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h i is » o r it is A. IK)X, *W5 Jl/ST RECEIVE®* HREE hh,i; Jamaica Rub; 2 pipes Cogtiiac Brandy ; 2 do Barcelona do 3 do Gin ; i do Lime Juice; 4 quarter cafts Sherry Wine * 4 do *do Port do 3. do do Malaga ;.;. 3 hhd. Lump Sugar; 1 do Bn>wn do a do M'daftes; 3 Chefts %(bn Tea j 3 do SouchQnf'do 4 do HyfonMiw do 2 do Bohea' -up- 2 Barrels,Coffee; - a do Pepper? a do Alipice; 6 fan s Ginger ; 4 do Raifinv; ^ 6 Barrels Roll Tpbafccoi 2 TiercesCot do* 1 do SnutF; 2 Tons Rfctfia, Swedes and Country trim; 24 Caflki4#«8d, & tod Najls. Together w|# a general and esienfivre af fortment or ^ 2>r| Goodsi Hardtvare and Which he offer? for fate on <hiSJoweft terms \^ for caifll- ' ' \* Ca/& and the bigheft price paid for firft quality Pot & PEARL ASHES. Gwva* nth ju}y\ t&>8. (3?) ~1\SHES d SALTS, THE fubferiber wilf pay Calh for good ASHr^& SALTS Q'l^LIE, delivered a. his Pot and Pearl ^J^^* at the Ofc! Caftie* near Geneva, *-ff|?* (i ) SAMUEL WINNER. O/a 'Caftfr* 0cl:V&> 1807. *% & For Sale^tlieInflowing Lands, S t TV ATE m the counties of Gnprio and Steuben,, viz- v About 6000 acres, in Townlhip No. i—^ 61 h Range. Lots No. 47jV 54, yintownffiipNo. 6,1ftrange, weft $ of 65, j Lots No. 7,1 in tawnfhlp No. 7—ift 53.,/ range Lot No. 31 f\ in townlhip No* 9~-2d & part of 36, J range.* The above LANDS -will be fold on rea- fooablc terms and on a credit of 6 vears. H. H. BOGERT. Geneva. March %rf ^, jib) For SALE or to XBASE, Boards and Sbingles^ 1JU IIIQUbANU good <M»|gf«* :'«bttihw^.*ihMu».fl»^»&roM«hIte»«f .100 piplPMND feet Imk Bne laid iot.cighty»fix, and toceaH Jftongtaid BOARDS* for Sale by B/H. GORWN, Geneva. Tune 29th, (3 ££o Acres of LAND, flit* tot*, wjatktct A* S. 1hcoc« ri0«hMj<>-i|oKn(bo*s north-wea eam^f 'a-n-c**]^ nasSeely^land tsrii^akn thence weft to (aid Johnfan's north line tigluchun.s lc ,| M f JN Townftups No. 6\ and 7, Firft Range, . jt adjoining the Crooked Lake, laid off into bis of one and two hundred acres. Lot No,. 19, in Townftiip No, 6, Range, containing 250 acre$* Lot 42, in tovvnfliip No. 7, ift range, contain ir>g 276. apres. Lot No. 49, in townfliip No. 7, ift ranges containing 176 acres. Lot No. 50, in townrfiip No. 7» lit range, containing 176 .acres. Lot No. 54* i»V townihip No. 7, i(|-range, containing 276 acres. Lot No. 31, in townOiip No.,10, lit range* containing 200 acres. L»* No* 5, in townflit^j No. 5, 2d range, contain- ing 176 acres. Part of Lot N'\ 5.9* in town {hip No. 9, 2d range, eontairting 175 { acres, Part of Lot No. 6o» in. towDfilip JSIo. 9, 2d range, contakiing 591 ac|es, Part ot Lot NQi 6l, in townlhip Np.'^j tft'-range., contaitjsng 46^ acres* j*1 The above laiHfs are fituated in the coone ties of S.euben and Ontario., and will b f >id on teaibnable IC^BS ahd a long credit. \ tp\ 1 . IL H. BOGLRT. G£ne%>a> January 11. (9) line to the place of beginning, containitrg fifty acr*s,*«.AUb, forty-eight and one ball acres of l»nd| comprebended infeventy-two village lots in the town of Plymouth afore faid, being pmctly on hxs niiipber feveniy>. nine and eighty fix: the three fevera! parcels or pieces o£ land Hcteby irtteiided to be con- veyed, cqtttain