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CLMmVQN J ^' R ESPECl r F0tt^4O-.forijfe ; ;^tieri<f* and the public that. He has'piiTChafed, the (lock in trade of $r» K. BA'RUWfettV as alfo'tltfrt of •Dr.,T. G,. JU WSQW, which :he. fias- corine<fied together, and will carry orv the \ Apothecary< Biijinefo 'at the fWd lately occupied by Dr. Lawfoo, \two doors (>>u$k of Po.vvell J s Hotel, ^-her* he hgs.•received, in addition to the Xtock, afrefhfapply of ' . . 'Drugs? '-Medicines ? ie Woods M iR - vs AMONG WHICH, -ARE T*JE FQXLOVHNG Barks, Red, Pale, & • Yellow, . . Camphor,' Calomel, Cad or arid Olive Oil, Coeuhis Indieu^ C'oiiimbo Root, Cantha rides, Crem Tartar, Glauber* Sah% Specacuar.ha, India Fink, Manna & Magnela, OpiunriK Orange Peel,, Oil. vitriol;&'Spike* jPowder'd Rheubarb and jallap, Tartar Emetic, Vitriol, Blue and White, EfiVnce PepperrrHnt, T urlmgton's Batfam tee's Billion Pills, Anderfoo's Pills, Coolev 's do. Hooper's .dt»i Iich Ointment, Batettian's Drops, Bntlfh Oil, Dutch Drops, Liquorice Ball, Lozenges, • ' ' Tara*Hnd% Rice, Sago, Segars, -Allum.,. Lancets, Dutch and EnglMh,. jee of ^Spruce, I nosh P^v/der and Btofiif*, VerdigTife, Vermillion, Patraj Yellow, •* Pruffiati Blue, Spanish Whit\> •*——— » Brown,, Logwood, Nicaragua, Campeachy, Ground Cam \Wood Fullk, ' tt'iitqiejgs, CjuvfSj Cihoamon, Gipger? Mace, Aonatto,,: ;S.dt Petre, Kollgrim^e,. Glue, Turpentine, Hozin, Scaling Wax, Wind for Soap, &c. &c. &c. *»' Extracts,. Precipwa'es, Briefctirialand.Antl motual Pfeparailows, and every Compofition an the Apothecary Line-r^Altofwhich he purpofes felling . on i he Lowed * terms for Cafh or approved Credit. %ery -Article, •warranted genuine. All orders punctually atferuled to, and every favor gratefully ac- knowledged;. a\ \XT- §$ bhd. Jamaica Rimi; • W# %% l>P£s Cagniac• Brandy '$: ' %;;4&|l;tJE(-arcclor.a. ; tto' • v 3 :'3 'd:o:G.in ; -. t 'de> Lime Juice $ +«- ; *• : -' • 4 'cjwamr chiles' Sherry Wine 1 '4 do da Port, do #•4* ,,46 Malaga?\\\ ^ a. Iihd. Lurtip Sugar; ' .' 1 do Brown do 5, ..do Jjfriiafles;. 3 CtieflsHyfoo Tea* 3 d» Souchong do 4 d'df- Byfon Skin do 3 dc* Buhea do - .. ' t *\\' 2 Barrels Q&fF>e; ' •.-..\.' 2 do* Pe:pper->j • .... ...» % do> Alfpice; , . 6 lw«es Ginger; .\.« ' t \ 4 do R&fons; 6 Barrels \ Roll To '.mcto^ % Tierces Cut do. . j do S/mtF;. a TonsliulBa, Swedes and Country fron^ 24. Ca:(ks 4 d Jj, ^j,od ». \ Tcg^lher with a gen-epl and extenftye af- , fortnlent of .. . Drj'Gobdsy Mari^ah and Crochry^:- - Which he ofljwrs- ior fale fialft^lp^e^t rehias: foFcaih- '•''C --'\ , v * # * Ga/h andlh^ htghe'll' pii'ce paid for; firfi quality POT k PEARX ASK»S-. ; Geneva, ^^(h July, 1808. ' ' (37) »^ '••rrti'nwn'inn-airTi Coftmunicated'for the ExfofiW-. , Pl«afe,give £ |, e follcw^g Scmgaolace in your pa- per, andyouwjll oblige? (everal friends and cus- tomer. Yours, with' refpe&j - • • N. P. e. f.; -BY K. HTiMPHREY.S, Bso^ ' » ' \: YE Tons of Areet IreJand, reii^eniber ydtur de&t . land, • • %bHe Wbiflsey dnd' gJadnefs your f90.es a <iorn> Hail tn% bi«i crpotetoes, tfiougEgniawing in fet- • 'ter# , ,._ -.