a farm e r near East New York, Long Island, being greatly annoyed by boys stealing apples from his or­ chard, lav in w ait Sunday and shot Michael Kelly, aged 11 years,fatally. PURGED OF PHYSICAL CONTAGION. St. Louis, Aug. 16.— The Post’s W ashington special states th a t a gentleman ju s t a rrived from Mem­ phis says th a t the city is entirely hcaithj, There sre m indications of any outbreak of yellow fever this season in the Mississippi Valley. He thinks that the yellow fever germa have been substantially de s t r o y e d . T h e r e t u r n s t o t h e N a - tional Board of H ealth show that the condition of the public health is as good in southern as in northern cities. J . P R O C T O R K N O T T R E P O R T E D K I L L E D . L ouisville , Aug. 16.— a telegram to tfhe Courier-Journal from Shep- perdville says that Hon. J. Proctor K n o tt was shot and m o rtallyw o u n d ­ ed this evening a t Mount W ashing­ ton, 10 miles from here by J. W. Lewis, Greenback candidate for coagress. No particulars. There is a great excitement. The Courier- Journal does n o t believe the report to be true. THE BOGUS DIPLOMA COLLEGE. P hiladelphia . Aug. 16.—In the United- States district court to-day indictm ents were - found against “Doctor” John .Buchanan, charged w ith devising a scheme to defraud and w ith using the* m ail for illegiti­ m ate purposes. The coroner’s ju r y this m o rning investigated the case of W m . Hammond, a colored child, whose d e a th occurred several weeks ago, in which “Doctor” David W right, one of Buchanan’s gradu­ ates gave a certificate of d e a th from ‘‘coUjary fantum .” Evidence was produced to show th a t W right was a graduate of th e “Buchanan Eclec­ tic College,” t h a t several d ruggists had refused to compound his illegi­ ble prescriptions, and t h a t the child really died from natural causes. The ju r y censure “Doctor” W right for prescribing, as an unqualified physician of the bogus diploma Bu­ chanan College; and find Falken- berg, the druggist, was equally as guilty as “Doctor” W right. The verdict calls the attention of the district a ttorney to this and sim ilar cases, which b a n g disgrace to the medical profession, of this city. GENERAL GRANT AT DENVE R. . D enver , Aug. 16.—A committee Of prom inent citizens, headed by Governor Pitkin, left Denver for M anitou by special train this mom- where they m e t General G rant and escorted ¡him to Denver. Upon the a r r i v i l of the train a salute was ~ i by the Chaffee Light Artillery, r w h id i ^ procession was form- ©Uthe m ilitary and civic organi- zations, and proceeded t] principal street« to the ho general was m o u n ted on horse. The houses along the the m arch were gaily d and every available spot poiot of observation for the A ll a l o n g th e lin e th e gen e i greeted with hearty cheers, ¡Upon a r r i v i n g a t t h e h o t e l , t h e g e n e r a l dism ounted and en tered 'th e build­ ing. but in response to calls from the crowd, soon appeared upqn the balcony and bowed pleasantly) The general then turned to retreat, when the crowd clamored for a sjjieecb, whereupon he smiled and said, “Comrades, I thank you, but aU I wish to say is to introduce tjo you Governor Routt, whom I know to be very fond ' of talking to a large crow d .” Governor R o u tt spoke briefly. A reception was held at the hotel to-night. To-morrow n ight there will be a banquet in the gen­ eral’s honor. GREENBACK STATE CONVENTION. S yracuse , N. Y., A,ug. 16.