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The expositor. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1806-1809, December 23, 1807, Image 4

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'./'- ,„-*t, I-:-Serf I\.'.:.*?' .,..w> l-P l» : I '!•'!• \-* h (h. •ft..t-i ft *t 4' i l ,1 •if' ;K*i' • , . i' m Vqtulwyv ].|l rtteivcd, anil torj'aje bv the ' S.-.Memb.e.r.iytk;: . • ; , _ • .\• ' TOS SALE, :\:•.. A FARMdf thefirit Quality ^V¥0 Hij^ilrtd atuJ ,T«eu«v.ttx acres ot LAND, in Townlhip No. 8, Fir.** .•fringe-, Lot Nu.: »3, >wi»h; abt'xit.40 acres cleared, apd ? hewed kg-hoiifethereVrii will be Add on rcaftinib)^ terms. Fov birthei :uiur.s! apyly 16 T'fetvt'MA-N SrhNCER, % parqeu! vho lives ?uar «.hf preiriifes, or tu-ihe tub- -fcribei at Lynn's Afilh,' . ^ HENRY TOWAH, jkSt/.-'M for tit A, 1 807 V , f |'t l.L ptrfW.S indctyt-d to the •Eilat'r at SAMUEt, OAK^S, ot the village ot, Ly- ons, ui the town of Sofius la'c dtcfafettj ire rtqiioilrd 1«> make imniidi'<it( p<iym tJ ; oihr erwilc vhrir Notes and Account?'will be (-HI in fi'.ii K-ithput deUv-~aml ill thof.- having iVn amis ti» faio .e'tlait', are Tujuciied; U> com-- forv»-*r<f far an aiipdment. {'ANN Y OAKS, /fdtriir.iflratfix. ;. JOEL :.FB..'ESCOTT,' \A,hums LEMT; BANISTER, jyii. J Jiuisrs. T tm fubfcriber mimns his oW <uflotto- •rs ami the public in geher*!; ib^JMflas<• wdi'd * J' UiLlNG-MILfc anlfe IJanWi- liaigua dut-let, (where there iMW|i&ftca-tty.' water in the JiVe.lt ieafbn), an4 ihi t beIT*• pecjs t<> IViperinteWiii vKe buiiriv^ of yfiuilimg. aT\<\DrfjJingQ\othM hi.aoldKahiJ ii*GHKII* V'AV whire they inay depend an Iwvi4)g v thteir Cloths cUefleiJ in ?be incU tle^m.-a^di- ; l.'jlli»i iiioub'ls «ianrtfr.-~AM \Nets in his fLrtc.^W:, be aitcndrd to yv^hi>uTcitlay, and eveirjf fay*)t UTatelullv attnuwlcdgedi 'Cloth*-\may be 'frni by th> li'la'i'i Stage ^ith the ^tflMli f«%- iv, and vill be reiurnrd by the fancte wheti dr^d. FOSTER BATOaRD. TV. , B. Cloths inav be lift at Mr. ^AT» THBVS >; bUjfe in B*ile-}tqw.n;* which will be tdkoii tf>mthereevery lortni^t, arid re-. tnrncd t<> the fariie place when iluffeti, where the pay iw/drefJi\^rnay b« left* \ .•'.;:- fy pttfins willing ti Con (rati for miffing of V '•.TO;R^Ft ; 'KE : ^OA'©.,\' ,'' : ' HK Turnpike Ro,4» of 40 miles in ex- leni, trofb tli^ village of Bath, in ik\t CDitnty c t'-'Steuben, to the Britlge^ in ihesvtl* i )at;j pf Afigehwi, in-thsco^my wf A-llegany, j |.avij;g becti laid \6ti«;b)f life Uorxjjv^illjQijeis J'ao|»-'i\.ii.teil' : f6.r vhat;f urptJlof-^.Np ETIC/fii' i'f '': iiftt&v civenj/That written ,t J rO«p^fals- will. t?pi^^#Bp,o«# ^, ^|l ir«f5 in fh«'*oUbtW rf-<fetfeio^^ : iW'iort3 ;..•;. New-Yo^kj ^irt| p*ho|1air> w ^ t V 4j^ v ;| plac*^ir;*n ;; excellent- ^l^rV:^^'b;oats4 wheht«^p>€>xltice fli»v be fent ^ Wa>er to any patt^kf fifirop^ TW* tra<Sk of coiint^ l*as been fiirveyed into convent eh | Farms for fettlers, and is offered for Sale on thcRioll reeffoffiable terffls of any land in the weftetn country. There %iU'be but » fmall p^att «if the jptircltafe tfidhey required^ In bnttil. jpHK fo'M't.ri't rrs 'slie ;t.i> rnei;:Hf to in- H tree.!ved, aad Cpnira^j^fttered iiltp by I., f.nns t.i'tir tiirtxcij a.' ; •• r.V i.'