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W-H'- ZlCHE B B O O K L T K D A I L Y E A G L E . K E W Y O B K , SUISTDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1901. JouRNEAYfc B urnham . Flatbush Avenue, Junction Fulton Street. fiCost Attractive Shopping Place in Brooklyn—^Prices Always the lowest. , Crepe de Chine. Spec'al Sale at Half Price and Less. 'We offer an especially fine lot of Crepe de Chine, 24 inches, t/ide, in white, colors and black, with beautiful fitrures in two jflesions, dainty and serviceable goods, same as we have sold at i|i|l.nO and $2.45. for 7 8 cts. per yard. , The colorings are ivory, cream, reseda, lavender, navy, light gray, me- P* ' dium gray, tan, biege, mais, pink, light blue, cardinal, old rose, corn. All at 78 Cts. Per Yard. Center Table, Main Aisle. white and black. Ladies’ Suits, Raglans and Golf Capes. A lot of neat Suits, In Cheviots, Homespuns and Canvas Clothe, made in Nor­ folk blouse and other styles, regular $16.'o0'and $18.00 Suits, at $9.95. Another lot of Suits, some of them made of Imported cloths, with jacket! and skirts trimmed, several different models, regular $25.00 Suits, for '$15.00. Thirty-five more Golf Capes, made of fine all wool, double faced goods, edged with stitched bands of broadcloth, in brown, Oxford and navy, regular $16.50 Capes, for $4.05. I>ast Monday we sold the same number in an hour. Raglans made of all wool, fine Oxford Cloth, lined to the waist, loose and half fitting, for $ 1 3 .5 0 , Instead of .$18.00. Trimmed Millinery at Popular Prices. An extensive assortment of handsomely trimmed Turbans and Walking Hats, in braids and beaver brims, with velvet and tucked cloth crowns, all colors and combinations, $ 5 .0 0 to $7.48. Ladies’ Kid Gloves at 59 Cts. • A lot of Ladies’ Gloves, glace, suede and mocha, in clasps, button and Mous- quetalre, all colors and sizes in the lot as a whole, but no complete lines, were $1.00 to $1.85, to be closed- out at 5 9 cts. per pair. Men’s SO Ct. Scarfs for 25 Cts. A very desirable lot of Men's Scarfs, all uew, fresh goods, made of fine quality Silk, in ligiu dark and medium effects iu Imperials. Four-iu-Hands, Batwing Ties, Baud Bows aud Tecks, regular 50 ct. Scarfs. 2 5 cts. each, or 6 for $ 1 .3 8 . at i Ladies’ Fine Shoes at Re- I duced Prices. Colored Dre«s Goods Special, Prices. •VS C l. Hojttlier Check Suiting, 40 iuches ! a lot of Ladles’ Shoes, made o f the wide, a o CIS. ’ finest selected bright Kid. firm but s o ft ((-■i ct. jfi.xed Venetian Cloth, 52 inches u i a j g on perfect models, Insuring per- wide. <15 cts. feet fit, heavy double or light turned S.'i ct. Diagonal Homespun, 58 Inches soles, hand made, $5.00, Instead of wide (>8 cts. .$1.2.5 Satin Soloil, 44 inches wide. 0 5 cents. $I,r>0 heavy Skirting, plaid back, 56 inches wide, $1.00. IVe are showing new weaves and color­ ings in Basi-et Weaves, Zibelines. Vene- $ 6 . 00 . Calfskin Shoes, button or lace, new ; toe shapes, heavy extension soles, low heels, S*3.0O. Instead of $5.00. Heavy O.xford Ties, for Autumn and Winter, fine. Box Calf or English Enam­ eled Leather, medium toe, heavy exten- tiT-ls WUipeo'-ds Satin Cloths. Prunellas,; slon ^lea. welted by hand, military Broadelot'ns. Pebble Cheviots, striped and : heels. $ 3 .0 0 . instead of .$4.00. checked Cheviot, etc. Dress S’noes of Ideal Patent Kid. looks ___________ , as well as Patent I.eather and does not ^ . , ■ crack, soft as Kid and looks better, made ' B lack D r e ss G o o l s a t P r ices to in me latest stvle. welted soles, high “ i Cuban heels, $4.00. Suit Everybody. Our Black Dress Goods Department is now replete with all the leading weaves and makes. The following will show the range of prices on many of them: Black Armures, 75 cts. to .