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■■’■•~-’r,vrr7r . ■ .- ^ '•--r/ THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. : i ,- i f L A S T E D IT IO N . N E W Y O R K , SA T U R D A Y , OCTOBER 7, 1899.—YOL. 59. NO. 2 7 8 . - 1 6 PA G E S . CO P Y R IG H T . 1S99. BY T U B BRO OK L Y N DAILY EAGLEL T H R E E C E N T S . MTS IBOOT EVEH ' III TO-DJT'S RACE, A See-Saw Contest in Light .' Airs Off the New Jersey ■ Coast. SHAMROCK FIRST AT STAKE. She Turns Only a Length or Two Ahead of the American Boat. COLUMBIA STARTED FIRST. 3bi th e B u n D o w n the Coast Sham rock G e ts a Good I.ead, B u t lioses I t L a ter. Colum tila and Shamrock are racin g to-day ov e r a course fifteen m iles to leew a r d and re­ tu r n , laid south-sou thw e st from th e Sandy H o o k lightship. T h e official sta r tin g tim e -was as follow s; C o lum b ia, 11:21:02. Sham rock. 11:21:19. A t the tim e of g o in g to p r e ss the boats were ab o u t even. STORY BY BULLETINS. N a v e s in k , 11:28—W ithin m inute after the Irtart Sham rock blankete-'l Colum b ia, too?rC her IWind and w a s a length th e b e s t of her. N a v e s in k , 11:29—The luffing m a tch is very b o t and the entire excursion fleet to the w e s t ­ w a r d of the lin e is having a hard tim e to get o u t oX th e way. Both boats are standing tow a r d th is point. 11:30—Colum b ia h a s m a insail, club topsail, foresail, jib and balloon jib set. Sham rock b a s m a in sa il, club;Ball, foresail, jib and baby jib topsail set. Sham rock did not q u ite su c ­ ceed in catching Colum bia. The la tter has Bquared aw a y for th e m ark. W ind is now sorth-north e a a t. H igh lands of N a v e sink 11:33T6 A . M,— T h e en tire excursion fleet is headed for th e Jersey eh o r e to g e t out of the w a y of the racers. The .torpedo fleet is driving th e excursion boats o ff t h e course. S p in n a k e r s B roken Out and C o lum b ia T a k e s the Lead. N a v e sin k , 11:41 A. M.— Colum b ia has Just broken out her spinnaker. The Sham rock f^oD lo w s su it w ith her spinnaker. T h e w ind here decreasing rapidly. 'W e stern U n ion boat, 11:45 A. M.—Sham ­ rock 's spinnaker did not catch as w e ll as C o lum b ia’s, the latter draw ing w e ll at once. Sham r o c k 's seem ed to h a v e Jam m ed the spreader. C o lum b ia is g e ttin g q u ite a lead. Sham r o ck partly hauled in her spinn a k e r , re- Bet it, and then had it draw ing w e ll. Men iwere sen t aloft to flx it. Colum b ia g a in s each m o m e n t and Is about an eighth of a m ile in th e lead. C lear Course for th e Racers. N a v e sin k , 11:46 A. M.— T h e torpedo boats h a v e driven the excursion fleet m o r e than a m ile aw a y from the racers, and boats are h a v in g a fine, clear course. 11:47 A. M.—D u r ing the last five m inutes th e C o lum b ia seem s to h a v e draw n aw a y a b it from th e Sham rock, b u t the race is very Close. N a v e sin k , 11:51 A. M.—Sham rock seem s un­ able to catch Colum b ia and th e la t t e r Is gradually draw ing away. W ind about four m iles. T h e re seem s to be a little m o r e breeze to th e northward. 11:53 A. M.— T h e yachts are now about th r e e m iles down th e course and about four m iles due east from this point. M o st of the excu r s ion fleet is to the w e st of the line, th e torpedo fleet keeping steam craft more th a n a m ile and a half aw a y from the racers. C o lum b ia L e a d s b y a M inute a n d a H a lf N a v e sin k , 11;65 A. M.—The w ind on the course apparently blow ing about four or five k n o ts. The boats haye sailed about three and a half m iles of the course and are about four m iles ea s t of th is point. C o lum b ia is lead­ in g by about a m inute and a h a lf , pu lling aw a y from the Shamrock during th e past five m in u tes. T h e Shamrock is a l i t t l e to the starboard of the Colum bia. 11:58%—The sw e lls contin u a lly sh a k e the w ind out o f the sa ils of th e racers. 12:03 P. M.—D u r ing th e past fe w m in u tes th e Sham r o ck has caught a better breeze and geem s to be gaining sligh tly on th e A m e r ican boat. Colum b ia now leads by abou t an eighth o f a m ile. Sham rock’s b ig sp in n a k e r is d r a w ing very w e ll. The spinn a k e r on C o lum ­ b ia does n o t seem to draw w e ll. I b e w in d is about 4 m iles an hou r on th e eou r s e . Sham rock G ets on E v e n Term s. 12:10—Sham rock now appears to be nearly o n even term s w ith Colum bia. N a v e s in k , 12:11^^ P. M.—T h e Sham rock ab r e a s t of t h e Colum bia. T h e ya c h ts are sa il­ in g sid e by side and the contest betw e e n them Is excitin g . T h e w ind is still very lig h t, not m o r e than 3 or 4% m iles. E n g lish B o a t T a k e s th e Lead. N a v e s in k , 12:12—Sham rock hae blanketed •ODlumbla and is passing h e r on starboard •fde. 12:13% P . M.—The C olum b ia’e s t e m show s bu t behind Sham rock’s m a insail. 12U3% P. M.—Sham rock has pa.ssed Col­ om b ia on th e starboard and is in the lead. The boats h a v e sailed abou t five m iles, dur­ in g w h ich th e Sham rock overcam e th e Colum ­ bia's lead, w h ich a t one tim e w a s n e a r ly a quarter of a m ile. 12:18 P. M., N a v e sink—The yach ts have called abou t five and a h a lf m iles of the course. Sham rock leads by 150 yards. G a lilee, 12:20—Both yach ts ru n n in g off be- L fore th e w in d w ith booms to port making about seven knots. N a v e sin k , J2:20 P. M.— T he yachts are now four m iles ea s t of Seabright. G a lilee. 