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fc :>:-:^< V f. All i 1 -'.' .V •,#*t. \Sfc mfr.mmmw*»\ •H'.M 1 ' 9£S 0,-7. : icw/. trutron tli? _- -..• ^OMMITNICA! IQ% Tim EXPOSITOR,. THli division between the repKbticans,. during th'cjast session of Congress, pro- diiceJ, at'tfye time, an earnest inquiry into the cause. The quarrel arising, how* ever, out cr transactions wnich were not before.the puhlicy the republicans of .the United States could only decide fro in pcV sOnal^oofrdcnce, and, of c.\ur?e decided in favour cf tfvose who foul been longest tried. \For mr- Joh-n i&andolph, whe> ap- peared as the accuser of the admioKra^ J rj-n, a genera^ respect WJ.S entertained as a man of iafegrity and'rr. tents; but it Was i of the day. They wers hot insensible to iinpos-mde not to see- in his public eon-j'the '•d?.:i.-;ef : of the orpo\iie cpnr.sf.j but duct, an irritability wjiich must sometimes- whilst they cooHy estimated the difficulty, befra? htrn- into- error, and a persecution the?' Ivacf.- the fortitude to encounter it enstn *lemlb«rartteftd tbe ndmhmVnnd to repel•. frrawrw any similar, aggros-\ferttjr Instructed tlA^tem stsliiatt^^ on, in vvlvieh every minor (kfi?ct «»f sio.n in future \ V the neighbourhood) of the aggressions^ to' iT0vehiinent was eclipsed and forgot- It shook! he kept in mind that the ^ pi- protect our citizens from violence, _ to pi- ten -The eolossa sident seemed to ''•^'Unmindful of p;i ., . . , . penerice, the republicans had erected a bv private aimed vessel*, some with illegal rescue a qW<cn ; ?r ms,|qje#my: ar}4..tj$. political idol, on who^eattars he who dar- con^^sions-, others, with those of legal Spanish remaining at)Npw4>rlean% arfe- if to question i^s infillibilitv, must pre- form, bur transcending the authority of \ rehired to der?rt without forth or 4e%» are to bleed. In this position of ailairs, those commissions, plundering and sink-1 It ought to be noted here, that since *W THf The colossal popularity of the pre. r^tical acts\ (mentioned in the second pa* trote wuhuv the borders WWftMltlelWed mock at ail opposition, ragraph of the same message}'<• commit- to ns, and not to go out of tfem, 'but ast and de:.\-huught c%\- ted at the very mouths of our harbours, when' necessary to repelai'inroad, orfa mv®- countiT, in order to .enjoy tli?. counfe- i,uhi» nance of the administration, to ensure the .approbation of the public,, for a time, and their own contempt for ever. They h. d but to aeq.uiV.ce in measures which their eovcience and judgnicw: condemned, and swim in ignoble security with the current of t;hc*e to Woom he.-iv.vs. unfrier.>!ly, which •tt'ein.'.nti'fd ^ disrrufr.cvf his invec- tive. Although tlh'e coni^lence of the \people in. the e^-cutive of the I'lvted kates Resisted, tlCe atjack^ it sl'Ovkl not 1-iCt it be admitted-'i?-\)!' a moment, that tivese •4e,n: 1 ernen were inijtaken in their ledfrom the IVcHclent: • In the thh'd p^\?g^p r congress we<J called npon to tnahe tactual and ddter- niined: opposition to.the-new' •prineipler..' interpolated into the law of nations.:-—!!} reference, naj tionbt, to certain decisions of the British coin/t of Adinu-alty. llvi?* address Was re-echot'd'hy a rpfrifeti' (!\0W- ever precipitate] resoitftion of the Virgi- WNr uia assOiT.'hl^ Oil the sixth clay of lieceniber, live fo)lowing co)ifulei.tial nies^i'ge vvas receiv- view^V still I pr- nou-nce, that .he wHxv \The tl(;prcdatiQ!is which had been dees r< t applaud their independence and]co:*unitted on the- cornni^rce of the IT. S. hrinnf is umvefthy tlie name of free-pluring \a nrececling war, by persons! under be- relied on after the m-ans of '.iitl-gi-ng.' man. Thev had the cnurage to c-ssert-fthe' authority c»f .Spaitij are sifflkieiirif' ic»n can be {'iirivisiied. : Tor-je.,:;? nrvir.t.i?n tlK*cl-c?'lii7-erat.qconvictic^is : of .