$1.8.5. Black Wlilpcord.s. .85 cts. to $ 2 .0 0 . Black Prunella. 8 5 cts. to $1.95. Black Pebastopol. $ 1 .0 0 to $1.75. Black Mystral Cloth. 0.5 cts. to $1.2.5. Black Storm Serges OO cts. to .81..50. Black .Taoqiiards, 7.5 cts. to $1.45. Black Canvas Cheviot. 4 8 cts. to $ 1 .5 0 . Black Silk and Wool Japons, 44 inches ■n ide. at $1.95. Black Satin Prunella, 8 5 cts. to $1.95. Bhick'Pauue Cloth. 9 5 cts. I.upin’s Black Camel’s Hair, $ 1 .2 5 to $ . 3 0 0 . - Black Silk and Wool Henrietta. $ 1 .0 0 to 8=3.00. Black Mohair Sicilienne, - 5 0 cts. to $!..50. Black Crepe de Chine, 7 5 cts. to $ 3 .9 5 . Black Etamlnes. $ 1 .0 0 to $1.95. Black Cheviots, 5 0 ct.s. to S2.00. Black Zibeline. 7 5 cts. to $ 3 .2 5 . Black Pebble Cloths, 8 5 cts. to $ 1 .5 0 . - , Black Silk Grenadine. $ 1 .0 0 to $ 4 .0 5 . Black Grenadine Veilings. $ 1 .0 0 to $ 1 .9 5 . Black Batiste, 5 0 cts. to $1.25. Muslin Underwear Department. Gowns of fine Muslin, two styles of i Empire or V neck, yoke of hemstitched i tucks, enibroiderod Insertion, hemstitched Lawn or embroidered ruffle, 79 cts. Drawers of C.anihi’ic. deep ruffle, one lace insertion and wide edge. 4 8 cts. Walking Skirts of Cambric, umbrella flounce, tucked and lace trimmed ruffle and du.st ruffle. 9 5 cts, I Flannelette Gown.s. neat stripes, yoke and roiling collar, pearl biitton.s, 4 8 cts. Flannelette Underskirts, fine quality, pink and bine stripe, finished scallop edge, yoke band. 3 8 cts. Acme Health W''ocl Knit Underskirts, -white and colored, also nrettv combina­ tions, 9 5 cts., $ 1 .3 5 , $ 1 ,6 5 to $ 2 75. Hosiery and Underwear. Ladies’ shaped ribbed, fleece-lined Vests, high neck, short or long sleeves and Drawers to match, knee or ankle length. 5 0 cts. each; Ladies’ I. & K. Moriey’s English fast black Cotton Stockings, double soles, spliced heels and.toes, hand seams, 3 6 cts. per pair, or 3 pairs for $1.00. Sterling Pianos Sound their own praises in ten thousand of Brooklyn’s best homes. Our constanily increasing business is the best evi­ dence the buying public could demand as to their true merit and enduring qualities. Envious dealers have attacked Sterling Reputation with jealous hatred, but the odium reverts to themselves, and the reputation they assail shows brighter in contrast to the methods employed against it. From its inception Chas. A. Sterling Conducted a Business so broad and strong that to-day his honesty and integrity per- j meate every portion of it. Result, an enterprise that has no equal of its kind in the United States. Confidence Begets Confidence. The public’s generous patronage has caused our business to outgrow its present quarters. Our New Sterling Building, Corner Fulton St. a n d Hanover Place, the future headquarters for Sterling Pianos, speaks more eloquently than words, our appreciation of past favors and our confidence for what the future holds in store for us. Well Deserved Success. Our business has grown because it de erved to grow. Its successes are the logical results that follow honest dealing with nonest goods. We do not claim to be infallible, but we do not dodge responsibility. What you buy here must be right. Our duty ends only with vour approval. We have succeeded because you have helped us. As the old proverb has found an example in our unparalleled success of the past; **Prove A ll Things; Hold Fast to That Which Is Good.