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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 1849-1938, October 14, 1889, Image 3

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T H E B J R O O K L iY N D A J l i Y E A G L E - M O l i ^ b k Y ^ Q C T Q B E I l 1 8 8 9 . - S I X F A 6 E 8 . 3 2 4 , 2 0 A N D 3 0 W JSSX 1 4 X H fiX , MBW H H H R H H HU I n i HU H H HH B H HU B H HU B H HU B H H H ttH n K H HHUIIU H H U H H H . HH H H HH H H HH B U HU B H HU B U HH B U n i l I r KJCKfCREKK KKKEKEEK •'IfHwora done, Uworo w e ll’tworo done quickly.** OUR NEW BUILDINGS bo ^ t fcoitJK orcctod on T h irteonth stvoot woro promiflod October fifteenth ......... UnaToidablo dol&ys will defer oponiDA: until next m o n th ......... Every luch of spaco in present stores is filled with stoolc doily increased by lar^'o roceipts of Foreign and Domestic GoodSt for which or­ ders were placed m o n ths ago. T H E R E F O R E TH E S E PRICES , CANNOT FAIL •To G IV E US NEEDED SPACE. If you are in need of anything in / ^ UPnOLSTlbRY this week-------------------------------------for wo BhoU^aoU f),V8.........Ilravy Saxony ( hm iil'o-lig.;rod tops.. 10.00 0 . 0 / .........Plt.in tr>n—m iigm luent d ados.................. 1?L00 7,0« ........ Still richer-m .»i:0 eilocts . ................. 1050 j>.}!8 ......... All over ngu. ed—l>«»i «lo od all a round.. 15 00 ll.O H .........Rich Dum-.tili and Plush effects .............. 10.00 14.08 ...................... Vel urand Shadow cUcL-tj . 2 1 .00 .........Extr.v wide -nanel da los ............................ 2r).0() 14.08 ...................... Two ton ;d ( -li: mile, valance top ...... 10.00ith 24.08 ...................... Fine* t Silk C h e n ille-! ai o deHi;:nd...80.0090 BO.OH ......... M agnidcent Jtovorsiblo Portiera ............ 50.00 W orth SCOTCH and NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS, 3 H t o 4 yards long, enlirtdy now designs, reproducing with wonderful aocura-’y and oiToct tlio linost IiruBsels, Tambour, Cluny a n d Egyptian handwork. Afore thau a thouBand stylos. 91.49 wore 2.20 wore 2.08 wero 3.98 wore $2.75 $4.OK H;SS a im wore $7.50 were 8.2;) 5.00 0 4 9 wore 9.00 PiAiM l5<tK were 9.5U All of those have rapidly eold at form nr pricoa—roduo- tiona are niaJo solely U> moro quickly gain the space re­ quired lor new arrivals. EXQUISITE BRUSSELS L.\C E CURTAINS, delicate, tiower, vino, and rich araboniiuo and inoclallion -*^8igii8—the nio.Ht boantifnl effects ever u rought by hand. >1.98 wore $30.00 $.39.98 wero $.57.00 011.00 44.75 were {}«>.(»() 45.00 45)98 were 75.00 «2_ 23.98 wore 20.98 were LACE BED SETS, Nottinghanij guipure ami aiiUtiuo, 2.98 were ''4!r)0 ’4'98 wero 8.00 All full Hixi). F f iN A N C S v ^ li . rp H E BKOOKLYN TllU.ST COMPANY, ! KO. 177 MONTAHUE STREET. O A P p 'A I. (FUI.I. PA ID )...........................91.000,000.00 -W )RPIiUS EXCEEDING ......................... 91,000,000.00 ENTIRE CAPITAL INVESTED IN UNITED STATES 4 PER CEN T. RONDS AT PA R .lIowH interest on dotio^its. D sposlt. nro suljjnot to jck at siKtit or returnaiilo at snucitiod dates; issiios tlric&tort of deposit. UobiraUlu dopuiiitory for fuuda vohtmi .toii of dopos ftwaitjt\g invobtmuiit. Auiiiorir.eti by Hpecial charter to act as executor, adn)ii,iB'.rator, guardian, trustee or in any otlior position of trust. 1 h a legal depository lor money paid into court, note as registrar or Irimsfer agent of sloolcs and bonds and as IruBtoo for railro.id or other oor\torutioa mortgages. Peculiar advantages aro derived from having the Trust Company aci in any uf the above capacities. Willill executexecute ordersrders foror pnrclmsonrcl and salo of U. S. bonds orot Upon deposit un e o t p her iiiveslmont setiuritios. ion deposit of cash or approved security this compa­ ny will guarantee Ivttora ot credit and pay all drafts idor the same. lUPIiEV ROPES, rm sidont. KU.MUND W. OORLTKS, Vice Prosidont. .JAMES ROSS CURRAN, Socrolary. FREDluRICK 0. COLTON, AssislnutSocrotary. TIUJBXKEB: Jonian O. I.ow, Frederick Cromwell, Alex. M. White, John P. Rolfe. A. A. Low, Edmund W. ( ‘orhos, Michael nUauncoy, Henry K. Sheldon, ■WUUam B. Koiidall, 0. I). Wood, Edwin F. Knowlion, Williutn H. Male, JohnT . Martin, Abraham B. Bayhs, Ripley Uopea. Henry W. Maxwoil, John J . Piorrepoux. ryiH B LONG ISLANB LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY. 203 MONTAGUE STREET. CAPITAL, $500,000, INVESTED IN UNITED STATES BONDa A LARGE SURPLUS, lU e a n thorlted t o a c ta s Trastoe, Executor, Gnardian orCommlttoo; it Is a legal depository for trust fuudsaud for funds deposited by order of any court. I t receives money on deposit, subject to chock a idlght. •nd allows intorost on the sama It issues cortiilcaloa of dopuait payable on d e m a n d s at& fixed date, and drawing interest until paid. Oheoks drawn opon it pass through tba Now York Clearing Uouso, a feature which affords tho greatest facilities to its oustomurs in transacting their banking bnsiueas. TRUSTEES: Charles Pratt, William M. In W atson B. Di'dcorman# Edwin Beers, William H. Hustoil, son 9. i>i Theodore F. Jackaon, Bamuol M. Meeker, Bernardd Potors,^ nh I'. Knann. Edward M erritt, Ingraham, Dickorman* vfcukori napp, Henry Uoilin, David Barnett, David G. Loggot, Joseph V'. Knapp, nry Uoilin, Theodore F. Ja ar Potori EJwaiil D°\Vhiti), Frank Lvman, George F. Grogory. EDWARD MERRITT, ProsidenU ♦ _ ^ R K D E R 1 0 K T. ALDRIDGE. Sooretary. _________ j^ l N G S COUNTY TltUlST COMPANY, 373 FULTO a V ST. OPPOSITE CITY HALL. CAPITAL.........$500,000 SURPLUS..........$250,000 PRESIDENT. JO S E P H O. HENDRIX. FIRST VICE PRESIDENT, J . S. T. STRANAHAN. SECOND VICE PRESIDENT, S. V. WHITE. SECRETARY, JOS. B. WHITE. TRUSTEES: J. S. 'r. Strnnah K. -W. BIi.s.s 3Io.srs M.n.y, S. V. While, ilotjcph O. Hondrir, J. (t. JonkiiiH, 3Io.ses -Ma J- JenkiiiH, Abrnham Aiirahani, 11. B. Scharnin: Nelson J . Gafes, William Burn, W'illiam Eiogler, Felix Campboll, D. W. MoWilliamB. Charles Cooper, Timothy L. Woodruff, William jlarknoss, J. IX Fairchild, George iMii A. D. Baird, D. W. Northup, M artin Joost, INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS. George elnnro. H arlan P. Halaoy, Eugono F. O’Connor, William V. R. Smith. TjlRANKLIN TRUST COMPANY, 180 REMSEN STREET. CAPITAL AND SURPLUS OVER $890,000. Authorized by law t.\) act as EXECUTOR, ADMIN­ ISTRATOR, TRUSTEE, GUARDIAN or COMMITTEE, and offere spueial advanlagos aa sucli. IB A LEGAL DEPOSITORY FOR COURT MONEYS. ALLOW'S INTEREST ON DEPOSITS. Offers its services ou favorable terms as TRUSTEE OF CORPORATION 3IOUTGAGES. REGISTER OU TRANSFER AGENT FOR CORPORATIONS OR M UNIClPALlTtEa. Loans money on approved socurUios. Checks on this company will bo paid through tho Now York Clc.^vring EDW IN PAOKAUD. Pro.Idnnt. WILLIAM 11. WALLACE. Vico Prosidont. GEOIUiK 11. 80UTHA11D. , Second Vice Prosidoot a n d Secretary. TRUSTEI^^_^^,i__^ _ D. H. Houghtaiing, A. A. Low. Edwin Packard, Jolm Winslow, S. E. Huntington, Darwin K. Jamoo, Spencer 'i'rask. Alexander !•'. Orr, Jo.soph E. Brown. ,loh i B Wti • !%vnrd. William II. W'allaco, _ HHB PROPLE^S TRUST COMPANY, ougl Albro J , Newto: Crowell II. E. I’lerroDont, William .>far8hall« Felix Camp ot), 0 M. Oilcoit, Hadden, orroDont. .>far8hall« mp oil, Guorgo M. O l George H. Southard, W. A Road. 201 MONTAGUE STREET. « 8 3 ; S 8 CAPITAL (PAID IN ) .... BURPLU a S............................. Receives money on deposit, subject to chock at sight, and allows interest on the s.**.mo. Checks drawn upon it pass through tho Now York *^l8*autSorized by Jaw to a ct a.*? E xecutor, Administrator, Guardian. Trustee, Krc.dvor, Fi.soal and Transfer Agent and as Registrar of Stocks and Bonds. Loans money on Bonds and Alortgagcs and on other approved security. OFFICERS: WILLIAM H. MUUTHA, President. FUKDEHICK A. SCHUOEDEK. First Vico Prosidont, HORAGK J. MOUSE. Second Vico President. EDW ARD JOHNSON, Socr^tiiry. TRUSTEES: William II. Murtha, FretliTick A. Bchrooder Horace J . Morse, Kugene G. Blackford, Henry J . Cullen, J r., Daniel F. Lewis, Jacob G. Dettmor, Howard M. Smith, Gi.-orgc L. Pease, Frederic A, Ward, Solomon W. Johnson, George P. Tangemau, Alonzo Slolo, Williamilliam B.. mill, il. ............................ ^ett,ett Jaco b G. Dettmor, W B H Jam e s Jourtlan, Edward B. Bartl Cornelius N. lloagland, Robert J . ICiiidiall. John E. Soarles, J r ., Pant H. Kretr.scbmar, Isidor M. Bon. John B. McGue, Bernard Gallaglier. IE21MAN AMBBIOAS KEAL BSXAXB TETLB QUABANTBB OOMPANX. HONEY TO LOAN ON BOND AND HOBTOAGE CAPITAL PAID U P IN OABH. ......... . .............« 6 0 a 0 0 0 le OOUBT BTBBBR W P E B C E N T . G U A R A N T E E D F I R S T / MORTGAGE RONDS. *Dehentnro bonds, iecurod I j , first raortKOitos on lands wOTtb‘’!i times the ninount of tno inmiKAKOs, interest Hoorn 7 0 . ______ -— -------------------------------------- T H A V O B I I E i n v e s t m e n t o f e a s t - m i A Y V iV ix g^j^viNG.S BANKS. A p e a s BAILROAD b o n d s a n d d o u b l e t h e rrT.irn nlTNT SELECTED VlKST MORTGAGES IN *k% (SA 8 CITY AND MINNEAPOLIS, ^’ ^ ■ / p ^ ’ OENT AND fj PER CENT. FIRST ^ 5 . 2 7 A N I > 2 9 W E S T 1 3 T H S T , YORK, RRRRRRR RRRRRRRR R R RR R R RR RU RR RR RR RR RR RRRRRRR RRRRRRR RR RR R R RU RR RR RR RR R R RR BR RR KB RR NNNN NNNN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN \ \ NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NNNN NNNN \Distribution should undo excess.** W E MUST HAVE SPACE! I t will well bo worth your while to come this week and B0.5 what wo shall off n- in every ono of SIXTY-FOUR DEPARTMENTS. OF LADIES* CLOAKS more than three thousand, as follows: A t $ n .98..Tailor made Beaver N e w m a rkets.w e re$l2.00 A t 10.00..Double Brea^teil Newmarkets.......wero IB.00 A t 1 2 .00. .Fancy Cloth—Empire Kleeves ....... were 17.50 A t 1 4 .00. .Fine tlraiilod Newmarkets ............. wore 22.00 Ati<; ::;:w ere f u o o 1 9 .00..English Storm Co.ats ....................... wuru A t 2 ’).00- .Oth3rs—deep fur collar .................... were 35.00 A t ,3.75. .Tailo.-hound Boxvor J a c k e ts ......... wore 9.00 A t 9.50. .Fine Braided J a c k e ts ....................... wero 9.00 A t 8.90. .Silk liound Broadcloth ..................... were 1L;)0 A t 12.50. .Diagonal Top Coats...........................wove 17.00 A t ] ().00..B io ulcJotli—plush sleeves .............. wero 22.00 A t 1 1 .00. .Braided Cloth W raps... A t 19.00..Braided Gl.»th Wr;vi)s... A t 5.9 8 . .P lush and C loth Capos. SEAL PLUSH SACQUES, 40 to 44 ineho.s long—elegantly ro.ide and lined ------- w raul seal ornainonts or fur tnm inings— $14 . wrr-3 $29.90 $29.09 wore S.17.o0 *^*>0 00 ivnrn ‘»7 /iO 3!190 wnm .12.00 25!90 25.0 0 wore 33:dj SEAL PLUSH JACKETS, Plain and quilted satin linings. $fl.00 wero $13.99 $17.00 wore $25.00 j_J. nr) worn :h).9tl 14.00 were 20.00 SEAL PLUSH WRAPS, latest sh-xpes. late st sh-xpes, all s l^ s . $10.00 weio $1.5.00 $17.00 wove ^ - l i ^ V E l I W S s G.C5?S?EN t J:° - \ ‘^ pinin an<l trimm^d^ wW. of appli-fuef*. TEA GOWNS. W R A P P E R S _AND JERSEY S . All wool Jct.