-ittri'tr, vha.'. U'he fubfciibers fur niakin^^^ilje Taitiri.ud, or ,ir C 'vRD'S' 'Nt'» -M AtlM .. v 'A>:-t:l:c Muli-! at:v part oi' it not; Icis iMaQ h.Jt araiile, at IV ••AlvDwrir v (i>. ai.t;\(? > :^ca Fail ! any «iiu'e urcvimiho,, «rc*n the iTiird ^I^nday an) fitiie jjrcviuti!-to urtm the tTvrrd^I^nday in D.ccovber n<.x;t. Tftcfakl rQad: U tubi y^ti c J. »(uir »>--ds : widei' t^nty-?ou«f fceet-of wlncii is tp-bscfe^'to'iali^huiips,^^,,^ ot»e « n!i diCtrtvch, in theheji tnfurier, I ftois ,- ancf'.witliin fivs ica or. ,.c»e'fi 'fide s*l ©t /^'. '-Myi'ucrjs- are nowrii«'- v ;v-r4'-i^~-W-h^ri-'fl|viK-t>Vri;rk''t';''. : .v-6zfe;!iv3'tv- •j^.-od.' 1 .: -i'rrfK who plofe tpfar. •vj'r, .1 sm w : h il»«>r WOOL fi).:v. rv*y^r» it- Sftti ou and n long credit given fo,r th^ ri From f he fertility of the foil, anrdadvaat'. jgips of *ktyfkititt thtte fa no pm of this eottntry can excel, and but little fqtiai It. There is alfeady * Saw k Grift-rriill creclt. ed'on '.the tra^-. •,',' • ' •:?•'; ' v '-'' '\' •., For the price attd terrr^erjquire of tlte fubferibeft on the preimfes, who i$ dujv attthoiifted to fell for the Proprietors^ \ > , RICHARD U- STQI>DAJRI^ • ;->W.-iQ, f8o6 '\• i.?-. : ( f ) -•'••'\ • : . ; '\ ' : ~ : - •••••'— ' \ • ii'iin.i'. J im' IIIU 11'' /';•'! , w,\\, ';';'\\ \ §ak& ty Mortgage, •>». * v •'• 1 &run« ?a^^ ra nghVp»rt of thil W. from ^. ^ tS£^^^»t^* Uiclv nn6d5r rtjadlcadi to tafee Ontario, ^ ^f; 1 * l^W Sfff^ffiSSS**- P ar th* iriouth -of Saridv Creek fwhkh *« bm «» d »f m^oM *« e<»n*t>» ^;Wifldt# ear the irtoutn ot ^nay>reeK, jwnicn[^ fl ^^ g ^^ I'A'lib. that ceitatn tM <J* '^al^«tttlS»tt^?l pawt *rf N 'N^'rn^r.;e|g1i^4l|r^\|#t^' aferefaid* i^!*iti r ^^iiiiff%'w;^p^ij'''-§ e .' mb|dj«. pf th« we t lime of fatd lot»s tft|it|e' eaft fourteen r^lsi i^ric«'-''iftoH-ll > ^^l3|^ff|;'. : rfids j t hert^e m& to the iy efl fidf >f f^Jot t tbencft loiwh 10 the place rif be^^l^ew*''•>] lilting,''four.*' ae.res'of.- land, it«*'tod|^g'-|.|ik^/ , inttlvowthe premisei. Alfo ofiis diftet-^tt^ of land, adjoining *c4lie<>nei atete t,iiittj.j|©ft- J eel \ Beginhing at thftptrftatHiy** twetttt^ii^ f theme north on th« salt l+iie of |ot ; l^ujnbir *'8j>iy-oime^ 1 ill'^ir ftTikct-^Pilnt' c^l(^^iEiite« •' : fotttH-we^^rly, on ahe wefti faoic.ef; s#li|t cr^eki till n In^Ar'fe'^if th<} mph ^m^t\mii belongi rtg to .Thoiiiai..£)i'frfrftlb{« y ili^ii^mH to fhe-', place of beglnriinkg, <»>^ttrnit|g,:t^ ac'rea-of land* be;>h$, kmf in^-ctic^^.^. AlCo a..c'ertai < r>'irAiSf.or-pi-rc^ttl;-|p>^^iji|;' paw Af lot TSIum^sr '^g^y»s^4^^ft£ vite» Begirtntag f«ttfft«B».rodji eall*>ir»rft?fce on the rifiddle of thctMfeft Idr ^%id^l% \b. aii.fl reaforiabiefv.-vs hv f.&L. SMERRll.L. Jrntc.i frilfr, •;'?•.'« /v 20. : '•(?.!