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To he Sold, or Exchanged for s Usiiniproved Lands, T HAI\ vahtaoie FARM, known by the name of SpringfieldiFa-rwh one. niil^ eaftof the village of Bath, in Sieuben county,, formerly, the fefidcn«cof Charles Willia.it»fpn»l Ekj, and containing 846 acres, near 400 off which ie under iffrprovement, and upwards'} ot 60 acres in ir»e;adow.~There is on thct preovife* an elegant two (Wy Dwelling; J I knife, Oui-bouies, Barns, Caniage-houteJ &c: (he main road leading from Pennfyiva-j nia *n4 New-York paffes by the houfe, and the Sufiquehanna anil Bath Turnpike is alfc* laid through the Farm. dlf»*-a valuable FARM known by the name of the irSUtHart Farm, about two miles well oi'the village of Bath, Containing 400 acres, about 100 of which is uudar im- provement. There is on this Farm a large Convenient two fiory frame Iigutr, and the main road from Bath to Geucfce and Niaga^ ra partes before the door. Apply to SA ML. S. HAIQHT, Efq. at Bath; or to the fubferi- beratUuea. B. WALKER. January 6, t8o8 (8 if) *?•»- HENRY HUDSON, ESPECTFUtLY intorrns the inhabi- tants of this viI!ag<3 and the public in general, that he has taken the Hand lately in polfdfion of his brother, REUBEN HUD- SON, directly oppofite the Pi inting-Office, Where he intends carrying on the Boot & Shoe-making Bufinefs, In all its various branches, and will be hap*- pyto receive the commands of thofe who tnsy pleafe to favor him with their cuftom ; •—•thi-y may depend on having their work done in the ntou fafhionable manner* at the fhorteft notice and on tfafanabte terms* He has now on hand rooo ilollars wrrth of LEATHER, confitiing of >al and Upper Leather, Boot-legs, &c. He intends fce^ep- jag a good aubrtrnent of ready? made Boots andShcesor various fizes/all or* which he will difprfe of on reafonable terms for caih, or will receive in payment Wheat Ot firfl quality* and Hides~hc will alio pay Caih for Wider. \ - N. B. Thole having demands againfl i&UBEN HUDSON will have thc.fafne fettled bv prefsnting them j andfhofc who sure indebted to him, ar-e reqnefkd to make immediate payment without further notice. • Wot Sate, a FA11M. L YING onensile weft of the Cayuga Lake, on tbeTurnpike road* where •he tew Turnpike r*oad leading from the new Cayuga htidgt intcrfecls it. The Fattn contains1120 acre* of good Land, a- bout 50 of which are under imprbveroent, j n J meadow and pavrorei with a valuable Apple •and Peach nurfery, arid is well Watered-— Has thereon, a good frame Houfe, eligibly fituated for a Store?or Tavern. The premi- fes (of which a good title and immediate pofleflion will be given) will be fold cheap tor caih or on fliort credit. Apply to the fubferiber, in Canandaigua, or to Cot. DANIEL .SAY *:«s».. near thepremifet, Also, For Sale, 4Q9$ Acres-of LAND, Situate in Lower Smithfield, county ,of Wayne, (late of Pen nfy Ivan ia. A valuable ftream of water, fuitable for Mills or any water-work, TUDS through the Land. For particulars, apply to NATH'L. J. POTTER, Canandaigua, j^an. 27. (jij JOHN DOBBIN, I NTENDS carrying on the bufinefs of BOOT MAKING, as ufual, at the old (tand, the figti of the G#ArV* £oot,neii door eaft from Major S. Colt's flow, where thofe who may pleafe to favor him with their cus- tom, can depend on having their work tlunt in the be') and moil fafhionablc manner, and on reafonable terms. i^-Sor 3 Journeymen SOOT MAKERS wanted, to whom the wages nod conftant employ will be given, G>n*va,_Jamry 23, i§o8. (ll) TAKE NOTICE! LL perfons indebted to the Eftate of SAMUEL OAKS, ofthe village of Ly- ons, in the town of SnduS, late cleceafed, are rtcpielred to triage immedwte payment f