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IB VACCIMTHMS LANNED ' FOR 28 , 900 ' SCH 001 CHILDREN |t Vaccine To Be Adminis- tered In A pril In Suffolk pending Report On Last dear ' s Trial. |r. Philip J. Bafle , Suffolk inty Health Commissioner , this |k informed the County Board (Supervisors that his depart- ht is making preparations to sinister the Salk Polio vaccine isome 28 , 900 public and paro- M school children in grades j through four if the results of [ years trial , • which -will be &e public the first week of HL are favorable. l?rfavorable report from the uoimyelltls Evaluation Commit- L composed of a team of Doc- w from the . . University of Mich- aii ' and acceptance of tide Vac- L'by the National Institute of Mth , ' would mean that Suffolk lild receive part of tie one- lllon-dollars worth of vaccine t will be 'distributed by the tional Foundation for Infantile ralysis at no charge to the inty, said Dr. Rafle. 'he Health Commissioner went to tell the Board that it is ne- sary, for, his Department, to be pared for a favorable report so to be able to start gl-ving In- flations the latter part of April they hope to finish the six eka series before the present loci term expires. ^ or this - projected second ser- the National Foundat3on will : supply , 'syringes , needles , cot- : and other necessary materials they did last year , but accord- to Dr. Rafle , his department naged to retain a great deal of i material used last year so it 81 not be necessary for the fiinty to appropriate any addl- pal funds to carry out the ' im- ialzation program. EJoven thousand children com- ated the series last year with at' of that number recei-vlng only B control solution. According to pent plans , In the event a fav- able ' report Is received and a pad; series started , those chil- in who received the control will ve-the opportunity to bo Im- plied, .this * ' year \ along- with bse who did not take part in it years trial or did not com- Ite the series of three shots. SS TOWN PROVISION 0 C0MPE PASSABLE DEVEOPMENT ROADS Huntington Town may soon bo le to force developers to ' build ssnble roads In their dovelop- «ta before they start construe- a, In the opinion or Charles tthews , Deputy Town Attorney. ' . Mathews advised tJie Town ord Tuesday afternoon that he Stoves it Would bo legal for the lira to enact a provision to its illillng Code Ordinance which Mid provide . that passable roads built in developments before » builder Is granted any build- S pormlts for the construction of mos, Mr. /Mathows said that it ?uld not bo feasible to Insist on ilshod ronda , because construction Joking might ruin thorn , but that would bo perfectly proper to vo- ire that \ passable \ ' road s bo lit. Ho said it might not bo pos- bio to oversee the maintenance [ those roadn during construction, ft that nRuln , wlion the houses Sio finished , the Town could Sai> In and force tho uitrfaclng of fl roiulH. OETER'S TO DEDICATE EDUCATION BUILDING Dedication of tho now ' christian lucatlon Building of St. Peter ' s ithornn Congregation of Hunting- u will take place Sunday after- 'on at !i;ao. Ur. Oswald C, J. Hoffmann, of ow York , dlrooto r of Public He- ltons , Lutheran ChurulnMlmioiiri Wiod, w ' ill bo tho tmUvn l pronoh- ' and tho Itov. Albert H. Moyor, ronldont of Concordia: Collegiate latltuto , Bronxvlllo , IN. Y „ will irvo « H HturcHt. The Jtov, Paul H, ' Pttllmoyor . »«or of at. Potor ' a, will officiate : a Bhort ' uorvlco of dtodleutlon ut 'o outran^ , of lUtj Christian ductttfon : DulldliiK , n ' nil Arthur \Din , prioBldont of two coiigt'OKa- °n . will off totally a ' pom tlio doom, i tho entering procoimlpn will bo ]° officiating . olorfiymojt, the \nroh Council, ennyfing the Holy [Mo am) tho g«or«d Vo«nol« , tho \\•Irs , tho ' Sunday Softool uml tho lorBliliijMini . - ' .- [Tho . building which :|it located In '\Wtoonth fltroot, between Oialon »'! Mather Court™ , near tho Silas \>od School; In 240 toot -lonp.iuul I mi wide, .n 1 M , of . WayllBUi IO « K anil* hrlolr nnnH*nintlnn and ; 0ft, «l'iii a 8uhdfty, : \B«tiool Itoom, mot ami ix (Jymn iinliim , Moo v$>i>n; TfiHtfGYWilrt , ' « Krt-« howorfl< • •- . ' .r;.