*•••• , ^aint Patrick's day in the fnoming. \While Britifli oppreflion is highly in fadiion, To majce us all rove from o*irdear native land^ Or entertheir navy, and fail for old Da^y, Wufe; cheeks ten nfcheny^ we'll drink U be merry, Saint Patrick** day in Jfie rqoriiing. e Secretary a* War- has- iffuedl a ptMe '• Douce to the officer* of the additional regu^ ar troops that the flowing \i$< tie \milom by which they $fr to^^i^j^^ ... • i_he LIGHT Awrxi^^i xobrAmihv .. \ ^ j,|{: t(le f^jo^jflg 'exceptions, m The .eoi*-\j^6e r>irie/in.ch^.fkorter r in'.the iiirts, and leafier Cap§ Mfead of hats f wtflf Mue i tc»fh ? ! ; s' ! tipt ! witri ied» •• *.., „. • ;,•*•« , ^ '• 1-be fabtif D*A^CH>Ns-^a\' bj;?ia coatei, ojp;j»efeer ^#^6 f*Mrsfcp# and cellar »rM'»«'^»H>,}t*ff ^-4^^^ loons, ,feams. ed^d^J^^iiej^hi^ »^'tt* v coats &nrl IforKni. ^ori*. .\«_'.t.^ikiA..r-. - \li\/>.*t.\ ti,ra rom that of the eld, *e^»m«sffr n#^in fW^ vice, excepilng the figure orT t|ie /ki(Wn% ...^ , . . • --, . ^ v hich will dfcfign?te\wiro(3«jWol the^e- ftn 1 xny dear l\pnies, hnw niariy bravecronies,^ gime'nf. \^ \ •.,. . Theirpeepenha^eclos^bythevile hemwn ftring;• T-. „'tj jj, . « : 'i • z\-.: . **,%•\*>•' Or in gore have Iain blcedi»g, while ilrtyingrfor | *\ ? KJ-M.-E KEGlMtMT- vrs- addition, ta freedom, .. ; \ 'the lummer^refp, (whkhwil'l^e a rifle fjoek Saint JPatrick's day in. the morning X, land lioert- pant-alownsJ WITl'fee » coiitee ami' t^!\° n, ° Umin?I * hU6 * s ?\ bm -ipwiaWof Irifhtgleen cloth, tl^mt Sweet maidens bewailing for h.j uries done ; • |f ith ^' f * s °^ 'eleven |ncheS' ffOte the' hip '*\\&*$.* 'he facings CAi^.and collars to- b$ Such deeds would difparrfse the ija^nieof a ravages 1 Tbotigh vengeance doth flurn^er tbefe things we'U hla'ck, trin,ft)ed mtfi ysftofa-\ the''fea»i3 of*. SaS^SrS'5dayin{tW morning.\ . ^.f^^f^f&f, *^ %lt^ 5 Whhe ' With a bortperof brandy ^e'llco^PHftppertandyf ^W'itlijdve of oldTreland his heart kinriiy burn'd Hethf>iig;Ht with -affiftance to ^omef'-om adiitai-ee, '.. Saint Patrick'A diav in the morning Biit Britons in red coats, WJHJ funjus-lriltt Guttliroats^ 'Eiefigiiinf to fob ns ofal : « we ey/iy, VV-itj} bloody intention did wpeck %bM'T jr-ventior:?—' By five, rap^and murder, did fofearf wild difeedei, Saint Patrick^* day in the moriiip'g,, . IsiRAEL FERRI^ xmiof, R tSPEGTFULLY informs llie irvhabi-; - ta ; nts of this villager ^hathe Itss di#pt'..' vedhfs con-nexion with Mr. Backenfli>fe, &' tafcefi the (hap fptrperly occupiprl fry hitn, where he intends carryi|g ontheTAiLOR^ TMr3 R..Gr.*--ft. Thofl i*hofavor him with, ING ^.rtneft. their enftom may depend en hawirtg theit .