otH- erwife their Notes and Accotmts will be put irifuit Without delay-~and all thofe having demands on faid eftate, are requeued to come forward for an adjustment. FANKY OAKS, Adwniftratri*% JOEL PRESCOTT^ \Admnh* L E M t • BAN ISTER, Jun. jtrators, i, Otfober 1% ,1807, )ant$Jt«4Tittfer« Thejrw« ereaed ftore houfes andwharves Schlolfer, and |Uwjftot(trii, arid^p^VWjsd thennfeHea with ftiunch, w*ll huilt veflels on the Lakes, and boatt on the Niagara ri ver, and wiH receivo ptoptrty it any potijt on the above waters and engage to deliver it at any other, on the moll reafonable terma. /They particularly inf ite the attention of dealers in Salt, who ihitfe heretofore fufferod great delays, and been put to rnticjh trouble,on expenle and lofj, on account of the variety of hands through which this article has ne- ceflarily palTed\on ita way to market. They will receive falVal Ofvrego, SoduajOf Lew- ifto^*n, and deliver it at Prcfque-Iflc, on Lake Erie, or (by particular contract) at Pittftmrgh, on the Ohio, and receire the fame article in payment* They alio angage that Salt (hall be (lored on its paflage in their ftoie houfes at Lewiflown, Schlofler, and Black-Bock, without any additional expenfe it having always been cutlomary with car* tiers as well on the Britifh as the American fide of the rtveri at thelt: places, to leave fait expofed to the weather, by which it hasTut-, fered great damage* Orders directed to* or contracts made with Jofeph Aonin at Cayuga Bridge, Peter B, Porter at Canandaigua, Benjamin Barton at Lewiftown, or Augnfius Porter at Fort Schlofler will be punflually attendefd to. \ : -_ JM^A CARDING MACHIHiSi T HE fubferibers take this method to in- form their friends and the public, that their CARDING MA-CHINESatjhe Mills of W. M f nderfe& Co. at the Seneca Falls, are now in operation-^where an experienced workman attends. Thnfe who pleafe tola* vor them w ith their WOOL may rely on its beipg done with difpatch, in the beft manner, and on the tnoft reafonable terms by J &L.SHERRTLL* $**eca Falls, Jufy 2Q- , JOHN RICHARDS, I NFORMS his friends and the public, that he has jpft received and now cfters ferfale, at hisftore in Geneva, a generaljaf- /L._ :-£ J-L - -_!•_:. fGrtqaerit of cnerehandize, CONSISTING OF UST received and for fale by the fubf/cri- _ ber, cheap for Cafh, o A Kegs Cut and Wrought NAILS, of a ^^ faperior quality* and well afforted. E. H. GORDON* Geneva, Sept. 30, 1 • UITABLl FOR THE SEASON. With a theice ajfirtment of Groceries, Hard-Ware and CROCKERY: Iroa and Steel: Cut an4 wrought Nails: Snal and Pp\pcr Leather, Whrck he will fell as low gs can bought in the County for prompt Pay. V CASH will be paid for firft fp>r Po-r and PJE ARI. ASHES. GenWay OM&Ber a8< 1807. f g£>.\ #e FOR SALE OR LEASE, T HE DWELLING. HOUSE & LOT of Land of the late JOHN JOHNSTON, Efq, deeeafed, fituated in the village of Ge- neva. For terms apply to A. DOX. June iitb. ^ fat.) 1 11 mail li i j 1 mil 1 1 'itMil 11 in 11 V \ ' iiH 1 1 \nilu i 11 ~*— ' •••••- •-• f FOR bMM, A FARM o£ the firft Quality T WO Hundred and Twenty, fix acres of LAND, in TOwnlhip No, 8, Fira range, Lot No. 11, with about 40 acres cleared, and a hewed log-houfe thereon* will be /old: on reafonable terms. For fiirther particulars apply to TKEUMAN SPENCER, who lives near the premifes, or to the fub- fcriber at Lym's Milk. „. HENRY TO WAR. November i-B/ffr,. i8o7> (t) ^SHESSt SALTS, THE fubferiber will pay Caflt for good ASHKS & SALTS OF LIE, delivered at his Pot and Pearl JJb fForks t at the Old Ca'fll'e, near Geneva. (i.). SAMUEL WARNER, Old Cafthj 0&. flg, 1807. \. -BLANKS, OfTHfi FQXtOVVINO KINBS, Cpnianty kept far sale at this Offi^\ DEEDS, Mortgages, Bbnife, Declara- txonp, Warrants of Attorney, Subpoena I- K*ke?