< c 9»t|nMod pn^awoiTwo). ' . ¦ ' . \¦ • ' • ' \;. \ . ' , . ' . 'i!. , . '\ i;/ . - 1 t v >f . -' TI H' y. - • WALT WHITMAN HIGH SCHOOL CONTRACT LET BY DISTRICT 13 BOARD South Huntington ' s (District 13) new high school. The architect' s drawing of the Walt Whit- man High School to be completed.for occupancy by the Fall of 1956. Its capacity is 1500 students and will be off West Hills Road , South of Jericho Turnpike , on 32 acres of land , part of the former Ledyard estate. J ohn Kenned y And Co. Awarded Bid For 1500 Student Building In West Hills , Occupancy In 1956. South Huntington ' s school board announced this week tliat the gen- eral contract covering the con- struction of the Walt Whitman Hlffh School has been awarded to the firm of John Kennedy and Co ., 205 E. 42nd Street , New York City. This award is part of the overall building program approved by Dis- trict No. 13 voters last February, which included three, elementary schools now under construction and slated for Fall , 1955 occu- pancy. ' Present at the formal signing of tho contract last Friday, were Michael J. Kennedy, 3' resident of the firm , Ills associate , Paul Nar- done , Chief Estimator , and District No. 13 officials; Otto H. Langhan s , President of the Board , Joseph A. DePalma , Business Administrator, find Maurice Levenbrcn , Attorney for the -Board. The Building proposition Is in accordance with the recommenda- tions made by the Now York State Department of Education. Reginald B. Marsh , an associate of the New York film of Starret and Van Vlecic , served as tho architect and Dr. Herbert A. Landry, of New York University, as tho Educa- tional Consultant. Tli now buildlnR will have a 35O0 student capacity and will cost not more than $3 , 120 , 000 which In- cludes the purchase price of the 32 acre property, In tlie West Hills section of South Huntington , just South of Jericho Turnpike. En- trance to the property will be made from West Hills Koad. It is expected that formal ground-break- ing will bo hold shortly with oc- cupancy slated for tho Fall of 19DG. STATE DEPARTMENTS ADVISE TOWN CANNOT SEIZE LICENSED DOGS The Now York Stnto Depart- ment of Audit and Control , and Stato Departmen t of- Farms and Markets ' have agreed that the Town of Huntington cannot legally en- act an ordinance which would pro- vide for tlio Kolzure of licoiiHod I I ORH . Tlio two dopurtmontH hnvc In- formed Huntington Town Attorney fleoi'KO Blnesl tlmt the State Law provides tho necessary curbs on dogs , nud that all licensed dogs conio under the provision of Ar- ticle 7 of tlio Agriculture uml MnrUolH Law and <>t section 130 CO) of tlio ' Town Law. This Mr. niaoBl reports , has boon Inter- pro tod by tho Stato Comptroller that n \Town Ordinance prohibit- lii K tlio miming nt largo of tin- rniiMled (logH , may aot provldo for their Boliuro , anlo or doatrnctlon, but tlmt punishment for violation 1 H limited to that proscribed by tho ARi'loiilturo and Markets Law . \ Tlio dlHciiHHlnn at Tuoadny ' H mooting was touched off by a lot- (Continued an Page Two) A military oiioort and full mili- tary honoi-H wore accorded Tooli. Sgt, Anton Robert Rolmty, of Contortion . u>° victim of a tragic nccldonl ut the Sodnlla Air Kaao , 'Mo „ who was brought homo to Long Iiilnml for .Interment In the Nation- til Cemetery, nt J'lnotawn. Bgt. Tinlialy , W « H fllnht engineer on a JC.C. »7 refiiMllnff P Iano which en light flro and exin°« e a Bhortly ,ifjor taking off from the Sodalla Air llano on February 23. All but two ' oMln 11 marr orow porlMio\ In tlio exploulon. I-H» DOrt y WHB m ' coiled homo by hln Air II IIHO Innti1io ' tor M/8 nohin Johnston, A vetera n of fi I III I HH I OIIII ov«r Ktir ' oiib In World-War m forwUloU \\v>\\U boon awaHloa tUQ' SH\rpr Centerjport Fli g ht Eng ineer Dies In Army Plane Crash The Huntington Town Board voted unanimously on Tuesday to deny the application for an Outdoor Amusement Area which would permit a drive-In theatre in the Melville