-kno'V^n to all 1 hese made it a din J* to\ their Irci-.est }u'd : .:ment r.i;'.inst the pre.ud* Ireijai-rc lroiii that •roycnirnent inden^nifi-r' o<v authontyr Sfi'd prefoireJ the h;:;:ai\l of j eati()n for our -itnWcd'-citizens. a A con- rheir popularity to the'surrender of tneir jve-r.tion was becomingly entered into be- undyrtikings\and consciences. Let the J tween the minister'-of the U. S. at iVI«\.drid people lock to it. Is th?re any danger c£:Jnd the -mioibtcr-of- that gpverhniSnt for a dearth of time-servers, under any ad-; foreign aftairs, by which it. Was agreeci n-iii-risiritroa, which lias the power of re- Uhti spoliations comini^ted by Spanish su!v warding thein ?~fhat due respect will hot Meets.) and carried into ports of iSpain^ always he paid to the loaves and fishesrj'should be paid for by that nation j and The history of this government, ti every! that those comrr*uted by French sabjects, exuctriMv.? vvith r?grI power-:, mu;t answer]and carried into Spankh port^, «Jioi:id the quevJ^n. Let -the .n-ieinbers consfi-lremain for further cliscussit'ii. Before oft he qnes Uiaatelv tiurfe means- 10W exist in two: publication^ of perions eiigaged in the 'contest* : A writer in a Xirginia paper, under t£e s: tT natqre of~2Z j dus ? v.hv: is suppo<e3 to be rar. John Randolph, his pubJiblied a justlfioatioiv of that gcKtle- mrm's^cond'uvt, and, lias made a disclosure of tlfe secret facts of t\'ie'cas-e. An anr swefio I5ec;'.is has app?-jsied - in tire IPJMW Cw-wicir^ prob:vb!y wii'ten by/nir. J'Si'd- \\feji- , of Massach'ti'se^ts, whirh will bring the subject pretty folly before tlve public. ^Franir these I think k wif 1 appear, thi.t there was lift the slightest ground cf at-, tack on the executive, and the reader will be irres'-tibly led to search for some previous iil-wiji.in it< a-nhor, or to consi der it as one cf those eccentrkrities, to wbioli high toned minds are liable. I now send you the paper of Be£ius for publica- tion, and at some futiirc,opy. will send you the answer, with a^ skoffST>rr!m.'iryof , the whole case. ~ ~A CI HZ-ENV To. the Editor of tie Richmond Enquirer. SIR, , The events of,,the last sessiori of cch- gress have furnish&l amj^e caiise of spe^- culatton to the curious^ rind of regret to every true friend of his country. The mystery which enveloped their proceed- ingSj and bene it&- which some of their ,.'>n-3t|y|^dr^it transactions, yet remain \.sJirtbttBil^ could ndft conceai frotn the most cj^1^.ebseryer, that a schism had arisen in tlt^(^»ubiicHi party. But the causes wkichTllf to this afllictiifg event, are still buried in obscurity. In the his- tory of this memorable ocenrrence, all is darkness, -confiisiorij and contradictiiri.— The public mind, iinpatient of suspense; and as if dtsprfiring of, furthei^inf prniatibr?, seems to have outrun the evidt-ncer upon •which, alone its judgment 'si/onld\..have teen bott^rnedi So far as their opinion can be, gathered from the public 'prints., the voice of tHe people has declared for , the administratiotii. In this decision, per JhapSj It might hu've b^en the duty, of the republican minority, and; of their friench to acquiesce, had a ftir view of the sub jext been laid before the public. But knewing as I dcr y from the most indispu- table proof, that facts have been mistated, opinions misrej^esented—^muchtruth sup- pressed and more falsehood suggested-^- approving at the s;ame time, from my heart, the course, which they have pur- sued, I am impelled to offer to the worJt! some facts and observations, which may enable them to form a more just eni.aibn of the conduct-of the republican minority, diuring the Ia>t sessien of congre&s, and ...of the motives by which tiiey were pro-* bably actuated. It myst be obvious to the most stiperfi- cia?t eye, that every consideration of a setfish or prndenrial nature, would have dissuaded any man, or set of men, anionp- -rutiriir -the renubiican minoritv, be dis- missed from the con dence and employ- ment of the people^cm they look for any thing like independence in t'hur suc- cessors? It would indeed be an idle ex- pectation. They must crater npon their tegi-huive duties with i:r-fnctions to. lay aside the suggestions of their own undeij- -.tandings, and conform themselves in a!, 1 chingitu the wishes of the crbinec. Twe •H'rst lesson wh-icb they learned would teach them to consider any variation from the executive standard, as the mo«t heinous sin »h the political catalogue. 