—The greenback state convention meets in this city to-morrow. It i© ex­ pected th a t two hundred delegates will be present. OCÉAN GROVE CAMP MEETING—TWEN­ TY THOUSAND PEOPLE PRESENT, O cean G rove , Aug. 16. — fu ll y tw e n ty thousand people a re gather- aped in the eqftfined lim its 6 Î the camp meeting grounds this ©veiling, moet of whom are attracted by the annual camp meeting, which began to day and will be continued to the 26th. The services to-day were full of interest. The sacram e n t of the Lord’s Supper at Beven p. m., in the auditorium brought together a great m ultitude. A t the penny collection last n ight a t the meeting of the W o ­ m a n ’s Foreign Missionary Society, forty thousand one cent m ckles were collected to aid the missionaries. English, but he has positively de­ clined to run. H u b b a rd was willing to accept the unanim o u s nom ina­ tion, but m e t too m u ch opposi­ tion, especiaUy from the coach­ men who denounced H u b b a rd for not receiving into his fam ily his f o r m e r c o a c h m a n , S h e p a r d , w h o eloped w ith H u b b a rd’s daughter. The strongest feeling exists in New BURGLARS ARRESTED. for tfie start, “m a rch” was T H I S M O R N I N G ’ S I O a , , m . H o l d i n g t h e I n q u e s t . O u t l a w r y i n M e x i c o . o u o u ^ o s u icciU ig CAIQIO AU Aiorr l _ _ H aven where Shepard ia now living J j ^ w a l & y w ith his wife ana conducts a pros­ perous liVery business. He has a wealthy uncle who h as set h im up in business. As he- has become inde­ pendent he no doubt uses his influ­ ence to h u r t the ex-governor by c ir­ culating the story of his own alleged wrongs. BROOKLYN SPECIALS. I By Telegraptj to the Dally Journal. 1 B rooklyn , Aug. 17. Judge Barnard has decided th a t there is no law authorizing the granting of separate licenses for ale and beer. Under this decision the excise commissioners passed a reso­ lution yesterday against granting any more ale or beer licenses. They will only grant first class licenses and have increased the license fees from $100 to $250 each. The Mutuals defeated the Roches- tere yesterday—Q j to nothing. The assembly committee yester day began the investigation into the charges against the trustees of Cypress H ill cemetery. It is alleg ed the trustees received nearly $ 2 , 000,000 for burial lots with no in­ vestm ents corresponding to the re­ ceipts. At Clifton, Staten Island,Bernard Morgan, an old man. went to a beer garden Friday night for beer and has not been seen by his family since. Charles Dastard, bar tender, and Louisa Schultz, step daughter of the proprietor of the garden have been arrested on suspicion of m u r­ dering Morgan. Bloody m a rks were found on the premises. W h e n the word IBy Teiegrapn to tbs Daily Journal.! | ~ W 4 t?. g*v©n théç knights A l l e n to w n Pa. An» 17 I w ith the steadinesi and John Jenkins and another m a n , arm 3r- 70 of the m asked burglars who m a rehed in platoons or ^fcions, f ront double ranks, Wlfch intervals o f sixteen feet only The com m anderies fiftvmg no more than ten or T m “ F kQigbte formed with a com m andery ranking above them * r a n ^t the form ation tak- the distance of o n ly eight feet, it grandest parade of this ever seen in the c o u n try « g2 -• __ . y tw o of th e m aske d burgla rs hound Daniel Kem and wife, both aged 60, near NaffsviUe last m onth, and stole seyeral hundred dollars 91 D o n a s a n d m o n e y w e r e a r r e s t e d , b e r e or m in g was the character There were WASHINGTON SPECIALS. [By TelesTspb to me Daily Journal.! N e w Y obk , Aug., 17. A Tim es W a s h ington special s a y s , .| rioro , . ----------- - — j . th a t the sergeant-at-arm s of the sen- m a rin h m j f f w i; ^including the ate has perem p torially discharged band of W ashington. Mrs. Dodson, colored, who for twen- „nrI w rv.iv*11001*’ ^ ugr- 17- ty years has been a n employe of the are Villino- *tn iì 1 Di?on; n London, senate, and is a widow of a colored n^a;nat- a ® 1,000 pounds v e teran* ^ i J h t e 0^ andTfor- T H I S A F T E R N O O N ’S I ° rothcrs 0jlhn90,‘ J SARATOGA RACES P B E S S D IS P A T C H E S . 8 ; Q O p . I T I , T H E S I R K N I G H T S . LBy Telegraph to the Daily Journal) S a r a to g a , Aug. 17 1 st race, one mile, ScottUia won. CmderaUa 2 nd, Miser 3 d; tim e 1:46. ¿nd r a c e - t w o miles, E lias Lawrence won, Jencho 2 nd, Oammie F. 3 d J1“ ® 3:37U The w inner brough 150 in a pool of 910. 