area. The amendment to the Zoning Ordinance , on which a public hearing was held February 11 , and which would set up an Outdoor Amusement special district was vetoed- The Board also denied the application of the Fourtown Realty Corpora- tion , which asked *or a rezone of 42 acres of a triangular tract off Route 110 and Watt Whit- man Road , near the Bookman Hotel. At the time the hearing was held at the Sunquam School , few residents spok« in favor of the application , and scores op- posed any down-zoning in the . area , where the Century Circut subsidiary hoped to build a drive-in theatre amd out door recreation area for children. The special District amend- ment was also opposed as down-zoning. Amusement District, Melville Drive-Ira Theatre Denied N0RTHP0RT TOiGE PARTIES PREPARE C/WAIGN MEETINGS. Reg istration Of Voters Satur- day At Village Hall , Elec- tion Marc h 15 For Mayor , Two Trustees . Nortlipprt voters arc being serv- ed tea , coffee and speeches as the March 15 election day neara. With a full slate for Mayor and two Trus- tees nominated by the two local parties , tho Cltluona Party and tho Good Government Party workers are ringing doorbells and holding neighborhood meetings. Registration for new or previous- ly unregistered rotors will bo held on Saturday at the Village Hall. In lust year s election 1 , 657 resi- dents cast their bal.lotn. The Citizens Party han boon holding committee moctlngii at tho Maaontc Hull each Saturday since January 22. Its candidates are Homy P. mchaidaon for Mayor and Gilbert Scuddor and Paul L. Aiilors no Trustees , Tho Good Oovni'iimont Furty has Da.vld Nash ns lt» candidate for Mayo r and Harry II, Purvis and George W. Roomih. Jr. for tlio two truHteoBlilps. Brief prof lion and pic- tures of tho opposing candidates (Continued on Page Two) MEVILLE RESIDENT SEES INCORPORATION MOVE AS SECESSION Anthony Bundrick DecEares Central School District 5 Onl y Aboutt 50 Percent Smaller Than Townshi p. In a letter to tbe Editor of The Long-Islander , Anthony Bund- rick of Melville who describes himselE a ' s a native of Melville and satisfied with the Town Go vern- ment takes issue with the. state- ments made by Angus Mctatyre relative to a recent meeting about incorporating Half Hollow Bills. Mr. Bundrick declares that the meeting was not \broken up by ruffians seeking to c reate disorder . . . \ , that the righ t to know the whole truth was denied by resi- dents of the area , that resEdents of Melville and surrounding areas want rmore information about the proposed incprporation. Mr. Bund- rick declares that three \ out of town \ officials addressed the meet- ing and th at \ all other fine gentle- men who wanted to hear the other side of the story, as was within yielr rights , were branded as out- siders , intruders or part of the or- ganized, opposltlan. All , of ua were organized , in only one respect and that -w as' that wo wanted to hear the whole truth\ . ' ' \It Is our 'belief , \ he •writes , - \that Incorporation of so groat an area -will not lower taxes , will not afford better zoning control for all; will not give us bettor police protection -and , as was proved at tho very first meeting, would B ' V <5 tho residents In the far flung areas no volco in the so-called homo rule. \ A committee raf which Mr. Mcln- tyro Is chairman Is proposing tho incorporation oC Central School District 5 , South Huntington , which takes In the areas of Dlx (Continued orn Page 5 , Se-o, 2) SWF01X WATCHMAN DEMOCRATIC CHOICE FOR 1956 TAX SALE Tli o Suffolk ¦County Watchman , woolcly newspaper published at Huntington Station, la tho Demo- cratic choice for official imblica- tion of tho cownty tax sale nnd other notices in 19G6 , it was dis- closed Monday at Rlvorhond. A designatio n naming tho Watch- man to receive tlio $17.000-*o- »20 , - 000 printing plum , signed by Su- pervisors JonopO i V. Kelly of Riv- oi'hoad nnd II. Stewart Topping of East . Hampton * was approve! by the unanimous vote of the. full linnrd of S U P°*' V ' 801 ' 8 ' , Par tho past, five or six years , tho ! Democratic