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'4fsft i ’ 'S |s. T ä .. iBiiiia.iiiwiiii i-fi nui 3 Ì S F -44uî*“4Si * ¡ S t ^ f e O S k ñ r © ' feALP08T^ÍFfTCÉ.' wU101086 at tb a öffliieaa fölBf* %Cortland ^ “ a. m., and WH, *4 JJfclaware, tàçka-. id ¿ l e railroads* a t l l î ^ æ^f - — —- Southern Central 4:30p. m.Wffctf~ South, BaStAU - , * ” i w hôUïs ïf o m 8 a . m. to ©4 P* m** • ^ u^? v a * Ithiesi railroad afcfidO a. m . •. __ iàgp! mafl Mondays, Wednesdays * W j^SttAhdDÄUbyBtag&ffiaür a t ï t. tn, daily. Ithaca, N. T., March23,1877. H. H. HOWE, P. M. Railroad Time Table. / ITHACA, AUBURN & W ESTERN K. K. Going North—Leave Freeville at 9:3<) a. m. and 7:10 p. m. Going South—Leave Merrlfleld (8eipioCenter) at 7 and IlÆOafe ¿t\ < Arrive nt Ereeviîle at 8tBS a. m- and f:55 p. m. Merriflald a t m. and W.-1Q p. m . . SOUTHERN CENTRAL B. B. I sa va i w n i u . \ f f l ^ & S S Ï Ï j K S f c H i Æ Æ 2:06 1 >. m-; AuburnExpreee, 8:00 p.m. , fining Boutb—FhR». 1B3 * F f r , 9? 0lni m'; Exprees, 12.44p.m. ; Freight Se Aoeona, 1:10 p. ¿..-Phila. Bxpree», 7«0p.mi GENEVA, ITHAOA,& SATRB R. % IiSAVB ECHACA. Going North—*6:06 a. m., 6:40 p. m., freight grlftp- m. OoingSouth—11{44 a m., *8:85 p.m.: freight 11:00 a. m. > ' , „ Note—Trains marked * randally, G., L & S. trains àrrive at destination as TiataTfe'avlng Itbaeâ at 6:0F a. m. arrives at Lyons at 8:17 a m. ~ i leaving Ithçça a t 6:40 p. m. arrives at onsat SîBOp. m. [ leavthg Ithaca at &15 p. m. arrives at Lyons at sao p. m Train leaving Lyoi aca at 11:44 a m. leaving Lyons at 9:80 a.m. arrive* a t Ith- Trsin leaving Lyons at' iiSft p. m. arrives at Ithaca at 8:85 p. m, Train leaving Lyons at 6:00 a. mi. arrives at Ithaca at 10:35 a. m. CAYUGA SOUTHERN R. R. s LEAYB ITHACA«; 8:18 a. m.—arrive at Cayuga 10:22 a. m. 2:30 p. m.—arrive at Cayuga 5:32 p. m. LEAVE CAYtTGA. 7:50 a. m.—arrive, at Ithaca 10:50 a. m. 4:40 p. m.—arrive a t Ithaca 6:88 p. m. DEL. LACK.\*”WEST. R. R. LEAVE ITHACA. Freight and Accom. 7:20 a. m., New Y ork Ex­ press 13:00 p. m., and 7:20 p. m. ARRIVE AT ITHACA. New York Express 6:40 a, m., Erie Freight 3:30 p. m., New York Express 7:15 p. m. BRIE RAILWAY. LEAVE OWEO. G 3:5« a. m.; New tlantic Express Going East—Night York Express, 2:15 p. m.; 10:10 p. m. LEAVE ELMIRA. Going West—Pacific Express, 6:41 a. m.: Way Mail, 9:25 a. m.; Monitor, 4:48 p. m.; Day Express, 6:40 p ,m 4 St. Lotus Express, 3:47 a. m. UTICA, ITH A CA & ELMIRA R. R.j LEAVE ITHAOA. Going East—Ex. 8:55 a.m., Acc. 11:30 p. m., :20 p. m . . , ARRIVE AT ITHACA. --Geneva has its I$er>Ala n tt |v—Uverr regatte Septom- mand last eveaiog. ; —State Convention of Firemen'At Auburn commences to-morrow^ \ A hgbt frb6|i is reported, jpom Ex. 5:20 p. m Goinj A c , 12:8 West—Ex. 9:50 a.m., Ex. 4.20 p. m. )p. m. NORTHERN CENTRAL R. R. LEAVE ELMIRA. Going North—Accom., ¡6:50 *. ra.; Express, 12:20 p. m., Rochester B ^ r a s , 5:15 p. m.; Watkins Accom., 10:55 p. m. ' Going South—Phila. Exprees, 0:06 a. m.; Ex­ press, 3:30 p. m.jp-Washingtkin Express, 9:30 p. m. . ~ ____ 8YRACUSE, BINGHAMTON & N. Y. R. R LEAVE CORTLAND. Going North—3:41 a. m., 9:45 a. m., 6:25 p. m. Going South—12:10 p. m., 3:05 p. m., 6:47 p. m NEW YOKE CENTRAL K. R. LEAVE CAYTJGA. Dress : 1C:37 a. m. Going East—7;57 a. m. Exp rpress ; 2:20 p. m., Way Freight ; 6:05 p.m. press : 11:53 p. m. Express ; Sundays, 6.05 ana Ii;ö9p, m. Going West—6:40 r . m. Express ; 10:08 a. m. Way Freight ; 11:35 p. m.Accom.; 4:40 p. m. Express • 10*08 p. m. Express : Sunday, 6:40 a ; m. Express- 801 Jar. % 1819 Feb. Siarch April lij June a 2526 i t •«* ». 6 3 10 17 24 <» 2 9 I8fl8 22 \ a A s i 30 18 19 80 21 22 53 Í 10 1017 23 ~ 30 ,7 1314 2021 27128 28 14 i§ 30 8 IS 22 29 801 July Aug. Sept. Oct. Hoi. Btc i W E A T H E B ¿ i IS 19 Ü812323 2627282930 n so 12829 10 g i l l 16 _. 22 23 24 30 17 34f25 *2 J ISO 31 4 II .18 7425 CORNELL LN IV |K S ITY STATION, IMATIIIIIS FOE M M A AND VICW1T7, A U G U ST 16, 8:80 P . M., South O O O North. Standard. Barometer stationary. Temperature 64. Aiir dry, . Wind northwest. TSMTBRATUBE YESTERDAY. M a x im u m 6 5 .3 ;j m ini m u m 53. JUDICATIONS FOR TO-MORBOW. Fair/probably frost to-night. a t I I : INDICATIONS. IR e p o rted f r o m \W ashington 55 (noon) tö-day.l For the Low er Lakes and Middle States dear or partly . cloudy. G e n e r a l l y b ig r b e r t e m p e r a t u r e , f r o s t s probably in Northern New York to­ night. For the Middle States to­ morrow cool, clear or partly cloudy, cloudiness gradually increasing. W E A T H E R R E P O R T . The Weather report snows the state of the thermometer at the points named below, at 11:48 last night, Albany,' New York, 58 BuCCAlo, New York, 56 Breckenridge, 58 Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory, 58 Chicago, Illinois, 68 Cleveland, Ohio, 57 DuMh, &a Fort Garry,Manitoba,(BritishT.) — Halifax, Kingston, Marquette. Madison, Wisconsin, North Platte^ N ebraeka, Pémflíiai Manitoba, Eärrg** Sound, afc^&%tanwota> Toledo, Ohio, _ Yaxikton, Dakota, f 3 50 43 61 64 59 43 SO 67 Tj^VPERATOBfi F Q R T H I S D A Y . ÄOHB.'