3d race- mile quarter, Oden won, Big Medicine 2 nd, Dan S p arling 3 d; tim e 2:12}. THE M urdered missionary . LBy Telegraph to tne usuy •J um nftl . J _ . i B oston , Aug. 17. On receiving, on the ninth inst. Official intelligence of the m u rder of ±cev. J . w . Parsons on Turkish ter- n to r y , a n d the arrest of r three of his m u rderers the foreign secre tary of the A m erican board of missionaries a t once laid the case be- A D U B L IN S T E A M E R SU N K . i z r e s ®frefca>T E v a rts and urged energetic action to secure the pun- T O E H H A G 4 JO B P B I N T O 6 D E P A R T M E N T tep©. « « ta and _ •nloea in die eoi ailth* More other 01 _ ____ _ a ¡ g s “ - >»' -*> ä i ; ? - » # ; « ! The patronage of merchants and htttineaa men specially desired andknoght to he mem. Sd. See our aamrtes and new reduced hat of pnoes for the best of work. _ A bindery in Printing Department, < Yy, thoroughly and ■ ~ let ^ o rk. \No poor woi thi* department. with our Job ^Laanatodo rapid- all book and pampb- Itted toloave <*> Ith a c a Jo u r n a l A s sooiatidu. g FIN A N C IA L & CO M M E R C IAL N E W YORK STOCK M A R K E T S . IBy Telegraph to tbe Daily Journal,) FIR S T BOARD. VOZTKABT BKVIXW. tfoaey 3o2>i per cent* Governments quiet and ttrm. Stocks strong, with slight reaction, Cleve. St Col, New 5 s. rear 10 S 96 New«4’s, reg... 110 New 4’s, reg 109»g New4*% ooup... 11 C. Pacific bonds. Union lsts ......... Land Grants.... 116’ Sinking Funds..‘-¡119*4 Rock Island 113« Illinois Central.. 109*4 Ch , Bur. A Quin. ISSfc Chicago & Alton 115 Do., pref. ........... i25i New York Cen.. 132% ^ L a k e Shore ........... 108*4 Canada Southern 65“ Michigan Cen... E r i e ....................... 41’ Erie, pref 70! C M c a g o i s O v e r f l o w i n g . M A G N IF IC E N T P R O C E S S I O N . THE LATEST FROM EUROPE. P a s s e n g e r s and Crew Saved. S e e liD i a R e f a p in A rizona. NORTHWESTERN LÜKBER ASSOCIAI®!, CO N N E C T IC U T D E M O C R A T S . V Hunting G u bernatorial Candidate, f F - A S a g - V H T O J r b P E C L A L S . -A B a t c h o f B r o o k l y n , JT e v c s . N e w s f r o m N o w Y o r - l i . GO CUD'S RAILWAY s c h e m a s , T H E RROCKW A Y . THE MAY 8 LANDING INQUEST. LBy Telegraph to the bally Journal.! C amden . N. J ., Aug. 17. A t the inquest concerning the May’s Landing disaster yesterday, Engineer Aiken whose engine crushed into tho roar c a r of the first section of the train, said he had un­ dertaken to use autom atic brakes for the first time, a n d as a consequence the brakes would not , w ork at the critical moment. This admission feH like a thunder bolt and for a rnd m ent there was silence, broken only ty the enpiaeer’s sobs. tie brofe;© down completely and had to b© sent from the room. NEW YORK SPECIALS. , I By Telegraph to tbe Dally J o u rnal.1 New Y o rk, Aug 17. The arrest of Brockway, the most expert forger in the country, at Providence yesterday, was due to revelations made by Ulrich, form er­ ly a notorious counterfeiter who has reformed. Brockway got Ulrick to counterfeit the checks on the Provi lence h anks and Ulrich in­ formed the detectives. Brockway’s next field of labor was to have been Philadelphia. He had given Ulrich two checks on banks in that city to counterfeit and had planned a gen­ eral raid on the banks throughout the country. . A settlem ent of the difficulty with pttie workmen on the Rockaway ho­ tel is promised, Drexel. Morgan & Co. having offered to take half the destitute workingm en’s pay certifi­ cates at par. Hyppolyte Reyband, a furniture dealer trom Galveston, died at Bell­ evue hospital yesterday w ith sym p ­ toms of yellow fever. An investi­ gation is proceeding. Mrs. Fletcher N. Harper, a* d a u g h ­ ter of Senator Alexander McDonald and her aunt, Mrs. Peck of W il­ liamsport, Pa., narrow ly escaped drowning a t Long Beach