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text ?<M't\l' 0OT£r^WEDNESDAY,, JUM^ 14,' iw, [VOLUME MI, K „. * NEW GOODS. THE fubfcriber informs his CtifftaOnr^ and thgFarrners generally of Ontario coun- ty, thathe r ftasj \ft received from Philadel- phia afrefb fupply of Dry Goods, Groceries, Grocery, Ironmongery, ; &c+ W'hich 'tie will open at his STORE, in the lowfioll^&jkabput the 28 th in ft. This, tqg§th^r%ith^|s ftock 6q hand,* will make a large and complete affortmetit, which he will fell at reduced prices for pr<impipay went, FPheaty Rye, Pork, Butte% and even CASH Will not he refuted in payment. He will ilfaopf hat tl)c fame tim^e ,afc his Mills, a, : general affortmeqt, on ; the* fame terms.\\ ,,-.« How running on Crooked Lake, Sphooncr SALLY, of 30 tuns burthen, intecide;^, as a regular trailer on faid Lake, and Jtoih^by she fubferiber for bis accommodation and the Merchanis' and Farmers of Ontario s~ Charges for tra-nfp..orutfon up. of down the Lake will be as follows, viz, Wheat or other grain per B-ujhel,. 6d. Flour per Barrel, 2/.-~rAiui other kinds of loading in proportion. On.©, third will be difcouoted from the above prices to fuch as.willfurnifh a fulll«ad. *\ '.'''-.- ..' The neighboring Merchants of i,'Oni°ario will find it much'to their advantage to trarif- f ort their produce'oriiarket by the Crooked ,ake and Bath to Baliimore, as the freight tpr a barrel of flour in the fpringf feafon will riot exceed one dollar and twenty cents frorn Waggoners Milts to the latter place, There is now a convenient Ware-Houfe a) the head ot ih^Lake, and others will be e- reeled at the foot and at Mr. Biddoc'sj on the nar^torky early in the fipring. For FREIGHT or PASSAGE, apply to George IV. Tayler, in Snell, Lazarus Ham rnond, head'of 1 he Lake, or tt>the fubferiber. GEORGE M'CLU&E. Cold Spring Mitt* Dec 22, 1808.-f8) Cayuga Boarding School, TL^L be opened, for the reception of young Ladies, ( in the village of Aurora on the 15th inft. in connexion with the Cayuga Academy* by MRS» BERNARD, who will teach the following branches, viz. Drawing, Painting and Embroidery* to* gether with different kyidspf ufeful and or- namental Needle-work. / a _ Reading, Wruing, Arithmetic, Engjilh Grammar, and Geography with the life of the Globef and Maps will be taught fonder the immediate diregions of the Preceptors of the Academy, Mrs. BERNARD will pay particular atten* tion to the morals and manners'of her pupils; and flatters rierfel* that by her affiduit'y and Prom a London paper. P The following Impromptu has been pub> lifhed on Banaparte's. politenefs in fending us over packets' of Bulletins: WE thank you for thefe BuHetins, Great Emperor, Kingand Elf* And hope you foon may have from ug ,r~ A Bultet-in youtfolf! :V e United States* HOUSE ot RJ^ESENTATIVES, •\ : «• •..-••' • .j ». * .,.' • . TUESDA-T, May 23. The Imeffage of th»*'%refident of the United States was received by Mf» Graham, agreeably to care in their tuilion, (he will be able to give! *i* '\Hmation gwen by the Prefident yefterday to «»««, „l r .'„c JCJ- ' ., :u r u ' i & /- J tbe Committee appointed to wait on him. The general (atjsfaclion to thofe who are pleafed | rae ffage, having been read, was referred to a com- to commit tbeif daughters to h&r charge. • [mitteeof the wbolehoufepntbeftateof chetJnion; CLEMONS SC HME1S INFORM THJE; PUBLIC, THAT TpEY CAR- RY ON T,HE • Cabinet MMfcw&3Mshess> In all its various Ibranches,-..at tbeif ihep in Geneva*. oppoQte MrV JOHN: WOODS' Inn, Genefee-ftreet, where thofeiwho wijh to encouragej^them in their line of bu- finefs-* will, at all timei, find an aflbrtment of PUm'itur,e t .made in th^ beft poaotier and; tt'eweft t^lhton, '' '* Geneva* Febtuary 1, ' (12) • \• . N« B? Cherry, Black Walnut and Curl •V^ajple' B' »ards, Bedftead Scantlii&i[j-and Erq> Juce will be t^ken in payjrfl^nt. -V-* juft received, in addifiori to his former fupply, the ftilio\wfng articlesr DRY GOODS. \ Ot Trunks Calicoes; 2 Bales India: Muflins ; ao pieces fine. Blue, brown and\ mixt Cloths; 20 pieces red, yellow, white, green & black Flannels:; 30 do. Totlinet and Swanfdown ¥eft » Patterns; • . 