nod linn aono to tlio N OWB -R OV I OW of HWorhoud , lnrgoly as n result of tho efforts of tho veteran Itlvorheudl mipor- visor, i Kelly said be hud no comment to nittlco on tho filing of tho desig- nation several montlui In advance of tlio oiiHtoma ry time. Tho Repub- lican members of tlio board aro not oxpcetc'l to announce thei r choice until next full, ME SHORE , HARBOR LEASES APPROVED BY TOWN TRUSTEES Steers , Carbone . Given Exten- sions , Knutson ' s Renewed At #500 A Year Plus • Taxes; Others Discussed. ' The J, Rich Steers Corp., was granted a five year extension of the lease on land under water at iNorthport , at its sand barge load- ing dock , at a rental of five hun- dred dollars for the five years when the Huntington Town Trus- tees lieid their March meeting at the Town Hall Wednesday after- noon. The lease , which was orig- inally dated February 27 , 1940 was extended for five years on March 1. 1950. The new renewal extends the lease to March 1 , I960, with an option for another five year ex- tension at that time. Judge Percy Imgerman , In recom- mending that the lease be granted , explained that It Is for land around the Steers Northport Dock ana said tha t It gives the company the jurisdiction to dredge out \ a bar vvBicli collects from sand seeping down the hill. \ . Judge John Kane and Town Clerk Robert McNulty announced the successful completion of nego- tiations witfi. the Thomas Knutson Shipyard on tbe East side of Huntington Harbor for a renewal of the Knutson lease. The settle- ment included a check for fifteen hundred dollars for lease rental in arrears, and a check for fi ve hun- dred dollars for the first year of the new lease. The new lease gives the Knutson company five years ' occupancy with a five year renewal option , at five hundred dollars a year , plus taxes on the buildings erected on the leased (Continued on Pafle Two) P.TJL -HEARS BOARD PLANS SCHOOL STUDY BY CH1ZENS CROUP Parents and taxpayers again dis- cussed the subject \ A practical Apprnch To Tbe ' High School Prob- lom \ , ' at tbo '' Woodbury \1 ' AworiviB School P. IV A. -' -ineeting 'Monday night , - February 28. In a pane! dis- cussion , J. Taylor Flnley, Richard C. K . Iaffky, Mrs. Benedict Kurshan, Mrs. C. . A. Wanser , Glori'E. 'Big- gins with J. Alien Matthews , prin- cipal of tho Woodbury Avenue school acting as moderator , spoke on the subject, Mrs. Michael Qobrlan presided. This being tho G8th Anniversary of the founding of The. Congress of Pare n t-Teacher Associations , past president of Woodbury Ave- nue School P.T.A. were honored, Mrs. Geoffrey Bare , who was In- strumental in organizing; the first P.T.A. In Huntington in March of 1926 introduced tho ladles while Mrs. Gebrfan pinned a corsage oil each one. The second half of tho program began with Mr. Matthews loading the members of the panel up on the , ulngo whore ho introduced tho first speaker , Richard C. Kluffliy. Sir. Klaffky who spoke for tlio Board of Education , presented a plan that will employ a citizens committee to study , tlio high school problem. The Board will appoint seven committee chairmen who , in turn , will choono their own com- mittees. Tho Board hopes for a cross section of opinion from peo- ple in , practically all walks of life. Tho seven committee chairmen will bo asked to study the seven phases of tho school problem, In- cluding population, sites , central- izatlon , educational program, fi- nancing, presentation , building neoda. Meetings o( tho various committees may bo held as often na , tho- ' ' chairman fools nocosnary. A. ,;Bonoral mooting of nil commit- too members will bo hold onco n month for progress reports to which tho public will bo Invited, J. Taylor . Flnloy, ABBlstant Su- perintendent of Schoola In District No. 3 dlsmmaod tho overcrowding lu our achools , dtroiislng tho prob- (Continued on Parj a Two) . ¦ ' • ' , / ' ¦; Xinltud SlntuH In 1023 , ho bad boon tt mumbor «f Iho Russian Imperial Orchostra In . Moscow, In 1025, \When ho WJIB a member of tUo Philadelphia OrohnsUn, Sovltalcy o rganized tlio ' 'PhllndoV Vhla Chamber String flrmfonloLln, He later wan In Boston m conduc- tor of . tho Metropolitan Theater Symphony Or6hoBtrit and the Bos- ton P«>>|)I« ' H py iniil ' iony O reliant mi In 103'i Oc, Hovltnky botuuno : iliu niirmnnont conductor of the Indian- upollu Symphony Orolioutni , oull- od \ one of, tUo nivtlcm ' tt Unr lxmt symphonies '* by D OOHM Taylor in Holiday magnicliio for April ,, 1U5], Tor tho oreuoatra ' D Unit thro ' o>' W i - sons , 11)37 , to 1040 , tlio flrut bora v. Z .