12:23 P. M.—The Shamrock still seem s to be out footing the Colum bia. G a lilee, 12:27 P. M.—Both yachts are sailin g about even and g o ia g slow. Sham rock In c r e a s in g H e r Lead. L o u g Branch, 12:28 P. M.— S h a m rock seem s to be increasin g her lead. A ssociated P r e ss Boat, off H ighland Beach, at 12:10 P. M.—T h e Sham rock passed the Co­ lum b ia about seven m iles down the first le g to the first m ark. L o n g B ranch, 12:30 P. M.—The Sham rock is holding her lead. N a v e sin k , 12:34% P. M.— Sham rock leads Colum bia by about 2 m inutes 20 seconds. The yachts are now apparently four m iles east of G a lilee. E x c u r s ion boats all keeping w e ll in shore, g iv in g th e racers am p le room. Long Branch, 12:40—Shamrock carries her spinnaker better than the Colum bia and seem s to be carried by better breeze. They are nearly abreast of here now. S h a m rock’s Good-Lead. H ighlands of N a v e sin k , 12:45 P. M.—A n o th­ er degree on the yachts taken from th is point show s the Sham rock to be 3 m inutes and 40 seconds ahead of Colum bia. As the boats are running aw a y and Shamrock is consider­ ably to starboard, the actual distance is prob­ ably a little less. Long Branch, 12:45 P. M.—The Shamrock is outfootin g th e Columbia. Sandy H o o k , 12:48 P. M.— M onmouth Beach L ife Saving Station says the yachts are to th e south of the station . They appear to be about even. Asbury Park. 12:52 P. .\L— Shamrock seem s to be g e ttin g move wind than Columbia and is now hold ing her lead. Sham rock S tands for the Stakeboat. Asbury Park, 12:53% P. M.—The Shamrock has taken in her spinnaker. 12:54% p . M.—The Shamrock has ju st gybed and changed her cours-i toward the stake boat, she being m o re inshore than Columbia. Long Branch, 12:.56 P. M.—The Shamrock from here seem s to be 300 yards ahead. Asbury Park, 1 P . M.—The Colum b ia has ju s t gybed. Long Branch, 1:01 P. M.—The Shamrock has set her spinn a k e r to port. She still holds th e lead. N a v e sin k , 1:05 p . M.—The yach ts are off N o rth L o n g Branch. Looks L ike No Race A g a in. W e stern U n ion boat, 1:05 P. M.— Both boats are now evid e n tly running for the mark. W ith the w ind at Its present rate and direc­ tion, it appears from here that the boats can­ not finish w ith in the tim e lim it. The wind is three k n o ts from north-northeast. Asbury Park, 1:07 P. M.—The Sham rock appears to be catching the wind finely, w h ile the C o lum b ia’s sa ils appear to be flapping considerably. Long B ranch, 1:11 P. M.—The Shamrock h a s taken In her spinnaker. A sbury Park, 1:16 P. M.—The Sham rock ap­ pears to h a v e increased her lead. The boats from here n o w seem a quarter of a m ile apart. A sbury P a r k . 1:21 P. M.—The excursion fleet is abreast of th is place. The reven u e cutters are keep in g a clear course for th e yachts. T h e C o lum b ia’s sa ils now appear to be flap­ pin g , w h ile the Sham rock's sail are draw ing finely. T h e Sham r o ck still hold her head. T h e boats w e r e about tbrea m iles from the tu r n in g p o in t at 1:24. C o lum b ia A p p e a rs to Be G a ining. 1:26 P. M.—The Colum b ia now appears to be gaining on the Shamrock- The boats from here now appear to be about a quarter of a m ile apart. L o n g B r a n g , by tug E llis—The breeze is fresh e n ing. T h e re is prom ise of a finished race. C o lum b ia Closes H p the Gap and B lan k ­ ets Shamrock! Asbury Park, 1:31 P. M.—T h e boats are now over a m ile from the turn. The Colum ­ bia is fast catching the Shamrock. The Sham ­ rock has taken in her balloon jib. 1:31 P. M.—The w ind Is decreasing, but the Colum b ia appears to have caught a good puff and ha.s closed up th e gap. Shamrock is now abou t one m in u te ahead of the Colum bia. 1:33 P. M.—The boats are not over seventy- five yards apart. The Colum bia has blanketed th e Sham rock. Asbury Park, 1:35 P. M —The Shamrock now leads bj only about tw’entyfive yards. The C o lum b ia has taken in her balloon jib. They are now preparing to round the stake. 1:36 P. M.—The Sham rock has gybed. They are alm o s t abreast. A t 1:37 both boats ap­ peared to be turning. Sham rock T u r n s th e M a rk Only a L e n g th or Two Ahead. H ighlands o f N a v e sink, 1:36:40—A s the boats turned the outer m ark, the Shamrock seem ed to be a len g th or tw o in the lead. Asbury Park, 1:38 P. M.—Both boats are sailin g abreast and heading for home. Co­ lum b ia has ju s t com e about. She is now on th e starboard tack; Sham rock on port tack. A sbury Park, 1:45 P. M.— The excursion fleet headin g for hom e Is follow in g the yachts. A B e a t to W indw a rd Com ing Home. A sbury Park, 1:44 P. M.—B o th boats now on the port tack heading aw a y from the Jer­ sey shore. Sham r o ck still holds her lead over Colum bia. Asbury Park. 1:46 P. M.—The Colum b ia is gaining on th e Sham rock and th e y are now nearly on even term s again. A sbury Park, 1;48 P. M.—The Sham rock Is Increasing her lead again. B o th boats are b e a d in g off shore. A sbury Park, 1:49 P. M.—The Sham rock is etui gain in g and about 300 yards or more seem to sep a r a te them . A sbury Park, 1:53 P. M.— S h am rock still m a in tains her lead. Both boats holding off shore on th e port tack. . Sham rock H o lding th e Lead. 1:56—T h e Sham rock still holds the lead. 1;58—T h e Sham rock is increasin g her lead. B o th yach ts are holding off shore on th e port tack. Long B ranch, 2:02—Both boats arc now headed in shore. A sbury Park, 2:07—Colum b ia is now going 150 >fileN One Dny Ronnd Trip on tlie H u d son. F in e s t D a y Line steam e rs, m u sic and service.