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U.\M, ifii m l]{W ] .s9$ of American vessels, J&U of which itated in a letter to Cot* Hamilton* -ihtifthi rfi botia$td^ 'wvmtotf evening *» the Packet Expw.i--Can.es , IDK*' Hudson, -war % ettitig under • wafti Mw.P^m^TmQpbpnhvt e4atelyb*eri \famjptff* during asqualV .she w»$ established fti&fhii ^ateWone in Batavia, fok wfcth\J%bt»*%gt »«<* her mastmuch Genesee coiintyi the other id Oxford, Cher ^red« T»ir^ewpwisqf 4(> pasi-nangocoiinty: both professing republican* trr<ft bott4r*i$tt of whom wer* ladies, ism^^h* iatte* » firmadvocate of Gover- pp^.BiOft-yo» , injujEe4+-lAll the glass on nor Clintoitf* pretensions to the o$ce of Prt- L Q}.KUi hrokenV and the Ip.cfc* on some sidlnt of the United States, the Afoot* m*h*.4 ^by the electric |jjcli^tte|fd : itself through the vessel iri [•rhei^l^ph, Si*Thoni**<H«tdyi arriv- liti ftqrgug&f on the lfsh February froiw N thiMon. tU Council of Mpiiniment. ONf ARIO COUNTY. fmw J- Mtyr+Gtetki'vm.Sifasstw^tif*; y<*hu removed. Ibe»e*ee |, Norton, Master in Chancery. - , St. htnoteHee County John Boyd, Sherii\. Civil Commissions have been he^P^te^.3ay on the 16th December, ar- t|1i!/ti*'feM^-^\T»Ts'.of /Six \on the livlan, The captain informs, that he met Ne^f Civil Coig|dj9s!ou« have bee» issued iJj ]^a|ue9 \from knd> the fengUsh ship for the couaties of Oneida, Xewjs, JlwdOr* ^p?rjty, C*pt. Anderson, from, frelanu to *Oge, [ear* York jwithout rudder, sails, £>r masts, day* the sport of fihe waves, with bread jjtyjbr four day»i .and without hopes of be- L preserved, *The teas ran so high, that yh(&gbu$ the utmost desire to save these men, could have Induced rdmto have put out his boat* [He happily succeeded in saving the* lite* ' *sWn who were reduced to despair* March 22. JMn William* * passenger in the Gold; [miteri who arrived-here last evening from )j informs that, the embargo in ance and the ports of -her allies was taken •on the 21st Jan. • 1 he emperor Napofe- vcas momently expected at Bordeaux-*-. |ar!cets% francfeahd Spain for colonial pro* Ice was very^ high, . o • • [The London « Sun, w of the 17*h Februa- states it a* most probable, that a duty of L. and tkUper bushel will b.e laid on the ex- brtatiou of salt from Great-Britain. [The legislature, of pelaware have disap- t>ved the Verinon^resolution, makiflg the (idgeskremoveable on an address. - The Duke> of Manchester, the new goyer- or ot Jamaica, arrived ,*tthat Island on the 2th of February, | The hank df England has granted a loan 'three millions to government, without lh- \t<$ during tJbe'war. The British King was so welt the 4th Feb. I to have a public levee, ^ According to Steel's list for February, the fleet then in commission, consisted 111 sail of the line, %% fifties, 167 fri- ates,, %\% sloops, *c. and 2^1 gun-brigs and iitters,-*-Totai in commission, 767.~rhose i ordinary-and building, make the whole lumber 1072.. Literary IntelHgence.