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THE BHOOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, lY O Ii. 4 6 . N O . 2 2 2 . B R O O K L Y N . W E D N E S D A Y , A U G U S T 1 1 , 1 8 8 6 . T H R E E C E N T S . T K A V E L - ^ T U A N S P O n T A T I O I V , XC4 K a i l r o a d s * /\ l O O K 'S T O U H I S T T I C K E T O F F I C E , 2C1 BHOADWAYj^ccruor of Warron st, Nov? York, Railway ami steamship tick o tito a ll points at tho lo Cfit tntoti. Exenrsirm tickets for Summ er travel at : ducoa rates. Ticketti c a a bo sent by mail. Address THOS. COOK <k SON, 2C1 B roadvroy, Row York. E H I G H V A I i L E Y R A I L R O A D , PAS5lf.NGKIl TRAINS teave depot, foot of Cnrtlandt and Desbrossessls. a t8:00 A. M., 3:4‘» aml7:t»0 P. M. for Hasten. Bothlohc ............. ' ' idinc:, • ' •i “ MaucV Chunk, on. Uotniouom, ;hunk, Cion Summit, Itli.ica, Genera. Lyon<li tlir()iisli_.o<j?chos ^ u n nd 3:40 P. M. connool on coal rcKiona. G'.iuuk and llastetoo. Alientfiwn, Reatiinc Wilkcfeborrc. Towandi BufTaln ami ihe West. Pullman tliroinrli ooflchoa Hail . Local Ivainti at 7:00 A. M. and 5:40 P. M. for ton, Bethlehem nnd Coplay. ,, IVains leaving a t «:0() A .M., LW and 3:40 P. M. cor lor all points in Mahauoy an i Harleton c«aJ reguma. Sunday tram leavt s i<»r Afauch C.uiuk and liasl 8:i0 A M . ^ G e « « « l E a ,t« r . OiScc, 53^ ,\— / ^ g t o N. G. P. A. ¥ 7 i N G ~ [ S L A N n R A I T .R O A U . .8 ^ Trains loivo t l.-ithush ureuuo Depot for tho follow- u S ; b .3« a . m ., - 1 : 55 , 3 . 25 , 020 , •6:20 P. M.; SumUys. 8-55 A. M. ^Saturday only. SaK llTrb(.r, Kant HAjiiptun, Southampton, Qoogao, Hampton. Moriches, ReUpnrt. 8:30 A. M.; *1:65, 8;'J6. 4:20, *6;20 P. M. Sundays, 8:65 A- M. 'Saturday ^^RAseihoad, 8:30, *l;f5, 3 . 35 , 4:20, 5:20 P- M.; Sunday, B;5r> A. M. ’Saturday only. Palchoitua. 8:30.11:00 A. M.; •1:65, 5:25, 4:20, 5:20, P .M ; Sundays, 8:5\) A. M. ’Saturday »*n!y. Babylon, 6;45. 8.00,8:30, 11:00, *1:55, 3:25. 4:20, 0:20, B:00, 7:00, 12:10 WeanenJay and Saturday nights only; Sunday, 8:20, 8:55 A. M.; 7:55 P.M . ’Saturday only. Pi»rl Jefferson, 8:50 A. M ; *1:55. 3:55, 4:.55 P. M.; Sun- flaya, 8:55 A. M.; «:.55 P. M. ^S.-itiirdny only. Ncirthport, Huntington. Htcksville, H:5:l A. M.: 1:5“ (3:65 don’t stop at Hicksrillo), 4:55,G:3UP. M.; Sundays, 8:55 A. M.; 5:30. 0:55 P. M. •Saturday only. ^ ^ Dccr Pack. Uicksvilte, 8:30. U:00 A. Rl.; 4:20, 5:20,7:00, t8 :1 0 P . M.j 12:10 Wednesdny and Saturday niKlitsonly: Bunday, 8:55 A. M.; 1110;00 P. M. UDou’t run oast of ^Lr.ciist^VMhly.'Glen Core, Sea CJiff8:50. 11:00 A. M.; 2:00, 3:25, 4:20. 6:20. 0:30, 7:00, 8:10 P. M.; 12:10 Wodnes. dar and Saturday nights only; Sundays, y:2») A. i l . ; 0:40, ® Farkmjkaway. 6:46, 8:00.10:00. 11:00 A. M .: 1:00, 3:28, 8 - 55 . 4 : 55 , 5:20.6:00. 7:00, 8:10 P. M.; 12:10 Wednesday and Sr-rurday nights only; Sundays, 8:20,0:25, 10:53 A. »iid Saturday niehts only; Sundays, 8:55 (9;2a Garden T j ^ R I E R A I L W A Y . ____ Trains leave Chsmbers ht. station, New York, as follows: 9-0(» A. M., daily except Sundays, Day Express, Buffet ug Kooro f'oachca to Binghamton, I'drr.ira, liu(- Falls; Sleeping (loaches Hornollevilla to Drawing Ko< falu and Nia^ Cincinnati. G:00 P. M. Daily, Chicago and St. Louis Limited Ex­ press. A solid Pullman tram of day and Imffnt wleepinr coaohoa to Meadrille, Glavolnnd, Ciucinnati, OUicaso and 7:00 P. M. Daily. Buffalo and Niagara Falla Limited arriring at Rocheater. 6:20 A. M.; Buffalo, 7:03 A. M.j Suapenaioa Bridge. 7:36 A. M. Tho meal popular n ight train hetfWO »n New York and Buff.alo. 9:00 P. M. (Daily), Chicago ExproaJ, Pullman day and aloeuiug coaches to BingUaiuton, Elnura, Buffalo, Niagara Falla, Cincinnati and Clucago. Paterxem, 4:45,6:45.7:20.7:50.9:30,10:20 A.M., 12:00 noon, 1:45. 3:00, 3:50, 4:10, 6:0i). 5:10, 5::’0 5:.70, 6:10, 6:30, 7:1,5, 7:46, 8:30, 10:30 p. M. and 12:00 midnight. eandajB. 5:4.5, 7:45.8:30, 10:20 A. M., 1:45. 4:15, 0:30, 7:45, 9;00,10;30 P . M.» 12;0'J midnigUl. mid 9.00, P. M. _ _ _ _ _ „ 1;45. 3:30, Alidiilotown. 4:45,5:43. 7:50. 9:00, Goshen and A. M.. 3:80. 4:30, P.Vt J erV irL45.’7 ^ M..3:30. 4:30. 6:00. 7:00. 7:46. 8:00,9:00 P .M .; Sund.ays, 7:46, 8:S0, 10:20 A. M.,5;00. 0:30,7:00 and y.00 P. M. Honesdalo, 9:00 A. M., 3:30 P. M., daily, except Sunday. Monticidlu and W hite Lake, 9:00 A. M., 3:30 P. M. Sun* days, 8:30 A. M. Tioketa for passapfe and apartm ents m dr-swingronm and sleeping coacheti can he obtained and orders for tho nbockmg and transfer of baggoff'i may be loft at the com* %wny'a office, Nos. 331 and 333 Fulton tit. Brn iklyn. ______ T^T K W Y O R K A N D G R E E N I V O O D ^ A K K Lvl R- R.—Daily, o icept Sunday—For Arlington, Bloem- field, Montolair and stations on Orange Branch, 6:00, 8:20 A. M., 12:00 noon. 1:45.3:40, 4:40,5:40, 6:20 and 8:00 P. M. Little Falls and intermediate sintions, 6:(X), 8:20 A. M., 12:00 noon,4:40.5:40 and 8:00 P.M. Ponipton and interme* diat-o stations. 8:2i) A. M., 4:40 and 8:00 P. M. Grocn- wond Lake and intonnediata stations, 9:00 A. M., 4:20 P. M. Sunday, 9;00 A. M. « » * . tt JNO. N. ABBOTT, O. P, AgV, N, Y, l ^ r ^ W Y O R K C E N T R A L A N D H U D S O N RIVER RAILROAD—CommenoingJ nna 21, 1880. Traioa learo (Srand Central Dapoi: . . . , 8:00 A. M. Rochester Expreae, with through drawing toom e a rs to Albnny, Troy, Syracuaeami Roohoster, 9;W A M S.aratog.a, Lake Oourge and M o nt.oil t^pocLHj, wjtg throi’sh drawinir room cars to Troy, S ratogo, Caldivoll and Mnnt»-»»M- Rnffit car Now York loB*.rit->g^ •9:60 A.M . “The Limited,” with dining cars,stopi at Albany, Utica, Syracuse, Rochester, Niagara F Buffalo, Brio, Cleveland and Toledo. arriTing a t Chi a t 9:60 A. M. and St. Louis 7:40 P. M. next day. 10:30 A.M . Chicago Express—Drawing roo Ri-.*hh‘ Id Spring: Canandaigua, Rochoal^r, Nii and Buffalo ll;3u A. JH. Western New York and Northar with drawing room cars. , 3:S0 P. M. Albany, Troy, Saratoga M d Utica Express, with drawing room at:d Pu •«! cars to Troy and barRtug.i. Runs to Lake (ieorge on Saturd: Montreal Express, witn sleeping cars, to Syra­ cuse^ a n d to Auburn rcaaand to Saratoga; also to Mon* ®^*^*9:15 P. U. Pacific Exprepti. with sleeping csxs, for Rochetler. Niagara Falls, Buffalo. CleveUnd, Toledo, Cm* cinneti. Detroit, Chicago; also to Uiaylc.u and Ogdeni* burg dail.' except Saturday. 11:16 P. M. Night Express lor the North and West, with ’' fo ”’I?shk” l^od^N.“« b u « ^ 8;(», 10:30 »nd 11:30 A.M.,2;3U,3;3().‘4;0:), 6:U0sud 6:31)F. M. For Kulikill onlr, ■9:15nn0 11:15 P. M. ForPou?likocp!io, 7:16, 8:09, 9:ll0 10:39 -nd 11:31) A. M., 2:39. 3:30, •4:09. 6:99, •6:90, »:S0.'9:15 UDd 11:16 p. M. For Rhiuot.ock «nd Uoudmil. B;00,',i;U9,10:30»ndll:30 A. M..3:30. ’4:09 P. M. For Bhinobock only. 6;S9P. M. Oatskill. 8:09 9 minnd 11:30 A. M„ 3:30«nd ’4:99 P. M. Hudson, 8:00. 10:39 «nd 11:30 A. M.. 3:30, *4:00. r,:39 rnd 11:16 I’. M. LVii.-ickio, 8:00 and 11:30 A. M. and 13:30 A. M p. M. Trr.y 8: **•1X1010 trams ran daily; al'other daily except Sunday For trains for intormedinla stations see table. Tickets on sale a t Grand (Jontral Depot, 7 Battery p l ’c^ 433 Broadwav and at W escotl’s ICxprciW offices, o Park B roadw a y , 7R.5 a n d i»42 B r o a d w s y and 730 Fulton st,^ Brooklyn, and 79 S33 Was! _ and chucked from 6:30 place, near Broadw. 833 WasbiuEton st, Fourth st* Williami amsbiirgh. Accoramodatimis m drawing ng cars can be procured a t 33b Washing* yoom and sleeping cars can be procur ton st, Brooklyn. Baggage called for yesidvnee. ^ J . ’M .'rO U OEyf' D. M. KENDRICK. G e n e r a l S u p e r i n t e n d o n t . G e n e r a l F a s a u u g e r A c e n l. ^ « 7 ^ T ‘\ S H b R E ~ B A l I J I D A D ^ ^ ^ T . O] Y V A H. R. B. R- OO., Lessoe. THE PIOTURESQUB TOURIST ROUTE TO ALL NOR'l’HERN UESOIlTS. BUMMKU TIME TABLE, in effect until furthor notice. OATSKILL MOUNTAIN E X P U K S S -Ieare Annex foot Fulton st, Brooklyn, at 8:20 A. M .;.Terse/ City, 8:45 A. M .; New Yor’a, Jay st, 8:4b A. M.; W'est roTty-second ct. 9:00 A. M-, for Cornwall. Newburgh, Kingstnn, Cats* kill and all noints in Catskill Muuntams via K ingitoa and via OatsidU, Mohenk Lake and Lake Minnewaska, JriaparA Falls, etc. ARATOGA AND CAT.SKILL —Leave Annex Btutiim foot Folton st, Brooklyn, 10;40 A. M-; Jersey City, 11:17 A. M.: Now York, Jay st, 11:05 A. M-; West For^./.seoond st, 11:25 A. M., for Saratoga, Lake GcorKe, Amanr, Catskill, Kinaston, Newburgh, Cornwall, Oalnkill Moniitnins via Kingston and via Catskill, Mohonk Lake and Lake Mmnewaska. Parlor MOUNTAIN EXPRESS ill. cars t<» oaratoita. SARATOGA AND .......... ... ................ ... OATSKILL MOUNTAIN, LIM­ ITED—Leivo A n n « fo^t Fulton 8t3HWR J^Sriy Phoenicia Eston and via and for Uutbl iCaatorskiH, Mountain House, etc. Forcompk'te time table.excursion tickets to all Northern resorts and full inft)rmatlun apply to ticket a w n ta, 333 ■Washln ton st. Annex office foot Fulton st. TaUlalton st, 215 Atlantic Av. Brooklyn; 79 Fourth st. Williarasburgh; 210 M anhattan Av.Oreenpoint Penn. R. R. Jersey City; New York offices, 363 and 9*2 Broadway, or New York stations foot J a y s t near Charabors. and foot West Porty-socmid st. Biggago c*-eoked through froj- — HENRY MONKTT. General Passoiigi im Brooklyn Bsoiiger Agent. ^ f K W Y O R K , O N T A I U O <fe \Y f i S T E R N j3 ( RAILWAY—Forriea in New York from foot of Joy Bt. and Wi Bt Forty-Bcemd fit. From J a y st, 8:50; West Forty*sacnnd st. 9:10 A. M, Day oxproBS for Miduletowu,wu, Kllcnville,iicnville, Montio«illo,ontic lab- erty, W hite Lake, Delhi, Oswego and intermediate tions. Pull r*sacnnd st. 9:10 » K M \ Oswego and iiitorme Ulster P. M. Niichl ThouMnd \T imu X..K&U, 1. drawlneroom < gcr trains * D B N N S Y I i V A N I A R A I L R O A D . J r GREAT TRUNK LINE AND UNITED STATK.S MAIL ROUTB, . _O n a n d a f lerJU N B 2 S . 1886. Trains leave New York, via Desbrosses and OoartiaS(Itst& fem e s, aafnllowe; Express for H anisburg, Pittsburg and the West, with Pullman Palace Cars attached, 9:00 A.M., 0:00, 7:00 and 8'.00 P. M. daily. Now York and Chicago Limited of . Kmokingaud Sleeping C.are a t 9:00 A. M. Parlor. Dinin Brie at 8:00 illo. Petroloum ’’lamsport and Conter i Lock Haven, 9 :U0 A. M. For Lobanon, 9:00 A. M., 3:20 P, M. and 12:00 night. Baltimore, Washington and the South, ** Limited Wash* inston Express” of Pullman Parlor Gars daily, except Bunday, 1U:U0 A. Si.: a rnro Washington 4;0u and \Con- op * ercBsionnl Limited Express” S:40 P. M.; arrive Wasliinii 0:20,8:00/ ------- 12:00 nighi 12:00 night. For Old Point and^ Norfolk,(•I*,, and Norfolk Railroad, 8:0:00 luor, Ha, ashinston 4:UU and ' C daily, except Sunday, a t I 8'.55 P. M.; mgular ai P. M .; arrive Wasiiington 8'.55 F. M .; mgul - and 8:30 A. M., 1:00, 4:30 and 9:00 P. M. and ....................... M.. and 4:3U. 9:00 P M., via New York, Philadelphia 8 P. M. everyday; viaBalti* Sunday. 6:f5 A. M via 9:00 P. M., and 12:00 night. M. week days, 10:00 A. M. ana 7:00 P. M. Buuda; . week days, lu.v/i,. y». neot at Trenton for Camden at 8:00. .. 8:00 P. Buudays- con* ATLANTIC OITT. Eiprosa, ozcopt Sunday I l : i 0 A. M.i 1:09 (through oar), and 2:00 F. M. FO li CAPE MAT. ExprssA except Sunday, 1:00 P. M. Boats or Brooklyn Annex connoct with all through trains At Jerseyse^ tMty, affording a speedy and d irect transfer for At J er Brooklyn tr^' inodatic icciinunodation for Trenton, 6:30 A. M. snd 2 F. M. Long Branch. Bay Head Junction, and Interm ediate Sla- tiona, via Rahway and Amboy, 7; 10 and 9:0U A. M., 12:00 noon. 2:30, 3:10, 3:40 (limited.i, 4:10, 6;00 and 6:50 P. M. On Sunday. 7 :10, 9:00 A, M. and 5:00 P. M. (do not stop at Asbury P.irkJ. Kowark ami Elirabeth, 6:00, 0:30, 7:00, 7:40, 8:30.9:00, 9:20, lOtVd. 11:10 A. \ ----- * ............... .......... . n ' i o T ’ u M - m - 3;oa ., IxilK) noo M.; iii°W n«in. 1.99,4:30, 6:90.0:00. 7:09,8:99.8:39, r? .t ‘6I0l»?’k ' ” i i 3 9 ^ J u ' i o A . M 3-00 sod 4:49 P. -n. lyf. ILehlslown. Pmni^ertoii ami Oamdeu, o:(iO A. M.« Jliioli!?.!: 10-30 P. M. Kmidav. 6:20, 6 ..50 A.M., 3:2(f, U;20and 10;o5 11:30 A. M.< - iid Haiti- Ticket ollicea. «4U. 4:^5 and y*4 iiruauway, 1 and foot of Dosbrof-sc-a nnd Comtlondt sts; 4 Court st, »rwi i».rrn,ir'vn AtinoT Stalioii, foot of FiiItoD st, Brook and Brook!yn Aiin»ix tHalioii, foot of Fulton st, Airoo lyn: Busch's iiotol, Hoboken: .St.*ition, Jorsoy City; En; irnnl Tiekol 8 B:ittery place, and Castle Csraen. Tho New York T ransfer Company will call for a n a obook 14. WOOD, Gom-ral Manacer. Ooneral Paas'r A c e n t IN THIS WSKB^ D R V G O O D S * A c * o n o EEEK SSS8 EEEB RRRR h o 0 E B S E R R L o o B S E n R L o o EBB SSSS BEE RRRR L o o 15 8 £ R R I, n o E B S E R R Ll.T.TJ. OOO EBEE BBSS EEEB E B AA OOO A A 0 0 o o A A A o o o A 0 0 o o A A A * u o u OOO Fulton. W ashington and TUlary BtreetO. This will be tho LAST W EEK Of our Great CLEARING SALES of SUMMER GOODS at priuca which cannot fail to make a CLEAN SW E E P THROUGHOUT tho fol­ lowing lines: WASH and WOOL DRESS GOODS, LADIES' SUMMER SUITS, MISSES' WASH SUITS, LAWN SAGQUES, WRAPPERS, BATHING SUITS FOR BOTH SEXES, EMBROIDERIES, in whito and colors. We are also making our FIRST DISPLAY of W O O L B L A N K E T S , Calling epeolal attention to the fact th a t Blankets will bo very much higher during the coming season than they have been. Our arrangements with the MILLS DIRECT were made, however, d uring tho past W inter at tho old low rates, and thus wo a re enabled to oiler SPECIALLY LOW PRICES To parlies desirous of taking advantage of this E A R L Y S A L E . F. L O E S K R & OO. >0 A N D 2 6 h V E S T 'F O U R f B E i f T H S T , 29, 27 AND 25 WEST THlTvTEKNTH STREET, NEW YORK. H HEUKKB H H E H H E H H E J HHHHHH EBB A H H E A H H E A H H E A B H EEKEBA RRRRR NN R R N N R B N N B R N N RRRRR N N R R N N B R N li : B B N l b R N From the mountains oomes demand for BLANKET.S, And tlms do \re supply demand; White. A t W orth.Colorod. A t Worth. 