'Would such men dare to oppose any presidential ]iro- jeet, however criminal? From- the verv nature of their appointment, they nxv.k hecon?e the puppets of theadministraticn tor the time beim?. A house of -c-nresen- tatives, so constituted,, must dwindle- into a mere chamber for enreeist-e'rW mini^- tenal edicts: and whilst the.forms ci the const'tution were preserved, its substance would vanish. On the third r)f December, 180\ tire pre.-iider.r's piiWic message v/a's laid before the two liouV.es of conf ress. The ae^rev sions of iH-pain Were. :.so o c''i> riofrced ^- \ With Spin f says the-eh-ei ir.^cis'trne-' cur negotiation? fat a settleme ferences hr.X'e not had a satisfrctorv is pare to nieeu. m tms p. __... .._.„._, . . ... . , , ill opposition was indeed a forlorn hope, ing our vessels, and exposing their crews late change* in the state of attairs. ra-^m There was every thing to,lose—nothing to in open boats nr on desert shores,\ were rotse, Spain has ordered h#r crakes an<|-' ^ain. The minoritv, h«id'only to coinpro- perpetrated chieily, if not exclusively, bY courtMo rei5p?ct ptir, treaty witftTieT*--' mise their principles to betrav their duty .Spanish and \French privateers:, fitted out •' •\ The cond net of France, m4 tbepttft , >o themselves^ their constituehts, and their 'principallv fruni tl«J eastern ports,of ^be may take hi \the \roistandersratHlings • • \- • - • • between the, V, S, and 8|)ain, ttre too imp. rtant to be-n«eon«dered,_, She \vas' prompt, and decided in lier* deehraisjbnsj;, that our demands on iSpain for ft*ej)ch Spoliations carried intoh'panisli ports^lro ' included in the settlement between the., U fkxmd France. She took at once tfott. ground, thai she had acquired flp Hg^t from KSpainj and had meant to deMwr ^is 1 none eastwar4 of tiie foervilfet her sl*»» lence.as to the \festem boundary leaving> da to iiiferf hor opinien might be again^s -Spain in thai quarter. Whatever airec* > : |! tion silte might mean to give to these r dil|^, fercr.ces, it dobs not appear that she ha* -A contemplated thpir proceeding ternettal^ rupture, or ^tt the date of onr last adv'fcgjJ' fr«3m Psris, her goverBmeat h*ITany «l»*5| picion of the hostile attitnde ^paiiji had! taken here. On the contrary, we have i-easen to believe,,' that' she (France) was disposed to crieet, a settlement' on a pla» k analagous to what onif minisBi^s Jiad prfel'j posed,| and so coinpreheftsive as to re-^ movey M far as possible, the grounds o| 5 fotu-ro. fcollis'tfon and controversy on ch$ eaitern as well as vyestern side of the^ 'Mtss'i c »ppi« \ The present crisis in Europe is-few vourable for preying such a settleinfte .md not a moment should be lost in av«flp| mg ourselves of it., Should it psss *mlm*;< proved, our situation would become\m&cV* more diiBcult. Formal wa^ k not ncces-»' >v .ary; it h not probable that it will foliow| s !•; :mt the protect ion of onr cifi^as^ th*- 1 ! ptrjt and honour o£ our country rj$mim^ | 'hat force should b> mteq>Osed mX^etr'.^i am degi-ee. ft will pmbatjly conrribtrtV \ But the course to be parsued ^fllre-^ piire the coimnai&J of, meaits, which •&' belongs to congress exclusively to yield or' tjjijy. To then) I communicate every fact naterisl for their infonnation, Dmi-^ktr-r^ documents necessary to enable them t# udge. for themselves* 1 o their irisdpiSf . \ heu I look for the course I am to purswA f ::id will pur.sue ; with sincere 2teal thai vhich they shall approve,\ J In is message, with the documents a# -s' :ompanyi»g it» was referred to a secref | oinmittee/ consisting of inr. John Hat* *. io!p!i, mr. Nicholson, mr. John Cottot J ; =>nv!th, mr, Mumford, mr. Williams at^.