-^ey W aists, nO c e n ts; w ere $1.0 0 'I’ailor m a d e J e rseys, i»S cen ts; wore ]..5J) Fancy Colored J e r i . y.^ $ 1 .9 8 ; were 3.50 All wool I’binnoi W nvpper.i, 3 .i‘8 ; wore f'-'Jl) Fancy i'laiiiio! ’!’e;t Gowus, 5 .9 8 ; woto 8-nQ CaehinciD—-s-.inih f ro n ts, 0.f=8; nporiOil I 'lan m l 'I'ea Gowns, 1 1 .9 8 ; urah Sil.'c T op . G owiih , 1 9 .9S ; Plubh and Si 8-,0 wero 9.n0 were 19.00 wore ,10.90 wero ‘iO -00 T h e re will be nttraotivo olferingn in M I L L lN E R Y -T U l.M M E D AND UNTRIM .M E D . Among thorn. Trim m e d Toques am i B o n n o ts, $ 4 .9 8 ; w o rth $ 8 .0 0 Trimme«l To'iuos a n d Boim o’.s, 0.9K ; w o rth 10.00 U n trim m e d F e lt s —l>tst s h apes, i)Hc.; w o rth 1.59 U n lrim m e d i''»;lts-aT col'.T.s, 4 9 c .; w o r t h .8\i O h ildron’sS .ift Felts. <»9c.; w o rth .98 Fain y W ings a n d FonthoiB, 1.5c.; w o rth .2;» O strich Tip.s—th r e e in ft Imncli V 8 c .; w o rth 5i.25 FBN A ISCH A-li. r i l H B N A S S A U T R U S T C O M P A N Y , JL 101 BROADWAY. BROOKLYN. N. Y. C A P IT A L ... ,..$500,000 rates on Tntoro::t allowed on dai’y balances, and special deposits for a spucitied time. Author;».ed l>y la r to act ris executor, administrator. Guardian,'I’rnstDi-, Kccciver, Fi«c:al and Transfer Agent and as Registrar oi Storks ami Bonds; is a legal depos­ itory for Trust Fumls and lor moneys paid into court. Loann made on asiignmvuit oi Bomla and Mongagcfl, or other appioveil roilaJcrals. AV.Il trike tho custo-.ty of Real and Personal .Soruritie.s, Acrount.4 of Robgiuns and Benevolent Jnslitutiuns, Soc.e'ius and Individuals solicited. Checks on this conipaiiy are paid through the New York Oltiaring H o ;: ho . 'J'olophauo. 9 99 Witliaiiisburgh. A. D. W HEELOCK. Prosidont. J g \^IN*TRU s \ I o V^^ Prosidonta. O. F. R icu .^ udbon , Secrotarv. TRUSTEES : W illiam D iok , A. 1). BAIItD, D arwin R. J ames , H. II. HodKKs, E, B. T uttlk , J ohn T ulblow , tHBLOW, T iio . mas F. H owland , D itmab J kwei . l , Tnv.o. A. H avf . meyer , F. W. WUURTF.R, BKUHARI) PETKR8, W.M. E. HOUWILL, (j. D. W ood , 5V. II. M ale , L ow e ll m . P almer , J oseph F. K n a it . J oel F. F reeman , W'lLLIAM F. ( t ARUISON, A. D. WliKELOCK, G koroe H. PuENTiaS, J . T. WiLLi:T'rb, OllAULKU H. RUOBELL. J ohn Louonu.vN, E. T. IlULBT. MPIRB LO AN'AND TRUST OOMPAOT IIUTCIUNSOY. KANSAiJ. CAPITAL STOCK (PAID U P )......................... 8500,000 BEN BLANGHABD, PBESIDENT. 0 PE Il CENT. AND 7 PE R GENT. INVESTMENTS FIRST MORTGAGE UPON REAL ESTATE W orth three times tlio fsco of the bond. Debenture tmntts isaued, 8000.000, Secured aa followa: Capital stock (paid up) ...................................... Additional stockholders' lialiility .................... Value of improved real estate, m o rtgaged... 8500.000 .590.000 030,000 $1^30,000 being $8,000 for every $ 1 ,000 bond isaued. INTERF.ST PAYABLE SEMI ANNUALI.Y AT THE NATIONAL BANK OF THE KEPUBLIO, NEW YORK CITY. THE EM P /HE LOAN AND TRUST CO. Is able to give an IMMEDIATE IN VESTMICNT a t PAR, rafe be­ yond a question, without loss of a day's interest while waiting invcstiueut. B. R. CORWIN, Eastern Manager. Offleo, Garfield Building. Brooklyn. N Y. ______ l > R ( ) O K L Y N C I T Y R A I L R O A D O O M - B > PANY. HAND 10 FULTON STREET, .SECRE­ TARY'S OFFICE, BROOKLYN. October 11, 188J)- For the purpoHO of paying a tiividond the books lor the r tho purpoHO of paying a dividend th e boo uisfor of stock of this company will bo cilosod M. on the 19th inst. and roopunod at 30 A. \y order of tho Board of Diroctovs. ^ ________ H. M. THOMPSON, Socrotary. 2d prox. at 3 M. on the H V N lilC A N O i:. O H U N IX INSURANCE COMi>Al!,X OF I5UOOia,YN. N. Y. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. INSURES AGAINST LOSS BY FIR R OFFICES; PIIEN IX BUILDING, COURT STREI5T, No. 98 BROADWAY, BROOKLYN. E. Dt CITY OF NEW YORK: WESTERN UNION BUILDXNGk Broadway, corner Dey ettoeu OFFICERS: GEOPOE P. SHELDON, President. A R T H U R B. (5UAVKS, Vico P resident. GICO'IGE IN G R A H A M , Second Vico PrealdonL PinLANi>ifin S haw , S ecretary. C h a u i . kb O. L it t l e , A s s is tant Secretary. B. tL TituuK, Socrotary Brooklyn Dopartmont. ^ T L A N T I C &1UTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, NEW YORK. Office, 51 WALL 8T. ORGANIZED 1842. INSURES ATfAINST MARINE AND INLAND TUAN.SPOUTA'iTON RISKS And will IsNue rmlicies niakin.T losv payable in England Assets for th.i security of its policies a re more ilian TEN MILLION DOLLARS. The profits of the company revert to tho assured aud are divided annually upon tho premiums terminated during tho year, certificates for which are issued bear­ ing interest iu accordance with its charter. rcordance with its ebarte D. JONES. Prosidont. W. H.’ IL MOORE,* Vice ProflidenU ................VEN, Second Vico Preside A. A. R A V E N . 1 J. n^CHAPMAN, Secretary. ;f7 S T N A IN S U R A N C E C O M P A N T f TIES............................................................... 3.G0Q.514.04 Total. ____________ AVB.THORW :Ag;nC20^^ CONTINENTAL INSURANCE CO„ \ y CORNER COURT AND MONTAGUE STRRBTa . f Vb : M O b i tE llfea ^ S ^ t O. U. D d t o h & b , S e c retary Brooklyn D e p a rtm e n t. ^ s o r v o f(ir reinsurance. ^il ' thori ciaii Net surplus. Re.servo for a ot Cash capital l*IC O I»O S A l8«* l\E i U V U t M T B f ! T ( ) F R O O M 12, Si.P City Hall, Brook’yn. October 10, 1889—Soaloa proposals will l.’C received tiy tho Commissionurs of tho Dupartiiiunt of i*avkp,at thoir office, Room 12. City Hall, until Tu-sday, October 15, 1889, n l 12 o'clock, noon, for until Tuesday, O ctober 15, 1889, a t 12 o’clock, noon, f( tho piirchoMe of so nnn-h screened coarse gravel, free from loam or fim’eand, with no s tone largor than will go through a mc>«i}i one-half inch square. Said gravel to b o deliveivd a s required a t such points on Ocean Parkw ay, beiweou G ate 4 and tlio tunn e l, n e a r Purkvillo, a s may I as required a t such points on weean I'arKway, beiweou Gate 4 and tlio tunnel, n ear Purkvillo, as may be designated by tlio Commissioners, their supniin- tomiout or o ther duly authorized renrosentativo. Sam- ple.sof gravel accompanying tho bias will bo required irom thoso otYering propo.snlK. 'I’ho oropo.sals must state tlio price per cul»ic .vard delivered. Payment to be made monthly. AH proposals must include a certified check to tin: order of the Gominissionors of the Departm ent of Parks for $209, or money to th a t amount. A bond will be required fiom tbe succo.^sful bidder for the faithful perionnance of his contract. Tho Commissioners ro- sorvo the right to reject any and all bids not deemod for thointf-rest of the city. Proposa’s to bo indorsed “ To the ('ommissioners of tho Department of Parks.’’ \ Pro­ posals for gravel,’’ o c l0 4t o Su ROBERT COURTNEJ'. .SocroUry._ i:> K ( ) P O S A L S —1) R P i OHARIT1K8 AND CORRECTIONS. KINGS COUNTY, N. Y.—.Sealed nronesala will ho received « t tho olHeo of the scorot.iryof the Board, 29 Elm place, Brook­ lyn, N. Y , until I(J o'clock A. M., Wednesday, October 23. 1889. for supplying for the use of the ilopartment for three months, from November 1, 1889, 10,000 poumis, moro or less, of Hio coffee, as por Bam])!o; also, for fur­ nishing ami sotting up complete and roatly for use in cot- tage.s on the County Farm, St. Johuland, L. I., sixteen of Mol f s “Social No. 2 “ heaters. Hcheiltiles with full particulars can bo obtained at tho above ndiiress. I-'ach proposal must bo accompanied by a certified check payable to tho order of'J'. W Hvnes, treasurer, or money to tho amount of 1 f) per cent, of tho aggregate ot the bid. Tho Commissioners reserve tho riglit to reject any and all bids. By order of the Board of Oommissioners. WHiLIAAl H. KAY, President. Atte.st; D. I J. TOAL, S e c retary, _________ ocl4 lO t T > J { 0 1 ’ 0 S A U S F O R CO A T j F O R N A V Y X YARD. NEW YORK -O ctobor 4. 1889-Soaled proposals, inuorsed “ P roposalsfor coal, to bo opened Oc­ tober 2S, 18S9,\ willbe received a t tho Bureau of Pro­ vision'* and Clothing, Navy Departm ent, W ashington, D. O., until 12 o’i lock noon, October 28, 1889, and pub­ licly optn-Ml Immediately thereafter to furnish and de­ liver a t Ihn Navy Yard, Now ^tork. for ubo in tho.gonoral storohoufio and lusnootion building, 4.50 tons of broken anthracite’ coal, to be dcHvcrod in (juantitios as required and t«< pass tho iiHtm) naval inspectmii. Blank forma of offer will be furm.shod upon appHcaiion to tho command­ ant of tho Navy Yard or to tho Bureau. Tie bids docidod by lot. 'f'hn deiiartmeut roservos th« right to reject any or all bids not dccincd oc4 4wF Paymaster General U. S. Navy. __ 1 \E P A R T A I E N T O F P A R K S , R O O M 12 , i F City Hall, Brooklyn, October 12,1889—Sealed pro­ posals will be received by tho Commissioners of tlio De­ partm e n t of Parks at their office, Room 12, City Hall, until Thursday, October 17, 1889, a t 12 o'clock noon, for thn masonry of a building to be erected for workshops at Prospect Park, near Seventh s treet and Ninth avenue, according to the plans and s|)ccificatious which can be Been at tho office of tho Commissioners. Proposals will state the price for Ibo entire work com­ plete f'ayments to be made rarmthly. AH proposals niufit include a certified check to tho ordor of the Com- m isJoners of the D epartm ent of Parks for ten (lO).per cent of tho aggregate bids. A bond will bo required from* tho successful bidder for the faithful performance of his contract. The OommisBionorB reserve the right to oJho,D » p a rtm e n to^Pgr^ks^F r^^^^^ T ^ i ' F f c i B O F C H I E F Q U A R T E R M A S T E R Division of the Atlantic, Govnruor’s iBland. N. Y. barrack buildings. All information can bo o b ta in ^ at tho office of the undersigned, a n d tho Post Quartorraafl- tor a t Fort llam iltou. Envelopes containing should bo marked “ Proposals for Construction o f Build­ ings a t Fort Hamilton, N. Y.” T h e Government reserves tho right to reject any or all bids. OUAS. U. TOMPKINS, Assistant Quarterm aster General, U. o. t : > R O l ’O ^ L ^ F O R W O R K A N D M A - X tcrials required at the Q u arantine Islanda and Boarding Station, Staton Island. See City Record. ________________ CHARLES F. ALLEN, President. _________________ P I A N O S , &C* __________________ m H E “ F I S C H E R ” P I A N O . X HE “FISOUER’* PIANO. Allstylos. Moderate prices. To rent, installments and exchanged. A few pisnos of prominent makers taken in exchange And some of our own make, slightly used, will bo offered S2 m x & I3 B Y GOODS AND OARPETa FRB BBB MM MM A K B B M M AJ M AA RB RBB M MM M A A R B B M At M AAA BUB BBB U M M A A NN N N N N N N N N NN N NN AA A A AA • A A A AA A A AAA A OOO o O n o W W W n NN N GGO 0 o W ’W W W n NN N G 0 o o ■WW W W II N N N G j C^ o WWIVW 11 N NN G GO o o o w w 11 N NN GGG All Elevated and Surface 6SS3 8 ♦ S \ bsb B i 8 8 8SSS OOD THE ADVERTI MN NM FKH M N N M fC M NN M EB M M M R M N M ERB fIBBn ^ 1 bbb « a a I g g g ® T 1 ? ? BBBB K a a ®SS** T &. & V T IlE P E COCO O O a T. GOO G L O O O L O O O O L O O ^JOOa LLLL 0 0 0 R R eS8Sa K K § ^ KK °SSS^ . K ^ BggaB AA A A AA A A A AA A A AAA A SI A Good To be value for sold a t Braided Long Wraps, sizes to 42— $2.3,.50 $12.00 Braided Long W raps, finer ................. 