10-4 98c, *1.25.10-4 75c. 81,09 10-4 $1.50 $2.00 10- 4 3.00 4.26110-4 98c. 3.2n 11- 4 9-*9 3-50' 11-4 3.75 4.75 10-4 $2.00 2.75 11- 4 «.00 9.00 12- 4 4.89 6.75I11-4 2.60 3.50 12-4 6.69 10.001 ___ 12- 4 9.00 12.09111-4 3.25 4.2,> 13- 4 7.98 11.691 13-4 10.09 14.00 11-4 8.98 6.09 W hen we state above quoted Blanltote to be wortii last quoted prices we are quite within tho mark ......... Perhaps you do not know, but if you do not knew yen’ll soon find out, th a t there has been a great ad­ vance in prices of ail grades of Blankets ......... We placed liiis Fall's orders months and months ago, and until season fairly opens will sell at prices named, al­ though wo cannot buy at prices th a t we'll aell...... Prices are for the pair, n o t piece. V R A V E I , ’r n A N S P O K X A T I O f W , * & . S a l l r o a d a # O R O O K L Y N A N N E X F O B O JE R SEY PITY. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. LEAVING FOOT OF FULTON STREET DAILY. 1;^: USS: ival of &U tralTib. points. Ask fur okb _________vftr and Boston boat, 6:00 P. M. f To Albany Day line, 8:00 A. M. Keturnings leave Jersey Baggog* chocked and tickets sold to all BroukTyn ticket, when fsteuiiibonta* TTA R T F O R D V I^C O N N . RIVER, FROM l i Pier24 K. R.. N.Y. Steamers CITY OF SPRINGFIELD and UlTY OF RICHMOND. Daily, at 4 P. 61. Faro $1.50; round trip $2.50; stata- rooms one vToy 81; rojnd trip $1.50. The Saturday trip from New York by atearaer City of flprincfiold gives dayli;:ht m far aa Huntington, on th » Bonnn. Return, leave H:utford Monday s t tP.M . Delight­ ful Boenpry on Ccnnocticut River. Daylight through higJ> whole distance from Hartford to \ rn! ood table,go< be occupied ccupied __ _ -ay, .. . .nday lom $4 tor rouud trip; two fares ai larog and one room iorfl to Der*p crcouiB on the Saturday o Saturd Su end Monday. One - . . . a . - ... a----- lands find nearly u River. Good table, trip moy be o oc\'' faro and one roi room $C.60; thi ___________ t r U ^ O N T u W i r B Y T l A Y ^ ^ ^ DAY LINK STEAMERS ALBANY or C. VIBBARD. (Daily, except Sunday.) L‘*avo Brooklyn. F ulton s t. (by Annex)...............8:00 A. M. New Yoik. Vestry st. uier.......................................8:40 A M. And West 2‘2iid s t pier promptly a t ..................... 9:00 A. fll For Albany, lauding n t Nyack and TarO’town (by ferry). West P oint, Newburgh, Pouglikeopsie. Rhiaebeck, Cat*- kiJJand Hudson. Returning, leave Albany a t 8:30 A. M. CONNECTIONS; WEST POINT and NEWBUGU—W ith down boat. RHlNEBKGIC(byfprry)—W ith speemi train on the UI- R. B. HUDSON—With BOSTON A ALBANY R, R. for Chat­ ham, Pittsfield, Lobanon Springs, Bennington, etc. Albany—With special Saratoga express, and with N. Y. O. R. R. for Utica, Buffalo. Niagara Falls and the W es^ Tho Now York Transfer Company will call for and check baggage from hotels and roaidenccs- _________________ p iA L I i RIVER LINE. FOR BOSTON. NEWPORT, FALL RIVER. A DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE is now being oporato'l via this route. Four fitoamera in oommifsion: PILGRIM. BRISTOL, PROVIDKNOK, OLD COLONY. A fme BAND and ORCHESTRA on t.ach steanior. Leave New York from Pior28 (old No.), N. R., font of Murray at. on tho f<>llowing avhwlule: 5:^0 P. M.—For Fall River direct. 6:15 P. M.—F’or Newport, due about 6:00 A. M. and Fall River, duo about 7:W A. M. Returning leave Bf'fiton at C;0b and 7:00 P. M. Fall River, 7:30 and 8:15 P. M. Due in New York ' 7:00 --- M. Fall Kivor, ’ _ _ Y at 7:20 and 7:30 A. M. Sundays leave New York at 6:30 P. M. for fill point!. Returning leave Boston 7:00 P. M. Connectit>n ria Annex boat from Brooklyn 5:00 P.M .; iloreey City 4:00 'I. daily (Sunday! incliide-l'. Tia Annex boat fn P.M . daily (Sunda .......... blamed in Brmiklyn, Court st, BGUFuItou Brooklyn 5:ui/ ; i»ocno> oiLjr n;wv 1. daily (Sundayi inclnded) rickets, staterooma. etc., be obtained in ’Brmjklyn, a t Annex office, foot of Fwi* inox o ...... ............ - -- fit, and 107 Broadway, K. D. Send four c ent! in ttaropa. to Post Office Box 452, f.w copy of ‘‘Pilgrim Laiul, paot and preseut,” and Fall Rivui lino tours. ^ GKO. L. (;OVNOK, General Pasaenger Agsnk BORDEN A LOVELL. Agent!. O O S T O N A N D N E W E N G L A N D WATCH HILL. NARUAGANSETT PIKR AND BAR HARBOR. SrONlNGTON LINE. . INSIDE ROUTE. Si oamcra leave from now Pier 36, North River, one block f.b«-Vo Canal st, at 6:02 P. M. daily, oxcopt Sunday; a new rior cars (reclining chairs) between steam* out charge. ^aKoager AjenV r> 0«-»0 wau»4 04'. “ 4 U.W i . (Ii.ll/, train, with parlor cars (reclining chairs) •r’s landing a p ^ B m ^ u ^ w iU i^ t c h ^ 8 ^ ][:> R O \ n [ D E N C E L I N E . ■*FOR PROVIDENCE. W ^OESTJCR, NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND AND W HITE MOUNTAIN POINTS. r cars from tain puints, without chai Book* ner landing to Wliito Moun* ngo. Send for Summer Kxoursiun F. W. F O P P iIE, General PafiBcnger Agent. A —M A U Y P O W E L L , F O R O R A N - m: day, a t Vestry Bfj 3:16P, M .;'“ WILL L.4.ND AT MABLBOBOUUH. ^■^OLV .SPRING, HUNTINGTON AND V y OYSTER B A Y -Stoam h o -t Srlvon Doll leavoa foot ol Buektuan bt. Nov York, ftt 3:45 P. M. d&lW oicoptinrf BoturJny. Saturdaye a t 9 P. M. Saturday afternoon oi- ouniun, arriving in Now York about 9:30 1. M ■moY ROATS, CITIZENS’ LINE. a. $7.30 ion tioketa. $2.69: Lite to Adiromlaoks, 5 North. Hloam- except Saturday. lOQcb a t Aibaay. n, ti' $4 50 V o ’^SAB a V o g V and return. $7.60 toLAKK. GEORGE and return. TROV E iourair- go.od during tho fioas-tn. Popular route Lake Champlain, Wiliinmistown and th e era Oity of Troy and Saratoga, daily foot of Christopher at, C P. M. bundoy steamers toneb a t Alb L R A N Y R O A T .S. P E O P L E ’S L I N E , DREW and DEAN RICHMOND Leave Pier 41, N. K., foot Cunal fit. Daily (Sundays excepted) at 6 P. JL Oonnocting a t Albany l o r ^ l •7V T O R W IC H L I N E F O R B O S T O N , W O R - *^Fr.;m Pier 40, North River, fool of W atts st. (next pier ab.-vo Derbr.isQes at. Ferry), a t 5 P . M. . Steamer CITY OF WOftOESTF.R. Tuosdayi. Thursday. cnii Saturdays, __ . Hlcamer CITY OF NEW YORK, Mondays, Wodnes- days ami Fridsya. This lino hnsuneQualod facilities for b andling and dis­ tributing freight ihroughoui New England. On6 8toam«r each way daily, except Sunday, oiclinivoly ff>r Ireigljt. Tiokets and fitftt-jroonis socurod at 207, 257, 261,'iill, 3^7 and 957 Broad.vay; Aslor House, Winds-jr and Ccimopnlitnn Hotele; f38 Fulton it, Brooklyn; at Plot 40, North Kivi-r and on etoiiner.i. ________________ UEORGKW. BRADY. AgenV. a^tcniiialiltis. ^ O R T H G K R M A N L L O Y D S T E A M S H I P X X LINE—Now York, Southampton and Bremen. rsBt Einrcsa Steal \ 10 A. M.r* • Emu. Sat., An. 21, il'.dO A.M.)Aller. W g A, 8 epl. 1 RftI . lies of jKagsago to Havre or Bremen, Firet cabin, $75 to $150 according to 1 re nt Imvphl rates 25,1:30 PM Sep^Ll.^v'A.M. to location iBOOond, $60; tickets a t reduced rates. . . . .. SloGroge nt Imvphl rates; return tickets a t red Pier between Second and I'Jiird Bt.s. HobokenI, OELRICHS 1 C a , No. 2 Bowling_Groen. Grc N C H O R L I N E . \ N . . wling N ^ . A UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS ------- - .,F , YORK FOR HK&ia.Bfiia, Aucufitugust 14,, 6 A. M.>Anchori.iAnc i, Augiiet 28» 3IP* Ptft Sant. L IW A.M. Circa A 14 6 A. M Ethiopia, August 21, 9 A. M.M^ev ..-.^x.iopin, August £i, u xii.n.^i'v 'nifi Cabin paESsgo, $45 and $55. Bocoiid cl .8 s $ 3 0 . R e turn$55. JO IN T EXPRESS SERVICE. Q.ciAXfivn'Ovi.v ufvvji»i.iLAvw, I AJ«»xA.A.n OjrQ0fl,.Novr XOfkt or JOHN TAYLOR, 68 Court efc (open S a tu ^ a y night) OfU,lT4KOOH.44)iH«adWft3ri JBr(W>Y]ya,It, Dt . • D R Y G OOD2S. iVC« rURD, WAITB <fc CO. s H tj n I H U U JIIH H U U I H U U 3 B UU RRR DDD R R D “ RRR D - R R D D h ! E B DDD 1 D ! A W A flTTTTEKE M .. W W AA II T E A f t WV VW A A n T EE * 4 * W W AAA II T K 4 4 * ■SH W A A U T EEB 4 4 4 “ COO OO O CO O o o o 0 OO o . . . , 0 0 0 OO ». 917, 319 AND 321 FOLTON STREET, OPPOSITE PIKRREPONT. o.------------ GKLAT CLEARING SALE OF DRESS GOODS. Tho following will bo found THE LOWEST PRICKS QUOTED THIS SEASON: 25 OENTS-To clone our stock of all Wool French PlaidB, all Wool Atlanta Canvas Sailing, Trou- serllng Stripes, nil Wool Bouclo Suitings, Mo­ hair Ohslies, etc. ^ 29 OENTS-To close our stock of all Wool TWO TONED STRIPED ETAMINE, in creams, which have sold this season for 75o. 39 CENTS—To close all Wool CANVAS BOUCLB STRIPE; price previously, 75o. 37.00—To close our line of 320.00 EMBROIDERED ALBATROSS KOBES. (I ------------------------------------------------- - 0 WASH DRESS GOODS. Marvelous Reduction in Prices. Onr entire stock ot 26c. Sateens marked down to 15c. to close. 2 coses well known and staple C.alicoos, 3c.; rem­ nants, 1J40. Fine Crinkled Seersuckers. I'iMe.; reduced Irom I8o. Lace Buntings, Go. j reduced from 10c. 4-4 Figured Lawns, 7c.*, remnants, 4c. HOUSEKEEPING LINENS, SHEETS, 4C. Some of tho BEST.VALUES SHOWN THIS SEA- SON. Compare theae prices. 60c. cream and bleached Table DAMASK, for 47c. 80o. satin finish DABIASK for 65c. $1.25 extra double D*kilASK for 95c. $1.19 extra double all liuen NAPKINS; worth $1.60. $1,75 extra double linen NAPKINS; worth $2.25. $2.88 extra double all linen NAPKINS; worth $3.50. 75c. extra double rod bordered DOYLIES; worth $1.09. 23c. for D.imask and Huck TOWELS, combed and knotted fringe; ralue 35c. 68o. for heavy Crochet QUILTS; worth80o. $3.75 for English Marsoillos QUILTS; were $5.00. , 10-4 ready made SHEETS, mangled and ready for use, C3c,: value 89c. 5-1 PILLOW CASES, loc., C*4 20c. Fresh Invoice of GOSSAMER RUBBER CLOAKS A t half price. W© have secured a further quantity of the KLEC* TRIO RUBBER CIRCULARS which we have boon selling the past few days as on extraordi­ nary bargain a t 87 CENTS. This last lot will be eacrificed at the same figures, which Is just ONE'HALF THE REGULAR PRICE. LADIES’ SUITS AND WRAPS. Unsurpassed Inducements. SUMMER SILK SUITS in checks and stripes, a t tho reduced prices, $12.50 and $10.00; were $18.00 and $25.00. $20.00 SATIN FOULARD SUITS reduced to $12.50. All our W HITE SUITS a t special prices. All wool suits from $7.00. Boucl© Jackets th a t were $G.50 reduced to $3.45. Cashmere SHAWLS -AND SCARFS from $1.25 to $25.00. HURD, W AITE A OO. O E N T S ’ F U n N l S H I N G G O O p ^ S e l ^ A R I i & W I L S O N . TRADE KRB s BB a RRB AA W A W A A W W AAA -W W W A Aj, VV VV ... AAA * W W ... MARK. EARL & WILSON’S MEN^S LINEN COLLARS AND CUFFS ARE f u ^ B E S T . EVERY* FOR SALE WHKRE^ _____ ra R A v ii:i.f, t k a n s i m > h x a t i o n , KteaniMlifPtf* >nU IO N LINE UNITED\ ,STATB.S MAIL V T STEAMERS, sailing from Pier No. 38. North River foot of King 8t, for QUEENSTOWN and LIVERPOOL as follows* ' wlv I a u a ...........................August 17, 5:06 P . M. WISCONSIN......................Tuo.day, August 2 ’, 11:30 A. M. Cabin passage. $60,^5*70 and $80. Iniermodiato. $30. Sloorace Irom Now York. 820. Prepaid steerage to Now York, $20. A. M. UNDKRHII.l. 4 OO.. 29 Broadway, Naw York. JOHN C. HENDERSON 4 SON, 344 F u ltun at. ____ ■%/roNAHCH LINE—TO LONDON DIRECT A J l AND FB06I LONDON AND GALWAY. ASSYRIAN M ONARCH .......... Sat.. August 14, 1 P. M. LYDIAN MONARCH....................Sa4, Aligjist21,, J , I 4 / 4 2L11 iv ia y j l g i aa.. . . PERSI.AN MONARCH.., Bat.. August 2J. y A. ai. ..W ed., Sept. 1, C A. M Cabin nass'me, good accoraraodationu, $.-6 and $60; town. and Londonderry, ;iol8. JOHN TAYLOR. Agent, 68 and 70 Court s tjl^i^klyn. ‘s a \ ' \ ....... BKITI'ANIO.' ................. THURSDAY. Auaiist 211, 2 P. M. Cabin ratos, 8C9. 8S0 and 31U0.. Steerage tickoU from or to Old Country, $20; intermcdiato in Adriatic and Cel- tic, $3 These steamers do not carry cattle, sheen or pigs. F o r pafisage tickets or d rafts, payable on dem a n d every* :.^Ta%‘io!ift'*rS?.;3!C p < y 'tov‘ A’& l m .t..ndJOUNF.M O^yA^N,8^Bro^adw / S b N E R A L T R A N S A T L A N T I C ^ PANY. BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVKB COMPANY’S PIER, No. 42, NORTH RIVER, Foot of Morton fit LA CHAMPAGNE, Traub ............ Sat., Aug. 14, .liHb A. M LA NORMANDIE.de Koraabioo.Sat., Aug. 21, ]0:09 A.M Checks payable at eighty in ,amounts to suit, on the Brmquo Transatlaniique, oi Paris. LOUIS DE BEBIAN, Agont. No. 0 Bowling Green, N. Y. PENNER A R O DGERS, 85-87 Court st, Brooklyn. __ I N M A N L I N E . 9 FOR QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. CITY OF CHICAGO ............ Saturday. August 14. 4 P. M. BALTIC........................ SATURDAY, August 21, 19 A. M. CITY OF RICHMOND ....... Saturday. Auriiat 2 ’. 4 P. M. From Inman Pior, r'oet of Grand at, Jersey City. Cabin passage $-jU and upward; iiitcrmediato, $30; steoraga PETER W R IGHT A SONS. General Agents, No. 1 Broadway, Now York. JOHN C. HKNDERSON & SON, 334 FuU o n st ; or H. F. KOCH, 44>6 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. _________ r n r a S T A T O S T E A M S H T P L I N B ■ BETWEEN NEW YORK, GLASGOW AND BJCLFAST [LAllNE), With througU tickets *t reduced rates Is LIVERPOOL. LONDON. DUBLIN. Ac. From Pier 42, North River, foot o( Lercy st. rassenger acconimodaiions unsurpassed. Oaoin p, 935 and $19, according lo location of statei'oom- 8t< b, according t I Europe a t hiwest rates. tickHtfickHtt a tt reducededuced rates.ates. lassage eerage $35 and $' to and froi Excursion t a r r AUSTIN. BALDWIN A OO., No. 53 Broadway. N. Y. BERNARD BOGAN, Agent, C5 C ourt tt, Brooklyn, ParcoU forirardod to all parts of Europe by Baldwin’s Kuropoan Exprois. U T N A R D L I N B . ETRURIA.. u j P b r l a V.V. . W. 11., wiew YUiiK. .Saturday, August 14, 4 ...Saturday. Augu.st 21, 9 Saturday, A ugust 23, 3:30 \ \ s i t ; P.M.' Cabin passage, $60, $30 or $100, according to aooommo* (latlcD. Intorinediatc paBBUgv, $35. Tioketa to Paris $22 additional. Return tiokets CQ favorable terms. S teer^o a t very low rates. Steerage tickets from Liver* pool and Queenstown and all other ports of Bnrope at lowest rates. Through bills of lading givou for Belfast, Glasgow, Harr©, Antwerp and other porte on the Oontinontand for Moditcrrane’iu ports. 