. K' BHÖRMÄ 1a.m. 8 A« Uv*• »47 XO Aè Plat> f tin •*•*•*••*•••♦*••• Hi • *» ». * ai’» • »^3 V»•••» • • 3p« • in*. s>> -fe»? gonkosr4oMl, Ü0ü00~\17â I. A Ri Boy Wanted. KewYofkSun. varibtfe placeel obi 6f 4a&n fait llkl 4 ight. ; -It is predicted ^that September of 1880 will be thb hottest know n in twenty^five years. 1 -^Elmira wants, less whistling by the jengixieers. It is a strange thing thati whistles with its ears. . —(The Cornell free Scholarship f o r Chenango county w as aw a rded on Saturday to E a rnest W . H u ffeut, of Affon. v ' —A colored woman i% (he AU ?ga ny county poor bouse is said to fee one hundred and twenty-five ycsts of age. *,'!«« —The show ar^i^ed here ^a^y, Sunday morning, and the rumbliri^ of wagons disturbed m any a m o rn­ ingnap. ' 1 —Quite an acreage of tobacco has been planted alon£ the Inlet fiats this year, and it is looking excep­ tionally good. —A young man named John Sito- man, committed suicide in Syracuse yesterday afternoon by shooting. The cause of the act is attributed to ill health. —There are three hundred em p ty cells a t A n b u m prison. A fine open­ ing for q u ite a nuriiber of men who are now loafing around waitiDg for something to happen. — There are lots (of splendid young fellows around town who are a little baahfijl, and when t£ey remember {that leap '¡year is .more than half (gone they sigh sadly. —The Jacksonville'Cornet \5and will picnic at Glenwood on Saturday next. The city Orchestra will be in attendance to furnish music j for dancing. All are invited to be there. —We have received an invitation to join the New York State Associa­ tion of Stenographers in the discus­ sion of a clam bake a n d other good things a t .^Syracuse on the 20th of this month. — Two Montgomery farmers have been swindled out of $400 by a man who secured their signature to a pa­ per making them agents for the de­ livery of apple tree trimmers, the paper being afterwards altered to a note. —The ladies of the First Presby­ terian Church of Trumansburg will h o ld a p a r l o r fa i r a t th e re s i d e n c e o f Mrs. h . P. Camp on Thursday and Friday of this week, Aug. 19th dnd 20th. The fair will be open after­ noon a n d evening. —A man in Penn Yan has b it up­ on a novel idea in advertising. He haa covered, a cow that pastures along the public thoroughfares with a white blanket upon which in glowing letters he adm o nishes p u r­ chasers where to go. —Three Sunday Schools from En- field picniced S a turday,at G-lenwood in fciie rain. They had quite a fine time despite the rain. They were the M. E. schools of Enfield Centre and Kennedy’s Corners, and the East Enfield school. —The crowds that yesterday vis ited the show grounds at Fall Creek included nearly every one in town and a great many from out of town who came as early as Sunday morn ing to attend the circus. The boys had any quantity of sport watching- the elephants swim fthoulj in the* creek. —The pleasant, fall-like w e a ther of y e sterday induced everyone who could secure a conveyance of any ■kind to try a ride in the country. The bracing air, the clear atm o s ­ phere, and the reads free from dust and m u d combined to m a k e such a ride one of the m o st enjoyable th i n g s i m a g i n a b l e . —Saturday afternoon a man by the name of James Galbraith, of Binghamton called to see a doctor to have him- examine his lungs. The doctor requested dim to take off his opat and vest and tak e a seat; but before the m a n could get to a seat he was taken with a vio­ lent hemorrhage and less than a minute from the time the hemor­ rhage begaxt life w a s exid n c t. — Yesterday a t th e Presbyterian Church, the R ev. M. W . Strykei preached th e strongest tem p erance sermon th a t has been heard, in this village in m any a long day.. Every v o t e r and c e r t a i n l y e v e r y C h r is t ian m a n i n th i s t o w n s h o u l d h a v e h e a r d it, and thby might perhaps see then: duty m o re clearly. It Christian ministers everywhere would speak with as certain a sound on this question as does Mr. Stryker, and for th a t m a tter the other m inisters of this place, th e ' m inistry would soon lose the unsavory reputation of being a bread and butted m a­ chine. --------- m i 4 ... BURGLARV IN TBtMANSBrilCl. I , Last night the house of ex-super­ visor King, of Trumansburg, was broken into and the sum of $56 ex­ tracted from his clothes, which were lying close to the ¡head of his bed. The e n tr a n t fo tft® hOUf» W«3 ef­ fected by prying open a. window. I t is also reported that 1 the houses of five other