28.00 15.00 Fiins Long Wiapa, full Slcoves, navy 30.00 17.75 Braided Long W raps, Satin 33.50 20.00 Braided Long Wraps, R a tinlined.... .35.00 25.00 L'jng W'raps, Satin lined, fully br.aidod .................................................. 45 00 30.00 Fancy Plai.'J Nowirmrketa .................... 14.00 8.50 Plain Newniarketa. ....................... . 15.00 9.25 Bcftvcr Newmarkets, bound with braid ...................................................... 1 5 0 0 10.50 Beaver Newmarkets, Empire Sleeves 10.50 12.50 Cheviot Newmarkets, half cape, braided ................................................. 20.00 11.25 SPECIAL—Ladies’ Cardinal Sleeveless Cardigan W W W w w w w W W W w II NN N W W W W n NN N WW WW II N N N W W II N NN W W 11 N NN iY IT T KKB BRR T K R R T EB T K T BRB RRR SI Good To bo value for sold a t Melton C'.otb SK IRTS....................................$1.2r> .80 SloUon U!othSKlRT.S .................................. 1.35 .05 Mellon Cloth SKIRTS ................................... 1..50 Sl.OO Slclton Cloth SKIRTS................................... 0.00 1.00 Ladies’ F e lt S K I R l’S ........................................ S.OO 1.20 L a d ies'Felt SK IR T S ...................................... 2.25 1.50 0 ---- DRESS GOODS. Fiafl wool Tricot, 3 8 i n c h . . , , , , . . , .................... 39.% Imiicrial SerKoa and Side Band.., *10 inch... .49o, Venetian French Cloths, Side Oordors ............ 00c. Black wont Honriettas, dtj inch ............. . ......... GOc. Black French Foule, 40 inch.............................C’3o. r t T P P P P P A RRR L PP P P AA R R L P A A RRR L P AAA R R L „ , - ___ P A A R B LLLL OOO OOO R tllt O O B B O O BRB O O R B ----- B K A A $ 3 0.00 : & VST & H. Tho onl^ BrooKlyn House dovo^od exclusively to Quality Always Reliable ftnd Prices Low. SALE OF -O LACE CURTAINS AND PORTIERES AT SPECIAL PRICES W ILL BE CONTINUED. NOTE OUR PR IC E 5 : Regular $10.00 Tambutir Curtains a t $ 7 .2o pair, Kogular $12..50 Tambour Curtains a t $J).00 i>air. Regular $14..50 Tambour Curtains a t $ 1 0 .50 pair. Regular $ lO.OO 'rainbour C urtains a t $ 1 1 .75 pair, ALSO EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS IN N o ttl^ h a n i, from 80o. pair. Irish Poiut, from $5.00 pair, Brussels, from $ 1 2 .00 pair. PORTIERES. SILK SniE L A S , Former Price. 8 4 0 .00; now S.’IO.OO. *^°ALL FRE’s f i ’GOODS a I d n E COLORINGS. O— CHINA SILKS AND SASH MUSLINS. Our assortm ent acknowledged to bo tho finest in tho city. TH E LARGEST STOCK OF WALL PAPERS, A t Go., 8c., lOo. per roll and upward, A FULL LINE OF BRASS AND 5VOOI) POLES, WINDOW SHADES, UPHOLSTERY TRIMMINGS, E to . MOORISH FR E T W ORK. NEW DESIGNS. LACE CURTAIN CLEANING* NO ACIDS USED. T T m t e ^ d i r i a u 'p ^ h i t : : \ : : : : ,.50o. per p air ..75c. per pair W. A H. M F O R D ^ D A N C I I V « . A MKIilUAN HALL DANCING ACAD- .Z ^ E M Y , 2 08 Eighth av, N.Y.—$1 mouthly; private les­ sons, $ 1: waltz guaranieod, $5; classes every afternoon and ovoiiing; waltz and all modern dances taught rapidly: “Lo Rova,'\ tho dance of the coming season, taught in ono private lesson, $1, or in Wednesday even­ ing classes $1 monthly, and to o ur former pupils Satur­ day 8-5) free of charge; children’s classes $1 monthly, Brooklyn branch, l,2.')2-54 Bedford av, near Fulton st. Circulars. ______________________ ^ H. KIVERS’ ^ * P R I N O I P A L A O A D * E ^ FOR DANCING, 175 STATE ST. CORNER O F OOURT, PRIVATE AND CLASS INSTRTOTION. A CLASS for gentlemen beginners on Tuesday, 8 P.M, Mondays a t 3 3 t N h U V o 'R\om ‘a't5LrR.''^ ________ X ^ I L L I A M PICT iUVKRS, AVON HALL, y T 1.217 BEDFORD AVENUE, Between H a n c o c k a n d H alsey s treets. NOW OPEN. Circulars on apnlication. Yale Hall dis­ continued. Rebate to Eastern D istrict patrons. Avon Hall open for inspection and engagements. IV rR . S. BARON’S DANCING SCHOOL, I t X REMSEN ROOMS, 190 REMSEN ST. PRIVATE AND CLASS LESSONS DAILY. Branoh sohool, 1 02 Berkeley place. TClllANirDODWORTH’S X ’ CLASSES W ILL OPEN 8. BROOKLYN INSTITUTE, 198 WASHINGTON ST. riO L U M B IA SO H O O f FOR DANCING. X y Mr. JO S E P H T. MARTIN, Teacher* ADpUoationsfromS A.M. to 9 P.M. BEDFORD a v e n u e , OORNER FULTON STREET. SEND ifoU OIRGULAR. XXTEINLANDBR’S y y SCHOOL f o r d a n c i n g . Member of tho American Society of ProfossoM of Dancing. Glasses Monday and Thursday evenings. Academy 2 8 8 and 2 9 0 Court st. 1 T ~ t 7 u RIS & SON’S • I s DANCING SOHOOL, ^ 6 1 1 FULTON ST, OPPOSITE FLATBU8H AV. TH E FIR^T LESSON PRIVATE. Send for circulan __________________ CM j A f B V O Y A N T a * Pbrenolo«yB ithoh*rt«2. IJ'diespnly. 4 0 8 GOLD B'L betwgea l U t o a Mid WUlongbbr, D RY GOODS AND OARPJSTS* im « N N N N N N N NN N NN BBBB B B B B RBR BBBB R B n B RRR B B R R BBBB H M OOO o Q OOO gSSSg ®SSSg ®8SS® , gSSSg ®8SSg S B s s s ;r A M S A N D S T R E E T S , cars direct to our doors. SEMENT OF OOO FFF O O F O O FF O O P OOO F OOO O O O O O O' O O OOO O u IT RRR O U U R R ' U U RRR U U R R UU R H r \ R RRR A A O T ®SSa R R AAA 0 0 T II O C a a T LI OO ATED. J A OOO K K EBB ITTTT oSSSa y * * n n v tt * n> o o J A A O KK EB T ®SS3g •^jjy A ^ l % 8 ^ \ S ee I W - R I S Good value for Cheviot Newmarkets, half capo, braided. ..................... ^$25.00 Cheviot Newmarkets, ^ capo, folly trim m e d ............................................... 25.00 French J a c k e ts ..................................... 10.50 Braided Jackets, Astrakhan trim m ed............................................... 15.87 Beaver Jackets, bound with braid, 30 inch................................................. 12.00 8ilU Braided Jackets, Astrakhan trim m e d ............................................... 20.00 French Jackets, Loose front, Satin lined...................................................... 22.00 Very fine Jackets, fancy vests .......... liO.OO To bo sold at $13.50 14.75 5.75 10.30 18.50 JACKETS, good value for $1.25, at 70o. each. 8583 h 8 8 K K n RRU s s s s K K u U U s KK II RRR 6 8 K K a U R 8SS8 K K U U ^ Good To bo value for sold a t Flannel SK IRTS.............................................$2.25 $1.59 Flannel SK IRTS............................................ 2.50 1.09 Flannel SK IRTS............................................ 2.75 1.95 Flannel SK IRTS ............................................ 3.50 2.59 La-Jies’ C ioth SKIRTS ................................. 3.50 2.59 Black Quilted SKIRTS, a t $ 1 .19 and upward. FINE LINENS. Ruck and Damask Towels, knotted fringe, value 35, a t ............................................................... 25 Damask Napkins, h'« value $1.75, a t ............ $1.25 Damask Table Cloth, 2i2J^, value $2.75, a t............................................................................ 2.10 U U RRR NN N II T l’TTT O tJ RRR RKB M O S T $ 1 1 0 . 0 0 , $ 1 1 5 . 0 0 '. A $ 4 . 5 0 A N D $ 1 2 . 7 5 . $ 1 0 .0 0 R D . A ^ B N O L D , O O N S T ^ L E <te CO. LAOES AND GAZES—Point and Duebesee Collars and sets in Van Dyke effects. Bridal Vails in Duchosso Point and Appliquo, with trim m ing laces lo match Real lace Ilandkorchiofs, Ouchesso and Valonciennos, Moussoline do Soles Embroideries, Flounces and all overs in choice ovoning shades. Black Lace Drapery Nets. W hite and Colored, Plain and Fancy Crepos and Oropo do Chino for evening toilets. PARIS DRESSES AND GLOAKS-Costumoa fo evening, dinner, reception and promenade. Tea Gowns, Matinees, Suits, W raps, Sacques, Cloaks, Long Garments, Opera W raps and Jackets. Also, those of our own manufacture, from Paris stylos, in the most fasbionablo fabrics. FURS AND FU R TRIM M INGS-Soalskin Sacques Dolmans, J a c k e ts and Paletots (London dye), Blue Lynx, Alaska Sable and Krimmor. Shoulder Gape.s, Poleriues and Muffs. F u r Trimmings. BROADWAY AND NINETEENTH STREET, NEW YORK. n i S S O i i X S * • p O L A N D S D l t l N G H O T E L S . THE MANSION HOUSE IS OPEN ALL THE YEAR. Tho Magnificent Scenery end Olimate in Connection With the Far Famed POLAND W A1ER Make this tho finest resort in tho Unitod Statoa HIRAM RICK E R A SONS, South Poland. M g . New York Office and Depot. I(i4 Nassau st. SEND FOR OfRCULAR. ___________ _ IHE AUSTRAL, PINE PARK, JL BRENTWOOD. L. I., N. Y. Oontral part of tho island; forty-one miles from Brook­ lyn ;housQ of moderate size: opon fires: sun room; pro­ tected by a twolvo acre p ark of overgroons: ton varieties; natural pines for inilos in all directions; perfect sanitary ^Train8**loavo FlatbuaU av 8;30 A M., 3 :22 and 5:22 ----- •und *a 58:55 A. ■ P. M .; S y s8:5 5 A.M . H. I. PRENTICE. Manager. TXBRKSHIRK HILLS. X> t h e IRVING HOUSE. DALTON. BERKSHIRE COUNTY. Mass., la in tne center of those famous hills. ALWAYS OPEN. ____________ F. L. BOURNE, Proprietor. ^'ILBNWOOU HOUSE, XTT DELAWARE WATER GAP, PA. A brick building, delightfully located; capacity, 150; 17 acres private grounds; electric belle, spring water: perfect sanitation: excellent table, with saperiorservice; onrivaled family resort. A. J. LA BAR. ItlU S I C A L II S S T R U C T I O N . _________ JSTABiilSHED 1868. HENRY MOLLEN HAUER’S OOLLE o I e OF MUSIC, _______ 73 LIVINGSTON STREET. ____________ W. CRANDBLL (HARMONY PUPIL ¥71 W . C R A N D B L L (H A R M O J N Y P U P I L r • of Mr. Dudley Buck, to whom he refers) has re­ sumed class a ndd nrivatonvnto lessons in music. Glass tor mir- 66 iFa; Class an o lessons I ------------ also piano pupils, S aturday morning's at Studio, place. Terms $ 1 5 each per quarter. fR. W. B. HARPBR SAS RES^UM e ’ d h i s VOOAL^FN ^SbCTIO N . Apply a t or address 41 South CJxford^t, Brooklyn, N. Y. ^ W E N T Y - F I P T H Y E A R OF THE CONSERVATORY OP MUSIO. 138 STATE STREET, E L E C T I O N N O T I C E * 17LEOTION NOTICE—THE ^ ^ r a e ^ t i n j ^ ^ ^ ^ o ^OOMPA^Y *^f^* the election of a Board of D irectors for the ensuing year, and for the consideration of such other business as may come before the mooting, will be hold at the company’s office. Pier 2, East River, Now York City, on TUES­ DAY, October 1 5 .1889. Polls open a t 12 o’clock M., and to c ontinao open until 1 o’clock P. M, H. W. NIOHOL8,) M, S. BURRILL, > Inspeotoraof Elootion. K J . MILLS, i pRATtclB H, B kkqen , Becretarr. D a ted Now York, September 1 4 4 1 8 8 9 . ______________ C O P A n T N E R N H I P N O T I C E S . m H E COPARTNERSHIP FORMERLY JL oxistina under the n»me of COX, BARR A OO. the BROOKLYN EXPRESS COMPANY is this d s , dissolved by mutual consent,—Bcooklyn> Ootobec 1. 