'P'or freight and passage apply a t Ml. company . o S l o - ^ N . ^ ' For pfiSEgge ticket -1 from or for EuroM, drafts a t lowest rates and further infornialion apply to T. II. UENDRIOK* BON, No. 216 Atlantic av, near Onnrt st, sole agent for Brooklyn, or H. F. KOCH. 44’a Broadway, Brooklyn. & D. C’OOiitwiHe H tc a m e r e . /'1 H A K L E S T O N , S A V A N N A H , F L O R I D A t v AND THE SOUTH AND SOUTHWEST, Via CHARLESTON, 8. O.. a t U P . M. From Pier 27. North River, foot of P ark nlace. OITY OF ATLANTA, Oaot. Lockwood .......... Sat.. Aiig. 14 DBLAWABE. Uapt. w innott ......................... Wed., Aug. 18 JAMK.S W. QUINTARD * CO., Agents; OB, WILLIAM P. CLYDE A CO., 35 Broadway. From P 'o r ; NACOOCHKE. Cnpit. TALL v MIASSEE. U, CTTYOFAUGU. ger acconimod.Ttinus. Kompton. ^am p to ..................... - ............. - f. Uai)t. F ish e r .......................... Sat., Aug. 14 .STA. Capt. Nickerson.......Tees., Aug. 17 H. YONGE, A g e n t. these steamers 01 modatinu 1 i bo collected Ivt-n n’/vlMwlr : ,...T h lurs., Sat., Aug. 12 are provided with first class pas^e Iiisuranco of one per cent. Pro* at d estination if infiiiratice is of* liuin can bo collected a t d estination if inBiiraiice is of- C O l 'A i r X i V l J l t S H I P N O T IC iU S . ra^H ia IS T O ' (JIVE SOTIOE 'TO \ a l l wliom it m tj ris i n g b e t w t _____ ___ _____ ____ ____ _________ 'Z, under the firm nAuie and stylo of A B E L A rOETij, has tliis day been dissolved by m u tual conaent. ho biiHiness nil! lie corttiim c i by JO S K P ll GOKTZ, vho assum es all the liabiliticH a n d is nlono authorized to coUe.ct all ontstr.n bn*; *. biiins ol tho firm.—D a ted B rook­ lyn, A u g u st 10, 18b6. K A T H A R IN E ABEL, a u l l 3t . y ooriconi, that, the partnership hereto* fore exisUng lie tween TCA3’HARINE AREL and JOSEPH GOETZ, under tlie firm name and stylo of ** 'ij, has tliis day been dissolved by mutual g o e t : Thi JOSEPH GOETZ. £ k O X £ I . S ! rg^H E AMElilOAN HOTEL, 28, 30 and IJT f ULTON ST. 28. 30 and 32 FULTON ST. First class rooms forgoutlomon at moderate pricea. ___ ___________ T. ft ILM A N, Prooriotof. S*rO J R A G £ i! A T T H E M E T R O P O L I T A N S T O R A G E n n v G O O D S . & c . W .' TH U R S D A T -Thieatening, followed by o leaiins. ^ y W B B g _ H H H ® B 8 „ L KH RRR B H UXI> BBIS B B W VV F, 0 O H W Vr KKB GOO B BBB RRB A H « A JJM ^ . B AAA h “ h AAA M | . . kBBB B B A A B B A A U M THE SAME IV. SELLING ALL SILK, BIGHLY DADOED AND TINSELLED ALL ROUND $22 POBTIKRBS FOR $12.00 HAS HAD ITS EFFEUT. A BIG TRADE DAILY. $10 OFF’ A PAIR OF CURTAINS MEANS A STREP DROP. Second flaw—eievatora BLANKETS IL SELLING CALIFORNIA AND EASTERN WOOL BLANKETS NOW FROJI $2.60 TO $22.00 THAT MUST OOJIMAND 20 PER CENT., POSSIBLY 26 PER CENT., 30 DAYS LATER, HAS BROUGHT TH E PRUDENT HOUSEWIFE QUICKLY TO US. W E BE­ LIEVE W E TOUCHED ON TH E POINT ABOUT THE SHARP RISK IN WOOL RECENTLY. THAT’S WHY YOU AND W E WILL HAVE TO PAY MORE FOB OUB BLANKETS PRETTY SOON Mam floor—center. MEN'S COLLARS, III. 1.700 SOLID LINEN COLLARS B’OR MEN AT OOC. A DOZEN HAD ITS EFFECT. OVER HALF' ALREADY GONE. THEY ARE $3.00 LINEN COLLARS FOR 90c.; 600. FOR H.ALF A DOZEN. STANDING AND TURN DOWNS. MEN THAT CAN'T REACH US SEND ALONG THE PRICE OF A DOZEN OB SO, AND W E FILL THE ORDERS THROUGH OUR \M A IL ORDER DEPARTMENT.” DON’T NE­ GLECT TO TELL THE SIZE. Mon’s iixi:ics, close to entrance—rii;bt. WEN’S SOX, IV. THE S5o„ 40c. AND 46c. MEN’S FANCY STRIPF.D SOX FOR 250. A PA IR MAKES TH E FOURTH OP TH E FOUR SPECIAL BARGAINS WK BEGAN MONDAY FORE­ NOON LAST. NONE OF TH E ASSORTMENTS OP TH E FOUR BARGAINS HAVE AS YET GIVEN OUT. LIKELY TO AT ANY HOUR. DELAY MAY ’MEAN DISAPPOINTMENT. Main floor—front. UNDERWEAR. COTTON UNDERW E A R -SOM E T H ING ELSE FOR TO-MORROW. L NURSES’ APRONS, FIN E QUALITY OF VICTORIA LAWN, LARGE SIZES, 250. II. LADIES’ F INE OHE3IISES AND DRAWERS TRIMMED W ITH HASIBURQ EMBROIDERY, 60c. l i t ASSORTED LOT OF MUSLIN CHEMISES, SEVERAL STYLES, MADE U P FROM BROKEN LOTS, ALL FINE GOODS, 75c.; SOME OF THESE ARE WORTH S1.25. IV. SIOTHER HUBBARD NIGHTGOWNS, TUOKED FRONTS, AND TRIMMED W ITH FINE E8IBROIDERY, 750. V. FIN E MUSLIN WALKING SKIRTS. W ITH A FLOUNCE OF EMBROIDERY NINE INCHES DEEP, $1.25. VL ASSORTED LOT OF BABY AND OIIIL- DREN’S DRESSES, A VARIETY OF STYLES, TO FIT OIIILDHKN SIX MONTHS TO THREE YF.ARS, 50c., 02o., 650., 75c. TO $1.37. SPECIAL PRICES THESE. DRESSING SAOQUES-W B HAVE REDUCED TH E PRICES OF OUB FIN E VICTORIA LAWN AND INDIA LAWN DRESSING SACQUES ABOUT 25 PER CENT. THE GOODS ARE L \ PERFECT ORDER. SEASON IS ADVANOING. W E COULDN’T THINK OF CARRYING ANY OF THEM OVER THE MONTH. PERFECT IN SHAPE ANUSTYT.ES. NOW AT THESE PRICES; 75c., $1.00, $1.25, $2.00, $3.25, $3.75, $4.00. Second floor—Elevators. W E C i l S L E R * A B R A I I A S I , 2'broe entrancee—Fulton st.G.'ilIatin placo, Livingston at. COWJEiN IS G A I Y G . _______ _ _ _ _ DEPOT. *6:50. (9:29 Sundays only). 10:20.11:20.12:20. 12:50.1:20, (1:50 S ^ d a y s only), 2:20 and iiall iiourly tlieroafior to •Not on Sundays. On Sundays a aditional trains leave at 2:05, 2:36, 3:03, 3:33, 4:0.3, 4:35, 5:05, • :3’3 and li;03 P. M. All Irliins etop at FRANKLIN, NOSTRAND, KINGS­ TON. T R 0 3 ’ and UTICA avs. Brooklyn Klovnted connoota a t East Now York. BUSHWIOK ROUTE now open to MANHATTAN BEACH, iiourly Trains from il):37 A M, to 9:37 P.M . These trains stop at Ridgewood Station, GILMORE’S GREAT BAND. Afternoon and Evening Concerts NEW MUSIC AMPHITHEATER PA lN ’.S LATEST AND GRANDEST -T H E BURNING OF M O SCOIY- EVERY NIGHT EX C E P T SUNDAY and MONDAY. ■ B R O O K L Y N , B A T H A N D W E S T B N D RAHROAD. Depot, FIFTH AV, corner Twenty-soTonth et. Green* wood. Train! for WE.3T BRIGHTON, CONEY ISLAND and BATH BEACH leave as followa- •6:15,7:16, 8:02, 8:45, 9:39,10:20, 11:10 A. M., 12:00 M. 2'hen every half hour to 8:39 P. M .; thou 9:10, 9:60,10:39, 11:10 and 12.09 P. 61. vDues not run Sundays. SUN­ DAYS OTsry 20 luiimtes a fter 1:09 P. M. EXCURSION TIOKETS 30 CENTS. Trains will also leave from the new terminus. Third av. and Thirty-sirth st, at tha same hours. Excursion tickets to West Brighton, Ooney Island, 25 cents only. All passengers a dmitted to Exposition free. s R I G H T O N B E A C H R A I I i W A Y . K HOTEL BRIGHTON AND THE RAOB TBAOKA CONEY ISLAND. rralns leave Bedford Station 0:30, 7:30 and 8:80 A M,y IbBD evciy 39 miuutos until 1 P. Af., and every 15 minutes thuroaftor until 10:30P. M.; leave Bergen, But* lor and Prospuct Park Stations a fe*.r minutes Uter. Tralus loaro Hotel Brighton 5:40. 7:16. 8. 9 and 9:36 A M., then every 30 miniKoa until 1:05 P . M., and every I f minutes tliuronfter until 11:16 P. &f. Unpleasant days trains will be run hourly after 9:80 SUNDAYS. First train leaves Bedford Station 7:30 A. U. and Bolel Brighton 8 A. M. ------- HOTEL BUIGHTON OPEM FOR TH E SBASOE. Oonccrlsby Cappa’s S e rentb Regiment Band. C O N E Y IS L A N D . SEA BEACH RAILWAY. Trains leave IS leave Third av. Station at G;45, 7:25, 8:95 9:36, 10:26 and every thirty m inutes thereafter until 10:25 P. M. On Sundays a r ^ holidays trains run ovory tiventy min* utoB until 1<?:25 _ I,ast train leave: ach Third and at 11:15 P . M. mn, take Hamilton av. Court at. from Tiveuty*fourth fit. to Sixty* »y» P. H. 'cs Ooney Isl To reach Third av .Sti or Third av. cara, stoar. ............. fifth fit., vrithout extra chargo. This route I, FIVE And terminates In the center of _________ ATTRACTIONS, OLD AND NEW. Vi ROSPECT PA ltK AND CONEY ISLAND RAILROAD. OONEY ISLAND. WEST BRIGH* «..N BEACH. BRfOUTON BEAOH. MANHATTAN BKAOH, PAUKVllsLfcl AND GRAVKSEND. KKOURSION TICKETS. 80 CENTS Children betweou 5 and 12 yeara uf age, 15 oenta. Trains l6ivo Brooklyn dopot. Nmlb av. and Tivonlloth §t. (Gioenwood,)6:90, 7:00, 8;00. 9:00. 9:30,10:00 A. M., then ovary twenty minutes until 1 :(10 P. U.» a ndtheceaiter every filteen minutes until 11:00 P.M . ^ Returning, trains leave West Brighton at iike fntor* v o l.u u tilU :3 0 P .M ^ ^ SUNDAYS. First train leaves Brooklyn at 6:00 A. M. and West Brighton 8 ;30 A. M. Horse car routes direct to Brooklyn depot: Tho now Seventh av. lino from Fulton Forry via Brook: tyti Bridge; Oity Hall and AtUntio av. the Park au Vanderbilt av. lino, from ^ I t o n and Oatharine_.ferriei via Brooklyn Bridgo and Prospect Park Uuo (blue cars) from Hamilton Ferry. P«Bsenger8 via Bocrum place, Atl&nu 08 UOC a Fe.rr ud ine ferries, Ninth st. ond*Fifth a” llne9^ranBKr^at^L’onjr‘l«rand”RRliroad Da* pot to Soventh av. lino vrithout extra fare. Pa rk ; the av, Butler st. I R ailroad T I N S X R U C T I O I T . U iB BEDFORD .S C H O O L , Fulton s tan d Bedford av, Thayer Building; ©ipo- gh inetruclion; boys and_ipvm^ css or collogo; bc iTioatio teachers; thorniu men propared for busin aKPTEMUEU 14: circulars on appi ai the rooms a lter fleptomber 5. H a TALMAGK, A. M., A. P.THOMBS, A. M., C O R N E R lilding; expo- oyB and y^ouna Bchool OPENS Principals Principals. Q t . iVukK’S ACADEMY, ^ ICO OARLTON AV. NEAR MYRTLE. Jjj , /. ------- Y.s ------ 1. ------- S........ . iglish. German, Frencii institute; sovoi year KEOPKNS AIONDAY, September 0, Kindorgartou connected with echool. 880. V - 'I L A V E R A C K (N . Y .) c o l l e g e a n d V IIUD.SON RIVER INSTITUTl'I-Oollege oourso for lauios; pToimratory and business fur nonlleinon; conserv­ atory of music and a rt; OPJuNS 33rd year Septombor 13. Sena for cutah*gue. _ llev. A. H. YLACII, A. B., ProBident. m H E ^ A T H l S D R ^ i O F SA IN T M ARY, GARDEN CITY, LONG ISLAND, N. Y. Terms, $350 per annum. Apply to Miss CHARLOTTE TITOOMB, Principal. rjlH I 'l CATHEDRAL SCHOOL OP CHARLESSTURTEVANT STl RT. PAUL, GARDEN O IT Y .L.I. TERMS. $4()0 A YEAR. APPLY TO ----- MOORE, A.B. (Harvard), HEAD MASTER. C lr A I U V O Y A I V T S . ■ c a u s e s ■ S P E E D Y love, unitei a'parat^d, re* 3 7 3 ,G O L D ^ T B ^ .^ ; , . .. C O R P O R A T I O N N O y i C B g f i JL ordmanoe of the Gomn^on gouuoii m relation to de* posits Co be mode by proposer* forwork, Ao., paeaed April 9,1877: Ench proposal must baaooonipauloa by a deposit of ^ 5 in money, or by o ^ tiflm l^cl^k^ayablo lo^onftr of Sasioner of tho Department of^Oity ^Vo^k8), to bo re­ turned to tho bidder in cake bis bid is rejected by the Boaid of Oity Works (now the Oommissioner of tho De­ partm ent of Oity Works). In ewe tho p:uty or parties to whom tho contract may be awarded shall n ^ I e o to r refuse to enter into contract, the amount deposited,-as above speeifiod, will bo retained as liquidated damages for laoh \ D e p a r t m e n t o f c i t y w o r k s . Maniuipsi Oepwt- nent Building, Brooklyn, August o, 1885—Sealed propoiala ing of two sureties on each prop.*i«al (who shall qualify aa to their responsibility m tho sum of $/5), that if the contract bo awarded to tho p irty or partiosproposing they will bocome bound as hiu or their surety for its faithful performance: and in case ho or they shall neglect or ro* luso to execute tho contract, if 60 awarded tbom, that they will-pay to the Oity of Brooklyn tho differenoo be­ tween tho price so proposed and the price at which the oontraot may be mado wlth any othor person or persona. IVoprisals to bo indorsed ” To tho Commissioner of ihe Dop::rt!ueut of .Oily Works (specifying work),’* Tho a d d proposils will bo publicly opened and anuounood on the ISihday of August. 1885, a t the hour of 12 o’clock M; ;p r > vidodthat tlie OommiBSioner of the Department ol City Works or his regularly appointed deputy in present. In caso of the ahsonce of both then On tho first day tharo* after whcii eitlior is present. By order of Lbo Oomnum OounoiL—Dated Brooklyn, .luoo 2B, 1HS9. GEORGE RICARD CONNER, Commiesioner of the Department of Oity Works. A tte s t: D. L. N orthup . Socrotary. __________ an5 IQt ^ C O R P O R A T I O N N O T I C E - N O T I C E 13 horeby given to all pel sons to be affected thereby th a t the Common Oounoli of tho Oity of Brooklyn h as de- elared, by resolution, it* intention to cause gas lamp posts, with lantem s and all nereiriarj Appurtenances, to be Bet on Throop avenue, from Halsey street to Oates ave­ nu e : and nas, by resolution fixed the district ol assess* m e n t for such improvement on the lots lying on and along tbo lines on o.aoh H-d« of tlio •••aid T' between the points, above specified specified; and th a t the said ton Council will proceoa under tho said resolutions Eta mootingtheroof, tobeheld on the39th d ayof August. 1686, or as soon thereafter as the public business will allow. Remonstrances (if any) against the said improve­ m e n t m ust be filed with th e O le r k o fthe f Gommi Common Coun- Sou eil (or otherwjso preaentod t^ th o Common GounciB ( fceloro the ssid Commissioner of the Department of City Work*. A ttest: D. L. N obthup , Secretary* __________ jy31 l i t f^E P A R T M E N T OF CITY WORKS. COM- JL g missioner's Office. Room 16. Municipal Building Brooklyn, August 4 , 18S6-*The following propraala were this day publicly oponed and announced Tor REPAVING KENT AVENUE FROM PENN STREET TO FLUSH­ ING a v e n u e , w i t h g r a n i t e b l o c k s , to wit: ^ Gregory Cor, g ranite pavement per square yard, $2.25; new curb per lineal foot. 60o.; new bridge per square foot, 4.