yesteiday, the sand suddenly having been washed from under their feet b y a great wave. A gentleman bathing with them rescued them w ith great difficulty. The board of appointm ent had a somewhat excited wrangle y esterday over the p aym e n t of fees to the law­ yers for the sucoe8sful contestants in the litigation last year over the appointm ent of inspectors of elec­ tion, and the attem p ted removal by the mayor, of the police commis­ sioners. The bills am o u n ting to $42.000 were cut down to $29,000. The Tribune sayB the most rem a rk­ able of all bills presented was, per­ haps. th a t of George Ticknor Cur­ tis who asked the city to pay $1,000 tor a n opinion which he gave to the committee of Tam m any Hall. It was audited at $500. There was a larger rush of visi- torg yesterday at Governor’s Island to oaa Hanoook, than at any other t i m e s i n c e h i s n o m i n a t i o n . A delegation of 65 m erchants from Texas arriv e d at SIX in the eveniog and. after a speech by the TH E L a r g e A t t e n d a n c e . T il© 3 S T e w \ÜTorlr S p e c i a l e . General Home Newa of Interest, MEXICAN OUTLAWRY. iSy TeiegrapDW tne Daily ¿onrnal.i >» Tucson, A rizona, Aug. 17. The latest advices from Sonora say th a t Brigidis Reyes, after taking Magdelena, attem p ted to force a loan which was resisted by several leading citizens. In the course of controversy Reyes had a gentlem an nhmed Rivera, probably the judge, and a Mexican nam ed Gall shot, also another m erchant, nam e not ascertained. Many peo­ ple a re leaving Sonora and coming into Arizona. THE LUMBER DEMAND. [By teiegrapa to tUe Daily Joumai.1 C hicago , Aug. 17. The northw e stern lum berm en's association m e t y e sterday a n d there is a g enerally expressed belief t h a t , the lum bering interest was m a flourishing condition, a n d the de­ m and for lum b er this year g reater than ever before. CONGRESSIONAL NOMINATION. (By Telegraph to tne d«iy journal. I M ontrose , Pa., Aug. 17. D. W . Searle has been n om inated by the republicans of this district for congress. A resolution was adopted favoring Galusha A. Grow for United States senator. TOO th in . ' iBy Telegrapn m the Daily Journal.) B altimore , Aug. 17. W . Bfllmire, sexton of the Mount V ernon M ethodist Church, who dia- last October w ith several doUare of church funds, returned yesterday w ith a strange story, declaring be had been kid napped a n d set a d rift in the sea in an open boat. CONNECTICUT DEMOCRATS HUNTING A CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR, [Bj Tciopipn n tn« Daily iournii,] N ew Y o rk, Aug. 17 , A Times’ H a rtford deep ' ' as ex-Govemor Hubbard th e n o m ination for the governorsmp, th e p rogram is to n o m inate ex-Gov. editor of the D; ôôeK said: UI am b a v e b a d t b e dl erald, Han- pleased to opportunity of meeting so large a delegation from Texas. i was, some years ago, stationed near the borders of Texas a n d often hunted on y o u r famous prairies. I thank you for the kind m ention of m y nam e in connection w ith Texas but beg to assure you th a t every acu of m y life has been w h a t I deemed an act of duty for which I claim no credit. I hope a t some future tim e to take a ride through Texas, (as p resident of the United States,) interrupted one of the visitors, th a t elicited general applause, but cut short the general’s speech. The W o rld says the probabilities of the grand consolidation of Gould and the N o rthw est grows stronger as the plans are unfolded. It is well known th a t Gould has not formed a western construction com- f iany for nothing, and th a t his rest- 689 disposition tor aggrandizem ent will not be satisfied until he has built a link between St. Joseph and Chicago a n d thus c u t into the busi­ ness of the Burlington a n d Quincy and Chicago a n d Alton. W h e n tbe new connection is well u n d e r way it wffi lead to the consolidation o f thW H annibal and St. Joseph with