12 do. Fancy and Velvet Cord ; 4 do. Sat tin Cloth ; 12 do. white and black Caaibrick Muf- Hn ; 12 doz. twiird and common Shawls; 7 do. Silk and Cotton UmbteHas; ' - . 'GROCERIES. . # 3 hhd. St. Croix afld Jamaica Ru«i; 1 pipes French B<*andy; .; ' : ' % hhd. Molafles; i do. brown Sugary 6 cafks lump do. 6 do. Rfdl Tobacco ; *,; -• 4 pbls. Pepper; ' '.f ^- ' 2 do. Alfpice; \* 4 do. QvjfFee; < - 8 CueBs Hyfonfkin Tea; 1 do. Bohea ;, ; 2. Bales Cotton ; 2 Ton Swedes, |Luffia! and Country, refined Ijpn *,>j|l^. : '; , . \' 500 wt. Engliub '.H^'iiiericam Steel; 2006 lbs, firft iquMity Sole^Leather, ' which he offers for fale>' cheap tor Caflr, , ,^, ; t A confiant fiffly of Montesuma and Onondag,* Salt, at tl»e Cavuga prices. A- • Geneva* Mov., 23, Tooj8\ \ {*) ; SlCKLESMITe BtiiSneCv T HE fubferiber refp|£t^ully informs the public in Kenerai, that he ba;s commenced thfrSlCKLE SMITH B^ui- nefs in FartflMi|o^vn, in the county of On- tario, 5 o^iie|(|pri) CaM^odaigiJa on the Suj- pher.Sprmg. road, and j6 tniles fro% Geneva Wwhere a'coftftant fupply of the firft ra(e Sicklejwwiifbe'kipt at his fhoa^Store keep. ers^hoHmay wifli' to pureha^^wi.the dozens ; wll^#av§ a,handfome pr-fit a^Pw.ed. Old tickfWs\repaired ind all orders in tbtj above line ot bufinef* punelually attended to by JAMES PENDRY, 7 From Pennfylvania;, Farmingtouitiy May io»h. (26,1 q.) \' ' -FOR S&LE,g?f- m DWELLING HOO^E^tnd eight acre LOT, on North-^|eet, f .i village ot Gt-nevaj now occupied t || m^ GENEVA APOTHECARY STQEE. ^ ^HE ftock of Medicine, late the prop- - erty of C. Younger, rjaving been ptirr eha/ed by Mr. SAiwtUEt C'OLT and Mr. EEUBEN BARDWEtx, thefub^riber, who is. iemployed as an agent tor thofe gentleJEnen* ipefpeiafully informs the public ihaHhe goods are removed, bufinefs eftalililb^d, and will ^e. continued at the ttore lately occupied by John Michards<, whiere hats been received, *n addrtionio the-ftock, a frefif fupply of Drugs, Medicines, Dye- W^oods & Paints, Whicri will be afprded on-as good terms as at any (lore in the countryv ; DAVID FIELD, jun./ K,B. All kinds of CRAlM will be re- ceived in pAynient for the above mentioned •a faqe-va.) jPelruafy l* (t2) tbew y Lwiu Geneva^ For particulars enquv£4§i^ Ml iWmi.-^ f 2t-«t3^0- \FWvf-R- TgE fubfGribe!^ have ej^d L0C5MS of tfebeit kind* and are now carrying on this branch Of bufinef&s^-iliey^^ have, an able art-ill from Ireland^ wtofe Coriftant^ttentiorf will be paJ& lb thofe^lio favor them With tteir cuitdy, and fueh^rifaj depend on h^ iitg * heir work handfomefy executed on fli notice. ' >-, •' v • Thofe who williXinen ^|potton Yarn Colored* can be ac^bmmddatip by applying at tneir clothier's works, near the village of Geneva. •* \ '.^ ..'•*.- • » v - , WOOp|Wl> ^ SPELM.AN, Geneva^ ^prifivq: \li^ ^l^edlthis^y, and for fall % -the fubicri- ber. Mfoi a few Barrels of Mmtetcuma SALT^ -fifclap forCalh or Produce, ^\/f '•:';' .; KM. GORDON. Geneva-* ^aw. 27. jaj ©vMAGLEE, AS now on.hand at his HAT \ftACtdiY nearly oppofite the HoieliJJn,OG<inevaj 9 dbz^n Fur Hats of the ncweft faftion ; 17 dozen Wool fiats, with tome L4dies* Hat*, of the neweft fafli- ion and different, cphirs^-all of which |e will warrant to Jbe of a fuperior qualify. Alfo* fome elegart't large flsfsfiik,Cords and Taflels, of din^ent colors, '#or.,j|adie$v Hats•:;—.w-i-tTi- a quantity of gold CojHs and Taffels for Ladies' or Military !f>ts«~26 pieces of excellent Gold Cord' A The above articles will be fold whofefale Or retail unu. fually Ifw for Gafb, Fur* m LamPs wool. A cohftant fupply of Hats of the neweft fafhioti always on hdnd. * - . BQ.R SALE, : A Sep Coarfe BOW-STR Genevdy February 1. (12) ahd 5000 copses ordered to be prvuted tyith the doc uments accompanying it. ]..