*''''''\ t^c 1 'urri]pike,. the ftuihps and' roots rte'el i.«ii Nc duj>; <-iit; and 'remove*.!, .bitt onl| (Svcllrd with iI.eTarface; but Wihin ihe'regjairtiri^ '.;:-\V' ' /• y—'\^Tv\\' \- -: ~ ^ 11oiir*ce n- feet they' m lift be cerai^fily c!'«;g ; BlavkinaiUi s Bulinels, W^id;^ TlIE Si>!-fciiber inUyrhi* h-is Cummers] tobe'peddt-t^Aifie!^ tbenatpTal^i^nato» a j!5c ; bsii of the ..read- to be infp^e^ by th>e Due^V-6r?» 6r perfons appotrfted lj^ ihetrJ, ^prfviotis to tlje ftirrning the - arfirk^jTbe ri|e and tail not to exceed4vede^ee*/' J a6dtbe arch torije gradually frorn the f\^s.^0 an el eva'« ton pt elght*en inches. This road to be fint(bed- by the fir(V day of Mar/eh^ ^10.. Payqie'ttt for fivskirig Yhr (ai<d,^oid : t^ili be m*de in. the 'ftodk of the Cootpa^y^ v/hirh ftock' >1#* ffiale if Sir fWliiart P$FJtney in j Steufen cotintyt and of Mr. GhWrcf*in Ai- hgiiny coMfy Will be bmnal : ti'•pc$tj>4'M par. in fiayhfcri? of lwi(fs a/readyfit ricked-frem either of ih? dboilt* ijlatt*yOt'fo¥#efetir:?0:6't purchdjedt *.vifb h one ytar aft&'Mt ^i-'mple- jisa of the road.. \fht lands Afr.reftjr• to Brf purcbaj*d v •/»• if eftiifctited at (he fdwU fr ie* and Jon thie J unit itttiis <w if f?la tm actual fctlleri, ':•-,•] ' ••'- •;.. '\- '•_'[ \,~\ : . - : -[ y : For the conveniertte of. perfons wifhir^g ! '.of Contra^, ;the firbferibers i*ill at tend \to rective Ffopofal-, and enter iniofurt her eife- ; ii>iai»3ttorn, at Bath, oh the third Tueirfay y m >ber tiexf; at AftseLida, on, the• F^coriil and the Puofie, tbst \c is cicfern-tned tY.igrJn'elly orIvsrdf nature, «yiVh wfjoj^^nr, work as -chfa-». t as is pMifibL- lar RKA.D'Y PAY >( , snd he bcittves lit may fay it liuM be wci!- done 3nd vvi:|v df-fpa';ch. ' f * 4 * A X E'S made -ir. a workoian-like man ner, and warranfrd ^ocd. , f^j h3. B, Aa Ar-PKKNn ICE wanted to <hc JBldckftnith's, buftnefs. A frrsart active lad cf frorn 14 to 16 years of age vvillrnect with good encouragement bv*&ppi«in{j to Geneva, Ju»' 3, tSc^ •\ PMP0iiALS, FOR PDBLf JBHING BY SlJBStlft IPTrON,, INTO CITY Of *LBANY, A WEEXLV Literary and Misatltiweoris Paper, ' TO m KNTiTLfcD To he: puMiftied unticr the direftipn of an j-Ettt'Uor.^ BVV*AN 0ENTHUYSEN & WdOPi , j;l their Book/lire and Printin^^cey.to Me ejtahlijhed at St. ig,,C^urt'flrett^ I'T is not-pur intention to exene espefli- tions in -our Paljbns which vve nnav not be, able to gratify,..' nor to pre^urirce friends in our favor by pbrnppm declarations of future performances. It is certainly ctj. wifh to render the GUARDIAN worthy s\i 3p,.blic Patronage. How far, by oiri ttnr:fnirting care and alfiduity, we fhtll be able to fffc<9 this,, remains 16; be fleterfnrned. - Fisi-iGldW and M JRAUTY, thofe• fitlyr. twins of heavenly birth,\ yve deem of the higheft iinporraoce, and the univerfaj chn •ce'r-n of man. ]Not|Nir^g, therefore, vvhSch fball beffubyeTiiveof either ffaaii |;ain ad-; rnit'tance into our paper. THE GcAitDlA/ti being defigheri a\s: a Literary and