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No- 33:.] FAIX. AND- WINTER mmM^mmmuw* M& mm*, \yovvimu . ABRAHAM XH)X> \A$ jvift \received a large and general affortmefti of FALL and WiNfTER GOOPS, which ha -will fell at the motf reduced prices: foi READY V PAY.~~Viz,, [ 40. Pieces tow priced Broad Clot^s^differ-. en t colours.; 15 do. finer do, black, rnixt, blue, brown, aria bottle; green ; I'a do-.fuperline do.*«5-fame colours; do. double milled Drabs; \ „ 6 do. Scarlet do. 10 do, drab, blue and mi xt Plains-; f terns; 8- do* Bennet Cord 6V Swanfdown Veil pat- 4 do. fine Fancy Vel-yet do, '3 do, fine Velvet for ladies' coats ; o Y 4 do, Beoriat Cord for pantaloons ; 12 do, white.,, black,.'blue, feat let., drab, and mixt Calfimere?; 6 do. blue, drab and brown Frizes; io do, conntnon,. i will'd S: fupeffine Coating $. 4 do, Silver Card for pantaloons ; io do; Velvets unci Fancy Cords; * - icHdo.~$urges and Baizes.\;' 120 Cotton Umbrellas—very cheap 1 India\ Mhflins; falhionable Chim2.e£ and Callicoes; Carribriqk & cormnon Dteities; li«-k and coloured Luftrings; Cambriek: Mullins; Bunk Muflin* and Leao; conw nron Si 1 li Shawls; ladies' fUk Gloves-; 'Shirt- 5 jng CoHori; Worried and Cotton Stocking'!; Cotton and Silk Stifpenders; Apron an<t Shirting Cheeky Bandanna HanrtkerclViiefs; Black Barcelona do; Camel hair and-^ancy Cotton Shawls-; cotton Gloves j_ -mica's, bea-; ver do ;. Roiwai and Madras Handkerchiefs;, J3i;d Trcken ; Brown Holland; Wiidbor.es ; Bottibazetts; Ruffclls and Calimaocoes; Sewing Silk; Twill; Pips; white and co- J Lured Thread ; Tapes and Bindings, &c. G R OCERIE $•>' 4 Hogflieads Jarnaica Spirits 2 pipes Cogniac. Brandy ; 1 do. Barcelona do. 1 do. Holland Gin ; i do. Port Wine ; 4 quarter eaflcs Sherry do% ,*t63,.dp* Malaga do. $ do, Sicily >4adeira tk>-. %khd. and^jbbls. Brown Sugar* ado. Lump do> . . Ifyfon, Hyfori fkin. Souchong and Bohea 1Jeas4-;0orTee; Chocolate; Ginger; Pep- • -JACOB. BACKEltfSTOSE,- ' TAiim, •-•'• R ETURNS his fincertj thanks tp his cuftoiners for paft favors, and mforrns them and the public*, that he: has taken into partnerfhip Mr, ISRAEL FERRIS, frs Albany, wha|n he can recommend as. an excellent woikruan. Thofe who favour fucn with theitp.cuftom may.depend on having thai i;>work done, witfrdifpatch, & irVthe ftioft. fafhion.able 1 and neateft manner..-•• *'• - Geneva, May i%fh. • (37) 0 R B.TwoJO ; U,RNE¥MENTAI~ L0RS, who: are good workmen, wanted immediately. , ° . ' \ $$\ Thofe indebfedj' are informed that Wheat will be received inpayment, if'dc-: live-red fbon. . Foe try. *roin a FRUIT TREES. E Fruit Trees in the ^uriery belongs ing to theettate of Mr* JACOB HALLETT, deceafed, confining of a great variety of PEACH and APPLE TREES, of the very belt of^ruit, of a fuwable fifce for Iranfpiant-- log, are now offered , for fale OQ reafonable terms, and a liberal credit, w;ith an .allowance to fuch as purchafe any confiderabte quantity. The Building Lofs^ (includi|g the Huffe- ries) advantageoufly fituated ofl Main-ftreer, in a pleafant part of the village of Geneva, will be fold on $iieh terms as will render it an objedl for any perfon delirous of purchas- ing thern. ^ Applications muft be made .to Mr. ./..;. S. COLT- Geneva, April 6th : ^ 1808. J2 1) Josejik /*' Kiugslctnd •*. T% ESPECTFUiLLY infornxs the