—A d v . about on the port tack. Sham rock still seem s to be ic the lead. N a v e sink, 2:08 —Both boats on port tack, standing northeast. Asbury Park, 2:10— The Sham rock appears to be increasing her lead. N a v e sink, 2:013—T h e Sham rock tacked to port and heads tow a rd N e w Jersey shore. T h is looks lik e a m istak e because the wind seem s lighter in th a t direction. Asbury Park, 2:13 1-2—T h e Colum b ia has Just put about, follow ing the Sham rock’s lead. Both boats now h e a d in g for th e Jersey coast. 2:15—Colum bia appears to have more w ind than Shamrock and from here seem s to be gaining. 2:16—The C o lum b ia has put about again and is now heading out to sea. Asbury Park, 2:20— Colum b ia has put about and is now heading for th e Jersey coast. The Shamrock has also put about and is now beaded for th e Long Island shore. N a v e sink, 2:22—Tho boats are heading to ­ ward each other, Sham rock out to sea on port tack and Colum b ia standing in shore on starboard tack. From th is point i t looks a s if the Colum b ia had gained by stan d in g off shore, but it Is im p o ssible to say if she leads. The Shamrock Is now, heading for the L o n g Island shore. Sham rock S till A p p e a rs to Lead. 2:24 P. M.— The yachts are now about four m iles from tu r n ing point. The Sham rock s t i l l appears to hold the lead. Both boats are on port tack, heading out to sea. 2:26 P. M.— T h e Sham r o ck has gone about, heading for the Jersey coast again. The Race I s a Close One. Asbury Park, 2:27—The Colum b ia is com ­ in g about. The yach ts are both heading for th e Jersey coast. T h e Shamrock still seem s to m aintain a good lead. N a v e slog, 2:30 P. M.—B o th boats are head­ in g inshore, on th e starboard tack, and from th is point it looks as if it was a very close race betw een them . The Shamrock is on th e starboard tack and appears to be to lee­ ward, but when the boats go about it seem s to . be the other w a y . Long Branch. 2:35 P. M.—The Colum b ia appears to have a slig h t lead, but th e ex ­ cursion fleet obstructs the view from here. M a ckey-Bennett steam e r , 2:37 P. M.—If wind does not m a terially increase It w ill be alm o s t im p o ssible to finish the race in the tim e lim it. Boats are barely visib le from cable ship. Columbia N o w A p p e a rs to Lead. 2:38 P. M.— B o th boats standing out to sea, on the port tack. C o lum b ia appears to have th e lead. Long Branch, 2:44 P. M.—Both boats on port tack, stan d in g far out to sea, apparently gettin g better breeze. The relative posi­ tio n s seem s unchanged, but the Colum b ia appears to be g e ttin g the b e s t of th e breeze. H ighlands of N a v e sin k . 2:46 P. M,— B o th boats are standing off shore evidently with th e idea of g e t t in g m ore breeze and along th e Jersey shore th e r e are a num b er of calm spots. The boat are about ten m iles from this point and fully th a t distance from the lig h t ­ ship. The Colum b ia is farther to the eastw a r d and looks to be ahead, although the Sham rock seem s to be to windward. The official tim e of turning the stake boat was: Shamrock, 1:33:25; Colum bia, 1:33:34. There appears to be little breeze In any direction, but th e r e m ay be enough for the yachts to finish on tim e a s they have nearly tw o hours to cover the distance. 2:52—The Colum b ia has come about and is heading in shore on th e starboard tack. 2:50—C o lum b ia has the better position, but th e boats are p r e tty close together. Cannot tell which is ahead. 2:54—It now look s from here as If C o lum ­ bia was little nearer th e finish than the Shamrock. 2:53 1-2—The boats at th is tim e were over a m ile apart, both standing in shore on sta r ­ board tack. The Sham rock Is about four m iles off the Jersey coast, w ith Colum bia over five m iles aw a y . 2:55—Sham rock has gon e about again on port tack. W e stern U n ion Boat, 2:59—B o a ts ah e Just visib le from here about 12 m iles to windward, one standing on starboard and one on port tack on their w a y hom e. W ind three m iles and fickle. N a v e sink, 2:57 1-2—It looks as if Sham rock has stood too far In shore for when sh e cam e about she did so very slow ly. On the otheh hand Colum b ia is g e ttin g a fine breeze outside and Is footing rapidly. FLAG AT HALF MAST. E x c u rsion Steam e r Georgfiana R e tu r n ­ in g From th e Y a c h t Race A p p a r­ e n tl y in Trouble. Quarantine, 2:35 P. M. — The excursion steam e r G e o rgiana of P h iladelphia, w’hich w’ent down to th e race th is m orning, is p a s ­ sin g in with a U n ion Jack half m a sted and th e American flyin g union down. She lands at th e B a ttery, at P ier 6, foot of Rector street. _______________ _ JOCKEYING FOR THE START. The Colum bia G ets O v er the L ine F irst, Sham rock Seventeen Sec­ onds L a ter. The Sham rock m a d e th e run out from her anchorage to Sandy H o o k lightship, a d is­ tance of over eleven nautical m iles, In fifty- six ipinutes. She made the run w ith only m a lrjail and jlh. The Colum b ia made fully as good tim e, p a s s in g Scotland lightship be­ fore 10 o’clock. -T h e wind at that tim e was still from the north-northeast, a little over fifteen m iles and hold ing true. After reaching th e ligh tsh ip the Sham rock eased off her sh e e t s and stood to the south Golden R.o<1« Dottlecl at the Ilre^'C'ry, 51.20 p er case of 24 bottles. A t grocers. Out of tow n orders prom p tly atten d e d to. M all orders o r te le­ phone,l.