the W abash interests. Then a sim ilar absorption will take place w ith the Iron M ountain and Kansas and Texas. The K a e ana jumped from a ferry boat . [ By Telegrapn to the Dally JoumaLT^ P hiladelphia , Aug. 17. John Buchanan, dean of the Ec­ lectic Medical CoUege, under heavy bail for his appearance before the United States court to answ er lshm ent of the assassins, th a t the missionaries m a y be guaranteed safety. .The Secretary on the 14th inst. says: “Such action is a lready in progress and w ill have m y e a rn­ est attention. THE FIREMEN AT AUBURN. [By Teiegrapu to ttie uauy joum&j, J _ A uburn , Aug. 17. * 1 . seventh a n n u a l convention of the volunteer firem en’s association of the state opened to-day and con­ tinues three days. R©v.Wm. Searles delivered the address of welcome. President Newm an responded. There is a large attendance of delegates. The p a rade the last day will be the largest ever m ade by the firemen of the state. The rem aining half of the receiv­ er’s certificates, issued to mechanics employed a t the Rockaway Hotel charges of fraudulently issuing med- were n egotiated to-day,M orton, Bliss Co., agreeing to redeem the se­ curities, estim ated a t $50,000. This will p robably end the trouble. ical diplomas, at one o’clock this morning, jum p ed from the night ferry boat between this city and Camden. The body h as not been re­ covered, PRINCETON COLLEGE. [By Telegrapn to the Dally Joumal.l P rinceton , N. J . j Aug. 17. A fortunate shot . IR t Teiejuapû to tue D&uj j ournal.l I ndianapolis , Aug. 17. The s a n itary commission a p p o int­ ed b y the trustees of Princeton Col­ lege report th a t such changes have been made as to render the s a n itary I p e n itentiary a n d was recently par- condition of the coUegecoUege perfect.erfect, j aoned for good conduct. Mrs. W a lker was awakened and discov- J. 0. W a lker, son of Dr. t a l k e r , shot a n d killed the notorious burg­ lar Bill Rodifer, in his father's resi­ dence, a b o u t 3 o’clock this morning. Rodifer served several term s m the p DEATH OF A PROMINENT COLORED MAN. [By Telegraph to the Dally Journal.! F rederick , Md., Aug. 17. Prof. Samuel A. Neale, one of the most distinguished colored m en in ered some one under th e bed. She q u ietly notified her son in the adjoining room. Rodifer attem p t­ ed to escape a n d fired a pistol a t Dr. W alker. He was backing out of the country, died yesterday, aged the house, covering the doctor w ith about 55. He came to Frederick to a pistol and knire when young recuperate his health. He was one W a lker fired, k illing h im instantly the faculty of A v ery College, 1 and Texas is completely under the Control of _G o u ld w h o bag only to conform, w ith the provisions ot the old tru s t deed to put himself, and consequently the W abash in compílete possession. U n d e r a n y circum stances the whole business of the other lines wiU be changed w ithm a short tim e and th© Mississippi r iver will be an im- portant factor in draw ing aw a y trade from the four great tru n k lines. The W ahash recently tried an investm e n t of $100,000 in barges to Carry g rain down the river to New Orleans and so well pleased hna i t been w ith the experim ent tbftt OrUOTS have been g iven for a n o ther $100,000 w o rth. —F ly screens for W indows an d doors m ade v e ry cheap a t B ool ’ s of Allegany city, Penn., teaching mu­ sic, mathematics and other branch­ es. He was a member of the repub­ lican state central committee of Pennsylvania. During the Tilden and Hayes campaign he made speeches in various parts of the country. FOREIGN SPECIALS. [By TelepTapn to tne Dally Journal. | L o n d o n . Aug. 17. The Times says it is stated there are not many more American ¿agles hero and until Now York esohaaga f a l l s f u r t h e r b u l l i o n i s h a r d l y l i k e l y to be exported unless it can be pick­ e d u p i n o p e n m a r k e t . * P aris , A u g . 