*)C. ; lino of improvement per lineal foot, 18o.; anretios, M. J . D a ^ and Francis M. Edgerton; Jam es F. Gillen, granite pavement per square yard, $2.27; now curb per lineal foot, 39o.; new bridge per square foot, 59c.; line of improvenient per lineal foot, Olo.: BUteties. August Sedlmeien aud William Bayer. William Mogk, granite p.ivoment per squaro yard, $2.19; now curb per lineal foot, 40o.; now bridge per pnunvo font, 38c.; lino of Improvenent per lineal foot, 21)0.: sureties. Jam es F. Gillen and Charles Hart. Daniel J. Creon, granite pavement ppr square yard, $2.18; now curb per lineal foot, 5Dc.; n ewbndge per square foot. 49c.; lino of improveniout per lineil foot, Go.; aiiro- tipfl. Seth L. Keeney and D. H. Valentino. ^ ^ Charles H irt, granite pavement p e rsquaio yai-d, $2.99; new curb per lineal foot, 43o.; new bridge per squaro foot. 37c.: lino of improvement nor lineal foot, 3o.; sureties, WilHara Mogk and Jam es I*. Gillen. J^ihn Heimessy, granite pavement nor square yard, $1.08; now omb per lineal foot, $1.24; now bridge per Rquaro foot, 59c.; lino of improvement per lineal foot, 7c.: sureties. Michael May and Dennis May. G_EC)HOE RICAUD CONNER, OommiBsioner^ A ttest; D. L. N outhup , Secretary. __ ____ OF OITY WORKS, COM- missioner's Office. Ro^m 15, Municipal Biiildin;?, Brooklyn, A u g u sts, 18HC—Tho following proposals were this d/»y publicly opened and announced for constructing 80 WCT in M y i L, District 24. Hancock street, between ,Sumner and Throop avenuoji, to wit: Edward ^Gorman, 12 inch cement pipe, per running foot. $1.10; Kdward Gor- luan. 15 inch cement pipe, per running foot, $1.35; Ed­ ward Gorman, manholes with irou ho.ul and cover com­ plete, $36; Buroties, Peter Blake and John Bray. John Jlr.iy, 12 inch cement pipe, per running foot. 90 cents; foot. $1.29, complete, ilulroy. John foot. 09 c o ats; ning font. Br.iy, 12 inch cement pipe, per John Bray, 15 inch ceniom pipe, per running fc John Bruy, mnnholes.with iron head and cover $35; BurHies, Peter Blake and O.ven Muln Bngort, 12 inch cement pipe, per runnii John Bogert. 15 inch cement pipe, p $1 15; J o h n Bogert, in.anholcs with iron lie.ia anct cover complete. $32; euretioa, Charles H.nrt and John O. Lo'jhoy. Daniel J . Creem, 12 inch comoiit pipe, per run* ning foot, 89 cents; Dain'ol J. Creem, lo inch cement pipe, per running foot, $1.10; Daniel J . Creem, manholes witli iron liend .nnd cover complete, $30; Huvetiea, S. L. Keeney CONWER, Gommissionoi;. A ttest: D. L. NoKTHUr, Secretary. auCCfc „ . O K P O R A T I O N N O T I C E —N O T I C E IS _ hereby given to all, persons to lio affnetod thereby (hat the Common Council of the Oity of Brooklyn nas de­ clared, by rosoluilon. itaintention to uause gas lamp posts with lanterns and all necessary appurtouance.4 to besot 1 avenue, from Albany avomio to Hclienuotofly avenue, and has by resolutlun fixed tho district of assess meut for such improvement on the lots lyhig on and alongong tho lines on each side of tiiesaidS t. Marka avei reon the points above specified; and that tho eaid on Council will proceed under the said resolutiiions eeting thereof, to bn held on the .'hffb day of' j eniip, be* ai Com* t a t a A i t must bo hied wicn cno uiork of the Common C (or otliorwise presented to the Common Oouncil) on or b .I o « th3.«ifdxy.-D s ,.g.B r g .W ^ ^ ^ OommisBioner of tho Department of Oity Works. A ttest: D. L. N obtuup . Secretary. jy8114i T S ^ r p o r a t i o n n o t i c e — n o t i c e is hereby given to all persons to bo affected thereby, th a t the Common OouncU of tho City of Brooklyn lias declared, by resolution, its inteution to cause gas lamp posts with lanterns and all necessary appurtenances lo be set on Nineteonth street, from Sixth avenue to Seventh avonue, and has by resolution fixed the dis­ trict ol assesHment for lach improvdmeut on the luts lying on and along the linea on each side of tho said Niueteentii street, between the points abovo upeoifiod; and that tho saia Common Council will proceed under the said rosolu* tiona a t a meeting thereof, to be held on the S3th day of August, 188^ or as soon thcroafter as the public business will allow. Kemonstrances (if any) agniiist tho said im­ provement must bo filed with the Clerk of tho Common Council (or otlierwisQ presented to the Common Oouiioil), on or before the a.aid day.—Dat-ed Brooklyn. Jnijr 31, 18f GEORGE RIOARD CONNER, Atteit: immissioner of th< D. L. N ohthdp . RGE RIOARD CONNER, te Department ot City Works. Seeretarv. iv3114t y^O U rO K A T IO N NO'TfbE—N C m C B IS V ^ h c reby given to all persons to be affect<Hl thereby that the Common Council of tho City of Brooklyn has declared, by resolution, its intention to cause gas lamp posts, with lanterns and all neciwsary appurtenaiices, to be set on Bra.Tton street, fr-^m SDvent'i Avonue lo KfRiith avenue. And has by resolution fixed the district o f aasossment for snob improvement on the lots lying on and along the lilies on each sido of the,said Hraxton street,botv ing thor^or. Boon thoi cn th'j J.Jth day of Augu.sJ : ___ _ irnafter as the public bnsiiiosa will allow. Ro* • '■* — ' against th e said im p rovem e n t i said improvement must 10 dorklerk ofr thehe Commonommo: Cyhncll (or other* oson^tod to_tbo Common Council) on or before the ___________ O.lUD CONNKR, Coramiaslonor of tho Department of City Works. A ttest; D . L. N o r t h u p , Secretary. iy .l l l t t monstrances (if any) aga: .. . ___ bo filed with tho c o t O wise presented to tho Common Council] said day.—Dated Brooklyn, July SI. 188i GKOlUHC RIC a UI M ^ AV<n>Ux» *. S, U> uuu AU AiAUSiausi/n )yn, July 9, 1886—Notice is hereby given th a t the ais* inont rolls in the following entiifed m atters have b cnmpletod, and tho warrants for the oullectinn of the rirus assessments mentioned therein have this eay b rirn s aescssmeiits mentioned therein have this any boon delivurod to the Collector of Taxes and ABSessmentll. and all persons liable to pay such aisuHsmentB are required to pay tho samo without delay at hia uffico, under the pen­ alty of the law: GRADING AND PAYING DURYRA STRKKT. FROM BROADWAY TO BUSHWIOK AVENUE. EXTRACT FROM THE LAW. Chapter 310, of 1878,' Section 4, as amondod by (.Umpter H0(). Laws of 1834. and Section 2, Chaptor248, Lnws nf 1U:<5. On .all taxes and assessm ents (ozeept afisessraonts laid iindor C h a p ter 2-i8. Laws of 1885). w h ich shall horoafter bo paid to tho Collector boforo tho expiration of one m o n th from th e tim e the sam e shall bocom e duo a n d pay­ able, a n allowance s h a ll ha made to tlio person or norsonfi m a k ing bUch paym ents nt the rate of sovon and three- ten th s per c e n tum per e n n u m f«r tUo UDOxpired portion (hereof. O n all lazes, ass-jnsmunts and w a ter rates paid after th e expiration of one un n th from tho tim e tho sam e shall liavo b ecom e duo a n d puyab^o there shall be added to an<l c o llected &a p a r t of every s u c h tax, assessm ent, or w a ter r a te in terest a t tho rate uf nine per cent, per an ­ num , to be c o m p u ted from tho tim e tho sam e shall ba- como due a n d payable, to th e date of said paym ent. l l V. D. HARDENBERGH, jylO 30t Oolleotor of Taxes and Assessmante. n ^ O c o n t r a c t o r s —A B S T R A C T F R O M X ordinance of the Common Council in relation to deposits to bo made by proposers for work, Ac., passed A p ril'J, 1877: Each proposal must be accompanied by a deposit ot $15 in money, or b.v certified check payable to order of the President of tho Board of City Works (now the Commissioner of tho Department of City Works), to be returned to tho bidder in cose his bid is rejected by tho Board of City Works (now the Commissionor of the Departmunt of City Worka). In coao the party or parties to whom tho contract may be awarded shall no- (fleet or rofufio to e n ter into contract, tho amount dopes- ited, as above specified, will be retained as liquidated daniagoB for such neglect or refusi). DEPARTMENT OF CITY WORKS. Municipal Dcp.art- m e n t Building. Brooklyn, August 5 .188G—Sealed propo­ sals will bo received a t this office until >Vrdnosiny, August 18, nt 1880. a t 12 M.. FOR SETTING GAS LAMP POfiTS E-tO., ON BAINBRIDOK S'l’REKT, FllO!)I RICID AVENUE TO PATCHEN AVENUE. Plans and specifi­ cations msy be seen and forms of proposals can bo pro­ cured on application a t tho Deparmont of City Works, Proposals will not bo oonaldorad unless accompanied by the deposit aforesaid, and also by an undertaking in writ­ ing, ot two sureties on each proposal (who shall qualify «s to their responsibility m tho sum or 87.5), that If tno ■ ■ tho be- lon the price so proposod and tlio price a t whiob the contract may bo made with ony other person or weons. Proposals to bo indorsed **To tho Oommie- :>ner of tho Departm ent of City Works (specifying work).” Tlie said pronosals will be publicly opened and announced on tho lt:th day of Aucuat, 1886, a t tuo Hour ot 12 o’clock M .; provided th a t tho Commissioner ot (ho liointod ■S; n ] 12 o'clock M .: provided th a t tlio uommissi Dopartmeut of City Works, or his regularly appi. .. deputy, is present. Inoaaoofthe absence of butli, then tho first jlny thereafter when either is present. By I Council—Dated Brooklyn, November GEORGE RICARD CfiNNER, . ,.iO first day there order of the Common C- 9 , 188C. G1 ----------- ----------------- Coinnii.*^sIoner of tho Departiuont of City Works. otary. uu5 lOfc torwiien eitrie noil—Dated Bn iRG! --------- otnmi.'^sioner uf tho 1 A ttest; D. L. N uuthui ', S o r i l O C O N T K A C r r O R S - A B S T R A C T P R O M B ordiuaiico of tho Common Council in relation to de­ posits to ho made liy propo.sers lor work, Ac., passed Apn* 9, 1377 : Each oroposal must no aocorapamod oy a de- in moueT or by certified check payablr lom tho contruot may be.aw n rdod shall negloot or rotuso to en ter into o o n tract, tho am o u n t denositod, as above sDcciiied, wil) b e r e tained as liquidatod dam a g e s for such no.^loot or rofusij. flpniic-ati'in a t th e D o p a rtinent of City W o rks. Proposals will not bo considorod unless accompanied by (he doposit aforesaid, and als’j by an u ndertaking in writ­ ing, of twosuroties. on each proposal (who shall qualify as to their rosponsibility in the sum of $i0>, th a t if tho contract bo awarded to the nartv or parties proposing they willbccorae bound as his or their surety for its faith­ ful performance; and in oaso he or they shall neglect or refuse to execute tno contract, if bo awarde 1 them, that they will pay to the City of Brooklyn the difference be­ tween the price so proposed and the pfioo at vrlncu tho contract may bo made with any othor person or persons. Proposals to bo indorsed “To the Uommissionor of the Departm ent of City Works (specifying work).” The said proposals win bo publicly openo I and announced on tuo I8tfi day of August. 1885, a t tho hour of 12 o'ciookM.; pro­ vided th a t tho Oommissioner of tha Departm ent of City Wiirkfl. or his regulaHx appointed deputy, is present. In c «80 of the absence of noth, then on tho first day there­ after when either is prosent. By order of tho Common Council.—Datod Brooklyn, Juno t 8. 1B86. GEORGE UIOAKD CONNER, Commissioner of tho Department of City Works. A ttest; D. L. NORTHUr, Secretary. au5 lOt m o C O N T R A C T O R S —A B S T R A C T F R O M n ordinance of the Common Council in relation to deposits to be mado by proposers for work, Ac., passed April 9, 1877: Each proposal m u st bo aooumpanled by a deposit of $769 in money, or by cortiflod check payable to order of the President «f the Board of City Works (now the Commiesioner of tho Departm ent of Oity Works), to bo returned to tho bidder in case his bid is re- joctod by the Board of Oity Works (now tho Oommissioner of tho Departm ent ol City Works). In ease the party or partios to whom the contract may be awarded shall neg­ lect or refuse to e n ter into oontraot, tho amount depos­ ited, ns above specified, will bo retained as liquidatod PARTMENT-DIEPARTMENT OF OITY WORKS, Mu- i\------\ ” Mding, Brooklyn, August 2, 1880— received at tliis office until Mon- igusr, 1880, a t 12 M., for tho oroa- a repair shop, blacksmith’s shop, y for tho Fire Departm ent of tlio lon and forms of pro- iD a t the Department tion and completion uf boiler vo: m and ohimnoy City of Brooklyn. Plans and spoclfioations may ho boo pnsals ^ procured on applioauoi ^ Proposals wHl n o t bo considered unjuoaauuonipuuiou • tho doPosit aforesaid and also by an undertaking in wn warded to the party or parties proposing,, the tract be awi ivill boi msldercd udj C bs accompanied by i also by an undertaking in writ- h proposal, (who shall qualify aa m thosam or$l9,099)thatif tno oon- le party or parties proposing, they ocomo bound as his or Iho^ ®nrety for its faithful ind in oaso ho or they s b ^ bolweoa the price so proposed and the price a t which the cimtraot may he made with any other person of persons. Propo- eale to be indorsed \ To tho Coinralssionep of tho Dppavt- mont of Oity Works” (specifying work). The said pro- nosala will bo publicly opened and announced on the Ifilh day ot Auxust, t88«. a t the haul of 12 o’olook, M. : provided th a t the Commissioner of tho Departm ent of City Works, or his regularly appointed deputy, is present, tn case of tho ahswnce of both, then on tho flrsfe day thero- after when either is present. By order of the Common Uonnoil-D stiia CONUmi, ^ Comioisfloner of the Departm ent of City W ork^ AltwV: D. li. WonTftpi’iSocretK y . «aa 10» A m J S E M E N T S . J ^ A N H A T T A N B E A C H . GILMORE’S GRAND MUSIO FESTIVAL, THURSDAY, F R IDAY AND SATURDAY, A a g ast 12,13 and 14. EXTRAORDINARY ATTBAOTIONS. Look out for announcement in daily papers of Thurs­ day, Friday and Saturday next ol tho eminent artiata who will take part. Thia will be the ovent of the aeason. ______ ► U F F A L O B I L L ’S W ILD WEST, AT ERASTINA WOODS, STATEN ISLAND. FARE ONLY TEN CENTS. PERFOR&IANOE AT 3 AND 8 P .M . ALL WEATHER. From the Battery, terminua of all olovatod roads, fare THROUGH ONLY lOo. _ __ __ BROOKLYN-Sloamor FLORENCE loaves. Brideo Dook, Fulton Ferry, a t 10:15 A. M., 1:30 and 6:45 P. M. Round trip, 35 cents. Parties leaying Now York can re­ turn to Brooi^'n direct. Patent merino brake sliown on **ADMI8 b 7 o N, So'cENT.S. CHILDREN. 