‘>33 W e b u r p h . Otto H u b e r B rew ery, B 'kiyn . —Adv. and th e crew began to m a k e ready the club topsail for h o istin g . The old cup defender. V igilant, had a little brush w ith th e latest challenger on the run out. The Shamrock went by her a s if sh e were anchored. Behind the Colum b ia were a half dozen revenue cut­ ters and a num b er of steam yachts and as the tw o yacht.s reached the ligh tsh ip the first of th e excursion fleet appeared heading down the Swash channel. The Colujnbia arrived at th e Sandy Hook lightship a t 10:09 A. M. W hen she arrived at the ligh tsh ip she also eased off her sh e e t s and stood a little to the southw a r d , but soon came about and ran over toward the chal­ lenger, which was then sa ilin g a lo n g on the port tack about a m ile sou th e a s t of the light­ ship. Both boats were evidently tryin g the breeze to decide as to th e ir ligh t sails. The wind at th is tim e still came ou t of the north-northeast, but had fallen off a trifle and did not seem to be blow'ing at the light­ ship m u ch over fifteen m iles. At th is tim e there w a s every prospect th a t th e race would be sailed. The F leet of P leasure C raft. Am o n g th e fleet o f pleasure craft which passed out of the Narrow s th is m o r n ing, bound for th e scene of to-day’s race, w e r e the fol­ low ing: Steam yachts Intrepid, Peerless, Ibis, Lagonda, Seneca, M alay, Alcedo, Var- una, A k c la, Adelc. W ild Duck, .Atalanta, V al­ iant, May. E r l K ing, Cythian, Starling. Elsa, A d m iral, A d e llta, Aloha, Sagam o re, Palm er, Radba, N iagara, O zhesta, Setndia, Corsair, N o u rm a h a l, Susquehanna, Sultana, K a n a w h a ; steam e r s and steam b o a ts C ity of Q u incy, Long Islan d , V ictor, M y le s Standish, A n g ler, Mon­ m outh, Gayhead, M iami, C olum b ia, Edmund B u tler, M ontauk, Cyrus, Block Island. Sandy Hood, C ity of L o w ell. Park City, Republic, Jefferson, Amraera, Joanna, Ponce. Dolphin, Ram b ler, Shinnecock, Isabel. C a therine, Ply­ m outh, Sirius, Grand R e p u b lic. L a Grande Duchesae; tu g s V o lunteer w ith a party of Sir T h o m a s L ipton’s gu e s ts, John N ich o ls , P. S. A rnott, G. M. W inslow , George D- Kuper, N im rod, Edgar F. Luckenbach. P e ter Cahill, A lfred W. E llis, W a lter A. Luckenbach, Mary E. Luckenbach, S. L’H o m m edieu, Thomas Flannery, Tender St. M ichaels, J. L. Lucken­ bach, Jack D ykm an, W. J. M cCaldln, Mabel, C. P. Raym ond, Alfred \V. Booth, R. J. Bar­ rett, John H a r tin, C. Runyon, G. W. W ash- bum , Fred B. D a lzell, Ida L. Tebo. Franklih N. Brown, Scranton, Paw n ee, F e n o , I. J. Bus­ by, -Astral; steam yachts A p h r o d ite and Co­ lum b ia. W ind B e g ins to Drop. T h e yacht\ spent a half hour after arriving at the start in tryin g the stren g th o f th e wind, running about on one tack or the other and up and down off and on the wind. It took con.sidcrable tim e to decide ju st what top­ sa ils to run up, as th e wind cam e in puffs from th e north northw e st. -\s the tim e *for the start approached tho wind seem e d to'decrease and at 10:40 was not blow in g much over twelve knots. T h e Sham rock was th e first to d e c ide as to top sails, and a t 10:40 her big club topsail w a s set, ind icating that th o se on board did not fear an Increase o f th e breeze. .At the tim e she set the sa il aloft sh e w a s about half a m ile from the ligh tsh ip, heading toward L o n g Beach on th e port tack. T h e Columbia ran alon g behind her on the starboard tack, and at 10:42 her club top s a il was run up. T h e wind was from north n o r th w e s t and w o u ld bring the race down th e Jersey coast, about th e sam e direction as on T u e sday. The ju d g e s ’ boat arrived at the start a t 10:15, but did not im m e d iately raise th e com p a ss signal. About th e sam e tim e th e revenue cutters ar­ rived, but they found few boats to require th e ir services. S ig n a lin g th e Course. At 10:20 the judges' boat signaled th a t the course would He south -sou th w e s t, bringing th e boats along the Jersey coast down to Long Branch, th e sam e kind of a reach as they had on T u e sday, but w ith about th r e e tim e s as m u ch breeze. A t the tim e of settin g th e sig n a l the Sham­ rock was to the w e st of th e ligh tsh ip and the C o lum b ia to th e east, both sa ilin g under m a in s a ils and one jib. The torpedo boats had cleared th e space about th e line, so that both yachts had am p le room to m ake a sort of a tack back around the stakeboat and the light­ ship. T h e Brin, w ith Sir T h o m a s LIpton on board, and w ith Rear A d m iral S c h ley as a guest, cam e down to th e start a t 10:30 and took her position outside the line. A t 10:31 tho w ind w a s n o t quite so brisk, but there w a s still plenty of It to drive th e yachts up to the turning boat in an hour. Club T o p sails Go Up. A t 10:37 the Sham rock raised h e r club top­ sail, h a v in g to send a m an aloft to help it In position because of the brisk breeze. At 10:40 she had it in p lace and then tho white cup defender followed su it and sen t hers up. Both had th e ir spinnakers ready to drop, but kept th e ir boom s In stay. By th is tim e several of th e large excursion steam e r s had arrived at the start and the scene was liv e ly and bril­ lia n t in th e clear su n ligh