17. A post mortem exam ination atr tribu tes th e death o f Jrliss NJeiispn to dropsy of |h© heart, accelerated by extreme indigestion. B u c h a r e s t, Aug. 17. Diplomatic relations between Roumania and the United States, based upon the provisional a rrange­ ments mentioned heretofore are now completely established. Fqr the ac­ commodating disposition manifested by Roumania the foreign officers of the United States are indebted large­ ly to mediatory suggestions of White, the British minister here. L iverpool , Aug. 17. Jonas, Reis & (Jo ., bankers, bul­ lion merchants and foreign exchange brokers, have suspended. The lia­ bilities are not mentioned. The Dublin steamer Longford col­ lided to-day with the White Star line steamer Baltic which had starfcj ed for New York. The former was sunk, but aU the passengers and crew were saved.The Baltic put back and w ent into dock for repairs. B erlin , Aug. 17. In consequence of the generally bad harvest in Germany there ha« been a renewal of agitation for pro­ hibiting the export of com. THE SIR KNIGHTS AT CHICAGO. [By Telegrapn to Hie D»lly Journal. | C hicago , Aug. 17. Nine hundred thousand would not much more than cover the in­ stantaneous census to-day. All along the route of the procession the decorations were elaborate and al­ most continuous. For miles there was a profusion and variety of ban­ ners, nags, stars, crosses, crowns, shields, festoons evergreens with an endless array of masonic mottoes, perfectly bewildering.. There was hardly a house along the line of march but-was graced withsome sort of decoration. The command eries assembled for dress pa­ rade at 7:45 and from that hour until nine there was a continuous movement of knightly bodies to the stations assigned them in tbe column whicb coiifflats o f twenty divisions, divided into time© grand divisions. The: pxccpmoh was to begin the march a t 8:30, but it was after 10 before it was^ ready NOMINATION. [By Telee^aph to the Dally Journal.) PlTTSTON, Aug. 17. The republicans of the 12th dis­ trict have nom inated Joseph A. Scranton, of Scranton, for congress. HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. As the cooler w e a ther of late sum ­ m er anchearly fall is upon us, there comes the necessity for more cover­ ing, and we have given early atten­ tion to Rose Blankets, Comfortables, Gvuatorpanes and every form of Bedding, a t M o rriso n ’s. augl7d& w lt —Jackson & Bush have ju s t re­ ceived eyJSase of new fall style o f prints. dtf STRONG EVIDENCE. I have sold at> retail price since the 4th of December last 106 bottles of Dr. Thomas’ Eclectric Oil, guarani teeing every bottle. I m u st say I never sold a medicine in m y fife th a t gave such universal satisfac­ tion. In m y own case w ith a badly ulcerated throat, after a physician pencilling it for several days to no effect, the Ecletfitic Oil cured it thoroughly in tw enty-four hours, and in threatened croups in m y children this w inter it never failed to relieve alm o st imm ediately. C. R. H all , GrayviUe, Ilf, M arch 26, ’80. aug!6d& w lw N o r t h w e s t e r n . .. 99% D o ., pref 120% St. P a u l ............ 88% D o ., pref 110% D el., L. & W e s t . . 85% M o rris & E s s e x .. 106% $Del. & H u d s o n .. 81% N. J . C e n tra l.. .. 75- O h io & Miss. ... 33% Cbes. & O h i o 18 Col.,Cia.& i*. Ontario Si W Wahash,SLL 72 XT P. Do.,pref.. _____ Han.AStJoseph. Do., pref......... Irri: o Mountain.. 66 St-Louls & San F. 36 UcRFpref 46% 1st. pref ........... 74 Kansas*,-Tex... Union Pacific St. Central-Pacific.. 76% Northern Pacific 30% Do., pref. 5ö| Louisvle * Nash £26% Nsh a ville & Chat. 68% Denver*RioGr. *0% SLPaul * Omaha 43% Do., pref....... [ 83 West. Union Tel. 10 A * P. Tel.... Padflo Mail 4192 Adams Ex 114 Wells, Parg-o&Co. Î08 American Ex... United States ... Central Arizona. 109% NE W . YORK PRODUCE MARKETS. [Bj Telegraph to the Daily Journal.) NIWI0HI.AU 8 . 17.