„,. , r /-*L • imrb T- A work done with n>atnefs and difpatch, &in All kinds of Chemical OILS, Jw&y^,^ ^um^Mzmwwt. G.entTi'iy Auguft roth. JOSEPH... STOW, ^«^W , C ARRIES on the HA FTING Bufmefs in the wetl part of Fojhr Barnard's dwelling hoofe* in Geneva, where thofe who wi'lh to encourage him in his line of buRnefs, will at all ticn«jfind3n afiortmerit pf the belt kind of HATS, ready to be exchanged for Fu»-, Lamb's wooh or Cajb. $T CASH.will be paid'tor Fur & Larjrib's Wool, MYNDERSE & Co. I NFORM tr«ePuh!ic, thatthH are fit ting up their FULLINO MILL, at the Seneca W&lbi in the beft rnannerl That it is fup plied .with an ma pie flock t»f the beft .coloring materials, -and that the bulmefs -will be cnnd3i6ied by aft able artiil, under their irnniediate infpe<5iion and fuperintendance. Th^y refpe&iull? Elicit the patronage of their friends and the public, siftd flatter them felves that they will be able to give general fatisfa^iori* ~~^~ TAKE'HOTICE. . . ;. IX perfons indebted to> or having de-J : triands again(t the eftatc of ^ugii/lus Dickinftn* late of the town-of Phelps, de- feafgd, are K^tteHed to cshthh the tame for fettleatent without deHly. Particular atienr tiort to the above bufineFs will be paid, by the {trbrcriber*, on Saturday, in each, week, until the fecond ciay/c.f July next, at the houfe of the late deceafed. j0 Ei Pa ES e 0T r... , \ Adminh* - THEODORE BANISTER, ftraurs, Phelps, iuvt-B, 1808. ' . M , , (to) . -FRUIT TEEES. : ; 1 HE Pruk frees in the Nurfery-belong- ing to the eitate of Mr. JACOB HAtlEtT, deceafed, confiRlne: ot a great variety of: PEACM and APPLE TREES, of the very beft of fruit, of a f«ita,ble fize forfrarifplant-. ing, are now offered fof fale on reafonabie tertpii, ajnd a liberal credit, with at, allowance to .fitch as purchafe any confiderabie quantity \ The Building £«^,.(iric!udlh|rthe Hurfe- ries^ adh/amageuufly fituated 'on Miinyftreet, in a pleaEnt part, of the village of Geneva, will be fold on stieh terrtis as Will- .render it an object for any perfon defirous of purchas- Jng them. ' ' \ Applieatsons mtift be made fo Mr. • \ :; '' - * > ; S..COLT. • 'peht'vay April' 6th, 1808. (at) FOR SALE AT THE.,'.\..' . moiarom of J. §6amT * Co. the REVISED & SESSION LA.WS^ : «t the State of NEW-YORlC, complete,' mw TEN' PO0MD ACT, NEW MILITIA ACT, . NEW ROAD ACT, .AND'-. ' THE!CJLEK&'S MAGAZINE. r • . • ' . , —JLSO— 500 Webfter's Spelling Books—Writing and- Wrapping Paper^-*by large or fmall quahtity. ' - SCHOOL BOOKS, of almofl all kinds •now ufed, conflantiy for faie, o« realbnable fcerrrj.*, ' , ' TH I-R bnli;neA is now carried on at the fame place 4»y .MeiFrs.\JACOB•& LEWIS SHER- Rii.t. •Ttieworls; performed, atjtfoefe Ma- chines tbe prefeht feafon, is univexfall-y ap- proved. - ' , • rT Senses Balhy l&lh \J-ufy. vMiftcoats grid light >a*WWp$» .with jguaft feathers, ti|W wirfi black.' •-.