\ So let it be the motto for Brooklyn’s future buyers. The “ just-as-good” kind carry many tempting blandishments as painted to the customer in word-pictures by the unscrupulous dealer, but disappointment is certain to follow such a purchase. Buy a S terling. Your satisfaction will be lasting. A H int for Quick Buyers, too varied to enter in lengthy detail. There area few new pianos of last sea.'on's design, beautiful instruments in every way. Some conceit usrd U' rights of rich tone, a few returned rentals and ab< 'ut 10 Uprights, which came to us in exchange for our own make. We reco;istrucicd and refmished them and guarantee them for five years. All markeo ; t nick se ling prices. Some good used Uprights for $125. $140 to $175. Some new Uprights, dis­ continued styles, for $150, $160 to $200. Pianos for Rent. We onlj' rent new high class instruments. Our rental prices are exceed­ ingly low. There are other advantages about renting here which you ought to know. # vv ----- f NEW t e l e p h o n e s , US6. 15% WILLIAMSB URGH. DIRECT TO AXX. DEP.\RT.WENT3. ^^chie'dem ent.e o f Our Progressiveness j ^ i l l i O L e r y G r e a . t n e s s . need Hats of our ownn production, 5.75 to 7.50 J Another selection of medium-priced o w ^ r o ^ c t i ^ , S UDFUTpassed in style and un- ^ etched in cheapness, will be put on sale to-monow a t The Sterling Piano c MANUFACTURERS, Wholesale and Retail Warerooms .Entire BuiiUIn-;;, fo u r floors), 536 FULTON SL, BROOKLYN. Open Montfa? and Safumay Evenings. Look for the name STERLISS. A M A r v e lo x is S a d e of Ladies’ Tailored Jackets, 7.98. Manufacturers’ samples-Ker- seys, Montinac, Melton and Chinchilla, 27 to 45 inches ; long, size 36; were made for display garments, lined with best satin. Red, Castor, Tan, a Royal, Navy and Black; low- / est regular price would be $10, the highest $30. S ilk W acists. S3.75. New Fall styles and shades, button down back, all hemstitched and tucked, best taffeta and peau de soie, some with lace insert- ? ing; also in black, sizes 32 to 42, value $7.50. 1 Exquisite > Perfum ery. < EXTRAORDINARY > VALUES THIS WEEK, 5 Woodworth’s White Rose, S per oz., 2 0 c f Woodworth’s Arabian Bou­ quet, per oz., 20c W odworth’s Peau d’Espagne, per oz., 29c Woodworth’s Blue Lilies, per oz., 25c Woodworth’s Carnation Im­ perial, per oz., 3 6 c Fine Toilet Soaps Colgate’s, Pinaud’s, Roger & Gallet and 1 Le Grand’s a t reduced prices, i 0\ir G r e setest E ffort in S ilk Offerings. A fortunate purchase of 10,000 yaidn o f Select Silks a t less than half value from a large manufacturer is here Monday at your di^ posal a t prices never before attempted. .'l.OOO y d s . F a n c y Silks*, KemAtitclH-’d. L a o c au d Brocaded o f - 4 q - fi'Cts. sultiiU le for vv;t.i8tj. and triTrirnInri.s, ‘t y c yd8. n i n o y Sllkn, In all the new w e a v e s of tlio seaHon, ju s t the thinq for fan< y w a lat w e a r, O vC 3.000 yJn , C^olornd S ilks, ia Persian, Jasp e r , X j O. cc an d H e m - R tliched eftf-ctfl. 6 9 c Winter D r e S ^ F S b r ic^ 111 r/T I— r-n.— n—........ i-x—u.-vi_ . » All Wool Venetian. W-ln., Garnet, Navy, Brown, Royal,_ New Grupn.-•pn. Cas-tGr,Hs-iftr. Blac^k. C Wool Fllk Finish P.roail Cloth, 52-In., all the leading Shades und Black, for Monday only, Wool Storm Scrfzo. 4K-ln.. Grey. Blue. Garnet, Castor, floyal. Brown. Green and Ulack, I All V f /loya O u r S h o e Suprem a c y ] > Ladies’ fine Glace Kid, patent leather tips, in button and lace; i O a 4-«.«.4. T ..T...4U 4...^. i ----- ^ 1.79 1.59 4 ^ P a tent Leather, with cloth top; Box Calf lace; width B to E, sizes 3 to 7; value $3, Ladies’ Kid Lace, w ith kid top, stout extension ( soles; -width B to E, sizes 3;< to 7; worth $2.50, A special assortment of Children’s Jersey Leggings, sizes 3 to 10 years; worth 75c., Monday’s Excellent Glove S a l e . Ladi'js’ 2-cl'.I p i i j j e Gloves, fani-y stilchin/, y 5 C all c lors, Cashmere stitching, 48c j Laiiua’ 2 - clasp j Gloves, 2 - toned < mode, brown, slate ) and blacky ) Ladies* 3 - clasp Trefousse J Gloves, pique embroidery, all < uew shades, also f black and white, ISoys' Stylish C lothingl We axe often asked why our prices arc so much lower than elsewhere I Easily explained I The quantities wo buy are very large; w e buy for Cash and a t the closest figures to give vou the ^ n e f i t I V isit us Monday and see how rapidly these Specials will go— Oxford gray or brown rrlc 2 a Overcoats. 