25 CENTS. Come early. Wander through camp. DooPS open 12:80 and 7 P. M. Sundays, camp open for inspection, 25 cents. _________ ^ T n h X t t a n ” Bifl a c h . P A I N ’S BURNING OF MOSCOW. BATTLE SCENKS, FIREWORKS. THE GRANDEST SPECTACLE IN THE WORLD. AQUATIC SCINTILLATING FOUNTAINS. EVERY NIGHT EXCEPT SUNDAY AND MONDAY. T j ^ R i L A Y ’S P A V I L I O N T H E A T E R , JT’ Flatbush av, opposite L. I. R. R. Denot. a EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING. LAST WEEK. OF Matinees. 10.20. 30 I MIKADO i Evening, 10.20. .70, 50. BESSIE GREY IDEAL OPERA COMPANY. , S P O U T I N G . ^ R I G H T O N BEACH RACaS, M i^D A Y . TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY. THIS W EEK. J ameb M c G owan , S e c retary. R. ROBINSON, President. ASETJALL. ♦ GREAT G a 3 IE. GRAUER’S RIDGEWOOD PARK, -MORROW, 4 P. M., ALPINES (coh.rod champions of N .Y .) and LONG ISLAND ATHLETICS. FIFTEEN CENTS. S. A U C T IO -V s a l e : ; . A A .—R E I L L Y A MO B L H I N R Y, AUOTIONKUR.S, No. 83 N ASSAU ST N E A R FULTON, N E W Y O R K , W ill acU a t public a u c tiim . O n F R ID A Y , AUGUST 18, a t 12 u’olook. Rem o v ed for convenience of ba I o from his resinonce, ALL T H E SU P E R B H OU S E H OLD F U R N IT U R E O F T H E LA T E H E N R Y W. STOW E L L , C n n s is ting in p a rt; C H ICKERTN G AND W E B E R ROSEW OOD PIA N O ­ FO R T E S , beautiful parlor ornaiuenls, porliorea, Jauo c u r­ tains, bron/.e figures. F ien c h chfcks, faience v.ases. brie a brae, D R AW ING R O OM AND G R O U P PA R L O R SU ITS, upholstered in tho rich e s t fabrics and carved woods: SO L ID A N T IQ U E OAK AND M AHOGANY CHA.M- BK R SETS, pure c u rled hail’ m a ttreseifi, lace bedaiircads, pillows, folding bode, chttfoniors. w ardrobes, boniccasf's, A X M IN S T E U . M UQUETTE AND RRU S S E I.S CAR- PETS, (Drieotal ruge, eaay chairs, fancy tables, biequo, etc .: maa>iivo d iningroom furniture, iablo, biiffot. chairs, etc. GOODS ON E X H IB IT IO N TO -M ORRO W . La- diea invited. Amp lo facilitioa Cor a torago. _______________ ■pA lV N im O K E R S ’ .SAI.ES, S. FUKISKI B A SON, a u c ti’.meovrt, 178 FuUon a t; A u g u s t 12—W o m en’s c lothing, pledged previous July, 1885; by i r d e r of P. Freid, 130 (Jrand st. A u g u st 18—Men’s clothing, pled:iod 1885; on0,963 n«'> .0 37,298;Jb; orderrder of. H. M cAleonan hSnndsH.............. t. ■}’.s clothiiiilothing, Nos. 2 o o ..... ................ .... A u g u s t 19—W o raen c pledged previous J u ly, 1385; by order nf F. Stavenhageii, 29 W o o d h u ll st. August 17—Men’s clothing, idedged pravlous .July, 1885; by F. Staionhagon and T. Newman, 594 FuUon st. K X c i i n s i O x Y s * ^ l A G A K A KALLS. GRAND MIDSUMMER EXCURSION, FROM SATURDAY AUGUST 14 TO AUGUST 20. ROUND TR IP $12. For sale at Eric Railroad ticket ofii.'.o, 33,3 Fulion st. Gxl.a Week of Attracllouft and Ounvontions. Special hot-cl rates t«» those only wlio hold tho English excursion ticket. ROUND TRIP $12. Special train leaves foot of Chambers st, New York, 9:00 A. M., Saturday, August H . ____ _ _______ _______ __ __________________ t > k o 6 k l y n e r s a e n g e r b u n d . ^ ANNUAL \^.XOURSION HAKBOB HILL, ROSLYN, L. I., THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SPOT ON LONG ISLAND, THURSDAY, Anguat 12, 1885. Special train of Long Ishnd Railroad leaves Flatbush av. a t 10 A. M. Returnlnir. leave Roslyu a t 7 :30 P. M. Tickets can be had at Saengerbund Hall and on tho ^™ \'PAPST'S OROHESTRA IN ATTENDANCE. S T A R I N ’S nOG L KKB NN J» G Q L E NH N G L EE N N N G GO L K N HN GGG T.T.l.t. EEB N NN f t eSSS- L A NN N DDD II I » L AA NN N D D II ®6SSo L II c a I. AAA N NN D D._ i l °&SS° LLLL A A N NN DDD ... THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BUMMER RESORT IN THE WORLD. 40a STEAMERS LEAVE JEW E L L ’S W HARF DAILY B:M^ 10:00 and 11:00 A. M.; 12:16, 1:45, 2:46 and 3:45 Returning leave Glen Island for Jewell's Wharf, 3:30, 5:00,^00, r-.0a and 8^00 EXTRA BOATS ON SUNDAYS. _______ p ^ B W B l 7 iiG H AN D WKST ' POINT. Grand Daily Excursion (except Sunday) by the fast and elegant Day Lino steamers, AliBANY, \ a ~ V lB B A R D . From Brooklyn, F u lton et. (by A n n e x ) ......... 8:99 A.M. New York. Vestry st. P ier ...................... . .............. 8:40 A. M. And W est 22nd st. Pier, promptly a t .................. 9:91) A. M. Excursionists will liave throe hours a t W est P o inter one hour and thrce-quartcra at Newburgh; returning, roach New York 6:30, y ^ A I L Y EXCURSIONS TO CA T S K ILL MOUNTAIN RESORTS. SARATOGA. L A K F G E O R GE, ADIRONDAOKS, CANADA. NIA<?.\RA PALI/8. AND ALL POPUIsAU N ORTHERN SUM M E R R E ­ SORTS, BY PICTURE.SQUE TO U R IST ROUTE, W E S T bHOUK RA ILRO AD . D IR E C T , QUICK,COOL and CO M F O R T A B L E ROUTE. Excursion tieVets ou sale every day u n til furthcPnotice. Cali on a g e n ts W oet Shore R.ailroad, a t 363 o r 942 Br.i.id- way, s tations foot J a y st. orNYoslForty* 80 Cf n d bt, N.Y., 333 W n s h ingten s t, o r Annex, foot F u lton s t, Brooklyn, P e n n ­ sylvania R ailroad S tation, J e r s e y City. [iTTH E IlE A C l f A T l l O O i ^ ^ N E W Y ORK W OODHAVEN AND RO OK A W A T RA ILRO A D . T H E BHORTKS’r, (JUIUICKSI' A ND ONLY R E L IA - n i,E r o i i ' i ' e t o k o c k a w a y b e a c h . W E E K DAY TR A IN S learo L o n s Island Oity and BuKhwick 7:90, 9:15, 19:05, ll;U 5 A. M .; 1:15. 2:05. 3:15, (4:27. l.ong Island City only.) 5:25, 7:03. 8:‘.:0, 9:50 P. M. Leave ^ a t b u s h av, 6:45. 9:20. 10:40 li;4 0 A. M , 1:30, 2:39.^3:49, 4:30. 5:40, 0:45, 8:90, 9:30 P . M. R e turn ing SUN D AY S —Loavo Long Island C ity and Bnshwick 7:10. (9:15, Long iHl/vnd City, 9:30, Buubwick.) 10:90, 19:50,11:40 A. M „ 12:40,1:15, 1;35, Q;10, 2;40, 3;10.3;10, 4;4B,t5;00, 7:00. 7:30, (8;05, Long Island City,) 8:30, 9:3o P .M . Leave F latb u s h av , 7:00, 9;20,1U ;49,11:40 A. M., 1 :3 a 6:40. 7:10, 8.10, 9 :10,10:10 P . M. •p W llO C K A W A Y BEACH, THRKK T R IP S DAILY. P a latial three decked steam ers. COLUMBIA and GRAN D R E P U B L IC . FARE FO R THE RO UN D TRIP, 50 CENTa 'harf, Brooklyn, 9 : 4 o f l l A . M., and 2 :2 0 P .M . R e turning, loaves Kockaway Beach, )ck ......................... 11:30 A. M. 5, and f»:30 P. M. Jewell’s Wharf, Ret Seaside Dock. S P K C lA K i N O T IC E IS . mer and repi __ _ - teacher of piano mid sin]ging: 415 nnd 772 Gat' K N O W I i E D G B O F Mr, Ts STANLEV, piano snt^-five years daily p ractice; also, in pianos bought and sold. 15, and 51 Smith st; mail, 343 FuUon c ^ O A U coo O 0 o O 0 coo OOO A L O O AA L O O A A L O O AAA L OOO A A IJiL L . VERY LOW PRICES AT S. TUTTLE’S vSON A CO.’S. Establiahod 40 years. YARDS: M VRTLte AV, botwoen W usUington av . a n d I FULTON ST, botwoou B edford a n d N o strand BROADS v AY, below Second st. _______ , cond st. BRO AD W A Y , c o rner M o K ibbiui F U ‘T H ST, near G raud st. G R A N D ST, corner Lorhncr st. K E N T AV, foot of W iU m st, ^ NEW T O W N G R E E R , b e tw e e n G rand Bb a n d M etropoli- IIC S C JltA N C B ! .dU a lU t. 7 0 TNA mSTJRANCE COIMPANY, iS i l .................X B :w 6 w ; x g o u t;2 b 2 M ? ^ i® ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ rf^ONTINBNTAI, INSURAKCE CO, ^ CORNI5R OF COURT AND MONTAGUE ST. Reserve for rciiiBurancc..'...................................$2,265,427.88 Reserve ample for all olaims ............................ Capital paid m in cash ...................................... 1,090,000.00 Net surplus.. .......... . ..................................... 1,858,879.85 ................................. \iL H r L A M p ’jYl^’ ^^^^^ )Bident and Secretary. Brooklyn Department. p C H A N I C S ^ FIRE INSURANCE OOMPANT, 2XT MONTAGUE STREET. BrookIjD. 164 BROADWAY. JOHN H.’ b IO'TT, PreBiaonk WM. II. MALE, ^ ioe PrMl<l»rt WALTien NlcnOLfl, Secretary. H isititlT T T u t t I s K, A a s is tA n t So icrotary. n p H B W I L L I A M S I I U R G H O I T Y F I l l E m - ? s s l O s p iU l.,..................................................................... S2M.00002 Reservedeserved for remsumnoe, .. ............................... 405,460.80 luB ....... . ..................................................... 503,357.50 $1,218,803.36 R : Not BUTpl Total asBote ......................................................... OFFICES: Corner Broadway and First st, E. D., and 12 Oourtstt Brooklyn; 160 Broadway, New York. EDMUND DRIGGS, FtosldenV N. W. MyaEBOLK, Secretary. F. H. W ay , Assistant Secretary. W. H. R rown , Assistant Secretary. A. W. Gnioux, Assistant Soorotary. jKfiBE W athon , J r., General A g e n t A T I i A N T I C J X MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, NEW YORK. OFFICE: 51 WALL STRKKT. ORGANIZED 1842. • INSURES AGAINST MARINE AND INLAND NAVIGATION RISKS, AND WILL ISSUE POLICIES MAKING LOSS PAYABLR IN ENGLAND. ^ ASSETS FOR THE SKOUHITY OF ITS POLIOIES ABE MORE TUAN TEN MILLION DOLLARS. The nrofite of tho company revert lo tho asgurod. and are divldoo annually upon tho premiums terminated during tho year, certificates for which oro issued, bearing intorosi In aooordanoo with Its charter. J. D. JONES. Prosidenb. _ . . . OHARLES DENNIS. Vico President. W. H. U. MOORE, Second Vico Proeidonk A. A. RAVEN. T hird Vico President. J. H. C hapman . Booretarj. ___________ STATEA^ENJ^^ CAPITAL In UNm .H?STArH.s’B^^^ ASSETS. ■ o f f i c e s .\ .$4,910,483.30 PHENIX BUH.DING. C O U M ^ S T E ^ T j^ NO. 38 B R O A D ^ Y .p^^O O K L Y N . E. * WESTERN UNION BUILDINO. Broadway, corner Dey atroet. OFFICERS: STEPHEN CROWELL, Presidm^ , __ _ _________________________________ UoDATtOWal. SsflAB W. O s o m e u , Alansaw JtM tera OlMilkt. . .4 IN M E X IC O . The Vegetable Wonder of the Sister Republic. T b o I f a K i i e r — G r e e n C o w s T w e n t y F e e t H i g h M i l k e d T h r e e T i m e s a D a y — F u l q n e M a k i n g . \V l i a t t h e W e s tern , r e s e r v e i s i n O h io , o r t h o O range C o u n ty d a ir y roglou to New York City, the p la in s of A p a n i an d O thom W a a r e to M exico's capi­ ta l—w ith this difference, th a t Instead of cows tho agavo A m e ricana, (here know n a s m a g u o y ), Is m ilked, an d pulquo Is th e p r o d u c t Som e idea of th e m a g n itude of this s in g u lar Industry m a y be de­ rived from tho fact ilm t two special pulquo train s ru n daily Into tho City of M exico w ith th e sam e re g u la r ity t h a t m ilk train s com e Into o u r m e tropoli­ tan cities, yloliHug tho r a ilro a d an incom e of a b o u t $1,000 p o r diom for frelgluago, Tho governm o n t derives an equal revenue from the d u ty on pulque b ro u g h t from those celebrated L lanos (plains) do A p a m alone, for It Is e s tim a ted th a t m o re thaii 800,- 000 p in ts of it a r e consum e d every day In the capi­ tal city. Jfaguoy—m o re com m o n ly know n in tho N o rth as tho cen tu ry p lan t- - i3 as m u c h a fe a tu r e of th is country as Iroos are of tho U n ited States. AU over the lau d it flourishes, cuUIvatod w ith caro in m a n y places, b u t B p iinglng up as a wood In w a ter- loss deserts an d doing Its best o n the stony sidos of tho m o u n tains. E v e ry >IoxIcan hnciom ls raisos m o re or less of it. Tho m ighty p la n ts sorvo to m a r k th e boundaries of the lots am i lands, two rows of them , w ith th o ir gigantic leaves aud bayonet like thorns form ing an inipenetrablo fence. N o t only aro tho hoJgo ro w s tliu s p r o f ilab ly utilized, b u t oven those s terile lauds, w h ic h rattlc.snakos disdaiu to in h a b it, will grow m a g u e y , whoso abu n d a n c e of juice is tho m o re p.stonlshiug, siuco none can tell w h e n ce tho m a m m o th p la n t derives auy m o is ture. 1 have soon e n o rm o u s coutury trees grow ing out of beds o f bare rock, s c a rcely covered by a aom b la u co of vegetable earth , tlauntlug th e ir cim o iar sh a p e d loaves, rich an d green, from fifteen to twonty-fivo feet high. N e ith e r boat n o r cold, d r o u th nor deluge affect tho m a g u e y ; b u t like tho u n failing fountain In tho desert, It f u r n ishes the poorest lu d ia n with tho beverage m o st pleasing to his tasto, w ithout m o n e y a n d w ithout price. Tho tradition th a t the cen tu r y p la n t bloom s o nce In a h u n d r e d years is quite tru e , a n d a n y n u m b e r of c e n turies m ight w ith equal p r o p r iety bo added to tho s tatem e n t—for when Its n a tu r a l developm e n t h a s taken place in (lo wering Us destiny seem s to have been fulfilled and It d ies w ithout loss of tim e . It is net often th a t ouo soea tho su p e r b flower upon its colossal s tem , for the m o m e n t th a t au ex p e r i­ enced cultivator observes hia p la u t p r e p a r in