> . A meffage was received from the Senate, propo- fiog the\ appointment of two chaplains of diiFsient denominations, to iiiterchanirfr weekly between the : two houfe«# The prdpofitioa was concurred in, ayesSf, ., \ J : • jvtr> AIfl\o-D having made 3 motion to appoint the Standing committees, Mr. Lyon moved aii ajjiend- raent fq:^s to appoint them by. ballot, wbfeti was negatived, 67 to^4i* . WjEDNESDAYn-May 24., Mr. Randolph rofe and iddreired the bpufe at fome length. We do not pretend to follow the gentleman over the whole of the ground be occupi- ed. He faid, that if he cltarly coroprehended the meflage> of the preiident of th,e United States, he did rip;^erceive that any -opinion Was expreffed on two or 'three important i^bjeds. Tbe prefident had called tbe attent'iao'of congrefs to the war and navaf eftabl|fliments, but had not, and perhaps cor- rectly, givenany,pplniojj asto the modidScatipns or difpofitions which he. thought tliould take place in the ftate of thefe. Mr. Randolph was in poflVfRon of teftimonyj laid before the ^rand jury* at Richmond, on the ar- raignmentof Aaron feurr^r-teffimony ndt oral, but Sjfritten feftitiVOny, of which he had loflgbeen in ppjPTBjij'od, but which he had never brought with toii^to this place' until the prefent feffion, whicb* went /djrecHy. ta prove thatthe old army of thi™ country, was in an unfounddate. He did'pot mean to briiig any charge againlt the commander in chief; God forbid! but if the people of the United StaWs mfant'to rely at all on, Ajftanding military- force their prefenr/army would not do. it appear fed from eVidence^bf ough,t fonvard by the coniman derin chief hi'mfelf, that tjie greater v part of f' arnfy were Dot to be depended upon. Many of t officers had been the tools of Aaron Burr; and al- though the grand jury had jnot brought in a ppefc'nt- rftent againft the commahder in chief for mit'prifon of treafon, yet the evidence fully fatisfied. thein that many of the troops had been apprized of tin cdnfpiracy. He alluded : p*articujarly to the com -ttianding officer at Maffac, who had been im;plica. ted in this bufinefs; and he had fince that tranfac- tiori feeri an addrefs, figoed by this very officer, approbatory pf the cotnmauder in chief.—-ft feerned to him there had been a commutation of money for praife, Ttie old army was rpttoft to the yery core. Intrijgue and corruption had reached its very heart. It was an*, unfafe depofitory of the public fwprd. Mr, R. was tojt difbanding the army. He thought •^atfoi^e'Woops 'might be^neceffary to man our forts, and'yroteft our defencelefs fVontiers. Bui fh* prefent jforce might be rerioMted.; and the gov* eminent fttight have ari oppfilinity of felefti.nis. frdt^.it the found parts, JMMrons had beerjs^- pended on ojiir war eitahliTlimehts. Millions had been xvafted a\*^r t on our navy and gunrboats~ while only ii\e t^fllWg fuin of two hundred and M-. ty thoufand doliafs,\ had been appropriated Vo the irming and equipping of the great body of the-mi fitiaof the Unioft.^ It was,a difgr.ace to a free peo- ple : andy» fo help him God ! he new.would vote for a (ingle additiojjfito the naval or'niijitary force,, ajrtif the dtizerrr, the reai foverelgns of tTie coun- try, wetje armed arid equipped for their own de- fencei * He Avas happy to fee^that the gun boats bad been laid up by the prtfent'adminiftration. The motion Mr. R. was about to make hs fliouid-offe-r, Cven if he beiieved'the a'rmyjjfere all WVn.yCxfar's •wif'y '$Mji, tnlypure and giiiltlefi$ but iinfujpcitedi . Mr, mandolph adverted alfo tb the expenditures during the four or five Slft\year.