{Cojv^Hijd , , oi) . l^no^yyo} - £v MOTHER AND CHILD KILLED IN ACCIDENT ON DEER PARK AYE. Car Veers Out Of Contro l , Overturns And Is Ri ghted By Crash With Oncoming Auto. A tragi c accident on Saturday morning on Deer Park Avenue , Dix Hills vas responsible for tho death of a mother and daughter. Joseph H. Konopka , 39, of B TOOK - dale Avenue and Oak Street , West Isllp, whose wife , Pauline , 32 , and daughter Rosemary, 7V(* died of injuries , is on the critical list at Huntington Hospital. Hu sustained Jractures of the skull and spine. Mrs. Pauline Konopka was driv- ing her husband' s 1953 Willys sta- tion wagon south on Deer PavK Avenue , wliere the car appeared to go out of control. It veered into a northbound lane and overturned. An approa.cb.ing car , operated by Robert W- McCory of Little Neck Road , Cen terport , struck the over- turned car and partially -righted it again. The little girl was thrown out and h-er parents, were crushed in the front seat of the suburban. Dr. Mel\llle G. Rosen , whose of- fice is near the scene of the acci- dent , administered to the wounded within a ievr minutes. Mrs. Ko- nopka was pronounced dead. Rose- mary and her father were rushoi to Huntingto n Hospital in Knight' s ambulance, but the little girl died enroute. Also taken to Huntington Hos- pital were Robert McCory and Dona McMllla ' n , of 40 Bayview Avenue , Babylon a passenger in bis car. McCory was given emergency (Continued on Pa(je Two) TOWI^ BOARD VOTES TO APPROVE WALDORF •iRPSTlY :ZONE The Huntington Town Board this morning voted to .grant the appli- cation o£ the Waldorf Instrument Company- for a zone change from residence B to Light Industry, on 25 acres of land on Wolf HIU Road. The Board , when it ended its Tues- day afternoon session , adjourned , not permanently, but to on un- specified hour on Thursday. Super- visor Ccrmnk said tho Board acted after tho rimming Board changed its position In view of the Company pledge to hold tho entire tract itself , permanently. Tho \ynldorr instrument Com- pany urged its application before the public and the Town Board at a hearing in tlio Hills Scribpl on February l-lth, it' s spokesman , Burrall A, Parkhurst , an executive vlco-presldont, said that tlio Com- pany spends a million dollars an- nually on Its Huntington payroll, and would spend a. half million dol- lars on tlio proposed expansion site in tho Hills area. Ho snld tho location would be especially suit- able because it Is free of dust and radio interference, Tho aono chungo which wouli], enable tlio Waldorf company to carry oc.it itn plan was endorsed nt tho boEii'lng by (ho Chamber of Commerce, ini t was ppposod by tho Huntington Town Planning Board , whoso spokesman , John McGinn , urged Unit the Company be told to locate in another aron. A majority of tho .audience which pndiod the Hills Scliool two wookn ngo aoomod in favor of the change It was fait, Tlio Town. Board voted Tuesday unnulmoiiHly to re fe r tho matter back to the Planning Hoard \ tov reconsideration In tho light of additional facts brought out nt tho hoarlng, \ Speedy action by tho riniinlri H Board was expected since tho lioui'd scheduled Its final action for sometime today, Monsborn of tho Huntington Town«3ilf» Community Conoorta An- Honliitloa will hirvo tli o . opportunity to lioiw Dr. •Pablon Sovltuuy oon< duct tlio olfthty-flvo momboru of the ImdlnnapollB Symphony Or- (ihostiE) at Toaz Junior IHgli Rchool , woniKMitUiy nlgM, MaveU 9, Thin will ha tho first tlmo , tlmt a major ayinphony orahealra luw porforan on l.onn inland In p, Com- munity