g to bloom he cuts a deep cavity in Its h e a r t, an d fold­ ing the sido leaves aro u n d it form s a basin into w h ic h a ll th e Juice ru n s th a t n a tu r e intended for th e stalk an d Us blossom ing. D u ring the grow th of th e m a g u o y It throw s ou t s h o o ts w h ich should bo rem o v e d from tho p a r e u t sioin In th e ir second y e a r when about th ree foot high. A shoot read y for p lan tin g m a y be b o u g h t for a real (12^ cents) and read ily sell for from $15 to $18 w h e n read y to tap. T h e average of a p la n t Is fifteon y e a r s , whon it first shows s igns of blossom ing and Is th e n cap a b le of jiroduciug pulquo. C ertain appoarancos, know n only to tho initiated, indicate whon tho cen tral s tem o r bam p o , w h ich su s tain s tho flower, is about to form In tho h e a r t o f tho jdauL If th e ow n e r is not w a tching to cu t It o u t nt the pro p e r llrao tho h a m p e shoots upw a rd w ith tho rap id ity of .L'lck's historic bean s talk , absorbing all tho s a p th a t would other­ wise m a k e pulquo. T h e s p routing of tho stalk gene­ ra lly tak e s place In N o v o m b o r o r D e c e m b e r, b u t tho inagnlflcoiitcluB tor of flowers d o es n o t form ou its top till two m o u ths later. T h e m o n s ter loaf th a t e n v e l­ ops tho ham p e g rad u a lly unfolds a slen d e r s tem to th e h e ight o f a teleg rap h polo (w h ich it g r e a tly re- Bombios) a n d Its crow n ing flowers are fa r beyond th e r e a c h of a m a n on horaoback. In Its unferm o n tod state, tho Juice of tho m a g u o y Is c a lled A g u a m iel, or honey w a ter, a u d is no t u n ­ like tho freshly d raw n s a p of tho su g a r m a p le. By tho addition of a little old pulque, form o n tation takes place In two o r throe hours, a n d w h e n consid­ ered fit for d r in k in g it Is thick, w h ite a u d ropy, like butterm ilk , w h ich it som e w h a t resem b les in tasto. An average p la u t yields a b o u t eig h t q u a r ts of Juice e v e r y d a y for threo m o n ths, a f te r w h ich it dies, a n d la a t o n c e r e p laced by a now ono, w h ich th e provident o w n e r h a s been r a isin g from slioots. Tho poorest m a g u e y s h o u ld yield a t least 125 g a l­ lons of liquid before Its death. F r o m tho central basin (form ed as a b o v e d e scribed) tho Juice is g a th ­ ered by m o a n s of a cow's horn, bored a t th e point. Inserted into the en d of a long gourd. Tho s h a r p h o rn Is pu s h e d dow n into the h e a r t of the p la n t a n d th r o u g h It into th e gourd, iho fluid Is sucked, sy­ phon fashion, afto r w h ic h It U em p tied Into pigskin buckets a n d c a r r ied to th e v a t house. Such Is tho Infinite variety of u ses to w h ich th e m a g u e y a n d Us fibers m a y be app lied th a t It Is to th e M exican In d ian w h a t tho rice p la n t is to th e C h inam a n , or tho r e in d e e r to tho E s q u im a u . I t scorns a special gift o f n a tu r e to su p p ly all h ls sim p le w a n ts—its coarse c loth som o tim o s m a k lug h ls first, la s t and only g a rm e n t, a u d its strong rope tying down his cofttn Ud. Even after t\ie p la n t Is d e a d its u s e f u l­ ness is not over, for Its valuable flbors m a y s till be utilized, a u d its leaves pounded into p a p e r pulp. W hon well benton an d sp u n , tho fiber of th e ma^• guoy makoB a line an d b e a u tiful th read , glossy as silk an d stro n g e r in tex tu r e th a n linen, w h ich la tte r it m u c h resem b les whon woven. It is also m a n u ­ factured into various coarser quaU tles of clotli, such as s a c k ing, s a ilcloth, c a r p e ting, etc. T h e ro p e mad© from it is called m a n lla hem p , an d Is by f a r the best in use, o f uncom m o n Btrongth an d oxcellonco, an d for c o rdage is e q u a l, whon pressed, to tho best henequln a n d Jute of Y u c a tan. D ried m a g u e y leaves cu t into coarse straw s m a k e m o^t of tho broom s a n d w h itew a s h b r u s h e s of tho country, and servo a s an oxcolloiit s u b s titu te for b ristles iu scrub­ bing an d dusting brushes au d the sm a ll w h is k broom s w h ich tho com m o n people use In lieu of com b s. B e a u tiful fancy baskets, m o n e y bags, purses, sachols an d a tho u s a n d o th e r t h ings for uso Or o rn a m e n t a ro m a d e of m a g u o y flbors. H a s your horap a s p rain , your donkey a bruise, o r your cow a n ailm o n l—a m a g u o y loaf pouuded an d bound on the injured p a r t ns a poultice, Is considered a cer­ ta in cure. In fact, so varied au d m a n ifold are tho purposes s e rved by this rem a r k a b le p l a n t Ih.at it Is im p o s sible to en u m e rate th e m all. T h e g r e a test value of the m a g u o y is In tho vast am o u n t of intoxicating liquor it produces. F r o m th a t s p e c ies of th o p la n t w h ich flourishes best in tho d e s e r t portions of tho country—M excal—th e w o rst M exican “ tanglefoot” is distilled, from th e r e p ress­ ed Juice of th e leaves; a n d from th o flow e ring m a ­ g u e y —th a t vogotablo w o n d e r described ab o v e — pulquo is draw n . T e q u ila b ran d y Is also draw n from eith e r variety, by au an c ien t m e thod back to th o d a y s of th o Aztecs, w h ich consists In sim p ly i*oastIng tho m a g u e y bulbs in a hole dug iu tho ground. A BweoUsh liquid Is ex tracted from tho cooked bulbs, w h ic h , w h o n distilled, becom es th e b r a n d y a foresaid, o r undlstiilod m a y be m a d e Into m o lasses a n d s u g a r , fu lly equal to th a t from tho Chinese s u g a r c a n e . T e q u ila is a s colorless a n d al­ m o s t a s tasteless o s w a ter, h u t ono can got m o re hopelessly befuddled ou a sm a l ler q u a n tity of it a u d rem a in so longer th a n on a n y othor know n liquor. T h e p o inted thorns th a t term in a te the gigantic leaves a r e s trong as n a ils a u d sh a r p a s noodles, and to th is day, a s In prim itivo tim e s , th e y som o tim o s servo tho I n d ian s for nails, needles a n d pins. Mon- tozum a s ’ s a n g u in a r y p riests used to pierce th e ir b r e a s ts an d te a r th o ir lim b s w ith those th o rn s in acts o f e x p iation or penance, an d upon cloth m a d e of m a g u o y fiber tho an c ien t M exicans pain ted th e ir early pictu re histories an d hloroglyphical figures. B u t t h e p rin c ip a l p ro d u c t of th e p la n t Is a u d al­ w a y s h a s been pulquo. A ccording to trad itio n a ToUec I n d ian , n a m e d P a - pantziu, was first to discover (about tho y e a r 990) th a t tho Juice o f th o a g a v o A inerlcaua m ig h t be dis­ tilled Into a beverage “fit for the (Toltec) gods.” In o r d e r to bring th o now blessing in to ro y a l favor he dispatched his only d a u g h te r —whoso n a m e was X o lhltl, w’hlch algnlfles “ tho flower”—as cu p b e a rer to th e king. T h o anclont U e b e, wo aro told, w a s young aud beau tifu l, an d th e accom m o d a ting m o n ­ a r c h not o n ly d r a n k an d p r a ised tho pulque, b u t m a r r ied th e m a iden. W ishing lo see for ourselves th e p rocess of pulquo m a k ing, wo l a tely visited tho m a g u o y h a c ien d a on th e p lain s of A p a m . T h e T Iachiquero, who is p rac­ tically chief o f both th o f a c tory a u d p lan tatio n , took us in tow, a n d a com ical ap p e a r a n c e we m u s t have presented, s a lly in g fo r th in s e a rch of inform a tion. Loading the carav a n rode th e q’lacUiqucro, hls bronze c o m p lexion c o n trasting w e ll w ith his w h ite dress, s o t off by an enorm o u s som b rero a n d big le a th e r a p ron, w h ile tho Im p lernonis of hls profes­ sion dangled all aro u n d him . Betsey an d I followed oii donkeys, so dim in u tiv e th a t o u r feet n e a r ly touched th e gro u n d —o u r beauty, enhanced by bluo goggles, w h ich long exporlonco in th is s u n n y co u n tiy h a s ta u g h t us to w e a r on all oxpaditloua Several peons b ro u g h t u p th o rear, each driving a donkey laden w ith pig skins, Into w h ich tho a g u a m iel or c rude Juice o f th e m a g u o y h a s to bo poured. Tlio T Iachiquero Inform e d us t h a t ho goes periodi­ cally am o n g hls vogotablo cows, m a r k in g ihoao t h a t have reached th e period of eflloroscouco, au d aro therefore r e a d y for “ m ilking,” by cuttin g a cross upon th e topm o s t loaf. T h reo tim e s a day for a t least th r e o m o n th s th o p l a n t m u s t be in llk o d —a t 4 A. M., a t noon, a u d ag a in a t evoulng. We w e n t from p l a n t to p la n t, w a tching th o process of in s e r t­ ing the h o rn an d sucking th e syphon, till a ll th e g r e a t g reen ‘*cows” w o re exh a u s ted , a n d th e n r e ­ p a ired to th e T inacal, o r vat house. Tho latter is a long, low adobo shod, w ith an e a r th floor, k e p t c lean as th e dock of a m a n of w a r. Wo entered in s o lem n procession, e a c h poon rem o v ing his ragged h a t a a ho c rossed th e th reshold an d rev e ren tly m u r m u r ­ ing “ A labo a Dios”—“I prats© G o d .” Ono s ide of tho b u ilding is occupied by a lino of vats c a lled t l n a ^ w h ich a r e m e rely ox hides strctcU- od ou fram e s , w ith tho h a ir y side upw a rd. In each U n a w a s a th ick cu rd of “ m o th e r ” pulquo, w h ich perform e d tho offleo o f loavou, a n d w h o se “ v e ry an ­ cient a n d fishy s m e ll” w a s enough to k n o c k dow n a guano dealer. W h on tho pig skins h a d been care­ fully oponed a n d th e a g u a m iel w a s r e a d y for p o u r ­ ing out, th o T Iachiquero seized a long stako w h ich is k e p t for tho purpose, an d m a d e Uio sig n of tho cross in each of tho ro tten curds, a t tho sam e tim e exclaim ing w ith fervor, “ Avo M arie P u r lsslm a l” To w h ich all tho peons In c o n c e rt devoutly responded, “A labad r e a Dios y l a S a n tlsulm a T r in id a d .” “ Wo p r a ise God from tho sacred T r in ity .” W h a t would b a p p e n t o t h o p u l q u o l f an y of th is pious p e r f o r m ­ ance w e re neglected, I a m u n a b le to s tate, for n e v e r w ithin t h e m e m o ry of th o oldest in h a b ita n t h a s U boon om itted or c u rtailed. A fter th r e e h o u r s ’ ferm e n tatio n in th e v a ts th e liquor Is d raw n offinto b a r r e ls a n d Is th e n read y for tho p u lq u e shops an d flower decked booths th a t ad o rn a ll th e highw a y s an d byw a y s of M exico. Y e i ^ l i u i a p u lq u e Is s o ld a t w h o lesale, a s m o s t ot th e haotendC A ^ h o m a tte > buslof»w o f <nUUTftli»a m a g u e y , m a in ta in pulquerios of th e ir own. On© o l the m o a t aristocratic citizens of tho cap ital, who rid e s in h ls carriag e an d is reckoned am o n g tho m a g n a tes o f the lan d , h a s no less th a n five pulquo sh o p s in th e City of Mexico, from w h ich ho derives a m o d e st Incom e of ^2o,(KK) p o r a n n u m . On 1,000 a c res of lan d , w h ich la c o n sidered a sm a ll farm In this country, m o re th a n 1,000,000 p lan ts of a ll a g e s m a y bo flourishing, of w h ich n u m b e r h a lf of them m a y bo grow ing shoots, a n d tho rem a in d e r yielding pulque. It req u ires only 4,000 p la n ts to yield a daily average of 3,500 g a llons, w’orth on tho s p o t from 7 to 9 c e n ts p e r gallon. For th o bouoflt of those no t versod in C a s tlllano It m a y bo well to m e n tion th a t th is p o p u lar b e v e rage is p ronounced a s th o u g h s p e ll­ ed “ p o o l-key,” w ith the accent on the fii-st s y llable. T h e In d ian s are exceedingly fond of pulque, and beyond doubt it is one of the m o s t h a r m less a n d h e a lth f u l d r lu k s iu th e world. I t Is no t heavy in its effects, bu t tends ouly to m IrtU fulnoss, an d to in ten ­ sify tho n a tu r a l polUouoss of tho natives. It is am u s ing to w a tch how unctuous they grow while h a n d in g from m o u th to m o u th th o big J a v ita—a so rt of loving c u p from w h ic h they delig h t to d r in k In tu r n —bowing lov/ to each other a n d kissing tho h a n d s of tlieir wives an d sw e e thearts as though they w e re ptincoasos of royal blood. Ill th is qu e e r c o u n try they m ix religion w ith th e ir d r in k s in a m a n n e r t h a t olsowhoro would bo deem ­ ed oxtrom iy sacrilegious. Every p u lq u e r ia h a s a p ictu r e of th e V irgin, o r th o p ro p r ieto r's p a tr o n sain t h u n g over its door, ad d a liltlo shrine, fu r ­ nished w ith crucifixes and b u rn in g candles, is sot up Bomowhero am o n g tho bottles. F r e q u e n tly tho n a m e s of these Hliops are m o re pious th a n a p p r o ­ priate. Scores of them aro dedicated to J e s u s , or th e Blessed Virgin. T h e re is ouo In th is city e alled tho Pulquori.a of tho Blood of C h rist; a n o th e r is La C a n tina del MaUor do Dios—Tho Saloon of tho M o ther of God I Still an o th e r around th e co rn e r on C o rpus C h rlsti (Body of C h rist) s treet. Is dedicated To tho H o ly G liost !—Kansas Citi/ Kccoril, A ST O R Y F O R B R O O K L Y N B A P T I S T S , All Ar;fUiiieiit for Litcrul Interpcrtatioii WhicU WovICK BotU \Vay«. O u e w h o d o e s n o t b e lie v e in im m e r s i o n f o r baptism was holding a protracted m e o liug and ono n ig h t preached on tho subject of baptism . In tho course of h ls r e m a r k s ho s a id som e believe i t neces­ sary to go down into tho w a ter, a n d com e ou t of tlie w a ter baptized. D u tih i.sh o claim e d to bo fallacy, for tho p roposition “ into” of tho f:-cripturos s h o u ld bo rendered differently an d ic d o e s not m e a n Into a t all tim e s, “ M oses,” ho s a id, “ wo aro told w e n t up into tho m o u n tain tm d tho Saviour was taken up into a h ig h m o u n tain , etc. Now, wo do not suppose th a t eith e r w ent into tho m o u n tain, bu t u p o n it. So w ith going down into tho w a ter. It m o a n s sim p ly going dow n closo by or n e a r to tha w a ter au d being bapilzod in tho o r d in a r y way, by sp r in k lin g ,” He carried th is idea out fully an d in d u e season an d stylo closed his discourse, w h e n an invitation was given to a n y ono who felt eo di.