Mifceilaneous,, rasher than a Pbiiticui ' Pa pet, we ihaHendeavt.r to avoid polrical ariimofity. Our ovars ftujtirrients oft the fiibject of politics we con filer (»(i.f-' felyes at liberty toftate with treedorn, and we fhill always endeavor 10 do it »itfj c^n-. dor. Sivouid yve ever be draw n into,a con- troverfy of anv kind, if is our deterittiiria- tion-.'tp : rt:fpecli and rtpt.tp injure^ pLrfonal feelings and private chancier. Scufrilitv will never be permitted to ftain oHr col^ umns. D BFMJ&t^'having Wen mm to ttie _ paytrtent bf or»e hwtidfed atid v ildriy + |,^ee e»(l mtixk ^'Hi|»tfi)|t%' 1 f Snd fifty-hind cents, and the tjmreft ^ en 4^$ . t htpm mt;S% pmlhl wif^t |J« waft f let^it rods»'^b'ence? fo«tUpn,iHo,ealI ; ; lln^ ^f ; ..| lands\alrea.dy;\-ov»n|jd jb^.'^i^i;.JP41ct.^.to'4;|je'' l |»Ja:<8!.-.OJf,. begit>S(,t«g*' :fiupj»ini0-f : J%ei|-:acVf?8.|C- : tweoty. ft* ^>di i^f^nd.^T Aljt$ >. eq^ki -tra^' <?r piece^f ; la;bd^ kft$$, ^,part;^jF';lo| ^t}r4ber j *igbt^.mrM!'-a1fer«lald> ^M,jle^n«i|i^,,ala '• flake on th^eaftinife of laid Io% b4w$ invtlte ijiiddle of faidtllWi the«ce; (ou^h ff\ce^iiqdt'; tihence *eft tr> -tip eaflfern fJtore/|?jlitt|CB«kj,i ihepee down fi»|if creek to wlifre M .tine weft front ihe jpl»4jS .^'.''(&8iMijj^-^ J «?reck ; thenceeaflloin 1 ! pla^c of tsegfrjinlngi 1 <cbrt.taining one acre ojf^l^dw flut fitntr being more;or lefs* ',Re^t^tdg : aJwit^^dw fall, Aaron tfje bn^ half -pf:'srH.tlje-ibjit^ir*':9f J \liiiynj- rals'fbtind in or ^bn.'.'faid' : 'ia6^^t*h*lli«j privilege 6f tjanftori|n| ,1^9 ^juB^t.\\of •'%.. ^trw.-;r^'/«^/,^^rf^.. '$^<^t '.,'-&? \lljdfft- Jdvidc in th^pavr)iiienr|>i thfe faitt funiSof mtt- «ey-^0TiCE-;'is- tneiefomfeb|..givjrn* * I •fhar' by virtui of a power c^t|itiuH|\itf f#i l^drtgaee, arid in pturfo^nce^f^ip-ftttiitt'in. f$th Cafr^tade jihifjl'^^de^- -'ihl^^'ltfoijl* gaged premifes will be fpicf ajr psipittp twodue at ffce houfcof Jtfle W&iktumk fci#l#r» »» littd Mjelpsiori, the pft t^ej^a^ ofJ^^otU at ten o'cfeelt in Cite? foteribbjrt of^iltat dajf;*^* ttfced Ol^bcr the.Sotfe. ltkfi'r'- ':'y •'•'\\•\ >d« theretabv fecured tb tofc paid by ai-Ceftalfl-Tnort gsge^execlated 'by 0rdka^^ooy%r t la'e -of llicllt^nbf Junius* in'i to the^fubfcMber^/.btof|t^da i ; 1 t«''tbe:W«Tf4?te?lt : day of A|>riV, tsric thopfarjd titgKt Kondred A sfive^f-NOTICE; # $eref#; l,»#nV' ,^»l' by ylirtuie of a powtjr cbtttathep '0 faid nrinrjt, g*geV a^fd -in pttrfualiCft of the acT.-ir) Xdcl} c^ie made'and prjovMed^ will be fold at pub^ lie ye3B0Je?f, at OTbtrias [f. twrelt's Hot^l* th tKe village of Geneva', in the cotjnty of Orttar t & on* lie' eighteenth day>of June next, at ten o^lock iiit^e f^ndon,^Ai4-r that ^ftatrt tt^^ot parcel of I^wtd (jtuate in the? fovvh <>f JkttS»% intfbt' faid county trf Sebcca, ind ij ttr^frt^nd: diftinguifhed by being^>*ftc»f J^t Nutabctr eighty-one, in faid t ownfftjp of Josiiis, and is§iotJit)ded ar iPollov**, fto wit) |le|;irirtin^ oft a r 6id H at a lefecb t»ccjtt the