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*W* Tiffin *uvn NO. 27,—VOL. XXIV. PUBLISHED ON WEDNESDAYS—BY JA2WES BOOERT. AT HIS PKIXT1NG OFFICE, BOOKSTORE & BINDERY, Main-Street, nearly opposite the Hotel, GENEVA,..ONTARIO COOSTF. NEW-YORK. ~' » TERMS. To village subscribers, $2 50 cents a year. To those living out of the village who call at the Bookstore, and Jo those who receive the paper by mail, $g. ' To Companies of not less than ten, §>150 cents, payable when the papers are taken. Single papers, sixpence. WT No papers discontinued without payment of arrearages. , ADVERTISEMENTS. Inserted at the usual rates. A liberal deduction to those who advertise by the j-ear. KF Handbills, Cards, Blanks, and all kinds of PRINTING, executed at the shortest notice and lowest nrices. <** *in ran Ti suit. %i > & m^£^ 5, 1833. tfttegw* SSanfc Kote &cst. Corrected from Day's Lisp....Nov. 3. NEW-YORK. United States' Bank and branches - -----£ N. York City Banks par Bk. of Pougiikeepsio do Duchess County do Lansingburgh do Long Island do Albany Banks ^ All others 1 Bank oF Geneva 1 Was. & Warren no sale Barker's 90 N. JERSEY. Farm. &Mec. over5 Newark B. & Ins \ Orange Bank \ State Bank \ State B, Newark \ State B. N. Bras. \ Othersolvent banks par par par par par par \a Wyoming Bank of Reading Erie Bank Aimers' Pottsville York Bank N. H. Bridge Co. All others do H 1 1 1 !*• uncertain OHIO. Commercial Bank of L.Erie a t Cleaveland 1 Bank of C bilicothe 5 Bank of Marietta do Mount Pleasant do Commercial, Sciota do Dayton Manu. Com. do Farm. & Median Franklin Lancas. Ohio bank Western Reserve Belmont bank Farmers, Canton do da do do d. do All others uncertain I All others (26) uncertain MASSACHUSETTS. All the Banks £ Except Sutton bank 5 Berkshire broke' Farmers' at Belch. 90a94 CONNECTICUT. All the Banks | Except Derby broke Eagle broke PENNSYLVANIA. Philadelphia Banks 4 Chester County | Delaware County do Germantewn do Montgomery County do Easton Bank do Farmers, Bucks co. do Farmers', Lancaster do Harrisbnrgh bank do Bank of Lancaster do VERMONT. All the Banks R. ISLAND. All the Banks £ Exct. Farm, Esc. broke MAINE. All the Banks £ Except Bath bank closed Castine - broke Hallowell & Aug. broke Kennebec broke Passamaquody\ broke Wiseasset broke NEW ESTABLISHMENT. JAMES GILLESPIE. H A® jast received, and is now opening in the Store North of James Bogerl's Bookstore, on the Public Square, a large and very carefully selected assortment of GROCERIES, comprising almost every article in the line; to- gether with choice • \*\ ' Fruits, Preserves, Porter, Wines; Fish; - -eheese, Dried Beef, Pork, Hams, Soap; Sperm andTallow Candles', Brushes, Brooms; Linseed & Lamp OILS, Floor & Corn Meal j Common and Table Salt, Messrs. Miller's, and Chapman's and' Sargent's celebrated SNUFF and TOBACCO. Also— ' HARD-WARE, CROCKERY, ftLASS, EARTHEN St STONEWARE; Furnaces, Cordage, Manilla Door Mats, French Fancy Baskets, Willow Market and Clothes Bas- kets, Wagons and Cradles.Toy Cradles, Wooden Butter Prints, Ladles, Spoons and Bowls. Also, an. assortment of'Childrea's TOYS, and Mantle Ornaments, &c. &c. The subscriber in thus, offering his Stock of Goods to his friends and the public generally, would respectfully solicit a share of their patron- age by assuring them that no pains have been spar- ed in selecting [first rate articles, and none* will be wanting on bis part to give every satisfaction to those who may favor him with their custom: Geneva, May 30, 1832. 98 1832. do. do. do. do. 1 \ 1 \ 1 \° 1 \ 1 \ do. do. do. do. do. The Vigiifest pxicc in. <5as\\ WILL BE PAID FOR • WHEAT, BARLEY, TIMOTHY & FL.AX SEEP, At my Store in Geneva. H. HASTINGS. September IS, 1832. 