t w ith a w h ite capped sea. T h e re w e re by no m eans so m a n y boats out. Sham rock H a s T rouble W ith H e r Top­ sail. 10:45 arrived w ithout th e preparatory sig­ nal being raised. The boats Jockeyed about th e start for aw h ile, but the ju d g e s did not giv e th e preparatory sign a l, evid e n tly wait­ ing for Coenmodore M organ’s Corsair to come along. A little later th e Sham r o ck seem e d to have som e trouble w ith her club-topsail for sh e hauled it down. In about four or five m inutes sh e raised It again. S h e had not in th e m e a n tim e raised the “disabled\ signal. A t 11 o ’clock she had succeeded in gettin g it back in place and fitted it w e ll. P r e p a r a to r y Gun a t 1 1 :05. A t 11:05 the Corsair, h a v in g arrived with a large num b er of other yachts, th e prepara­ tory gun was fired. Both boats w e r e then to leeward o f the startin g point and about on even term s. If they held th e ir course, how­ ever, they were liab le to get to the line be­ fore th e startin g gun. T h e Colum b ia, there­ fore, w e n t to windward o f the ju d g e s ’ boat and tacked starboard. The Sham rock was already on that tack and th e C o lum b ia crossed her bow. B o th boats at 11:13 had club top sails, m ain­ sail and jib set and when a t 11:15 the warning gun w a s fired th e Sham rock w e n t to port abou t th e stak e boat and th e Colum b ia to starboard, both rounding quickly, and at 11:16 w e r e bead in g for th e line. The official startin g tim e was a s follows: C o lum b ia ................ ........................................... 11:21:02 Sham r o ck ......................................................... 11:21:19 C o lum b ia bad h e r balloon jib up in stops and her sta y s a il set. .At 11:22 the handicap gun was fired aud the b lu e p e ter hauled down. Colum b ia broke out her spinnaker in crossing. EARLY SCENES DOWN THE BAY. Upper Bay, th e sky was absolutely clear, a lig h t autum n a l haze hung over the L o n g Isl­ and and Staten Island shores, and th e air w a s crisp and Invigorating. Briefly, it w o u ld have been Im p o ssible to ifnagine a m o r n ing m ore full of prom ise of a fine race betw e e n the Colum bia and th e Sham rock. A t the anchorage and places of em b a r k a ­ tion, however, it w a s seen th a t th e d isap ­ pointm e n ts of T u e sday and Thursday had a f ­ fected the spirits of th e yachtsm en and yachtsw o m e n , for the num b e r of people hu r ­ rying to jam the excursion fleet did n o t ap­ pear to be nearly so large as on tho previous days set for racing. Off th e Battery only five tugs w e r e w a itin g for their passengers. T h e se boats included th e tu g V o lunteer, fly­ ing the Sham rock’s flag, w h ich was ta k in g on board the guests of Sir T h o m a s LIpton, pre­ vious to transferring them to his steam yach t E rin. In the H o r seshoe. W inter overcoats and wraps were In order on ail sides am o n g those on yachting bent, for w h ile ashore the atm o sphere was grandly exhilarating, it was readily judged th a t it w o u ld be quite chilly off the Hook. Schley a G u est of Lipton. The Volunteer left the Barge Office a t 7:40 o’clock w ith a large party of Sir T h o m a s’ gu e s ts, including R ear .Admiral Schley, who w a s greeted by Captain Robley D. E v a n s and David Barrie, the rep r e s e n tative o f Sir Thom as Lipton; th e Earl of Mlnto, Governor General of Canada; the Hon. Cecil B a ring, R. H. L ittle, Q, C.: Barclay W arburton, W. H. M endal, Mrs. M endal, C. G. Cary, T. M. McCarthy, Prince Leopold De Croy, P r ince R eginald De Croy. P r ince R a n tjltslnhjl, Rear Admiral Lord Charles Beresford and Lady Beresford. Prank Tilford. Captain and Mrs. Chadwick, the Hon. -Arnold Morley. the Hon. Charle.i R u s sell, .Mr. and Mrs. P o tter Palm e r. W illiam Gibson and his party, M ichael Cud­ ahy ami Bourke Cockran. About two hundred persons, m o stly young m en and young wom en w ith cam eras, board­ ed the revenue cutter -Manhattan at 7:45 o'clock at Governor’s Island ferrj' slip and w e n t down the bay toward the race course, w h ere they were distributed am ong th e fleet of revenue cutters policing the course. All th e s e persons were provided with p a s s e s Is­ sued by the Treasury D epartm ent. Captain Evans, who h a s charge of the course le f t the G overnor’s Island ferry on the revenue cutter H udson shortly before 8 o’clock. The first w e a ther bulletin of th e day cam e from G a lilee, N. J., from which point th e -Associated P r e ss correspondent, a t 7:02 A. M., reported that the north wind there w a s w h is tling from the coast at the rate of tw e n ty m iles an hour. H e added the disqu i­ etin g rem ark, how e v e r , that the breeze showed sign s of m o d erating by noon. .A very high sea w a s running at that tim e and the observation lim it w a s tw e lve m iles. A F ine D a y Off th e H ighlands. At the H ighlands a t about 8 A. M ., the conditions for th e race were alm o st exactly sim ilar to those p r e v a ilin g at the sam e tim e on Tuesday. The wdnd w a s from the north- northeast, blow ing alm o s t directly down the Jersey shore and was com ing over from the L o n g Island shore at a velocity of alm o s t fif­ teen m iles an hour. The sea seem s covered w ith w h itecaps and the waves, the relics of yesterday's storm , had th e ir tops and crests taken off by th e breeze as they broke on the Jersey shore off th e H ighlands. A number of coasters cam e out around the