inhabitants JLV of this vtilagrand the public in gener- al, that he-has commenced the WHEEL- WRIGHT Buflnefs in all its branches, op* pofite to Mi. John Woeds'Inn, Carriag.e work of all defeji prions done on the fhorteft notice Whoever pleafes to favor hirn with their cus torn may depend upon having their work dene in the bcfl manner, • ' (5^* A liberal price given for good feafon- ed Timber, to anfwef the above bufmefs. Geneva, May Z$fh. \ (28.6w) per; Alfpice^. SnufT;. Tobacco; Powder & Shofc, Aiiura\; Coppers; beft float c^com- tnon Indigo-; Log .Wood, Nicaragua and Do^Crank^^rtd Gudgeons; i ) -pai^-'^t.|i'g;-0.udgenn.s; -. < ,^otj5,andj^ttbs; Caft Andirons; Waggon ?tnd ipattBoxes; ' , .., ,: ^e^cell^t^otaflt deities—%rge (i ze ; . , 'tk&$&tik S^'E'te.^.; , * , -: 4(1, ^^TO^'^WiCut Nails; Window 0|a : fs; ; 1J by 6, 9 by 7, & I o by 8* Paints\ anS Diu-^. \ ^getheri.^x^.^l4Tgt-aff&rtmtnt- of , Hw$mar£, Crockety and A few* large elegant 4 Pillafred-and Gili ' • ' LOOKING GLASSES. \ Gmevaijieflember^ 23,. tSo 1 /.'' ' (45) For\ Safe a small f ARM, X DJOINi^G the land of Mr Rtatnftey, £\ <>n thergadto Roberts'' Mills,contain- ing about one hundred acres of Land* well watered, with about forty acres under im> provemenl; a eotrifprtabiedwelling houfe on the premifes, very pleaf*hfly fituated anda- bout two; miles fouth of Geneva-—PolTefficJn will be giveri the fit ft of April* The terms will be rharle fcnown by applying to Major S. Colt, Geneva^ or to the fubferiber at Pultneyville, A^teliEW MARTIN. er, tarklS^he breeze fweeps o'er the billow ; Peace 3^d reft it brings not me ; Riling (leeptefs from my pillow, Let me vie withe troubled ,La; \High the mountain billows roaring, ^Th'under o'er the reflet's fide; L%Jitning through the gloom appearing; iieedlefs, quicJc--T-the deck i ©ride. Horror damps the feaman's fire ; Fears poffefs the belmsmari's foul; Winds and waves contend with ire ; Deaths on every billow's roll. Whence this proud contempt of danger, $cowiing t bro«^, and dauntlefs eye i 'Tis the heart to Joy a ftranget— Rent of every earthly tie. CAMOENS, , • DAWN, THERE is a foft and fragrant hour Sweet, frefli, reviving is its power ; \ ? Tis when a ray 'Steals from^he vale of parting ntght And by its mild prqlufive iigbt 6 , Fpretels thed%y. •' , 'Tis when fome fingering tears fcarce fhed Over the m.ifty rqountain'shead . Their tatty hmm .; • When one by on* letiring, fhrQ.wd, pi in glittering through afieecy cloud, , Their lait faint gteam, 'Tis when jufl Wak'd from tranfient death (By fome hail Zephyr's balmy breath) • The unfoltling.jofe, alfo,*—Pieafure Sleighs of all kinds.-jStieds on the air its rich perfume, Whik every bud with deeper blourn ^nd beauty glow^. 'Tis when fond nature (genial power) Weeps o'er each drooping night cloi'd flow er,. While foftly fly Thofe doubtful no.ltts that leave to view Each glowin'g fcene of various hue That charms tne eye> 'Tis when the fea girt turrit's brow Receives the £afiV fir ft kindly glowy And the dark wave, Sweliing to meet the Qnent gleam, Reflects the warmly ftrcnth'ning beam', * It feerns to have. . ' 1 ' . ',. are Januarv 6th, 0&%> *:&•*¥) Pot Sale j the foHo wtog Larids, S ITUATE in the counties of Ontario and §teuben, viz. , About 6000 acres in Tovynfliip No, 1-^- 6th'Range, ,- ' '\ ' Lots Ho. 47,1 >- \•'-•- -54» >m townfliipNo. 