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To be Sold, or TExelian|ed for Unimproved Laacis, T HAT valuaoie FARM, knftvui by tk« name of SpringfitM Farm, otie ijnlc eaft of the village of Bath, in S.euben county, formerly the refidericeof Charles Wiiliamfon, Efq. »nd containing 846 acres, near 4.00 of ( winch is under improvement, and Ufiwartlsj of 60 acres in meadovf,-—There is on the pricmifes an elegant two .lory Dwelling- Haufe, Out-houfes, Bart)?, Carriage-houft, &c: the main read leading t.-oin Pcnnfylva- nia and HewvYorfc paffes bv t he hcufe, and the Sofquehanna and Ba;h Turnpike is alfo laid through the FanO. Alfo-* v;h«r-le FARM known by the name of the -ff&its Hart Fat «, about two miles weftot the village of Bath, Containing 400 acre*, abaut ico of which is under im- provement. Then; i* on this Fartn a large convenient two ftory frame Haute, and the main road from Bath1 to Geriefce and Niaga- ra paffes before the door. Apply to SAML. $. HA 10FIT, Efq. at Bath; or to the fubferi- bcrat Uuea. B. WALKER. \ January 6, 1808 f8.1t ) f Thfy have *rt&ed 'fMeti^l'Cominodbtis gage-tomed by tewimm '&*?\ n ! (Idi-ehbufMindwharfs atBlock- 0 — 1 * w>vi \ •*•-*»-— :~trr~.-.-~. ->.. .*.. - *• ! Wn HENRY HUDSON, ESPECTFULLY rnfornis the irvhaV.. tants of fhis village and the public in general, that he ha* taken ihe ffand tattfv in puffcfllpn of his brother, REUBEN HUD- SON, -directly oppofite the Priotjng-Oificf> where-'he intends carrying uri the Boot & Shoe-making Bufiiiefs, In^al-l. m various branches, and will; be hapi> py 10 sree-ir-e the commands of theft who may pleafs t<> tavorhiai wi;h*htircufrom ; ^•tr^v rmy depfftd >cw havirrg tlvir work ?'onc, in -the rrioii *a(Monable manner, at the Iftoftcft notice and on reafitnn'ile tetun*. H> l>a« no>* on hand rccclolltrswtrth of LEATHER* confjriirg of S02I &nrf Upper Leather, &-.<«, terX, &c. He intend* kit,, irg a g'H>J airt'Ttrrt-n't. of re£«*y m«d{* B<»^'t«: and Shot «ct various wzr*, all i vrhit \t fie'vcill dif-'pfe-o'f-on reaforisble tcrnis for or will receive in rsvm-nt Wkttit of JOHN DOBBIN, I NTENDS carrying on th|j bufinefs of BOOT MAKING, aa ufual, at the old ft and, this fign of the Gtldeu Booty next door <*aft from Major 5. Colt's (lore, whfcre thofe who triay p!ea{« to favor him with their Cus\ torn, can depend on having their work done in the baft and,moil fafhionable idariricr, and op reafonable terms. W- c 2 6* 3 Jouraeymen BGOT MAKtRS wanted, to ivhoin the hi wages and cohOant employ will be given. Geneva, J/tituty 23, >8i8. ft») TAKE NOTI€Ei LL perfons inilebred to the Edateof, SAMUEL OAIC*, of rhe villageot Ly- ons, in the town of Sodus, late deceafed, are rcque-O-ed to make ittimediate pajmrni '; pth- ervvif* their Notes arid Accounts will be put in fuit without delay—and all thofe having demands,on fiid eflate, are requeued to con^e forward for an adjuftment, JFAN.MV OAK.S, Adminijlratrfa. Jcii PKESCOTT, XAdmhtis* LEML. BAKISTBR, Jiin. jtrators, Schloffer* and Lewiliown, atid pruvided therrtrelves with ftauneh, wri\ Wilt toffkfa on fhe Lakes, and boats on Che Niagara river, anrl will receive prepefty at aw point on 1I10 above waters and engage to deiiver it at any other, on the n>oft»reafonable terins. They particularly invite the attention of dealers in Salt, who have heretofore fufFered great delays, and been put to much trouble, expenfe and lofa, on account of the variety of hands through which this article h&lr.e. ceflarity paffed on its way to tn«rfcet. They will receive fait at Ofwego, Sodus or Lew- iftowo, and deliver it at Preftjne-Iile, on Like Erie, or (by particular €ontrafil) at PittuSurgh, on the Ohio, and receive the fame article to payment. Thsey