citizens Of that place were broken into and ransacked ahd pro- perty of greater or less value taken. All sorts Of ruikors aire afloat as to Who the partied doing the biirglar- izing were, but none of them are probably correct. One report IS that the work weft done.by.a gang! of thieves who are said to be foUowjing Cooper & Bemey’s show. W e hope lb givo our full frrn q n o w . AY. ; ' crèwd d f W became by the elephants and for a pment o r two was unmanageable, uring tbis time ..they. managed to ’ » things pretty lively in their iborhood, and finally succeeded knocking down a little girl by the name of Kelly. The wagon ran across ber hand., injuring it quite bhdly. / r w I LOADING A CANNON. , Daring the raising of a democrat soentnusea byi tha éloquence of Messrs. Halliday and .Davis, a legal firm of Ithaca, and the' excitepnepn ty of .’the Occasion that be could jnot wait between salutes for [ the canpon tq nooL While try ing to ram home a load the heat of the cannon ignited, the powder and a ('premature discharge str uck the un­ fortunate mail in the arm and leg. The poor fellow is maimed for life if indeed the result is nob fatal. ' ¡ r t ’EftldfVAL. -““•Br'èk Jay«© is in Urmf for -a short visit. . —D. W. Cady, Cornell ’74, is sec­ retary and treasurer of the Colorado Business College: ? -Æfri. Sétih Warder ahd dhugh- te r ,'M : TatfefCof TrtraeA afe bMt- ing Mr. Seth D. Warner and family, East Fifth street.—Jamestown Jour- oair —Mr. Richard Pfeifer, of New York who has been spending a two months’ vacation here, returned to the city tnis triorning. Mr. R. L. Peter of New York who has visited Ithaca and admired its won­ derful scenery for a week, returned last Saturday evening. Both gen­ tlemen expect to spend next sum­ mer here. ■ _6- T H 8 N E W M E D I C A L S O C I E T Y . Early in the month, a call for the Homeopathic physicians to form a County Medical Society, was issued from the office of the Drs. Morgan of this place. F o u r t e e n p h y s i c i a n s r e s p o n d e d to this call, the 11th inst. A perma­ nent organization was formed and the following officers elected : President, E. J. Morgan, Sr., Itha- cà; Vice President, D. White, Icha- ca; Secretary, A. M. Baldwin, Gro­ ton; Treasurer, J. S. Kirkendall, Ithaca. Drs. E. J. Morgan, Jr. S. J. Parker and G. E. Orton were named as a committee on Constitu­ tion and By-laws. ^ A h inform al business, several cases were reported upon and were ¡discussed by a number of the physi­ cians present. • From the interest taken in this the first meeting, it is expected that the nektone will be full of profit to all attending. A p p o i n t m e n t s for th e second meeting are, Dr. Parker—Infantile Hygiene Dr. Morgan Sr—A Surgi- cal Casa D p 5 Morgan, J r - Spécifié Urethritis. w Dr. White-Diseases o f I n f a n c y . The second meeting of The Medi­ cal Society of Tompkins County will be hold at the Clinton House, September fith, 1880. E. J. M o n g a n , S r ., Pres. A . M . B a l d w i n , S e c y . T H E C R E A T L O N D O N C I R C E S . feet » white th» ■ww3gj$ fer KKbäijl fetjjQ mL*‘m è n r a re:- fc as well poe tedh8 theif boeses. ’y a. loud word. Jua .spok tfo ' cursüfteor w e a riaji THINGS NOT GEN E RALLY KNOWN ABOUT CIRCUSES— HOW TH E Y SPENT THEIR DAY OF REST. At length the spreafc circus has come and the boys who have been busy raising the needful cash since the first advance agent struck this place and set the bill -boards all aflame with the thrilling announce­ ments of things strange and marvel­ ous including the. baby elephant havo fit length gathered and dispos­ ed of the last scrap of old iron, rags and things salable and exchange­ able, and are on band 'to-day with beaming ahd expectant faecs that go far to make excuse for the great quantities of A r t, molasses, and other things sticky and not sticky thatspt every,, feature forth In bold relief, ?9qr oovtainfi many peo­ ple who are not cousins but wish they were, are all—yea, verily, every one of them in fi om the coun­ try and are m aking lots of sport for themsehiea and. other, people-, We wilLmeealy remark unde» thin head that; peanuts are very cheap and plenty, while gingerbread and cheese are on the decline. The circus itself came Sunday m o r n i n g b r i g h t and early o n th e Gr., I, & S, road from Sayre. There are three sections of the train, the cars being fifty feet in length, and con­ sisting of four sleeping coaches, three earn for the elephants, box cars for the other animals, and flatj cars for the wagons. The cats are all very neaitly painted And ornamented, and were made especially for Cooper ahd Baily. ^fter their arrival here the cars Were drawn upon side tracks, and foe unloaders, twenty-five m num her, proceeded to the work of get­ ting the cages- to the ground, and the horses out of the care. Every­ thing mqvqd.off like machine work, fflgVi man -dropping quickly into his place and working quietly and with the abeenco of tne usual amount of ^wearing that one looks for from such men. Hors© power is used both in loading ahd uploading, and Saves much time and straining on foe.