6, tfl range, well; I of 65,3 Lots No. .ft\ in townfliip No. 7—id S3» J range,. LottSlo, 31,T in townfliip-No* 9—2d & part, of 36, f range- The above LANfJS will be fold on rea- sonable terms and on a credit of 6 years. <* * H. IL BOGERT. >ti, MarS 2d. (16) \ SALE OR LEASE, r pHEDWELLiNG HOUSED LOT *. of Land qf the late JO«N JOE NS TQN,- K%. deceafed, jlmated in the village of Ge- neva. For terms-^ppl-y to A. DOX.. 3«M ifth, • (31.} .. \ ' MEVEIFEB, J>/Mogerfj & Co. THE Wild Irifh .Girl; a National Tale, by Mils Owenfor;.-—-The Koyice of St., Do- minick, by ft/fi,fs Owenfon.^The Lay of ;an Irifh Harp j'ojr Metrical Fi;agttients^ by Mtfs Owenfon,-—Secret Hillory; or, fhe Horrors of S-ii Domingo, in a Series of Let- ters, written by a Lady \at Cape FrancoiK, ta'CoL Aaron Burr, principally during the command of General Rocjiatribeau,—Cbro* nological, Mitfoiical, and Biographicai Charts. ; -^ALSQ-- • ... • , •• 500 Webflet's Spelling Books.-^-Writing and Wrapping Paper^-by large or fmall quantity, SCHOOL BOOKS, of almoft all kinds fiow ufsd, eonSaaily for £a!% m reafonable terms. '•'' ft* NOtidE,/ \'\'''' - A LL perfons indebted to the fubfertbers are requsfted to make' immediate pay- ment-—Those who neglect will be profecu- J«d without farther notice. . „•• W. MYN0ERSE & Co^. Seneca^Falls, February 3A ' ('a) NOTICE. ' * t L tbofe indebted to the fu requpfled to make payment before the\ 20th -of February-^-Or' their notes and ac- counts will be put in fuit* A. Dox* Geneva* Jan' 2Q» .-,.., (IS IsfOTIGE, - LL Perfons that have unfettled accounts with Evans & Clamber$> are defired to attend to the fettlement of'he fame without further delay* Geneva* l$th January. $j ! .. ; tifadff ?qtJo * tm $ d 4l y-!: uodn paiieouaq^ «33ijuj^-sttfi jo SOUB>JOU§^ pB9[d lll/W ( p3UJ30U00 Uojiad Otl psdot| SI i{ ^•aVN^vs ^sa.soi , -.-, •vtiij jo syoo a/vty Aq«3qs |U« *A; \impnuuii p'agsi% aq fenui 'aaopisjaq psj Ha4.il- sqioio ioj spUBuaap siqteqj pue 's^io^ 8{ j3imo[0 siq.m pajodjip ssq *t m\ ^H\ 4 4» suwojtij Aunjpadjsx isqaojqnj 3HI. ' ..ASHKS-&/SALTS. TitE fubferiber will pay Cafh for good ASHES & SALTS OF Ofi, •drfi^reflat his Pot find Pearl AfitTPoth* ac tties Old Callle, n&ar Geneva. .(,.),'*' SAMUEL. 'Tis wnen the reliefs child of forrpwj Watdyng the wifh'd for rifing morrow> His couch f o/egpes, And feeks 'midft fecnes fo fvveef,, fo mild, To f«othe ihofe pangs io keenj fo wild> lonelefs woes. Nor day^ nor night, this hour can claim, Mor frjoonlight ray, nor noontide beam Dees it betray ; But, frefh, reviving, downy, fweet,' it hates the glovvidg hour to meet, Of rifing day. MisceMaiieoiU Articlesi From JV. T, Evening Poji\ of Jutjf 9. room, Whether it be a fa& that fuch m ®c~ currenGe n.everj*l?es plaoej 1 afar not prepa* red to decide ; but if, upon\extend© en- quiry, no«e fuch fhall be found, it tmay b« inferred that a clofe room 'prefeftts one of the greatelt chdnce a of fecurity. fc»n tljis- fubjtflt I have found the general opinion to be divided-«-advoCates appearing as MMB'?*. tourforan open as for a clofe iroom during^ thunder gulf. In cafes not adrilitfira^ of matheniiticai demon lira t ion, theQri<?s are often. efeSted. up- on vague conjectures and-iinaecoiintable prej- judicqs i but it is the dielate; of.reafon tb«t opinions t-hus tountled. fb'ould -fu'bmii b^ford the iDfluence ot-fac%s^—1 would-therefore offer, -.for the fconiideratipn of the Academy^ the following motions •:•,,- ** iff, t That a corntnjttee be appointed for tbe» purpofe of .