4 to 16 years, worth «. 00 . Oxiovd Kray or brown Frieze Overcoats. 4 to 15 years. 4 .0 S worth 7.00. For Voi-iiK Men. 15 to 20 years, Oxford gray Overcoats, 6«95 worth lO.Ou. Chinchilla Reefers, fl to IG years, guaranteed value ?10 00. «5*UU Suits w ith vests, 3 ptecea. 10 to 16 years, worth 4.50. 2 - 9 8 Men's Trousers, all size?, beautiful stripes, worth 5.00, 2 . 5 0 B.^ue Serge Suits, very tine quality, 7 to 16 years, worth 2«9S v-on'h Soo*' O.xforil sray Prleze, 4 to 8 years. r l.b9 j j a G o o d T h in g s to E a t. FLOUR. n 1 i Surprising Offer of LADIES’, MEN’S AND CHILDREN’S Underwear. MEN'S F.NTR.S F l: : OU.M-ITY camel’s hair under-wear, nicely) 3; 0 oA. value $1.25. W lc‘ H u ttrrm a n ’a P U R E FOOD T m A X p . H a rd, flinty sp r in g w b r a t ; b e s t renulti* i {tsf-ured; .special p r ice per bbl.. 9 4 . 4 0 ; \ 8:tGk. V m bbl., Baking: P o w d e r —B a it I'rrnan'.s Pure C ream T a r t a r , equal to th e vt.-ry best, p e r lb.. 2 0 c . ; ‘a lb.. New F in e Niui* for pi'm liry flrcshlnpr and p r a v les, p e r lb., Xflic Ripe O lives, fan c y C^aljfornla, large fru it , p e r b o t., i!5 c F ish B a lls, \N o r w e g ian 4-ratlon can \ for N ew H o llan d H e r r ln c , large fish, m ixed, per kog, 0 0 c . ; MUoh- ner's, 1.00 ■ J e x t r a q u a lity \D e licio u s ,\ p e r 3 lb. can, 1 8 e . C o lum b ia R iver, steak. 2<>c.; flat can, K ippered H e r r ln e }{r'«nd. per 1 - 7 0 ; can. utch Cocoa, \ B a t t e r m a n ’B i^oluble.** no cooking, H can. Kalmen. fancy f. errin Dutch Cocoa, \BaUerman’B Soluble,*’* •nrum Ribbed V'estF. lone and short sleeves.^ All hand trimmed. •ru ii bajia Drawers to match. fln^t'iied. sizes jL.diCi-’ Fine Qua/.tv a;.... I'rerK-li baiia Dri 4. f). fi. Chib.ren'H F-ne Oualltv Natural Wool Vests. Pants and Drawers. 16-18 20-22 24-26 28-30 32-34 ir.o J k2<5 > More Household Linens Reduced. Extra quality Satin DamaRk Table Cloths and Napkins at one-qiilirter and one-third less than regular prices. Cloths, 2x2 yards, .$2.10, $ 2 .4 0 , $ 3 .1 0 , $3.75. 2 x 2V2 yards, $2.75, $ 3 .0 0 , $3.00, $ 4 .7 0 . 2.x3 yards, $ 3 .2 0 , .$3.75, $ 4 .7 5 , $5.05. Napkins to match, % size. $2.20, $2.36, $3.35; size, $ 3 .3 5 , $3.50, $ 4 .6 5 , $ 5 .6 5 per dozen. A lot of extra wide Table Cloths (3. 0 - / 2 and 4 yards long) reduced one-third aud nearly one-Vmlf less than former prices. No napkins to match. 100 dozen Napkins, '% size, made by J. S. Brown & Sons, and J. N. Blchard- son. Sons & 0-wden, Belfast, at $ 4 .7 5 per dozen; value $6.50 and $7.50. 45 Ct Panne Taffeta Satin Ribbon. 28 Cts. The newest Ribbon In the market much iii favor on account of Its luster and softness, especially suitable for rosettes and millinery purposes, 5 Inches broad. In new and desirable colorings, 2 8 cts., instead of 45 cts. Embroidered Skirting Flannels, in white, new and pi-etty designs, a num­ ber of patterns, regular $1.10 and $1.25 qualities for 8 5 cts. Special in Corsets. J. B. Corsets, made of fine Jean, me-1 dIum w a ist short hip, lace trimmed, white, pink and blue, sizes 18 to 26, at | 4 8 cts.. Instead of 75 cts. ; RELIABLE CARPETS FURNITURE BARGAINS. The Style of Good Taste. A popular writer deacribes the wearer of cheap finery as having his jewelry “a size larger than anybody else-” So it is with the ornament that tasteles.s furniture wears. But. for­ tunately, it is as easy to recognize as human vulgarity, and it is easier to Bvoid- Tho’ our furniture follows hundreds of styles, tho’ it is simple enough for the plainest room, and elaborate enough for the richest.it is yet i in but one style—“the style of good taste.” Ornament—carving, inlay­ ing, painting—when used, is quiet and adapted solely “ to vary plea,s- antly the monotony of a blank space ” True beauty is our watchword—but we believe in economy as well; so I offer special bargains. 