14 CASH FOR WHEAT. HE subscriber will pay the highest price in cash for 20,000 bushels of good merchanta- ble WHEAT, delivered at his ware-house, Ge^ neva. - . N. AYRAULT, 2d Ang. 1831. [55] Foot of SenecafSt Delaware Banks Maryland Banks Michigan Dist. Columbia Georgia Notes Upper Canada Lower Canada bks £al 1 1 5 3 3 JOHN BACKENSTOSE, I S still up and doing a small business on the Hill. He has just received in addition to his former Stock of GOODS, the following Articles, wlffch he-onerSto'tMrfflerfas istrOTtre-pirWic-Vt a very small advance from cost:— • 2hhda. SI. Croix SUGAR. Ws'XiVM I do, P. Rico 1 do. New Iberia 2 do. New-Orleans 4 boxes Philadelphia Lump 1 do* ' do. • Loaf 3 do. 3d Refined do. 3 do. common \EuTrrTp 4 chests Young Hyson 2 do. Hyson 4 half chests Hyson 3 chests Skin 1 hhd. New-Orleans 21 hhds. P. RicoP do. do. do. do. do. do. 1133 1140 274Q 947 240 727 -aorat'sl nlb'.mz- — TEA. do. • do. do. MOLASSES do. 1689, FAMILY FLOUR- Fresh Ftour from BeacWs Mitts, At No. 1, Franklin Stores. J UST received and for Sale, a quantity of Bench's Extra Superfine FLOUR, (red brand;) also, Superfine-and Fine Flour. So great a preference has been given in New-York and other Eastern Markets to \ Bcadi'sredbraiid\ over other Flour, that it gives me great pleasure to offer it in this market. It will be sold low, and a constant supply kept on hand. Also, BRAN by the bushel. N. AYRAULT. Geneva, Will July, 183J. 53 ¥ami\^ ¥\oxne. S^g^ BARRELS Fine, Superfine, and Extra 99\W brand. Just received, a-constant supply of Flour, manufactured expressly for Family use, and at all times may be returned if not found good. H. H. MERRELL JVo. 12, Geneva, March 21. 1831. Seneca-St. CHOICE AND CHEA^ GROCERIES. T HE subscriber has just received at his well .... known and liberally supported Stand (in addition to his former stock) the following articles, which he will sell at the usual low prices • - TEAS, Sfc. €} chests Young Hyson Tea /• 1 \ Tonkay 1 \ Hyson Skin 2 \ 13lb. each, Gunpowder 2 \ ^ Imperial 2 boxes fresh Poland Starch 2 M very best Spanish SegaYs. TABLE SAUCES, CORDIALS, Sic. 1 case.assorted Cordials 2 boxes Anchovies 1 case (12 botSes) Mushroom Catsup 1 .\ do. Walnut do. . John Bull's Sauce. Reading do. Soy do. Cavoico do., —Capers and Olives 12 jars Pickled OYSTERS^in fino order. KRV1T. 7 boxes Lemons—3 boxes Oranges, 250 PINE APPLES—6 drums Figs 1 keg Tamarinds—4 doz. Lemon Syrup \ SUGARS if COFFEE, 1 hhd. N. Iberia Sugar 1 do. N. Orleans do.—2 boxes Phil. Lump 3 bags Cuba Coffee—500 lbs. 2 \ Rio \ 300 lbs. WINES. 1 qr. cask Old Madeira—1 do. Sicfjjfdo.' 1 do. Mars'ls do. 2 do. Malaga—1 do. do. Claret FISH. 6 barrels New-Conn. Mess Shad, 1832. 8 half bbls. do. do. do. 12 bbls. No. 2 Mackerel 18 boxes assorted Herring 400 smoked Alewives. 700 lbs. Codfish . 340 lbs. Dried Beef, (city cured) 130 lbs. Venison Hams do. SPERM CANDLES, ftc. 3 boxes Sperm Candles—4s 3 \ do. do. 5s 3 \ do. do. 6s 1 box fire Crackers—160 packs 6 casks ball Mountain Lime 27 doz. assorted sizes Jelly Cups 1 doz. China Butler Tubs 1 doz. Common do. 480 lbs. Candy, from Stewart's, N. York 4 coils Rope, assorted sizes 4d, 8d andlOd cut Nails. POWDER, SHOT Sf LEAD. 2 kegs English Powder 4 do. Philadelphia Powder 8 bags Shot, assorted Nos. 250 lbs. bar Lead. JOHN BACKENSTOSE. Geneva, June 27, 1832. 02 T Bye HE subscriber is now receiving his Fall Stock of Woods, and Dye Stuffs comprising every article in that line—a few of which are enumerated: Campeacliy_LOJIW.OOJD,^tick and chip'd; 7 half barrels 6 de. 6 qr. barrels 6 do. hhdL\ LAM OIL, (pure;) 1 tierce Rico 3 quarter casks Port WINE 1 do. do. Madeira do. 3 kegs Ginger; 1 do. do. pure 12 half, quarter, and whole boxes Raisinr - 6 drums Figs; 2 kegs Malaga Raisinsr 2\kegs Zante Currants 8 bags assorted COFFEE, • 6 boxes sperm. Candles, 4's, 5's and 6 12-dozen Corn Brooms, (Shakers) 2 kegs very best Plug Tobacco 1 do. do.-. Cavendish do. 3000 best Segafcs; (none better) ' 75 lb. Arrow Root, inlb. 4 lb. and £ lb. papers 15 do. Patetit Barley, 4 lb. papers 15 do.\ do! Groats, lb. and 4 lb. papers 4&\do. Oat M«al; 12-dozen Magic Matches . 8 barrels No. 1 Boston MACKEREL 12 do. 2 do. do. 1- do. do. 3. do, do. 1 do. do. 2 do. do. 4 barrels Connecticut moss SHAD, No. 1 12halfbrls. do. do. do. 1&&' 12 boxes smoked Herring; 1 barrel pickled do. i\barrel Alum; 4 barrel Sol' Nitre J da. Epsom Salts-; 4 do. Madder 35 pounds best Indigm ,....-,. , u He returns his sincere thanks to his friends in the village and country, not forgetting No. 9, for the very liberal support he has- received, jpd hopes, by offering the first rate Goods at a price that will not fail to snit, that he may (no mistake in JOHN) continue lb receive the same liberal support. No- thing-shall be wanting on his part to please those that will look in upon Him: and should any article be wanting that he has not on hand, it shall be had ili a few days, if ordered. Geneva, September 12, 1832. 