H o o k during the early m o r n ing and ran away before th e w ind down the coast, m a k ing ex­ cellen t-tim e . One or tw o of them had reefs in, but tho m a jority carried their top s a ils, as It was a run before the wind. T h e w e a ther a t the H igh lands at 8 o ’clock, how e v e r, war- much- clearer than on tho two previous race days and observation w a s qu ite exten s ive. To th e south and east th e range of vision from th e H ighland ligh t extended to a distance of over fifteen m iles and th e Long Beach H o tel, on th e L o n g Island sh o r e , about j sixteen m iles aw a y , could also be seen . A I h a z e hung over N ew York Harbor and very I little in that direction could be seen beyond I th e point of the H ook, a distan c e o f about five m iles. A num b er of the w e a ther sharps at the H igh lands th is m o r n in g predicted th a t the yachts to-day w o u ld have an experience sim ­ ilar to that of T u e sday and th a t th e wind would very lik e ly drop considerably before th e afternoon. If it did not die away entirely. The Sham rock was Inside the H o r seshoe, as usual, and had her tw o beadsails in stops by 7 o’clock, and by 8:30 her tender, th e lug Jam e s A. Law rence, w a s m a k ing preparations to tow h e r outsid e . A t th a t hour nothing could be seen of the C o lum b ia in the neigh­ borhood of Sandy Hook and It w’as judged th a t she w a s being tow e d down from Bay Ridge. Sir Thom a s L ipton’s steam yacht E r in lay about a quarter of a m ile to the w e st of the Sham rock, while nearer the point of th e wharf on the Hook were anchored the tw o ligh ters, on board of which were the spare spars of the two yachts. Sham rock L e a v e s H e r M o o rings. The breeze w a s so fine and true off the H o o k th is m orning th a t the Sham rock dis­ pensed w ith the aid of the tug and started out for th e ligh tsh ip under sail. T h e crew began gettin g up the m a insail about 8:35 and by 8:50 the big sail was up to the satisfaction of those on board. At exactly 9 o ’clock th e jib was broken out and the challenger headed up for the channel on tho starboard tack. Just as she g o t under way the Colum b ia cam e down the channel and rounded th e southw'est spit in tow of her tug. The Sham rock ran up toward th e n o r th w e s t until she could fetch the point o f th e Hook and then stood ou t on th e port tack and as on the tw o previous days was the first of the tw o racers to com e ou t to the sea for tho start. Colum b ia B e ^ n s to H o ist Sail. The Colum b ia stopped before reaching the Hook, about a m ile to the w est of th e point, and began h o istin g her m a insail. She w'as accom p anied by one or tw o excursion boats on the way down the bay and th e s e passed her as she stopped to m ake sail. The Sham ­ rock ran out past the Hook at a liv e ly gait. T h e wind then still held from th e north northeast, blow ing about fifteen k n o ts an hour. The w’eather off shore from the Hlghland.s was very clear and sh ip s over tw e n ty m iles aw a y could be p lain ly seen. BIGGGEST CROWD OF THE WEEK. A d m iral Schley a G u e st of S ir Thom as L lptou A b o a rd th e E rin . At su n r is e th is m o r n ing a stron g northerly breezo w a s stirrin g up th e w h itecaps on the To Unfanten tlic Snap Hoolc niiil Eye, you give the hook side of waist an outward pull.— Adv. hansom s and autom o b iles filled with p a s s e n ­ gers arriving at the pier, with wagonc loaded with refreshm e n ts and flcwer.s. and men u n ­ loading the boxes on the launches which had put off from the pleasure boat.s out in th e river. The sam e boats which left this point Tuesday and Thur.sday were there this m o r n ­ ing, and thoise that started for the race were the follow ing: Nada, Clarence Busch; V ergana, F . H. B e n ­ edict; A ileen. Richard Stevens; .Anita. A lfred Carr; H iaw a tha. Charles Fleiachm a n n ; G ir- alda, Edw a r d F. R e n w ick; F e licia, E. W . Blls.?: Narada. H enry W.altors; Annabel, J. Campbell Sm ith; E m e line, Stephen Roach; Susquehanna. Jo&eph SUckney; Courier, John .A. Spoor; .-Aphrodite, O. H. Payne; A ttila, F. G. Osgood; Columbia, J. H. Ladew; Zara. H. H . R o g e rs; Oneida, E. C. Benedict; D u - QUesne, Theodore H o s tetler; .Anita, .f. H. F lagler: Courier. B. J. K e ith ; Chetolah, H. A. W ise; N y d ia. Dr. Isaac K. E m e rson: C ler­ m ont. Alfred Van Santvoord, and T o inette, R. A, C. Sm ith. Am ong th o se who left on the Republic w e re: Jam e s .A. W right, jr., second vice president of th e Am erican Line, and form er Inspector ot P o lice .Ale.xander W illiam s; A lbert G a llatin, F. B. Jones, F. N. M otley, C. N. W a y land. L. J. Callanan. W. T. Crow, N . F. D o u g las, M iss E d ith Prim e . H. D. Babcock, Thom a s S. Loose, O. P. Jackson, F. M. D a v ies, Thjomas R a w - lln s o n , Bertram Borden, R . S. Church. I. De C. Ireland. H. G, Sanford, George Sterns, J. E. Schoffield, E. C. S. Chapin. E. Du V ivier, Charles K a ltaledge. John C. Orr, A. M. Boper, A. R . W h itney, jr,; F. E. M artin, George E. Chisholm , J. E. Drod.sky, W . H. Ham p ton and about GOO others. TOO ROUGH FOR HIS GUESTS. F r a n k M orrill^s F riends L e ft the V a ­ moose a t F o r t H a m ilton W h ile on T h e ir W a y to th e Kace. DREDGE AND SCOWS ASHORE. CALL FOe RESERVES AND PARLIAMENT, Royal Proclamation Summons the Latter to Meet on October 17. THE DECREE SIGNED TO-DAY. Mobilization of 25,000 Men to Be Begun on Monday. REFUGEES BRUTALLY TREATED. Im m