alfo engage that Salt (hall b,e llored on its paffage in their ftoie houfes at Lewiftown, SchlolTcr, arjd Blaek-Rock, withoutany additional expenfe —it having always been cuftoraary w|th car- riers as well on the firttifh as the American fide of the river, at thefe places, to leave fait expofed to the weather, by which it itasfuf- fered great damage. Orders directed to, orconlracls made with Jofeph Annin at Gayuga Bridge, Peter B. Porter at Ganandaigua, IBenja^in. Barton at Lewiftown, or Anguflus Porter at .Fort Schlofler will be punctually attended to. _____ -;.••.' -{y.*M. {he #wn of Jytim, in the cofihty <<f ^ to th^fiibrcribor, -b^rinf date ih« twV'-a.. dayof April, one mhifm eight hmMl five—^NOTflGE f»~HiowftJ». : ^ w 7Jj by virtue of a powor contain^ i n \f»jij.*JJ gage, arid in putfuanctf 0 the «t4>tr> cafe noadeuand provWed, will be 5 teM|f lie vendue, at Thcmgu Fdwcll**H^fe^ afijer village 0 of Gene*a, hn the courity vfa($»® •on the eighteBnth (lay of j»n« ne^t, W,^ o'clock in the foretwion, Alt fhal t?S traa or parcel of tiund fttwiite in the to^hg Junius, inithe fftidcountv of Sttteen, a^i known and diftirtgiiillied by beinf iyfai Lot Number eighty-one, in faidtow*)* ' mu«, and isbouodedasfoHowf,^^! ginning on a road at a beich'tre| a tijl fbtitheaft corner of 1 piece of land ©rife'nJI* owned by Sii^eon Bacon, thence fc»mfe^jjjj** PI tips, O&oher t6, 1807. (40) <ierrtanj$ will ap '.a.f« •Srfi -qvulitv;, and Midts~\\* will'alfo £ *> Ca!h tor Hide?. N. B. Thrfe ha'^ng REUBEN HUDSON, iettjed b> preftniivg '>em ; a, .,_ . nrfc* indebted to hitti, crc req/.--.clicd to.nr-k* ^ e,:, 8 dc ' n jairaediaie pstmrht wiihoui tqnher notiee. CARPING MACHINES. T HE fubferihers takethis method to in- form thejr friends and the public, that iheir CARDlNGMACHINESat tlie Mills of W. Mjaderfe tV Co, *t- the Seneca Falls, j vre now in operation—r-where an experienced 1 workman attends. Th''fe who plea-fe to far; ha>c the fai-nr, , t . \xrr\r\t •' 1 lio.fs -\vvliot vor ,n ^ m w '\\ their- WUUL may rely onus Geneva, January 27/i. f 3 |): For Sale, a FARM, L YINGr one mile^ we ft of the Gsytigaj Lake, on the Turnpike road, *hcrc' the new Turnpike r^md leadiDj f-rora- the M& Gayt/ga briAgi interfefts if. The ^arm contains tra6-.fcr«s. of gffod lani', a- liaut 50 of which are tinder tffiprov*n>#n}, in lineadow ard pafture, witti a valuable Apple *ncl Peach nurfery* and \% well watered-^. flis thereon, * good frame Houfc, -eligibly- fituated for a Store or Tavern, The premi-!- fes (of which a good title and imtnedtate ipofteflion will be given) will be fold for cafh or on mort credit. Apply tr* fubferiber, in Ganandaigua, or to Col. 0ANML SATRHS, near the premifet^ Alsoy For Saky 409| Acres of LAKD, Si'uate in Lower Smithfield, county of Wayne, ftate of Pennfylva-nia. A valtrable ftream of water, fnitable for Mills or any water-work, runs through the 1/asd. For particulars, apple\ to NATH'L. J. POTTER. Cdnandaiguay Jan ly. |iijl • KAILS, tlST received and for fate by the Uht<m- brr, che^ap for C»fh, Kegs Gut and'Wrought NAILSr of a fuperior qoality, r *nd well aflwrtcrf. %. f^GORDOtf. G/Htvit,\Sept. 30, 1807, vvithdifpatch, in the beft manner, and on the moil reasonable terms by J 6c L. SHERRILL. •Sent?*- Fath, July 2q. *• (37) JOHN RICHARDS, I NFORMS his friends and the public, that h« has juft received and now crYers fprfalc, at hi9 (tore in Geneva^ a general af« fortment of merchandize, CONSIST INC OF 0RY GOODS, •yiTABLt VOi. THE SEASOM. With * ihoice qffortmtiit of «htapi Groceries, Hard-Ware and CROCKERY: IroQ and Steel: Cut and wrought Nail*: Sual and Upper Leather, Whick he will fell as low as can be, bought in the Cgunty for prompt Pay. . CASH will be paid for firft fort POT and PEARL ASHES. Geneva; OiSfoier 38, 1807, (16) FOR SALE OR LIME, HE p\^|LLTNG HCJt[SE.