-part-Ot foe employes. This w E ^ S lm f ig beett '«die* foe »“d some ion started for the grounds at Creek, where everything turned over to another gang, foiled the canvas men. These, to foe number of. eeventy-iRve, break the grouud for the rings^ drive the pins, and, the canvas goes np lfk« thfifr&fodo! a house. foWer. cif prison labor, ©very quiets a n d so-busily ¿engaged. T h e ... cafivda m en haye th e ir w o rk don© by noon, w h en they hie them selves aw a y some w h e re/to rest and sleep until night comes on and packing Ifoaeam v e s i U n d e r o rdinary circum stances the parade would come next in order, b u t y e s terday was a day o f r e s t for the c ircus m en as well a s for other people. To be s u re there w as c e rtain w o rk connected w ith th e show t h a t had to be d o n e a n d m a n y of the m en had to labor nearly all day, but for the m a jority there w as a welcome rest and quiet. HOW TH E DAY WAS SPENT. There was no m a terial difference in the m a n n e r in which these peo­ ple spent their Sabbath and t h a t in which the common r u n of m a n k ind spend theirs. Show m en are hu­ m an a n d enjoy recreation and r e s t about as other people do. Some wandered or rode about the village in the afternoon, visited the gorge and U n iversity grounds, and ex­ pressed their appreciation o£ Vue splendid scenery; others smoked and lounged around the hotels, and in the evening attended c h u r c h ; and still o thers spent the tim e in sleep­ ing. This m o rning w ith the first peep of light the showmen were astir preparing for the work of the day. THE PAAT)Hi R was a very fine one and well paid : those who had come in1 a long dis­ tance from the c o u n try for the pur­ pose of seeing it. Besides the cam : els and elephants in line, there were some th ir ty cages of animals, as the reader no doubt is well aware, b rutes of all countries, but there were some things in the procession which will bear a word or two. ' There was a handsome Tally-ho coach which was built for General G r a n t’s use at Long Branch and which fell into Cooper & Bailey’s h a n d s; there waB also a Tally-ho which was built for the New York Transportation com­ pany and was run between the Brunswick Hotel a n d Pelham in op­ position to CoL Kane. This, though not a p p a rently very large, will hold a great m a n y people, and on one oc­ casion in Boston sixty newspaper men were on board, and it is said they cipsed up all the saloons in th a t eastern, tow n before morning. There m u st be some mis take, however, in .th a t statem ent, unless it was intended to convey the idea th a t by m o ral persuasion such a thing was accomplished, for reporters as d rule hardly—seldom ever drink, and therefore it could not m ean th a t the saloons under consideration were compelled to close because the beer r a n out., This coach cost the circus com p any $4,- 500. There was an electric-light rnaehiue, the callope, whichwas p re sided over by Mr. Thomas King, of A u stralia, a pleasant young man. He was born in South America and at the age oi five went w ith ffis peo­ ple, who are English, to Australia, where he was engaged by Cooper <5c B ailey wnile o n their trip around the world. There a r e connected, w ith ih4 show 160 horses and twenty-four ponies and these are all u n d e r the supervis­ ion of one m an, but require the a t ­ tention of forty-six men. The sta­ bles are of course beneath .canvas and are divided into a ring stock, trbelaUy-hu horecs and the tableau horses, the latter being used to draw the large tableau wagons in the p ro­ cession. G reat c are is taken in the purchase of these animals, none b u t the best being kept. Each setjof horses, i t will be seen, has a certain k i n d o f w o r k t o d o a n d w h e n t h a t is mushed they rest, so that the horees a r e n o t o v e r - w o r k e d , f i n f a c t t b e y seqpied to be enjoying themselves. They, together w ith the elephants and camels, consume daily 5 , 0 0 0 pounds of hay, sixty-five bushels of oats, o n e - h a l f t o n o f s t r a w a n d 5 0 0 p o u n d s oi Bhorts. foe average j zefoipfo ifottfafoted at crowds «a&scis»' » fireti- elasa shoV-village/and fo e proprie­ tors wifo >take.i±hair .¡$ ¿ .0 0 0 with w>: •I»*“'- 5\ 9.