13 Cuba\ FUSTIC, ao.\ Coro NIC. WOOD, do. Bnnair do. do. do. Hache do. do. do. Copperas, Alnm, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Verdi- gris, Oil Vitriol, Spanish Float Indigo, Bengal Indigo. Woad, Nutgalls, Curcuma, Cream Tar- tar, Red Tartar, Press Papers, Jacks, Tenter Hooks, Brushes, Teazles, Plates, Screws, Cranks, Bars, &c. Also, Pnrson'3, Swift's, and Maxon's SHEAR- ING MACHINES; all of which he offers vety low for Cask. H. H. MERRELL, No. 10, Seneca-street. Geneva, Sept. 5, 1832. 12 •da. do. do. do. II. REMOVAL. H. MERRELL has Removed his Stock of Goods to the Store lately occupied as an Auction Store, No. 12, Seneca-Street, and three doors abort\ his former Stand, where he will be happy to serve his friends with Goods lower than ever. Desirous of reducing his Stock of DRUGS and MEDICINE and PAINTS, he will dispose of them at about cost. Dealers will do well to call. Geneva, April 17,1832. 92 g£ SAl/JL. NE HUNDRED barrels SALT, m good order, for Sale by II. H. MERRELL, No. 12, Seneca-street. Novpnber23.1831- 71 O' CASH-FOtTWOOX, . C ASH will be paid for any quantify of WOOL, at a fair market price, delivered at our Store- House, foot of Castle'-street. ALSO, WANTED, 5,000 bushels OATS, for which Cash ajjdjhs highest price will be paid by DAKIN- & WOOLSEY. Geneva, Jlfai/29, 1832. 89 »lrrii''l%&^SS£K.'»3 ! S ; V A r o. 30, Scncca-strcet, Geneva. T ICKETS and SHARES in the New-York Consolidated Lotteries, authorized by the Legislature, Yates & Mdntyre, Managers, will be kept ipr sale as they avo\ issued from the Mana- ger's Office, at tho Licensed Lottery Office of* R. M. BAYLY. UNCURRENT MONEY Bought and Sold.— A Premium paid for GOLD, particularly SO**- EREIGNS. r J KF CASH advanced for Prizes as soon as the Drawing »s received. Geneva, July, 1831. t'fd3 NOTICE. T HE subscriber having discontinued tlio Mer- cantile business, requests all indeb|ed to him to make immediate payment. Wm. S. DE Geneva. June 20. 1832. ZENG. 01 FOR SALE, jtJLIP No. 20, eligibly situated on tho South l>3 side of the Episcopal Church. Terms reason- able. 'Enquiro at tUIo Offino -— May 30. 1832. Geneva,' 98tf WATER LIME. T EN Barrels WATER LIME for sale at- No. 10, Seneca-Street, by H. H. MERRELL. Geneva, September 19. 1832. 14 FOR, SALE, A SLIP, adjoining the^ north nisle in the EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Enquire of the printer. Geneva April 16. J 832. 92lf Inspection oi Beetf & York. CITY OF KEW-YORK. T HE subscriber, having received an appoint- ment for Inspecting BEEF and PORK in this City, has taken the Inspection Yards lately occupied by Messrs. Wilsons, corner of Charlton and Washington-streets, where he is'now ready to receive Provisions for Inspecting or Storage, and solicits a share of public patronage. .IACOB SHUMWAY: New-York, Kov. 5.183a. 6m:21 WATER-STREET Leather ty Shoe Store. T HE subscriber is now receiving and offers for sale, an extensive supply of SOLE LEATHER; Grained & Waxed UPPER do. CALF SKINS, &c. &c. which are of superior quality, and were manufac- tured expressly for this market. Also, a quantity of Morocco, Seal and Binding SKINS for sale on reasonable terms. He has now on hand an extensive assortment of fashionable and durable BOOTS 6L SSOES. of all sorts and sizes, which were manufactured in his Sfwp,ofthe best materials and in the first style. inrciEhpiidfor Hinr.s. A. EDDY Geneva, May 25, 1831. <T> NOTICE. ~ GTV, STEPHENS, have been put into my hands for certain purposes, TJiose indebted, aro reques- ted to make immediate payment and save costs. B. WHITING. Geneva, 1st October, *832. IC ETSTT ooOBB -TBB&W =S= AT THE GENEVA CHEAP H. S.TORE. H. SEELYE, is now receiving and is daily expecting the most extensive and best assortment of GOODS he has ever offered in this market. The assortment is so general that a Tew articles only will be a particularized, viz: Merino and Thibet Wool SHAWLS, from the Inr^esl long Shawls of wool borders down to* 4-4 Thibet wool Handkerchiefs w~uh printed and nee- dle worked borders, lower than ev'er before offered. ', SILKS of every description. An extensive assortment of Silk Ribbons, Straw Gimps and Hats, Blond Footing and Edgings, and other Articles for Milltnpry purposes, which will be sold to Milliners at a very small advance. 