one hundred and niftety.eigbt acres and one half of an acre of land, b«ing the fame lots as were heretofore refcrved by «1 the pirty -of the fecond part Jn his deed to '\ ' tsnn iam SeelY.. v NOTICE is there- fore hereby given, tb»t by virtue of a power contained in faid Mortgage, and in purfu- ance of the ftatyte in foch- cafe made and providedt the abonre defcribed prernifes will be fold at public veoduej at the houfe of Leisw Brrdlall, Itjni-keeper, in the town of Junius, irt the county of Seneca, on the eighteenth day of October next, at ten o* clock in the forenoon.—Pated ift April, 1809. •••.-• . - (22} ELKANAH WATSON. fprings, and the 0sH|f ?for bufipefs isnoi exceeded in the^uraf *^ I* will be fold or le-ifed together, t|rf the ftore and, honfefeiia, rite, and a long credit will be given. For further particulars enquire of the fubferiber, an the prccnifes. JQHN^ R. GREEN. PbrlpS, Nov. 23, 18o8' •>«. fgj T HE STORE and DWELLING- HOUSE of the -fubfenber^ Woi thr?e Houfes, well adapted for Mechanics, fiiuated in the town of Phelps: alfo, up- ivards of 80 acres ot,good Land v 50 of which ih under irripfpveonent, with a fine Orchard of good famfe' ftlfo, fgo'>d Bar, Sm 4e-Hotifc, ore. the' who% of the Hove land is well watered with never failing sf|jack>Rock*^ .^P^Uottt any additional expenfe PORTAGE. Porter, Barton fit Go. AVING taken a leafe from the ftate of >Jew-^York of.the carrying pwee at the •Falls of Niagara* and been at/ great painf awk expenfe in. forfniug and copiple(ingan eftablithment riot only for iheportage of goods around the falls, but for the transportation of property acrofs Lakes Ontario, Erie, St. Cliijr* Huron and Michigan, and the navi- t(abie waterscottimunicating with theth, upw >»ffsr their (ervices in the above line.^Mer- chant s and Traders in the Weftern cpuhtr*. They have creeled fafe and commodious Store houfes and wharves at Black-Rock, Fort SchiofTer, and Lewifl.own, and provided them (elves with ftaunch, well built veffels un the Lakes,and boafsoji the Niagara river, and will receive property at^any paim on the above waters and engage to deliver it at any other, 00 the rrtfift rearonable terms. T f hey particularly invite the attention of dealers in Salt, who have heretofore fuffered great delays, and been put to much troable, expentfe and lofs, on account of the variety <>f hands through which this article has ne? cVffirily paffed on its way to market. They A'ill receive fait at Ofwe^o, Sodusor Lew- iftowp. and deliver it at Prefque-lile* on Lake Erie, or (by' particular contract) at pHtfburght on the Ohio, and receive the fame ariicle in payment. They alfo engage that Salt (hall be ftored on its palfage in their i\o\e houfes aJbiLewiftown, Schloffer, a;nd bAL.Ei A FARM of tfeefrifc JWi\ 'WO Hundr«-d and TVentv fix acres of LA^D^io Town:(h|p.No, 8,J&irft range, L(»t No. 12* with, ab^ut 40 :a}^iies cleared, and a hewed log-hpufe tihereon^^yill be fo\d On realooable terms, For further particulars apply to TREUMAN SPENCER, who.lives near the premifes, or to tbe fub- icriber at Lvoti's Mtlts. ••:,- HENRY TOWAR. hvha*ing always been cuflOm'ary with car riers as well On the Brltifh; ps the American