& LOT 1 of £$0 of the late joii N JOBWSTOK, pj, deceafed, fit#ted tn fhe village of Ge- uevi. ffprtermsr apply to A. POX. &ALE, A FAMI of the firtf Quality. T WO Hundred and Twenty.fix acres of LAISIX in Townfhip Mo. 8,^ firft range, LiOt No. ra, with about 40 acres cle^red^ind a hewed iog-houfcthereon, will be fold on rcafonabie terms. For further particulars apply to TREUMAN SPKWCER, who* lives near the prernifes, or to the fub'- fcriber at Lion's MHh. HENRY TOWAR. Nsveitther 18/^, 1807. '' p) t V wards of 80,000 Acres of LAND, S ITUATE in theCMinty of Genefee, (late of New-York, lying r2 miles weft of Genefee river, Sc t.r miles eafl of the Court- Houfi*, in the villageof Batavia* The main road leading from the city of Albany to New-ConnecTticut, Prpfque.Ifle, $ ort-ifia- garay- and the province of Upper-Canada, parTes through a part of this trae>, frort which another road leads to Lake Ontario, near the mouth of Sandy Creek, (which pl^ce is an excellent harbor for boats,) wttchce produce pay be font by water toitjy part of Europe. This tra^l of country has been furveyed info convenient Farms for fettlers, and is offered for Sale on the rrioft reafonable terms of ?in^ land in the weflem country,. There will be but a fmail parf of the purchafe money required in hand, and a long credit given for the refidue. Sates by i\forfgage. EFAULT having been nr»ade in the pavment of one hundred and twenty-, fix pounds, thirteen (hillings, coua! to three hundred and fixteen dollars and Jiity^twoand an half cents, and the ihterefl thereon, fecu- red to be paid by a certain Mor'e ge°*xecu ted by Beikwl Bandy late of WeftficTdl- in the county of Wafhington and fUte of New- York to the fubferiber, bearing date the fix »ecnrh day of December, ini the year of our Lord one thoiifandfeven hundred and ninety- nv»e—NOTICE is therefore given, that by virtue of a power contained in laid moft- gage, arid in purfuahce of the act in fuch cafe made and provided, will b* fold at pub- lic vendue, at Powell's Hotel in the village of Geneva, in the coonty of Ontario, on the feventeenth day of S*ptembeT next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, ALL that certain piece or parcel of land, fttuatc, lying and being in the town of Heclor in th«coimty of Seneca (at the date of faid mortgage the coun- ty of Cayuga) and known and diftingulilied by lot number ninety-nine, that irfo fay four hundred arid fifty acres of laid lot.—Dated this Qth day of March, 1808. . tlMOTHY LEONARD. j?jrjQHH CoLfctNSj his Jtt'y. (17.6m) NOTICE. W HEREAS default of pjyrnent hsi been made of the monies fectirad to be paid by a certain Mortgage executed by VVILLIAM WlLsjowi, 0? th* county of Northumbrrland, in tht corntnonwealth of Perinfyivania, Efquire, to the fubferiber, arid bearing date the twenty*firft day of October, one thoufand (even hundred and ninety-fix— NOTICE is therefore hereby given, that by virtue of a power cotitaintrf in'tlie faid roprtgage, and in purfuance of'the flatutein fuch Cafe made arid-provided, will be fold a« public auclioh, ! onthelwtHfh day of July next enluing t]ie date hereof* it the hour of twelve o'clock of the fame day, at the dwell- iiig houfe of Capti Howell Bull, 1 nrikeeper, in the town Of Bath, in the counrypf Stciiben and Rate of New-York, ALL that undivided one fourth part of the northwfifl quarter of townfhip ^iumber Six, in the (1 xth range of townfhipF, in the coonty of $teiibf n^ coow tainirlg fix t|roufand Acres of Lancl, except- ing fevenhri'ridred acres of Jknd Oflt of laid tract, granted and conveytd toodier petfons. •—.Dated this 3-1 ft day of Decernber, 1807. ty-nirte perchc*; thence north fey*nt#,fo§p degrees weft, fifty.two. perches andi^ lipks; thence norili-'eighiy.