1 case LEGHORN HATS, a few of superior quality. Worsted Yarn. A great variety of Cloths, Sattinels, Flannels, Circassians. Camblets, &c. &c. Superior Ingrain CARPETS, of tho latest pat- terns. Heavy OIL CLOTHS, for floors, of rich col- ors and patterns, direct from the Manufactory.— Patterns of any size and description will be fur- nished to order, for halls or rooms, by giving a few months previous notice. Ov HAND—a largo assortment of FUR COL- LARS. Also, 250 bbls. SALT, in good order. .Many Goods will be sold at a'reduced price at wholesale, to country Merchants and Pedlars, who may he supplied with Goods suited to their trade, at prices which cannot fail to please. Geneca, November 7, 1832. 21 STOTBS. S-EOYES. T 1 H E Subscribers have-received and are receiving, a very general assortment of SHOVES, consisting of PARLOR & Door FRANKLINS, COOK, OVEN, BOX, SIX-PLATE & HALL —making a much larger variety, than ever before offered in this market. Russia and English Sheet Iron STOVE PIPE, and Cooking Stove FUR- NITURE, manufactured at our own Factory, which we will warrant perfect in rvery respect, and much superior*to that manufactured in the Albany and New-York markets. 3 DE GRAFF & TOWXSEND. Geneva, October 9, 1632. 17 RIMMER'S SPEI:|J5!^.^&.5S -- At tfsc Manchester Temperance s'ocAet0^!i^fyfuf. VVe are much indebted to tho politeness of thfe.»|aift>rB of tlie Old Countryman for a scrap of the BlnnohesteV (Eng ) Times of June 16, containing an account ffif.ii' moetiii\ of upwards of 400 members of the \Manchestiii' Society in the Enchanfce Buildings, whore. th«y partook of a beverage of TEA instead p,f alcoholic drioks u The) several speeckrs are given, but we pass them ali'-faKfhe''' following, whic.lv wlT! be found''Highly ihstfnc'tSveV as • well as graphic WHl amusing. By< .Ha»:viy i we.could wish that Temperance meetings in. this country, wereof- tenor held on the plain republican piari',*\sa corfimoK in Old England! in which the common' laborer irt&iyith tho statesman, trie jurist, the physician, and tfie*Srcfiite, in illustrating the benefits of the TEMPERANGEVBE- FORSIATIPN: .\_ . '\ jil • ROBERT Ri^nta, a journeyman dyer.}n.'S?a!* ford, theri addressed the company to theJollpwing effect: Mr. Ch'eerroan, and ladies and geptlemen: 1 have been *hs drunken a feTlovtH'as, wgs jsyer known in M'>\ c h es ' e r orSalford^.' Pe/5r|*|;itiieW of the temperance societies, I wasonCof employ- ment—I cpuld'°get no work, and was likea poor lost sheep, Wandering rtoutthg^trcets, this day twelve-months; and had |t ndtWferi'fof Ih6 Jemv perai\ce societies I should have itee'n. Ijke <V Vaga- bond in the streets yet. \Tvva?6'uT#e1npl6yfeht I said, and not a master, in pur.tjrii'de in\ the*town would give mo work. But there vyjas'a master silk dyer, who had started in the ^dnnt'ryi and I thought it would be n. place where twas not kno.wn, I tvent and asked the master tot a situation.\ !jHo said, \Do yon know anyof'our'then?\ I sajd, \Yes and.I told him tlie names of some bLhisi' men*; but then I began te be rather frightened, for fear I should be found out. Then he went to inquire intojny character, and when'he h'ad'gbno.' I thought to myself, my jpb.'s done. (Laughter.) He soon came back and said, \ We dpft't want\ nn'y.\ I then went to the man who had gone with me.there, and said, ,\ I may as well be a- thief as adrunkard—I have found that out'.\ , This man said he had been to a temperance'Sneeting in, Campfield, and had heard some very good dis- coai-se from a gentleman from Eccles. I' said, \ What's the meaning of these temperance'meet- ings ?\ and he told me that they were tiieetingsrof men who had refrained front ardtsnt'splrifsi.' Isaid to him, \ When is there another meeting?