188a. ’tRBD’K LOESER & OO. RRR F.KB DDD \• K K R R E I OOO RRB -SBS. RRR RRR L o o R s ® K It a L O O RB ‘’SSSq EB RRR L O O R o r B ! < S LLLLL OOO EEB °SS8'’ ERR U U AA OOO t A. O O AA O O OOO A i O O O A A A O O O O A A O 0 O O ., AAA A a a a o o o ^ IMPORTING RETAILERS. FULTON STREET, OPPOSITE DsKALB AV. TH E SYSTEM OD SELU N G EVERY ARTICLE AT A SMALL PRO F IT. BUT OF A TH O R ­ OUGHLY RELIABLE QUALITY, IS A RULING PRIN C IPLE OF THIS FIRM. TRIMMED MILLINERY. PARIS AND LONDON HATS, BONNETS AND TURBANS. NEW PATTERNS JU S T RECEIVED ; ALSO THOSE OF OUR OWN DESIGN, EQUAL TO TH E IM PORTED, AT ABOUT HALF TH E PRICES. TH E RICHE.ST AND FINEST TRIMMED M ILLINERY YET EXHIBITED. ESPECIAL ATTENTION TO MAKING AND TRIMMING TO ORDER; CORRECT STYLES AND I'lN E S T WORKMANSHIP. MISSES’ AND CHILDREN’S HATS A SPECIALTY. TRIMMED. UNTRIMMED AND TO ORDER, DRESS GOODS. SPECIAL FOR TUESDAY. •tc INCH ALL WOOL BORDERED SUIT­ ING, 48 CTS. PER YARD. A FULL LINE OF ALL WOOL STRIPES AND PLAIDS, IN CHOICE COLORINGS, 50 CTS. PE R YARD. 40 INCH ALL WOOL CLOTH, W ITH RICH M O H A IR BORDER, 50 CTS. PER YARD. BLACK SILKS. 21 INCH b l a c k S.ATIN BROCADE, 81.00 P E R YARD. 24 INCH BLACK SATIN BROCADE, $1.50 PE R YARD. 22 INCH BLACK SATIN BROCADE, $1.75 PE R YARD. A FULL RANGE OF PATTERNS. c u r t a i n DEPARTMENT. THE SPECIAL SALE OF CURT.-UNS AND PORTIERES NOW IN PROGRESS IS ATTRACTING LARGE NUM­ BERS OF APPRECIATIV E BUYERS BE­ CAUSE TH E VALUES W E ARE OFFERING ARE UNUSUALLY GREAT. AND OUR AS- BORTJIENT INCLUDES EVERYTHING TO BE DESIRED. THOSE WHO COME EARLY IN THE MORNING W ILL BE SURE OF PRO.MPT ATTENTION. RUG DEPARTMENT. W E STILL HAVE ABOUT 150 OF TH E LAMBS’ WOOL RUGS AT $1.45 EACH, AND ABOUT 50 OF TH E SPECIAL OOLOR COM- BINATION.S IN GOAT SKIN RUGS IN IM I­ TATION OF FOX, BEAR AND W OLF SKINS, 18X30 INCHE.S, AT $2.30; 28X 0 4 INCHES, AT $7.50. PLAIN W HITE GOAT SKINS, 28X 6 4 . AT $ 2 . 0 0 . , ■ PLAIN GRAY AND PLAIN BLACK, 2 8 X 0 4 . $3.00 TO $4.00. AN ENDLESS VARIETY OF ORIENTAL RUGS AND CARPET.!, AND A COMPLETE ASSORTME.NT OF THE BEST MAKES OF AMERICAN RUGS, FROM 18X30 INCHES TO 12X15 FEET, AT TH E LOWEST PRICES COMPATIBLE W ITH GOOD QUALITY. SILVERW ARE DEPARTMENT. OUR ASSORTMENT OF SILVER PLATED W ARE IS LARGELY INCREASED BY NEW AUTUMN GOODS. ALL OP TH E HIGHEST STANDARD O F EXCELLENCE, THE NEW ­ EST DESIGNS AND MOST S'l’YLISH FIN ­ ISH. TOILET. AKTIOLES, BRU.SHES, M IR­ RORS. PU F F BOXES, MANICURE SKI’S, TABLE FURNISHINGS. ICE W ATER SETS, TEA SETS, E tc .; AT.SO, EVERYTHING IN TH E LINE OF SPOONS, FORKS, CRUMB KNIVES, LADLES, E tc ., OF TH E CELE­ BRATED 1847 ROGERS BROS. CUTLERY. IN PEARL. IVORY AND CELLULOID. IN STERLING W ARE, SPOONS, FORKS, E tc ., a n d m a n y ARTICLES SUITABLE FO R PRESENTS, AS BUTTiJR FORKS, OLIVE SPOONS. LADLES, BERRY SPOONS. BABY RATTLES, NAPKIN BRUSHES. PU F F BOXES, HAND MIRRORS, E tc ., IN NEW DESIGNS AND GUARAN­ TEED TO BE OF TH E HIGHEST STAND­ ARD AND MOST ;RELIABLE MANUFACT­ URE. FRED E R ICK LOESER 4 GO. T n . MAGUIKE’S, A' 703 FUI j TON s t r e e t , NEAR LAFAYETTE AV. AND FORT GREENE PLAGE, OPENED TH IS MORNING A LARGE INVOICE OF HOSIERY AND UNDERWEAR. P a rt of the stock of a largo wholesale houso retiring from business. Ladies’ and Gents’ S«:arIot Under Vests, Gontlomon’s Heavy Natural Wool Goods. All Wool and Merino Shirts and Drawors. All Wool and Merino Half^Hose. And various other goods 2u per cent, below regular prices. ___________ _____________________________ H O T K J / S . A MEEICAN HtlTKL, 28-30 FULTON ST.. BROOKLYN, nc»r ferry. Newly furnfehed rooms; good accommodations for per* macent or transient g uests; 5U cents per night. $1.50 per week and upwara; liberally m a t^eod: open all-night] Car gentlemen only G. M A R INuS. Propriettf* A u c ' a T o i ^ ^ v i . e s T J O H l f H . DKAPER, AUCTIONEEK. On the premises, AT THE ISLE OF WIGHT, LAWRENCE, L. I., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1889, AT 13:30 P. M. RAIN OR SHINE, 500 CHOICE BUILDING SITES AND 5 FURNISHED COTTAGES. TERMS: 10 per cent, nnd auctioneer’s feo3 on day of sale. 30 per cent, on deiivery of tho deed. 60 per cent., if desired, on bond and m ortsago three years a t 5 per cent. THIS IS THEONLY UPLAND PROPERTY FRONT­ ING ON THE OCEAN WEST OF THE GREAT SOUTH BAY NOW OFFERED FOR SALE. AND WITHIN A FEW MONTHS WILL BE CONNECTED WITH THE OUTER BEAOH BY AN OOEAN DRIVE­ WAY-NOW UNDER OONTRAOT. THE PUBLIC WILL HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO BUY LOTS IN SIZES VARYING FROM 25x66 TO LARGE PLOTS; USUAL RESTRIOTIOIfS AS TO NUISANCES. TRAINS FROM NEW YORK AND BROOKLYN AT 8:30 AND 11 A. M. AND 1 :30 P.M . FOR LAW­ RENCE, WHERE CONVEYANOE8 WILL BE IN WAITING. ------- FOR MAPS AND PARTICULARS A P P L Y TO JIR. LEAVITT. ON THE PRE.MISES, AND TO TH E FIFTH AV AUOTtON ROOMS, 2 4 0 FIFTH AV, NEW YORK. T SCHEIBER, AUCTIONEER, SELLS j LA% TO-MORROW, October 10. commoncing 10:30 A. a C a largo stock of DRY AND FANCY GOODS, 813 GATES A v ,betw e e n StuyvoBant and Lewis. Brooklyn. N. Y., consisting of Flannel, 60 pieces of Cashmere, 50 pieces of Woolen Dross Goods, 75 pieces of Muslin. Linen Table Cloth, Silks, Satins, 50 pieces Calicos, 4 0 pieces Dress Lininjzs, 25 pieces Cambric. 1,000 pieces Ladies* made up W hite Goods. Ladies* Jerseys, Quilti^ Overalls and Jum pers, 100 dozen Clark’s Cotton. 7o dozen of Spool Silks, 5 0 dozen Wool Underwear, Rib­ bons, Gentlemen’s Woolen Shirts^ l.UOO Linen Collars, full line of Fancy Goods and Hosiery, also Show c a ses and other stock too numerous to mention. Value $6,000. IN L o r s TO TH E TRADE. T COLR AUCTIONEER. M • OROCEIRY STORE CONTENTS AT.AUOTION. W ill be sold on FRIDAY. October 18. a t 10 A.M., in tho the store 9 12 GATES A v , Brooklyn, tho e n tire c o ntents of tho store, conslstlug of the usual a ssortm ent of groco* rles, by order of NOAH TEBBE'ITS, Esq,, assignoa of J. KUMBERGrBR. Terms cash; goods delivered mediately a fter the sale. UOTION—THOS, W. LINUSAY, TUES- _ DAY, October 15, ot 11 o’clock sharp, a t 574 Fifth ar, entire stock contained in store, comprising groceries, h o tter, oheesofcanned goods,etc.; alsojcounter, scales, eholruzg, ice box, storage boxi cost $150* Baio ositive. A V C S r iO N s a i . e s . J E R E . JOHNSON, JR ., 303 FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN. ' 60 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1889, IN THK BROOKi.YN REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE, PEREM P T O R y T it CTION SAIiE VALUABLE BROOKLYN PROPERTY. By order of Mrs, Jacob I. Bergen, of the valuable resi­ dence and grounds built for and occupied by Hon. Jacob I. Bergen, deceased, late Surrognto of K ings County. Thw superb properly consists of tho beautiful 3 ^ story browu atoue mansion, 30x00 feet, and known ftK 3 00 Union st.H.B., between Smith and Ho^tyte. to­ gether with the choice plot u i land, 7 3 x 9 3 fuet, on which iho building stands, l^he o rder to sell this propert7is positive and peremptory, and all who are looking tor a first class home will do well to a ttend tho sale. ALSO, AT SAME TIME AND PLACE, BY ORDER Oli* THE CITY COURT, IN PARTITION, NO. 740 LEXINGTON AV., hetwton Reid and Patchen avs, desirable 2 story b asom enland collar b n ckdwelling. ALSO. AT SAME TIME AND PLACE. POSITIVE AUG I’lON SALE, ^ ^ By o rder o f Frederick H. Lawrence, Esq., executor, to CIOSH the estato NOSTRAND and UOGE r V^AVS. UNION. PRESI­ DENT, CARROLL and CROWN STS, including o valu- ablo corners. P a rt of the lots adjoin tho N o strand avo- nue c ar stables; the o thers are oppojite tho Penitentiary also ; at same time . and plage , POSITIVE partition sale . 36 VALUABLE GORES AND LOTS. BUTLER ST, PRO S P E O l’ AND PARK P L A O E ^ BETWEEN RALPH AND BUFFALO AVS. AND BETW E E N HOWARD AND RALPH AVS. M.1PS of all above nronorty now ready a t Auction ofFce, 69 LiLor-y at. Now York, or 3 93 Fulton at. Brooklyn. ALSO, AT SAME TIME AND PLACE, POSITIVE EXECUTORS’ SALE. To close estate of J . W. VAN AJ j LEN, doooasod. GRAND AUCTION SALE. By positive order of COLONEL EDMUND W. COLE, Of Nashville, Tonn., 3(J0 SUPERB LOTS Situated on THIRD, FOURTH AND FIFTH AVS, EIG HTY -FIFTH , EIGHTY-SIXTH AND EIGHTY-SEVENTH STS.. On the premises, corner of TH IRD AV. AND EIGHTY-SIXTH ST.. ^ ---------------------------------- ' - ‘ ’ O AT 1 O’CLOCK, P. M., ON TUESDAY. OCTOBER 22, 1889. R O Y A L R H O D E ISLA N D O L A M B A K E , B R IL L IA N T M USIO, T W E N T Y -T H IR D R E G IM E N T BAND, FR E E EXCURSION TO TH E GROUNDS. Tho lots are supurbly kituated on the Tliird .Av. Rail­ road, near New U trjcnt Town Hall aud Fort Hainiltou, and in the Uno of Srooklyn’idfinest improvomenfs. Taxes are nominal. Third and Fourth avs, ami Eighty-aixlh at have been graded for years. Such ft chance for Imildors, spocnl.itors, investors and homo seekers has seldom been °*A lTiit’ics iiiBured by T itle t^im raulee and T r u s t Oom- paiiy; 70 per c e n t nmy rem a in on bond and m o rtgage lo r th r e e yours a t 5 per c e n t, in icrcst. 'I'o got to iho proneny take tho Third av. Railroad (Bioo.’clvn Uity>, n n h ’h close to the Bav Ridgo aud ’I h iny-nim h st, torrie.s from Now York, and con- ncctK with munoror.s car linos from all nart.e of Biooklyn and tlio bridge, t^et off o t Eiglify-sixtb st. and you will be ou the premlsoi. . , . For free passue ami all additional information apply to ,1I:RE. dOUNSON, .III , GO Id. eriv st. New York, and 393 Fulton st, Biookl.vn: or to WILSON II. BLACK- WELL. TIIUUSD.AY. OCTOBER 24. 1 tlie premises, AT YONKEItSj auction sale, by o rder of Fioderic Shontiard, On Immense For maps and particulars of abovn apply to^dEUE. JOIIN.SDN. J k ., ( j O L iberty s t. New York, or 3 9 3 l‘uUon sL Brook>:^in ______ ___________ ______________________ J O H N S O N , A U C T I O N E E R . ^ TH E MAGNIFICENT LOTS ON TH E NEW ADDITION TO IJ'.FFEU T S PARK —O Arc selling rapidly. Don’t delay if you wish to buy. Tho prices are $150.00 AND UPW ARD. Tho location for couvenionco and accessibility <annot bo surpasi^od in the vicinity of Brooklyn or New In consequence of u n p leasant weather the offer of cossibility c New York. I TEN PE R CENT. DISCOUNT O' ------------ --- ---------------------------------------- Will bo extended for ono -.veek longer, o r until Monday, October 21. after which time echodule prices will bo fitricUy adhered to. Lots are sold on Q --------------------------------------------------------- — O I MONTHLY PAYMENTS _______ ^ Or an additional discount of 5 por cent, is allowed for all cash. _____ TfEFFKRTS PARK raubt bo seen to ho appreciated, rillos aro guarant-^ed. For maps, tree passes and full ■ ^ .............. — ........... '*0 Liberty at. New York, and 3 9 3 Fulton st, Biooklyn. T AYLOK & FOX, AUCTIOXUBBS, Will boU a t public auction, A t the E a stern D istrict Exchange Salesrooms, 45 Broailway, On TUESDAY, October 1 5 ,1889, ♦ A t 12 o’clock noon, tho following propertios; PARTITION SALE O F TH E VALUABLE BROADWAY PROPERTY. S5 BROADWAY. Northwest corner of Broadway a n d Berry st. Is a 2 stor.T and store frame, filled in with brick, 10 rooms, tin roof, collar, two vaults un lor sidewalk; water, scivor and ga^ ; ono of tho boHt located buainoss corners on Broadway; size of property, 25x41.3x44.0x25.2 iu ^^J43 HUMBOLDT ST, I’etivcen Ainslie and Dovoo, is a ,3 story and basomont fianio house. 