\;- ■ ' ■ , .. m i-y > ' • IJR X ESS FROM THE FHOJPL& ; ’ bqussyard. T o f h e E d i t o r o f th e J o u r n a l : S i r — The proposed boulevard from Uni­ versity street to ifowing having al­ ready been discussed, approved and sanctioned by universal public ap- preciatidn/the question is daily plfq. pounded when is it to be built, arid what movements are making tow­ ards that end? The answer is a t hand to all such inquiries. The business men of Ithaca want it, public con­ venience demands it; tne nghtof way is conceded by the property owners along the line; and It stands awaiting action. W ill those who appreciate or desire it confer togeth­ er a t once and devise and adopt a plan to put it in motion, either by getting a surveyor to run the line and locates the route, and go to work by employing labor, raising funds by subscription, or otherwise and patting it through. Or organize a stock company, capital $50,000 shares $ 1 0 0 each, erect a the suspen­ sion bridge across Fall Creek, i build the boulevard and establish a toll- gate; or will the public prefer to iold their hands, go to sleep and let this public improvement like others that could be named die out for want of action, remembering that with all such enterprises, push ac­ complishes much—labor excavates mnnnininfl ftnd tnnnnla seas kiilda, cities, and reclaims the wilderness, while idleness and inactivity, dwarfs progress, and turns fruitful fields to barren wastes, and the most pros­ perous cities die out from mildew and crumble to decay. Shall this be Ithaca’s fate? Let your action answer. . B oulevard . ITHACA GORGE. FEEDING THE MEN. The kitchen department is under t h e c a r e o f J . E . R o b b i n g w h o c a t e r s to the circus people on contract, so m u c h f o r e a c h m e a l . T h e r e a r e a v e r 2 0 0 p e o p l e t o b e f e d e v e r y d a y aind of course the destruction of fo o d i s q u i t e a n it e m . T h r o e c o o k s and twenty-four waiters are em­ ployed, while there are four dining­ rooms. A stewart is employed, who precedes the show by just One day and contracts at each place for meats, sugars, vegetables, etc. The daily consumption of edibles aver­ ages 5,000 pounds of meat by the men and anirrmlfr 85 gallons of milk at a meal; 1,000 ears of corn; 400 pounds oi bread are eaten in a day; it takes 100 pounds of granulated sugar to sweet­ en the coffee and tea every 24j hours; 30 pounds of coffee and 6 pounds of tea are consumed at a drawing, while frOM S5 fo 65 pounds of butter a r e r e q u i r e d e a c h d a y . : Everything is the Best that the market affords and as a genefol rule surpasses any hotel fare. The per­ formers are sent to hotels generally eighty Ijersons jj found quartern a t the Clinton Hodse yes­ terday and to-day. There are connected with foe cir­ cus a blacksmith shop, harness, car­ riage and repair shope, making a fittle village ail by , itself .pf. she great show. j , ! Th$ d a ily eipanse« are |2,foO a n d ITS INCREASING POPU L A R ITY — CHAR­ ACTER OF TH E SCENERY— CHEERING PROSPECTS— ITS SOUTH BANK TO BE­ COME A BEAUTIFUL PARK— NORTH SIDE IM P R O VEM E N T S — LOCATION ----- BEST ROUTE FROM ELMIRA, &C. [Elm'ra AdveriUer.] Ithaca Gor^e is increasing in pop­ ularity, and is destined to rapidly become a favorite place of resort. The Utica, Ithaca & Elm ira and Lehigh Yalley railw a y companies will soon realize this fact m ore fully than heretofore, and already begin to appreciate its w o rth as a great natural a ttraction on their routes of travel, and one well w o rthy of con­ sideration a n d a p .em inent place in their guide books, annual advertis­ ing posters and excursion pro­ grammes, like th a t accorded to W a tkins Glen in those of the N o rth­ ern Central, N. Y., Central, 8. G. & C. a n d Erie railways. THE SCENERY of this wonderful gorge is equal to the best in all the central section of the state. Fall Creek, the stream th a t flows through it, from east to west, is the largest in the Lake and Glea region of Central New York. Its falls are Humorous, remarkable i n t h e i r c o n f o r m a t i o n , a n d a l w a y s impressive in their power, which is an indispensable element of grand eur ard sublimity, that does not in the least detract from their heauty This stream has long been noted as presenting the largest number of imposingly beautiful w aterfalls to be found between the Hudson River and Niagara. The rock, forest and fo l i a g e fe a t u r e s o f th e sc e n e r y a r e in keeping w ith the faUs, and the gorge is replete thronghout with rom a n tic interest and sylvan charm s of a high order. The FU T U R E PROSPECTS of the Gorge, as a popular resort, are indeed cheering. The late Mies Jennie McGraw—now Mrs. Fiske— whose new palatial mansion is in P rocess of erection near the Cornel Tniversity grounds, has purchasec. all the lanfl Dordoring on the south b a n k o ' t h i s f a m o u s G o r g e , a n d a small arm y of men are engaged in transforming one of the finest natural localities, imaginable into an earthly paradise, in which the highest triumphs of genius and art and the