lide of the river, j»t thefe;^i|ces, -to leave fait •^xpofed t)0 the weather* by which it hasfu/- fered great darn age, Orders directed to, Qrconlrac^s made with Jofeph Annin at Caytiga Bridge, Peter 3B. porter a-i Canandaignat-Benjamin Barton at LewiiTohf m Augolbs Porter at Fort Schloffer will be puncltially attended to. ,4 •-•\-' \•-•••• ^^ lfV '- • \~\ t SciWs by Mortgage. ^ I jffTHEREAS default has been made in V V'- the payment pjilf|e principal iindj HEREAS Mofei Fim£> f on tbe fixth ' fay of January, in the' year of »ur Lord one thoufand eight hundred and fix» for fecuring the payment of the firm of one hundred and erghty dolkrs with the lawful jntereff thereon^ according to the condition, of a certain band or writing oblig^ory d* ted the fame day and year afq|i&id, did convey by indenture of R|ortgage, utito Ouey T. Rice, and to his heirs and affighs* ALL that certain piece or parcel' of land, fituate in number Nine, in the^Firft range of townfhips in the county of Ontario^ be- ing apart of Lot number Forty-two, in iownfliip number Nine, in the Firlft range of towns, commonly called Phetps'&nd <5or. hgm's purcnafei---Begirining at the north weft corner qf the aiprefaid lot number for* ty-two, and runs thence fouth one degree weft, eighty-two perches; tbench eaft one degree fontb* one hundred and feventeen perches; thence north one degree eaft eigh- ty-two perches} thence weft one degree north, one hundred and feventeen perches* to the place of beginning* containfog gfry- nine acres and one hundred and fifty-fonr perches of land, be the fame more or lefs. —And Whereas the faid Oney T. Rice, on the tenth day of Augufr, in the year of our Lord one thoufand eight hundred and feven, did transfer and aflpgn all his right* title, claim and demand to the faid mortgage, and the premifes therein defcribed, unto Thom- as Rice, and to his eeirs and affigns.~-And Whereas default has been made to th* pay- ment of the faid fum of iftwev and the fa- tereft thereon- NO^W^JE is therefore hereby given, that by vtrfutt/kf a power con- tained in the faid mortgage, und in purfu- ance of th^-ftatute in fuch eafe^iade and provided.'lhe faid mortgaged preHuJes will be fold public Vendue, at Po^eUWotel, in the village of Geneva, in the cOtinty of Ontario* on the 23d day of September next, at two o'clock in the afternoon Of that day. —Dated the 15th day of March, 1809. (tS) THOMAS RICE. By his Att'y, ROBERT W. STOPDARD EFAULT having been made in the payment of the monies, fecured to be |by '£ certain indenture of Mortgage, the feventh day of June, in the year fold to Richard Squirts j whence.wmlt trlortu faid Stjuiers' wqft line 1 wensy ihwe chains J (aid Squiera* north weft corncr , i ri»We'weft Mteen chains aqcj fevenfy fwe'1kk»s#;}* fi i owned by Nahum. Sftojain-ir^,;.^^^^ on «. t\m parallel ^vwhilie fenftj'it^l'j^w\ lots fdrty-(even chains amd iif«y«four%is\ 0 a ftaieand ftones; thence tali tight s$m m $(iii fevei)iy.five links t^-^'fiUcevfi^^i'' ing, eontairting or to cjujtain < Miime$. NOTlC'E-is -thereforetifcrehy giv««%.;t:hj<t ; hy virtue of a power contained in l^id ft|.oHp£t, and in porfuance of the figure in ftvcli >«£ made and provided, the faid mortg%gt-d prcoi- tfes will be fold m public vendue at ^ovv^irs Hotel in the village of Oeneva» to \the coun- ty of Ontario, orj Saturday tbe fecund day ui September tiext, at tjjp-^*eli|ck--4^theiii B r.. noon,of ; that 'day,«-I>ateg .