% §.immons, Warrants, Executtoos, fe-'i'.'ptsuugi Venires, &c. Sec. ifee ards of SOJOOO Acres cifi LAND, S ITUAtE in the county of Genefce, ftafe of ttfew-Yorkj lying 1 % miles weft of Ggftefee river, & it miles eaft of the Court- Houfe, inthevillageof Batavia. _Thetnain road leading from the city of Albany v*0 Hew-ConneaiCut, Prefqoe- Ifle, Fort-ifla^ gara, and the province of Upperrtpanacla\ dies through a part of this traci,. fitciim which anofher road leads to j.ake Ontario, near the mduth of Sandy Creek> (which plac* is an excellent harbor for bqaff,} whence produce mav be lent by water to any part of Europe. This trail of cquntiy has beeri ftirveyed into convenient Earnrisfor rentiers, arid is ofFefed for Sale on the rrioft reafdhable terms of any land in the weftexrn country. There will be but a frriall part of the purchafe money reotiired. in hand, and a long credit given for the refi(hue. From the fertility of the foil, and advant- ages of t-hfc water, there is no part or: this country can excel, and hut little jequal*'hY There is already a Saw ,& Grif^mill erect- ed on.tti«tracT. ' ' : \ :.•*'•'• Tit the price and terms enquire of the Fubferiber, on the prernifeSj who ist authot'ifed to' fell for the lProprf<itors. iRLCHARD M.« STODDARf^ Nov, IQ» 1806. At) FORTAGl, Porter, Barton & Co* HAVING taken a leafe from the.'Irateof ew-York o? fhe; carrying place at the Ealis of Niagara; and having beeft at great pains and ex perife in forming and cornpleting; an eftablifhrrient not only fort be portage of goods', around the falls, but for the tranfporfawon of ptopertvacfofs Lakes Ontario^ JErtcy St* Glair, Huron and Micbigan^and the na^i-r. gable waters cpmmtmicating with them, uow. pfcir their kmeei in the above lihfer'tvM^r'* Sates by Mortgage, D EFAOLT having been made p the payment of one hundred and twenty* fix pounds, thirteen {hillings, equal to three hundred and fixt6endoHaraandfiity-twoand an half cents, and the intereft thereon f Hecti-J red to he paid by a certain Mortgage execu- ted by Stthud^Btndi late of Weflfield in the county of Waihington and ftate of New* York to the fubferiber, bearing; data thf fix^ teenth day of December, jfc the year Qfj3wr Lord one thoufand feten hundred and ninety* m ne^-~NOTlCE is therefore given, that by virtue of a power contained in laid mort- gage, and in puftuance of the act in fuch cafe made and provided, will be fold at pub- lic vendue, at Powell's Hotel in the village of Geneva, in their county of Ontario, on the feventeenth day of September next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, ALL that certain piece or parcel of land, fituate, lyin^and being in the town Of HeQor in the county of Seneca (at the date of faid mortgage the coun- ty of Cayuga) and known and difiinguifhed by lot number ninety-nine, that is to fay four htindred and fifty acres of laid lot,- this nth day of March, 1808. TIMOTHY LEONARD, By JOSH COI-JLI Nis» hh Atfy. (t 7*6m) . _ ^^rJCK,.\ J; ' ••\:• HEREAS default of payment has been made 0I tfte moniesrlecuredjto be paid by a cettatri Mortgage execut,ed by WILLIAM WIIIOH, of the sounty of Northumberland, in the commonwealth of Pehnfylvania, v Efqui«» io the fubferiber, and hearing date the twetttj^firft day fit October, cine thoufand feveri htaridred and ninety-fix—-, NOTICE isfheierore hereby, given, that |by frirtue of= a power contained in the faid mortgage, and ins purfuance of the ftatiite in fuch cafe made and provided, will be fold at public auction, bmthe twelfth day of July next eniuing the date hereof, at .the hotir of twelve o'clock