-•.. The IVathew of private^ not to exceed' te'ts inches in leopth. • Pyom thi Hathtial fatetig?tt&k OUT dijf has foeerl honurVd for\a few ''tiky-i pa(i with the ptefenceof a CHIHlSSIflWaft^ dartn and 'Merchant*'' with hi£ fecret&rft Though Gfattah and dbtren, witlv Emmet-^all Hisobjeci: m vifiung 'ifife place is.toobtam nnrm '\ an exemption irdro the reftriaipns of th% embargo, fo far a> to be peroniwed to -char- ter a veifel for China-*, to carry Mck his prop» erty••feolleSfed in this cOtmtry to the atriOYjrnt. of forty or fifty thpuiand dollars. Tlvere ire. we Uearj vatiqiars eirctimrlaneeS of a ver/ peculiar nausre connecied with this'tequelt* One of thefe* as eharacferififc of national modes of thinking, is worth, flgting, T^pt Mandarin's father being\ ninety years 0(4 his death may be daily looked for;; Accor^ ding to'the t?fages of the dlfciples of Cpnftr* ciosj of which he is one* his remainpj in caje of his dsath* cannot feelBterfedj in the our men Whpfe- virtues and talents our land did adorn—. Did ftfive to relieve us, yet others did grieve u's, Saint fatrjek'sda? in the morning. Though foidiers and jLordihips reduce us by-hafd- ihips, - . • <. The day *may yet come, when Hioernia's bravs fons,- \ May find one to lead *em, to regsin their freedom, When plenty and pleafure wiii fiyw '.vithout meaf- - ure, ' Saint Patrick's day in the ihorning. Thei fiUtofweetETin, that land fo endearing^ To allwbo in fedtiefs their Country bemo>ai); We'll drive away forrow, no trouble we'll'borrow, - - Saint Patrick's day in the morning. i^ext filt- to the land of freedoni and peace~-. IVtay- treafon and tyranny ne'er floursft tliere ; . May Barr and his fellows jfufi peep at a ga'liuVs^ for planning, defeftion and vile i.ifurxcftion, Snint Patrick's day in the morning. With hearts free .and willing,, let each donfe his (hilfing, •*'./ Who firftYnuiPd tSe air ori the bog or the: fod-; To onr faint and his fteia', .we fpend «ujr pence freely,. _ .... . „ Saint Parrick's doy in the mrirning. ;rfave any opprefs*d us^—be oiF, nor rnoleft us-i- iVour looks may remind' us- of irijuTies done ; Kor rairhble top freely, in reach of fhelala, V7e beg none to ?t?i us, nor dun nor per|3iex us, Saint Patrick's day lij the morning. Miscellaneous Articles. Y '\as \ y fubrqrih^r abfence of his fori, ia jefs than ipven years This neeefiarily renders his; fqn yerjt an:?ipui -to reiW*. '•'\•/' '--*'\ \* V;r ' ' the Tailor f returns his fincere ffeiriks 10 his Cttfiorsers for paft fa*- vors, and hopes they will be continued; al^- •tbiMi^h 'he: is u^derihe neceftf y oi calling on all thole- indebted to hitn for,if«medl-afe' Payment'* and affijfes hirnfclf, that all rotiflr be fcti-fjbie. of the propriety ot his Gall, who. read this Greneva EKpt*fitpr. He is flatter- ed wiilv a belief, that this .Hotice will Cave him the trouble of calling, in the. Mamt of. the People*- which.finuft he Kt-*- refegrt imme- diately if this (ailaJ . ' NlOfttf SHOkT. EOSDS' &'.. SISIGLES. 150 THOUSAND-good Shhgtes.' 