^he '|S^.4y of ' ^hj^ary, in- tbe year' af ^rXojiineNjlou,.. fand eight hundred and t$ft*ijfe- , \* ,Ci 3 ;6m) C&tM'XmWO,- ' Byhh 4tt*y ROBERT W, STOBUARP. J£|vAULT a hanog,jbftt?n.- made »o vW payMem olf the M#t«i fecured to be paid by a certain indent^ri of .mortgage, i) a . led the twefnty.fijith day of June, in the year of oy:r.Lotd one thoufand eight tan'Ored'aiid f«!*en» and execuitc4 by MillhmPmMes, of theK&iwn-of Seneca, aud«county of Ontario, m SqmueJ PFagUaff, of the connty ot Qen- f efee* of ALL^ that certain tra& or parcel of LanpV lituate lying and 1 being itithe north part of the village of Geneva> on the 'weft fjde of the turnpike road, being part of ©in lot mimber filty-one> and bounded by j.»ho Carpenter's lot fontty, and J^ohn Mc'Ken^ '•^t% lot wel|,i-Beginning;at the .northeaft corner of laid John Carppiter's lot, and running from thenc0horth eighty-ijine de» greejs we^* three chains and eleven jinks to ' the weft fide of faid out lot* number fifty* one*; thence .north.' 000 degree and thirty min**tes eaft* one chain andSeventy linlis to a ftake; thence fouth eighty-nine degrees eaft, three chains: and flxty-one links to the turnpike road {' fchenCe fouth twenty degrees weft, along the faid turnpike road-to Ihe place of beginning; containing ritnety-orie » perches and thirty.one huRdredth parts of a perch-^NOTiCE is therefore h.ercby giv- en, thai by virtue of a power contained m faid mortgage* ami in purfuance of the .ft** ute in fuch cafe naade & provided, the above de/criDed pretnifes will be fold at jpublic vendue* at Powell's Hotel, in the village of Geneva, it) the county of Ontario, ooihe twenty-ftfih day of July next* at two o'- clock in ,the afternoon of that day.—Dated- the eigiiieenth day of Jannary, 1809. .-*. (vo:6rn} SAMUEL WAGSTAFF, By his Att'y* ROBERT W, STODK^RD. ^HEREAS Thonm Miliums, Uen Ir* of Geneva, in rhe county Of Onta- rio*^and Rate of New-*York* did; on the thirtieth day of Auguft, 1796, for fecuring the payment of One hundred potind^ by the twenrieth day cf June, 1797, and feventy- one pounds by the twentieth day of J tine, 1798, and feventy-two pounds % the twen- tieth day of June, 1799, and fifty pounds by the twentieth day of June, x8oo, of law* ful*money of the ftate'or New-York, equal to fevtdtt bnndred arid thirty-two dollars and fifty cents> convey by mortgage unto firth* •iky Altyn, then of the fame place, ALL that certain rrael or parcel Of land, fjtuate „^. ... . . irj faid Geneva, arid djeforibed at follows: - m Lord one t]iqu.fand eight hundred and Beginning at the Seneca lake, twenty' fefet five*'and execuf^llbjfc^^A/ Luthtr, Q£ ^, t h of the dwelling houfe the faidTimo- -Novrmher l$$$k* tfto? i£S d) Upwards of 60,000. Acres of • LAND, S ITUATE in>|he c 0 \\^ of Genefee, ftate of New-Y^r|c; lyings 12 miles weft of Genefee river., & ir miles eaft of the Courr- H )ufe, in the village of Batavia. The main road leading from the city of Alban-v