peerless beauties of nature are to be harmoniously blended. The noble and attractive park will probably, under proper regulations. be open to the pubhc, and become an added attraction to the gorge and no doubt largely increase the num b er of its sum m er visitors. OTHER IMPROVEMENTS, As it in sym p a thy w ith the great change going on along the south bank, the s p irit of progress is also a t w o rk on th e n o rth side, aiorfe which runs t h e path, f o l l o w e d by -v is ito r s , until a t the upper end, n e a rly a mile east of the entrance, they are u sher­ ed into the U n iversity grounds and the prospective pane. The stair- s, railw a y s and ways, fothwj bridges of the (Jorge were never in so good a condition as this season; and its enterprising and Indefatiga­ ble proprietor, Mr. Wm, Johnson, who has persevered in the past, from year to year, under many dis­ couragements and heavy annual ex- penses, has at last surmounted all obstacles and overcome all difflcnl ties-including all disputed rights of way—and is entitled to great credit and lasting gratitude of all wbo love the grand, beautiful and sublime in nature, w hich, through his heroic efforts, they are here enabled to easily reach and enjoy. This year he has removed a por­ tion of the old plank platform, at the entrance, on- which passengers from carriages or busses were wont to land,and put in its place a strong stone terrace-wall, filled the first large terrace, and the smaller ones. as you mount to the “Entrance Lodge,” with a great variety of choicest flowers, from his conserva­ tory grounds, near by, thus produc­ ing a most pleasing effect; and as you pass through this glow of bright colors—a little world of flow­ ers—and enter the wild scenes of the gorge beyond, the contrasty to an appreciative mind, is startling and wonderful- LOCATION. The entrance to the gorge, on the east side of the valley, is just about a milft from the central part of the Village, where the principal hotels are located—the Ithaca Hotel, Clin­ ton* H o u se and Tom pkins House— and after leaving visitors at the entrance, carriages, at any given hour, will meet them at the Univers­ ity grounds, provided they wish to return to foe village. THE BEST ROUTE $o the gorge from Elmira and vicin­ ity is A?&i tha U .s L & fi. read to Van EttenviUe, and thence,to lfoa- ca over th e G eneva, Ithaca and roufo. Tlrerfteke a free o m n ibus to one. o f fo e hhteto for dinner; after w h ich a five m inutes r id e takes y o u to foe ^ r g e j fo d foe return to E l- ^ l e p ^ f o i n f o e q v e r th e U ./ E!: w ^ e ï t h à c a . gtation i è i i é a r f o e »r e a r ly : in fo e - j . ------ îange of- c«rs. A ri .exeorsioti ; ticket on? f o is plan, w ith à coupon for th e g o r g e , would give p a rties, large a n d s m a ll/an ex­ cellent o p p o rtunity to. v isit Ithaca, the: gorge, the U n iversity grounds and buildings, »id the new park, dll in one «lay, a n d reach their homes a t n ight i n good season. I. . T o u r i s t . ; R O U N D A B O U T U S . S A T C H E L S , CURRENT NEWS FROM NEIGHBORING TOWNS. SOUTH DANBT. Band No. 2 of Danby treated the people of W illseyville and vicinity w ith choice music on W ednesday evening of last week; w h y could not th e South Danby band favor them m like m anner? The second quarterly m eeting of the South Danby M. E. church was held a t W illseyville, on Saturday and Sunday, Rev. Mr. Rose of Can­ dor, in the absence of the presiding elder, preached an able discourse from Isasiah 49 ;16. C harles . Aug. f16th. P- --------- CAROLINE CEIfXHK. Mrs. F reer is also on the sick list, but is now convalescent. Mrs. Case, of Saginaw, Mich., is visiting h e r eastern friends. • Mrs. Simon Snow has been ve^y ill for the past tw o weeks, but *s now m ending a little. Charlie VanValkenburg, o t P e n n ­ sylvania, Bpent a day or two a t F r a n k Davis' last week. Mr. W h itaker’s children (three little girls) arrived from England last W e d n e sday; a lady accom pa­ nied the children. Mr. W h itaker m et the party in New Y o rk and brought them all safely to their new home. WHITE CHURCH. Our district school No. 16. under the efficient m anagem ent of Miss E sther A. Darley of Ithaca, Closed its sum m er term last F riday e v e n ­ ing, w ith recitations, dialogues and some “ tall singing.” The pupils however small, did adm irably well. Personal: Miss Carrie L. Clock has returned from a several m o n ths sojourn a t Buffalo, N. Y. Miss Cora M. Tucker and Miss M ary R. Tucker, of W ilkes Barre, Pa., are visiting their G randm o ther Mrs. Su­ san A. H illery of this place. Mr. F r a n k P. Miller form erly of this place but now of Crawford county Pa., is renewing acquaintances h ere­ abouts, after an absence of several years. Glad to see you Frank. Mr. Charles Cooper also form erly