\ and' he said he could not tell mo'. But as we tvere go- ing up to Salford ho saw a bill on the wall; and he road it for me, for I could not read myself, But now I can road a bit. (Applause.) ThebiH^aitl- the meeting was in Bronghton road on Tuesday next. I went to itand liked it very well. TaUeh'- ded tho next meeting in Gravel-lahe, rtndjlikctl that better; the next meeting was in Bfoom-str^et and I lilted that better still. Tho next meeting , was in Crnal-strcct, Oldfield road. pnthe\l*tpf August last, and there I was convinsed that it was a good thing, and prayed to \God to keep me to it. (Cheers.) I thank God I diddo so. Ah'old jnns- ter of mine was the Cheerman that Met, and ho said to mo, \ Rimmer, if thoh had taken my ad- vice throe years ago, thriu would nowh'ave't^Oh worth one hundred pounds; and IhaveVmce found his words were true. New I can draw myWagfl's comfortably, and when I get the money I put it in wife's lap,\ because I know that she will lay it-olit to the best advantage. /Applause.) For twenty- six or twenty-seven years before I joined the tem- perance society, she was plagued wilhitdrutiken husband, and she has not had one moment's com- fort only since I joined. Before I joihedj-I had neither tables nor cheers, nor any pots in tho house ; but now I have pfentv of cheers arid tables and .a good fat pig in the\ cote, (Laughter*and applause.) 1 have loft off drinking altogether IV T DYE WOODS. HE subscriber has just received from N. Y. a fresh supply of the following articles: DRUGS, CHEMICALS, AND W W. CARTER, has on hand, and is now • receiving, ageneral assortment of Drugs, Cltemicals and Meditines of every description: A supply of all the nefr and popular Medicines, such as the Oil of Caniharidin, Acetate and Sulphate of Morphia, Denarcotized Laudanum, Solidified Bills. Oopafva, Compound Extract of Sarsaparil- la, Saratoga Powders, and every other article in the Drpg lino, Of tho choicest quality. PAHSTS, Flax-SeedOIL, LAMP OIL, DYE- STUFFS, &c. . \ \ Good Medicines cannot be obtained at any other place cheaper, or on more favorable terms. Geneva,. May 16, 1832. 95 ttais, Ratter's Stocky &c. T HE subscriber has just received at his Store, corner of Seneca-ahd Bayly-streets* a large and elegant assortment of Fashionable Hats, Hatter's< Stock and Trimmings, and READY MADE CLOTHING; ' which he offers Ipr sale .at New-Tort\prices. His Stock and Trimmings in the Hat line being very extensive, and embracing every article used by the trade, are richly deserving the attention of Manufacturers. GEORGE NICHOLS Geneva, June 12, 1832. OOtf TO CLOTHIERS. ELLY <& HALL, have just received a very general assortment of Dye Stuffs* and Dye Woods, superior quality l'4:tf of latest importation, and pf which they purpose to sell low. \•_ Geneva, Sept. 19, 1832. CASK FOR HIDES. A EDDY continues to pav cash arid the hign- t est price for BEEF H'lDES arid CALF SKINS, at his Leather & Shoe Store, in Water- streo near the foot of Seneca-street, Geneva. May 25, 1831. 45 NOTICE. H AVING some time since disposed of my Stock of Goods, and being now anxious to bring my business to a close, I have this day pla- ced in the hands\ of B, WHITING, Esq. all my notes and accounts, for collection; and unless set- tled immediately, they will be prosecuted. ^ Geneva, July 14,1832. 05 Cohen's Vaxnisli. F OR transferring plain and Colored Prints np- on white wood—a desirable article, as it en- ables any one to transfer pictures which they may wish to preserve upon wood. For sale at the Bookstore of 1. BOGERT. H. H. MEEBELLi I NFORMS his customers and the public that he continues his old business at his former 1 stand, in tho usual way, except for PiETTER 1 PAY—nnd is receiving * - «rr-JlOG„\SLQOD, do. NICARAGUA, do. MADDER, do. ALUM, do. BLUE VITRIOL, do. COPPERAS, and all other articles in tho DYE-WOOD line, which, together with his'former Slock, makes an i ,„;,i,„„, 0 i,„„. ^ nM „„ , . ,, . ,-•' elegant.-isSortmont, worthy the attention of Cloth-1 ™ .\ ?\L Znt'„T\' n ° ' . \ i£'? U &* T C and •«t Al«» n „ rt nH atnnl. nf ! \> wifo wont arm in arm to Christ Church, and 20 1(1 except a irill of beer at my meals. whmlhVI^send i Tor to the Tom nnd Jerrv shops-. T.hc^TdW and i.leis«haris^Sit.. are.ahig^»***c6- * men aroi-ol 'they are worse places. Sir, yon may \append f than Hie giit shops- (iMagkU^y. jr.U«£flJfcM3arf | thni ^Temperance Sdicietief iVdre fiiised' tfri Man Chester. Yesterday twelve month—no, Whissun- tide is nearer this year, I Ihink^bntlast.Whias'uh Snnday but ono I was on Kersnl Moor, drririjf Curcuma,, Crem Tartar, Red Tartar,' Extract Logwood, Grain Tim Cochineal, Aq. Fortis, Spt. Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Jacks, Press Papers, Teutre Hooks, Brushes, Plates, Cranks, Screws, Logwood F-tistic, Nicaragua, GOTO Wood; Hatchwood. Camwood, Madder, Copperas, . Alum, Biae'Vitriol, Quercitron Bark, Span. Fl. Indigo, Manilla do. Bengal ' do. •Verdigris, Oil Vitriol, Nutgalls, SHEARING MACHINES. Together with every other article required by Clothiers, now received and for sale by thei sub- scriber-, together with alarge Stock of DRUO.S and SlEOfci^ES, PAINTS, LIO.UORS and GiSOCEBLtteS, which will be sold very low for cash. II. II. MERRELL, \• \ No. 12, Seneca-Streets. Geneva, Scpt-.W, 1831. 63 ——~^- • F OR SALE, at the Bodfestore of the subscri- ber, Bvnit's large and elegant MAP OF N. YORK; do.of Ontario County; Yates do.; Sen- eca do*; Vance's Map of New-YorM Williams' Pocketdo.; Hopker'sdo.? Farmer's Rtap of Mich- igan; Pocket Map of Ohio; do. of Tennessee ; do. of Kentucky) do. of Indiana; do. of Illinois; Hooker's Plan of New-York City, &c. &c. J. BOGERT. Miin-St. Geneva. April 4. 1832 PRINTING MATERIALS. T HE subscriber offers for sale cheap, and on a long credit for approved security, a va- riety of TYPE'ahd other Printing materials, part worn. ' •*• BOGERT. Qct.j, 1832. a NOTICE. T HE subscriber having disposed of his Real Estate, and being nbohtto remove, respect- fully requests all personshaving unsettled accounts with him, to call unit settle them immediately. Such as do not attend to this notice, may expect to be called upon by nn Officer dulv authorized. GEO. C. ENTRICAN. ° 0 Geneva, September 26, 1832. 15 SEC0WI> NOTICE* I AM under the necessity of again calling up- on ALL persons alluded to in my \ First No- tice,\ to pay their Accounts, as I intend to put some in suit in a short lime. II. II. MERRELL. Geneva, Oct. 24, 1832. 1!> JACKSON WREATH. ^\WLNalional Souvenir; containing n Biograph- f_F ical Sketch of Gen. JACKSON, with an elegant Likeness, a Map of the U. States, nnd sev- eral elegant Plates;—first published in Jf:'<!0. A » few copies' are for Sale at the Bookstore of Oct. 1832. J\. BOGERT. IilNSEEJD OIL* ' SCEUErlT & SAX!., H AVE just received a (wantUy of English and Ohio LINSEED Q1L, and will be sold by the barrel or gallon. Also, afresh assortment of j dry and ground PAINTS. * Geneva, Sept. 19, 18®. M:tf | iers. Also, a good Stock of PAINTS &,• OTX.S. DRUGS (f MEDICINES, GROCERIES, LIQUORS, fr. which ho will sell low for good pay—and for good pay ONLY. ' No. £(}'Seneca-Street. October m, 1832. If) X.OOS AT THIS ! Still keeps Knitting at Ms Old Stand/.' H ENRY JOHNSON, would inform his friends and tho public generally, that he continues the WEAVING business, in all its , , \id it was a blessed day to me. Who will say thefp is no benefit in Temperance Societies? I tna'ijk God I have joined.- Ihave nowagood.qoatonmv back, and I have the Iionor to say it is paicl lor.— (Cheers and langhtor.) Everything f havo in the house is paid for, and I aJn never without a shilling in my pocket. (Renewed cheerjng.) .. Mi- Missus says «nd declares she nefer knevy \coni. fort in the house until I joined tlie Temperance Society, and she tells the neighbors she is sure she has got a newjiushand. (Laughter.) I pressed on her In come to the tea party, for I said I shan't be comfortable there without thee ; but\ she gees out. you see. a ivashing for gentlemen, and ^he said she could not como. but she said t shall bo brahche8,at his Stand in the town of Benton, near i ._ ^ Bellona villrigo. Ho flatters himself, after long i quite comfortable wlwntbou'rt out, fori snaliifliow experience in (he above,business, that ho will not I where limn art, and that thou wilt como hon/o so- lid outdone byjmy establishmentjn the state.— her. (Cheers.) I\ will say this cf her, there is His CARPETS nnd-GOVERLETS will bo wove in figures, the same as the imported Scotch Car- peting, and fiirsuperior in point of quality. Cus- tomers can have thoir names wove in the Cover- lets, in large capital letters: the name willbenent, the lignrs beautiful, and the whole surrounded with a rich spread-eagle Border. Tthg-n wove wholr-, ns r\im*l T* a *w*m. In p«rfect rca-liness to receive the Cor,i no belter wifo'in the land: \(Cheersnnd laughter.) I havo served in the army years, but I would nor. take £10,000 to part from the Temperance regi- ment. Wtien my wife used to travel\on the bng- gage-enrf, the other women would wy, \Come Mrs. Rimmer, and lake a glass of gin.