to New-Cortne^;iCiK, Pre\fc|UeiIfte Fort-Nia- gara, and the provincirof UppefrCanada^ pattis through a part of this trafil, fro# Which another road leads to Lake Ontario, near the mouth of Sa»dy Creek, (which place is an excellent harbor for boats,) whence prodoce may Wfent b* Water to any part of Eurpps. This traft of countty has been furveyed into convenient Farms for fettlets, and is offered for Sate on the raoft teafonable terms of any land in the Weffern couhjtry. There vvill be but a frnajl pKt of the purchase money required in haOd> and a long credit, given for the refidue. From 'he fertility of the foil, and advant- ages of the water, there is no part of'ibis the town of Veir|c^'iri the county of ^.. iario f lo Gilbert v lfathavvay,% the fame place* of 5 ALL that certain trad or parCel of Land, fttuate in the • town and^unty a- forefaid, and? is part of a tracT of land for which William potter, James barker* and Thomas Hathaway have a patent fpt from .the people of this ftate, mikts- part of lot -number feventeen in faid purchafe in (he Gore* reference being had to furvey and map of Mel land^ inade by Jabez French, the -fame-mm tame fully appear* being eigK* •ty acres iPthe fout||eaft: Corner of faid lot number feventeen ; (aid eighty acres of land lying in Common ^undivided with one bBri- dred and fixty acr#|r J|id lot is adjoining William Potter on Iris fouth and eatt, Silas Hunt onvthe weft* and Jonathan Haaard on the north-^^-NOTICE is therefore hereby given that by virtue ef at power contained in the faid rnortgage, and in putfuanCe of the ftatute in fuch cafe. mad$£nd provided, the above defcribed premifes will be fold at fpringon lot feenty-nine, lying ek(lof;tSe|f ubH ^ ri ^ a V^ ell>s Hotel, In. he v^ K old orchard, thence north to the ftorihlin^^ ^? e ^» ,n <he Qm ^ oi °™™> jnterefti fecured to be T p|kitl; by a certain in deptureof releafe by way. of Mortgage, da- ted; the twentieth day of April, one ihouV fand eight hundred and three, executed by A fa Smith, of Romuius in the county of Cayuga, and Hannah his wife* to Elkanah Watfori, of the city of Albatiy» of ALL -.;hoffi certain tracH^ or lots of land* fiiUate lying and being in th<; townlhip of Romu- lus, in the county of Cayuga, known and diftinguiihed on a map of faid fownfhip» by 1 ••\• Number Seventy-nihe and ?ot Number lot Eighty fix* being all that part of the tvVo aforementioned lots following* that is to fay, commencing at a ftake near a of faid lot feventy-nirte; theftce weft along the north line l 0f faid lot feventy-nme; ihence fouth to a ftake near the north bounds of the town of Plymouth; 'thenceweft to- the SerteCa lake ; (hertee fouiherly along tjhe fhore nf faid lake to the north-weft bounds of the town plot of the\ town of Ply-* mouth, formerly laid out by iJazilla Seely,' Efquire; thence eaft to the norfh-eaft cor- ner of faid town plot; tjifnqe fouth along the eaft line\ of faid town pl6t r „to the north line of lot i^umber eighty-iR^.f* thence eaft aloug^faid laft mentioned lot to\ a cteek ; thenfe' throvigh the?' middle of faitf creek to c^vmtry can excel, sind hut little equal it. the pi*ce of beginning, cOntalhingone hun- Thexe is already a Saw ^Grift-mill erect- ed on thetra£l. . For the price and terms enquire of the Aitvfcriber, on the premifes, who is duly •a-uit ti >r i fed to fell f or the Proprietors RTCHARO M. STUODAR& .V.J?