of the farne day, at the dwell- ing houfe of Capt. Howell Bull, Innkeeper, in the to*rn of Bathy in the county of Steuben and ftate of New-York, ALL that undivided one fourth part of the northweft qnaraer of tqvrnfhip llum^ev Six, in the fixth range 6i townfhips, in the eoUnfy of Steuben, con- taining fix thoufand Acres of Land, except- ing feven hundred acre!'o? land out oil ifaid tra£t, grantedanrl conveyed toother p'erT^inSi ---Dated this 'tirV day oi .Decembet, itoj s i ' : cHARffsWILLIAMSO^.;, . (8v6months) '.'' *'„/'''•'*' ••' ^l ••• HEREAS default* has been made in tnepayrtient of the monies feciired bj a Mortgage executed by JissI HAWLIY, of the town of Seneca, it) the county of Ontario, Merchant* on the, twenty-fecond day of January* inthe year of our Lord eight- een hundred.andhYei td BENJAMIMSARW* TON, late of the town of V«riton f in* the faid county, hut now of Lewifton, in the^ county of-Gene»«e* of ALL that certain tra6t, piece or pstfcetof Land, lying,Mnd be- in«r lp the village of Geneva, and bounded as follows, viz. Beginning at the footh^wetl corner of LotNoi i^'Unler the^HHL atthe^ intcrfection of JMadti \and Seneca- ftreels, thence eaft off faid Seneca ftteet eigbiy f^ef; thence north to the fouthtihe of^eth Reed's to th» htbfcnbiBr, faring d«««.thttwenii M i day of April, one thatiftnd eight, hundred I fiva«N0T!CiH't thcf«ior^|ve% that by Vfrtfip of a power ©oniaioeSI W*tt pj 0 «. gaga, tod in purlAiance of m aft in Cuch aft m*ds a«d provided, willIktit \d $ i M,, he vendue, at Ti\ouia« PowtH^ltntel,, l,V (lvt viltaga of Geneva;\in tho c>c»uf|t^<>f Otitarjo- the eighteenth day of Jurtttjejfrt, at ter I o*cloc|c in the forenoon, MM*. .*b»i Pernio traaor parcel of LaneJ fiittjffc U the townof Junius, in'thfl faid county of Setieca, and i« , (to wi-J Beginning on a road at a beech tree at th! foutlieaft corner «f a piece of land on f*id lot owned by Sitnecin Bacon,^thej#fef<*Mth ei^i. t^-nine perches; thence north lav«nty.foti r degreea weft, fifty-twcj pejrche* and fi)r« links•;* thence north eigh»y-ijijje perches (« the land aforcfaid owned by Sitrieon Bacon- thence fouth twenty-four degrees eiift, fifty, two perches aho* three links to the place of beginning, containing tpenty-hiine icia of land.~Dated Dccernber o, 1807, (4.6rn> \\ SKTH MOQRi; ByJanX CahitWt M* Atfy* : : W HERE4$ A«rmBMn^ of thetowa of Phelps, in the cpttrtty of OntariO| and (late of New-Yoric, DID, on (he feccmd day of October, eighteen hundred and two, for fecuring the payrnertt of fifteen hundred dbllara-^to wit, three hundred and (everstyi. five dollars oh or before the twerttiet^ day of January, eighteen hUftdred and -fotij \ .thjrtsi hundred and<zfev«nty«five dollari «n^t befoi| the twentieth day of January, eighteen htm* drcdand hWe| three hundred and fewenty-fm dollara on or before th^ twentieth day q| January, eighteen hundred and fix § h th«* hundred and fevetity-five dollars on before tht twentieth day of January, eighteen hundred' a»d feven, with imercft on'ihe Wholeafter the twentieth day of January* eighteen fciinv dred and three-Heonvey by Mortgage unt* ABRAM FosTUf^ of the fame ^lace, Att thofe certai o piece* or parceliof Land fituftt lying and being in faid town of Phelps, viw ALL that certain tract or parc«l of land, hV u&tein the county of Ontario, and ftiite ef r New-York* being part of lot jwioibereighty, eight, in tewnfhip Nuaiber ten, in the. fiift range in faid county, being the fduth half of faid lotj and bounded as foilom; Beginning at the fout head corner of faid lot^ ^ runnin| : weft onthe fonthline of faid lotiothe fonth* weft Corner of the* fame; thence n,or(h on'iitt* weft line of faid