\ And mv wife would never; take it, but she s:\id it always ! starved lier; and it doe^siarve people. Sir, yon may depend on if. (Lorirl laughter.) .I think that All orders puncfnalty attended to. I the happiest neet sf my ute that t frgneO N. B. Carpet Yarn will be COLORED in the I pledgo in Oldliold Rpad. I lp« one of rflyvlads neatest manher, and on retfsonaule terms. j about a month ngn—hn was drowncdat Brdrf|ht<m Benton, October 15, 1832. 20 | Bridge; When I was a drunkard, ho n&jdYdget | off te bed before I got 'home, for fear of me, bnt when I became a sober man he nev\er_s\vdnld-co- POTASH KETTLES: HE i«i!iscriber keeps constantly for Snlei a supply of Tnberg ninety gallon POTASH KETTLES, donble bottoms, being the best kind manufactured: JOHN L. DOX. Genevfi, April 23,1S32. 93tf KEL.L.Y & S1AX.L,, No-. 12,- Seneca-Street; H AVE just received and offer for sale a gen- eral assortment of DRUGS, MEDICINES St PERFUMERY; PATENT MEDICINES, PAINTS, OILS; GROCERIES CROCKEUV, Window Glass; Common Sf Apothecaries' GLASS-WARE; LOOKING GLASSES, BIWSHES. Ste t .8fc Vfhich tliijy offer for cash ofapproved credit, a low as can be purchased elsewhere. Although they do not profess the admirable secret of milking a profit in* 'selling Goods at cost, yet they will en- gage to' sell at a small advance from purchase price- Persons wishing to purchase are invited te call 'and examine for themselves. HOUSE & SIGN PAINTING done as nsual, in every vrirjety of Style. KF Paints of all colors ground in Oil. Geneva, May 18. 1831. 44 .933 ^E.AIT &. TOWKSEKB H AVE on hand a largo supply of IRON, NAILS, STEEL,'and SHEW making their assortment perfect in every article of the trade. . , .. .. XT BLACKSMITHS, nndolhers, want'hgn* ny description of Tire, Band, and Hoop IRON, art invited to call, as they can be served to all si- zes and kinds of Iron,- Steel, Axletree Arms, Crow Bars, &c. II„„.„ ^Mso, iust received, an assortment or lleert* riihn'sCOOK STOVES. -Geneva, MayZS, 1832. NOTlfcE* firm of \ RICE & Ktiuoun;?.\ being T HE ...... „ - dissolved by matual consent, William Rice will coutinno the Commission business in A r «c- ¥Me, tinder the name of \ RICE & CO.,\ in connexion with \ WILLIAM RtCE & CO.\ of Albany. . , The two houses having bat one interest, behove they offer as great advanlhges for the sale of West- erh Produce in Albany pr New-York, ax nny other firm; and beg leave to offer their services for the transaction of COMMISSION business. RICE & On.. New-York; WILLIAM RIC& & Co., Albafiv. Oct. 24> * ,i:1 ° STRAY COW. ted'COW. .STRAYED from the subscriber n August last, amiddling sized 0 or 7 years old, anil i ajsiece cut out of her right earr Whoever will return her to Mrs. STAVFORC, in Geneva, shall bo\rensonably rewarded. Geneva, Oct. 10, 1S^^ Vf to bed until his father came home> ( Jfc?%i#l^rno so. (ileitr;, hoar, nnd eheers.) jhJv^JSSIi^jir son. abotit 18ycarsof agr-; nml a'ten : #at.||orka said lo trie one day :••-•» WbafeheriefitihllSttfpiu, Rimmor, in the Tempefrarico SSciei||l^t?said tn him, \ Ask onr Cfiarliey what benerifrtnere is.\ He said, \ Well, Charley; is there'anyVJoncfit in these Temperance' Societies,?\ ' Antt Charjev said, \ Aye. I get more bred and'ehetise\fl6'w*~ (Laughter.) I think to myself Vdrylolle'rf;s^vliht can I do to make hiy wife'ainendsTof'all^y. ill usage to her; She has had tho sonrs, and now Tanners 1 Oil &' Spts^&irpmhie F OR Sale by tho barrel-, by . ' KELLY *vj HALL. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL I , EAT STORE. ; THE subscribers-ttontinne to keep for sale, Wholesale or lUstn'l, at their Hat Storeln Seneca-St. Opposite Vtovtfknate- ware Store, a general assortment of HATS. A continuance of pnblic Peonage is roep«M«&r »• licited. WIGHI «-t>i»aivtt.. •Geneva, June 23, 1830. (»?) .C^A C 'Geneva, Oct, 10, 1S32. 