Concert sorlo«, ' Dr, aovltsliy was born In Riiasln In 1893 nnd by the ngo of (on wuu a Bohnlcurahln student at tUo <Im- pprlal Conflovvatory of Mtmlo in St, Petersburg, ' where 1(« Mtu 'dled uiufor Htiou fiiikjoub (<iftQhar . fi; ' DB RlmBlcv'Kornnlto'V aid,; . ' ^loxanuor . (»|iiKOL|||oy, JlDfWO : c01flI»K, '4o ' , t?, P , \' '\\' ' • ' 'TV\ . '\- 'V' \ '\ ' ¦ ' . ¦ ' , .. ' . ' • ' . < . . ' ¦ . ¦ ¦ ' . ' . ' .. . . ' ; ,, ' i ' ;\ii\ ; Indianapolis S ymp hony A ppears In Concert Here Next Weefc McNulty Advises Towns- peop le To Write Repre- sentatives In Albany For Passage Of S pecial Bill. A bitter flgbt in Albany may have been touched off by special beach legislation introduced in both houses for the Town of Huntington. Town Clerk Robert McNulty urged the audience at the Town Board meeting Tuesday afternoon to get in touch at once with Senator S. Wentworth Horton , and Assembly- men John Britting, Elishu. T. Bar- rett and Edmund R. Lupton , at the Capitol , In Albany, urging passage of the propose bill which would enable the Town of Huntington to acquire , establish , and maintain beaches and park anywhere in its \territorial boundaries \ . The bill supersedes the right of Incorpor- ated Villages to exclude Town Beaches within the Village limits. Town Clerk McNulty, In announc- ing that Senator Horton has intro- duced the bill In the Senate , said that Assemblyman Britting, who sponsored the measure in the lower house , had informed him that the more than four hundred Incorpor- ated Villages in the Stato are mass- ing their lobbying and legislative forces to oppose the measure. Specifically the proposed law would permit the Town Board to establish for the Townspeople pub- lic beaches at Pusaro ' s Beach in Lloyd Harbor and the Crescen t Beach at Huntington Bay. Use of the property -which tho Town al- ready owns In those areas has been blocked by the Village Boards. Villages In State O pposing Town Beach Legislation CHANGE IN CODE TO PREVENT MOR E ASPHAIT MIX PLANTS An amendment to tho zoning ordinance which would prohibit the granting of building permits for additional typos o£ asphalt plants , will be the subject of a public hearing before the Town Board at the Town Hall on Tues- day, March 15. - This , amendment , If approved would clarify Section 2 , (1) of Article VII relating to pro- hibited uses in General Industry zones , which JIOW reads , \Disinfect- ant , creosote , colt e or asphalt man- ufacture or prdcosslng. \ Deputy Tovn Attorn ey Charles Matthews advised the Town Board on January 31 that the section needed cliulCylng since while It prohibits the actual manufacture of asphalt , it does not prevent the mixing or processing of asphalt already manufactured elsewhere. Tho letter to tho Town Board was prompted by an lngulry from Town Building inspector Robert Hudson as to whether tho applica- tions Of tho Hendrlckson Bros, and Tufnno Construction Corp. for building pormlts for \ asphalt mix- ing plants \ should bo granted. The Hendrlckson plant Is to bo con- structed on tho property of tho Broad Hollow Estates , Lower Mel - ville , for $135 , 000 and tho Tufano plant for $G0 ,O0O In East North- port on Deposit Road. Tho permits -wore granted , on February II. Mr. M at thews advised that tho \hot mix asphalt plants \ , where asphalt and stone aggregate would bo mixed for use in road paving was not prohibited under tho existing ordinance. Ho wrote , in his letter to the Town Board , that tho word \ processing, \ coupled wltlt \ manufacturing \ Im- plied treatment of tho materials to manufacture asphalt, Tho proposed ordinance change would add , after tho word \ pro- cessing \ tho phrase \ or mixing with' other Ingredients, or any op- eration pertainin g thereto. \ Had this section bcon included prior to tlio Hendrlckson Bros, and Tufano Corp, aiipllcntlona, Mr. Matthews said, noltlior permit could hnvo boon gran led. Plana antl pictures of similar plnntn wore submitted to tlio Building Department ¦with tho ap- (Contlrwed on iPnoo Two) PECOMC RIVER SITE FOR COUNTY OFFICES IS TO BE ACQUIRED Bridge