«- of the late ad,min-~ ifl ration. He wiffi|4 a^comniittee appouited to en« auire into this fuM||t. After taking a 4 rapid no- tice of the money%^9nfaclrons, and the rneafures.of the various houfes of reprefentatives in ci»ife- quence offtheia fiifte the exiftence of the federal government, he (ubmitted thefolimytrig refoiutious forftewhat modified atthe fuggetlion of feveral gen- tle men* ReJTol vedj That the troops raifed mider the a<ft of the txth of April, i8;8, entitled \An act t» raifefot* a limited time an adilitional military force, belmmediatelydifbanded $-\%nd tli*t the ha* lance of apprppriatidn remaining unexpended in re- lation t6 the fame, and any balance 0 f appropria- tiori for gun-boats which may remain unexpended;, foe applied towards arming and 1 equipping the wtiojjs bodyof the mtlttia of the United States*\ Refplyed, That a committee be appointed to en- quire and report, wbflgher monies drawn from the ;Treafury, fince the 4th of March, iSpi, have been faithfully applied to the objects for whichthey Were appropriated; aiid whether the fame have been re- giilarJy accounted for; and to report lik.ew.ife , whether any further arrangements *re heceffary, to promote economy, enforce adhereiice to legifla- tive reftriclionsi and fecure the accountability of perfpns entrutted with the public tnoney Much converfation and fome debate rook place- between Mr. Eppes, Mr. j* G. Jackfon, Mr. Ran-' II dolph, Mr... Macpn, Mr. \V. Alfton, Mr. I'aylpr, Mr.tyOn and Mr. Gardenier, on the various mod- »v the i-efol ut ions \The ITeas and Nays were requefted on the motion, for confidering. the refulutions. Carried Uuatii- moufly. ;• '. \ .v Mr* Eppes thought the fecoitJ refdlutidn ought to be referred to the committee of ways and means. Mr. Randolph objefted to this* Even from mo- tives of delicacy, be thottght that the committee of \2 at ions which had been made, by the houfe. It hadrfonce been the fafhion (aid Mr. R. ,, when there were public defaulters, to write' fomewhere [we did not fighily^Underftand where] the Wards rats! rats'! rats!!! with feveral note^f admiral ion after them j but this falhion had of late been <fropped. ^ Mr. Macon thought it ought to be all ar- ticleof the conftitutior^, that whenever an adminiftratinn went out^ffoffiee,- an enqui- :ry fhnuld be tnHituted m^ i'S expenditures, . Mr. Lyon objected to the firH part of the firft refoluribn which goes to the redudlion of the army. He did not think that the ar-. my ought to be reduced^ He was as much oppofed to a peace mania as to a iwr mania. Mr. Randolph again rofe. Our rime and limits do not permit.sus to give his femarksi* There were'but twd? political' parties, faid Mr; R. in any countryi; , ^. ins and the tuts, and i^t behoved the Jpeiiple tp watch with vigilance the ins, be- they whom they mav. •?• ' ,. Mr. J. G |ackfon moved that ^he |«r.ft fe- foliition be*rgte;re|rtto a committee s of the. whole houfe orfthewte of the union, Mr, Lyon Wifhed the refo)urion to be di- vided at the vvot^f «* difbdnded.\ The qusftion was then taken On the two members: of t^ tefolution Xe|)arately, and carried• /f * A metTage was received from the fenate, ftating that they had appointed a chaplain. The 3d refolmion of Mr v |landolph-- was then taken up,^M|concurred in unaiiimpus- ^es o^rved,; he had voted under Ion that tb&l|tter part of the f e - Und f^>li«ion> wh#n c^me more pavticu- larly • wikhin the; pi^ftfe of the committee of waf| and meafie* had been ftricken ou? ; or i.haf this Committee mould be di{charged from the performance of fo much of their duty, as was embraced by