f^tttheaft corner of a piece of land : bn faid fet •o*n^d by Simeon Bacon, tbence fouth cji^b* ^*u^percb« 1 tbeftce north fevetJty-rotir degreejr •vefe fiftyvtwo 1 perches and thrjee Hois;; tbencc/ north: e|^ftty-hine V cr(: ^ s 1° thetlandafprefaid owned by Simeon 0A«fort5 thence jTotith twenty^fotir,degrees faff, fiftf. •wo perthei and ''$rpb iiiiirs to the pla^e ^1 ^gin«in%, Cotttafning twebtv-nine acres ictf ,!i \.r-J&ted E>ecctnber q t %%&j. •'•••'\.*•\•' * - ; mm Mo<mt>* By JQ^N COXXYNS. 1uefo'ay in Noycriiber next| ahdatlbiencya, f on tbe tbiw Monday of -Dt'cember next. ' (Signed) ; SAMIIEL S. HAIGKI*, Sept ember 26/^; iSojr. HAVING takers i Jeafe from the ilate^f M t w ,-• Yy rk of 1 he carrying place at thie Falls; uf Ntagara; arid having been at grea 3 ! paiiUs and expeufe in forftiirig and cxwplwing|ii eftabl ifhrnont not; (inly for the portage-r»f goods arpun<l the: falls, bt»t for the tranf^rjrfatioip of property acrpfs Lakes Ontario* Erie* St* Clatrt Huron and Michigan, and tboaavi^ gable Waters C('tntnunicati»g with iherai, tiov* offer their feryiees til the above line fo Uler- c h an ts and Trade is i h the Welle rn Cpati t ry. They have erecle'd faf* and comrnodioris flore boufes aryd wharves'at BlaCk^Rocjk, Foft SehloiTer, and Lewiffown r and ppro^ded •thernfe'lves with Haanch, well built v«Heis ffltKEAS default has been made Mt 1 the payfiiepT of th«: trtoijies fecured t<>'be paid by a Mortgage exetuttid % jfjfoi MooritWi of the town 6f Ovid, <bnn>fy c*f Spneca and ftate. of Wtvn- Vork, r 0b thefight day of Nbvewber,; irt, the year of G^rLtird: onethoufand eigfit^^ btindrijd and ftx, r4;jVj<r/ JLdt(i%vdiof the town, county,ai3d Qate.afSrfr r : 4kiA t of • ALL that ceftain trac^pr parcel af jLafid \fifuate Iytug aod being in theioVyn tif Orid,coanty of Senef A f and Oate of JleW- *VoTk-rritfbefejj pakt of lot >J6/Fqrty-twf>, ; in the abbve 'Sa'id town^i ami ftessinhing at a (lake nigh the vreft line of faidrlof, and tw«i links^^porth of z ^whlte-palc^ tree matlEed, and the nbrtb-5'feff cornet\ of a twenty-.five a?r9 lot belbngfng to iPeter RanpTeyea, tbjerice eafi from tbe tfrefl line of fa4d lot thirty-bite cltains and fifteen litks to a flake and ffones 5 tfietice north feveri chains and Oxty*eight links to a beach tree rnarkfsd; thence fbtitli cighty-fiye degrees weft to ih%- weft liftlipf.tb}* lot* to a-ft>k'ieiiind';ff6faes;.. thence fotitb five iih«in$ ( and thirry-fotir links, to the place erf on the Lakes,and boats t'ti the Niagara river;, and will-rcceiv-e' properly at any point on the «, r» _ „ . above waters and engagei fo deliver it at any J HE GUAEDIAN fhall contain, in ah ortier,, On (be rn^ft reafonable terms. abridged form^, the lateil and rnofr import- anr intelligence, toreign and flnmeOic.-^- Welt written Moral Elfays, DifFt-rtationb on LiferattJre»' Agriculture, Arts, &c. willl be -duly attended to. ••\••''\. ,«:* We refpe£lfiillv folicit the patronage of the public, by whofe decifion we cnuft ftand .orfal'l..