-- l>.\ 'Azbr [x\ red drediifiifesr betegthe;lame premifes now in tlte occupation and' iWprOvdrnefiif Of the par- \\m-M?'Wt firftipart**-Alfb, At,L that part of lot Number iE'ighty-fix aforefai^ now or lite in theocenpati^ri of Jofepli F^nton, eoprftenciBg.at a-ftake on (he ffcMtn line of oh Saturday,, the feoond tfay of September next, at two o'clock in rite afternoon of that day.-~0ateid the 22d iUy of ^ebruarv*' 18oo. (! 5 ,6m) GILBERT HATHAWAY/ By hii Aitfy, ROBBRT W, SToo&Afeo EFAOLT havi ng been made in the paymehfof a part Of thettioiiiesfecu-; to be pattl hy a certain indenture of lyiortgagej daied^t'he fir^, day of M»y,io ihfjmAt *at our ICord one thoufand eiaht htrimftidf: arV4 Jfix ? and eiecuted by ^ohpb m-i^Mipkp of iSeneea, county of $1 tario anrj ftltte -of. W&yffio'rk, and Hulilah his wife to C^eb*C0Win| of the fame p|ace, of'ALL tlit cel-ttin piece or parcel of land, towr^^No. Te4 in the firft in I tfieide \runhiftg Weft to t; theece Withfatq ftreet nortb- erly to a ftake placed twenty feet north of faid dwMjing houfe ; tbence fouth feventy- ou* CK$&& eaft to the faid lake} thence wffh ihfefaid iake> to the firft mentioned bound, iheiudingv the privilege of wbatfing and docking* being the one equal half of the above defcribed! premifes-*-Alfp a certaiii lot of land joining on the north of the above defcribed prem||||*;, that, is to fay : Begin- ning at a *fta|^Jwehty feet .tftbrt-b- of the J 'y»j^in^:houfe'i^-^'foi»feid ; ,- thence ronning orth wnh t^e ftreet tiji it meet*..the line or Meffrs. Walter Grlive and John fylofavtm feet fouth of ||etrdweUingr'hot»fe jthen eaft a parallel iWlf-ith iheifs /^hef^drSe^eca lake; thence f^uth with t'fee faid lake* fijl it comes to the line of the Jrjf ir.ft deCctiM^* . venty feet nq.rth ; of the/|aiddvvejyng*|io u ^e» th#0e weft with th(6lin*tpt^e;^ft-rjneAWt0!ft* ed bound or f|ak;e- place* twen.ty fe# north of faid houfe as afore fa id, i^elM^^Jfe* privilege of wharrt.og.an4 d(jeking t j*-t^4*^ .^herwas default has;been made.in\it|f p*$r roenj of each and'all %.e*'faiiiVfu J ms,o^j|nq^ ney*-NOTICE istherifore he|eby..^|>e.o# tha,t%y virtue of a power cotvtajnex| jnth# faip mortgage, aodf in purfuance of the ftat^ u& in inch cafe madeland,prov>tiec|».!h| J |«j^ mortgaged premifes wvlT be fold at public venduf, at Poweirs Hutel, in the vil|a^e ; Q( Geneva, on Thurfday the ifirii day bi J»P# next, at nine o'clock in the forenoot? o£ tfee fame dav.—Dated the *«tf!' day of Nuverft-, ber, ife8. ; •* ' ; \ [1-Ml . .:•• '• TlMOTBir ALLVN. By JOHN Cotx rWs >; , Mf'jhtarney. lituatfc in range of tpwhsbi^s ~m ( Ocitarjo county, t ' 'part- \•.of\' l:ot| *$&; • f ix-»eeo and enty-five*. bounded '$&. follows ^0 -rV/fa :j; on-'che eaft; by larid fold to 0avid 'Mhrifon, ninety - eight^erch^ a-nd (m links 'to 'ttitf SB L*L •***• |ONTARX0, COt?tf1% NEW-yORK:,) ' pRiNTit>'Ate ^mM0m : fn< r '\\ • m\m&m$BA%'m: l •Price -* vt& m%tih H'ST fjtt -AntiuRt),

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