—1 9.U. C o t con —Qu ie t a n d firm ; Middling- U p lands 119-160. F l o o r —Du ll a n d declining-. Receipts, 19,ouu Obis. Sales 10,000. S u p e rfine S ta te a n a W e s te r n $3.50 a 4.15 Com m o n t o choice e x t r a S t a t e . . . 4 00 a 4.40 Do. W e s tern ....................................... 4.00 a 4.40 Do. R o u n d H o o p O h io ,.................... 4.35 a 6.25 R v a F lour —Steady. Bales. 200 b b ls. a t S4.50a5.00 f o r S u p e r fine. W h x a t —l% a l% c lo w e r ; fa i r sp e c u la tiv e b USÎDGSS R e c e ipts 225,Of 0 b u s h ; sales 376,000 b u s h . No. 1 w h ite S e p t. $1 07%al 07%. R v s —V e r y f ir m . A u g u s t a t 86c. C o r n —Sh a d e easier. R e c e ipts, 278,000 bust». S a les, 200.09'' b u s h . W e s tern M ixed, ...................................... 48 £49% B a r l b v —N o m inal. O ats —Qu iet. R e c e ipts, 40,000 b u s h . Sales, 32,000 b u s h . M ixed W e s tern an d S t a t e ................... 37 @39% W h ite W e s tern a n d S t a t e .................... 39 @48 P ork —Firm. New Mess............................ 15 50 0 BKur— Q u iet. L a r d — steady at $8 00. B u m 8 —14026 a. s t a t e a n d Pa. C h e s s » —7% a li% c . W HISKY— S uqab —crushed 10%e. E o o a —13% i I8 o . f o r o i a t e an d Pa. P e t r o l e u m —Sales a t t h e fo llow ing ra t e s ; C r u d e ,......................................................... 6% 0 7% R efined in B o n d ....................... .. ........... 8% T a l l o w —6%a6%c. C o a l —GoOd d e m a n d an d v e r y firm . L e a t h e r —F ir m , w ith good in q u iry . Buenos AyreB a n d R io G ran d e , l i g h t to heavy w e ight, 23025c. w o o l —F ir m , w ith b e t t e r dem a n d . D o m e s tic Pieeoe 38050, On w a s h e d 15084, P u lled 22050c. BUFFALO MARKETS. A u g . 16. F l o u r — Market low e r. Sales o f 000 bbl ; C ity g r o u n d N o . 1 s p r in g $5 00a6 75 ; N o . 2 s p r in g a t $4 00a4 50 ; am b e r a t $5 25a6 00 ; w h ite w in te r a t $5 50a6 25 ; new process a t $7 50a8 00: W e s tern g r o u n d N o . 1 sp r in g a t $5 25a5 75 ; N o . 2 s p r in g a t $4 25a4 75 ; b a k e r s ’ a t $5 75a6 75 ; a m b e r a t $5 75afi 25 ; w h ite w in te r a t $5 75a8 26 ; new process a t $7 50a8 00. R y e F l o u r .—$5 00a5 25. W h e a t —L ig h t dem a n d ; No. 1 h a r d D u lu th at $ 10 5 ; new red at $102al 00 ; new white at g l OOal 03., C o r n — Quiet and firm ; No. 2 mixed Western a t 45% c. O ats —D u ll : No. 2 m ix e d W e s te r n 82c a s k e d . BARLEY—N o th in g doing. Choice S tate held a t 75a80c, R y b — N o n e here- M a l t —Ca n a d a a t 81 lOal 20; s ix-row e d S tate a t $1 (Sal 15. M il l F e e d —F irm ; co a r s e a t *6 00 ; fine a t 816 00 ; finished a t 817 00al7 50. \ C o r n M e a l — quot«i : Coarse at 90a95o ; fine a t 81 OOal 05 ; new process a t $1 25al 30. H ig h W in e s —City m a d e $1 08aï/09. R a i l r o a d F r e i g h t s —U n c h ’d ;/ W h e a t 9c; com .8% e , o a ts 5%c to N e w Y o rk / C a n a l F r e ig h t s —W h e a t 5%b, co r n 6%c, o a ts 3%c, to N ew Y o rk . L u m p e r t o A lb a n y $2 50, to N ew Y o r k $3 25. S taves to N e w Y o r k $1 60 $ ton. R a i l r o a d R e c e i p t s —14,000 b b ls f lo u r ,513.000 jus wheat. 512,000 bu s h com, 67,000 busn oats, 4,030 b u s h b a r le y an d 9,000 b u s h rye. R a i l r o a d S h ip m e n t s .—11,000 b b ls flour, 369,000 b u s h w h e a t, 883,000 b u s h c o m , 67,000 bush oats, 4,000 b u s h b a r le y , S5,ooo buBh r y e , 00,000 b u s h m a lt. him at it”, lectric Oil Domestic Bliss ‘Ttisslng the maid” Domestic Blister “manI* wife catchin: More Domestic Bliss “wife rubbing into the Wounds caused by the aforesaid Contretemps.