8 rooms, water, sewer and gas; size of hou-se 2 0 x 3 0 ; lot 20x00. Al^SO SA.ME DAY. 283 r.WEN RT, io a 2 storv frame houso, Grooms; water andaewor, lot 2 7 .1x38,lOKx75. 285 EWEN 8T, corner of Devoa, is a vacant lot, 24.10 * 120 DEVOE ST. is a 3 story and bnaomont and attio framo house, 11 rooms; water and sower; lot 2 5 ./x07. See poiters. J OHN J . KEILLY. AUCTIONEER, 63 ,70HN ST, NEW YORK. BET5VEEN NASSAU AND W ILLIAM STS. IMMEN. s e a u c t i o n SALE TO-MORROW (TUESDAY) AT 12 O’CLOCK. M AGNIl'ICENI’ MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNI­ TURE, TWO ROSEWOOD U l’lUGHT I'U N O S , BEING fl£K ENTIRE HOU.SEHOLD EFFEOr.S AND A l’POINT.MENTS OF TWO PRIVATE RESIUENGES AND FOUR VAN LOADS OF FURNITURE FROM STORAGE REMOVED TO OUR SPAGIOUS ROOMS FOR CONVENIENGE O F NAL.E. GOODS NOW ON EXHIBITION. LADIES ESPECIALLY INVITED. m A Y L O R <fe FOX, AUb’riONEERS, X WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION, A t the Kaatoru D istrict ICxchango Sftlosrooma, 45 Broadway, On TUESDAY, October 15, 1889. A t 12 o’clock, noon, the lollowing properties: 2.042, 2,044 and 2.049 Broadway^aro each 3 story and cellar frame store and dwelling, in perfect o rder; 8 rooms over each store. Alao, throe .3 story frame dwellings in roar of above property, facing Fulton s t; 11 rooms each. 2.52 South Fourth st, betweoa Havomoyor at and M areyav, isa 3 atory and bauomoat brick houBo; 12 rooms; improvemontfl; lot 19 .3x100. Three lots situated on south side of D u p o nt et, 2 2 d foot cftBi of Oakland 8t; 2 5 x 1 00 each. _ 70 PB ll CENT. CAN REMAIN ON MORTGAGE. FOR MAPS, do., APPLY at AUCTIONEERS’ OFFICE. T>EXER F. MBYMl,7<iUOTTbNEm 1. EXECUTOR’S SALE. BV o r d e r o f OHARLprS F. M OEHOH, E bq ., EXECUTOR OF FRED E R ICK W. PAOHTMANN, deceased. ADRIAN H. MULLER A SON Will soil at nuction on 0 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1889, 1 1’^ o’clock AT THE REAL EST-VTi-: EXCHANGE, .59 Liberty st. New York Citiq 3 STORY H IG H STOOP BRICK HOUSE AND LOT, 8 MACON ST. Maps. Ao.t at the auctioneer’s office, 1 Pino st. New York City. ______ ^ H. LUENGT3NB, AUCTIONEBK. Bv LUENGENE A W EEKS, TH E LAFAVETTE SQUARE AUCTION ROOMS, (544 FU I/rO N STREET, 09 and 101 Fort Greone place, junction Lafayette av. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 15, 10:30 A. M. TEN VAN LOADS OF FURNITURE, E tc ., FROM LATlMER’^i STORAGE WAREitOOMS. Parlor suits, diningroniu, chamber and library furniture, folding bods, martressoa, bedding, brie a brae, picturefi, utovo.'i, houKo furniHhings: also 60 NEW A ^ D SECOND HAND CARPETS In inoQuetto. velvet. Brue.sols and ingrain, 50 OIL CLOTHS AND LINOLEUMS. E tc . 1 SQUARE PIANO. _____ Lot ^ O W CASES, all sizeB* lIJEKEM P 'rOilY SALE AT AUCTION IN partition, by HENRY S. RASQUIN, Esq., referee. On FRIDA Y, October 1K 1889, a t noon, a t the auction room of TAYLOR A FOX, 45 Broadway, Brookljm, E. D., of premises ,north bide of Hope st, Brooklyn, E. p.. 55 feet 8 inches west of Keap (formerly Tenth) s t: lot 31 foot I H inches wide by (33 leet deep: 3 story frame house, 31 feet IH inches wide by 30 feet deep, upon the lot; tne premisoa will bo positivedy sold to the highest bidder; 5() p er cent, of the amount bid may remain on bond and mortgage at 5 por cent, interest for throe years. For further partioulara inquire of W. M. POW ­ ELL, plaintiff’s attorney. 29 >Yall st, New York City.* ______________________________________________ _ T OTS ON COZINE-STOOTHOPF FAKK., ■ J TW E N T Y -SIXTH WARD, BROOKLYN, $100 a n d upward. Monthly payments of $5, $ 1 0 and $20, Or 10 per cent, discount for cash. TITLE GUARANTEED. Q A L E o f j o VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY, 14 AND 10 MYRTLE AV. Betvreen Fulton and Adams sis, Booklyn, W ill be sold a t public auction on TUESDAY, October 22. at 12 o’clock. A t salesrooms. 3 7 9 Fulton st, Brooklyn. Terms aud particulars of WILLIAM CUIiE, Autionner, .379 Fulton at. Or OLIVER J. WELLS, Attorney, 34 Nassau st, New York City. __________ _ T s o h i b W r , a u c t i o n e k r , X J e Sells W EDNESDAY, October 10. 1880. Commencing 1 0 :30 A. M., A large stock of dry an d fan .y good«. 813 Gates av, between Stayvesant and Lewis, Brooklyn. Consisting of llannel, .50 pieces of cashmere, 5 0 pieces of woolen dross goods, 75 nieces muslin, linen iabloclotl^ silks, satins, .50 pieces enheos, 4 0 pieces dress linings, 2 o pieces cambric, 1,000 nieces ladies’ made up white goodH, ladies* jerseys, quilts, overalls and jumpers, 100 dozen Clark’s cotton, #5 dozen w-ol underwear, ribbons, gentlemen’s woolen shirts, 1,000 linen collars, full lino of fancy goods and hosiery, aho show cases and other stock too nnmeroue to mention. Value $ 0 ,000. IN LOTS TO TH E TRADJEJ _________ ■pSTER F. MEYER, AUCTIONEER. ADRIAN H. MULLER A .SON W ill sell a t Auction on TUESDAY. OCTOBER 15.1889, A t 12 o'clock, a t tho Real Estate Exchange, 5 9 L iiorty ^Tho 4 story brick doable a p artm ent, with lot, 893 D e KALB a v e n u e . Maps, Ac., of EDW A R D GROTECLOSS, E sq .. 511 D e K a lbav, or at Auctioneer’s, 1 Pine st. New York City. ^ T M . COLE, AUCTIONEER, Y V lato COLE A M U R PHY, city salesrooms 370 Fulton stan d 354 to 3 5 8 Adams st. WEDNESDAY, October 1(5, a t 10:30 o’clock, HOUSEHOLD FU R N I­ TU R E ; parlor suits in plush, rep, brooatollo, h air cloth, etc , walnut, ash aud cherry chamber suits, fulding bods, bedsteads, bedding, dining tables, chairs, lounges, hall racks, fancy tables aud chairs, stoves, pictures, Brussels, velvet and ingrain carpets, lignum, oilcloths, etc, dln- to g ^ n d k ^ h o n goods. ______ ________________________ S H E R I F F ’S SALE—TUOMAS A. KEKKI- . “ ■......................................... ~ \O Y ORDER OF SUPREME COURT M b W ill offer at public auction on TUESDAY, October I 5 . 1880, a t 1 2 :30 P. M., A t W ARD’S STORES, toot of Sackett st, Brooklyn* Five tierces or b arrels of sheen casings. 0. D. BHINEHAHT. Sheriff* H i H , B m a n d s i^ ^ ^ p a tr . A M t J S E B I B lV T S . AND THE BBOOKLYN YSUNG MEN’S OHEISTIAN A88O01ATION OPEN IN OCTOBER. October la^Tbo Ideal Oonoort Company. October20—LeIandT, Powers. November 1 9 —The Boston Ideal Banjo, MaudoUn and Guitar Club. December *3—H. H. Ragan. “Paris tho Magnificent,** illustrated. ^ January 2 1 —Charles F. Underbill, readings, and H a t­ ton Male Quartot. February 4 —The Royal Hand Boll Ringers. February 18—Robert J . Burdette, Humorous Lecture. March 4—Frederick A. Obor, illustrated, “Spain and Spanish Cities.” April 1 —The Rutgers Collogo Glee Club. ^A p rii^lS—New York Philharmonic Club a n d Mrs. Mo- Evoning Classes BEGIN TUESDAY, October 14. German -Professor H. J . Schmitz. Frejich—Professor A, O- Du Bois. Spanish—Professor H. D. de la Cortina. Bookkeeping and Penmanship—Prof(ifessoT ^P.. h o L. D. OQograpby and Typewriting—Professor T. J . Ellin- Mechanical aud Architectural Drawing—Mr. L. Du- vinage. Vocal Music and Glee Ulnb—Mr. Albert S. Caswell. InHtrumontal Music—Violin, cornet and flute, Profes­ sor A, E. Lind‘Toth. Elo'iuticu—Profes.sor J . P. SilvornaU, Aclas-4 for ADVANCED instruction la MEOHANI- O AT. DRAWING will bo conducted, providiu g a sufficient number apply to warrant it. A $ 5 M EMBERSHIP adu and classes. Members o at tiled to b ring a lady to all oniortainmonts. Muinborships aro now received. \X \ d a d e m y o f m u s i c . Last b u t one of tho STODDARD LECTURES. adm its to all entertainm a n ts BERLIN . IN TO-NIGHT AT 8, The splendid city of K aiser Wi-helm. Tiio pathetic fate of Em­ peror iTedoviok. Three emperors in throo 1«89. CURIOUS AND CHARACTERISTIC ILLUSTRATIONS Collected by tho managers d u ring thoir lato ollootod by tho managers d uring tho ir la Summer in l'*uropo. OCTOBER 17, CLOSE OF COURSE, The over p opular lecture on TH E SPLENDORS OF SWITZERLAND. Admission 50 cents, reserved seats 75 cents* L*'or sale for both ovoningd a t CHANDLER’S. 172 Montague st. _BU R D ITT A N O U T H _ — • • — •* * * -M anagors.^ C R IT E R IO N THEATER—FULTON ST, near G rani av. Tho p arlor thoator of Brooklyn. W E E K GOMMENOfNG M 02^DAV, OCTOBER 14. Matinees Wed. and Sat. EVERYBODY’S COMEDIAN, O ------------------------ - ---------- o ----------- — --------— O Mr. CHARLES BOWSER') Bright! in I Fi 1 A euro euro _ 0 - - Jolly! Funny! for tho Bluos! MAUSDEN’S LAUGHING COMEDY. Evening 75o., 5Uc. ticku tllL - . -'-;XxTON’S\\WOHLi) AGAINST HKl!.” ening prices, $1, 75c. and 50c. Matinee prio3s, , 5Uu. and 25o. Branch ticket office 4 Coutt st, where 2kets may bo secured six days in advance at regular ONtor prices. Week (Jotohor 21, __ KA'I E GLAXTON’S “WORLD c 1 0 L O N E L S I N N ’S P A R K T H E A T E R . / THLS W E E K ONLY, MATINEES WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, FRANCIS WILSON A nd COMPANY In That Merry Opera AS P I ^ B N T ^ ^ j S g & E O ^ V ^ SAME CAST. SAME S(;ENERY, SAME EFFECTS. Not a Dull Moment. Next Week—PUIMKOSE A W EST’S MINSTRELS. fJU IE J’AL.iCE KINK, CLERMONT AV, near Myrtle, IS TO LET FOR POLITICAL MEETINGS, PUBLIC MEETINGS OF ANY KIND,. FAIRS. BALLS AND RECEPTIONS. in Palace Rink is. without question, tho most apacious largest Public llall in the city. P u b lic llal! in th e city. Apply to NORM AN L. M UNUO’S P U B L ISH IN G ] UNRO. B R b O K L Y N L I B R A R Y — L E C T U R E S u.xr,0 l> K AU 1 IIUIV*-*, lOOif. ; ACADEMY OF .MUSIC. A T TH E TUESDAY. MR. C H A R L E S ....... ....... .. November 7 and 12 and Deeemhur 1(5, MISS AMELIA B. EDWARDS And oUier euiuicnt aulhora. CouTHO tickets, with roHorvml Beats, for sale at tho Library, $2: tickets for singlo evening for sale at box office on tlio ovoning of each lecture, 7 5 c ents; ticket h for Deuombor 10, Author’s Uoadings, with reserved aents, $1. euombor 10, Anth _ __________ _______ _______ ~ A m p h i o N ,' BHDKO)iI) AV. NEAK BHO a DWAY. KNOWLES A MORRIS ............... L ojboos and Managers. EVERY EVENING T il IS Wl^l E K -M ATINEES W ED- NESDAY AND SATURDAY'. A SANFORD’S GREATEST O l' aiEI.ODUAMATIO SUCCESSES. HANDS ACROSS THE SEA.j Gt Next week, HAVEIlLY-CLi-:VELAND M m S T R E liS ■ ^ M E R 1 U A > J iN i S f l T U T E F A I R , t h i r d a v . FIFTY-EIGHTH GRAND INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION. OPEN 10 A. m T u NTIL 10 P. M. ADMISSIO.V, 25 GENTS. m t i u N E W S T . M A U Y ’S m a t e r n i t y , i 15353 DEANEAN ST—TheT—The Mojlicaleilical profcBsioiirofcBsioii andnd ottliers hers A. 1 D S M p a o interested in tho promotion of aucli works of charity are invited to inspect this new and thorouglily eqiiii>pod MATERNTI'Y, just comploto'l, aud ready tor tho recep- tiun of pafionts ON TUESDAY AFI3«:RNOON next, Clctober J5, between tho hours of 3 aud (5 o’clock, by tho BOARD OF MANAGERS. T . / r ‘v^Ti-E. N o il wsc’.;-H o m o ’s D K IITIN G APART. X X ^ R . J A C M W ’ B i r o O K L Y N T H M~H aM atinoos Saturday. In tho b eautiful Irish Melodrama, BARRED OUT. rn U E INSTli^UTE OF ACCOUNTS. i Lecture by Colonel CHAS. E. SPRAGUE, F. I. A.. Socrotary Union Dime Savinga Institution, Subject: “OUTLAY AND INCOME,” WEDNESDAY. October 1(5. at 8:15,iu the Gr.apnl of tho University Building, W ashington Square, N. Y. The public are invited to a ttend. S l ’ O K T I I Y O . ^ E W YORK JOCKEY CLUB. , RACE COURSE, WESTCHESTER. N. Y. FALL M I c iil^ G . 