29c 39c 49c 59c L \ H o u sehold L inens / Silver Bleached Liaen Damask Covers, S-4 size, $ 1 . 0 0 ; 1 8-lU size, $ l . a . ‘>; 8-12 size, $ 1 . 5 0 ' 70-inch full-bleached all-linen Table Damask, 7 choice designs, 8 9 c Knotted fringe, all-linen Damask Towels, 24 Inches wide 45 inches long, 2 S c FrencK arvd Austri»cr\ s lTea».^ D in n e r Services! A t Cfreatly Reduced Prices- AUSIRIAN CHINA. ? 5 .08 Set. Dreti.y floral decoration on new ^hanea. ev^rv piece ef’ldS t lined. 56 oleevs. . . . 4.75> fO.DH Tea »et. ddlcBto ------- — . .............................................. “'Sarf* pinn«T p4.rvIoc. Blmnea and docoratlrmn. TOO nc^ 100 nlc.’fH. iiit’lu«lin>f laitre j#ouu tu relief M , h.4f)5 t2.?>85 Extra fine quality alMinen Buck Towels, broche border effect, hemmed ready for use, 24x44 iuches long, All-Linen Damask Napkins, X9 inches square, doz., 25c $1.29 Carpets a^nd Linolevim i Best all-wool Ingrain Carpets, regular price 65c, 49c S Extra heavy v.-lvet Carpets, latest designs and colorings, 1 regular price Si.lO, ? Wild’s Linoleums, regular price 60c, f.T-OS Dinner S'.-r\-i--e. _ ..... . . * M a tters, d a i n t y d^corut I'n.-* nml ^^f^Uv ahaoes. i FRENCH CHINA. < 8.4D Llmoces T ct - Set. 56 ulecos. dainty floral duslirn with dull jroM > relief. ? i£4.ftS Llm o jres D in n e r Ff*rvlc^*. 100 po».. thrvo choice detHicns. 1 7 . 0 8 i Large variety of choice pieces of Bisque, Vases, Cut Glass and / s Silver, suitable for engagement, wedding or birthday gifts, a t very \ 5 moderate prices. s Mo'use Drapery W a n ts a.t P r ice s to In s p ire Y o u . a m T.ac ».lu$ il. NottlMKham r.Mce (-'urtalns, DruR-^'ls and f,lTi'-‘t; v.tU Iri!-h Point i?urialns, value Iri.Hh Point rurtninB. extra wide b''*rder, Irl“h T’dinl J'urlalns. heavy rained work, Daiie I-jf-f] full elae. Hod Sf’t8. full $lze; value 54. Tapestry Porlli r*‘H. valuv ?4. stiy Por*l< res. ellk en'eel, L>jrby I'orttf new ahad^'B. i-Uk effect. Irl.fh Point 2.K9 r».t>8 0 . 4 0 1. «o 2.0K 12.08 4 .0 8 0 . 4 0 U 'Broa.d'cejay, Flushing and Graham A-Oenucs, \BrooKJyn. 5 Piece M a h o g any Finish T a p e s try Parlor Suites, $28.00 (Reduced from $34.00). Artistic and pure wool carpets and rugs for every room at lowest prices. Picturesque, durable draperies—from filmy laces to heavy Oriental fabrics—beauty and economy in every thread. China, glassware—even cooking utensils — make our basement the Happy Hunting Ground for all in need of household necessities aud Long Credit White Goods at Reduced Prices. Sheets and Pillow Cases, made of well known muslin, torn. Ironed and finished: Sheets, l%x2% yards, 4 2 cts.; 2x2%, 4 8 cts.; 2y,x2%, 53 cts.; 2%x2%, 6 4 cts. Unbleached Muslin Sheeting, yard wide, in lengths from 20 to 30 yards, 6% cts. per yard. Bleached Sheeting, 2 yards wide, 1 5 cts. per yard. Great Reductions in Curtains, Etc. Lace Real Tambour Lace Curtains, $ 3 .7 5 per pair, instead of $5.00, and $5.00. In­ stead of $7.00. Real Irish Point Lace Curtains, .$5.00 per pair, instead of $7.00, and .$6.00, inste.'id of .$8.00. aO-ltieh Sftutache Lace for Sash Cur- t.aiiis, Arahi.an color, rich effect, 38, 4 5 and GO cts. per yard. I'estllnilc Lace Door Panels. Renals- I,lice center, mounted on heavy nef .qOx.'O inches. $ 2 .5 0 , instead of p;?5n-. ,$3.50 Instead of $5.00; $ 5 .0 0 , instead of .