-^posod to rise an d express th e ir thoughts. Q u ite a n u m b e r of tho brothern arose an d said th a t they wore glad th a t they had been presen t on this occasion; an d they w ere well pleased w ith the sound s e rm o n th e y had Juat hoard an d felt thoir souls g r e a tly blosaod. F in a lly a corpulent gen tlem a n of teutonic extrac­ tion, a s tr a n g e r to a ll a rose a n d b r o k e n sUonco th a t was m o s t painful, as follows: ^i islor B roachcr, I ish so glad I r a s h hero to-nlght, for I h a s Imd 'cxplaiiied to m y m in t som e tings I could }ievor b e lief bore.^o. Wo rent, Mr. B reacher, th a t T a n iol vaa c a s t into a ton of lions a n d come out alifel Now, I never could polief dot, for tho wilt poaate would shirst e a t him rig h t off; p u t now It lah fory clear to m y m int, ilo was ahust* close py, or n e a r to, an d tid not g o t Into do ten a t all. O, I vash 80 glut 1 v a s h h e re to-night. A g a in wo ro a t th a t do H ebrew children vns c a s t into ih e f ir ls h furnace a u d dot, s ir, alw ish look’t like a poog story, too, for they would have p e e a b u r n t u p ; pu t it Ish all p lain to m y m int now, to r they woro aliuat cast close by, or n e a r to, th e (urnaco. 0 , 1 v a sh so g lai 1 v a sh here to-uightl And don, Mr. B rcachar, it is said th a t Jo n a h vas cast inter the s e a aud into tho w h a losh pclly. Now, I never could peliof dot. It alw a y s Boeinod to m e to bo a peeg fecsli story, p u t it is all p lain to m y m in t n o w ; he vash no t tak e n into th e w h a le’s pully a t all, but sliusc shum p o d onto liis pack and rode a shore. O, I vash so glad I vash hero to-uight, Aud now, Mr. B roachor, if you will shu.st e x p lain two m o re passages of S c riptures I sh a ll p© BO h a p p y t h a t I vaaU here to - n i g h t One of tiiom is vore It salsh do vickot sh a ll po cast into a lak e d a t b u rns m lt fire a n d brim stone a lw ays. O, Mr. B roachor, sh a ll I po cast into th a t lake If I am vickod, o r s h u s t closo py or n e a r to It, sh u s t n e a r enough to p© c o m fortable? Ol I hopes yon tell m e 1 s h a ll po cast s h u s t i>y, a goot way off, a n d I sh a ll po 80 glad I was here tb-night. Tho other b a ssage Is th a t w h ic h s n lsh, plosaod aro they who do those com m a n d m e n ts , th a t they m a y have a Jig h t to the tree of Ufo a u d outer in th ro u g h th e gates into tho city. Ol toll mo I s h a ll get into tho city a n d sh u s t closo by, or n e a r to it—sh u s t n e a r enough to see w h a t I have lost—an d I s h a ll pe so glad I was here to -u I g h t He s a t d o w n w ith tho im p rosBlon m a d e on m a n y m inds present, th a t it would do to take tha B ible for w h a t i t c loorly s a y s .— irenteni Paper. HELPING PRISONERS. H o w t h o P i t b U c C o u l d A c c o m p l i i i l i I f l u c h t* o o d s T h e c la s s s o u g h t t o be in f l u e n c e d b y th o s e organizations aro m a n y , bu t som e have a special claim for h e lp iu w h ic h th e public a t larg e m u s t b e a r a p a r t Such a c lass a r e the discharged p rison­ ers of a ll ages, who a ro day by day found r e tu r n i n g to th e ir old hom o s or hau n ts. P r is o n e rs’ Aid Soci­ eties offer th o ir c o u n sel a n d help, whicli Is in som e cases refused from a variety of m oilves. M a n y of those who reject su c h aid resort a t once to th e ir clerg y , or, failing In unasslBtcd efforts to obtain w o rk, s e e k out the prison ch a p lain an d nsk his guidance. A u y local w o rker, e v en when assu red of tho s u p p lia n t’s resolution to lend a changed life, ia of:on a t a loss for the m e a n s to help him . Some m e n , s u p p lied w ith a little capital, em b a r k upon th e ir old trad e of f r u it au d fish haw k e rs. Such a case, a ided ono waok w ith a few s h illings, h a s boon kuow n soon a fterw a rd to r e tu r n in irium iiU to ox- b ib it before his clerical friend tho beauty a n d pace of ills now ly purch a s e d doukoy an d barrow . But for m a n y m ou it is Im p o ssible to obtain w o rk un- lo.^s th e public lend thoir help, au d th a t help is often denied. Il m a y bo deem e d Just th a t when m e n of houosty c a n w ith difficulty find w o rk, tho a p p lic a n t w ith a s tain upon hls nam e .should faro still woise. Vot C h ristianity an d com m o n sonso alike dom o n s traie th e necessity of g iving a place for rep e n tan c e to a ll who seek it, yocloty, in decHuing to help its ow n failu r e s , is p r e p a rin g for Its own p u n ish m e n t by ensuring thoir re tu r n lo a life of sin. T a k e tho c a s e of a m a n , who having served his first s e n tence, ap p e a r e d to a form e r m a s ter for w o rk. Ou c o n fessing th a t he Imd boon Justly pim - ialiod, tho ex-piisoiior was at once oJ*'clod from tho office. A su r e r iucem ivo to continuance in sin could s c a rcely bo demised. In som e eases, no t em ­ ployers only, b u t even w o rkm e n , sot therasolvos a g a in s t the penitent, an d rofuae to to lerate his presence. H a p p ily , h o w e v er, m o a t of th e ©x-con- vlcts a r e accustom e d to tho work of n a v v ies an d la­ borers, a u d so have less difficulty la fludlng occu­ pation. Y o t we c a n testify th a t th o ir g r a titu d e for help is no leas r e a l a n d thoir change of Uf© no leas decided th a u In othor coses. T h e r e Is BtlU an o th e r w a y lu w h ich tho public can old th is c la ss, Tho p riso n e r m a y leave a wife a n d fam ily behind h im ; In punlslilng tho guilty tho innocent a lso suffer, Tho house Is indood open, b u t w h e re th e r e is a hom e U Is of th e utm o s t Im ­ p o rtance for th e p riso n e r’s sak e no less th a n hls fam ily's, t h a t U s h o u ld no t be bvokon up. Recog­ nizing th is m a n y a wife struggles g a llan tly on. KolgUbors w ill som o tim o s help, a n d on© o ld w o m a n whose h u s b a n d wos s e n t to prison for six m o u ths, k e p t the hom o togothor by tho aid of a y o u n g n e ig h ­ bor, who voluntoorcd to soli h e r goods In tho s troot as woU a s hia own. H e re, th e n , is a Gold In w h ic h C h ristian ladles m ight ren d e r Invaluable h e lp lo th o ir sorely tried QiiiQrs.—Quiver. THE LIGHT TOUCH, 0 e m o n « t r a t i o i i s in JLiteram rOf m u s ic a n d Arf* T h e q u a l i t y o f lig h t u e s a i n lito r a t u r o is som e w h a t iudopeudent o f form . T h e re have been heavy poem s a n d novels, th e re have been essays a s lig h t a n d a ir y as gossam e r. Now an d th e n a p h il­ osophical w o rk, oven, Is Ufiod by such doxtorous and nim b le p h r a s e as to give one th e Im p ression no t only t h a t one Is thinking, bu t thinking w ith ease au d celerity. Mr. Stookion, In one of the m o st ingenious of h ls storlos, f.aucios a m iddle aged m a n su p p lied w ith a curious a p p a r a t u s for d im inishing tho forcQ o f grarU a tlon, so t h a t ho skips over th o ground in an Incrortlbly lively fa.shlon, and, a t last w h o n heedlessly relax in g hls hold ou su b s tau tlal things, rises from tho ground a little distance, au d iroadB air as an o th e r m ight tread w a tor. M ost w rliors a ro pow e rfully affected by tho law of gravi­ tatio n ; It is w h o n ono h a s a socrot o f th e m o re su b ­ tle law of levitation t h a t wo rocognizo a sin g u larly attractlvo lite r a r y power. N o r is it in litoraturo alono t h a t wo aro aw a r e of this attraction. Tho m u s ician, whoso h a n d s fly over th e koy.s, often ch a r m s us th ro u g h tho sam e quality —he h a s tho lig h t touch. W o porcelvo whon we look a t som e pictures t h a t tho p a in te r h a s h a d a cortah\ doUuoss In h a n d lin g h ls b r u s h —ho h a s tho lig h t touch. E v e n tho solid m a rblo w h ic h h a s yielded to th e blow of tho m a llet som o tim o s discloses th is q u a lity ; one fools th a t tho sculp­ tor Just touched th e clay UgiUly hove au d th e r e an d t h a t tho chisel only glanced ou the surface. T h is ligUtnosa of touch is ossentlally a n arUsUo g ift; it h a s to do ra t h e r w ith tho skill of prosenta- Uon t h a n w ith tho fineness of c o n ception, yot it goes d e e p e r th a n an y m o re moolmuloal doxtorlty. It rosponds lo iho fibre of tho a r tist’s n a tu r e ; it is hls tactile eouee expressing Itself; a n d w h e n we moot ^y^th 11 in any piece of work, wo value it so highly th a t wo som o tim o s w o n d e r If wo are not giving it m o re th a n Us d u o . P e r h a p s wo w o n d e r m o s t w h o n we try to r e p e a t In o u r own form tho m a tte r W’hicU pleased ns, a n d discover th a t tho c h a r m h a s som e ­ how gone out of it. Only whon wo go back to tho book or poora do wo see t h a t tUo m a to r lal w a s not ch e a p o r m o a n , b u t w a s sot forth w ith a lightness of touch w h ich r a ised a t one© Us value.—AWantfe Aloiithli/a _________ LAWS OF NEW YOBK—BY AUTHORITY. [Every law , u n less a different tim e sh a ll bo pro- Bcrlbod tUoroin, s h a ll coram o n co au d tak e offout th r o u g h o u t th e State, on a n d no t before tho tw en­ tieth d a y a f te r the d a y of Us final p a s s a g e , a s coctl- fled by the S e c retary of State. S e a 12, title 4, c h a p . 7, p a r t J, Rovisod StatutoA ) CIIAPTKU 592. AN A ct to am o u d c h a p tov ono h u n d r e d a n d forty- th r e e of th e law s of eighteen h u n d r e d and sovon- ty-four, entitled “A n act to a u th o rize tho form a ­ tion of c o rporations for the oroctlou a n d keoplug of hotels.” P a B s o d J u n e G , 1880; tfltoo-fiftha be­ in g preseixt. T h e People of th e S tate of Now Y o rk, roprosoutod in Senate an d A ssem b ly, do enact a s follows: S ection 1. C h a p ter o no h u n d r e d an d forty-throe of tho law s o f e ighteen h u n d r e d an d seTOuty-four, eutU lod “ An act to a u th o rize tho form a tion of cor­ porations for th e erooilon an d keeping of hotels” la hereb y am e n d e d by add in g th e r e to a s follows; Sec. 18. I f i t S h a n a p p e a r from th e re p o r t ol th e oifleers of a n y corporation form e d u n d e r tins a c t m a d e u n d e r th e provlalona of ch a p t e r five h u n d r e d a n d forty-tw o of th e law* of eighteen h u n d r e d an d eighty, entitled “ A n a c t to pro ­ vide to r Fftlslng U x o s for th e use or th e S tate « p o n o e n o iit € W » m ^ e a ii» loi&t compap n les an d associations,” an d tho acts araondntorf thereof, t h a t a n y such corporation has no t e a r n e d , m a d e o r d e c lared a dividend o r dividends du rin g tUo y e a r e n d in g wltli tho first day of N o v e m b er n e x t procodlng s u c h r e p o r t, o r if tho .dividend o r dlvl- deuds earn e d m a d e o r declared* therein do no t am o u n t to s ix p o r c e n tum upon th e p a r value of its cap ital s tock, ilion tho ta x to be paid by suclt c o rpo­ ration into tlio tre a s u r y of tho State u n d e r s u c h act* sh a ll be a t tho r a te of o n o a n d one-half m ills upon each d o llar o f th e excess o f th e valuation of tho cap­ ital stock (hereol. m a d e iu accordance w ith tho p ro ­ visions of tho s a id acts over tho assessed valuation of tho r e a l estate hold by a n d assessed to such cor- parailoii in an y such year. 8oc. 2. T h is act s liall la k e effect Im m e d iately. S tate of N kw Y oiik , O ff ic e o p tub S kcketakt OF S tate , S3.: I h a v e c o m p a red tlio p reced in g w ith tho original law on file In th is office, a n d do hereby certif)’ th a t tho sam e is a correct tra n s c r ip t there­ from nud of the w hole of s a id o r ig in a l law. ' FilK D E R ICK COOK, S e c retary of State. [Every law , unless a d ifferent lim e sh a ll be pro- scribed therein, sh a ll com m e n c e an d tak e effect throughout the vSiata, o u a u d no t before the tweuU- oth day a f ter tho d a y o f its final p a s s a g e , as c e rtified b y ih o S e c retary of State. Sec. 12, title 4, c h a p . 