-qollef-tjo-g- ififormatidn- re v L peeking lives'wh}ieh have been \offr ,by tight- ning, in this or any other couutry, arid of the atfehdari! circumftariees in.-fuch-cafe, 0 a.1 thev relate tp the fituatipn of the perfon. or perfons-at the time d whether, fhelterc^qtesc*. ppfed'.; aifo, whe^her-evideli^e of any inifarice •^.an. be produced of the ipfsi!of l^jfte v by ligh.rj»\ BM^^M^M } jm-y..oJ^sMch minors, ..mi&~ dow?, and Ere- place were clofedat th§ time;.' FLefpeclfuliv: ft-tStrtltted,. \\**' •'., 1 By BENJAMIN. SEAJtBQ&ff.'. . Bojtan> i6i'b Ma) % iSo^. ;j\f a mepting- of tihe. Academy of Arts an| - * . • Sciences—May V6, i8o^,- ., Read & coirimit-ted to BW|#M IN J)EA-ft,4 B:ORR jfcsQi Rev/Jjir. L^TWRQP*, and JRKV.' Dri. ELIOT. , - •»\•.-.. , rf jOfOSf DAVIS, %« Stfrj'. : In--purfuanCe. vi the ioregoip^ vote, ;rJb# connmiitee i herein named, foHcit conirntini- cations, addrefled to any one-of tbtfrt,, ^iipoa t-he fubjeclf of their appointrnent ;^—at>d.\ .a\i. the collection and corrriparifon of fac^s. may produce a refult valuable to fociety,, the COITI- tnittee fhall reliy op the teadiriefs v-hh jwhicK .•ient'li-men will, cowmunieate>, sv'hb\ poCfs' the iniormation required; g^* Printers in every part of the ueion,' who may ftel difp.ofed to ptomo/e an eR^ui^ ry fo imerefting to each.individual of the!; community, are. re quelled to give, the prece- ding ptiblica'ion adpiiftfon |nto 1 thieif tefpec- tive papers/' . ; ' ' Mr. Dearbornj the author of the tainttium- tatiotron lightnirrg is npvS\ in tpwre> and .i^ here for, the put pole of difpofing of fpoae flf his ufeful inventions; among, whicb W^ The proportional halancei well -worthy the attention of all engaged in weighing Jafgs drifts' ; and the Gold ftaridarei Saiaiice*., orsi of which has been, piirchafed by the New- Vork'B^ftk,- and one by the Branch. We truft New-\iTork will.hot fee backward in be- (lowing lier pafrona|ie, . ', * A ftrortger.one occurred in tJii-scUy. four ^earf finc^, when the lightning;ftrucl< tbc rpuf of\*a- boufi'e having a i-od at each exireiuity of the ridgepole. • • - . ££M'f*o:K„ . ^Ktract of a letter from l,exingto%' (Ken)-Jated A;pr4 5. «...''.. An event truly melancholy happened 6*n SabbaLlj' evening, 27th uii. a£ Point JiVcft,,yC¥arrard Cotin^ ty. The 'iiev. Wiliia'ra'&ai'ne)?, alter; fiaving for abput 15 minutes^ miffed bis .fori, of .about three years\ of afee, foutid\ hTm'\ ; dead. Jlrlrlie fpr jrtg only a few yards femv the JtptifS* T'fa;e wai- ter being- fliallow he imraediately fu%ectedt\feat : thi boy mt» ft -ba ve been put tlie re- T$e\ f uf^i trian s i n/ ereafiug aikt fixin| upon fiis o^p o -fiegto girl,, flit Monday aMer the burial fee *vas ptami'neci^.wheo 1 •'flie made a full conftfliors t)f lier giirk.\ ' Several circunrftaates\ af-e fald to ha^e Sttirtded .this ai^ion which ard a\lmo.