$7.00 each. Tapestry Portieres, fringed top and bottom, assortment of colors, $3.75, in­ stead of $5,00; 'deh Oriental designs and colorings. $4.50 pec pair, instead of $6.00. enables immediate possession. Imported Feather Boas. Black and White. VA yards long, $ 4 .7 5 , Instead of $6.00. Gray, 2 yards long, $4.95, instead of $0.75. Black and white, 2 yards long, $ 5 .0 5 , Instead of $7.75. Ruffs, Dress Nets and Laces. A lot of fine Blac’u Liberty Silk Ruffs, full plaited ends, latest design, at 0 5 cts. each, instead of $1.25 to $1.75 Plain I^a 'rosea and Point cl’BsprIt Nets, at 3 0 and 5 0 ct.s. per yard, in­ stead of 75 cts. and $1.00. Torchon, Point Venice. Cluny and Mal­ tese I.aces, in white, cream and butter, 2 to 2 5 cts. per yard. Cowperthwait Flatbush Avenue, Near Fulton Street. NEW YORK STORES: 104 to 108 W est l4th Street. Lining Department. Taffeta Lining Silk, especially suitable for Crepe de Chine, and Grenadine, 10 Inches wide, In all the new colorings, .39 cts. per yard. k’asi bl.aek Percallne. full beetle on [ both sides, 38 inches wide, 1 4 cts. per yard. Oriental Rugs, ■\ fine line of S' irvan.s. were $18.00 and .$20.00, now $ 1 2 . 0 0 and $1.5,00; aver­ age size 3.7.V5.C. Kazaks and Bokhavas, $ 1 8 .0 0 to $ 3 5 .0 0 . Cai-pet size Rugs, average size 9x12, large assortment. $ 6 5 .0 0 and upward. CBEHV CELEBRATES ANNIVEBSAR-y Men Who Were Rescued From Sinking Yacht'Enjoy a Reunion. T h e crew of tho yacht Arvlus, w h o w e re re.sotied.from the sinking ship by the B thel- rco off Roma Shoals on O c tober 16 a y e a r ago, celebrated tho annivei-saiy.of the event w ith th e ir friends a t the homo of M r. Segelcke on Putnam avenue T h u rsd a y n ight. T h e house was decorated w ith flags an d flowers. In the dining room a large flag upon tho w all, .and the word \A Ivlus” w as draped in v io lets over th e m a n tel. A fter the collation Jliss Sadie Segelcke, th e daugh- t\? oi th e host, proposed a toast to the B thelreo, which w a s received standing by all oroaent. T h e affair w a s m uch enjoyed by th o s e present. ACME CLUB. A social given by tho Acme Social Club w as held a t tho hom e of J. Hennele.v, 406 D e c a tu r stre e t , on O c tober 15, and w as w e ll beartnafthe inscription \Bthelreo” hung attended by their many friends, who passed th e evening singing and dancing. Among tno.,e p.. _ -lit - - i-he .vli...e., ivl. Ford, I. Corcoyan, M. H u r s t , A. R o s e lle, M. M c T ler- nan, G. N ielson, .N, ShuUs, E. Dixon, M. W a ls h , H. M cBride, S. K a n e , N. T u lly, L. Cuddy, K. M iller, L. Pow e rs, M. C o a tes, M. M a b ry. M. G, o g a n , M. Sm ith, M. and L. W Ischusen, J. Paw low sky, A. and M. H en- ncley, L. L a n g d o n ; M e ssrs, G. H a u p t , W . Skolly, H. Goodm an, J. S h e ridan, J. and T. H e n n e le y , L. K a n e , F. C a llan, G. and T. Mc- Glbnoy. T. D eegan, T. and J. Paw low sky, H. Pink, H. Coom bs, G. W a s h b u rn, F. Byck- Seefer, H. W ilson. F. E a r l e and D, D e e g a n . church \ notes . In the F i r s t Church of C h rist (D isciples), S terling place, n e a r .Seventh avenue, th e p a s ­ tor, the Rev. M. E. H a rlan, LL.D.. w in preach this m o rning on \W ith C h r is t In the School of P r a y e r ; 'T h y Kingdom C o m e'—How We May Help It Como; W h a t Its Coming Would M ean: Do We W a n t the P ray e r .'u ew ered?\ In tho evening th e C h r is tian E n ­ deavor Society w ill observe “ F o r e f a th e r s ' D ay.” Short ad d r e s s e j w ill be m a d e by J. R. Tolar, Jr.; M iss May W h a ley and th e Rev. M. E. H a rlan. T h e Bov. F r a n c is E d g a r Mason w ill ta l k th i s m o rning ia A u rora G rata C a thedral, B e d ­ ford avenue and M adison stre e t , on Jehovah’s prom ise to Jo s h u a ; “E v e ry place th a t the sole of your toot ehall re s t upon shall be y o u r s .