7, p a n 1 , Uovisod Statutes.] CHAPTEU 66G. A n A ct to oi.oourago iho grow th of free p u b lic U- brnrio^ am i free clrculailug lib r a r ies In th e cities of tho State. Passed Ju n o 15, 1880; throe-fifths being i>resont. ’I'hc i'eoplo of live Slate of New York, ropresontod lu Senate au»l A sscuibly, do e n a c t a s follows; .S ection l. A n y lib r a r y association d u ly incor­ porated u u d e r tho law s of this State an d located i a auy city of tii© State, which owns real estate of th o value of a t least tw e n ty thousand dollars in said city a n d also a t least ton tho u s a n d volum e s a n d m a in tain s tlie sam e ns a free public lib r a r y or a free lib r a r y lor the free circulation of books, a m o n g th e in h a b itan ts of s a id cUy and w h ich sh a ll have actim lJy c irculated in the twelve m o n ths n e x t p re­ ceding the date of the application heveiu a u th o rized at least sovoiuy-IIvo thousand volumes^ is h e r e b y auihoriznd to a p p ly to tho com m o n council o r o th e r proper authority, and in tho c ity of Now Y o rk to th e board of e s tim a te an d apportionm e n t, for tho ap ­ propriation of a sura no t exceeding five th o u s a n d dollnr.s. 5>oc. 2. A n y s u c h lib r a r y association w h ic h sh a ll have c irculated iu addition to th e Bovouty-flve thou­ sand volum e s a b o v e apocifiod, m o re th a u ono hun­ dred thousand volum e s is horohy a u tliorizod Co a p ­ ply to the com m o n c o u n c il o r o th e r p ro p e r a u th o ­ rity, a n d in the city ot New Y o rk to tho board ol estim a te an d npporlionm o n t for a fu r th e r ap p r o ­ priation of five thousand do llars for e a c h one h u n ­ dred thousand volum e s so circu lated in tho twelve m o u ths next preceding tiio d a te of s u c h application over m id abovo th e soventy-fivo tho u s a n d volum o e abovo referred to. Sec. .3. Tho term “ c ir c u latio n ,” aa used In thIa act, is iioroby defined to m e a n tho ag g reg a te n u m ­ b e r ot volum e s actu a lly w ithdraw n from th e lib r a r y o r librarioH of a n y said lib r a r y association by dio people of said city for use in th e ir ow n hom e s o r places of business. Sec. 4. Tho com m o n council of tho cities of thla State, or o th e r p ro p e r au th o r ities of the ©amo, aro hereb y auth o rized a n d em p o w e red to m a k e p r o p e r provision for th e p a y n ten ts o f th o ap p r o p r iatio n as herein provided for. irec. 5. In tho c ity of New Y o rk th e board of eatl- m a to an d ap p o rtionm e n t m a y a n n u a lly include ia its final estim a te tho sum s o r su m provided a s herein to ho ap p r o p r ia te d to an y l ib r a r y ossoclatioa in said city, which s u m or s u m s sh a ll bo an n u a l ly raised and ap p r o p r iated to an y s u c h lib r a r y asso­ ciation as is a u thorized to receive such ap p r o p r ia­ tion or app ro p riatio n s u n d e r tho provisions of th is not; provided, how e v er, th a t th e w h o le ap p r o p r ia ­ tion for a n y ono lib r a r y a ssociation sh a ll no t e x c e e d tho s u m of forty th o u s a n d dollars in any one year* See. 6. 'rb is act s h a ll take effect im m e d iately. S tate OF N ew Y ouk , O ffice op tub S ecubtakt OF .S tate , : I have com p a red th e preceding wltU the original law on file in th is office, an d do hereby certify th a t th e s a m e Is a correct tran s c r ip t therot from aud of th e whole of s a id o riginal law. FUEDKUICK COOK, S e c retary of State. [Every law , unless a different tim e s h a ll be pre- scribiul therein, sh a ll com inonco an d tak e effect U iroughout tho istuto, o n au d not boforo t h e tw e n ­ tieth day a f ter its final passage, as certified by tho ISocrotnry of ytato. S e a 12, title 4, c h a p . 7, p a r t Kovisod Statutes.] CHAPTER 559. A s A ct to provide for th e assessm e n t of telegraphj telephone an d electric lig h t line©. P a s sed Ju n o 16, 1888; three-fifths being present. T h e I ’eoplo of tlio State of New York, r e p resented iu Senate an d A ssem b ly, do enact a s follows: S ection l. T h e portion of teleg rap h , telephone, or e lectric lino in a u y town o r w a rd in this S tate sh a ll be a ssessed in s u c h town or w a rd to tho ow n e r or person or c o rporation, or association in control thereof, in the m a n n e r provided by law fo r th e a a ­ sossm e n t o f lands of resid e n t o w n e rs a n d the s a m o proceedings m a y bo h a d upon such assessm e n t, an d for tho c o llection of any tax levied thereon. Sec. 2. T h e word “ linos” s h a ll include tho inter­ est in the land ou w h ic h the polos stand, the r ig h t or license to erect such poles ou lan d , a ll poles, arm s , Insulators, w ires a n d a p p a r a t u s , instru m e n ts, or other thing c o n n ected w ith, o r used aa a p o r t ox such Hue iu such town o r w a rd, an d belonging eith e r to the ow n er of such lino or tho person, cor­ poration, or a ssociation in c o n trol thereof. 8 e a 3. l u enforcing the collection of an y ta x levied upon such assessm e n t, tho iostrunionts a n d battorleft c o n n ected wUh s u c h lino m a y bo included am o n g the articles subject to levy a n d sale, and, in case there Is not sufficient p e rsonal p r o p e rty , to­ g e ther w ith s u c h Instrum e n ts and batteries, to p a y such tax and tho percentage thereon of th e col­ lector, the c o llector s h a ll r e tu r n all s u m s r o m a ining unpaid to the county treasu r e r , a u d In the city a n d county of New York, th e rocolver of taxes, as o th e r u n p a id taxes aro re tu r n e d ; a n d th e s a id county tre a s u r e r a n d receiver o f taxes sh a ll proceed to s e ll such p a r t of tho line In tho town or w a rd w h e re th e tax WHS levied aa is necessary to s a tisfy th e u n p a id tax a u d percentage, lu th e m a n n e r now provided by law for th e sale of lan d on execution; an d u p o a such s a le s h a ll e x e c u te to tho p u r c h a s e r a convey­ ance of s u c h p a r t of said line, au d the p u r c h a s e r sh a ll thereupon bocome th e ow n e r thereof. Sec. 4. Tt sh a ll bo the d u ty of th e clerk of th e board of s u p e rvisors of the several c o u n ties of thia State, w ithin live days after m a k ing ou t o r issuing of th e aimuHl la x w a r r a n ts by th o board of a u p e r - vl^for.i of th e ir respective counties, to p r e p a r e au d deliver to the county treasu r e r , and iu th e c ity a n d county of New York, th e receiver of taxes, a s tate­ m e n t showing tho title of all telegraph, telephono and electric lig h t Hues In s u c h county aa a p p e a r i n tho last a.ss()Sflmont-roll o f the town or w a rd in BUch county, tho valuation of tho pi-operty, I'eal a n d pep* sonnl, of s u c h lino in each town or w a rd, an d tho am o u n t uf t4'tx a ssessed o r levied on s u c h valuation in each town or w a rd Iff tho c o u n ty. Sec. 5. Any telegraph, telephone or electric lig h t com p a n y assessed m a y , w ithin th ir ty days a f te r tho receipt of such uocico by tho county t r e a s u r e r or receivor of taxes, pay tho am o u n t of tax so a^eosaod or levied on thoir property, w ith one p o r cent, fees on tho tax, to tho county tre a s u r e r o r ro- cciver ol (a.vos, who is h e reby authorized au d directed lo receive such am o u n ts , to give a p ro p e r receipt therefor, and credit the s a m e to lb© c o llector of tho town or w a rd In w hich th e tax was levied. Itt ca:?o the t«ax ou an y telegraph, telephone o r e l e o trie light line rem a ins unp a id a t the exp iratio n of the th ir ty days specified, it s h a ll be th e duty of thd county ircn s u rer an d receiver o f taxes to notify tho collector of such town or w a rd oC BUch failu r e to pay s a id tax, an d said collector sh a ll proceed to collect such lax lu tho m a n n e r heroin provided. Tho tax m a y bo paid directly to tho collector a t an y tim e d u ring' the life of hls w a rran t, bu t no collector sh a ll proceed to enforce hls w a rraitt au d coUset such lax u n til the receipt of such notice of non paym e n t from tho county tre a s u r e r o r r e c e iver o f taxes. Soc. ff. N o thing heroin contained sh a ll bo con** Atrued to prevent the collection of tax e s by a n y i>rocoediug now provided by law. Sec. 7. C h a p ter five h u n d red and nlnety-soveu of the law s of eighteen h u n d red and olghty-one, pro­ viding for th e assessm e n t of teleg rap h Hues, l4 hereby repealed. Sec. a T h is act s h a ll take effect im m e d iately. S tate of N ew Y oke , O ffice of th e S ecretary OF S tate , s a : 1 have com p a red th e preceding w ith tho original law on file In this office, a n d do hereby certify th a t tho s a m e is a correct tra n s c r ip t therefrom aud of tho w hole of s a id original law. FR E D E lU t'K COOK, Secretary of State. [Every law , unless a difforont tim e s h a ll bo pro- ecribod therein, shall com m e n ce and take effect throughout tho State, on an d no t boforo tho twenU- oth day a f ter the day of its final passage, a s certi­ fied by the Secretary of Slate. Sec. 12, title 4, c h a p . 7, p a r t 1, Kovlsod Statutes.] C llA F T E R 579. A n A ct to extend the lim e for the p a y m e n t of -th a capU a l stock of corporations organized since M ay flftcontix, e ighteen h u n d r e d au d seventy-eight, as lim ited liability com p a n ies u n d e r a u act entitled “An act to provide fo r tho organization an d regu­ lation of certain business corporations,” p a s s e d Ju n o tw o n ty-lirat, eighteen h u n d red and seventy- five, an d for taking proceedings to reduce th e ir cap ital stock. F a s sed Juno 4, 188(»; thrce-flfth$ being p r e s e n t Tho I’eoplo of tho State of Now York, rep reso n tca in Sonato a n d A ssem b ly, do e n a c t a s follows: S ection * 1. The cap ital stock of an y corporation organized sinco May fifteenth, cightoon h u n d ro d an d soYOUiy-oight, a s a llm iiod liability com p a n y , u n d e r au act oiuiilcd “An act to i>rovldo for th# organization and rogulatiou of c e r tain business c o r­ porations,•” o a ssod Juno tw e n ty-first, olgUtcon hun­ dred an d seventy-fivo, m a y be p a id In w ithin six momh.s from and after tho passage of this act, o r m a y bo reduced by proceedings authorized b y la w , to bo takou w ithin such tim e . Sec. 2. N o thing in th is act c o n taluod sh a ll bo con­ strued in an y wise to rolloTO a n y s u c h corporation, or tho directors or stockholdorfi thereof, from liabll- Uy to crcdliors for debts contracted before vho p a ss­ age of th is a c t by reason of a n y f a ilu r e to p a y in its cap ital, or any p a r t thereof, w ithin th e lim o pre­ scribed for tho m a k ing of such payinouts by tho said act, o r to m a k e au d Ulo auy certificate of such paym e n t. Sec. 3. T h is act s h a ll take effect Im m ediately. S tate of N ew Y ork , O ffice of tub S kckktary OF S tate , ss . : I have com p a red Uto preceding w ith tho origlanl law ou file in th is office, am i do boi*oby corVlty t h a t tho sam e la a correct tra n s c r ip t ihoro- from and of die whole of said original law. FKEDEKiCK COOK, Socretory of Stato. [E v ery law, unless a different tlm o s h a ll bo pro­ scribed th e rein , sh a ll com m e n ce an d tak e effect th r o u g h o u t the S late, on and not boforo th e iwon- tiotli day a f te r tho day of its final passaco, as corti- fiod by die Secretary of State. Sec. 12, title 4, c h a p . 7, p a r t 1, Kovlsod StauUes.] CiiAVTKU 831. A n A ct In relation to th e departm e n t of police a n a excise in tho city of Brooklyn. J'assod Ju n o 14« 1889: throefl-fths being present. ^ Tho i ’eoplo of the State of Now ^ o rk, ropresontod in Senate and Assem b ly, do e n a c t ns follows: SECTION’ 1. Instead of ono inspector a u d ouo d r il l cap tain there s h a ll hereafter bo th ree insppetora l a th o police fore© of the city of Brooklyn, ih e posi­ tion of drill captain in said force is h e reby nbof- *'^Soc.*2. This not a h n ll take effect im m o d iately. S t . vte of N k > v Y ouk , O ffice o f t h e S ecuetaby OP S tate , ss . : I have c o m p a red the preceding w ith th«4 original law ou file iu th is office, a n d do hereby cer­ tify t h a t U\e s a m e la a correct V ranscript th e refro m and of tho w h ole of s a id original law. FKEDJCJacK COOK, S e c retary of State, [Every law, unless a different tim e s h a ll bo p re­ scribed therein, sliall com inonco am i take offecl th ro u g h o u t tho S tate, on a u d not hoforo tho tw e n ti­ eth day a f ter tho d a y of its final passage, ns eortl- flod by th o S e c ro tary of State. See. 12, title 4, chap* 7, p a r t 1, Uovisod Slauitos.] CUAYTKU 58fi. A n Aci' BUiipIomental to c h a p t e r six h u n d red an d cloven of th e law s of eighteen h u n d red am i sov- onty-flvo, eulllled ” A n act to provide for tho or* ganizatiou au d regulation of cnrtaln business cor- povaUons.” P a s sed J u n o 5, 1H8G; vhrcc-fifvhs be- Sfo^Pooplo'of the State of Now York, r e p resented in Sonato an d A ssem b ly, do onact a s follows; S ection l. It s h a ll bo law ful for any corporation heretofore form e d u n d e r chapter six h u n d red a n d cloven, haw’S o f oighteon h u n d red an d soveniy-fivo, for (ho purpoao of o s tabllshing a national opera a n d of prom o ting a h ig h e r m u s ical oduoaiiou in th e Unitod States, to have any uum b o r of diroctoin, no t loss th a n five, a u d tho e x is ting n u m b e r tiioroofm a y bo (ucreqaed by a vote of a m a jority in iiUorost o t the ow n e rs of the stock issued by s a id corporation, proaont iu person, or by atiornoy duly am h o rlzod, a t a m o o ting of the s tockholders of s u c h corporation hold p u r s u a n t to a notlco, spoclfylug th e p u r p o a o o f such m o o tlug and given to each stookholdor, as is proscribed in said act, au d a siatoniont of tlis ebango of tho n u m b e r of directors so m a d e s h a ll b« Qigned, verified nud filed as provided foi lu said act. Corporation© h e r e a f te r form e d u n t e r s a id act, for the aforesaid purpose, m a y have a n y n u m b e r of d iroctoraiiiot 10B3 th a n flvo, a a tlio by-law s m a y provide. 6oo. Z Tho n u m b e r of dIroctoi*s necessary to con­ stitu te a q u o rum , In a corporation organized for such a purposo ac aforesaid, s h a ll be fixed by the T h is not s h a ll tak e offeev im m ediavoly. S tate of N ew Y ork , O ffic e of tub S echbt . vrt OF STATE, 88.: I have com p a red the preceding w ile too original law on file lu to is oDloo, a n d do horoOy cortlfy th a t to e a a m o Is a correct trnuBcript tuoro- ftfom a n d of tu o wuolo of s a id o rlp 'n a l law. FREBKKICK COOK, H a r j Of S tata. ■ . ■ ■ ..411 '« J ■ - i l ■ ' - i l V

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