1.00 . THOUSAND-, feet 'Inch .Pine 1 BOARDS, fm Sale by' ' \ E. itGOlDO^. - . JRrtm the Mercantile Advert ifer * To rdz EDIT on r -A' it may be intereffing to th? pvshtic i'ofknow the partiewlars «»f^^eafKaift I^JraAmft SneifeHr's rhrswing over the *3Turk'* in the Mediterranean, fram on board the schooner M3ry-Ann, after having been captured by an A Iger.ine Frigate of 44 jOns and be- ing in their pnfFeflion fbiir days, I have procured' tbeni as correctly as ? eould, and JIOW lay the lame' before the ptibfic tht-tiugh the fiedium of yo»r pa- per, hoping he ard his bra've cbnri'anions, who ft jttftiy liiertt the bounty-of their-caiintryEnen; may not, go unrewarded for ri&ing their lives in Co del- perate ad undertaking' . ' Yours, &c~ A SuBsciifBiR. Logwood, 'Copperas^ &c: 30 3:or^rLogwood, fuperior quality, \• ' 20 d^Copperas.j j-o^o- tuftic, • •.. -^do tnglifh Allumj. ' to do Nicaragua;, z Hlwh. Woarl, 20 do Cam wood, 1 tiecce^ Blue. Vitri«U 16 cafe Oil Vitriol and S ceroOiis Spaniflt Flot. FOR SALE, - -• . « 1 . rVjirtTqrtis, Indigo* BY Foffrcroy & Ltice. JLMJNT, July 26. '&3 W ) I L^liofe indebted to the fubfcribier,''are reqjiefled to tnafce payttieHt before the On fte- i9ftfr-of-O'erobef-iaft,. xvithiti the ftraits of fjibraltar, fa-<v a fail ii) the northward* *)•«. her bearing down ibe•-proved to be a fiigate with tin^- 1101 colors.,' After filing three fliots, w|jic§i>fe,12 near lis, the fchoonef hove to. When along fide they hauleddnwn the Eiiglilh corors and hoi'ted the bloody flag. They lent on board their baat, and took out the capcaijl -and three men. iSifer tforee hours detention, t-htf boat leturned with the captain ort b'oarti the fchopner, accompanied by nine Algorines, all arm^d, who fleered, direft for Algiers-. SHng in their poffpflion npi'/ards of 90 hours, ttie captain held' a- con'fuftation with the mare and cocskj when fearing; that\ thpy Ih no Id never agaiin tee the U-nted States they chofe rather to-d-te tljan fubmifc asflaves for life to Ttirkift tyrann-y.r-- rh 1 ? veflVl a& tins tirr)e,,.-»va«i within threfe mij.es of the land» and »n fight of the ihipping in the harbor of Alpjcrs; Ac- t ; ^ordingly the copk'vvas ftationed at the pomp and itfate atthe cabin door, when the captain thre^ ttie grains into the fea. Foa,r of-the Turks, went to the; fide to fee if he had-icaught a fifri' The captain Ehenfeized the prize-maficr and threw him over boa^ra, the-mate at the i'an'w tirne feized thfe one ae-Ssi'to him, and did the like; the cook t&en cafne totfeh affiltatnfce, and t!ieyi-hr*iv over the third. The; ternaiftitig nx: attacked them very iuriou'% witli handfpikes. The captain clinched the fecund; p'rike»niafter and threw him into the fea, while the mate n-nd cook killed two*»Of the reniain'irig 1 ^ three, two who refuted V fubmit were k|lledj One tliey preferved and carried faefjy into Naples, where •the vefftl foftuDStd^ arrived iftff fix days. Daring the contort th'e captain and mate receiver feverat defperatehfow* from theTorks^ and whij? they were on hiiard they compelled the captain and mate to go aloft and aflittin na^ig'atiiig the veflVl. •verjt an:?ipu$ to reoucfli. •'\•'/' ~- ' \* V;r ' ' Their pfi^fiogno'my, drefs- and tenner? are vefy pecuHanland intfereftiog. Their dress & external chara£ters .eorrefpondcXa&* ly with the r'epreieiv,tati6ns O'f tfe flat uaryanfl painter j the leading chara^eriftfcs of their eooutehance and manners arS gratnty* be* nevoleflce and >mildhefs. r ~t. ,; . : -.,'', » We undef&a-ftd: .