-^Messrf. Rollins and |erkias have just published a valuable Epit- ip of Chernistry in three parts, by William pnry, with notes by ^professor of Chemis- \ih this country. It is ornamented with [umerous plates, elegantly executed, and the io#ion of S)m work, as an assistant in the jtqdy of thia delightful science, isrecom- by the |>rofes40fe!i of Chemistry in, Ifew-Jersey, Connecticut, and New-Xork. fyutclijtst CoMj-~»A resolution ha* th»* day i)as«ed the $£nate, without division^ to postpone to the next session, the bill for di- viding theCourity of Dutches—a virtual re- jection of the bill. The; neiir counties erected in the Genesee country are Niagara, dhataucpie and Citariu- gus. The adjownment of the Legislature is talk- ed of for this day fortnight.r--^W, GasuM NgrfoUit Mmls 14. ? On Saturday evening a British fleet of & »ii of the line and afrSate anchored off OUT papes, consisting of the Royal George lOp guns, Xemeraare 53, l onii#iit SO^ Nepbne 9$, Pragon 80, Eu |^Ke?2« ader thi* comman4 of Sir John Thomas Duckworth, this fieet sailed froav h nglami fnthei7thk Jan. His Britannip Majesty's oiwul communicated to the editor of this 1 aper the following circumstances: Tfas^t this feet Sailed in pursuit Of the Eechefort squa-i Iron, which had escaped from that port, komposed of the following sbips^-* < ) Majestique 120 guns, Lys 74, Ajax 80, Snffrein 74, Magnanime 74, Jemappe 74^ Na 24, Survelilant brig. • Admiral Duckworth steered first for Ma- te\* near which island he spoke the Bei- Mh frigate Comus, captain fiercy, wlho in- armed him that he had peenchased a few 1 Pay* before by* French Jipe of battle ship fk r'ipte, had nearjy been c|ptured» Admiral ^« then proceeded to*th* West-Indie^ from whence he came to oh^Capesi The Consul fui?ther informed, us that Sir lohn Duel 'Orth has forwarded to hini a dispatrhr for « r< Rose, at Wafhington, iu which he state* R* w understand f^om the Consul) that the pp«arailce of h^Aeetso uAexpectedly at this Nature, m*y excite some sensation in the American g^tefument, and requests that «•'• Rose vfould immediately communicate P our government the cause of his'coming ^P°n this coast., rf ./ ••* • «, J^seare all the^articuiar* which we are wortntd of from an authentic source. lEie-* gjrt *ays, fhd as, proceedifeg from a British oihceri that there:*»«0©9» : troop*.on board- ™* fleet. Xhl HantiltOtt m$ asked if there er«a ft y tr Qo piMm board, he^ replied not to K*f owle %, e « The number however, ve |7 *f exceeds what eould-W carried in that lu g*r of ships. s ':'•.- i<i f t ^^^*u i^hips were yesterday ancho: iJ H wkw ^ of the Capes. ^T ^°chqfort fleet may probably p*y a feffl /^ 3& ^* a *» *kcre *hey might have ^ e d«on«hing/il the British admiral had •2TS f6ttr •* *f •»*« wlO& 4M> Port* IHUHi.).! TY MEETING, f Hfe Iielefjate* from the feteral towr>s in the county of Seneca convened at jhe honfe of David 0epw* in the town of Romulus, on the, 3pr*i day of\ March, 1808, for the purpofe of Nominating a fuitable peifon to reprefent the W«)ftcrn Diftri^t in the Senate -)f this ftate^ and toNotttinate a fuitable per- fon for atnemher of Aflrfmbly from the coun- ty of Seneca WCoh Wm. Hi'mrtd, Chair- vnm'ifejah Cranif Steamy. The tallowing refolutions wrere agreed to i t ft. RiftHedy That the fiinfe of this meet- ing be taken by ballot. Qu «h'e examination of the votes it appeared'that JOH^ SAYRtt Wasdely neminatocl lor Senator of this Dis- trict, and that Jams M'Call & Bu$ W. •'...