18H9. OCTOBER 2, a. 8. 9. 10, 12. 15. Via Second and Third Avenue Elevated K o a la to Har­ lem River—thence via Harlem River Branch of N. Y., N. H. A II, U. R. FREE FIELD. Free programniua a t tho Gran I Stand. FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT AT CITY PRICES. Table d’boto diunor from 12 M. each day, $1. FIRST RACE AT 2 P. M.. RAIN OR SHINE. LEONA r IT w . JEROM E . President. T. II. K ock , Secretary. _ _ _ _ ___ J ^ E W J E R S E Y j 6 0 K 1 ': Y “C L U B R A C E S . 10 . THE lfE 'F lR S T ELIZABETH, N. J . OPENING DAY, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER Continuing (Jetobor 17, 18. 19,21 and 22. SIX RACES EACH DAY, y V i TH ALL T : CLASS HORSES. The ann-^x b o a t BAY RIDGE will leave iheB R ID fJE DOCK at 12 M. and 1 P. M.. connecting at .IcrBoyCity with SPECIAL HACK TRAINS via (Jentral Raiiroad of New Joreoy a t 12:30 and l ; -0 direct to Grand Stand. R eturning leave Jersey City a t .5;:50. Uoun';! trip tiokots (including admisBion to stand), $1.70. Fir.st ra c o a t 2 o’clock, M. F. DWYER, Prcaidi ‘ U. D. MclNTYiti:, So c r o U r y . _________________ A MERICAN j o c k e y CLUB. JERO M E PARK. FALL MEETING. 18S0. MONDAY. October 14, and c o ntinuing every week day to October 15, inclusive. 'ITaina from Grand Central Depot, landing passengers a t tho grand Bland without change of cars. JO H N HUNTER, President. I . A. L oveouaft , Secretary. _ ________ i^L IFT O N , N. J., “ RACES COMMENCE W E D NESD.W , (iclobcr lll.an d continue Friday, October 17, and every Monday, Wodnoaday and Friday thereafter, a t 2 P. M, Trains by Erie Railroad from foot of Two:Jty-third st. and Chambers d irect to grand htaud G. H. ENGEMAN, President. J ames M c G owan , Secretary. _______________________ £ X c c ; i c . s i o v s , I^R A N D AUTUMNAL EXOUBSION— ^ TO MAUCH CHUNK. Glen Onoko and tho famed Switchback, under tho ans- picesof the BROOKLYN TABERNACLE YOUNG PEO P L E ’S ASSOCIATION, Rev. T. DoW iit Talraago, D. D., Pastor, and Mrs. Talmago accompanying tho ex­ cursion, — THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17. 1880. For one or two days. By special train of elegant cars, leaving Jersey City 8:30 A. M., boat from Bridge dock. Brooklyn, S A. M., returning same day from Mauch Chunk 5:30 P. M. or on following day 4 :10 P. M, ROUND TR IP 'J'JCKETS to return same day, $2.25. or tho entire trip. INCLUDING FIRST CLASS HO- *•’ ACCOMMODATIONS at MAUCH CHUNK, . Tickets can be obtained at tho Brooklyn Tabor- r from Air. John Wood, 223 Fulton at, or at lock morning of oxcurHiom _________ ________ E'or th TE L i $5.25. Ti naclo, or Bridge do* t N S T i t V C T i aiT« ^ D E L P H I ACADEMY, Lafayette av., St. Jam e s and Clifton places, ART DEPARTMENP. Classo.i are now OPEN in the following branches; Antique, Still Life, Portrait and Figure from Life, Per- speotivo. Anatomy and Composition. Terras per daily sosHion of throe hours for ten weeks, $10. Sessions from 9 to 12 M. and 1 to 4 P. M. J. B. W H ITTAKER in charge of department. Assistants; Miss M. A. WOOD, Alias IDA WHITNEY. m U K “BKYANT AND STRATTON*' J . BUSINESS OOLLEOE. 38 to 44 Court st, npoo.sito Otty Hall. REOPENS TUESDAY. Sontomber 3. THIS IS THE ONLY INSTITUTION IN THE CITY DEVOTED EXCLUSIVELY TO BUSINESS TRAINING. Individual iastruction. Studonta may enter a t any time. C a ll« r send for catalogue. O. OLAGIiORN, Principal and Proprietor. ■a/TRS. GOODWIN’S S C HOOl^OROIRLS ± t J I A t l:\i4 .MONTACiUK STKIJET, OPEN OCTOBER 3. Miss CLARA F. HALL, Englisi) Princ-pal Thorough instruction given in English and in th<^ Ian* guages. A primary class for sixteen little girls will be newly formed. No boys received. During the Summer tho building has been entirely renovated. Airs. GOOD­ WIN and Aliss HALI, may bo seen at tho sch<ioI every morning, beto'oet^lt) and 12, a fter September 23. Tr> e d f o r d ” h e i u h t s T n b t i t u t e ,' X > G3 NEW YORK AV. Between Atlantic av aud Pacific f-t. A thorough and attractive school for boys; primary, academic and college preparatory departm e n ts ana military drill. Home for six pupiU. JAM E S W AIOREY, Principal. P R E P A R A T O R Y D E P A R T M E N T —N E W 1 annex to BROWNE’S BROOKLYN BUSINESS COLLEGE for complete education of boys in English branches, with benefit of separate instruction; $10 to $15 per term ; rare chance for the backward or those desiring t - progress rapidly. ____ ___ sivo business training: dopart.uoot/or type writing and phonography; $ 1 0 each. Tho g roat advantage: Students separately and specially taught and h i r e actual busi­ ness practicej^catatogue m ailed; terms only $20. _______ <• ¥ I > B S X M A T H E M A T I C A L S C H O O L I I f f ever attended.” (Rev. Edward C. Bill.) College Grammer School, L. W. H a rt, A. M., 4 4 Court st, to pre­ pare boys for Polytechnic, University, etc. Refer to Pro­ fessor Cochran. Professor Backus.Rcv. Dr.Talmage, _____ S U H O O L i.T J . FOR YOUNG I.ADIES AND GHILDREN, 83 REM3EN 8T, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, REOPENS SEPTEMBER 2.5. Careful individual training; students prepared forcol- lo.7e: Delearto system of physical culture. _______ 1 ? V E M n 1 } ' “ L I 5 S ! ^ ^ ^ a t n o m i n a l H l i rates to youth at BROWNE’S: writing, arithmetic, Lookkeeping, correspondence, spelling, cto.; begin at any time; separate and special; no classes; attend at oonvenionca; no ioaaons lost; call or write. Xi'RIBNDS* SCHOOL EOR GIRLS AND JD BOY8, Sebermurhorn 6t,near Boorum place—Twen- ty*third year BEGINS ninth mouth (Sept.), 17th. Num­ ber limited. Ample grounds for outdoor exercise. Highest referoncos given if desired. Circulars on appli- cation. 8. P. PECKHAM , principal, ■OERLITZ SCHOOL OP LANGUAGES, i f f 40 OOURT ST, opposite City Hall Thorough training in French, German, etc.; conversational knowl-. edge in few term s; $10 each. Branches in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, W ashington, Berlin, Paris. \ o R o o k l y n p r e p a r a t o r y s c h o o l I f f FOR BOYS. JOHNSTON BU ILD IN G -Prim a ry, fnterm odiatoand academic departments. For informa­ tion address school, or (J. H. CARPENTER, 711 Fort Greene place. _________________ ^ j^ iiM A N AND FRENCH 102 SERB TAUOHT BY NATIVES. $.'i A TERM IN OI/ASSES. IKELEY PZiAOE, NEAR SL S IX T H AV. S T O R A K I i . T > R O O K L Y N S T O R A G E W A R E H O U S E S , f f l established 18(57, main office at 1 3 0 Duffiold st, ono door from Myrtle av, receives furniture at $1 per load, pianos at $1 and trunks at 25o. per month; cartage and nandling froo;&oash advance procured onsaqiewhen desired; mail orders receive prompt attention* DID NOT COME. The Mayor and Aldermen Kept Away From Hanson Place. Dr. Kendig Snpposed That His Invitation Was Not Accepted—Rev. 0. J. Cowles at the DoKalb Avenue M. C. Church. At tho Hanson Pl.ico M. E. Churoli last ovoning Pastor A. B. Komlig, D. D„ tloUvored tho first of a scries of five sermons or lectures on wimt lie has tenned ‘‘Brooklni’a Big Ox.\ Tho capacity of tho church odilico was taxed to its utmost, there not being neariy enough seats for the ac­ commodation of tho anditora, altliongh two or three Imndred camp stools wero utiliiied by plac­ ing them in the aisles. In onening liis address Pastor Kcndig said that ho had seen a statement in an evciiing paper to the effect tliat neither ifayor Cliapin nor Presi­ dent McCarty, of the Board of Aldermen, had re­ ceived the invitation ho had oxtondod to them to be present. He was at a loss to understand tlie non receipt of tho invitations inasmuch aa his as­ sistant had assured him tliat ho mailed them. Ho also niiderstood from tlio same source of informa­ tion that Alderman Coffey had boon pleased to refer to him as a crank aud that Aldermen Jlo- Garry and Murphy would in all probability bo appointed as a eommil tee from tho Board to bo present. In that ooiiiieation, tho pastor said that tlio people of Brooklyn would find liim tho most level headed of cranks they had heard uf for some time. He did not know, ho said, whetlior or not Messrs. McGari'y aud Murphy wero present, but if they wero ho extended to them a most hearty greeting. Pastor Koiidig said that some of liis auditors were likely in the dark as to what he referred to as \Brooklyn's Big O x .” Ho meant tho great and miglity iiillneiices of the liquor inter­ ests within tlie borders of tho fair City of Brooklyn and throughout the land. Tiio ox was big and strong and had liis birtli 4,266 years ago, when Noah planted his viiioyiird, and gathered and ernshod his first vintage; lie is as strong now as lie was tlion and as liiU of vigor. Dr Kcndig gave Boiiio intero.-tiiig statistics to sliow the enormous capital employed throughout tho eoiiiitiT ill the mamil'actnro and sale of liquor— $ 1 , 8 0 0 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 . ill round numbers. In tho City of Brooklyn, ho said, there were 3,:'500 saloons, and over 12,000 persons were crapfoj'ed. directly in the maiiiifaetiire and salcof intoxicating bev­ erages. Allowing only 6 0 customers for each saloon footed up a total of 1 0 5 ,0 0 0 per­ sons, or about 4 6 ,0 0 0 leas tliaii the _^en- tiro vote for tlie electoral ticket last Fall. He said that tho iiillnenco of the liquor trade was so groat that legislators, lawyers, judges, maj-ors, men holding all kinds of public and private trusts wore iniliioiiccd and in a manner coiitiollcd by it. Keforriiig to the police doiiartment of largo cities, ho said that the men who wero sworn to act as guardians of the peace were so much at tho mercy of this great trust tliat they wore in a very large degree afraid to report violations of the law wliich wero coiitiiuialiy within tlio scoiio of their knowledge. Pastor Keiulig urged his hearers against tbo use of patent modiciiiea that contain aleoliol, wliieli a great iipiiiy of them aro known to contain in groalcr or less proportions, and against tlie treating system, the almost iiiiiver.sal rule of slimvitig regard for a friend in saloons, lie said tliiit it wasn't tlie last driiilt tliat made a clrnnkard, but the fir-t, and that no sane person should bo willing to accept the fearful respoii.si- bility of being the means of inducing a fellow being to take bis first drink of intoxicating bev­ erage. Ho warned bis bearers against feeding tlieir eliiUlron noon highly seasoned food, which miglit in after years result iu the creation of an a\ipetite for somutliing stningor. He said that ho did not propose, to induige in personalities, Imt would endeavor in tlie series of talks to iiresoiit tho subject of the fearful growth and bold the liquor habit bad on the people of the eoniitry in a true and simiilo way and discuss tho beat iiie.aiiH of pill ting lioivii tlie evil. The lecture will bo eontinued on tho next four Bueeossivc .Sunday evenings. T H E SEE.V AMI TH E UN’SEEJf. lEcv. 4>. J . CotvIcK’ iHuriiiug' Serm o n in the lielCnlh Avuniin HI. Kl. Cliiircli. Yesterday iiioriiing the Bov. 0. J. Cowles, pas­ tor of tho DcKalb Avenue M. E. Church, preached upon the Uieiiie ‘‘The Seen and the Uiiseeii.