of this place, but now of Buffalo, is so­ journing briefly am o n g relatives here, Mr. C. looks hale and vigor­ ous and his numerous friends here­ abouts regret Ins departure. Mr. Edw a rd Pool of New London, Ohio is v isiting relations in this vicinity. Mrs. Thomas Burnes of Cazenovia N. J . has been visiting her father Mr. John Stanley of this place. Aug. 16. J. S. W. DANBY. . A white frost this morning. That new iron bridge is expected the first of this week. A large delegation from this town are taking in the circus to-day, Miss J u lia Chase has been visiting >Miss Helen Tuthill for the past week. Preparations are being m ade to attend the M, E„ cam pm eeting at ¡spencer. Miss Pollie Deforest has been spending a few d ays w ith her b roth­ er W a y n e in Towanda. Mr. A. S. Jennings has caused the several bridges to be painted. Mr, S. Bierce does the work. Our pastor, Rev. b. Johnson, is spending a few days a t Chautauqua. He will return the last of this week. Mrs. Sarah C. Bierce returns this week to Xenia, Ohio, where she will resum e her labors as teacher in the W ilberforce University. Band No. 1 gave our village peo­ ple a serenade on Friday evening last. Refreshm ents were served to them at Mr. H enry Beardsleys. The ice cream festival which was held at the tow n hall last Thursday evening was a success both socially and financially- Net proceeds $26. If we are«to have a fair it is high tim e there was some move m ade in th a t direction. Our fairs have al­ ways been a success and we hope an im m ediate effort will be m ade to have one this fall. One im p rovem ent calls for an ­ other. A lter the bridges at the corner are all in place the chapel needs a new dress and some of the Private residences also. W ith a little labor and expense Elm Tree Corner can be made one of the pleasantest Dianes in Danby. I 0. GROTON. Ohas. Backus, of Cortland, was In town over Sunday. Rev. G. H. Brigham preached in Cortland yesterday. Mrs. K ate McMil, of Moravia, was in the village yesterday. Iu. L. Qip, of Mounc Morris, Liv­ ingston eountv spent Sunday- in town. The Baptist picnic, we u n d erstand, is t o be held next Saturday at Ense- nore. D. 0. Clough a n d fam ily a re m a k ­ ing a short -visit among relatives in O n o n d a g a c o u n ty. Groton will be well represented a t the circus to-day. Gingerbread and cheese in abundance. W . EL Coon, who has been spend­ ing a couple of weeks a t W olcott, returned home on Saturday evening. Mrs. W atson, the lady who was bo seriously injured in the accident week ago yesterday, rem ains in about the same condition. She is kept up on opiates, and has been since th a t time. W . M. Peck, while sitting on a aench, Saturday, suddenly feH backwards, striking on his neck and shoulders. He m a y be seen this m o rning c a rrying his bead in a very devout position. Rev. Thos. Stacy of the W a ll St. M. E. church, A u b u rn preached in the M ethodist c h u rch in this place Sunday evening. Mr. Stacey is an eloquent speaker and the a ttention of the audience wae held as if by a m a g i c . School commences this m o rning under the instruction of Prof. K ey ser, of H a v a n a , principal; Mias Marjr W illiam s, preceptress; Mias Ada W allace, of Cortland, senior interm e d iate; Mrs. Helen Bower, iunior interm e d iate; Miss K ate 3amey, prim a ry. Aug. 16. S emper F idelis . —Leopold Spiedeh 201 Shum way street, Buffalo, N. X., says he has w e d for. Thom as’ Eclectric Oil in for <x>ughs and colds, add • ^ ' X X c L S J E E O E i S S . W e have facilities, .both at W holesale and Retail, for an unlimited business, and are now prepared for it. N e w Styles in S&tchels and Rags# They w ill be sold cheap. W e have the exclusive saie of E. C. Burt’s Fine Shoes. R. C. CHRISTIÂNCE. STRONG EVIDENCE. I h a v e sold a t retail price since foe 4th of December last 106 b o ttles of Dr. Thomas’ Eclectric Oil, guaran* teeing every- bottle. I m u st say I never sold a medicine in m y life th a t gave such universal satisfac­ tion. In m y own case w ith a badly ulcerated throat, after a physician pencilling it for several days to no effect, the Eclectric Oil cured it thoroughly in tw enty-four hours, and in threatened croups in m y c h i l d r e n th i s W in ter it n e v e r f a i l e d to relieve alm o st im m ediately. O. R. H all , Grayville, HI, March 26, ’80. augl6d& w lw Domestic Bliss “kissing the m a id” Domestic Blister “man’s wife catching him at it’*, More Domestic Bliss “wife rubbing Electric Oil into the WoundB caused hy the aforesaid Contretemps a u g !9 d & w lw THOS. CA M P B E L L , RO B ’T RICH A R D S O N , F R E D BOGART, c B u ilder«, Contractor« a n d M asons. Stone C u ttin g a n d C a rv in g a Specialty. E s tim a tes fu r n ish e d f r e e l o r new bu ild in g s o r r e p a irs. •BN A w i;ek . $12 