\.' Debhiit, on c«ntafl)ogth«vpte* f had an e^uaj nuntber. &\. Rtfilvtd, That this meeting repole tb« utmoftconfidenee in the Republican pjrjnv ciples of the above-named Candidates, and that they are juftly entitled to ihi fuffragti of the cte&ort* 3d. Rifalvtdi That this meeting do co- incide in the Nomination by the county of ,P |IATTHEW CARPEOTER* For membor of Congrcfi front the 15th dii- 4.th» Rff*lveJ t That th« Chairman and Secretary iign the proceedings of this meet- ing, and that thty be publifhed in the Gene- va Expofjtor. ''•••• WIUI AM HIMROD, Chairman JOSIAH €Ri^E f Seermrj, (21) POSTSCRIPT. The \Hail of last evening brings intelhV gence, that a llessage was sent to Congress by the Frwident on the 22d ult. accompani- ed by a large mass of document* relative to the negociatioa with Britainj and on our fo- reign affitira ^eraHy.^^Mr. Rose left Wash- ington the Slit ult. and wiilprocted imme- diately to Enj^and^ri^eSta^a^^^_^^ IKJJIT TREES. : I HE fruit frit* in ibe Nurfery belong- ing to thebaic of Mr. fAtO* HALLIT'T, deceafed, *onfiftine of a great variety of PEACH *nd APPLE TREES, of the very heft of' fruit, of a fuitable fize foriranfplant- ing* are now offered for fate on reafonabte terons, and a liberal tiredit, with ap allowance to fuch as pufchafe anyconfiderable quantity Th« Buifiug I»/fV(includin2th'e Nurfe- rtes) advjmtageoufty fitnatid on> Main-^eet, in a pfcafant part of the village of Geneva; wilf be fold on such terttis as v*ill render it. an object for any p*rfon defiroui of purcbas ing thetti. Application* mult be made fo Mr. * s. cott*. Geneva. April 6/*, i8o8. fat) Wt. of SOAJL tEATHER for fete at the low price of 3/per pound. to HENRY HUDSON. Mil ii,u4t.i C-3T received, and tor fale at the Book- flore of J, Bogtrt If Co. cheap for caft, rquahtityof ,, . . Jf*rafifiing Paper. ALSO Pickering's JUtteff Addrefeed to the C3overnor of MalfachufeXt*, tot fale asjbove. •••'••'-'•• p^>$#&ii£>i:Nf .'• .|sr.TBE' lale of the property of n w r Laughtady ponpoped to Thurfday: the tift of March, -is further*p^ftponed to Thnrlday tht 4tft AprtT, fhert to take place at his dwelling houfe, in Wnon, at pUe o'clock v P.M. J AMIS K. -<?«*«*»**». Ian #1?fi tjirii m:&nm*m*#m d tW m pmm &|$np of the town of Ovidi % Ihlwy eontf^d h* pnblie notice* At the, f bur* of IMMblkfi m Monday Ihe |«V0f Mai|!|t;i80», for the bytpofll uf Nominating 1 ^|t#bliehamaer to be fiip- poited at th||n j$#g ilectipn as a Candi- date to reprefejtt %h$ cotinty of Seneca in the next Xtgi^tuft of this (kite, Col,-W^.^lii*tQl»: r 0h'n. TB* following Itilslotionrurene unapira- 5juflypafl6df \« -^ ill. Hthlvti,-ffUm Jhe fenfe of thi* meet* tng be taken hy ballotl *»d on fhe ex*i»ina- tion of the vote*, it appeared that JAMIS WmtL Had ^le unaninooua votlof Ihii frietttng. %f, RtfoJvsJ, That dm meeting place theRange. urmoft eonfidt«c# in the Republican prtnti- plwof JamehWGajlt atiddo agree to fup* port Hid Jame* ^Call at the etjfuing elecrr' tion as a proper perfon to reprefent the coun- ty of Seneca in the next kegifiaiure of this ftate. And do hereby recommend him4o the. eieftoH of tht* ccwaty as a perfon fuitable to raprefent this county. 3d* Rcjolvtiy That this meeting i* bil- ling to confer with Committee* from other part* of the DiAfi& r and are *viiltn^ to fup- jport any republican for our reprefernative in Congrcfs, that fball be agreed ttpon, tha> will fupport the t-nfi* intefeft of hi* country in thi* peculiar CriSs. 4th. Mffolved, TfwHhisnTe«%^dd <rffi~ ftitiite Seta $gwrt f tmi$ RopMm^ Hm- ry Wood* togeth,cr#4th ( tbe Chairman and Secretary, to be a Committee of C»|Rrefpon- dence to cany the foregoing refoluiions into \olmdf That the proceedings of this meeting be publi (bed in the Geneva Ex- , and (igned by the Chairman and Se- cretary, * , {5t0 4w> WILLIAM HIMROD. Chairman, STEPHEN WQODWORTH, &&$. \ \'f'*\\ 1 \ ...