\ His text was llietiass.ag'ciii II.L’orititlii iiis, iv; 1 8 :''For the tilings wliicli are seen aro temporal: but the things which are not soon are otciiial.\ He said: To many people there seems to bo an air of un­ reality about tlie great doctfiiies of the Holy Scriptnrea—such us (ioil, spirit and the hereafter —for the reason tliat spiritniu beings and things are intangible and invisible. Possibly some of you may be affected in this way. tVliile you desiro to believe and to have these unseen tilings exert a more controlling inllneiieo over your life tlian tliev do, you may detect yourselvos in tlio wish that you only knew; that you worn certain; that for once you might aeo and bo satisfied. yn;no persona boliovo in what tliey can see or handle—anything, in fact, that appeals to tlieir senses—and think that beyond that tlicy cannot know anything, and pnrliaps wonder at tho verdancy and credulity of people who allow Biieli iiiisub.staiitial things to have an approciahlu inllueiieo on tlieir lives. I want you to tliiiik this iiioriiiiig about tho reality of tho un­ seen. And I shall try lo make it apparent to your thought that the iiiiHeeii are about tho only sub- staiitinl. real tilings tliere are, ami that it is quite as reasonable to believe in tilings niiscoii as seen. Boference to the context will open the gateway to tin: subject. In this oliantor tho apostle Bpeaka of the Cliristian’s trials and ciin- HolatioiiB. “ 'Troubled on every side,\ ‘‘per­ plexed,’’ \caBt down,\ ‘':vlways delivered unto dcatli.\ Tliese are tho trials. Tho coiisolatioiis arc that the alllictions are \ light,\ transioiit and “ work for us a fur more exceeding and etoriial weight of glory,’’ wliilo wo look (litenilly, are lookingl, not at the things which aro seen, but at the things wliieli are not seen-that is, the result of the Christian's trials will bo a glory so dense that it can ho weighed, provided we coiitinuo looking at tho things winch aro not seen, for they lire real and eternal, while the things tlnat appeal to onr senses aro ephemeral. But we shall licst getthetlionghtof the apostle by illus­ tration. Hero we aro iu a pleasant cliureli edilico. it secnis substantial and endiiriiig. and, emn- p.arcd witli (lie bloom of tlio lloivers, the life of eplicmera, it is e.iiduriiig. But, after all, it is only for a season. A pull of wind, a spark in the celiar and it is gone. And even slioiild no oa.snalty of any kind destroy it, the action of the elements, tlie gnawing tooth of time will soon bring it to an end. So of the great city in whicli wo live. These tilings which are sei'ii will some day bo gone. Cities as vast as this, with templeii and palaces and walls of solid masonry. Iiavo gone down to the dust of oblivion, from which only tliecliaiiee discovery of tlio antiquarian has resur­ rected tliem. And tins worlil itself is but for a Reason. By God's word this world is doomed. The train is laid, tlie iiiau-ii is reaily to ho ap­ plied, and some d.ay wlioii serenity is at its height, the lioavens shall pass away with a great noise and the elements sliall melt with fervent heat. The loss of friends was the next ilhistration used by the speaker. Ho spoke of tho mighty force behind tlio powers of nature, unseen and intan­ gible, but felt tlirongli all tiio areas of tlip uni­ verse ami in all deinirtmeiits of life. Continuing the speaker saiil: Behold man. All you see is tlie frail and traiisient, but tliore aro tilings about man yon do not see wliieli sliail not pass away. Did you ever see tlioiiglit't It has neither form nor color, but is it not real ? Can thonglit die? What h.as thought dono'? AH that has ever been or ever will lie done. Beautiful painting, iiias.sive building, powerful locomotive? Yes; but all these wero the coiiteiit.s of somebody’s thought before a color was applied to canvas, a chisel to stain, oi' a hammer to iron. And none of these are as boaiiliful as the tlioiiglit of the designer, for tlio hand of man is not skill­ ful enough to execute tho thouglit of mind. Men and woiiioii love. Did yon ever see love ? What a uni t it has played in tho history of tho world. Tliiiik of wliat it has done and suircrod. Think of tlio virtue it has inspired, of tho hero­ ism it has sustained. Most people you meet have loved. Visit tho country and road tho names of those wlio sloop in the \silent city.\ Some of them died for love and soiiie are fol­ lowed by love. Bead a book. Lovo on the pages. Go to the play. Love ou the stage. Though so prevalcn t anil so mighty, no man ov. r saw lovo, but only what it can dare and do unu snirer for the object loved. And love is real and cannot die. And so of memory and hope and fear and faitli. Tho rush of years may have confused and obscured many of the tilings wliich wore once a part of your life, but nothing that was ever in your thought can bo forgotten or die. The tbiiigswliieb are not seen are eternal. Is not God real ? Though invisible. He is tho King immortal, eternal. And wo know more of Him than of tho things Ho has made. I have no hesitancy in saying that we know moro of spirit than of matter. Of matter—say this bit of wood, tlio pulpit—wo know that it has weight, hardness, form, color, inertia, is movable and has slight odor. And tliis is about all we know of any material substance. Of its OBSonce wo know noth­ ing. Of spirit wo know that it thinks, reasons, compares, remembora, wills, liopos, fears, enjoys. Buffers, iinagincs. Ho that our Knowledge of tho things which are not seen is moro oiteiisivo than of the things which aro seen. And heaven is far moro real than our realty hero. Our real estate often becomes unreal under our feet, but the city w I kiho maker and builder is God liatli foundations wliieli shall never bo moved. Hero wo live in a frail lioiiso, an earthy house of tabernaclo that shall soon be destroyed. When tho tent comes down wo shall move out and away to aiioHier and bolter country into a building of God, a house not made with hands, ctornal in tlio heavens. Cultivate, therefore, spiritual vision, for the things which aro seen are temporal, but the tilings wliich are not seen are eternal. \ Blessed aro the pure iu heart, for tiiej' sliall see God.\ SUPl’ERV TOM HAYES. Even n H o rse D e a ler Niiuiborcd Aniona' ISiM ViclimN. DoleofiTc Sergeant John Corcoran, of tho Bed­ ford aveiuio police, sucocedod, after a long search in Massaohusetts, in loeating, arresting and bringing fo this city a very clever and slippery follow, against whom warrants bad been issued charging him with grand larceny. Tho prisoner, Thomas Hayes, had lived with his wife and two children at 59 Taylor street, for nearly a couple of years. Ho managed, with tho aid of an oily tongue, as Thomas Byan, a Kent avenue and Clyraer street butcher put it, to run largely in debt with storekeepers in tho Nineteenth Ward. When approached about payment ho talked glibly of his temporary embarrassment and expatiated on his future prospects. Tlio in­ stallment furniture man aud men who sell other kinds of goods on the same principle found in him a ready and very liberal patron. Altliongh professing to bo a toiler his ueiglihora say that he earned his bread mainly by tho sweat of his jaw. Hia personal make up gave no evidence of pros­ perity, yet he was able to number a sharp, shrewd horse dealer among his victims. A couple of weeks ago ho visited the horse mart of Benjamin Weill, 247 to 251 North Seventh street, and stated that ho wanted to hire a team of horses for a few days. Mr. Weill questioned him closely and ho stated that ho had purchased a now truck from Peter Barrett, of Navy street, for $359. Whether there was any further arrangement as to tho purchase of tho horses Mr. Weill did not state. A,toam of horses valued at $300 was given to Hayes and ho hitched them to Mr. Barrett’s wagon, for which ho paid no money. Whore ho procured tho harness is not known, but he must have got it in the same way as the track and team. Ho drove to his house with tho team aud, packing up all his furniture, except a few hundred dollars worth belonging to sharp installment men, aud loading it on hia truck, ho started for Pier 40, East Biver, aud shipped all to Worcostor, Mass., via a Btoainor to Now London. Throe d a y s after his departure Mr. Weill called at his house to see about the team aud was astoniahod when in­ formed that he had left for parts unknown. Cap- tain Short was consulted and a warrant charg lug grand larceny 'was issued by Jnstioo Goetting. Doteotive Sergeant Corcoran, armed with the legal document, began tho search, after the fugitive. He suoeoedod fn tracing\ tho rig to the boat and with Mr. Weill started for Worcester last Tuesday. They wero informed in tho latter city that a man itred to sell the team and truck there. Tho vehicle was remarked on account of what was regarded there . f ' as its pecniiav build. Failing to sell tho rig Rayev drove off with it after a few days. The task of locating him proved to be a dilTlcnlt ono. Por two days Mr. Weill and tho ofilcor drove aroand eighteen villagos outside of Worcester for s radius of twenty miles and failing to discover tho man Mr. Weill wont home. The officer coiiiimied the search alone and early Saliirday mornins discovered tho horses and truck in a farmot'e barn, near Fitchburg, and later took Hayes into custody. Mr. Weill was telcgiaplici to and ho took the first li :i;ii to Fitehbiirg. Hayes late ia tlie afternoon eoiisonted to go to Brooklyn with- out a requisition, and the hoi’scs, truck aud har­ ness wore shipped by way of Now London. Tho officer and his prisoner and Mr. Weill reached tlie Bedford avenue station .at an eirly