Across From River- side To Rivcrhcad Planned To Link New Structures With Present Facilities. The Suffolk Board of Supervis- ors moved Slonday to acquire by purchase or condemnation a 136- acre tract on the south side of the Peconic River in Southampton township as the site of a new coun- ty government center. ¦Maps prepared by County High- way Superintendent Harry T. Tut- hlll' s office showing the parcels to be acquired were unanimously approved on motion of Southamp- ton Supervisor Stephen F. Mes- chutt. A nubile hearing on the land taking will be;conilucted by the board in its meeting room at Itiverhead on March 28 at 2 P.M. The site of a building program which is expected to cost well over $1 , 000 , 000 , is in Riverside , di- rectly across the Peconic River from Ri verltead. A bridge across the river , connecting with Os- borne Avenue and West Main Street in tbe vicinity of the county- liistorical museum , is planned to link the new structures with the county courthouse and other coun- ty buildings in Hiverhead proper. Old timers recall that a plank bridge spanned the river at this point many years ago. Most of the area is marshy, with water close to the surface- Architect Xouls B. Jallad e , . who conferred with the board Monday; has advised against basement con. -; s truction while ' assuring the , su- pervisors that test borings show a solid footing for foundations. Erection of the first building will probably get under way early, next fall. It will be a. two-story- structure , housing - the' .offices of; the county clerk on the first floor and the county treasurer on the second. .. ,, . ' • ¦ Estimates of thd probable . cost of the land range from ?35 , 000 to $70 , 000, with $55 , 000 the most like: ' Iy figure. Major owners are report- ed to bo Morrison G. Wines , John O'Keefo , the W. ' Arthur Nugent estate , Edward Gifggenhelme r , - Geraldlne A. Blasbalg and' Little River 'Park .. Inc. Tho . 'Nugent ' prbD- ' ¦ • • ert ' y of nine acres Is the only one Improved with buildings and Is believed to be tho most, valuable. At a meeting of the Suffolk County Bar Association in River- head Monday, Joseph F. .O'Brien of Patehogue presented a report calling 'fo r tho construction of an entirely now courthouse. O'Brien and other attorneys serving on a special association committee said , tho existing courthouse was Inade- quate on tho day of its dedication . In 1928 and that It cannot be alter- ed to meet present day needs. A now courthouse, tho commit- tee declared , should Incorporate among it facilities ; Six courtrooms for tho Supreme Court , three Cor tho County Court and one for Sur- rogate ' s Court; a central Jury as- sembly, room; additional 'jury do- (Continued on Pane Two) HUNTINGTON BUSINESS EDUCATION DAY PLANS SET BY TOWN C. OF C. Nearly 240 Huntington District Throe school teachers will not bo at-thql r desks on March 14 , , . and about 4 , 000 school children will hav e a holiday thanks to Huntington ' s first Business-Educa- tion Day. Huntington ' s IniliiHtrloB , raor- cliants and banks will throw opon their doors as touchers select from more than forty buslnosHoa tho firm they wish to visit . Tho educa- . ' , tors will bo thoroughly educated! on tho industrial and business Ufa of Huntington. Tim program for tho day, will bo. ' gin whou tho teachers antl busU noHtmww UHHomhly in tho auditor- linn of Toaz Junior High School n ' t \ S: ¦) 5 A.M. where n school bnml will play and largo signs .with tho firm ' s name , prepared by local HluduntH will direct tho toacharn to tho local employere. Buvorvliior Joseph Cormiik v/UI Itoynoto tho uiiiiombly mooting in , the morning nt Toiu nnd nt 0:80 A.M. the Louchom will bo taken 16/ tho moj ' o ' thn ' n . forty . ' parU9|pn.