\ a u g l9 d & w lw ON SUNDAY EVENINGS, To continue through the hot w eath­ er, m y store will open from seven to ten P. m . for the sale of Creams. W a l l a c e dtf - GOOD NEWS TO ALL. Straussm a n Bro’s have reduced their prices in m e rchant tailoring ten per cent. W e have a large as­ sortm e n t of cloths and cassimeres for suitings and are determ ined to get r id of them . Gome see, a n d sat* isfy yourself. The best fit and workm anship g u aranteed. d tf F O R S A L E C H E A P . I t F m b j n n , XufciÉts, Z w , AH» OTHERS, Proposals are Invited for the purchase of the B O I L E R S -A j r n EJTOIJTES formerly used in “Halseys’ Mill”, Ithsca, i, together With the iron wkeelsand (burnì •áidm ilL . AB, Or a s much as-purchaser desires, to b e removed from the mill premises by the 28th oLSeptem ber next. DatodAug. io, MW. _ •UlOdtwpl H -*-»0 * * . * * » - N E W Y O R K L I V E STOCK M A R K E T . N ew Y ork , Aug. 16. B e e v e s — Total receipts for the week, 11,- 85« head. The market was active and Arm: prices %c higher. Sales of Texas steers at 6% a7%c; Colorados at 7%a8%c; poor to fair na­ tive steers at 7a9c; good to extra at 9%al0%c; dry cows and heifers at 6a7%o; bulls at 2%a 3%c $ B>. live weight. S h e e p a n d L a m b s — Total receipts for the week 27,036 head. Sheep were in demand and %a%c higher; prime lambs %o higher, com­ mon and medium %c higher. Sales or poor to fair sheep at 3%a4%o; good to prime at 4% a5%c; poor to fair lambs at 4%a5%c; good to choice at 5%a6%c. H ogs —T otal receipts f o r th e week 24^420 iead. Live hogs were Arm at 5%a5$io. CHEESE AND BUTTER MARKET. L it t l e P a i x s , Aug-. 16. Cheese—The market declined Ma and wae VGPy dull. Only 2.S00 boxes of factory ckeoso sola to-day at 10412 c, in bulK at ll>$c; 320 &oxe8 farm dairy cheese at lOalbic. B utter —20 packages sold at TT xicalj -A.ri.gf.' 16. CHEESE-Sales of 0,000 boxes to-day at 11%» a l i ^ o ; 700 boxes commissioned. frHA CA JfAflgETS. These market reports are furnished by and carefully revised and corrected every week for the Ithaca Journal by O - S . W QiirfcleSj Commission Merchant and Produce Buyer, Nos. 3 & 5 S. Tioga St., Ithaca. Shipping orders and consignments respect­ fully solicited. Ithaca J ournal Office, Aug. 4,1880. COUNTRY PRODUCE. doz ................ —Commjn roll. Tubs, lb. 18 Firkins... Cheese—Prime, id Common. Lard, lb ....... Tallow, lb « ......... 5 Potatoes, bush ............. 25 Onions, bush . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 o0 Cabbage, lb.... ......... Honey—box, ID 10 Comb, lb 06 Strained, lb... 10 CloVer Seed ............ $4 75 Timothy ................... ¡5 75 B e e s w a x ................... 20 W o o l ......................... 35 The following reports are ¿furnished ’and co­ red«! weekly by -A-- JM-. J S - tx l I . 01 tne “Fall creek Flooring Mill*.’ rnunr. wholesale. 12 a 13 a 15 a 16 a 18 a 20 & 18 a 20 a 8 a 10 a 5 a 7 a 7 a 8 a 5 a 5% a 25 a a CO a a a 5 8a 10 a 15a OS a 10 • 12 10 a a 12 75 a5 GO a 75 83 00 20 a 22 35 a 40 5S 36 White Wheat, bush. .. $105 al 10 Red Wheat, \ 1 05 al IO White Wheat, new,.... 100 a Red Wheat, new, ......... 1 00 a Com, btush. ................ 50 a Oats, bush ................... 35 a Rye. for 60 lbs 75 a Buckwheat ................ — a Barley........................ a F lour . Now process, bbl. . 9 00 Pastry flour, bbl 660 White wheat,XXX.bbl. 5 60 Red wheat, XX, bbl... 5 40 Bye, bbl,* .................... «50 Com meal, cwt .......... 1 10 Graham flour, cwt .... 2 70 Oat Meal, bbl .............. 6 50 FEED. Chopped, ton ............ 22 00 Wheat bran, ton ........ 17 00 Coarse Middlings ...... 18 00 Fine Middlings ......... 23 00 The foilo- rected Retail fi a a a a a a a a a a a a a a report» are furnished lyDy W O R T M A N & S O f t . No. 16 North Aurora St, Ithaca, K. Y, Veal Calves, lb .......... M fi 4J4 * ShfiflD. lb. .................... 04 ft ft > S t «Piece J M « 8 ^ a Cattle on foot, lb 03 a 04% k B e e f - F r e s h , cw t 4 00 »700 • bteaks, lb * W a Roasts, lb a 0 6 * Dried, lb ......... a 1 « * Hams. L a m b ..- ...................... - * * a and cor - i

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