e n s ity of B ritish M i li ta r y P repa- rations—N e a r ly One H u n d r e d Ships R e q u ired to T r a n s p o r t Troops. N o t all of those who started out from N e w Y o r k this m o rning saw the yacht race. T h ere w a s rough w a ter down th e bay. There w a s turm o il on th e pleasure crafts. The Vam oose, a doughty little yacht, w ith a lon g reach and a short beam got enough of this rough w a ter before she reached the Hook. H er cargo w a s considerablj* lightened at F o r t H a m ilton. H e r e six guests of Frank T. Morrill, ow n e r of the trim little boat, \vere landed shortly b e f o r e ’l l o ’clock, all ashakc w ith fear, and th e fem inine elem e n t all a flutter wMlh sym p ­ tom s of w h a t the French politely term m a l- de-iner. It was a m a gnificent sigh t from the F o r t H a m ilton bluff. Across from Fort W a d e- worth the breeze was com ing at a clipp ing rate, churning tho w a ter info froth and flecking the surface with white caps, w h ich th e passengers on the big steam e rs hailed w ith d e ligh t as sure m a r b ingers of a good d a y ’s <-port. A long tho bluff were gathered the people of Bay R idge, officer.s from the fort and th e ir w ives and a collection of cyclists from the shore drive. Flaunting th e ir flags and e c h o ­ ing with th e ir band m u sic, the excursion boats passed out. big triple deckers w a lking aw a y from the sm a ller boam in a stately w a y . Stray yachts shot past, eager to reach the lightship in lim e for th e start. It was an iinpre-ssive procession and Fort H a m ilton sightseers enjoyed it alm c e t as much as th o s e on board. From the ruck of a picturesque collection of yachts suddenly steered a sm a ll, rakish lo-jk- Ing boat. G lasses on shore made her ou t as the Vam oose. Now th is yacht la about the speediest representative of the Neau/aUTork Y a cht Club. She sits low down and her deck h a s an apparent curl. Under full headw a y she can make th irty knots. In a good sea she rolls like a drunken sailor. But she cu ts th e water like a knife blade and It was proved on the hom ew a r d stretch Thursday la s t when the yachts had an improm ptu spurt th a t she could show her heels to the b e s t of them . She is modeled after a torpedo boat, but is not so h e a v y and at tim e s careens om inously. With Mr. Morrill this m o r n ing were a dozen guests. They had put ou t from the p ier ex­ pectant and enth u siastic. They knew th a t a real race was com ing and not the fiasco of Tuesday and Thursday. The Vam oose slipped past Governor’s Island speedily. She h a s a siren that squaw ls like a woman in distress and down the channel she m ade enough noise to attract th e attention of excursionists. They leaned over the rails to look at th e odd little boat w ith the brass funnel and the p e n e trat­ in g yelp. Those on the F o r t H a m ilton bluff heard th is yelp as th e boat shot out from the procession. They knew som e thing was wrong. T ills w a s corroborated when the V a m oose wa.s seen to zig-zag toward th e shore. G lceses show ed th a t the passengers were clingin g on to the rails in alarm . There was evident excitem e n t on board. Other yachts slackened up and put a w e a ther eye on the Vam o ose to see th a t nothing serious happened. She was eoon up to the pier at Fort H a m ilton. In the m e a n ­ tim e , however, a launch had put out from Fort Lafayette. Her assi.siance was not needed and she put back. Six couples w e r e landed at Fort H a m ilton. T h e wom en were sem i-hysterical and th e men were pale with fright. “ I thougni .sure we were goin g over.” said a woman in a yachting cap and fur cape. ‘Tf this keeps up it w ill bo worth th e life o f those who stayofl.” said her com panio;:. The oth e r tw o women looked too much Im­ pressed by the choppy sea to talk. “ .Autcvnoblles are good enough for m e ,” said one of the men with a pair of blnocular.s focused up the outgoing boats. “ I know the sailors on board were scared. I hr?ard them say It was dangeroufl,” saJd the wom an in the fur cape. “ In the m e a n tim e the V am o o se wa.s about to put ou t again. The .sea at the tim e was so rough that It required dextrous han d lin g to keep her from being injured against the end of tho high pier. She was soon off to the race course at a clipping pace, and the half dozen passengers w h ich Mr. Morrill will m iss wandered up to a F o r t H a m ilton car and started again for .New York. L ife Savers Believe th e Crew E scaped on a Tug. H ighland L ight, .Mass., October 7—C a p tain Cole of Cahoon’a H ollow L ife Saving S ta­ tion reports th a t the steam dredge E m p ire State, w ith five scows, wont ashore at 11:30 o ’clock la s t n igh t tw o m iles south of that station. There was no one on board when th e life savers reached tho vessel and It la th o u g h t th e crew escaped on a tug. A heavy north gale with a rough sea pre­ vailed early th is m orning, yet it is believed the dredge and scow s can be saved. P rospects of a R e a l Race D raw Out M a n y Y a c h tin g E n ­ th u s iasts. SLOANE FIR S T , R E I F F SECOND. London. October 7—At to-day’s racing of the Kempton Park Ov'tober m e e ting, the Stan ­ ley Plate was won by .Mr. S. B. Joel’B Saint V a lentine II. ridden by Tod Sloane. Full Ripe, on which J. Ueiff had the m o u n t, was second, and Thurliiig finished third. S e v e n ­ teen horses rn;j on the Jubilee course, one m ile. The b e llin g was 5 to 1 against Saint V u lenllnc II. The prospect