|ln(f : ' ;.;, , ' firms, At noon , nll .tUo: portloipat' -; ' f inn tpacliorn uml biiBliiCMHbii will : \V '; lunch - at Mimic ' s ' ; ' L OR ¦ ¦ . ' Cultlit ' ; where Dioy will bo \ luUlrefmodl .by ¦ : . ¦ ' ¦ ,i- (Cantlnued'on Page Two) Alr ' Moital with dixit Leaf Clusters , Sgt. Jlolmty hurt returned homo from hid ' Air FYxreo duty without Injury. Ho lived ' with ' bin family hero (or a while fcoforo golnR West io nttond ncliool nnd only recently hail re'Ontorod tUo Air Forc e na a flight onglnoor. Military iiorvicou , \voro lioltl Tu.ih.lav- , with ' religious SWV I POK eonduuted Moml' iiy ' OVuiilug \ . by tho Hl(/v. JoHopb V/ Geary In the Contorport Mothcdlnt Ohiirc h com- ralttnl. lie WUH titmlntort nt the neivlfcM by tho Catholic CtoanliUn from. Wltchol Mold- Air .. -Force Mflo , Momboru of On« O»*orp<m Vlre Dopikrlrnont under tholr Chief Will- lam aancloff. coniduoted . ft' . 'Wemor. - . • ' '<< C((» 'frtl»iM«ilV«ik ' 'PauO'iTw(o^' . , . r* ; l ' ,|' ;S ' , ' 'lr.rft!0!' . , \ ' . - 'Il- H l . ' . ' . -Wr . - ! ; ' << ' ¦* . • ¦ » ; ¦ . The Suffolk County Clerk . Wil- liam II. F' ry, announces tlmt now and modern quartern have boon acquired for tho Huntington It ranch of tho Motor Vnli Iclo Bureau, Tho now location is 81 Jorlclio Turn- pike , Huntington Station, anil tho office will bo oposied to the ' public for tho first time at 0 A.M. on Mon- day, March 7th. Ample , parking apace is available Tho of ' flco Is In charge of Joimpti B-lglllo , Jr, of Huntington Station . Motor Vehicle Bureau Moves To New Quarters •Michael Cooper , 11 of 3' Falcon l'la«o , Huntington , Buffered first ilo£iut) b ' uriiH ut Lho face , nock and forehead on Monday whoa a dis- carded can oC paint remover ex- ploded ua ho played wltlt It ut a rubbish pllo nt tho HoDly Hills development ¦mbout 100 yamlu oant of Huntington Bay Road. Michael was given oriiorRoncy Iroiltmbnt nt Huntington Hospital nnd ' rolonnb ' rt. \ Hln moth or , Mrs, Ayarln Coopos 1 , Bald H I\ O will con- sult her plvyulolan for further Iroutmont. . . - NOi lHwl by . Uw WoMiflla.1, Patrol. tanti ¦ J, T. Honni(hnn InrostlRated the ruhblub hea p and found aoveral tllaiiiirdod flvo gallon contulnoro for . nalnt antU- thinner. Howunl PhllllpH , piwlilbnt of HQlly Hills at, lUdoHlto, wa« warnoa try tho pollco of tbu niliiatlon anil linmodt laLoly had tho junk pile cleaned HJK \- . - • ' ' .. :, . • ,.,!.»; ¦ ,,;, . :;¦ - .. ' . i;' .,i' ,.v , \ n ' • '^V. - V^V-^ . w/lvVH V'^i 'li -r ' ./^''\!') Pl a y ing In Rubbish D OT Suffers Bums ' Tuesdays lively mootmg of tho Huntington Town Board luul nn intoroutod aiuiionco of atudeiitn roprosontlngr four Seventh Orado Gltlsonahlp clnHiioa from Hie Hills Soliool, Accompanied by th&lr toucher, iMra , Van N« BR Darling of Northnort , tho Htudents sliofvod Uoon IntoroBl lq proceedings , bomb- nrded the pro mt with np t quastlnna, a , ntt learned to identify not only the tnomborn of the Board , but mot Suffolk Comity District Attorney Hurry C, Brenner, who linpponod to. bo In tho Town Hall , and who Invited the group to vlsilt hit) office In Jllvorlioiul, ' ' Those in tho Hills Scliool group lyero B a , r b a ' v a Kl«lao , Uuda Adnmoo , rtuuiioU NownK , Klulurd Sloan , IDrla Torgornoai, Craig K. JHItllliKtoii; Judy ifowoon, Virginia r-bntocorvo , Judy UrJir, and Jill vVldtoohiiforv ''' ' ' -; >(frt|il»^*ilivii. , 'Mv \' . , -: if:, \ :r ( ni • ,nl( ' l. ' l»t*#» i»i « .l»i»; , ' Hills School Group At Town Board Meeting m, j nmoH T, Ko|iy ( o , iWf Hil > ¦• of Li6y|i ' iin ' riiov; yt W Wpoiii^oii ' tpi . ':, ' ,;: ¦ tho-'HunlinKtori' ' \ ' *f¦JV. 'n ^ifh«ri, , > 'i|,ri ?!' ;;: :DoWd ' i»y \ « \ (iiiwJWii 'ifiu ' uj^uW^&^iaft-!*\ Hmitln (rtftn ' i ;AmM| i|l^|iK imoxp Uwl-, . term - „ c>f, '^W* dto ,!,A . who ' iwlK«ed. ' ;.Dr.j; >K*ffl tlBt, mii! iHi;not»yp^^Mlpfe Ut • •Tlun-wnni! , ' the ' .IneiklwiWoilHuinM muin(tUaod;by'ilto ,\V»^U)W|JMi^ f.i V.. - \ 1 - ' > ' i:iUKifct^wMniw*«««H »oa»ii*ii«ft: !• '' -!. \ ' ' V- ,! iViiV. '?'/' ' -¦t ' , \i. X' . ' , i-iw; , ; *:!';M:s-w;nw^»3; , . , ,Uj , ' ¦ . \).\)l >lW( , > ..y . • . ,v- , l l lj;i*. . '^.(/ «' . ^|*ii:. ^ i . . ' : - \ ' i ' . ' : .. ¦ ' ' ' . . ¦ . ; . f , . \ , '» . v . ^;' , \' ,^' .' 1 .. ,in'')^i' . 'L.yt» vb:^\.w*' . ¦ . ' ¦ • •; >**> ' . . .!¦ . ' , v. ' ; Dr. James Kell y' A ppointed; ; \ ¦ To Planning ' Board ¦ } '$$$'$$

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