that part ot the re- folution. Pending the convfrfation on this fuggej- tionot Mr. Eppes, Mr, Taylor faid he was glad that this epuiry was al)<»ut t.i be inili-. tuted. He Nvimed that the conduct, not OR- 3 ly of the late executive, but that of this houfe and the former committee of ways and means in. relation to monies, fhouhi be 'invefligated-,_' They would then difcover who had been the lazy cat. Mr; Ratiddgh^was v\ tiling, if he deferved it, to be eonfi%r(bd as one of thefe lazy cats; but he knew that if the former com- mittee of ways and means had not done their duiy it was not art intentional neglect;. M| 9 J. G, Jackfon moved to recoofider the %% vote. Agreed tOr~Ayes 55 Noes S3* - t , ; • The feennd refolutioh is llill under confid- iH^XHiXXi-r-W^ajhingtonMonitor. irtg in ifaid bay*.Captain Bennett, who had received tnforma'ion of an American defejii ter being in our fcttlement teachifvg fehool;, ways and means,' from thefituati»n> of .tb-de chair- [ordered •t»|s Serjeant, by the name ofj^hti' mia'h-, whom he underftdod to.be : ljis' colleague, | ^ (J raveS) to purfue fend take'Him; the S.'f- oughtndttowim thefe refolutions referred to them, . - , *• ?,$%*« th^n ih^ri <**nt Aft Mr. R* faid thatthe late adtf.iniftr.aHon had eomejfaot and two ot his mm thm went oft irjto^office as an adminiftration of reform.* Some- thOre, proceeded to the fchool houfe, fOOK thing had been done. Ke did not-blame the.Jaft' ln g .fold Underbill,, tied his hantls befoi 1 © prefident tor the iiftpro^r expenditures ^Ivicb had ^ an d drove itim fom'C djiauce through, been made. J'tW&S known that this officer had an- j, - L. U ' '•••\ ^f 1 u - i^rSmtedwithfevJityup^ w00tls mih ^«'» guns. Ind ba^u* V 1 V * »*l »>''ffl > ' From the Mont re At Couratit, of May 22, . 7|:The following%ccp|;f- is truly dillres- fing and irritating in it|°f/aturt; at the place where h has happened? it has'excited a ver.y general feufatjpn ; the caufe perhaps affVds greater reafqh of complaint than either the uhforfunme death of Pjercf, pr\lrTe[a.flTi|r of the ChefTp^eake by the Leopard; but we ho^pe^tAili not create (0 much unreafonable er anJirj^^Jf'as eifrfer of |j|effi circbm.'tances. When^ptir School-H vufef are forexbiy bro- ken open, and the teachers pinioned', drove cdE and m^dkredj (and this by a regular ar- ^p-force ofSfficers and foldiers of the Uti'i- Wi States| it is certainly no (mall caufe of complaint ; and under thefe circbrriftandei;, the inhabitants of Eiizabethtovlh have done themfeives honor, by thej|%«» And delib- erate conduct in (ietai.nit^Oaptain Holmes, and his velfcl, till they^^ obtained ample evidence of this mod w||Mon and airociou^ * violation of our national jurifdiciion. We under (land that a proper daft men t of the - ii&S ha* been made to proper auihoriiy.J bU%abet;hlown> (U. -^0^ay ia, X809 MR. Mow%%*»*§'..* ... A moft erUfl murder having been perpe- trated in this place lately on i;|j e body of I faac D. LJitdtfhill, a refident here, I deem it my duty, through tlje ch|nqel of your paper, to lay before the public a ftatement of the affair; and mud requeft Voti will, as early as pollihle, infert the following circum^ao^ ces, and letters', * On the. ift inf!*nt K an American Vfffl, faid to be lyoutid from Ogdenfbuvrgh i n the .._. i . state of N.Y, foOiwe|o ? anchored in a bay i'ficfttiOrts and difpofitions which were propofed to j on the Briiifh fhore Of f'llft St. Lawrence, having On board a Captain Williartt F. Ben- tietf, of the 6t,h IJoited Spates Rrgicneot o( In tan try, and fome of h is itjen. W'bi le 1 v* (.^ > £• t ' .«, f. i«. t-r f J-< r *i- \- ^f !>'. ' .> •SS •;*!• :t ',.;' ; : ., ' '<k 1 1 • - • 1 • - | • I >$ •vm VIM >/•- ^ fr .S w . 1 .'''ivJ <*' -si

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