\ , ';. -i'lii • -ii n, I,;«I. .1 j,..i. t i •• 1 iniiufl if .1 il'll ilfiil A Teacher Wanted.: -. A TEACrfERojf a Scliool, whocan com* well recommended, will meet with good enicouragement by applying to Benjamin £«**#*, Silas Bee fit or JPilliam ToMuM, near Bejiiamin Dey*s, in Romulu*, A tnan with a family will Seneca county, be'preferred; FARMS, injSteuben TO W WV OR JSOID, HIE newly ereeted HOTEL, in the villae* of Rofcommon, with the Store annexed--The houfe is large and convenient, with a done cellar, and a well of Water ncir the door. AliSO# feveral Lor* for building, and about 50 acres of Land cleared, of an excellent quality, and feveral acre* of Wood Land. ALSO, the FARM adjoining *he vUWge, containing 170 acre* of Wood Land of the tartrate foil. . $aid Lapds ate pleafantlv fituate,d oh the banks of Little Lake, in the town of Fred^ erickftown, in the* neighoorhodd of two Grift and $wo Saw Mills,' on the intended line.of Turnpike from Geneva to Bath, in themidft of fevcral thriying fettlements,. and within 7 miie* of the Water Navigation to Baltimore.. ThefituationofthefeLand*ha* feveral other very favorable advantages < • Applications to be made to pEftHl* OV CONNER, Poft-Mafter, Rofeonnmon, who will forward any Propofa!* he nray receive for Mrs f HoPXlNi* confilderationi the Pro4 prietot of the above Land*, 5 New-York. Rojfconnion, Mertk li,, 1808*. (ao.|w| GENESEE MAT FAIR! A IX perfons having acconnffr tinjIUtjfil l\ Jvith the fuWdrlfae* are requeffed td salland feftlethe finte Kvithout further m- .Wp*i good Wheat will be received in pay* ment ft deHveted thimediatelyi andall»ho^ who neglecl: this favotsthle oppnrttiriity of fettling their aceoifn/s* nSay ekppcl afar tlie? tft of A.pKlf next, to be profecu't'e4 vsiihout difcrimioalion; . , .'•-' ' „ •' .. jOHMili^EARm MtmtiiL, March 7^ ^ .»__ '__'_'_ h^j) •fi\' n ' ' \• ' '• \\\\\j'-\- f '';-' \lu'i-.r '.••;!••\ t,-,,, < ,..\fi%iii / . vetmki the fclldwiag Laiid% S ITtJ ATK in the counties of Ontario ^ndl Stetfbehi vii. • t #irter p^art of Townfhip Ho. i—618 \\• Lot* iwo}g 4f, • 54* weft 4 of 65, Lot! No. 7,1 '* ^ ***•?• Lot CTO; 31, T * part of 36,/ ih tb#ii0iipNo. 6, ill im$i in iewnlhip No; jwr»ft ringer .'.',..' in townlhip No, ^H^it , ur above\LAlSDS will be fold cm fonable terOTis and on a credit of fe years .. • H. m momm Gr.neva, M#ret ijj. . .. . im 1 ' :fpp NOTICE; • . R. DAVI0 Hl/DSO!? is _d%lyiu1» thorifed tocolledl the debt* dije tothet fubferiber, and alfoj thofe due to the l*t§ mfoot E, tt. ^©lt-J>o-'K, k €4,. .»\•* % U* GORDON t Q,rnfva. Marthid, ..ilr.ilf- I^'CIITM-I! J iiCil,./fiii ifirniii a **# creditors. Y order ot the Hon. Naiharl^lW#«»**« ; Efq. a commiflione« appointed to per* foriri„ certain duties of a Judge of the iupreine courrnf Jtidicttiire of tffe ft«te of Ne«*iYofIt -^NOTICE is hereby given to all thtf creditor* of Ai?jdfRfw Btovvfc, of the tpwlt Of Ovld» in the county ot Seneca, an Infor- ventdebtorj to ihow catife if any tbeyhlfet before the fiid ebmniiwioneirt^ hi*orilc|l in thi village of tJticaii in the cotrnty af ,04 neidii on the ^oth day of April nett, ait td o'iripclE In the torenoon* why ah ^flignnien* of the faid Infolvent 1 '* eflate mould not '&$ niade, and he be difcharged purfuant toasf act. entitled, ajni acl for giving relief ro eafe#; of ihfolvency/' patled 3d April,^e*6i. t)». tad February *gd,. 