\ Mr. Mason says he w in show \th a t th i s prom ise Is s t i l l in force, and th a t m an may rise above every disagreeable condition In life; th a t he is th e m a s ter over all th a t he gets beneath his fe e t .” F rank L. Sm ith will give the second of his Interesting series of talk s to young men at the Prospect P a r k Branch 'Jfoung M e n 's Chrla- tlan A ssociation, 859 N inth street, th i s a f t e r ­ noon, at 4:15; subject, \P r o fit and Lo»s,“ Vocal selecttons by R o b e rt Nelson, tenor. T h e m e n ’s m e e ting a t the Bedford Branch Before Dressmaking See Our Perfect Fitting Corset. Our straight front, low, medium or high bust Cor­ set will suit all. Shape right. Fit perfect. Price the very lowest. None al­ lowed to go out without being tilted, except mail orders, and in that case we send catalogue which gives directions for seli-measure- meuts and for puiiing on. They will lengt. en waist i to 3 inches and reduce ab­ domen 4 to 12 inches. Satisfaction guaranteed. California Corset Co. Fulton a n d II uy( KroiiUlyu NaY.Kntranoe U rancii l*urlorc»« 9 1 ^ Bruiidv iiy.N V. cU> nour Rev. CUarles B Sluiltz of Glon Ridge, N. J., j a form e r pastor, und by the Rev. F rank I Brown of Rowayton, Conn., a form e r incnibor of the church. A social gathering of the m e m b e rs is to tak e place a t th e church on , F riday evening. j Gospul services at the Grounpoint branch | of tho C ity Mission Socieiy. U l Oreonpoint ; avenue, will be begun a t 7:30 this evening. M essrs. Bailey and Horsflold wUl have ch.ii’ge, assi.^'ted by other worUerH. T h e re will also be evangelistic services th i s ovening at tile C e n tral n a i l . Jay and W illoughby streets; a t the T lllary stre e t branch, 14 T illary street, and at th e F u lto n stre e t brat'ich, 1,0^2 Fulton Ktreet, J In the Church of Um .N’ew JcruKalem, Mon* ' roc place and C lark stre e t , to - J a y , at 10:30 A. .M. there will be services conduutod by the R dv . T.ouls Goorgo Hoeck. who v-il! preach a serm o n entitled “ P a rk SaylugH of Old.'* EXHIBIT OF PICTURES. ■Work of Misses Fairfield Demtng and Seymour Sliown at Pratt Institute. Mias C lara L- i'rtirfleld, M iss Adelaide Dem ing .and Miss Celia B. Seym o u r gave an exhibit of th e ir sum m e r w o rk lu w a ter eolor and oil at the f'ra t t luatU u tc F riday afternoon and evening. T h is w o rk was done a t G rand Menaii last sum m e r. — - u i- iO«r Special O ffer. The nevo CHESTERFIELD OVERCOAT made in the top notch o f fashion, voith broad extension shoulders, yoke ba:k, vertical pockets, o' .Kerseys, Meltons and Vicunas, TO ORDER, Also the newest effects in gray, brown and green mixtures, SU IT TO ORDER, TRANK PHILLIPS I 557 Fulton St., Brooklyn. I OPPOSITE Y. M. C. A. The e.xhlhi- tion room a t the P r a t t wan arv lstk a lly de.c.- o r a lcd w ith poke weed berries and s; rays la n d yellow chryHamhemum-i. ' ■ NE'W EAST RIVER BRIDGE. The sketches w e re unusually stroug ami .i.u-reiitiiikx Miss be addressed by Brownell Gage this a f t e r ­ noon, at 4:15. Tho subject of his lec­ ture win be “A T rip Around the W orld,\ and w ill bo Illu s trated by .stereupi icon views. Tho orch e s tr a w ill play at 4 o'clock. Tho doors are open a t 3:45. The mceilng ia lor m en only. Tho M o ravian C h u rch, on Jiiy ati*'et, near •Myrtle avenue, witl ccicorute i.s lony-.s-v- enth anniversary during the eomiiu; k. At 'th i s m o r n ing ’s service the pi ' r will preach a serm o n appropriate to iti*- o a- slori. Oh Monday evening tin iiiinlvcr-ury love feast will bo celebrated and a cordial Invitation Is extended to all friends who may . wish to attend. A d d resses will be delivered of th e Y. M. C. A., 420 G a tes lyrenue, w ill by th e Rev. W. B, Allis of Brooklyn, the Wrcru UJIUauu.44j - --- - r'ulrflcM c.vhUjIted .iPtvir.'U ‘ riOuncH oid docks and in open wator, A iwllighi .m’eno iia'i much aLmc.s,.lr.erlo color uiul uta-Giy. Tliere was a a.uii)lc ro:i;i ok I; Ion Hlu.wjug cioUies rtry.Di? aiiiGiui oFl api>F* uud a view of cedars and .sky. A fluaint Ja.ie in- lerlor was alT-o in the Ppirlleld group oI sLetchcH. SnvcrHl road fl-iru-s and two Hctwer subjects among Hum. A vb*\v oi nr(jad open coiUiwy ud U a nuii-.u.