>jne penjhej^ the land aforefaid oivnccl by Simeon Bacoiji. thence fouth twenty-four degree* eaft,, Ify! twoperche* and three linlss to the prlae ce | beginning, containing twerifv-fiitw «cresof land.-^.Dated JDecenQbero, -lekfT. (4.6m) SETH MOOUE, By JOHW CoLLms, his 4tty W HEREAS Aarm BiiUnp,<A \hmm of Pl»plp5, in the county of-Oaturb, and ftate of N«! w-York, D! D, on'tlit feconi day of October, eighteen huudred anf t% for feeuririg the payfinent of flftean kandred dollars--%to wit, thrcas hundred, and (fbcntfi five dollars on or before the twehtiefh d^y of January, eighreen Ittmdred tthd Ibur; three hundred and ftveniy- five dollars on ot before the ^twentieth day of Jdiiwafy, eighteen litiit* dred arid five; three hundred and f«Wrtty4re dollars an or befora the twentieth day tf January, eighteen hundred and fix | k rhrefe hundred and (event y.Hve dollars oa beforeH twentieth day r»f Jdnuary, eighteeB>b«|iAed and feven, with intereft on'tljei; w.'kble>iftj|p thefwfiuiethday of January* eighteert Jtuit* dred and three—cqrtvey by Morteage .jinta ABRAM,FOSTE«, of the fafne place, ALi. thofe cei tain pieces or parceiaof Land fjtg& lying #nd being in ftid town of Phelps;»ix. ALL that certain trail or parcel of land, fte, Hate in the county of Ontario, and flaw of New-Yotfe> bcii)g4pa|rtoi^mnurnber eii eight, in townfliipf Nr\ujpr«beir ten, in the fii# range iri faid coutjrv, being the foinh half of faid lot, and boiindled as follow* \ Beginnit!i| at the foutheaft corner of laid lot, & timmifc vyeft on thef outhline of faid lot to t&eiomi^ weft corner oflhe fatne; thence iiQi|hou4l|# •weft line of faid lot ofte half the width off I; farile; thefiCe eaft by a line runnitlg parallel with the foutii line of laid lotfo the eaft end of faid lot; thence fout'h |o the firft rnentioui ed bounds, fuppofed to contain one htwdrcd and fix acres, be Ihe fame more or lefs-.- Alfo that certain; trf c\ or parcel of land bcirg part of lot Ntsriitxcr eighty-eight in. tow? aforefaidi to wit, JBrgintiing at a ppfta.ttae 'middle' ot the wet litie of faid lot,, tbenca eaft fourteen ra4ijt!i«nce north fortynljC rods^ thence weft lb lhe k VfV|l fide of faiijal^' (8.6months) theriCe fouthTo the plkclo( begi|pin;g, cmCr tatning four acre* of land, including a fa* mijl.on thfpremire?. Alfo one other traft of land, adjoining to the <onrabo\e tnejl^ori^ ed ,; iBeginniftg at the |»0K-'^bBVe''in>fl^piie,dj ! th»yice north on the eail line of lot ^|itnoer eighty-riine till it ftrike^FSinrcre^fc!»'ilienfe fouth-wefterly, on the Weft fhofe;^Tlint creek, ; fill it interfecli the north ltri^ of lanfe belonging to Thvornas JDinfrnprc 0n|ncejeal to the place of beginiiing, s tontiin\fng t^e acres of land, fee tins fame more W M^'\^\ Alfo a certain itaft or parcel of k&&, bein^ part of lot Number eighty-eighf aforefai|i viz. •Seginriing founesri rods eaft of a ftaicis ott the nnddleof the wcit file of faid lot, thence eaft on the cer)t*e I |ne t>f faid lot ele- ven rods f thencn n^rlni parallel with the weft CHARLES WILLIAMSON* Jlino of faid lot forty,-fix rods; thence weft & SALTS. THE fubferiber will pay Caffy for good ASHES & SALTS Of LIE, delivered at bis Pot and Pearl Afb> Fforh, at the Old Cattle, near Geneva. £t.} SAMUEL WARNER. OldCaJky Oa. 2&> 1807. : ; ; -;.;.BLANKS, : V :: OF TFHE fOLLOWINQ KINDS. dtrsiiinffy kepi for sale at this Office.. DE£DS, Mortgages, fconds, Declara- iwn*;**Warrants of Attorney, Subpoena Tickets, Summons, Warrants,v!xeeutiwts,> From the fertility of the foil, and advant-[ ages of the water, there is no part of tit is country^can excel, and but little equal it. There is already a Savr St Grift-tnill erect- ed oh the tracJ. the price and terms enquire of -the riber,, on the pre.nwfes, who,is duly authorifed to fell for the Proprietors. fclCHARp M. STODDAjRD. 