o f a real race to-day drew ou t the biggest crow'd of the week a t th e ren­ dezvous of the N e w York Yacht Club, at the foot o-f E a st T w e n ty -six th street, th is morn­ ing. The half holiday led many to tak e the trip down the bay to e e e the race, and there were tw ice as m a n y women in th e parties which went aboard th e steam yach ts off the float. There was th e usual bustle of carriages. Plntt'n Chloride* liifitantly DlMinfect* the house drains, water closets, sinks, cellars, &c. —Adv. JU S T IN MC C A R T H Y 'S SIGHT. London, O^'tober 7—Justin .McCarthy, tho hi.storlan and novelist, ha.s Just undergone the last of a scrips of operations for th e re­ lief of his ryes, and it Is now expected that his ^ight will be com p letely restored. SPA N ISH M ARQUIS DEAD. Madrid. Ortobor 7—M arquis Almcdda. Cap­ tain G etural oi Aragon, Is dead. Charter of the City N o w ready. Hovl^od to dat*. S a g lc L i b r a r y No. U. Price 10 cents. London, October 7—A royal proclam a tioa sum m o n ing Parliam e n t to m e e t October 17 and authorizing th e callin g ou t of th e reserve* was signed this m orning. Her m a jesty, in privy cou n c il a t Balm o ral, th is m orning, assented to th e ca llin g of Par­ liam ent, th e m o b ilization o f th e reserves and tho continuance in the arm y of all soldier* now serving, and who, in ordinary tim e s, would bo discharged or tran s ferred to th e re­ serves. The G a z e tte announces th a t sum m o n ses will be issued to-day for the num b e r of Reserve* necessary to bring every battalion ordered 4o South A frica to U s full stren g th of one thou­ sand m en, and the men m u st present them ­ selves before October 17. This forward m o v e m e n t here fs fully coun­ terbalanced by stories o f m ilitary prepara­ tions in th e Transvaal and the Orange Free State. 25,000 M en to Be Sum m o n ed . The W ar Office announces th a t under the proclam a tion ca llin g out the reserves, 25,000 men w ill be sum m o n ed. The field force for serv lse in Sotuh Africa, the W ar office announces, w ill com m ence m o b ilizing next Monday. It is rum ored th a t the A d m iralty ’wlir'J)63- ’ sibly organize a flying squadron for th e Cape. R e p o rt of Boer O u trages Causes E x a s ­ peration. A new elem e n t of danger h a s arisen in the exasperation caused throu g h o u t tbe B r itish colonies in South A frica by th e stories of bru­ tal treatm e n t of refugees by Boers. W h e th­ er these reports are correct or not, th e ac­ counts of outrages upon wom en and children are having th e ir effect and are being accepted in many quarters hitherto incredulous, as con­ firming th e anticipations of th e savagery th a t will m ark the progress o f th e war. Boers R e s tless U n d e r R e s tr a in t. The dispatches from the front are m o s tly concerned with the m o v e m e n ts of troops. There are several reports th a t the Boers or* Increa.singly reetless under restraint and be­ cause of the im p erfect provision m a d e for their w elfare. It Is said th a t they have threatened cither to m a k e a raid or t o return to their hom es. President K ruger, how'eveh, appears to h&v# reiterated his orders com m a n d ing tlie e u p - cl.se of restraint. B ritish and Boers Close Together. The B r itish and Boers are so close togeth e r along tho w e stern frontier of tbe T r a n svaal that th e ir patrols meet nigh tly. From Cape Town cocncs the curious state­ ment that many officials ot th o Transvaal aa4 the Orange Free Stste have sen t their fam ilies into B ritish territory for protection. Mr. F . W. R e itz, the T ransvaal Secrefary of S t a le, has sen t his fam ily to N a tal and the fam ily of President Stoyn of th e Ora.nge F r e e State has gone to Cape Colony. Other Cape Town dispatch e s describe th e Indignation caused by in s u lt s heaped upon the refugees traversing th e T r a n svaal and th e Orange Free State, and th e siilTerings caused to passengers traveling in exposed truck* ky (he Jeers and infjuits of gangs o f armed burg­ hers, who have prevented fam ishing traveler* from obtaining food, \black snak ing” th e men and strik in g th e women. Tho appearance of many of tbe sufferers is said to be deplorable. The exodus ot Cape D u lonm e n toward th e Transvaal continues. .-Ml seem to be sm u g ­ glin g arm s across the frontier. O^Beirne C annot A c t as L^lplomatic A g e n t. London, O ctober 7—.Advice.s from Pretoria say th a t the Transvaal governm e n t has r e ­ ceived a dispatch from rbo U n ited States Sec­ retary of State, Colonel John H ay, to the ef­ fect that as General Jam e s R. O'Belrno, re­ cently designated by P r e sident Kruger to rep­ resent the Transvaal in th e United States, 1* an Am erican, he cannot hold a diplom a tic ap­ pointm ent from the Sou th .African republic iu the United States. Slate Secretary R eitz, therefore, has asked Dr. Bosnian to rem ain, and fu ll powers w ill be given to him to act on behalf of th e Trana- vaul in the interests of peace. Im m e n s ity of B ritish M ilitary Px'epara- tions. London, October 7—T h e scope of G reat B r itain’s m ilitary preparations can scarcely I be grasped by the m e r e reading of ind ividu a l 1 Items as these appear from day to day. A fair notion of their Im m e n sity can be gained from the sem i-official sta tem e n t that for th e transport of tho Army Corps—about sev e n t y ships of from 2,000 to 4,000 to n s burden aro i

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