** of dlu- ’ addiUon tant water view.s and aueiic.-. about ril)iu,e;i ; of which wire Is to be maniifaer completed the sketches of Miss Fairne.d a Prrrrmr,.,., f J l , Miss Adelaide Deming was represented by f ’ laying he aiutcfpated foregrounds of Barrleiia und dislanf oo M jhuh ' , i \ begin until N'ovfmh't' The re- by cedars und roi^kw; also Ly several line ' further contained tlic inforn’atlou that marines, and old Osh houses .standing along (he docks. A bf^uUful iwiljgbl effect, and L’in]', Bald ihftt the bcwoth wero needed for ----------- — ; iij,. uoonen K lailunds b * hool If for tui other C h ief E n g i n e e r B u c k M a k e s a E-eport. on plar-**. iii> tj-.-ir the foudUionn wer* th e B r 'd g e C o n d ’t ’o n s . • an-' ’U’'rtiith y , «:jd th a t sew e rs , r. , - t r- . T>f ' 'ihould be laid at once. Culuf Knginecr Buck of tho new La.st R iver . . . , .■\IdiTman j ; iii .4 k ... M rinnos to “ i. -- > rt jii.rtDil Friday to lliat body that there 1 h fifored on tho B rook­ lyn aide of ihe bridge about ISO ton.s of w l.c to bo used to cable m a k ing, and hO t<mH more on the reels In T renton. Tho con! actor, Mr. Buck said, ha.M In 0 locjH of Ktcf’i !anck In hand, out 50,000 brick have been laid In th e c»*nU'r w a lls and Htnirwnys on the Bjooklyn up- g n m ; ; ; » of gray I Sf T viilagtH a t t r a c t e d the atten iio u of visito r s ; also several road scenes and uuicl atm o s ­ pheric effects at the edge of evening, aud s\m n y gard e n scenes and wild flower borders witli roads ntrelchleg out lino distance. Mlri.s Celia It. Seym o u r's work Included n m a rsli su'ujeet. two wood scenes with old trees In the i'oreground. a near night scene, w ith light shining from a co ttag e ; a m o o n ­ light bit am o n g trees, a beach seenc, a gray m a rine effect, with peculiar conira.st of fresh green sw a rd, a bit of blue w a ter and sho r e , a lino full of clothes drying ag a in s t a wooded background, and o ther In iereetln g subjeeta. T h e exhibition was well aU ended. proach. The cornmlaslonerB go o u t of otUcc on Janu a ry 1 next. 82D ■WARD CITIZENS MEET. j The cllizons of the T liiny-second V.'ard m et In the ('oloultil Cluh H all. Flatb't.si: avenue and Avenue I, F riday night, t o dl.c 'tiss the needs of th a t ward, eapecially the need of sewers. E. H. H arrison pr.-sldcil am! Jam e s Graham , a prom inent builder, told of tho route th a t the sewors. If laid, would take. V. H. K enny, prcaideni of t h e Colonial tiring liii; m a iier hefori- the local Board of I'ubllc Iruprn\..in-Mu:, and .4s. em alyman .Jui.'oli It'-nj.sen .said that it tie w'as re-elcctttd he v.'i.iiPl give the T h .rry-aecond Ward all llio relief he could get from Albany. STONE THROWER ARRESTED. Cli.'iHea B itter, IR years oJd, of l,70f liroadway, a leader of a gang of s tone throw* er.s kuov.n as the E lderis, was arrested om I'rlday afternoon a t K n ickerbocker avenue and Fldort street by P a tr o lm a n Engel oC th e H am b u rg avenue sta tio n house. H» pleadcil not guilty, and was held by Magli> tra t e O'UclUy for exam ination. Bull wo4 fixed at $300. SUDDEN DEATH. Tho.mas Klymi, 50 years old. of 584 CarroU strei-t, was taken suddenly ill curly yesterday inornlnK, at Carroll stre e t and Fourth av e ­ nue. He was ream v .;d to a neighboring »»• loon, where he died before the arrival of Ambulance Burgeon C roat of tho Soney Hos­ pital. H e a rt trouble Is thought to have boon t'nr cause ot Osath.

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