|ffat. jhe .(tiib'Bearer,. bgb longing to J oh h J. Mat,,,of thi$ciiy, hs$ got .permiSion to rake ;oht *g Ohin| thfe iv|ant* darin Chtef apd his Setfetary^ who h»ye.-.'o'ei^rf detained jh thiscountr^ever Cmcp ^the\ bbk-> 6argo was •hid.*U0. Y.,$dtfer? ..-',. Otfrtrig the- fhundtr .#rrB' ; vvftich pifyk this town June 30, five voang* riied wijo were at labor in rh? 0^^w^^L t: .£icuMf horti tfit ratm., place^tficii'ifilltires ,tp a rectirtl- bent poilffje und^s'thfejr waggon|.an^ in that (kuatior* were ftrocfc with lighfhift|[. All of them received a feVere fhp'ek, and their flefh lc«jrehed in different parts of the bod}*-* two of them from ten to wxteh iiiirtiifei a\p» peared to have been kiiltd'\': bfit ifter 'fe'flifpv-. idg them from^tinderthe Waggo'ny .ar/d\fe- verely fhaking them* the firfi ' : tiyff\fttm' of recovery was poking. tJpofl: exarhiMng, their bodies, one of thcrn, was bdrnt* or^hhth tbi&he, joftbelov» thi'hip Joints as large as= a man's ftand^-tKe other jtiil below the right fhodder blade,' of er^Ua-l ftze,* in -appea-rarice {•fee the botos frbfri a red hoi iroi).. Wheh the deatd Seih fepatrat'ed it left a eavii y,- tt»m one third m half an indh h de pth. I ft' of Her parts of their bodies',\ arid limbs, there wast die appearance of a difeharge of fhotf that fprinklerf in various directtorW, and tled'rhv- mg-the fleih fufSciefttly deep-to have bwfe€ them. • - „ \ They ays rtow Iwa-fai'r way <>f recovery,— Mo inj'ury v*asdone to the w^gpft, ; freit.fier could it be difcovered where th* ligtltn\ entered' the etfth^Hampffiire (*m r r * &^s ?oth of february-^Or their ftete^ and ac- counts will be put in (Itit, a, Jan* 30. \ -• -„(M K lady near this, place cati fav, her qncle is her fat'her, U r aunt i$h*r rnotherj, her fa* ther is hef brother, hertnoiher is IWr fsfler, fer Mist is her fiikcjp her brother is her' mphsw* ' \ • * His S^edifh' ma|e|f;y has Ctfrrjiwersc^d one\ of the gramdeM ioternah.imp*'OVe'qrie«is [hat any c< imtry has »d|fplav,ed. in the • prifeot times;— vix.- to conoe^i the N'orrh and Sal- tie fii'as togerlier^ntrlfiOUgh the heart of Swe- den* by rrieans ^'»,<ean*ir' (large eno«#h-,.f^ ve(Tc!.<! iifuallrj.havigiltn'g the Baltic -Seas): wlncli,. wi'lf, p^rj|NetoPe at \Sdderkoprno: i't» vhe Bait'i^ fea-^r-pas* along toH-he Iffees-Mox-^ en, ilie Welteru m>i the Wiken into fbe Winern Lafc$y fooat whence the navi^itioa is^already cotftplete dovvu 10 0^ l tenburg.hv—• Lond.p<iffr,. An ingenious .Gaimo phyhe'vari f»a»caT-» culated th-i? the jbutnbet of death* through- out the 'uo-itfe*.r« # jg{tt\4»a«' <0, ^S,OQp„ev^y ibiouiei . *' if '- •# ,'f^l \1 ^1 $1 -11 'I 5: 1 m n. § fo f % '<••\ -?..' .' l-f- n ' I v tl

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