hour ye.stoi'day morning. Hayes g.avo his ageaa 40 years. He stated to ids captor that ho paid Weill $200 on account for tho horsog hut the lat­ ter merely smiled at what ho characterized as tho pi'isoiior’s clioek iu making .sncli an assertion. Hayes also stated tli.at he did not intend niniiing away, and pointed to the fact that ho loft part of the fni'iiitiii’o after him in the houso. Tlio goodf. however, belong to installment men. ST. MARY’S HOSl'Il’AL. The Nciv n a tcriiU y Wing' to He Opened To-iiiurroav. To-morrow k'lo now maternity wing of BL Mary's Female Hospital and Dispensary, in D e a n street, will be opened for public inspeetiou. fit Mary’s Hospital was founded in 1868, at 155 Dean street, blit soon outgrow its limits, and tha great structure on St. Mark's avenue was opened December 17, 1882. Tho old house has boon ret,allied as a feiiialo iiospital, and to its accom- modatioiia two now wings are now added—one to servo aa a maternity hospital and tho other a a a cliildreii’a inii’sei’y. Tliey were started in tha .Spring of 1888 and have heeii erected aocordina to tlio plans drawn by Jlr. Thomas P. Houghton. These wings aro four story buildings, con. striieted of brick, with terra cotta tripimings, tho fronts and sides being of I’liiladelphia brick Tho JlatoriiUy Hospital faces on Dean street aud the Nursery on Pacific street. Tho Maternity building has a fioiilago of 68 foot ou Pacific street, a depth of 75 feet and an average height of 62 foot. Both buildings are Ronaissanco in style and liavo liip roofs. There are no elaborate attempts at ornaineiital offeeta. A handsomo entraiieo, with an approach through a gate in Pacilie street, leads to the Maternity building. The iiitorior arraiigemoiitsof this building aro aoeoi’ding to tho most advanced ideas of sanita^ Bcioiico. Tlio first floor is devoted to tho main kilehcn, tlio laniidry and a bathroom. On each of tho four floors thoro is a doctor’s room for oiicratioiis, etc., a public ward, kitolion, font private rooms, two bath rooms and a nurses’ room. Tho wards contain no woodwork and tho walls are sand finished for greater sanitary con- veiiioiico. Ill tho other apartments thoro aro hardwood fitting!. A steam elevator runs through tho building capable of lifting cots with tho pa­ tients ill them. Tho biiildiiig has accommoda­ tions for about sixty patients. Tlie medical staff is coniposod of Dr. Jolin Byrne, with Drs. J. Vf. Hy,lo, Cliarloa Johnson and D. G. Bodkin as assistants. In the department of gynecology Drs. John liy i tto, W. J. Corcoran, and J. E- McEvitt aro in cliarge. Tlio Cliildi'cn’a Nursery conforms in material and aspect lolthe otlier wing, and is designed to accommodate 500 cliildron. Tlio frontago on Pacific street is 42 feet and the depth 03 feet Each story is divided into a ward, 56x62 foot, baths and sleeping rooms for tho sisters in charge. In tlio collar are the laundry and engine room. Two tulnilar boilers furnish heat for tlio throe bnildings and power for the elevators. Both tho now wings are coiincctod witli tlio old building and cost about $05,000. They make a very do- sirablc iiicioaso to tho facilities of this admirable institution, wliich is eo.hlisot'jd by Gio Sisters ol Charity under the direction of Sister Ml Do1oi;08a, who invites the public to inspect the new wiiig'oh s Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Last year 101 patients received treatment in the hospital and 5,8;.’0 in tho dispensary. In the inirsory 180 cliUdrcn, between the ages of 2 and 0 years, wore cared for. S0.ME RARE CHURCH MUSIO W i l l b e S u n g a t llio C a t h e d r a l Ila r v c a i IS o in c F c N liv n l. Tlio fifth Harvest Homo Festival will bo hold in the Catliedr.'il at Garden City on Wednesdaj ovoning, Ootobor 10. To hold an amiiial sorvict of thanksgiving for tho gathering in of tho frnita of tlio liai'vest has become a recognized part oi the BCi'vieo of tlie Churcli of England. Tho Long Island (lioceso institiitod a siniilar servioo in 1885, tlio first year ot the opening of tho Cathe­ dral, and it has now becoiiic an event which'lov- era of the highest class of church music look tor. ward to with anticipatory ploasiire. Much of the music sung at tlicse services liySt. Luke’s and tho C'ntiiodroi choirs lias hucti lioard for the first time iu the ilioeeso. Tim progriimmo prepared forth* coming festival is fully equal to its predoccssora ill interest and novelty. Tho processional, “The sower went forth sowing” is a standard hymn and has always been used at those serv. ices. Tho words aro set to imiaio by Mr. M. Skciriiigtoii, a well known English musician. The Magnificat and Nimo Diraittis by Stainer in A are showy and elTeetivc. tlio former containing a short solo for sopraiio. At tlio off'ertory Mr. Reed will s j ^ “Now lleavoii in fullest glory slioiie,” from \The Creation\ from whicli work two otlier iiumhei’H will be rendered —\With vei'diii'o clad,\ by Jlaster Eorbiiali, and the trio, \On time each living soiii awaits,\ liy .Master For- biisli and Messrs. Ilolgato ami lleod. Three an­ thems will bo sung-Giirrott’s six part harvest antlieni, “Praise ye tlio Lord for His goodness;\ Ki'giiini’s poimlar and brilliant clionis,“Tho Lord is great,\ and a new work liy Sir ,101111 Stainer “Lo, Suiiiiiier comes again.” This work ■will doubtless fully hold its own beside tbo most pop­ lar compositions of tliis favorito eomposor. Tile niitbem is divided into three parts, begin­ ning witli a chai'ininK pastorale in^ndaiito time, followed by an allegretto movement which can­ not fail to delight all listciicrs. Tho finale, allegro, “Bid men and angels share thy harvest lioino.” ia worked up to a Uirilliiig cliin.ax. fully in harmony witli the beauty of tho text, which is by the Doan of Wells. There will also be one or two popular hymns for tlio choirs and congregation. A special train lias been cliartorod to leave Flatbiish ave­ nue at 6:25 P. M., Bedford station at 6:60, East New York at 6:65. and will return after tho serv- ice, rcacliiiig Brooklyn at 10:30. Faro foi round trip, 75 cents. T H E .MAYORALTY COXTROVEKSY. W h y “ .sixth W a rd” Uuspuctliilly D c C l i n e * F u r th e r P a r ticip a tio n In It. To tne Editor oj Utc. I’rookWn Ena'e: It is cliaractei'istic of some men that they ara invariably lavish in thoir praises of thoso againsi whom they aro conspiring, and Judging from re­ cent communications in I'onr oolnmns regarding the qualifications of Colonel Andrew D. B.aird for tho Mayoralty, I am very much inclined to ques­ tion the sinocrity of certain of the ehampious of that goiitloman. Tho ontliusiasm manifested by Mr. Charles K. Bird, of 151 Baltic street, is cer­ tainly worthy of tho highest adinir.ation, but per­ haps it will not OHcapo notice that such extreme ardor is in brilliant contrast witli the anpavonl disinclination of Mr. Baird to again throw him­ self “on tho hands of his frioiids.’’ If it bo true tliat tliero is no toaehor like exporimioe. tho val­ iant Colonel has no doubt learned by this time to be wary of tlioso who “do protest too much,\ measui'iiig men neither by their proi'o.s.sioiis ol friendship, nor by thoir dexterity at writing let­ ters in his behalf. Tlie reliiotaiieo he ilisptaya to part with any of tlio money accumiilatod in a moro or less active life is presumably tho hesi proof of a marked diminution of that coiifldenoe which two years ago led him repeatedly to prodiol his success at the polls, and to invito his friends tc call upon him in tho Mayor’s office at tho City Hall. I have road Mr. Charles K. Bird’s reply to my letter of tho 4 th instant, and also the effusion ol “Nineteenth Ward.\ So far as Mr. Bird is con­ cerned, it is only nocoasary to say that ho proves himself I'idictilons by his inconsistency. So far as “Nintcoiith Ward\ is coiiceriiod. I may bo par­ doned for remarking that ho rushes into this con. troversy much as an ill bred youth would strut into a parlor witli dirty shoes. I’articularly un­ fortunate iu being entirely unfamiliar with tho language of truth, his training and education aro further exemplified in the choice assortment of epithets wliich ha has at Ids command. More­ over, liis hypocrisy ia as manifest as his vulgarity. By his language ho forfeits all claim to respect, and if, as in the case of a ciiminal at tho bar, thoro may ho extomiatiiig oircumstanoes, they are certainly not apparent in his remarkable effu­ sion. Tho Mayoralty discussion liaving assumed such an aspect, you will readily understand why I must decline to have any furtlior participation in it—most men, as yon aro aware, not deeming i1 expedient to throw themselves in tlio way of a dog sufferin'' from hydrophobia. So long as tho discussion was conducted along the courteous (though, I believe, mistaken) lines adhered to by Mr. Bird it was a pleasure to take part in it, but I Iiavo iieitlicr time nor inclination to measure words with an individual who, liko “Nineteenth Ward,” draws his argument from Billingsgate and his inspiration from tlie gutter. BiiooKi-yN, Ootobor 14, 1889. S ixth W abd . L 0 0 K W G _ R ^ C inV A R D . A Itro o h lr n 'Fcacltcr’ii Allimion to lh« V lncyaril Inxtitiitc. To the. Editor of the Brooklvn Euate ; Tliose of our grammar teachers who attended tho Martha’s Vineyard Summer Institute last va­ cation were repaid by one course of lessons, if by nothing el.so. It was a very practical line of in. Btruction iu tho presentation of siibj.ects in natu. nil history. It was moro than siiggestivo: it fur- iiislied a complete plan of study, very simple, verj systematic, in which tho teaclier, if necessary, could study with her class. Mineral Bpecimons, beetles, etc., according to tho lesson, wero dia> tributed to tho largo class of teachers who took this course, and tho latter became children again, examining these speoimen.s under tho direction of tho professor. To witness a single lesson in mineralogy was to get a plan for class study that could easily bo adapted to tho examination of animal and vegetable structures as well, Tho method was acientifio, and calculated to fall well in lino with tho previous work of pupils properlj prepared or to quickly iuduco habits of systomatlc examination in thoso not so fortunate in theii earlier education. This was only ono of the manj helpful courses at tho M. V. S. I. E. E. K. . B booklyn , October 11, 1889. SAID HE FELL FROM A SKIP. Henry Marlin,aged 22 years, of 53 North Tenti street, visited tho Bedford avonue station lasf night with a cut head, which ho said he liad re. coived while getting off a ship in the dock foot o l North Tenth street by slipping aud falling on I piece ot iron. Tho wound, which ia a sovoro ono- was dressed at the South Third Street Hosplt^ I t is thought that tha man received h ia injury i: Borao o t h e r w a y . 4 . I

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