a d a y a t hom e easily m a d e «lift C o stly o u tfit f r e e . A d d ress T b u e & Co. no24d& wly A u g u s ta , Maine* IMPORTANT TO AGENTS. TH E LIFE OF GEN. JAMES A. GARFIELD, By Qie personal friend, M AJOR BUNDY, ed- ito r N. Y . Mail, is t h e o n l y e d i t i o n to w h ich G en. G a rfield has g iv e n p e r s o n a l a t t e n t i o n o r facts. Beautifully illustrated, printed and bound. .F u ll le n g th steel p o r t r a i t h y H a il, fro m a p ic tu r e t a k e n ex p r e s s ly f o r th is w o rk. A c t i v e a g e n t s W a n t e d . L i b e r a l te r m s Send $1.00 a t once f o r co m p lete outfit. A. S. B a r n e s & Co., I ll & 113 William St., N. Y. july26d& w lm G O T O & and see the N E W , A U T O M A T I C , PARLOR FOLDING BED THE: GENEVA, ITHACA & SAYRE AND N. Y. C. R; R. CO’S w ill ru n a n Excursion T r a i « TO A U B U R N , AIVD RETURN, TIA CAYUGA, i. Thursday, August 19 AT REDUCE» EARS. @ T h e t r a i n w ill le a v e I t h a c a a t 7.15 A . M. R e tu r n in g , w ifi leav e A u b u r n a t 12, Mid--. n igh t Fare to A u b u rn & R e tu rn , $ 1 , 2 5 , W. STEV E N SO N , S u p t -# c h ld td _____________________________ NOTICE. P e r s o n s a t te n d i n g th e FIR E M AN ’S PARADE AT A U B U R N , A u g . 1 9 , f can ta k e th e UTICA, ITHACA & ELBIBA RAILWAY, leav in g Ithaca at 9.00 a . m .; a r ­ riv e a t A u b u r n a t 10.55 a . m ., in tim e to w it­ ness th e p a r a d e . R e t u r n i n g - s p e c i a l tra i n will leav e A u b u r n a t 8.30 p. m ., c o n n e c tin g a t F reev ille w ith special t r a i n fo r p o in ts on t h e U ., i . & E. FA R E NOR a u i e d td SOUND T R I P , $1.25. No com p lication, weigh half as much as ordinary inexpensive, duraole, j ordinary cabinet beds. A child can open and close them, and when cabinet beds. closed g i e y p r e s e n t th e ap p e a r a n c e o t an elegant piece of rich I* cbkituiie . HOWARD ft CLEMENT, No. 3 W est S tate St., Ithaca. deow 2 , 0 0 0 EXCHANGE PAPERS, L M AND UNCU!. A T T H E J O U R N A L O F F I C E . dt JE W E L R Y . BURRITT’S R e l i a b l e J e w e l r y S t o r e ( O p p . t h e I t h a c a H o t e l ) , ESTABLISHED FOR HALF A CENTURY * offers ihe people oi TompKins comity a la r g e s t o c k o f Jevelr?, Watches, Silrn W in and Optical Glass::, Embers, etc,, etc., a t e x a c tly t h e i r v a lu e . No a r ti c le m is-rep r e - se n ted an d no cu s to m e r deceived, is th e m o tto here. .p p ~ W a t c h R e p a ir in g a n d J o b W o r k care fu lly a n d ch e a p ly done. U R I C L A R K , W A T C H M A K E R & JE W E L E R , D EA L E R IN i C .Y W e V w ^ ^ § v W e . V CYY C. ^ N O . 56 S T A T E S T . , I T H A C A , N . Y . N. B. in g . R e p a ir in g o f all k in d s an d en g r a v - jun22d&w WANTED, A F E W G O O D C a . u l l 5 . e r s Steady employment given. H . BENEDICT ft CO.,, H y d raulic Docks ft Gang Mill, LocRpflPf, N . Y. aulOdlw F O R A G o o d F a m i l y H o r s e . Enquire of aul3dlw* A. M. BAKER, a t B o a t Y a rd. BOOKSTORE. PUBLISHED THIS DAY T M E — HANDY POCKET A T S I X P E R C E N T . NEW YORK SUN FOB THE CAMPAIGN, T he W eekly S un will be found a usefu aiAxlliRry toy all wlao earnestly working Yor th e reform of the National Government. Believing that the evils which have so long beset th e country can be cured only by a change of the party in power, T h e Sxrtsr earn- eBtly supports for President and Vice-Presi­ dent, H a s c o c k and E n g l i s h . I n order t h a t all those who ejTHpfttlJiUeWitll o u r purpose may most efficiently co-operate w ith us, we win send T h s W eek ly Surr to clubs, or single subscribers, post paid, for t w e n t y - l i v e c e n t s fo r the n e x t th ree months. Address THE SUN, New York City. aul6d& w lm WANTED AT ONCE, AN OFFICE BOY. H e m u s t b e n e a t, h o n e s t, r e s p e c tf u l, a n d o f good habits. Employment steady, chánce for promotion. duties light, w ith B o y m u s t h im s e lf w r i t e h is n a m e , a g e an d references to “ Æ Æ P I O Y E R ” Care J oubnal O m c a Y o i x x i g ; !M ! a . n ag e d 19 .or 20, t o do g e n e r a l w o r k a b o u t a 8hOP. S tead y W O rk f o r Ope w i t h s a tisfac to r y referen c e s . A d d ress b o x 553, I th a c a . R V f # V T J S D . PaYÎ?eiL butine», : and otherwise, cannot afford t o employ a reirular çleri » w n lltn l accoun tant, a- f e w hours daily, w e e k ly o r m o n thly. A fidrees G iv in g t h e I n t e r e s t o n a n y su m fro m ? ro m j Of»« D o lla r to o n t A lfil* «*»■«*, r r o m CPne R t f t u l r e c i to - One T h o u s a n d , From O n e T h o u s a n d to Ten T h o u s a n d D o l l a r s , i : FOB i H a v y f., . * a W ■¿ß- PRICE, TEN CENTS. Sent by mall to any address upon TffiOflpt of price.

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