\' -' . •'•%:_-, .' V CONDITIONS, They particularly\invite the attettiitin ptf dealers in Siilt, who Have heretofore furTereel great delays, and been put to moch trouble?, eicpenfe and lofs, on account of the variety of hands through which this article BiaS-ne- -ctflatt-ly palfed on its way to market. They will receive felt at Orwe^o, Sodus.orLew- iflf'wn, and deliver it at Prefque-lile, or> Lake* Erie, of (by; particular cqntracl;) at beginning, containing twenty acires Sc forty ... eight p*rcbes of Land) be the fame thdfe or tef^-<N^NdTiCE if Hereby gtyeb t tlja:tb3 virtue of a pb^ver contained in faid mortgage atid in ^uffuance of, the ffajuie in fitch Cafe irriade and provided* the above deferioed pre-; miles will be fold at public vepdae, ai Jarrles *t»Cail's Inn, in Ovidv onrThurfHay-, lite ninth day of Jtme tiext, at one o'clock?. i«> of that day.^~JDated this gt-b dity of Decef»~ ber, A, b; tgof. JOHAS LAftAWAt, By Ms 4itortiey r DAVib LARAVVA. • -,\... : •;_. '- '-.-:' • ; . f ; (4.v67nbr^.^hs)••, fc f W HERE \SJarip Bmhgs, of the J o( 'PhflpSjj in the county of Ont HfirlEAS ^ejfa;ijli haa, beeiflM«i^e in fiha payment of f be«Jv^tt|it« scciir«d •by':a*'Mortgage• eieCtfted by j'§&Uti*^:M* SMitHV of tbi town, of %tntt|^ cdbfjty of' •Seneca & late-'of Isje Vf If 6rk% 'farmiwr-,,;-' on- t he, fii^fi d*^ of Ma^ in/the year of ;byr .JLitjrd one 'ihaufand.etgm hundred and t 6x?;JO ANJTJKEW SHifJa* of '\the. tb«v'n», lpun|y abd flaie aforcfauJr tprher, pf ALL that Cfftatn tr$i€k- or parcel of iland filtrate Ijihg apd|)Wifig in the town of Rortulus, county of. .Scrttsc*.|c (iate 6f New*Ypfk, it being part bf j5t- Huraber feventy^enej in Fbjd; tr^w|i oif ^ohi!. uliisr, beginning at a flafce* \n the iint b«- tfween fatri lotjSnd lot ^trrtber feVenty-eigfitt ihert.ee weft' fDrtj-fevehchsiins and fifty-vfix tank's to the cor&9f of ^0)n1^-BrQ.*-it'ii! land; ttience north thirty chiins; thertce caft three (^at»* and twenty Itbfe&'j thcn# fotitb fotir- tcert decrees; »Te#| five dtaihs two link?; thence foutb fev^iy;^ degTCes call, ode cHiih -ainl* twenty,'lin|s>:^|ence eaftVoiiechairjanl l^titjb erghtyitbree'de^ a,rid &lylbnr4ipks £ tljence not^l fixty^ttjbe jfegrees. eaft, jjiree cfradris ahd thirty»fe'v$ti- htikls; thence, ^ifbiith four chains and four- icen l^ks i: i|jeri^«! Ibtith fixty-t^vo degrees •e-alU:.fo-ur .^h.a'f%i, -therice-'/eaft ;tw*a 'chains afld'-ei^p^litrK^ -tbeiicelb.iith; iptiyJ(<s<>, '.ren degrefi&'eafl',;: *bree eftaiitj-i..j thcttcff fbuth d*iy.-o-ne • deg^s';eail,,';tli,.ree) -chalni j .-'thlttfte :tout : h; tweriiy-e^t decrees \eafty.-larre .dfcann *tid fifty: {iftkS'l thence eafjl^yi ebait»s# . ttien.ee- foot h fiffeeen degrees eaftj, thrleebains| tlience fouth jieightv-foti^degrcitr eaif»| tb|ee chains and thiVty Iteks ; rheft^e f^ath fixty deg'r'ees'eaftvVbrc^.cbalns'.ibd-t^ hence fouth twenty degrees ^^'.'-^ftefen ehaifis and thjrtv Ijtnkss tb fir HE GUARDIAN «ill be printed on fine,pitifburgh,: .qp the: Ohio, and receive % £ « 9 £^!!l!