^ > C. mr. Bid well, and mr. IJrotvn 1 \ It maybe proper to reoofarrihat thtk - ••* aiessage, although deemed by.the clert .is he .stated to the honse) to>he M;.e secret journal which had b#en order ro be printed, was nevertheless omitted nor has the omission ever been satisfgetii rily acconntedfor. The honse by a sui>|\ sequent vote refused to make it public/ | [To be continued.] f * -G.-'flJ-tion hsxwcefi --A-usfiiay Kussia, «ntf 6 f Lv.viigswf fufk'yrnnd*« Jro iftf,r*> tfiat fi • ~ .•••!«') ;.if.ni litfii a second g^riauiLtCisfon t-l •• T»pii. fi his ha>Hh intoi/ur p/jek^t* ;• t O-ir inrni.it«r« fm-»f prop^^d to stivren<»ef , v ••j'-ciai.us Otf.. iftpcnT.it iimi f,»i th^WUHtl^mtf '\;„' ; ,f the n*h^. f deposit tt Nf^-o'.leaq.^ aiftj i\>i ' ^ ^)o!:a>io 8 y Spanish as Wt-Ji| as Fmich, fctri) « , Y' T-aKl.vfr i h*. Cuior^do a*: the Western b^undon ji » Lrvuisiana, A,1'dv»*itfh the Cranio ia ft yJiat / tinancirto the west i\f tbevxvstin^Snntbetwiet '.'.. •ie two nations, it wascvi*!ffM,\/n?»m the hti ci / J te rfis!>atch<*.i, that o«r ntiirfstars if* agfreinfit* : ' •stibl-sii that livrt astrit»1?AtiftdJtr.y hadJjreff^ •iiiji<><l ro rxevt-c! the auflidrityof thttK inttr^ei 1 \>T5; (the Voveriimefit „f the • tJ; States c)«tr»*f 1; i,'8, t« tt>e river B-avo.) This pfopojirirttt (a* f .ihrman.rt (»i, our part), was*e\wt<l bythecouffl * f .yia<!rid wjrh (iisda,Tn ,, and'tlmser,i)v'd-tiic; mi:,I -icNtiff.. Y-t Fnn*e, it teeim, wH dxspmed : \< -> a settle/meaton.M analngd«i* terms;\ tttfiftuffi \'{ 'i-r- T.kllfyratid Indj jr, tlie most rfle>Storisf , :'v!e, rl-rlarcd, thnt our claim on Spiln, fof French vpoHatiotis caNied iiHO Spathsh iwm, * must be ajji-idoucd \ .. '* . \ with them ; ,yet the same practices are reV i.|newed in the prer.ent war, and arealreatly i, | of great amount. Our commerce throuo-.i the, Mobile coiittnnes to be otetrueted \r? t of I'.l* this convention was returned -to Spain with our ratification, the transfer of IjOui- siana by Franc* to the LL S. took place 5— an.event as unexpected as tlisagrce.ibie to Spain.' From that moment she seemed to change iierconduct an-.hji -position towards us, ft Was fn-At niariiiV>U'd by her prote^ against tive right of Frutne to alientff Louisiana to us; which, however) wa>sovt. retracted, .and. ihr rij.ht cmiirmed. 'Fhet- liigh. ofFeiu\' was uuiule-:;td at the act (A congress^ establishing a collection ciistrici on the Mobile, -although by an r.nlhentii declaration immecliiteiy made, it was ex pre.sly confined to our acknowledged li uursj and she now refilltd to ratify tin convention signed by iter own minister under the eye of his sovereign, unless e would consent to alterations of its terms which would h.sve atfocted our claim> against her, for spoliations by French subjects carried into Spjuisb ports. u To obtain Jii-.tiCe, as well as to re- store friendsiiip, I thought a special mis- sion advisablev ami arcoi'dingly appointee! James3Iuuroe mini: ter extraordfoary an<! plenij>otentiary to repair to Madrid, and .n conjimction with our minkier resident ihere, to endeavour to procure a iratifk.3- ion, of the. fortner onvetUfon, nd to corrie to an i-, <i rstan.ci.