(J; in^xplisabte. The glrlhad always been ^cprifTider^rf as bfeiiig. <)f a good diipofitiori, and ha(I uni^riiily beeff an a-ffeftloriaia'j and -faithful fervant t lit* iVi'partWalar had iwatcbtdT 'this boy with perhaps rttore fh\ari o'rcl'inSry &re and teridernefs. Xb^jbp^ was .eq-ually attached to her. She declared, fh»t gvett when irre was perpetrati'hi* .trreaft., iri'e had no ill wifl for the boy, nor at ariy, ;of the faihilySj nay,- that her affecVtotr' to' Ji-Iiji was' as ftrong as ever it; had been. She declared al/o, that for fonie cdnfidevable ti'liie fii'e had ,felt: forue . thing like an irrefiftabl* invpftlfe fujggefling'to her todeftroy one or both^of the cbildren Hi the iar/J-ily --anfl'Chat on Saturday while Mrs. itaine^wa's froin' : horne, (he ivas upon the- eve of .deflioying/fchdra both, but was, fofne way or oilier pre-vinted,' , It is farther ftated, that wheii fhe-decd wsjcdft)^ mitted trie boy bad a'- ufaal wallied f alop^ {Side of her acrofs tbeyard^and when flie carhe to the fyf • ta-l'fpqt, {he put his head' into -t^e w-fixer With W faVe downwa d's, and k«pf her foot upon bis rt'ecte till the fiippofed he was 'dead, |he then turned'hiin upon his back arid lelt' him. The {ituation'of the ; parents ca'u be more evilly conceived iliau^ exprefs- PhHttdrt'ptiia.g May 27,.. O'n Friday, 1 the f^h rnft. as Mr. Jacob-' Lindey's waggonci, 4itb i .1ii,s team, was* paling from Lancaf^rto'^'nict^n ii> York •County, on his wa'y to B'altitnofe, he was'' overtaken by prie of the fsvereft ftornis of hail, rain and lightning, ever remtftitarrd Lightning*-*-^ Vflerday in giving;;, aft ac- count of two inliances of the flrilcing of lightning, -which, occurred in th.'it. city the day before, v.e prouiifed to puhlifli tH,s eve- ning an interefiing Gomfnuriication ©n the fybje'cl: of elefifcrie explofion, taken frotn ,a new w-o'r-k* It follows.: \To the Prefidenl and Members of the diners ican Academy of Arts and Sciences. GENTIE'MEN,. As that feaicm ot the year is approaching, in which a general apprehenfion of danger from light»irig is rnoft excited, a few re- nnarks, on the various means of feeking fafe- ty, may calt attention to faSs from which may be dedpcedl Come ufeful rules of Gonducl during thunder. ,. That- the me!alic.condu£|or is riot * corn^ plete guard from the ekclric fluid, is teftifi- eel by two inflaneea ori .the records' of toe A- cadVmy f but giant jog it to be productive of periefcl ffeCurvfj?* its benefits can be eoj-oyr ed by the .tnifior part of fociety only, wnofe . , -.,..-_. - . l pecuniary tneans will aifiM tbe eXpenfr. by the oldeff Mh«b^nu« IM th« nri»hlror^ Jto-tltefe brief remarks the el^r'ic.roU will ftood, A IhatpaiH fevere flafh fttucfc \\\€ therefore be Over looked, for nmicing (uchjtvehrfs and; w.aggnner (jdm.Ftnly) and particulars as may lead to rational meaforej!, ithrew blta off the ^die .horfe nitoar tends wiihiii trie power of all- who choofe to adopt corner.' I*n that fiiuatioa he kid a- con ftdera \£S* therni From early life I h'^e been in the babi-t of obfervitvg^e circitftffi-mges attending an elesSl-ric -.iaLpWiolJif .particiRatly where the lofs'oi lite wssa confs-qijence, •a-nd A «^ in- fiance Ms f^lkn within my knowledg purfoa feeipff i<Hicd by li.ghtni.wg ifl a: e ©5 a :;lofe ble time—w'hetjiihe carfie too he\fbund three ot\ die hOrfes dead : the olhei'two exhibited fprn,er\ figr. of rein-atfib|.'li-fe^ b'yt i;x*ptred tft 2 te#' irtorelents, a Mm i % Reputation-is like a: glafs> it cannot bz mwikrf- when- crack-'#

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