lot one half the widlth ofth^ fame; thence eaft by a line fiinriirg paratW. with the fouth line of^ faid lotto the:-eaft end* of faid lot; thence fouth roth* frrft rhetitlofi/ ed bounds, fuppofed to contain one hundred' and 6* acres,,,, be the farne mow pr'leftw Alio that certai r: tract or parcel of land being part, cf lot fJurnbe'r eighty-eight in Ibwl afofefa,id, : m wit, Begihaing at a poft at ffe middleiof the vfe't line of laid lot, thcnei eaft foutteeft rods j .tlienre north, forty-fix rods, j thence we(lfor.he Welt fide of -faid lot; thence fouth to the place of beginning, eon* taioing four acrea of lapd; jnclndt ng a faw mill on the premises. A$jp one other haft of land, adjoining to^^ the one ahfi^e tnerjtion' ed ;, Beginning at the poft ab^ve 5 ment|onedi»! thence north on the eaft line.-of lot NurnbeH eigbty*ntne till itff ri'lees Flint creek|;th«BCl fottth-wefterly, on the weft |hor« of ^F)int»i Creek, till it interfc^s the north liheof lands belonging to Thooias Dixifmore ; ihenjCe eaft to the place of beginning,, coneair«njjg.lw«< i aerei of land, be the jfa$.efhore or \lew;— Alfo a certain.traca m parcel of land? being part^of lot Muinbttr eighty-eight*for4fa!d, viz. Beginning ioarteen rods.eaCl of a ftake on the middlfr of Htlte well fide.of faid lot, thence eaft on the Centre line of faid lot. ele- ven rods; thencepc«th:pai9ll«i'viri(ri.titi'W.cit line of faid lot toiif-ifix* toisi t|encjewe> eiey^rods j t.hence foujfi -on ;the ea|t line of 'la'^fiJ^ alfeicfy owned' by/aid, |^Gf|er f ,ip ttot place,of beginning, coptaihin^ tjb]reieacie&^ i :ttte'nty^fijc;rod^s.ofJ^nd--TAl:fe f dr piece of land, htiihg part of. lot Kutn»b« 1 £#ywnlhe' j^^^^p^^^ flake on the care line of fatd l©t, heing inthe, middle bf fifilllMri ihehce fouth IfiiHsjjri rods} 1 i thence weft Jo the eattern. \fllore - : Wlpi\ cireek;! t.hfenC|tfOwW : J T fard' \creek t-ajyyhere a^ifff -*$•* JfroBfthe' piice of beginninjg,. ,«lQfe^, Faid &bek°\ ,thenCe tjaftlo tfe place of ;b^g^ningr P0riiSin|ng-one ^c^of land, \?he fame being, rrtlfli&iif ifV' c ^|ierving aivV^fs to the faii j AarohHhyorle\ half of all the mines & rnine- ; ralsjfouljdltt or u'p'oh raid lands, *withtn<!. pfiviMgWof rVanfeortin^ the effects ©f the ,41 ftmv.-~~-~AH<? n%rr ; eai deirauij r liasj.beea location ; thence weft along faid lhfe, to'tK*! W* d ^* rt * he P a f«>^ «f IhcTaid Ifu'rns of rno« eaft bounds of Main Street; thence alohg ; liid oeJr^-NOTI^E 1 is therefore hereby given*; Main.Street, to the plaeeof beginniflg-^^i tfiat by vhfOe \oT a^pbwer cotitained in laid JPhtreas the faid mortga|^isfdtt]y!«e1tled , ^ l ^ ct ^ II K 9 »- an ^ in PWfuatjceckftheftatufe is ||hffubferiber by,Affipment, NOTICE is fuch cafe ma#ana pfovided', trrefaid morf- ||tereby.given, that fey vir^ Stained in thefaid Mortgagei and^tfjjfifluancel of the- ftatute in fuch^afeitnade and' ftifei- ded, the faid mortgaged preniifes will be?«3|* ; pofed to fale at pohiic ^ucfio%/tb the'riii-h- eft bidder, on thielixteenfhday of'Julf rttfkt, at ten o'clock in the: forenoon' of the''Fame ;day, at Lewis's city>T4vrrn, in the* city\of Aipany.—Dat«d jantiary'^th, Bb^ f •« ^i- '(9.6m) WILLIAMj JAMES;, •e gaged premi|e*'Wtll be fold at public vendue at; the-hbufe of Jeffe Wajrher^ irtn holdefr% laid^eibsvorV the ftrtfc %te$k]0Mi$M*h? at ten o'ciiidk in the forenoor* of* ihait day.-* 1 ABRAM rOST SSSt Ei^AULT hafin hficn made in th faoilaft and fifty^Bma oofits, m4j:kit iatareft ... . , .GINE^At.-' v.' '• ; (ONTARIO CtOTT-SfTjr, ^JE^iTORK,) POINTED \AND PtTBL^rUD T RY WfiDNlSDA% BYT .V '$,'J&bti&STi & CO* • Price tw& DOLLAR* per Annum' >-. t

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