3Vo7/. tQ, 1806, ' (t) * HEREAS default has been made'in the paytnent of the nwpies fecured by a Mortgage rxecuted bf JBSJIS £JAwlEt;,-- of the town of Senecja, in the county of Ontario, Merchant, on the turenty-fecond day of January, in the y^ar of our Lord eight- een hundred ancl five, to BENJAMI* BAR- TOK, late of the town of Vernon, in the faid county, but now of Lewiflpn, in the county of Genesee, of ALL that certain trac\ piece or parcel of Land, lying and be PORTAGE. Porter, Barton & Co. HA VINO takeh\ a leafe from the ftate of Ne w- York of the carrying plate at the Falls; of Niagara; and having been at great pains and expenfe in forming and completing an eflablifbment not only for the portage ©floods? around the falls, bn| for the tranfportatTon of property acrofs Kikes Ontario, Erie,, St. •Clair jr. Huron and M icljigan, and /(ho^^ navi- gable Waters co^rnunicating with them, bow ofFer their fervkes in tbe above line to Met\ ing in the village of Geneva, and bounded as follows, vizf Beginning* at the fouth-weft corner of Lot No, 10; under the Hill, at the interfectior) of Main and Seneca ftreets, thence eaft on faid Seneca flreet eighty feet; thence north to the fcutth line of Seth Reed's locsttion ; thence weft along faliriirtey to the eaft bounds ot Main Street i thcifice along faid Main Street, to the plaCe of begin ting—? And Whereas the faid mortgage is dttjy. veiled in the fubferiber by iAfftgnment, NtDtTICE is hereby given, thai by virtue of a power eon. tained in the faid|Mortgage, and mpurfuance of the ftafute in fuch caf^ made and provi- ded, the faid mortgaged premifes will be ex- pofed to fale at public Auctiori, to the ritjih'- eft bidder, on thefixteenthdayof |«iy next, at ieri o'clock in the forenoon ot the fimei day, at Lewis's city Tavern., in the city of Albany.-rr-'Daterf:-Ja-r»waty- 13th, l#r%, • (9.6m) WILLIAM JAMES. EKAtJLT having been truda m '^t» paymftnf of one tiundrdd , 8/^d thirty doJJars and fifty--nine cents, atsll tWintw^i eleven rods; chence fotifh on rfeteaft line of lands already owjied by faid Foiler to the place of beginnifig, cotitaintng three acres fc twenty-fix rods tyf lantL^Alfo a certain tr-t^ or piece of lartd, being, part of lot Nnmbfif eighty-nine aforefaict, viacv Beginniri| at I ftake on the call Iihe of faid 4oty being in Ihe middle of faid line, tlieiice louth ftfteeti rocii| thence weft to Ihe eafle*n fllore Flint c#ek> thence down fafdf creek fo where a line wet fronj the pbee* of beginnirig, croffes fw creekj thence eaft lo> tt*e place of beginning» containing one acre of land,,, the fame l)ein| more or lefs. Jtefervtrg always to the-fai* Aaron the qreltalf of aiil the mines M tntrt-' rals foan'd in or iipon faid lapd-s with th# privilege of tranfportlng Ahe effe#s of the fame.-*-^~iif«^ Wherms default has heel made in tliftpavrrtew of thefaidxfiitriis of mo* riey—NOTiGE is therefore Hereby p^h thjit by virtue of a jpower contained w ^ Mortgage, arid h> potftkance of the flatufe '\ fuch cafe rhade arfd.pr&vided| the faid mort? gaged prenrifes will rht-MtHt public vendtis at thefipufe of Jeff* \Vajc'ne^ irjn '-holder* ,n faid Phel«s,on the firli^tic*fd*f of May ncjt'J at ten oVllck in fhe 4ob<ttf<r>Qn of'i&at <l»y.-* Dated Odober the aothf 1807. (4oYuw) . AftRAM FOStE^ (ONTaRIO CQUWT^ NEW-YORK,) PR1NTEI) \mi) POJJLISHEB EVE- Price TWO F50LI.A313 per Awntirp. ;<

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