« \ eW ,yP *' * *° lU * iri 4 fo y a fi^ me ^W^^^aytTient. They alfe crtgag«> q-arfopages. . • . |*hat Salt fh^lt be ftored ott Its paflffe ^n ib^ It will be,tklrvered tofubfenbers, refid^flr,,A •hmifp* .«»< t—ifl^^ Schlofler and , • AIK c A rr •*% ftote honfes ar Lewi ing in Albany* op Saturdays, at Two DoL^- gjack-Rock, IARS per annum, payable half-yearly. Thufe who live at a diftanee, and receive their papers by rriail, will rr»ak« half^yeaily paytnenvs in advaticx ? the fird payment.tf> be made on receiving the firfl number of the paper. THE !vnb|icaiion ; %iU commence as foon as thf-re fha-llbe a fufficient number of fob- Icribtr.s 'to dclfav the expense of publiih- i!:«:.'. Scpfem&cr .2^) iSp^. : (ff S'.tbltriptions for the GUARDIAN will be reccivei! at this Olfice. .towtl ntarioi aiid ftate pf Hfrw-lfork, Bl t>- t on theYeeond , . 'ginoing, „ennr*iiwug : 'ft1^ day of Oclober, eighteen hundred and two, land*-rNOFFICE, & ihere>forfefheieby, , given* for fecuring;the |aytrient of fifteen hundred that by vfrtue of alb^eif Ccat'*l5riedTii the doUars'r-to wit^ three hundred and feventy* fetid Mortgage,;''a'ad/'irt pnV^a^frrbl'tn^-ih*^ fi've-dollars: oa.dr'before^e^q'ntietb day-'ofj'titc-'in '•fuCii'Cafe.trjfade.. and projjid^f^*\*\' |artuary> eigrr^en hundred ^nd four; three b>oy« defertbed pfemifes will bf foldv^tpbb hundred and feventy.fi ye; doll Won or before lie Vendue,: aiBavid Him*bd r i ; tri^ i» 0- without any additional experifie —it having always been cuilpmary • witft car- riers asiwellon the Brittfh as the Anoencain fide of ibe river^at thefe places, (o leiave fait ejcpffed'to the weather, by which itfta$-fufv •fetfd preat damage. • f, ; ' •', Orders direaed to, orconiraclsma^ with Jofeph Arinin at Cayuga Bridge*' Peter B.\ Porter at Qanandaigtia, Benjamin 6a.rt<5n at Lewi flown;; or Augnlrus Porter it Fort Sciijo'ffer will be puncluaHy attended 10. rhe twentieth (lay of January, eighteen huti,'* dred and five j jhreehuhdred and feventyifive dollats on or before the twentieth day f>f fjanuary, eighteen hiiridred and fix v & three; riuhdred '.aod ffeventy^five doljars m befor» I he twentieth day of |anuary, eighteen hundred and feven, with interefj: on the, whole after the twentieto day of January, Hghtcen httri dred and thr'Je--conyey by'Mortgage untW ^BRAM FOSTER of. theBme place, A^L> thofe cer'tam pieces or^ parcels of Land fititate lying^nd being in.Taid town of Phelps, \\zi Ait that certain traclor parcel &t land,, fir- ritij on Friday, the twelfth tCay .of .:%bif¥a*y; : ri ; ext'.af i .:ten o^lock-'m -»h0 kkmoi^i^-ik^ dfeay.*^^t>afed fhrs \tpliffteth day of !»%> »n« ilio»fan^fef^it-hundj^(y ? a»d.fi!«^;-^-- * . MyhisMt'yi Vrs^ttn -L'E/-<jd«*fc'' -. Jil^lBSAVAS!^. l.M!>i.A...faiNi»ii»> | \ 'I I'l'ff ;'/i1| Ifr\\ fteitet'm. --Am. '^mi^im^'-tm- . SvWd='€)OM,A3ft3 ; '5e|; Am0M* %,imtihimtUpm\\i'mmm* ,<, mn **{^*m •oiM^j

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