17 NOTICE. NOTICE. A. LI. persons indebted t8 the lato firm of A. £fk, • EDDY & Co. or tho subscriber, by note Or book aceouint, are hereby requested to settle the same without delay. Those especially wbos*e Ac- coants Imvej been standing fora longer time than one'year, will find it to their interest to mako im- mediate payment, jis ho designs to leave the ac- counts of those who do not soon comply with this request, at the Magistrate's Office for collection. lieaKherc, Boots an& Sfoofcs, Manufactured and for Sale at his Lealltcrand Shoe §tore, in Water-Street, as usual. B. H. MERRELL, STORAGE. FORWARMMC. AND COSf- MtSSION MERCHAN V- WAKE-HOSE OX V\™™*™™™\***\ \' STORE, No. 12, Seneca-Street Geneva. 1830. 11 A. Ofirva. UmislT*. 1 c ET)DT. tt BUS'S ^O^l&B. I WOULD inform all tliosO indebted to roe, vvhttse ACCOUNTS or NOf ES have been Mta sH months due, that unless soon PAID, wicf \ssvsv. and those whose Accounts or mfctto**o *«. lunula be much obttged to \ #„*«. J-ni**- '\V\ °' WOOL CARDER, DYER, fr CLOW . DRESSER. At the Red Mills, \\ «>o sooth side nt the River, half-way between Waterloo and Setrcaat Fail-\. (P 3 AH Gom in the above line teomved and promptly attended to at N-. AY.RAULT'd, -in Geneva. * • • ..».•• j PHICES—For Black. London-Brown; Londnn- Smoke, light and dark Olives.'light and dark Snuff, Navy, Patent and fancy Blues, light and dark Cinnamon, Orange, BoUle-Gfeen, done in the very-best manner, at 2shiUings per yard.-- Compouhd Indigo & Boule-Groen, 2s. Cd. Light common and dark Drab, Is- 10d- Home colors, aoch as Gray, Blue, Brown., Ac-Jono from 6d. tp %d. Cteth 6\nf once sheared, Or not sheared. t!|e s pricewHtbelower,inprQOTrlwn, Women's Presl Cloth and Flannch~Rcd, Clar- et, Crimson, Red-Brown. London-Brown, &<-.. is.*6d. prjr yard-JBIaek. Navy, Patent nnd Fan- cy Blue, .Brntmnm. Stc.U.Wy A» kinds.pf Fanck Dying of Coverlets, Carpets, &c. and Sill ilA'inRrf iti the above line attended to with tho ;HE Gopartnership heretofore esisting uhdnr thefirni of •?MERRILL, MILFORD & Co.\ was(bythedeath of NATHASIEL MKRIUU.) dissolved on the 24th day of September last. All persons having •alaima against-the said firm are jo quested, to present the same fop settlement} and all persons indebted, are requested to make pay- ment to the subscribers. VVU.LIAM MILLFORD & Co'. Geneva, Wh Nov. 1833. 22 fow weeks tolteoplfdr'bM^'^Wtf'^^liriif^lp^- shn lifts given'notice to. 'two'or lhfe¥ s ffiia«!S, (Cheers.) 'SHe ttottoften says; '^\fffcverJnSell prichaye^arsinc'et#as , tie<ltothe r e. i -' 'Weaafnpw in the gpOlling hook, nnd when she-bri'£36no F nc* . ,.. ,„„ work shtf give|rhe > -ri Icssotev^liSWIoui^'enV^ i*fe sicrto etfgnge if dpjv^riglif i^^^ rote one.' I am raislhg reiirultsii' ':!\\hp.y^^nodirtt section'-^-aSd ffloh 'bopO to get\a\divfsl6n?a^^evc'n»- a comp&Vi Share's maVfolljf-Jia;%f|stafSh a t' , Rimmer.oftcn gets drnhk now. ahd;thalahil v nave .,..,.„.. seen mo'corftrTrdllirig%ut*6Pffer^#sfoif bntI '>••%$& dnnt mind Item; for* tfief tlm}ft4h#fre; doing ToBipBra'nce\ Societies,hntm-^Bbe?v*hai fBepBay is doing them igpbd.'* ilfffiMifafk&mfiS&ZJwjIie, more .fematks ..^t&fifa~1^ftim^^faV thandw,«ofrnjfHlan#e>- ! -••? '.\-\••' '-v*.J^ $£vM.. m NOTICE. -,* ••• . life Notes nndiuspaid Accost'* of. the late Firm of STAFFORD StBEpbOE, Hard- t*aro Mcsrchants, are {eft i n (he hand* of. &• B. EiDDfcn, Esq. for coirccfiorii AD persons fri.teres- tedare advised to r/pll arid make payment before suits-are commenced. - ..-_!. V; U GOUSDRti Assmee- . ofMelatefirmof Sloford *JN*«., Geneva, Jnni^ \lg32. '^ ' X12- AiiifiaftWcs for *t r ST r:fevcd%nd for Sn^, ^lioTpsalbralglc^ busings''in The above line attention to wan me «9 tail, n'tWo BookslnfeOf J. Bo|erti •U^W*: S^Me^^i N. AYRAULT'S, i tf Geneva. hhA;AW|»0. and^be common Al#fb fcf Tlfe' 46rrtpnny vvos aftenviifds #dJjffeS«^bj^!|; -] other ihiaHritinars ;• andihw pr0r^eajhg|lcIO^dV ^* i30ut-teh-«S!lo,ck< - * *0%oM|^?^'#^#*^^ I- to Rimasefi Cot bis be.nu|ijrnlfgfo^hW*iptocW^ *_ to Doct. Ti»H. ftr hi* ltindttess and;con;rtel#4n'fe^'^ '«iocha^l .. .^v .Sri^»/^^>»->.^.'! that nt .th.e ! 0^ip t e; l di3.; ; V,er4, : faMnd?{. i ha»re^Midi : b'd4i,f| in .tl)i|-5o:h:prc,lres, hi tiyg^ilyHp^^^^^fau.^j-W and ; glsewher| ^Jdifr..:__ • -, ^ZStfifriZ**.^. '•-.. ^.iLtw- 1 - •5^^»fra 'Sf!Lt2aCi^L,'. : '

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