1 $08. ,. Al^DRiw BROvVjf, fyttomit Tinwthy Miller, one of the petitiottin^ (*6 4*.?d* NEW BRSMrr* CASTLE* ra%aft|Ily in^rcril #1 • public that.hie^sjltfifltilie^jiBw^'- ERY at Loughtad'* Wills, in Verncw, *tW b will eonftantly have for -Ejlel^idito iki% of th* firlt Quality, which hejengageo wiff. not four through the vvarln ftafon, but mm incruafo in quality. Having fervd ail ap- prentictfhip to t|e btilinifs of a Brewer ii London, ha pledges hitnfelf that hi* Be«r#ip baetfuaf. If i>ot fupeworj to any mtd* im fide Of New^York* and the high eft otlce Will be patif for Barley. ftritm Pel, ijtb. : , \faM ..;. . i3h-NOTici. ;; : perfons indebted tOs the fubficrlbessl are roqueftcd to m»k« immediate pay-f, ment-7Those v»ho negle« wifi be profittsir^ ted without fifther notice. . '. W. IvfYHDlllSE k Co, OTICE is hereby giv*% that _ will be exhibited for fal**. is* tjie Vil- lage of OEN^^AJ, eounty ot Ontario, on the Second Tuefday of May next, a large number of Neat Cattle, flogs, Sheep, Hor- fes, kc. ke. with famptea of Wheat and other Oraio, froru all part* ef the Oenefe* Country. ,.-»? A FA ia wilt alfo be held at the fame place on the fecond Tuesday of Ofitobtr next, and in the months ot May and October in fuc- ccecling years. , , pr Thi* Notice will have * general «|f * culatiou to the eaftward #nd (oothwaYd th|p' the medium of the N**#p*pars Mafeh il*/, lSo8- „, r . • • ... -. 1 .. ••-|-.- y ••;.' • .- y , '•\•; - 1. •--'. \ T HE STORE and Dwelling tiptrSE ' occupied by .Dr.- fatifc*' $^(mit Poffcffion viiH be given the id of June\ ne>rt. to WALTER GRIEVE. Gmma> Mirth *$d. 0)f npHE HOUSl *nd LOT^ lately owned Jt by Mr. fofoFlu*. ALSO, tM MQtrSE a*A WTlMty ^occuoied by Mr. Mo&tfit N<frt*h. Apply to r K , 5 a. H, BOGER i\ Geneva, Mat*b\m>-\ i >o)° •' TSI^AiS, OR to iiav •• •• rw*B£ tfCtWk jnd LOT* owned hy ber. if,iii ,J l nr |i iiitnm-i »i» ij'i 1 ifi Eoqnir* of the fubferl- %. Wi 'U, oe revived ukftgM? *™M ®» , poator an^B^ft»f ,^'^MI#-witt *»• HE fubferiber refpe^fuily informs fhW inh»Etant*of this willage and the pub« lie in general, that ha has taken a room fri the honfe of 'ikt, Rpbe|t'N-dtrw s . neatly o'g* poiite^he Hotels where he Carries erf th* CAfilNiT MSlNJBtS, and bastto# ot* hand a good anforfment of FifrtiUumt inrf Intends eonftanfly keepwig it, ready? made*. A« he ha* m ©reif q«itnfit| *f ®fcsrr£aji«t filacliwalrint Boardi of the ftrft qualt^^ tntf tfwo |nurniymen, et^ellejtt worfa«er|, #»# af them froftithe city of tbilaciefphllt ih» other from Albany^hemtters htmfeff the? he can fuit the tafl. of ihc Ladie« M^geni tlcraen who will favor hioi|wHhthej*c»%wi^ amd : kt,te^ttc^^icW<#'*i^mjtt^v : '• fmmm MtELt. ..... i«oTriG& \ LL thofe indebted to the fobfenber, $0 reqtfeiled to make payment baf«re tk* 1 ^tn of February-^dr sheir note* wd v atcj# count*wttl r hep6tiniult. • &*&Mk fan*** ...... ..-.liti' .11 • ' ' T .\ '\ \ '. ' \\i r \ \' 1\.. '\'\. l'i'' .\''T >..».; i* A %t Perfons that have unfettlod axrionntt Mums, are dnfircd to attend to the fculament of the fai^e withotit furiber delay* QtiMVtt tittb %n*arjf. i,i ? ..^.y i i l *.iiiii,i^. Ur THE ihbferibe* ^efpectfulli informs tfce public thathevha* difpofbd o^il* Ctjflhi*r*i Work*r«ttd>.»B<tftis dem*nd» fo* •$tofo4&$*-, fed htretofore^ mud jje> fati*|f*4i)frt*iv#w^- h, and thWtfby fg®&m of .fei%, «• ' $**^7*\^m«^>rr:<-M !' )

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