-ng «-ith opam, as .Spoiltbas during the former War, for ro the boundaries of Louivkna. It ap which she had formaliv acknowie ip^J ' \ herself responsible, have been refused to b& compensated, ni.t on conditions affect- ing other claims in no wise connected uermined state. This will be evident from- peared at once that her policy Was to re serve herself for events, and in themerfn time to keep our differencesi in an unde- the papers now enrtrntmicated to yon. After nearly iiv.e months or fruitless en- deavour to bring them to some dehnite and satisfactory result, our ministersend- tiie rcOnnircans an open opposition to any leading and favourite measure of tiie exeeutiye, ,at that juncture. -The- president of tiie'lj. S. lvad just been re- elected, by a great artd i-u-vpo«.'in,g; majority of the people. The acquisition of ,L.on+s iatia has given an eclat to the cxecative, arbitrary duties and vexatious searclies.fed the conferences, .without having been Propositions for. adjusting ani-icablv th-6 bouMdaries of Louisiana have not been' acceded to. Whilst, however, the right- is. unsettled, we have avoided changing the state of things, by taking new po^ts, or strengthening ourselves in the new ter- ritories, in the \nope that the other power would not by a contrary conduct oblige in to meet their.example, and endanger coni tlicts of authority,, the\ issue of which- inay not he easily cdwtrouled. But iii. this hope we have now reason to lessen our. confidence. Inroads have been re- ! cently made into the territories of Orleans- and the Missirippi, Our citizens have been seized;, and their property plnndered in the very part's of the former which had been ..actually delivered up by Spain, and this by the regular officers and soiW diers of that government. J have there- fore found it necessary at length, to give orders to wr troops on that frontier, to be in: reatiiuess to protect out- citizens,, able to obtain indemnity for spoliations of any •tk-.u-nfthf:-, or ariy satisfaction as to the boiindaries of l.-uisbna, other than a declaration that we had no rights cast- ward of the Iberville, and that our line to the west was one which would have left us but a string of land on that bank of the river MissisippL Our injured citizens were thus left without any prospect of retribution from thewrong doer; and as to boundary, e.»rh party was to take its own course. Tint. which, they have cho- sen \to\.pursue will appear from the docu- ments now communicated. Tbev author- iz.e the inference that it is their intention to advance on our possessions, until titev .shall be replessed by an opposing force. Considering that congress- aiorte is consti I'-rl <1 lT a fiiw it has !)«•\ of tli«^ lafff'tyiB th [friends he preservati ty } . tne >•• fic^ifl Mud |d for inai it niedi'U' 1 thy in v, 'b : Wrn-' - [So fort urn >l v po4tioi- Irsuits of t [nee *£»?•,I K8S ! fo( nt. Wit! reateanh , with ail nith^p^ eatenwig** las^tedi i 4 be voh bpie, ifapi: >at is tips i 'inthe/ru.'c iiposslbie t; etit, biit'u ar approti' If this is n, it may y watchfnl i» a matter te shall pos- [cted, tiiat :terof'OUi Ke majority Lean to sa) lish for wai pty of QtJ we- wean Iwm -.tt'iaj itawaTion bm the ai k e«d, by ( ar seennf ie people \ Irtze to nia iinst depen< hecessarf ie channd! ie opinions The mos ^•e not lik ;ie pride w jiryj nor 1 jiost tempei r e have, jUFering in nidividn bntj r growth, manner wi It wisdom possess 1 ce, we ai o timings psenting i ct of incr ^ared, tli'O: j withont i liniun of v •' THE following paragraph lately a.pp^f- ?4 in a Provincial newstjaner?—*«<' Travel- tutionally invested with, the power ofjkrs should be carefulfo, deliver their tup changing our coi^iitinn from peace to!^ to proper persons,' as agendenfci, ?m war, I have thought it my duty to await few days*since, on aliglitingfrom a atagaf their authortry for using force in any de-|coach, entrusted 'b&wf* to a stranger,a-tiij gree which cotdd b- avoided. T have,he hte not heard of her since/* 1 r:*c k stiice, us by G< lient of m Wtant anc |ie highest (ight -of s ?here else jtabit t^he'se lat we hav ^ti-soai of mi nlgeourse ft must. t« To: five i tan be inch Btalking-ho po. real, in stgd by € roj>ean \vav serions nnj latioh has Joint of vi lany season,.

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